As The World Turns - Season 50

CBS (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #12694
    Ep. #12694
    Episode 213
    Jennifer doesn't want to be the executrix of Paul's estate, but after realising that there are no other options because he wrote Barbara out completely, she reluctantly agrees to look after his affairs and goes to his penthouse where she finds a letter he left for her. Emily convinces Henry to answer the phone when Paul calls back, but when he says nothing, she grabs the phone and says Paul's name. They then search Meg's room and find her muddy shoes, with reminds Emily of the cabin. Luke is at a party with Kevin when his parents call to let him know they're coming home early so he heads for home and accidentally hits someone with his car. Paul watches Jennifer read the letter he left for her.moreless
  • Ep. #12697
    Ep. #12697
    Episode 216
    When Butch, the manager at the Galaxy, approaches Carly after seeing her lurk around the strip club, she pretends to be applying for the waitressing position. Lily initially refuses to believe that Jade is Rose's daughter but has second thoughts when Jade provides papers from the Little Flower of Hoboken orphanage with Rose's name on them. Barbara tells Jennifer she remembers exactly what happened to her and wants to press charges, but rather than naming Will as her attacker she names Gwen. Henry refuses when Maddie begs him to take her away from the Hughes home.moreless
  • Ep. #12714
    Ep. #12714
    Episode 233
    Emily tries to delay Meg in the lobby while Henry searches through her room and finds Dusty's blood-splattered wallet. Before Henry can do anything, Meg catches on to Emily's attempts to waylay her and returns to her room. A desperate Jennifer demands answers from Paul as to where Dusty is. While going through Rose's things, Lily sees a vision of her sister who talks about the child she gave up. Holden confesses to a startled Jack that he thinks Luke might be gay, then makes a deal with Jade, who later confronts Luke and asks if he is in love with Kevin.moreless
  • Ep. #12721
    Ep. #12721
    Episode 240
    Despite Nick's refusal to point the finger at Carly, Katie calls Jack behind his back to tell him about the note and the Galaxy club. Paul's refusal to tell Jennifer where Dusty's body is has her convinced that while Paul may have killed him, he didn't bury him. Emily convinces Hal to search Emily's room where he finds the bloody gloves and he arrests her, much to Emily's delight. Gwen and WIll head to Hal's to tell him about their marriage and Gwen cleans the house while they wait for him. When he shows up, they tell him their news. Jennifer realises that Paul is in love with Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #12693
    Ep. #12693
    Episode 212
    Lisa has no choice but to fire Gwen after the guest's accusation, and both Will and Gwen rail at Barbara, convinced she was somehow involved. Luke rages at Holden after finding him reading his blog and tries to get Holden to come out and say was he's thinking, but Holden chokes. Henry and Emily switch cell phones with Meg while she is packing, and Emily is shocked to call Meg's frequently dialed number and get Paul. Will decides to steal money from Barbara so that he and Gwen can find a place to sleep. Luke goes to a rooftop party where he meets Kevin.moreless
  • Ep. #12644
    Ep. #12644
    Episode 163
    Emily worries that she is always going to come second in Paul's life, to Rosanna, to Barbara, to Will, to Jennifer, but after an altercation with Barbara, Paul assures her that she'll come first with him for now on.
  • Ep. #12617
    Ep. #12617
    Episode 136
    Jack and Carly go to the airport and rush off to New York. Iris talks to Gwen's teacher to get information from her. Gwen and Will, still bonding in the school basement, are interrupted by a fussy baby Rory. Emily hides from Jennifer and Dusty. Jennifer and Dusty come op short on their search for Nurse Thompson. Mike begins construction work for B.J. and is struck on the head with a beam.moreless
  • Ep. #12616
    Ep. #12616
    Episode 135
    Emily speaks with Nurse Thompson in Florida. Carly and Jack continue to look for Gwen and Will. Jack gets a lead on the case regarding Iris who may have left for New York City. Gwen and Will bond in a school basement. Lily orders Keith to move out. Keith tells J.J. that he's staying in Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #12707
    Ep. #12707
    Episode 226
    Carly covers for Jack with her wedding ring, then tries desperately to track Nick down to get it back. Meanwhile, Katie finds it and questions Nick about it. While returning it to Carly (and warning her off Nick), Katie has to cover in front of a curious Jack, and vows to keep Nick and Carly apart. With Casey threatening her with the tape, Barbara withdraws all the charges and says she's doing it for Will. Later, Casey scores points with Maddie as Barbara realises she was tricked. Lucinda continues to be suspicious of Jade's claims, but Holden temporarily backs off after a special letter from Rose arrives for Jade.moreless
  • Ep. #12641
    Ep. #12641
    Episode 160
    Will heads back to Iris' place looking for his missing credit card and unwittingly walks into a trap Iris has set for him. Henry gets B.J. to promise that he won't hurt Mike. Mike and Katie learn from Jack that B.J. is being investigated by the F.B.I. and Katie volunteers to go undercover, but Mike refuses to let her. Meg warns Paul that he can no longer manipulate her, not realising that Dusty and Jennifer are locking lips in a stalled elevator.moreless
  • Ep. #12660
    Ep. #12660
    Episode 179
    Jennifer initially refuses to believe Dusty when he tries to convince her that Billy is really her own baby, Johnny Kasnoff, but she finally accepts that the baby is really and truly hers. At the station, Paul can only think about getting to Jennifer and trying to make her understand why he did what he did. Barbara is shocked to learn that Paul was instrumental in Jennifer not being with her baby. Meg remains worried that Paul and Emily will reveal her part, and admits to Susan that she doesn't deserve Dusty's love.moreless
  • Ep. #12655
    Ep. #12655
    Episode 174
    Maddie tries to convince Mike to go after Olga, but he feels her evidence just isn't strong enough. Later, Mike saves Maddie in the nick of time after she is almost run down by a car.
  • Ep. #12667
    Ep. #12667
    Episode 186
    Emily complains to Susan that Margo and Tom will not let her spend time with Daniel. Dusty plays Santa at the Snyder farm, but Faith realises he's Dusty and not Santa. He tells them he's a spy working for Santa and will pass their Christmas wishes along. Barbara visits Paul at the jail and tells him that she has promised Jennifer she will not support him, and that he will be all alone. Emily shows up and assures Barbara that Paul will have her. Lily goes to see Holden in the barn, and the two get passionate. A drunken Luke sees the two, and tells Keith his deal with Lily is off. Gwen refuses to hold Johnny, admitting to Jennifer that she isn't sure she could let go, and after the service, tells Will that she wants to have another baby.moreless
  • Ep. #12486
    Ep. #12486
    Episode 5
    When Dusty lets Craig have it after mentioning Jennifer, he begins to realize there is more to the story than he knows. Meanwhile, Barbara tells Paul that Jennifer is pregnant. Paul is shocked and doesn't believe it at first, but feels that Barbara should stay out of it.
  • Ep. #12733
    Ep. #12733
    Episode 252
    Maddie continues to work on her project about Oakdale's most influential families as Casey, Will and Gwen show up to see her. Will and Casey offer to help her out due to their own Oakdale family ties, and compare life in Oakdale to the sitcoms of the '50s and '60s. Holden and Lily Snyder are The Snyder Hillbillies (a take-off of The Beverly Hillbilllies) featuring Meg, Paul, Lucinda and Luke. Jack and Carly are I Dream of Carly (a take-off of I Dream of Jeannie) featuring Nick and Lisa. Hal and Barbara are The Munsonsters (a take-off of The Munsters) featuring Jennifer, Dusty, Bob, Kim, Paul, Emily and baby Johnny. Mike and Katie are I Love Katie featuring Henry in a dual role as Henry and Henrietta, Nancy, and Jessica. Gwen finds the perfect sitcom for the four of them -- Happy Oakdale Days (a take-off of Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley) where all four of them go on a double date featuring the four teens, Tom and Margo.moreless
  • Ep. #12672
    Ep. #12672
    Episode 191
    Emily is convinced that she killed Paul and rolls his body off the cliff to hide her crime before calling herself from his cell phone. After Dusty shows her the door, a devastated Meg crashes her car and finds a bloody, but alive, Paul. Carly is upset when everyone makes a fuss over Nick the hero, knowing that Nick only has Jack's job because of what Carly did. Jennifer can't understand why Meg would do what she did until Dusty explains that she did it to hold on to him. Emily shows up at the hospital to tell Susan that Paul called her to say the wedding was off.moreless
  • Ep. #12695
    Ep. #12695
    Episode 214
    Lily and Holden rush the young woman Luke hit to the hospital, and are relieved when the breathalyser doesn't incriminate Luke. They come close to getting answers from their son when Dr. Hale tells them that the woman is awake, and wants to see them. Paul nearly lets Jennifer know he is alive after seeing her reaction to the letter he left for her, but stops when Dusty shows up with Johnny. But watching Jennifer with her son and Dusty convinces him to stick around Oakdale. Barbara cancels dinner with Lisa, feeling guilty about Will, and walks in on Gwen and Will stealing from her. During an argument, she falls back and hits her head on the table. Margo calls Casey on his jealousy of Nate, which he denies, insisting he isn't into Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #12720
    Ep. #12720
    Episode 239
    Sister Elizabeth tells Lily that Rose's daughter was named Theresa, and that she befriended Jade at the convent, then warns Lily to protect her family from Jade. Carly goes to the station to see Nick to assure him she believes he's innocent, and maintains that she had nothing to do with setting him up. Emily coerces Henry into turning Meg into Hal for having Dusty's bloody wallet. Meg tells Holden that she knows Paul didn't kill Dusty.moreless
  • Ep. #12680
    Ep. #12680
    Episode 199
    Emily confronts Meg about the drugs that spilled out of her bag and Meg almost spills the beans about knowing Emily shot Paul until she remembers that Paul told her she would get nothing if anyone found out that Emily shot him. Carly wants to take Barbara up on her offer to help out with the family finances, but Jack doesn't want her tying her lot to Barbara again, especially considering the strings attached. Emily runs into Jennifer and tries to get sympathy from Jennifer by telling her about how Paul dumped her, and Jennifer says she told him to. Jack offers to take over the Paul Ryan case, but Hal tells him that he's too late -- the case has already been turned over to Nick Kasnoff. Meg enters the house as Holden and Lily renew their vows, but leaves after seeing Dusty and Jennifer kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #12701
    Ep. #12701
    Episode 220
    Jack is furious with Carly after Nick brings her home and he refuses her attempts to make up, telling her he has to go back to work. Nick tells Katie and Mike he found a place to live, but Mike tells him about going to Latvia and asks him to stay. Alone, Nick pulls out the handkerchief he used to wipe Carly's lipstick off. Jade and Rose go out to get Lucinda a 'funny card' for the girls, and Lucinda warns first Lily and then Holden not to take Jade's word for it, even though Lily calls Joe and he confirms Rose did disappear around that time. Jade asks Luke to tell her about Paul. Back at the house, Jade asks Lily if she's pregnant. Jennifer is shocked when Madame LaCoste suggests that Paul may be alive. Meg is shocked when Paul leaves her a message.moreless
  • Ep. #12702
    Ep. #12702
    Episode 221
    Meg is angry with Paul when she finally goes to meet him at the Wagon Wheel, but the two end up breaking down each other's defenses as they sit and talk on the bed together. Carly goes to the station to give Jack a special treat for Valentine's Day, and the two get passionate in the interrogation room, unaware that Nick is watching. Lily is happy to learn that she is pregnant, and she and Holden discuss their future together. Holden urges Lily once again to get a blood test for Jade. Dusty tries to convince Jennifer that Paul is dead, but Jennifer can't get Madame LaCoste out of her mind.moreless
  • Ep. #12492
    Ep. #12492
    Episode 11
    Keith discovers Julia's cell phone in a hidden passageway at Les's halfway house which means that Les used the passageway to kill Julia. Carly and Les struggle until J.J. comes to Carly's rescue and hits Les with a baseball bat, but as they try to escape, Les takes J.J. and leaves Carly. Jennifer and Mike plan to keep the truth from Craig about his paternity. Later they call Barbara and threaten to cut her off if she ever revealed the truth about Jennifer's baby. Mike proposes marriage to Jennifer and she happily accepts. Tom and Margo are upset realizing that Casey is possibly a sexually active teenager.moreless
  • Ep. #12725
    Ep. #12725
    Episode 244
    Lily is furious with Jade and Luke and wants to get Jack over there to arrest her, but after Jade promises Holden she will keep Luke on the 'straight' and narrow, Holden tells her not to be hasty. Margo is horrified to realise that by telling Casey he can't see Maddie she's turning into Barbara, but she, Tom and Lisa almost catch Maddie and Casey making out. Paul and Meg both realise they were trying to cover up for the other, each thinking the other person killed Dusty. Dusty's blindfold comes off and he realises his captor is Emily. Lisa puts Casey in charge of Mabel's and tells Maddie she's moving in with her.moreless
  • Ep. #12698
    Ep. #12698
    Episode 217
    Nick covers for Carly when Jack has questions about her waitressing outfit for the strip club, then returns the bracelet to her that she had dropped earlier at the Galaxy. Jennifer is worried about Will but Barbara is pleased to know that her lie will soon have Gwen out of Will's life, not realising that the teens are in the midst of promising to stick with each other through thick and thin up on the roof, where they are later discovered by Maddie. Jade and Luke bond over both feeling that their parents aren't happy with who they are, and Luke tells Jade about how much Lily loved Rose. Lily calls Sister Anne at the orphanage, who confirms Jade's story.moreless
  • Ep. #12699
    Ep. #12699
    Episode 218
    Maddie is prepared to turn both Gwen and Will in until the two manage to convince her to keep their secret, and she helps them get into Metro so that they have a place to stay. Carly almost reconsiders her decision to work at the strip club until Barbara shows up and tears a strip off her, accusing her of helping Gwen and Will, and reigniting Carly's guilt about Jack's lost job. Henry and Emily go to Emma looking for answers, convinced that Meg is the key to finding Paul, not knowing that Paul has returned to town and checked himself into the Wagon Wheel. Jennifer runs into a woman who seems to have a psychic instinct that her grief regarding her brother is misplaced.moreless
  • Ep. #12692
    Ep. #12692
    Episode 211
    Things are going well for Gwen and Will, and Gwen is enjoying her new job at the Lakeview until a guest accuses her of stealing a necklace. Barbara knows that Gwen didn't do it, but keep quiet. Meg gets more concerned about Paul as his situation continues to get worse, but he tries to pay her to take off and save herself. Luke is furious with Faith for nearly reading his blog, but while he's dealing with her, Holden actually reads it and learns that Luke has a secret. Henry and Emily team up to figure out what Meg knows, and Henry ends up having to dress as a woman yet again to get into Meg's hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #12719
    Ep. #12719
    Episode 238
    Jack takes Nick into the station where he claims he had plans with a woman that night, but Maddie and Casey confirm they saw him partying at the Lakeview. Carly calls Chardonnay to find out if she got some good pictures only to learn that Chardonnay says she had a better idea. Jack returns him to inform Carly about Nick, the heroin, and Hal suspending him. Jade tells Lily she was adopted when she was five, and a suspicious Lily calls a priest over wondering if nuns would ever baptize a child with a non-Christian name. Holden sees Luke and Kevin together, but Luke covers, saying he was telling Kevin to stay away from Jade.moreless
  • Ep. #12716
    Ep. #12716
    Episode 235
    Meg listens as Paul confesses to Dusty's murder and remembers being in her car, blood on her hands. Jessica is shocked to learn that Paul confessed to murdering Dusty, and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Carly tries to get Chardonnay's help in setting Nick up, and tries to cover up when Chardonnay realises that Nick is a cop. Gwen and Will plead with Steve Colby to marry them, and the judge agrees, as long as they can have it all ready within the half hour as he has salsa lessons. Mike sends Katie a beautiful crystal heart, but Katie wants him there and tells Nick she has a wonderful surprise for Mike.moreless
  • Ep. #12689
    Ep. #12689
    Episode 208
    Meg returns to Paul with the medication she got from Eli to tell him about the memorial service that Jennifer and Barbara are planning for him only to learn he is determined to go. Henry tries to cover for Emily as Hal pressures her for information on Paul's death, then later allows Henry to talk her into going to Paul's memorial service. Will refuses Barbara's request to go to, and nothing Gwen says can convince him. Luke confesses to Holden that he got drunk, but after Sean Davis shows up with his son Kevin to apologize, Holden tells Luke that from now on, there's no drinking, no driving, and no Kevin.moreless
  • Ep. #12530
    Ep. #12530
    Episode 49
    Lily stays by Keith's hospital bedside. Carly is haunted by Les but fights him off. Holden goes to the hospital to find Lily but later sees Lily and Keith kissing. Mike tells Paul to stay out of their business. Susan refuses to help Emily prosecute Rosanna. Jennifer advises Katie to start her own family with Henry.moreless
  • Ep. #12491
    Ep. #12491
    Episode 10
    Craig assumes that Jennifer is pregnant with Mike’s child. Mike assures Jennifer that he’s willing to raise the baby as his own. and the two of them are going to parents. Luke does not like the idea of Lily helping Keith nail Les for Julia’s death. Les shows up at Carly's door wanting to take his son. While Casey and Celia are making out, Tom, Margo, Bob, and Kim walk in and embarrassing them both. Casey accidentally drops a condom on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #12668
    Ep. #12668
    Episode 187
    B.J. explains the pledge machine to Katie, and then gives her the dress he wants her to wear, blowing up when she suggests wearing her own. He eavesdrops as Katie assures Maddie she's only playing him to get Henry back. Will tries to convince Gwen that if they have a child together it will be for all the wrong reasons, but after he talks to Carly about how Parker and Sage helped her get over Nora, he tells Gwen that he wants to have another baby with her. Keith reminds Lily that their marriage is her decision, but that she has to face the karmic fallout. Luke tells Holden that he wishes he had never woken up because his family has fallen apart. Emma unintentionally reveals to Dusty that Meg could have helped Jennifer out weeks earlier than she did.moreless
  • Ep. #12705
    Ep. #12705
    Episode 224
    Dusty blasts Meg, convinced that she hired Madame LaCoste. Emily tells Henry she still loves Paul. When Meg returns to the hotel, Paul comforts her, and the two end up in a kiss that Emily witnesses. Maddie finally convinces Casey to help her in protecting Gwen and Will, and they learn from Lisa that Barbara has a nanny-cam in her apartment so they break in to get the tape in the hope that they can clear the two of them. Gwen and Will divide their money in case something happens to one of them, but before they can get out of there Margo shows up and arrests them both.moreless
  • Ep. #12639
    Ep. #12639
    Episode 158
    Will tries to keep Iris out of the house when social worker Genevieve George drops by for a surprise inspection, but is unsuccessful. Maddie panics when she can't find Henry, and Casey blows off a date with Lia to help her look for him. Iris contacts her friend Stan and asks him to find out whatever he can about how Will killed Rose D'Angelo. Henry believes he has been saved when a big blonde shows up in the cellar.moreless
  • Ep. #12618
    Ep. #12618
    Episode 137
    Iris tries to make a deal with Jack and Carly. Will goes to sell his old car and get a new one. Gwen hides in the park. Jack goes to talk to the New York Police. Carly comes face-to-face with Gwen. Jennifer pushes her and Dusty into a kiss. Emily spots Meg talking to Eli. Maddie and Henry find an unconscious Mike.moreless
  • Ep. #12574
    Ep. #12574
    Episode 93
    Celia says goodbye to Will, Casey and Gwen after deciding to return home to Montega, and Gwen promises to look after Will. Lucinda plots to reunite Holden and Lily, while Keith makes headway with Luke. Maddie continues scheming to get Henry and Katie together despite Henry's attempts to get her to stop manipulating.moreless
  • Ep. #12482
    Ep. #12482
    Episode 1
    Michael Baldwin tries to help Keith and Jake with J.J.'s custody case, but Sweeny's lawyer pulls a rabbit out of his hat as he points out Michael's own less-than-stellar history. Outside in the hallway, Carly is touched as J.J. reaches out to her for comfort, and allows her to hold him.moreless
  • Ep. #12628
    Ep. #12628
    Episode 147
    Will brings Rory with him to ask for Paul's help, and while holding his half-nephew, Paul begins to have second thoughts about everything he has done to keep Jennifer and Rory apart. Gwen is suspicious when Carly promises not to testify if Gwen is charged with kidnapping, but Carly swears she just wants to do what is best for the baby. B.J. shows Maddie just how much power he has by getting her rehired as easily as he got her fired, then sends her off with a disco ball.moreless
  • Ep. #12665
    Ep. #12665
    Episode 184
    Luke convinces Holden to leave so that he can stay behind and talk to Lily, but when she will not commit to spending Christmas with the family, Luke gets frustrated. Casey tries without success to get through to Margo, but she is still too angry with him. Maddie offers a shoulder to Margo, which is refused, so she offers it to Casey, and is shocked to hear Casey admit to being the father of Gwen's baby. Emily demands to see Paul, but Hal advises her that he's being transfered to Statesville. Cass tries to convince Hal that Paul will soon be back, but Hal is adamant on transferring him. Carly tries to get through to Gwen, and shares her own pain at losing a baby with her, but Gwen still asks her to leave. Later, Will comes to see Gwen, but she pushes him away too.moreless
  • Ep. #12606
    Ep. #12606
    Episode 125
    Paul reports to Emily that Craig must have switched the records before his incarceration. Jennifer insists her baby is alive. Henry meets a stranger at the Lakeview lounge who turns out being Kim’s new partner, B.J. Green.
  • Ep. #12483
    Ep. #12483
    Episode 2
    Mike can't help but dwell on what happened between Craig and Mike, but Katie reminds him that if he obsesses over it Craig really will win. Meanwhile, Jennifer hopes her baby belongs to Mike, but deep down knows it is probably Craig's.
  • Ep. #12663
    Ep. #12663
    Episode 182
    Casey continues to deny his involvement with Gwen until Tom confirms the baby switch, and finally confesses that he did sleep with Gwen. B.J. realises that Katie has been lying to him all along after he finds a stash of photographs featuring Mike. An angry Will confronts Paul about what he did not only to Jennifer but to Gwen as well. Margo is devastated to realise that her son lied, and her grandson is dead. Henry tries desperately to get to Katie but Olga manages to get to him first.moreless
  • Ep. #12589
    Ep. #12589
    Episode 108
    Mike is suspicious when a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrives for Katie, and is worried that they're from Simon. Maddie is intrigued by the story of Simon, but her real ace in the hole is Katie's former school chum. Byron.
  • Ep. #12646
    Ep. #12646
    Episode 165
    Hal is shocked to find out that Will threatened Iris in a public place, and is devastated when tests prove that Iris was poisoned with Methanol, the same drug that killed Rose, and that Will's fingerprints were found on the glass.
  • Ep. #12620
    Ep. #12620
    Episode 139
    Holden agrees not to turn Keith in. Meg shows Paul the DNA test results which confirmed that Jennifer's child was switched with Gwen's. Dusty kisses Jennifer to give her some comfort. Iris accuses Carly of trying to kill her baby. Gwen is rushed to the hospital. Gwen wakes up in the hospital with Will at her side. Carly shows up ready to face Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12643
    Ep. #12643
    Episode 162
    Jack knows Carly is nervous about her upcoming lunch with Gwen and encourages her to work on her relationship with her sister.
  • Ep. #12560
    Ep. #12560
    Episode 79
    Famly and friends say goodbye to John Dustin Munson. Barbara demands answers from Gwen about what happened to the baby. Henry and Katie work on getting their friendship back together.
  • Ep. #12547
    Ep. #12547
    Episode 66
    Mike gives Jennifer a chance to tell the truth about her plot with Dusty to make it look like Craig was a bad father, but Jennifer can't come clean. After confronting her about her lies in court, Mike tells her it's over and walks out. Carly and Jack go to Susan looking for answers about Ray Tenney, but Susan reminds them that she spent a lot of time in a bottle, and can only remember that whatever it was involved a child. While Celia tries to talk Casey into a purity promise where they will remain virgins until they're married, Will promises to help Gwen raise Casey's baby, but after he leaves Gwen looks at adoption brochures.moreless
  • Ep. #12649
    Ep. #12649
    Episode 168
    Jennifer tries to explain the emptiness in her heart and the strange connection she feels to Billy to Kim, and decides to head over to see the baby so she can get some closure. After finding the baby alone (thanks to Iris having taken off), Jennifer stays to look after him.moreless
  • Ep. #12612
    Ep. #12612
    Episode 131
    Carly receives a call that says that Rory is sick. Iris tells Gwen some truth. Holden tells Lily that he still loves her. Lucinda tells Lily about her condition. Casey tells Maddie to not talk about Gwen. Henry wonders about the possibility of B.J. being Byron.
  • Ep. #12647
    Ep. #12647
    Episode 166
    The Snyder family prepares to celebrate an extra-special Thanksgiving with Luke home from the hospital, and a lonely Lily watches through the window.
  • Ep. #12506
    Ep. #12506
    Episode 25
    Margo and Tom dance the night away and win the dance competition at '50s night at Yo's. Lily and Keith also go to the dance together. Holden goes with Jack to find Lily and Keith slow-dancing. Keith is assaulted outside by a man from his past. Alison accuses Will of betraying her trust and later tells Will he’s too much for her and they cannot be friends anymore. Will goes to the rooftop and stands on the edge. Casey confronts Celia and she runs off.moreless
  • Ep. #12567
    Ep. #12567
    Episode 86
    Gwen is horrified to read in the paper that Rosanna is in a coma, and calls Will to get help in finding out what is happening to her baby. Hal and Craig put their differences aside for Jennifer, and Paul promises his sister Craig will never hurt her again. Craig is stopped from taking off with the baby by Jack and Margo, who show up just in the nick of time.moreless
  • Ep. #12622
    Ep. #12622
    Episode 141
    Iris and Cass discuss the case. B.J. explains his disappearance. Katie agrees to help plan the Halloween party with B.J.
  • Ep. #12700
    Ep. #12700
    Episode 219
    Paul manages to fool Margo when she comes to search his room, looking for the lost teens, by playing the role of a Frenchman, Mr. Pollock. He almost blows it, though, when she hears his cough and tries to take him to the hospital. Dusty interrupts Jennifer's meeting with Madame LaCoste, but later, after a vision of Paul, she calls the psychic to set up a meeting, not realising that Paul hired her. When Carly's sitter has to go, Carly needs to find a ride home from the strip club and when Chardonnay is unable to help, she reluctantly accepts Nick's help. Maddie deliberately steers Margo in the wrong direction in the search for Gwen and Will, then fantasizes about sending Gwen and Will off in 1940s style. Katie is devastated when Mike tells her he's leaving town for awhile.moreless
  • Ep. #12675
    Ep. #12675
    Episode 194
    Paul agrees to pay Meg one million dollars to help him, and the two confide in each other as to what got them both to that point. Keith wrestles the knife away from Luke, who is determined to cut the kidney out if he has to. Emily is thrilled when Tom brings Daniel by for a visit to cheer her up, until Daniel points out that she has lost an earring. Panicking, Emily realises she must have lost it when she rolled Paul's body off the cliff. Holden agrees to sign the divorce papers, telling Lily that he just can't do that to Luke anymore. Emily is luckily able to find her earring, but loses her way in the fog and finds her way to the cabin, where she sees Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #12684
    Ep. #12684
    Episode 203
    Holden and the children move back into the house with Lily, but Luke still seems troubled. Later, Kevin asks Luke for a back rub for a sore shoulder which Luke initially refuses, but then gives into. Emma gets nowhere when she tries to talk to Meg about the stolen medical supplies, prompting her to go to Dusty to ask him if he knew whether or not Meg was using drugs. Emily convinces Henry to help her cover her role in Paul's death in exchange for keeping quiet about the money. Wrapped only in a blanket, Meg answers Nick's knock at the door and insists she would never help Paul out. Carly offers to write Gwen a check for $1000, not realising that Will is telling Barbara that she's giving Gwen the money (which Barbara had given Carly).moreless
  • Ep. #12732
    Ep. #12732
    Episode 251
    Maddie probes Casey to find out how he feels about her but although the two make out, they don't clarify their relationship. Paul seeks answers. Hal feels the letter from Dusty may have been a hoax. Lily and Holden wonder what Jade and Luke are hiding. Maddie pushes Casey into spending time with Gwen and Will to prove she isn't worried about Casey's past with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12722
    Ep. #12722
    Episode 241
    After finding out they helped Will and Gwen marry then finding Casey and Maddie making out on the couch, Margo makes it clear to Casey and Maddie that she isn't going to take any more of their lying to her and tells them Maddie has to move out. Carly tries to cover for herself with Jack, insisting that while she may have worked at the club she had nothing to do with what happened to him. Emma begs Meg to tell the truth to save herself and after she and Jennifer, who comes to rail at Meg, leave, Meg asks Paul why he confessed. Nick shows up at the Snyders looking for answers.moreless
  • Ep. #12728
    Ep. #12728
    Episode 247
    Hal offers to support Gwen and WIll if they go back to school, but after talking with Will, Gwen turns him down. Chardonnay admits to having set up Nick but tells he and Katie how terrified she is of Anatoly. Carly is horrified to learn Nick could spend twenty years in prison for her actions. Paul tells Emily that he deserves to be in jail for what he did to her, and she turns around and asks him to marry her!moreless
  • Ep. #12691
    Ep. #12691
    Episode 210
    Meg is furious with Paul for crashing his own memorial service, but Paul is heartened by the things he heard his family say about him. Emily is convinced that Meg is up to something, so Henry reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on her. Maddie flirts with her classmate Nate, much to Casey's annoyance, each one trying to deny their feelings for the other. Margo warns Jack that Hal will have to be told about his altercation with Nick, leading Jack to ask Carly to let her anger with Nick go.moreless
  • Ep. #12730
    Ep. #12730
    Episode 249
    Carly confesses her role in what happened to Nick and Katie and begs for forgiveness. Nick doesn't want to, but finally decides not to press charges for the sake of her children. Paul puts on a show about how much he hates Meg for Emily's benefit, then after the ceremony is complete Emily heads to see Dusty. Barbara tells Kim she's ready to accept Gwen as Will's wife and invites Gwen for dinner, but Gwen refuses. Maddie and Gwen help Will and Casey with math and music, respectively.moreless
  • Ep. #12696
    Ep. #12696
    Episode 215
    The Snyders are relieved when the girl Luke hit seems to be okay, but Lily soon gets uneasy by how focussed the girl seems to be on them, and all are shocked when Jade tells them how wonderful it is to see her mother's face. Will panics after having accidentally knocked his mother unconscious, but is more concerned for Gwen than himself. When a frantic Jennifer later calls to tell him about Barbara's accident, he goes to the hospital so as not to raise suspicion. Nick and Jack are assigned to work on the gambling case together with Nick opting to go undercover at the Galaxy Strip Club. An eavesdropping Carly follows him. Casey refuses to admit that he's jealous of Nate, and tells Maddie he won't interfere in her relationships.moreless
  • Ep. #12690
    Ep. #12690
    Episode 209
    Nick throws an engagement party for Mike and Katie at Yo's but Katie isn't sure Mike is doing the right thing when he calls Jack and Carly over to join them. Paul wants to go to the memorial service because he needs to know if his family forgives him, but Meg refuses, insisting she go in his stead. She's furious when he shows up and is nearly caught by Emily. Casey can't understand why Maddie is blowing him off for a guy in her calculus class until he realises she overheard what he said to Margo.moreless
  • Ep. #12709
    Ep. #12709
    Episode 228
    Jennifer finally makes contact with Paul. Jack tries to help Katie out. Emily is determined to keep Meg away from Paul.
  • Ep. #12671
    Ep. #12671
    Episode 190
    Katie is thrilled to be able to be with Mike again, but upset that he has to stay in the hospital. Since Nick's place isn't ready yet, Mike asks Nick to stay with him and Katie, and to keep an eye on Katie. Gwen and Will continue to plan for their future and the baby they want, and make love on the roof. Maddie is thrilled to have Henry back but immediately demands he turn the money into the authorities when he reveals to her what's in the case. Henry refuses, saying B.J. owed him. Emily is devastated when Paul tells her he can't marry her because he'll never love her the way she wants, and when he walks away, she shoots him in the back. Dusty drops the bomb on Meg when he tells her he knows all about what she did, and nothing she says sways him.moreless
  • Ep. #12723
    Ep. #12723
    Episode 242
    Gwen and Will watch Johnny after an emergency with the babysitter, and when Jennifer returns, Gwen encourages her to trust the same instinct that told her that her son was still alive when looking for Dusty. Emily is upset that Paul is so loyal to Meg and wants to know why he wasn't able to fall in love with her, but Paul doesn't have an explanation. Maddie shows up to tell Henry she's been evicted from the Hughes household, and he promises to find a way to make a home for them. Jade confesses to Luke after overhearing Lily and Lucinda talking, but she has a plan -- leading Lily to walk in on them in bed together! A blindfolded Dusty is shown tied up, but alive and well.moreless
  • Ep. #12712
    Ep. #12712
    Episode 231
    Jennifer finds and confronts Paul in the mausoleum and is furious with him until she begins to wonder if maybe he didn't feel guilty enough to try to kill himself. Just as the police receive evidence indicating that two blood types were found in Paul's room, Meg washes blood off her hands. Nick is hurt when he realises that Carly was only at the Galaxy to help Jack just as Nancy is advising Katie to help Nick out if possible.moreless
  • Ep. #12717
    Ep. #12717
    Episode 236
    Holden catches Jade in their bedroom, but she claims to have been coming to get a sweater of Lily's that had been unraveling. Later, Luke covers for Jade when Emma catches her with Lily's bracelet, then demands answers. Carly has an unsigned apology note delivered to Nick asking him to meet at the Lakeview where Chardonnay, in a blonde wig, is waiting for him with drugged champagne. Although the judge appears to have reservations about marrying Gwen and Will, he performs the ceremony. Later, Casey convinces Lisa to give the couple the bridal suite for the night.moreless
  • Ep. #12715
    Ep. #12715
    Episode 234
    Emma finds Meg, who has just thrown Dusty's wallet in the water, at the bridge and wants to know what she just threw in. Meg tries to convince her mother to keep quiet. Emily suggests that Meg went after Dusty because he dumped her. Nick manages to get Carly fired from the strip club, and Carly gets revenge by setting Nick up with Chardonnay's help, but makes a mistake when her comments lead Chardonnay to realise that Nick is a cop. Jade offers help to both Luke and Holden, telling Luke she'll keep his secret about being gay, and telling Holden she'll keep an eye on him.moreless
  • Ep. #12727
    Ep. #12727
    Episode 246
    Carly finally gives Chardonnay a diamond pendant to convince her to go away, then asks Parker to keep her visit a secret. Katie goes undercover in the Galaxy Club so that Nick can do some looking around but the two are nearly caught by Butch. Lucinda and Lily find themselves at odds over Jade and Luke, and Lucinda asks Luke point blank if he loves her. Will and Hal throw Barbara out after she tries to buy Gwen off.moreless
  • Ep. #12565
    Ep. #12565
    Episode 84
    Mike tells Katie that they can't be together until he knows Jennifer is fine, as Maddie tries to convince Henry not to give up on Katie. Craig is slightly mollified to hear that Carly and Jack will be taking the baby. Emily decides not to leave Paul.
  • Ep. #12608
    Ep. #12608
    Episode 127
    Lily and Holden wake up together in Mexico. In search of Luke, Holden kicks down a door but is shocked to find Luke gone. Dusty tells Jennifer to keep it a secret between the two of them for now. Mike is surprised to find Maddie working at WOAK.
  • Ep. #12669
    Ep. #12669
    Episode 188
    Carly has a flat on the road and a mysterious stranger on a bike offers to help her change the tire but the way he acts makes Carly nervous and she orders him to leave, even though he insists he's a cop. Despite her misgivings Katie continues with the plan against B.J. as Maddie tries desperately to keep Mike from finding out what's going on with the telethon. B.J. gets Jerry's assurance that the plan will go off as scheduled and plans to be far away when the blast happens. Henry tricks Olga into thinking he wants to have a passionate interlude but leaves her naked and handcuffed in the wine cellar as he leaves in her clothes. Carly watches Jack sing from the restaurant and sees the mysterious motorcyclist on the screen.moreless
  • Ep. #12670
    Ep. #12670
    Episode 189
    The bomb begins to tick down as Jack distracts B.J. and ends up taking a bullet in the shoulder while Mike protects Katie. The mysterious motorcyclist takes the bomb and runs out, returning unharmed after the explosion to introduce himself as Jack's replacement, and Mike's cousin, Nick. Paul begs Jennifer for another chance and asks what he can do to make things better and she tells him to stop being so selfish, which makes him wonder if marrying Emily is best for her. Henry, still in Olga's clothes, gets knocked out by B.J. with a briefcase, which he leaves behind. After a joyous reunion with Maddie, Henry realises the briefcase is full of cash. Emily is worried when Hal loses it after she reminds him that nothing will stop her from marrying Paul, and wants to change where the wedding will be. Police chase after B.J. Dusty talks to Eli and learns the truth about Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #12603
    Ep. #12603
    Episode 122
    Carly admits to Jack that Iris was blackmailing her, and is convinced that Iris is trying to join up with Gwen to get her hands on Rory's trust fund. Meg is surprised when Dusty asks if it really is possible that Jennifer could recognize her baby after only one time, and realises Dusty believes the baby may not be dead. Maddie begs Henry not to make her live at Tom and Margo's with Casey, but eventually realises she has no choice if she wants to stay in Oakdale. Will and Barbara visit Jennifer at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #12497
    Ep. #12497
    Episode 16
    Jack discovers that Les' prints were not found on Julia's cell phone. Jessica alerts Lucinda that Lily and Keith are continuing to grow closer. Carly is being haunted by flashes of Les terrorizing her. Jennifer and Mike share a sad trip home from Las Vegas. Jennifer finds out that Dusty has decided to shut down Street Jeans in her absence. Craig tells Jennifer that he'll see her in court.moreless
  • Ep. #12578
    Ep. #12578
    Episode 97
    Emily realises that little Rory is actually Jennifer's baby, and although Paul tries to explain to her why he'd rather have Jennifer think her baby was dead, Emily is convinced she has the right to know the truth.
  • Ep. #12590
    Ep. #12590
    Episode 109
    Emily tries without success to get Carly to give up the baby as Paul offers to give Gwen all the money she wants to leave town with the baby. Emily is angry to find Hal and Susan searching the apartment. Meg quits as Lucinda's nurse when Lucinda tells her she has something other than chemo in mind.moreless
  • Ep. #12489
    Ep. #12489
    Episode 8
    Barbara tries to convince Mike to be the baby’s father so he and Jennifer can keep Craig away. Craig and Sierra visit Bryant’s grave for his birthday. Lily and Holden decide to spend a final evening together for their girls’ sake. Les shows up at the police station with a court order granting him supervised visitation with J.J. Alison says she understands why Aaron wants to go to Seattle alone.moreless
  • Ep. #12490
    Ep. #12490
    Episode 9
    Mike announces that he is willing to raise Jennifer’s baby as his own. Keith convinces Jack to bring Les in for questioning, confident that Les is the one who killed Julia. Lily encourages Luke to go back to being a teenage boy because she can take care of herself. It’s then that Keith comes to her doorstep, looking for help. Will learns Aaron’s left for Seattle.moreless
  • Ep. #12533
    Ep. #12533
    Episode 52
    Craig meets with Jessica to get partial custody of the baby. Mike and Katie overhear Craig scheming. Celia and Casey bump into Will and Gwen at the hospital and Will quickly makes up an excuse. Gwen gets examined by Bob who suggests she might want to consider adoption. Gwen admits to Will she doesn’t want to give the baby up because it’s the only thing she has that is really hers. Carly quits her job at BRO.moreless
  • Ep. #12494
    Ep. #12494
    Episode 13
    J.J. loses his grip and falls. An enraged Jack threatens Les' life, but Keith points out that Les is not worth it. Jack and Keith find J.J. unconscious and rush J.J. to the hospital. Ben reports that J.J. has suffered a mild concussion. Jack and Carly rejoice when J.J. wakes up. Katie denies trying to break up Mike and Jennifer. Paul tries to trick Craig into believing that Mike and Jennifer have taken off for Mexico. Craig realizes that Paul lied and finds their real location. Katie takes a seat next to Craig on the plane to Las Vegas. Mike and Jennifer arrive in Las Vegas and head straight for a wedding chapel. Mike surprises Jennifer by proposing again with a ring.moreless
  • Ep. #12532
    Ep. #12532
    Episode 51
    Emily sees Rosanna just as she is arriving. Emily tells Hal that she and Daniel are leaving for a few days. Craig gets the first look of his child in the sonogram. Lily brings Keith home from the hospital. Lily insists things are over with Holden but Lucinda isn’t convinced.
  • Ep. #12609
    Ep. #12609
    Episode 128
    Holden and Lily are reunited with Luke, but Blanca and Rico appear and hold the Snyders at gunpoint. Gwen visits Iris in jail. Meg learns from Susan that a secret paternity test was done on Rory that revealed Casey wasn’t the father. Paul promises to get Jennifer released.
  • Ep. #12627
    Ep. #12627
    Episode 146
    Meg switches Jennifer's blood sample with one of her own, and Dusty has to break the news to Jennifer that the blood test proved it was not her baby. Carly is devastated when Jack is suspended without pay, then thrown when he reminds her that Gwen is not only her sister, but her nephew's mother. B.J. pays Henry a generous bonus for getting Mike out of the house for a few hours so he can get Katie to teach him to dance.moreless
  • Ep. #12652
    Ep. #12652
    Episode 171
    Emily's night is full of surprises when first Susan asks her daughter to let her come to her wedding, and then Paul gets down on one knee to give Emily an engagement ring to make their future plans official.
  • Ep. #12632
    Ep. #12632
    Episode 151
    Lily is confident that she will be able to donate a kidney to Luke, but is devastated after learning that she is not a match. Mike comforts Katie after learning that there isn't much that Jack can do until B.J. does something truly awful. Iris tries to put a wedge between Will and Gwen but Gwen figures out what her mother is doing and again reminds her she won't see a penny of the baby's trust fund. Will is shocked when Hal tells him that Paul was paying Gwen's legal bills.moreless
  • Ep. #12621
    Ep. #12621
    Episode 140
    Carly and Jack have found where Gwen, Will and the baby Rory are in New York. When they get there, things get a bit crazy and Gwen and the baby end up at the bottom of the stairs. The baby is alright, and Gwen suffers minor injuries. Iris is also there, and when Carly sees Iris leaning over Gwen by the baby carriage, all of her childhood memories Iris had been blackmailing her with came back to her. She remembered everything. Meg goes to Jennifer and Dusty's hotel room to give them the news and proof that baby Rory is actually Jennifer's, but she isn't happy to find what she does when she get's there. Paul tries desperately to try to convince Meg not to tell Dusty and Jennifer but Meg just figures out that Paul has known all along and is very angry that he let his sister suffer like that. She heads back to Oakdale telling Paul that the time wasn't right for her to tell them, and he tells her that the time will never be right.moreless
  • Ep. #12527
    Ep. #12527
    Episode 46
    Lily cancels her meeting with Jessica, and when she tries to drive, her breaks fail. Craig shows up at Jennifer's. Katie tries to calm Craig down and convinces him to leave. Mike assures Jennifer that everything is going to work out fine. Casey is brought to the emergency room. Gwen reveals that she’s pregnant and that Casey is the father!moreless
  • Ep. #12706
    Ep. #12706
    Episode 225
    Maddie and Casey are upset to learn that the only thing on the nanny cam is a sleeping Johnny, but they decide to bluff their way through it. Both Will and Gwen refuse to forsake the other to save their own hides, and while Margo is prepared to charge both, Maddie and Casey confront Barbara with the tape. Carly goes to the Galaxy Club to quit her job, but stays after seeing Anatoly hand Butch a briefcase. Nick takes her wedding ring for 'sake keeping', and later Jack wonders where it is. Meg and Paul are both shaken by their kiss. Meg wants to take off, and agrees to let Paul come with her. Emily agrees to give Henry back his money, but calls Dusty when he's gone.moreless
  • Ep. #12519
    Ep. #12519
    Episode 38
    Keith tells Lucinda that he’s not going to go away. Lilt arranges for Keith's debt to be paid. Emma insists to Holden that he is the only man Lily will ever love. Rosanna makes arrangements to give up Cabot. Paul and Emily drink too much Paul kisses Emily.
  • Ep. #12635
    Ep. #12635
    Episode 154
    Meg pulls away from Dusty but when he tells her how she makes him feel better about himself, she lets him pull her in for a kiss. Lily turns down Keith's offer of marriage, but after Luke's condition worsens, she agrees to marry Keith to get a kidney for Luke. Gwen is caught in the middle as Carly and Iris argue over which one of them has the better intentions for her. Paul continues to feel guilty, and Jennifer misunderstands and thinks he's talking about Will when Paul admits that the hardest part about living with something terrible is the knowledge that he has committed it.moreless
  • Ep. #12656
    Ep. #12656
    Episode 175
    The judge prepares to pass sentence on Carly for all her crimes until a surprising person come forward to beg for leniency -- Gwen. Gwen begs the judge not to take away the sister she just found, and Carly ends up with a suspended sentence.
  • Ep. #12614
    Ep. #12614
    Episode 133
    Dusty and Jennifer run into Emily, who just saw Paul off, at the airport and lie about going to see a new designer, but a suspicious Emily finds out they're headed to Tampa and buys a ticket to Florida as well. Gwen calls Will and begs him for help and he leaves Hal (after learning Rory has disappeared). Gwen tells Will about Carly's past and asks for a ride to the bus station, but he tells her he's going with her. Keith tries to find out if Lucinda and Luke are alright and tells Lily about being conked on the head and dumped in the desert, but she doesn't want to hear it. Carly and Jack confront Iris and demands to know where Gwen is.moreless
  • Ep. #12501
    Ep. #12501
    Episode 20
    Jack tries to take Carly's mind off Les by taking her out. Keith has second thoughts about having Julia exhumed. Carly follows Jack to the exhumation. Carly sees a man lurking around the cemetery and she ends up falling into Julia’s grave site. Later, Jack saves her. It is learned that Julia died of anaphylactic shock. Keith thinks that Les could have killed her with bee pollen. Margo arrests Craig for having cocaine. Craig begs his sister to allow him to escape and she does. Margo is upset at the idea that she will never see her brother again. Craig boards a plane to Bangkok while unaware that Bangkok is where Rosanna is.moreless
  • Ep. #12658
    Ep. #12658
    Episode 177
    Hal arrests Paul and Emily before they are able to destroy the results of the paternity test and sends them down to the station. After a lab technician tells him that the tests prove Jennifer is the baby's mother, Hal goes to get a court order.
  • Ep. #12661
    Ep. #12661
    Episode 180
    Gwen and Will return from being at the cabin to find Jack and Carly waiting to tell them that Billy is really Jennifer's baby and that Gwen's own child died. Gwen refuses to believe it at first, but eventually breaks down and accepts the truth, seeking comfort first from Carly then Will. Carly is devastated to see Gwen in so much pain. Katie visits Mike in the hospital and after convincing B.J. she would meet him later, Katie is shocked to learn from Mike that B.J. tried to kill Maddie. B.J. meets up with Olga and orders her to finish off Mike. Hal and Barbara both decide to keep quiet about Paul's involvment, but Dusty and Meg tell Jennifer the truth. Tom threatens to take Daniel from Emily and Paul tries to convince her to save herself.moreless
  • Ep. #12662
    Ep. #12662
    Episode 181
    Barbara refuses to let Gwen into the apartment to say goodbye to Billy until Will forces his mother to let her have her moment, and Gwen says a heartbreaking goodbye to the child she thought was hers. Jennifer confronts Paul at the jail, unable to understand how the brother who swears he loves her could watch her self-destruct for all those months when he could have saved her. Henry convinces Olga to open the door by promising to make love to her, but the second the door is open he pushes her into the wine cellar and heads for Katie's. Casey is thrilled to be accepted at the University of Wisconsin and Margo is thrilled for him, but Tom remains suspicious of his involvement with Gwen. Katie tries to get out of throwing Mike's pictures into the fire, but B.J. isn't willing to accept any excuse that she has. Gwen shows up at the Hughes' to tell Casey their son is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #12564
    Ep. #12564
    Episode 83
    Rosanna's condition isn't getting any better, so Carly announces that she and Jack will take the baby. Craig loses it when Margo tells him there is no chance of him getting the baby now. Henry is thrilled to see his baby sister Maddie, who is angry with Mike and Katie after learning what has happened.moreless
  • Ep. #12526
    Ep. #12526
    Episode 45
    Lily meets with Jessica. Keith learns that Lily has taken his pollen. Lily is terrified when Keith offers her a special drink. Rosanna reveals that Cabot is alive. Celia sees Will with new eyes. Gwen gets edgier with Casey at the prom. Casey, while looking for Celia, accidentally triggers the trap that Lia and Ann set for Celia. A bucket of blood falls and hits Casey in the head, knocking him out.moreless
  • Ep. #12518
    Ep. #12518
    Episode 37
    Rosanna learns that James intends to kill her. James reminds Rosanna that he will be back. Keith tells Jack and Carly that he has decided to stay in Oakdale and wants J.J. to live with them. Lily talks with Luke about a possible divorce.
  • Ep. #12611
    Ep. #12611
    Episode 130
    Carly wants to leave town but Jack looks to Jessica for assistance. Katie ignores B.J. for a night with Mike. Katie goes to apologize to Henry. Maddie asks Casey about Gwen.
  • Ep. #12540
    Ep. #12540
    Episode 59
    Gwen realises that Will is claiming to be the father of the baby to protect Celia from getting hurt, and is unsuccessful in convincing him that he is good enough for Celia, so she finally agrees to his plans.
  • Ep. #12710
    Ep. #12710
    Episode 229
    Kevin and Luke horse around in the locker room, which Jade sees and then leaves the concert. Back at the house, Jade admits to Holden Kevin came to the house, but insists that Luke told him to go away. She covers for Luke when he shows up, then promises him that she will protect his secrets. Dusty threatens Paul after finding him at the Wagon Wheel, and the argument between the two men turns physical. Carly is horrified to realise Jack is at the Galaxy Club and Nick makes her beg him before he's willing to help her get out of there. Jennifer demands answers from Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #12718
    Ep. #12718
    Episode 237
    While Katie and Carly butt heads about what Carly was doing that evening regarding Nick, Anatoly and his men take Nick outside the hotel and stab him in the chest with a syringe. Jack comes upon the scene and saves Nick from the thugs in a hail of bullets only to find a bag of heroin on him. Luke confronts Jade about having Lily's bracelet, and she sets up a meeting between he and Kevin to prove her sincerity. Casey and Maddie run into Margo at the Lakeview while readying the room for Will and Gwen and make up a story about going to see Lisa, but Margo busts them when she sees them kissing. Emma calls Lily with her suspicions about the bracelet.moreless
  • Ep. #12687
    Ep. #12687
    Episode 206
    Jack doesn't want to just accept the theory that Paul committed suicide despite Nick's conviction, but manages to anger Hal when he suggests that Hal is biased because his concern is more for Emily than Paul. Gwen surprises Will when she accepts Lisa's offer to stay at the Lakeview alone and asks her for a job, but she convinces him that it's best. Maddie covers for Casey when he's out after curfew by sleeping in his bed so that Margo doesn't know he's gone, and when he comes back, he suggests she stay there.moreless
  • Ep. #12679
    Ep. #12679
    Episode 198
    Meg is devastated when she is called into the hospital and learns that not only has she been suspended from the hospital, but her nursing license has also been suspended. Although Holden offers Meg his support and invites her to his and Lily's vow renewal, Meg sticks to her original plan and steals the medical supplies she needs. Emily goes back to the apartment to clean out the rest of her things, and is assailed with memories of her time with Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #12703
    Ep. #12703
    Episode 222
    Jennifer arranges to meet with Madame LaCoste while Dusty is out, and after dancing around the issue LaCoste finally tells Jennifer that Paul is alive. Emily continues to order Henry around, demanding that he follow Meg so that she can find out what's up with Paul. Henry refuses to obey, but Emily reminds him what he stands to lose if she turns on him. Will and Gwen realise that they are going to have to evacuate Metro because it's under construction and call Maddie for help, not realising that Casey is following her.moreless
  • Ep. #12713
    Ep. #12713
    Episode 232
    Maddie tries to convince Casey to use his father's connections to find a judge to hear out Gwen and Will's marriage plans. He initially refuses, but then goes to Tom and claims he is doing a report for his journalism class. He returns to Java with a name for Will and Gwen, and an offer to drive them to Springfield. Paul tells his tale to his lawyer, Jessica, but omits both Emily and Meg's roles. Jennifer gives Hal a shaving kit of Dusty's so that he can compare it to the blood found in the hotel, and Jennifer is devastated to learn it's a match. Emily tries to convince Henry that Paul is still in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #12683
    Ep. #12683
    Episode 202
    Maddie finally realises she can't lie to Mike and Katie anymore and confesses that she is the reason that B.J. came to town. Mike wants to call the cops, but Katie's reluctance and Casey's defense of Maddie convinces him not to. Will goes to see Kim to ask for a job and a place to stay, but she is only willing to house Will. Gwen asks Carly for money, not realising the situation that the Snyders are in. Carly calls Barbara to accept her offer, planning to use the money she'll make to help Gwen. Emily returns to the bluff to hide any evidence that can hide her connection to Paul's disappearance and runs into Henry, who is trying to hide the money he stole from B.J. The two both agree to keep each other's secrets. Nick makes a rash decision in his quest to prove he's just as good a cop as Jack is.moreless
  • Ep. #12711
    Ep. #12711
    Episode 230
    Jennifer searches frantically for Paul, trying to convince Hal that he is still alive. Hal finally believes her and calls Jack in on the investigation. Nick tries to defend Carly to Katie, but her insistence that Carly doesn't need a job at a place like the Galaxy Club has him curious and sends him to the Snyder home where he accuses Carly of playing him, then finds the number she took from Anatoly's pocket. Meg shares a tearful goodbye with her mother, but before she can leave, Jack invites himself into her car. Paul sits in the mausoleum by his memorial, bloody handprints on the wall and a bloody weapon on the floor. Henry tries to convince Emily that they should just leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #12731
    Ep. #12731
    Episode 250
    Jack tells Carly that he can't be with her any more. Carly begs him to stay, reminding him that he has broken the law for her too, but he tells her he can't trust her any more. He admits he'll never stop loving her, and both are crying as he leaves to go stay with Emma. Holden tries to convince Lily to give Jade and Luke a chance but when he sees how adamant she is he agrees that they'll ask Jade to leave. When Luke tells Jade he can't live with her she prepares to expose his secret but is halted when Luke collapses, and Susan tells them he has a kidney infection. Emily forces Dusty to write a letter to Jennifer to prove he's still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #12686
    Ep. #12686
    Episode 205
    Jack is upset to learn that Carly didn't tell him the whole truth about how she twisted her ankle, and Nick's involvement. Meg is caught by the police as she is attempting to hide the gun but when Paul's car is found, Paul realises that his plan is working better than he thought and plants his own prints on the gun. Luke agrees to spend some time with his dad until Kevin shows up with a bottle of vodka. Gwen and Will refuse Kim's offer of help, but reluctantly accept when Lisa offers Gwen a place to stay.moreless
  • Ep. #12637
    Ep. #12637
    Episode 156
    Henry initially refuses Jack's request for help in getting the goods on B.J., then changes his mind. Casey demands answers from Maddie after she tells him and Margo that she may not be moving in with Henry. Gwen is surprised when Carly swears she didn't change the paternity test results, but believes her. Meg agrees to move in with Dusty, not realising that he's still just using her to fight his feelings for Jennifer.moreless
  • Ep. #12534
    Ep. #12534
    Episode 53
    Craig asks Rosanna to marry him but she refuses. Carly comes upon an old photo of her father. Carly consoles Rosanna and tells her not to marry Craig no matter what. Will meets Gwen at the Country Club and they both find Casey and Celia working there. Barbara hears Gwen getting sick in the bathroom and assumes that she's bulimic. Jennifer discovers that Dusty has hired a bodyguard for her.moreless
  • Ep. #12657
    Ep. #12657
    Episode 176
    Carly and Jack come home and Parker and J.J. are thrilled that she'll home for the holidays. Carly agrees to look after Billy while Will and Gwen head to his mother's cabin for a romantic getaway. Paul and Emily race to the hospital to get the test results from the records room and Emily is able to get the her mothers key from her pocket. They get into the records and just as Emily is about to shred the papers Hal and Dusty come into the room. Carly is surprised when Jennifer shows up at the door. Will and Gwen make love for the first time.moreless
  • Ep. #12648
    Ep. #12648
    Episode 167
    Gwen goes to Carly looking for help in proving that Will is innocent, and Carly agrees to do whatever she can. Jack stops her from breaking and entering, so while Carly tries to get information out of Stan, Jack rifles through Iris' home.
  • Ep. #12623
    Ep. #12623
    Episode 142
    Holden and Lily plan to go out. Luke collapses. Mike plans a romantic time with Katie.
  • Ep. #12619
    Ep. #12619
    Episode 138
    Carly tries desperately to convince Gwen to hand over the baby, but Gwen counters by revealing that she knows Carly killed her baby brother. Hal continues to search desperately for Will and goes to Emily for help, but she hasn't seen or heard from him. Paul is determined to stop Meg from getting to Dusty and Jennifer, and when Meg books a flight to Tampa, Paul is her seatmate. Dusty and Jennifer kiss passionately, and after learning that Nurse Thompson and her brother disappeared at the same time, aren't sure what to believe. When Gwen falls down the stairs after an altercation with Carly, Iris' words to Gwen prompt another flashback, and Carly realises Iris' baby, her half-sibling, was a girl!moreless
  • Ep. #12642
    Ep. #12642
    Episode 161
    Lucinda summons Holden to the house after seeing Lily and Keith embrace, but it backfires when Lily tells Holden she and Keith are back together. Iris manipulates her way into Barbara's good graces as the two plot against their children. Iris manipulates Will into making threatening statements to her that Barbara overhears. Emily goes to Paul after Tom threatens to take Daniel away and Paul asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #12631
    Ep. #12631
    Episode 150
    Overcome by guilt, Paul wants to tell Jennifer the truth but Emily stops him, and tells Jennifer that he's just torn up for both her and the baby. Mike manages to get to Katie before B.J. can get too amorous, and later, Maddie finds B.J. in a rage over not being able to be with Katie. Carly heads over to Iris' to give Gwen a toy of Rory's and the two almost connect until Carly gets a phone call about the trial.moreless
  • Ep. #12630
    Ep. #12630
    Episode 149
    Katie is surprised when B.J. admits to being Byron Glass, but is soon creeped out when he forces her to don her old prom dress so they can share a dance. Mike realises that Henry tricked him and locked him in the cellar, and busts out to demand to know where Katie is. Maddie defends Casey after Gwen rips into him, and Gwen offers Maddie some advice concerning Casey. Meg tries desperately to tell Dusty the truth about the baby, but he keeps stopping her until she finally decides to keep her secret. Paul has a nightmare about Jennifer learning the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #12645
    Ep. #12645
    Episode 164
    Katie agrees to help Maddie with her search for Henry under the condition that Mike not find out because she knows that Mike will have a problem with it.
  • Ep. #12653
    Ep. #12653
    Episode 172
    Lily is furious to learn that Lucinda has helped Holden obtain a high-powered attorney to fight the divorce and rushes out. After learning that Lucinda has had a bad reaction to the chemotherapy and shaved her head bald, Lily goes running into Holden's arms.
  • Ep. #12629
    Ep. #12629
    Episode 148
    Paul finds Jennifer at the grave of her baby, John Dustin Kasnoff, and runs into Emily's arms, convinced he can't do this anymore. Although Meg still feels guilty about switching the blood vials, part of her is happy that Dusty rusn to her because Jennifer wants nothing to do with him. Maddie is thrilled to see Gwen dunk Lia's head in the apple-bobbing barrel. B.J. sets it up to get Henry to lock Mike in the cellar so he can be alone with Katie.moreless
  • Ep. #12674
    Ep. #12674
    Episode 193
    Meg tries to explain to Jennifer that she did what she did because she loved Dusty, but Jennifer isn't interested in what she has to say. Nor is Bob, who suspends Meg after hearing that she falsified a blood test she never should have been performing. Jennifer lets Meg tell Emma in her own way, and Emma is devastated to hear what her daughter has done. Hal tries to convince Emily to turn Paul in, but she insists she hasn't heard from Paul since he called to tell her the wedding was off. Kate and Nick talk about his childhood with Mike, and Katie calls him on his interest in Carly, but warns him that Mike and Jack will take him apart. Paul tries to get away from the cabin before anyone can come back.moreless
  • Ep. #12651
    Ep. #12651
    Episode 170
    Katie manages to convince B.J. that she has broken things off with Mike, especially after she 'fights' with Mike right in front of him. Olga keeps Katie from discovering Henry, but Katie is convinced that B.J. is guilty when she finds the receipt for the gift that 'Henry' had sent to Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #12650
    Ep. #12650
    Episode 169
    Although Lily won't admit it, Holden is convinced that she's being blackmailed by Keith and warns her that he's not going to give up and will fight this divorce until she changes her mind.
  • Ep. #12626
    Ep. #12626
    Episode 145
    Henry is furious when Maddie tells him about B.J.'s threats and confronts him, only to have B.J. counter with an offer to pay for Maddie's university. Kim caves when Lucinda begs her to help her go see Luke, who is in a special facility. Gwen agrees to allow Dusty and Jennifer to take a sample from the baby to prove that he isn't Jennifer's. Hal demands answers from Paul as to why he paid Gwen's legal fees.moreless
  • Ep. #12607
    Ep. #12607
    Episode 126
    Lily joins Holden in Mexico, who has not had any clue as to Luke's whereabouts. Lily is convinced Blanca was lying. Gwen learns about Jennifer’s attempt to take the baby. Hal has Iris thrown in lockup. B.J. takes Kim, Katie, and Mike out for a drink. Maddie gets rejected for a job at the Lakeview. Instead, Casey helps Maddie get an internship at WOAK.moreless
  • Ep. #12563
    Ep. #12563
    Episode 82
    Luke leaves Keith with a black eye, but when Keith covers for him to Lucinda and Lily, Luke apologizes. Hal tells Craig that he has witnesses saying Craig drove Rosanna off the road. Emily tries to manipulate Will to get information about Paul.
  • Ep. #12569
    Ep. #12569
    Episode 88
    Carly is devastated to realise that she was responsible for her own half-brother's death all those years ago, and decides to devote herself to Rosanna's baby. After Paul blows Emily off, Hal suggests that they put off the divorce. Maddie's plan to get Katie and Henry together backfires when Henry ends up hurt.moreless
  • Ep. #12508
    Ep. #12508
    Episode 27
    Vin demands his money. Lily calls Carly to share her concerns. Carly accepts a designing position for Dusty. Casey asks Celia to the prom as Gwen listens in. Will learns that Jennifer and Mike are getting married. Will is rude to Gwen at Al's. Later, Celia finds Will once again on the rooftop.moreless
  • Ep. #12487
    Ep. #12487
    Episode 6
    Jennifer admits to Mike that the baby is Craig's and is surprised when he supports her. Lily admits to faking the letter, and Tom tells her that she's only hurting her case. Holden is surprised to find Lily and Keith on the same side. Aaron gets a call from his step-father in Seattle telling him his mother is ill.moreless
  • Ep. #12525
    Ep. #12525
    Episode 44
    Craig surprises Rosanna at Fairwinds. Rosanna advises against Craig consulting Jennifer. Paul asks Emily not to press charges against Rosanna, and Emily agrees. Paul comes face-to-face with Rosanna. Before the prom, Casey, Celia and Will get a send-off by loving family and friends, but Gwen gets ready all alone. Celia learns Rafi is leaving Oakdale. Ann and Lia, secretly rig a trap for Celia.moreless
  • Ep. #12488
    Ep. #12488
    Episode 7
    Aaron tells Alison he has to go to Seattle to be with his mother, and doesn't know when he'll be back. Lucinda pays Lily's bail, and is surprised when she learns that Keith helped to protect Lily. Barbara turns things into a mess at the clinic when she pushes Jennifer to have the baby. Aaron says goodbye to Holden.moreless
  • Ep. #12495
    Ep. #12495
    Episode 14
    Jennifer gets nauseous as the ceremony begins gets underway and has to take a break. Katie warns Mike that Craig is coming. Just as they are about to be pronounced man and wife, Craig bursts into the chapel. Craig lets them know that he will haunt them everyday of their life together. Dusty suggests to Sierra that Worldwide pull out of Street Jeans altogether and eventually, Sierra agrees. Holden tells Alison that Julie has six months to a year to live and Aaron is going to stay with her the whole time. Alison decides to go to Seattle for a few days. Lily tells Luke that Les has been arrested for Julia’s murder. Holden thanks Lily for helping him get through to Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #12542
    Ep. #12542
    Episode 61
    Dusty and Meg encounter each other at Snyder's pond and after some reminiscing the two have sex on the shores.
  • Ep. #12582
    Ep. #12582
    Episode 101
    Iris shows up at the courtroom and threatens to reveal what she knows about Carly's past. When Will shows up unexpectedly, Carly pays her to get her to keep her mouth shut.
  • Ep. #12555
    Ep. #12555
    Episode 74
    Mike and Dusty are horrified to learn from the nurse that Jennifer's baby didn't make it, and Dusty is the one there to tell her when she wakes up while Mike takes care of things.
  • Ep. #12557
    Ep. #12557
    Episode 76
    Jennifer insists that the dead baby in the nursery is not hers, which begins to panic Craig. Luckily everyone else believes Jennifer is simply a grief-stricken mother who is unable to accept the truth.
  • Ep. #12529
    Ep. #12529
    Episode 48
    Carly is abducted by Les and locked in a trunk. Someone lights a match and sets Lily's basement on fire. At gunpoint, Les forces Lily and Keith to go with him. Jack calls Holden and the two of them find that Lily's car breaks were tampered with. Holden tracks down Lily with Keith and Les in the Snyder farm storm cellar. They discover that Keith has been shot.moreless
  • Ep. #12585
    Ep. #12585
    Episode 104
    Cass has to step in between Gwen and Carly when Gwen heads to Milltown to see her son as the court ordered, just as Iris shows up looking for another payout to keep quiet.
  • Ep. #12584
    Ep. #12584
    Episode 103
    Henry, pretending to be asleep, sees Mike and Katie sneak downstairs. He tells Maddie that they need to move out and plans to tell Katie and Mike he knows about their relationship, but after seeing how distressed Maddie is, doubles over in (fake) pain. Meg makes plans to surprise Dusty on his upcoming Street Jeans trip, not realising that Jennifer is also planning to go. Emily is prepared to leave Paul's but he stops her, and the two make love.moreless
  • Ep. #12599
    Ep. #12599
    Episode 118
    Jennifer's friends and family rush in after hearing her scream, and she tells them that she was shocked to find her baby's death certificate. Lily nixes the idea of Lucinda getting any more treatments, and after telling them to fly home together Holden searches the hospital and finds Luke's bracelet. Iris pushes Gwen to let her back into her life, and although Iris initially pushes her mother away, she begins to let her into her life. Paul sees Carly and Jack in the hotel and heads out to the lobby, where he finds Jennifer holding Rory, insisting it's her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #12548
    Ep. #12548
    Episode 67
    Mike returns to the guest house, and Jennifer is thrilled to see him because she thinks it means he's come home. She again tries to see how she did everything for her baby, and he tells her that's the problem -- it's 'her' baby, not 'their' baby. Henry shows up at the cottage after Margo's call, and is shocked to learn that he's expected to clear out his stuff. When Katie phones, the two talk briefly. Craig offers Rosanna a way out of their marriage, but she surprises him by not only wanting to stay in the marriage, but wanting to adopt. When the attorney brings a young mother by, it turns out to be Gwen. Jack goes to see Susan, and she suggests she talk to Jessica about Ray Tenney.moreless
  • Ep. #12604
    Ep. #12604
    Episode 123
    Dusty questions Meg and she inadvertently reminds him of the birthmark Jennifer's baby had, which sends him over to Carly's to check Rory out. Lia and Casey cause Maddie to lose out on a job before she's even able to complete the application and while Lia doesn't care, Casey feels guilty. Barbara pushes Jennifer to tell Dr. Michaels that she no longer believes the Snyder baby is hers to get out of there, but Will encourages Jennifer to do what she feels is rights. Meg and Emma have lunch and Meg tries to cheer Emma up regarding Luke. Iris pretends that she doesn't know Gwen in front of Jack and Carly, but later privately assures her daughter she will still help her.moreless
  • Ep. #12613
    Ep. #12613
    Episode 132
    Gwen sees what Iris is really going after. Carly and Jack discuss adopting Rory. Dusty and Jennifer pack to go to Florida. Holden tells Emily that Meg returned to Oakdale for Dusty. Holden hears about Lucinda's health concerns. Lily sees Keith.
  • Ep. #12507
    Ep. #12507
    Episode 26
    Vin, a man from Keith’s past, shows up blackmails him. Keith and Lily almost make love until Lily stops and they agree to take it slow. Celia sees Will on the rooftop ledge and grabs him. Casey confides in his parents about his fight with Celia. Dusty leaves a message for Carly giving her a proposition.moreless
  • Ep. #12587
    Ep. #12587
    Episode 106
    Gwen is shocked when the results say Casey is not the father, and swears to Cass and Will that she didn't lie, and Casey is the only one she was ever with. She wonders if the adoption agency gave Rosanna the wrong child.
  • Ep. #12592
    Ep. #12592
    Episode 111
    Gwen decides to accepts Paul's offer, but Paul makes sure she won't go to Will by doing his best to poison Will against her. Meg agrees to go over some fashion sketches with Jennifer, and is shocked to find her stash of crystal meth. Lucinda blackmails Keith into taking her to Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #12676
    Ep. #12676
    Episode 195
    Casey is furious when Tom and Margo tell him that they are not going to let him go to the University of Wisconsin, and blames it on Gwen. Emily screams when she thinks she sees Paul but takes off before he can get to her after hearing Meg's car. Paul tries to force Meg to hunt Emily down, but Meg balks at taking orders from Paul, and finally tells him that she's the one who exposed him. Lily shows up at the airport and begs Keith to let her go. Keith agrees to do so, but reminds her that if she breaks her promise, she'll be responsible for whatever happens to Luke. Gwen and Will are devastated when Dr. Schiller tells them she's not pregnant. Luke and Holden are thrilled when Lily returns to the farmhouse.moreless
  • Ep. #12681
    Ep. #12681
    Episode 200
    Meg finds Paul out in the snow and manages to get him back in the cabin. She climbs into bed with him (fully clothed) in an attempt to keep him warm, and a delirious Paul thinks that she is Rosanna. Nick shows up at Jack and Carly's looking for help with the Paul Ryan case, and Carly softens towards Nick after seeing the way he interacts with Parker. Emily is devastated to realise that Paul broke things off with her because Jennifer convinced him that the best thing for Emily was to not have Paul in her life. Hal calls Burt down to the station and threatens him, causing Burt to fire Will and evict Gwen, even though it isn't something that he wants to do. Maddie is horrified to realise that Margo plans on charging the person who brought B.J. to town as an accessory.moreless
  • Ep. #12726
    Ep. #12726
    Episode 245
    Katie finally finds a way that she can help Nick clear his name. Luke worries how his lie about Jade will affect Lily and her pregnancy. Dusty tries to manipulate Emily into letting him go. Chardonnay shows up at the house looking for help from Carly.
  • Ep. #12729
    Ep. #12729
    Episode 248
    Paul is willing to do anything to convince Emily of his sincerity, and the two say their vows just as Meg shows up to witness them. When Will sees how upset Gwen is, he opts not to move out of Hal's house, but admits to Bob that he's not happy about that. Carly is unable to stop Chardonnay for telling the truth to Jack, who takes her down the station.moreless
  • Ep. #12688
    Ep. #12688
    Episode 207
    Jennifer and Barbara feel guilty after learning of Paul's suicide from Hal, but Dusty isn't sure what to make of it. Paul tries to convince Meg to flee for her own good, but she refuses to leave him and heads into town to get pills from her friend Eli. Henry and Emily make plans to leave town after worrying that Hal is onto them. Maddie and Casey wake up after having spent a platonic night together but Maddie is hurt when she overhears Casey telling Margo that she means nothing to him.moreless
  • Ep. #12570
    Ep. #12570
    Episode 89
    Barbara is horrified when Paul admits that a part of him is relieved that Jennifer's baby is dead because now they can never be tied to Craig. Lily and Keith pick Luke up after he's picked up himself for drinking, and Keith defends Luke to Lily when she grounds him. Mike reminds Jennifer that he'll always be there for her, but she wants nothing to do with him. With Henry in pain, Maddie manipulates Katie into letting them spend the night there.moreless
  • Ep. #12551
    Ep. #12551
    Episode 70
    Lily apologizes to Keith for standing him up, and the two are determined to continue their relationship. Later, Keith has an unproductive run-in with Luke.
  • Ep. #12554
    Ep. #12554
    Episode 73
    Casey goes to see Gwen, who has checked herself out of the hospital after giving birth, and she finally admits to him that it was indeed his child.
  • Ep. #12536
    Ep. #12536
    Episode 55
    Emily and Paul see each other for the first time since making love. Later, Rosanna walks in on them beginning to do it again. Katie shares some laughs with Mike. Dusty promises Jennifer that he won’t let Craig near her baby. Lucinda discovers a lump in her breast. Meg and Emma come to an understanding.moreless
  • Ep. #12496
    Ep. #12496
    Episode 15
    Mike throws Craig out of the cpapel. Jennifer insists that she’s not marrying Mike now or ever. Margo surprises Henry by counseling him to fight for his marriage. Craig runs into Sierra and suggests they celebrate him becoming a father again, but Sierra dumps a drink in his face. Carly and Jack learn that J.J. is being released from the hospital. Keith wants to take J.J. to Chicago in the morning, but Lily persuades Keith to let Carly and Jack take J.J. home for the night. Celia finds Will in Alison's apartment, but Will manages to provide a good explanation.moreless
  • Ep. #12580
    Ep. #12580
    Episode 99
    Cass Winthrop argues in court that since the adoption was never technically finalised, Gwen should be given back her baby, but when Carly pushes all of Gwen's buttons she flips out.
  • Ep. #12666
    Ep. #12666
    Episode 185
    Carly taunts Emily that Paul will never truly be hers, because he will always belong to Rosanna. Emily heads over to the Hughes house where Margo reluctantly agrees to let her in to see Daniel to wish him a merry Christmas. Meg cons Dusty into donning a Santa Claus suit so that he can go to the hospital to spread some cheer in the children's ward, and they run into Jennifer. Will refuses to let Gwen push him away and gives her a bracelet with Billy's birthstone on it, then convinces her to go to the Christmas Eve service with him. Luke overhears Lily and Keith talking about the 'promise' she made him, and goes to Lucinda to ask if there is any chance Keith was the one who got him his new kidney. Luke seeks out Kevin, who brings him some spiked eggnog. Emma and Lucinda agree that neither one likes Keith.moreless
  • Ep. #12545
    Ep. #12545
    Episode 64
    Craig is taken to trial, and thanks to Jennifer and Dusty lying on the stand, the judge issues a restraining order barring Craig from contact with Jennifer or the baby for five year.
  • Ep. #12539
    Ep. #12539
    Episode 58
    Craig stops Carly from warning Emily about Craig and Rosanna's wedding, but Paul ends up getting to Fairwinds in time to see Craig and Rosanna exchange their vows.
  • Ep. #12493
    Ep. #12493
    Episode 12
    Jack learns that Les has taken J.J. Keith and Lily chase Les on the road. Les loses control of his car and it ends up in the woods and J.J. flees. Les pulls out a knife and stabs Keith. Jack confronts him and Les turns the knife on Jack. Mike and Jennifer decide to elope to Vegas. Casey and Tom have a father/son moment about having sex and Margo and Casey reconcile.moreless
  • Ep. #12504
    Ep. #12504
    Episode 23
    Holden backs out of helping Lucinda. Katie who admits the truth when Mike and Jennifer confront her; Katie apologizes and begs their forgiveness. Celia is not happy that Will never told Alison about being in her apartment when she was in Seattle. Margo gets a confidence boost from Casey while preparing for her date with Tom.moreless
  • Ep. #12485
    Ep. #12485
    Episode 4
    Jennifer wants to tell Mike about her pregnancy but just can't do it. Instead she and Mike make love. As she watches Mike sleep, she realizes that she could never lie to him about who the father is. She calls the Family Planning Center for an appointment.
  • Ep. #12484
    Ep. #12484
    Episode 3
    Keith convinces Luke that only by telling him the truth can he help Lily. Confused and desperate to confide in someone, Luke finally admits that he didn't kill Julia and has been trying to protect his mother. Keith takes Luke to see Lily to make her realize that Luke didn't kill Julia and that she's been protecting him for nothing.moreless
  • Ep. #12510
    Ep. #12510
    Episode 29
    Lucinda's private investigator grabbed Lily. Lucinda exposes to Lily that Keith has huge gambling debts. Jennifer and Katie have a showdown and Katie finally admits she still loves Mike. Celia invites Gwen and Will to hang out with her and Casey.
  • Ep. #12654
    Ep. #12654
    Episode 173
    Katie tries to convince B.J. to let her go see Henry so that she can get closure on their relationship, but he claims that the plane cannot come back because it needs maintenance. Jennifer is thrilled to again get a chance to hold little Billy while Paul and Will discuss his upcoming marriage and Jennifer, and Emily begs Jennifer not to get too attached to the baby. Maddie realises Henry must be nearby when she overhears Olga ordering coffee with cayenne, the way Henry drinks it. Meg, unable to live with the guilt anymore, confesses to Dusty that Gwen's blood type makes it impossible for her to be Billy's mother, and admits she thinks the tests were wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #12516
    Ep. #12516
    Episode 35
    Henry is stopped for speeding and Katie runs for the wedding. Casey confronts Gwen about her intentions. Craig meets with a bank officer. James has a uniform sent to Rosanna to prepare. Carly heroically rescued Jack. Keith returns to the site of the explosion.
  • Ep. #12586
    Ep. #12586
    Episode 105
    Meg prepares a romantic surprise for Dusty in his room, but is mortified when he opens the door and has Jennifer with him. After Dusty tells her he doesn't like surprises, Meg heads back home.
  • Ep. #12588
    Ep. #12588
    Episode 107
    Paul tries to distract Emily's questions about what he plans to do with the evidence proving that little Rory is really Jennifer's baby by giving her gifts for Daniel.
  • Ep. #12615
    Ep. #12615
    Episode 134
    Will and Gwen are on the run in New York City. Hal, Iris, Carly, and Jack all try to figure out where the kids and the baby went. Parker is frightened to learn the news. Maddie is sympathetic toward Casey. Lucinda prepares for her mastectomy. Keith visits with Luke. Lily and Keith agree to talk.moreless
  • Ep. #12601
    Ep. #12601
    Episode 120
    After a romantic evening together, Mike suggests that he moves into Katie's place with her, which Katie happily agrees to. Paul and Emily are almost at the point of telling Jennifer the truth when they learn she's been mixing crystal meth and anti-depressants, and Paul realises that she may have just been hallucinating. Maddie demands to move back in with Katie when she learns she'll be living with Casey, but Katie tells her it's Margo and Tom's, or no Oakdale Latin. Bob urges Will to move on with his life.moreless
  • Ep. #12605
    Ep. #12605
    Episode 124
    Emily pleads for Paul to reconsider telling Jennifer the truth about her baby. Dusty notices a difference between Rory and the baby he helped deliver. Jack tells Carly that he saw Iris in the park. Lucinda finally decides to give chemo another try.
  • Ep. #12638
    Ep. #12638
    Episode 157
    Hal initially refuses to sign the divorce papers until he sees how close Paul and Daniel have become and signs on the dotted line, but warns Emily he will destroy Paul. Henry threatens to go to the cops after overhearing B.J.'s conversation, but when he drinks a martini B.J. made, he passes out. Lily balks at telling anyone else the truth about the deal she made with Keith, who is happy to hear that Luke is doing better. Maddie flees from Casey's questions about why she wants to stay at Margo and Tom's.moreless
  • Ep. #12593
    Ep. #12593
    Episode 112
    Meg tries to tell Dusty about Jennifer's drug addiction, but when he sounds off about wanting her to mind her own business, she changes her mind. Luke, disappointed that Keith cancelled their flying lesson, passes out drunk in the back of Keith's plane as Keith and Lucinda prepare to head to Mexico. Carly sets up a meeting with herself, Nancy, Gwen and Rory, then manipulates Nancy into suggesting Rory and Gwen spend some time alone together.moreless
  • Ep. #12704
    Ep. #12704
    Episode 223
    Casey makes sure that the others don't see him as he listens in on their conversation at Metro, but later enjoys toying with Maddie. Margo overhears them talking about Will and Gwen, which could put a kibosh on their plans to escape that night. Jennifer is convinced after talking to Madame LaCoste that Paul is alive and well, but Dusty believes she's being manipulated. He's convinced of this when he later sees Meg hand LaCoste an envelope full of money. Emily surprises Henry with her conviction that Paul is still around because he is still in love with her. She demands answers from Meg, who tells her to be glad no one else knows she shot Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #12610
    Ep. #12610
    Episode 129
    Carly fakes a story that has her going to Switzerland to see Rosanna. Gwen tells Will to stay out of Iris' business. Iris has Cass dig up information about Carly's violent history. Lily and Holden are held at gunpoint by Blanca and Rico. Lily believes that Keith has left.
  • Ep. #12633
    Ep. #12633
    Episode 152
    After Lily makes an appeal for a new kidney using WOAK with no success, she sneaks off to meet with Keith, knowing that a new kidney is Luke's only hope. Will is angry with Gwen after she admits that Paul gave her money and wanted to her to leave town. Dusty tries to convince Jennifer not to walk away from Street Jeans, but she makes it clear she can't stick around anymore. Dusty is interested when Will confronts Paul about why he wanted Gwen and the baby to leave town so badly.moreless
  • Ep. #12708
    Ep. #12708
    Episode 227
    Carly tries to enlist Henry's help to convince Katie that there is nothing between her and Nick but he has no interest in what she is saying until she mentions Anatoly. Henry panics and finally warns her that Anatoly is a killer. Emily goes to Dusty to try to convince him that Meg isn't just in on the scenario with Madame LaCoste, but that she also knows Paul is alive. Dusty initially doesn't believe her, but finally asks her where Paul is. Hal refuses to help Will and Gwen out with a place to stay until they're responsibly back on their feet. Will decides that no one can ever tell them what to do if they're married, and wants Gwen to say yes. Meg is reluctant to leave until she talks to Holden and Emma, convinced that they will only think the worst of her.moreless
  • Ep. #12678
    Ep. #12678
    Episode 197
    Gwen applies for a job at Java, but the manager just doesn't think she has the right stuff. Holden surprises Lily when he proposes to her and suggests that they renew their vows. Katie and Mike are getting passionate on the couch when Nick shows up, telling them he's been evicted from his new place after just one day. Gwen blames Carly for not being able to have children. Lily and Holden decide to renew their vows that night, and share the news with a happy Luke. Hal is upset to learn that Will is putting school on hold to work as a mechanic an Burt's garage.moreless
  • Ep. #12685
    Ep. #12685
    Episode 204
    Barbara's arrival at the house interrupts Gwen taking the money from Carly, and Gwen turns on her sister after learning where the money came from. After seeing Luke and Kevin together, Holden tells Lily he doesn't like their friendship, but claims it is because of the drinking. With no money and no place to stay, Will and Gwen spend the night wrapped in each other's arms outside Java. Paul convinces Meg to help him fake his own death in order to save them both from the authorities.moreless
  • Ep. #12594
    Ep. #12594
    Episode 113
    After drinking a bottle of water, Gwen is overcome by dizziness. She passes out and when she comes to, the baby is missing. Keith is wracked with guilt over having lied to Lily, and has no idea that Luke has stowed away in the plane. Jennifer leaves a dealer alone in the house while she goes out to get cash at the ATM.moreless
  • Ep. #12595
    Ep. #12595
    Episode 114
    Jennifer quits Street Jeans after Dusty confronts her about her drug problem, then asks Barbara if she wants to work together again. Gwen tries desperately to defend herself after the baby is found across the park, and accuses Carly of drugging her. Keith and Lucinda search frantically for Luke in Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #12625
    Ep. #12625
    Episode 144
    The judge agrees to return custody of Rory to Gwen provided that she live with Iris for at least three months while learning to be a mother. Meg continues to struggle with herself internally about whether or not to reveal the truth about Jennifer's baby. Katie feels sorry for B.J. when he talks about being a computer geek as a child and wears the costume he got for her.moreless
  • Ep. #12634
    Ep. #12634
    Episode 153
    Keith is willing to help Lily get a kidney on the black-market and tells her that his contact has one, but she has to marry him before he'll get it for her. Dusty tries to convince Jennifer that Paul cannot be trusted, especially after he paid Gwen's legal fees, but Jennifer isn't listening to him. Meg and Dusty drown their sorrows together at Yo's and end up in a kiss. Carly is sorry to hear about Will and Gwen's breakup, but Will believes it's all about getting him to testify against Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12538
    Ep. #12538
    Episode 57
    Emily confesses to Hal that she slept with Paul, and Hal turns his back on their marriage. Carly tries to talk sense into Rosanna by trying to get her to change her mind about marrying Craig, but Rosanna is determined. Margo, Tom and Katie support Craig even though they disagree. Mike tells Jennifer that she needs to stop taking her problems to Dusty and talk to him instead. Meg gives Lucinda advice about her upcoming surgery.moreless
  • Ep. #12591
    Ep. #12591
    Episode 110
    Carly breaks into Gwen's place and begins taking pictures. A talk with Hal leaves Will unsettled about his feelings for Gwen. After finding Hal and Susan rummaging through the apartment, Emily serves Hal with divorce papers. Lily and Sierra forbid Lucinda to seek alternative treatment in Mexico and seize her passport, so she asks Keith to fly her down. Jennifer claims she spilled her anti-depressants down the drain. After another flashback to her past with Iris's child, Carly devises the 'perfect' scheme to take Gwen's baby away from her forever.moreless
  • Ep. #12659
    Ep. #12659
    Episode 178
    Keith wonders if Lily is trying to back out of their agreement, and she reminds him that while he's forcing her to marry him, she can't force him to love her. Later, she heads to the barn where things turn passionate with Holden.
  • Ep. #12514
    Ep. #12514
    Episode 33
    Katie accepts Jennifer’s invitation to be maid of honor. Nikki calls to say she can’t attend the wedding. Carly continues to battle an imaginary Les. Margo tells Carly the news that Jack went on Les' transport.
  • Ep. #12511
    Ep. #12511
    Episode 30
    Lily won't let Keith walk out on her life. Craig attempts to get a fake passport to get out of Bangkok. Emily counsels Paul to try dating again.
  • Ep. #12503
    Ep. #12503
    Episode 22
    Les overhears Lucinda mention the possibility that Keith is framing him. Lily warns her mother to stay out of her life. Mike shares the good news that Jennifer and Mike are really getting married. Dr. Schiller lets Jennifer listen to her baby’s heartbeat.
  • Ep. #12502
    Ep. #12502
    Episode 21
    Keith takes Lily flying. Tom informs Lily and Keith that bee pollen was found inside Les’ car. Dusty tells Jennifer that Craig is gone. Jennifer walks out without taking back the company. Margo alerts Katie that Craig is gone; Katie rushes to tell Mike the news. Alison arrives home from Seattle. Will goes home with Alison to give her a shoulder to lean on.moreless
  • Ep. #12636
    Ep. #12636
    Episode 155
    Maddie begins to feel uncomfortable when B.J. corners her with demands to know Katie's whereabouts but Casey shows up just in time. Jack tries to get in with B.J., and reports back to the FBI that B.J. definitely has a thing about the police. Lily is relieved to learn from Susan that a match for Luke has been found until the reality of her promise sets in. Will and Gwen reunite, but Iris threatens to make him disappear if he comes between her and Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12561
    Ep. #12561
    Episode 80
    Gwen and Will tell Barbara that Will was not the baby's father. Rosanna confronts Craig with the fact that he has switched the babies, but he tries desperately to get her to keep quiet. Jennifer turns Mike away and then breaks down in Dusty's arms, which leaves Meg unsettled and jealous. Casey is furious when he learns Celia and Will are seeing each other.moreless
  • Ep. #12583
    Ep. #12583
    Episode 102
    Emily is finally able to convince Paul that they need to tell Jennifer the truth, but after they find her in good spirits and glad to be rid of Craig they leave, not realising her good mood is due to crystal meth. Carly visits Tom and Margo to make sure they won't cause problems with her raising Rory, and is pleased that Margo denies Casey's paternity, although Tom forces Casey to get a DNA test. Lucinda lies to Lily that she is going to a spa rather than seeking alternative cancer treatment in Mexico.moreless
  • Ep. #12556
    Ep. #12556
    Episode 75
    Things don't sound quite right to Carly when Jack tells her that Iris was involved with Ray Tenney in an embezzling scam, and hires Henry to look into things for her.
  • Ep. #12575
    Ep. #12575
    Episode 94
    Meg prepares a romantic dinner for Dusty (with Emma's help), but is heartbroken when first he's late and then he leaves her for a long time to call Jennifer. Paul decides to tell Jennifer the truth but first goes to see Craig in prison, where he's shocked to learn that Rosanna is worse. Lucinda believes her romantic plans for Lily and Holden are working until Keith shows up and Lily leaves with him.moreless
  • Ep. #12600
    Ep. #12600
    Episode 119
    After realising what getting booted out of Katie's means for Maddie, Henry manipulates Katie into letting Maddie stay, but Katie then convinces Margo to take Maddie in. When Jennifer has to be sedated to get Rory out of her arms, Paul and Emily rethink their stance on letting her think her child is dead. Mike and Katie are trying to enjoy their alone time when an instant message from Byron pops up. Jack reminds Carly that he does not approve of her methods in getting Rory.moreless
  • Ep. #12566
    Ep. #12566
    Episode 85
    Paul slugs Craig after he tells Jennifer that she deserved to lose her baby, and arranges for Craig to be held without bail. Carly tells her sister goodbye, preparing to send Rosanna to a clinic in Switzerland, and promises to look after her baby. Meg's evening with Dusty is cut short when Jennifer shows up.moreless
  • Ep. #12553
    Ep. #12553
    Episode 72
    Paul is flummoxed when Rosanna confesses that she never stopped loving him, but before he can respond Rosanna rushes off in response to Craig's phone call about Gwen giving birth.
  • Ep. #12576
    Ep. #12576
    Episode 95
    Emily tells Jennifer and Paul, who has decided not to tell Jennifer her baby is alive, that Carly and Jack are christening Rosanna's son. Gwen tells Will she thinks she and the Snyders will be able to work something out about the baby, until she learns about the christening. Maddie manipulates the hotel clerk at the Lakeview so that Mike and Katie are unable to get a room together. Meg is devastated when her romantic meal is a romantic flop, but Dusty tells her that it doesn't matter whether she can cook, it's what's in her heart that makes her special.moreless
  • Ep. #12579
    Ep. #12579
    Episode 98
    Lucinda begins to believe that she will get through her chemotherapy without any of the side effects until her granddaughter points out that she's losing her hair.
  • Ep. #12577
    Ep. #12577
    Episode 96
    Meg tries to get closer in her relationship with Dusty but although she basically hits a dead end, Emma tells her that she needs to work at a relationship if she wants one.
  • Ep. #12602
    Ep. #12602
    Episode 121
    Gwen confides in Iris about what happened in the park and about the night she got pregnant, and Iris is convinced that Carly is setting her up. Jennifer breaks into Carly's place and steals Rory, and after finding them together in her room, Paul reluctantly agrees to have his sister committed. Will tries to enjoy Casey's party but when others start bad-mouthing Gwen he defends her and takes off. Jack is shocked to see Iris hugging Gwen in Java.moreless
  • Ep. #12682
    Ep. #12682
    Episode 201
    Meg and Paul talk at the cabin, and although Meg is angry with Paul when he compares the two of them, after listening to him explain how he systematically destroyed every person he loved, Meg softens. Maddie and Henry meet at the Lakeview, and although Henry seems to be enjoying his ill-gotten gains, Maddie continues to feel guilty and, later, goes to Mike and Katie's to tell the truth, with Casey along for support. Nick questions Emily as to Paul's disappearance, and while she is prickly, she encourages him to believe Paul went to Switzerland to be with Rosanna. Mike and Katie are trying to enjoy a romantic evening alone when Jennifer shows up. She and Mike sign off on their divorce, and wish each other the best.moreless
  • Ep. #12550
    Ep. #12550
    Episode 69
    Remembering the 'feelings' Parker had when Jack was missing, Carly asks her son for help. Although he can't offer any psychic information, he does help her enlarge the picture.
  • Ep. #12544
    Ep. #12544
    Episode 63
    Paul tells Emily that she needs to live for the here and now, and he invites Emily to move in with him.
  • Ep. #12546
    Ep. #12546
    Episode 65
    Lily and Sierra are devastated when Lucinda tells them that she has stage three cancer.
  • Ep. #12505
    Ep. #12505
    Episode 24
    Keith admits to Lily that he's in debt. Later, they agree they're officially dating. Holden also learns from Lisa about Keith's money issues. Keith spies Keith’s friend Joe who has a gun. Dusty goes to the conference and is not happy that his designer doesn't show. Will relishes in how close he and Alison are becoming. Casey assumes that Will is taking advantage of Alison’s vulnerability. Alison slams the door in a confused Will's face.moreless
  • Ep. #12509
    Ep. #12509
    Episode 28
    Keith receives a phone call from Vin. Lily follows Keith to the docks. Later, Lily is grabbed from behind. Carly defends herself to Jennifer. Carly has another hallucination of Les. Celia tells Will to move on with his life. Gwen tries to have a serious talk with Casey. Celia suggests she and Casey double with Will at the prom. Gwen dumps a tray of milkshakes on Ann and Lia.moreless
  • Ep. #12552
    Ep. #12552
    Episode 71
    Sierra and Lily are relieved to learn that Lucinda plans to have the necessary lumpectomy, but are less than thrilled to learn their mother has hired Meg as a live-in nurse.
  • Ep. #12524
    Ep. #12524
    Episode 43
    Holden explains that he’s signed the divorce papers and asks if Lily’s absolutely sure a divorce is what she wants. Lily hesitates but ultimately states it is what she wants. Jennifer discovers that Rosanna has returned and wants to see Paul. Jennifer begins to wonder if Craig is returning but Paul puts her mind at ease. Rosanna calls Craig in Bangkok. Barbara sees Mike is making a cradle for the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #12568
    Ep. #12568
    Episode 87
    Carly continues to have flashbacks with herself as a ten-year-old girl, and goes to see Iris, determined to find out what really happened. Will tries to convince Gwen that Jack and Carly are good people, but Gwen needs to see for herself that her baby is okay. After interrupting Lily in bed with Keith, Sierra and her sister head over to Lucinda's, where she is doing yoga with Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #12571
    Ep. #12571
    Episode 90
    Paul and Jennifer go through Rosanna's box of memories, and find the footprint. At first they believe it's Cabot's print, but then Paul starts to wonder if maybe something else is going on. Carly tries to be sympathetic toward Gwen, but when Gwen announces she wants her baby back, Carly tells her no way. Keith takes Luke flying and the two begin bonding until Lily puts a kibosh on Luke learning to fly.moreless
  • Ep. #12517
    Ep. #12517
    Episode 36
    Katie unexpectedly catches the bouquet at the wedding. Will is freaked out by his growing feelings for Celia. Gwen and Casey secretly discuss the night they spent together. James allows Rosanna to see but not touch Cabot.
  • Ep. #12598
    Ep. #12598
    Episode 117
    Gwen and Will spar at her apartment, and he wants to know exactly where she got the money to fight for her case in court. Holden and Lily demand answers about Luke in Mexico, and push Lucinda into admitting she was blackmailing Keith. After Dusty tells him Jennifer is using drugs Hal tries to see his daughter, only to be stopped at the door by Barbara. Iris tries to shake Carly down for more money by threatening to go to the papers, but Carly calls her bluff. Lucinda collapses while in Mexico. Iris shows up at Gwen's door.moreless
  • Ep. #12521
    Ep. #12521
    Episode 40
    Lily tells Carly that she now trusts Keith completely. Lily discovers bee pollen with Keith's things. Holden signs the divorce papers. Gwen and Celia go prom dress shopping. Celia tells Casey that she is the luckiest girl in the world.
  • Ep. #12673
    Ep. #12673
    Episode 192
    Paul tries to convince Meg to help him, but she isn't interested in letting him control her life any more and heads off to the hospital to seek help for him. Emily tries desperately to burn the bloody scarf that could connect her to Paul's 'death', not realising that Susan has called Hal to come over and comfort Emily. Dusty and Jennifer nearly get passionate before the baby interrupts things and Jennifer tells Dusty she can't take this any further before she settles things with Meg. Lily is devastated when Keith tells her he got a job in Los Angeles and he expects her to leave with him.moreless
  • Ep. #12522
    Ep. #12522
    Episode 41
    Celia tells Barbara that she should talk to Will about Gwen. Celia gives Gwen a gift.
  • Ep. #12523
    Ep. #12523
    Episode 42
    Lily goes to Burt’s garage to question him about Les’ car. Jack and Carly have a party to welcome J.J. into the Snyder family. Casey, Celia, Will and Gwen join other classmates to decorate the Lakeview for their prom. Katie says goodbye to Henry.
  • Ep. #12528
    Ep. #12528
    Episode 47
    Lily ends up in the hospital as a result of her breaks failing. Jessica goes to Jack with her concern that Lily might be on to something. Rosanna visits Paul to once again proclaim her love. Hal tells Emily not to pursue the charges against Rosanna. Emily decides to move out of Hal's. Casey is discharged from the hospital and is taken home. Will promises he won’t reveal Celia's secret.moreless
  • Ep. #12664
    Ep. #12664
    Episode 183
    Katie continues to play B.J., not realising that he knows exactly what she's up to. He follows her to Mike's hospital room, where she asks him to give her more time to get B.J. on the ropes, then tells her he has an idea for the telethon that will make it a night she will never forget. Hal begs Jennifer to show Emily leniency, and Jennifer agrees, but stops by to see Emily in the jail and tells her that her punishment for what she has done will be to miss seeing Daniel grow up. Casey finally admits that he knew it was his baby, and Margo is disappointed in the double standard he treated Gwen to. While Margo laments not getting to know her grandson, Casey runs into Gwen at the cemetary where the two say a heartfelt goodbye to their baby boy.moreless
  • Ep. #12640
    Ep. #12640
    Episode 159
    Henry begs Olga to let him go without success, then calls Maddie at B.J.'s request to throw her off the trail, although he tries to throw some clues her way. Meg is just beginning to feel secure in her relationship with Dusty when she sees the way he looks at Jennifer, who is unable to be in the same room with him. Keith will not let Lily out of her promise to marry him, so Lily goes to the chapel looking for guidance. Casey and Maddie fake a kiss so B.J. won't realise what they're doing.moreless
  • Ep. #12581
    Ep. #12581
    Episode 100
    Holden pushes Keith for details about his job, and when Keith pushes him off, Holden reminds him that Lily and the kids will always be his business, and he's looking out for them.
  • Ep. #12562
    Ep. #12562
    Episode 81
    Rosanna's car careens off the road after Craig sideswipes her. Dusty helps Jennifer fall asleep after burying her son. Celia gets caught in the middle of Casey and Will's fight. Gwen berates Casey for not even asking about how his son is. Keith finds Luke drinking alcohol.
  • Ep. #12597
    Ep. #12597
    Episode 116
    The judge rules in favor of Jack and Carly after the incident in the park, but the victory is bittersweet for Carly because Jack is convinced that she set Gwen up. Dusty seeks advice from Meg about Jennifer's condition and is shocked to realise that she knew. Will heads over to see a devastated Gwen. Katie and Mike banish Henry from their lives when he takes the fall for Maddie's schemes.moreless
  • Ep. #12531
    Ep. #12531
    Episode 50
    Craig gives Rosanna the good news that Emily won’t be pressing charges. Carly and Rosanna reconnect. Katie wants nothing more to do with the whole baby drama. Craig shows up for Jennifer's OB/GYN appointment to see his baby. Mike and Katie have a heated confrontation. Will suggests to Gwen to tell Casey the truth about the baby, but Gwen doesn't think so.moreless
  • Ep. #12535
    Ep. #12535
    Episode 54
    Gwen is forced to come clean about her pregnancy by Celia. Katie confides in Alison. Mike offers to help save Henry's marriage. Emma is shocked when Meg returns. Lucinda, Sierra and Lily share some family time.
  • Ep. #12572
    Ep. #12572
    Episode 91
    Meg is falling hard for Dusty, but Jennifer's presence lingers between them. After learning that Gwen's baby was born the same day as Jennifer's, Paul sneaks into the cottage to get a footprint from Rosanna's baby. Gwen goes to see a lawyer, who tells her she may have a good claim to get her baby back.moreless
  • Ep. #12541
    Ep. #12541
    Episode 60
    Katie doesn't believe that she and Mike can be just friends, given their history, but Mike tells her he doesn't want to lose her, and thinks they can make it work.
  • Ep. #12512
    Ep. #12512
    Episode 31
    Lily and Keith end up camping out alone under the stars. Holden talks to Les at the police station. Craig wins enough money to obtain a fake passport. Craig promises to help Rosanna get her baby back. James returns to collect Rosanna. Gwen joins Casey, Celia, and Will for a barbecue at Tom and Margo’s. Gwen asks Will to go to the prom with her, and he agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #12537
    Ep. #12537
    Episode 56
    After Paul tells her that it's over and he's in love with Emily, Rosanna accepts Craig's marriage proposal. While reuniting with Lily at the farm, Meg keeps quiet about having seen Lucinda at the hospital. Katie and Mike can't help but think about their past as Jennifer tries to convince herself she has nothing to worry about.moreless
  • Ep. #12596
    Ep. #12596
    Episode 115
    Paul convinces Cass to stay on Gwen's case. Gwen kicks Will out after realising he doesn't believe her. Henry insists that Maddie stop manipulating Byron. Casey tries to convince Will that Gwen played them both, but Will still has faith in Gwen. Katie is puzzled when a pink sweater arrives for her.moreless
  • Ep. #12515
    Ep. #12515
    Episode 34
    Henry pressures Katie to go away with him to Hawaii and skip the wedding. Margo tries to comfort Carly. Les' transport van crashes due to a flat tire and Les pretends to be out cold. Later, Carly throws herself and Jack away moments before the van explodes.
  • Ep. #12559
    Ep. #12559
    Episode 78
    Alison stops by to say goodbye to her mother and sister before leaving to be with Aaron in Seattle. With Dusty in tow, Jennifer invites Craig to the baby's funeral service. Mike and Kate agree to hold off on their relationship for awhile.
  • Ep. #12677
    Ep. #12677
    Episode 196
    Gwen is devastated when Dr. Schiller tells her that due to complications from her fall in New York, she may never have children. Will and Gwen are then faced with an angry Barbara, who offers to reinstate Will's trust fund if he dumps Gwen. Casey grabs Maddie and pulls her in for a kiss. Maddie later talks to Henry about moving out of the Hughes home. Carly is upset with both herself and Nick when Hal is only able to offer Jack part-time work, and gets into it with Nick at the police station. Meg is all set to walk out on Paul when he collapses on her, and she reluctantly agrees to help him, but warns him that he will pay the price. Susan pleads Emily's case with Hal.moreless
  • Ep. #12513
    Ep. #12513
    Episode 32
    A storm blows Lily and Keith's tent away. Les tells Lily that Keith murdered Julia. Craig manages to evade James. Mike agrees to do the wedding stuff alone. Barbara spies on Katie trying on Jennifer's veil.
  • Ep. #12543
    Ep. #12543
    Episode 62
    Carly is furious and hurt to realise that Hannah ripped up a picture of her father, Ray Tenney. Hannah can't explain her actions, but warns Jack that Carly can't learn the truth.
  • Ep. #12549
    Ep. #12549
    Episode 68
    Gwen and her lawyer meet with Craig and Rosanna about giving up her baby, but things almost turn sour when Craig is concerned about the father's rights.
  • Ep. #12558
    Ep. #12558
    Episode 77
    Despite Carly's plea to Jack for him to find out exactly what happened with Iris years ago, Jack gets rid of the information he has on that night -- while Carly has a disturbing flashback involving a carriage.
  • Ep. #12520
    Ep. #12520
    Episode 39
    Keith declares his love for Lily, and they make love. Gwen tells Celia that she has been nominated for prom queen. Barbara looks for a way to be involved in her son’s life.
  • Ep. #12500
    Ep. #12500
    Episode 19
    Dusty, Paul, Barbara, and Sierra try to make Craig a non-threat to Jennifer. Barbara offers Craig a drink at Metro. Craig switches his glass with Barbara's and forces her to drink his. She pretends to become woozy but fakes the whole thing in front of Craig. Paul meets with an Asian actor and enlists him to impersonate the businessman from Singapore that Craig is expecting. Mike and Jennifer realize that Katie set them up. Henry gets a new attitude. Lucinda suspects that Keith may have planted evidence in Les' room. Keith is reluctant to have Julia's body exhumed. Lily promises to stay by Keith's side.moreless
  • Ep. #12573
    Ep. #12573
    Episode 92
    Holden and Luke talk about Luke's drinking and after Luke admits how much he loved flying, Holden surprises Keith and Lily by telling them he thinks it's a good idea. Carly tells Jack she is not going to let Gwen take that baby from Rosanna, and plans to baptize him right away. Paul questions Nurse Bentley at the hospital after realising the footprints do not match.moreless
  • Ep. #12724
    Ep. #12724
    Episode 243
    Emma tells Meg that she mortgaged the farm to get a lawyer for her and needs to know for herself if Meg is guilty. Lily wants to kick Jade out of the house, but Luke tells his parents that if Jade goes, he goes with her. Will turns down Paul's offer to bankroll his life when he and Gwen go to visit him in jail. Henry warns Emily to stay far away from Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #12499
    Ep. #12499
    Episode 18
    Lucinda warns Lily that Keith could be using her but Lily refuses to listen. Tom informs Keith that they need to exhume Julia's body, but Keith refuses. Carly is home alone and frightened. Jennifer receives legal documents demanding a DNA test as soon as medically possible. Lisa invites Mike and Jennifer down to the Lakeview Dining Room for a romantic encounter. They both arrive, unaware of the set-up. Craig tries to convince Margo to testify on his behalf.moreless
  • Ep. #12498
    Ep. #12498
    Episode 17
    Carly insists to Jack that she is fine. Carly comes face-to-face with Les at the police station. Lucinda tries to figure out what Keith actually wants with her daughter. Ben admits to Tom that he thinks something else may have caused Julia's death. Jennifer refuses to allow Mike to make a mess of his life now that Craig is involved. She says goodbye to Mike for a second time, leaving him heartbroken, Katie shows up on Mike's doorstep offering to help him win Jennifer back.moreless
  • Ep. #12624
    Ep. #12624
    Episode 143
    Keith offers to get special help for Luke. Gwen blows off Iris. Paul tries to bully Meg.