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  • Season 55
    • Ep. #13858
      Ep. #13858
      Episode 127

      Bob reflects on his many years at Oakdale Memorial and tells Kim that he's officially retiring today. Lisa sees that John returned from Amsterdam and is reconnecting with Lucinda. Henry and Barbara enjoy a morning of wedded bliss. Janet asks Jack she would like him to be Lorenzo's godfather. Margo tells Tom that Casey leaving is a brand new start for the two of them. Katie tends to Chris and he has a lot of recovering to do. Carly tells Janet and Dusty the good news of her pregnancy. Susan, Emily, Margo and Tom give Alison and Casey a good send off as they leave for Carbondale. Chris proposes to Katie, which she humbily accepts, and shares her good news with a much cheered up Margo and comes up with an idea of a new place to live. Henry tells Barbara if she's sure she wants to tell Paul what she's planning to do, Paul is delighted when Barbara has the same idea of dissolving their B.R.O. partnership. Lily and Holden learn that Lucinda and John are back together and is stepping down from World Wide. Luke takes Chris stethoscope and listens to Reid's heartbeat in his chest. Susan wishes Bob and Kim all the best and will miss them very much. Holden assures Lily that things are gonna work out with Lucinda and John. Bob looks at his office and says good night and shuts the door.

    • Ep. #13857
      Ep. #13857
      Episode 126

      Lucinda explains to Luke she wants to do something to honor Reid by donating to the new neuro wing at the hospital. Jack tells Dusty that he's gonna have to deliver the baby, while tending to Carly who's feeling faint. John tries to persuade Lily to forgive Lucinda, but she says that's not going to happen period. Dusty says that they have to get Janet to the hospital right away. Luke tells Noah that he's gonna miss Reid despite his know it all attitude. Lily tells Holden that if she forgives Lucinda, it won't take the pain away. Carly and Jack listen as John tells Dusty he's the father of Janet's baby. Luke tells Noah that he's not going to let him not go to L.A. and live out his dream. Lucinda is delighted to see Holden and Lily together as it should be, but she says she doesn't want to see her for a while and that she needs time to forgive her. Luke presents Noah with some recording equipment and say their goodbyes. Teri and Liberty arrive at the hospital and are introduced to the newest member of the Ciccone family. Lucinda goes to John and asks if his offer about Amsterdam is still on the table. Carly tells Jack he'd better sit down cause of what she has to tell him that she's pregnant.

    • Ep. #13856
      Ep. #13856
      Episode 125

      Jack and Carly's wedding gets under way. Liberty tells Gabriel she's trying to call Janet cause it's not like her to show up. Margo asks Craig what he's doing here at the wedding and doesn't want to arrest him today. Janet tells Dusty not to interrupt Jack during his wedding. Jack and Carly recite their vows to one another. Craig shocks everyone when he gives a toast saying that Carly belongs with Jack. Lily asks Faith to go ask Parker to dance. Gabriel tells Craig that he's going back to Montega cause Sierra offered him a contract, but Craig says his home is here with him. Dusty goes out to get the car but it ends up getting stuck in the mud. Margo accidentally spills Parker's secret to Jack that he's thinking of becoming a cop, Parker explains the reasons why he wants to join the force. Lily tries to work her magic by telling Holden to dance with Molly. Rosanna encourages Craig to do what's best by letting Gabriel go home. Jack takes Carly to the cabin and they discover Janet in labor. Parker and Faith make ammends with their friendship. Rosanna tells Craig that he did a good job in what he said to Gabriel just now.

    • Ep. #13855
      Ep. #13855
      Episode 124
      Gwen surprises Carly by bringing Rosanna for the wedding. Holden runs into Molly in Old Town, and asks how everything is with Abigail. Parker tells Will he wants to tell Jack something but is unaware of how he'll react. Lily tells Craig not to come to the wedding cause he isn't invited. Carly goes out by the old boat house and accidentally drops the compass in the water, Jack comes along and says that she doesn't need it. Rosanna bumps into Gabriel and says he recognized her from the pictures Carly had when he worked for her. Parker secretly tells Will about what he really wants to do instead of college. Janet stands on a ladder to hang a decoration, and says that Jennifer went into labor after falling off one. Gabriel tells Craig it's not a good idea for him to come to the wedding. Janet tells Dusty that her water had just broke. Rosanna tells Carly that Craig showed up at the wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #13854
      Ep. #13854
      Episode 123
      Parker stops Sage from bringing their parents breakfast in bed. Liberty confides in Faith that she got accepted to F.I.T but is turning it down. Janet starts to have contractions, Dusty takes her to the hospital. Faith is jealous when she sees Parker and Liberty having drinks and talking at Al's. Janet tells Carly and Jack that it was a false alarm, and wonders if she interrupted something. Dusty and John catch up before he leaves town and asks how Chris is doing. Faith lets it slip to Janet about Liberty's acceptance letter and her deciding not to take it. Dusty asks John if it's possible that the baby that Janet's carrying could be his after all, John takes the mug with Dusty's DNA and puts it in his bag. Carly asks Jack if he's gonna ask her to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #13853
      Ep. #13853
      Episode 122
      Chris asks Katie to tell him just who's heart does he have, she says that it's Reid's. John tells Lucinda that he's here to apologize for what he said to her earlier. Lily and Holden tell Angus that Reid was in a car accident and died. Noah explains to Luke he found him here cause this is where he comes to think. Holden reveals to Angus that Luke and Reid were in love with each other. Katie tells Chris the details of Reid's accident while on his way to Bay City. John asks Lucinda what does she get by fighting with Lily all the time. Katie says to Chris that it was Reid's idea for him to have his heart. Angus agrees to let Luke make the arrangements for Reid. John tells Margo he's considering staying around Oakdale a little while longer. Lucinda puts some flowers by Lily's doorstep. Luke says a few kind words before putting Reid's ashes into the Snyder pond. Kim and Chris are delighted that the wing will be named after in memory of Reid.moreless
    • Ep. #13852
      Ep. #13852
      Episode 121
      Luke tells Alison he's not leaving the hospital until he knows for sure Chris is okay and the surgery was a success. Holden learns from Lily the donor heart for Chris was Reid, and Luke doesn't want to see anyone right now. John gives good news to Kim and Bob that the surgery went well barring any complications. Lucinda urges Lily to let her back in her life so they can be there for Luke. Margo lays into John for not keeping in touch all these years, but apologizes for her behaviour. Noah is shocked to hear from Alison that Reid died yesterday, and asks if Luke is alright. Lily and Holden comfort Luke after he comes home after being at the hospital all night. John finds Lucinda drinking at the Lakeview, over her messing up her relationship with Lily. The funeral director tells Luke he can't make the arrangements without the permission of one of Reid's relatives. Katie tells Margo that she's glad that Chris is okay, but she wouldn't have been alright this year if it weren't for Reid. Lily and Holden locate Reid's uncle Angus and decide to go to Brooklyn to find him. Alison tells Noah to be there for Luke now while he's grieving.moreless
    • Ep. #13851
      Ep. #13851
      Episode 120
      Katie tells Chris that he wasn't strong enought for a pump to be installed. Tom and Margo get word that there's been an accident and head over to Bay City. Bob asks Casey to take Luke to the cafeteria so that he won't have to see Reid when he's brought in the E.R., Reid tells Luke that he wants Chris to have his heart. John gets the results back that Reid's heart is a perfect match for Chris. Luke breaks the news to Katie that Reid has died, but is making a sacrifice so that Chris can live. Luke and Katie both give Reid a heartfelt goodbye. Alison tells Bob that she wants to be on the surgical team in the O.R. during the transplant.moreless
    • Ep. #13850
      Ep. #13850
      Episode 119
      Alison suggests to Casey that they get married in Vegas cause she doesn't feel their parents should pay for another one that went bad. Henry explains to Katie that she's no coward, she asks him to take her to the hospital. Chris refuses to have an Lvad installed, and to die while hooked up to machines, but Katie tells him that she doesn't care and it's the best solution. Luke tells Alison and Casey of Chris condition. Barbara tells Henry that Katie's gonna need a friend to see her through this. John gets bad news and tells everyone that the doctor in Bay City used the heart for one of his patients. Barbara goes to talk with Katie after seeing her breakdown. Alison and Casey tell Bob and Kim of their engagement despite losing Nancy and Chris's condition. Reid tells Luke that he's going to Bay City to get the heart himself and that he loves him, he drives and his car stalls on the railroad tracks as a train is coming.moreless
    • Ep. #13849
      Ep. #13849
      Episode 118
      Luke lets it slip to Reid that he told Noah that he was in love with him. Bob and Kim are shocked by Chris deterioration. Chris tells Tom that he doesn't want to be moved up on the list where people have been waiting for years. Bob lays into Reid for not coming to him about Chris's condition sooner. Kim finds Katie at WOAK, and asks her to do something for Chris by staying away. Tom and Margo inform Bob and Kim they've found a potential donor at Bay City General. Reid tells Luke that he basically told Katie to come to the hospital to be with the man she loves. Kim lashes at Reid and Bob tells her that he's been treating him secretly. Katie visits Brad's grave saying she's ready to move on and admits she's fallen in love again and is scared he'll die.moreless
    • Ep. #13848
      Ep. #13848
      Episode 117
      Katie wonders how Nancy kept her faith all these years of all the people she's lost, Margo shows up and comforts her. Reid gives Noah the number of a colleague in California, Luke arrives and overhears Noah lash out at Reid for stealing his boyfriend. John finds Chris in Old Town and says he needs to be admitted and on oxygen right away. Kim tells Bob that Chris should go play golf in his place. Margo tells Tom that she's worried that there's something else Katie is worried about. Luke tells Noah that he's with Reid now and if they can't still be friends. Reid finds out that Chris left the hospital to play golf with Leland Pierce, and decides to join them. Margo and Tom want John to tell them what's going on with Chris when it concerns Katie. Katie admits to Luke that she can't lose Chris because she loves him. Bob and everyone find out that John's patient is his son Chris.moreless
    • Ep. #13847
      Ep. #13847
      Episode 116
      Barbara goes to Fashions to find Lisa, but unaware that she's inside refusing to come out. Katie tells Chris that she lost Brad, now Nancy and can't go with losing him. Alison tells Casey that today is about remembering Nancy and not about their engagement. John sees that Chris hasn't told his parents about his heart condition. Tom and Margo set up a Nancy Hughes scholarship fund. Chris starts to have chest pains while going with his parents to Nancy's apartment. Lisa brings Barbara and Susan to the Lakeview lounge for a drink and they make a toast to Nancy and their drinks will come with a price to donate money to a charity. Lucinda opens up to John about her current astraignment from Lily.moreless
    • Ep. #13846
      Ep. #13846
      Episode 115
      Alison looks for a recipe in Casey's room and finds Nancy's ring instead. John tells Bob and Kim that he's here for a cardiac consult, they ask who the patient is. Alison tells Casey that she still wants to be with him, he then proposes to her. John asks Reid why didn't he tell Bob that he was coming to Oakdale. Casey offers Alison to come and live with him in Carbondale after he applies to law school. Katie lashes at Reid for keeping this sort of thing from her. Lisa and Kim think that this thing Chris wants to say is that he and Katie are engaged, Bob goes to pick up Nancy. John gets Chris scan back and it doesn't look good. Casey and Alison hold off on telling everyone about their engagement til the talk to Nancy first. Bob comes to Tom and Margo's and breaks the news that his mother has passed away.moreless
    • Ep. #13845
      Ep. #13845
      Episode 114
      Katie asks Chris if he's keeping something from her. Henry tells Barbara that he loves her too much, he just can't marry her. Bob tells Chris there's something he needs to discuss. Barbara and Henry come to an agreement and arrange to be married in her suite, Katie and Chris arrive and bring them to the lounge where everyone is waiting. Barbara, Henry and Paul hallucinate seeing James as the judge. Gwen apologizes to Barbara for Iris's actions, but she says that she couldn't have stopped her. Bob and Kim look at how happy Chris and Katie are together. Barbara tells Will and Gwen they can't leave until she throws the bouquet. Chris reveals to Katie that he's sick and that he might not get better. Bob and Kim spot John Dixon in the lobby and ask what brings him to Oakdale. Barbara, Paul, Henry and Emily take part in burning photos of James in the fireplace.moreless
    • Ep. #13844
      Ep. #13844
      Episode 113
      Will worries about Barbara not picking up her phone, and if possibly Iris abducted her again. Katie tells Reid that Chris stayed the night, he says that he shouldn't stay over. Henry tells Barbara that it's time that they went public with their relationship. Luke tells Chris that he knows he has a virus that doing damage to his heart. Henry announces his engagement to Barbara, but they don't get the reaction they expected when Paul objects. Reid tells Chris isn't gonna stand and watch Katie lose another boyfriend cause he refuses to be treated. Will goes and spend some time with Parker and they think about Hal, and discuss Barbara's engagement to Henry. Chris starts to feel chest pains while moving a bench in Old Town, and Katie asks if he's alright, he then heads off to the hospital. Paul stands his grounds on what he said about his mother's marriage, Will thinks they should move on and show them their support. Reid makes a call to Dr. John Dixon to come and treat Chris. Katie finds Chris in a room with an oxygen mask on.moreless
    • Ep. #13843
      Ep. #13843
      Episode 112
      Faith tells Holden that she's at some hotel right now with Craig. Lucinda tells Ralp that she can't be convicted of an imaginary crime cause nothing can be traced back to her. Lily asks Craig how low will he sink to get what he wants. Janet yells out to Dusty, but Anthony takes her away at gunpoint. Faith tells Holden the reason that he lost Molly is cause he went to get his ex-wife the day of his wedding day. Jack finds blood in the pantry, and he and Carly follow the trail. Dusty gets away from his captors and kicks the gun out of Anthony's hand and to let Janet go. Lily tells Craig that he's done his share of bad things in the past, and to be a better father to his three children. Jack shoots at Anthony, while Janet starts to feel some pains, that gives Anthony the opportunity to leave. Holden tells Faith that if Lily wants to come home then it'll be meant to be. Dusty insists that Janet go to the hospital to be checked out. Jack investigates a room and comes face-to-face with Ralph Manzo, and points a gun at him, and tells him to do it for Brad. Lily returns home and offers to help Holden. Ralph covers for Lucinda by telling Craig he has no idea who she is. Janet tells Dusty that turning her back on him was a huge mistake, and doesn't care about the thing with Lucy, she just wants him back.moreless
    • Ep. #13842
      Ep. #13842
      Episode 111
      Lucinda tells Ralph to help her fix this thing with Craig. Anthony keeps Janet from going in the pantry and finding Dusty. Lily tells Craig that Lucinda is here at Avalon Castle. Jack tells Carly that he'll find the evidence of what happened to Dusty. Lucinda tells Ralph that the woman who's causing a problem is his niece Janet Ciccone. Anthony tries to get a message to Ralph, but sees that he's here at Avalon. Craig flaunts his relationship with Lily in front of Lucinda, she retaliates by pushing him in the pool. Jack calls Margo asking for a favor and if she'll check if Dusty's car is in the Lakeview parking lot. Carly offers to help Craig out of the pool, but instead pushes him back in. Jack tells Janet that Anthony has the same medallion he gave Dusty. Ralph instructs Anthony to leave right now without saying goodbye to anyone. Lily shares her plans with Craig in buying controlling interest in World Wide. Ralph tells Lucinda if how the feds will go on easy on her with what she did. Jack finds the van with the ELVIS18 license plate. Craig plants a kiss on Lily.moreless
    • Ep. #13841
      Ep. #13841
      Episode 110
      Dusty is bound and gagged and his captors tell him they're taking him for a ride. Janet tells Anthony she could've sworn she saw Dusty, but Anthony says he's nowhere in sight. Lucinda gets off the phone with the Governor. Carly tells Jack that he's still reeling an open wound on Ralph being responsible for Brad's death. Anthony asks his men if they have Dusty and where they're taking him. Jack and Carly sees Craig giving Anthony a cheque. Craig is stunned to learn about Blackthorn's associates. Lily tells Carly that Lucinda is the one that set up the fake perfume company. Craig tells Jack to stop choking him, cause the person he's really mad at is Ralph. Lucinda arrives at Avalon Castle and learns that Lily has checked in and runs into Craig. Janet asks Anthony flat out if he's apart of Ralph's crew. Lily asks Craig if she can stay with him tonight. Anthony gives Dusty the chance to leave by disappearing and forgetting about him and Janet. Ralph thanks Lucinda for getting him out of prison.moreless
    • Ep. #13840
      Ep. #13840
      Episode 109
      Jack asks Carly just how far was she willing to go to get information on Blackthorn. Craig tells Lily that revenge on Lucinda might give her some peace of mind. Dusty explains to Janet that Lucy left town, but she says she's going out of town with Anthony for the weekend. Anthony tells Janet that he got the supplies and will pick her up in a bit. Dusty shows Teri the St. Carmelo medal and she says that he father had one just like it. Craig opens up to the bartendar about his screwed up love life. Lily tells Lucinda that she knows this perfume factory was a fraud and she was behind it the whole time and is ashamed of her and doesn't want her in her life. Lucinda gives Anthony his severance pay, but he's still has some things to do before he leaves Oakdale. Dusty tells Jack about what he found out about the medal and Rocco and Ralph had one similar. Craig tells Lily that he and her drive up to Avalon castle together so he can give Anthony his money.moreless
    • Ep. #13839
      Ep. #13839
      Episode 108
      Chris starts to feel some congestions and takes a pill, but Katie sees him in pain. Henry and Paul are glad that Barbara and Emily are alright. Gwen apologizes to Emily for what Iris put her through, and says that she got away. Iris is livid when she goes to the bank and it's closed. Barbara tells Henry that she never wants to see him again. Katie learns that Henry found Barbara in the basement at Fairwinds. Iris thinks she needs to leave town before the cops catch up to her. Henry tells Barbara that he's not going to leave her, Barbara says that maybe she's destined to be alone. Gwen finds and confronts Iris in the Lakeview lounge and knows she kidnapped Barbara, and manages to get a confession on tape. Paul comes home and finds Emily cleaning the floor in the wine cellar, saying all she wanted was to be a family with him and Eliza and rejecting Barbara's peace offering. Barbara gets a visit from Katie thinking it's Henry making another attempt, and says that Henry is the only person that didn't do anything wrong. Will and Gwen watch as Iris is taken away in hand cuffs. Barbara visits Henry, and he shocks her by proposing to her and she humbily accepts.moreless
    • Ep. #13838
      Ep. #13838
      Episode 107
      Luke wants to know who the patient is he was treating at the Lakeview. Kim asks Bob if he's already decided who should take over when he retires. Gwen gives Iris an ultimatum either attend and A.A. meeting or she's checking her into rehab. Barbara and Emily try to get themselves out of the ropes. Chris continues to hide his chest pains from Katie and his family. Henry explains to Will about Iris possible being involved in Barbara's kidnapping, he gets a call from Margo saying that Barbara's credit card was used in a dive bar. Will tells Gwen to keep Iris at Fairwinds and will explain when he sees her. Reid tells Chris he should go the hospital right away, which Katie overhears. Paul starts to smell smoke, and see it's coming from the cellar. Reid admits to Luke that Chris is the patient that he's been treating. Henry, Paul and Will find Emily and Barbara tied up on the floor in the wine cellar. Gwen tells Will that Iris packed her things and is gone.moreless
    • Ep. #13837
      Ep. #13837
      Episode 106
      Henry wants Katie to accompany him to Sweden to find Vienna. Noah asks Luke to come to California with him. Paul comes home to find Iris wearing Emily's robe. Reid tries to make Chris see that he needs to see a cardiologist, and doesn't want Katie to grieve him like she did with Brad. Emily and Barbara try to move the beam, but see that it will bring the ceiling down. Will and Gwen tell Paul that they spoke to Hunter and Emily isn't on an assignment and thinks she's responsible for Barbara's kidnapping. Emily tells Barbara to give Iris what she wants, if it means them being free, but Barbara refuses to do so. Luke tells Noah that he can't leave cause he has reponsibilities with the foundation. Henry smells Barbara's perfume and comes across Iris wearing her clothes. Noah misinterprets by assuming that Reid is cheating on Luke with another man. Henry tells Gwen and Will about finding Iris wearing Barbara's clothes while drinking at the Lakeview. Barbara explains to Emily now that Iris has the passwords there's no need for her to say where to find them. Luke tells Reid that he doesn't believe a word that he just said to him. Barbara and Emily manage to move the beam and it hits the fuse box.moreless
    • Ep. #13836
      Ep. #13836
      Episode 105
      Gabriel tells Liberty that he almost told Craig that Lucinda set him up, but he got blown off. Holden comes outside and explains to Craig that whatever he's selling the answer is no. Parker tells Faith he doesn't think he should go to college. Janet intervenes and Anthony learns that Carly is acquainted with Janet, Jack thinks that she'll blow Carly's cover. Lily tells Craig that she's not going to give him any money. Anthony insists he and Carly go up to his room and order some room service. Holden breaks up a fight with Parker and Gabriel. Janet learns that Jack got Carly to wear a wire so he can spy on Anthony. Lily asks Lucinda to be honest with the real reason about her bringing Sierra and Lucy back to Oakdale. Gabriel tells Craig that Lucinda is the one that set him up. Jack bursts in and Anthony says he better have a search warrant or have probable cause. Craig offers Lily proof that Lucinda was behind the factory scam, Lily says she's gonna buy his World Wide stock. Janet tells Anthony she finds it ridiculous that he could be behind something like this. Carly gives Jack something that she swiped from Anthony's pocket.moreless
    • Ep. #13835
      Ep. #13835
      Episode 104
      Holden shows Lily her diamond, and she's thrilled that he got it back for her. Craig explains to Johnny about the clock being for someone else, he runs into Sierra and asks what he's done this time. Gabriel tells Lucy word for word what he heard Lucinda say on the phone to Francoise. Dusty tells Janet that he can't stop loving her. Jack admires Carly's enthusiasm when she's willing to get information on Anthony. Liberty wonders why her mother is so upset. Craig confronts Dusty about this recent thing with Lucy. Jack helps Carly with putting the wire on her. Sierra asks Lily how long she's been sleeping with her ex-husband, but she says that she's not and says that Craig has changed. Craig calls Dusty telling him to stay away from Anthony. Gabriel takes Liberty out to the Snyder pond. Carly sets out to find Blackthorn to get something incriminating. Holden overhears Craig tell Lily it's gonna take her money to bounce back as partners again. Janet walks in and sees Carly talking to Anthony.moreless
    • Ep. #13834
      Ep. #13834
      Episode 103
      Jack leaves a message for Carly, but changes his mind and deletes it. Lucinda runs into Gabriel, but he says that Lily isn't here but insists on waiting. Janet tells Dusty they have nothing to talk about and walks off. Carly cautions Craig to stay away from Lily, since they're company is a bust. Janet tells Jack that she really blew it with Dusty, Dusty comes in wanting to talk with her. Lucy tells Craig to go easy on Lucinda cause she brought her to town for him. Janet tells Dusty where do they go from here after what he did by sleeping with Lucy. Jack tells Carly that it's too risky to get to the bottom of Craig and Blackthorn's connection. Lucy visits Gabriel and gives him his mother's old rosary beads, and explains that she up and disappeared for no reason. Anthony tells Lucinda that Craig doesn't have the money to pay him back and sent him a message. Dusty refuses to leave after Janet tells him to get out. Gabriel tells Lucy that Lucinda is the one setting Craig up, cause he overheard her. Craig opens the package and sees that it's a ticking clock and not a bomb.moreless
    • Ep. #13833
      Ep. #13833
      Episode 102
      Lucy tells Dusty that she often dreamed of them being together. Lily reveals the truth to Carly about the "perfume factory" and Craig secretly backing them. Jack interrupts Craig's meeting with Mr. Madison. Anthony apologizes to Janet for kissing her the other day. Dusty asks Teri if she's seen Julie and Anthony together lately. Craig accuses Anthony of attacking Johnny, but he assures him he didn't touch his kid. Holden tells Lily that the entire time she was doing business she was leaning on Craig. Teri tells Janet to go to Dusty to try and patch things up, by cooking something for him. Jack tells Carly that the perfume thing was definately a good idea and she'll bounce back. Janet brings food to Dusty but is shocked to see him in bed with Lucy.moreless
    • Ep. #13832
      Ep. #13832
      Episode 101
      Katie tells Casey and Alison that her plans have changed and is her to take Jacob home. Emily comes across Barbara in the wine cellar and takes pleasure in seeing her tied up, she's then knocked in the head and sees that Iris is the kidnapper. Henry compares the note found in Chuckles to Barbara's hand writing and sees it's a match. Luke finds out about Noah's grant and Alison says that he's moving to L.A. next month. Gwen finds out that Iris didn't attend the A.A. meeting as she said. Chris starts to begin having chest pains while on his date with Katie at Metro, and he goes and asks Reid to get him antibiotics. Iris is bothered when learning that Barbara left a note inside that clown at the warehouse. Barbara and Emily agree to work together in order to get out of the ropes, but it goes wrong. Iris tells Gwen and Will she overheard Emily on the phone talking about a party supply place. Reid is bothered by Luke dicussing Noah. Barbara is overjoyed that Henry isn't married to Vienna anymore.moreless
    • Ep. #13831
      Ep. #13831
      Episode 100
      Iris worries she's been caught, Emily says that she can't keep something like this quiet. Reid tells Chris that if he's been treated for a parasite he needs to have a chest x-ray right away. Bob asks Luke to keep an eye on Reid while the unions do their renegotiating. Myra accompanies Henry, Will and Paul at the warehouse. Reid tells Katie of a patient and possible he could have a serious heart infection. Emily tells Gwen that she found Iris in the wine cellar taking a drink, Iris then asks for forgiveness from Gwen. Luke helps Reid prepare for the union reps. Barbara struggles to move in the middle of the room. Gwen is angry that Emily suggest that Iris go to a halfway house. Reid impresses both Bob and Luke when he makes his speech. Paul tells Emily that he has to go to Chicago to deal with a client. Henry tries to find what Barbara found comfort in Chuckles. Chris tells Reid that his test results were positive for viral carditis, Reid says that he can't hide this from Katie or his parents. Emily goes into the wine cellar and finds Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13830
      Ep. #13830
      Episode 99
      Will and Henry discover the warehouse completely empty, but Henry finds lipstick stain on the cheek of Chuckles. Chris passes out and Katie worries and attempts CPR and insists she take him to Memorial. Margo sees that there's no physical evidence. Reid overhears Chris threw his name in the rank for chief of staff. Barbara asks Iris to untie her so she can write her a cheque, she overpowers her and punches her and quickly hurries so she can make a run for it. Margo gets a call from Katie saying that she brought Chris to the hospital. Gwen tells Emily that if she didn't think Iris has changed she wouldn't let Hallie anywhere near her. Iris points and shoots Barbara with a paintgun rendering her briefly out cold. Reid sees that Chris is telling the nurse to run his blood sample and doesn't say it's his. Henry plans to use a psychic to find Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13829
      Ep. #13829
      Episode 98
      Casey asks Alison to that new pizza place in the mall. Emily is wondering what news Paul has to tell her. Henry tells Katie that he's gonna search Barbara's room. Iris tells Barbara that all she has to do is give her what she asked and she's on the first flight to Tahiti. Chris asks Katie if they should leave or meet up at the cabin. Barbara issues a counter offer for Iris to write her a cheque and be done with her. Alison and Casey watch over Jacob while Katie goes to the cabin with Chris. Iris finds Barbara's cheque book and almost runs into Henry, who then smells her perfume. Emily can't believe that Iris is living at Fairwinds and rallies at Gwen. Chris realizes Katie knew that Margo and Tom wouldn't be coming but stil she came anyways. Alison and Casey seperately tell Will and Gwen how they were able to raise Hallie. Chris starts to have chest pains and is having a hard time breathing. Henry finds a pen on the floor that says "Party Supply Warehouse" and shows it to Will. Iris lets herself into the wine cellar to help herself to some wine, Emily comes in to find a bottle and Iris sees her. Barbara is shown tied up in the wine cellar.moreless
    • Ep. #13828
      Ep. #13828
      Episode 97
      Henry once again hears Barbara screaming for help. Margo asks Chris if the reason he's considering taking the job as chief of staff was to make an impression on Katie. Gwen takes Hallie to Al's and sees Iris at a table celebrating her birthday, and she having no place to stay. Barbara tells Chuckles that it'll be a long wait before she hands over her life savings to Iris. Will asks Henry what exactly did he hear on the baby monitor and agrees that she didn't leave of her own volition. Paul realizes that Gwen wants Iris to stay at Fairwinds. Barbara wonders if Iris will let her out if she hands over the passwords to her accounts, she then shares a dance with Chuckles. Chris asks Katie if she thinks he's pressuring her to have sex with him. Will tells Iris that if Paul says it's okay then she can stay. Henry hopes to find some answers in Barbara's suite.moreless
    • Ep. #13827
      Ep. #13827
      Episode 96
      Carly comes up with a plan to stall things by making everyone think she sprained her ankle. Lily gives the pilot of a jet her diamond in exchange for payment if he takes them to Oakdale. Craig tells Lucinda that he'll prove that she had a part in the so called perfume factory. Holden comes home to see Molly and her bags packed and says that she's leaving and there isn't gonna be a wedding. Reid tries to explain to Natalie and Ethan about there not being a wedding. Anthony tells Craig that he has 24 hours to come up with the money in full with interest, and makes a threat towards Johnny. Lily lashes at Lucinda after saying that she got Holden to fly to France. Carly asks Jack to take her to the farm to talk some sense into Molly.moreless
    • Ep. #13826
      Ep. #13826
      Episode 95
    • Ep. #13826
      Ep. #13826
      Episode 95
      Holden thanks Jack for covering for him and says that he'll make it back before the wedding starts. Reid tells Luke that he won't be going to Holden and Molly's wedding. Jack reads online about a storm approaching over the atlantic. Craig tells Lily that Lucinda had motive to set them up to fail. Holden tells Lily that this scam has Craig's name all over it, but Lily says she thinks he's innocent. Molly overhears Jack tell Carly about the storm approaching and all flights are being cancelled, and is livid that Holden went to France to rescue Lily. Lily tells Craig to stay and do some digging in this fiasco. Reid reveals to Abigail that he and Luke are together. Holden and Lily do their best to make it to the wedding on time, but are told the plan has to make an emergency landing. Parker tells Faith he doesn't think it's a good idea they should hook up. Craig goes to World Wide to confront Lucinda and isn't leaving til he talks to her. Reid gives Molly some words of wisdom, and impresses Luke.moreless
    • Ep. #13825
      Ep. #13825
      Episode 94
      Holden and Molly are thrilled when Abigail arrives in time for the wedding. Jack walks in on Carly making the final touches on Molly's wedding dress, and says she would look good in that. Dusty asks Anthony what his game is regarding Janet. Lily gives Craig some flowers for him being tolerant of her losing it at Molly's shower. Anthony arrives to take Janet to the game but she says for him to slow down. Lucinda catches Craig and Lily at the Lakeview and calls Francoise and says to speed things up, so she calls Lily and says that the shipment of spices were lost. Anthony brings Janet to the hospital, and tells Lucy that she was feeling a bit dizzy. Lily tells Carly that she has to go to France to work out a problem with the spices for the fragrances, and assures Holden that everything is alright and to back to Abigail and Molly. Dusty goes to the farm and sees Anthony kissing Janet. Craig calls up the distributor and learns that they never heard of Carlisle fragrances, and tries to get ahold of Lily. Carly asks Jack how he could allow Holden to get on a plane to France. Lily finds out there is no perfume factory in Marseilles and runs into Craig.moreless
    • Ep. #13824
      Ep. #13824
      Episode 93
      Iris tells Barbara that she owes her and it's time to pay up. Gwen tells Will that maybe Hallie will find something in Emily's room. Wendy tells Henry she thought she saw Barbara leave her room earlier. Lisa allows for Katie and Henry to watch the security tape and sees someone resembling Barbara leave the room. Iris tells Barbara that no one will look for her cause everyone thinks she's dead. Emily catches Gwen and Will going through her things and asks what they're doing. Henry tells Katie the woman on the tape isn't Barbara cause she doesn't have her walk and Lisa agrees. Iris allows Barbara to write a note to her loved ones, in exchange to have access to her bank accounts. Will admits to Paul that he and Gwen are looking for evidence in Emily's room. Paul calls Henry and says that a message from Barbara arrived at Fairwinds. Gwen sees Iris putting up flyers all over Old Town and says that they received word that Barbara is okay. Barbara finds a walkie talkie and some batteries and tests to see if it works. Gwen tells Will she wants to stay in town a few more days. Henry starts to hear Barbara's voice while at Katie's house.moreless
    • Ep. #13823
      Ep. #13823
      Episode 92
      Paul finds the bracelet in the popcorn container in the garbage. Henry tells Katie that her helping him find Barbara is a major step in them being friends again. Barbara hallucinates when Chuckles turns into James, and says that he's here for her. Henry finds Will and he plans to make an on air plea, he and Gwen go off to Fairwinds, the mysterious woman lets herself out and the maid thinks it's Barbara. Henry hopes Barbara is watching saying he loves her and wants to come home. Iris surprises Gwen in Old Town saying that she's offering to help find Barbara. Henry goes to check out the tip that Barbara was spotted. Will finds out that Emily threw out evidence and still thinks she's a likely suspect, but Paul defends her. Barbara is visited by Henry, Paul and Will, but she uses every ounce and manages to make James go away. Will tells Gwen that she better have refused Iris's help. Henry shows Katie proof that Barbara was in her suite. Barbara is shocked to learn that her abductor is Iris.moreless
    • Ep. #13822
      Ep. #13822
      Episode 91
      Chris tells Tom that he should be the one that's appointed chief of staff at Memorial. Paul gets a call from Margo saying Barbara's credit card was used in town. Katie sees just how a wreck Henry is over Barbara's disappearance and reads a letter from Vienna. Paul insists on going with Henry to the lingerie store where Barbara's credit card was traced. Katie opens up to Margo that her missing Brad still hurts her. Will can't believe that Paul would go as far as trying to get rid of their mother. Henry develops an anxiety attack and Paul takes him to the hospital, Chris admits his part in Vienna's plan. Emily gets a call from the lingerie store and says a customer left a bracelet and it could belong to Barbara. Margo asks Tom if Chris specifically said that he was in love with Katie. Emily calls Paul but doesn't tell him about the bracelet. Chris tells Katie that he brought Henry to the hospital. A mysterious woman lets herself into Barbara's suite.moreless
    • Ep. #13821
      Ep. #13821
      Episode 90
      Kim's hoping an on air piece will find Barbara. Luke offers to help Reid with his people skills. Chris calls Katie hoping to check to see if she's holding up. Faith stops Parker so she can get some condoms from her bag. Carly tells Jack that Lily took off cause she can't accept that fact that Holden is marrying Molly. Kim is happy that Chris isn't going to Haiti. Faith tells Parker that she's choosing right here and now to be with him. Luke helps Reid with his behaviour towards the nurses despite is efforts. Carly and Jack overhear Parker tell Faith that they shouldn't be doing this. Katie tells Chris that Henry said has no intention of forgiving her. Carly explains that Lily made contact is okay after running out on the shower. Reid tries to go and apologize to Gretchen, but fails miserably. Carly explains to Faith she's not going to question what did or didn't happen with Parker in the woods. Bob tells Chris if the reason he's staying is cause of his attraction to Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #13820
      Ep. #13820
      Episode 89
      Gabriel plans to extort money from Lucinda by sending her and e-mail saying he knows her plan. Lily tells Holden that she's okay with being at the bridal shower with Molly. Dusty is surprised to see Lucy arrive and excited about meeting her brother Gabriel. Janet is thrown when Blackthorn asks her out on a date. Parker lets Faith know that she looks beautiful in the dress she's wearing to Molly's shower, Holden asks her if she's actually up for this. Janet tells Anthony she can't go out right now cause she's catering a bridal shower. Craig tells Gabriel to let go if this bitterness towards him. Parker learns that Liberty was at the commercial shoot and wonders why she didn't come over to say hello. Lily puts the gift outside and turns around and leaves. Janet sees Dusty as well as Lucy at Al's. Anthony tells Craig that he'll give him more money and says to put it to good use. Lily tearfully tells Holden that she can't picture him with another woman, and she's leaving and for him not to follow her. Faith calls Parker saying that her mother up and left the party, he finds her and comforts her and both end up kissing and about to have sex.moreless
    • Ep. #13819
      Ep. #13819
      Episode 88
      Lily tells Craig that there's was another problem at the perfume factory, she sees Carly and then plants a kiss on him. Sierra asks Lucinda what her plans on bringing Lucy back to Oakdale. Carly wonders if this project is a good thing cause bad things are always happening. Jack overhears Craig on the phone requesting more money from Blackthorn. Lucinda learns with delight about the so called "accident" at the factory. Lily accidentally picks up some photos of Holden and Molly, and learns that Carly is making an album. Johnny runs over to Sierra, which surprises Craig that she's back in town and for keeping Gabriel a secret from him. Molly walks in on Holden and Carly's conversation, but says that Lily accepted the invitation to the bridal shower. Lucinda tells Lily why she's even going to Molly's shower. Sierra makes a call and says that it's time that someone else knows she's here.moreless
    • Ep. #13818
      Ep. #13818
      Episode 87
      Dusty gives Lucinda a file of background information of Anthony Blackthorn. Faith asks Lily if she would accompany her to Fashions for her dress fitting. Jack meets Anthony while picking up some take out, and asks Janet how she knows him. Craig tells Carly he thinks he's jealous he was with Lily in New York. Lily tells Holden that they've already handled the Craig situation and has no say since he's marrying Molly. Lucinda is approached by Craig at the Lakeview, and says that he's a whole new outlook on Lily. Jack and Dusty both agree they have to keep Janet away from Anthony. Molly and Holden go see the priest, and asks how his marriage to Lily ended. Lucinda is delighted when she sees Sierra at World Wide, she asks why she suggested that Lucy come as part a scheme to use her as a pawn in one of her games. Lily looks at some of the perfume bottle drawings that Carly designed.moreless
    • Ep. #13817
      Ep. #13817
      Episode 86
      Will and Gwen asks Iris what she's doing in Barbara's room. Lucinda finds Gabriel at the farm and wonders why he took a job there instead living leisurely. Holden asks Craig what happened while in the hotel room in New York, but Craig says that why should he care since he's marrying Molly. Gwen tells Iris to leave, but she's shocked when Hallie asks her to stay. Carly finds out from Molly that Craig went with Lily to the meeting with Francoise and ended up sharing a hotel room together. Lily informs Lucinda that the deal is officially completed. Iris grabs Gwen's phone before she can call the cops on her, Gwen says for her to go in there and say goodbye and not to return. Craig admires Gabriel ambitiousness in doing research to have french doors put in for Janet. Iris gives Will and Gwen the repayment to Barbara and heads off, but Gwen thinks Iris came back for something and says they should stay with Paul and Emily. Gabriel overhears Lucinda on the phone about her plan to ruin Lily and Craig. Iris calls the Wagon Wheel asking for a room.moreless
    • Ep. #13816
      Ep. #13816
      Episode 85
      Alison and Casey have fun with Hallie in Old Town. Henry tells Vienna that Barbara knew she wasn't pregnant, and what she did with her. Katie tells Margo that Vienna was the last person that Barbara called before being abducted. Will thinks that Katie is continuing to protect Vienna. Chris tries to get ahold of Katie, Kim asks him if everything's alright. Vienna locks Henry in the room and makes a run for it, and tells Margo that she got a good five minute head start. Kim is livid that Katie kept the fact that Vienna was never pregnant. Casey finds Vienna in a hospital room and she asks for his help, but he refuses cause trouble follows whenever she's around. Henry asks Katie if she knows where Vienna is and if she's hiding her. Alison tells Casey that Vienna was never pregnant and she made the whole thing up. Will and Gwen are shocked to find Iris in Barbara's suite.moreless
    • Ep. #13815
      Ep. #13815
      Episode 84
      Katie makes another attempt to apologize to Henry. Henry tells a devastated Vienna that he wants an annulment. Margo tells Will that Barbara has been declared a missing person. Chuckles wakes Barbara up by slapping her on the face. Henry tells Vienna either she agrees to an annulment or he'll file for divorce. Will tells Emily that she made it clear she doesn't care if Barbara comes back or not. Chuckles tells Barbara to focus to get her hands untied. Vienna tells Henry that he can have Barbara if he can find her. Barbara finds a costume so she can keep warm, and has a fantasy of Henry dress as Henry VIII. Paul asks Will what he thinks Emily did to Barbara, but Emily says that Vienna had a bigger motive then her. Henry realizes that Barbara is in trouble and is desperate now to find her. Barbara's phone turns up and Gwen thinks whoever took her, their fingerprints might be on it. Katie admits to Henry that Barbara found out about Vienna's non pregnancy. Barbara realizes she has to find her own way out of this place. Katie tells Margo that she knows who was the last person to call Barbara before she went missing.moreless
    • Ep. #13815
      Ep. #13815
      Episode 83
      Francoise tells Lucinda that Craig is staying with Lily at the hotel. Janet receives a box of chocolates from Anthony. Lucinda runs into Holden in Old Town and says that Lily is in trouble. Craig and Lily are caught by Francoise and she takes a picture with her phone. Molly tells Holden that he can go to New York, cause the jet hasn't left yet. Lily tells Francoise that she's backing out of the deal, due to a clause in the contract, but Craig tries to talk her out of it. Dusty goes to Lucinda saying that Anthony Blackthorn is doing business with her and says he's trying to infiltrate her company. Holden gets ahold of Lily's hotel room and wondering why Craig is in it. Lucinda asks Anthony what exactly has he been telling Janet of their business together, and he says to get Dusty distracted somehow. Lucinda looks at the photo of Craig and Lily that Francoise sent to her phone and sees that this wasn't part of the plan.moreless
    • Ep. #13813
      Ep. #13813
      Episode 82
      Luke is surprised when Reid says that he thinks of them in a relationship. Dusty invites Jack and Carly to join him and Janet for dinner. Craig humbly offers to sleep in the chair and for Lily to take the bed. Luke tries to get Reid to go to Carly finally learns of Jack's offer for Janet and Liberty to stay at the Snyder farm. Craig and Lily find themselves in a blackout in their hotel. Bob turns down Mona's offer to buy Memorial when he sees that she's prejudiced. Janet sees and reunites with Anthony Blackthorn an old friend from the old days. Bob welcomes Reid back to the hospital, and Kim is impressed with the way he handles things with Mona. Bob asks Reid to come back to the Lakeview cause he has something to tell him. Dusty tells Janet that Anthony is lying when he says he's doing business with Lucinda and possibly he's doing a scam at World Wide, but she refuses to believe him. Craig asks Lily why they never got together. Bob suggests Reid as his predecessor when he steps down, but Kim isn't so thrilled by the choice.moreless
    • Ep. #13812
      Ep. #13812
      Episode 81
      Gabriel continues to get on Parker's nerves while working on stuff for the cabin. Francoise asks Lucinda how is Lily ever gonna forgive for what she's about to do. Parker gets a phone call to do a commercial, Carly lets Lily know she can't go on the trip to New York. Liberty tells Gabriel that this isn't the first time Parker did a commercial. Janet helps Dusty spend some time with Johnny, but gets a reprieve when Craig gets called away on a business trip and they have more time to spend together. Jack tells Carly that he's very impressed with the way she handled the director of the commercial. Craig and Lily arrive to sign the contract with Francoise. Faith arrives to support Parker at the commercial shoot. Lily and Craig learn they're stuck in New York. Janet and Dusty take Johnny to the movies. Liberty shows up and sees Parker and Faith having fun. Francoise tells Lucinda that Lily didn't bring Carly as expected, but Craig.moreless
    • Ep. #13811
      Ep. #13811
      Episode 80
      Henry is shocked when Katie informs him that Vienna was never pregnant. Craig tells Lily that Carly will back out if she found he's backing Carlisle. Chris tells Vienna he refuses to help her deceive Henry once again. Jack wants to finish his conversation with Carly, but Molly comes in interrupting them. Gwen nearly sees Barbara's passport on the floor. Henry makes it clear to Katie for her to stay away from him. Carly tells Molly that she deserves a fairytale ending. Katie tells Chris that Henry knows everything. Henry lashes out at Vienna after finding the pregnancy padding and says he knows the truth. Carly is ecstatic when Gwen visits with Hallie. Vienna tells Katie that she doesn't want her help anymore. Will tells Jack that he believes something is not right with Barbara. Molly explains to Ethan that she's not going to take his mom's place. Vienna finds Henry outside Barbara's door, and tries to get him to forgive her. Carly tells Jack the good news of her and Lily going to sign the contracts in New York. Henry doesn't answer when Katie knocks, but says that she's here for him. Gwen finds Barbara's passport and tells Will how she could travel without it. Henry calls and leaves a message for Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13810
      Ep. #13810
      Episode 79
      Barbara hears that the help she thought was coming, is leaving. Katie tells Chris that she wants him to stay. Henry feels guilty that he wasn't there for Vienna. Paul encounters Will, Gwen and Hallie in Old Town and says Barbara was supposed to meet them yesterday. Casey and Alison sees that Gwen and Will are back in town. Katie is shocked when Henry tells her that Vienna had a miscarriage. Barbara finds a hidden door and breaks the lock and sees a brick wall behind it. Gwen and Casey realize how old Billy would be today, and opens up about him and Vienna possibly having his baby. Hallie finds Barbara's passport on the floor at Fairwinds. Barbara wakes up and sees that she's tied up next to Chuckles. Casey sees Vienna take Chris into one of the rooms. Katie finds Henry at the Lakeview drowning his sorrows by drinking martinis, and says that it's his fault she lost the baby, Katie says there was no baby to begin with.moreless
    • Ep. #13809
      Ep. #13809
      Episode 78
      Henry panics when he wakes up and sees Vienna's body covered in a rash. Chris is encouraged to help a good cause which means leaving Oakdale and going to help in Haiti. Kim comes by and asks Emily if she's heard from Barbara, but Emily doesn't tell Paul she stopped by. Barbara plots her escape from the warehouse with help from a box of fireworks. Vienna calls Katie and asks to meet her at the hospital before Henry comes home. Kim tells Chris the only way have a thing with Katie is that make her see he's not going anywhere. Barbara opens up to Chuckles all the bad stuff that she's done in her life. Katie tells Vienna the next time she sees Henry to tell him that there's no baby. Emily sees that a postcard arrived and tells Paul it's from Barbara. Barbara starts to hear a faint police sirens and starts screaming for help. Chris asks Katie to give him a reason to stay. Vienna lies to Henry and says she lost the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #13808
      Ep. #13808
      Episode 77
      Lucinda tells Francoise that she's just teaching Lily a lesson. Carly tells Parker that they can work out Liberty's expenses for the trip to New York. Gabriel tells Craig that the reason he was playing poker was to give the money to a friend. Lily tells Francoise that Lucinda obviously had her hand in this. Jack tells Craig that he's not going to let Gabriel work on the cabin. Parker explains the plan to Liberty, but storms out when she constantly brings up Gabriel. Lily doesn't know and asks Francoise why things didn't work out at World Wide. Parker tells Jack that he's not going to take that summer thing after all. Craig immediately thinks somethings up when Lily says that Lucinda brought in Francoise. Liberty tells Gabriel to get out, and doesn't need his or Parker's money, she is then excited that Jack actually hired him. Faith goes swimming in the Snyder pond, and she asks Parker to dry her off.moreless
    • Ep. #13807
      Ep. #13807
      Episode 76
      Lily and Carly come up with the name Carlisle for their new fragrance company. Lucinda tells Dusty she knows exactly what she's doing. Liberty tells Gabriel that she got him a job in helping fix up a cabin for her mom to live in. Carly tells Jack that he's been busy in moving Janet back to the farm. Craig goes and talks with Anthony Blackthorn, but he tells him to take a hike. Dusty learns of Jack having Janet live on the farm permanently. Gabriel makes plans to close his bank account and has a safer place for his money. Lily is astonished that Lucinda approves of her partnership with Carly, and offers to invest. Anthony agrees that he and Craig do have something to talk about after all. Gabriel is let in on a high stakes poker game. Jack is glad that Lily put in a good word for Parker and he was able to get a scholarship, but he hopes he and Carly can get back to normal. Janet assures Dusty that she's not relying on Jack, but is staying to help be independant. The police bust up the game and says everyone is arrested. Anthony calls his boss and says he has a live one. Lucinda is livid that Craig met her asking price. Jack tells Craig that Gabriel was just brought into the station.moreless
    • Ep. #13806
      Ep. #13806
      Episode 75
      Barbara awakens in a candy and party supply filled warehouse and starts to make conversation with a clown. Henry and Vienna's wedding rises alot of tension. Katie can't believe that Vienna is still lying to Henry, but Chris takes her outside to calm her down. Barbara goes through all scenarios to figure out who drugged her and brought her here. Kim says she's gonna try to get in touch with Barbara cause she was devastated earlier. Barbara realizes that Emily could be the culprit and this thing could really be over for her. Vienna takes off the padding and tells Henry to wait before he comes in the room.moreless
    • Ep. #13805
      Ep. #13805
      Episode 74
      Paul asks Henry if he still have feelings for his mother. Barbara calls Vienna and says she has proof that she isn't pregnant and vows to tell Henry. Vienna tells Katie of Barbara's claim and wonders what she'll do if she tells Henry. Kim tells Bob she wants to be at the wedding in case Barbara makes a scene and embarrasses herself. Katie tells Chris a change of plans and she'll meet him at Al's instead. Paul tries to make Henry take a step back and realize his feelings. Barbara races to Lakeview to show Henry the security footage and she's being clorophormed by someone. Chris sees Katie and asks what happened to her hands. Emily tells Paul that Barbara won't be attending the ceremony. Katie wonders if Vienna told Henry the truth or not. Barbara is shown unconscious in a basement.moreless
    • Ep. #13804
      Ep. #13804
      Episode 73
      Casey tells Alison that he knows that he's not the father of Vienna's baby. Vienna goes to Katie asking for her help in making Barbara go away cause she knows she had sex with Casey. Paul thanks Emily for meeting him half way, she's glad that Meg can't burt them anymore. Barbara finds Henry and sees that they spent the night apart, she assumes they had an argument. Katie agrees to help Vienna. Alison receives a letter from Mick and she asks Emily to open it and read it for her. Barbara tells Vienna why Henry is marrying someone who cheats on him. Henry goes to Brad's grave wishing he was his best man and to give him a sign, he turns around and sees Katie. Barbara hides in Vienna's car and tracks her to China town where she was buying some herbs for infertility. Alison is about to burn a letter, and tells Casey it was Mick. Barbara sees that there's surveillance at Fashions and looks at the tape of Vienna putting on a pregnancy padding and realizes she isn't pregnant at all.moreless
    • Ep. #13803
      Ep. #13803
      Episode 72
      Luke tells Reid that Noah said that he resigned from the hospital. Barbara shows Kim of what used to be the invitation for Henry and Vienna's wedding. Casey walks in on Katie and Chris in a close moment. Henry asks Vienna why she hasn't started to show yet. Luke tells Reid to have fun in Rochester cause he really doesn't care anymore. Chris assures Casey that she's not carrying his child. Vienna asks Katie if Chris will reveal the truth to anyone. Luke tells Mona that the reason that Reid quit is because of him. Chris gets Barbara dancing with Henry that leaves Vienna fuming and causes a scene. Luke resigns from the advisory committee so Reid can come back before it's too late. Barbara overhears some fascinating information and confronts Vienna and see what Henry will have to say. Bob tells Reid that Luke stuck up for him today, and he goes to Luke saying he's staying in Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13802
      Ep. #13802
      Episode 71
      Katie takes Chris to a hotel in Bay City, but he sees that she's not ready for intimacy. Barbara gets some sound advice from her reflection in the mirror. Emily tells Paul that she can't forgive him for what he's done. Emma tries to get Holden to see that if Paul didn't act when he did Emily would seriously be hurt. Chris and Katie return home and are stunned to learn of Henry and Vienna's wedding being tomorrow. Paul tries to get through to Meg, and says that he can't be with her. Katie tells Christ that she's doing this so Henry and Vienna can have their happily ever after. Emma tells Paul that she's sending to a facility out of town so she can focus on getting better. Barbara tries to stop Henry from getting married to Vienna. Chris tells Katie the reason he didn't tell Henry the truth was because of her, he then kisses her.moreless
    • Ep. #13801
      Ep. #13801
      Episode 70
      Katie bribes Chris in order to protect Vienna. Alison tells Casey of her discovery of Vienna's medical records and that someone changed it. Katie tells Vienna that she got Chris to help her. Henry rescues Barbara and says they have to stop Emily. Meg tells Emily that she's gonna make sure that she's gonna get away with killing her. Casey goes to Chris saying that he might've gotten Vienna pregnant, he then wonders what he's done. Alison visits Vienna to discuss her due date to update their files. Meg pushes Emily and shoots her, as Emma and Paul walk in the room and says he's known all along Emily was telling the truth. Chris tells Katie she left out this little bit of information that Casey might be the father, but Katie says there is no baby. Casey accuses of Alison of not wanting him to know he has a child. Henry confesses to Barbara that whenever he sees her all he wants to do is kiss her. Katie offers to take Chris to a hotel to keep him quiet. Emily slaps Paul for lying to her, but that he knew all along she was innocent.moreless
    • Ep. #13800
      Ep. #13800
      Episode 69
      Lucinda tells Lily all she had to do was turn the forensics report to the police and Molly would be arrested right now. Carly tells Jack that this money will replace what was taken from Parker's trust. Dusty lays into Janet for moving in with her ex-husband. Barbara tells Emily while visiting her that Paul is moving Meg back into Fairwinds. Carly shows Parker the cheque for five million dollars and has an idea of him giving the money to her. Emily shows up but Paul doesn't let Eliza anywhere near her, and tells her to leave. Craig sets out to purchase a part of World Wide, but Dusty says no to his offer. Jack tells Janet that he'd like to fill in as her lamaze partner. Meg starts to put the moves on Paul while wearing a nightgown. Lucinda instructs Dusty to pretend to sell Craig a division of her company and set a reasonably high price. Carly and Lily talk about the possibilities of working together. Emily surprises Meg, who then takes some methodone and says she's gonna tell the police that she drugged her tea and points a gun at Emily saying she had to defend her self.moreless
    • Ep. #13799
      Ep. #13799
      Episode 68
      Lily explains to Holden that she doesn't think she can turn a blind eye to the evidence. Liberty tells Janet that she's taken a job at Fashions. Craig comes into the police station and Jack is stunned that all the charges were dropped against him. Molly tells Carly that there's not going to be a wedding. Craig attempts to make peace with Gabriel by offering him a place to stay when buys a house for Johnny, but he rejects his offer. Jack tells Janet that he's moving back to the farm, and offers her to go and live there too. Tom gives Craig some more good news that the insurance company already cut him that cheque. Carly tries to cheer Molly up, to do whatever she has to do to keep Holden in her life. Lily admits to Holden that she never not once stopped loving him. Liberty sees Gabriel defend Craig when Lisa starts badmouthing him. Lily gives Molly the forensics report and that she's free to marry Holden. Craig hands Carly her half of the insurance money, and she says she doesn't want him as a business partner and to leave. Lily tells Lucinda that she's allowing Molly to be with Holden.moreless
    • Ep. #13798
      Ep. #13798
      Episode 67
      Noah tells Luke to go after Reid after storming out of Java. Holden tells Molly that he'll plan for them to get married at City Hall. Kim wants Bob to stick up for Reid and to tell Mona that he's all for his relationship with Luke. Lucinda encourages Lily to manipualate Molly, but she refuses to play dirty. Bob wants to tell Luke about Reid's decision, but he says he's late for an appointment. Noah finds out that Reid resigned and it was all for Luke. Lucinda tells Luke that the marriage of Holden and Molly will never happen. Lily approaches Molly and says this will never be a real marriage, she then shows her the forensic report. Noah tells Luke that Reid quit his job and didn't choose him over it, Luke then thanks Noah and goes to find Reid. Holden comes home to find a note from Molly, and finds her at WOAK. Molly tells Lucinda that she's won and no need to gloat. Kim tries to get Bob to see that this Invicta deal for the hospital is a bad idea. Luke tries getting ahold of Reid but he doesn't answer. Holden tells Lily he knows about the evidence and just to let it go.moreless
    • Ep. #13797
      Ep. #13797
      Episode 66
      Bob apologizes to Reid for forcing him to make a choice either the hospital or Luke. Katie brings Jacob in for a checkup and sees that Chris will be treating him. Holden tells Lily his concern for Faith living in the same house with Craig and Gabriel. Molly freaks out after seeing that a picture of a bouquet a bride is holding is bleeding. Luke joins in on the meeting with Mona and Reid. Bob tells Chris that he's concerned about him and Katie. Luke wonders why Holden choose the day of the shooting to propose to Molly. Reid tells Katie that he broke things off with Luke, but she says that he's a better person then he was with Luke. Molly tells Holden that it's probably best if they just cancel the wedding. Reid gives Bob his resignation and goes off to find Luke, and finds him with Noah at Java. Molly tells Holden that she has a bad feeling of Lily asking questions.moreless
    • Ep. #13796
      Ep. #13796
      Episode 65
      Parker walks in on Carly talking with the insurance adjuster saying the fire was an accident. Lucinda can't believe that Lily let Craig out of jail let alone live at her house. Janet lashes at Dusty for his deception in providing for her. Jack shares the good news with Parker that Janet is having a son. Craig is approached by Mr. Milton and learns he had a talk with Carly and goes to confront her. Parker has a confrontation with Gabriel. Lucinda tells Faith to try make a move and try to seduce Gabriel, but use another tactic to plant drugs on him. Dusty sees Jack and Janet picking out possible names for their son, and shows her the ring he's had in his pocket all this time. Craig promises Johnny that he's gonna find out what Gabriel likes. Parker tells Carly that he's changed his mind and wants his money back if it's not too late, she says his timing is perfect.moreless
    • Ep. #13795
      Ep. #13795
      Episode 64
      Tom tells Craig that his arraignment is set in two weeks. Lucinda is beside herself after findout that Gabriel is still living at Lily's place. Carly is shocked at how much it's gonna cost to send Parker to a posh school. Dusty sets out to propose to Janet. Jack gets a paper from a fellow officer regarding Parker's record being expunged. Gabriel tells Lucinda that he's nothing like Craig not one bit. Carly apologizes to Jack and those things she said were out of anger, Jack says he doesn't know where they go from here. Liberty tells Janet she's glad Gabriel finally told the truth, Janet is stunned that they were alone in a hotel room and sees that she's got it bad for him. Janet shows Liberty the ultrasound of her new baby brother. Lucinda visits Craig and says she'll make sure that Gabriel is long gone so he won't co-oberate his story to Lily. Dusty gives Jack the news that he's having a son and why it took so long to tell him. Gabriel tells Liberty that he did what he did to make her happy. Janet asks Dusty if it's true whether that money from his father actually came from him. Carly does her best to get the insurance money from the "accident". Craig comes in and tells Gabriel not to go anywhere.moreless
    • Ep. #13794
      Ep. #13794
      Episode 63
      Emily confronts Meg at the hospital and says she's gonna prove she was at Fairwinds and put the clip in Eliza's hair. Bob forces Reid to make a decision either Luke or Memorial. Katie takes Chris's security badge to get into the computer so she can change Vienna's medical records but something happens that sets off an alarm. Paul shows Emily the bottle of methadone he found in her briefcase and she thinks that Barbara planted it in there framing her. Bob comes in wondering why Katie and Chris are in the records room. Barbara goes to Meg and tells her that Emily is the one drugging her. Bob tells Luke that Reid has to make some sacrifices even putting a stop to a relationship with him. Katie apologizes to Chris for hacking into the hospital files. Reid assures Luke that he was gonna tell him about this, but Luke doesn't believe he intended to. Chris surprises Katie when he plants a kiss on her. Paul shocks Emily when he tells her to get out of the house. Barbara phones the police on Emily. Meg smiles as Emily is taken away by the police.moreless
    • Ep. #13793
      Ep. #13793
      Episode 62
      Katie surprises Chris and he throws his back out again. Alison and Casey continue their journey to find Vienna's doctor. Emma visits Meg and she quickly hides the bottle of methadone. Emily still thinks Barbara had her part in Meg's drugging. Vienna takes another test and it again turns out to be negative. Meg lashes out and says she doesn't want Emily anywhere near Eliza. Vienna finds Casey and Henry at the Lakeview bar thinking he was his business meeting. Meg escapes the hospital and spies on Emily while she's holding Eliza. Henry goes to Katie to talk about Vienna but sees that she's already there. Emma tells Paul that she wouldn't put it past him by going so far to drug Meg. Vienna asks Katie for her help in proving that she's pregnant. Meg is delighted when she overhears an argument between Emily and Paul. Vienna sees Henry and Barbara in a warm moment. Emily notices a clip in Eliza's hair and realizes that Meg might've put it there. Chris refuses to help Katie change someone's medical records. Emily goes to the hospital and sees that Meg is in her room. Paul goes through Emily's briefcase and finds a bottle of methadone.moreless
    • Ep. #13792
      Ep. #13792
      Episode 61
      Carly thinks that Gabriel should take a polygraph test to see if he's telling the truth, Jack says that it isn't necessary. Parker tells Faith that he knows that she's keeping something from him. Carly tells Jack that if Parker ends up in a holding cell then she'll never forgive him. Margo gives good news to Jack that she's dropping the charges against Parker, he goes and tells Carly but she doesn't think she can let it go. Margo tells Craig that even though the assault charges are dropped the arson charges aren't. Faith delivers some unwelcome news to Parker that Gabriel and Liberty are hooking up. Craig tells Lucinda that he will get out of here and when he does she'd better watch out. Jack is shocked when Carly tells him he wouldn't go to bat for Parker if he were really his. Parker pushes Faith away when she leans in to kiss him. Craig tries to call Gabriel but he doesn't answer.moreless
    • Ep. #13791
      Ep. #13791
      Episode 60
      Liberty tells Gabriel that he can just leave town without telling the truth, he says to come with her. Margo finds the unconscious guard realizes Craig made a run for it. Craig threatens Lucinda and ties her up and gagging her mouth. Janet and Dusty wonder where Liberty could've gone off to. Faith finds Lucinda, who unties her and sets out to find Craig. Parker tells Carly he's gonna find Gabriel and force the truth out of him. Janet has a pregnancy scare while looking for Liberty at the cemetary. Lucinda tells Margo that she's pressing charges against Craig for attacking her at World Wide. Faith sees Gabriel and Liberty going into the elevator. Gabriel asks Liberty just to hold each other for a while, but are interrupted when Craig comes into the room. Janet tells Dusty not to tell Jack about her pains cause she doesn't want him to worry about another problem. Margo finds Craig in the Lakeview lobby and takes him in. Janet gets news that she'll be having a boy. Gabriel admits the truth about what really happened at Monte Carlo. Parker asks Faith if she's seen Liberty, but doesn't say that she did.moreless
    • Ep. #13790
      Ep. #13790
      Episode 59
      Parker gives Liberty the good news that she'll be in fact graduating with her friends. Craig tells Lucinda just how much time is she spending with Gabriel. Gabriel tells Faith that he can see that she's completely into Parker. Jack tells Carly that he has to do what he has to do to find the truth. Liberty says to Parker that she invited Gabriel to the Lakeview for the party. Carly urges Gabriel to stick to his story. Craig accuses Lucinda of being behind Gabriel's false statement. Teri asks Dusty what she can do to make Metro nice for Liberty. Carly tells Parker that Jack had to make a stop at the station first. Jack cautions Gabriel if he purjures himself under oath it's gonna mean trouble for him. Faith tells Parker that Liberty like Gabriel and for him to move on. Lucinda gives Gabriel an ultimatum to let Craig rot in jail or to live a rich free life somewhere else. Liberty gives a moving speech and thanks everyone that helped her in life. Craig fakes a heart attack and quickly escapes. Parker and Gabriel get into a fight while at the Lakeview. Liberty tries to get Gabriel to forget about what Craig did and to tell the truth. Craig pays Lucinda a visit at her office.moreless
    • Ep. #13789
      Ep. #13789
      Episode 58
      Molly goes to Carly with the good new that she said yes to Holden's proposal. Officer Dooley shows Jack a DVD of Silas and Molly having sex thinking it'll prove extortion. Holden insists that he and Lily tell the kids. Craig finds out that he'll be brought up to the grand jury any day now. Lucinda sees Gabriel looking at Liberty with Parker at Al's. Parker goes to Janet and Dusty and says that Liberty's needs their help. Gabriel sees that Lucinda really wants him out of town after Craig's trial. Liberty is surprised at what Parker did for her so she can graduate. Johnny asks Gabriel if he would like to go with him to visit their dad. Carly lays into Jack for that he could go out on a limb to help Molly and not his own son. Lily tells Lucinda that Molly and Holden are getting married and there's nothing she can do about it. Carly tells Jack that she's glad that Craig is gonna get convicted even though he's innocent. Craig tells the guard to get a message to Lucinda. Lily sees Holden and Molly burning the infamous DVD. Jack tells Gabriel to come down to the station to answer a few more questions.moreless
    • Ep. #13788
      Ep. #13788
      Episode 57
      Bob tells Luke he's meeting with an investor to acquire Memorial, and for Reid and Noah to attend, Luke doesn't think Noah will wanna help Reid. Emily can't believe that Paul thinks she's the one that stole the methodone from the hospital. Meg tells Alison to help her stop Emily from taking her baby from her. Noah accuses of Reid having him and Luke seperate so he can him all to himself. Luke and Noah have a rather uncomfortable meeting at Java. Bob introduces Mona to Reid to discuss the new wing being built, Noah surprises Luke and Reid when he shows up. Meg hides the bottle in the kleenex box to avoid getting caught. Barbara tells Alison to quit harrassing Meg and promises they'll get to the bottom of this. Emily attempts to get Paul on her side by telling her theory that Barbara is the person behind it. Noah punches Reid in front of everyone causing a spectacle. Paul goes to Barbara and makes it clear that Emily didn't do this. Bob almost walks in on a kiss between Reid and Luke, and asks to speak to Reid alone by telling to choose either the new wing or Luke cause he can't have both. Emily gets word from Alison that Barbara is behind when she ordered the tox screen. Luke catches up with Noah and asks why he punched Reid.moreless
    • Ep. #13787
      Ep. #13787
      Episode 56
      Alison fills Chris in what he said to her while medicated thinking she was Katie. Casey tells Tom about the situation about an unexpected pregnancy. Barbara finds Henry in pretty bad shape. Paul and Emily are shocked when Meg's toxicology shown methodone in her system. Katie is shocked when Vienna's wants to be artificially inseminated with Henry's baby. Alison tells Emily that some methodone was taken and recalls Meg being at the hospital that day. Chris reveals to Katie that he's starting to have feelings for her. Alison and Casey do some checking to see if Vienna had any appointments at the hospital. Meg tells Barbara that Emily was also here when the drugs were stolen. Vienna puts the moves on Henry and asks him to make love to her. Chris tells Katie that he'll make things better when he says it'll be his final show. Barbara approaches Emily about someone else drugging Meg instead, but says she had nothing to do with it. Meg reaches into her purse and takes out a bottle of methadone.moreless
    • Ep. #13786
      Ep. #13786
      Episode 55
      Lily learns of Holden's marriage proposal to Molly. Dusty tells Janet that since he's not Johnny's legal father he can't sign for a permission slip for his swimming lessons. Jack tells Carly she's put him in a tough position when she broke that crystal angel and says Craig was right about her being toxic and what it leaves for both of them. Janet goes to see Craig in jail. Molly tearfully turns down Holden's proposal. Lucinda delivers some interesting information to Lily about Silas Whitman's murder and Molly being the shooter. Carly tells Jack she doesn't think he's forgiven her for all the things she's done in the past. Dusty is confused when Craig says that it's done and that he's gonna be Johnny's guardian til he gets out and Janet is the reason for it. Holden goes to Jack and explains the situation with Molly shooting Silas. Molly tells Carly the reason she can't marry Holden is cause she killed a man tonight. Dusty tells Janet he's grateful for what she did for him. Molly comes to the farm and tells Holden yes.moreless
    • Ep. #13785
      Ep. #13785
      Episode 54
      Parker runs into Gabriel in Old Town and says it's about Liberty and she got arrested cause of him. Jack tells Carly that Gabriel's story doesn't add up. Holden ties Silas to a chair while he goes out to call the police. Craig tells Johnny to do that thing that he told him to do by getting close to Gabriel. Lily is touched that Faith says the first nice thing to her in months. Silas manages to get himself free, and calls Molly a whore and Holden comes in as he sees her shoot him. Johnny wants Craig to come with him and Gabriel to the game. Carly goes to the evidence storage to get that crystal angel. Lily has a dream of remarrying Holden with Faith as her maid of honor. Gabriel moves into kiss Liberty, but she backs away and apologizes for giving him the wrong impression. Molly instructs Holden to get rid of those videos of her and Silas. Jack walks in and asks Carly what she's doing, she then drops and breaks the angel. Holden stuns Molly when he asks her to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #13784
      Ep. #13784
      Episode 53
      Lily hosts a party in honor of Gabriel. Molly calls and tries to get ahold of Holden but Silas breaks her phone, she then pulls a gun on Silas and asks for a reason why she shouldn't shoot. Gabriel tells Faith to respect her mother cause one day she'll be gone. Luke invites Reid to his place for the dinner his mother is throwing, but he declines. Jack discusses the fire with Gabriel and sees there's something off in his story, cause Craig would have to have had an object, Gabriel says that he used that angel figurine Carly had.Lily apologizes to Holden and then plants a kiss on him, he stops her and goes back in the house. Reid comes to Luke's place and finds him with Noah in his room. Silas manages to get the gun out of Molly's hands. Lucinda steps in stopping Jack's questioning of Gabriel. Holden gets Molly's message and hurries over to the Old Mill restaurant. Jack asks if that figurine she had on her desk was fragile. Holden rushes in and gets Silas off of Molly and he quickly goes for the gun.moreless
    • Ep. #13783
      Ep. #13783
      Episode 52
      Molly is cornered by Silas as she gets in her car, and says that he's not giving up on her. Katie tries to figure out why Vienna would lie to Henry like that. Alison is sad when he says that he only thinks of Alison as a friend nothing more. Lily invites Molly and Holden over for dinner. Henry explains to Casey that he wants this child to have a good father since he didn't have a good upbringing. Alison comes out and tells Katie not to fix her on any more date cause Chris has fallen for her instead. Vienna finds Casey and Henry and asks what they're talking about. Lily admits to Lucinda that she does want Holden back. Silas has a deal for Molly to meet with him and he'll walk away, but not to disappoint him. Chris wakes and asks Katie if he said anything while medicated. Casey tells Alison he wants to do the right thing by getting to the truth about Vienna's baby.moreless
    • Ep. #13782
      Ep. #13782
      Episode 51
      Nancy tells Casey and Alison that she hopes their might be a great-great grandchild in their future. Casey confronts Vienna about there not being a Dr. Gravid anywhere in Illinois. Emma tells Meg that he outburst yesterday is serious, Meg asks what is in fact wrong with her. Katie and Chris accidentally end up on the couch together. Henry tells Barbara that Vienna already knows about them cause he's the one that told her. Emily visits Meg in the hospital and ends up attacking her again. A heavily medicated Chris confides in Alison who he thinks is Katie about the kiss they shared in the video for Lisa's show. Barbara gets an idea from Henry to what's wrong with Meg. Katie asks Nancy how she dealt with the death of her husband. Henry and Casey run into each other at Yo's. Vienna confides in Katie that she's not really pregnant. Emily tells Paul that she only wants what's best for them. The doctor tells Meg there waiting on some test results, Barbara asks to perform a toxicology test.moreless
    • Ep. #13781
      Ep. #13781
      Episode 50
      Casey asks Alison's help in tracking down this supposed Dr. Gravid that Vienna is seeing. Noah asks Richard who is with Luke the house. Paul thinks that Emily wants Meg back in the hospital. Alison asks Casey why is he so insistened on this task. Barbara invites Henry to the christening but makes it clear that Vienna isn't invited. Meg is against the idea of having Emily as Eliza's god mother. Emma gets a call that a workman at the farm is hurt and can't reach Holden, and apologizes that she's going to miss it. Richard asks Noah when he plans to tell Luke that his sight has returned. Luke tells Reid that now is not the right time to tell Noah about what's going on with the two of them. Alison finds out Vienna is pregnant and realizes the reason Casey asked her for help. Meg had another episode wanting Emily to give Eliza to her. Noah tells Luke he saw him kissing Reid, and says it's over and leaves. Casey explains to Alison that "Gravid" means pregnant in Swedish, and could be that Vienna is lying altogether. Henry confesses to Vienna that he cares deeply for Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13780
      Ep. #13780
      Episode 49
      Lucinda asks Luke how Noah's recovery is going. Jack gets a call from Janet saying that Gabriel was arrested for being in a stolen car. Lily learns of Gabriel's arrest. Craig tries to get in Gabriel's good graces but he wants no part of him. Liberty doesn't tells Jack that Gabriel wanted to get out of town to start a new life with her. Luke asks Reid to come with him to look for Gabriel. Noah can't believe when he looks into the mirror that he can see himself. Lily tells Jack that no crime was committed and she gave him the keys. Gabriel puts Craig's hand around his neck to make the guard believe he was trying to kill him, Craig says that like it or not he's all he has. Luke tells Reid not to go but to stay at the house with him. Dusty and Janet spend time together with Johnny as a family. Craig asks Jack if he can't believe him then to do one thing for him. Jack tells Dusty to bring Johnny to see Craig, but to do it for Johnny not for Craig. Noah is shocked when he sees Luke and Reid kissing. Lucinda tells Gabriel to leave town after he testifys against his father.moreless
    • Ep. #13779
      Ep. #13779
      Episode 48
      Molly hides Silas's text from Holden, and says she need to get something and runs into him on the porch. Gabriel doesn't like the idea of living with Lily at her place. Jack tells Carly they don't think they can move past this. Holden openly accuses Faith of having her customers come to the farm to buy drugs, he tells Molly he shouldn't have done anything without proof. Craig tells Jack that he knows he didn't do this. Faith asks Lily why Gabriel is living at their house, and how she would let a theif and a liar move in. Faith tells Gabriel he can take his mother's car if he wants to leave. Molly meets up with Silas at the Lakeview and says to stay away from her and Holden. A cop tells Gabriel to get out of the car, and ends up in a jail cell with Craig.moreless
    • Ep. #13778
      Ep. #13778
      Episode 47
      Vienna tells Henry to gown to the lounge and she'll be in a while. Molly hides Silas's gift but Holden finds it, and thinks it's for him. Chris and Alison see that Katie is the person who was driving. Silas approaches Holden and says that Molly didn't tell him the gift was from him. Vienna is delighted at what Henry arranged. Casey finds all the pregnancy tests in a bag under the bed and confronts Vienna and asks if the baby is his. Holden asks Molly why didn't she tell him the truth about Silas' gift. Chris explains to Katie that he was about to kiss Alison, Katie admits that she didn't like it at all. Barbara tells Henry she needs a clean break and considers leaving the Lakeview. Casey does some checking and learns that there's no such doctor at Memorial. Molly tells Silas to leave town and never come back again, as Holden watches.moreless
    • Ep. #13777
      Ep. #13777
      Episode 46
      Katie calls Chris to do her a favor in reshooting their scene from Lisa's show. Vienna sees another negative from a home pregnancy test. Alison apologizes to Casey for butting in his relationship with Vienna. Meg tells Emma there maybe another solution in getting Eliza back. Emily sees that Paul still doesn't trust her alone with his daughter, but Emma doesn't want Meg using dirty tactics. Alison tells Chris she would like to go out on a date with him. Barbara brings the dress and Henry lays into Vienna for all the hard work she did on it. Chris asks Katie to tell him right now if she has a problem with him going out with Alison. Henry sees the maid take the trash out of Barbara's room which contains thee trophy they won. Barbara goes to Paul after learning from Emma about the incident with Emily leaving Eliza in the car alone. Casey surprises Vienna by showing up at her hotel room. Everyone can't agree on where Eliza should be christened, Meg then has an unexpected breakdown. Katie spies on Alison and Chris's date, but accidentally puts her car in reverse and hits Chris. Meg tells Emma that she can't explain her meltdown. Henry prepares to propose to Vienna, he's unaware that she's with Casey.moreless
    • Ep. #13776
      Ep. #13776
      Episode 45
      Craig continues to claim his innocence that he didn't attack Gabriel. Liberty calls Parker saying she's coming over cause she has a surprise for him. Janet sees that Carly knew the truth about Parker all along. Craig pushes everyone out of the room and locks the door so he can get Gabriel to tell the truth. Liberty learns that Parker was arrested for assault for leaving Gabriel at Monte Carlo. Lucinda applauds Gabriel for a good performance and couldn't have done better herself. Carly tells Parker what just happened and is coming home. Lily goes into see Gabriel and says that she and Lucinda are much to blame not just Craig. Liberty condones Parker for not telling her the truth of what he did to Gabriel. Lily tries to get Gabriel to stick up his pride and forgive Craig. Margo brings Craig and Jack lashes into him for what he did to Parker. Lily offers Gabriel to stay at her place while he fights those extortion charges.moreless
    • Ep. #13775
      Ep. #13775
      Episode 44
      Margo tells Parker that she needs to let his parents know he's making a confession. Craig tells Lucinda that he knows she would be happy if he was behind bars. Dusty calls Janet and says he's looking forward to their date, but she says she can't today cause it's her father's b'day. Carly refuses to let Parker confess, but he doesn't want to be the reason his parents split up. Margo tells Jack that he's officially off the case as of right now. Craig learns that Gabriel was taken off the ventilator, he then gets a call from Margo saying that Parker confessed. Lucinda goes in and sees Gabriel is waking up and they have a heart-to-heart chat. Craig tells Margo that Gabriel is gonna be waking up soon. Jack tells Parker that he's gonna get him a lawyer and will do everything by the book this time, Carly blames Jack for Parker's problems. Dusty surprises Janet with an idea of planting a tree in Rocco's memory. Gabriel tells Margo that he remembers everything that happened that day and says that after Parker left left Craig hit him.moreless
    • Ep. #13774
      Ep. #13774
      Episode 43
      Craig tells Johnny that he has an older brother and it being Gabriel. Carly is blown away when Lily tells her that Gabriel is Craig's, Liberty is shocked when she overhears them. Luke tells Noah that he wishes that they can go back to the way things were. Reid does his best but can't get his mind off of Luke. Liberty tells Margo that Parker found the pearls when he broke into Gabriel's room at the Lakeview. Jack tells Craig that he's gonna make sure that he's gonna go down for all this and Parker's name will be out of it. Noah starts to feel a throbbing pain in his head and says he's taking him to the hospital. Margo asks Liberty if Parker and Gabriel were fighting over her. Parker now realizes why Gabriel was in Oakdale, and how long are they gonna get away with the lying. Margo wonders that Parker would be hellbent on getting a little revenge. Liberty tells Craig to make it work with Gabriel cause her grandfather walked out on her mother. Parker walks out after hearing his parents argue and goes to confess to Margo he was the one that punched Gabriel and left him there.moreless
    • Ep. #13773
      Ep. #13773
      Episode 42
      Alison tells Casey that Vienna is gonna end up hurting him. Katie tells Chris that she's uncomfortable with their kiss and it'll make her viewer's hate her. Henry can't believe that Vienna is pregnant. Katie gets an idea to get Alison and Chris together, but she gets stuck herself. Noah sees that Reid is obviously mad at Luke, and for Luke to go and apologize to him. Vienna comes to see Casey at the hospital, and asks to speak to him alone. Chris comes to Katie's rescue and that backfires and they both get trapped together. Casey tells Vienna is there any reason they should stop doing what they're doing. Barbara tells Henry it's convenient that Vienna's suddenly pregnant and the only way to make sure is to get a DNA test done. Luke is pressured by Reid to be straight with Noah. Alison rescues Chris and Katie and can't believe her latest matchmaking attempt. Noah tells Luke that he can tell him anything. Barbara drowns her sorrows while throwing the dance trophy in the garbage.moreless
    • Ep. #13772
      Ep. #13772
      Episode 41
      Alison scolds Vienna for dropping Casey just to go back to Henry. Henry tells Barbara that he wants to be there when she reads the test results. Bob introduces Lisa and she shows a video of her life in Oakdale. Katie explains to Chris that she doesn't have time cause she's running late for Lisa's show. Vienna asks Katie why the animosity towards Chris all of a sudden. Henry watches on a monitor that Barbara is at Metro. Casey calls Vienna and asks if she liked his singing on the show. Katie comes and says she feels a bit of a problem with the next video, but Lisa says it turned out alright. Barbara gets a call and rejoices with Henry that her scans turn out cancer free, Vienna sees them kiss. Margo tells Tom that she wants to be like Lisa live life with absolutely no regrets. Chris tells Katie they were performing a scene and there's nothing going on between them. Barbara sees Vienna hiding and realizes that she saw her and Henry together. Alison tells Casey that him being with Vienna is a mistake. Vienna drops a bombshell on Henry that she's pregnant.moreless
    • Ep. #13771
      Ep. #13771
      Episode 40
      Lisa tells Tom that she needs a little spice in her life and realizes what tomorrow is. Jack asks Carly how long was gonna keep lying to him about Parker's leaving Gabriel unconscious. Margo can't believe that Craig almost killed his own son. Jack asks Parker that Gabriel could've had internal bleeding. Bob presents Kim with an idea to have a house built for them in Arizona for a place for them to retire. Lisa remembers vividly the first time she set foot in Oakdale. Craig wonders why Lily lied for him, when he wanted an alibi so that he didn't start the fire. Tom goes to Kim and Bob and says that Lisa's feeling a little down. Margo tells Craig the restraining order was lifted and they go and visit Gabriel. Tom, Kim and Bob come together to throw Lisa a 50th anniversary party, but Lisa then walks in the room and doesn't want a celebration and offers to plan it herself. Carly asks Jack to protect Parker and let Craig go down for attempted murder. Lily asks Craig to make a promise to be a good father to Gabriel. Margo tells Tom that Craig is right and doesn't think he would hurt his own son. Carly tells Parker that it was her decision to keep the truth from Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #13770
      Ep. #13770
      Episode 31
      Liberty puts the pearls that belonged to his mother in Gabriel's hands. Carly tells Parker to go to baseball practice as always. Margo tells Jack that Craig shouldn't go down for something that he didn't do. Jack asks Carly why she's avoiding him talking with Parker. Liberty tells Dusty she got an idea and if he'd like to join her for lunch. Margo calls Carly and asks her to come to the station right away, and what did Gabriel have against Craig. Janet hosts a lunch in honor of Liberty. Craig enlists Lily's help in getting the charges dropped against him. Jack questions Parker by bringing him to the Monte Carlo offices, Parker says he doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. Janet tells Dusty she meant what she said that they can't be together. Margo tells Liberty the pearls are real cause they were made in Montega, and does some checking into Gabriel's past. Carly learns that Jack picked Parker up from baseball practice. Parker admits to Jack that he punched Gabriel and he fell and it was an accident. Lily tells Margo that Gabriel is Craig's son.moreless
    • Ep. #13769
      Ep. #13769
      Episode 30
      Chris gets mad at Katie when she plugs a win a date with him contest on the air. Vienna tells Casey that what happened last night can't happen again. Luke tells Noah that everything has changed between them and doesn't think he wants to go back. Alison asks Casey if he's in fact seeing someone. A distraught Barbara calls Henry saying that she thinks something is wrong. Chris tells Katie she's not going to get over Brad by taking over his life. Henry helps Barbara to relax by playing a game of poker. Luke asks Reid if what he said was true and if he was just using him all this time. Vienna continues to wait at the Lakeview bar and calls Henry but he says that he's in a meeting. Luke gives Noah a copy of his movie so that he can finally watch it, but Reid comes in saying Noah should need his rest. Henry loses as Barbara gloats when she has him where she wants him, and pushes him out in the hall naked. Vienna finds Casey and the two make love in one of the hospital rooms. Luke apologizes to Reid for jeopardizing Noah's recovery, but it's about him not standing seeing him and Noah together, Reid tells Luke they should go back the way they were before Texas. Alison sees Vienna and Casey kissing and goes to see Katie for her to do her matchmaking. Noah sees Reid and Luke together.moreless
    • Ep. #13768
      Ep. #13768
      Episode 29
      Emily confronts the perpretrator and asks where Eliza is, she then frantically calls Paul and says his daughter is missing. Holden tells Molly he's still condoning her for manipulating him by going to Silas. Paul and Meg hurry out to help Emily in the search for Eliza. Lily sees Reid and Luke and asks her son what's going on with the two of them. Luke and Noah bond after the surgery. Molly goes to see Silas and says she didn't want to do the interview but he doesn't believe her. Paul, Meg and Emily are relieved when Emma is at the station with Eliza. Reid tells Luke that it's gonna take some time before Noah regains consciousness. Emma tells Emily not to go anywhere near her granddaughter, when she goes up to her. Noah wakes up and Luke asks if he can see him. Emily reminds Paul the time he left Eliza in the car when he was in New York, Paul says he could lose her because of what she did. Emma tells Meg that soon Eliza will be home with her mother. Molly receives an interesting gift from Silas. Noah apologizes to Luke for treating him badly all those months and hopes to reconnect.moreless
    • Ep. #13767
      Ep. #13767
      Episode 28
      Emily tells Paul that Meg isn't gonna get away with what she's done. Craig explains he didn't leave Gabriel there to die, but has a good idea who did. Emma tells Meg that Emily will not be a mother to Eliza. Jack finds a envelope under Gabriel's bed and Margo sees articles all about Craig and they go back a long way. Parker admits to Faith what he's done and thinks turning himself in is the only way. Meg has to have a psych evaluation before she's rehired back at the hospital. Carly can't believe that Craig is accusing Parker of a crime, Jack arrives asking what they're talking about. Emma tells Meg she can't keep turning to Paul all the time and doesn't need to rely on him. Faith tells Parker that his mother is right and to keep his mouth shut. Emily checks out a source for a story and ends up being surprised by the perpetrator and taken hostage, but manages to get away. Jack asks Parker if he wondered if Gabriel knew Craig before coming to Oakdale. Jack learns that from Mr. Yeager that Parker knew about the money being all gone. Faith surprises Parker with a kiss. Meg learns an important lesson from Paul. Emily gets back to her car and sees Eliza is missing.moreless
    • Ep. #13766
      Ep. #13766
      Episode 27
      Parker and Craig learn that Gabriel had a collapsed lung. Liberty tries to find out info on Gabriel by going on friendbook. Janet is confused when someone brings new appliances to her new apartment. Jack asks Carly the real reason why she's doing this it's cause of Janet. Margo persuades Tom to take Craig's case and ends up considering it. Parker realizes that the reason Craig is here is not cause of guilt it being something more. Carly tells Jack she's trying to give them both a fighting chance, and says for him not to live at the house for a while. Tom tells Craig with these list of charges he doesn't think he'll be able to get him off. Liberty enlists Dusty's help in going through Gabriel's room to see if they can find anything about him. Janet offers Jack to stay at her new apartment, but declines her offer. Jack starts to become suspicious after getting a call from Eddie and he doesn't know anything about the inheritance. Craig tells Tom he'd like to know more about Gabriel's head injury, cause someone else hit him and left him there in the building. Carly stops Parker from going to tell Jack the truth, cause he feels he's the reason Carly let him leave. Jack confronts Dusty that it turns out there was no inheritance, Dusty gets him not to mention this to Janet. Tom tells Margo he doesn't think Craig roughed Gabriel up, as Jack overhears.moreless
    • Ep. #13765
      Ep. #13765
      Episode 26
      Carly tells Parker he should stay as far away from the police station as possible. Jack learns that Craig made bail. Lucinda tells Lily she has no regrets in keeping Craig away from his son. Janet tells Dusty she and Teri got some money from her father. Holden tells Lily that Craig was arrested last night and charged with arson and attempted murder of Gabriel. Parker is shocked to see that Craig isn't in jail where he should be, he tells Craig to stay away from him and his family. Molly wants Holden's attention by making sure he hears Silas's voice. Jack tells Janet he doesn't think she should be moving in that area and offers to help him find a closer place. Craig is irate that Dusty didn't take Johnny to the hospital when he hurt his wrist. Holden comes to Silas's room and says this interview Molly is giving him is over, and admits she used Silas to make him jealous. Dusty pays the building landlord to make sure that Janet and Liberty are taken care of, Janet arrives and asks what he's doing. Parker and Craig learn that Gabriel took a turn for the worse.moreless
    • Ep. #13764
      Ep. #13764
      Episode 25
      Carly practices with Parker to act shocked when Jack tells him about his money. Margo breaks the news to Jack about what Craig did and says for him to stay away from him. Liberty shows Janet the wig and asks what she thinks of it. Craig wakes up from his hangover, and calls Ellis and realizes he took the money and didn't invest it. Jack promises Parker that he'll punish Craig to the fullest extent of the law. Margo arrives with a warrant to search his hotel room. Reid tells Luke how would he know that he's making a mistake by kissing him and for him to admit he wanted this to happen. Carly tells Jack she's going with him to the station to see Craig. Dusty goes to Teri with a plan for Janet to take his money without her knowing it. Luke struggles to choose between Noah and Reid. Carly asks Craig why he would steal money from Parker's trust fund. Jack sees the transactions and Gabriel flew to Melrose Park in a chartered jet and it's possible he was blackmailing Craig. Teri lies to Janet and says that they're both getting an inheritance. Carly tells Parker he's not the guilty one here Craig and to let him rot.moreless
    • Ep. #13763
      Ep. #13763
      Episode 24
      Henry cautions Joe that him dancing with Barbara is a mistake, Joe thinks he's talking to Paul. Holden tells Molly who's made a dinner that he'll be late cause he and Lily are gonna go check on Noah at the hospital. Holden stops Luke before things get worse while he's yelling at Reid about the complications. Vienna hopes Casey will get her pregnant. Reid tells Bob how did he not see this, Bob says he knew there were no guarantees and for him to go home and rest. Barbara lays into Henry for scaring off Joe. Molly goes to the hospital to support Holdn. Vienna and Casey head back to the hotel room. Luke promises Holden he's not going to do anything stupid with Reid. Henry asks Barbara participate in a dance contest with him. Luke confronts Reid saying how could he leave the hospital and if he did this to Noah on purpose. Lily comes home to see her door is open thinking Craig is making good on his threat. Henry and Barbara dance to the beat at Metro and end up winning by default. Holden rushes to check on Lily leaving Molly disappointed. Reid can't believe Luke asked him such a question about him deliberately harming Noah. Vienna tells Henry he can take as much time as he needs cause she ain't going anywhere. Reid and Luke start to kiss passionately.moreless
    • Ep. #13762
      Ep. #13762
      Episode 23
      Alison tells Casey she's trying hard to be civil with each other. Reid sees Luke and Noah together and sees red. Katie sets Barbara up on a date with Rex who turns out to be a bore, a pilot named Joe rescues her. Vienna agrees to hold off on the wedding til next year, and wants to get pregnant now. Alison and Chris find themselves once again fixed up by Katie at the movie theatre. Reid operates on Noah and says he'll be seeing everything in no time. Casey sees Alison and Chris having a good time together in Old Town, and doesn't believe Katie fixed them up, Alison says this was a mistake. Luke holds the lucky charm in his hand hoping for an positive outcome in Noah's surgery. Henry realizes he needs space from Vienna. Vienna and Casey find themselves at the bar Metro. Henry explains to Katie she should talk to Vienna, but she says to go and make a baby with her. Reid encounters a problem with Noah and comes out and tells Luke about the problem. Henry sees Barbara with Joe at the Lakeview.moreless
    • Ep. #13761
      Ep. #13761
      Episode 22
      Henry wakes up chained to the bedpost and Vienna says that he's not going anywhere. Barbara gets a call from Dr. Hearn's office for a checkup to see if shes' still cancer free. Jack sees that Parker is a bit rattled and asks if everything is okay. Dusty looks for a hostess position at Metro, but doesn't feel it's right. Jack thinks that Janet should reconsider working today at Metro. Craig almost tells Carly about the fire, it not supposed to be like this, and finds him drinking at the bar at the Lakeview. Dusty tells Janet to go ahead and move into the house that he got for her with Liberty. Margo gives Jack the preliminary report regarding the fire at Monte Carlo and Gabriel was unconscious before the fire started. Barbara catches Henry in a compromising position after bringing. Carly contemplates smothering Craig with a pillow as he lay unconscious and says he's not man enough to admit he stole from Parker. Margo is alerted by Carly that she found Craig drunk and if she could come by. Carly tells Parker that she's started the process of saving Parker, til Jack walks in the room. Henry tells Vienna he knows of her plan to have his baby. Janet tells Dusty that she can't work at Metro anymore and to understand she's confused about everything. Margo finds out about Craig's wrongdoings and stealing from Parker's trust fund.moreless
    • Ep. #13760
      Ep. #13760
      Episode 21
      Lucinda comes in and stops Lily from telling Holden about Gabriel. Jack and Janet return home and learn that Carly's business was on fire. Parker tells Carly that his dad and Janet returned, she says for him not to say anything. Margo finds Craig in Gabriel's room, and she didn't know he cared that much for Gabriel. Jack asks Carly why he's pushing him away from the subject. Lucinda is irate that Lily told Craig that Gabriel is his son. Liberty is conflicted by being friends with both Gabriel and Parker. Carly protects Parker when Janet says he's not to go to the hospial. Craig lashes out at Lucinda and strangles her. Margo puts Jack in charge of the investigation, as Parker hears her tell Jack to find the person that knocked Gabriel out. Lucinda cautions Holden that Craig might go after Lily. Carly finds Craig in the burned Monte Carlo offices and says if it was another accident.moreless
    • Ep. #13759
      Ep. #13759
      Episode 20
      Meg tells Emily she doesn't want this to go to court, but Emily says Emma is hers and Paul's now cause she said that to her. Lily tells Craig that he can deny it all he wants but Gabriel is his son. Emma explains to Meg to fight dirty if that's what it takes, so Meg plants a fake story knowing Emily will snatch it up. Parker brings Liberty to the hospital to see Gabriel, but she says she wants to stay with him. Craig can't believe that Lily his friend and Lucinda were in cahoots in keeping his son from him. Paul asks the Judge to wait a few minutes cause Emily is out getting information, but she wants to hear both sides to the case. Parker tells Carly he got into a fight with Gabriel and fell and hit his head and left him there and about Craig stealing his money. Emily lays into Dr. Galvin over her information that he accepted a bribe to release Meg from Deerbrook. Craig looks at Gabriel and says why didn't he tell him he was his son. Carly goes off to confront Craig and for Parker not to say a word. Emily learns of Meg's phony tip to get her out of the hearing.moreless
    • Ep. #13758
      Ep. #13758
      Episode 19
      Reid tells Luke that the kiss doesn't have to happen again unless he wants to. Gabriel regains consciousness and then collapses from smoke inhalation. Lucinda says to Lily that Craig will use Gabriel to his advantage. Carly stops Parker from entering the building to look foor Gabriel but doesn't tell why he's going in. Luke answers Reid's phone and learns from Noah that his surgery is tomorrow. Parker tells Faith that the police are gonna look at him as a suspect in starting the fire to hurt Gabriel. Gabriel is brought out and rushed to the hospital. Faith tells Lily that Gabriel was caught in a fire and might die, Lucinda says to wait what happens and they might now have to tell Craig the truth. Carly tells Parker to come with her cause there's something he's not telling her. Margo learns that Gabriel suffered blunt forced trauma before the fire started. Lily surprises Craig and sees him looking at Gabriel who's on a respirator. Noah asks Luke to be there when his surgery is over. Margo learns about the fire was arson. Carly wants Parker to tell her what's going on. Lily tells Craig that Gabriel is his son.moreless
    • Ep. #13757
      Ep. #13757
      Episode 18
      Parker tries to make Liberty see that Gabriel is nothing more then a criminal. Lily starts asking Faith questions about Gabriel. Molly shows Holden the arrangment of flowers that she got from Silas, Holden offers her to go horse riding. Carly stops Craig from strangling Ellis and he gets away. Craig admits his wrong doings to Carly, which infuriates her. Parker feels foolish for making a fool of himself in front of Liberty and decides to treat her, but his credit card is declined. Craig pulls Carly into a kiss and she pulls away saying she'll hit him if he tries that again. Parker learns that his account is empty and tries to locate the source. Molly tells Holden that Lily has a point that she wants him back. Lucinda learns that Gabriel is in Oakdale and is working at Monte Carlo with Craig. Craig finds a loophole and decides to blowup the place. Parker confronts Gabriel about stealing his money and punches him and he falls back and hits his head and Parker leaves. Craig detonates the bomb via remote and starts a fire. Lily tells Lucinda she thinks the reason Gabriel is here is cause he knows Craig is his father.moreless
    • Ep. #13756
      Ep. #13756
      Episode 17
      Parker hears Craig argue with someone on the phone looking for Ellis who's disappeared. Lily sees that Carly has a unique idea about a fragrance and knows someone who can help. Parker calls Jack and he says that Liberty is on her way home to Oakdale with Gabriel. Dusty arrives at the funeral insisting on being there for Janet, Jack asks if this can wait til the service is over. Carly calls Craig wanting 50,000 starter money for Rhonda. Parker wonders how Gabriel chartered a plane when he's only a handyman. Eddie tells Dusty to leave cause his father died cause of him, and they get into it and Jack gets hit in the process. Craig tells Carly that he's pulling the plug on the whole fragrance. Lily learns that Gabriel is staying at the Lakeview and goes home and takes a photo of him in a locked box. Craig gets word of Ellis's location and finds him in the movie theatre. Lily calls Sierra and says the moment they feared would happened finally did. Liberty warns Gabriel about Parker and asks him if he's dealing drugs. Janet gives Dusty his ring and say she can't be engaged to him and doesn't want him waiting for her. Carly finds Craig manhandling Ellis in the theatre. Liberty and Gabriel find Parker in his hotel room. Lily tells Sierra she needs a recent photo of Gabriel, cause she swears she saw him in Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13755
      Ep. #13755
      Episode 16
      Craig asks Gabriel he pretty much enjoys blackmailing him, Gabriel asks him for a credit card instead of money. Parker tells Carly he isn't going to let her go to Melrose Park for the funeral. Janet introduces Jack to her little brother Eddie and he asks Jack where he was when his dad was leaving the hospital. Janet arrives in her old room and is awashed with bad memories, Eddie asks Jack why his father went to Oakdale and came back in a box. Liberty meets Aunt Marie and she basically tells her where she stands. Parker tries to get Craig to get his mother to stop from crashing Janet's father's funeral. Aunt Marie asks Liberty where Dusty is or would it have been uncomfortable with Janet having two dates. Gabriel calls Liberty tell her that maybe they can help each other. Craig manages to get Carly to stay in town. Gabriel overhears Parker on the phone and says him he should take a hint. Liberty blasts at Aunt Marie for everyone not trying to find her or her mother. Janet confides in Jack about she started loving herself when he fell in love with her. Parker comes home and tells Carly he's going to Melrose Park, but she doesn't want him going but he insists.moreless
    • Ep. #13754
      Ep. #13754
      Episode 15
      Luke tells Lily that he's stuck in Texas with Reid, to take his place at the awards ceremony at the Lakeview. Silas calls Molly and asks him to come to his suite. Holden disappoints Molly again when Lily asks Holden to step in for Luke. Luke tries to get Reid to relax in Texas by taking him to a bar with a mechanical bull and urges him to try it. Barbara shocks Henry when she says that Vienna wants to have his baby. Molly takes a chance and goes to Silas room much to her dismay. Luke sees that the medical review board called, and informs Reid and calls back and then kisses Luke saying that he was reinstated. Holden finds out from Faith that Molly put her in charge of Ethan and went to see Silas at the Lakeview. Ethan goes through Faith's purse when she leaves the room. Katie tells Barbara she's offering to find herself a man by doing a little match making. Luke is stunned when Reid admits that he's been wanting to kiss him for a long time. Henry tells Vienna he wants to wait til their wedding night before they make love. Holden tells Molly that Silas is dangerous, she says he has nothing to fear from him. Lily comes home to find Ethan sick to his stomach, she immediately assumes he digested drugs.moreless
    • Ep. #13753
      Ep. #13753
      Episode 14
      Alison thinks that Katie is once again playing matchmaker for her and Chris. Emily gets a call from Meg's doctor and she says that Meg's visit wasn't good cause she found her and Paul in bed. Vienna finds the perfect wedding dress, and sees that it's a vintage B.R.O. by Barbara. Emma comes to Deerbrook saying she's here to check Meg out of the hospital. Chris leans in to kiss Alison but she immediately pushes away asking what he's doing. Henry tells Barbara he can't stay away, not now especially when he needs her help. Emma and Meg come to pick up Emma and tells Meg that she's certain about this. Vienna shows Katie her choice for a wedding dress, and thinks there's something wrong. Barbara shares her run in with Paul in Old Town wanting no part of her. Chris wants to explain to Alison, but she says no since she's made too many mistakes. Paul and Emily are told by Taryn that Eliza is with Meg and Emma at the farm. Vienna goes to Barbara asking her to turn her into a beautiful bride. Emma acts unreasonable by lashing at Paul by turning her daughter into what she is today.moreless
    • Ep. #13752
      Ep. #13752
      Episode 13
      Parker asks Craig to take the debit card, since Liberty is doing well and to take the rest of the money and put it where he can't get it. Carly tries to comfort Janet but she doesn't want to get into it with Carly right now. Dusy breaks the news to Teri about her father's passing. Carly tells Parker to go to Liberty and be there for her. Gabriel tells Liberty that his mother was had cancer. Teri asks Jack to leave cause he's not apart of the family anymore. Carly hears Craig and Dusty get into it at the Lakeview, and knows why he's picking a fight with him and isn't going to work. Liberty arranges Dusty and Janet to run into each other at Fashions, but says that whenever she sees him she'll be reminded of her father's death. Craig sees that Gabriel is moving in on the same floor as him, Craig warns him to stay away from Johnny. Carly wants some time alone, but Jack says he's going with Janet to Rocco's funeral with Janet.moreless
    • Ep. #13751
      Ep. #13751
      Episode 12
      Craig tells Ellis that he's bidding time now that he Gabriel what he asks for, Ellis says to Craig he doesn't have a shot with Carly. Jack admits that he still wants Janet in his life. Lily tells Parker that she's finally free and is living at the farm again and no longer with her mother. Jack asks Dusty what he was thinking of taking Rocco out of the hospital in his condition. Carly is aghast that Craig won't do anything when Gabriel burns his hand. Liberty tells Parker that she still wants him in her life. Dusty tells Janet that her father died, she says she can't be around him right now, and tells Jack she wants to see her dad. Liberty wants Faith, Parker and Gabriel to hear her good news that he cancer is retreating, Parker is upset that she hugs Gabriel instead of him. Janet tells Dusty that he took her father away from her, Dusty says there was nothing that could keep Rocco for making things right. Craig tells Carly that he never should've gotten involved with Rosanna and should fought for her. Ellis gives Craig something that can guarantee to put money back in Parker's trust. Faith tells Parker he deserves so much better then Liberty.moreless
    • Ep. #13750
      Ep. #13750
      Episode 11
      Carly tries to spend some time alone with Jack by getting to come home saying it's an emergency. Janet tells Dusty that her and Liberty moving into the Lakeview with him isn't going to happen. Silas tells Holden he knows he was with his ex-wife while he was with Molly having a drink at the Lakeview. Rocco tells Janet that he's thinking of selling the Hardware Store and moving him and her mother to Oakdale to be near her. Liberty tells Faith that Parker asked to get back together again, but said now isn't the right time. Rocco tells Dusty where he can find the guy who tried to kill and offers to go with him. Janet walks in on Carly and Jack's intimate moment embarrassed and it being an accident, but Carly says it wasn't. Dusty calls and tells the cops where to pick up Crowe, he sees Rocco's barely breathing and say he'll be just fine. Faith tells Molly to look cause it's obvious Lily wants Holden back.moreless
    • Ep. #13749
      Ep. #13749
      Episode 10
      Paul wakes up to find Emily watching him and Meg in bed. Luke wonders why Reid doesn't call him by his first name. Luke helps Reid work on his testimony for the trial. Silas comes to the Lakeview to see Molly, but she rejects his second chance offer. Faith sees Lily and Holden in a warm moment. Meg apologizes to Emily for dozing off, and lays into Paul. Faith comes in the room after hearing Lily says she shouldn't be around her brother and sister. Reid gets an eyeful when seeing Luke in a towel. Lily offers Faith an exciting proposition for her to live at the farm with her father. Emily tells Emma that she found Meg and Paul in bed together and they looked pretty cozy. Faith looks at Molly while looking at Holden and Lily through the window. Noah is delighted that Luke is able to put his personal feelings for Reid aside. Silas comes to the farm and Holden tells him to get out. Faith tells Lily that she saw her and Holden she know she wants him back.moreless
    • Ep. #13748
      Ep. #13748
      Episode 9
      Meg calls wanting to stay with Eliza at Fairwinds instead, Emily wonders why Paul said she was okay with it. Barbara hears about Vienna and Henry's party, and then heads off to asks Paul for some advice. Alison tells Chris that she's considering taking another job away from Oakdale, she tries to get her not to leave by inviting her to the party. Vienna asks Henry the reasons why he's marrying her. Katie throws an engagement party for Henry and Vienna. Barbara arrives drunk and makes a scene while making a toast, Paul realizes that Henry was the advice she came to talk to him about. Henry finds Barbara in Old Town consoling herself. Meg overhears Emily tells Paul that she doesn't trust her. Vienne and Katie wonder where Henry went off to. Katie finds Henry with Barbara and says to officially end this. Chris tells Alison he doesn't think they'd be in this situation again and are able to be friends. Emily comes home to see Meg and Paul asleep in the bed.moreless
    • Ep. #13747
      Ep. #13747
      Episode 8
      Gabriel wants Craig to give him his share of a million dollars and soon. Rocco stops the gunmen from entering and shooting Dusty and tells him to get lost. Liberty calls Gabriel instead of Parker wanting to hang out. Janet walks in on Dusty manhandling Rocco telling him to let go of him, Rocco then has a heart attack. Parker overhears Craig tell Ellis about his trust fund, but assures him there's no problem. Liberty meets Gabriel at a car dealership, and is wondering where he got that money to buy an expensive car. Carly tells Jack that she helped Dusty escape the hospital so he can lure the shooter so he can trap him. Jack finds Rocco on the floor and has him rushed to the hospital, Janet lays into Dusty for beating on an old man. Parker sees Liberty arrive with Gabriel asks why she didn't call him. Janet feels betrayed when she learns of Dusty faking remembering and dragging Carly into it. Parker opens up to Liberty and asks them to give them another try, Liberty says for now they should be friends. Gabriel tells Craig that he knew Bryant back in Florida, and that him coming home was definately bad for him and if anything happens to him he has a friend that'll e-mail everyone of what he did.moreless
    • Ep. #13746
      Ep. #13746
      Episode 7
      Liberty lets herself out but doesn't disturb Parker. Dusty pretends not to know how to dial a phone, to keep Rocco from coming in his room. Teri sees Rocco talking on the phone about not having to worry. Jack tells Dusty that it's okay and to tell him what's really going on. Dusty investigates his attack, but Carly catches him in a lie that he's letting people believe that his brain injury is worse when it isn't. Parker begins to worry about Liberty and if she's possibly passed out somewhere. Johnny recognizes Gabriel as the person that talked to him on the playground. Liberty tells Parker the reason she left is cause he's been smoothering her. Gabriel continues to push Craig's buttons by blackmailing him to keep him quiet. Dusty tells Carly that Janet's father or Ralph is somewhat involved. Parker goes back to Al's but doesn't go in. Carly tells Rocco that Dusty is improving and his memories could come flooding back at any time, he then rushes proving Dusty's theory of him having something to hide is true.moreless
    • Ep. #13745
      Ep. #13745
      Episode 6
      Lily and Holden plan to take Faith to the cabin for an intervention. Bob and Kim enjoy a nice dinner, but it's interrupted by his beeper. Emma tells Molly that Holden just called and he said he was going away with Lily. Luke asks Noah if the person he's waiting is in fact his date, he decides to leave so he won't intrude. Faith pours herself a glass of scotch while her parents are out getting food. Reid receives bad news from Bob that he's suspended during the duration of the the lawsuit, Luke takes Reid away as he gets into with Bob. Holden sees that Faith has been drinking while they were out, she then blames Lily for her life being bad. Luke tells Reid that whether he likes it or not, he needs him. Molly comes to the cabin and sees Lily, Holden and Faith on the couch. Luke tells Reid that Lucinda called in a few favors, and got a hearing with the Texas medical licensing board and will be accompanying him. Molly arrives at her assigment and sees that it's Congressman Whitman that it's about.moreless
    • Ep. #13744
      Ep. #13744
      Episode 5
      Barbara tells Katie that she doesn't want anyone else, until she found something in Henry. Holden calls Faith but she doesn't tell him about her rough day at school. Henry tells Vienna that they didn't need to be married to be happy. Molly covers for Faith when she comes to WOAK and comes out when Lily leaves. Luke is surprised when Reid actually agrees with one of his ideas for the new wing, and Noah realizes they're getting along. Katie cautions Barbara to let Henry fix things with Vienna or else. Faith asks Molly if a package she sent to the station in her name arrived cause it's a surprise for Lily. Holden asks Molly what's really going on when he sees her with Faith. Lily confides in Luke she feels a little jealous of Molly and thinks she's living her life. Faith opens the book in the package and it contains a bag of pills. Noah has a breakthrough when he has a reaction when Reid flashes a light in his face. Lily gets a call from the principal requesting her and Holden to come right away cause it concerns Faith. Henry tells Barbara that Vienna wants to get married. Noah doesn't want Reid calling Luke and telling about him possibly getting his sight back. Lily is fed up with Faith's lies, and Holden learns that she got Molly involved with this. Vienna over the moon when Henry says yes. Reid tells Luke about the good news in Noah's exam today.moreless
    • Ep. #13743
      Ep. #13743
      Episode 4
      Vienna tells Katie her worries that Henry stopped loving her. Luke sticks up for Reid by offering Judd a settlement. Dusty tells Reid that he doesn't want her to lie just to keep quiet. Katie finds Henry with Barbara and tells him to end it and go back to Vienna where he belongs. Jack questions Rocco's connection to Ralph Manzo. Rocco tells Janet to get Jack to back off of him. Henry explains to Katie that things are different when he's with Barbara. Luke offers a peace offering to Reid and an apology, but Reid says he's impressed with the way he try to handle Judd. Katie goes to see Barbara and lets her know she doesn't want her dragging her best friend down with her. Henry is shocked when Vienna suggest that they get married.moreless
    • Ep. #13742
      Ep. #13742
      Episode 3
      Parker refuses to let Liberty out of the house, but reluctantly agrees. Gabriel meddles in Craig's business. Dusty wakes and the doctor asks him if he remembers anything. Parker and Gabriel have a confrontation. Dusty remembers his argument with Rocco, and his threat made against him. Carly can't believe that Jack did all this for her.moreless
    • Ep. #13741
      Ep. #13741
      Episode 2
      Kim tells Bob that she wants to be alone for a while. Tom and the rest of the family try their best to get Bob and Kim together. Barbara and Margo try to get Kim to forgive Bob. Bob is given advice from Casey to go and ask the woman he loves to marry him. Bob tells Kim he's going to step down as Chief of Staff at Memorial. Katie tells Alison that Casey is just feeling frustrated and is sure he was delighted she was there for his grandparents. Barbara and Henry's alone time is cut short when she comes down for the ceremony. Frannie Hughes arrives late and celebrate Bob and Kim's new beginning.moreless
    • Ep. #13740
      Ep. #13740
      Episode 1
      Barbara gets word that her surprise has been delayed. Alison sees that Casey is back from his trip and if he could see some pictures of Hallie. Tom and Margo work to make everything goes smoothly. Kim reminds Bob of the day his father passed away, and what she told him. Chris goes off to find Reid at the hospital to make sure he does his part. Henry can't get his mind off of Barbara as Katie comes to Al's and invites him to Tom and Margo's. Chris tries to get Casey to bring Alison to the party, but Katie goes and asks her. Reid calls Bob asking Bob to come to Tom's to discuss the lawsuit in Texas, Kim angrily tells Bob to go and to have a happy anniversary. Everyone yells surprise but Kim is nowhere to be seen. Barbara goes to find Kim and says that Frannie is coming to Oakdale and that there was a surprise party. Casey tells Alison that there may not even be a party. Margo shocks Bob and Kim by saying the minister was never a real priest so they aren't legally married, Kim says she doesn't think she can marry him and to think of this as a gift.moreless
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