As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 148

Ep. #13385

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13385
Margo is amazed at the lack of knowledge the new rookie on the force have, Tom then comes to take her out for mischief night. Casey asks Kevin if he's seen Alison anywhere, Kevin says that he hasn't seen her. Jack asks Parker and Liberty to leave so they can talk with Carly in private, Janet tells Carly that she and Jack are engaged and that it's because of her. Mark takes Alison somewhere and says that she won't be harmed, and says the he enjoyed her movie. Parker has a bad reaction to Jack's news, the same with Sage at being Janet's stepdaughter, she then asks Carly why she's letting this happen. Alison remains trapped as Mark and the other guys take advantage of the situation by asking Alison to take her clothes off. Margo and Tom enjoy an evening out at the Lakeview and talk about Casey being involved in the election. Parker lays into this situation is being wrong because of Jack and storms off. Carly gets Sage to see the better side to having Janet in her life. Casey sees a disheveled Alison in Old Town and asks what those guys did to her. Sage finds Janet's ring when it fall out of the rubber glove. Casey knows where Alison was taken after hearing what the room she was in looks like. Parker asks Jack if this thing with Janet is gonna work or if Carly is gonna mess things up again. Janet realizes that she lost something important. Sage asks Carly what would happen if Janet did something really terrible. Casey learns it's Mark's dorm room that he took Alison and starts beating him up. Janet tells Jack that she lost the ring, but he says that they'll find it. Carly sees that Sage has the ring and asks why she didn't tell Janet about it. Casey is brought into the station after defending Alison and that could get him back in prison. Kevin sees Mark watching the video of Alison and tells him to get rid of it. Parker tells Carly she can say he's happy with Jack and Janet but he knows it's a lie.moreless

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    Mick Hazen

    Mick Hazen

    Parker Snyder

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    Meredith Hagner

    Meredith Hagner

    Liberty Ciccone

    Recurring Role

    Julie Pinson

    Julie Pinson

    Janet Ciccone

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      • Casey: Close your eyes. Maybe you'll remember the smell, or something you heard.
        Alison: Okay. It still smells the same. Beer and some vomit.
        Casey: Yes, every dorm smells like that.

      • Rookie #1: What's the St. Valentine's day massacre?
        Margo: When Al Capone's guys took out five gangsters and took control of Chicago?
        Rookie #2: Al Capone?
        Margo: Oh, my God, you don't know who Al Capone is? He's just the biggest mobster of the century. The last century. You know what, why don't you rent The Untouchables?
        Rookie #1: Could we stream it?
        Margo: Yeah, you can stream it. Just not here when you're on duty.

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