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  • Send Me To Another World

    I used to love this soap SO much, i grew up watching this with my grandmother.
    She still watches it, together with The Bold And The Beautiful, she dropped all the other soaps, and i don't blame her.

    No offence to Soap lovers, but, really, those people can't act!

    ATWT was the only soap with good actors, in my opinion, but that status is dying fast...
    I miss all the awesome people... Simon, Isaac, Jake, Damon... they were awesome!

    And the characters that were replaced over and over again, too... they got worse at each switch...

    The worse change of all... Hal Munson!!!

    When that happened, i got sick and tired of the show and never watched it again... i already hardly watched it for some time, but when the current Hal came in the picture... i just didn't want anything to do with this show anymore.

    Benjamin Hendrickson is the one and only Hal, and nobody can play him better than him!
    When Ben died, they should have come up with something else... but that's my opinion, seriously, i rather have Hal dying, than that he'll be played one more season with the current role...

    Besides... Ben played it for soooo long... his spirit didn't even reach heaven yet, and he was already replaced... how could they do that?
    How do the actors handle this? I mean... they look at some dude playing Hal... totally screwing the whole character up... but okay... how do they deal with that?

    All by all, ATWT is my all time favorite soap, it was fun while it lasted... for me, but it's over for me now.
    I closed it, wrote my own ending and moved on.

    My grandmother still watches it, though, every single day :D
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