As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 241

Ep. #13478

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Mar 17, 2009 on CBS



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    • Parker: What is your problem?
      Jack: You're better off without us, give it a shot.
      Craig: Jack, please think about what you're doing.
      Jack: You heard what I said out!
      Carly: This is not your house! Parker you do not have to go anywhere honey.
      Parker: No, he wants me out, I'm out. As a matter of fact we both are, come on.
      Janet: Liberty, no, no.
      Jack: And don't even think about going to the farm. From this moment on you two are on your own!

    • Parker: You can't just throw me out on the street.
      Jack: Yeah, you wanna live your life with no restrictions. Be my guest but, I'll be damned if you're gonna do it here.

    • Paul: Hey it's me. Emily stop it's not funny. No I'm not in a bad mood in fact, you know what I'm better than I've been in a long time. No Meg didn't offer to take me back and if she did I wouldn't say yes. No I don't want her back, I want her destroyed her and dusty both. Emily, help make that happen.

    • Craig: Finally!
      Janet: There was an accident on Route 60.
      Jack: Where are they?
      Craig: Just hurry up, hopefully they're not married yet.
      Janet: Married!
      Jack: Why the hell didn't you day that when you called.
      Judge Whitaker: You may kiss the bride.
      Jack: What the hell is going on?
      Parker: I thought you said you didn't call him?
      Craig: She didn't.
      Carly: What took you so long?
      Janet: I thought you were looking at colleges.
      Liberty: I'm sorry mom.
      Janet: You will be.

    • Paul: You got what you asked for, you finally broke my heart.

    • Paul: So what, this is you just trying to pay me back is that it?
      Meg: I wouldn't do that to anyone.
      Paul: Have you forgotten how cruel he was to you. He dumped you because he was tired of you.
      Meg: Ok stop it.
      Paul: And now you're standing there wearing his shirt like some kind of a whore.

    • Carly: I cannot believe that you think I'll do something like that.
      Parker: Why not it's not like you haven't pulled stunts like this before. The worst was when you pretended to be dying! And what about all those nights when you said you wee going to parent-teacher conferences but, you were really working in a strip club.
      Carly: You are deliberately mis-interpreting things. Yeah I have made mistakes, a lot of mistakes and, I have paid for them. I think I'm paying for them right now! That's the point Parker, that's why I'm here. I don't want you to mess up your life the way I've messed up mine!

    • Carly: You can't be serious?
      Judge Whitaker: I will not tolerate abusive parenting in my chamber.
      Carly: I am not an abusive parent, Parker tell him. I am not a threat to my son, quite obviously he is acting out to get his own way.
      Judge Whitaker: So far you haven't denied any of his claims.
      Carly: Because, I don't think I should have to defend myself against a child who will say anything to get what he wants.

    • Carly: Alright that is enough, we're leaving right now, lets go!
      Parker: No, I said I'm not leaving!
      Carly: You are leaving now!
      Judge Whitaker: Touch him and I'm calling the police!

    • Craig: Parker, your mothers trying to do what's best for you.
      Parker: That's a joke, she doesn't do what's best for anybody but herself.
      Carly: How can you say that?
      Parker: Because it's true. You wanted to know why I don't want her in charge of my trust fund, how's this for starters. A couple of years ago, she abandoned me, and my brother and my sister, to run away with a known jewel thief.
      Judge: Is that true?
      Carly: It's complicated.
      Parker: Yeah, because, you fell in love with the wrong guy and, you became a fugitive. and the only reason you're not in jail right now is because, my dad cut you a break.
      Carly: I don't understand why you're bring this up now. you know how hard I've tried to make up for what I did and, it has nothing to do with what you're doing now.

    • Liberty: Does my mom know?
      Craig: We were hoping to spare your father and your mother by coming here our selves.
      Carly: It looks like we got here just in time.
      Liberty: No she doesn't but, I ought to call her right now and have her come down here to help me stop this madness!
      Parker: You're not stopping anything. I'm sixteen and according to the laws in this state.
      Carly: I don't care about this state!
      Parker: You're not stopping anything. I'm sixteen and according to the laws in this state.
      Carly: I don't care about this state! You are not getting married!
      Parker: It's not up to you.
      Carly: You wanna bet!

    • Parker: How did you find us?
      Carly: It's a good thing I did.
      Parker: Did you go on my computer?
      Craig: Define on?

    • Craig: Remember, if they're in there you have to try and stay calm.
      Carly: I'll do my best.
      Parker: I swear to you, your honour. If you marry us today right now it'll solve all of our problems.
      Carly: The hell it will!

    • Carly: What about Parker's story aren't you buying?
      Craig: Pretty much all of it.
      Carly: Well I choose to believe my son.
      Craig: I'm not saying that Parker's a bad kid but, he is a defiant one lately and, it's not like he hadn't lied before about where he was going.
      Carly: Yeah, but when he did he got into a boat load of trouble. I'm not so sure that he'll try that again.
      Craig: He might if he though he could avoid the trouble.
      Carly: Are you trying to make me more paranoid than I already am?

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