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  • What happened to this once great show? It's not dead in the water yet but it's getting there fast.

    I remember a time when it was so easy to lose myself in the overly exaggerated situations and unbelievable lives of the citizens of Oakdale. That time was long ago as the current writing team slowly but surely dismantles the history, the characters and the relationships on this show. One of the great things about soaps is that we often get to experience a charater's entire life from the illegitiment birth, to the mysterious and deadly diseases, to the commitment of crimes, to the 5th trip down the aisle, to the fake death and reemergence, to the wrongfully accused murder charges and subsequent trial. Once those things happened the are indelible and shape the character into heroes or villians. It's just plain bad writing to write a character to fit a storyline rather than writing a storyline that fits the character. Why should we watch our favorite characters act in ways that are so contradictory?

    It is very satisfying to watch a villian get their "just desserts" at the conclusion of a storyline. When the character leaves town or dies before the final confrontation it's a slap in the face to fans who have invested time watching the show and left without the sweet victory. Not every super couple needs to play the "break-up just to make-up" game every two years. While soaps are based on romantic ideals it's boring to watch the same characters struggle to find their way back to each other and then forget how much they love each other and break up yet again. Soaps should be a rollercoaster ride, not a merry-go-round. Nor should the in-between relationships (Meg and Craig, Jack and Katie, Allison and Aaron) involve marriage. When a couple doesn't "work" together it's annoying to watch them get married. It takes more than the storyline itself to "make" a couple and when it's forced regardless of the obvious lack of chemistry it's down right unbearable.

    Fantasy world aside, stop having characters commit crimes that should land them in the slammer for decades only to let them off the hook. I'm not looking for reality here but just because character "A" won't testify against character "B" concerning kidnapping or attempted murder it doesn't mean that the charges get dropped. This kind of immediate gratification writing style works with movies but not soap operas where the fall out should be used as a jumping off point to a new storyline.

    Let's see more of the long time characters. Does life in Oakdale end when you turn 45? Is there nothing for the citizens to do after their 30s? It's tricky to add characters to a long running show but when it happens the "newbies" should at least have a familial tie to the town. Otherwise, why should we care about them? Chances are we will only see them for a few weeks before they get tossed out of town anyway so what are they really bringing to the show? It's hard enough to connect with the re-re-re-cast characters as it is. Utilize the talent you have, writers!

    It's a little sad to see this type of show on it's last legs but it's worse to see it being driven into the ground by writers who refuse to learn the history, refuse to respect the characters and refuse to appreciate the fans. The recent (let's say the last 5 years or so) attempts to "re-tool" the show to attract a new crowd have been a disaster leaving us with a show that revolves around bedhopping (the more bizzare the couple the better it seems), characters who lack development, recycled scripts and nonsensical, convoluted storylines. By pandering to the "let's sex it up even more" crowd the longtime viewers are tuning out. My rating reflects the fact that there are a few bright spots such as Carly (who rocks), Luke and Noah (quickly becoming one of my favorite couples) and Lucinda (who turns out the most wonderful performances in all of daytime tv). I just wish the writing talent matched the acting talent.