As The World Turns - Season 48

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  • Ep. #12229
    Ep. #12229
    Episode 254
  • Ep. #12228
    Ep. #12228
    Episode 253
  • Ep. #12227
    Ep. #12227
    Episode 252
  • Ep. #12226
    Ep. #12226
    Episode 251
  • Ep. #12225
    Ep. #12225
    Episode 250
  • Ep. #12224
    Ep. #12224
    Episode 249
  • Ep. #12223
    Ep. #12223
    Episode 248
  • Ep. #12222
    Ep. #12222
    Episode 247
  • Ep. #12221
    Ep. #12221
    Episode 246
  • Ep. #12220
    Ep. #12220
    Episode 245
  • Ep. #12219
    Ep. #12219
    Episode 244
  • Ep. #12218
    Ep. #12218
    Episode 243
  • Ep. #12217
    Ep. #12217
    Episode 242
  • Ep. #12216
    Ep. #12216
    Episode 241
  • Ep. #12215
    Ep. #12215
    Episode 240
  • Ep. #12214
    Ep. #12214
    Episode 239
  • Ep. #12213
    Ep. #12213
    Episode 238
  • Ep. #12212
    Ep. #12212
    Episode 237
  • Ep. #12211
    Ep. #12211
    Episode 236
  • Ep. #12210
    Ep. #12210
    Episode 235
  • Ep. #12209
    Ep. #12209
    Episode 234
  • Ep. #12208
    Ep. #12208
    Episode 233
  • Ep. #12207
    Ep. #12207
    Episode 232
  • Ep. #12206
    Ep. #12206
    Episode 231
  • Ep. #12205
    Ep. #12205
    Episode 230
  • Ep. #12204
    Ep. #12204
    Episode 229
  • Ep. #12203
    Ep. #12203
    Episode 228
  • Ep. #12202
    Ep. #12202
    Episode 227
  • Ep. #12201
    Ep. #12201
    Episode 226
  • Ep. #12200
    Ep. #12200
    Episode 225
  • Ep. #12199
    Ep. #12199
    Episode 224
  • Ep. #12198
    Ep. #12198
    Episode 223
  • Ep. #12197
    Ep. #12197
    Episode 222
  • Ep. #12196
    Ep. #12196
    Episode 221
  • Ep. #12195
    Ep. #12195
    Episode 220
  • Ep. #12194
    Ep. #12194
    Episode 219
  • Ep. #12193
    Ep. #12193
    Episode 218
  • Ep. #12192
    Ep. #12192
    Episode 217
    After Craig tells Rosanna the truth about Cabot and the illegalities of the adoption, Rosanna vows to hate Craig forever and goes to Carly's to get the baby, not realising that Jack has told Carly the truth already.
  • Ep. #12191
    Ep. #12191
    Episode 216
    Craig and Rosanna enjoy spending time with Cabot as Craig imagines what Cabot will be like once he grows up. Across town, special investigator Emil Filloux calls Jack from Canada with questions about Craig and an illegal adoption.
  • Ep. #12190
    Ep. #12190
    Episode 215
    After learning that Craig has stabbed her in the back, Molly refuses to keep quiet anymore about his blackmarket adoption scheme. This is just the opening Paul has been looking for.
  • Ep. #12189
    Ep. #12189
    Episode 214
    Margo tries to convince Mike that Katie chose to leave with Simon, but when they learn that the man who shot up the church was paid by Simon to scare them, they realise Simon set Katie up.
  • Ep. #12188
    Ep. #12188
    Episode 213
    Emily tells Alison that before she accuses Chris of pushing her, she'd better be sure. When Susan and Emily take Alison home they find Chris there, and he swears he still loves Alison.
  • Ep. #12187
    Ep. #12187
    Episode 212
    Lily picks the kids up from Emma and takes them to Lois, who has convinced her that Rose will not be at peace until she can say goodbye to them. Holden shows up just as Luke realises that Lois is a fraud.
  • Ep. #12186
    Ep. #12186
    Episode 211
    Mike, Katie and Simon argue about Simon's intentions in the Church as Mike insists that all Simon does is endanger Katie's life. His words have a prophetic ring to them as bullets rain down on them only moments later.
  • Ep. #12185
    Ep. #12185
    Episode 210
    After Sarah skips classes to hang out at Metro, Curtis covers for her with Jessica, but when Sarah overhears Jessica thanking Curtis for his help, her resentment resurfaces for her foster mother.
  • Ep. #12184
    Ep. #12184
    Episode 209
    Aaron and Chris both wait anxiously in the hospital to hear about how Alison is after her fall, and are equally devastated when the hospital staff informs them that Alison lost the baby.
  • Ep. #12183
    Ep. #12183
    Episode 208
    Katie introduces her fiancé, Mike, to her husband, Simon. Mike is worried that Katie may still love Simon, which Simon swears she does. Katie surprises the men when she tells them both to go away.
  • Ep. #12182
    Ep. #12182
    Episode 207
    Lily admits to Holden, Luke and Faith that she feels as though she is losing Rose, and when a psychic, Lois Serafin, shows up, she tells Lily that Rose wants her to get on with her life.
  • Ep. #12181
    Ep. #12181
    Episode 206
  • Ep. #12180
    Ep. #12180
    Episode 205
    Paul admits to Rosanna that he feels he is responsible for Rose's death then warns her to stay away from Craig, but Rosanna assures Paul that she and Craig love each other.
  • Ep. #12179
    Ep. #12179
    Episode 204
    After Tish tells Chris about getting in trouble because the sonogram in Mrs. Lonsdale's file is obviously not hers, Chris realises that Alison is further along than she claimed and he is the father of her baby.
  • Ep. #12178
    Ep. #12178
    Episode 203
  • Ep. #12177
    Ep. #12177
    Episode 202
  • Ep. #12176
    Ep. #12176
    Episode 201
  • Ep. #12175
    Ep. #12175
    Episode 200
  • Ep. #12174
    Ep. #12174
    Episode 199
  • Ep. #12173
    Ep. #12173
    Episode 198
  • Ep. #12172
    Ep. #12172
    Episode 197
  • Ep. #12171
    Ep. #12171
    Episode 196
  • Ep. #12170
    Ep. #12170
    Episode 195
  • Ep. #12169
    Ep. #12169
    Episode 194
  • Ep. #12168
    Ep. #12168
    Episode 193
  • Ep. #12167
    Ep. #12167
    Episode 192
  • Ep. #12166
    Ep. #12166
    Episode 191
  • Ep. #12165
    Ep. #12165
    Episode 190
  • Ep. #12164
    Ep. #12164
    Episode 189
  • Ep. #12163
    Ep. #12163
    Episode 188
  • Ep. #12162
    Ep. #12162
    Episode 187
  • Ep. #12161
    Ep. #12161
    Episode 186
  • Ep. #12160
    Ep. #12160
    Episode 185
  • Ep. #12159
    Ep. #12159
    Episode 184
  • Ep. #12158
    Ep. #12158
    Episode 183
  • Ep. #12157
    Ep. #12157
    Episode 182
  • Ep. #12156
    Ep. #12156
    Episode 181
  • Ep. #12155
    Ep. #12155
    Episode 180
  • Ep. #12154
    Ep. #12154
    Episode 179
  • Ep. #12153
    Ep. #12153
    Episode 178
  • Ep. #12152
    Ep. #12152
    Episode 177
  • Ep. #12151
    Ep. #12151
    Episode 176
  • Ep. #12150
    Ep. #12150
    Episode 175
  • Ep. #12149
    Ep. #12149
    Episode 174
  • Ep. #12148
    Ep. #12148
    Episode 173
  • Ep. #12147
    Ep. #12147
    Episode 172
  • Ep. #12146
    Ep. #12146
    Episode 171
  • Ep. #12145
    Ep. #12145
    Episode 170
  • Ep. #12144
    Ep. #12144
    Episode 169
  • Ep. #12143
    Ep. #12143
    Episode 168
  • Ep. #12142
    Ep. #12142
    Episode 167
  • Ep. #12141
    Ep. #12141
    Episode 166
  • Ep. #12140
    Ep. #12140
    Episode 165
  • Ep. #12139
    Ep. #12139
    Episode 164
  • Ep. #12138
    Ep. #12138
    Episode 163
  • Ep. #12137
    Ep. #12137
    Episode 162
  • Ep. #12136
    Ep. #12136
    Episode 161
  • Ep. #12135
    Ep. #12135
    Episode 160
  • Ep. #12134
    Ep. #12134
    Episode 159
  • Ep. #12133
    Ep. #12133
    Episode 158
  • Ep. #12132
    Ep. #12132
    Episode 157
  • Ep. #12131
    Ep. #12131
    Episode 156
  • Ep. #12130
    Ep. #12130
    Episode 155
  • Ep. #12129
    Ep. #12129
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #12128
    Ep. #12128
    Episode 153
  • Ep. #12127
    Ep. #12127
    Episode 152
  • Ep. #12126
    Ep. #12126
    Episode 151
  • Ep. #12125
    Ep. #12125
    Episode 150
  • Ep. #12124
    Ep. #12124
    Episode 149
  • Ep. #12123
    Ep. #12123
    Episode 148
  • Ep. #12122
    Ep. #12122
    Episode 147
  • Ep. #12121
    Ep. #12121
    Episode 146
  • Ep. #12120
    Ep. #12120
    Episode 145
  • Ep. #12119
    Ep. #12119
    Episode 144
  • Ep. #12118
    Ep. #12118
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #12117
    Ep. #12117
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #12116
    Ep. #12116
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #12115
    Ep. #12115
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #12114
    Ep. #12114
    Episode 139
  • Ep. #12113
    Ep. #12113
    Episode 138
  • Ep. #12112
    Ep. #12112
    Episode 137
  • Ep. #12111
    Ep. #12111
    Episode 136
  • Ep. #12110
    Ep. #12110
    Episode 135
  • Ep. #12109
    Ep. #12109
    Episode 134
  • Ep. #12108
    Ep. #12108
    Episode 133
  • Ep. #12107
    Ep. #12107
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #12106
    Ep. #12106
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #12105
    Ep. #12105
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #12104
    Ep. #12104
    Episode 129
  • Ep. #12103
    Ep. #12103
    Episode 128
  • Ep. #12102
    Ep. #12102
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #12101
    Ep. #12101
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #12100
    Ep. #12100
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #12099
    Ep. #12099
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #12098
    Ep. #12098
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #12097
    Ep. #12097
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #12096
    Ep. #12096
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #12095
    Ep. #12095
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #12094
    Ep. #12094
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #12093
    Ep. #12093
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #12092
    Ep. #12092
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #12091
    Ep. #12091
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #12090
    Ep. #12090
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #12089
    Ep. #12089
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #12088
    Ep. #12088
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #12087
    Ep. #12087
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #12086
    Ep. #12086
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #12085
    Ep. #12085
    Episode 110
  • Ep. #12084
    Ep. #12084
    Episode 109
  • Ep. #12083
    Ep. #12083
    Episode 108
  • Ep. #12082
    Ep. #12082
    Episode 107
  • Ep. #12081
    Ep. #12081
    Episode 106
  • Ep. #12080
    Ep. #12080
    Episode 105
  • Ep. #12079
    Ep. #12079
    Episode 104
  • Ep. #12078
    Ep. #12078
    Episode 103
  • Ep. #12077
    Ep. #12077
    Episode 102
  • Ep. #12076
    Ep. #12076
    Episode 101
  • Ep. #12075
    Ep. #12075
    Episode 100
  • Ep. #12074
    Ep. #12074
    Episode 99
  • Ep. #12073
    Ep. #12073
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #12072
    Ep. #12072
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #12071
    Ep. #12071
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #12070
    Ep. #12070
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #12069
    Ep. #12069
    Episode 94
  • Ep. #12068
    Ep. #12068
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #12067
    Ep. #12067
    Episode 92
  • Ep. #12066
    Ep. #12066
    Episode 91
  • Ep. #12065
    Ep. #12065
    Episode 90
    Jack and Carly arrived for Sage's christening. Carly was glad that Jack asked Mike to be Sage's godfather. Jack said he felt like he was roped into asking Mike but realized that Mike would always be there for Sage and was comforted by that thought. Jack said he had a lot to learn about letting go. Carly said that the one thing about giving your kids freedom is that they always come home, she also said nothing bad is going to happen to them and they deserved to be happy. Later, Rosanna was holding Sage as Carly told her not to expect the godmother gig to end today. Carly wanted Rosanna to stay around so Sage can see the great Rosanna Cabot in action and if Sage turns out to be a little like Rosanna, Carly wouldn't be disappointed. Rosanna thanked her. Lily and Holden were having lunch and talking about Rose and Paul. Holden felt that Lily should not have talked to Paul. He also said that Rose was a big girl and shouldn't have to worry about how she wanted to live her life. Lily disagreed because she felt that Dusty was the reason she was kidnapped and their children were put in danger. For that, Lily could not forgive Dusty. Aaron walked up and wanted to talk to Holden. Aaron wanted to do something with his life to make Lucy proud. Holden explained to Aaron that he should work on doing something for himself and not Lucy. Holden told Aaron that he had time to figure out what he wanted to do and when he least expected it, the right thing would come along. Meanwhile, Craig and Lucy were having an argument because Craig did not want Lucy to consider Oakdale U. He wants Lucy to pick a college that can offer her the best education. Craig feels Lucy wanted to go to Oakdale U because of Aaron. Rosanna agreed with Craig. She felt Lucy had a bright future and shouldn't hold back just because of Aaron. Rosanna felt Aaron should understand that Lucy has goals and he should support her. Lucy said she would consider what they said and left to meet Aaron. After Lucy left, Rosanna told Craig that she was not happy with him because he had sublet her apartment to Paul. Craig told her not to fret and he would take care of it. After Rose and Dusty made love, he told her he was glad they waited. Dusty was afraid Rose didn't want him as much as he wanted her. Rose reassured him that she did. As they were hugging, Lily walked in. Dusty left. Lily and Rose argued. Lily gave Rose an ultimatum - give up Dusty or your family - you can't have both. They got on the subject of Paul. Rose told Lily that Paul was the one who could not be trusted. Rose finally told Lily that she was with Dusty now and if Lily wanted to slam the door in her face, so be it! Rose was tired of knocking on Lily's door begging for Lily to let her in. Lily told Rose that she loved her and that Rose was a grown woman but felt her children needed protecting and suggested Rose stay away from them. Rose, with tears in her eyes, tried to convince Lily to reconsider, but it was no use. Dusty appeared and, as Lily was leaving, told Rose not to throw her life away for Dusty. He wasn't worth it. Later, Rose arrived at Sage's christening with Dusty. Barbara and Jennifer met to have lunch with their new financial analyst. Jennifer bowed out telling her mother that she was meeting an old friend. Barbara tried to get more information out of her but Jennifer wouldn't reveal who she was meeting. At Paul's apartment, Andreas showed up. Paul proceeded to bring to Andreas attention all the money Andreas stole from Jen. Paul told Andreas that if he cooperated with him, Andreas would leave Oakdale with $50K. There was a catch. Paul wanted Andreas to take Jen for a nice meal at the Lakeview and threw a bunch of money his way. The only thing Andreas had to do was, when Barbara showed up, convince Barbara that he was going to take Jen back to Europe with him. Jen arrived and was warmly welcomed by Andreas who admitted to Paul, just a few minutes before, that he did not love Jen. After Andreas and Jen left, Paul called Barbara and told her that Andreas was in town trying to get Jen back.moreless
  • Ep. #12064
    Ep. #12064
    Episode 89
    Emily and Hal are at the police station and searching the computer records of Jeffrey Starr, the tabloid reporter who is missing. Emily cannot understand why Hal hasn't issued a warrant for the arrest of her new step-father, Rick Decker. Hal tells her he is going back to the Wagon Wheel Motel and search Starr's room again, and Emily will not be left behind. Rick Decker has also returned to the motel and begins packing up Starr's belongings. The motel manager knocks on the door, but Rick ignores him. He finishes packing up, and it now appears that Jeffrey Starr has checked out. Henry comes home to Katie's cottage to find Alison leaving to get her clothes so she can move in. He begs Katie not to go to Australia with Mike. She assures him that she will not go with Mike; she is going alone. Henry is very concerned about that as well, and volunteers to go with her, but they both decide that will not work. Henry decides Katie needs a keeper and leaves, muttering that he knows just where to find one. Jack and Carly discuss having Mike as Sage's godfather at the christening the next day. Mike is reluctant, but Carly eloquently presents a case for Mike. Who else, she asks, will love the baby as much if something should happen to them? Jack sees her point and finally agrees. Now, Carly tells him, he must go and ask Mike himself. At Java Underground, Jennifer confronts Dusty and tells him to leave because she is meeting Paul there. Dusty tells her he is meeting someone there himself: Rose. Paul arrives and begins a shouting match with Dusty. Isaac has to separate the two. Rose calls Dusty and changes the plan; she asks him to come to her beauty shop instead. Before he leaves, Dusty tells Isaac that he is still very interested in buying Java Underground and that he is trying to get the money together. Paul cautions Jen to stay away from Dusty, and she accuses Paul of being as controlling as their mother. Paul calms down and confesses that he did go to talk to Rose but saw Dusty and Rose kissing inside the shop. They have a drink and toast the end to Paul's romance and, as Paul says, the beginning of one for Jen. Jen doesn't understand until Paul explains that he has sent for Andre, Jen's old love, and he will be arriving in Oakdale the next day. Alison comes home and finds Susan alone, asleep on the couch. She gathers up her belongings and tries to wake her mother to say good-bye, but Susan will not be roused. As Alison leaves, Susan hears the closing of the front door and wakes up briefly but then goes back to sleep. Rick enters the living room through the French doors, carrying the bag with Starr's things in it. He is about to stash it in the hall closet when the doorbell rings, again and again. It is Alison who has forgotten her key. Emily and Hal burst into Starr's room at the Wagon Wheel and frighten the manager who is inside. The manager explains that all Mr. Starr's things are gone and there was a pile of money, more than was owed, left on the bed. Hal calls the stations and asks for a crime scene team to come seal off the room. Rick manages to get the bag stuffed into the closet and then takes a peek out the front door. Alison is still ringing the bell, but just as she turns to leave, she finds her keys Rick gets on the couch with Susan , who wakes again and asks if someone was at the door. Henry lies in wait for Mike outside Katie's cottage and warns him that Katie plans on skipping out early tomorrow and not taking Mike to Australia with her. Mike goes in the cottage and exacts a promise from Katie that she will not go without him. Jack arrives to ask Mike to be Sage's godfather, but Mike is reluctant to accept because he and Katie are leaving tomorrow. They work out a schedule that will allow them to be at the christening and take a later flight to Chicago where they can still connect with the international flight. After Mike leaves to go home, Katie remarks that she is still planning on going to Australia alone. Rick and Susan are again disturbed by their doorbell, but Rick says to let it ring. Suddenly Emily and Hal burst in. Susan is awake now, and demands to know what they are doing there. Emily asks if Rick was there all evening and Susan gets furious. How dare they keep accusing Rick, and especially after Emily has promised to accept Rick into the family? Hal explains that Jeffrey Starr has disappeared and that sends Susan over the edge. She screams at Emily and Hal to leave, and tells Emily she is no longer her daughter. Rick comforts Susan after Emily and Hal depart, telling her that he will be with her for "the rest of her life." Dusty arrives at Rose's shop to find her in a romantic mood. They make love, and Rose tells him that he is the one she wants, the only man for her. Susan finds herself still sleepy and very thirsty, unaware that she had been drugged. She tells Rick that she dreamed that Alison had been there earlier. Susan goes to hang up Rick's coat and finds the bag of Starr's things. Rick assures her that it is just some old clothes he is donating to charity tomorrow, and Susan suggests she take the bag and add some things of her own. Rick distracts her by suggesting they act like the newlyweds they are, and they go upstairs.moreless
  • Ep. #12063
    Ep. #12063
    Episode 88
    Lily finds Paul at home and confronts him about his feelings for Rose. She convinces him that Dusty is out of Rose's life, "Dusty is a thing of the past. Now is the time to make your move." He tells her the kiss at the Lakeview was an accident. On her way out, Lily tells him Rose is at her shop and as a bonus, she is still in love with him. After the door closes, Paul absorbs her words and decides to pay Rose a visit. Back at the Roller Palace, Dusty stops by to announce his new venture. Rose isn't exactly happy to see the man, and starts to busy herself with work. Rose's heart leaps when Dusty tells her he bought Java Underground from Lisa, Isaac, and Bonnie. Dusty slithers his way into Rose's arms and whispers into her ear that if it weren't for Paul, he and Rose would be hot and heavy lovers by now. He tells Rose he knows she wants him as their lips edge closer together. Rose backs away and says she is holding back because she's afraid of getting too attached to someone who doesn't have a history of hanging around. She thinks that one day she might wake up and he'll be gone without any explanation. He grabs her again and says she is the reason why he is sticking around. Rose finally gives into her desires and they fall into a passionate kiss. Just then, Paul walks into Rose's shop and is stunned to find the exact opposite of what Lily said he would find. He staggers into the grooming area as if he was punched in the gut and says, "Check it out-the parasite actually eating the host, in public. That alone was the price of admission." Rose freaks out, "What are you doing?! Why are you here!?" Paul says he came over to remember why he left town in the first place. Dusty says he's glad Paul saw everything. Rose pushes him out the door with frantic words and tells him to leave her alone. Dusty tells her to relax but Rose wants to settle "this thing with Paul. I gotta end it." She runs out of the shop to catch up with her ex. Molly and Rosanna coo over baby Sage when Molly asks Carly who was chosen as her godfather. Carly says that decision is up to Jack. Rosanna chooses not to listen and suggests Mike be the logical choice. Molly chimes in with her own suggestions, "What about Holden or Hal?" Carly feels awkward about asking Jack to choose Mike, but Ro and Molly both chirp their encouragement. Mike and Jack share a couple of brewskies at Java. Mike tells Jack that he and Katie are planning a trip to Australia to look for Simon. Jack doesn't think it's such a good idea since the guy sent to kill Simon was part of some sort of dangerous syndicate. That's exactly why Mike wants to tag along. He wants to protect Katie from danger. Alison stops by Katie's cottage looking for refuge. Alison finds her sorting through clothes, and Katie is bubbling over with enthusiasm as she tells Alison she is on her way to Australia to look for Simon. Alison has a bright idea that she could house-sit for her while Katie is out of the country. Katie needs to run it by her current roommate, Henry. Henry bursts in, right on cue, boasting of his new luck as he has just won $50 playing the Oakdale Lottery. Henry introduces himself to Alison, and is obviously interested in the young woman, until she reveals her last name is Stewart. They broach the subject of Alison house-sitting, and Henry grabs Katie, gives her a big hug, smiles and seethes, "That's great. Well, I sure hope she can cover the rent-because if she stays here, I'm gone." Katie leaves the two alone to work out the details. Alison tries to sell Henry on the idea, but he tells Alison the Stewart clan hasn't always been on his side. Alison cuts to the chase and offers Henry a get out of jail free card next time he breaks the law if he is nice enough to open his home right now. He thinks over her offer, then sees the benefits and allows her to move in. Rick barges into the Interrogation Room, where Susan is in the middle of confronting Emily and Hal. Rick announces that he finally did get the message from the reporter. Susan takes this as some sort of proof that Rick is a victim of circumstance. She informs Rick that Alison is moving out and that Emily and Hal are supporting Alison. Rick can understand how they all might feel after the way he acted during the wedding. Emily erupts and confronts Rick head on when he questions why Alison felt the need to move out, "Her mother got married to a virtual stranger, who shows up to his wedding covered in dirt babbling to himself." Susan says that she'll never regret becoming his wife. Rick suggests that maybe he should sit down with The New England Journal of Medicine reporter to discuss his article. Emily says he wasn't in town to discuss his medical research. He was a tabloid reporter who specializes in "lurid and violent crimes. You wanna tell me why he was chomping at the bits to talk to you?" Rick offers Emily and Hal the reporters phone number so she can contact him directly. Hal doesn't think it's necessary to call him at this time and returns the phone number to Rick. Susan wants to settle this once and for all. She looks her daughter in the eye and gives her an ultimatum, "Either you accept Rick's place in this family, and honor it-or I never want you setting foot in my house again!" Emily backs down and apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She extends her hand to Rick. He takes her hand and says, "Forgotten." Then he pulls Emily into a hug and says, "And forgiven." Rick and Susan head home. Jack catches up with Carly for a meal, and she awkwardly suggests that he should pick Mike to be Sage's godfather. Jack's jaw unknowingly drops to half-mast. After Susan and Rick left the station, Hal asks his wife if she really accepts Rick. Emily fights back tears of fear and says, "As the crazy sick-o that he is." Hal and Emily return to the computer and start to look for evidence on the memory chip they retrieved from the reporter's room. They discover the reporter met with one of Rick's classmates who confirmed that the doctor was involved with flat-lining. They put two and two together and think Rick faked his own attack at the hospital a couple of months ago. They rush out of the station and to Susan's house. Susan is irate as she and Rick make it home. He tells her to go put on something "less" while he prepares a sparkling cider beverage. After she leaves the room, Rick empties the contents of a capsule into a champagne flute. After he fills the glasses, Rick pulls out another capsule and mutters, "Now, if one is good, two is better," and he empties the powder into the glass. Susan returns in her bathrobe, and they toast their new marriage. They move to the couch as she takes a few sips, and before you know it, she zonks out. Rick puts a blanket on his wife, kisses her on the forehead, and says, "I'll see ya when you wake up. Thanks for believing in me. It's time to make Emily believe too." They he sneaks out of the house. Rose finds Paul in his new apartment. She just doesn't understand what kind of a game he's playing. On one hand he tells her to be happy with Dusty, but on the other, he runs away like a hurt child when he sees them kissing. He pours her a drink, and says, "It's nice and cold." Rose snaps back, "Like your heart?" Rose says he really must hate her if he's going through all this trouble to keep her and Dusty apart. He calmly says that if he hated her, he wouldn't have saved her life a few weeks ago. Rose thinks he saved her because he never stopped loving her. He blends a question into more of a statement, "You think I did that because I loved you." Rose can't think of another reason why he would have saved her life. Paul turns and throws a dagger into her heart, saying, "I thought...that you...were Lily," killing any residual feelings she had left for her ex-lover. He continues, "She has a husband, and kids, and a conscious, and a heart. All those things that you lack." The bile in Rose's stomach starts to boil, "You should have stayed dead. Then I could feel sorry for you!" She walks out of the apartment, and immediately calls Dusty, "Hi. It's me. It's over. It's really over." Back inside the apartment, Paul picks up her glass, looks at it and in a fit of rage, throws it into the fireplace smashing it to bits.moreless
  • Ep. #12062
    Ep. #12062
    Episode 87
    Lily and Rose are at The Oakdale Yacht Club planning a fund raising event to be held at Rose's salon. Paul walks in and Rose looks up at him and then turns her head. Paul and Jennifer walk over and sit at a table. Lily asks Rose why didn't she say anything to Paul. At the same time, Jennifer is telling Paul that she can't believe that he didn't say anything to Rose. Paul tells Jennifer that he can't trust Rose anymore. As hard as Lily and Jennifer try, neither Paul nor Rose will be the first to speak to each other. Finally, Rose tells Lily that she can't take it anymore and she leaves. When Paul sees Rose leave, he tells Jennifer that they are out of there and they leave too. Later, when Paul gets to his new apartment, there is a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees Lily standing there. She tells him that he has managed to screw up any chance to fix things with her sister. Paul asks if she is done. Lily says that she is just getting warmed up. She asks, "Do you want to hear the rest?" Paul tells her no, but Lily just shrugs her shoulders and walks into his apartment. Bonnie meets Dr. Daniels at The Lakeview Lounge. She tells him that her mother told her to stay away from Marshall, but she still wants to go ahead with the DNA test. Dr. Daniels tells her that keeping secrets could be dangerous. Bonnie says, "Not as dangerous as T. Marshall Travers." Marshall walks around the corner to hear Bonnie say his name. Marshall walks over to Bonnie and Walker. Marshall asks Bonnie if she is sticking her nose in his business again. Marshall turns to Walker and tells him that he is the man that Bonnie was just talking about. Walker stands up to shake Marshall's hand, but Marshall just turns back to Bonnie and warns her that he saved her butt from jail once, but it won't happen again. Marshall walks away. Walker asks if that is the man that she thinks is Sarah's father. Bonnie shakes her head yes. Walker asks, "What is going on?" Bonnie says, "I hate him." Walker asks, "Why does he hate you?' Bonnie says, "I don't know. Maybe because I threatened to kill him." Bonnie starts to tell Walker about why she hates Marshall and then she stops and says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Walker informs Bonnie that his contract is up at the hospital and somebody else will be giving her the results to the DNA test. Bonnie tells him that he has to get the results because she doesn't want to risk a leak to Marshall. She also tells him that she has not told Isaac what is going on. Walker tells her that she has to tell him. She promises that she will. Walker asks about Sarah and Bonnie says that if it was anyone else she would. She thanks Walker for all his help and rises to leave. She sees Marshall sitting at another table and gives him an evil look her whole way out. At Java Underground, Molly overhears Isaac talking about selling the nightclub. After he hangs up, she approaches him about what she had heard. He tells her that Lisa has lost interest and he wants to spend more time with Bonnie. Molly questions him because she knows he loves the place. He says that he will find something else to get into. Later, Dusty confides in Molly that he is staying in Oakdale and fighting for Rose. He tells Molly that he is looking for a business to get into that will gain him some respect. Molly gets a big smile on her face and tells him about Java Underground going up for sale. At Java Underground, Bonnie walks in and Isaac walks up behind her. They kiss and then he tells her about selling his part in Java Underground. Bonnie wonders why he would give up the place he loves. He tells her that he wants to spend more time with her and try to get to know Sarah better. She tells him that there is a lot he doesn't know about Sarah. He tells her that now he will have more time to get to know her. He tells her that he trusts her instincts and he can see how Sarah affects her. He asks if she remembers how happy she was when she came back from Scotland. She says that she does and they had started to plan their future. Isaac says that they got sidetracked with work and Marshall Travers. He tells her that they can't let anyone come between them again. Isaac looks her in the eyes and says, "Now, did you have something that you wanted to tell me?" Susan overhears Alison tell Chris that she thinks that Ric is demented. She and Susan get into a fight and Alison tells her mother that she can live with the freak if she wants to, but she won't. Susan tells her daughter that Ric is in her life to stay and if she doesn't like it she can move out. Alison tells her mother that everyone thinks that Ric is psycho, but she is the only one that will tell her to her face. Susan questions her daughter, "Everyone?" Alison tells her mother to go and ask Emily and Hal what they think. Susan says, "Maybe I will." Susan walks away. Emily and Hal knock and knock at Jeffery Stars hotel room door. Ric is standing inside, clutching Mr. Stars' laptop computer to his chest. There is no answer. Emily encourages Hal to use the key he got from the front desk. Hal knocks again and there is still no answer. He uses the key and tells Emily to stay back. He takes out his gun and walks into the room. The room is empty, but the sliding glass door is standing wide open. Ric had gone out the back and doubled back to the door that Hal and Emily had entered. He stands in the hall and listens to Hal and Emily talk. Hal and Emily bounce different ideas off of each other as to where Jeffery Star could be. Hal tells Emily that all his clothes are there so he didn't leave town on his own. Emily tells Hal that Ric could have had an appointment to see Mr. Star before his wedding and that is why he showed up all dirty and out of it. Emily wonders if some foul play had happened. Ric hears this and calls Mr. Stars hotel room and leaves a message about missing him because he was getting married. Ric tells Mr. Star's answering machine that he can call him on his cell phone or at the hospital. Ric hangs up and Emily and Hal just stare at each other. Ric leaves with the laptop. Emily comments on how uncanny the timing of that call was. Emily and Hal start to search the room and Emily stops and tells Hal that something is missing. Hal asks, "What is missing?" Emily says that the journalist laptop is missing. Hal says that he may have it with him. They start to search the room again and Emily finds a mini disk. She tells Hal that it is probably a backup disk for the journalist's laptop. Hal tells her that she has to leave it in the room. He reminds her that they shouldn't even be in the room. She begs and pleads and finally Hal looks the other way while Emily heads out the door with the disk. Emily and Hal take the disk back to the police station and Emily puts it in her laptop. She starts to search the disk. As she is searching she tells Hal that she can't believe that her mother may be married to a mass murderer. She asks, "How many people is it now?" Just as she says this, Susan walks in. Emily closes the laptop. She asks her mother what is going on. Susan informs her that she was just informed by Alison that she thinks that Ric is a "psycho." Susan asks if this is a shared opinion. Hal and Emily look at each other. Then, all hell breaks loose. Susan and Emily are arguing and Hal throws his two cents in. Ric shows up at the police station and hears Susan in the interrogation room. He walks over to the door and hears them talking about him. He knocks on the door. Hal yells out, "We're busy in here!" Ric opens the door anyway. He says, "Sorry, I was just looking for the misses. I hope I'm not interrupting anything in here."moreless
  • Ep. #12061
    Ep. #12061
    Episode 86
    Katie tells Henry that her boss has granted her time off so she can go to Australia to find Simon. Henry wonders why Mike is going with her and Katie says he's just helping her because they are friends. Henry insists there are only two reasons someone would help her, one is money and the other is for love. Mike tracks down Lily and asks for information on Simon. He tells Lily that he is going to help Katie find Simon in Australia and Lily asks if he's doing this for Katie or for himself. Mike says they are just friends but he needs to know some things about Simon. Lily says that Simon loves Katie but when Mike asks if he can be trusted, Lily says, "not completely." Isaac tells Bonnie that he wants to help her with Sara. Bonnie suggests having a picnic but Isaac says he has a meeting with a wine distributor. At first Bonnie is upset but then she realizes that he must attend the meeting. Meanwhile, Jessica goes to see Marshall and asks what Bonnie was doing in his room. Marshall tells her what Bonnie said and he also tells her that his toothbrush is missing. Jessica then goes to see Bonnie and asks where Marshall's toothbrush is. She is furious and orders her daughter to stay away from Marshall. The newlyweds have their first fight. Susan wants Rick to rest, telling him that he needs an MRI. He says it was just a stress reaction and that, "All the bad stuff is over now." He says his odd behavior was because of a migraine. Susan continues to urge him to get medial attention and Rick gets angry and says if she's going to keep nagging him, "then we'd better call it quits right now." He quickly apologizes for snapping at her and even though Susan is hurt, she forgives him. Emily tells Hal that Jeffrey Starr is not a medical writer at all but instead a tabloid writer who covers "grisly crimes." Hal finds out that Jeffrey checked in at the Wagon Wheel hotel and he hasn't checked out yet. They decide to go over there and talk to him. Meanwhile, Rick is on his way to the Wagon Wheel hotel. Once inside the room, he searches for evidence of the crimes. He finds Jeffrey's laptop and reads the article then throws the computer just as Hal knocks on the door. Kim tells Chris that Walker told her that they should never leave Bob alone. She says that Walker still thinks that Rick is the serial killer. Chris says, "Rick is a strange man." They try to sort things out but agree to keep him away. Alison tells Chris that she feels uncomfortable around Rick. She suggests moving out of her house and moving in with Chris who says absolutely not. Then Alison suggests moving in with his parents because she could help out. Chris says he'll ask his mom and Alison says she will not live at her house anymore. She says, I'm not staying with Dr. Decker the demented." Susan overhears and goes right up to Alison saying, "What did you just say about my husband?"moreless
  • Ep. #12060
    Ep. #12060
    Episode 85
    Rose and Lily were having lunch at The Lakeview Lounge. They talked about Dusty and Paul. Rose said she was not going to see Dusty anymore since he decided to leave town. Lily told Rose that Dusty came by the house to have Lily warn Rose that Paul was dangerous and wanted revenge. Dusty arrived and asked to speak to Rose alone. Lily left after Rose assured her that it would only be for a couple of minutes. Dusty told Rose that he decided to stay in town after visiting Lily. Dusty said he was also convinced that Rose wants him as much as he wants her and he will wait for her. Lily came back and Dusty left. Lily asked Rose what he wanted. Rose said Dusty was staying in Oakdale and hopes that she will come back to him. Rose, exasperated, told Lily that she just wants to concentrate on her business. Outside, Dusty left Molly a message asking her for help. Kim was caressing Bob as Dr. Daniels came in. He said he came to see Bob and to say goodbye to her. Dr. Daniels contract has been terminated and it was his last day. He tells Kim to have friends and family stay close to Bob at all times. Dr. Daniels is not convinced that Dr. Gordon killed all those people. He proceeded to tell Kim his suspicions about Ric Decker and for Kim not to trust him. Kim wished him well and invited him to come for dinner sometime. He agreed saying that Bob owes him a golf game. At the wedding, Ric continued to see and hear Bob as he was reciting his vows. Bob was telling him to go ahead and admit that he was a murderer. Ric passed out and came to abruptly as Susan knelt over him. Susan claimed he was running a fever and they should postpone the wedding for a few days. Ric refused. He wanted to get married and promised Susan he would go to Memorial for a check-up after the ceremony. Ric has Emily and Alison tell Susan to go ahead with the ceremony. They reluctantly did so. After reciting their own vows, the two were finally wed. The only one who claps is Hal. Emily and Alison had concerned looks on their faces but congratulated the couple anyway. After saying their good-byes, Hal and Emily left. Emily told Hal that Ric's behavior was bizarre and mentions the reporter that Ric murdered. Emily promised to look into it. Ben met Jessica at the Country Club. Jessica told Ben about her concern for Bonnie and her involvement with Sarah. She also told Ben that Marshall could be Sarah's father. Ben told Jessica to let Bonnie take care of herself. If Bonnie needs help, she will ask her mother for it. In the meantime, Marshall discovered Bonnie in his room and threatened to call security if Bonnie did not tell him why she was there. Bonnie made up a story about her mother and how fragile Jessica was. She warns Marshall to show some compassion for Jessica when they are in the courtroom. Bonnie got all weepy and asked Marshall if she could use the bathroom to wash her face. Unconvinced that Bonnie was telling the truth and that she was there to take something, Marshall asked Bonnie to let him see her purse and empty her pockets. After finding nothing, Marshall lets Bonnie leave. Outside the door, Bonnie took Marshall's toothbrush out of her bra, made a comment about one DNA test on the way and walked away. Lisa watched as Bonnie left and later told Jessica about it. Marshall discovered his toothbrush was missing and asked himself why Bonnie would want it. Downstairs in the lounge, Bonnie gave the toothbrush to Dr. Daniels. Dr. Daniels asked why it was so important to find out if Marshall is Sarah's father. Bonnie said that Marshall is a monster and if Sarah is his daughter, Bonnie has to protect her.moreless
  • Ep. #12059
    Ep. #12059
    Episode 84
    At the Country Club, Bonnie intervenes when Marshall Travers grabs Sarah, after Sarah spilled cold water on him. Marshall accuses Bonnie of using Sarah to harass him, causing Sarah to resign her job. Both Sarah and Bonnie leave the Country Club. At Oakdale Memorial, Jessica invites Ben to her place for dinner and to spend the night. When Jessica haltingly explains that she might not be ready for sex, Ben reassures her that he will look forward to being close to her all night regardless. Ben leaves to see a patient and Jessica's mobile phone rings. Marshall is on the other line, insisting that Jessica come to the Country Club immediately to discuss Bonnie and Sarah. While Jessica is on her way to the Country Club, Bonnie goes to Memorial, where Dr. Walker Daniels tells her that Sarah's condition is Bartonellosis, caused by the bite of South American sand fleas, but that an expensive treatment can cure her condition in a couple of weeks. After Dr. Daniels assures Bonnie that their talk is confidential, Bonnie confides in him that she is afraid that Sarah's father is a very bad person, from whom she must shield Sarah. Dr. Daniels offers to run a secret DNA test so that Bonnie can find out the truth, but he explains that Bonnie must obtain a viable DNA sample. Jessica resentfully arrives at the Country Club where Marshall insists that Jessica must get Bonnie to leave him alone or he will get even with Bonnie. Marshall leaves the Country Club, and Jessica leaves a message for Bonnie on her cell phone telling her that if she wants to protect Sarah, she should stay away from Marshall Travers. The next scene shows Marshall entering his room, where Bonnie is waiting for him. In the hotel coffee shop, Jennifer encounters Barbara, and Jen tells Barbara that Paul has rented Rosanna's penthouse suite. When Barbara begins questioning Jen, Jen demands to know what is going on between Barbara and Paul. Barbara evades the question and insists on accompanying Jen to Paul's room because she loves her children so much. Jen responds, "That's always been the problem, Mom - how you love." While mother and daughter are downstairs, Rosanna is surprised to find that Paul has leased her penthouse, and tries to talk him into renting another property of hers, but Paul insists on staying. After Jen and Barbara arrive, Rosanna leaves. While Jennifer takes a housewarming plant to the terrace, Barbara tells Paul that she is aware that his rental of the penthouse is part of his plan to win the $1 million bet between them that he can get Jennifer to leave Barbara and move in with him in one month. Barbara insists to Paul that he will always love her, because she is her mother. After Paul ushers Barbara out of the apartment, he tells Jen that Barbara has gone to the cauldron store to buy some more newts. Downstairs in the hotel lobby, Barbara encounters Rosanna and asks her to spy on Paul for her, but Rosanna refuses. Upstairs, Paul asks Jen directly why she came back to Oakdale. Jen tells Paul that she was engaged to a man named Andre Perrin, and their romance continued across Europe, but it ended when her money ran out and she found him in bed with another woman. Jen leaves Paul's room, insisting that Barbara will not drive her away as she did Paul, since she is paranoid about losing her. The minute Jennifer leaves, Paul dashes to the telephone and places a call to Andre Perrin in Paris. Rick arrives at Susan's house for the wedding, late and filthy, explaining that he had a car accident trying to avoid hitting a dog. He told the assemblage that he tried to change his two flat tires, but had to give up and walk all the way back. When a skeptical Hal offers to send someone to pick up Rick's car, Rich brushes off his offer, saying that he is in a hurry to clean himself up and get married. Susan notices that his boutonniere is missing, and Emily asks Rick if he met a reporter named Jeffrey. Rick shakes these distressing questions off and rushes off to clean up. (There is a shot of a grassy plot out in the country, presumably where Rick buried Jeffrey.) Rick returns, miraculously cleaned up, but as he stands before the minister with Susan, he begins hallucinating that Bob Hughes is the minister, announcing "We are gathered here today to expose Dr. Eric Decker for the ruthless murderer he is." Rick tries to regain his composure, but Bob continues reappearing to him throughout the ceremony, and Rick starts responding to Bob's image, which says, "Today is the day this nightmare is going to end." The imaginary Bob asks Rick over and over to say, "I am a murderer," and Rick finally shouts, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"moreless
  • Ep. #12058
    Ep. #12058
    Episode 83
    Rosanna can't bear Craig's constant whining any longer so she decides to sneak out of Fairwinds to find some solace. On her way out, Lucy stops her and asks if Rosanna thinks she did the right thing sleeping with Aaron. Rosanna pauses, lowers her eyes to collect herself, and says, "I think you did the absolute right thing by sharing that love with each other." Rosanna grabs her purse then heads out the door. Paul seals an agreement to rent Molly and Jake's old place (now owned by Rosanna Cabot) and pressures his sister to move in with him. He again warns her about the perils of living with Barbara Ryan, "If you don't get away from her now, you'll end up just like me." She points out that Paul has lived an independent life spending time in Paris and trekking across the Himalayas. Paul corrects her observation, "There's a difference between running away and being free. You outta know that Jen." He wants Jen and Will to have a chance in life without Babs' influence. Jen offers to bring Paul his old laptop computer that Barbara is holding in her suite. He warns her on her way out that if she isn't back within an hour, he's going to come after her armed with garlic and wood stakes. Later, Paul disappears into the other room looking for something, when Rosanna lets herself into what she still thinks is her vacant apartment. She sees Paul's jacket and other miscellaneous possessions lying around and she thinks Craig has loaned the apartment out to his buddies as a "flop house." She makes her way to the kitchen. While she is out of the living room, Paul returns to the living room and notices mamma bear's computer. He calls out for Jen thinking she has returned, but Rosanna pops out of the kitchen. They clarify the confusion, but Rosanna still thinks Paul should leave. Paul says he already gave the Realtor a check for the deposit. Rosanna says, "I'll give you your money back! I'm only going to say this once." Both Paul and Rosanna yell, "Get out!" Bonnie brings Sarah to the Country Club to begin her new job bussing tables. Sarah looks more apprehensive about the type of work rather than actually doing work. Jessica watches Sarah report in with her manager and then she finds her daughter. Jessica doesn't think it's such a good idea to have Sarah working at the club and asks Bonnie what she hopes to get out of mentoring Sarah. Bonnie needs to impress Troy at the center enough so she can count on his support when Bonnie applies to become Sarah's foster parent. Bonnie also asks her mother if there is any way to obtain a DNA sample from Marshall without him knowing the purpose. Bonnie wants to confirm her suspicion that Sarah is actually Marshall's long lost presumed-dead daughter Zara. Jessica tells Bonnie there isn't any legal way to obtain Marshall's DNA without telling him why it was needed. She looks her daughter in the eye and says, "Let it go! Nothing good can come from this!" She brushes past Bonnie on her way to a meeting. Bonnie sees that Sarah is all dressed up in her new crew uniform. Sarah would rather be wearing a bathing suit and lounging next to the pool instead of cleaning up after patrons. While the supervisor and Bonnie discuss Sarah's schedule, the orphan waits by the door. Marshall arrives and smiles at Sarah on the way to his table. Later, Sarah pours Marshall a glass of water. Marshall takes a moment to encourage Sarah, "If you good at your job, you'll move up in no time." Maybe Sarah felt patronized, but she intentionally tips the glass of water onto Marshall. He bolts out of his chair and demands to know what is her problem. Sarah aims her voice so that Bonnie could hear her from across the room, and yells, "Don't yell at me! You bumped my arm! It's your fault, not mine!" Marshall grabs his paperwork and tells Sarah she has ruined an entire afternoon's worth of work. Sarah pushes back telling Marshall that if he didn't make her so nervous, she might not have spilled the water. She continues, "I don't care who you are. You're not the boss of me. I can talk to you any way I want." Marshall has had enough insolence and demands to talk to her manager. Sarah begins to walk away and Marshall grabs her arm. Bonnie rushes to the rescue and breaks the two apart. Bonnie yells at Marshall, "Don't you dare touch her!" Sarah grins knowing that her plan worked. Jack tells Katie about a report from Interpol about Simon. He says they tracked him to several different places, but lost him somewhere in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. A light goes off in Katie's head and she thinks Simon returned to his sheep farm. Mike and Katie head over to the Lakeview Lounge where Katie decides to go on an Australian adventure to look for her lost husband. Since Katie has had such a heavy day, Mike tells her he'll go book they're reservations. She's stunned he presumed that he would accompany her, and tells him, "You can't come with me." They argue about why it isn't safe for Katie to travel alone. Mike says he can also get away because the burn unit at the hospital is almost finished. Mike reminds Katie of their recent trip to Montana, "You were there for me. Please let me be there for you!" Katie relents and gives him a big hug. At the Old Mill, Rick presents his blackmailer with a briefcase loaded with fifty thousand dollars. The reporter has second thoughts about how much money he should have asked for, and he ups his demand to $250,000. Rick makes a move, but the man pulls a gun. Rick wants to know why this is happening to him. The reporter turns the question around, "You think you're the victim in this? You used to get off on flat-lining." He was referring to Rick's college days when he injected himself with drugs to make it look like he was near death, all in the name of fun. Rick admits that he only kills the patients who can look forward to a life of immeasurable pain. The blackmailer doesn't understand, "You can't kill the pain, so you kill the patient instead?!" Rick remembered how it felt after he injected himself, how there was no pain, and he realized then that he did have the power to take away patients pain. "You're nothing but a sick demented psychopath!" This sets Rick off. Rick lunges for the gun and pushes his blackmailer up against a wall. With his other hand Rick chokes the man to death. Emily arrives at her mother's house all ready for Susan's afternoon wedding. Emily notices that Rick is missing, but Susan dodges her daughter's curiosity and finds the minister to discuss some last minute details. Emily and Alison chirp about Rick's whereabouts when Alison wonders if he skipped town. Emily asks her mother to call Rick to see what might be holding him up. She dials his number, but Rick doesn't answer. Susan calls the hospital to see if he returned for an emergency. Hal calls the station to see if an accident was reported. Both calls yield no new news about Rick's whereabouts. The minister taps his watch and urges Susan to get the show on the road. She looks at the wedding posse and says, "Look at you. You think I've been stood up, don't you! I don't believe it! There's a reason Rick isn't here! A very good reason!" Outside the Old Mill, Rick is topping off a grave for the reporter. Hal tries to defuse the situation, "Susan, nobody thinks that Rick ran out on you. We're just concerned..." Susan unravels at the seams. She frantically searches her desk until she finds her car keys. She blurts, "I am going to go find my fiancee!" She plods her way through the guests and is a few feet away from the front door with her two daughters close behind both trying to take her keys away when Rick opens the door. He takes a step in, smiles and says, "Hello sweetheart. Let's get married." Rick is disheveled, nearly out of breath, and his face and suit are covered in dirt. The Stewart women all look like they've seen a ghost.moreless
  • Ep. #12057
    Ep. #12057
    Episode 82
    Craig is roaming the house, whining about his poison ivy rash and keeping Rosanna from her work. She tries to get Craig involved, but he can only think about his little girl and how he is losing her. Lucy and Aaron walk in from their camping trip. Tension in the room is heavy. Rosanna tells the kids to go to the kitchen and get something to eat. After they are gone, Craig tells Rosanna that his little girl is different and he knows that she and Aaron did the deed. He says that he has lost his little girl. Rosanna tells him to stop and he is being ridiculous. Rosanna tells Craig to sit down with his daughter and talk to her about her future. Lucy comes back into the room and sets her food down. Rosanna pushes Craig toward his daughter. Craig tells Lucy that he has been thinking about her college. Lucy looks up at her father and says that she knows she has some bookwork to do, but she will be a senior and a lot of the kids her age have already been to visit some colleges. Lucy tells her father that she needs to hear his advice about the college that she will be attending. Craig, dumbfounded, turns and looks at Rosanna. As they are talking about different colleges, Aaron comes back into the room and plops down between Craig and Lucy. Aaron says, "See, I told you." Craig asks if he has some trouble with reading. Aaron tells him that he hasn't had any trouble since first grade. Lucy looks at him and smiles. Lucy tells her father that there is a lot of information to digest. She tells her father and Rosanna that she loves them very much. She stands up to give her dad a hug and then remembers that he has poison ivy. She tells him that as soon as he is better, she will give him the biggest hug ever. Craig smiles lovingly at his daughter. The journalist finds Dr. Decker and insists on a meeting at The Lakeview Lounge. Ric tries to get out of it because he is getting married, but the journalist won't take no for an answer. Ric hangs up the phone and starts to leave. Chris stops him and tells Ric that he will, after all, stand up for him at his wedding. Ric is distracted, but tells Chris that will be fine and he rushes out of the hospital. Alison and Chris wonder why Ric was so distracted. Katie is so happy with Mike. She tells him that he is the best friend that she has ever had. She can't believe that he is going to help her find Simon. She tells Mike that Henry told her he has something for her from Simon. She wonders what could have happened to Henry. Henry is at the police station. He tells Margo and Jack about the letter for Katie from Simon. Margo wonders if she should let Katie see the letter. Henry tells Margo that Katie is miserable and if she sees the letter, she can move on with her life and maybe settle down with Mike Kasnoff. Margo decides to let Katie see the letter. She tells Henry that Katie has to come there and see the letter. Henry wants to take the letter to Katie, but Margo isn't going to let that happen. She calls Katie and tells her that she has Henry there and they have something that belongs to her. Katie tells her sister that she will be right there. When she hangs up, she asks Mike to go with her. Mike says that he will if she wants him to and she says that she does. They leave to go to the police station. At the police station, Margo decides to open the letter and review it before Katie gets there. Henry reminds her that it belongs to Katie and she shouldn't open it. Margo opens the letter and reads it. She looks up at Jack and says that she is going to lock it up as evidence. Henry tells Margo that she can't do that. He reminds her that Katie is expecting something from him and she will tear into him like a hound from hell. Katie walks in and Henry yells out, "Hello Katie!" Katie asks Henry why he didn't come back to the cottage. Jack tells Katie that was his fault. Katie asks if Henry J-walked. Mike asks Henry what does he have for Katie. Henry tries to play dumb and says, "Did I say I have something for Katie?" Katie tells him to give her what he has or she will rip his head off. Henry says, "Don't hit me!" Finally, Henry gives in and tells Katie that Margo is holding a letter that Simon had written to her. Margo lets out a big sigh and hands the letter over to Katie. Katie starts to read the letter and breaks down in tears. Mike comes over and asks if she is all right. Katie hands the letter to Mike and asks him to read it out loud. Mike, reluctantly, takes the letter and starts to read the words out loud. "My dearest Katie, as you read this letter I will be far away, but my heart is with you now and forever. Not even the sun burns brighter than my love for you. I am sorry for the awful things that I have said and I am sorry for trying to deceive you, but it was the only way to save your life. Don't try to find me. You will want to, I know how you are. But, please, you must not my love. There are no answers or reasons why this has happened to us. There will never be a happy ending in our cottage because I am a marked man. By the time you read this, I will be dead. But not even death can destroy our love. Please forgive me. All my love, Simon." Katie breaks down and Mike takes her into his arms. Margo fights back her tears. Jack and Margo explain to Katie about Bartleby Shears being dead and they think Simon did it, in self-defense, of course. Katie says that she has to find Simon now. Margo tells her sister that if Simon is still alive, he has Bartleby's men after him. Katie says that she has to find her husband and spend the rest of her life proving how much she loves him. Katie is ready to take off and find Simon. Mike and Margo try to bring her back to earth and think about this for a minute. Katie says that she has nothing to think about, she just has to find her husband. Jack comes in and says that he just heard from Interpol. He announces that Interpol thinks that they have picked up on Simon's trail. Katie gets a big smile on her face and she says, "YES!" Ric meets the journalist at The Lakeview Lounge. The journalist informs him that he has been doing some investigating on Dr. Decker. He tells Ric about hearing that his nickname was "The Mummy." Ric tells him that he doesn't know what he is talking about. The journalist reminds him about the flat line game that he used to play. Ric looks at the journalist through squinted eyes. The journalists says that his friends told him that Dr. Decker would inject himself with Potassium Chloride to see if he could get a glimpse of the hereafter. He goes on to say that his friends would keep the paddles handy incase he didn't make it back. Ric asks the journalist what exactly is his point. The journalist shows Ric a CD and tells him that there are a bunch of interviews on the it that he thinks that Lt. Munson would love to get his hands on. Ric informs the journalist that he was attacked in the hospital, too. The journalist says that he was just playing flat line again. He goes on to say that this information puts in on top of the suspect list and they will get him for murder one. He says, "This is game, set and match, Dr. Decker. Or should I say, Dr. Death?" Ric asks the journalist what it is that is wants. The journalist tells Ric that he wants fifty thousand dollars. And, he only has forty-five minutes to get the money. Ric says that he is getting married today. The journalist echoes, "Forty-five minutes at the old mill outside of town." Ric sighs and leaves to get the money. At Susan's house, Susan is anxiously waiting for Dr. Decker to appear. Hal has a little talk with Susan and asks if she is happy. She tells Hal that Ric makes her very happy. Alison comes in and tells her mother that she should get dressed. Susan goes upstairs to get dressed and Hal goes to call Emily. While they are gone, Alison puts on some music and Chris appears and asks Alison for a dance. As they are dancing, Alison talks Chris into taking her to the Snyder pond to skinny dip after the festivities are over. Chris thinks the idea is good and he leans in to kiss Alison. As they are kissing, Hal comes in and interrupts them. Hal gives Chris his buttoner and then sends Alison into the kitchen to take care of the flowers out there. Alison takes Chris with her. After they are gone, Ric comes in and asks Hal to do him a favor and stall Susan for a little bit. He says that he has to take care of something and he doesn't want Susan to know about it. Hal questions Ric and Ric says that it is something for the wedding. He says that if he leaves now it won't take long. Susan walks in and says, "What won't take long?" Ric tells Susan that she looks beautiful. Susan sees a key in Ric's hand and asks what is that. Ric tells her that he has been saving something for this day and he has to take care of it. He says that it won't take long. He kisses Susan and starts to leave. Susan stops him and puts his buttoner on his jacket. She tells him that this is to remind him why he has to rush back. Ric kisses her again and then leaves. Ric arrives at the old mill, but the journalist is nowhere in sight. Ric says, "One more loose end and it will be over." The journalist shows up and apologizes for making him wait. He asks Ric if he has the cash. Ric tells him that he has it and he holds out a briefcase. The journalist asks if he is ready to hand it over. Ric says, "I'm definitely ready."moreless
  • Ep. #12056
    Ep. #12056
    Episode 81
    Henry walks into the cottage and says to Katie, "Bubbles I'm home." Katie is a bit hung over from the night before and she tells Henry that she'll never get over Simon. She says she isn't moving on and she is always hoping that Simon will come back to her. Henry asks her about Mike but Katie says she thought Simon loved her and she was wrong so she doesn't want to be stupid again. Henry eventually lets Katie know that Simon wrote a letter to her and he goes to get it. Meanwhile, Mike goes to see Jack and tells him that he wants to find Simon. Jack tells him that Simon's whereabouts have to remain a mystery and that if Mike wanted to really help Katie, he should not look for her husband. Mike says Katie isn't doing well and he wants to help her, even willing to leave Oakdale if Simon comes back. He finally convinces Jack to help him and in turn Jack goes to Margo. She is upset because she buried Shear's body as a John Doe and now her husband is district attorney. Tom says surprises her and says he sees no wrongdoing. Susan tells Alison and Emily that she is marrying Rick today. Both girls are surprised and Alison says, "Can you say stepfather?" They decide to help their mother with the wedding plans. Flowers arrive and they think they're for Susan but they are actually sent by Chris for Alison. Later, a reporter shows up to interview Rick and Emily sends him to Memorial. The reporter tells Rick that he has information regarding the killings at Mercy Hospital and it could be very damaging to Rick. Chris tells Walker that his father spoke Rick's name. Chris says he isn't sure what to make of it. Rick overhears this conversation and interrupts them, telling Walker that he is no longer need at Memorial. Then, Rick tells Chris that he is marrying Susan today and asks Chris to be his best man in his father's place. Chris says he doesn't want to leave his father alone right now but then decides to do it so he can be close to Alison.moreless
  • Ep. #12055
    Ep. #12055
    Episode 80
    Bob has regained consciousness and is saying Rick's name, but he slips back into the coma. Chris confronts Rick, who gives an explanation for why Bob would have said his name. Chris is dubious. Rick confesses to Susan that he has flaws and asks her to help him change. Susan thinks he's perfect the way he is. They decide to get married the next day. Kim and Chris sit vigil with Bob, who although unconscious, remembers the injection Rick gave him. Dusty thinks Rose's refusal to make love to him is because of Paul putting her on a guilt trip. Rose denies feeling guilty, but admits to feeling a responsibility to helping Paul get through the loss of her and his best friend. Dusty won't allow Paul to run their lives. He doesn't want Rose to see Paul anymore. When Rose refuses, Dusty throws her out. Meanwhile, Barbara overhears Paul tell Jennifer he wants her and Will to come live with him. Later, Barbara warns Paul not to try and take Will and Jennifer away from her. Barbara and Paul make a bet that whether in a month's time, Jennifer will leave Barbara for Paul. Carly encourages Mike to be honest with Katie about his feelings. Meanwhile, Alison confides in Katie about her relationship with Chris. Alison talks about how romantic Katie and Simon were and Katie is caught by painful memories. Once Alison is gone, Katie breaks down. Mike arrives with champagne, and finds Katie slightly drunk, mooning over Simon memorabilia. She confesses that she still loves and misses her husband. He comforts her. Katie falls asleep and Mike tucks her in and leaves. Jack is snuggling with Sage and Carly when Mike calls and asks how he can track down Simon Frasier.moreless
  • Ep. #12054
    Ep. #12054
    Episode 79
    Jennifer Munson meets her brother Paul at the Lakeview. He has a big favor to ask of her. Up in Dusty's suite, Dusty and Rose get passionate. They are interrupted by a knock on the door, and it is Jennifer asking Rose to come down to the lobby immediately to talk to Paul. It is urgent, says Jen, but Dusty is suspicious and wants to go with her. No, says Rose, she will handle it herself. At the police station, Marshall and Jessica have a conversation. Marshall grabs her hand and she recoils and lashes out at him verbally. Marshall apologizes for his overstepping the bounds of their relationship. Jess tells him she will not let him off the hook and forgive him just so that he can feel more comfortable. Jess says she hates everything about him, and she always will. At the Community Center, Sara tells Bonnie that she is originally from Brazil. Bonnie is delighted to know this because now Dr. Daniels can begin researching Sara's medical problems. Sara, however, does not want Bonnie to share the information. Finally she agrees, and Bonnie calls Dr. Daniels and asks him to meet them at the Center. At Memorial, Chris Hughes tells Dr. Daniels that he is worried about his dad. Dr. Daniels, who has to leave to meet Bonnie and Sara, tells Chris to keep an eye on Bob. Kim mentions that before he slipped into the coma, Bob was trying very hard to tell them something. In Bob's room, Bob realizes that Dr. Decker is about to give him an injection and squeezes out the word, "Murderer!" Rose meets Paul in the Lakeview Lounge and he begins to apologize for his behavior in the elevator and for kissing her. He tells her he knows she has moved on with Dusty but that he still loves her. Rose has no response. Paul continues to play on her emotions . Rose is confused and walks out. Chris continues to discuss his father with Ben. What does Ben really think of Dr. Decker, he wants to know? In Bob's room, Rick Decker explains how he initially injected Bob with insulin that made it appear as if Bob had a stroke. He is preparing to do it again. He also tells Bob that he has killed Dr. Gordon and made it look like suicide. If his plan goes well, soon he will be married to Susan Stewart and also take John Dixon's place as Chief of Staff of Memorial. Rick is so involved in preparing the fatal injection that he does not notice that Bob is pressing his nurse's call button. Dr. Daniels arrives at the Community Center and Sara reluctantly allows Bonnie to tell him about the Brazil connection. Sara also says that her father was an American. Bonnie urges her to try and remember everything she can that she knows about her parents. Sara produces a medal with engraving on it, something in either Greek or Latin, and the name of a university. Dr. Daniels says it is the kind of medal given by college service fraternities. The writing is difficult to read, but Bonnie is hoping if they can figure out the name of the university, it will give them a good clue as to where Sara's parents went to school. Bob's call button summons a nurse who is horrified to find Bob in the midst of a seizure. Dr. Decker tries to stop her from summoning help, but she ignores him and calls a code. Ben and Chris rush in, and see that Bob is trying again to say something. Kim arrives and despite the efforts of the crash team, Bob slips back into a coma. Dusty runs into Jennifer in the Lakeview Lounge and she criticizes him for taking Barbara's money and selling out Paul, his best friend. Dusty tells her to tell Barbara to stay out of his life. Jessica informs Marshall that they can only interact with one another in a business sense. Marshall, however, will not leave it alone and brings up their "friendship" when Jess helped him through the death of his daughter, Zara. Bonnie has been doing her detective work and arrives to speak with her mother. She tells her that they have discovered that Sara was born in Brazil to parents who met at Boston University. She reluctantly reminds Jessica that Marshall Travers met Maya at that school and that Maya ran away to Brazil to have their baby, Zara. Sara and Zara sound too much alike for all this to be a coincidence. Jessica is stunned, but reminds Bonnie that Marshall's daughter is dead and buried near Luther's Corners. Bonnie tells her to remember what the source of all that information was: James Stenbeck. Can anyone ever believe him? Could Sara be Marshall's daughter? Jen reports back to Paul that she interrupted Dusty and Rose, as per Paul's instructions. Rose is back in Dusty's suite but tells him that she cannot do this any more. At the hospital, Kim is devastated that Bob has had a relapse. Rick sits with her while she talks about Bob and her concerns. There is no reason, Kim tells Rick, for him to feel guilty. After all, he is Bob's friend and doctor. Ben orders new tests on Bob and leaves Chris alone in the room with his father. Chris talks to Bob and tells him how much he has always looked up to him and asks him to come back. Suddenly, Bob opens his eyes and hoarsely whispers, "Rick!"moreless
  • Ep. #12053
    Ep. #12053
    Episode 78
    Bonnie pressures Sarah at the shelter to try and remember where she learned the song she was singing. Sarah doesn't care if she recovers from her mystery illness or not. Bonnie doesn't understand her ambivalence. Sarah reasons once she has recovered, Bonnie will leave, and she will be left alone to fend for herself within the system again. Bonnie is taken aback, then steps forward and hugs Sarah. "I'm not going to leave you alone." Bonnie tells Sarah she missed having a stable family growing up. After this bonding moment, Sarah trusts Bonnie enough to tell her she knows she is actually from Brazil. Alison surprises Chris with a kiss on the neck, but Chris tells her he needs some time alone, "just for today." Alison pouts and walks away. Later, Alison gets in Chris' face again, and he can't help but be brutally honest with her. He's worried sick about his father, and his job has been stressful. He cracks under the pressure and says, "You can't see anything beyond your own little world, and to be honest with you, I wanna get as far away from you as I possibly can." Alison absorbs his tirade, then fires back with one of her own, "Honesty is important, and I wanna be just as honest with you. You're a skunk! You want some down time? Well, you can have it." Alison turns and walks away, stopping to hang her head in dejection after she rounds a corner and is out of his sight. Dr. Daniels walks in on Dr. Decker. Bob is awake, but isn't able to speak. He looks panicked and scared. Walker leans in and asks Bob what is wrong while Dr. Decker hides his syringe. Dr. Decker tries to get Walker away from Bob, when Walker notices that Bob's nurse-call buzzer is hanging from the side of his bed out of reach. Walker replaces it so Bob can easily access the device. Ben arrives and asks Dr. Daniels to leave the room so Bob can rest. Bob is so agitated that his heart monitor races. Ben prescribes a higher dose of blood pressure medicine. Everyone leaves the room, then Bob mutters, "Mur...Mur-dur." Outside the room, Rick and Walker continue to bicker when Dr. Dixon arrives to settle Bob's care. John demands that Walker finish his official report on the murders immediately. John leaves, and Walker takes the opportunity to warn Dr. Decker he is still a suspect. Later, Ben and Dr. Decker agree to restrict access to Bob to only immediate family and attending physicians. Rick reenters Bob's room and exclaims, "Finally! Alone at last Bob! I'm going to make sure you don't have another care in the world." He pulls out a syringe and starts for Bob's IV unit. Paul and Rose finish up their mutual kiss. Rose shyly asks, "What was that?" Paul plays the timid ex-lover, and says, "I don't know. It occurred to me we never got a chance to kiss good-bye." Rose licks her lips and says, "Is that supposed to be funny?" She then tells him, again, that she tried to find him. It comes out that it probably didn't work between them because Paul was too good of a person. Paul wants to vomit. He calmly tells her, "You chose the guy who was running a scam on you. Like, I was going to stick around to see how that played out..." Rose didn't want the relationship to end that way. Paul inches closer to her on the couch, looks her in the eye, and says, "It didn't end...I'm here. You're here. And that kiss proves that whatever was between us is far from over." Rose lays it out, and says if you play dead, it's over. She also calls his kiss pushy. She doesn't scold him, but she does warn Paul, "From now on, you should keep your lips to yourself." Paul says it won't be easy because kisses like those reveal secrets, "and you've got a lot to hide." He tells Rose there will always be something between them. Dusty walks up, bends down, and whispers in Paul's ear, "Not if I have something to say about it." Rose stands up and decides to leave. Dusty tries to control his new girlfriend and demands that she tell Paul to stay away from her. Rose pauses, then bumbles about how they were only talking, denying Dusty what he wished for. Paul tries to assuage Dusty's fear that he is back to reclaim Rose's heart, but Dusty doesn't buy his act. Rose leaves the room in disgust. Paul submits to one last warning from Dusty before the new boyfriend turns to catch up to Rose. Rose and Dusty have a minor fight in the hallway before heading off upstairs. Paul walks into the hall and watches them walk away, "Enjoy it while it lasts, Dusty." Rose and Dusty return to his room and he again tells her to stay away from Paul. Rose squirms out of committing to any promise. Dusty sinks further into insecurity and tells her if she loves Paul, she should "walk out that door right now and don't come back." To demonstrate how much Dusty loves her, he says that he would do everything he did just to fall in love with her all over again. Then he asks Rose, "Don't you feel the same way?" She says that deep down inside she was confused. He pushes more of her buttons, and she grabs his neck and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Dusty forces Rose to tell him that she wants to be with him. She says, "Yes. I need you. I want you." They begin to rip at each other's clothes and then fall into bed. Marshall interrupts Tom and Margo in a kiss at the police station with an urgent matter he has been trying to clear up all morning. Tom brushes Marshall's concern aside, then meets with Jessica about rejoining the DA's office. Jessica asks, "When do I start?" Tom says, "Five minutes ago. Welcome aboard." Marshall congratulates Jessica. She sets the record straight with her rapist and tells him they will only spend time in court together. Paul calls his sister and tells her to meet him in the lounge as soon as possible. Chris gives Walker Gordo's autopsy report. He finds that Potassium Chloride was found in Gordo's system, but Walker isn't sure it is enough to prove he was the killer.moreless
  • Ep. #12052
    Ep. #12052
    Episode 77
    Aaron tells Lucy he still wants her. Lucy wants Aaron to assure her they are doing the right thing. He does and later, they make love. Threatened by Rick, Bob's monitors go off, bringing Ben rushing in. Rick assures Ben he'll keep an eye on Bob. Bob wakes to a loving Kim. When Rick enters, Bob becomes agitated. Rick claims that Bob might not know who Kim is. Rick sends Kim home and zeroes in on Bob. As Rick is about to inject Bob, Walker enters. Troy doesn't want Bonnie at the community center since she has no authorization. Sarah sees Bonnie and is thrilled. Walker begins questioning Sarah about her past. Walker gets nowhere with Sarah. Later, Bonnie hears Sarah singing a Portuguese song, and thinks it could be a clue to where she was born. Paul claims Barbara was going to poison Will against him, and gloats that he foiled her plan and will do it again. Paul and Barbara continue to spar, and Hal tries to protect Will from fighting between Barbara and Paul. Will wants Paul to join them for dinner. Jennifer asks Paul not to cause trouble; the family has had enough. Paul begs off the family dinner. Hal warns Paul that if he hurts Will in any way, he's going to answer to Hal. Rose wants to handle Paul alone and gets Dusty to back off. Rose informs Holden that Paul is alive. Holden tries to discourage Rose from becoming involved with Dusty but Rose admits he gets to her. Holden suggests that Rose give Paul another chance. Dusty tells Lily that Paul is alive and warns Lily that Paul will hurt Rose. Lily refuses to buy into Dusty's cry for help. Dusty says he'll go it alone and leaves, more shaken than he realizes. At the Lakeview lounge, Paul arrives and he kisses Rose.moreless
  • Ep. #12051
    Ep. #12051
    Episode 76
    Barbara ordered checks for Jennifer and put money into her account but Jen says she can't accept it because she doesn't want to take sides. Barbara tells her that even though she interfered with Paul, Rose is the one that broke his heart. Paul goes to see Will who is completely surprised to see him. He can't believe his brother is alive and says to him, "You know, you look different." Paul's reply is, "Yes, that's what I hear." Hal comes out and is shocked to see Paul who tells Hal that he wants Jen and Will to stay with him. Hal says he can't take Will away from Barbara because they have a good relationship. He tells Paul that he understands the situation but it is just not possible. Paul is determined to take Will even though Hal tries to convince him not to. Barbara arrives with Jen just as Paul is about to take Will. Barbara says tonight is her night with Jen and Will and Paul can see them tomorrow. Susan asks Emily and Alison to meet her for breakfast and to tell them that she is getting married. They aren't pleased and they don't want their mother to get hurt. Susan gets upset and leaves. Then, Emily and Alison talk and decide to surprise their mother at the hospital and congratulate her on her engagement. At the campsite everyone wakes up after only a little sleep. Craig and Rosanna are getting ready to leave. Aaron sees Craig and tells him to watch the poison ivy. When Aaron leaves to go swimming, Craig rubs his towel into the poison ivy. Then he tries to get Aaron to use the towel. Aaron talks about fishing and Craig recalls how he use to go fishing with Bryant. Aaron says that Lucy talks about Bryant all the time and Aaron wishes he could have hung out with him. Craig "becomes soft" and tells Aaron not to use the towel. Lucy comes over to Craig and says she wants to talk to him. Craig asks why and Lucy says she wants to tell him that she loves him. Rosanna folds all the towels and packs up their belonging. Craig tells Lucy he's chilly and grabs a towel to put around him. As Rosanna and Craig leave, Craig scratches his neck. The good news is that Bob is coming out of the coma. Rick goes over to Bob's room and Kim apologizes to him for the way she handled things. Rick tells Kim to get a cup of tea so that he can be alone in Bob's room and inject him. He says, "Sorry old man. If you wake up, I've got a problem." Just then Ben walks in right before Rick can inject Bob. Rick says he came into the room because he thought he saw Bob move. Rick tells Susan he wants to be back on Bob's case. Susan goes to Kim and tells her to let Rick be Bob's doctor again. Kim asks to see Rick and then asks him to work alongside Ben. Kim goes to tell Ben while Rick again tries to inject Bob but this time a nurse walks in. As he leaves the room, he says to himself, "No need to rush now that Kim has given me access. I have all the time in the world." Bob starts to wake up and the first face he sees is Rick's. Rick says to him, "I'm going to take good care of you."moreless
  • Ep. #12050
    Ep. #12050
    Episode 75
    Lucy and Aaron are happy to be camping alone together, unaware that Craig and Rosanna are close by. Aaron leaves the tent to get the rest of their camping supplies and Craig emerges from his tent to search for Lucy and Aaron. Aaron is shocked to see Craig, and Lucy is furious. Livid that Craig is ruining their weekend, Lucy wants to pack up and leave before Craig and Rosanna know they are gone. Meanwhile, Rosanna suggests to Craig that they go. Lucy enters their tent to announce they are leaving and Craig offers to leave instead. Lucy declares that she will leave for Montega if Craig interferes with her and Aaron again, and never come back. Craig is so pathetic that Aaron suggests they stay until there is light to leave. At Barbara's suite, Barbara defends her actions to Jennifer. Jennifer goes down to the lounge and encounters Dusty. She reveals that Paul is alive, and Dusty goes to search for Rose. Meanwhile, a surprised Rose passes out in Paul's arms. He stops the elevator. Rose awakens and realizes Paul is alive. He finds Dusty's room key and reacts when he realizes she was on her way to Dusty. Rose realizes the depth of Paul's anger and bitterness. He tells Rose how he expected her to stop him before he left Oakdale, but when she didn't, he realized she loves Dusty. He says not to blame Barbara for her choices. Rose starts the elevator and when the doors open, Dusty and Paul come face to face. Later, Rose runs into Jennifer, who blames Rose and Dusty for Paul's new attitude. Dusty tells Paul that Rose is his now and Paul should back off. After, Rose returns Dusty's room key and states that now that Paul is alive, everything has to change.moreless
  • Ep. #12049
    Ep. #12049
    Episode 74
    At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Katie and Mike find Hal and report that they confronted the wheelchair killer in the burn unit. Hal takes off, and Alison worries about Chris' whereabouts while Susan wonders why Rick has not returned from checking out. Hal finds that the hooded figure in the wheelchair is the body of intern Gordon, with a hypodermic syringe clutched in his hand. Dr. Daniels, Rick, and Chris all appear, and Hal boldly states, "It looks like the serial killer has taken one last life - his own!" Everyone rejoices, thinking the killer has been found, but Hal still questions all the people there about their whereabouts that evening. Rick admits that he did not actually check out, but says that he was stuck in an elevator during the power outage. Hal accepts everyone's explanations and informs them all that there will be no more questions that night. Everyone prepares to go home, abandoning all plans to celebrate Alison's birthday. Emily begins to apologize to Rick for suspecting him, and Rick confides to her that he has proposed to Susan. Chris hugs Alison after sharing his sadness about the death of Gordo, his former friend. Alison tells Chris that she is finally "ready," but he responds, "Ready for what?" Just then a nurse rushes up, demanding that Chris follow her to Bob's room, right away. After checking Rick out of the hospital, Susan tells Rick that she will marry him. They kiss passionately, right there in the hall of the hospital. Hal, Dr. Daniels, and Alison arrive, then Chris runs up to all of them to announce that Bob has regained consciousness. Chris and Alison rush off to call the rest of the family, and Susan rushes to see Bob, declaring that this makes her happiness perfect. Alone, Rick's smile leaves his face and he mutters, "Perfect, just perfect." In the hotel bar, Rose shows Dusty the ring the bartender gave her, which is engraved with the words, "'til death," the wedding ring Rose had bought for Paul. She reasons that, since she had never picked the ring up from the jeweler, that Paul must have picked it up himself and asked the bartender to deliver it to her. Dusty tries to convince Rose that someone must be playing a trick on her, but Rose insists that she must go to the mausoleum to make peace with Paul before she can go further with Dusty. Rose promises to come back to Dusty's room, and Dusty gives her a card key to his room. Rose arrives at the mausoleum to talk to Paul with her head covered by a black shawl, looking momentarily like the wheelchair killer. She finds the plaque lying on the ground where Paul dropped it. Holding the plaque, Rose pours her heart out to Paul, saying goodbye to him. She repeats the words "'til death," promising that she will not forget him. She props the plaque on a shelf and places the wedding ring beside it. She turns to leave, crying, "I did love you. I did." Before she leaves, however, she calls Dusty on her mobile phone telling him that she is on her way to his hotel room. Back at the hotel, Barbara gazes openmouthed at Paul, who pushes her grasping hands away, announcing, "Paul Ryan is alive, but your lapdog son is as dead as a doornail." Barbara tries to blame James for Paul's attitude, but Paul tells Barbara about his visit to James, explaining that he will have nothing to do with James either. As Barbara begs for forgiveness, Jennifer sweeps in modeling the dress Barbara designed for her. Jennifer joyfully embraces Paul, and Barbara looks fleetingly happy at her two children, but Paul immediately demands that Barbara tell Jennifer what Barbara has done to him. When Barbara stands mute, Paul tells Jennifer that Barbara paid his best friend to sleep with the woman he wanted to marry. He insists that he wants to take Jennifer as far away from Barbara as he can. When Barbara begs Paul to "work through this," he replies, "With a chain saw, maybe!" Paul is taken aback when Jennifer berates him for hurting everyone in the family by pretending to be dead. Barbara chimes in, shrilly telling Paul that he sounds like his father. Paul and Barbara shout at each other, leaving Jen torn and bewildered. Paul leaves, and Jen and Barbara embrace, but Jen draws back, asking how Barbara could have hurt Paul like she did. At the hotel bar, Katie and Mike, relieved to have escaped from the hospital, sip tropical drinks. Mike tells Katie, "The next guy who catches your eye will be a lucky man." They share a warm hug, each of them obviously feeling more than friendship, but both afraid to spoil their relationship by revealing their true feelings. Rose is on the elevator on her way to Dusty's room when the elevator stops and the door opens. Paul comes into the elevator and they stand face to face.moreless
  • Ep. #12048
    Ep. #12048
    Episode 73
    At Java, Bonnie apologizes to her mother for trying to force her to get involved in Sarah's foster care, and Jessica admits she could have advised her daughter in a less aggressive way. Bonnie says she hasn't completely made up her mind if she'll apply to become Sarah's foster parent. Isaac overhears Bonnie and rolls his eyes in disgust. Jessica tries to tell her daughter about her marriage plans, but Bonnie is called away. Isaac steps in and says, "If you're having second thoughts [about the marriage], you should probably talk to me first." She admits that she is not sure where her heart lies in regards to her feelings with Ben. Isaac says, "Then you've got to tell him!" He guesses her hesitation has a lot to do with her recent rape then takes hold of her left hand and tells her that her engagement ring represents a promise to go through the ups and the downs together. "But you've got to fight for it if that's what you want." Around the corner, Bonnie meets with Walker at the bar. She wants to hire him to manage Sarah's healthcare. Walker expresses his reservations and advises Bonnie to work within the foster system. Bonnie fixes her eyes on the doctor and says, "She needs treatment, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes for her to get it. That includes adopting her." Walker promises to "try" to help. Dr. Daniels is paged and has to leave. Bonnie gets up and walks over to her mother and asks to hire her pro bono. Isaac overhears the request, and asks if she's in some sort of trouble. She explains her intention to help Sarah, and Isaac implodes. He wants to table the discussion for a private moment later and walks away from the group. Jessica advises her to go after him. She catches up with Isaac, and apologizes for not including him in her decision making process. Isaac asks, "Are you telling me that the two of you are a package deal?" Bonnie asks if he's ready for that, but Isaac isn't certain. At the Lakeview Lounge, Rose plays the jealous girlfriend and gives Dusty the third degree asking him why he was leaning on Molly's shoulder for comfort. Dusty plainly tells Rose, he was confiding in Molly about his most recent heartbreak. Rose fishes for compliments, and Dusty obliges. When he brushes her cheek, Rose flashes back to earlier in the week when Paul brushed her hair away from her face before she lost consciousness at the cabin. She drops her vamp routine, and pulls away from Dusty. "I think Lily was right. You and me should stay away from each other." Dusty eggs her on by taunting her independence. He asks her if she's going to let Lily call the shots, or will Rose stand up and live her own life. Rose caves under his pressure, then Dusty invites her to his room to show her how much he cares. Rose agrees, with one condition, "I want to be with you, but nobody can know it." He explodes, "Since when do you care what people think!" Rose admits that she saw Paul. Dusty thinks she only saw a look-a-like Stenbeck might have hired to mess with her mind. He tells her she needs to forgive herself. Rose agrees, but "in the meantime, jumping into bed with you is not going to solve anything." Dusty grabs Rose and plants a hot and heavy kiss on her lips. He stares her in the eye and lustily says, "If you and I are gonna be together, it's gonna be now, and I want the world to know." He excuses himself, leaving Rose in the lounge. At the police station, Hal is very happy to see his daughter Jennifer again. Barbara must be on medication if she thinks a little hope can erase all the pain she inflicted on her family. She hugs both Jen and Will and says, "Now that we're all together again, I think we can make it through." She then turns to Hal and says, "Isn't that wonderful?" Jen then announces that she'll be staying with her mother while she gets back on her feet again. Hal offers Jen her old room at his place, and Barbara's fangs descend, "Hal...are you trying to steal her away from me?" He says he's only trying to give her options. Jen steps in and says she wants to take a step forward, so she'll stay at the Lakeview for the time being. She vows to spend equal time with both parents. Hal backs off and doesn't pressure his daughter then asks to talk with Babs alone for a minute. In the interrogation room, he encourages his ex-wife to be gentle with Jen, "or you're going to chase her straight back to Europe." She interrupts him, "Why do you always assume I'm going to do the wrong thing?" They both back down and agree to love their daughter. Barbara then grabs the kids and they head out for dinner. An officer tells Hal the surveillance team lost Dr. Gordon. He rushes off to the hospital. Susan, Katie, and Emily gather in the hospital with some presents while they wait for Alison. Emily is anxious to get going and wonders where Chris could be hiding. Katie thinks he's probably saying goodnight to his father. Susan reminds them they also need to wait for Rick to be discharged. Emily suggests he can just catch up with them later because there's no telling how long it would take for him to be discharged. Katie excuses herself to check on Alison. Emily turns to looks for Chris, but before she goes, she tells her mother, "I know how important Rick is to you, but don't expect me and Alison to feel the same way you do about him." Alison opens Rick's recovery room door and finds someone dressed in all black sitting in a wheel chair. She screams, closes the door, and grabs a cart to barricade the entrance. Then she calls Chris on her cell phone as the apparent attacker fidgets with the door handle. She yells into the phone, "Chris! It's Alison in ICU. Gordo is trying to kill me!" She looks at her phone, and realizes no reception is available. She screams at the attacker through the door, "I'm not afraid of you Gordo!" A short while later, Katie knocks on the door startling Alison. Alison moves the cart away and opens the door. Alison pulls Katie into the room and tells her what happened. Chris comes into the room ready to party, but both ladies scream in fear instead. A little later, Hal arrives at the hospital and gathers statements and evidence. One by one, they all leave. Chris checks on his father, Susan checks on her patients, and Emily, Hal and Alison head off to grab a soda. Katie walks out of Dr. Decker's room into an empty hall. The lights go out, then she hears squeaking and sees the wheelchair in the shadows. She screams at the top of her lungs. Later, the lights come back on and Katie is no where to be found. Susan notices she hasn't seen Rick. Elsewhere in the hospital, the lights are still out, and Katie is running around trying to find help. There is no answer on the available phone. Just then she hears more squeaking. She warns whoever is there she has just called for help and they should be there any minute. She runs in one direction, but finds the person sitting in the wheelchair. She runs in another direction and sees the same thing behind a hanging construction tarp. She screams when she backs up into another hanging tarp as she is grabbed from behind. Mike is holding her. After she recognizes who it is, she tells him where she saw the person in the wheelchair. He goes to check it out, but finds nothing. She falls safely into his arms and begins to calm down. A little later in the Lakeview Lounge, Rose wonders if she should call Dusty or not when her thoughts are interrupted by the bartender. He gives her a ring box and says someone left it for her at the bar. Rose immediately thinks it's from Dusty. "Oh you are quick!" She opens the box, picks up a gold ring, and reads an inscription, "To death. Love, Paul." Hal and Walker continue their investigation at Dr. Decker's hospital room. When they arrive, Hal notices that the door is ajar. Since it was closed before, he pulls his gun and proceeds with caution. He bursts into the room and finds someone slumped in a wheelchair dressed in a hooded black sweatshirt. Barbara and Jen return to the suite at the Lakeview. Jen observes that her mom is a little nervous. Babs retrieves a garment created especially for her daughter and asks her to try it on. As Jen is in the other room, there is a knock at the door. Barbara is happy that the room service has finally arrived. She sashays across the room, opens the door and then her eyes bulge out of her head and her jaw drops as Paul is standing in the doorway. He deadpans, "Hi mom.... Remember me?"moreless
  • Ep. #12047
    Ep. #12047
    Episode 72
  • Ep. #12046
    Ep. #12046
    Episode 71
  • Ep. #12045
    Ep. #12045
    Episode 70
    Paul visits James in prison and James hints that something may be coming up. Rose tells Dusty that she wants to be with family for the time being. Troy wants Sarah returned to the shelter and tells Bonnie to back off. Bonnie asks Jessica if they may provide a foster home for Sarah, but Jessica says no.moreless
  • Ep. #12044
    Ep. #12044
    Episode 69
  • Ep. #12043
    Ep. #12043
    Episode 68
  • Ep. #12042
    Ep. #12042
    Episode 67
  • Ep. #12041
    Ep. #12041
    Episode 66
    Alison confronts Gordo with her belief that he is the murderer, leading to him cornering her. When Chris hears her screaming he rushes into the room, and Gordo ends up unemployed.
  • Ep. #12040
    Ep. #12040
    Episode 65
    Lucy encourages Aaron to demand his father let him help in the search for Lily. Aaron does as she suggests, and Holden finally allows him to man the phones.
  • Ep. #12039
    Ep. #12039
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #12038
    Ep. #12038
    Episode 63
  • Ep. #12037
    Ep. #12037
    Episode 62
  • Ep. #12036
    Ep. #12036
    Episode 61
  • Ep. #12035
    Ep. #12035
    Episode 60
  • Ep. #12034
    Ep. #12034
    Episode 59
    Bob, who's been poisoned after learning something about Nurse Krebs's death, falls into a coma. Rick tells a horrified Kim and Chris.
  • Ep. #12033
    Ep. #12033
    Episode 58
  • Ep. #12032
    Ep. #12032
    Episode 57
  • Ep. #12031
    Ep. #12031
    Episode 56
  • Ep. #12030
    Ep. #12030
    Episode 55
  • Ep. #12029
    Ep. #12029
    Episode 54
  • Ep. #12028
    Ep. #12028
    Episode 53
  • Ep. #12027
    Ep. #12027
    Episode 52
  • Ep. #12026
    Ep. #12026
    Episode 51
  • Ep. #12025
    Ep. #12025
    Episode 50
  • Ep. #12024
    Ep. #12024
    Episode 49
  • Ep. #12023
    Ep. #12023
    Episode 48
  • Ep. #12022
    Ep. #12022
    Episode 47
  • Ep. #12021
    Ep. #12021
    Episode 46
  • Ep. #12020
    Ep. #12020
    Episode 45
  • Ep. #12019
    Ep. #12019
    Episode 44
  • Ep. #12018
    Ep. #12018
    Episode 43
  • Ep. #12017
    Ep. #12017
    Episode 42
  • Ep. #12016
    Ep. #12016
    Episode 41
  • Ep. #12015
    Ep. #12015
    Episode 40
  • Ep. #12014
    Ep. #12014
    Episode 39
  • Ep. #12013
    Ep. #12013
    Episode 38
  • Ep. #12012
    Ep. #12012
    Episode 37
  • Ep. #12011
    Ep. #12011
    Episode 36
  • Ep. #12010
    Ep. #12010
    Episode 35
  • Ep. #12009
    Ep. #12009
    Episode 34
  • Ep. #12008
    Ep. #12008
    Episode 33
    After exposing Craig as the design thief, Jack talks to Carly. Although Carly eventually admits that yes, the designs were stolen, Jack walks away before she can tell him she didn't do it.
  • Ep. #12007
    Ep. #12007
    Episode 32
  • Ep. #12006
    Ep. #12006
    Episode 31
    Newman and Marshall celebrate at the Lakeview now that all charges have been dropped, but when Ben shows up, the celebratory mood is broken when he warns Marshall to stay away from Jessica.
  • Ep. #12005
    Ep. #12005
    Episode 30
    Mike tells Molly that he's done with her.
  • Ep. #12004
    Ep. #12004
    Episode 29
    Rose tells Paul she isn't going to give up on their relationship.
  • Ep. #12003
    Ep. #12003
    Episode 28
    Craig is willing to allow Lucy to see Aaron if it keeps her in Oakdale.
  • Ep. #12002
    Ep. #12002
    Episode 27
    Katie notices that Bob doesn't seem to be certain about what is going on.
  • Ep. #12001
    Ep. #12001
    Episode 26
    Dusty calls Barbara and tells her their scheme is working as planned. Carly tries to convince Jack not to arrest Craig until after the fashion show. Rosanna is surprised to realise Craig was in Montega with Sierra. Rick helps Alison get a job at the hospital.
  • Ep. #12000
    Ep. #12000
    Episode 25
    Paul accuses Rose of having feelings for Dusty, and walks out on her. Hal decides that Henry needs to disappear. Carly and Rosanna talk about her upcoming show.
  • Ep. #11999
    Ep. #11999
    Episode 24
    Evelyn calls Barbara wanting to see both her and Jack.
  • Ep. #11998
    Ep. #11998
    Episode 23
    Jessica rebuffs Marshall's advances.
  • Ep. #11997
    Ep. #11997
    Episode 22
    Chris tries to convince Alison that all she feels for him is a simple crush.
  • Ep. #11996
    Ep. #11996
    Episode 21
    Carly dreams of a future with Jack.
  • Ep. #11995
    Ep. #11995
    Episode 20
    Emily and Hal join Susan and Rick for dinner.
  • Ep. #11994
    Ep. #11994
    Episode 19
  • Ep. #11993
    Ep. #11993
    Episode 18
    Molly and Katie butt heads over Mike.
  • Ep. #11992
    Ep. #11992
    Episode 17
    Carly begs Rosanna to keep quiet over her and Craig's involvement in Barbara's kidnapping, and Rosanna agrees on the condition that she and Craig stay together.
  • Ep. #11991
    Ep. #11991
    Episode 16
    Jessica and Isaac both suggest that it might be better for Bonnie if the truth about how Jessica was shot stays a mystery.
  • Ep. #11990
    Ep. #11990
    Episode 15
    Barbara fires Dusty after realising that he has feelings for Rose, but then she discovers she still needs him, so makes a deal with him. [ RECAP AVAILABLE ]
  • Ep. #11989
    Ep. #11989
    Episode 14
    Dusty provides Rose with an alibi when Paul demands answers from her, but afterward, she tells him she's having trouble lying to Paul.
  • Ep. #11988
    Ep. #11988
    Episode 13
    Barbara crashes Craig and Rosanna's wedding reception, and demands that Craig be arrested for kidnapping her, but Jack decides it can wait for the morning.
  • Ep. #11987
    Ep. #11987
    Episode 12
    Craig is awestruck to see that Lucy has put aside her reservations and is walking down the aisle ahead of Rosanna, which makes exchanging his vows with her even sweeter.
  • Ep. #11986
    Ep. #11986
    Episode 11
    After Craig invites Molly to the wedding, she convinces a reluctant Dusty to go with her, even though Dusty is more concerned about Barbara.
  • Ep. #11985
    Ep. #11985
    Episode 10
    Jessica is utterly humiliated when she has to take the stand and Marshall rips her to shreds while trying to discredit her, and lashes out at Ben.
  • Ep. #11984
    Ep. #11984
    Episode 9
    Emily listens intently to Hal's theory about Barbara's disappearance, trying to hide her own role in Barbara's kidnapping.
  • Ep. #11983
    Ep. #11983
    Episode 8
    Barbara, in a breakdown state, takes a fire poker and begins breaking everything in the hostage room. Noticing the dog door, Barbara begins to crazily hit it with the fire poker in hopes to be free. Rosanna warns Craig that he better not have anything to do with Barbara suddenly vanishing.moreless
  • Ep. #11982
    Ep. #11982
    Episode 7
    After Paul goes looking for Barbara and cannot find her, he begins to suspect that there may be some sort of foul play involved in his mother's disappearance.
  • Ep. #11981
    Ep. #11981
    Episode 6
    When Bonnie and Isaac break up during a fight after watching the new conference, Bonnie tells Jessica she's moving back home with her.
  • Ep. #11980
    Ep. #11980
    Episode 5
    Craig tells Emily and Rose all about his plans to get Barbara Ryan out of Carly's life long enough for her design career to take off.
  • Ep. #11979
    Ep. #11979
    Episode 4
    When Carly becomes light-headed and nearly faints, Jack admits that no matter what she did with Mike, he still loves her and can't live without her.
  • Ep. #11978
    Ep. #11978
    Episode 3
    Chris invites Katie out for coffee, trying to cheer her up when she can't get over her depression at losing Simon.
  • Ep. #11977
    Ep. #11977
    Episode 2
    Jack goes to Craig and tells him that he wants him to leave Carly alone once and for all, while Carly and Rosanna spar over Carly's company.
  • Ep. #11976
    Ep. #11976
    Episode 1
    While talking to Molly, Mike reiterates his plans to leave town if Carly's baby isn't his, but later admits to a sleeping Molly that he loves her. Jessica opens up to Ben about the pain she's experienced as a result of Marshall raping her. Carly assures Jack that she can tell Craig herself that she's out of the design business. Paul agrees not to cause any problems in Dusty and Rose's business ventures.moreless