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  • Glad this is gone.

    At least "they" got something right.
  • Parker and Liberty: Kissing Cousins

    I don't understand As The World Turns Parker Snyder/Liberty Ciccone storyline. It reeks of white trash. Particularly when no one is concerned that Liberty (brother 1 Brad Snyder's daughter) and Parker (brother 2 Jack Snyder's adopted son) are knocking boots. He's underage and they're cousins.

    Oh, sure Parker isn't Jack's blood, but he is his legal son, which makes it incest. The cast is fast approaching the uninhibited amorality of The Bold And The Beautiful. I'm sickned by it because it sinks well below the supposed taboo relationship of Luke and Noah, which some viewers find repulsive. Well I find incestuousness extremely repugnant.
  • I have watched this soap since its orgination. I can not believe the story line between Liberty and her "first cousin" . If this continues this becomes incest. What a miserable message you are sending to our youth. We wonder where kids get their id

    I can not believe your writers have become this desperate for material. I can not believe your cast has not expressed concern about this developing relationship. Set an example. I am ready to change the channel. I sit here amazed since you have always addressed "social" hot topics. And, oh yeah, Katie..dumped Brad he doesn't seem to be getting the
    message on staying away from Janet. I have watched your
    show from the first episode and am very disillusioned. Our
    children are too impressionable now adays. They believe what they see and "follow the leader". Please nip it in the bud before I change the channel.
  • What happened to this once great show? It's not dead in the water yet but it's getting there fast.

    I remember a time when it was so easy to lose myself in the overly exaggerated situations and unbelievable lives of the citizens of Oakdale. That time was long ago as the current writing team slowly but surely dismantles the history, the characters and the relationships on this show. One of the great things about soaps is that we often get to experience a charater's entire life from the illegitiment birth, to the mysterious and deadly diseases, to the commitment of crimes, to the 5th trip down the aisle, to the fake death and reemergence, to the wrongfully accused murder charges and subsequent trial. Once those things happened the are indelible and shape the character into heroes or villians. It's just plain bad writing to write a character to fit a storyline rather than writing a storyline that fits the character. Why should we watch our favorite characters act in ways that are so contradictory?

    It is very satisfying to watch a villian get their "just desserts" at the conclusion of a storyline. When the character leaves town or dies before the final confrontation it's a slap in the face to fans who have invested time watching the show and left without the sweet victory. Not every super couple needs to play the "break-up just to make-up" game every two years. While soaps are based on romantic ideals it's boring to watch the same characters struggle to find their way back to each other and then forget how much they love each other and break up yet again. Soaps should be a rollercoaster ride, not a merry-go-round. Nor should the in-between relationships (Meg and Craig, Jack and Katie, Allison and Aaron) involve marriage. When a couple doesn't "work" together it's annoying to watch them get married. It takes more than the storyline itself to "make" a couple and when it's forced regardless of the obvious lack of chemistry it's down right unbearable.

    Fantasy world aside, stop having characters commit crimes that should land them in the slammer for decades only to let them off the hook. I'm not looking for reality here but just because character "A" won't testify against character "B" concerning kidnapping or attempted murder it doesn't mean that the charges get dropped. This kind of immediate gratification writing style works with movies but not soap operas where the fall out should be used as a jumping off point to a new storyline.

    Let's see more of the long time characters. Does life in Oakdale end when you turn 45? Is there nothing for the citizens to do after their 30s? It's tricky to add characters to a long running show but when it happens the "newbies" should at least have a familial tie to the town. Otherwise, why should we care about them? Chances are we will only see them for a few weeks before they get tossed out of town anyway so what are they really bringing to the show? It's hard enough to connect with the re-re-re-cast characters as it is. Utilize the talent you have, writers!

    It's a little sad to see this type of show on it's last legs but it's worse to see it being driven into the ground by writers who refuse to learn the history, refuse to respect the characters and refuse to appreciate the fans. The recent (let's say the last 5 years or so) attempts to "re-tool" the show to attract a new crowd have been a disaster leaving us with a show that revolves around bedhopping (the more bizzare the couple the better it seems), characters who lack development, recycled scripts and nonsensical, convoluted storylines. By pandering to the "let's sex it up even more" crowd the longtime viewers are tuning out. My rating reflects the fact that there are a few bright spots such as Carly (who rocks), Luke and Noah (quickly becoming one of my favorite couples) and Lucinda (who turns out the most wonderful performances in all of daytime tv). I just wish the writing talent matched the acting talent.
  • It's a totally nuts show, where everybody is everybody's sibling. You know...

    I have watched this way to many times. It was just on when I was eating. Finally I eat at another time. Thank God I did. This is a really depressing show. It is so predictable that it makes me want to cry. Like the constant recasting of Hal's character and Craig. Come on allready. And then that child runs a way and that docter gets fired. And then there is a charity and then they are fiting over Katie or Meg or Lily is to fat and so is her daughter. How much drama can you put in one show. Not to mension all the dead coming back to life. Do we remember David Stenbeck.... This will do.
  • It is on a downward slope

    I have watched ATWT since I was about 5 years old. It goes through it's ups and downs. It seems to be on a downward slope since Carly ran off with Simon as a way to arrange maternity leave for Maura West (Carly). They have essentially destroyed Carly and in turn Carly and Jack. There is nothing to root for on this show anymore. The character of Meg Snyder played by Marie Wilson (a nice woman) is just a horror to watch. I'm sure Marie is a good actress she's just being handed material to work with that is making us hate Meg. I used to like Meg but now she seems like an indecisive ninny. Craig or Paul, Craig or Paul, Craig or Paul???? I'm bored watching it and when I'm not bored I want to choke Meg to death.

    I'm just not feeling this show the way I used to. I continue to watch because I hope it will get better.

    I like Noah and Luke (Nuke) but I know the network is going to cop out and not let a gay storyline be played out in the way real gay men interact. I can tell by the response over at the Soapnet boards that people are in an uproar over it. I don't care what year we are people still want to be intolerant.
  • As The World Turns is a Classic Soap Opera originating in the 1050's. Following the daily lives and loves of the staple characters and their families, this program addresses issues such as loves formed, loves failed, teen issues, gay issues, etc..

    I have been a fan of As The World Turns for over 40 years. This used to be one of my favorites and I hated to miss a day. Unfortunately, I had become unhappy with the storylines and the loss of so many of the best actors and actresses on daytime, I did not pay much attention over the past year. I realize after 40 years, there will be repeated storylines and similar situations, but this show has just gone down hill. As The World Turns always made even the most absurd storylines fun to watch. Not anymore. This story NEEDS a Super Couple desperately. They need a heterosexual veteran couple to take center stage and work stories around them. All of our highest ratings have always come from a huge supercouple storyline. They HAD that with Jack and Carly! When Carly got sick and they had the way to bring these two back together, they threw it away YET AGAIN! Margo and Tom could be another super couple if they played it right...instead they just use them as access to the younger generation. Emily is a beautiful and talented actress....but pairing her with Casey???? Are you kidding me??? Why do they do that to such a talented actress?! I have to change the channel everytime they come on screen. It looks so disgraceful! I don't care if he's supposed to be over 18! Geeze, I see NO chemistry there...he looks like a baby! Knowing her history with Danielle and Tom, even Emily wouldn't do this! It again frustrated me to no end! I hated the prostitution storyline for Emily! Emily and Dusty could have made a Super couple easily! Now THERE was chemistry!I think Paul and Meg have great chemistry and have built up quite a history...why can't we have some time enjoying them for awhile before you have to throw in this "mental" issue in the mix?! I mean, how many times can Paul have a gun pointed at him?? Do the writers really believe we have to have a happy couple face such huge drama immediately after they come together??? Come On! Meg is beautiful and has become such an outstanding actress...the two of them can make the screen sizzle without all of this constant unbelievable drama! Which brings me to this all of the women in this town have to have some kind of "mental" issues?! Lilly's breakdowns, Emily's long stay in crazy town, Lilly's daughter's eating disorder, (although, that was a good storyline), Margo's past issues with traumatic stress syndrome, to name a few, and now we have to see Meg cracking! Be careful's only a matter of time before you snap.....Overused! Overused! Overused! Add a new man to the picture...please! Pair up Carley with a great looking stable man or bring back Simon for a long term contract and get some stability on this show! I know we need drama, but the best shows always need a staple! USE YOUR VETERANS, like Bob and Kim and Lisa in other ways then heart attacks and strokes! People over 50 can have wonderful interesting lives that deserve front burner stories aside from deteriorating health, for goodness sake! (Look at some of the backstory from Bold and Beautiful, the character of Sally...God Rest Her Soul!) I have some small hope for the new developements with the virus story...we'll see.... This show still has enough good actors and actresses on it to really make a super comback. I just wish they would reevaluate the situations they have going on think about it more....I miss "loving" this program!
  • A classic soap!

    I watch now for about 8 years as the world turns. I love the soap. It think it is good that they get sometimes now players. That make the show new, and more of this time.

    Sometimes it is borring that the get over and over the same problems. The same bad people are coming back or people wo have better there life turning into bad again..

    I love it that te soap is for 45 minutes! ! I think that is better then 30 minutes each time.

    You don't have to see each episode to follow this show well.
  • Hot new kid with Luke and Noah. "Jack Walker-Pearson"

    I don't watch much Soap. But when I do watch I watch "As the World Turns" or "GL" I just happened to be watching today of all days. I just love the Luke and Noah story line. I'll admit, I'm a fan. But today I saw that new kid, Jack. And I felt compelled to say I saw something uniquely real in his eyes, something wild and untamed. He had such a small part, but I felt him and believed him. I'd love to see more of him. Plus he's hot! Bad colors on him and needs a haircut, but such natural beauty and talent! And his eyes – OMG! I want to know where he's been hiding his whole life.
  • You'll come for the drama, you'll stay for the characters

    ATWT is one of the most character-driven dramas on TV today. The history of this show is rich and the subtext behind the dialogue reaches back to 1956, when this show premiered. The Hughes, the Munson's, the Snyders and the Walshes are the dominant families of the show. Yet, all the characters have some connection to each other in a cosmic way. Oakdale is filled with secrets and lies that keep this soapy drama fresh. This ishow is one of the best of its kind still airing.
  • I cannot believe what the liberal writers or producers are now doing to this classic show. It is wrong. In the instructions above keep the language clean? The show has become explictly bad with its new theme of gay male couples.

    ATWT use to be more about families, the Hughes and the other doctor families with their little(or big) affairs. Now it is much much worse. I cannot believe the owners or producers of this show are doing this to this classic soap. I use to watch it for years. Not now. I am very disappointed in what they are doing to this soap. Why? Is it for ratings? Is anyone else doing this on the other CBS soaps? I only watch CBS soaps and this one was my favorite and my mothers from the beginning. Bob Hughes has not changed!
  • used to watch it long time ago... tried to watch it again but just can't hold any interest anymore

    I used to watch this show religiously about 15 years ago.. It was the era of Duncan & Shannon - Tom & Margo - Barbara & Hall - Lily & Holden , the good old days..The storylines were compelling and interesting.. the focus was more on the adults. nowadays it seems to be more like the O.C. !
    Well maybe it's just nostalgia for me.. and when getting older you just idealise the shows you watched in your youth.
    I can remember the Lilith-Shannon-Duncan storyline with the big scottish wedding, love it.
    Lily fleeing to Malta where she met Damian.
    Margo being pregnant with Hall's baby instead of Tom's.
    good stuff! ;-)
  • Only started watching it when they took Another World off the air.

    Starting my soap watching on on CBS with the Young and the Restless and B&B, I use to switch to NBC to catch Another World. When they took AW off the air, in protest, I refused to watch it's replacement, Sunset Beach (which is now also off the air) and instead I kept the channel on CBS. Only half paying attention to ATWT at first, I eventually got hooked and have added it to my list to watche when I get a chance. As with any soap, they have some good storylines - some clunkers - some good actors and actresses (I loved it when Sarah Brown came to town as Julia!). My thought with soaps is that if you don't like the storyline - don't watch diligently - in a couple of months it will change and maybe you will like the new storylines! Stay faithful!
  • Send Me To Another World

    I used to love this soap SO much, i grew up watching this with my grandmother.
    She still watches it, together with The Bold And The Beautiful, she dropped all the other soaps, and i don't blame her.

    No offence to Soap lovers, but, really, those people can't act!

    ATWT was the only soap with good actors, in my opinion, but that status is dying fast...
    I miss all the awesome people... Simon, Isaac, Jake, Damon... they were awesome!

    And the characters that were replaced over and over again, too... they got worse at each switch...

    The worse change of all... Hal Munson!!!

    When that happened, i got sick and tired of the show and never watched it again... i already hardly watched it for some time, but when the current Hal came in the picture... i just didn't want anything to do with this show anymore.

    Benjamin Hendrickson is the one and only Hal, and nobody can play him better than him!
    When Ben died, they should have come up with something else... but that's my opinion, seriously, i rather have Hal dying, than that he'll be played one more season with the current role...

    Besides... Ben played it for soooo long... his spirit didn't even reach heaven yet, and he was already replaced... how could they do that?
    How do the actors handle this? I mean... they look at some dude playing Hal... totally screwing the whole character up... but okay... how do they deal with that?

    All by all, ATWT is my all time favorite soap, it was fun while it lasted... for me, but it's over for me now.
    I closed it, wrote my own ending and moved on.

    My grandmother still watches it, though, every single day :D
  • Great show, great cast, mixed story lines

    This is the definitive soap on the air. No other can claim to have been so entertaining for so long. There are a few characters I don't care for, but my all time favorites on any soap ever are Carly and Jack. Janet is also great. I never thought I would like to see Jack happy with anyone other than Carly, but I do like him with Janet. The "new" Craig is great--the only Craig I've ever liked. I also love the way that the relationship between Luke and Noah is portrayed. And the seasoned cast members such as Kim, Bob, and Lisa--well, I'll never get tired of them. And I am so over being interested in Meg and Paul. They are both totally messed up when it comes to relationships.

    Still I am sure they have their fans.

    May this show go on and on and on.
  • keeps you interested

    I am not a big fan of soap operas but this is a truly nice one. It keeps you interested and is very unpredictable. For about forty years or something this show has been broadcasted worldwide. Imagine a story that interests people for fourty years! We have seen many characters grow up to be the adults they are now. You have to be a serious insider though, to figure out the complicated family connections but once you get it the fun begins!
  • When life is boring or stressful, nothing helps more than to yell at the t.v. during a soap opera. ATWT is one of the best because even through the drama, it's a small town and every one is family. Nothing is too bad to be forgiven and forgotten.

    Why Why Why do I watch this show?! It's plots are crazy, unrealistic, and sometimes annoying. The answer however is simple. I love it. I have watched it literally all of my life. I know some of the characters on their probably better than I know some of my own family members. And, to tell the truth, when life is boring or stressful, nothing helps more than to yell at the t.v. during a soap opera. ATWT is one of the best because even through the drama, it is a small town and every one is family. Nothing is too bad to be forgiven and forgotten within a couple of storylines. And no matter whether someone just stole another's baby or dumped them for their sister or accused them of murder (falsely or not), the citizens of Oakdale always come together for family events. (Even if they get into a delicous catfight at a funeral.) ATWT is too easy to get hooked on. I dare you to not be an addict.
  • Luke and Noah drew me in, like so many others. And as long as Luke stays, so do I.

    I always told myself that if a soap opera had a gay storyline, I'd watch. Luckily I didn't lie to myself because here I am! In the middle of Luke and Noah's story and hooked!

    Luke Snyder is a wonderful character and I'm shocked I didn't hear about him before. If I had known about Luke, I think I would've started watching when he was beginning to struggle with his sexuality.

    The current Nuke storyline is very well acted and written. I'm glad they are doing it with such honesty and not dumbing it down.

    Of course, being a soap, it's a bit out there with Winston killing his estranged wife (the woman Noah thought was dead), but even that has me hooked!
  • I must confession that watching 'As The World Turns' is a guilty pleasure of mine!

    This soap opera is by far one of the best ever created; and its 50th Anniversary is testement to that!

    I have been watching this show since i was a little kid, and even though i would get angry because they did something horrible to one of my favourite characters, i have never stopped watching it.

    'As The World Turns' is set in a town known as Oakdale, where respectable families in society live...but they are humans and are prone to making mistakes like most people.

    The show protrays everyday issues facing families and it is as close to reality as it gets.
    However, except for the occasional promiscuity and adulterous behaviour of one or more characters...who can't help it, since the show is basically confined to the town of Oakdale ( and its limited supply of citizens!).

    Put aside these road bumps, the show is has great romance and passionate love stories, that tell of a tale where love conquers all and that 'all is fair' in Love & War!
  • Great soap.

    I like a lot of soaps on the television and I have to say; ATWT is my favorite. It keeps interesting. Lots of people think it's a old-fashioned soap, but I think it is not at all. I've been watching it for a while now, and how more I see it, the more I like it. When I'm on holiday in Austria, the only sender I can see is the one where they send ATWT. I'm always up-to date then ;). ATWT is special, and it keeps intresting. Lots of good actors and hot guys ;) Love it, a 9.2.
  • I do not agree with you Eve.

    I do not agree with you Eve. Even when you watched it years ago, you can still follow the story. Okay, some people disappeared or switched partners, but always, always you can follow the storyline.
    And Lily and Holden are still together and Margo is still in the serie.
    Now I like it that Katie and Mike are together. And finally Simon is back! I hope that Lucie will disappear soon, I don't like the new Lucie. I liked the story when Carly, Rose and Emily were in that Spa, but they didn't know that they were kidnapped.

    But above all...

    I think it is a great soap.
  • I want to watch this

    I'm living in Australia and really wan to watch this how. Does anyone know where I can watch unedited version? The videos on youtube is edited too much and parts were missing (sometimes it is confusing).

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
  • My name is paperthin_storm, and I am an ATWTaholic

    Okay okay okay, I know soaps are lame. Everyone knows soaps are lame. Even the creators of soaps know that soaps are lame. But I can't help it, this one is just so delicious! As The World Turns is the second longest running soap in daytime history; it's now been airing on CBS for over 50 years. The story takes place in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois, and centers around the lives of its inhabitants, specifically the enormous Snyder family. I've been watching as regularly as I can for almost two years now, and I just can't get enough! The characters are intricate, complicated and relatable, and even though it's a soap, and therefore has little-to-no basis in reality, the very talented cast manages to create real emotions in unrealistic situations. And yes, if you couldn't tell by looking at my profile pic, I am a Nuke fan. I maintain that it's impossible to watch As The World Turns and *not* be a Luke/Noah fan! They're the first and only gay supercouple on daytime television and they're worth checking out, even if you aren't a soap fan. Played by the irresistible Van Hansis and Jake Silberman, these boys are not only majorly swoon-worthy, but their story is sweet, honest, heartbreakingly angst-ridden and beautifully real. All in all, this show is definitely worth checking out. Be careful though, it's all too easy to become addicted! My honorable mention goes to --

    Van Hansis, as the passionate Luke Snyder
    Billy Magnussen, as the fun-loving Casey Hughes
    Marie Wilson, as the charming Meg Snyder
    Elizabeth Hubbard, as the savvy Lucinda Walsh
    Julie Pinson, as the bubbly Janet Ciccone
    Michael Park, as the devoted Jack Snyder
    Trent Dawson, as the insatiable Henry Coleman Roger Howarth, as the intense Paul Ryan
  • i love as the world turns im a fan off dusty wow what a gay

    i love as the world turns sinds i am a kid,whit holden and lily and carly and dusty i love him wow what a gay.we in holland the netherlands we behind the usa off course but for two or trea years we nou allmost in 2006.we have a lot to come with dusty married jennifer the kiss no for the first time haha,i loved the carrecters allso, my englisce is not so good too rite done but i hoop jou no wath i wone see my fafforiet as the world turns for a long time no i think for over 10 years no im loving it
  • This show is absoulutely fabulous! I love it it makes me weep tears of joy!

    This show is great! Even though sometimes it gets really is still a great show! me and my mom watch it all of the time! Well....everyday! I come my homewrk....then sit down and watch As The World Turns with my mom. I like it because things you dont expect are going to happen! For example, the slasher thing, everybody thought it was maddy...blah blah blah, then wat do you know its Eve, maddy\\\'s sister. Now, everybody wanted it to be JAde. Well, because jade is a byotch. Nobody likes her. Why do they keep her on the show?!?!?! But, my favorite story line of this show so far, was the slasher one. It gave the show an air of mystery and more people started to watch the show I bet! I mean this show is in no comparrason to HANNAH MONTANA (A show on DISNEY CHANNEL) because that show is the best ever! But As The World Turns is pretty good too!
  • luke and noah

    this show was not my favorite until the story with luke and noah they are the only reason im watching this very dumb ass show i never thought that they would put gay people on a daytime tv show and they did im so happy for that passions tryed and could not pull it off and now this show has gay people and the show has got all the more people watching if they would have done this years ago i would be a big fan but im just starting to get into the other charaters cause they dont show luke and noah that much.
  • Wonderful show!

    Since 1956 As the World Turns has been on our televisions. It has been a favorite soap opera of mine for about 15 years now. The storylines, although sometimes I don't like the direction, they are written superbly. I have come to know and love all the characters, old and new. There is so much depth and history in soap operas and viewers remember. The show is packed full of action, drama, comedy, mystery and intrigue.

    Irna Phillips sure knew what she was doing when she created ATWT! There is never a dull day in Oakdale! Drop in and watch a few episode, you'll be hooked like me!
  • Not the average soap.

    As the world turns is not the average soap! It is such an amazing show. It is filled with rising actors and actresses and story lines that everyone can relate too. It makes me feel as though I belong in Oakdale. It iss funny, charming, romantic, and suspenseful. The teen story lines are fantastic as well. They are not too dramatic or too dumb, they're really easy to follow and they're also consistent. They do not tend to bring back characters from the dead either, like most soaps do. It iss really an awesome show that everyone needs to watch!
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    I have watched this show since I was in gradeschool, it is so easy to get addicted to it! Even when they are in a plot slump there are still characters to love, some to hate and some to root for. This show can be complex, rich and just plain funny. I'll probably always love it :D
  • Bold and Beautiful

    I'm tired of the writer putting Liam with Hope and then Steffy. Steffy is more for Liam then Hope. I dont want Hope and Liam back together after she lost their baby, they need to stay together. Without Hope entering back into a relationship Make it happen that way and move on. Brook preg. with her sister husband child, how can she be a role model to her own daughter Hope. She giving her the wrong ideal ,don't let it happen. Steffy needs to be happy with Liam and Liam need to make it work with Steffy and forget about Hope.
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