As The World Turns

CBS (ended 2010)





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  • Great show, great cast, mixed story lines

    This is the definitive soap on the air. No other can claim to have been so entertaining for so long. There are a few characters I don't care for, but my all time favorites on any soap ever are Carly and Jack. Janet is also great. I never thought I would like to see Jack happy with anyone other than Carly, but I do like him with Janet. The "new" Craig is great--the only Craig I've ever liked. I also love the way that the relationship between Luke and Noah is portrayed. And the seasoned cast members such as Kim, Bob, and Lisa--well, I'll never get tired of them. And I am so over being interested in Meg and Paul. They are both totally messed up when it comes to relationships.

    Still I am sure they have their fans.

    May this show go on and on and on.