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    • Ep. #13433
      Ep. #13433
      Season 53 - Episode 196
      Lucinda wants Luke to put the thing with Brian behind them. Noah asks Casey what he was thinking in trying to get him and Luke back together again, Casey says that it was a mistake on his part. Tom gives Meg her divorce papers, but Meg is worried about Paul's mental state, and doesn't want to be anywhere around him right now. Jade tells Lucinda that she's still mad at Luke for not saying, and he and Noah broke up because of it. Josie sees as Paul prepares to leave the hospital and asks for her help in letting Meg know that he's getting better. Tom has lunch with Casey and learns that he's seeing Alison, Tom thinks getting involved with her is a mistake. Lucinda goes to see Noah and says for him to make time to and talk with Luke. Meg is surprised to see Paul at the farm and says he got released, Paul says that he has two reasons to do so and that is her and Eliza, he goes towards her and Meg tells him not to go near her, but agrees for just a moment, she then makes a call to Dusty and says that Paul is here at the farm, he then finds the divorce papers. Noah learns that Jade sent Lucinda, meanwhile Casey takes Luke to see Noah and he and Luke see each other in Old Town, they argue at first but then end up kissing which pleases Casey and Jade. Alison want to surprise Casey with some tickets to go to AC/DC, she then sees Casey with Jade at Al's Diner, Casey asked her to come in and says they got Luke and Noah back together again. Noah and Luke then head back to his place so they spend some time alone together, they then insist that Lucinda stay and have ice cream with them. Meg says to Dusty that Paul has the papers and knows she isn't going to change her mind.moreless
    • Ep. #13400
      Ep. #13400
      Season 53 - Episode 163
      Noah sees a drunken Luke in Old Town, and says he's taking him back to the farm. Lily is alarmed by Lucinda's news or her and Brian's engagment, Lily then secretly tells Brian why the rush to marrying her mother. Liberty comes to see Carly and says that Janet would never hit her daughter not in a million years, Parker then arrives and sees Liberty all upset and goes after her, he consoles her and says he knows that Sage is lying and will try and help. Janet comes by and gives Jack the ring and says to postpone the wedding until Sage comes around and leaves. Sage tells Carly that she's scared about going towards a judge and explaining what happened, Carly then senses something is wrong and calls Lily. Jack tells Janet that he's not going to let Sage blackmail him into not marrying her, Janet says that unless he gets Sage to tell the truth she staying away. Brian and Lucinda are married in her hospital room. Janet tells Jack the more she thinks about it the more it'll work out fine. Brian finds Luke and offers to take him home. Carly meets with Lily at the Lakeview thinking if Sage is really telling the truth, Lily says that she'll know for sure. Parker tells Liberty that he'll get through to Sage sooner or later. Luke is caught off guard by Brian's actions when he kisses him and pushes away from it.moreless
    • Ep. #13505
      Ep. #13505
      Season 54 - Episode 18
      Casey tells Alison that he and Jade are gonna go around and say about what they're doing. Jade offers to go around and ask questions about the mysterious girl who was at the drop off. Damian uses an aging program on a picture of Anna's daughter Gia and he calls Lily, but Holden insists on going to get it himself. Jade tells Casey that he needs his help cause Noah and Luke have been kidnapped, and Alison sees them and she explains it to her. Luke continues to plead with Zac and Zoe about getting help for Noah and whatever money they want. Zac goes to Lily's house and says that he's "Officer Hazen" and abducts Lily. Zoe goes to the hospital for medicine for Noah, Alison then discovers her and she sees the necklace with the zodiac. Lily realizes that the person who has her is one of the kidnappers. Margo tells Holden that she'll run Gia's photo through the database. Jade and Casey hit a dead end and decide to go to another place to see. Alison tells Zoe that she needs to get the patients name, Zoe then locks Alison in a closet. Lily quickly covers when she sends a e-mail to Holden's phone. Casey and Alison put the pieces together when they find a receipt for a storage locker. Zac quickly takes off when Holden then arrives. Damian finds a dead police officer outside and shows Jade, Casey and Alison a picture of Gia. Zac tells Zoe that Lily's transfered the money, and Zoe reveals her true intentions as part of their agreement.moreless
    • Ep. #13314
      Ep. #13314
      Season 53 - Episode 77
      Katie tells Brad that Liberty is not in her room and that her bed has not been slept in, Brad learns that Janet has checked out of the Lakeview when they need her the most. Lily awakens to a shock that she crashed her car. Liberty and Parker wake up in the same bed. Brad and Katie arrive looking for her. Liberty shares with Parker that Janet slapped her one time. Lily tells Holden to leave the hospital and not to come back. Janet flat out tell Liberty if she slept with Parker, she admits that they were in the same bed but nothing happened, Janet says she believes her. Jack discovers the truth about Holden and Carly. Luke is upset that after Holden tells him about his affair with Carly, Luke says that he once looked up to him. Parker hears that his mom and Holden slept together and leaves. Carly says she doesn't want to hear his criticism and asks him to get out. Lily tells Holden that she wants Luke to take her home. Parker texts Liberty asking her to meet him at Old Town.moreless
    • Ep. #13191
      Ep. #13191
      Season 52 - Episode 207
      Parker lies to Carly and Jack when he says that he didn't take Cowboy Jack. Lily tells Luke that Holden was brought into questioning regarding Dusty's death. Margo asks Holden if he killed Dusty. Margo lets Lucinda and Lily see Holden. Jack catches Parker with Cowboy Jack, he swears that he didn't bring it home and someone put it in his bed. Jack learns from the Coach that he didn't go to the dance and he asks where he really was. Margo places Holden under arrest for Dusty's murder. Carly learns from Jack that Parker has Sam's dummy, Sam offers to come with Carly. Lily goes to Bonnie and says that Holden needs her help. Sam says to Parker that you mess with him and you get hurt. Parker goes to tell his parents that Sam is setting him up, Carly and Jack tell him that he should go back to therapy. Holden doesn't tell Bonnie that Lily was holding the syringe in her hands.moreless
    • Ep. #13173
      Ep. #13173
      Season 52 - Episode 189
      Chris scolds Jan for letting Dusty get into Bob's hospital room. Dusty tells Chris that his father remembers everything. Carly remembers that she forgot to confirm the band for New Years Eve. Luke tells Holden that he should move on since Lily has. Lily feels like she was stood up by Dusty. Chris has Dusty thrown out of the hospital. Holden calls Bonnie and she agrees to meet up with him. Sam offers to fill in as the entertainment, and Carly tells him that he cannot use the puppet Cowboy Jack. Sam uses a guitar and provides great entertainment for the opening of Metro. Emily is shocked to hear from Dusty that he is still in love with her. Lily runs into Bonnie in old town and wishes her a Happy New Year. Luke and Noah decide to dance together with everyone else at the party. Jack realizes that Katie left the party and goes to find her. Dusty kisses Emily in the Oakdale Memorial Parking Garage. Chris apologizes as he injects something in Bob's IV. Lily sees Holden and Bonnie together at the Lakeview. Carly thanks Sam for saving the party from being a disaster. Everyone rings in 2008.moreless
    • Ep. #13396
      Ep. #13396
      Season 53 - Episode 159
      Lily is glad that Holden came home and tells him that Luke got expelled from school thinking she couldn't handle it by herself. Meg is surprised when she sees a change in Paul, they then share a tender moment. Susan lashes at Barbara for yelling at Emily when she isn't no saint when it comes to her children, Emily thanks Susan for standing up for her, Susan says that she agreed with what Barbara had to say about her. Luke and Noah have it out when he gathers his things and prepares to leave the farm. Dusty tells Josie that they shouldn't have kissed, Josie tells him that she wanted too and it felt good. Lily and Holden go to talk with Luke to try and understand why he did what he did. Dusty invites Emily to go to New York at a conference, but only going as colleagues. Josie tells Barbara the thing that she needs the most is a job. Luke says to Lily and Holden that he'll do anything to get back to school, he then goes to Java to see Noah hoping to mend some things. Lily tells Barbara that Lucinda's cancer is back and is gonna need more surgery, Josie offers to take Ethan for some ice cream. Josie's actions overwhelm Dusty when he sees her singing to Ethan in Old Town, and he tells Josie says it was a song that Jennifer used to sing. Dusty tells Emily that he can't make it cause something came up, Emily then suddenly changes her plans. After being rejected by Noah, Luke then travels down a dangerous path when he starts drinking again. Barbara tells Paul that she's going to be working for her, Paul lets her know that he doesn't like Josie at all. Josie tells Dusty all these feelings that she's been having as of late. Emily goes into the Lakeview and sees Dusty and Josie together, she then calls Paul and say they have to move forward.moreless
    • Ep. #13226
      Ep. #13226
      Season 52 - Episode 242
      Jack learns that the D.A. isn't going to drop the charges against Parker and that they're running out of options. Gwen and Will are delighted that Sage is spending the day with them. Lisa tells Sofie that the baby has to go. Hallie becomes anemic and Lisa tells Sofie to take her to the hospital right away, Alison tells Sofie to call Gwen since she could be a match for Hallie. Katie realizes she has to make a choice. Matt tells Gray that Alison has been snooping around and is becoming suspicious. Casey tells Matt that they have to talk. Jack tells Parker that he doesn't want him to plead guilty. Brad and Katie broadcast Kit's pitcure hoping for a response. Henry goes and says goodbye to Vienna but she doesn't want him to. Carly shares her theory with Katie that Kit was wearing a disguise when she shot Sam. Will asks Sofie what was she thinking after learning that she called Cole. The information turns out to be a dead end. Vienna tells Gray by saying that she can't bear the thought of losing Henry. Jack likes Carly's theory of Kit wearing a disguise. Gwen's turns out to be a match and Sofie is grateful. Cole arrives hoping that he isn't too late. Gray plans to use Henry as bait.moreless
    • Ep. #13406
      Ep. #13406
      Season 53 - Episode 169
      Lily sees as Lucinda and Brian are moving into the Lakeview, Lucinda tells Lily that it's only til her house is finished it's renovation. Dusty asks Emily what she knows about the so called ruse about the lead on Johnny and Lucy. Luke starts to feel abnormal pains after drinking a bottle of beer. Meg is surprised by Paul when she sees a Christmas tree in their living room. Dusty makes it clear to Emily that nothing will happen between them. Holden sees Luke and asks what's wrong and if he's sick and doesn't let on that he's been drinking. Luke tells Lily that he'll be moving in for a while, he's then shocked to learn that Brian and Lucinda will be living there as well. Dusty want Emily to tell him the truth about Josie and realizes that Paul was behind it. Paul has a vision of Meg and a young Eliza at Christmas. Emily warns Paul that Dusty has figured everything out and is on his way to Fairwinds right now, Paul says that he'll take care of it he then takes out a gun. Lucinda asks Luke the reason that he's being so rude to Brian. Paul hides the gun when Meg enters the room. Luke confides in Noah and tells him that Brian kissed him, Luke is then hurt that Noah doesn't believe him. Dusty confronts Paul and he admits that he found and hired Josie, he then points a gun at Dusty so that he'll never get the chance to tell Meg the truth. Brian sees Luke drinking and tells him to give him the bottle. Meg sees something that horrifies her.moreless
    • Ep. #13404
      Ep. #13404
      Season 53 - Episode 167
      Emma tells Janet to stop hanging around her kitchen and stressing herself out like this. Jack comes by and asks how Sage is doing, Carly says the whole got out of hand and says that she still thinks that Jack is mad at her. Paul instructs Josie to keep Dusty away from Meg, Josie says she's uncomfortable reminding Dusty of Jennifer. Holden mentions Brian, Luke says he doesn't want to talk about him and has a flash of Brian kissing him. Jack insists that he and Carly sit Sage down and talk this out after Thanksgiving. Luke looks as Holden puts beer in the cooler. Holden runs into Noah and asks him what his plans are and is welcome to come out to the farm and it'll be good for Luke if he saw him. Janet tells Jack not to force Sage to apologize, she'll do it on her own when she's ready. Josie tells Paul she can't do this cause she's falling in love with Dusty and Paul has a good laugh. Luke is ecstatic when Noah arrives for dinner. Lily comes with Faith, Natalie as well as Lucinda and Brian. Janet hears that Sage isn't having a good time, she then goes out to get Carly to come to the farm, but Carly tells her to get off her porch, but Janet isn't going to take no for an answer. Josie and Dusty spend their eating take out from Al's in his hotel room. Sage is glad that her mother is here, and Jack tells Janet she's been busy. Holden, Jack, Brian, and Noah take part in the annual cutting of the Hubbard squash, everyone then sits down for dinner. Carly learns that Jack and Janet will be married on New Year's Eve, and is taken back to that date. Janet gets what she wants when Sage thanks her for bringing her mother, and then apologizes for lying about her hitting her. Noah asks Luke why he keeps slamming Brian. Dusty gets a "lead" on Johnny and Lucy, Paul then learns that Dusty took the bait. Luke tells Brian he better not tell anyone he's been drinking cause he's got a lot more to lose.moreless
    • Ep. #13501
      Ep. #13501
      Season 54 - Episode 14
      Holden and Damian exchange heated words, after he accuses him of faking his trip to Lisbon and kidnapping Noah. Casey introduces Alison to Mr. Pants, he then explains that she pushed him to work with Jade. Holden brings Damian into the station, Luke says he'll give him the money if he returns Noah. Margo tells Lily and Holden that the police with investigate Noah's disappearance and if they pay the ransom they put Noah in more danger. Zac decides to make tells Noah exactly what they have planned on getting the foundation money back. Casey explains to Mr. Pants that he's crazy about Alison, he then knocks some sense into Casey by asking him to call her, Mr. Pants then talks to Alison and gets her to come over and Casey is immediately impressed. Margo tells Damian that they're going to be holding on suspicion of kidnapping when his fingerprints are on the ransom note. Luke gets a text and falls into Zoe's trap and learn that she and Zac have Noah. Alison admits to Casey that she wants to be with him, but certains make her not want to, they get back to the van and notice that Mr. Pants made an escape. Lily tells Holden that Damian is smarter then that and was actually stunned when Margo told him. Zoe is revealed as a Grimaldi and her boyfriend is helping her get what's rightfully hers. Casey and Alison find Mr. Pants at Yo's eating a burger. Lily finds a note and reads it to Holden that she should reconsider the ransom, Margo then tells Holden that Damian didn't have any outside communication and doesn't think he had anything to do with Luke's or Noah's abduction. Alison and Casey share a dance together. Luke tells Noah that he should have listened to him about Zac and Zoe and will owe Damian a huge apology when they get out of this. Lily tells Holden that she's going to pay the ransom.moreless
    • Ep. #13234
      Ep. #13234
      Season 52 - Episode 251
      Margo tries to wash the blood off the carpet and remembers shooting Gray, also the time that she was raped. Parker tells Carly and Jack that he's glad they came through for him. The F.B.I. arrives at the Lakeview looking for Gray's and tells Henry and Vienna that Gray Gerard is dead asks about his finances and arrests Vienna in the process. Parker tells Jack that he doesn't want to go back to the farm, he wants to go home with his mother. Tom consoles Margo as she wants to forget what happened but can't. Meg receives papers from Craig, Paul thinks there something else. Bonnie wants to know what Vienna is being charged with. Parker thanks Ruby for coming in and helping him, Ruby then tells Carly to love her son. Paul and Meg agree to work getting what they had. J.J. and Sage are delighted that Parker is home. Paul and Meg dish over their future. Carly questions Katie regarding her feelings towards Jack. Margo relays the good news that Brad and Katie's money was found. The F.B.I. finds information about a Swiss bank account, and rips up Gray's deed to the diner, giving it back to Vienna and Henry. Katie hurries over to check on Margo after hearing what happened to hear. Parker admits to Jack and Carly that he never wanted to leave them and they give him a family hug.moreless
    • Ep. #13495
      Ep. #13495
      Season 54 - Episode 8
      Luke and Noah sit down hoping to watch a movie by themselves but are interrupted when Zac and Zoe crash their evening. Damian goes to Lily at World Wide wanting to offer his resources to find out who's out to destroy Luke. Parker arrives at the hotel and sees Craig with his mother and doesn't need an answer to what they're doing. Parker is upset when he sees Liberty with another man, and also she didn't tell anyone that she was married, and immediately realizes that Carly and Craig set them up. Damian asks Lily if it's possible if anyone misplaces the backup discs, Lily goes in the drawers after he leaves and finds a ring. Damian catches up with Lisa at the Lakeview and asks him if he wants some things of Eduardo's that he might want. Carly is shocked when Parker calls her a filthy drunk, Liberty then walks out. Craig confronts Carly about her drinking. Lily confronts Damian with the ring that she found, Damian says that the ring isn't his and she feels stupid when it doesn't fit his finger. Parker wants Liberty to be honest about her career and if it means more than him. Zac strange behavior bothers Noah and makes it clear that he's not interested. Damian and Lily talk about the possibility of their being another Grimaldi out there. Liberty considers getting another internship closer to home, so their relationship won't strain. Noah catches up with Damian at the Lakeview and tells him he believes he's innocent. Parker tells Craig that his plan didn't work and that Liberty is turning the job down. Noah sees Zac and Zoe wearing "Pisces" necklaces around their necks.moreless
    • Ep. #13395
      Ep. #13395
      Season 53 - Episode 158
      Casey remembers what Alison told him earlier, he then asks the guy at Java if he's seen Noah anywhere. Noah says to Luke that he's sorry and had to tell Dean Brewster everything. Lucinda thinks it's an ambush when Brian called Lily and she then arrives at the Lakeview. Barbara runs into Josie at Fashions and tells her to keep her distance and doesn't want to run into all the time, she then says she wants to buy the dress that she was looking at. Emily tells Dusty that there's no trace of Josie Matthews Driver anywhere, and think that she has an agenda, Dusty says to stop interfering in his business. Lucinda makes a painful confession to Lily that her breast cancer has returned. Luke runs into Brian looking for Lily and says that he got expelled from school. Barbara doesn't know what to do when a seamstress cancelled at the last minute. Casey goes to defend Luke by saying it was all his fault, Dean Brewster says that Casey's suspension should be permanent. Barbara sees a different side to Josie, when she looks at a picture of Hal and described him perfectly, Dusty interrupts and Barbara says that Josie is helping her. Lily and Lucinda embrace and takes her to see her grandchildren. Alison asks to speak to Casey and asks him not to walk away from her. Barbara insists that Josie receive payment for her work, Josie then chooses one of the dresses. Luke breaks the news to Lily that he fixed the election, Noah then comes by and is shocked to hear that Luke was expelled. Dusty walks in and sees Josie wearing the dress and says that she looks beautiful. Alison takes Casey somewhere where they can have some fun. Luke and Noah gets into an argument and says that Noah was jealous.moreless
    • Ep. #13491
      Ep. #13491
      Season 54 - Episode 4
      Luke notices a problem when he can't access any of the accounts from the foundation. Lucy learns that Paul has Eliza, and realizing what he did to get his daughter. Holden tells Dusty that Meg doesn't want to see him, Dusty says that Meg can speak for himself. Luke calls Lily and says he can't access the money and thinks Damian could be responsible, she goes to check on him and finds him missing from the hospital and tells Luke. Lily finds Damian and sees that he's bleeding and offers to go up and tend to it. Luke fears that Lily is under Damian's spell when he walks in on them in his room at the Lakeview. Meg tells Dusty that she doesn't need his help in getting Eliza back. Noah questions Zac's behavior after spontaneously kissing him. Paul tells Meg that she's not wanted when she comes to Fairwinds, Meg says she wants to come back and they can be the family that he wants so badly, but Paul thinks that she's lying and asks her to prove it by becoming his wife again. Luke tells Noah that he found Damian and his mom in his room with his shirt off. Zac and Zoe confront Damian at the Lakeview and call him a monster.moreless
    • Ep. #13411
      Ep. #13411
      Season 53 - Episode 174
      Emily tells Dusty why should she lift a finger to help him, Dusty says it's because she knows the whole story about Josie. Luke interrupts Brian and Lucinda's tango lesson by saying that there's something that he has to do. Meg is startled to see Craig in the living room, she asks why he's not in jail, she then goes to the phone to dial 911. Dani enters and tells Dusty to take his hands off of Emily and if he does anything else he'll go back to his cell. Paul tells Craig to get out of his house and away from Meg. Luke looks into Brian's past by tracking down his ex-wife Carolyn and asks why she and Brian divorced, she says it's none of his business. Paul learns that Meg turned Dusty in after going to see him at Metro. Carolyn calls Brian and tells him that someone is asking questions about their relationship. Craig and Dani secretly meet in the park wanting information about Dusty staying jail so he can make his move. Paul is surprised when Craig offers a helping hand. Barbara chooses not to believe Dusty's version of the events leading up to Paul's shooting. Paul calls Emily asking to meet him in the park. Luke tells Noah that he met up with Brian's ex-wife and was surprised that Brian remarried, Brian comes into Java and lashes at Luke for interfering. Craig and Dani hide as he sees Paul and Emily in the distance. Barbara runs into Craig in Old Town, she then thinks that he hired Josie to come to Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13417
      Ep. #13417
      Season 53 - Episode 180
      Katie tells Carly that Craig set Brad up for Spencer's "murder" and that she doesn't want Brad to ever find out. Brad confronts Craig about his treachery and that he overheard his conversation with Dani, he says that if he goes down Katie goes with him and he'll disappear. Luke comes home and Brian says that Lucinda wasn't up to Jack and Janet's wedding. Brad runs into Katie in the Lakeview and says he's going to tell Margo everything that he learned. Brian apologizes to Luke and says that he did come on to him that night and it was inappropriate, Luke says that Brian should tell Lucinda the truth. Dani comes to Craig's hotel room hoping to make up with him, Craig says he wants to send Dani out of town tonight. Katie tries to get Brad to not tell Margo anything, she's also surprised to learn that Dani is working with him, Margo opens the door and asks what they're arguing about this late at night. Dani talks Craig into making love one last time, she then puts a gun on him and says she's thinking of killing him. Carly overhears a waiter say that a young lady ordered some champagne for Craig. Dani tells Margo that she has to resign from the Oakdale PD, thinking something is up she goes to Brad and Katie thinking why Dani quit her job, and didn't believe her excuse to look after a sick friend. Carly sees Dani as she leaves Craig's hotel room, and she immediately confronts him about it.moreless
    • Ep. #13467
      Ep. #13467
      Season 53 - Episode 230
      Katie meets up with Vienna at Fashions, she then shows her some maternity clothes. Luke tells Elwood that they know who "M" is and that he's next. Brad asks Henry to help him with some papers to look into him and Katie adopting a child. Casey says that Matt is the one that's dealing drugs, Alison thinks that it isn't and the person is still out there and comes to a conclusion that he made a mistake with Nevins. Luke tells Noah that Elwood was totally freaked about the mysterious "M" person. Luke tells Kevin that he thinks that Elwood is involved with the drugs at Oakdale U, Elwood then calls Luke and says that he's right and does not about why it's happening to Casey and asked to meet him at the bridge on Mill road. Luke calls Alison and she says to Casey that Elwood is ready to talk, Casey says for her not to say anything to anyone else. Brad shows Katie the papers to mail to the adoption agency, Katie's suggestion about having a baby shocks Brad. Alison calls and tells Matt thinking she could trust him and says that Luke is gonna meet with Elwood and he's gonna explain everything and then to the police. Henry is stunned to learn from Vienna that she offered to carry Brad and Katie's baby for them and is against it. Noah and Luke go towards Elwood on the bridge a car speeds and Elwood goes over the bridge on the rocks below. Mark comes into Al's hoping to make amends with what he did to her during Halloween, Kevin tells Mark that now that she accepted apology he can leave her alone. Matt comes into Al's and tells Alison he's sorry he's late cause someone stole his car. Margo tells Luke and Noah that Elwood was murdered and that they are her only two witnesses. Alison brings Matt to the police station to file a police report about his car. Alison then learns of Elwood's death, Margo says that the car on the bridge is registered to Matt, Alison sees that Matt disappeared.moreless
    • Ep. #13184
      Ep. #13184
      Season 52 - Episode 200
      Lily still can't believe Krista is talking Emily Stewart and that worked as a hooker with Cheri. Barbara continues to keep her family in the dark about her medical condition when she comes and visits Will and Gwen and tells them about Meg losing Paul's baby. Dusty waits for the results on Bob's coffee cup so he can nail Chris at the contract signing. Dusty catches Lily outside Chris and Emily's hotel suite and takes her back to her room. Lily wakes up andslips a note in Chris's door and he confronts Emily about her being a hooker and she then tells him it's true, Chris shuns Emily and disinvites her to the contract signing. Gwen finds out the babysitter cancelled and calls and asks Sofie to watch Hallie while she's at Metro. Emily pulls Dusty into a hospital room and tells she thinks he wrote Chris that note he says that he didn't. Lisa tells Sofie that Barbara Ryan paid for her room, Barbara watches as Sofie rips up the paper. Lisa confides in Barbara that she's noticed something in the way talks, Barbara doesn't tell Lisa what's really wrong with her.moreless
    • Ep. #13481
      Ep. #13481
      Season 53 - Episode 244
      Carly goes to the Lakeview hoping to talk to Parker, but Craig sees as Carly is going irate when the guy at the desk refers to them as married. Mr. Shink tells Parker that if things go smoothly, but it doesn't mean that he could gain access to his trust fund right away. Lily thinks that Luke and Noah should use WOAK to convey their message. Kim thinks that this sort of discrimination should be dealt with and to go on the air as soon as possible. Liberty tells Parker that they should deal with money to get by until then, they think that they would do good by working at Java. Craig tells Carly that Parker and Liberty are bound to come back to the hotel eventually. Janet tells Carly that Jack should never find out about them staying at the Lakeview. Craig comes to the station and tells Jack that both Janet and Carly knew the kids whereabouts, he decides to go and talk to them. Kim tells Lily that she has some time and she can go on the air, Lily and Luke explain their values about people being denied equal rights. Parker sees that Janet left the register open, Parker takes it and leaves. Janet discovers the money missing and Jack goes to get it, he catches up to them in Old Town, Parker tries to lie his way out it but Jack ends up taking him downtown. Lily is amazed at the buzz that she created, Mr. Reese comes to the station and offers the apartment to Luke and Noah, but they set some terms that he agrees with. Janet calls Carly and says that Jack has just arrested Parker. Parker tells Liberty that he's not going to back down, and asks if she still loves him, she says that she loves him and Parker says that's what he needed to hear. Luke gets a disturbing note says that if he continues to defend perverts and sinners he'll live to regret it. Parker thanks Craig for getting him bailed out, Craig says that he's on his side. Janet tells Jack that she'll be by his side no matter what.moreless
    • Ep. #13171
      Ep. #13171
      Season 52 - Episode 187
      Gwen and Will agree to name their child Hallie Jennifer Munson after Will's father and sister. Henry walks in on Brad and Katie in a compromising position in an elevator. Aaron thinks Sofie wants her baby back. Carly offers to donate the proceeds from Metro's opening party to a police fund and Jack agrees. Gwen calls Sofie, wanting to make the adoption legal. Jack asks Katie to cover Metro's reopening for Oakdale Now. Lisa informs Barbara that her son has adopted a baby. Vienna tells Henry that he's going to be a great father someday. Jack tells Brad that Katie is going to be ringing in the New Year with him. Barbara comes by hoping to see her new granddaughter, but Will tells her that she is not welcome.moreless
    • Ep. #13431
      Ep. #13431
      Season 53 - Episode 194
      Casey sees that Jade is back in town and what kind of trouble she starting this time. Lily tells Lucinda not to lash out at Luke when it's Brian that she's mad at. Carly tries to think of a way to pay off her loan, she's then interrupted by Craig who shares his news that Johnny came home. Noah tells Alison that he and Luke broke up on New Year's Eve cause he got Luke kissing Brian in Old Town and doesn't think they can get back from this. Lucinda tells Lily that she thought she found a decent guy in Brian. Casey tells Luke to watch his back cause Jade is trouble. Alison tells Casey that she may have a way to make Luke and Noah realize why they were together in the first place. Carly asks Holden to float her a loan til she can get Metro on her feet again, but it's a rather substantial amount. Casey and Alison begin their plan in reuniting Noah and Luke. Carly receives help from an unlikely source. Craig goes to see Lily and apologizes for his part in taking World Wide and taking advantage of Lucinda. Luke and Noah don't see eye-to-eye and agree to go their separate ways and tell Alison and Casey should open the door, Noah tells Alison to not to back off. Lucinda once again butt heads with Jade at Al's and leaves cause seeing her ruined her appetite. Craig lets it slip that Holden was at Carly's house, Holden comes home and says that she asked him for money. Holden calls Carly and tells her that he and Lily agree it's not a good idea to be involved financially with her. Casey says to Alison about a different approach for Luke and Holden. Carly thinks about accepting Craig's offer.moreless
    • Ep. #13483
      Ep. #13483
      Season 53 - Episode 246
      Luke tells Damian to get out of his room, Holden tells him to get out and Lily realizes that Damian's the one that saved Luke. Parker tells Liberty that he thinks that Jack is serious about sending him to jail, Liberty then has an idea and goes to talk to her mother, they then run into Carly and Craig in the lobby, Craig tells Parker that if he can't say anything to him in front of his mother then he doesn't want to hear it. Lily tells Damian that she's not going to let him hurt Luke ever again and that he isn't welcome. Janet tells Liberty and she agrees to go down to the station for Parker's sake. Lily tells Damien he is not welcome. Damian comes into Java and gives Noah, the watch that belongs to Luke and for him to return it to him. Craig defends Parker by saying that he gave him that money and that he didn't steal anything. Damian is glad that Lily agreed to meet with him at the Lakeview, and comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want Luke to spend Grimaldi money to support gay rights, Damian says that it's not the issue. Jack is devastated when his plan goes awry and Parker is released, Jack then reveals that he had no intention of sending him anywhere he just wanted him to admit what he did. Noah gives Luke his watch and says that Damian isn't so bad and that he was the one that brought him to the hospital. Janet tells Liberty that all she did was tell the truth.moreless
    • Ep. #13426
      Ep. #13426
      Season 53 - Episode 189
      Bonnie runs into Jade in Old Town and says she's hosting the New Year's Eve party at Metro and is welcome to come by later, Jade wants to know why she's pushing her and Derek together. Casey finds a toy truck underneath the pillows and asks who's it is, Alison says that it isn't hers, she then calls Lucy and says not to come back to the Lakeview with Johnny. Bonnie tries to get Derek to give Jade a chance, but he's not interested in getting to know her at all. Lucinda wants her and Brian to stay home and not go out, Luke walks in on an argument between Lucinda and Brian, Luke says that maybe he and Lucinda shouldn't have gotten married. Maddie can't find her phone and says she left it with Casey and goes to find it. Alison goes back into the room to find Casey on the bed half naked and says he's waiting for her, Maddie then comes and listens at the door and starts to cry and leaves. Lucinda tells Brian that it's best he go to the party alone. Lucinda lays into Jade for once again worming her way back into Lily and Holden's house, Jade fires back for not going with her husband on New Year's Eve. Noah tells Luke that tonight is the night finally they're going to make love with each other, Brian walks in and sees them dancing together. Casey tells Alison that he's wanted her for so long, she says that she wanted the same thing and the two make love in the suite. Noah reacts in Luke's defense. Jade and Derek realize that they cannot find a common ground. Noah takes a heartbroken Maddie to Al's and she tells him that Casey is with Alison. Luke sees Brian leave and follows, he then finds him in Old Town, Luke then kisses Brian and Noah punches him out. Lucinda arrives and then leaves to find Brian and finds him on the ground and takes him home. Noah is disgusted after learning that Luke kissed Brian and not the other way around. Maddie tells Casey that she knows who he was with and wishes him a Happy New Year.moreless
    • Ep. #13424
      Ep. #13424
      Season 53 - Episode 187
      Craig wants a fresh start with Katie by giving her a belated Christmas present. Alison goes to work to help Lucy. Dusty tells Josie that Paul shouldn't be anywhere near Meg or Eliza. Paul tells Barbara he wants to speak with Jennifer cause she's the only person he can trust. Barbara goes to Josie requesting her help cause Paul has gotten worse. Alison runs into Kim and asks if she can help a "friend" of hers, and asks if she could be tested, Kim brings up doing a segment about the girl on Oakdale Now, she agrees thinking it's a good idea. Lucy goes to take a shower and Johnny sneaks out of the room, she comes back and finds him missing. Josie refuses to help Barbara with Paul's situation. Josie sees Johnny on the elevator and he calls her mommy. Alison asks Paul to get tested, he agrees and he has a vision of Johnny, Dusty and Josie come in and Paul tries to warn them about Johnny, Dusty says for him to snap out of it cause Josie isn't Jennifer and Johnny's gone. Kim tells Katie to do the segment about the little girl who needs the bone marrow transplant, Katie insists that Craig get tested to but he refuses which doesn't surprise that he said that he changed. Johnny is returned to Lucy and she says for him not to go off like that again. Barbara tells Dusty that maybe there's some truth to what Paul said about Johnny being in danger, Josie then agrees to go in and talk with Paul. Alison gets nervous at the thought of the segment being broadcast on the air, she fills Lucy in on what Kim and Katie did. Craig catches Alison coming out of a room at the Lakeview, Lucy then hears her father's voice. Dusty thinks about what Paul said after hearing what Katie said about that girl. Josie learns from Paul's vision and he says that Johnny is somewhere near "Airplanes and Parachutes".moreless
    • Ep. #13169
      Ep. #13169
      Season 52 - Episode 185
      A special Christmas-themed episode of As The World Turns, as a doll house comes to life with all the characters of Oakdale.
    • Ep. #13419
      Ep. #13419
      Season 53 - Episode 182
      Bonnie tells Lily that the more Jade runs the more trouble she's in. Dusty runs into Josie at Al's and learns that she's making herself busy. Jade hides as Luke comes in, he is thrilled that she's back. Dusty calls Meg and tells him to dial 911 right away cause Paul tried to kill himself. Barbara refuses Josie's help, she then tells her to go to the hospital right away, Barbara is grateful that Josie told her. Dusty arrives and learns that Meg is in labor and insists that they go to the hospital right away cause the ambulance will get Paul when it comes. Luke learns the reason that Jade is back in town cause she's on the run from the cops. Luke calls Lily and says that Jade is at the house, she tells him to keep her there and not to let her leave. Dr. Schiller prepares Meg so that she can deliver her baby, Meg is startled when the baby doesn't cry, Dusty tells Meg that everything will be okay. Jade realizes that Luke kept her there so that Lily and Bonnie can show up, she explains that they're were pending charges against her for attempted murder. The doctors manages to revive Paul, and tells them that his father made him do it, he then starts hallucinating about wanting to see his father. Bonnie apologizes Jade as they arrive at the station and says she did everything possible, the police then places Jade under arrest and having her extradited back to Miami. Barbara is shocked when Paul comes out of his room and wanting to see James, Barbara makes the decision to have Paul committed.moreless
    • Ep. #13503
      Ep. #13503
      Season 54 - Episode 16
      Paul sees Meg sorting out some lingerie that she had purchased hoping it'll something out of him. Damian tells Lily that they plan will go smoothly and to do exactly what he says. Luke and Noah look at Zoe paying her respects to her mother who died trying to get the Grimaldi fortune and soon it'll be hers. Damian shows Lily a photo of someone who claimed that she was an heir and was taken out literally. Paul sees that Meg is taking Eliza to the doctors and to make sure that she doesn't run off he cancels his appointment. Holden tells Emma that everything comes back to Damian, Emma says that why doesn't he hear Damian out. Zac tells Zoe that Lily got the note and is going to drop the ransom money and that they're almost home free. Meg tells Emma that she's going to do whatever it takes to fool Paul. Paul goes to the hospital and learns that Eliza's appointment is for next week. Lily makes the drop and Zoe sees her with the cape on and follows her thinking it's her mother. Holden spoils Lily and Damian's plan. Luke and Noah attempt to get loose and escape. Zoe sees that it's Lily wearing the cape and pushes Lily to the ground knocking her out. Paul catches Meg in a lie and learns she wasn't at the hospital, Meg says that she was talking with Emma at the farm. Damian arrives at the park and says to Holden that Lily never would've been in danger if hadn't interfered. Zac and Zoe return to the storage room and says they aren't going anywhere. Holden insists on taking Lily to Margo. Zac takes out his gun and shoots Noah after Lily betrayed them by not paying the ransom. Damian finds a picture of Anna and her daughter Gia. Zoe says that it's more then the money but to punish all the Grimaldi's.moreless
    • Ep. #13380
      Ep. #13380
      Season 53 - Episode 143
      Carly sees that Lily's car won't start and offers to give her a ride. Casey tells Noah that Luke's name is already on the ballot, Noah wonders why he didn't tell him first. Aaron tells Alison that she'll get a package from his lawyer in the mail, cause it makes sense not to wait to end their marriage. Janet tells Liberty that Jack is offering her to move in with him. Luke wonders that he'll never win cause he's gay and Kevin is straight. Holden is told by Jack that after what happened on the island he and Carly would have something but they stopped before it started. Lily asked if Carly would like to come in for coffee and tells her that she and Holden are gonna try to get it right and doesn't know if they can be friends again but she'll try. Janet has a vision of what Liberty said of her waiting for someone that's never gonna show up. Liberty stops by the station and asks Jack is he's gonna care for her like forever. Casey asks Alison to help him get Luke elected. Alison goes to Al's Diner and listens and is disgusted by what Kevin's campaign manager said about Luke and she stormed out. Alison tells Luke that homophobic is the purpose and Kevin did nothing to stop it. Kevin defends Luke by telling Mark not to trash his opponent. Carly comes by the station looking for Jack but someone tells her that she just missed him. Janet asks to meet Jack in Old Town, he then stuns her by asking her to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #13475
      Ep. #13475
      Season 53 - Episode 238
      Brad and Katie try to keep their minds off of sex, until Vienna calls and says that she's ovulating. Henry has a vivid dream of Vienna giving birth to a child that resembles Brad, but still insists on taking her to Memorial. Luke has a hard time letting go that if he didn't go to meet Elwood then he'd still be alive, but Noah says that he should be proud that Mark is caught. Lily tells Lucinda that she and Luke are supposed to be at a meeting about the Foundation today, Lucinda says that she's sick and can't leave the house, Lily apologizes to her mother saying she should have more sensitive about her radiation treatment and admits that she misses Brian. Brad prepares to get ready to make Vienna pregnant. Luke doesn't feel up to having a meeting, so Lily takes his place, she calls Noah and says she could use his help at the meeting. Lily and Noah sees that Brian Wheatley is at World Wide and wonder what he's doing there. Brad tells Kathe that he's having a bit of a problem and that it isn't working. Noah calls Luke and tells him to come to World Wide right away. Henry makes things difficult when he knocks the tray with Brad's sperm, so Katie insists they do it again. Luke arrives and makes a speech of the foundation and says that it can do well without Starglow and he's then surprised with what Brian says on his behalf. Vienna tells Henry that it's just a medical procedure and that he shouldn't be jealous. Lily brings Brian home to see Lucinda, Luke says he was amazing after backing up what he said, Lily thinks that she would be perfect to run things along side Luke.moreless
    • Ep. #13337
      Ep. #13337
      Season 53 - Episode 100
      Brad fixes Liberty up with the new intern Leo from WOAK without her even knowing about it. Lucinda calls Lily and says to cancel her plans and says to come to Fashions. Parker asks J.J. to take their mom's phone back to the kitchen because they're "going to the movies" so then he can sneak off to see Liberty. Katie tells Brad that Parker called and when he sees Liberty with someone else he'll walk away. Parker tells Carly the story about the movies, but she says no detours. Parker sees Liberty with Leo at Al's and walks away. Lily says to Lucinda that Luke told her about her and Brian at Metro the other night. Parker watches as Leo takes Liberty someplace he follows them, Leo then comes on to her and becomes physical. Luke and Noah decide to do what is best for the foundation when Brian comes up with something that could help it. Carly catches J.J. sneaking into Parker's bedroom window and demands to know where Parker is. Brian tells Luke how he notices how close he and Noah are, Brian says that the philanthropic can be pretty brutal with his lifestyle but Luke refuses. Janet tells Brad that she'll never forgive him if Leo harms Liberty. Parker comes to Liberty's aid by punching out Leo, Liberty then calls Janet and told her what Leo almost did. Luke tells Lucinda and Lily that it was a mistake bringing in Brian, so Lucinda goes to confront Brian and he says that he has no issue with Luke being gay.moreless
    • Ep. #13323
      Ep. #13323
      Season 53 - Episode 86
      Faith asks Lily why Holden didn't spend the night. Emma wants to invite Lily and the girls to the farm for a barbecue for them coming home from camp. Janet stops by the house and runs into Ugo, Liberty's new bodyguard. Jack tells Carly that Parker and Liberty had sex, she is then irate. Emma asks Holden how badly does he want Lily back. Brad and Janet don't see eye to eye. Parker tells Carly that he and Liberty used protection and that the conversation is finished. Jack tell Carly to give Parker some time and that he'll come around. Liberty manages to sneak out while Brad and Janet were arguing. Lily tells Carly to leave and stay away from her husband unaware that Faith is nearby she says about Carly and Holden sleeping together. Luke asks Noah to stand by his side. Lily walks out on Holden. Brad learns that Liberty managed to sneak out and fires Ugo. Liberty calls Parker and asks to meet her at Java. Carly tells Jack that she shouldn't have went to the farm and Faith now knows about her and Holden. Brad tracks down Liberty to Java and literally carries her out of there. Parker arrives at Java, he then sits and waits.moreless
    • Ep. #13290
      Ep. #13290
      Season 53 - Episode 53
      Luke arrives to see Noah packing up all of his things. Paul learns from Margo that Sofie dropped the charges and shares the news with Meg. Cole lashes out at Sofie for letting Paul and his money get away. Lucinda and Lily have breakfast and admit that they've missed their get-togethers and Holden is gonna work on their marriage when he gets home. Holden and Carly are flustered by their kiss. Noah admits to Luke that even though they'll be apart he still loves him. Lucinda tells Barbara that she's overdoing it a bit. Sofie arrives at Fairwinds and she tells Meg not to pretend to care when she really doesn't. Luke runs into Reg at Java and learns that he and his boyfriend had broken up. Lily welcomes Holden home and asks how his trip was, Carly fills Lily in on what she and Holden endured. Luke and Noah have a huge argument, Luke then storms out. Noah despairs over his split from Luke. Sofie investigates Meg's past and discovers something very interesting when she goes into the hospital computer.moreless
    • Ep. #13513
      Ep. #13513
      Season 54 - Episode 26
      Luke and Noah tell Lily that they have an idea instead of a camp but to have it on a yacht, Lily says that the Grimaldi's have a shipping operation. Lucinda tells Holden that she doesn't believe Damian isn't a changed person. Luke tells Lily he feels uncomfortable asking Damian if he can use one of his ships. Dusty explains to Lucy that Craig will beat the charges eventually. Carly tells Craig that she spoke to Lucy and she believes that Dusty set him up, Craig says that he wants Lucy to stay out of this and if Dusty found out he would take Johnny and run. Lily goes to Damian about using one of his ships, but he says that he can't help them but there might be something he can do. Luke and Noah are confused at why Damian won't let him use of his ships. Carly tells Jack that Craig thinks that Dusty is responsible. Jack comes to question Dusty about Cesar's murder and thinks that they don't have enough to hold Craig, so he tells Lucy that he's going to create some evidence and then plant it. Lucy decides to reveal everything. Damian tells Luke that he contacted a ranch which will be perfect for the kids to be around animals. Lucinda calls Holden and says that there is a lot of action on the docks and to come right away. Carly catches Lucy and Dusty in Metro and asks what they're doing there, he says that he "found" a shipping catalog. Lucinda tells Holden that the ships are heading somewhere and Damian lied about them being on hold, and someone points a gun at them. Jack tells Dusty that it's awfully convenient that he has the evidence just after they spoke. Carly goes to Craig and tells him about the shipping logs that were found, and she didn't believe them but Jack might. Lucinda and Holden are shocked to see that Damian is the so-called boss.moreless
    • Ep. #13252
      Ep. #13252
      Season 53 - Episode 16
      Emily tells Paul that this is the last time that she does his dirty work. Sofie tells Meg that having Ethan's toys around is okay. Margo learns that Casey is working for Emily at WOAK. Mike gets the note that Emily planted at the Lakeview and thinks it's from Katie. Noah realizes that it is Ameera's birthday and calls Luke wanting his help in surprising her. Kim isn't pleased with the idea that Brad and Katie came up with. Emily sees Margo in her office and she says to stay away from Casey. Mike arrives at WOAK furious and asks Katie about the note that he left her, Kim decides not to cut to commercial and is delighted about the outcome of Mike's appearance. Casey tells Margo that it's not her decision whether or not he works for Emily. Sofie apologizes to Aaron for what happened last night and that she wants to keep seeing him other than being friends. Mike realizes that Paul is the one who sent him the note and confronts him at the Lakeview. Ameera prepares to share the truth with Noah as she goes back to Fashions and gets herself into something nice. Casey calls Margo after seeing Judge Burke threaten Emily.moreless
    • Ep. #13373
      Ep. #13373
      Season 53 - Episode 136
      Lucinda confronts Holden about steering Margo in her direction, Lily says that Lucinda should go to jail. Dusty tries to apologize to Luke but he says he doesn't want to hear it, and Noah and Luke get into an argument. Margo gets enough information and learns that Lucinda's private jet took the night Dusty "died" and headed to Singapore. Dallas arrives and has an arrest warrant for Lucinda. Brian tells Luke that if he promotes the foundation in the direction at a Gay Film festival then he's on his own. Lily tells Dusty of Lucinda's arrest and tells him to get her out of this cause he owes her. Dusty arrives at the police station and is willing to talk, he then talks with Margo. Luke and Kevin have an awkward reunion. Reg tells Luke and Noah that Kevin is definately not on their side about the festival. Margo then tells Dallas to let Lucinda go. Holden learns that Lily encouraged Dusty to help Lucinda, Dusty then arrives and says that she was right that he indeed owed her. Lucinda learns that Brian threatened to quit, Lucinda says that he can't cause she needs him. Noah tells Luke that when Lily came to Java she was looking for Dusty.moreless
    • Ep. #13370
      Ep. #13370
      Season 53 - Episode 133
      Lily lays into Lucinda for just walking into her house without knocking, and says that she isn't taking Faith and Natalie anywhere. Brian tells Luke and Noah that a gay film festival isn't appropriate for the foundation. Paul gets word and insists that he and Meg should attend the reading of James' will. Dusty asks Emily to go with him to the will reading with him. Holden asks Lily why Lucinda did was so unforgivable. Lucinda returns to World Wide after having that falling out with Lily. Paul loses control when he Dusty arrives, he says that he was invited, Paul goes ballistic when learning that Dusty will inherit the entire Stenbeck fortune. Brian surprises Lucinda when he calls her a controlling bitch. Luke comes to see Lily, realizing that Lucinda spoke to him, she says that Lucinda had no right to do that. Meg gets a call from Paul's accountant saying that they're about to lose everything. Lily tells Lucinda that she's done and doesn't want to see her anymore and she can't see Faith and Natalie anymore thinking this is the way it has to be. Meg goes to see Dusty thinking she had no were else to go and explains Paul's financial situation, Dusty asks if Meg told Paul any of this.moreless
    • Ep. #13506
      Ep. #13506
      Season 54 - Episode 19
      Jack informs Carly that Parker didn't take the news of Liberty wanting an annulment well and trashed Emma's kitchen. Parker tells Craig that he used the money from his trust fund and bought a car. Lily tells Holden that the people that they're dealing with killers and also what they did to that cop. Carly calls Craig and he says that Parker is here with him at the Lakeview and won't have a problem in him getting home on his own. Zac tells Damian that Luke is in very delicate hands. Zoe tells Luke the sooner that he gives in and gives her a baby, then Noah will get the medicine. Margo arrives and places both of them under arrest. Parker shows Carly and Jack his new set of wheels, Jack then goes to confront Craig. Margo tells Damian that Zoe and Zac named him as the mastermind behind their plan, he then bursts into the interrogation room and threatens them to tell the truth or he'll choke the life out of them. Jack gets a call about a homicide down at the docks, he goes down there and sees Cesar dead and learns the truth about Carly and Craig's business. Craig tells Carly that he's done with her since she's pushed him away so many times and gives her a check buying her out of Midnight Sun. Noah asks Luke that maybe they can get to know Damian a little better. Damian finds Luke in his room, and tells him that he doesn't really know him but would like to very much and isn't ready to have him leave his life.moreless
    • Ep. #13361
      Ep. #13361
      Season 53 - Episode 124
      Holden and Lily have lunch with Faith, Ethan and Natalie, Carly then walks in and then leaves and Lily tells him to go after her. Paul becomes hysterical when Dallas and Jack aren't doing there best to find Meg and James. Meg thinks that she's hallucinating, but Dusty says that he's real. Jack tells Paul to take the medication his mother gave him to relax. Dusty says he faked his death so he can fool Craig, he was close to getting to Lucy and Johnny but was jumped and he woke up where he is now. James returns to Fairwinds and Paul flat out asks him where Meg is, James swears he doesn't have Meg at all. Lily tells Holden that if they're going to have sex she wants it to be about her and not Carly. Meg and Dusty try to escape. Lily goes to see Carly and warns her to stay as far away from her family. Meg hears someone and hurries before James comes in and finds her missing, she then sends him back out so she can get herself and Dusty out of there, she manages to get the cage open. Paul has a vision of Meg and Dusty on the beach.moreless
    • Ep. #13600
      Ep. #13600
      Season 54 - Episode 113
      Damian has an idea of going to plant a tree in Holden's memory, and Luke thinks it's a great idea. Maeve gives Holden the keys that he needs to get free, Eb catches her and slaps her for disobeying him, Holden says that hurting her isn't necessary. Paul refuses to go to the hospital to claim James's body. Noah and Luke watch as Mason wipes out, and he says that he's very hurt. Damian comes to Meg and asks if she wants to come with him, Meg asks if Lily already turned him down. Damian hides his feelings for Lily. Noah offers to help Mason by taking him to the hospital and will be back in time to see the burying of the tree. Lily tells Luke that Faith refuses to go and for him to go and see why she doesn't want to go. Holden offers to write a letter for Maeve authorizing a deposit from his account and as much as she'd like. Meg sees that Paul got his memory and could tell when she saw his face and he recognized Eliza. Damian hurries to the park and says that Meg isn't coming cause Eliza has a bit of a fever. Luke tells Noah that he isn't late but is right in time. Meg leaves Eliza in Paul's care while she heads over to the park for the tree planting. Maeve refuses to take money from Holden cause it's not about that, Holden then promises to get her away from Eb so he won't be able to hurt her anymore. Meg arrives in the park late and sees the tree getting watered by the rain. Paul tells Emily that if her being around Eliza is a problem then she needs to let him know.moreless
    • Ep. #13604
      Ep. #13604
      Season 54 - Episode 117
      Holden sees a fresh bruise on Maeve's cheek and says she has to leave Eb. Faith gets an eyeful when seeing Damian and Lily and runs out, Luke then sees what his mother did and can't believe what his mother did. Eb comes home and apologizes to Maeve for hitting her the way he did. Faith learns that Meg is going on a trip with Damian, she tells Meg that she saw Damian and her mother having sex. Maeve knocks out Eb using a frying pan, and then sets Holden free, and says the only way that Eb can't follow them is if he is dead. Meg slaps Damian after he admits to sleeping with Lily. Luke finally put it's all together and knows why Faith has been acting out, Lily explains she went to Susan and prescribed sleeping pills, and went to sleep and woke up in the Snyder pond. Meg tells Damian to get out of her house right now. Luke tells Damian that no one wants him here, and could never forgive him for taking advantage of his mother. Maeve and Holden make a run for it, but get they fall into a covered hole, Eb hovers above and threatens to let them starve to death or shoot them.moreless
    • Ep. #12800
      Ep. #12800
      Season 51 - Episode 67
      Dusty is devastated to learn that Jennifer isn't a candidate for the special treatment program. He and Jennifer continue to plan their impromptu wedding, and Gwen videotapes Jennifer as she leaves a lasting message for her son. Jennifer asks Dusty to bring Paul to her for her wedding. Katie blames Simon for their current position when they wash up on a deserted island, and each tries to make a fire. Simon is shocked when he sees a golfer come over a dune. The ship's captain tells Mike and Vienna that it looks like Simon and Katie didn't make it. Damian tries to cheer Luke up with a new car, but Luke is still upset that Holden isn't talking to him. The two invite Lucy to join them in a small Independence Day celebration. Paul breaks down in Meg's arms as he thinks about what life will be like without Jennifer.moreless
    • Ep. #12694
      Ep. #12694
      Season 50 - Episode 213
      Jennifer doesn't want to be the executrix of Paul's estate, but after realising that there are no other options because he wrote Barbara out completely, she reluctantly agrees to look after his affairs and goes to his penthouse where she finds a letter he left for her. Emily convinces Henry to answer the phone when Paul calls back, but when he says nothing, she grabs the phone and says Paul's name. They then search Meg's room and find her muddy shoes, with reminds Emily of the cabin. Luke is at a party with Kevin when his parents call to let him know they're coming home early so he heads for home and accidentally hits someone with his car. Paul watches Jennifer read the letter he left for her.moreless
    • Ep. #13646
      Ep. #13646
      Season 54 - Episode 159
      Dean Brewster asks Noah to tell Mason to come into his office. Holden tells Lily that he's wants joint custody of their children, and to deal with the children about them splitting up. Noah calls Luke asks to meet him at Java, Lily says it's okay and she's alright. Meg tells Damian that she'll keep his secret. Anna tries to get Mike to open his eyes, he sees Carly and she asks what Jack is up to and Mike realizes that Jack is replacing him as the driver. Noah asks Luke that he wants to know who went to the Dean and if it was him or not. Carly get on the walkie talkie and begs Jack not to do the race. Mason tells Noah when he shows up drunk that he lost his job cause of sexual misconduct. Luke asks Damian if he turned Mason and Damian says that he had to. Carly goes to great lengths to stop Jack from possibly crashing. Mike, Anna and Carly see that Jack is passing and start rooting for him, and cheer when he wins the race. Meg overhears from the bathroom Lily asking Damian to move back in. Noah is hurt when his big scene backfires on him. Mason cronfronts Holden, but he says that the person he's looking for is Luke's other father Damian.moreless
    • Ep. #12697
      Ep. #12697
      Season 50 - Episode 216
      When Butch, the manager at the Galaxy, approaches Carly after seeing her lurk around the strip club, she pretends to be applying for the waitressing position. Lily initially refuses to believe that Jade is Rose's daughter but has second thoughts when Jade provides papers from the Little Flower of Hoboken orphanage with Rose's name on them. Barbara tells Jennifer she remembers exactly what happened to her and wants to press charges, but rather than naming Will as her attacker she names Gwen. Henry refuses when Maddie begs him to take her away from the Hughes home.moreless
    • Ep. #13660
      Ep. #13660
      Season 54 - Episode 173
      Lily and Meg's fight at Fashions intensifies, Lisa then breaks up the fight then she calls Damian. Molly wonders what a wedding cake is doing being delivered at Emma's. Carly abruptly pulls away from Craig's kiss, and Carly tells Rosanna when she arrives that he just kissed her. Janet sees Liberty and isn't going to let her beat Jack around for what happened to Brad for the rest of his life. Meg apologizes to Holden for getting him involved in this. Damian tells Meg that it's only going to be a matter of time til they're together, and doesn't want to go through with this ceremony. Rosanna goes to return her dress, but Carly says that she would prefer a dressed designed by her. Liberty tells Janet that what happens if Jack leaves again if things get difficuly. Jack goes to visit Brad's grave and says that he has no idea what to do with his life and doesn't think he can be a cop anymore. Holden tells Molly that Damian said about him having a future with Meg was a lie, she asks if he believe Damian. Meg sees the cake and hopes that Lily enjoys it. Liberty finds Jack and says that Janet is scare that he's gonna take off again and to be there for her mother. Lily sees Meg outside her house, Damian threatens to call the police if she doesn't leave. Molly tells Holden that she's gonna take Kim on her job offer at WOAK. Meg threatens to expose Damian and he then collapses.moreless
    • Ep. #12799
      Ep. #12799
      Season 51 - Episode 66
      Casey seeks answers from Maddie, but she insists that they're finished. Will breaks down with Gwen as he tells her that Jennifer is dying. Dusty agrees to marry Jennifer, but privately tells Kim that he hopes it will give her the strength to hang on. Simon and Katie fall beneath the waves as the life preserver bobs to the surface. Vienna and Mike are locked in the stateroom together. Jessica finds Jack and Carly in a romantic moment, and asks them if they're sure they want a divorce, but they are still committed to ending their marriage. Jennifer asks Gwen to promise her that she will always be part of Johnny's life, no matter what.moreless
    • Ep. #13583
      Ep. #13583
      Season 54 - Episode 96
      Tom tells Margo that he doesn't think Riley should be here since this is a family matter. Bob tries to figure out what went wrong when Kim went into shock and sees the report and Alison tells Bob that he did this to Kim. Emma tells Lily that she's no longer going interfere in Meg's love life from now on. Tom goes out there and stops a fight between. Meg is astounded at the sight of where Damian takes her. Lily gets a devastating phone call saying that Holden's truck fell off a cliff and he was in an accident, Luke insists on going with her to Kentucky. Lily and Luke arrive at the crash site and Damian tells her not to go down there. Emma tells Meg that a while ago she had this feeling that Holden was with her in the barn, and asked if something bad happened to him. Tom then threatens to have Alison arrested if she doesn't leave right now, she storms off and Casey goes off after her and says she wouldn't believe her even if she could. Emma says that it can't be true and that he would feel it if he was in fact dead. Casey tells Tom that Kim overdosing must've been someone else's mistake. The sheriff says that there was a body in the wreckage and shows a watch and Luke identifies it as Holden's. Casey asks for everyone to give Alison the benefit of the doubt cause she didn't do anything. Lily refuses to go back home and leave Holden all alone.moreless
    • Ep. #13514
      Ep. #13514
      Season 54 - Episode 27
      Damian assures Lucinda and Holden that he has a legitimate shipping business and is cautious cause they're was a murder on the docks recently. Lily tells Luke that Lucinda insisted on going to see what Damian was up to. Craig refuses to believe that his own daughter would let him take the fall. Lucy tells Jack that she was doing the smuggling and if anyone's to be arrested then it should be her. Holden wants Damian to tell him what he really has going on here, but Damian says he doesn't answer to him. Jack brings Lucy to the station and Craig says he didn't get her to lie for him, Lucy then makes her statment and admits to sending medical supplies to east Africa. Lucinda and Holden return and say that they were taken at gunpoint and held until Damian showed up. Craig tells Lucy how she could do this to him, Carly says why didn't she come forward and let her father rot in jail all this time. Noah tells Luke to get answers then go right to the source. Lily tells Holden that they just got their family back and now they're back to square one, Holden thinks why would Damian have armed guards. Craig tells Lucy to get out and that he never wants to see her again. Luke goes and confronts Damian at his suite and that he's been lying and doesn't think he can ever trust him again. Jack tells Lucy that he's going to have to keep her in custody. Dusty tells Johnny that their gonna go away and that Lucy can't join them. Damian comes to the station and says that he can explain everything and that he was working with Lucy all along. Lucy calls Lucinda and says that she's at the police station and is in deep trouble. Dusty and Craig engage in a fight at the Lakeview, Carly calls Jack and says that Craig is leaving town. Damian tells Luke that he can finally tell Luke the truth about what he and Lucy were doing.moreless
    • Ep. #12877
      Ep. #12877
      Season 51 - Episode 147
      All of Oakdale is shocked to learn that Hal was killed in the line of duty. Simon worries that his actions will hurt Carly, who is comforting Jack over the loss of their friend.
    • Ep. #13532
      Ep. #13532
      Season 54 - Episode 45
      Noah tells Luke his great news that he got into the honors program at film school, Alison arrives and says that Adam died. Casey tells Tom that if it's only them, then who's going to say something good about his brother. Dusty approaches a cop and asks what they're doing to find Paul and Eliza. Paul sees Rosanna playing guitar and she sets Eliza down and she sings a song for her. Rosanna assures Paul that Edna's ruse got them headed to Minnesota. Bonnie gets word from the police that it was a false lead. Sgt. Riley Morgan arrives at the service wanting to say something and explains how he knew Adam and what he did for him, Margo insists that he come back to the house with them. Bonnie tells Dusty that she's gonna check out that market, and Paul quickly hides, she then finds a baby and wonders who it belongs to. Rosanna sees that Dusty is still in town and never left. Bonnie leaves and Paul is relieved. Rosanna tells the sheriff that she isn't feeling well and has to cancel their date. Sgt. Riley gives Margo a gift from Adam. Dusty learns that Bonnie saw a baby in the market and is gonna go check for himself. Rosanna tells Paul that maybe it's better if he takes Eliza back to Meg. Noah gets an idea for his new film project. Bonnie and Dusty approach the sheriff wanting to compare a picture of the baby so they can make a comparison. Tom doesn't want Margo to get too attached to Riley even though he's only here for one night. Bonnie recognizes the baby in the picture as of Eliza. Margo asks Riley to make Oakdale his home, and can stay as long as he likes.moreless
    • Ep. #13539
      Ep. #13539
      Season 54 - Episode 52
      Noah tells Luke that he's gonna open that package that his father sent him on camera before he died. Casey sees that Riley and Margo are getting even closer when she helps him prepare hummus, Casey thanks Alison for coming at just the right time. Parker asks Carly what Craig did this time that forced his mother to drive drunk. Rosanna takes the rap for Paul's actions and tells Craig that she took what was rightfully hers. Craig barges in and tells Carly that Rosanna is a theif and that he plans on prosecuting, Carly pleads with him not to do it since she just got her back again. Riley tells Margo that he knew that Adam hurt alot of people and asks if she could ever forgive him. Luke tells Casey that Riley acts like a laid back guy and not really a soldier. Noah opens the contents of the package and comes across his father's military issued gun. Craig calls Margo wanting to report a crime. Riley makes Casey look bad when he assembles that gun, and Margo tells him to stop challenging Riley. Carly's drinking puts Craig in danger, Parker comes by and offers to take Carly home. Casey tells Riley that he doesn't belong here and should leave. Margo comes to see Rosanna at Fairwinds to ask some questions regarding Craig being almost hit by a car, since she was in an accident before herself. Carly tells Craig she never intended to hurt him, and that she just wanted to stop him. Parker tells Craig to do something cause he never seen his mother this bad.moreless
    • Ep. #13557
      Ep. #13557
      Season 54 - Episode 70
      Parker tells Liberty that the reason that Carly didn't show up for the wedding is cause she's a drunk. Craig can't believe that he couldn't see through and realize that Carly was still drinking. Jack tells Sage that Carly won't be marrying Craig today. Craig calls Jack and asks if he's heard from Carly. Rosanna and Craig go to Yo's hoping they'll run into Carly. Carly finds herself at Holden's and says she's looking for Lily. Parker tells Liberty that he's scared that no one will be able to get through to his mother. Luke goes and asks Damian and Lily for money so he can get the moving process speeded up. Holden takes Carly at the Wagon Wheel motel, and she asks for him to keep her company a while. Jack explains to Sage that Carly is sick and can't stop drinking, and needs help by being put in a program. Craig finds the limo service that was used to pick up Carly, and learn that she was asked to be dropped off. Luke calls Lily and says that he can't find Noah anywhere, he found a box that belongs to his father in the hallway. Carly makes a pass at Holden, shortly she collapses, he immediately calls Jack, Janet asks him for someone else to go to his ex and not always him. Janet calls Liberty and tells her to bring Parker to the farm right away. Damian and Luke find Noah where he and his father last were, Damian has an idea on how Noah can forget about his past. Rosanna tells Jack that Carly is gonna need everybody's support right now.moreless
    • Ep. #13490
      Ep. #13490
      Season 54 - Episode 3
      Paul tells Lucy to do her best as she says that Dusty is at her door. Janet describes the style for the house for her and Jack. Paul calls Meg and tells him that Lucy and Dusty are in fact together at this moment. Carly asks Sage if she looks decent enough for her date tonight. Dusty tells Lucy that he'll make sure that Craig never finds out what his daughter has been up to, and calls Paul and says he's coming to talk to him at Fairwinds. Meg realizes something is going on between Lucy and Dusty, Meg wants answers from Lucy and what is going on, Lucy says that she can't. Paul gives Eliza's sitter some money to leave and hears as Dusty arrives, Dusty then orders Paul to stay away from Craig and Lucy, Paul refuses and Dusty starts to punch him. Janet and Jack sees as Craig and Carly come into Yo's. Paul sets his plan to get Eliza, by starting a little fire and blaming Dusty. Lucy sees Dusty's hand is bruised and says that Paul won't be bothering them anymore. Craig covers for Carly when Jack becomes suspicious, but he doesn't believe and tells Janet that Carly could barely stand up. The social worker finds Paul on the ground, and then he smells something burning, and she says that she can't look the other way at this case of child neglect, Meg arrives and Paul says that he saved their daughter from a fire tonight. Janet asks Jack if he thinks that Carly is an alcoholic. Meg tells Dusty to stay away from her and she'll deal with her child and for him to take care of his.moreless
    • Ep. #13488
      Ep. #13488
      Season 54 - Episode 1
      Margo tells Holden that they weren't able to get a clean tread mark from the scene and Lily let Damian in their house, Margo suggests that Holden some police protection for Luke. Noah tells Luke that Damian was here at Java yesterday asking to get Luke to give him another chance. Damian comes to see Lily and says that he's innocent and that it's possible that Luke's hit and run and the break in are connected. Noah and Luke meet Zac and Zoe as they want to volunteer for the foundation, Luke then says yes. Casey and Alison almost have a close moment, but is interrupted, he tells Alison that it was Dean Burns and he's expelled and can't enroll in the extension courses, Alison says they can go somewhere else. Alison plants a passionate kiss on Casey and start to make love and he wants to know why they're doing this cause he wants their first time to be special, Alison doesn't think that he's ready and she should leave. Luke meets Officer Cohen, Luke says that he doesn't need police protection. Damian comes in Java and collapses and calls Luke and says that Damian was stabbed. Margo questions Damian at the hospital and asks why they went after him. Holden thinks it's convenient and thinks Damian set the whole stabbing scenario up and says it's not going to work. Casey goes to Dean Burns and wants to once again take control of his life. Damian tells Lily when he wakes up that she came back and if she believes him, Lily says that she knew him once and doesn't anymore. Casey tells Alison that the Dean has allowed him to return to classes at Oakdale U.moreless
    • Ep. #13486
      Ep. #13486
      Season 53 - Episode 249
      Katie thinks that something is wrong when Henry calls wanting to take her and Brad out to lunch at the Lakeview. Vienna tells that she hasn't been feeling well, Henry says that she'll feel better once they tell Brad and Katie the truth. Holden tells Margo that maybe the person that hit Luke wasn't a stranger and could be Damian. Luke tells Noah that he wouldn't put it past Damian paying someone to run him over, Kim comes out and says that she'll do the promos and that he will have to talk to the donor personally and is shocked to learn that it's Damian, Luke tells Damian that he doesn't want his help or his money and he should stay far away from him. Margo tells Holden and Lily to keep their eyes and ears open concerning Damian. Henry sees that it's possible that Vienna could be pregnant. Lily tells Damian that since she's part owner of WOAK, she'll do the PSA herself, Damian is then outraged and storms out, Lily says that she hopes that he'll try something and Margo can nail him. Vienna tells Henry that she feels she really could be pregnant, and is reminded that they shared after they got homes. Damian lurks around Lily's house to see if anyone's home. Lily and Holden return to find their home broken into, and Ginny says that she saw someone wearing a black coat and gray scarf, Holden calls Margo and says Damian trashed their house. Damian comes to Java and tells Luke that he's leaving. Katie tells Brad that she can feel that something is definitely wrong, Brad suggests that they go up there and find out themselves. Vienna shows Henry the pregnancy test is positive, Henry says to be careful with what she says to Brad and Katie. Holden calls Luke and tells him to go the police station right away. Margo goes to the Lakeview and tells Damian that he's bringing him in for questioning. Vienna plans on giving Brad and Katie the baby since Henry doesn't want it, but shows a different side. Katie suggests to Brad that Vienna should move in that way she can look after her. Margo tells Damian to give him her shoes and that he's a suspect and not to leave town.moreless
    • Ep. #13568
      Ep. #13568
      Season 54 - Episode 81
      Emily tells Hunter to do what he has to with his mother's ashes soon. Damian tells Meg that the neurologist has been cleared at Memorial to operate on Paul right away, Meg then says that Dusty is pleading guilty to everything. Bonnie tries to get through to Dusty and that he'll change his plea. Noah gives Luke a back to school present, Luke tells him that he isn't going back. Emily sits next to Paul at Al's and she's stunned when he doesn't seem to recognize her at all, and asks if they've been together at some point. Lucinda tells Hunter when Emily comes back to the office to tell her that she'd like to see her. Luke says he got a job at Grimaldi shipping, and wishes he told him first so they can discuss it. Bonnie goes to Meg to get her to speak on Dusty's behalf at his trial. Lucinda tells Emily that she's relieving her of the duties as Editor of the online Intruder. Mason asks Noah to come so he can have the film he made screened. Dusty condones Bonnie for going to Meg behind his back to get her to talk for him, Paul arrives and speaks his peace and says he practically drove Dusty to do this and the judge and prosecutor drop the charges against Dusty. Luke goes to Lucinda and gives her his notice, and Damian actually asks him what he wants in his life and would be proud to work for him. Emily blames Hunter in getting her fired from the Intruder, Hunter then tells Lucinda that he quits. Noah tells Luke that he exchanged for neck ties cause he'll need them.moreless
    • Ep. #13477
      Ep. #13477
      Season 53 - Episode 240
      Paul tells Emily to trail Lucy to see what she's up to. Noah tells Luke that he has a solution for his problem and asks him to move in with him. Lucy sees Craig turning his suite upside looking for those contracts for the shipping of his Midnight Sun, and asks Lucy if she has something to tell him. Holden tells Meg that getting involved with Dusty is a bad idea. Lily tells Dusty that someone might get hurt in him seeing Meg cause it happened when they were together. Meg calls Dusty and says that the date thing probably isn't a good idea. Emily tells Paul to focus on Eliza and to stop obsessing about Meg. Lucy's true intentions are revealed. Lucy hands Craig the "missing" contracts which is grateful and she says that he missed while ransacking his room. Noah introduces Luke to Mr. Reese, who'll be their new landlord, but he then learns that they'll be sharing a bed he says that the apartment has been rented, Luke then figures out why. Lucy makes a call to someone and says that she made all the copies of the Midnight Sun start up. Luke starts a new project with Lily in nailing the homophobic who refuses to rent a room to gays. Dusty sees Meg returning a dress to Fashions, and says he should have a say in that. Emily tells Paul she's not backing down and thinks that there's a story here.moreless
    • Ep. #12714
      Ep. #12714
      Season 50 - Episode 233
      Emily tries to delay Meg in the lobby while Henry searches through her room and finds Dusty's blood-splattered wallet. Before Henry can do anything, Meg catches on to Emily's attempts to waylay her and returns to her room. A desperate Jennifer demands answers from Paul as to where Dusty is. While going through Rose's things, Lily sees a vision of her sister who talks about the child she gave up. Holden confesses to a startled Jack that he thinks Luke might be gay, then makes a deal with Jade, who later confronts Luke and asks if he is in love with Kevin.moreless
    • Ep. #13351
      Ep. #13351
      Season 53 - Episode 114
      Paul asks Mike to get out of the way so he can continue. James assures Henry that Vienna and Bonnie won't be harmed. Paul continues to do the dirty work for James. Paul and Mike get into it at the construction site. Katie and Brad return from Tahiti from their shoot and also missing the wedding. Dallas tells Margo that the last person to see that file of evidence was Jack. Janet asks Jack where he was when he disappeared after the reception. Margo calls Jack and asks him to come to the station worried it has to do with the missing file. Carly overhears Margo tear into Jack about the missing evidence and wanting it back, Carly thinks that something is definately wrong. Henry starts banging on the pipes in the basement hoping someone will come down, Meg tells Paul what she's hearing. Derek takes Bonnie and Vienna somewhere, they realize they fell right into a trap. Carly goes to see Katie and Brad thinking something is wrong with Jack, and that they know what it is. Paul falls into the hole at the construction site.moreless
    • Ep. #13360
      Ep. #13360
      Season 53 - Episode 123
      Brad wakes up and asks Katie why she didn't come to bed last night, Janet arrives wanting a place to stay, Katie offers her bedroom and Brad can stay in the living room. Barbara gives Paul a pill to help him sleeve. James bring Meg a drink to keep herself well nourished, she then throws it in his face, James says he needs the child to succeed him as a Stenbeck. Bonnie asks a favor of Vienna and Henry to come to the station and not press charges against Derek so he can get out of jail. Paul has a vision of Meg at the cottage where she's being kept. Paul calls Jack and explains what he saw and heads over to Fairwinds. Meg attempts to get away but James catches up to her saying that there's not a thing for miles. Brad and Katie bring their disagreement to work with them as they do a segment of Oakdale Now. Carly sketched the cottage that Paul described to the letter. Henry and Vienna oblige and do what Bonnie asked. Paul gives the sketch to Dallas thinking Meg and James are on Swan Island off the coast of Maine. Meg is shocked when she finds a very much alive Dusty locked in a cell.moreless
    • Ep. #13362
      Ep. #13362
      Season 53 - Episode 125
      Jack is offered $20,000 from Brad, Jack says that forgiveness can't be bought. Paul gets another photo of Meg and Dusty together. Paul calls Jack and says Meg is with Dusty and to come to Fairwinds right away. Dusty learns that Meg is pregnant, and she doesn't want to lose this baby but wants to go back home. Derek calls Bonnie at Metro saying that he's on his way to see her. Katie tells Brad that she first thought she wouldn't be with him, but now he proved her wrong. James runs into Derek and says for him to go to Faro island to keep an eye on Meg, he says no and someone knocks him out. Mike says to Katie that he's leaving Oakdale cause of the project went a bust. Paul tells Jack that the picture was right there on his computer, Jack then thinks that Paul is starting to lose it thinking Dusty is alive. Meg insists that Dusty go on ahead, and leave her behind, Dusty says if they leave they go together. Katie heads out for an evening with Mike, widening the divide between her and Brad. Derek wakes up in the wine cellar and says he did it cause he turned him down. Jack shows Paul the autopsy report on Dusty, he tells him and Dallas that he's not crazy and that Dusty is with Meg. Dusty and Meg go back to the cottage and think James hasn't come back yet. Barbara tells Jack that it's James that's trying to make Paul crazy, cause of the history they had with him, Barbara comes out and insists that Paul be taken to the hospital. Paul has a dream and sneaks out of the hospital. Bonnie goes to Dallas and asks his help in finding Derek. Paul finds Derek, he assures Paul that he doesn't work for James anymore cause he didn't want to look after Meg, Paul asks where Meg, Derek says he'll tell him everything if he lets him out. Brad tells Jack that he's gonna turn himself in to make Katie see that he's not a screw-up.moreless
    • Ep. #13254
      Ep. #13254
      Season 53 - Episode 18
      Jack and Carly's fight gets dirty when he comes into the house. Barbara realizes that Paul went to talk to Meg. Holden and Carly run into each other while taking their kids to the park. Kim tells Katie and Brad about them doing a show about the scandal regarding Judge Burke. Mike falls down while doing some surveying and helps him back to the farm. Parker nearly runs into Liberty while on his skateboard causing him to crash into a tree, Carly then races to her son's side. Sofie realizes that she completely forgot about Aaron. Meg tells Paul that he can do whatever he wants only if he stays away from her. Aaron chews Sofie out over Paul and mentions all the women that he's hurt and that she is on her own from now on. Kim is delighted that Barbara is recovering nicely from her surgery. Jack learns that Parker is in the hospital and asks Carly why she didn't call him. Liberty introduces herself to Brad and says that she is his daughter which surprises him and Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #13366
      Ep. #13366
      Season 53 - Episode 129
      Margo returns to learn that James Stenbeck is dead yet again, she goes hoping to get answers so she calls Jack. Janet brings Jack back to the farm hoping he could get some rest. Casey is devastated to learn that Emily actually went through with the procedure and he doesn't think he'll be able to forgive her for it. Carly offers to help Janet with something to wear to the benefit, Lily arrives and sees them all friendly. Meg calls someone hoping she'll be able to see Paul, Holden arrives and tells her to take it easy. Carly and Lily share a warm moment after she apologizes for yelling at her yesterday cause she can't forget what she did to her family. Margo thinks there's more Meg's statement then he's letting on, so she goes to question her again about the person who got shot at the lighthouse was and isn't going to leave until she tells her everything, and lets her know if she can't talk to Paul then she'll go after her. Emily breaks down after a fight with Casey at Java.moreless
    • Ep. #13347
      Ep. #13347
      Season 53 - Episode 110
      Brad has a dream of him being at the reservoir and Leo pulling him in. Liberty learns that Janet slept in the diner and that she moved out of Emma's farm. Carly goes to Jack and tells him she saw Brad going into Leo's room, Carly then has the notion that Jack is keeping something from her. Jack comes to question Brad and he realizes that Katie told him but he says he went to him cause he loves him. Lily is surprised that Mike isn't embarrassed when Holden walked in on them together since they're two consenting adults. Brian has everything set up as Luke, Noah and Lucinda arrive at the campsite. Lucinda is beside herself when Brian tells her he'll be in the Luke and Noah's tent. Brad explains to Jack what happened to Leo from the beginning, Jack gives Brad an hour to turn himself in or he's coming to get him. Carly pushes Holden away from the kiss. Noah says to Luke to stay it out cause all the trouble Brian went to. Brad gets a call from a nurse saying Leo woke up his coma and wants to see him right away so he and Katie head to the hospital. Liberty asks Jack to take her mother back. Janet tells Jack that she might disappoint him like Carly did, Jack then asks her to come back to him. Leo says he doesn't remember everything, but he does remember enough. Lily thinks that Mike should attend Aaron and Alison's wedding. Brad tells Jack that Leo woke up and doesn't remember anything and Jack agrees to protect his brother.moreless
    • Ep. #13331
      Ep. #13331
      Season 53 - Episode 94
      Bob calls for help after trying to revive Susan. Chris assures Margo that he has the antidote and Rick is not needed. Aaron comes out the ventilation system and is shot by Rick. Margo allows Rick to leave the hospital and to the helicopter, Rick then takes Alison as insurance. A nurse tells Bob that there's a situation in the hospital. Tom goes in for surgery. Chris gives Bob the antidote and to give it to those who need it. Rick tries to make a daring escape but is stopped by Chris, Rick then threatens to shoot Alison, Chris attacks Rick and is taken into custody. Margo assures Casey that Tom didn't have a heart attack. Chris learns that Rick injected Susan with the poison and had to use up all of the antidote. Meg calls Emma and tells her to tell Holden that Aaron has been hurt. Alison has a dream that she's with Aaron, Emily, Susan and Chris but they disappear and Alison is alone on a dirt road. Emily goes to check on Susan. Chris quickly makes another antidote for Alison, and goes to give it to her and maybe too late. Emma feels bad thinking that Aaron was at the hospital because of Meg and should have stopped him, Aaron then wakes up. Chris is relieved when Alison regains consciousness thinking he thought he lost her, he tells her that Rick shot Aaron but he's going to be okay. Margo tells Emily that her husband would like to see her.moreless
    • Ep. #13330
      Ep. #13330
      Season 53 - Episode 93
      The cop tells Aaron that only medical personnel are allowed in the hospital. Barbara agrees to help Rick escape but Paul says no. Margo finally figures out Rick's motive for poisoning everyone, Chris says it all comes down to Alison cause she was the one that turned the tables on him. Emma comes by Fairwinds and learns that Meg is in the hospital again. Meg hallucinates "Sofie" attempting to smother her with a pillow. Chris realizes that Rick doesn't want to hurt Alison, he wants her dead. Margo tells Rick why he's so invested in this case, Rick then cautions her that he has nothing to lose but she sure does. Tom learns that Casey is in the hospital and that he's been poisoned, Tom goes to see him and finds him with Emily. Rick sticks the guard that's watching him with a needle, and then prepares to take his victims hostage at Oakdale Memorial. Susan asks Rick what she's doing here, Rick then asks Susan for a second chance and says he has the antidote to the poison. Aaron sneaks onto an ambulance in order to get into the hospital. Kim tells Bob to check in on Alison. Margo learns that Barbara plans to give Rick a million dollars, a cop tells her that Paul rented a helicopter and is heading for Memorial. Rick subdues Susan in the lab. Chris tests his own antidote on himself. "Sofie" tells Meg that she has to stop Paul. The helicopter approaches the hospital and Margo tells Paul to land it and that he's under arrest. Rick takes Meg as a hostage so that he can getaway.moreless
    • Ep. #13291
      Ep. #13291
      Season 53 - Episode 54
      Susan confronts Chris at Al's Diner and that if he goes anywhere near Alison again he would be very sorry. Alison tells Aaron that Chris locked her in the on call room and threatens deal with Chris himself. Sofie is caught in Barbara's suite by Meg and Paul, Barbara orders Sofie to leave at once, she then starts to feel dizzy. Kim lays into Susan for the way she parented Alison and Emily and how they turned out. Sofie wants Cole's help in getting something from the hospital. Paul goes and tells Lisa that Sofie's behavior is getting erratic and to evict her from the hotel. Aaron confronts Chris and locks the on call room door, the two engage in a fight. Cole hears Meg coming and quickly hides. Paul tells Lisa to hold off on throwing Sofie out of the Lakeview. Chris and Aaron end up at the police station, Bob tells Chris that pressing charges against Aaron is a bad idea. Cole gives Sofie the medicine and tells him that Meg was fired for letting one of her patients die on her watch.moreless
    • Ep. #13289
      Ep. #13289
      Season 53 - Episode 52
      Meg tells Paul that they are going to visit Sofie's Alma Mater, Winnetka as a married couple to do some digging; the Nun tells them that Sofie did not attend there at all. Liberty tells Janet that she can't hang out cause she's reporting for summer school today. Parker tells Jack that he got a job as a tennis instructor. Cole gives Sofie some important advice when dealing with Paul. Paul makes an unfortunate error in judgment. Carly and Holden take part in some games at Camp Chapawee along with Sage, Faith and Natalie. Liberty is amazed at Parker's tennis ability, Parker's then jealous when Liberty walks off with Dylan. Someone steals Holden's car leaving him and Carly stranded in the middle of nowhere, Carly then says to Holden that she'll get him home. Sofie is confronted by Meg and say that she is not who she says she is. Sofie goes to Paul and says he has to hear her out, Paul then writes her a check. Meg realizes that Sofie went to see Paul. Sofie goes to the police station and asks to speak to Margo. Carly and Holden get a ride and they spot Holden's car on the side of the road. Jack takes another look at Janet and sees a different side to her.moreless
    • Ep. #13308
      Ep. #13308
      Season 53 - Episode 71
      Mike tells Jack that he's here to report a murder and that the victim's Sofie, Mike says that he knows where he might find Sofie's body. Margo tells Emily that she won't let her put her hands on her son anymore, Casey then tells her to stop, Tom then comes in and says what's going on. Casey says that if Emily leaves then he goes as well. Jack arrives at Fairwinds and asks to look around on the grounds, and learns that she and Paul are married and asks her why she didn't tell the family. Margo tells Tom that Emily once worked as a hooker, he then tells Emily he'll make sure she never goes near Daniel again. Meg's guilt gets the best of her. Margo stops Tom and Casey from fighting, she then says to Casey that if he leaves he's not allowed back in the house. Susan tells Emily to ask Tom if Daniel can attend Alison's party on Saturday. Paul prepares to go into the garden and move Sofie's body. Barbara is astounded when Meg thinks she killed Sofie, Meg wonders what to do when Barbara says that she didn't and leave to stop Paul from confessing. Susan is beside herself after learning about Emily and Casey's relationship, Casey then arrives and Susan asks him to leave. Jack finds Sofie in Paul's trunk and arrests him.moreless
    • Ep. #13311
      Ep. #13311
      Season 53 - Episode 74
      Tom tells Daniel that he's not going to be going on vacation with Emily this year. Susan tells Chris to stop harassing Alison. Emily tells Casey to try and persuade Tom to stop cause he'll listen to him. Paul's lawyer tells Barbara that if anyone can find evidence to clear Paul then the person he has in mind will, Barbara is then shocked when the person is Rick Decker. Paul and Meg say if Barbara didn't do it then who killed Sofie. Meg tells Margo that Paul did it because of her. Margo has shocking news that she could charge Paul and Meg with obstruction of justice, his lawyer arrives and says that his bail has been posted. Rick almost runs into Susan at Memorial. Margo is beside herself after learning that Rick is investigating. Casey tells Margo and Tom that he's done with Emily and he wants to come back home and to drop the suit against Emily. Alison screams as she sees Rick at the hospital. Rick tells Barbara that Sofie was killed by a medical profession either a doctor or a nurse, Barbara then calls Paul and says that Meg may not be innocent after all.moreless
    • Ep. #13284
      Ep. #13284
      Season 53 - Episode 47
      Margo brings in Paul for questioning regarding Sofie's accusation. Daniel begins to feel down, about Tom not being able to go to the concert with him and Emily. Carly is upset when Jack comes and wants to go riding with Sage to. Emily agrees to take Daniel, and tells Casey not to ruin it for her. Paul tells Mike that he couldn't leave it alone. Sofie presents a pair of her underwear as evidence. Barbara offers to go and support Paul by offering to get him an attorney. Casey and Emily remember the good times they had together. Paul offers a DNA sample to prove he's innocent, but the test come back positive he's then placed under arrest. Carly confronts Holden about calling Jack to come today. Barbara tells Sofie when the truth does come out she'll deal with her personally. Casey goes to Emily's hotel room and the two have sex, they then hurry as Daniel returns early. Sofie is shocked as Cole at her door.moreless
    • Ep. #13367
      Ep. #13367
      Season 53 - Episode 130
      Lily tells Lucinda that Carly has every right to be at the benefit tonight cause it's her club. Jack tells Janet that she looks astonishing in the dress that was designed for her. Margo tells Emily as she arrives to see Casey that he doesn't want to see him. Aaron wonders why Alison is making excuses not to make love to him, she says that she's disappointed that she can't have any kids. Margo tells Meg that she'll keep Lucinda makes an announcement of selling the land back to Emma and whatever they take in tonight it'll be used to clean up the contamination. Lily and everyone at Metro is shocked to see Dusty alive. Margo learns that Dusty was the one that was shot and takes him down to the station. Chris tells Alison that he's going back to Africa and wants her to go with him, but she says that she can't leave Aaron. Aaron then confronts Chris and he tells them that he slept with Alison before the wedding, he goes to tell Alison and she admits that it's true, he then leaves. Margo tells Dusty that he's facing multiple felonies. Lily rails at Holden for his betrayal in keeping the fact that Dusty was alive and didn't tell her. Emily sneaks into the interrogation room and slaps Dusty and lays into him for making her believe he was dead and they end up embracing. Alison goes to Chris and says that whatever feelings she had for him are gone after what he did tonight.moreless
    • Ep. #12969
      Ep. #12969
      Season 51 - Episode 239
      Dusty catches up with Emily at the Lakeview and that he knows she was at the party at the Avalon Hotel. Gwen tells Maddie that it is her ring in the box and that Adam could still be alive. Parker wonders why Jack is having dinner with Katie at Al's diner. Maddie and Gwen agree to go back to the woods to see if Adam's body is still there. Katie offers to look after J.J. and Parker while Jack goes to the station. Jade tells Margo that she got some flowers supposedly from Adam. Will tells Gwen that his father is being honored with a Medal of Valor from Washington, D.C., but she says that she can't go. Gwen and Maddie discover Adam's body is gone.moreless
    • Ep. #13420
      Ep. #13420
      Season 53 - Episode 183
      Barbara learns that Meg had the baby and meets her granddaughter Eliza. Jade explains the situation to Lily about not knowing what her boyfriend was planning. Bonnie meets with Derek at the Lakeview and and before he can say that he can't be her father, Bonnie tells him that Jade was arrested. Paul thinks that Josie is Jennifer, he says that he's been a bad brother, he then hears a baby crying and asks her if it her baby Johnny. Holden warns Dusty to keep his distance cause he can take care of his sister from now on. Lily asks Jade if there's any information about Robbie that can help find him, Bonnie says that Derek won't help, so Lily goes and asks Derek and why he won't help Jade. Meg introduces Paul to his child. Derek meets Jade and he wants anything that she can remember, Jade then asks why he's looking at her like that. Josie tells Dusty that Paul is in with Meg and their baby, she says to go with it Dusty goes in the room and tells Paul to stay away from Meg, Paul hallucinates and a doctor sedates. Holden and Lily arrive and ask Bonnie how things with Jade are coming along with her case. Derek tells Bonnie that Jade could be facing some serious jail time. Josie tells Dusty that he heard a baby crying and when he did he was a sane and rational person, Dusty says he won't make the same mistake of trusting her again.moreless
    • Ep. #13423
      Ep. #13423
      Season 53 - Episode 186
      Janet surprises Jack with his first ever Italian Christmas, Jack says it'll be good to have new traditions, Janet then gives Jack a holiday sweater with a Reindeer on the front. Carly talks with J.J. on the phone saying he's unable to come home for the holidays, Carly says to make sure he's home next year, she then asks Parker to take some presents over to the farm. Dusty checks in on Meg and Eliza, he tells Meg that there's no change in Paul's condition. Parker gets Liberty's present from the desk drawer and Carly tells him to hurry over there fast, Carly then shuts the door on Craig when he arrives with gifts, Parker insists that Craig stay. Alison brings something for the baby, Meg thanks her for the rattle. Alison gets a text from Lucy asking to meet her in Old Town in 15 minutes. Parker asks Craig if he did in fact blow up Paul's car, he says that he didn't do it. Jack asks Carly what she's thinking of allowing Craig into the house, she says is capable and she doesn't need him anymore. Craig is introduced to Janet and she offers him some of her tasty treats. Dusty accompanies Meg back to Emma's and sees Craig, Dusty asks what he's doing there and he says apparently he's here to welcome Eliza home. Alison discovers Johnny and Lucy in Old Town. Parker gives Liberty his present and sees that it's a bracelet with a skateboard charm reminding her of when they first met by her running into him, she says that she can't accept it. Alison sets Lucy and Johnny at the Lakeview keeping them safe, Lucy opens up and says that Johnny needs a bone marrow transplant she gives Alison a list of potential donors and to find a way of testing them. Parker and Liberty kiss and she tells him that she doesn't feel anything. Lucy sings Silent Night as she puts Johnny to bed, Alison agrees to help with the process of finding a donor.moreless
    • Ep. #12721
      Ep. #12721
      Season 50 - Episode 240
      Despite Nick's refusal to point the finger at Carly, Katie calls Jack behind his back to tell him about the note and the Galaxy club. Paul's refusal to tell Jennifer where Dusty's body is has her convinced that while Paul may have killed him, he didn't bury him. Emily convinces Hal to search Emily's room where he finds the bloody gloves and he arrests her, much to Emily's delight. Gwen and WIll head to Hal's to tell him about their marriage and Gwen cleans the house while they wait for him. When he shows up, they tell him their news. Jennifer realises that Paul is in love with Meg.moreless
    • Ep. #13434
      Ep. #13434
      Season 53 - Episode 197
      Carly and Lily settle their differences regarding Holden wanting to loan her some money, and decide to go out for lunch. Janet confronts Liberty about what's going on with Parker. Dusty brings Johnny home to the Lakeview and gives him a new train set and is touched when Johnny calls him Daddy. Parker thanks Craig for helping with Liberty at Metro the other day, they then go to the hospital to give him the present to Johnny personally but learns that Dusty had him discharged from the hospital. Lily asks Carly where she got the money from to keep Metro from going under, and is shocked when it came from Craig. Craig and Parker go and see Johnny and take him for ice cream, Josie calls Dusty and warns him, Dusty then calls the police and tells Jack. Liberty tells Janet that she's wants to feel something more for Parker, Janet insists on telling Carly this. Josie tells Jack that Craig had his number in her phone, Dusty calls him and he says there in the lounge having ice cream, Dusty then threatens Craig, and Johnny says why does he have to be so mean. Janet tells Carly and Jack that Parker and Liberty have gotten back together, Parker is then surprised when Carly is okay with it. Josie says for Dusty not to lose his cool. Parker and Liberty rejoice they can be together now. Craig surprises Carly when he proposes to her, she then shuts the door in his face.moreless
    • Ep. #13445
      Ep. #13445
      Season 53 - Episode 208
      Craig wants Carly to be a character witness at Johnny's hearing. Josie tells Paul that Dusty only married Meg just to get custody of his son and that's it. Carly tells Craig to walk into that courtroom and just to be himself. Paul gets a phone call and is not gonna let Dusty get away with this. Tom learns that Dusty married Meg to show him, and thinks he has a shot. Brad and Katie bring an outrageous idea to Kim about bringing their show Oakdale Now back, but she tells Brad that his job is no longer available, and all the problems he had while on the air. Carly lays into Craig for firing his lawyer, he said it was what she said about being himself. Kim asks Katie if she and Brad were serious about starting a family and thinks she may have a way to turn things around on. Josie warns Dusty that she thinks that Paul might do something that might interrupt the hearing. Craig learns that Dusty is married, Paul then comes in and says that the marriage isn't legal. Paul shows the judge proof that Meg isn't married to Dusty, Meg says she can't stay married to Paul cause he's trouble, Paul requests that Josie tell the court everything. Brad opens the door to see a camera crew at his door, and Katie explains the situation about Kim's idea and if he agrees he can have his job back at Oakdale Now. The judge has had it with Craig and Dusty's quarreling and it made his decision pretty clear. Dusty's worst nightmare happens when Craig is awarded full custody of Johnny.moreless
    • Ep. #12963
      Ep. #12963
      Season 51 - Episode 233
      Casey is confronted by Jared and Kip, whom he still owes money to, and Will steps in to help him. Iris is curious as to what Maddie has to say about the body at the morgue. Katie and Jack see Vienna come into Al's Diner with someone and she then goes over and explains her situation with Prince Adolpho to them. Emily realises that the person that Dusty and she are waiting for is Eliot Gerard, the man she was with the other night. Jade announces to Maddie and Gwen that she got a voice mail from Adam.moreless
    • Ep. #12965
      Ep. #12965
      Season 51 - Episode 235
      Emily is attacked by Eliot. Meg and Craig find themselves in close quarters again. Lucinda tells Dusty that Eliot Gerard has a mean streak and the last woman he was with ended up quitting her job. Susan calls Dusty and tells him that someone beat up Emily and goes to see if she's alright. Craig rents Al's diner for the evening and he and Meg dance all night long.moreless
    • Ep. #13397
      Ep. #13397
      Season 53 - Episode 160
      Brad tells Katie to stop glaring at her laptop cause the e-mail will come when it does. Carly goes to talk to Jack and tells him that Sage is really freaked out, Jack says that Janet is telling the truth and that Sage is lying. Katie tells Brad that the person who sent the instant message and that person stole the evidence from the Oakdale PD, and Brad says to get the jump on the person is to get their show back. Janet catches Liberty looking at her book about her dream wedding. Carly makes a demand of Jack that whenever he sees Sage to make sure that Janet is nowhere around. Katie and Brad figure out what to do when Kim won't let them back on the air. Carly asks Bonnie for her input about keeping Janet away from her kids and asks if she could help her. Parker confronts Liberty about sending mixed messages regarding Van. Katie takes Brad to see someone about expanding their show with another marketing person, but Dave said that going back on air is a bad idea. Parker tells Liberty that if she stays right there he'll have no choice but to kiss her, but Liberty thinks it's a bad idea for it to happen. Carly stops by and gives Jack papers regarding a restraining order. Brad is shocked when he sees Spencer walking on a street in Chicago, he then screams her name, Spencer then starts to run away, Brad goes and tells Katie that he saw Spencer and that she isn't dead after all. Janet tells Jack that maybe it's best that they don't have the wedding, Jack says that he promises that it won't destroy them.moreless
    • Ep. #13377
      Ep. #13377
      Season 53 - Episode 140
      Janet is still bruising after her assault last night, Jack stops by to see Janet but she says she doesn't want to see him. Jack manages to an word in edge wise and says it's all his fault that Janet got hurt. Paul assures Emily that they're plan is gonna work as long as their careful, they then start an argument to keep Dusty from getting suspicious. Jack goes to and speaks with Henry and learns that Janet wasn't just assaulted she was also mugged, he feels really bad and goes to see if he can find the guy who did this. Meg insists that Paul quite World Wide, since him and her don't need anymore stress. Jack tracks down the person who mugged Janet, and he could go to jail for attacking the guy at the front desk, Jack says to Dallas to hold onto Lester while he brings him a case. Dusty offers to buy into World Wide company when she says that she can't run it anymore. Dallas tries to persuade him whether or not if he's a cop or not. Emily tells Paul that Dusty is the person that's buying his shares, Paul then goes ballistic. Lucinda celebrates her freedom with Brian.moreless
    • Ep. #12978
      Ep. #12978
      Season 51 - Episode 248
      Emily asks Susan if she's heard anything from Alison. Casey realises that Gwen and Will aren't heading to Florida but rather to northern Michigan and heads off to find them. Henry and Vienna learn from Casey that Maddie is going to see her sister, Eve. Craig stops Lily from calling Lucinda after learning that World Wide could be sued for the E. Coli poisoning in the baby food. Holden tells Meg that Ethan's fever broke and that he is going to be just fine. Paul takes Meg back to the cabin where they connected and they make love by the fire. Barbara is curious about what Will did with his trust fund. Craig makes an attempt to gain access to Rosanna's bank account to make sure the company doesn't go bankrupt. Lily encounters more angry parents at the hospital with sick children. Jade tells Casey that Maddie shouldn't be able to get away with murder, and Casey wants to know what she means by that.moreless
    • Ep. #12825
      Ep. #12825
      Season 51 - Episode 92
      Gwen confronts Will about his affair with Jade, and he confesses that he did it. Gwen is furious, and tells him they're finished. Mike tries to convince Katie not to spend too much time dwelling on the fact that Simon and Katie are in New York together, but when Kim offers her a chance to go to a conference there, she jumps at it. Jessica shows up to represent Maddie at Henry and Eve's insistence, and urges her young client not to say anything. Dallas suggests that Jade could be a possible suspect. Carly is furious with Simon after he answers her cell phone and quits her job again, but changes her mind again. Eve and Jack find common ground as they commisserate about always having to be the strong and in control ones in their families.moreless
    • Ep. #13390
      Ep. #13390
      Season 53 - Episode 153
      Carly overhears Liberty tell Parker not to interfere with Jack and Janet's relationship. Jack gives Janet flowers as a peace offering saying that she was set up by Sage and still trying to figure out how she knew that George was in town. Lily asks a nurse what she was doing in the room with Lucinda. Brad sees Spencer laying dead on her bed in her room he thinks that she's faking at first but then feels for a pulse, he then calls Katie and tells her that Spencer is dead and not to tell Margo anything and to come to the Lakeview right away. Lily gets the cold shoulder from Lucinda as she walks by her without saying a word. Carly tells Parker that he didn't answer Liberty's question about trying to sabatoge his father's relationship. Jack tells Janet that Sage found her ring in the rubber glove. Parker tells Carly what the big deal is when she doesn't want them getting married anymore than he does. Katie makes an assumption that Brad strangled Spencer, Margo then follows and tells Brad and Katie not to move. Parker makes an admission to Liberty that he did do it but not to hurt Janet. Janet accuses Parker and Sage of doing just what Carly wanted them to do. Lily runs into Carly in Old Town and takes her to the Lakeview for a drink. Lucinda tells Brian that her cancer is back and she's surprised when he says he's gonna be there to fight it with her. Dani's report proves conclusive that there was no other person other than Brad in the room. Margo says she has enought evidence to arrest Brad for Spencer's murder.moreless
    • Ep. #13392
      Ep. #13392
      Season 53 - Episode 155
      Liberty is crushed when Jack says with the amount of evidence they have against Brad, he doesn't think there's anything that he can do. Katie asks Kim to put her back on the air, but Kim doesn't think that's a good idea. Tom tells Margo the withhold crucial evidence so he can Brad out on bail, Margo then refuses. Katie goes in front of the camera and explains Brad's situation and to the fans that he couldn't do what he's accused of, Kim then steps in and helps her when she gets emotional. Margo tells Jack that he can see Brad for five minutes. Someone gives Katie a message, it says to e-mail if she wants her help. Katie sends an e-mail and gets an immediate response from someone who wants to help. Jack wants Brad to tell him who would do this to him and why and believes he didn't kill Spencer. Henry tells Vienna they have to do something cause he's not going to sit and let Brad go to jail for something he didn't do. Parker tries to lift Liberty's spirits by saying that even though Jack won't help doesn't mean he's going to give up. Margo tells Dani that she's going with them to the morgue and Jack to hold down the fort. Henry and Vienna think of a way to help Brad. Katie says to Brad that maybe there is something out there that can help him. Liberty tells Van that he's going to be hanging out with Parker today, which pleases him very much. Margo gets suspicious when Dani tells her that Spencer's body goes missing and wants answers. Liberty and Parker almost kiss but are interrupted by Janet. Margo is beside herself when Jack tell her that all the evidence that was collected at the crime scene along with Spencer's body is gone, Tom then says that with no body and evidence she has no case against Brad.moreless
    • Ep. #13673
      Ep. #13673
      Season 54 - Episode 186
      Henry tells Brad that he's not going to help him. Parker tells Liberty that she can't just give up on school. Liberty goes to WOAK hears and turns around and she sees Brad, and tells her to go ahead and go to college, but she doesn't want to do it without him. Janet is thrilled when she ses Brad come in Metro, but she says that he can't leave her and Liberty again and they dance to their favorite song, Dusty comes in and sees Janet is in the holiday spirit. Brad visits Jack drinking at Yo's and says he doesn't need to be getting drunk today. Carly and Jack celebrate Christmas Eve with Sage and Parker. Santa says to Brad to go and say goodbye to Katie and Jacob, they have an emotional reunion and and tearful farewell. Dusty and Janet kiss after helping her put up mistletoe over the door. Katie calls Simon wishing him and Henry a Merry Christmas.moreless
    • Ep. #13674
      Ep. #13674
      Season 54 - Episode 187
      Bob Hughes narrates this special Christmas episode. Lily comes out and tells the men guarding the house that it's okay cause it's only Lucinda. Luke looks at a picture of Noah missing him terribly. Holden gets a call from Molly and he asks how Abigail and her are doing in California. Lucinda goes over to see Emma and she's here to help save Christmas and it's up to the to step in, she agrees and tells Holden that she "burned" her goose. Lucinda calls Lily that she's at "Al's" and for her to come and get her, Lily says for Luke to watch everyone til she comes back. Holden and Lily run into each other outside Al's diner, they realize that they've been set up, and they then decide what to do about her mother's and Emma's plan. Lucinda shows Lily and Holden the letter and that Faith has applied to the same boarding school as J.J., Lily then asks her what her reason for going to that school. Everyone gathers for the family Christmas photo, Lucinda surprises Luke when she brings Noah in the room. Noah tells Luke that the only thing he thought about while sitting alone at the clinic was Christmas and he just wanted to spend it with him. Faith is thrilled when Holden and Lily agree to let her go to that boarding school. Molly comes to the house right from the airport, Lily says she's leaving cause Damian will be home soon. Lucinda tells Emma that there's still much work to be done.moreless
    • Ep. #12769
      Ep. #12769
      Season 51 - Episode 36
      Emily signs the divorce papers Paul brings to her, but is upset to learn later from Jessica's office that although Paul has the papers terminating his parental rights, he hasn't brought them to her yet.
    • Ep. #12784
      Ep. #12784
      Season 51 - Episode 51
      Jennifer worries that something she did somehow made Johnny sicker, but Lucy tries to assure her that she didn't do anything wrong.
    • Ep. #13008
      Ep. #13008
      Season 52 - Episode 24
      Emily tells Dusty that she is worried that Alison is using drugs again. Katie and Brad travel to meet the winner of the Do a Chore for You contest. Jack questions Parker when he finds a book that Carly used to read to him when he was little in the garbage. Kim gets a disturbing call at WOAK from some woman who doesn't want Brad in her town and threatens to kill Brad if he comes. Kim then goes to Jack to warn Brad. Craig is determined to locate Rosanna. Paul calls Alison and says that it's time for another call to Craig. Cheri tries to get Emily to come back to work for her after explaining that everyone is requesting her services. Parker realizes that Faith put the book in his backpack. Emily is alarmed when she sees Paul and Alison together.moreless
    • Ep. #12989
      Ep. #12989
      Season 52 - Episode 5
      Dusty comes face-to-face with Alison. Jade receives an online response and meets up with Cleo that looks similar to Gwen. Margo tells Will that she got a call from Adam. Gwen interrupts a intimate moment between Maddie and Casey. Alison tells Emily to go ahead and call Susan and that would drive her to the bottle again. Gwen tells Maddie that she took a chance having sex with Casey and asked if she was careful, when Margo could've walked in instead of he and caught them. Dusty and Emily try to think of a way to get Alison away from Lance. Jade keeps Cleo from going to say Hi to Gwen as she and Will walk into Al's. Margo walks in on Casey and Maddie having sex on the couch.moreless
    • Ep. #12922
      Ep. #12922
      Season 51 - Episode 192
      Jack finally has the proof he needs to put Simon behind bars, but part of him is admittedly hesitant. Meg and Craig share a kiss.
    • Ep. #13769
      Ep. #13769
      Season 55 - Episode 30
      Chris gets mad at Katie when she plugs a win a date with him contest on the air. Vienna tells Casey that what happened last night can't happen again. Luke tells Noah that everything has changed between them and doesn't think he wants to go back. Alison asks Casey if he's in fact seeing someone. A distraught Barbara calls Henry saying that she thinks something is wrong. Chris tells Katie she's not going to get over Brad by taking over his life. Henry helps Barbara to relax by playing a game of poker. Luke asks Reid if what he said was true and if he was just using him all this time. Vienna continues to wait at the Lakeview bar and calls Henry but he says that he's in a meeting. Luke gives Noah a copy of his movie so that he can finally watch it, but Reid comes in saying Noah should need his rest. Henry loses as Barbara gloats when she has him where she wants him, and pushes him out in the hall naked. Vienna finds Casey and the two make love in one of the hospital rooms. Luke apologizes to Reid for jeopardizing Noah's recovery, but it's about him not standing seeing him and Noah together, Reid tells Luke they should go back the way they were before Texas. Alison sees Vienna and Casey kissing and goes to see Katie for her to do her matchmaking. Noah sees Reid and Luke together.moreless
    • Ep. #13773
      Ep. #13773
      Season 55 - Episode 42
      Alison tells Casey that Vienna is gonna end up hurting him. Katie tells Chris that she's uncomfortable with their kiss and it'll make her viewer's hate her. Henry can't believe that Vienna is pregnant. Katie gets an idea to get Alison and Chris together, but she gets stuck herself. Noah sees that Reid is obviously mad at Luke, and for Luke to go and apologize to him. Vienna comes to see Casey at the hospital, and asks to speak to him alone. Chris comes to Katie's rescue and that backfires and they both get trapped together. Casey tells Vienna is there any reason they should stop doing what they're doing. Barbara tells Henry it's convenient that Vienna's suddenly pregnant and the only way to make sure is to get a DNA test done. Luke is pressured by Reid to be straight with Noah. Alison rescues Chris and Katie and can't believe her latest matchmaking attempt. Noah tells Luke that he can tell him anything. Barbara drowns her sorrows while throwing the dance trophy in the garbage.moreless
    • Ep. #12693
      Ep. #12693
      Season 50 - Episode 212
      Lisa has no choice but to fire Gwen after the guest's accusation, and both Will and Gwen rail at Barbara, convinced she was somehow involved. Luke rages at Holden after finding him reading his blog and tries to get Holden to come out and say was he's thinking, but Holden chokes. Henry and Emily switch cell phones with Meg while she is packing, and Emily is shocked to call Meg's frequently dialed number and get Paul. Will decides to steal money from Barbara so that he and Gwen can find a place to sleep. Luke goes to a rooftop party where he meets Kevin.moreless
    • Ep. #12644
      Ep. #12644
      Season 50 - Episode 163
      Emily worries that she is always going to come second in Paul's life, to Rosanna, to Barbara, to Will, to Jennifer, but after an altercation with Barbara, Paul assures her that she'll come first with him for now on.
    • Ep. #12617
      Ep. #12617
      Season 50 - Episode 136
      Jack and Carly go to the airport and rush off to New York. Iris talks to Gwen's teacher to get information from her. Gwen and Will, still bonding in the school basement, are interrupted by a fussy baby Rory. Emily hides from Jennifer and Dusty. Jennifer and Dusty come op short on their search for Nurse Thompson. Mike begins construction work for B.J. and is struck on the head with a beam.moreless
    • Ep. #13768
      Ep. #13768
      Season 55 - Episode 29
      Emily confronts the perpretrator and asks where Eliza is, she then frantically calls Paul and says his daughter is missing. Holden tells Molly he's still condoning her for manipulating him by going to Silas. Paul and Meg hurry out to help Emily in the search for Eliza. Lily sees Reid and Luke and asks her son what's going on with the two of them. Luke and Noah bond after the surgery. Molly goes to see Silas and says she didn't want to do the interview but he doesn't believe her. Paul, Meg and Emily are relieved when Emma is at the station with Eliza. Reid tells Luke that it's gonna take some time before Noah regains consciousness. Emma tells Emily not to go anywhere near her granddaughter, when she goes up to her. Noah wakes up and Luke asks if he can see him. Emily reminds Paul the time he left Eliza in the car when he was in New York, Paul says he could lose her because of what she did. Emma tells Meg that soon Eliza will be home with her mother. Molly receives an interesting gift from Silas. Noah apologizes to Luke for treating him badly all those months and hopes to reconnect.moreless
    • Ep. #13764
      Ep. #13764
      Season 55 - Episode 25
      Carly practices with Parker to act shocked when Jack tells him about his money. Margo breaks the news to Jack about what Craig did and says for him to stay away from him. Liberty shows Janet the wig and asks what she thinks of it. Craig wakes up from his hangover, and calls Ellis and realizes he took the money and didn't invest it. Jack promises Parker that he'll punish Craig to the fullest extent of the law. Margo arrives with a warrant to search his hotel room. Reid tells Luke how would he know that he's making a mistake by kissing him and for him to admit he wanted this to happen. Carly tells Jack she's going with him to the station to see Craig. Dusty goes to Teri with a plan for Janet to take his money without her knowing it. Luke struggles to choose between Noah and Reid. Carly asks Craig why he would steal money from Parker's trust fund. Jack sees the transactions and Gabriel flew to Melrose Park in a chartered jet and it's possible he was blackmailing Craig. Teri lies to Janet and says that they're both getting an inheritance. Carly tells Parker he's not the guilty one here Craig and to let him rot.moreless
    • Ep. #13763
      Ep. #13763
      Season 55 - Episode 24
      Henry cautions Joe that him dancing with Barbara is a mistake, Joe thinks he's talking to Paul. Holden tells Molly who's made a dinner that he'll be late cause he and Lily are gonna go check on Noah at the hospital. Holden stops Luke before things get worse while he's yelling at Reid about the complications. Vienna hopes Casey will get her pregnant. Reid tells Bob how did he not see this, Bob says he knew there were no guarantees and for him to go home and rest. Barbara lays into Henry for scaring off Joe. Molly goes to the hospital to support Holdn. Vienna and Casey head back to the hotel room. Luke promises Holden he's not going to do anything stupid with Reid. Henry asks Barbara participate in a dance contest with him. Luke confronts Reid saying how could he leave the hospital and if he did this to Noah on purpose. Lily comes home to see her door is open thinking Craig is making good on his threat. Henry and Barbara dance to the beat at Metro and end up winning by default. Holden rushes to check on Lily leaving Molly disappointed. Reid can't believe Luke asked him such a question about him deliberately harming Noah. Vienna tells Henry he can take as much time as he needs cause she ain't going anywhere. Reid and Luke start to kiss passionately.moreless
    • Ep. #13762
      Ep. #13762
      Season 55 - Episode 23
      Alison tells Casey she's trying hard to be civil with each other. Reid sees Luke and Noah together and sees red. Katie sets Barbara up on a date with Rex who turns out to be a bore, a pilot named Joe rescues her. Vienna agrees to hold off on the wedding til next year, and wants to get pregnant now. Alison and Chris find themselves once again fixed up by Katie at the movie theatre. Reid operates on Noah and says he'll be seeing everything in no time. Casey sees Alison and Chris having a good time together in Old Town, and doesn't believe Katie fixed them up, Alison says this was a mistake. Luke holds the lucky charm in his hand hoping for an positive outcome in Noah's surgery. Henry realizes he needs space from Vienna. Vienna and Casey find themselves at the bar Metro. Henry explains to Katie she should talk to Vienna, but she says to go and make a baby with her. Reid encounters a problem with Noah and comes out and tells Luke about the problem. Henry sees Barbara with Joe at the Lakeview.moreless
    • Ep. #12616
      Ep. #12616
      Season 50 - Episode 135
      Emily speaks with Nurse Thompson in Florida. Carly and Jack continue to look for Gwen and Will. Jack gets a lead on the case regarding Iris who may have left for New York City. Gwen and Will bond in a school basement. Lily orders Keith to move out. Keith tells J.J. that he's staying in Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13714
      Ep. #13714
      Season 54 - Episode 227
      Lily and Molly team up to free Holden. Margo gets word and explains to Holden that the ring is a fake and has no choice but to place him under arrest. Luke asks Holden if he killed Damian. Jack tells Dusty to set up the dvd player for Liberty since he can't go in there. Carly tells Janet that since she slept with Dusty to let Jack go and to admit her marriage is over. Lily confronts Molly knowing that she's the one that sent her that fake ring to make her think Damian was alive. Dusty brings Liberty a punching bag to let out her frustrations on. Carly asks Jack if he's seriously considering having a child with Janet. Holden tells Luke that he and Damian got into it, and he was alive when he carried him on the freighter. Molly tells Lily that she did what it took to help Holden while she didn't lift a finger. Luke runs into Reid while looking for Bob and offers his help to him. Dusty tells Janet he wants to be with her and to listen to what her heart says. Margo tells Molly and Lily that Holden is being extradited. Reid tells Luke there's no way that person in the photos is Damian. Carly tells Dusty about the child that Jack and Janet are planning on having.moreless
    • Ep. #13480
      Ep. #13480
      Season 53 - Episode 243
      Margo and Tom come to the hospital asking Casey to come to Al's cause they have to talk. Meg can't believe that Dusty is defending Lucy, as Lucy overhears from behind the door. Emily refuses to take part in Paul's plan to get Meg back by having her stab him. Casey refuses to let Tom and Margo off the hook, even after Margo apologizes for arresting and shouldn't have believed him in the first place, Casey then has the impression that his parents think he's useless and storms off. Paul fiercely intentionally cuts himself. Alison comes into Al's and Margo asks her to talk to Casey. Tom comes home to see Casey packing up his things and is ready to move out, Alison then arrives as to Margo's request. Emily see Dusty and Lucy go into the elevator and decides to follow them. Paul comes into the hospital and she is immediately on to him and recognizes and self inflicted wound and it's some ploy to get her to feel sorry for him, Meg says for him to move on just like she did, Paul then threatens Dusty if he goes near Eliza. Emily follows Lucy down to the docks, and overhears her and some guy talking about the manifest shipment of Midnight Sun vodka coming in, she quickly hides when Lucy comes. Casey tells Margo that he accepts her apology. Emily tells Paul that Lucy is going to have a shipment put in with Craig's vodka, Paul then wonders what Lucy is up to and thinks going to her is the only way. Alison thanks Margo for inviting her to dinner. Paul issues a ultimatum to Lucy that he'll turn her over to the cops and to do what he asks and has 24 hours to do so.moreless
    • Ep. #13456
      Ep. #13456
      Season 53 - Episode 219
      Carly wakes up after a massive hang over, and after a call from Craig she remembers them sharing a kiss. Paul tells Barbara that he plans to plead guilty. Carly calls Lily and says that she has a business proposition for her. Josie thinks that Paul should do some growing up and not be father to Eliza in jail. Holden tells Dusty that he's sorry for the harsh things he said to him when Eliza was missing. Lily is impressed with Carly's proposal in her Midnight Sun vodka venture and doesn't think it's a good idea for them to be partners, she then agrees to take a look at it and then she'll get back to her. Josie tells Meg that she wants her to understand that she's going to testify on Paul's behalf. Lily runs into Craig at the Lakeview and says that Carly offered to make her a partner, Craig then tries to hide is chagrin, he then goes to talk with Carly. Lily asks Holden what he thinks of her and Carly being partners. Craig is outraged at Carly going to Lily, when he came up with the whole idea. Meg goes to see Paul after hearing from Josie that he's given and refuses to have a lawyer, and goes to see him against Dusty's warnings. Craig takes back control, when learning that Lily backed out of Carly's offer, Craig thinks he doesn't want a partner that he can't trust.moreless
    • Ep. #13457
      Ep. #13457
      Season 53 - Episode 220
      Parker and Liberty read Johnny the story of Pinocchio; Parker (Pinocchio) is built by Jack (Geppetto) and Carly (The Blue Fairy) brings him to life. Pinocchio and Liberty (Liberty Cricket) run into some shady people. Pinocchio lies to The Blue Fairy and his nose grows. Then he tells the truth and it makes him a real boy. Barbara then reads the story of sleeping beauty; Bob (the merchant) is confronted by the Beast and says he wants his daughter. Meg (the beauty) breaks the spell and returns to his Prince Paul persona. Dusty then reads the story of Rumpelstiltskin; Meg (Miller's Daughter) is told by Dusty (the King) to turn all the paper into gold then he'll marry her. Craig (Rumpelstiltskin) offers to help her with the task, the king is them impressed and marries the fair maiden. Rumpelstiltskin threatens to take away hers and the kings daughter, but he won't if she can guess his name. The King overhears him say his name, she guesses his name, and he then vanishes and the King and Queen live happily ever after. Craig begins telling Johnny the story of Cinderfella; Craig (Cinderfella) is stuck cleaning while Barbara (his stepmother) and Margo and Katie (stepsisters) went to the ball. He is then visited by Parker (Fairy Godfather) and he helps him go to the ball to capture the fair Princess (Carly), the princess is intrigued, by runs away before the clock strikes midnight, Major Domo (Jack) comes looking for the man who can wake Princess up, he does so and they live happily ever after. Meg reads the story of The Wizard of Oz; Meg (Dorothy) runs into Dusty (Scarecrow), Craig (Tin Man), and Paul (Cowardly Lion) on agrees to go see Bob (Wizard of Oz) and encounter Barbara (Wicked Witch of the West). The wizard vanquishes the witch and Margo (Glinda) tells Dorothy to click her heels together and say "There's no place like home."moreless
    • Ep. #13459
      Ep. #13459
      Season 53 - Episode 222
      Katie tells Brad that she got her period, Brad wants to know what's really wrong. Herny arrives at the diner and sees that Vienna isn't there, and has a pregnancy test with him to see if she's pregnant. Paul tells Josie why didn't see leave well enough alone and let him go to prison. Meg admits that she still loves Paul and isn't going back to him or take any money from him. Dusty gets something from a messenger and is disturbed. Margo hopes she can have a talk with Katie, but makes plans to see a fertility specialist. Paul kisses Josie, and she says for him to stop and slaps him. Henry tells Brad he caught Vienna poking holes in his condom, Brad then realizes something and the two of them take off. Margo asks why can't Katie let nature take it's course. Dusty confronts Paul with the papers about turning over Fairwinds to Meg, Dusty says that she won't take his money. Brad runs into Margo and sees Katie and she's almost caught in a lie, Margo says she doesn't like being apart of her situation. Meg learns that Dusty intercepted Paul's transferring of his assets to her, and says that she'll deal with Dusty. Josie tells Dusty that she's leaving town this time for good this time. Brad is honest with Katie about what Henry told him and he was looking for her diaphragm earlier, she admits she threw them out, and covers when by saying she was getting some new ones. Josie tells Dusty to try and find himself and he could have a family with Meg.moreless
    • Ep. #13713
      Ep. #13713
      Season 54 - Episode 226
      Lily shows Holden the gift that Damian delivered, and he's alive. Craig asks Ellis how much would he get if he liquidated all his assets to back Monte Carlo himself. Carly is about to tell Jack about Janet and Dusty's kiss, she's then surprised by Janet's news of how to save Liberty by having a baby. Margo comes and breaks the news that a body was recovered off the coast of Malta and was identified as Damian. Ellis questions Craig's motives in his idea to back his and Carly's company personally. Luke lays into Noah for finally admitting his feelings after pushing him away for months. Holden is glad that Damian's alive and thought for a moment that he did kill Damian. Margo goes down to the docks and questions Arthur about what he saw. Luke tells Lily that Damian couldn't have sent the ring cause his body was found a while ago and that he's dead. Carly goes ranting to Craig of Jack having a baby with Janet, and if so she'll lose him forever. Margo tells Holden that Damian is dead and his remains were identified and he was the last person to see him alive. Craig runs into Jack and offers his congratulations. Janet tells Carly that she wants him as far away from her family as possible. Margo tells Holden that she's gonna bring him in for questioning.moreless
    • Ep. #13526
      Ep. #13526
      Season 54 - Episode 39
      Alison learns that Hunter sent Larry an e-mail invitation and isn't exactly pleased. Paul pleads with Rosanna to let him and Eliza stay with her, but she says she must leave. Susan apologizes for being late for and then sees her ex-husband and asks what he's doing here. Hunter tries to say he's sorry but Casey says for him to leave Alison alone. Paul sees a cop come in and Rosanna says for him to make himself scarce, Rosanna tells Paul not to thank her and has no idea why she did that. Larry runs into Hunter at Java and he says that she went back to Casey's place. Rosanna asks Paul to be straight with her and to tell him the truth. Larry shows up at Casey's place wanting to talk with Alison, but doesn't want him to hurt her again, but she insists on talking to him. Hunter tells Emily that he made another mistake and told Larry where to find Alison. Rosanna asks Edna if Paul and Eliza can stay a little longer, Paul promises that he'll work and do whatever he needs. Alison and Larry have an understanding and cleared the air about somethings. Rosanna tha Paul can stay and that there's a room in the back. Alison tells Casey she wants to stay with him tonight now that Margo and Tom are in Chicago.moreless
    • Ep. #13758
      Ep. #13758
      Season 55 - Episode 19
      Reid tells Luke that the kiss doesn't have to happen again unless he wants to. Gabriel regains consciousness and then collapses from smoke inhalation. Lucinda says to Lily that Craig will use Gabriel to his advantage. Carly stops Parker from entering the building to look foor Gabriel but doesn't tell why he's going in. Luke answers Reid's phone and learns from Noah that his surgery is tomorrow. Parker tells Faith that the police are gonna look at him as a suspect in starting the fire to hurt Gabriel. Gabriel is brought out and rushed to the hospital. Faith tells Lily that Gabriel was caught in a fire and might die, Lucinda says to wait what happens and they might now have to tell Craig the truth. Carly tells Parker to come with her cause there's something he's not telling her. Margo learns that Gabriel suffered blunt forced trauma before the fire started. Lily surprises Craig and sees him looking at Gabriel who's on a respirator. Noah asks Luke to be there when his surgery is over. Margo learns about the fire was arson. Carly wants Parker to tell her what's going on. Lily tells Craig that Gabriel is his son.moreless
    • Ep. #13749
      Ep. #13749
      Season 55 - Episode 10
      Paul wakes up to find Emily watching him and Meg in bed. Luke wonders why Reid doesn't call him by his first name. Luke helps Reid work on his testimony for the trial. Silas comes to the Lakeview to see Molly, but she rejects his second chance offer. Faith sees Lily and Holden in a warm moment. Meg apologizes to Emily for dozing off, and lays into Paul. Faith comes in the room after hearing Lily says she shouldn't be around her brother and sister. Reid gets an eyeful when seeing Luke in a towel. Lily offers Faith an exciting proposition for her to live at the farm with her father. Emily tells Emma that she found Meg and Paul in bed together and they looked pretty cozy. Faith looks at Molly while looking at Holden and Lily through the window. Noah is delighted that Luke is able to put his personal feelings for Reid aside. Silas comes to the farm and Holden tells him to get out. Faith tells Lily that she saw her and Holden she know she wants him back.moreless
    • Ep. #13726
      Ep. #13726
      Season 54 - Episode 239
      Barbara tells Henry that he's got everything including the Stenbeck fortune. Katie sees that one of the eyes on Jacob's bear is missing and becomes concerned thinking her son swallowed it. Bob once again offers Reid with his skill they can make Memorial the best in the country, he tells Kim he's gonna miss his ego around her. Reid tells Luke that when he says goodbye to Noah, he'd better do it with a smile on his face. Chris Hughes returns to Oakdale and almost runs over Katie, he offers to examine Jacob. Kim comes into Fashions and sees Henry and Barbara, and she hopes she's not interrupting. Chris tells Reid about the time they met years ago in Medical school about how he cheated to get the fellowship. Noah tells Luke that him paying for the surgery isn't going to be a problem. Barbara and Henry make their relationship public. Reid agrees with Henry and Chris by saying he's not the right man for Katie cause he's gay, but Katie says she already knew the truth. Reid sees Luke and Noah kissing. Kim and Bob are delighted at Chris's return, and he asks why would he hire someone like Dr. Reid Oliver. Henry says to Barbara he didn't get the chance to tell Katie about their relationship. Vienna comes to the Lakeview and hopes to be staying indefinately.moreless
    • Ep. #13720
      Ep. #13720
      Season 54 - Episode 233
      Reid tells Katie that he's excited that he's gonna be heading home to Dallas soon. Noah tells Luke that Maddie had to go back to Wesleyan cause cause she had to finish the last quarter, and will find somewhere else to live and objects to going back to Lily's house. Lily is glad that Faith came home in light of the family crisis regarding Holden. Damian tells Faith to stick to the plan. Henry tells Katie that he doesn't think Reid will leave once he's aquitted. Kim explains to Bob that she can't wait to get Reid out of the hospital and their lives altogether. Damian is unable to get into Lily's house when he sees that security guard come back to his post. Faith gets a text from "Max" and makes an excuse and leaves. Henry stands up and demands to be heard, but the judge dismisses the case. Reid tells Bob that it's gonna take him getting alot of equipment and a neurological wing to get him to stay, Katie knows where he can get that money. Molly is bothered by Faith's behaviour and goes to Holden for her concern. Luke is devastated when Reid reveals his plans to bring Noah back to Dallas with him. Katie calls Vienna hoping she'll come and talk some sense into Henry. Damian watches Lily from outside the door.moreless
    • Ep. #12707
      Ep. #12707
      Season 50 - Episode 226
      Carly covers for Jack with her wedding ring, then tries desperately to track Nick down to get it back. Meanwhile, Katie finds it and questions Nick about it. While returning it to Carly (and warning her off Nick), Katie has to cover in front of a curious Jack, and vows to keep Nick and Carly apart. With Casey threatening her with the tape, Barbara withdraws all the charges and says she's doing it for Will. Later, Casey scores points with Maddie as Barbara realises she was tricked. Lucinda continues to be suspicious of Jade's claims, but Holden temporarily backs off after a special letter from Rose arrives for Jade.moreless
    • Ep. #13716
      Ep. #13716
      Season 54 - Episode 229
      Tom tells Holden that he's gonna fight the extradition process. Casey asks Alison if he loves Mick. Luke tells Lily that Reid said that there's no way the person in the photos is Damian. Mick manages to punch Casey knocking him down, he starts wheeling away. Molly takes matters into her own hands to help Holden. Luke tells Reid that he has to be at the extradition hearing to tell him about what he saw in the photo. Casey admits to Alison that maybe he rushed into things, and that he still loves her. Lily tells Holden about the recent discovery that the person in the autopsy photo isn't Damian. Alison finds Mick in the hospital stairwell, and tries to get him to turn himself in. Noah lashes at Reid for not thinking about Luke but only him. Holden stops Molly before she gets herself arrested along with him. Luke is glad when Reid shows up at the station and explains his analysis of the person in the photo not being that of Damian Grimaldi. Franklin says that the extradition is still going through, Holden says that they have to discuss the kids and he doesn't want them to see him in jail. Molly goes on air and makes a statement, which everyone hears, Lily says that this could mean he's not going anywhere. Damian is shown alive and receiving a text, and goes ballistic that Holden's extradition is cancelled.moreless
    • Ep. #12913
      Ep. #12913
      Season 51 - Episode 183
      Lucinda protects Lucy from an avenging Craig, and Lucy is able to slip out of town with Johnny in the hopes of giving him a better life. Lily finds out that Holden was getting dance lessons from Tea and not having an affair.
    • Ep. #12641
      Ep. #12641
      Season 50 - Episode 160
      Will heads back to Iris' place looking for his missing credit card and unwittingly walks into a trap Iris has set for him. Henry gets B.J. to promise that he won't hurt Mike. Mike and Katie learn from Jack that B.J. is being investigated by the F.B.I. and Katie volunteers to go undercover, but Mike refuses to let her. Meg warns Paul that he can no longer manipulate her, not realising that Dusty and Jennifer are locking lips in a stalled elevator.moreless
    • Ep. #12861
      Ep. #12861
      Season 51 - Episode 131
      Holden and Luke search the hospital for a missing Lily. Gwen and Will make love at their cottage. Dusty and Lucy walk through the ice storm to get Johnny to the hospital. Katie finds Mike in a cabin in the woods.
    • Ep. #13737
      Ep. #13737
      Season 54 - Episode 240
      Vienna prepares for her reunion with Henry. Janet tells Dusty that if it is his baby then she'll wear his ring. Luke sees a different side to Reid when he sees him holding Jacob in Old Town. Janet becomes upset when Carly arrives at the hospital. Henry goes down to the lobby and sees Vienna. Reid sees that Luke is overhearing a private conversation. Vienne tells Henry that she's proud of him for donating that money to the hospital for a new wing. Barbara sees that Carly is once again teamed up to work on a design company. Jack learns that he's the father of Janet's baby. Luke accuses Reid of being homophobic, and he surprises Luke by saying he's gay as well. Dusty tells Janet that he does want to marry her. Carly realizes when Jack comes by that he's the father and not Dusty. Henry cancels his plans with Barbara. Katie tells Reid the good news of Henry donating that money and his wing can be built, but he decides to head back to Dallas. Barbara catches sight of Henry and Vienna. Janet tells Dusty that she's sorry and she can't marry him after all.moreless
    • Ep. #13485
      Ep. #13485
      Season 53 - Episode 248
      Carly wakes realizes that she slept with Craig, and wonders what she has done and tells him to leave. Parker assures Liberty that he'll pay back Craig for the dress once he gets control of his trust fund. Alison tries to persuade Casey to take some summer classes, Casey says that he isn't going back. Craig tells Parker that he'll regret being emancipated so he can get back at his parents. Jack apologizes to Janet for his slip of the tongue about catching Carly and Craig in "his bed". Margo tries to get Casey to do what Alison suggested him going back to school but Casey doesn't want to hear it. Margo learns from Jack that he caught Carly and Craig in bed together last night. Bob tells Casey that the hospital has to cut some of the staff and he's one of them. Janet tells Craig to butt out and let Carly and Jack settle their differences and become friends. Jack apologizes to Carly for barging in on her yesterday, and they go on to the hearing together for Parker. Bob tells Casey that they're are other jobs out there and he'll find one, he then tells Alison what happened since he'll have a lot of time on his hands. Margo sees that Craig's generosity is actually genuine and comes to the realization that he's in love with Carly. The judge orders a recess and will reconvene and will return with his decision, he then denies Parker's petition and withdraws Carly as trustee, Parker appoints Craig which makes Jack mad thinking this is what he wanted all along. Alison leads Casey in the right direction. Carly confronts Craig about wanting to control Parker's money, Craig says he knew nothing of this would ever happen.moreless
    • Ep. #13523
      Ep. #13523
      Season 54 - Episode 36
      Damian asks Meg if there's any word on Paul or Eliza, Meg says that there's a search going on. Janet, Carly and Jack try to figure out Parker dropping out of school, Craig offers that he got to family therapy. Meg tells Barbara that she could be behind the kidnapping. Paul sees Rosanna cross the street, says that it really is her and goes after her but loses her. Rosanna takes off in the other direction that Paul thinking running into him is the last thing she needs. Carly says that Parker is going to therapy, Parker agrees to go just not with his mother. Paul calls Barbara wanting her help and 100 thousand dollars, but she refuses and tries to convince her to come home, as Lisa listens from the door. Carly thinks about what Parker said and then pours herself a drink. Jack becomes concerned when Carly is nowhere to be found, and calls Janet and says to go look for her. Carly is pulled over for speeding, and he asks her to take a breathalizer test. Paul goes to the market to buy milk, and sees Rosanna, and she says she didn't feel like contacting any family members. Lisa tells Meg that she thinks that Barbara is hiding something. Rosanna opens up to Paul that when she woke up, she has no income and that Cabot Motors went under cause of the economy. Parker comes home worried that his mother was in an accident or something even worse. Carly is brought into the station and Craig finds out she was charged with a D.U.I. Damian tells Lisa to get Barbara to trust her. Jack comes and is appalled with what Carly did. Parker says that his mother is a screwup and deserves whatever she gets. Rosanna makes Paul promise not to tell anyone that he seen her as he heads back to Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13522
      Ep. #13522
      Season 54 - Episode 35
      Damian, Meg and Dusty go to Fairwinds only to discover that Paul is not there, and Meg learns that Paul was looking for his passport. Katie tells Brad that she's fearing the worst and she's the reason that Vienna lost her baby. Dusty offers to search all the banks, and just misses Paul in Old Town with Eliza in his arms. Damian insists that he and Meg go to the airport to stop Paul from leaving, Dusty says that he was five minutes too late and withdres all his money. Vienna gets devastating news that she lost her baby. Paul goes to charter a plane to get out of the country. Bonnie tells Meg that Paul has custody of Eliza and can take her away if he wants. Brad goes to find Henry, but the person tells him that he's not here, but Brad insists cause it's urgent. Damian finds the charter service that Paul's using and Paul hides when he sees Damian, and immediately changes his plans. Henry comes to the house and says he has the money that lawyer took from him, Vienna then tells Henry the bad news that she lost their baby. Henry tells Katie that what happened to Vienna doesn't sound like an accident to me. Bonnie tells Dusty that if he goes hunting down Paul himself he's only gonna make trouble. Meg finds Eliza's bib in Paul's car and wonders why he left it. Henry tells Vienan that despite what happened their still a family and will be here when she wakes up. Paul comes face-to-face with Rosanna.moreless
    • Ep. #13734
      Ep. #13734
      Season 54 - Episode 247
      Holden asks Luke how he's dealing with his breakup with Noah. Faith tells Lily that she wants to go spend some time at the farm with her father. Bob explains to Reid that there's not enough money to finace the new wing. Lily is hurt when she hears Faith asking Molly to take her shopping, Faith admits to Lily that she didn't want to go with her. Chris's first day on the job doesn't go as planned. Luke is mad cause the only reason Reid is being nice to him is cause he wants money. Parker confronts Faith about her leaving the bag of joints in his room, Gabriel covers for her by saying that the drugs are his. Alison helps Chris get in touch with his sensitive side, Katie asks her to join in the segment. Molly tells Faith to stop this little game she's playing with her and Lily and to give her a break. Luke learns of Faith's suspension and also that she's using prescription medication as well. Bob promotes Alison to the position of floor nurse. Luke tells Reid that he can have any amount he wants.moreless
    • Ep. #13730
      Ep. #13730
      Season 54 - Episode 243
      Emily runs into Meg thinking she ran away, but she assures her she's on an outing. Molly discovers Faith's secret and for her to tell her parents or she will. Luke gets a glimpse into Reid's turbulent past. Faith promises Molly she'll tell her parents on the trip back to her school. Lucinda offers to pay Molly to get her out of town, but says she's not going anywhere. Reid lashes at one of the nurses and then goes to see Luke. Molly sends a text saying how they took the news from Faith and they go to see what it's all about. Meg says that it was a good idea, she says she wants to spend more time iwth Eliza. Holden and Lily are shocked at Faith being suspended for smoking pot at school.moreless
    • Ep. #13729
      Ep. #13729
      Season 54 - Episode 242
      Luke learns that Noah is basically staying in Oakdale, but Noah isn't moving back in with him. Henry asks Vienna to take things slow with each other cause he's changed since she's been away. Barbara feels that a few years ago she would've and easy foe for Vienna. Alison and Chris have an awkward reunion when seeing him with Bob and Kim at Al's. Reid and Katie come to Henry's room to get the cheque personally. Noah and Luke come to a decision about their relationship. Alison runs into Chris and sees he's taking some shifts at the hospital. Kim thinks it's a good idea to have the broadcast naming the neurological wing after Brad on Katie's show. Henry follows Barbara into the elevator saying they have unfinished business. Katie asks Daniel if he's ever been on television, cause he could offer some advice and help people. Alison offers to be Noah's roommate, he then accepts. Judd confronts Reid in the lounge of the Lakeview says he never forgot about what he did to him, as Luke overhears everything.moreless
    • Ep. #13487
      Ep. #13487
      Season 53 - Episode 250
      Paul asks Lucy how it was in Chicago, and asks if she and Dusty slept together. Parker tells Craig that since he's the trustee of his trust fund, he and Liberty can find an apartment. Meg tells Dusty that she stayed at Fairwinds, but not with Paul, cause he threatened to tell Craig that he was with Lucy and Johnny, Paul then walks by the farm and sees them kiss. Janet tells Liberty that she could annul her marriage to Parker. Jack tells Carly that if she wants to do something then get Parker's trust fund away from Craig. Carly calls Craig asking him to come to the house, cause she needs to speak to him. Craig refuses to step down as trustee cause Parker trusts him completely. Parker comes to tell Liberty good news, but wonders what's going on, Janet says to tell him right now. Paul approaches Lucy about not coming through when he just saw Dusty kissing Meg. Carly is grateful for Craig's actions. Lucy is forced to play Paul's game, by saying to Dusty that she's still in love with him, Dusty asks Lucy what is going on and to tell the truth. Liberty doesn't say what her mother wanted her to, Parker says that with Craig as his new trustee they can go back to classes. Jack tells Carly that she's made it clear in who's side she's on. Lucy explains that Paul found that she was using Craig's shipment for her use, and is blackmailing her to keep Dusty away from Meg. Parker needs money for a penthouse that he wants to lease, Craig says he's not getting a dime from him. Paul asks Meg that if he can get a social worker is available then can he see Eliza. Liberty and Parker hit a dead end, and realizes they only place to live at is Carly's house. Jack says to Parker that he did a good thing but going back home.moreless
    • Ep. #13446
      Ep. #13446
      Season 53 - Episode 209
      Dusty tells Meg to go ahead and cut the fake passports before he does something foolish. Jack gets some bad news and tells Janet that someone out bid them for the house they wanted. Craig comes to the farm wanting his son. Dusty tells Johnny that he wants him to spend time with his other daddy. Meg comes to Dusty's rescue. Liberty asks Janet for a little loan for $200 so Parker can get these tickets to Metallica. Dusty goes to Jennifer's grave and says that somehow he failed her, he lashes out and and why didn't she help save their boy, Meg shows up and overhears it. Johnny says that he wants to bake brownies, Craig gets an idea to go and make them at Carly's house, Jack stops by and tells Carly he won't be needing a second mortgage after all, Jack is angry when he finds Craig in his home. Dusty tells Meg that he wasn't going to leave town with Johnny. Craig gives Parker some money to go and get stuff for Johnny, he thinks he has enough for those tickets, he then shares his news with Liberty. Jack feels jealous of Craig and since he can't give Janet whatever she wants. Parker and Liberty defy their parents by not telling them they're going to the concert.moreless
    • Ep. #13848
      Ep. #13848
      Season 55 - Episode 117
      Katie wonders how Nancy kept her faith all these years of all the people she's lost, Margo shows up and comforts her. Reid gives Noah the number of a colleague in California, Luke arrives and overhears Noah lash out at Reid for stealing his boyfriend. John finds Chris in Old Town and says he needs to be admitted and on oxygen right away. Kim tells Bob that Chris should go play golf in his place. Margo tells Tom that she's worried that there's something else Katie is worried about. Luke tells Noah that he's with Reid now and if they can't still be friends. Reid finds out that Chris left the hospital to play golf with Leland Pierce, and decides to join them. Margo and Tom want John to tell them what's going on with Chris when it concerns Katie. Katie admits to Luke that she can't lose Chris because she loves him. Bob and everyone find out that John's patient is his son Chris.moreless
    • Ep. #13847
      Ep. #13847
      Season 55 - Episode 116
      Barbara goes to Fashions to find Lisa, but unaware that she's inside refusing to come out. Katie tells Chris that she lost Brad, now Nancy and can't go with losing him. Alison tells Casey that today is about remembering Nancy and not about their engagement. John sees that Chris hasn't told his parents about his heart condition. Tom and Margo set up a Nancy Hughes scholarship fund. Chris starts to have chest pains while going with his parents to Nancy's apartment. Lisa brings Barbara and Susan to the Lakeview lounge for a drink and they make a toast to Nancy and their drinks will come with a price to donate money to a charity. Lucinda opens up to John about her current astraignment from Lily.moreless
    • Ep. #13846
      Ep. #13846
      Season 55 - Episode 115
      Alison looks for a recipe in Casey's room and finds Nancy's ring instead. John tells Bob and Kim that he's here for a cardiac consult, they ask who the patient is. Alison tells Casey that she still wants to be with him, he then proposes to her. John asks Reid why didn't he tell Bob that he was coming to Oakdale. Casey offers Alison to come and live with him in Carbondale after he applies to law school. Katie lashes at Reid for keeping this sort of thing from her. Lisa and Kim think that this thing Chris wants to say is that he and Katie are engaged, Bob goes to pick up Nancy. John gets Chris scan back and it doesn't look good. Casey and Alison hold off on telling everyone about their engagement til the talk to Nancy first. Bob comes to Tom and Margo's and breaks the news that his mother has passed away.moreless
    • Ep. #13844
      Ep. #13844
      Season 55 - Episode 113
      Will worries about Barbara not picking up her phone, and if possibly Iris abducted her again. Katie tells Reid that Chris stayed the night, he says that he shouldn't stay over. Henry tells Barbara that it's time that they went public with their relationship. Luke tells Chris that he knows he has a virus that doing damage to his heart. Henry announces his engagement to Barbara, but they don't get the reaction they expected when Paul objects. Reid tells Chris isn't gonna stand and watch Katie lose another boyfriend cause he refuses to be treated. Will goes and spend some time with Parker and they think about Hal, and discuss Barbara's engagement to Henry. Chris starts to feel chest pains while moving a bench in Old Town, and Katie asks if he's alright, he then heads off to the hospital. Paul stands his grounds on what he said about his mother's marriage, Will thinks they should move on and show them their support. Reid makes a call to Dr. John Dixon to come and treat Chris. Katie finds Chris in a room with an oxygen mask on.moreless
    • Ep. #13838
      Ep. #13838
      Season 55 - Episode 107
      Luke wants to know who the patient is he was treating at the Lakeview. Kim asks Bob if he's already decided who should take over when he retires. Gwen gives Iris an ultimatum either attend and A.A. meeting or she's checking her into rehab. Barbara and Emily try to get themselves out of the ropes. Chris continues to hide his chest pains from Katie and his family. Henry explains to Will about Iris possible being involved in Barbara's kidnapping, he gets a call from Margo saying that Barbara's credit card was used in a dive bar. Will tells Gwen to keep Iris at Fairwinds and will explain when he sees her. Reid tells Chris he should go the hospital right away, which Katie overhears. Paul starts to smell smoke, and see it's coming from the cellar. Reid admits to Luke that Chris is the patient that he's been treating. Henry, Paul and Will find Emily and Barbara tied up on the floor in the wine cellar. Gwen tells Will that Iris packed her things and is gone.moreless
    • Ep. #13837
      Ep. #13837
      Season 55 - Episode 106
      Henry wants Katie to accompany him to Sweden to find Vienna. Noah asks Luke to come to California with him. Paul comes home to find Iris wearing Emily's robe. Reid tries to make Chris see that he needs to see a cardiologist, and doesn't want Katie to grieve him like she did with Brad. Emily and Barbara try to move the beam, but see that it will bring the ceiling down. Will and Gwen tell Paul that they spoke to Hunter and Emily isn't on an assignment and thinks she's responsible for Barbara's kidnapping. Emily tells Barbara to give Iris what she wants, if it means them being free, but Barbara refuses to do so. Luke tells Noah that he can't leave cause he has reponsibilities with the foundation. Henry smells Barbara's perfume and comes across Iris wearing her clothes. Noah misinterprets by assuming that Reid is cheating on Luke with another man. Henry tells Gwen and Will about finding Iris wearing Barbara's clothes while drinking at the Lakeview. Barbara explains to Emily now that Iris has the passwords there's no need for her to say where to find them. Luke tells Reid that he doesn't believe a word that he just said to him. Barbara and Emily manage to move the beam and it hits the fuse box.moreless
    • Ep. #13350
      Ep. #13350
      Season 53 - Episode 113
      Vienna and Bonnie get into it in the Lakeview lounge when she accuses her of doing something to Henry. Dani talks with Alison about her going through with the wedding, before she can Emily tells Alison it's time. Meg insists to Paul that she should attend, despite that he's hiding James in his wine cellar. Jack tells Janet not to bring up the missing evidence if Brad and Katie decide to come to the wedding. James tells Henry that he will give him his freedom but he has to earn it. Carly takes Sage to the wedding, Sage then gives her a special flower, Holden says that he wants Carly to stay for the ceremony. Bonnie offers Derek to try something new that she made. Vienna senses that something is wrong with Henry. Dani tells Casey everything and he tells her not to ruin the wedding cause it wouldn't be right. Chris comes to stop the wedding but Dani stops him before he can. Derek calls James after seeing Vienna behind the bar saying that there's a situation. Paul leaves so he can get a start on finding that treasure. Aaron and Alison are pronounced husband and wife. Carly inhales the flower and sees Jack coming toward her and they share a kiss. Emma sends Mike to the farm to see what all that noise is. Lily sees Holden and they share a tender moment. Henry calls Vienna but he says that he's playing blackjack, she realizes that he's in trouble.moreless
    • Ep. #13849
      Ep. #13849
      Season 55 - Episode 118
      Luke lets it slip to Reid that he told Noah that he was in love with him. Bob and Kim are shocked by Chris deterioration. Chris tells Tom that he doesn't want to be moved up on the list where people have been waiting for years. Bob lays into Reid for not coming to him about Chris's condition sooner. Kim finds Katie at WOAK, and asks her to do something for Chris by staying away. Tom and Margo inform Bob and Kim they've found a potential donor at Bay City General. Reid tells Luke that he basically told Katie to come to the hospital to be with the man she loves. Kim lashes at Reid and Bob tells her that he's been treating him secretly. Katie visits Brad's grave saying she's ready to move on and admits she's fallen in love again and is scared he'll die.moreless
    • Ep. #13269
      Ep. #13269
      Season 53 - Episode 33
      Alison gets her test results and learns she passed because of him. Emily distances herself from Casey after what happened in New York and says that it can never happen again and then fires him and says it's for the best. Lily tells Holden that she wants her marriage back. Alison is told by one of the other nursing that she slept with Chris to get a good grade, she then goes to Chris and says that he needs to back off. Margo learns that Casey is no longer working for Emily at The Intruder. Casey is told by Lisa that she can't give him his old job back at the Lakeview, he then angirly bumps into Emily. Sage, Natalie and Faith put on a show for Carly and Holden, Carly realizes that it's based on her and Jack's problems. Lucinda tells Lily the only way to get back with Holden is to own up to every bad thing she ever did. Susan congratulates Alison on passing her exam. Casey gives Alison a letter from Matt. Margo tells Emily to stay as far away from Casey. Emily then sees Casey at Yo's with Alison.moreless
    • Ep. #13857
      Ep. #13857
      Season 55 - Episode 126

      Lucinda explains to Luke she wants to do something to honor Reid by donating to the new neuro wing at the hospital. Jack tells Dusty that he's gonna have to deliver the baby, while tending to Carly who's feeling faint. John tries to persuade Lily to forgive Lucinda, but she says that's not going to happen period. Dusty says that they have to get Janet to the hospital right away. Luke tells Noah that he's gonna miss Reid despite his know it all attitude. Lily tells Holden that if she forgives Lucinda, it won't take the pain away. Carly and Jack listen as John tells Dusty he's the father of Janet's baby. Luke tells Noah that he's not going to let him not go to L.A. and live out his dream. Lucinda is delighted to see Holden and Lily together as it should be, but she says she doesn't want to see her for a while and that she needs time to forgive her. Luke presents Noah with some recording equipment and say their goodbyes. Teri and Liberty arrive at the hospital and are introduced to the newest member of the Ciccone family. Lucinda goes to John and asks if his offer about Amsterdam is still on the table. Carly tells Jack he'd better sit down cause of what she has to tell him that she's pregnant.

    • Ep. #13854
      Ep. #13854
      Season 55 - Episode 123
      Parker stops Sage from bringing their parents breakfast in bed. Liberty confides in Faith that she got accepted to F.I.T but is turning it down. Janet starts to have contractions, Dusty takes her to the hospital. Faith is jealous when she sees Parker and Liberty having drinks and talking at Al's. Janet tells Carly and Jack that it was a false alarm, and wonders if she interrupted something. Dusty and John catch up before he leaves town and asks how Chris is doing. Faith lets it slip to Janet about Liberty's acceptance letter and her deciding not to take it. Dusty asks John if it's possible that the baby that Janet's carrying could be his after all, John takes the mug with Dusty's DNA and puts it in his bag. Carly asks Jack if he's gonna ask her to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #13853
      Ep. #13853
      Season 55 - Episode 122
      Chris asks Katie to tell him just who's heart does he have, she says that it's Reid's. John tells Lucinda that he's here to apologize for what he said to her earlier. Lily and Holden tell Angus that Reid was in a car accident and died. Noah explains to Luke he found him here cause this is where he comes to think. Holden reveals to Angus that Luke and Reid were in love with each other. Katie tells Chris the details of Reid's accident while on his way to Bay City. John asks Lucinda what does she get by fighting with Lily all the time. Katie says to Chris that it was Reid's idea for him to have his heart. Angus agrees to let Luke make the arrangements for Reid. John tells Margo he's considering staying around Oakdale a little while longer. Lucinda puts some flowers by Lily's doorstep. Luke says a few kind words before putting Reid's ashes into the Snyder pond. Kim and Chris are delighted that the wing will be named after in memory of Reid.moreless
    • Ep. #13852
      Ep. #13852
      Season 55 - Episode 121
      Luke tells Alison he's not leaving the hospital until he knows for sure Chris is okay and the surgery was a success. Holden learns from Lily the donor heart for Chris was Reid, and Luke doesn't want to see anyone right now. John gives good news to Kim and Bob that the surgery went well barring any complications. Lucinda urges Lily to let her back in her life so they can be there for Luke. Margo lays into John for not keeping in touch all these years, but apologizes for her behaviour. Noah is shocked to hear from Alison that Reid died yesterday, and asks if Luke is alright. Lily and Holden comfort Luke after he comes home after being at the hospital all night. John finds Lucinda drinking at the Lakeview, over her messing up her relationship with Lily. The funeral director tells Luke he can't make the arrangements without the permission of one of Reid's relatives. Katie tells Margo that she's glad that Chris is okay, but she wouldn't have been alright this year if it weren't for Reid. Lily and Holden locate Reid's uncle Angus and decide to go to Brooklyn to find him. Alison tells Noah to be there for Luke now while he's grieving.moreless
    • Ep. #13851
      Ep. #13851
      Season 55 - Episode 120
      Katie tells Chris that he wasn't strong enought for a pump to be installed. Tom and Margo get word that there's been an accident and head over to Bay City. Bob asks Casey to take Luke to the cafeteria so that he won't have to see Reid when he's brought in the E.R., Reid tells Luke that he wants Chris to have his heart. John gets the results back that Reid's heart is a perfect match for Chris. Luke breaks the news to Katie that Reid has died, but is making a sacrifice so that Chris can live. Luke and Katie both give Reid a heartfelt goodbye. Alison tells Bob that she wants to be on the surgical team in the O.R. during the transplant.moreless
    • Ep. #13850
      Ep. #13850
      Season 55 - Episode 119
      Alison suggests to Casey that they get married in Vegas cause she doesn't feel their parents should pay for another one that went bad. Henry explains to Katie that she's no coward, she asks him to take her to the hospital. Chris refuses to have an Lvad installed, and to die while hooked up to machines, but Katie tells him that she doesn't care and it's the best solution. Luke tells Alison and Casey of Chris condition. Barbara tells Henry that Katie's gonna need a friend to see her through this. John gets bad news and tells everyone that the doctor in Bay City used the heart for one of his patients. Barbara goes to talk with Katie after seeing her breakdown. Alison and Casey tell Bob and Kim of their engagement despite losing Nancy and Chris's condition. Reid tells Luke that he's going to Bay City to get the heart himself and that he loves him, he drives and his car stalls on the railroad tracks as a train is coming.moreless
    • Ep. #13832
      Ep. #13832
      Season 55 - Episode 101
      Katie tells Casey and Alison that her plans have changed and is her to take Jacob home. Emily comes across Barbara in the wine cellar and takes pleasure in seeing her tied up, she's then knocked in the head and sees that Iris is the kidnapper. Henry compares the note found in Chuckles to Barbara's hand writing and sees it's a match. Luke finds out about Noah's grant and Alison says that he's moving to L.A. next month. Gwen finds out that Iris didn't attend the A.A. meeting as she said. Chris starts to begin having chest pains while on his date with Katie at Metro, and he goes and asks Reid to get him antibiotics. Iris is bothered when learning that Barbara left a note inside that clown at the warehouse. Barbara and Emily agree to work together in order to get out of the ropes, but it goes wrong. Iris tells Gwen and Will she overheard Emily on the phone talking about a party supply place. Reid is bothered by Luke dicussing Noah. Barbara is overjoyed that Henry isn't married to Vienna anymore.moreless
    • Ep. #12932
      Ep. #12932
      Season 51 - Episode 202
      Margo begins CPR on Tom and calls 911.
    • Ep. #13831
      Ep. #13831
      Season 55 - Episode 100
      Iris worries she's been caught, Emily says that she can't keep something like this quiet. Reid tells Chris that if he's been treated for a parasite he needs to have a chest x-ray right away. Bob asks Luke to keep an eye on Reid while the unions do their renegotiating. Myra accompanies Henry, Will and Paul at the warehouse. Reid tells Katie of a patient and possible he could have a serious heart infection. Emily tells Gwen that she found Iris in the wine cellar taking a drink, Iris then asks for forgiveness from Gwen. Luke helps Reid prepare for the union reps. Barbara struggles to move in the middle of the room. Gwen is angry that Emily suggest that Iris go to a halfway house. Reid impresses both Bob and Luke when he makes his speech. Paul tells Emily that he has to go to Chicago to deal with a client. Henry tries to find what Barbara found comfort in Chuckles. Chris tells Reid that his test results were positive for viral carditis, Reid says that he can't hide this from Katie or his parents. Emily goes into the wine cellar and finds Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13788
      Ep. #13788
      Season 55 - Episode 57
      Bob tells Luke he's meeting with an investor to acquire Memorial, and for Reid and Noah to attend, Luke doesn't think Noah will wanna help Reid. Emily can't believe that Paul thinks she's the one that stole the methodone from the hospital. Meg tells Alison to help her stop Emily from taking her baby from her. Noah accuses of Reid having him and Luke seperate so he can him all to himself. Luke and Noah have a rather uncomfortable meeting at Java. Bob introduces Mona to Reid to discuss the new wing being built, Noah surprises Luke and Reid when he shows up. Meg hides the bottle in the kleenex box to avoid getting caught. Barbara tells Alison to quit harrassing Meg and promises they'll get to the bottom of this. Emily attempts to get Paul on her side by telling her theory that Barbara is the person behind it. Noah punches Reid in front of everyone causing a spectacle. Paul goes to Barbara and makes it clear that Emily didn't do this. Bob almost walks in on a kiss between Reid and Luke, and asks to speak to Reid alone by telling to choose either the new wing or Luke cause he can't have both. Emily gets word from Alison that Barbara is behind when she ordered the tox screen. Luke catches up with Noah and asks why he punched Reid.moreless
    • Ep. #13784
      Ep. #13784
      Season 55 - Episode 53
      Lily hosts a party in honor of Gabriel. Molly calls and tries to get ahold of Holden but Silas breaks her phone, she then pulls a gun on Silas and asks for a reason why she shouldn't shoot. Gabriel tells Faith to respect her mother cause one day she'll be gone. Luke invites Reid to his place for the dinner his mother is throwing, but he declines. Jack discusses the fire with Gabriel and sees there's something off in his story, cause Craig would have to have had an object, Gabriel says that he used that angel figurine Carly had.Lily apologizes to Holden and then plants a kiss on him, he stops her and goes back in the house. Reid comes to Luke's place and finds him with Noah in his room. Silas manages to get the gun out of Molly's hands. Lucinda steps in stopping Jack's questioning of Gabriel. Holden gets Molly's message and hurries over to the Old Mill restaurant. Jack asks if that figurine she had on her desk was fragile. Holden rushes in and gets Silas off of Molly and he quickly goes for the gun.moreless
    • Ep. #13781
      Ep. #13781
      Season 55 - Episode 50
      Casey asks Alison's help in tracking down this supposed Dr. Gravid that Vienna is seeing. Noah asks Richard who is with Luke the house. Paul thinks that Emily wants Meg back in the hospital. Alison asks Casey why is he so insistened on this task. Barbara invites Henry to the christening but makes it clear that Vienna isn't invited. Meg is against the idea of having Emily as Eliza's god mother. Emma gets a call that a workman at the farm is hurt and can't reach Holden, and apologizes that she's going to miss it. Richard asks Noah when he plans to tell Luke that his sight has returned. Luke tells Reid that now is not the right time to tell Noah about what's going on with the two of them. Alison finds out Vienna is pregnant and realizes the reason Casey asked her for help. Meg had another episode wanting Emily to give Eliza to her. Noah tells Luke he saw him kissing Reid, and says it's over and leaves. Casey explains to Alison that "Gravid" means pregnant in Swedish, and could be that Vienna is lying altogether. Henry confesses to Vienna that he cares deeply for Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13780
      Ep. #13780
      Season 55 - Episode 49
      Lucinda asks Luke how Noah's recovery is going. Jack gets a call from Janet saying that Gabriel was arrested for being in a stolen car. Lily learns of Gabriel's arrest. Craig tries to get in Gabriel's good graces but he wants no part of him. Liberty doesn't tells Jack that Gabriel wanted to get out of town to start a new life with her. Luke asks Reid to come with him to look for Gabriel. Noah can't believe when he looks into the mirror that he can see himself. Lily tells Jack that no crime was committed and she gave him the keys. Gabriel puts Craig's hand around his neck to make the guard believe he was trying to kill him, Craig says that like it or not he's all he has. Luke tells Reid not to go but to stay at the house with him. Dusty and Janet spend time together with Johnny as a family. Craig asks Jack if he can't believe him then to do one thing for him. Jack tells Dusty to bring Johnny to see Craig, but to do it for Johnny not for Craig. Noah is shocked when he sees Luke and Reid kissing. Lucinda tells Gabriel to leave town after he testifys against his father.moreless
    • Ep. #12921
      Ep. #12921
      Season 51 - Episode 191
      Susan is confused when Paul knows more about what's going on around him than he should. Mike tells Katie that it's time for him to leave town.
    • Ep. #13774
      Ep. #13774
      Season 55 - Episode 43
      Craig tells Johnny that he has an older brother and it being Gabriel. Carly is blown away when Lily tells her that Gabriel is Craig's, Liberty is shocked when she overhears them. Luke tells Noah that he wishes that they can go back to the way things were. Reid does his best but can't get his mind off of Luke. Liberty tells Margo that Parker found the pearls when he broke into Gabriel's room at the Lakeview. Jack tells Craig that he's gonna make sure that he's gonna go down for all this and Parker's name will be out of it. Noah starts to feel a throbbing pain in his head and says he's taking him to the hospital. Margo asks Liberty if Parker and Gabriel were fighting over her. Parker now realizes why Gabriel was in Oakdale, and how long are they gonna get away with the lying. Margo wonders that Parker would be hellbent on getting a little revenge. Liberty tells Craig to make it work with Gabriel cause her grandfather walked out on her mother. Parker walks out after hearing his parents argue and goes to confess to Margo he was the one that punched Gabriel and left him there.moreless
    • Ep. #13797
      Ep. #13797
      Season 55 - Episode 66
      Bob apologizes to Reid for forcing him to make a choice either the hospital or Luke. Katie brings Jacob in for a checkup and sees that Chris will be treating him. Holden tells Lily his concern for Faith living in the same house with Craig and Gabriel. Molly freaks out after seeing that a picture of a bouquet a bride is holding is bleeding. Luke joins in on the meeting with Mona and Reid. Bob tells Chris that he's concerned about him and Katie. Luke wonders why Holden choose the day of the shooting to propose to Molly. Reid tells Katie that he broke things off with Luke, but she says that he's a better person then he was with Luke. Molly tells Holden that it's probably best if they just cancel the wedding. Reid gives Bob his resignation and goes off to find Luke, and finds him with Noah at Java. Molly tells Holden that she has a bad feeling of Lily asking questions.moreless
    • Ep. #13798
      Ep. #13798
      Season 55 - Episode 67
      Noah tells Luke to go after Reid after storming out of Java. Holden tells Molly that he'll plan for them to get married at City Hall. Kim wants Bob to stick up for Reid and to tell Mona that he's all for his relationship with Luke. Lucinda encourages Lily to manipualate Molly, but she refuses to play dirty. Bob wants to tell Luke about Reid's decision, but he says he's late for an appointment. Noah finds out that Reid resigned and it was all for Luke. Lucinda tells Luke that the marriage of Holden and Molly will never happen. Lily approaches Molly and says this will never be a real marriage, she then shows her the forensic report. Noah tells Luke that Reid quit his job and didn't choose him over it, Luke then thanks Noah and goes to find Reid. Holden comes home to find a note from Molly, and finds her at WOAK. Molly tells Lucinda that she's won and no need to gloat. Kim tries to get Bob to see that this Invicta deal for the hospital is a bad idea. Luke tries getting ahold of Reid but he doesn't answer. Holden tells Lily he knows about the evidence and just to let it go.moreless
    • Ep. #13803
      Ep. #13803
      Season 55 - Episode 72
      Luke tells Reid that Noah said that he resigned from the hospital. Barbara shows Kim of what used to be the invitation for Henry and Vienna's wedding. Casey walks in on Katie and Chris in a close moment. Henry asks Vienna why she hasn't started to show yet. Luke tells Reid to have fun in Rochester cause he really doesn't care anymore. Chris assures Casey that she's not carrying his child. Vienna asks Katie if Chris will reveal the truth to anyone. Luke tells Mona that the reason that Reid quit is because of him. Chris gets Barbara dancing with Henry that leaves Vienna fuming and causes a scene. Luke resigns from the advisory committee so Reid can come back before it's too late. Barbara overhears some fascinating information and confronts Vienna and see what Henry will have to say. Bob tells Reid that Luke stuck up for him today, and he goes to Luke saying he's staying in Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13378
      Ep. #13378
      Season 53 - Episode 141
      Lily comes to World Wide and learns that Dusty bought it from Lucinda. Holden stops by to see Meg and she says that Paul sold his shares to an European company. Paul meets with Emily thinking that Dusty and Meg were in on it together in him buying the company, Emily asks Paul what he plans to do to Dusty. Holden tells Dusty that Paul isn't going to it like that when he bought them right from under them. Derek comes to Metro and tells Bonnie that he met James in prison and said that he had a job for him and blackmailed him into doing what he wants. Faith asks Lily that she heard her and Holden talking and asks if she's going back to Dusty now that he's back. Paul meets with Derek in Old Town and has a job for him, Emily overhears them talking about setting Dusty up by planting drugs on him, Emily then threatens to tell Dusty everything if he doesn't call what he has planned off. Derek goes to Fairwinds and tells Meg that Paul approached him to give him money to buy drugs and plant them on Dusty. Holden and Lily decide to give their marriage a real try. Meg confronts Paul with the truth about what he hired Derek to do to Dusty and says that he should have stayed in the hospital. Bonnie gives Derek another chance. Paul gets a visit from James telling him to take action, Paul says he knows exactly what to do.moreless
    • Ep. #13830
      Ep. #13830
      Season 55 - Episode 99
      Will and Henry discover the warehouse completely empty, but Henry finds lipstick stain on the cheek of Chuckles. Chris passes out and Katie worries and attempts CPR and insists she take him to Memorial. Margo sees that there's no physical evidence. Reid overhears Chris threw his name in the rank for chief of staff. Barbara asks Iris to untie her so she can write her a cheque, she overpowers her and punches her and quickly hurries so she can make a run for it. Margo gets a call from Katie saying that she brought Chris to the hospital. Gwen tells Emily that if she didn't think Iris has changed she wouldn't let Hallie anywhere near her. Iris points and shoots Barbara with a paintgun rendering her briefly out cold. Reid sees that Chris is telling the nurse to run his blood sample and doesn't say it's his. Henry plans to use a psychic to find Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13827
      Ep. #13827
      Season 55 - Episode 96
      Carly comes up with a plan to stall things by making everyone think she sprained her ankle. Lily gives the pilot of a jet her diamond in exchange for payment if he takes them to Oakdale. Craig tells Lucinda that he'll prove that she had a part in the so called perfume factory. Holden comes home to see Molly and her bags packed and says that she's leaving and there isn't gonna be a wedding. Reid tries to explain to Natalie and Ethan about there not being a wedding. Anthony tells Craig that he has 24 hours to come up with the money in full with interest, and makes a threat towards Johnny. Lily lashes at Lucinda after saying that she got Holden to fly to France. Carly asks Jack to take her to the farm to talk some sense into Molly.moreless
    • Ep. #13826
      Ep. #13826
      Season 55 - Episode 95
    • Ep. #13821
      Ep. #13821
      Season 55 - Episode 90
      Kim's hoping an on air piece will find Barbara. Luke offers to help Reid with his people skills. Chris calls Katie hoping to check to see if she's holding up. Faith stops Parker so she can get some condoms from her bag. Carly tells Jack that Lily took off cause she can't accept that fact that Holden is marrying Molly. Kim is happy that Chris isn't going to Haiti. Faith tells Parker that she's choosing right here and now to be with him. Luke helps Reid with his behaviour towards the nurses despite is efforts. Carly and Jack overhear Parker tell Faith that they shouldn't be doing this. Katie tells Chris that Henry said has no intention of forgiving her. Carly explains that Lily made contact is okay after running out on the shower. Reid tries to go and apologize to Gretchen, but fails miserably. Carly explains to Faith she's not going to question what did or didn't happen with Parker in the woods. Bob tells Chris if the reason he's staying is cause of his attraction to Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #13813
      Ep. #13813
      Season 55 - Episode 82
      Luke is surprised when Reid says that he thinks of them in a relationship. Dusty invites Jack and Carly to join him and Janet for dinner. Craig humbly offers to sleep in the chair and for Lily to take the bed. Luke tries to get Reid to go to Carly finally learns of Jack's offer for Janet and Liberty to stay at the Snyder farm. Craig and Lily find themselves in a blackout in their hotel. Bob turns down Mona's offer to buy Memorial when he sees that she's prejudiced. Janet sees and reunites with Anthony Blackthorn an old friend from the old days. Bob welcomes Reid back to the hospital, and Kim is impressed with the way he handles things with Mona. Bob asks Reid to come back to the Lakeview cause he has something to tell him. Dusty tells Janet that Anthony is lying when he says he's doing business with Lucinda and possibly he's doing a scam at World Wide, but she refuses to believe him. Craig asks Lily why they never got together. Bob suggests Reid as his predecessor when he steps down, but Kim isn't so thrilled by the choice.moreless
    • Ep. #13534
      Ep. #13534
      Season 54 - Episode 47
      Jack goes to Barbara that Paul will in fact contact her, and wants to have her phone tapped. Bonnie wakes up and sees Dusty sitting in her bed and tells him he has a room of his own. Holden tells Meg that the lead in Wisonsin went cold. Paul tells Rosanna to stay disappeared and to go back to the farmer's market, and is heading to Canada, Rosanna asks Paul what he's gonna do when Eliza grows and she says why are they always moving all the time. Dusty and Bonnie are given directions to another eating place, they arrive there and Dusty's shocked to see Rosanna there, she tries to lie and say she isn't her, but Mr. Kent refers her as that name. Holden is concerned when he sees Damian concoling Meg outside. Paul calls Barbara and wants her to talk to Meg if she won't press charges against him if Eliza is brought back. Rosanna tries to get away but Dusty and Bonnie go after her demanding the truth, Rosanna says to give Paul some time to do the right thing. Barbara tells Meg that she knows where to reach Paul, Meg talks with Paul and he says that they won't bring charges against, Meg says she'll do it if he brings her to the police station. Dusty insists on taking Rosanna with them. Paul says that he'll do what Meg asks. Jack tells Meg that the second that Paul comes in he's going to arrest him, even thought Barbara has an affidavit, Meg's then delighted when Paul brings Eliza as he promised and Jack arrests him. Everyone is shocked when Dusty brings Rosanna and is irate that Paul is gonna be set free.moreless
    • Ep. #13535
      Ep. #13535
      Season 54 - Episode 48
      Dusty is disappointed when Meg refuses to press charges against Paul. Dusty asks Rosanna to step up and tell Jack that Paul kidnapped Eliza. Carly shows Craig some design for the designer water, he thinks they're outstanding. Meg tells Dusty that she's trying to give her child peace, and Bonnie says for them to just let it go. Rosanna tells Paul that maybe there's a reason that she's back in Oakdale. Jack tells Dusty that he just can't go around making accusations to him or the department. Damian brings Meg and Eliza to the farm, cause she didn't want to go back to Lily and Holden's. Jack asks Rosanna why she stayed with strangers and not with family here in town, Rosanna asks to see Carly, Jack calls Carly and says that her sister is at the station. Craig finds out that Rosanna is back in town and isn't pleased. Dusty tells Bonnie that he's upset Paul isn't in jail and is gonna continue making Meg's life terrible. Carly and Rosanna are reunited. Barbara asks Paul about the outcome, he says he's not in jail and Eliza is home with Meg. Dusty comes by the farm, but Damian says that she doesn't need to be bothered. Rosanna doesn't want any of the money that she left for her nephew, and learns from that Parker put Craig in charge of his trustfund. Jack tells Craig that he has bigger problems and it's Rosanna. Rosanna comes to visit Paul and asks him for a favor by giving him a place to stay. Craig tells Carly that if he gets Rosanna to forgive him then can they be partners again.moreless
    • Ep. #13630
      Ep. #13630
      Season 54 - Episode 143
      Henry tells Margo that Katie has been kidnapped by someone named Ralph Manzo. Teri sees that Ralph is hurt and tries to get him to see a doctor, but he angrily tells her to leave him alone. Dusty sees some of Ralph's men in a church and asks what they did to make them come and pray. Jack goes to talk to Carly, but the nurse says she's on a day trip some of her other Parker tells Liberty to keep the child and they can raise it together. Katie sees that her water has broke and is in labor. Jack calls Janet and is told that Parker and Liberty have disappeared and don't know where they are. Ralph apologizes to Teri for his outburst, and says his trip is important cause a colleague betrayed him. Liberty is knocked down by people playing football while walking through a field with Parker. Margo tells Henry that Audrey better start talking about her good friend Ralph, or he'll be in jail next to his mother. Parker calls and tells Jack that they're in Chicago and Liberty has been in an accident. Dusty see Teri bringing Ralph to the hospital and tries to convince her that something's up with Uncle Ralph. Katie is helped through a rough time from a vision of Brad and gives birth to their son. Parker tells Liberty that she's in an ambulance going to the hospital. Ralph gets word at Katie's location and Dusty and Teri see that he vanished from the hospital. Katie passes out from the amount of blood that she lost after giving birth. Parker tells Janet and Jack that the doctor did everything they could and she lost the baby. Brad confronts Henry about what he did that got Katie kidnapped by a gangster. Janet tells Liberty that she's sorry about losing the baby and admits she was starting to love it, she says that she doesn't hate her. Ralph finds Katie and sees that she had her baby.moreless
    • Ep. #13693
      Ep. #13693
      Season 54 - Episode 206
      Luke is shocked that Dr. Oliver just wants to leave Oakdale and doesn't even want to see if Kim is alright. Jack walks in on Dusty and Janet's embrace. Carly takes the case of beers out to the docks and opens one up and takes a drink. Dr. Oliver is arrested for attempting to flee the scene of an accident. Noah asks a nurse that the doctor won't be operating and to call him a cab cause he'll be leaving. Craig finds Carly and sees that she's drinking beer and if she wants to throw away her sobriety then to go right ahead. Janet tells Jack that she was thanking him cause he got the best oncoligist from New York, for which they are both eternally grateful. Janet tells Liberty there going to New York, but she thinks it's to talk to the people at F.I.T in person but it's for treatments. Craig agrees to Carly's terms but only on one condition. Jack walks in on Liberty telling Janet saying that he's only back just cause she's sick with leukemia. Craig tells Dusty that he has something to celebrate that Carly and Jack won't be getting back together. Carly goes to Al's and sees Jack, Janet and Liberty laughing and having a good time. Bob comes to Dr. Oliver's aid while he's being arraigned, and says to the judge for the doctor to come and work with him at Memorial.moreless
    • Ep. #13679
      Ep. #13679
      Season 54 - Episode 192
      Katie has a little fun when she wakes up Simon and Henry who are still asleep on the couch together. Holden and Molly go to see Meg and they're surprised when they see a different Meg then before, Molly thinks it's the medication or she has a plan. Noah explains he wants to go to Dallas to see a specialist, he then pushes away from Luke when he leans into kiss him. Meg takes out her pill and puts in a bag with the others, and goes for her session with Dr. Wilson. Holden tells Molly that if Meg is lying then she's far worse, and then offers to go with her to Kentucky. Lucinda and Lily think about the possibility she could be pregnant, but she wants concrete proof. Meg tells Dr. Wilson that she wants to see Damian and thinks she can handle it. Simon has an encounter with someone named Clarissa. Meg has Damian all alone in her hospital room. Henry helps Katie prepare a test reel for a new show at WOAK that she wants to pitch to Kim. Luke gives Noah the award that his film won at the festival, Noah then lashes at him by saying he turned his film and made it his own. Meg is delighted that Damian came and is glad that they're alone. Lucinda runs into Molly at Fashions and gives her a stern warning. Holden sees Lily at the hospital and learns she isn't feeling very well, but Lily doesn't tell him she could be pregnant, but the doctor spills her secret. Noah puts his movie in his laptop, Luke then makes arrangements for Noah to go to Dallas to see Dr. Oliver. Meg tells Damian that she's going to keep pretending and the first thing she's going to do is kill him.moreless
    • Ep. #13556
      Ep. #13556
      Season 54 - Episode 69
      Rosanna confronts Carly with all the liquor bottles she found all over the house, she then lies but Rosanna doesn't buy it. Margo is stunned that Craig is considerate by not having any alcohol at his wedding to make the kids fit in more. Janet puts the finishing touches on Sage's dress, Sage then asks Jack that if Carly marries Craig she'll go away again. Parker tells Craig that he'll take Johnny to Al's to get some food and will bring him back in time, Craig tells Margo that Parker will be uncomfortable being around his ex-wife. Carly tells Rosanna not to compare her to her father cause he drank too and she's not an alcoholic. Johnny has an accident, Liberty assists Parker in getting Johnny in some clean clothes. The guests start to arrive for the wedding. Rosanna doesn't believe Carly isn't an alcoholic and is gonna stop her sister from killing herself. Craig commends Parker on his quick thinking. Rosanna shows up and she says Carly isn't with her, Craig asks her where his bride is. Carly reaches into her purse and gets a little vodka bottle and drinks it. Carly overhears Craig and Rosanna arguing about her drinking and gets into the limo, but doesn't answer her phone when Craig calls.moreless
    • Ep. #13610
      Ep. #13610
      Season 54 - Episode 123
      Noah learns that Luke was almost killed and thinks he had no intention of letting him know. Casey tells Tom he can't get past that he's taken Adam's case and hopes he goes away for a long time. Alison is glad that Maddie came back, she says she's here for her cause some things about that night she needs to get off her chest. Lily helps Damian as he's being released from the hospital and back to his room at the Lakeview. Luke asks Noah where this hostility is coming from. Maddie tells Alison that she insists on going to the police station and talking to Maddie. Damian sees that something is missing from his drawers cause they're very important papers. Margo is delighted to see Maddie back in Oakdale, when Adam sees her he tells her she shouldn't have come, Maddie gets a word in and says she's to blame for most of it. Lily scolds Damian for keeping a letter that Holden wrote from her. Margo calls Tom and says they have their first break in Adam's case. Casey sees Maddie talking to Adam and tells him to stay away from, Maddie says she asks to speak to him. Noah explains Mason about the argument that he and Luke had about him going to Kentucky and not telling, Mason has a solution and says he'll be right back. Alison tells Casey that she's the one that called Maddie and not his parents, even though he told her to stay out of it. Lily is thrown when Damian suggests that they be once again husband and wife. Mason sees that Noah and Luke have reconciled and sees a little jealousy in their close moment.moreless
    • Ep. #12660
      Ep. #12660
      Season 50 - Episode 179
      Jennifer initially refuses to believe Dusty when he tries to convince her that Billy is really her own baby, Johnny Kasnoff, but she finally accepts that the baby is really and truly hers. At the station, Paul can only think about getting to Jennifer and trying to make her understand why he did what he did. Barbara is shocked to learn that Paul was instrumental in Jennifer not being with her baby. Meg remains worried that Paul and Emily will reveal her part, and admits to Susan that she doesn't deserve Dusty's love.moreless
    • Ep. #13704
      Ep. #13704
      Season 54 - Episode 217
      Carly calls Jack cause Parker's principal wants to meet with them right away. Parker visits Liberty cause he can't keep his mind on anything but her. Luke gets the police to look harder for Damian. Lily comes home to find a crazed Meg in her house, and asks her for her help. Luke tells Holden that he promised but there's something about Damian's disappearance is a little strange. Jack and Carly learns that Parker has been cutting classes. Liberty opens up to Parker about her fear of possibly dying. Meg hears sirens and Lily realizes she set off the silent alarm. Holden lays into Luke about him being his father and not Damian. Carly admits to Jack about slipping and drinking a bit and throwing the rest out, they find Parker and Liberty in bed together and decide not to interrupt them. Molly tells Meg to get into her car before it's too late. Parker apologizes for skipping school, but Jack and Carly acknowledge that he's helping a friend and is proud of him. Luke vows to find Damian and so he can explain to his face why he lied about Holden being alive. Meg takes off after explaining if she goes back to Deerbrook she'll never see Eliza again, but Molly goes after hoping to talk her out of running.moreless
    • Ep. #13657
      Ep. #13657
      Season 54 - Episode 170
      Katie explains to Simon that she changed her mind and has to leave right away. Jack and Janet have an argument while he says he has things to do and won't tell her about them. Rosanna tells Craig that she wants Carly to be in her wedding and her family, Craig insists they go to a tropical island getaway. Parker tells Carly he wants to go get a Christmas tree, and assumes that she and Jack would get back together. Liberty opens up to Janet that she's uncomfortable sleeping down the hall from the person that killed her father. Jack finds a card, and knows Simon is here and asks him to come out, Katie lashes into Jack, for tracking down Simon for her. Rosanna sees Carly passing through Old Town and impulsively asks her to be in her wedding. Brad manages to open the door, which startles Simon and Katie, Katie says that it was probably a message. Janet asks Jack what his place in this marriage is, she leaves when he doesn't have an answer for her. Craig sees that Rosanna hasn't focused on the other stuff cause it's been about Carly all the time and he's sick of it. Carly goes to an A.A. meeting confused what her purpose in life is and what she's supposed to do. Jack tells Janet she should stay and he'll move out. Brad picks up a wrench and drops it on Simon's head. Parker asks Jack to move back in and asks Carly if it's okay.moreless
    • Ep. #13665
      Ep. #13665
      Season 54 - Episode 178
      Molly and Holden finds some photos of Damian on on a laptop and think it's a shrine. Rosanna calls Carly wanting her to be the witness when they get the marriage license. Vienna tells Katie she saw earlier isn't the Henry that she loves. Meg threatens Lily by holding a piece of glass to her throat and asks Damian to tell the truth. Jack offers to go with Carly to the county building. Holden gets a call from Lily that Meg is here and she's threatening her. Henry arranges for Simon to bed with a woman, but Katie sees when Simon comes to he's has no idea what happened. Holden sees that Lily is bleeding on her back, Meg pleads and says that Damian is setting her up. Rosanna insists on going with Carly and Jack and celebrate with her and Craig. Simon tells Katie that Brad is doing whatever it takes to get him out of her life. Vienna tells "Henry" she feels for abruptly leaving town the way she did, Henry has a struggle and manages to get Brad out of his body, Vienna tells him to get help. Damian tells the police that this has been a complete misunderstanding which leaves Lily puzzled. Katie goes and kisses Henry as Brad watches, she realizes it isn't him, Henry says that without his permission Brad used his body to communicate with you. Holden holds Meg as the nurse gives her a sedative, before she tells Molly to investigate Damian. Katie goes to Brad's grave and says that she has to finally let him go for Jacob's sake, Simon then puts his hand on her shoulder and asks to walk with him.moreless
    • Ep. #13653
      Ep. #13653
      Season 54 - Episode 166
      Jack and Carly wake up in bed together, and they reflect to the moments leading up to that moment. Henry gets the news that Ralph was sentenced and is going to prison. Brad goes to Henry to get him to go and see why Katie is going to see a doctor. Jack realizes he shouldn't have taken Simon at his word that he'll return to Oakdale. Teri sees Janet cooking up a storm in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, but gets distracted and her pies end up being ruined. Henry tries to get Katie to listen to him, but she says to leave her alone. Carly finds Jack in a bar drowning his sorrows, and offers to join him. Katie asks Henry to watch Jacob again while she sleeps, Brad knocks the bottle of pills out of her hand and says for her not to do this. Teri tells Janet that Jack checked himself into a hotel in Pittsburgh, Dusty then says that he'll accompany her. Katie tells Henry if Brad is still in the room, he says that he's right behind her. Janet arrives at the hotel and gets an eyeful with Carly and Jack in bed, she asks Dusty to take her home. Katie tries to reach Brad but passes due to exhaustion. Dusty and Janet come home the next morning and says to Teri that Janet will explain the situation.moreless
    • Ep. #13560
      Ep. #13560
      Season 54 - Episode 73
      Casey lays into Margo for keeping the truth from Tom that Riley is actually Adam. Alison tells Hunter that he survived his first Stewart dinner, "Riley" assumes she moved on from Casey to Hunter, Alison corrects him by saying he's her brother. Carly hides in the cabinet and sees Craig find the empty bottle of cooking wine. Carly sees that Parker is trying to call her but she doesn't answer, she heads out the door to see Craig waiting for her and admits that she can't be alone and says for him not to take her back to Oakdale. Margo doesn't want Tom to know cause he'll be obligated to turn Adam in. "Riley" thinks Alison should tell Casey cause it would change things between them and to think about it. Hunter issues a stern warning to Casey. Parker learns that his mother is missing but Jack says that they'll find her. Casey comes home and thanks Adam for the good advice, cause things are worse between him and Alison, Adam then heads off hoping to make things better. Parker tells Carly that if she leaves and runs away she'll never see him, J.J. or Sage again. Rosanna, Craig and Jack finally get through to Carly and admits she has a problem. Alison asks "Riley" that Casey is different when he's around and asks what's the problem with them. Carly leaves for the treatment centre.moreless
    • Ep. #13654
      Ep. #13654
      Season 54 - Episode 167
      Margo is there when Katie wakes and tells her no more taking the sleeping pills and to help her prepare dinner over at the house. Noah tells Luke that he's gonna feel like an outcast sitting at the table with everyone staring at him. Carly finds Jack in a kitchen helping serve dinner to the less fortunate. Holden tells Emma that Molly sends her best and is celebrating the holiday in California with Abigail. Liberty asks Janet if she'd like to watch the football game with her cause last year she got into it with Brad last year and he isn't here anymor. Meg tells Damian that she wants him at the farm this year, and threatens to tell Holden if he doesn't come. Craig and Rosanna make an announcement at Margo's that they're engaged to be married, Katie leaves to go get something from the car and Nancy asks if she's alright. Lily tells Damian that it's just gonna be the two of them for Thanksgiving this year. Carly goes to Metro and sees Craig putting a ring on Rosanna's finger. Katie catches a glimpse of Brad, and decides to go home thinking that he'll be there when she gets there. Parker surprises Carly by bringing some food thinking she'll be hungry. Everyone gathers around the table and Emma wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Katie races home only to find Simon there.moreless
    • Ep. #13702
      Ep. #13702
      Season 54 - Episode 215
      Luke wants to know what Damian did that was so horrible to make him abandon his company and family. Emily is horrified when Paul tells her she just said that she want Mick father her baby. Molly tells Holden that there's a witness who seen him and Damian fighting on the docks. Mick and Alison get passionate. Lily receives Damian's wallet from someone at the docks saying he found it in the water. Emily tells Paul that she remembers finding some pictures, and going to confront Mick at a church. Barbara slaps Mick saying that him sleeping with Alison wasn't apart of their plan. Holden explains to Molly that he beat Damian up and put him on the freighter and watched it go and he was alive. Luke runs into Molly wanting answers about Damian. Lily tells Holden she's worried Meg might've killed Damian. Molly reveals the truth to Luke about Damian about him trying to kill Meg. Alison pulls back from Casey's touch. Paul starts to think that Mick is beginning to remind him of someone. Luke tells Lily that he thought Damian had changed. Casey sees that Alison isn't wearing her engagement ring and asks her where it is. Paul strangles Mick when he arrives, and to give him a reason why he shouldn't kill him, Barbara says cause he's his father.moreless
    • Ep. #12655
      Ep. #12655
      Season 50 - Episode 174
      Maddie tries to convince Mike to go after Olga, but he feels her evidence just isn't strong enough. Later, Mike saves Maddie in the nick of time after she is almost run down by a car.
    • Ep. #13541
      Ep. #13541
      Season 54 - Episode 54
      Margo reads the letter that Riley left and asks Casey what he said to make him leave and to go and bring him back. Susan and Emily try to figure out where the eggs could've disappeared to. Larry surprises Alison by coming to Al's, and later thanks Hunter for bringing her father back in her life. Casey tells Margo that Riley is a con artist and isn't her dead son. Hunter gets a call from the nursing home and Alison insists on going with him to visit his mother. Casey tells Tom that he thought he wanted Riley out of the house and that he isn't Adam. Hunter's mother calls Hunter "Tristan" and he doesn't know if she knows what she's saying. Emily finds something and says she needs to talk to Larry right away. Margo tracks Riley to Yo's and asks what Casey said about him scamming them is true or not and tries to get him to come back to her house. Hunter tries to get through to his mother but no luck and ends up leaving. Emily goes to the Lakeview and shows Larry a paper with his signature on it having her eggs transfered to the University of Chicago hospital, he swears he had nothing to do with it. Alison tells Hunter that maybe Tristan was someone his mother knew, Hunter thinks this guy could be his real father. Casey isn't pleased when Margo brings Riley back, he then tries to reach out to Casey but he backs off. Emily shows Susan the paper, and she says she wouldn't put it past Larry for lying. Margo tells Tom that she needs this with Riley so much.moreless
    • Ep. #13540
      Ep. #13540
      Season 54 - Episode 53
      Craig tells Rosanna to put the money back and he won't press charges. Paul thanks Meg for allowing him to make ammends and spend time with Eliza to prove he's trustworthy. Parker's worried when Carly doesn't remember anything about the accident, she suddenly remembers everything and says this is a wakeup call for her, Parker says that he's worried about his mother's drinking. Damian takes Meg out on one of his boats to a private island, and got everything prepared for her. Rosanna tells Carly the deal that Craig offered her, and brought up the whole hit and run, Carly mentioned her problems with Parker and he gave up on everything. Rosanna admits that setting up that trustfund was the worst thing ever did. Faith tells Lily that she was comfortable with Paul when she was with him, Paul is then grateful. Meg and Damian get caught in a sticky situation when they discover their boat is missing from the shore and are stranded. Carly pours herself a drink and then ends up breaking the glass and wonders what's happening to her. Faith and Parker catch up and says she saw Paul today and the good times they had in the woods. Damian manages to get word and tells Meg they're sending a boat, and manages to keep her warm. Carly comes to see Craig at the Lakeview and that she's grateful for being her friend with all that she's gone through. Rosanna tells Parker how much he's grown, and he says that he's glad she's home and better. Damian and Meg make it home and thanks Lily for watching her, Lily says Paul wasn't trouble at all.moreless
    • Ep. #13596
      Ep. #13596
      Season 54 - Episode 109
      Casey issues an ultimatum to Margo that either she tells Tom that Riley is Adam or she will. Vienna overhears Henry and Audrey talking about they're kidnapping plot, she then goes to talk to Katie. Tom confides in Kim that there's some problems at home and it's all cause of Riley. Margo says that now isn't the best time to tell Tom and will after Bob is better. Vienna tries to talk some sense into Henry. Vienna offers to take Audrey shopping in Old Town, she takes out a dress for her to try and slips out and locks Vienna in the dressing room. Tom comes in and sees Margo and Casey arguing and wants to know what it's about and they keep shutting him out. Riley tells Alison that Bob wasn't healthy enough to be tending to patients at Memorial. Margo tells Casey to leave the room and he's gonna tell Tom the whole truth. Katie follows Henry down to the boiler room and sees that James's lawyer has gotten away, Katie says that he'd better explain his situation. Riley tells Alison that his real name isn't Riley Morgan. Tom is thrown when Margo tells him that Riley is actually his not so dead son Adam, Margo says that Adam isn't the same person he was when he came back home. Henry tells Audrey that the lawyer is missing, and she says that she found him and put him in the laundry basket. Alison tells Casey that she feels like an idiot how he became friends with him cause he almost raped her friend. Margo tells Tom if he plans on sending Adam to prison then she's going and so is Casey cause they knew for a while and didn't tell him.moreless
    • Ep. #13705
      Ep. #13705
      Season 54 - Episode 218
      Molly tells Holden that Meg is okay and she readmitted herself to Deerbrook until she's better. Maddie looks for apartments, and even a roommate, Noah says she already has one in him. Luke asks Gregor if the person he seen fall off the ship was in fact Damian. Lily tells Molly that there's something wrong with her theory about him faking his death to devastate his family. Noah tells Maddie that he has to get out of Lily's house. Luke runs into Reid, wanting to talk to Noah about his father's disappearance. Katie tells Henry to stop dumping on Reid, and admits he isn't perfect but he at least has feelings. Luke asks Lily to come to his office, cause he needs to speak to her. Holden goes to see Meg, and tells her that he took care of everything and she need not to worry anymore. Lily wonders if Holden could've hurt Damian. Henry learns from Maddie that Luke practically blackmailed Reid into coming to town. Reid tells Katie that Jacob should be tested cause siblings are usually a bone marrow match. Luke says that if not Meg or some stranger, it could've been Holden. Reid tells Henry he shouldn't have dug into his past, he orders for him to be quarantined at the hospital. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't think Meg hurt Damian. Jonas tells Molly that Kim assigned her to cover Damian Grimaldi's disappearance. Maddie lets something slip and Luke learns Noah is moving out of his mother's place.moreless
    • InTurn
      Season 51 - Episode 169
      A special hour featuring clips from the online reality show InTurn, which landed Alex Charak a 13-week contract role on As the World Turns.
    • Ep. #13692
      Ep. #13692
      Season 54 - Episode 205
      Jack finds out from Janet that Liberty has leukemia. Dr. Oliver explains to Luke he doesn't enjoy being in this town and wants to get this surgery done and overwith. Carly sees Craig expecting to see Jack at the door, and says he has good new regarding Midday Sun. Dusty goes to Bob for help in finding an oncologist and explains Liberty's condition. Janet tells Jack that she's deeply scared and can't lose her daughter, Jack says that he's here for her. Bob receives unusual demands from Dr. Oliver and he wonders who he is and why he's in his hospital, and says things are done differently in Oakdale and will book an O.R. once Noah signs the consent. Craig realizes that Carly is waiting for Jack. Jack comes by and Carly sees that he didn't tell Janet about ending the marriage to be with her. Dusty sees Craig having a bad mood and explains his run in with Jack and Carly. Carly is told by Jack about Liberty's illness and says that can't be together right now. Dr. Oliver says that Noah's latest scans shows some and doesn't think he can do the surgery. Luke tries to persuade Dr. Oliver to stay since he won't be flying back to Dallas anytime soon to finish what he started. Jack gets into it with Craig in Old Town, he ends up taking his frustrations out on him. Kim gets rear ended when Dr. Oliver crashes into her car.moreless
    • Ep. #13698
      Ep. #13698
      Season 54 - Episode 211
      Holden tells Damian that he's not going to let him get on that freighter. Lily tells Molly that she made one mistake, cause she fell for Damian's lies for months. Henry tells Katie that Dr. Oliver better not have signed a lease cause he did, he would've ripped it up. Lily tells Lucinda not to make excuses, cause she knows that every warned her about Damian, and things would've been different if she listened to Meg. Noah tells Dr. Oliver about his rules, but Luke obliges and will keep his distance. Katie tells Henry the reason he can't live her is cause they just became friends again and him here would ruin it. Holden comes to the farm and washes his hands to get the blood off. Lucinda tells Molly that he little fling with Holden is over and done with. Holden tells Lily and Luke that he let Damian go, Lily sees that Holden trembling tremendously. Molly sees blood on Holden's clothes.moreless
    • Ep. #12667
      Ep. #12667
      Season 50 - Episode 186
      Emily complains to Susan that Margo and Tom will not let her spend time with Daniel. Dusty plays Santa at the Snyder farm, but Faith realises he's Dusty and not Santa. He tells them he's a spy working for Santa and will pass their Christmas wishes along. Barbara visits Paul at the jail and tells him that she has promised Jennifer she will not support him, and that he will be all alone. Emily shows up and assures Barbara that Paul will have her. Lily goes to see Holden in the barn, and the two get passionate. A drunken Luke sees the two, and tells Keith his deal with Lily is off. Gwen refuses to hold Johnny, admitting to Jennifer that she isn't sure she could let go, and after the service, tells Will that she wants to have another baby.moreless
    • Ep. #13552
      Ep. #13552
      Season 54 - Episode 65
      Alison asks Hunter if she's avoiding him, and would still want to hang out. Meg sees Damian and doesn't that Dusty would cut a fuel line to one of his ships. Susan shows Emily a DNA report on the eggs that Larry found and it reveals that they aren't hers. Paul continues his plan and impersonates Damian, and gets into a laptop containing a project Dusty's working on. Lily and Dusty have their meeting and learn that the laptop was stolen. Casey comes to talk to Alison, but she says if has something to do with Riley then she doesn't want to hear it. Emily goes after Larry and says that Susan ordered a test proving that they weren't hers. Alison is aghast when Casey gets aggressive with Hunter, when Hunter says what he told her is uncalled for. Dusty confronts Damian about the stolen laptop, Damian says that he didn't take it and wants to search his room. Paul plants the computer in Damian's hotel room. Susan tells Alison about Margo and she was shot yesterday, she then feels bad that she didn't hear what he had to say. Emily learns that Hunter's mother died and that his father's named was Tristan, she immediately starts to make a connection to Larry. Damian says that he didn't take the laptop from World Wide. Alison tries to go to Casey's to apologize, but he goes in the other room. Meg falls into a trap which Paul successfully concocted. Emily asks Larry if she knew someone named Aurora Hunter.moreless
    • Ep. #13605
      Ep. #13605
      Season 54 - Episode 118
      Alison invites Casey to a cocktail party at Metro celebration Paul and Emily's engagment, Tom comes home and tells Casey that for once he and Margo are on the same side. Margo is against the idea of Adam pleading guilty. Lily tells Damian that she wants him to stay away from her. Meg comes to get Eliza and Paul asks her why her trip was cut short. Lucinda lets Lily and Damian know where she stands. Paul goes after Meg so he can understand what exactly is wrong. Margo begs Tom to take Adam's case. Emily and Paul make a drastic move. Lucinda tells Meg that she has to fight for Damian to keep him from going to someone else like Lily. Lucinda tells Damian what it's gonna take for him to get out of her daughter's life. Casey can't believe that both his parents are gonna risk it all to get Adam off. Meg comes to see Lily and will hear what she has to say even though she doesn't want to, and says she has to change or else she's going to lose everything. Emily tells Paul that his gut response was to go after her, he admits that he was worried about her. Alison hears that Maddie assaulted Adam after thinking he was trying to hurt Gwen and then they buried him in the woods. Alison says to Casey she's not defending Adam, and maybe talking to Gwen and Maddie, he then says to let it go.moreless
    • Ep. #13697
      Ep. #13697
      Season 54 - Episode 210
      Lily tells Holden that she'll leave with Damian, he's then astounded when Meg comes out of the trunk alive and takes the gun. Katie feels she should live with Margo for a bit, Henry thought she was talking about him. Noah makes a call asking Maddie to come over. Dr. Oliver is approached by Luke to try to get him to do Noah's surgery, but says that Luke is starting to act like a Grimaldi. Damian knocks Lily out of the way and makes a run for it after hearing the police sirens, and Meg goes after him. Katie asks Dr. Oliver to check out her baby, but changes her mind cause his obnoxious attitude, Katie tells Dr. Oliver that she has an idea regarding his living situation. Molly arrives and sees Holden with Lily in his arms and learns of Damian's attempt at killing Meg. Luke tells Noah that he tried getting Dr. Oliver to do the surgery but he won't budge. Damian calls Luke and tells him to get to Grimaldi Shipping as soon as possible cause something went down and wants him to take over the business. Maddie tells Henry the idea of moving in with Katie cause it would be a great living arrangement. Lily asks Molly to tell her why Holden is angry at her. Dr. Oliver explains to Noah that he's confident that he'll reverse his condition. Lily doesn't blame Molly for falling victim just like she and Meg did. Noah tells Luke that Dr. Oliver doesn't want him anywhere near him and they'd stay apart. Henry is shocked to meet Katie's new roommate. Holden tells Damian he can't let him go til he owned up for what he did.moreless
    • Ep. #13689
      Ep. #13689
      Season 54 - Episode 202
      Damian tells Sharkey to do his best to keep Meg sedated. Dr. Oliver tells Luke that he's booked for a year and isn't interested in his case and is pretty much boring him. Maddie tells Hunter that she also will be attending Casey and Alison's wedding. Molly and Holden follow Sharkey back to the Lakeview and how he can get a wad of cash like that. Luke and Lily decide to go and help Noah by talking to Damian. Holden confronts Sharkey about Meg's setback, Molly says the last call on his phone was from Damian, Holden says why he's been calling him. Meg calls Damian and says it's only a matter of time before his lies are exposed. Damian tells Luke to make the doctor and offer can't refuse, he calls him and goes lengths to blackmail Dr. Reid into helping Noah. Molly tells Holden that they can't do confront Damian cause they have to dig deeer to find the truth. Maddie comes to see Noah to get his input to she can put on her blog, they then decide to catch up on old times. Lily learns that Luke pretty much threatened the doctor and goes off to tell Damian. Damian gets a call from Sharkey says Holden and some woman came to him asking questions. Meg is glad that Holden does in fact believe her that Damian is in fact making her crazy. Dr. Reid tells Luke that once he restores his sight not to contact him. Molly tells Holden she found Officer Grady apparently he moved to Chicago.moreless
    • Ep. #12486
      Ep. #12486
      Season 50 - Episode 5
      When Dusty lets Craig have it after mentioning Jennifer, he begins to realize there is more to the story than he knows. Meanwhile, Barbara tells Paul that Jennifer is pregnant. Paul is shocked and doesn't believe it at first, but feels that Barbara should stay out of it.
    • Ep. #13303
      Ep. #13303
      Season 53 - Episode 66
      Lily insists on staying and having friends over for a 4th of July barbecue. Luke sees Noah with Tony. Cyndi tells Luke that she is going to dedicate a song to him and Noah in hopes they get back together. Vienna and Henry get into the spirit of Independence Day. Noah makes a shocking announcement. Cyndi Lauper performs Into the Nightlife for everyone at Yo's. Luke heads to talk with Noah but he goes somewhere else with Tony. Holden's jealousy colors for Mike who comes as Carly's date and asks what exactly she is doing. Cyndi sings True Colors for Luke, Noah then returns, and tells Luke that he wants to be with him and only him. They then reconcile but Noah shocks Luke by saying that he enlisted in the Army.moreless
    • Ep. #12936
      Ep. #12936
      Season 51 - Episode 206
      Katie is thrown for a loop when she asks Mike to start a family, Henry arrives and tells them that Carly and Simon escaped together. Jack takes Parker, J.J. and Sage to the farm where he comes face-to-face with his brother Brad.
    • Ep. #12997
      Ep. #12997
      Season 52 - Episode 13
      Holden tells Lily that her and Faith's eating disorders are getting out of control. Lily makes a difficult decision. Lucinda tells Bob that she vows to reclaim what is hers. Luke tries to get Jade to return kindness to their family, Jade then admits to Luke that she gave Lily some diet pills, he explains that even though their family he doesn't want her as a friend. Paul tells Craig that he'll tell him where Johnny is if he gives WorldWide back to Lucinda. Meg and Paul put on a performance for Craig at Al's, but Craig thinks he's being played. Faith says to stop fighting and that she'll be good and starts to eat enormously, Lily tells Faith that it's no her fault and that it's hers. Holden tells Lucinda that Lily is checking herself into a rehab facility to help with her addiction.moreless
    • Ep. #12803
      Ep. #12803
      Season 51 - Episode 70
      Maddie assumes that Dallas told Margo the truth about what happened in Chicago. Emily and Paul talk about what Jennifer would have wanted. Jennifer makes one final request of Dusty.
      Jennifer Munson Donovan October 29, 1980 - July 7, 2006
    • Ep. #13170
      Ep. #13170
      Season 52 - Episode 186
      Kim calls everyone to the hospital to give Bob a family Christmas. Gwen thinks that Sofie will change her mind about giving her and Will the baby. Parker encounters Sam at Al's and encourages him to give Carly a present. Sofie tells Will and Gwen that she's giving her baby to them. Bob opens his eyes and Chris gets nervous that his father will speak. Jack tells Sam not to come near his house or his kids again.moreless
    • Ep. #13178
      Ep. #13178
      Season 52 - Episode 194
      Noah and Luke think about getting a place to live together. Lily hides a bottle of pills from Lucinda, and tells her it's over with Dusty. Bonnie stops by and lends her Twilight Zone series on DVD to the girls. Emily overhears Dusty talking to a private investigator who a possible poisoning. Lily lashes out at Bonnie in front of Faith and Natalie and asks her to leave the farm right now, Holden tells Bonnie to stay and asks Lily to go outside and talk with him. Chris tells Dusty not to talk about him behind his back but to his face, and tells him to call his bluff and take what he has to the police. Henry tells Luke that he thinks that he should focus on being a college instead of moving in with Noah. Evan goes to Chris about going public with what they're doing, Chris says that the timing is wrong. Dusty goes and asks Alison to spy on Chris at the hospital, she then refuses. Lily apologizes to Bonnie for her the things that she said to her earlier. Chris sees Alison and Dusty come out of a hospital room. Luke asks Noah to move out to the farm permanently.moreless
    • Ep. #13329
      Ep. #13329
      Season 53 - Episode 92
      Lily walks in on Carly and Holden saying that she was thinking of reconsidering the divorce until now. Margo wonders what's wrong with Casey, Bob then tells Chris that him, Alison, Emily, Casey have the same compound in their system. Emma arrives and asks Holden what Carly is doing here and it not being him to give up on his marriage to Lily. Chris learns that Kim never sent him the watch and may have learned the spread of the illness. Meg gets Paul to get her out of the restraints and attempts to strangle Paul. Luke tells Lily that Holden made a huge mistake and to work their way through together. Chris insists to have Alison's bracelet tested immediately. Barbara has a decision to make. Bob learns that Meg is also being poisoned and, Barbara gives him her necklace to be tested. Barbara gets a call from Rick Decker saying he's willing to help her family again. Holden moves into the Lakeview. Casey wakes up and angrily asks to speak to Emily and very violent. Barbara once again acquires Rick's services. Margo takes Emily to see Casey which Casey is very grateful. Margo thinks that Rick is responsible for the outbreak. Rick offers Barbara and Paul that he'll help if they help him escape.moreless
    • Ep. #13185
      Ep. #13185
      Season 52 - Episode 201
      Chris learns that Dusty and Emily slept together, and he and Dusty get into it. Lily sees Holden come with Bonnie and tells them that she's going to have to deal with it. Gwen is forced into a bad decision to let Sofie babysit for Hallie. Evan asks Lucinda if Craig is going to be attending. Kim is worried that Dusty might show up and ruin the party. Dusty prepares to confront Chris with the truth that he was behind Bob's current condition. Tom asks what's going on between Chris and Dusty. Margo overhears Emily threaten that Dusty will pay for this. Sofie calls Aaron to help her with Hallie cause she can't stop fussing. Lily's behaviour has dangerous consequences after stealing from the medicine cart. Will says that he doesn't think that it's a great idea for Sofie to babysit. Holden finds Lily unconscious on the floor and then tells Dusty to stay away from his wife or he'll live to regret it. Gwen and Will come home to find Sofie bonding with Hallie. Chris tells Emily that their relationship is over and to stay away from him. Holden notices that Lily isn't in her hospital room. Dusty goes to meet with Neil.moreless
    • Ep. #13253
      Ep. #13253
      Season 53 - Episode 17
      Noah pushes away from Ameera's kiss, she then gets upset, Noah then calls Luke and says there's a problem. Emily and Casey remain trapped as Judge Burke continues his threats. Brad tells Katie that being with Mike is not her place. Casey tries to calm down Judge Burke, Margo then arrives and he becomes more irate. Ameera tells Luke and Noah that she's going back home. Meg tells Paul that it's too late for apologizes and too late for them. Casey gets Judge Burke to put down the thing down. Mike apologizes to Katie for making a spectacle of himself. Brad goes and talks with Henry about Mike. Margo lashes at Emily for putting Casey in danger. Luke insists that he should move into the cottage with Noah and Ameera. Sofie stops Paul from having a tantrum, Paul and Sofie become closer. Emily doesn't want to cause a rift between Casey and Margo so she fires him. Noah and Luke surprise Ameera with a birthday cake. A new girl arrives in Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13249
      Ep. #13249
      Season 53 - Episode 12
      Emily arrives at Al's to talk to Alison, but Alison just walks by and doesn't say a word. Sofie comes to take Barbara to her treatment, Paul then asks Sofie what would it take for her to fall in love with him. Chris tells Alison that he was impressed by the way she handled Emily. Paul arranges for him and Meg to have a balloon ride. Luke begins to film the movie about Noah and Ameera, Luke is disturbed when Ameera kisses Noah in order to make it real. Casey gets Ameera to admit how she really feels about Noah. Chris plans a double date with him and Alison and Sofie with Aaron. Emily takes advantage of Alison's feelings of doubt, by asking what she's doing for Chris when he buys her clothes. Meg and Mike decide to take the balloon up themselves and romance starts between them. Sofie helps Aaron take care of Ethan. Casey tells Luke that Ameera isn't interested in him and that she's in love with Noah. Casey shares his bad day with Emily after being fired from the Lakeview. Paul hurries out to the field in time to see Mike and Meg taking off.moreless
    • Ep. #13292
      Ep. #13292
      Season 53 - Episode 55
      Carly brings J.J. by the farm cause Emma agreed to look after him. Holden asks Lily to go on a date. Bonnie presents Henry with a check from Gray's estate and he makes a toast and thanks her for keeping her promise. Cole calls Sofie and tells her that Meg is on her way up. Luke gets a call from Noah saying Ameera was released, Luke insists on coming to the station. Sofie puts the morphine and takes the other one and sneaks out without being spotted. Meg injects some morphine into Barbara. Sofie tells Cole that he'll get his money, after he leaves she makes plans to skip town. Meg tells Paul that Barbara's pulse is weak and to call 911 immediately. Noah and Luke receive news from Ameera. Henry has a proposal for Carly in being partners at Metro due to his recent windfall, Carly then says no. Vienna tells Henry that she wants no part in Gray's money. Barbara crashes and Dr. Hearn says it was a close call. Holden brings Lily to Metro. Meg sees that it's the wrong medication, and tells Dr. Hearn, he says he's gonna call the medical review board and then police. Carly sees Holden and Lily at the farm getting comfortable. Meg does some research and realizes that she did get a 4 milligram bottle and not a 50 milligram one and tells Paul that she suspects Sofie.moreless
    • Ep. #13210
      Ep. #13210
      Season 52 - Episode 226
      Chris tells Barbara that Paul was lucky he got out with only second degree burns. Barbara tells Margo to go out and arrest Craig for Paul's attempted murder. Jack thinks that Cowboy Jack is going to help them. Paul tells Barbara to call Meg. Parker tells Carly he doesn't want to go to school and wants to know what she and Jack are up to, he agrees to go to school after J.J. vows to look out for him. Craig is en route to the Cayman Islands to avoid prosecution. Kit tells the waiter at the Lakeview to hurry cause she has a flight to catch. Barbara tells Meg that he's lying there because of her. Jack enlists Margo to keep Kit from leaving town. Emily tells Sofie that she used to date Chris and that she still cares and doesn't want to see him hurt. Parker wants to know what's going on at his mother's house. Jack manages to get Kit from leaving town with Dallas's help, and he and Carly set a trap for her. Carly puts some knock out pills in Kit's food. Craig calls Margo and realizes that Paul didn't die as he had planned, Craig tells Margo that he loves her and that he won't find her.moreless
    • Ep. #13265
      Ep. #13265
      Season 53 - Episode 29
      Ameera is caught red-handed by Luke when he sees her making a call to Winston Mayer. Chris asks Alison why he's avoiding him. Janet wanders in on the Oakdale Now set. Liberty encourages Parker to come and spend the afternoon with her, Parker then refuses since he'll get in trouble if he gets caught. Alison receives a large offer. Janet steps in front of the camera to correct Brad and Katie's mistake, and lets it slip that he's the father of her child. Luke tells Noah that they have to figure out what Ameera's connection to Winston. Bob tells Chris that Alison has been having trouble in class lately. Katie gives an ultimatum to Brad about Janet having to go. Luke storms off after having an argument with Noah. Ameera arrives in Old Town and Noah asks what she was doing calling his father at Statesville. Brad tells Janet that she can't stay here. Parker asks Liberty if she is sad that her mother is going to be leaving; Liberty then tries to hide her feelings.moreless
    • Ep. #12733
      Ep. #12733
      Season 50 - Episode 252
      Maddie continues to work on her project about Oakdale's most influential families as Casey, Will and Gwen show up to see her. Will and Casey offer to help her out due to their own Oakdale family ties, and compare life in Oakdale to the sitcoms of the '50s and '60s. Holden and Lily Snyder are The Snyder Hillbillies (a take-off of The Beverly Hillbilllies) featuring Meg, Paul, Lucinda and Luke. Jack and Carly are I Dream of Carly (a take-off of I Dream of Jeannie) featuring Nick and Lisa. Hal and Barbara are The Munsonsters (a take-off of The Munsters) featuring Jennifer, Dusty, Bob, Kim, Paul, Emily and baby Johnny. Mike and Katie are I Love Katie featuring Henry in a dual role as Henry and Henrietta, Nancy, and Jessica. Gwen finds the perfect sitcom for the four of them -- Happy Oakdale Days (a take-off of Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley) where all four of them go on a double date featuring the four teens, Tom and Margo.moreless
    • Ep. #12463
      Ep. #12463
      Season 49 - Episode 234
      Jennifer continues to stress over the upcoming Street Jeans benefit, but Craig convinces her not to walk away from the company, and promises her that he will get Barbara out of her hair once and for all.
    • Ep. #13195
      Ep. #13195
      Season 52 - Episode 211
      Lily tells Jack that Holden found her in the hospital stairwell holding the syringe. J.J. sees Parker hanging out with his friends when he's supposed to be grounded. Sam and Carly almost kiss until Kit arrives. Carly is confused when Sam and Kit embrace, thinking she had broke up with him, Sam then covers with a lie. Carly falls into Sam's trap after not heeding Parker's warnings. Jack calls Emily regarding Dusty's murder, Emily then assumes that Paul ratted her out. Parker follows Sam and Kit after seeing them in Old Town. Emily arrives at the station with an attorney. Parker waits for Sam to leave and he approaches Kit and tell her that while she was away that he was putting the moves on his mother. J.J. asks Parker where he went after Al's, he then goes and shows him, Carly then denies Parker's claim of Sam coming on to her which infuriates Parker as he and J.J. overhear.moreless
    • Ep. #13239
      Ep. #13239
      Season 53 - Episode 3
      Aaron asks Sofie to come to the party and to say goodbye to Hallie before she leaves. Carly learns that Gwen's leaving and she feels it's like losing another sister, Parker shows up and wants to go causing saying goodbye to his brother is important than baseball. Casey refuses to once again pretend to be Luke's boyfriend. Everyone enjoys themselves at the party. Barbara begins to feel dizzy and Sofie finds her at the Lakeview. The doctor tells Barbara that they have to operate to remove the tumor at once. Sofie comes by the party and waits to tell Paul in private that Barbara is in surgery. Jack tells Carly that they're not friends yet, but he would like to be. Gwen has a solution that Noah and Ameera live in the cottage together so that the I.C.E. can get off their back. Alison has trust issues with Chris. Will and Gwen say their goodbyes to their family and friends as they leave Oakdale. Parker looks through the door as Carly and Jack share a moment together.moreless
    • Ep. #12757
      Ep. #12757
      Season 51 - Episode 24
      Paul apologizes to Emily but tells her that their relationship is too destructive for them ever to have a future. Luke comes out to Will about being gay, and Will tries to assure him that Holden and Lily love him too much to judge him. Emily assures Hal that Henry had nothing to do with Dusty's kidnapping.moreless
    • Ep. #13279
      Ep. #13279
      Season 53 - Episode 42
      Paul tells Sofie to put her clothes on and that he doesn't love her. Brad invites Liberty to join him and Katie to get something to eat. Mike thanks Meg for being honest with him about her feelings for Paul. Liberty says no to Janet when she asks if she want to have dinner. Sofie tells Paul that she'll leave him alone if he makes love to her one more time, Paul tells Sofie not to be there when he comes back, she then trashes his living room. Liberty runs into Parker and Ashley outside Al's diner. Meg comes by Fairwinds and finds Sofie and doesn't believe her claim about Paul. Parker receives a lesson about girls from Liberty to lay a kiss on Ashley. Paul hurries back to check on Sofie, she then asks what Meg is doing here. Parker accidentally bumps Ashley on the nose, and Liberty can't stop laughing. Parker practices kissing on Liberty and likes it. Mike finds Sofie in the lobby of the Lakeview. Bud forces himself on Janet, she then scratches the guy. Sofie tells Mike that she was raped.moreless
    • Ep. #12911
      Ep. #12911
      Season 51 - Episode 181
      Barbara cannot shake Dusty's faith in Lucy. Craig looks forward to a future with his son, including a new name for the boy. Kattie talked Henry into breaking into Carly's house. Sage had both diamonds. Craig talk to Paul before he left the hospital. Simon called Carly and she left to meet Simon. Craig showed up at Barbara's apartment. Kattie found the diamond. Mike was questioning Jack about Simon.moreless
    • Ep.#13295
      Season 53 - Episode 58
      Liberty provides Parker with an undesirable distraction while playing tennis. Mike attempts to talk to Sofie but she says she doesn't talk to traitors. Katie flat out tells Janet she thinks she's using Jack to make Brad jealous. Paul assures Lisa that Barbara's health is improving and tells her that it's possible that Sofie tampered with Barbara's medication. Mike tells Sofie that she lied and doesn't know why. Brad questions Jack about his relationship with Janet. Lisa abruptly asks Sofie to check out of the Lakeview, Sofie then accuses Meg of having her evicted and passes out on the floor. Paul assures Barbara that Sofie is out of the hotel, he then gets on one knee and proposes to Meg, she then says yes to his. Liberty sees as Jack and Janet as well as Katie and Brad come to see Parker play, Liberty is then amazed by how he well he played. Mike tells Sofie that she shouldn't be alone right now. Parker asks Jack if he's dating Janet. Sofie asks Paul to come to her room right away, Sofie then tells him that she's pregnant.moreless
    • Ep. #13352
      Ep. #13352
      Season 53 - Episode 115
      Meg asks Barbara if she's heard from Paul since yesterday, Meg's relieved when Paul comes home. Margo goes to Al's Diner and tells Janet that she's here on official business, Janet's relieved when Margo wants Liberty to testify against Leo and not about the missing evidence. Mike tells one of the workers that Paul caused too much structural damage for it to be repaired and wondered what he was doing down there. Carly tells Jack what he needs to hear. Paul makes a dangerous mistake. Brad meets up with Jack in Old Town and he starts going on about what he did, Jack says what's it gonna take to keep quiet about everything. Lily and Holden get their signals crossed when she brings some of Emma's things to the farm and sees him and Carly together having coffee. Carly takes Jack to Yo's and tells him that he has to do the right thing. Mike confronts Paul about the hole, Paul says he doesn't know about it and assures Meg that he didn't dig that hole. Janet is shocked when Brad suggests that the evidence be destroyed, she then tells Brad where he could find it. Jack comes and asks Brad where the papers are, Janet says that they're too late. Barbara tells Paul that she thinks it's James that's driving him crazy. Lily and Mike make up for lost time they had this morning. Faith talks with her friend on the phone, Ethan then wanders off. Meg goes to the hospital for her appointment with Dr. Schiller. Paul goes to the work site and pulls the lumber showing the hole. Jack yells at Janet cause he just wanted to hold onto them. Ethan shows up with at the construction site playing with his ball. Jack tells Margo that he took the file and that it's been destroyed.moreless
    • Ep. #12968
      Ep. #12968
      Season 51 - Episode 238
      Emily spots Dusty at the hotel and asks Cheri to get rid of him before he spots her. Jade receives flowers from Adam and Gwen and Maddie are puzzled, they go back to the house and find a box with the initials A.M. on it. Katie tries to persuade Henry not to sign the papers, but then he does.moreless
    • Ep. #12950
      Ep. #12950
      Season 51 - Episode 220
      At Margo's promotion ceremony, Jack is forced to arrest Casey for stealing the bonds. Tom and Margo stop him from saying anything more, seeking the chance to speak with their son alone. Gwen apologises to Will for ever doubting him, but Will isn't interested in what she has to say. Lily drops Faith off to see her therapist but forgets to go back and get her, leaving Faith to take off with Parker, who is there for his own appointment. Brad tries to convince Vienna not to leave town, promising her a fun time. Katie tells Henry she's going to take the job at WOAK so she can clean her act up and get Mike back.moreless
    • Ep. #13263
      Ep. #13263
      Season 53 - Episode 27
      Jack arrives to help Carly with the reopening of Metro, but Carly says there is nothing more to do. Lily comes home and assures Natalie and Faith that she's home for good. Holden helps Carly, Jack thinks that Carly using Holden. Faith, Natalie and Lucinda prepare to go and see Holden. Liberty tricks Parker into coming over to the Lakeview. Holden is surprised when Lily walks into Metro. Brad and Katie decide to head back to check on Liberty, she manages to get Parker out. Mike goes to Jack and tells him that Paul violated the restraining order and to have him arrested. Liberty offers to teach Parker everything she knows. Janet then arrives looking for Brad, and Katie learns that she's Liberty's mom. Lily wants to know why Holden is pushing her away, when she asks him to make love.moreless
    • Ep. #12791
      Ep. #12791
      Season 51 - Episode 58
      Lily's family worries as her condition worsens.
    • Ep. #12672
      Ep. #12672
      Season 50 - Episode 191
      Emily is convinced that she killed Paul and rolls his body off the cliff to hide her crime before calling herself from his cell phone. After Dusty shows her the door, a devastated Meg crashes her car and finds a bloody, but alive, Paul. Carly is upset when everyone makes a fuss over Nick the hero, knowing that Nick only has Jack's job because of what Carly did. Jennifer can't understand why Meg would do what she did until Dusty explains that she did it to hold on to him. Emily shows up at the hospital to tell Susan that Paul called her to say the wedding was off.moreless
    • Ep. #12821
      Ep. #12821
      Season 51 - Episode 88
      Barbara is upset when she learns that Will is giving Jade money, and warns Gwen that the other woman cannot be trusted. Margo tries to get through to Maddie, but Eve and Henry arrive before she can get anywhere. Meg encourages Paul to go see Emily after they learn that she is having trouble with the baby. Maddie overhears Jade and Will discussing sleeping together. Margo wants Casey to steer clear of Maddie. Meg watches as Emily and Paul both feel the baby move.moreless
    • Ep. #12980
      Ep. #12980
      Season 51 - Episode 250
      Dusty discovers that Lily signed someting Craig gave her without reading it first. Craig goes by the farm and sees Meg and Paul kissing. Casey tells Maddie, Will and Gwen that he didn't speak to his mother and that tells Maddie that he won't leave her.
    • Ep. #13257
      Ep. #13257
      Season 53 - Episode 21
      Meg catches more than a glimpse of Sofie and Paul, Paul sees Meg and he goes after her. Emily manipulates Casey by encouraging him to go and see Matt she then plants a bug on him. Kim tells Chris that he's in for quite a ride if he plans on being with Alison. Meg goes to Mike and tells him what she just saw, Paul then arrives to explain himself and Mike calls security. Casey tells Matt to take care of himself, he then finds something in his pocket and Margo realizes that Emily planted it on him. Alison does what Chris asks of her and agrees to come and have dinner with his parents at the Lakeview, but things don't go great when Kim brings up her following in Emily's footsteps. Casey blasts Emily and Margo is delighted on how he handled himself. Paul is then brought into the station and Emily refuses to help, he then calls Sofie. Meg arrives with Mike hoping to get a restraining order against Paul, he then gets into it with Mike. Alison tells Chris that they are not right for each other. Sofie confronts Paul about saying being with her was a mistake.moreless
    • Ep. #12899
      Ep. #12899
      Season 51 - Episode 169
      It's Thanksgiving in Oakdale and Lily gets suspicious of Holden and Jade's secret, and demands answers about Holden's 'other woman'. Meg tells Emma about her intentions to marry Paul as soon as possible but, Emma's not totally supportive when she learns that it was Craig who put the idea in her head. Barbara is on edge about Dusty's intentions with Craig after Emily's tip about the gun. Still feeling bad about not testifying Lucy meets with Luke to discuss her worries Dusty's safety and, Luke tells her not to blame herself and get caught in the middle of the war. Will gives Iris money to get by but, makes it clear that it's a one off payment but she has other idea's. And, on Craig's orders Emily breaks into Dusty's car and switches the bullets in the gun in order to make sure Craig is bullet proof however, Paul and witnessed the whole thing and puts his own plan into motion and switches the bullets back.moreless
    • Ep. #12972
      Ep. #12972
      Season 51 - Episode 242
      Gwen and Maddie run into Jade in the woods, Jade then tells them that she got a message from Adam to meet him here. Cheri wants answers from Emily after telling the cops raided her operations at the Avalon Hotel and threatens to expose their arrangement. Dusty is suspicious when he catches Cheri and Emily together and immediately thinks that she slept with Eliot for money. Vienna can't wait to tell Henry's family that she and him are together. Brad asks Vienna what she sees Henry. Katie lashes out at Brad for trying to get her fired and Kim tries to keep the peace between them. Gwen, Maddie and Jade realize that Adam's voice on the phone was a recording.moreless
    • Ep. #12695
      Ep. #12695
      Season 50 - Episode 214
      Lily and Holden rush the young woman Luke hit to the hospital, and are relieved when the breathalyser doesn't incriminate Luke. They come close to getting answers from their son when Dr. Hale tells them that the woman is awake, and wants to see them. Paul nearly lets Jennifer know he is alive after seeing her reaction to the letter he left for her, but stops when Dusty shows up with Johnny. But watching Jennifer with her son and Dusty convinces him to stick around Oakdale. Barbara cancels dinner with Lisa, feeling guilty about Will, and walks in on Gwen and Will stealing from her. During an argument, she falls back and hits her head on the table. Margo calls Casey on his jealousy of Nate, which he denies, insisting he isn't into Maddie.moreless
    • Ep. #12933
      Ep. #12933
      Season 51 - Episode 203
      Margo spends time with Tom after he comes out of surgery. Carly tells Simon she can't leave without her children. Mike and Katie join in the search for a missing Daniel.
    • Ep. #13275
      Ep. #13275
      Season 53 - Episode 38
      Meg learns from Bob that someone requested that she be reinstated at Oakdale Memorial, Meg then asks who the person is. Alison tells Aaron that Chris insisted that she see a psychiatrist. Casey and Emily can't hold back their feelings for each other. Paul and Sofie form a new alliance. Aaron helps Alison by asking Meg to help her with her studies. Emily persuades Casey to do the right thing by repaying the money he took from the Lakeview, Emily insists that Casey tell Lisa the truth. Meg goes to Barbara and thanks her for getting her back at the hospital. Lisa is shocked to learn when Casey tells her that he stole from the register. Aaron gets Alison the essentials to help her concentrate. Casey goes back to the office and tells Emily that he could be in big trouble. Sofie has a daydream about Paul kissing her.moreless
    • Ep. #12788
      Ep. #12788
      Season 51 - Episode 55
      Katie and Mike sail away on a cruise, not knowing that Simon Frasier is right across the hall from them, Luke calls Holden and asks him to come home. Lily throws Dr. Ross Kreeger out of the house and then tries to tell Luke that she made a mistake, but he doesn't believe her and he accidentally causes Lily to fall down the stairs, Damian suddenly shows up and calls 911.moreless
    • Ep. #12951
      Ep. #12951
      Season 51 - Episode 221
      Paul finds Parker and Faith, but lies to Jack and Lily that the two helped him after a fall on the ice. Maddie defends Casey, insisting that he never would have framed Will for his crime. Craig tries to make amends with Katie, but she sees through him.
    • Ep. #12776
      Ep. #12776
      Season 51 - Episode 43
      Emily admits that she still loves Paul. Dusty is at a loss for words when he runs into Lucy. Jack continues to search for Carly as she attempts to escape Nick. Paul admits to Meg that he wants this baby.
    • Ep. #12971
      Ep. #12971
      Season 51 - Episode 241
      Gwen begins to freak out as she begins to hear things, and hallucinates seeing Adam. Maddie freaks out when she and Casey are watching a documentary about horror films. Gwen sees someone lurking around and then finds the stick with Adam's blood on it in her bed. Adam calls Gwen and Maddie and asks them to come to the woods.moreless
    • Ep. #12720
      Ep. #12720
      Season 50 - Episode 239
      Sister Elizabeth tells Lily that Rose's daughter was named Theresa, and that she befriended Jade at the convent, then warns Lily to protect her family from Jade. Carly goes to the station to see Nick to assure him she believes he's innocent, and maintains that she had nothing to do with setting him up. Emily coerces Henry into turning Meg into Hal for having Dusty's bloody wallet. Meg tells Holden that she knows Paul didn't kill Dusty.moreless
    • Ep. #12680
      Ep. #12680
      Season 50 - Episode 199
      Emily confronts Meg about the drugs that spilled out of her bag and Meg almost spills the beans about knowing Emily shot Paul until she remembers that Paul told her she would get nothing if anyone found out that Emily shot him. Carly wants to take Barbara up on her offer to help out with the family finances, but Jack doesn't want her tying her lot to Barbara again, especially considering the strings attached. Emily runs into Jennifer and tries to get sympathy from Jennifer by telling her about how Paul dumped her, and Jennifer says she told him to. Jack offers to take over the Paul Ryan case, but Hal tells him that he's too late -- the case has already been turned over to Nick Kasnoff. Meg enters the house as Holden and Lily renew their vows, but leaves after seeing Dusty and Jennifer kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #13301
      Ep. #13301
      Season 53 - Episode 64
      Casey tells his parents the reason he's not staying for their anniversary party is cause he didn't like that way he treated Alison in the courtroom. Cole threatens to ruin Sofie by tell Paul that he isn't the father of Sofie's baby. Emily overhears Casey talking to Margo and Tom and thinks he's gonna reveal their relationship, she then stops him and leaves. Paul is surprised by Meg's commitment. Barbara has harsh words for Sofie, and Lisa hears Barbara threaten her. Emily is touched by Casey's words that he loves her. Mike tells Sofie of Paul and Meg's upcoming nuptuals and Mike learns of Sofie's pregnancy. Margo goes off to find Casey after realizing where he might be. Margo confronts Emily and that she knows something is going on with him and Emily. Mike shocks Meg by telling her that Sofie is pregnant and that it's Paul's.moreless
    • Ep. #13167
      Ep. #13167
      Season 52 - Episode 183
      Iris visits the hospital to see her new granddaughter and gives Sofie papers from Cole which terminate his parental rights. Will tells Gwen not to get too attached to Sofie's baby. Aaron asks Alison if she is upset with him visiting Sofie in the hospital. Gwen arrives and tells Iris to leave Sofie's child alone. Rosanna gets nervous when she thinks that Paul has figured things out. A nurse brings the baby for breastfeeding, but Sofie asks her to take the baby away. Craig researches a drug and picks it up from a dealer. Meg tells Emma that she and Craig are welcome for dinner. Susan realizes Alison has broken up with Aaron. Craig cancels dinner with Emma. Craig slips the drug into Meg's drink. Aaron helps Sofie check herself out of the hospital. Gwen and Will get Sofie a place at the Lakeview. Meg is about to drink the drug but at the last second Craig stops her. Sofie is touched by the help that she is getting from everyone.moreless
    • Ep. #12701
      Ep. #12701
      Season 50 - Episode 220
      Jack is furious with Carly after Nick brings her home and he refuses her attempts to make up, telling her he has to go back to work. Nick tells Katie and Mike he found a place to live, but Mike tells him about going to Latvia and asks him to stay. Alone, Nick pulls out the handkerchief he used to wipe Carly's lipstick off. Jade and Rose go out to get Lucinda a 'funny card' for the girls, and Lucinda warns first Lily and then Holden not to take Jade's word for it, even though Lily calls Joe and he confirms Rose did disappear around that time. Jade asks Luke to tell her about Paul. Back at the house, Jade asks Lily if she's pregnant. Jennifer is shocked when Madame LaCoste suggests that Paul may be alive. Meg is shocked when Paul leaves her a message.moreless
    • Ep. #13020
      Ep. #13020
      Season 52 - Episode 36
      Carly explains to Jack that she is back for good and isn't going anywhere. Maddie tells Henry that he'd better hurry up and tell Vienna how he feels before she leaves. Alison keeps Emily, her mother and Dusty from seeing Lance by telling to come back in an hour. Margo explains to Katie that no matter how far Carly travels, she will always be a part of Jack. Carly tells Jack that she and Simon aren't together anymore and that she came back alone. Alison tells Lance that she is getting clean and for him to go back to Vegas, he tells her that he isn't going back without her. Maddie tells Luke not to worry and that he will look fine at the prom.moreless
    • Ep. #12805
      Ep. #12805
      Season 51 - Episode 72
      Everyone pays tribute to Jennifer at her memorial service: Paul talks about his sister having forgiven him and Hal shares a moving story about Jennifer wanting to be an angel. Meanwhile, Mike finds Katie and Simon and tells them that he was directed to their location by a local golfer -- Katie is furious with her ex-husband when she realises she's been duped!moreless
    • Ep. #12773
      Ep. #12773
      Season 51 - Episode 40
      Lily is shocked to realise Damian is the one who has been following Luke around but can't bring herself to tell him Luke is gay when Damian starts talking about grandchildren. Del tells Carly and Katie that it was Nick who killed Maya Gold and not Mike, they rush back to the cottage only to find that Nick had taken off.moreless
    • Ep. #12948
      Ep. #12948
      Season 51 - Episode 218
      Lily finds laxatives in Faith's backpack and confronts her, but she lies that she is keeping them for a friend. After talking with Lucinda, Lily tells Faith that they are both going to counseling. Casey realises that Adam stole the bonds, and Adam admits to his actions, but maintains that Will will never be prosecuted for stealing his own money. Margo tells Gwen about her promotion to Chief of Detectives, and Gwen asks her not to pursue Will. Maddie is convinced that Jade stole the money, but Jade has video proof that she was nowhere near the scene.moreless
    • Ep. #12702
      Ep. #12702
      Season 50 - Episode 221
      Meg is angry with Paul when she finally goes to meet him at the Wagon Wheel, but the two end up breaking down each other's defenses as they sit and talk on the bed together. Carly goes to the station to give Jack a special treat for Valentine's Day, and the two get passionate in the interrogation room, unaware that Nick is watching. Lily is happy to learn that she is pregnant, and she and Holden discuss their future together. Holden urges Lily once again to get a blood test for Jade. Dusty tries to convince Jennifer that Paul is dead, but Jennifer can't get Madame LaCoste out of her mind.moreless
    • Ep. #13320
      Ep. #13320
      Season 53 - Episode 83
      Emily receives a gift from a secret admirer that includes lipstick and perfume and sprays some on. Margo and Tom are delighted that Casey invited them out to lunch. Meg's visions of Sofie continue to frighten her. Bob and Chris share a day out on the golf course but Chris can't stop thinking about Alison. Margo, Tom as well as Emily are surprised when Casey wants their relationship to be public. Emily lashes out at Casey by saying what an immature thing he did just now. Chris feels dizzy and Bob insists on taking him to Memorial for testing. Paul shows Meg the garden and tells her that he took the roses out. Margo comes to see Paul and Meg about the obstruction of justice charges, Meg hears a tap at the window and sees Sofie out in the garden. Alison embraces Casey and Emily calls her a slut and if she does get involved with Casey, she tells him to look for a camera. Chris starts to burn up so he takes off his clothes. Paul and Margo see Meg passed out on the lawn. Alison walks in on a naked Chris in the on-call room, Chris has no idea what happened.moreless
    • Ep. #13075
      Ep. #13075
      Season 52 - Episode 91
      Dr. Cutler tells Paul of a possible treatment for Rosanna. Craig thinks that Meg is on Lucinda's side. Paul hangs up the phone before Meg can hear his voice. Jack tells Carly that they are going to play it his way if they're going to get J.J. back safe. Lucinda gets help from a board member. Jack thinks that Frank is only person that can lead them to J.J. but Kit fires him before they can approach him. Meg shares her ideas at the board meeting. Brad gets thrown for a loop literally when he becomes part of a self defense demonstration. Lucinda is appalled when she learns that Meg plans to turn the company into a charity. Dr. Cutler injects the drug into Rosanna's IV.moreless
    • Ep. #12760
      Ep. #12760
      Season 51 - Episode 27
      Katie believes Jack is exercising a personal vendetta and wants him off Mike's case, but it isn't long before she's thanking him for being a good friend when he lets them be alone together. Paul breaks the news to Emily that she is pregnant with his child which initially makes her very happy. Luke is convinced that Lily hates him for being gay.moreless
    • Ep. #13182
      Ep. #13182
      Season 52 - Episode 198
      Parker keeps Jack from seeing him with the money. Carly calls Jack and says that she was robbed. Barbara tells Rosanna that she's got some nerve calling her and if anything happens to Paul, she'll hold her responsible. Craig says that there's no way he's seeing Meg, Paul then bursts into Meg's room and Holden calls for security. Parker visualizes Sam being arrested and Carly asking him for forgiveness, J.J. then upsets him with a sock puppet. Sam tells Carly that someone set him up, she immediately assumes Parker is the culprit. Paul goes to Margo to have Craig arrested. Margo asks Craig to come to the station to answer some questions about the incident. Sam tells Carly that he didn't tell Jack about Parker so he won't get in trouble. Paul returns home and says to Rosanna that Meg lost the baby. Carly confronts Parker and finds the money in his backpack and tells Jack. Sam tells Cowboy Jack that Parker is beginning to become a problem. Jack tells Carly that he thinks Parker did what he did to keep her from running away from Sam.moreless
    • Ep. #12492
      Ep. #12492
      Season 50 - Episode 11
      Keith discovers Julia's cell phone in a hidden passageway at Les's halfway house which means that Les used the passageway to kill Julia. Carly and Les struggle until J.J. comes to Carly's rescue and hits Les with a baseball bat, but as they try to escape, Les takes J.J. and leaves Carly. Jennifer and Mike plan to keep the truth from Craig about his paternity. Later they call Barbara and threaten to cut her off if she ever revealed the truth about Jennifer's baby. Mike proposes marriage to Jennifer and she happily accepts. Tom and Margo are upset realizing that Casey is possibly a sexually active teenager.moreless
    • Ep. #13205
      Ep. #13205
      Season 52 - Episode 221
      A special Valentine's Day special has Oakdale wondering "What if...". Lily is killed by Evan and Holden is shown picking up the pieces of his family. Noah is a sailor and Luke is going to college in New York City. Tom is a defense attorney and Margo is a district attorney. Gwen is a singer in a band who has never met Will. Jack and Carly are divorced.moreless
    • Ep. #13221
      Ep. #13221
      Season 52 - Episode 237
      Margo lays into Casey about him hitting a federal officer and him being on probation. The officers realize that Ameera is telling the truth, also that her visa has expired and is to return to Iraq. Carly tells Jack she thinks that Kit took Cowboy Jack out of his trunk and put it on the couch. Carly gets in her car and sees Cowboy Jack in the backseat, Jack the responds to how it got in there. Alison tells Tom and Margo that Matt was able to get the charges against Casey dropped, Margo then realizes that Matt spent sometime in prison with Casey. Luke is shocked by Noah's plans on marrying Ameera so she can stay in the U.S. Jack tells Margo that he's rescinding his resignation from the Oakdale P.D. Kit looks on as Carly and Jack leave the store parking lot. Margo and Tom continue to grill Matt about who he called to get Casey off. Noah assures Luke that his marriage to Ameera will be in name only. Jack rushes as he hears Carly scream and sees another Cowboy Jack dummy in the bathtub. Casey suggests to Margo that Matt move out of there house.moreless
    • Ep. #13229
      Ep. #13229
      Season 52 - Episode 246
      The Agent tells Noah and Ameera that there's going to be routine visits to the Snyder farm to make sure this marriage is legitimate. Casey blames himself for falling for Matt's buddy act, and learns that Margo put a guard on him to keep him safe. Katie tells Brad that the champagne that he drank was poisoned, as Bonnie comes, Brad thanks Katie for giving him CPR. Noah and Ameera are questioned. Carly assures Parker that she's not going to give up in clearing him. Jack asks Holden to help him break out of the hospital. Margo receives a package and also a threatening note. Carly is grilled by the D.A. on the stand saying she wanted to hear one shot. Holden brings Jack to the courtroom to testify on Parker's behalf. Margo has a cop track down the delivery boy and he identifies Gray as the person who approached him, Margo goes to check on Casey after learning that Gray was seen on the Oakdale U. campus. Casey learns that Noah and Ameera are married, Ameera thinks the cop that follows him is watching her. Carly tracks down Ruby if she has any information on Kit and thinks she's got something to go on. The FBI tells Margo's that her house on 24 hour surveillance.moreless
    • Ep. #13318
      Ep. #13318
      Season 53 - Episode 81
      Brad and Katie come home to find Parker and Liberty making out and literally throws him out. Jack jumps to the wrong conclusion when she brings up concerning Parker and sex. Luke and Noah express their feelings for one another, Luke asks about them having sex. Carly meets with Holden that what they had was a accident and maybe Lily will realize that. Parker tells Jack that he's in love with Janet and the same with Holden and Carly, and to get back to him when he figures it out. Carly tells Holden the more she cares about him the more she hates herself. Liberty tells Janet to come into the room with her and Dr. Schiller, but to wait outside. Brad asks Liberty what she's doing with condoms in her bag. Carly and Holden say goodbye. Parker and Liberty decide to take a major step in their relationship by having sex.moreless
    • Ep. #13235
      Ep. #13235
      Season 52 - Episode 252
      Luke tells Noah that it's not safe for them to be kissing in public and that they could be watched. Agent Helms from the I.N.S. visits the Snyder Farm and asks Emma to see Noah and Ameera's present living arrangements. Jack goes back and forth with his feelings toward Katie and Carly. Sofie helps Barbara by going to her treatment session when Gwen is late. Alison is told to stabilize a patient, Chris tells not to leave but to stay and help her. Ameera's fate is in Casey's hands after the Agent accuses Casey of being Ameera's boyfriend. Barbara tells Gwen that she and Will must leave town right away because of Sofie. Katie stops by to see Jack, and insists she didn't come to put any pressure on him. Noah and Luke show up, and Luke tells him that Casey is his "boyfriend". Brad is stunned when Carly says if Jack wants to be with Katie then so be it. Casey refuses to go along with idea of pretending that he and Luke are a couple. Sofie tells Gwen that she'll go with Barbara to her treatments, so she and Will can leave and she'll keep her and updated on Barbara's condition.moreless
    • Ep. #13186
      Ep. #13186
      Season 52 - Episode 202
      Someone approaches Dusty. Holden finds Lily in the stairwell holding a needle in her hand. Lucinda finds Emily consoling Dusty's lifeless body. Katie is shocked by Brad's announcement. Lucinda tells Tom and Margo that Dusty has been murdered. Susan catches Holden going through the medicine cart. Holden calls Luke and says that Lily overdosed on pills. Tom tells Chris that he's considered a suspect. Margo tells Dallas to see where everybody was when the murder took place. Luke keeps what happened to Lily from Natalie and Faith. The M.E. finds a needle mark on Dusty's arm. Emily goes to church and asks God to forgive her for what she's done. Holden stands by Lily after thinking that she makes a dreadful mistake.moreless
    • Ep. #13312
      Ep. #13312
      Season 53 - Episode 75
      Neal and Carly make their first stop in New York while en route to Paris and the two share a kiss but Carly pulls away. Barbara tells Meg that the person who killed Sofie was a nurse or doctor. Rick and Susan share a reunion, Susan tells how he can show his face in this hospital. Meg learns that Barbara thinks she killed Sofie. Carly makes a difficult decision. Lily is proud that Luke is starting his own foundation by helping sick kids. Carly tells the masseuse to enter but is shocked when it's Holden and says that he's willing to end his marriage for her, Carly says she isn't going to steal her friends husband. Margo questions Wendy the maid at the Lakeview and learns that Meg was in the room arguing with Sofie. Luke asks Lily if she and Holden are alright. Meg runs into Rick and he says the she looks like she could kill. Lisa tells Margo that she heard Barbara threaten Sofie. Paul sees Rick holding a syringe in front of Meg and punches him. Rick leaves his autopsy report for Margo to read. Barbara sees Cole in her room and says he saw her in Sofie's room and ends up being blackmailed by him. Paul gets a call from Dr. Schiller saying the needs to see him right away and learn that the baby wasn't his. Holden returns home and confesses to Lily that he's having an affair.moreless
    • Ep. #13287
      Ep. #13287
      Season 53 - Episode 50
      Bonnie thinks Alison's reinstatement to work with patients again is a trap for her to drop her suit. Lily sees Noah in Old Town and tries to reunite him and Noah. Casey insists that Emily stay but Tom thinks it's a bad idea and they're surprised when they learn of the sexual harassment suit. Kim tells Susan that if it does go to court there's gonna be some damage that can't be undone. Holden and Lily prepare a dinner before the girls head off to camp. Daniel lets it slip at the dinner table that Casey and Emily were into hanging out together. Emily and Casey's relationship reaches a new level. Kim tells Chris that she tried to reason with Susan but failed. Margo tells Tom that this trip to New York was a mistake. Alison seeks support from Aaron. Casey and Emily make love on her desk.moreless
    • Ep. #13341
      Ep. #13341
      Season 53 - Episode 104
      Susan looks after Alison, and then she'll join them later for the party. Chris tries to let Dani down easy that he's interested in someone else. Casey wants to come with Emily but she says that isn't a good idea. Alison gets some flowers and Aaron is mad when they're from Chris, and want to personally thank him. Aaron sends a text to Chris's phone to come to the Lakeview. Lily and Holden try to make amends but it ends with them arguing, so she says she'll drop off Natalie and Faith at Alison and Aaron's engagement party. Emily gets jealous when she sees Casey with Dani. Brian asks Lucinda to go camping with him and go on a mushroom hunt. Luke tells Noah that he plans to check Brian out and do some investigating. Susan stops Chris from coming in the party, Aaron sees him and makes a toast to his bride to be and Chris is then devastated. Alison lays into Aaron for using their engagement party to humiliate Chris and that it was unecessary. Brian hears Luke saying that he wants to find out everything about him, Brian says that all they have to do is ask. Emma is shocked after learning of Emily and Casey nuptials.moreless
    • Ep. #13335
      Ep. #13335
      Season 53 - Episode 98
      Paul and Meg learn that they have 30 days to make sure that the contamination is taken care of. Emma is glad that Aaron is coming home from the hospital, and insists that Holden stay here near Aaron, but Holden says that he has Alison. Mike and Lily spend more time together. Aaron tells Alison that he feels guilty for telling her that he's still in love with her. Lucinda introduces Luke and Noah to Brian Wheatley. Bob tells Chris to keep his distance from Alison now that she's back in the nursing program, but he says that he can't. Holden sees Lily at the construction site and he then follows her to see if she's alright but Lily says to leave her alone. Alison tells Aaron that Chris is coming to the house to take a look at him. Luke and Noah toast a new alliance. Chris tells Aaron that he has an infection and he should let him look at it. Mike tells Meg and Paul that the damage is far worse then they imagined, but Paul convinces Mike to work on the project until the soil is no longer tainted. Mike apologizes to Lily for cutting her off earlier. Paul resorts to asking Henry to give him some names of dangerous people for a loan.moreless
    • Ep. #12979
      Ep. #12979
      Season 51 - Episode 249
      Dusty sees Emily watching an adult movie and she doesn't tell him that it's Alison in the movie. Craig tells Lily that some of the kids are still critical but no deaths. Meg runs into Craig at the farm and wonders where she was all night. Maddie is surprised when Casey comes into the cabin and she tells him that she killed Adam and is livid that she kept this from him. Faith brings Paul something to thank him for saving Ethan. Emily tells Cheri that she quits her organization.moreless
    • Ep. #12813
      Ep. #12813
      Season 51 - Episode 80
      Damian offers Luke to go back to Malta with him. Jack tells Mike and Katie that Simon really did strike it rich. While at the Country Club Lia and Casey have a fun night, but Lia ends up getting murdered while taking a shower.
    • Ep. #12914
      Ep. #12914
      Season 51 - Episode 184
      Dusty is shocked to realise that Lucy has taken Johnny and left town, and is determined to make her pay for her betrayal.
    • Ep. #12983
      Ep. #12983
      Season 51 - Episode 253
      Craig tells Lucinda and Lily that he'll give back World Wide when she tells him where Lucy and Johnny are. Maddie screams for help. Casey and Will are able to get out of the store. Gwen is unable to get away from Adam's clutches when he has her pinned on the floor. Jack tells Sage not to be sad just because her mother is not there and to be tough. Will gets Adam off of Gwen and Casey gets Maddie untied. Brad proposes a contest idea to Katie to win a day with them for a day, an idea which she hates. Katie offers to take Sage back to the station to give her a makeover, and Jack thanks her. Will threatens to kill Adam and Gwen tells him to put the knife down. Jade comes to and sneaks out of the cabin but is caught by Maddie and Casey. Kim tells Brad and Katie that they are going ahead with their idea. Maddie sees Adam alive and relieved that she didn't kill him. Craig does the unthinkable by having Lucinda ejected from the building. Everyone tells Adam to leave and stay out of their lives forever. Jade tries to get away but is stopped by Maddie and accuses her of consording with Adam. Lucinda runs into Emma at Al's Diner and tells her that Meg is working there.moreless
    • Ep. #13272
      Ep. #13272
      Season 53 - Episode 36
      Barbara starts feeling dizzy in Old Town and Meg takes her back to Lakeview. Luke brings up the letter that Winston wrote to Noah a few months ago. Casey and Emily have a close encounter when Tom arrives. Meg accuses Barbara of trying to get her and Paul back together again. Luke brings up the theory that Ameera went with Winston willingly. Meg agrees to be Barbara's nurse and look after her. Paul thinks something is up when Barbara isn't where she said she was. Chris assures Alison that he's only gonna help with her school and nothing more. Noah asks Luke's help in finding Ameera and is not going to involve the police. Lisa asks Sofie if her involvement with Paul is personal. Emily says to Casey that he can have his job back, but they can't have a relationship anymore, Casey then agrees to her terms. Ameera calls Noah, Noah then books the next flight to New York.moreless
    • Ep. #13200
      Ep. #13200
      Season 52 - Episode 216
      Meg tells Craig that she's giving the company back to Lucinda. Margo stops Holden from going in after Evan. Lily and Lucinda fight for their lives. Noah and Luke discuss the kind of relationship they should have. Chris is livid when he learns that Evan poisoned Bob causing his stroke. Craig tells Meg that Paul has an ulterior motive and that she shouldn't trust him. Margo gets Chris to talk to Evan and to calm him down. Lily makes and attempt to leave, but Evan stops her. Evan takes Lily and Lucinda to the hospital roof. Margo thinks of another way to get to the roof. Evan and Lily fight, Evan gets injected with the syringe and dies. Lily blames Lucinda for bringing Evan to Oakdale and Dusty would still be alive if she hadn't. Natalie and Faith arrive at the farm glad that Lily and Lucinda are alright.moreless
    • Ep. #12904
      Ep. #12904
      Season 51 - Episode 174
      Lily worries that there is irreparable damage in her marriage. Simon had a talk with Katie. Holden has been meeting with a woman. Simon got a note from Leora. Emily had a talk with Craig. Simon saw Leora. Paul lied to Meg about why he was in Craig's room.
    • Ep. #13168
      Ep. #13168
      Season 52 - Episode 184
      Bonnie reminisces the time she spent with her daughter Sarah. Aaron and Sofie go to the hospital and watch as Will reads a Christmas story to children. Dallas discovers that Bonnie got Holden floor seats to a Bulls game. Luke tells Lily that Holden wants her at the farm for Christmas. Bonnie stops by the farm to see Holden. Sofie is called to the hospital by someone from Social Services. Vienna overhears Henry planning a surprise for her. Holden and Lily agree to set aside the divorce for one night to give the kids a great Christmas. Luke surprises everyone when he gets out of his wheelchair. Lily tells him that it is the greatest gift she could get. Sofie asks Will and Gwen that if she lets them have her baby to raise, she wants to be a part of her life. Vienna does not like that Henry gave her a puppy at first, but then she decides to love it. Luke and Noah's relationship reaches a new level.moreless
    • Ep. #13218
      Ep. #13218
      Season 52 - Episode 234
      Alison shares her theory with Gwen and Will that Matt could've attacked Brad at WOAK. Meg tells Emma that her first assignment is to take care of Paul. Brad tells Katie that they have to help fix things with Vienna and Henry. Emma tells Meg that she's against the idea of her helping Paul. Vienna tells Brad that she can't find Henry anywhere. Chris tells Paul that he isn't going to let him check himself out, Sofie then offers to take Paul home. Brad tells Vienna the truth about the reason that Henry was kissing another woman, Vienna vows to make things right with Henry, she then tells Gray that her heart is only for Henry. Henry is told that he needs to pay his bill, Katie then offers for him to stay with her. Paul learns that Meg is going to be taking care of him. Gwen asks Alison that maybe Casey knows Matt from prison. Vienna is unable to find Henry. Alison asks Casey if she met Matt in prison, Matt then confirms it.moreless
    • Ep. #13228
      Ep. #13228
      Season 52 - Episode 245
      Alison fills Casey in on what Matt said earlier. Margo thinks something is wrong when Katie invites her to dinner, she then gets a strange call from Matt pretending to be Adam to come to the church, she then calls Tom. Carly continues to be watched as she enters the building. Gray orders Matt to burn the church, Matt then knocks out Gray. Jack attempts to leave the hospital to help Carly. Matt unlocks the door and Henry and Vienna make it out, Gray then points a gun on Matt saying he crossed the wrong man and shoots him. Vienna, Henry receive a bottle of champagne from Gray, Henry refuses to try some of it. Bonnie offers to help Casey and Alison get information. Margo and Tom finds a wounded Matt and says that Gray shot him. Gray encounters Carly at the Scenic Shop, Carly asks if he's seen Kit. Tom learns from Jack that Carly went to the Scenic shop. Casey tells Margo that Gray's real name is Gerald Nevins, the brother of the man that raped her. Margo finds Carly and Gray gives them the slip. Brad takes a drink of the champagne and collapses, and learn that Brad was only kidding. Carly sees an homeless lady watching her and asks he if she knows Kit.moreless
    • Ep. #13281
      Ep. #13281
      Season 53 - Episode 44
      Vienna tells Katie and Brad that the reason she's waiting table is cause Janet never showed up. Liberty asks Parker to go ahead and ask Ashley out again. Alison's future at the hospital looks bleak. Liberty asks Katie if she minds that Brad went and defended his ex-girlfriend. Brenda tells Chris she did what he suggested and released Alison from the program. Kim goes and tells Katie that she likes the idea of doing a piece on the presidential campaign trail. Susan tells Alison that Chris had something to do with her getting dismissed from the program. Parker tells Liberty that he no longer wants her advice on how to deal with Ashley. Liberty sees the bruise on Janet's cheek and asked who did this to her. Alison and Chris get into it in front of Bob. Livia knocks out Luke as soon as Coyle and Noah leave; she then locks the door. Brad goes to check on Janet about her encounter with Bud. Noah asks Livia what she did with Luke. Luke wakes up and escapes. The boat with Ameera and Winston leaves and Noah jumps and hangs on to it.moreless
    • Ep. #12725
      Ep. #12725
      Season 50 - Episode 244
      Lily is furious with Jade and Luke and wants to get Jack over there to arrest her, but after Jade promises Holden she will keep Luke on the 'straight' and narrow, Holden tells her not to be hasty. Margo is horrified to realise that by telling Casey he can't see Maddie she's turning into Barbara, but she, Tom and Lisa almost catch Maddie and Casey making out. Paul and Meg both realise they were trying to cover up for the other, each thinking the other person killed Dusty. Dusty's blindfold comes off and he realises his captor is Emily. Lisa puts Casey in charge of Mabel's and tells Maddie she's moving in with her.moreless
    • Ep. #12753
      Ep. #12753
      Season 51 - Episode 20
      Susan begs Tom and Hal not to go after Emily, insisting that they don't care about what's best for her but Tom reminds her that he's also thinking about what's best for Daniel. Suspicion mounts that Emily may be looking for a way out of everything -- not just a way out of Oakdale. Jennifer tries to convince Dusty that Paul could not have been in on it with Emily, citing his having been shot as a good reason, but Dusty is convinced that Paul is guilty. On the cliffs, Emily sees the faces of the people in her life -- Dusty, Jennifer, Meg, Hal, Margo, Tom, Daniel, Henry and even Susan -- and tries to rationalise her actions to them. Paul shows up and nearly convinces her to come back with him until Meg and then Dusty and Jennifer also show up. Although Paul is begging her to come with him, Emily jumps from the cliff.moreless
    • Ep. #13201
      Ep. #13201
      Season 52 - Episode 217
      Jack notices some tickets to a hockey game on his desk. Will and Gwen refuse to stay calm knowing that Hallie is out there. Cowboy Jack "asks" Sam if Jack took the bait. Aaron attempts at finding Sofie. Sofie notices that Hallie is burning up and she becomes scared. Parker tells Jack that it's impossible that his hockey coach left those tickets that Sam is somehow behind it. Carly is thrown for a loop when she learns that Sam cancelled the band, Sam then shocks Carly by saying that he's in love with her, she realizes that Parker was right about him all along. Meg assures Holden that she is through with self-destructive relationships. Aaron almost catches Sofie before getting into someone's car. Lily and Holden discuss their future. Aaron calls Gwen and Will saying that Sofie jumped into a car and she could be anywhere. Parker tells Jack that he just knows that Sam is up to something. Lucinda refuses as Meg offers her company back. Sam refuses to let Carly leave, he then knocks her to the floor and has his way with her. Lily agrees to keep Lucinda's secret and hope to be proud of her someday. Sofie is placed under arrest for kidnapping.moreless
    • Ep. #13177
      Ep. #13177
      Season 52 - Episode 193
      Sam and Carly discuss her personal life. Brad orders room service for her and Katie. Parker advises Jack to give Katie hockey tickets that he won. Meg tells Paul that she does not think that Craig is the father of her child anymore and that he could be. Henry tells Jack that he thinks that he should stop Katie and Brad with whatever they're doing. Susan agrees to keep Paul's name out of it and to have a test redone. Carly learns that Sam turned down a paying gig in Texas because of her. Jack breaks in the door and sees Katie and Brad playing a video game. Susan keeps Craig from finding Paul and Meg in the room after taking some of Paul's blood. Henry realizes that Brad really does in fact love Katie. Meg and Daniel run into Craig in Old Town, Daniel then shuns Craig thinking he was involved in his kidnapping. Paul and Meg celebrate the fact that they're having a baby. Jack tells Parker that Katie is going to be going to the game with someone else. Brad contemplates telling Katie that he's in love with her.moreless
    • Ep. #13202
      Ep. #13202
      Season 52 - Episode 218
      Katie hears Henry and Vienna discussing their disagreements of Brad being with her or not. Carly sees Parker holding the rifle he used to shoot Sam, he then runs off, Carly then goes after Parker and apologizes for not believing his warnings about Sam and Parker doesn't want Carly to call Jack. Brad and Henry drink their sorrows away at Yo's discussing their women. Margo explains to Casey that she felt bad after having Sofie arrested for kidnapping, Casey that he doesn't want to go see Gwen and Will. Carly tells Parker that running away isn't the answer and that Jack will believe that he tried to save her. Casey gets a call from someone saying he needs him for something. Jack is stunned when Carly says that Parker shot Sam dead to keep him from raping her, Jack says that he has to bring Parker to the station. Katie acts quickly when she sees Brad walking naked in Old Town. Tom tells Carly and Jack that Parker shot Sam with premeditation. Casey goes to the Lakeview and steals money from the register for his friend. Bonnie rescues Brad from being arrested. Margo says that Parker has to stay in jail overnight.moreless
    • Ep. #13319
      Ep. #13319
      Season 53 - Episode 82
      Parker asks Liberty if she regretted with what they did. Carly comes home and knocks on Parker's door and says that he's gonna have to talk to him someday, she then calls Jack to come over cause it's about Parker. Holden goes to Lily and begs his forgiveness. Henry resorts to lying again and tries to trick Vienna and enlists Bonnie's help. Bonnie brings some papers by Al's and Vienna reads them and Bonnie tells Henry that Vienna took the bait. Lily tells Holden that his affair with Carly was his way of ending things with her and says he's giving him his freedom. Parker realizes that she never had sex before, Parker quickly apologizes for what he said but Liberty doesn't want to hear it, Parker asks her if she wants to hang out but was already gone. Janet wonders why Liberty is so distant, Janet then figures it out that she and Parker had sex, Liberty said that they didn't. Parker thinks he was a jerk to even consider that Liberty had sex before. Holden goes to a church and says that he loves Lily as well as Carly. Janet stops by to talk to Jack and at the farm and says that she saw Liberty earlier and thinks she and Parker are doing it. Parker tries to call Liberty but it goes to voice-mail. Emma tells Lily that was Holden did was a mistake and thinks she should forgive him. Parker tells Jack that he wants to go on that fishing trip after all hoping he'll get Liberty off his mind.moreless
    • Ep. #13310
      Ep. #13310
      Season 53 - Episode 73
      Lily is overjoyed that Luke and Noah are back together. Lily gives Luke a letter from Damian. Bob tells Chris that he can't accept his resignation from Oakdale Memorial even thought he should be reprimanded for what he did. Carly learns that Janet is staying at the farm when she comes down into the kitchen. Aaron is surprised when Alison shows him the letter of apology from Chris saying that she should have won the lawsuit and not him. Carly mentions that she's going to Paris with Neal, Jack says that there's no way she's going. Chris tells Bob that he's doing the right thing by leaving the hospital. Lucinda goes ahead and opens the letter and tells Luke that Damian wants to make amends in a big way. Alison tells Aaron that Brenda is letting her back into the nursing program, Aaron then offers to go and confront Chris with her. Alison learns that Chris is quitting. Lucinda urges Luke to consider taking some of Damian's money. Luke insists on handing the money over to Lucinda so that it can do some good. Holden is irritated by Carly and Neal.moreless
    • Ep. #13328
      Ep. #13328
      Season 53 - Episode 91
      Carly has a proposition for Henry for her to be a silent partner for the time being so she can spend time with her children. Luke tells Holden not to sign the divorce papers and to fight for Lily. Holden tries to be the bedrock for his family. Henry tells Bonnie that Vienna won't have to object cause she's left him. "Sofie" tells Meg that she has to punish Paul. Lily sees Holden at the window and starts getting cozy with Mike, she lets Holden that she's starting to move on with her life. Meg restrains Paul with a gun and "Sofie" tells her to go ahead and shoot. Carly tells Holden that helping him save his marriage is a bad idea. Bonnie receives a job offer from Henry after learning that she used her legal services. Carly runs into Mike at the Lakeview and questions his relationship with Lily. Paul manages to get the gun from Meg and takes her to the hospital, she then wakes up and doesn't know where she is. Mike tells Lily maybe she needs to forgive Holden, she then goes in search of Holden. Lily walks in on seeing Carly and Holden embrace.moreless
    • Ep. #12698
      Ep. #12698
      Season 50 - Episode 217
      Nick covers for Carly when Jack has questions about her waitressing outfit for the strip club, then returns the bracelet to her that she had dropped earlier at the Galaxy. Jennifer is worried about Will but Barbara is pleased to know that her lie will soon have Gwen out of Will's life, not realising that the teens are in the midst of promising to stick with each other through thick and thin up on the roof, where they are later discovered by Maddie. Jade and Luke bond over both feeling that their parents aren't happy with who they are, and Luke tells Jade about how much Lily loved Rose. Lily calls Sister Anne at the orphanage, who confirms Jade's story.moreless
    • Ep. #12809
      Ep. #12809
      Season 51 - Episode 76
      Emily decides to plead not guilty when Dusty enters the courtroom, but Dusty shocks her by announcing she is not going to testify against her. Maddie leaves Crash without Casey and Lia seeing her, and slashes her car seats with a knife. Barbara tries to convince Gwen and Will to move into a new house right next door to her. Katie is pleased when Simon returns her wedding ring to her, assuming it means she has accepted her relationship with Mike.moreless
    • Ep. #13296
      Ep. #13296
      Season 53 - Episode 59
      Paul tells Sofie to take another pregnancy test in front of him. Barbara tells Meg to go to Sofie's room to see if everything is okay, and if not then get Paul away from her. Paul says to Sofie that the pregnancy doesn't change a thing and that he proposed to Meg and she said yes. Sofie threatens to tell Meg the truth, leading Paul to consider his options. Carly tells Holden that he's making a mistake in putting off the trip. Lisa helps Lily shop for something sexy to wear. Lily calls Carly to help her at Fashions. Paul goes to tell Meg what Sofie told him. Barbara is appalled that Sofie would have the nerve to show up at her hotel room, and wonders what she's hiding. Lily tells Holden to come to the house right away. J.J. sees Carly and tells her that he wants to go to camp if the doctor says it's okay.moreless
    • Ep. #13251
      Ep. #13251
      Season 53 - Episode 15
      Alison tells Chris that she got accepted to nursing school, the problem is that she can't get money for tuition. Alison plans to move forward. Lily sees Holden with some of the things that Dusty left for her, she insists on keeping a few things to remember him by. Carly tells Jack that she wants him out of the house, before the kids come home. Katie wonders why Brad doesn't want to have kids with her, Brad says that he wants to enjoy each other before they have kids. Casey receives an interesting offer from Emily to be her new assistant. Alison goes to World Wide and learns that Casey is working for Emily. Katie goes to see Margo, Brad then arrives and takes Katie away. Chris bursts into Emily's office and says how she can treat Alison like this. Jack tells Margo that he's moved out of Carly's. Lucinda insists that Lily go and spend some time with Iva for a while. Lily prepares to leave Oakdale and Holden tells her to hurry up and come back to them.moreless
    • Ep. #12815
      Ep. #12815
      Season 51 - Episode 82
      Carly decides to turn down Simon's job offer, but he encourages her to live on the wild side, and they break into the building he's hired her to renovate. Maddie tells Eve and Henry that she can't remember what she did the night before. Lucy tries to help Dusty deal with a fractious Johnny, but he angrily orders her out. Margo realises there are two knives missing from Crash, and Jade sees Maddie drop something in the river.moreless
    • Ep. #12699
      Ep. #12699
      Season 50 - Episode 218
      Maddie is prepared to turn both Gwen and Will in until the two manage to convince her to keep their secret, and she helps them get into Metro so that they have a place to stay. Carly almost reconsiders her decision to work at the strip club until Barbara shows up and tears a strip off her, accusing her of helping Gwen and Will, and reigniting Carly's guilt about Jack's lost job. Henry and Emily go to Emma looking for answers, convinced that Meg is the key to finding Paul, not knowing that Paul has returned to town and checked himself into the Wagon Wheel. Jennifer runs into a woman who seems to have a psychic instinct that her grief regarding her brother is misplaced.moreless
    • Ep. #12759
      Ep. #12759
      Season 51 - Episode 26
      Nick accuses Jack of having it in for his family when he arrests Mike after the ceremony, but Carly defends him. Susan is horrified to realise that Paul has gotten Emily pregnant. Luke finally tells Lily and Holden that he's gay. Barbara 'forgives' Meg for what happened with Johnny.
    • Ep. #13297
      Ep. #13297
      Season 53 - Episode 60
      Luke spots Noah at Java and learns that he's working there. Emily tells Casey that the hearing is closed and no press is allowed. Alison tells Bonnie that she wants to hear the tough questions that Tom is going ask her. Casey and Emily have a hard time keeping their secret. Aaron tells Chris one more time not to use the porn DVD against Alison. Noah is told by a policeman that his dog tags washed up on shore and that he's been declared legally dead. Bonnie questions Brenda and she says that she did speak with Chris about her latest grades. Alison then takes the stand and explains her side of things to the judge. Chris stops Tom from using the DVD. Chris and Alison's trial comes to a surprising conclusion and it goes in Chris's favor. Luke tells Noah that he deserves to be loved and he then breaks down in his arms.moreless
    • Ep. #12692
      Ep. #12692
      Season 50 - Episode 211
      Things are going well for Gwen and Will, and Gwen is enjoying her new job at the Lakeview until a guest accuses her of stealing a necklace. Barbara knows that Gwen didn't do it, but keep quiet. Meg gets more concerned about Paul as his situation continues to get worse, but he tries to pay her to take off and save herself. Luke is furious with Faith for nearly reading his blog, but while he's dealing with her, Holden actually reads it and learns that Luke has a secret. Henry and Emily team up to figure out what Meg knows, and Henry ends up having to dress as a woman yet again to get into Meg's hotel room.moreless
    • Ep. #12822
      Ep. #12822
      Season 51 - Episode 89
      Damian asks Lucy to move into Fairwinds with him and Luke after witnessing a blowout between Lucy and Lucinda. Will and Jade realise Maddie has overheard them talking about having slept together and Will demands she stay silent. Carly is furious with Simon after deciding he really was only using her to get to Katie, and quits her new job. Holden and Lucinda are thrilled that their plan to infiltrate Lucy into the mansion is working. J.J. is thrilled with the Skye Blue, the babysitter Carly hires, but Jack is upset when he gets a call about home. A masked stalker with a knife comes up behind a lone Maddie.moreless
    • Ep. #13304
      Ep. #13304
      Season 53 - Episode 67
      Oakdale Now is rocked by a theft when Katie and Brad learn that some cameras where stolen. Holden asks Paul where Meg is, he's then relieved when she comes in the room. Lisa tells Barbara that she got her wish and that Sofie is gone. Dylan arrives hoping to do something with Liberty, and says that Parker is a drag and she shouldn't hang out with him. Meg is shocked when Paul shares news of Sofie and that he thinks that she killed her. Janet sees Dylan trying to sell a camera and immediately tells Jack. Liberty lays into Parker for ratting on Dylan, Jack then takes her tot Al's and she swears that she didn't steal anything, Liberty looks foolish for yelling at Parker when he didn't tell Jack. Jack tells Brad to take it easy on his daughter cause he doesn't know the whole story. Luke tells Holden about Noah enlisting in the Army thinking that he'll never see him again. Liberty tells Parker not to go and they share another kiss. Janet and Jack grow closer as they kiss. Liberty goes to see the fireworks but Parker pulls her into another kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #12768
      Ep. #12768
      Season 51 - Episode 35
      Paul signs away his rights to the baby but when he goes to drop the paperwork off in Emily's room he finds the sonogram of the baby. Will worries that Gwen will find out that he downloaded a paper off the Internet. Meg and Jack discuss why Paul and Carly are the way they are. Carly and Katie realise that the St. Christopher's medal in the wall may not have belonged to Mike. Jennifer tries to convince Dusty to let the past rest.moreless
    • Ep. #12828
      Ep. #12828
      Season 51 - Episode 95
      Lucy is shocked to learn Damian switched the teas. Maddie warns Gwen that if she doesn't stay away from Casey she could end up like Lia. Casey informs Will that Gwen will be staying with him.
    • Ep. #13300
      Ep. #13300
      Season 53 - Episode 63
      Lily prepares for a new beginning. Lily calls Carly asking her to take Ethan out for a little while. Lily learns that Carly was at the camp with Holden last night. Carly and Holden plan a secret rendezvous. Barbara tells Paul that Sofie could be lying, Paul tells her that he wishes that she wasn't. Paul tells Sofie that he hasn't told Meg about the pregnancy yet. Paul takes Sofie to see Dr. Schiller. Barbara scrambles to get in touch with Paul before Meg runs into him. Sofie realizes that she's 4 weeks along and that Cole is the father, she then calls Cole and asks him that she needs his help again but doesn't tell him about her pregnancy. Carly walks out after Lily tells her that Holden is moving back in. Dr. Schiller gives Paul the sonogram, Sofie is glad that Cole came through for her. Holden wants to tell Lily that he and Carly slept together but Carly says that he can't. Barbara tells Paul to marry Meg and that she'll deal with Sofie herself.moreless
    • Ep. #12947
      Ep. #12947
      Season 51 - Episode 217
      Despite Paul's warnings and her own misgivings, Meg continues to grow closer to Craig. Emily agrees to meet up with Steve's friend John, but demands he pay her the $1000 before she'll sleep with him. Luke is upset after he finds Faith throwing up and tells Lily, but Faith lies when confronted.moreless
    • Ep. #13023
      Ep. #13023
      Season 52 - Episode 39
      Lucinda counts the minutes to Craig's untimely doom. Meg gives Craig something hoping it'll save his life, Craig then ragains consciousness and thinks that someone poisoned his coffee. Parker's word about their mom belonging in jail hurts Sage very much. J.J. tells Jack to help Carly to get her out of jail and for her to come home. Vienna tells Katie not to let Carly get her hooks into Jack again and to fight for him. Jack tells Carly that he may be able to help him after all. Brad tells Katie that Jack is with Carly at the station and that should spell it out for her. Lance threatens to expose Alison to her family, if he doesn't go with her right now. Meg confronts Lucinda in about what she found in Craig's coffee cup, and keeps it for insurance. Jack offers to get Carly to sign a statement saying that she was coherced into stealing the crown jewels and got Tom to represent her. Lance offers Alison some ice to calm her down. Katie tells Jack that whatever Carly is making him do, not to do it.moreless
    • Ep. #12738
      Ep. #12738
      Season 51 - Episode 5
      Paul finds Meg with the key from Emily's makeup chest and tries to help Meg by feigning sexual interest in Emily, but Emily soon catches him red-handed with the key. Mike is furious after flipping through a copy of the book Oakdale Confidential and learning it includes intimate details from his past. Holden stops by Caleb's place to see Jade and to warn her off of Luke only to find her clothed less than appropriately for visitors. Gwen can't understand the machinations of her new family as Will berates Jennifer for letting Paul skate for his crimes.moreless
    • Ep. #13354
      Ep. #13354
      Season 53 - Episode 117
      Kim asks what's wrong when Brad can't focus at work. Janet tells Brad that Jack won't be ratting him out cause he isn't a cop anymore, Kim overhears Janet telling Brad about wanting to drown someone. Henry asks Derek what he's done with Vienna and Bonnie. Meg shows Paul a sonogram of their baby, Paul then keeps James from looking at it. Lily and Holden hear Ethan's voice coming from the pit. Holden asks Mike why the hole is uncovered, he says the he put planks on the hole covering it. Paul asks what's going on, and Holden says that Ethan is down there, Paul realizes that it's because of him. Kim tells Brad and Katie to head out to the Snyder farm cause something bad happened. When Derek leaves Henry continues to work on picking the lock. Carly offers Lily some water and she gets into with Carly but apologizes and says she need to focus on rescuing her son. Paul tells Meg about Ethan and insists on going to see if she can help. Vienna and Bonnie team up in order to survive. Emma learns of what happened to Ethan, Faith insists on going and continues to blame herself, Carly insists that she get some of Ethan's favorite books so she can read to him, Emma thanks Carly and apologizes for being rude. Mike accuses Paul of coming back to the site to dig when he told him not to. Jack is surprised when Janet arrives with a lot of food. Henry waits for James to pass out before he starts working on his escape he's then caught by Derek and James. Emma insists that they all pray for Ethan.moreless
    • Ep. #12931
      Ep. #12931
      Season 51 - Episode 201
      Vienna attempts to manipulate the guard to let her carry out a huge crate, which just happens to have Simon in it. Holden tries to reassure Lily that her weight isn't an issue to him, but she can't let it go. Tom begins to suffer heart palpitations as he realises that Daniel is missing. Casey covers when Maddie catches him stealing money from Margo. Jack and Carly commisserate over their ruined marriage as Carly begins to realise Simon may have run out on her.moreless
    • Ep. #13166
      Ep. #13166
      Season 52 - Episode 182
      Brad goes to give Katie jewelry but hears Jack and Katie inside her Lakeview suite so he leaves. Dusty explains to Emily that the only way Chris keeps his job is if Bob never wakes up. Chris takes complete control of Bob's care. Carly runs into Parker in Old Town and he tells her that he does not want to see her this Christmas. Tom has doubts when he hears Chris take Dr. Sherwood off of Bob's case. Brad attempts to give Mia the jewelry, but realizes that it was meant for Katie. Dusty informs Kim that Chris and Bob had a fight before he collapsed. Kim tells Chris that she knows about the argument that he and Bob had. Katie and Brad make love at WOAK. Sam advertises for the re-opening of Metro with Cowboy Jack. Jack tells Parker to be respectful to his mother.moreless
    • Ep. #12771
      Ep. #12771
      Season 51 - Episode 38
      While Paul spends time with Barbara and Dusty, Emily taunts Meg about Paul and the baby and fantasizes that the baby will drive a wedge between Paul and Meg.
    • Ep. #13317
      Ep. #13317
      Season 53 - Episode 80
      Aaron is unable to explain Alison's sudden bouts of anger towards him while at Java, he asks if that it's like she's on drugs again. Margo tells Emily not to fight them and Daniel will never find out her and Casey. Tom tells Casey that he didn't like when he tried to get Daniel so he can talk to him about the hearing. Kim is glad that Chris is gonna decide what to do with the rest of his life. Paul goes to Emma but she tells him that she doesn't like him and he's the cause for Meg's pain. Chris insists that Alison get checked out to see why she's coming on to him when he's the last man she wants. Casey tries to protect Emily as the custody hearing starts, but Margo and Emily are shocked when Tom withdrawals his suit. Chris goes to Susan and explains Alison's bizarre behavior but she tells him to stay away from her. Alison apologizes to Aaron for her sudden outburst. Emma comes to the hospital with Paul and says that she'll tolerate Paul for Meg's sake and they exchange their vows again, Meg then faints when she sees Sofie's ghost but go on with the ceremony. Emily tells Alison that she and Casey are in love. Chris gets a watch which he assumes is from his mother so he calls and thanks her.moreless
    • Ep. #12719
      Ep. #12719
      Season 50 - Episode 238
      Jack takes Nick into the station where he claims he had plans with a woman that night, but Maddie and Casey confirm they saw him partying at the Lakeview. Carly calls Chardonnay to find out if she got some good pictures only to learn that Chardonnay says she had a better idea. Jack returns him to inform Carly about Nick, the heroin, and Hal suspending him. Jade tells Lily she was adopted when she was five, and a suspicious Lily calls a priest over wondering if nuns would ever baptize a child with a non-Christian name. Holden sees Luke and Kevin together, but Luke covers, saying he was telling Kevin to stay away from Jade.moreless
    • Ep. #12745
      Ep. #12745
      Season 51 - Episode 12
      Henry finally realises just how deeply Emily has dragged him into her mess, but hands over the key to Meg's room after Emily threatens to make things even worse. Katie begs Nancy to claim the new book Oakdale Confidential, telling her it is the only way to save her relationship with Mike. Nick is shocked when Mike tells him that he found a skeleton in Jack and Carly's basement instead of the rubies. Carly panics when she can't find Sage but when she calls Margo, it's Nick who comes to help.moreless
    • Ep. #13276
      Ep. #13276
      Season 53 - Episode 39
      Lisa stuns Margo and Tom by saying that Casey once again stole from her. Carly learns from Sage that Parker has plans to go to a movie with a girl. Casey starts kissing Emily, she then says that it can never happen again. Lily calls Holden for help when the lights in the house go out. Casey tells Tom and Margo if they're turn him to go ahead and do it. Liberty thinks that Parker has never kissed a girl before. Lucinda tells Lily that her latest stunt won't get her and Holden back together again. Casey gets a ultimatum from Tom and Margo, to quit working for Emily and return to college. Liberty follows Parker to the movie theater and messes up his date with Ashley.moreless
    • Ep. #13316
      Ep. #13316
      Season 53 - Episode 79
      Emma returns from her trip and learns that Holden and Lily are having problems. Lily tells Lucinda that she tried to kill Carly with her car cause of what she did. Parker tells Carly that he thinks she's a slut and all she does is ruin this family. Carly goes to Lily to talk about Holden. Paul sees blood coming from under the door and he and a nurse find Meg lying on the floor. Parker storms out and Carly says to herself that he's right. Meg's rushed into emergency surgery. Emma learns of Meg's shooting and lays into Paul for what he's done to her daughter. Emma is shocked to learn from Susan that Meg and Paul are married and while she was out of town. Carly comes over to talk to Lily about Holden and insists not to lose the man she loves because of her. Lucinda insists that Lily and Holden's marriage has to come to an end. Parker comes over and shares his recent blowup with his mother to Liberty and their bond grows even more. Emma is beside herself when Lucinda tells her about Holden's affair with Carly and understands why he didn't want to tell her, she then tells Holden that he's got to fix this.moreless
    • Ep. #12716
      Ep. #12716
      Season 50 - Episode 235
      Meg listens as Paul confesses to Dusty's murder and remembers being in her car, blood on her hands. Jessica is shocked to learn that Paul confessed to murdering Dusty, and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Carly tries to get Chardonnay's help in setting Nick up, and tries to cover up when Chardonnay realises that Nick is a cop. Gwen and Will plead with Steve Colby to marry them, and the judge agrees, as long as they can have it all ready within the half hour as he has salsa lessons. Mike sends Katie a beautiful crystal heart, but Katie wants him there and tells Nick she has a wonderful surprise for Mike.moreless
    • Ep. #13280
      Ep. #13280
      Season 53 - Episode 43
      Holden tells Lily that he's here to say goodbye cause he'll be heading out of town. Carly is having trouble at Metro and almost calls Holden but stops after remembering after they went riding, so she asks Henry instead. Sofie tells Mike that Paul raped her, and tries to persuade her to press charges. Henry sees Bonnie at the bar, and learns that she took herself off of the Gray Gerard case for him and says she tried to get a settlement for him and was fired. Meg and Paul share a moment together before Mike barges in and says that Sofie says that Paul raped her. Lily asks Carly if anything is going on between her and Holden. Barbara is shocked after learning Sofie's latest stunt. Mike goes to Margo and says that Paul raped Sofie. Meg confronts Sofie at the Lakeview and said that Paul's feelings for her aren't the kind that she wants. Mike brings Margo to the Lakeview, but refuses to talk to her. Henry tells Vienna that Bonnie is here to help them in getting Gray's money.moreless
    • Ep. #12981
      Ep. #12981
      Season 51 - Episode 251
      Lucinda returns from her trip learning that the baby food had E. Coli and Ethan was poisoned. Vienna and Henry's party gets under way as their guests begin to arrive at the Lakeview. Lucinda is outraged when she learns that Lily unknowingly sold World Wide to Craig. Brad goes after Katie after walking out while he was playing the guitar. Jack then sees Katie and Brad laughing and having a good time. Paul tells Meg that he wants her to move in with him but respects her wishes if she needs time. Dusty scolds Craig for taking advantage of Lily when she wasn't thinking clearly.moreless
    • Ep. #13183
      Ep. #13183
      Season 52 - Episode 199
      Holden tells Lily that Meg wants to deal with Craig on her own. Rosanna tells Paul that there's no way she's going to let him divorce her and is going to fight for them. Emily asks Chris if he found anything in his father's tox screen cause Susan just might find out herself. Meg tells Craig that she's not his wife anymore. Lily takes a pill and has an encounter with Dusty when he comes on the elevator. Craig and Rosanna begin to realise what damage their lies have wrought. Paul goes to the farm and begs Meg to forgive him. Krista says to Lily that she knows Emily. Paul and Meg share an emotional goodbye. Dusty tells Chris that he won't be signing any contract cause he'll be shutting him downmoreless
    • Ep. #13324
      Ep. #13324
      Season 53 - Episode 87
      Alison tells Aaron that she walked into the on call room and Chris was there naked. Bob tells Chris that if he's had any more symptoms lately. Aaron confronts Chris, Chris tells Bob that he blacked out after being taken to the hospital and came to and Alison was there and he was naked, Aaron thinks he's lying. Bob tells Chris that they have to find out what's wrong right away. Alison lays into Susan for checking on her recent grades in her class. Emily tells Margo that she and Casey are committed to each other. Meg sits down at the Lakeview and has a hallucination of Sofie with a baby carriage. Chris overhears Alison leave a message for Aaron to come to the Snyder pond, he follows her there and sees her walk into it, he then jumps in and saves her. Emily's proposal shocks Casey and says to just do it to prove it to the rest of the world. Aaron sees Alison and Chris getting on the elevator. A waiter tells Barbara and Paul that Meg was acting strange like she was talking to someone that wasn't there. Meg tells Emma that she's been having dreams about Sofie. Chris explains to Margo about Alison walking into the water, but when Alison tells her that she walked in on him naked, Margo says he has to bring him in and arrests him. Emily and Casey get married.moreless
    • Ep. #13181
      Ep. #13181
      Season 52 - Episode 197
      Jack brings J.J., Sage and Parker to see their mother, Jack once again tells Parker to knock off the attitude. Meg tells Craig to leave. Holden points a rifle at Craig and says to get away from Meg. Parker tells Carly that there's something about Sam that creeps him out. Paul sees Craig go into the elevator and decides to confront him. Parker intentionally leaves his science book at Metro. Paul punches Craig after saying that they are a lot alike. Margo receives from Tom news that Casey get an early release from prison. Meg gets swept up into a fight between Craig and Paul, Meg gets hurt in the process. Parker tries to convince Carly to get rid of Sam. Sage says to Jack that Parker left his book there on purpose. Tom tells Margo why Casey didn't tell them about the hearing. Meg tells the EMT to keep Paul and Craig away from her. Parker takes money from the cash box and sets Sam up like he stole it. Carly realizes that money is missing. Parker tells Jack that Sam's not going to be a problem anymore. Meg loses the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #13325
      Ep. #13325
      Season 53 - Episode 88
      Casey and Emily enter the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview. Brad and Liberty reach common ground. Aaron tells Susan that he still thinks that Chris did something somehow. Bob tells Chris that if he didn't do anything wrong then he doesn't have anything to worry about. Brad takes Liberty and she's going to experience boot camp Brad Snyder style. Emily snaps out of it and realizes that she and Casey are married and doesn't remember asking him to marry him and to annul the marriage. Katie and Janet go to Parker and asks him if he's heard from Liberty. Liberty walks out but Brad says that she'll be back. Susan tells Margo that a strange compound was found in Alison. Katie gets a call from Brad saying to tell where he's taken Liberty. Margo tells Chris that he's off the hook and releases him. Katie realizes that Brad could be up at Half Moon Lake, Jack calls a friend of his and asks to trace Brad's car. Brad takes Liberty out on the boat and experience fishing. Margo learns of Casey's marriage to Emily. Emily thinks to herself what's wrong with her. Katie arrives and sees that Brad and Liberty are having fun. Emily succumbs and collapses while having an argument with Margo and has her brought in and she calls Casey and tells him what happened. Chris realizes the same chemical in his blood was in Alison's as well, Bob then works to have Chris reinstated. Parker leaves Oakdale.moreless
    • Ep. #13315
      Ep. #13315
      Season 53 - Episode 78
      Susan unintentionally gives Alison's a dangerous gift from her father. Paul and Meg ask Mike if Sofie could've been with someone else who maybe killed her. Cole corners Barbara in her suite and is taken hostage, Cole keeps Paul and Meg from seeing him with Barbara. Alison opens up the package and finds a bracelet, Aaron tells her to try it on. Meg goes to Aaron and asks if there's anything that could've happened to her, but he mentions that she was abused by her ex-boyfriend Cole. Barbara tells Cole that she's not going to get him the money. Susan tells Bob how he's feeling about Chris resignation from the hospital. Chris runs into Alison running on the track looking exhausted so they stretch together. Lisa tells Paul and Meg that she seen Barbara leave with Cole, Paul wonders where he took her. Barbara learns that Cole killed Sofie, and also he was the father of her child cause she lied to him and he then threatens Barbara if she doesn't write that letter. Barbara calls Paul saying that she drugged Cole, but says that she doesn't know where he took her. Paul rescues Barbara and takes her to the hospital. Cole points a gun at Meg while she gets Barbara's medication and shoots her in the chest.moreless
    • Ep. #12895
      Ep. #12895
      Season 51 - Episode 165
      Gwen is shocked when she finds out that Adam has brought some muscians from the coast to jam with her. Henry and Katie pair up to lure Mike back to the house so Katie can make one last ditch effort to keep him. Jade is upset to see that Adam will have to pass on their date to be at the studio with Gwen.moreless
    • Ep. #13288
      Ep. #13288
      Season 53 - Episode 51
      Jack insists on staying and looking after J.J. while Carly goes with Sage. Lily tells Holden she can't go with him to the camp today. Lisa tells Alison this suit shouldn't go to court, Bob tells Lisa to leave Alison alone. Katie returns home to find an unpleasant surprise. Lily walks in and Carly suggests that Holden doesn't have to go. Janet listens as Katie tells Brad that she wants no secrets between them. Alison tells Bob that she wants Chris to leave Oakdale Memorial. Chris takes his anger too far when he refuses to let Alison leave the on call room. The chemistry between Carly and Holden continues to cause tension when they have to bunk together. Carly and Holden make an attempt to sneak beer in their cabin but is caught by Winkie. Janet brings some food over to Jack to thank him.moreless
    • Ep. #12734
      Ep. #12734
      Season 51 - Episode 1
      Lucinda, Kim, Lisa, Susan, Emma and Barbara all head out of town to honor Nancy, but the bus breaks down. While spending time together, the women reminisce about times past, and not all of them are good. Luckily Emma is finally able to get them a way home.
    • Ep. #12795
      Ep. #12795
      Season 51 - Episode 62
      Jennifer strongarms Lucy into letting her leave the hospital against medical advice, but warns her that she had better not spill the beans to Dusty. Once at home, Jennifer, Dusty and Johnny celebrate both mother and son being home, but Jennifer's condition only continues to worsen. Maddie tries to cover for running off the other night by claiming she didn't feel right making love for the first time in Tom and Margo's home. Katie tries to warn Vienna about Simon, but she tells Katie that Simon doesn't need her money -- he's got his own!moreless
    • Ep. #13293
      Ep. #13293
      Season 53 - Episode 56
      Carly has a dream about her kissing Holden. Tom scolds Emily for the recent publication about Chris and Alison in The Intruder. Aaron picks up Alison at work, she's then relieved cause she's tired of everyone looking at her. Tom asks Casey for a favor. Lily wants to call and ask Carly about her suggesting a place for her and Holden to go to. Emily asks Casey to do some spying for her on Chris. Aaron is surprised when Alison kisses when they're at the lake together. Alison overhears the Hughes' plan. Carly makes the decision to confront Holden about the kiss that they shared together. Aaron tells Chris that if he ever cared about Alison then to do right by her. Alison passes to back out and Tom says that he'll see her in court.moreless
    • Ep. #13349
      Ep. #13349
      Season 53 - Episode 112
      Dallas tells Jack that new evidence was found in the Leo Morrisey case, Jack then goes to see Brad. Janet tells Liberty that she and Jack are doing great. Jack tells Brad that the worse thing is that he could be named Leo assailant cause of the evidence that was found near the reservoir. Lily and Holden have a heartfelt talk about her relationship with Mike and Holden promises he won't make any more cracks about him. Chris tells Alison he's not going to question her motives for marrying Aaron and admits that he's in love with her. Dani goes to the hospital looking for Alison, the nurse said that she left early, and also that Chris left the same time as well. Aaron tells everyone that they're gonna start the rehearsal without Alison with Emily playing the part of the bride. Alison realizes that the rehearsal started, and Dani is about to approach Chris room, she sees Alison run out and Chris half naked. Alison realizes that the rehearsal was started without her, so they proceed for the practice reception at the Lakeview. Jack shows Janet the file with the new evidence, Janet asks him to give it to her so she could hide it. Alison sees Chris in the lobby and says she is not telling Aaron what transpired earlier. Casey apologizes to Emily for his behavior earlier and the two make love in her office.moreless
    • Ep. #12689
      Ep. #12689
      Season 50 - Episode 208
      Meg returns to Paul with the medication she got from Eli to tell him about the memorial service that Jennifer and Barbara are planning for him only to learn he is determined to go. Henry tries to cover for Emily as Hal pressures her for information on Paul's death, then later allows Henry to talk her into going to Paul's memorial service. Will refuses Barbara's request to go to, and nothing Gwen says can convince him. Luke confesses to Holden that he got drunk, but after Sean Davis shows up with his son Kevin to apologize, Holden tells Luke that from now on, there's no drinking, no driving, and no Kevin.moreless
    • Ep. #13345
      Ep. #13345
      Season 53 - Episode 108
      Derek tells Barbara to give Paul a message that he intends on getting what's his. Paul tells James that he should have kicked him out the minute he came in. Carly tells Parker to give Liberty time cause she just been through a lot. Liberty asks Janet if she should call Parker to tell her that she's sorry. Brad jumps and manages to get Leo out, he then tries to revive Leo. Katie learns that Brad asked for Leo's phone number, she then thinks that something is wrong. Brad calls Katie saying that Leo fell into the reservoir. Derek makes another threat, Paul tells him to let Barbara go. The EMT's arrive and Brad hides as the check on Leo. Barbara and James come face-to-face, and is shocked to learn that Paul knows that James is here. Paul goes to Lucinda but she turns down his offer, he then says that he owes this man a lot of money. Dallas calls Jack saying they found Leo and he was pulled out of the water and someone called 911 anonymously and is unable to speak. Jack arrives to talk with Brad about Leo and says that he's in a coma. Paul tells James that they have a deal. Parker admits to Carly that he's still a little freaked out at what happened earlier. Brad confesses to Katie that he took Leo to the reservoir just to scare him, Katie says to Brad that he should tell Jack what he did. Jack comes by the farm and learns that Janet is moving out. Liberty calls Parker and says she never said that he attacked her, Brad just made a wrong assumption. Carly sees as Brad comes by to see Leo and goes into his room and hears him apologize to him. Katie comes by and tells Jack that Brad is responsible, Janet thinks that Brad should confess.moreless
    • Ep. #12767
      Ep. #12767
      Season 51 - Episode 34
      Maddie queries Will as to whether or not he thinks she's 'hot' because she has had no luck in seducing Casey. At Jade's urging, Will downloads a paper from the Internet to hand in. Gwen realises that Will has thrown out the information on ordering a cap and gown for graduation. Cass Winthrop shows up at the hospital and shocks Hal with a court order saying that Emily is to stay at the hospital for a Psych Evaluation, Tom brings Daniel by to see his mother at the hospial and is also stunned by the sudden revelation, Dusty thinks that Emily will walk and not do any jail time.moreless
    • Ep. #13338
      Ep. #13338
      Season 53 - Episode 101
      Lily wants to know the real reason that he's dropping off Faith and Natalie early. Emma stops Meg from putting something on the mantle and tells her to take it easy. Margo runs into Dani at the station and tells her that she doesn't care about her job and to put the files back and welcomes her back to Oakdale. Derek tells Paul that he wants his money back and that their deal is off. Holden babysits while Lily goes on a date with Mike. Dani goes to Casey and Emily and how Margo practically ordered her out of the station. Casey gives Dani's authorization to Tom and asked him to look it over, Tom says to let him handle it. Paul tells Lily if her offer to give him money still stands. Margo confronts Dani, Emily and Casey and says they're mistaken if they plan to put one over on her, Casey flat out tells Margo that she doesn't like anyone that's related to Emily. Lily tells Paul and says that she thought about it and she can't give him the loan. Emma encourages Meg to tell Paul that she's pregnant. Margo tells Dani that she decides who works at her station and that she's out, Emily says that Margo crossed a line and makes a phone call. Barbara tells Paul that just because failed Emma doesn't mean she still won't love him. Emily helps Dani out and gets the Mayor to get Margo to agree, Emily then gloats and Casey wonders and realizes that he was one of her customers. Meg shares her good news with Paul that she's pregnant.moreless
    • Ep. #12783
      Ep. #12783
      Season 51 - Episode 50
      Luke has to choose between his two fathers. After a huge fight with Gwen outside of Crash, Will takes off to be alone, Jade follows him to the bridge and the two end up having sex. Kim, Bob, Barbara, Dusty and Jennifer celebrate together as Dusty's adoption of Johnny goes through.moreless
    • Ep. #12756
      Ep. #12756
      Season 51 - Episode 23
      Luke contemplates telling the truth about his homosexualty because he knows how much Lily distrusts Jade. Katie and Mike realise today is the only available day for their wedding and hurry to plan the ceremony. Jack narrows down the time of death on the body to thirteen years. Tom brings Daniel in to see Emily. Barbara manipulates Casey.moreless
    • Ep. #13024
      Ep. #13024
      Season 52 - Episode 40
      Carly tells Gwen that she could be doing 25 years if Jack doesn't help her. Will accidentally knocks hot chocolate on Cleo while she attempted to bring him some. Craig asks Meg why she saved his life and didn't let him die and also what she was doing in his office. Katie tells Jack not to help Carly and not to get mixed up with her again by lying under oath. Craig comes to the conclusion that Lucinda poisoned him. Gwen comes home to see Cleo wearing her robe and sitting on the couch. Will and Cleo explain to Gwen what happened. Katie learns from Margo that Jack did call Tom to help defend Carly. Tom tells Carly that the state wants to make this case go away, and that the charges could be dropped. Jack then tells Carly that there is someone else in his life. Jack goes to Katie and tells her that his feelings for her haven't changed and that if she still wants to go to Chicago. Craig asks Meg to marry him which leaves her speechless.moreless
    • Ep. #12404
      Ep. #12404
      Season 49 - Episode 175
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Ep. #12530
      Ep. #12530
      Season 50 - Episode 49
      Lily stays by Keith's hospital bedside. Carly is haunted by Les but fights him off. Holden goes to the hospital to find Lily but later sees Lily and Keith kissing. Mike tells Paul to stay out of their business. Susan refuses to help Emily prosecute Rosanna. Jennifer advises Katie to start her own family with Henry.moreless
    • Ep. #12491
      Ep. #12491
      Season 50 - Episode 10
      Craig assumes that Jennifer is pregnant with Mike’s child. Mike assures Jennifer that he’s willing to raise the baby as his own. and the two of them are going to parents. Luke does not like the idea of Lily helping Keith nail Les for Julia’s death. Les shows up at Carly's door wanting to take his son. While Casey and Celia are making out, Tom, Margo, Bob, and Kim walk in and embarrassing them both. Casey accidentally drops a condom on the floor.moreless
    • Ep. #12888
      Ep. #12888
      Season 51 - Episode 158
      Craig believes that Dusty has turned Lucy against him, and warns his daughter that she'll regret having him arrested. Jade comes to say goodbye to Adam, who tells her that he isn't leaving town after all. Carly tries to contact Simon to say she wants a future with him. Katie tosses Simon out after they make love. Jade confides in Lily that she is over Will. Tom quits his job as Craig's attorney. Dusty and Lucy get closer.moreless
    • Ep. #12889
      Ep. #12889
      Season 51 - Episode 159
      Lucy and Dusty are interrupted by a call from Emily warning them that Craig's out on bail, and later agree to put their relationship on hold until after custody of Johnny is settled. Margo and Casey are both proud of Tom for walking out on Craig, but he reminds them that he isn't likely to be getting his old job back anytime soon. Katie tries to tell Mike about her and Simon, but Lucinda interrupts, looking for information on the latest Oakdale Confidential.moreless
    • Ep. #12668
      Ep. #12668
      Season 50 - Episode 187
      B.J. explains the pledge machine to Katie, and then gives her the dress he wants her to wear, blowing up when she suggests wearing her own. He eavesdrops as Katie assures Maddie she's only playing him to get Henry back. Will tries to convince Gwen that if they have a child together it will be for all the wrong reasons, but after he talks to Carly about how Parker and Sage helped her get over Nora, he tells Gwen that he wants to have another baby with her. Keith reminds Lily that their marriage is her decision, but that she has to face the karmic fallout. Luke tells Holden that he wishes he had never woken up because his family has fallen apart. Emma unintentionally reveals to Dusty that Meg could have helped Jennifer out weeks earlier than she did.moreless
    • Ep. #12705
      Ep. #12705
      Season 50 - Episode 224
      Dusty blasts Meg, convinced that she hired Madame LaCoste. Emily tells Henry she still loves Paul. When Meg returns to the hotel, Paul comforts her, and the two end up in a kiss that Emily witnesses. Maddie finally convinces Casey to help her in protecting Gwen and Will, and they learn from Lisa that Barbara has a nanny-cam in her apartment so they break in to get the tape in the hope that they can clear the two of them. Gwen and Will divide their money in case something happens to one of them, but before they can get out of there Margo shows up and arrests them both.moreless
    • Ep. #12639
      Ep. #12639
      Season 50 - Episode 158
      Will tries to keep Iris out of the house when social worker Genevieve George drops by for a surprise inspection, but is unsuccessful. Maddie panics when she can't find Henry, and Casey blows off a date with Lia to help her look for him. Iris contacts her friend Stan and asks him to find out whatever he can about how Will killed Rose D'Angelo. Henry believes he has been saved when a big blonde shows up in the cellar.moreless
    • Ep. #12618
      Ep. #12618
      Season 50 - Episode 137
      Iris tries to make a deal with Jack and Carly. Will goes to sell his old car and get a new one. Gwen hides in the park. Jack goes to talk to the New York Police. Carly comes face-to-face with Gwen. Jennifer pushes her and Dusty into a kiss. Emily spots Meg talking to Eli. Maddie and Henry find an unconscious Mike.moreless
    • Ep. #12574
      Ep. #12574
      Season 50 - Episode 93
      Celia says goodbye to Will, Casey and Gwen after deciding to return home to Montega, and Gwen promises to look after Will. Lucinda plots to reunite Holden and Lily, while Keith makes headway with Luke. Maddie continues scheming to get Henry and Katie together despite Henry's attempts to get her to stop manipulating.moreless
    • Ep. #12482
      Ep. #12482
      Season 50 - Episode 1
      Michael Baldwin tries to help Keith and Jake with J.J.'s custody case, but Sweeny's lawyer pulls a rabbit out of his hat as he points out Michael's own less-than-stellar history. Outside in the hallway, Carly is touched as J.J. reaches out to her for comfort, and allows her to hold him.moreless
    • Ep. #12628
      Ep. #12628
      Season 50 - Episode 147
      Will brings Rory with him to ask for Paul's help, and while holding his half-nephew, Paul begins to have second thoughts about everything he has done to keep Jennifer and Rory apart. Gwen is suspicious when Carly promises not to testify if Gwen is charged with kidnapping, but Carly swears she just wants to do what is best for the baby. B.J. shows Maddie just how much power he has by getting her rehired as easily as he got her fired, then sends her off with a disco ball.moreless
    • Ep. #12665
      Ep. #12665
      Season 50 - Episode 184
      Luke convinces Holden to leave so that he can stay behind and talk to Lily, but when she will not commit to spending Christmas with the family, Luke gets frustrated. Casey tries without success to get through to Margo, but she is still too angry with him. Maddie offers a shoulder to Margo, which is refused, so she offers it to Casey, and is shocked to hear Casey admit to being the father of Gwen's baby. Emily demands to see Paul, but Hal advises her that he's being transfered to Statesville. Cass tries to convince Hal that Paul will soon be back, but Hal is adamant on transferring him. Carly tries to get through to Gwen, and shares her own pain at losing a baby with her, but Gwen still asks her to leave. Later, Will comes to see Gwen, but she pushes him away too.moreless
    • Ep. #12606
      Ep. #12606
      Season 50 - Episode 125
      Paul reports to Emily that Craig must have switched the records before his incarceration. Jennifer insists her baby is alive. Henry meets a stranger at the Lakeview lounge who turns out being Kim’s new partner, B.J. Green.
    • Ep. #12483
      Ep. #12483
      Season 50 - Episode 2
      Mike can't help but dwell on what happened between Craig and Mike, but Katie reminds him that if he obsesses over it Craig really will win. Meanwhile, Jennifer hopes her baby belongs to Mike, but deep down knows it is probably Craig's.
    • Ep. #11574
      Ep. #11574
      Season 46 - Episode 98
      Sierra and Lucinda continue to argue over Craig's guilt, and Bryant begs Lucinda to walk softly with Sierra or it could destroy their relationship.
    • Ep. #12663
      Ep. #12663
      Season 50 - Episode 182
      Casey continues to deny his involvement with Gwen until Tom confirms the baby switch, and finally confesses that he did sleep with Gwen. B.J. realises that Katie has been lying to him all along after he finds a stash of photographs featuring Mike. An angry Will confronts Paul about what he did not only to Jennifer but to Gwen as well. Margo is devastated to realise that her son lied, and her grandson is dead. Henry tries desperately to get to Katie but Olga manages to get to him first.moreless
    • Ep. #12589
      Ep. #12589
      Season 50 - Episode 108
      Mike is suspicious when a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrives for Katie, and is worried that they're from Simon. Maddie is intrigued by the story of Simon, but her real ace in the hole is Katie's former school chum. Byron.
    • Ep. #12646
      Ep. #12646
      Season 50 - Episode 165
      Hal is shocked to find out that Will threatened Iris in a public place, and is devastated when tests prove that Iris was poisoned with Methanol, the same drug that killed Rose, and that Will's fingerprints were found on the glass.
    • Ep. #12620
      Ep. #12620
      Season 50 - Episode 139
      Holden agrees not to turn Keith in. Meg shows Paul the DNA test results which confirmed that Jennifer's child was switched with Gwen's. Dusty kisses Jennifer to give her some comfort. Iris accuses Carly of trying to kill her baby. Gwen is rushed to the hospital. Gwen wakes up in the hospital with Will at her side. Carly shows up ready to face Gwen.moreless
    • Ep. #12853
      Ep. #12853
      Season 51 - Episode 123
      Emily convinces Henry to help her break into Paul's apartment where they run into Meg. Dusty warns Barbara that he's not going to let her interfere in any relationship he chooses to have with Lucy. Gwen tells Will she will always love him, but can't be with him now.
    • Ep. #12643
      Ep. #12643
      Season 50 - Episode 162
      Jack knows Carly is nervous about her upcoming lunch with Gwen and encourages her to work on her relationship with her sister.
    • Ep. #12560
      Ep. #12560
      Season 50 - Episode 79
      Famly and friends say goodbye to John Dustin Munson. Barbara demands answers from Gwen about what happened to the baby. Henry and Katie work on getting their friendship back together.
    • Ep. #12859
      Ep. #12859
      Season 51 - Episode 129
      With the storm still terrorising the residents of Oakdale everyone is on edge. After driving into a ditch Will & Gwen are forced to help each other through it, and after Jade gets into an accident Dallas is stunned to learn that she's is pregnant. Katie is worried about Mike, and she finds his car at an accident site she fears for the worse. When Johnny falls sick, Lucy rushes to get him to the hospital but Barbara immediately stops her. When Barbara refuses to co-operate Lucy takes drastic action. And, after learning about Emily's escape plans Meg takes action to stop her when serious complications arise.moreless
    • Ep. #12547
      Ep. #12547
      Season 50 - Episode 66
      Mike gives Jennifer a chance to tell the truth about her plot with Dusty to make it look like Craig was a bad father, but Jennifer can't come clean. After confronting her about her lies in court, Mike tells her it's over and walks out. Carly and Jack go to Susan looking for answers about Ray Tenney, but Susan reminds them that she spent a lot of time in a bottle, and can only remember that whatever it was involved a child. While Celia tries to talk Casey into a purity promise where they will remain virgins until they're married, Will promises to help Gwen raise Casey's baby, but after he leaves Gwen looks at adoption brochures.moreless
    • Ep. #10982
      Ep. #10982
      Season 44 - Episode 4
      Molly lets it slip how much she loves Andy, but he can't return the emotion. Carly is upset when she believes Brad is going to propose to Claire with his grandmother's ring. Holden and Lily dig up David's grave.
    • Ep. #12649
      Ep. #12649
      Season 50 - Episode 168
      Jennifer tries to explain the emptiness in her heart and the strange connection she feels to Billy to Kim, and decides to head over to see the baby so she can get some closure. After finding the baby alone (thanks to Iris having taken off), Jennifer stays to look after him.moreless
    • Ep. #12612
      Ep. #12612
      Season 50 - Episode 131
      Carly receives a call that says that Rory is sick. Iris tells Gwen some truth. Holden tells Lily that he still loves her. Lucinda tells Lily about her condition. Casey tells Maddie to not talk about Gwen. Henry wonders about the possibility of B.J. being Byron.
    • Ep. #12647
      Ep. #12647
      Season 50 - Episode 166
      The Snyder family prepares to celebrate an extra-special Thanksgiving with Luke home from the hospital, and a lonely Lily watches through the window.
    • Ep. #12506
      Ep. #12506
      Season 50 - Episode 25
      Margo and Tom dance the night away and win the dance competition at '50s night at Yo's. Lily and Keith also go to the dance together. Holden goes with Jack to find Lily and Keith slow-dancing. Keith is assaulted outside by a man from his past. Alison accuses Will of betraying her trust and later tells Will he’s too much for her and they cannot be friends anymore. Will goes to the rooftop and stands on the edge. Casey confronts Celia and she runs off.moreless
    • Ep. #12567
      Ep. #12567
      Season 50 - Episode 86
      Gwen is horrified to read in the paper that Rosanna is in a coma, and calls Will to get help in finding out what is happening to her baby. Hal and Craig put their differences aside for Jennifer, and Paul promises his sister Craig will never hurt her again. Craig is stopped from taking off with the baby by Jack and Margo, who show up just in the nick of time.moreless
    • Ep. #12854
      Ep. #12854
      Season 51 - Episode 124
      Meg and Paul admit to Emily that they are engaged, and Emily warns Paul that she will never let him near their child. Katie is upset to realise that Simon helped Carly get her divorce. Holden struggles to make a decision after Bob warns him Lily may never wake up.
    • Ep. #12622
      Ep. #12622
      Season 50 - Episode 141
      Iris and Cass discuss the case. B.J. explains his disappearance. Katie agrees to help plan the Halloween party with B.J.
    • Ep. #12460
      Ep. #12460
      Season 49 - Episode 231
      When Julia refuses to leave Oakdale, Lily uses her ace in the hole and tells Julia that she knows all about El Paso, and if Julia doesn't leave town right away she will tell the police all about it.
    • Ep. #12891
      Ep. #12891
      Season 51 - Episode 161
      Lucinda drops by the house looking for Katie, and tells Mike that Katie has to get some material to the publisher by 4:00 PM. After more needling by Lucinda, Mike finally agrees to access Katie's computer. Meg agrees to have coffee with Emily so that Emily can 'make amends' while Craig pushes Paul's buttons. Katie confesses to Margo that she slept with Simon, then rushes home out of fear that Mike will read her laptop. Emily drugs Meg, who soon finds herself too weakened to move as Craig shows up. Adam is furious when Gwen falls asleep at the studio, but agrees to help her record the track while Jade, who showed up to take him to lunch, watches with Will and Casey. Carly and Simon begin to make love as Mike reads Katie's laptop confession.moreless
    • Ep. #13217
      Ep. #13217
      Season 52 - Episode 233
      Kit realizes that woman she hit isn't Carly, Kit then hides as Carly comes home and she sees Katie unconscious. Bonnie manages to get Brad to open his eyes, she then calls 911, as Matt lingers nearby. Alison asks Casey if she's seen Matt anywhere, since he said he was returning to the Lakeview and thinks there's something suspicious about the person Matt was talking too in Old Town. Susan says to Lily that Noah and Luke can be released from the hospital. Kit slips out as Jack and Carly tend to Katie. Lily and Holden question Ameera about Winston hiring those guys to beat up Luke and Noah and her there too finish the job. Brad and Katie realize that they where both hit on the hit at the same time in different places. Matt covers for Casey by telling Margo that he's going back to College. Parker learns that Katie was attacked, and thinks that no one is safe. Jack tells Carly that as long as Kit's out there he's not letting her out of his sight.moreless
    • Ep. #13384
      Ep. #13384
      Season 53 - Episode 147
      Kevin lays into Mark for putting that video of Luke on the internet saying he doesn't want to go in that direction. After seeing the video, Luke insists that he fight back at Kevin and thinks of what he could use. Brian insists that he and Lucinda go somewhere together. Alison says that Noah's right about Luke going after Kevin. Casey tells Alison to talk with Kevin to see if he can get the video taken down. Aaron drops off a gift that was sent from Seattle who don't know about the impending divorce, Susan tells him to go to Yo's and see her. Brian takes Lucinda to go ice skating, but they both end up on the ice and end up kissing. Brian admits his true feelings to Lucinda. A party goer tells Mark that the woman that Kevin was talking to was Alison Stewart and wonders why she's talking with Casey. Susan calls Lucinda and tells her to come into the hospital right away. Mark tells Kevin that Alison is playing him and Kevin says to forget about what he said earlier and to win the election. Casey gets distracted by some people wanting to play a game and someone takes his costume. Lucinda gets heartbreaking news from Susan that there's some recurrence of breast cancer, also possible treatments. Alison is the victim of a cruel joke when she's taken by someone wearing Casey costume. Lucinda calls Brian and says she can't make it tonight. Luke reassures to Noah what he felt for Kevin was in the past.moreless
    • Ep. #13215
      Ep. #13215
      Season 52 - Episode 231
      Kit calls Henry demanding her money, Henry then goes to Carly and Jack wondering what to do. Jack goes to Brad, Katie then offers to get the money for him, Jack accepts and assures that she'll get the money back. Vienna receives another expensive gift from Gray. Brad tells Jack that Henry is going to seduce Kit as part of his plan. Luke and Noah find themselves in some trouble, when some guys attempt to lure Ameera in their car, they start to beat on Luke and seriously hurts Noah. Vienna walks in on Henry kissing Kit. Kit leaves with the money and no confession. Holden and Lily see Luke and Noah in trouble and act quickly, when he sees him fighting with someone. Vienna asks Gray to take her as far away from Oakdale. Katie offers to set things right with Vienna. Brad and Katie find comfort in one another. Carly tells Jack that the only way to nail Kit is to catch her trying to kill again.moreless
    • Ep. #12958
      Ep. #12958
      Season 51 - Episode 228
      Parker and Faith are able to sneak away again but they get caught in the path of a vicious dog, Paul quickly thinks of something. Katie is livid when her show featured and Kim offers Brad a short term contract with WOAK.
    • Ep. #13190
      Ep. #13190
      Season 52 - Episode 206
      Jack interrupts a moment with Carly and Sam at Metro, and says that Parker wants to go to a school dance. Brad tells Katie that he wants to live with her while he recuperates. Rosanna makes a final attempt at a future with Paul, Rosanna makes a plan to make sure there's nor divorce. Parker tells his friend that there's something that he has to do first. Katie tells Vienna that Brad had a accident and broke his leg. Parker and his friends follow Carly and Sam to Yo's. Paul realizes that Rosanna is kidnapping him. Parker breaks into Metro and steals Cowboy Jack in order to get rid of it. Henry asks Katie why is Brad staying with her. Rosanna is shocked when Paul called the police to have her arrested. Sam finds Cowboy Jack missing and calls Carly. Parker is scared to find Cowboy Jack in his bed at the farm.moreless
    • Ep. #13278
      Ep. #13278
      Season 53 - Episode 41
      Meg confesses to Mike that she still loves Paul. Meg tells Chris that Alison stayed at the farm with Aaron. Chris makes the wrong assumption when he thinks that Alison and Aaron slept together. Sofie asks Paul to help her with her dress when he walks in on her. Winston keeps drugging Ameera's tea, after Winston leaves Ameera escapes. Sofie's party gets under way in the Lakeview. Winston tells Noah that he isn't man enough to stop him. Aaron comforts Alison after Chris storms out. Winston punches Noah and makes a run for it. Paul tells Meg that he wants to kiss her. Luke is relieved that Noah is alright and tells him that Ameera is in police custody. Brenda asks Chris if he thinks that Alison should be dismissed from the nursing program. Winston calls Noah and says either get Ameera out of jail or he and Luke die.moreless
    • Ep. #13232
      Ep. #13232
      Season 52 - Episode 249
      Barbara shares her secret with Will and Gwen. Parker tells Meg that it's hopeless and that he's going to go to jail tomorrow, Meg then calls Paul asking for his help. Casey, Matt, Alison and Margo to free themselves as the bomb timer continues and is relieved when the bomb malfunctioned and didn't go off. Tom arrives and manages to get everyone untied and out of the house. Meg asks Paul that Parker needs a friend right now. Henry and Vienna must be realistic about their situation. Susan goes and sees if Alison is alright after learning that she was in a hostage crisis. Vienna and Henry learn that Gray attempted to kill Alison, Margo, Casey and Matt tonight. Will confides in Gwen that he lost his father and sister and can't lose his mother. Barbara tells Paul that she has has been sick lately. Alison comes by to get her coat, and sees Gray take aim at Margo and quickly gets her out of the way saving her life. Tom quickly grabs Gray and Margo waits to get a clear shot, Gray says to Margo put the gun down or Tom is dead, Margo then shoots Gray dead.moreless
    • Ep. #13274
      Ep. #13274
      Season 53 - Episode 37
      Noah is upset that Noah went to New York without him. Lily receives advice from Carly. Brad and Katie are shocked by Liberty's request about her living with them. Jack looks at some of the pictures she got from the dance. Henry insists to Vienna that he hires another waitress and that she take it easy. Luke assists Noah. Janet comes to take Liberty home but she says she's not going anywhere with her. Winston slips something into Ameera's drink that makes her pass out. Lily then tells Holden that she's moving back home with the kids and that she doesn't want him there. Holden confronts Carly and what she's done to his family. Coyle's alliance with Winston is revealed, and tells him that Noah is in New York. Vienna hires Janet at Al's but changes her mind when she learns that she's the Janet everyone's talking about.moreless
    • Ep. #12794
      Ep. #12794
      Season 51 - Episode 61
      Katie accepts Simon's apology, but tells him she's not getting drawn back into his life. Privately, she tells Mike that she thinks Simon's out for Vienna's jewels. Dusty convinces Jennifer to stay in the hospital after she is diagnosed with pneumonia, but she is determined to get home to Johnny. Maddie swears she doesn't know Dallas, but is unable to make love to Casey after suffering a series of flashbacks. Jade swears she will never tell anyone about her night with Will after Gwen and Will defend her to Barbara.moreless
    • Ep. #13237
      Ep. #13237
      Season 53 - Episode 1
      Katie tries to sneak out of bed but Brad stops her. Carly insists that she and Jack talk about their kiss. Margo looks at the stained carpet and then heads off to work. Katie tells Brad to forget that last night ever happened. Emma tells Paul that she doesn't think that she's going to make the deal with him and that another company outbid World Wide. Emily becomes upset when she spies on Alison and Chris together. Jack's words hurt Carly. Dallas welcomes Margo back to the station, and there's an encounter with a criminal. Brad follows Katie on her daily run. Paul wants Emily to do some research on the company that outbid him. Katie is stunned when Brad proposes marriage to her, they're then arrested for stealing bicycles and are later released. Mike Kasnoff returns to Oakdale and tells Emma and Meg that he works for the company that's buying her land and he's in charge of the project. Katie tells Brad that she's going to think about what he asked her.moreless
    • Ep. #12919
      Ep. #12919
      Season 51 - Episode 189
      Meg found Paul at the scene of the accident. While Paul dreamed, Meg told Barbara, Will and Gwen that he had coded. Vienna and Katie argued, and they refused to let Carly leave the Snyder farm.
    • Ep. #13261
      Ep. #13261
      Season 53 - Episode 25
      Alison surprises Chris at the hospital by wearing something that catches his eye. Margo's doubt surprises Casey when she says that she can't believe him this time. Ameera sees Luke and Noah embracing when she comes out of the kitchen with something she made. Ameera tells Noah and Luke that she got a call from Winston. Casey confronts Elwood at Java about setting him up and that he won't get away with it. Alison and Chris decide to skip dinner and head up to his suite, but they have intimacy issues. Winston learns that Ameera and Noah are married asks if he and Ameera have a real marriage, Noah then asks Winston what his connection to Ameera is. Emily is able track some old manuscripts to an old bookstore. Casey sees Elwood and then goes after him, Emily stops him and Margo finds a manuscript in Elwood's backpack. Ameera calls and asks to speak with Winston. Casey walks away after Margo apologizes for ever doubting him.moreless
    • Ep. #13199
      Ep. #13199
      Season 52 - Episode 215
      Carly manages to get Cowboy Jack out of the fire in time, Parker insists that he isn't lying about taking Cowboy Jack. Gwen and Will go in search of Sofie and Hallie, Margo says they should come home but Gwen is still insists on finding Hallie. Sofie reaches out to Aaron while on the run. Sam calls Carly, Parker then grabs the phone and asks him to admit that he's setting him up. Lucinda realizes that Evan poisoned Bob and killed Neil and Dusty. Evan shocks Lily by saying that Lucinda brought him to Oakdale in order to get World Wide back. Dr. Seidman comes to have a talk with Parker. Aaron tells Sofie it's time to go back to Oakdale. Holden tells Margo that something happened to Lily and she could be in danger. Carly brings Cowboy Jack to Sam and says that she's giving up Metro. Margo issues a cop to follow Holden thinking something is up. Sofie then runs off with Hallie while Aaron calls Gwen.moreless
    • Ep. #13224
      Ep. #13224
      Season 52 - Episode 240
      Carly offers to go back to the warehouse, Jack thinks it's a bad idea. Luke tells Noah that he's accepted the fact that he has to marry Ameera. Lily tells everyone that Ameera is missing, Ameera arrives and says that she went for a walk and objects to a church wedding, suggests in Emma's backyard. Jack agrees to let Carly come with him to Chicago. Henry attempts to use his cell phone to call Katie and says that he's chained to a wall and says he's in a warehouse in Chicago, Kit then comes by and knocks him out. Aaron tells Holden that he's going back to Seattle cause his mother's cancer might be coming back. Ameera and Noah are pronounced husband and wife. Carly and Jack run into Brad and Katie, they realize their here to rescue Henry then the power goes out. Carly and Jack get out of the way as Cowboy Jack falls and they then hear him laughing. Kit once again mistakes Katie, and Kit throws her down and makes a run for it, but is stopped by Brad, Jack sees Katie and Kit then shoots Jack and gets away, Carly then runs after Kit. Holden tells Lily that he wants to renew their vows, she then accepts. Alison tells Aaron to give Julie her best as he leaves for Seattle. Carly and Kit engage in a shoot out outside the warehouse.moreless
    • Ep. #13220
      Ep. #13220
      Season 52 - Episode 236
      Alison comes and invites Casey and Matt to the mixer at Yo's. Jack listens to Kit's message and then immediately goes to save her. Holden and Lily get intimate while in the shower. Kit continues to play mind games with Carly at the warehouse, she then hears voices and sees Cowboy Jack. Parker tells Lily and Holden he has a feeling that something is wrong. Carly gets out of the way when something falls, Jack hears her scream and finds her. Matt gets Ameera to dance with Casey, Noah tells Luke if it's a good idea. The Chicago police arrive and search the place with no sign of Kit anywhere. Parker asks Carly and Jack what happened. Holden gets a call from someone asking about Ameera. Noah vows to protect Ameera after two men from Homeland Security ask about her. Parker offers to stay with his mother tonight so he can keep an eye on her and Jack offers to stay as well. Casey punches a federal agent who manhandles Ameera, and then arrests him. Holden tells Luke and Noah that they made things worse by running away. Matt calls Gray for a favor regarding Casey, as Alison overhears him on the phone. Carly hears something and goes downstairs and sees Parker and and realizes that Cowboy Jack is on the sofa.moreless
    • Ep. #13233
      Ep. #13233
      Season 52 - Episode 250
      Ameera insists on going with Noah to Parker's trial. Parker gets upset and leaves thinking he'll go to jail, and runs into Paul who gets him to go back inside. Noah supports Luke through hardship and warns that people could be watching them. Katie tells Brad that while Jack was delirious he said she was his wife. Jack and Carly set off in locating Ruby, Carly then see her and she and Jack manage to catch up with her. Ameera gets shaken after hearing Parker's testimony. Ruby tells Carly and Jack that Kit did shoot her boyfriend Sam, but refuses to go back to testify. Brad helps Katie. The D.A. grills Parker when he said that he only fired one shot. Carly pleads with Ruby to help Parker, Ruby agrees since she once lost a child herself. Tom and the D.A. say their closing arguments and the Judge adjournes to decide his verdict. The cop insists that he give Jack and Carly a police escort. The Judge comes back and has reached a verdict of guilty, which devastates Parker, Carly and Jack arrive with Ruby and she testifies that Kit shot Sam and the Judge reverses his decision and the charges against Parker are dropped.moreless
    • Ep. #12830
      Ep. #12830
      Season 51 - Episode 97
      Luke is devastated when Holden exposes Damian's true motivation in coming back to Oakdale and realises that it was Damian who was behind the deprogramming camp. Maddie flees when Jade says that Will was with her when Casey and Gwen were attacked, then later panics when Louis grabs her arm. Will wants to take Gwen home, but she says Casey will take her. Emily refers to Paul as 'daddy' while talking to the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #12944
      Ep. #12944
      Season 51 - Episode 214
      Gwen and Will argue about the bonds, and she finally asks him outright if he was the one who took the bonds from Crash. Emily finds herself in Steve's bed and the two have sex. After he leaves, she finds that he's left her $1000. Brad suggets to Vienna that they try to make Jack jealous, and the two are locked in a passionate kiss when Jack shows up.moreless
    • Ep.#12808
      Season 51 - Episode 75
      Casey confides to Margo that he thinks Maddie started the fire after seeing him and Lia together. Emily learns from Cass Winthrop that she may spend 10 years in jail, the judge is about to hear her plea, then Dusty bursts into the courtroom with something to say.
    • Ep. #12763
      Ep. #12763
      Season 51 - Episode 30
      After her talk with Jennifer, Emily makes the decision to go through with her pregnancy. The St. Christopher's medal is stolen from the police station, and Carly later finds the medal in Nick's jacket.
    • Ep. #12758
      Ep. #12758
      Season 51 - Episode 25
      Dusty visits Emily in the hospital and tells her he wants retribution. Hal confronts Paul and reveals to him that Emily is pregnant. Luke warns Jade that he's about to tell Lily and Holden the truth and Jade calls Holden to the guest house, where she kisses him. Katie and Mike prepare for their wedding and Henry steps in to perform the ceremony when Katie realises she forgot to book a minister.moreless
    • Ep. #12770
      Ep. #12770
      Season 51 - Episode 37
      Will feels guilty about having bought his biology paper off the Internet and wants to confess, but Jade convinces him to keep quiet, and suggests he cheat on his upcoming calculus exam.
    • Ep. #12811
      Ep. #12811
      Season 51 - Episode 78
      Kevin sets up Luke on a date with Ada. Maddie has another psychotic episode.
    • Ep. #12766
      Ep. #12766
      Season 51 - Episode 33
      Henry admits to Emily that the police have confiscated his money, but then offers her an interesting suggestion when he advises her to play crazy. Paul asks Meg to run away with him, and wonders why she can't have faith in him. Maddie tries to seduce Casey, but he resists her efforts. Jade and Will find some common ground.moreless
    • Ep. #13268
      Ep. #13268
      Season 53 - Episode 32
      Liberty asks her Mom what she's doing back in town, while she was talking to some boys. Barbara tells Paul to stop what's going on with him and Sofie, Paul says that there is nothing. Brad goes into check on Liberty and sees that Janet has returned to Oakdale. Paul gets a call for help from Meg needing his help. Sofie gets some unexpected help when Paul finances her jewelry line. Liberty walks in on Brad and Janet. Janet gives Brad a book with baby pictures of Liberty. Barbara tells Sofie that Paul is not in love with her and never will be. Sally asks Paul why she should trust him since he's always getting arrested. Katie walks in and sees Brad, Janet and Liberty laughing, Katie then tells Brad why he didn't mention that Janet was back. Mike then arrives at the farm and asks threatens to have Paul arrested. Brad says to Katie that he loves her and only her.moreless
    • Ep. #12754
      Ep. #12754
      Season 51 - Episode 21
      Will is pleased by how well Gwen performs at CRASH. Paul tries desperately to save Emily even when Meg says it's too late. Jade assures Lily and Holden she was happy to take care of the girls for them.
    • Ep. #12777
      Ep. #12777
      Season 51 - Episode 44
      Nick calls Mike to apologize for everything and Mike convinces Nick to tell him where he is. Mike goes to see him, but when Katie walks in after the two men have fought and Nick comes towards her, she shoots him in the chest. Lucy and Dusty catch up, and Dusty later introduces her to her half-brother, Johnny, and tells her that he and Jennifer are getting married and he plans to adopt Johnny. Emily convinces Henry to ask Paul to come see her, and when Paul arrives, Emily tells him that an abortion might be the right decision after all. Jack follows the compass true north, convinced he'll find Carly -- she's near unconsciousness in a cave.moreless
    • Ep. #12750
      Ep. #12750
      Season 51 - Episode 17
      Jennifer is overjoyed to find Dusty alive and well, but stuck in the middle when Dusty and Paul find themselves on opposite sides. Tom wonders just what kind of hold Paul has over women that led Emily to neglect her own son for him and Meg withheld evidence from the police at his request. Casey begs Gwen to sing at the club's opening night while Will and Maddie discuss Maddie's worries about her relationship with Casey. At J.J.'s behest, Jack goes to see Carly to see what's bothering her and finds himself on the end of her sharp tongue.moreless
    • Ep. #12789
      Ep. #12789
      Season 51 - Episode 56
      Holden arrives in time to find Damian leaning over Lily at the bottom of the stairs and initially blames Damian for the mishap. Mike and Katie continue to enjoy their time aboard the cruise while narrowly missing Simon and Vienna on numerous occasions. While Luke tries to explain to Holden about Ross Kreeger, Damian lambastes Kreeger for not snatching Luke when he had the chance. Paul is upset with Emily for risking their child's life in what he sees as an attempt to curry favor with Jennifer and Dusty. Luke worries that Holden blames him for Lily's accident and agrees to go home with Damian. Jennifer tells Meg and Dusty to leave Emily alone after the sacrifice she made for them. Katie pounds on Simon's door to get he and Vienna to turn down the music.moreless
    • Ep. #13029
      Ep. #13029
      Season 52 - Episode 45
      Craig tells Holden and Lily that he asked Meg to marry him. Carly lays into Katie about her filling in as "Mom" when she was away and now that she is back she is no longer needed. Henry takes Brad to Yo's to show him that there is life after Katie. Jack and Parker return to the farm to hear Carly and Katie arguing. Jack tells Carly to leave. Henry tells Brad that the next woman to walk into the bar will be his; Brad looks over his shoulder as Carly walks in. Paul arrives at the Lakeview and learns of Craig's marriage proposal to Meg. J.J. thanks Parker for ruining his Mom's sleepover.moreless
    • Ep. #13273
      Ep. #13273
      Season 53 - Episode 36
      Brad prepares to have date night with Katie. Jack tells Carly that Parker was with Liberty in her suite at the Lakeview and not at his friends house. Faith asks why her parents cannot kiss and make-up and be like it used to be. Lily breaks her promise to Faith. Janet interrupts Brad and Katie's date by showing up at the movies. Bonnie tells Henry that if he fights Gray Gerard's estate he would have no chance of winning. Parker has a daydream where he and Liberty kiss. Parker sees Liberty kissing his friend Dylan and a jealous Parker storms off. Carly tells Jack that he will always expect the worst of her. Brad realizes that Liberty is with a guy after Parker hints at it. Lily makes a scene by yelling at Holden at the dance in front of everyone which embarrassed Faith. Jack tells Carly not to interfere with Holden and Lily's issues. Vienna goes to confront Bonnie but does not get anywhere. Janet slaps Liberty for her recent behavior. Liberty tells Janet that this is the reason she wanted to get away from her. Liberty goes home with Brad and Katie. Jack apologizes to Parker and admits he still has issues with Carly.moreless
    • Ep. #12781
      Ep. #12781
      Season 51 - Episode 48
      Jack, J.J., Parker and Sage go to the hospital to bring Carly home which pleases her, Mr. Weber tells Will to leave the school, he then expells him in front his family and Gwen.
    • Ep. #12780
      Ep. #12780
      Season 51 - Episode 47
      Principal Weber expels Will over the phone. Casey is shocked to learn that his parents have made sure he's accepted at the University of Wisconsin. Jennifer is upset to learn that Lucy will be supervising Johnny's vaccination.
    • Ep. #13060
      Ep. #13060
      Season 52 - Episode 76
      Katie is at loss for words when Jack asks her to marry her. Barbara throws Lucinda's sympathy flowers on the floor. Carly gives Parker the news about Paul being missing and presumed dead. Meg corrects Craig when she wants to annul their marriage. Carly tells Jack of the memorial that Barbara has arranged for Paul and to bring Parker. Gwen tells Will that she knows what's wrong with her. Vienna tells Henry that she is seeing Katie in a whole new light and thinks she belongs with Jack. Parker says that he should go to the memorial with Carly and Jack. Katie tells Vienna that she is going to trust that Jack loves her.moreless
    • Ep. #13058
      Ep. #13058
      Season 52 - Episode 74
      Craig decides that he wants Meg to keep the company instead of turning it back over to Lucinda. Emily decides to take a trip with Daniel to get far away from Dusty and Alison. Vienna discovers that there was no ring and that Brad set Katie up. Carly admits to loving Jack, and she wants him back.moreless
    • Ep. #13179
      Ep. #13179
      Season 52 - Episode 195
      Brad has a dream about Katie while doing an episode of Oakdale Now. Jack shows Carly Parker's midsemester grades and that he's failing two subjects. Vienna tells Brad that Katie is trying a speed dating service. Sofie is touched when Hallie Jennifer smiles at her. Carly and Jack are told by Sam where they can find Parker, they each tell him that he has to do better in school. Parker goes to Metro and tells Sam to stay away from him and to leave his mother alone. Vienna mananges to get rid of one the Speed Daters so Brad can take his place. Katie can't believe that Brad followed her to the Lakeview. Katie tells Brad that she knows what she did. Jack tells Parker to be polite when Sam arrives at the house.moreless
    • Ep. #12817
      Ep. #12817
      Season 51 - Episode 84
      Nate tries to convince Maddie to go to a special memorial for Lia at Crash, but she doesn't think it's a good idea. Gwen defends Maddie when Jade and Will both think she might be guilty of murder. Casey tries to convince the other students that Maddie couldn't have killed Lia. Luke eavesdrops as Holden talks to Lily about the new baby. Barbara assures Paul that she only wants what's best for him. Emily is pleased to see that her pregnancy is getting to Meg. Maddie finally agrees to go to Lia's memorial. Casey accuses Dallas of following him. Susan is upset when the spa loses her and Emily's reservations, but Paul tries to make amends by getting them in for the deluxe package. Barbara has some advice for Meg.moreless
    • Ep. #12796
      Ep. #12796
      Season 51 - Episode 63
      Jennifer tries to hide the truth from Dusty about how sick she is, but Paul and Meg soon show up to tell Dusty how sick she really is. Maddie takes off after running into Dallas again, denying that she knows him. Holden asks Jack for help in proving what Damian was up to with Luke.moreless
    • Ep. #12886
      Ep. #12886
      Season 51 - Episode 156
      Craig sets a trap for Meg and Paul. Gwen and Adam make a deal.
    • Ep. #12700
      Ep. #12700
      Season 50 - Episode 219
      Paul manages to fool Margo when she comes to search his room, looking for the lost teens, by playing the role of a Frenchman, Mr. Pollock. He almost blows it, though, when she hears his cough and tries to take him to the hospital. Dusty interrupts Jennifer's meeting with Madame LaCoste, but later, after a vision of Paul, she calls the psychic to set up a meeting, not realising that Paul hired her. When Carly's sitter has to go, Carly needs to find a ride home from the strip club and when Chardonnay is unable to help, she reluctantly accepts Nick's help. Maddie deliberately steers Margo in the wrong direction in the search for Gwen and Will, then fantasizes about sending Gwen and Will off in 1940s style. Katie is devastated when Mike tells her he's leaving town for awhile.moreless
    • Ep. #12740
      Ep. #12740
      Season 51 - Episode 7
      Mike worries about the impact that the book will have on his past.
    • Ep. #12675
      Ep. #12675
      Season 50 - Episode 194
      Paul agrees to pay Meg one million dollars to help him, and the two confide in each other as to what got them both to that point. Keith wrestles the knife away from Luke, who is determined to cut the kidney out if he has to. Emily is thrilled when Tom brings Daniel by for a visit to cheer her up, until Daniel points out that she has lost an earring. Panicking, Emily realises she must have lost it when she rolled Paul's body off the cliff. Holden agrees to sign the divorce papers, telling Lily that he just can't do that to Luke anymore. Emily is luckily able to find her earring, but loses her way in the fog and finds her way to the cabin, where she sees Paul.moreless
    • Ep. #13336
      Ep. #13336
      Season 53 - Episode 99
      Paul asks Meg if he brought her home from the hospital Casey bumps into Susan at Java looking for Emily cause she was supposed to meet him. Emma is worried that her livestock and her orchard is gonna be infected with the contaminated soil. Aaron tells Chris that he doesn't want him treating him and wants someone else. Emily goes to the contruction hoping to get statements from Paul and Mike about their dillema. Alison is ecstatic to run into Dani at the hospital. Mike takes Meg to the hospital. Derek overhears Bonnie telling Henry about Paul's situation with the contaminated soil. Dani reveals her feelings for Chris. Derek says to Bonnie that he's gonna like it here in Oakdale. Paul hurries to the hospital. Dani tells Alison of her new job and that she'll be staying in town indefinately. Casey gives Emily what she needs, but is crushed when she rejects his attempts at being romantic. Mike tells Paul that someone named Derek is here and if we can trust him. Meg tells Paul that she's well enough to go home and will fill him in on the results later. Emma is thrilled after learning that Meg is pregnant and she's waiting for a special way to tell Paul.moreless
    • Ep. #12907
      Ep. #12907
      Season 51 - Episode 177
      Meg demands the truth from Paul about the night that Craig was shot. Craig attempts to convince Lucy to move back home with he and Johnny.