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CBS (ended 2010)





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  • Only started watching it when they took Another World off the air.

    Starting my soap watching on on CBS with the Young and the Restless and B&B, I use to switch to NBC to catch Another World. When they took AW off the air, in protest, I refused to watch it's replacement, Sunset Beach (which is now also off the air) and instead I kept the channel on CBS. Only half paying attention to ATWT at first, I eventually got hooked and have added it to my list to watche when I get a chance. As with any soap, they have some good storylines - some clunkers - some good actors and actresses (I loved it when Sarah Brown came to town as Julia!). My thought with soaps is that if you don't like the storyline - don't watch diligently - in a couple of months it will change and maybe you will like the new storylines! Stay faithful!