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  • My name is paperthin_storm, and I am an ATWTaholic

    Okay okay okay, I know soaps are lame. Everyone knows soaps are lame. Even the creators of soaps know that soaps are lame. But I can't help it, this one is just so delicious! As The World Turns is the second longest running soap in daytime history; it's now been airing on CBS for over 50 years. The story takes place in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois, and centers around the lives of its inhabitants, specifically the enormous Snyder family. I've been watching as regularly as I can for almost two years now, and I just can't get enough! The characters are intricate, complicated and relatable, and even though it's a soap, and therefore has little-to-no basis in reality, the very talented cast manages to create real emotions in unrealistic situations. And yes, if you couldn't tell by looking at my profile pic, I am a Nuke fan. I maintain that it's impossible to watch As The World Turns and *not* be a Luke/Noah fan! They're the first and only gay supercouple on daytime television and they're worth checking out, even if you aren't a soap fan. Played by the irresistible Van Hansis and Jake Silberman, these boys are not only majorly swoon-worthy, but their story is sweet, honest, heartbreakingly angst-ridden and beautifully real. All in all, this show is definitely worth checking out. Be careful though, it's all too easy to become addicted! My honorable mention goes to --

    Van Hansis, as the passionate Luke Snyder
    Billy Magnussen, as the fun-loving Casey Hughes
    Marie Wilson, as the charming Meg Snyder
    Elizabeth Hubbard, as the savvy Lucinda Walsh
    Julie Pinson, as the bubbly Janet Ciccone
    Michael Park, as the devoted Jack Snyder
    Trent Dawson, as the insatiable Henry Coleman Roger Howarth, as the intense Paul Ryan
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