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  • As The World Turns is a Classic Soap Opera originating in the 1050's. Following the daily lives and loves of the staple characters and their families, this program addresses issues such as loves formed, loves failed, teen issues, gay issues, etc..

    I have been a fan of As The World Turns for over 40 years. This used to be one of my favorites and I hated to miss a day. Unfortunately, I had become unhappy with the storylines and the loss of so many of the best actors and actresses on daytime, I did not pay much attention over the past year. I realize after 40 years, there will be repeated storylines and similar situations, but this show has just gone down hill. As The World Turns always made even the most absurd storylines fun to watch. Not anymore. This story NEEDS a Super Couple desperately. They need a heterosexual veteran couple to take center stage and work stories around them. All of our highest ratings have always come from a huge supercouple storyline. They HAD that with Jack and Carly! When Carly got sick and they had the way to bring these two back together, they threw it away YET AGAIN! Margo and Tom could be another super couple if they played it right...instead they just use them as access to the younger generation. Emily is a beautiful and talented actress....but pairing her with Casey???? Are you kidding me??? Why do they do that to such a talented actress?! I have to change the channel everytime they come on screen. It looks so disgraceful! I don't care if he's supposed to be over 18! Geeze, I see NO chemistry there...he looks like a baby! Knowing her history with Danielle and Tom, even Emily wouldn't do this! It again frustrated me to no end! I hated the prostitution storyline for Emily! Emily and Dusty could have made a Super couple easily! Now THERE was chemistry!I think Paul and Meg have great chemistry and have built up quite a history...why can't we have some time enjoying them for awhile before you have to throw in this "mental" issue in the mix?! I mean, how many times can Paul have a gun pointed at him?? Do the writers really believe we have to have a happy couple face such huge drama immediately after they come together??? Come On! Meg is beautiful and has become such an outstanding actress...the two of them can make the screen sizzle without all of this constant unbelievable drama! Which brings me to this all of the women in this town have to have some kind of "mental" issues?! Lilly's breakdowns, Emily's long stay in crazy town, Lilly's daughter's eating disorder, (although, that was a good storyline), Margo's past issues with traumatic stress syndrome, to name a few, and now we have to see Meg cracking! Be careful's only a matter of time before you snap.....Overused! Overused! Overused! Add a new man to the picture...please! Pair up Carley with a great looking stable man or bring back Simon for a long term contract and get some stability on this show! I know we need drama, but the best shows always need a staple! USE YOUR VETERANS, like Bob and Kim and Lisa in other ways then heart attacks and strokes! People over 50 can have wonderful interesting lives that deserve front burner stories aside from deteriorating health, for goodness sake! (Look at some of the backstory from Bold and Beautiful, the character of Sally...God Rest Her Soul!) I have some small hope for the new developements with the virus story...we'll see.... This show still has enough good actors and actresses on it to really make a super comback. I just wish they would reevaluate the situations they have going on think about it more....I miss "loving" this program!