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  • It is on a downward slope

    I have watched ATWT since I was about 5 years old. It goes through it's ups and downs. It seems to be on a downward slope since Carly ran off with Simon as a way to arrange maternity leave for Maura West (Carly). They have essentially destroyed Carly and in turn Carly and Jack. There is nothing to root for on this show anymore. The character of Meg Snyder played by Marie Wilson (a nice woman) is just a horror to watch. I'm sure Marie is a good actress she's just being handed material to work with that is making us hate Meg. I used to like Meg but now she seems like an indecisive ninny. Craig or Paul, Craig or Paul, Craig or Paul???? I'm bored watching it and when I'm not bored I want to choke Meg to death.

    I'm just not feeling this show the way I used to. I continue to watch because I hope it will get better.

    I like Noah and Luke (Nuke) but I know the network is going to cop out and not let a gay storyline be played out in the way real gay men interact. I can tell by the response over at the Soapnet boards that people are in an uproar over it. I don't care what year we are people still want to be intolerant.
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