As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 186

Ep. #13423

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 24, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13423
Janet surprises Jack with his first ever Italian Christmas, Jack says it'll be good to have new traditions, Janet then gives Jack a holiday sweater with a Reindeer on the front. Carly talks with J.J. on the phone saying he's unable to come home for the holidays, Carly says to make sure he's home next year, she then asks Parker to take some presents over to the farm. Dusty checks in on Meg and Eliza, he tells Meg that there's no change in Paul's condition. Parker gets Liberty's present from the desk drawer and Carly tells him to hurry over there fast, Carly then shuts the door on Craig when he arrives with gifts, Parker insists that Craig stay. Alison brings something for the baby, Meg thanks her for the rattle. Alison gets a text from Lucy asking to meet her in Old Town in 15 minutes. Parker asks Craig if he did in fact blow up Paul's car, he says that he didn't do it. Jack asks Carly what she's thinking of allowing Craig into the house, she says is capable and she doesn't need him anymore. Craig is introduced to Janet and she offers him some of her tasty treats. Dusty accompanies Meg back to Emma's and sees Craig, Dusty asks what he's doing there and he says apparently he's here to welcome Eliza home. Alison discovers Johnny and Lucy in Old Town. Parker gives Liberty his present and sees that it's a bracelet with a skateboard charm reminding her of when they first met by her running into him, she says that she can't accept it. Alison sets Lucy and Johnny at the Lakeview keeping them safe, Lucy opens up and says that Johnny needs a bone marrow transplant she gives Alison a list of potential donors and to find a way of testing them. Parker and Liberty kiss and she tells him that she doesn't feel anything. Lucy sings Silent Night as she puts Johnny to bed, Alison agrees to help with the process of finding a donor.moreless

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Sarah Glendening

Sarah Glendening

Lucy Montgomery

Recurring Role

Julie Pinson

Julie Pinson

Janet Ciccone Snyder

Recurring Role

Meredith Hagner

Meredith Hagner

Liberty Ciccone

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    • Lucy: If you could just continue to help us with this place, until I can think of something else.
      Alison: I'll do what you want with the bone-marrow thing. I'll do whatever it takes to help.
      Lucy: Thank you! Thank you.

    • Craig: Meg was suppose to be my last chance to be a father, after I lost Johnny.
      Carly: I know how hard it is for you.
      Craig: You don't have a clue, excuse me I know you're trying to be kind. But you couldn't possibly relate to the sheer hell that it is when you lose every single one of your children. I mean look at you, look at your mantle Carly, they're all here.
      Carly: I'm sorry, that your children are gone. I really am.
      Craig: Johnny's still out there somewhere but, if I passed him on the street, would I even know him.

    • Meg: You know Craig asked me if he could take a look at Eliza. And every part of me wanted to say no.
      Dusty: Why didn't you?
      Meg: Because, I lost a baby to, and now I have a wonderful little girl. And seeing his pain, I just couldn't say no to him.
      Dusty: Are you kicking me out right now?
      Meg: Dusty, you're an amazing friend but, Eliza is my daughter, my responsibility. And even though her father isn't here, I cannot let you take the place of.
      Dusty: I'm not trying to take her father's place.
      Meg: I know that and as wonderful as you've been to Eliza, she can't take Johnny's place either. Look I don't wanna hurt you.
      Dusty: I gotcha. Merry Christmas.

    • Carly: You alright?
      Craig: Fine!
      Carly: Liar.
      Craig: And proud of it.
      Carly: Was that hard for you, seeing Meg and her baby. I guess it reminded you of Johnny.
      Craig: She's his cousin, I didn't even think of that, until I asked Meg if I could see her. And when I did. I'll drop you off.
      Carly: You know what I can call a cab.
      Craig: Don't worry I'm not going to try and come in. I've bought myself into one too many door way's tonight.

    • Craig: Does this mean you've given up on Johnny?
      Dusty: Never, and when I find him, I'll do whatever it takes to keep you away from him.
      Craig: You can try.
      Dusty: You own daughter doesn't even want you near him, face it you're a lousy father.
      Craig: I never had a chance to be a father to Johnny. But I will. I will find him, and I will raise him.
      Dusty: Funny you never saying anything about, loving him.

    • Craig: Did he upset you?
      Carly: You gonna punch him out for me?
      Craig: The man is armed but, I could let the air out of his tire.

    • Carly: Hey, what do you say we split.
      Craig: I thought you'd never ask, Janet thank you for your hospitality. And Meg enjoy your little one, they grow up so fast.
      Carly: Craig, why don't you make it a happier new year by staying away from me and my family.
      Craig: And miss fun times like this, never. Merry Christmas one and all, be seeing you.

    • Carly: I thought it was just me, the way I expect everything to be the same, but it's not. It's Christmas, J.J's not even here. Sage wants to be at her cousin's, where a mother and a father actually live together in the same home. Parker, I don't even know what he's thinking anymore. Thing's are definitely not the same, you and I both need to face that.

    • Jack: May I talk to you for a minute, outside please now!
      Jack & Carly walk outside
      Jack: What are you thinking?
      Carly: You know I don't think anybody knew that Meg was coming home. If I had known I certainly wouldn't of had Craig bring me over here.
      Jack: Right, right cause it wasn't Meg's skin you were trying to get under now was it.
      Carly: If you have a problem with Craig then you should take it out on Craig.
      Jack: My problem is with you darling.
      Carly: Oh, of course it is dear. Because, you have a problem with something I've done, as usual. Will you ever, ever, ever! Back off!
      Jack: I will never, ever back off, when it come to my children.
      Carly: Even Janet wants you to just put it to rest, just for one night. So don't bring me out here, when clearly you're the one who needs a time out.
      Jack: You brought Sage over to Holden and Lily's, when you knew I had dinner plans Carly, you didn't even check with me.
      Carly: Wait a second, Sage went over there to play today, she asked me if she could stay for supper. And I told her that she had to call you and ask you.
      Jack: She said, that you said, that she could stay for dinner.
      Carly: Do you hear yourself, she's eleven what's your excuse.

    • Lucy: Can you get us a room at the Lakeview?
      Alison: Well are you sure?
      Lucy: I can pay for it, I just need someone else to sign in.
      Alison: Dusty lives at the Lakeview. And your father's probably staying there to.
      Lucy: It's the last place either of them would look for us, me or Johnny. And if I need to leave quickly I can. Please Alison.
      Alison: Tell me why you've come back here.
      Lucy: It's Johnny, he's sick.

    • Lucy: Is this seat taken?
      Alison: No, you can have the table.
      Lucy: I was hoping you'd join us.
      Alison: Lucy!

    • Janet: The kids, the kids they're here.
      Craig: Good tidings to all, two of you. Where the rest of your clan?
      Jack: What are you doing here, you've got a lot of nerve Montgomery.
      Carly: Hi, he gave me a ride.
      Jack: Why?
      Craig: Relax? Were not going to crash your party. And you must be the newest. Sorry, the new Mrs Snyder.
      Janet: I am. And you are?
      Jack: Craig Montgomery.
      Janet: Oh, I've heard of you.
      Craig: Well, if you let me know who from, I'll tell you if it's true or not.

    • Carly: Oh, oh Parker forgot to bring these presents to the farm.
      Craig: Heaven forbid, what ever shall you do?
      Carly: I call Jack, and tell him that they're here.
      Craig: No, bad idea. Jack and his bride will take that as a veiled attempt for you to spend one more precious moment with Jack.
      Carly: Ok, then I'll call Parker.
      Craig: Even worse, Jack will think that you're using your son. In a veiled attempt for you to spend one.
      Carly: Ok, then I'll just wait for Parker to call me then Ok?
      Craig: He'll accuse you of being a bad sport withholding presents in a jealous fit of peak.
      Carly: Well, then Craig, what do you suggest I do?
      Craig: I will drive you out to the farm, and you can drop them off.
      Carly: That is the worse idea of all of them.
      Craig: Why, don't you wanna crash Jack and Chrissie's Christmas?
      Carly: It's Janet.
      Craig: I've always been partial to blonde's.
      Carly: Well you can forget it, it's not gonna happen.
      Craig: Come on Carly, you know you want to.

    • Jack: What, what are you doing?
      Carly: I'm getting some eggnog, you want some?
      Jack: How can you let Craig Montgomery in this house, around the kids?
      Carly: I didn't he came down the chimney.
      Jack: Ha ha ha ha. Ok, what's going on with you two.
      Carly: Oh, why do you care Jack? You have a new wife, whose keeping you warm. You're spending Christmas with the children. What do you care what's going on between me and Craig?
      Jack: Because, Craig gets you in trouble.
      Carly: Oh, well you've made it clear time and time again, that I am trouble, no assistance needed. Plus you don't have to worry about me any more.
      Jack: You got that right.

    • Jack: What is he, what are you doing here?
      Craig: I was just dropping off some presents, nice sweater by the way.
      Jack: Thank you, my wife made it.
      Craig: Handy little lady you married.

    • Liberty: Why did you not go with Jack?
      Janet: Oh, I thought about it but, you know.
      Liberty: You, mom! You really don't think Carly's going to try anything?
      Janet: Look even if she did, he wouldn't fall for it. I had a long talk with her the other day.
      Liberty: Oh, yeah, you mean fight, right?
      Janet: No! Liberty.
      Liberty: Sorry.
      Janet: I had a talk with her, and I made it clear that Jack doesn't belong to her anymore.
      Liberty: And you really think that got through to her?
      Janet: I didn't give her a choice.

    • Carly: You cut that out before I call the police!
      Craig: But I've come bearing gifts.
      Carly: Trying to buy your way in, I'm not surprised. And it's not gonna work.
      Craig: Is that your version of Christmas spirit? I come here with the best of intentions, to spread a little cheer.
      Carly: Oh, I'll be cheerful when you leave.
      Craig: Parker, hello Merry Christmas.
      Parker: What you doing here?
      Carly: He was just leaving honey.
      Craig: But the gifts?
      Carly: You can take them with you.
      Parker: Mom, wait I want him to stay.

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