As The World Turns - Season 51

CBS (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #12984
    Ep. #12984
    Episode 254
    Gwen is disturbed by visions of Adam attacking her. Casey says that he is not going back to Oakdale with Gwen and Will, Maddie then says that she is going with him. Faith overhears Lily tell Emma that she has failed everyone that she loved and she is then touched by Faith's embrace. Lucinda learns that Lily is taking diet pills and asks how long she has been taking them. Maddie tells Casey that she wants him to make love to her. Gwen pushes away when Will attempts to kiss her. Dusty begins to have visions of Jennifer. Maddie and Casey start to make love by the fire.moreless
  • Ep. #12983
    Ep. #12983
    Episode 253
    Craig tells Lucinda and Lily that he'll give back World Wide when she tells him where Lucy and Johnny are. Maddie screams for help. Casey and Will are able to get out of the store. Gwen is unable to get away from Adam's clutches when he has her pinned on the floor. Jack tells Sage not to be sad just because her mother is not there and to be tough. Will gets Adam off of Gwen and Casey gets Maddie untied. Brad proposes a contest idea to Katie to win a day with them for a day, an idea which she hates. Katie offers to take Sage back to the station to give her a makeover, and Jack thanks her. Will threatens to kill Adam and Gwen tells him to put the knife down. Jade comes to and sneaks out of the cabin but is caught by Maddie and Casey. Kim tells Brad and Katie that they are going ahead with their idea. Maddie sees Adam alive and relieved that she didn't kill him. Craig does the unthinkable by having Lucinda ejected from the building. Everyone tells Adam to leave and stay out of their lives forever. Jade tries to get away but is stopped by Maddie and accuses her of consording with Adam. Lucinda runs into Emma at Al's Diner and tells her that Meg is working there.moreless
  • Ep. #12982
    Ep. #12982
    Episode 252
    Casey and Will realize that Jade had followed them to the island and they then find themselves locked in the General Store. When Elwood comes looking for Casey, Margo and Tom both realize that Casey lied to them about spending the night at the dorm. Barbara goes to Tom and Margo that Iris told her that Will, Gwen and Maddie left town to someplace they'll never be found. Maddie is struck over the head and left unconscious by a mysterious person. Gwen comes face to face with a not so dead Adam Munson and admits that he was stalking her and Maddie and not Iris. Jade arrives at the cabin and gets knocked out by Adam and he then attempts to rape Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12981
    Ep. #12981
    Episode 251
    Lucinda returns from her trip learning that the baby food had E. Coli and Ethan was poisoned. Vienna and Henry's party gets under way as their guests begin to arrive at the Lakeview. Lucinda is outraged when she learns that Lily unknowingly sold World Wide to Craig. Brad goes after Katie after walking out while he was playing the guitar. Jack then sees Katie and Brad laughing and having a good time. Paul tells Meg that he wants her to move in with him but respects her wishes if she needs time. Dusty scolds Craig for taking advantage of Lily when she wasn't thinking clearly.moreless
  • Ep. #12980
    Ep. #12980
    Episode 250
    Dusty discovers that Lily signed someting Craig gave her without reading it first. Craig goes by the farm and sees Meg and Paul kissing. Casey tells Maddie, Will and Gwen that he didn't speak to his mother and that tells Maddie that he won't leave her.
  • Ep. #12979
    Ep. #12979
    Episode 249
    Dusty sees Emily watching an adult movie and she doesn't tell him that it's Alison in the movie. Craig tells Lily that some of the kids are still critical but no deaths. Meg runs into Craig at the farm and wonders where she was all night. Maddie is surprised when Casey comes into the cabin and she tells him that she killed Adam and is livid that she kept this from him. Faith brings Paul something to thank him for saving Ethan. Emily tells Cheri that she quits her organization.moreless
  • Ep. #12978
    Ep. #12978
    Episode 248
    Emily asks Susan if she's heard anything from Alison. Casey realises that Gwen and Will aren't heading to Florida but rather to northern Michigan and heads off to find them. Henry and Vienna learn from Casey that Maddie is going to see her sister, Eve. Craig stops Lily from calling Lucinda after learning that World Wide could be sued for the E. Coli poisoning in the baby food. Holden tells Meg that Ethan's fever broke and that he is going to be just fine. Paul takes Meg back to the cabin where they connected and they make love by the fire. Barbara is curious about what Will did with his trust fund. Craig makes an attempt to gain access to Rosanna's bank account to make sure the company doesn't go bankrupt. Lily encounters more angry parents at the hospital with sick children. Jade tells Casey that Maddie shouldn't be able to get away with murder, and Casey wants to know what she means by that.moreless
  • Ep. #12977
    Ep. #12977
    Episode 247
    Several mothers lash out at Lily at the hospital for their children being sick because of the baby food. Paul tells Meg that maybe all the jars of baby food are contaminated so she has one of the jars tested. Bob tells Lily that Ethan is experiencing kidney failure. Emily tells Susan that she is doing a 'story' on the sex trade; Susan immediately blames Dusty for letting her walk the streets like a common hooker. Meg and Paul tell Parker and Faith that Ethan is in intensive care. Lily is told by Bob that the baby food came back positive for E. Coli. Holden tells Lily to shut down Valley's Best at Worldwide and tells her to go get answers from the people who run it. While being pleasured by a client, Emily sees her sister Alison on the DVD that he's using. Meg and Paul end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #12976
    Ep. #12976
    Episode 246
    Emily learns that Dusty plans to sell his shares of The Intruder. Gwen learns from Will that he plans to give Iris his entire trust fund to keep quiet about Adam. Emily is stuck for an excuse when face-to-face with Susan. Katie talks with the teacher and learns the truth as to why Brad was arrested. She then goes to Jack and tells him that she is going to pay Brad's bail. Susan tells Emily that Daniel won't be coming home for spring break. Maddie tells Kim that she and Casey have broken up, and then Kim receives a call about Brad's arrest. Will, Gwen and Maddie head out of Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #12975
    Ep. #12975
    Episode 245
    Lily is hysterical when she realises that baby Ethan has gone missing and that Paul took him. Iris learns that Gwen is going on a little trip. Maddie tells Casey that it's over between them. Paul calls Meg and tells her about Ethan, but Craig tells her not to jump whenever he wants her help. Parker tells Lily to leave Faith alone. Paul brings Ethan to the Lakeview. Will tells Jade that going to the police about Adam is a bad idea. Vienna and Henry play a game of Marco Polo while together in their hotel suite. Craig calls Lily and tells her that Paul and Ethan are at the Lakeview. Meg tells Paul that Ethan needs to be taken to the hospital. Lily lashes out at Paul for taking her son.moreless
  • Ep. #12974
    Ep. #12974
    Episode 244
    Katie overhears Brad tell Luke that his kind of people and tells Brad what the network will think if they learn that he makes homophobic jokes towards gay people. Paul continues to get a vision of someone taking Ethan and calls the farm and Faith tells him that he's okay. Luke confides in Brad that he didn't get the award becuase being gay wouldn't be good for the school. Margo goes to Gwen and asks her if she saw Maddie. Craig's attempt at friendship with Meg goes awry when he presents her with jewelry and she then takes off. Faith distracts Emma so Paul can check on Ethan. Mr. Ladue admits to Brad that he made sure that Luke didn't win the award and realizes that he and Luke are related and Katie calls the police after Brad gets violent. Maddie and Gwen prepare to leave Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #12973
    Ep. #12973
    Episode 243
    Meg tells Craig to stop interfering in her life. Gwen and Maddie try to prevent Jade from calling the police. Emily admits to Dusty that she is a prostitute. Emma is stunned to see Meg working at Al's Diner and crashing at a cheap motel and tells her to go to Bob to give her job back but Meg says to leave it alone. A distraught Gwen tells Will that she and Maddie think they killed Adam. Maddie learns of Henry's recent windfall and is involved with Vienna.moreless
  • Ep. #12972
    Ep. #12972
    Episode 242
    Gwen and Maddie run into Jade in the woods, Jade then tells them that she got a message from Adam to meet him here. Cheri wants answers from Emily after telling the cops raided her operations at the Avalon Hotel and threatens to expose their arrangement. Dusty is suspicious when he catches Cheri and Emily together and immediately thinks that she slept with Eliot for money. Vienna can't wait to tell Henry's family that she and him are together. Brad asks Vienna what she sees Henry. Katie lashes out at Brad for trying to get her fired and Kim tries to keep the peace between them. Gwen, Maddie and Jade realize that Adam's voice on the phone was a recording.moreless
  • Ep. #12971
    Ep. #12971
    Episode 241
    Gwen begins to freak out as she begins to hear things, and hallucinates seeing Adam. Maddie freaks out when she and Casey are watching a documentary about horror films. Gwen sees someone lurking around and then finds the stick with Adam's blood on it in her bed. Adam calls Gwen and Maddie and asks them to come to the woods.moreless
  • Ep. #12970
    Ep. #12970
    Episode 240
    Ethan becomes the subject of Paul's latest vision. Lucinda comes into the farm and puts a stop to Lily's baby food commercial. Margo vows to find out who's telling the truth about Adam's last hours Gwen or Jade.
  • Ep. #12969
    Ep. #12969
    Episode 239
    Dusty catches up with Emily at the Lakeview and that he knows she was at the party at the Avalon Hotel. Gwen tells Maddie that it is her ring in the box and that Adam could still be alive. Parker wonders why Jack is having dinner with Katie at Al's diner. Maddie and Gwen agree to go back to the woods to see if Adam's body is still there. Katie offers to look after J.J. and Parker while Jack goes to the station. Jade tells Margo that she got some flowers supposedly from Adam. Will tells Gwen that his father is being honored with a Medal of Valor from Washington, D.C., but she says that she can't go. Gwen and Maddie discover Adam's body is gone.moreless
  • Ep. #12968
    Ep. #12968
    Episode 238
    Emily spots Dusty at the hotel and asks Cheri to get rid of him before he spots her. Jade receives flowers from Adam and Gwen and Maddie are puzzled, they go back to the house and find a box with the initials A.M. on it. Katie tries to persuade Henry not to sign the papers, but then he does.moreless
  • Ep. #12967
    Ep. #12967
    Episode 237
    Henry accepts Vienna's offer to give him all of her money. Lily finds a box of laxatives in Faith's coat pocket. Paul tells Holden about his latest vision about Ethan. Brad and Jack continue to squabble over Katie's feelings and the show. Parker asks Paul how do you to tell a girl that you like her, Paul insists that he's talking about Faith.moreless
  • Ep. #12966
    Ep. #12966
    Episode 236
    Lily is crushed by what Faith has to say. Vienna and Henry make love. Holden questions Meg about her relationship with Craig. Brad has plans for "Oakdale Now" that don't include Katie. Katie tries to locate Henry after learning that Kim won't let her go on the air with a black eye. Paul picks up a stuffed animal and has a vision of a woman screaming.moreless
  • Ep. #12965
    Ep. #12965
    Episode 235
    Emily is attacked by Eliot. Meg and Craig find themselves in close quarters again. Lucinda tells Dusty that Eliot Gerard has a mean streak and the last woman he was with ended up quitting her job. Susan calls Dusty and tells him that someone beat up Emily and goes to see if she's alright. Craig rents Al's diner for the evening and he and Meg dance all night long.moreless
  • Ep. #12964
    Ep. #12964
    Episode 234
    Vienna and Henry get cozy in the backseat of a limousine while after they get stuck when the car won't start and realizes he forgot to get gas. Dusty's suspicions regarding Emily continue to mount. Gwen tells Jade that she wants to listen to the voice message left by Adam. Emily agrees to meet with Eliot again, Dusty insists on going with her. Gwen stops Jade from calling Margo and telling her about the message, but calls her anyway after Maddie and Gwen leave. Margo wonders why Adam contacted Jade and not her family and Jade tells her that Gwen deleted the message. Will goes through the box with her master demo and sees a photo of Gwen and Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #12963
    Ep. #12963
    Episode 233
    Casey is confronted by Jared and Kip, whom he still owes money to, and Will steps in to help him. Iris is curious as to what Maddie has to say about the body at the morgue. Katie and Jack see Vienna come into Al's Diner with someone and she then goes over and explains her situation with Prince Adolpho to them. Emily realises that the person that Dusty and she are waiting for is Eliot Gerard, the man she was with the other night. Jade announces to Maddie and Gwen that she got a voice mail from Adam.moreless
  • Ep. #12962
    Ep. #12962
    Episode 232
    Dallas discovers Maddie in the morgue when she goes to see if the body they found in the woods is Adam's. Vienna tells Brad that Prince Adolpho is suing her and that she could lose everything she has. Jack takes Katie to the hockey game and she gets hit in the head with a puck.moreless
  • Ep. #12961
    Ep. #12961
    Episode 231
    Brad interupts Katie's cooking segment by bringing in the same dog who attacked Paul, Kim cautions Brad not to do a stunt like that again. Craig invites Meg to move in with him at Fairwinds, but declines and takes a job at Al's Diner.
  • Ep. #12960
    Ep. #12960
    Episode 230
    Maddie sends an e-mail using Adam's account apoligizing for his behaviour. Paul walks in Meg's hotel room and learns that she and Craig slept together. Eliot starts to get rough with Emily. Iris begins to snoop about Gwen's "missing" wedding ring.
  • Ep. #12959
    Ep. #12959
    Episode 229
    Paul risks his life to save Parker and Faith. Lily's addiction get the worst of her. Katie tells Kim that she refuses to work with Brad.
  • Ep. #12958
    Ep. #12958
    Episode 228
    Parker and Faith are able to sneak away again but they get caught in the path of a vicious dog, Paul quickly thinks of something. Katie is livid when her show featured and Kim offers Brad a short term contract with WOAK.
  • Ep. #12957
    Ep. #12957
    Episode 227
    Holden and Jack caution Paul to stay away from Parker and Faith when they catch them at his cabin. Barbara lets Margo have it for Casey framing Will.
  • Ep. #12956
    Ep. #12956
    Episode 226
    Gwen and Maddie have to do some fancy footwork to keep themselves out of trouble while wondering what became of Gwen's ring.
  • Ep. #12955
    Ep. #12955
    Episode 225
    Paul tries to warn Meg about the danger she's in, but Meg isn't willing to listen.
  • Ep. #12954
    Ep. #12954
    Episode 224
    Katie has a chance to have a little bit of fun at Brad's expense. Margo learns some hard truths about her son.
  • Ep. #12953
    Ep. #12953
    Episode 223
    Gwen realizes that Maddie knocked out Adam and the two try to decide what they're going to do. Paul becomes suspicious when he sees Meg and Craig talking secretly. Jack gets Brad a job.
  • Ep. #12952
    Ep. #12952
    Episode 222
    Adam openly admits to Gwen that he set Will up, Gwen then tries to leave and Adam tries to force himself on her and someone knocks him out from behind. Cheri was impressed the way Emily got rid of Dusty and Chaz and gives her one of her cards. Lucinda meets up with Luke at Al's and, he tells her what it's been like at school since he came out. Casey confesses to Maddie that Adam set up Will.moreless
  • Ep. #12951
    Ep. #12951
    Episode 221
    Paul finds Parker and Faith, but lies to Jack and Lily that the two helped him after a fall on the ice. Maddie defends Casey, insisting that he never would have framed Will for his crime. Craig tries to make amends with Katie, but she sees through him.
  • Ep. #12950
    Ep. #12950
    Episode 220
    At Margo's promotion ceremony, Jack is forced to arrest Casey for stealing the bonds. Tom and Margo stop him from saying anything more, seeking the chance to speak with their son alone. Gwen apologises to Will for ever doubting him, but Will isn't interested in what she has to say. Lily drops Faith off to see her therapist but forgets to go back and get her, leaving Faith to take off with Parker, who is there for his own appointment. Brad tries to convince Vienna not to leave town, promising her a fun time. Katie tells Henry she's going to take the job at WOAK so she can clean her act up and get Mike back.moreless
  • Ep. #12949
    Ep. #12949
    Episode 219
    Casey tries to convince Gwen that Will is innocent, but Adam manages to gloss it over. Katie and Brad run headlong into each other as Katie rushes to Margo's promotion ceremony and he spills a drink on her. Margo prepares for the ceremony, but both she and Tom notice that Casey is distracted. Casey shows his support for Will. Maddie confronts Elwood after talking with the bondsman.moreless
  • Ep. #12948
    Ep. #12948
    Episode 218
    Lily finds laxatives in Faith's backpack and confronts her, but she lies that she is keeping them for a friend. After talking with Lucinda, Lily tells Faith that they are both going to counseling. Casey realises that Adam stole the bonds, and Adam admits to his actions, but maintains that Will will never be prosecuted for stealing his own money. Margo tells Gwen about her promotion to Chief of Detectives, and Gwen asks her not to pursue Will. Maddie is convinced that Jade stole the money, but Jade has video proof that she was nowhere near the scene.moreless
  • Ep. #12947
    Ep. #12947
    Episode 217
    Despite Paul's warnings and her own misgivings, Meg continues to grow closer to Craig. Emily agrees to meet up with Steve's friend John, but demands he pay her the $1000 before she'll sleep with him. Luke is upset after he finds Faith throwing up and tells Lily, but Faith lies when confronted.moreless
  • Ep. #12946
    Ep. #12946
    Episode 216
    Luke finally discovers what has been going on with Faith. Katie gives Vienna what-for.
  • Ep. #12945
    Ep. #12945
    Episode 215
    Will accuses Iris of stealing the bonds but her sponser, Betsy, gives her an alibi. Gwen tries to work things out with Will but he hangs up on her. Paul admits that the tests show there is nothing wrong with his brain. Parker finds Katie and Jack talking and accuses them of being involved.moreless
  • Ep. #12944
    Ep. #12944
    Episode 214
    Gwen and Will argue about the bonds, and she finally asks him outright if he was the one who took the bonds from Crash. Emily finds herself in Steve's bed and the two have sex. After he leaves, she finds that he's left her $1000. Brad suggets to Vienna that they try to make Jack jealous, and the two are locked in a passionate kiss when Jack shows up.moreless
  • Ep. #12943
    Ep. #12943
    Episode 213
    Natalie realizes that Faith is throwing up every time she eats and spots her mother taking diet pills. Lily becomes outraged at Brad when he makes a homophobic remark about the decorating of her house. Adam overhears Gwen and Will arguing and is pleased that his plan to break them up is working.moreless
  • Ep. #12942
    Ep. #12942
    Episode 212
    Brad and Vienna fool around at the farm while Brad is supposed to be helping Vienna with her chores. Emily is devastated when Tom and Margo tell her that Daniel will be headed off to boarding school, and that it was his own idea. Casey promises that he will never play online poker again after having already destroyed his life once. Adam gives Iris one of the stolen bonds to plant at Will's.moreless
  • Ep. #12941
    Ep. #12941
    Episode 211
    Mike walks out of Katie's life after her reaction to Simon's letter. Everyone receives word that Crash was broken into and that the bonds were stolen. Adam later on learns that Casey was the one who stole them. Maddie is shocked when Casey says that Jade didn't do it after Maddie accuses her.moreless
  • Ep. #12940
    Ep. #12940
    Episode 210
    Casey waits for Will to leave so he can get into the safe and take the bonds, he then trashes Crash to make it look like a robbery.
  • Ep. #12939
    Ep. #12939
    Episode 209
    Adam continues to come between Gwen and Will.
  • Ep. #12938
    Ep. #12938
    Episode 208
    Meg worries about Paul's latest premonition. Casey gets in over his head when he owes $5,000 in online poker debt; he then learns from Jade that Barbara gave Will $10,000 in registered bonds.
  • Ep. #12937
    Ep. #12937
    Episode 207
    Jack is shocked to see his brother Brad in Oakdale.
  • Ep. #12936
    Ep. #12936
    Episode 206
    Katie is thrown for a loop when she asks Mike to start a family, Henry arrives and tells them that Carly and Simon escaped together. Jack takes Parker, J.J. and Sage to the farm where he comes face-to-face with his brother Brad.
  • Ep. #12935
    Ep. #12935
    Episode 205
    Jack allows Carly and Simon to get away but to make it look real, Simon knocks out Jack. Paul tells Parker that he saw his mother get away and that she didn't get arrested.
  • Ep. #12934
    Ep. #12934
    Episode 204
    Adam pushes Jade to make love but she refuses, knowing that she's not the one he wants. Margo is convinced that Daniel's kidnapping was the cause of Tom's heart attack. Jack agrees to let Carly go.
  • Ep. #12933
    Ep. #12933
    Episode 203
    Margo spends time with Tom after he comes out of surgery. Carly tells Simon she can't leave without her children. Mike and Katie join in the search for a missing Daniel.
  • Ep. #12932
    Ep. #12932
    Episode 202
    Margo begins CPR on Tom and calls 911.
  • Ep. #12931
    Ep. #12931
    Episode 201
    Vienna attempts to manipulate the guard to let her carry out a huge crate, which just happens to have Simon in it. Holden tries to reassure Lily that her weight isn't an issue to him, but she can't let it go. Tom begins to suffer heart palpitations as he realises that Daniel is missing. Casey covers when Maddie catches him stealing money from Margo. Jack and Carly commisserate over their ruined marriage as Carly begins to realise Simon may have run out on her.moreless
  • Ep. #12930
    Ep. #12930
    Episode 200
    Casey manages to pay Elwood off, then has to scramble when Gil shows up also wanting his money. Carly refuses to tell Jack where Simon is, and continues to remain tight-lipped when Katie shows up and attempts to convince her that Simon will walk out on her too. Tull again attempts to pressure Emily into selling her share of The Intruder, and gets very threatening with her when she refuses. Simon believes he is bringing Vienna around to his side, but is upset when she wants his assurance they will be together 24/7. Barbara pushes Paul for information about Johnny, and has to be escorted out of the room.moreless
  • Ep. #12929
    Ep. #12929
    Episode 199
    Gwen talks with Carly, who admits to her half-sister just how much Simon is coming to mean to her. Paul tries without success to convince Meg he's innocent, then Barbara, pleased with her sons 'visions', attempts to use him to find Johnny. Iris attempts to manipulate Adam, who assures her that nothing will stand in the way of Gwen's success.moreless
  • Ep. #12928
    Ep. #12928
    Episode 198
    Emily is shocked when Craig sells his share of The Intruder to a man named Tull, but she but refuses to sell her share. Paul stops Meg from drinking the water which turns out to be polluted. Luke tells Meg that he saw Paul near the well and Meg tells Paul that she thinks that he did it. Adam accidentally shoves Gwen, and Will, who didn't see the whole thing, hits his half-brother. Casey continues to gamble.moreless
  • Ep. #12927
    Ep. #12927
    Episode 197
    Jack took Carly back to the house so she could say goodbye to Parker, J.J. and Sage. Kate regretted what she had done to Carly as Mike scolded her. Barbara convinces Meg to come to the hospital to see Paul. Simon decides he can't leave Carly behind after Henry tells him she's been arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #12926
    Ep. #12926
    Episode 196
    Paul attempts to convince Meg not to leave after having another vision. Adam plays games with Gwen and Will. Katie is determined to prove that Henry is hiding Simon. Jack arrests Carly.
  • Ep. #12925
    Ep. #12925
    Episode 195
    Craig drops the charges against Dusty. Katie follows Henry as he meets with Carly. Jade offers Lily diet pills when Lily voices her concerns about her weight.
  • Ep. #12924
    Ep. #12924
    Episode 194
    Iris gives Gwen a gift that is supposedly from her dead aunt, but Will proves that her aunt is alive and well. Katie finally admits that it is her own fault that her marriage broke up.
  • Ep. #12923
    Ep. #12923
    Episode 193
    Maddie finally learns the truth about Casey's gambling addiction. Whilst with Simon, Jack calls to let Carly know that they've got the evidence needed to arrest Simon scared for what may happen Carly tips off Simon and makes a heartfelt departure from his room. Later, when Jack goes to arrest Simon he finds that he's got away but finds a small present from Carly. Katie's determined to bring Simon down and get Mike back, and even words from Henry can't comfort her. Holden and Lily are beginning to get worried about Faith's strange behaviour. Emily and Meg put the finishing touches to their plan but, things don't seem to go as they should at first until Craig's arrested only to be wished a happy new year by Emily. And while looking at the happy looks on both Meg and Emily's faces the penny finally drops.moreless
  • Ep. #12922
    Ep. #12922
    Episode 192
    Jack finally has the proof he needs to put Simon behind bars, but part of him is admittedly hesitant. Meg and Craig share a kiss.
  • Ep. #12921
    Ep. #12921
    Episode 191
    Susan is confused when Paul knows more about what's going on around him than he should. Mike tells Katie that it's time for him to leave town.
  • Ep. #12920
    Ep. #12920
    Episode 190
    Gwen decides to tell Will the truth about what happened with Adam in L.A. Emily tells Meg that the only way to clear Dusty is to implicate Paul.
  • Ep. #12919
    Ep. #12919
    Episode 189
    Meg found Paul at the scene of the accident. While Paul dreamed, Meg told Barbara, Will and Gwen that he had coded. Vienna and Katie argued, and they refused to let Carly leave the Snyder farm.
  • Ep. #12918
    Ep. #12918
    Episode 188
    Adam tells Casey to tell Margo about the online gambling but doesn't. Paul gets into an auto accident. Emma offers Vienna to stay at the farm and have dinner.
  • Ep. #12917
    Ep. #12917
    Episode 187
    Prince Adolpho arrives back in Oakdale to handle the theft of the necklace.
  • Ep. #12916
    Ep. #12916
    Episode 186
    Iris arrives in L.A. and Gwen isn't pleased to see her mother there. Elwood covers for Casey when Maddie finds an online gambling website on Casey's computer. Meg sought help from Emily. [ Recap available. ]
  • Ep. #12915
    Ep. #12915
    Episode 185
    Holden brings a banged up Faith back to the farm.
  • Ep. #12914
    Ep. #12914
    Episode 184
    Dusty is shocked to realise that Lucy has taken Johnny and left town, and is determined to make her pay for her betrayal.
  • Ep. #12913
    Ep. #12913
    Episode 183
    Lucinda protects Lucy from an avenging Craig, and Lucy is able to slip out of town with Johnny in the hopes of giving him a better life. Lily finds out that Holden was getting dance lessons from Tea and not having an affair.
  • Ep. #12912
    Ep. #12912
    Episode 182
    Despite warnings from Adam, Casey is determined to play just one more hand in the hopes that he can win back everything that he's lost.
  • Ep. #12911
    Ep. #12911
    Episode 181
    Barbara cannot shake Dusty's faith in Lucy. Craig looks forward to a future with his son, including a new name for the boy. Kattie talked Henry into breaking into Carly's house. Sage had both diamonds. Craig talk to Paul before he left the hospital. Simon called Carly and she left to meet Simon. Craig showed up at Barbara's apartment. Kattie found the diamond. Mike was questioning Jack about Simon.moreless
  • Ep. #12910
    Ep. #12910
    Episode 180
    Having no other choice, Barbara reluctantly hands Johnny over to Craig, and hopes that Lucy knows what she is doing. Vienna realises that Mike is still in love with Katie after seeing his fury at how Jack is handling the case. With Henry's help, Katie finally gets her hands on one of the jewels.moreless
  • Ep. #12909
    Ep. #12909
    Episode 179
    Henry pulls out all the stops in an effort to help get Mike and Katie back together. Lucy prepares to take Johnny. A lady named Mary gave Carly's daughter a necklace, but Carly and Simon hasn't seen it yet. Craig overheard Paul talking to Meg. Lucy brought Craig's Attorney with her to Barbara's to get Johnny. Jack ask Carly about the diamond. Vienna talk to Henry.moreless
  • Ep. #12908
    Ep. #12908
    Episode 178
    Adam confronts Casey about what he found on Casey's computer. Simon and Carly hit a snag in their relationship.
  • Ep. #12907
    Ep. #12907
    Episode 177
    Meg demands the truth from Paul about the night that Craig was shot. Craig attempts to convince Lucy to move back home with he and Johnny.
  • Ep. #12906
    Ep. #12906
    Episode 176
    Paul admits to Emily that she knows him better than anyone, but that they are toxic to each other. Luke is taken aback to see Faith's jaded attitude towards marriage. Adam stops by to see Casey, and sees a confrontation between him and another schoolmate over money. Meg prepares for her wedding, only to be encountered by a jealous Emily. Carly throws her necklace off a cliff to throw Jack and Vienna off the trail, but it catches on a branch. Adam is concerned after seeing the kind of websites Casey has been visiting.moreless
  • Ep. #12905
    Ep. #12905
    Episode 175
    Simon agrees to go away with Vienna if she lays off Carly. Holden covers for his relationship with Tea by telling Lily he's getting Faith a new horse for Christmas. Meg wonders why Paul wants to get married so quickly. Jessica warns Carly that if she has violated her probation she could be in a lot of trouble. Katie seeks Henry's help in getting Mike back and destroying Simon and Carly. Craig tells Emily about Paul's marriage plans, hoping she'll ruin the ceremony. Lily counsels Meg on marriage while Holden tells Paul that if he hurts her, he'll be sorry.moreless
  • Ep. #12904
    Ep. #12904
    Episode 174
    Lily worries that there is irreparable damage in her marriage. Simon had a talk with Katie. Holden has been meeting with a woman. Simon got a note from Leora. Emily had a talk with Craig. Simon saw Leora. Paul lied to Meg about why he was in Craig's room.
  • Ep. #12903
    Ep. #12903
    Episode 173
    Simon and Carly worry when Katie is determined to find out what happened to the crown jewels.
  • Ep. #12902
    Ep. #12902
    Episode 172
    Adam and Jade get closer.
  • Ep. #12901
    Ep. #12901
    Episode 171
    Lucy struggles with whether to protect Dusty. Margo has Dusty arrested for trying to kill her brother. Simon assures Carly that Katie made up the part in her book about stealing the jewels.
  • Ep. #12900
    Ep. #12900
    Episode 170
    Emily's attempts to help Craig backfire when Paul overhears.
  • InTurn
    Episode 169
    A special hour featuring clips from the online reality show InTurn, which landed Alex Charak a 13-week contract role on As the World Turns.
  • Ep. #12899
    Ep. #12899
    Episode 169
    It's Thanksgiving in Oakdale and Lily gets suspicious of Holden and Jade's secret, and demands answers about Holden's 'other woman'. Meg tells Emma about her intentions to marry Paul as soon as possible but, Emma's not totally supportive when she learns that it was Craig who put the idea in her head. Barbara is on edge about Dusty's intentions with Craig after Emily's tip about the gun. Still feeling bad about not testifying Lucy meets with Luke to discuss her worries Dusty's safety and, Luke tells her not to blame herself and get caught in the middle of the war. Will gives Iris money to get by but, makes it clear that it's a one off payment but she has other idea's. And, on Craig's orders Emily breaks into Dusty's car and switches the bullets in the gun in order to make sure Craig is bullet proof however, Paul and witnessed the whole thing and puts his own plan into motion and switches the bullets back.moreless
  • Ep. #12898
    Ep. #12898
    Episode 168
    Katie uses her new book to get her own personal brand of vengeance against Carly and Simon.
  • Ep. #12897
    Ep. #12897
    Episode 167
    Gwen's mother Iris drops by unexpectedly.
  • Ep. #12896
    Ep. #12896
    Episode 166
    Jade and Will share a cup of coffee while Gwen is recording in the studio with Adam. Craig plants fear for Dusty's safety in Lucy's mind, and she is torn as she prepares to testify. Jade realises that Adam is more into Gwen than he admits. Katie vows to make Simon and Carly pay for being happy together.moreless
  • Ep. #12895
    Ep. #12895
    Episode 165
    Gwen is shocked when she finds out that Adam has brought some muscians from the coast to jam with her. Henry and Katie pair up to lure Mike back to the house so Katie can make one last ditch effort to keep him. Jade is upset to see that Adam will have to pass on their date to be at the studio with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12894
    Ep. #12894
    Episode 164
    Jack watches as Carly and Simon make amends. Dusty tells Lucy that the only way to make sure Craig pays is for her to testify. Emily realises that she's an accessory to Craig's attempt on Dusty's life. The distance grows between Paul and Meg.
  • Ep. #12893
    Ep. #12893
    Episode 163
    Katie begs Mike to forgive her, but he's finished with their relationship. Lily refuses to go out to a special dinner with Holden, feeling like she's gained too much weight. Paul finds Dusty at the crash site. Meg is forced into providing an alibi for Craig.
  • Ep. #12892
    Ep. #12892
    Episode 162
    Paul finds Craig at the apartment with a semi-clad Meg. Emily tells Dusty that she believes Craig will go after Lucy. Parker and J.J. disagree on whether or not they like Simon. Mike is devastated when Katie admits that she slept with Simon, and realises she still loves her ex.
  • Ep. #12891
    Ep. #12891
    Episode 161
    Lucinda drops by the house looking for Katie, and tells Mike that Katie has to get some material to the publisher by 4:00 PM. After more needling by Lucinda, Mike finally agrees to access Katie's computer. Meg agrees to have coffee with Emily so that Emily can 'make amends' while Craig pushes Paul's buttons. Katie confesses to Margo that she slept with Simon, then rushes home out of fear that Mike will read her laptop. Emily drugs Meg, who soon finds herself too weakened to move as Craig shows up. Adam is furious when Gwen falls asleep at the studio, but agrees to help her record the track while Jade, who showed up to take him to lunch, watches with Will and Casey. Carly and Simon begin to make love as Mike reads Katie's laptop confession.moreless
  • Ep. #12890
    Ep. #12890
    Episode 160
    Casey and Will are upset when Adam at what they view as harsh criticism of Gwen's voice, but Gwen realises Adam is just trying to bring out the best in her. Katie confesses to Margo that she still thinks about Simon (omitting their recent tryst), then writes her feelings down on her laptop. Craig convinces Emily to drug Meg, telling her it will just make the other woman experience flu-like symptoms. Mike seeks romantic advice from Henry. Carly is about to walk out on Simon when their broker comes in and tells them they're both rich.moreless
  • Ep. #12889
    Ep. #12889
    Episode 159
    Lucy and Dusty are interrupted by a call from Emily warning them that Craig's out on bail, and later agree to put their relationship on hold until after custody of Johnny is settled. Margo and Casey are both proud of Tom for walking out on Craig, but he reminds them that he isn't likely to be getting his old job back anytime soon. Katie tries to tell Mike about her and Simon, but Lucinda interrupts, looking for information on the latest Oakdale Confidential.moreless
  • Ep. #12888
    Ep. #12888
    Episode 158
    Craig believes that Dusty has turned Lucy against him, and warns his daughter that she'll regret having him arrested. Jade comes to say goodbye to Adam, who tells her that he isn't leaving town after all. Carly tries to contact Simon to say she wants a future with him. Katie tosses Simon out after they make love. Jade confides in Lily that she is over Will. Tom quits his job as Craig's attorney. Dusty and Lucy get closer.moreless
  • Ep. #12887
    Ep. #12887
    Episode 157
    Jack tells Carly he wants her back but Carly, thinking about stealing the jewels, tells Jack there can never be anything in their future. Craig doesn't believe that Lucy will make good on her threats to charge him with her kidnapping, but she shows up with Margo and Dusty. Reminiscing about their past turns passionate as Simon and Katie begin to make love. Casey tells Adam about his history with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12886
    Ep. #12886
    Episode 156
    Craig sets a trap for Meg and Paul. Gwen and Adam make a deal.
  • Ep. #12885
    Ep. #12885
    Episode 155
    Katie is determined to prove that Mike is the only man in her heart, and uses him to try to forget the pull she is feeling towards Simon. Jade gets caught in another lie.
  • Ep. #12884
    Ep. #12884
    Episode 154
    Lucinda is determined to prove that Jade will bring nothing but pain and suffering for the Snyder family. Simon finally admits that he's starting to develop feelings for Carly.
  • Ep. #12883
    Ep. #12883
    Episode 153
    Jade is exposed at the gala and runs out, leaving Adam questioning what's going on. Before he can join her, Casey convinces him to stay and hear Will sing. He's impressed, but soon leaves looking for Jade, who is with Luke. Dusty is furious when Craig produces legal documents that recognise him as Johnny's biological father. He asks Lucy to hand him the baby and she says that Johnny belongs with his father, then hands him to Dusty. Jack pulls Carly over as Prince Adolphio is speeding down the road. They return to the hotel, where Simon is attempting to seduce a drunken Vienna. The prince and his man take Vienna away, and Simon shows Carly that he has switched the jewels before the two fall into bed together.moreless
  • Ep. #12882
    Ep. #12882
    Episode 152
    Carly tries to smooth the waters with Vienna by assuring her that Simon is still in love with her. Lucinda asks Katie to write a sequel to Oakdale Confidential. Adam convinces Jade to attend the gala with him. When Craig disappears, Dusty realises that he's gone after Johnny.
  • Ep. #12881
    Ep. #12881
    Episode 151
    Carly and Simon come up with a new plan sure to guarantee their success. Jade finds a new friend. Craig has a surprise for the citizens of Oakdale at the gala.
  • Ep. #12880
    Ep. #12880
    Episode 150
    Vienna heads back to Oakdale for Craig's Halloween gala and to settle things with Simon. Lily makes it clear to Jade that there are rules she will need to follow. Emily keeps quiet about Dusty's request. Katie makes a promise.
  • Ep. #12879
    Ep. #12879
    Episode 149
    Carly has no idea that Simon has sacrificed their dreams to save her from Spirro. Meg is unsettled when Craig continues to give her strange gifts.
  • Ep. #12878
    Ep. #12878
    Episode 148
    Adam returns to Oakdale to mourn Hal's passing. Dusty wants Emily to team up with him against Craig. Simon tries to get himself out of the mess he's in with Spirro.
  • Ep. #12877
    Ep. #12877
    Episode 147
    All of Oakdale is shocked to learn that Hal was killed in the line of duty. Simon worries that his actions will hurt Carly, who is comforting Jack over the loss of their friend.
  • Ep. #12876
    Ep. #12876
    Episode 146
    Will gets a very upsetting phone call as he surprises Gwen by taking her on a honeymoon. Katie has a dream of Simon and goes to see him at the Lakewview. Jack brings Spirro into the station.
  • Ep. #12875
    Ep. #12875
    Episode 145
    Jade wakes up to learn the truth about her maternity and Lily wants to wipe the slate clean. Will wants to press charges against Jade, but Lily reminds him that he killed Rose, so they're even. Carly lies to Jack to protect Simon, and Katie realises that Simon is in love with Carly. Emily and Paul argue over Craig's intent to form the foundation while Craig lends Meg a hand at the farm.moreless
  • Ep. #12874
    Ep. #12874
    Episode 144
    Will and Gwen are furious and horrified to learn that Jade had faked her entire pregnancy as Lily gets concrete proof that Jade was Rose's daughter.
  • Ep. #12873
    Ep. #12873
    Episode 143
    Lliy and Holden learn from Theresa that she was not Rose's daughter.
  • Ep. #12872
    Ep. #12872
    Episode 142
    Jade confesses the truth to Luke about her 'pregnancy'.
  • Ep. #12871
    Ep. #12871
    Episode 141
    Luke takes Jade to the hospital with a fever, and her OB-GYN stops in to check her out. Luke is concerned when the man suggests medication and privately asks him what effect that would have on the baby, only to learn that Jade isn't pregnant. Will watches Gwen at Crash with her friends, and leaves once he is spotted. Gwen returns inside, where she dances with first Gil, then Elwood, as Maddie laughs at Gwen's misadventures. Craig is surprised to learn that it was Emily's baby that saved Johnny's life, and wants to open a foundation in Jennifer's name even though Bob and Kim warn him that Barbara and Paul will never agree. Dusty goes on a date with Lucy.moreless
  • Ep. #12870
    Ep. #12870
    Episode 140
    Simon brushes off Carly's concerns and borrow $100,000 from Spirro, promising that he will pay it back within thirty days. Luke convinces Will to act as a real father to Jade's baby, and later, Jade collapses in Luke's arms and refuses to be hospitalised. Barbara attacks Chaz before finding out that he's a bodyguard Dusty has hired to protect Johnny. Dusty cuts Lucy some slack when he finds out that she's had Craig kicked out of the Lakeview.moreless
  • Ep. #12869
    Ep. #12869
    Episode 139
    Casey and Maddie spend time together before being interrupted by his roommate, Elwood. Will remains suspicious about Jade's pregnancy, but Gwen doesn't want to hear it. Carly warns Simon about Spirro and what he's been known to do, but he borrows money from him anyway. Holden goes to Jade looking for a way to contact Theresa, but the number Jade has is no longer in service.moreless
  • Ep. #12868
    Ep. #12868
    Episode 138
    Emily is shocked when Craig offers to make her a full partner at the Intruder and tells him she'll think about it. Lily is upset to learn that it will take six months to access the court records about Theresa, so Holden takes matters into his own hands. Carly praises Simon for being so professional, not realising he's preparing to meet with a loan shark. Gwen slaps Craig for what he did to her while Paul opens up to Will about losing the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #12867
    Ep. #12867
    Episode 137
    Jade provides Will with a positive pregnancy test in an attempt to prove her pregnancy to him. Dusty refuses to let Lucy and Craig near his son and calls the police. Meg is forced to tend to Craig when he collapses. Simon doesn't have the heart to tell Carly that Lucinda pulled out of their deal.moreless
  • Ep. #12866
    Ep. #12866
    Episode 136
    Maddie suggests to Gwen that Jade may be faking her pregnancy.
  • Ep. #12865
    Ep. #12865
    Episode 135
    Craig is confronted by first Margo, who wants his assurance that he'll stay away from Johnny, then Casey, who tells him he'll never forgive him, and finally a furious Barbara. Lucy is waylaid by a bodyguard when she arrives to see Dusty and Johnny. Will begs Gwen not to give up on him yet and tells Jade that she needs to move out. Dallas talks to Maddie about his odd feelings concerning Jade's pregnancy. Lily remembers the events leading up to her accident, and absolves Luke of any responsibility.moreless
  • Ep. #12864
    Ep. #12864
    Episode 134
    Paul refuses to accept Craig's condolences at the hospital, and Meg watches as Paul blames Craig for everything bad that happened to Jennifer and Rosanna. Dusty demands answers from Margo, who insists she didn't even know Craig was back. She learns that he was released early because no one could prove he was connected to the baby switch, which gave him no motive to try to kill Rosanna. Gwen and Will enjoy waking up together as he prepares them breakfast, and Gwen begins to tentatively dream of a future with him. Lily calls Jade in to see her, initially not remembering what Jade did. Once she does, she throws her out. Jade returns to the cottage and hugs Will, which breaks Gwen's heart.moreless
  • Ep. #12863
    Ep. #12863
    Episode 133
    Dusty is furious when he finds Craig holding baby Johnny and Lucy allowing it to happen. He takes his son and leaves, refusing to listen to Craig's assertation that Lucy is not responsible for his presence. Susan comforts Emily, who is grieving the loss of her baby daughter, and Paul assures Meg that he does not hold her responsible for the baby's death. Jack arrives while a drunken Simon is comforting an equally drunken Carly over the loss of their business, and assumes the worst. Lily's memory comes flooding back when she sees baby Ethan for the first time, but a vision of Rose tells her that there's more that she needs to do.moreless
  • Ep. #12862
    Ep. #12862
    Episode 132
    Emily initially refuses to accept that her baby is dead, but Meg finally gets her to accept the truth, and Paul helps her mourn their child. Carly and Simon are close to making love when a power pole crashes in on them, and their project is destroyed. Holden is shocked to realise that Lily doesn't even remember the baby when she wakes up from her coma. Katie and Mike are relieved to have found each other.moreless
  • Ep. #12861
    Ep. #12861
    Episode 131
    Holden and Luke search the hospital for a missing Lily. Gwen and Will make love at their cottage. Dusty and Lucy walk through the ice storm to get Johnny to the hospital. Katie finds Mike in a cabin in the woods.
  • Ep. #12860
    Ep. #12860
    Episode 130
    Everyone gathers at Lily's bedside hoping she'll come out of her coma.
  • Ep. #12859
    Ep. #12859
    Episode 129
    With the storm still terrorising the residents of Oakdale everyone is on edge. After driving into a ditch Will & Gwen are forced to help each other through it, and after Jade gets into an accident Dallas is stunned to learn that she's is pregnant. Katie is worried about Mike, and she finds his car at an accident site she fears for the worse. When Johnny falls sick, Lucy rushes to get him to the hospital but Barbara immediately stops her. When Barbara refuses to co-operate Lucy takes drastic action. And, after learning about Emily's escape plans Meg takes action to stop her when serious complications arise.moreless
  • Ep. #12858
    Ep. #12858
    Episode 128
    Bob is grateful to have Lucy's help as the hospital prepares for the ice storm. Mike goes to Dr. Chen to undergo fertility tests. Gwen can't stop thinking about Will.
  • Ep. #12857
    Ep. #12857
    Episode 127
    Carly walks out on Simon after he kisses her, but thinks twice after he gives Gwen a check for tuition. Will lets Jade move in, but makes it clear he still loves Gwen. Dusty tells Lucy that Jennifer is still too important to him to be anything between them.
  • Ep. #12856
    Ep. #12856
    Episode 126
    After having second thought about the divorce Jack goes round to Carly's hoping to make things up, only to have Simon turn up to tell him a few home truths. Jade day goes from bad to worse after Casey fires her and she's made homeless, and Luke asks Will not to be too hard on her. And after Gwen tells Will that she is going to be living at the dorms with Casey, Jade asks whether she can stay with him at the cottage. And, after Dusty see's Lucy taking part in the karaoke he's reminded of his times with Jennifer and backs off from their date.moreless
  • Ep. #12855
    Ep. #12855
    Episode 125
    Katie continues to push Mike about taking a fertility test, and Mike finally walks away from her. Tom refuses to force Emily to stay in town, but makes it clear she's not taking Daniel. Will seeks advice from Carly as to how to win back his wife.
  • Ep. #12854
    Ep. #12854
    Episode 124
    Meg and Paul admit to Emily that they are engaged, and Emily warns Paul that she will never let him near their child. Katie is upset to realise that Simon helped Carly get her divorce. Holden struggles to make a decision after Bob warns him Lily may never wake up.
  • Ep. #12853
    Ep. #12853
    Episode 123
    Emily convinces Henry to help her break into Paul's apartment where they run into Meg. Dusty warns Barbara that he's not going to let her interfere in any relationship he chooses to have with Lucy. Gwen tells Will she will always love him, but can't be with him now.
  • Ep. #12852
    Ep. #12852
    Episode 122
    Gwen confronts Jade after Will tells her that Jade is pregnant with his child. Casey wants to stay at home after learning Maddie is moving in, but she convinces him to move into the dorms. Carly stops Simon before they can make love, realising he's not over Katie.
  • Ep. #12851
    Ep. #12851
    Episode 121
    Carly and Simon have a little too much to drink and end up compromising each other. Margo tries to help Maddie by telling her what it was like for her after her own rape.
  • Ep. #12850
    Ep. #12850
    Episode 120
    Jade has news for Will that will change his life forever. Carly and Simon wonder what the future is going to hold for the two of them.
  • Ep. #12849
    Ep. #12849
    Episode 119
    Emily puts the baby in danger, but wants Paul to stay with her rather than go for help. Bob and Dusty both demand answers from Lucy. Gwen and Will get closer.
  • Ep. #12848
    Ep. #12848
    Episode 118
    Maddie breaks down as she spends time with Casey in the hospital. Barbara warns Lucy that she's so much like Jennifer she will break Dusty's heart.
  • Ep. #12847
    Ep. #12847
    Episode 117
    After Carly tears up the divorce papers, Simon suggests a place to her where she can get a quickie divorce. Katie is disappointed to realise she's not pregnant.
  • Ep. #12846
    Ep. #12846
    Episode 116
    Emma tries to get Holden to see that Paul will only hurt Meg. Meg agrees to keep quiet about their relationship to keep Emily calm. Will suggests Gwen come home so he can look after her. Jack and Carly have a drink at the bar, but Simon interrupts with news of a work emergency. Gwen agrees with Will's suggestion that they plan a memorial service for the teens who were murdered.moreless
  • Ep. #12845
    Ep. #12845
    Episode 115
    Meg tries to explain her engagement to Paul to Holden and Emma. Maddie removes the killer's mask and is shocked to see Eve, who tells Maddie it's all her fault. Paul tells Emily of his plans to purchase The Intruder. Luke refuses to believe that Jade could be the killer, and Jade faces suspicion from Gwen when she shows up. In the cabin with Geneva's body, Henry refuses to believe Jack when he suggests the killer is Maddie. Katie has a new job offer for Carly, who realises she's concerned about Simon getting involved with her. Jack arrests Eve as a shocked Henry tries to accept that one of his sisters was out to destroy another. Casey is taken to the hospital. Jade is pleased to see that there is still distance between Gwen and Will. Henry comforts a devastated Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #12844
    Ep. #12844
    Episode 114
    Margo begins to lose it as she realises that Casey and Gwen didn't make it down the hill with the rest of the teens. Tom holds it together until he talks to the Raven Lake police, who are treating the whole thing like a joke. Louis tries to explain to Maddie that he was not the killer, but is attacked by the slasher. Luke tells Holden about saving Kevin's life, but also tells his father about the insults Kevin hurled at him. Gwen and Will hole up in the cabin until hearing the siren, determined to get the officer's attention. Maddie flees from the slasher. Henry makes it clear to Jack that he will get Louis with or without his help, so Jack agrees to bring him along to Raven Lake. Luke returns to the lake shortly after the Oakdale authorities show up, and wonders where Jade is.moreless
  • Ep. #12843
    Ep. #12843
    Episode 113
    Gwen and Will continue their efforts to escape from the slasher, but are hampered when an injured Gwen is unable to walk or run. As the teens are pulling away in the bus, Ian wants to know why they aren't going after Maddie, and Ada suggests that maybe Maddie isn't guilty. Margo and Jessica discuss Maddie's rape, and Jessica reminds Margo that they've both been through it. Ian confronts Maddie on the docks and then the boathouse and goes after her with an oar before falling victim to the slasher. Casey remains gravely injured. Jack suggests Henry try to contact Maddie in Chicago with their sister Bernadette but gets through to Eve, who tells him that Maddie isn't with her. Louis stalks Maddie at Raven Lake.moreless
  • Ep. #12842
    Ep. #12842
    Episode 112
    Barbara is worried when she meets up with Dusty and he tells her of Paul's reconnection with Craig through Lucy, and she says that Craig's not the danger facing Johnny but Lucy is. Elsewhere, Lucinda is trying to persuade Lucy to make a move and restart things with Dusty. Margo is feeling nervous about Casey's safety up at Raven Lake. After waking up, Kevin finally says sorry to Luke for the way he acted. And, all of the kids up at the lake are terrified and are desperate to get out of there when the slasher starts to pick them off one by one.moreless
  • Ep. #12841
    Ep. #12841
    Episode 111
    Louis watches Casey and Maddie together, as Maddie tells Casey the truth about what happened to her and they embrace. The two of them find Zach's body and Casey convinces Maddie to run. She does, but later finds him lying injured and bleeding on the forest floor. A delivery man drops off a bottle of wine for Jack, and Carly reads the card to see it's from Eve. She tries to test Jack by suggesting they move forward with the divorce, but he calls her bluff and agrees. She later runs into Simon, but tells him she wants to be alone. Meg is upset that Paul wants to buy the paper, and feels that Emily will use that to keep him in her life. Paul tries to explain that he doesn't want to be hands on. The two make love, and Meg finally accepts Paul's marriage proposal. A dejected Luke watches Kevin in the water, but when Liv hits Kevin in the head with an oar while they are horsing around, Luke rushes in to save him and performs CPR while Liv gets his car. Kevin briefly comes to, then passes out again. Geneva, wearing Gwen's borrowed sweatshirt, finds a body in the cabin and panics. Later, Gwen finds Geneva's body in the cabin and panics, hurtling herself into Will's arms when he shows up.moreless
  • Ep. #12840
    Ep. #12840
    Episode 110
    Kevin pushes Luke away, and Jade tries to defend him, telling him she can't believe Luke fell for someone like him. Kevin walks off and goes out to the lake with Liv and starts drinking. He stands up in the boat and makes a toast to Luke, revealing his sexuality to everyone there. Zach and Ann panic after finding a murdered Alex in the closet. Both go off to look for help, and Ann is attacked and dragged off into the woods. Zach finds the drag marks, and then he is attacked as well. Holden finally tells Emma that Luke is gay and by her reaction assumes that she is uncomfortable with it. Emma is upset that Meg, Lucinda and Jack all knew before she did. Dusty accuses Lucy of falling for Paul's manipulations, and she stands up for herself and their friendship. Casey and Maddie come face to face while Louis watches from the woods. Gwen decides to talk to Will, but finds him with Jade.moreless
  • Ep. #12839
    Ep. #12839
    Episode 109
    Gwen is upset when she learns that Jade came with Will and walks away from him, seeking comfort from Casey. Zach and Ann take off to make out, and find Alex, the slasher's latest victim. Maddie watches as Casey tries to cheer Gwen up. Carly tries to explain when Mike finds her alone with a naked Simon, but Simon feeds into Mike's suspicion that the two were intimate. She heads to Mike's place to explain, and finds Katie, who was waiting for Mike. Luke finally gets up the courage to tell Kevin that he's gay but Kevin reacts by taking off on him. Luke tries to convince Kevin that they need to talk about it, but Kevin thinks Luke is sick. The slasher watches the teens at the lake.moreless
  • Ep. #12838
    Ep. #12838
    Episode 108
    Kevin tells Luke he doesn't want him coming to the lake. Gwen freaks out when Zach puts on a mask and a rubber to scare her, Casey cautions him not to do it again. Maddie refuses to leave Oakdale with Eve. Kim tells Will to grow up or else he'll lose Gwen all together. Simon makes his intentions to Carly well known. Luke tells Jade to find another way of getting to the lake cause he's not going. Maddie overhears Ann and Zach talking about Casey having a thing for Gwen. Carly sees Jack and Eve together at the police station and then goes back to see Simon but catches him naked. Gwen is surprised to see Will, she then agrees to listen until she learns Jade is there as well. The slasher is seen lurking in the woods.moreless
  • Ep. #12837
    Ep. #12837
    Episode 104
    Gwen tells Ann that she's going to Raven Lake, but not with Will, as Will attempts to get to Raven Lake. Eve confesses to Jack that she now believes Louis capable of anything as Louis attacks Maddie. Dusty shows up for dinner at Lucinda's, and both he and Lucy are uncomfortable at being set up.moreless
  • Ep. #12836
    Ep. #12836
    Episode 103
    Mike tells Carly that he's quitting working for Simon and why, and after he leaves, Carly quits also, but Simon schmoozes her into staying, promising to get the building up to code as soon as the investors sign. After she wows the investors, Simon impulsively kisses her. Holden finds the list of names Lily picked out when she was pregnant with Natalie, and he and Luke choose a name for the baby. Holden asks Luke to be the baby's godfather, and Lucy to be his godmother. Ethan Walsh Snyder is christened in Luke and Lily's home. Henry comes to the conclusion that Louis was the stalker and returns to the Lakeview where he finds Eve and tells her about Louis raping Maddie. While going through his things, they find a sweatshirt that looks like the stalker's. Maddie waits in the car for Henry, but panic when she hears a rapping on the window, convinced it's Louis. It turns out to be Margo, and she confesses that the mask is hers. Casey finds Maddie's hair elastic outside, then he and Gwen panic when the lights go out and they hear strange noises. The two are relieved when it turns out to be Tom.moreless
  • Ep. #12835
    Ep. #12835
    Episode 102
    Maddie spies on Casey and Gwen together, convinced that they're both bad-mouthing her, not realising that Casey can't do anything but talk about her. Emily and Paul both seek help from Lucy in getting Craig to sell the paper to Emily, and Lucy agrees to contact her father on Paul's behalf. Eve is furious with Henry for accusing Louis of raping Maddie and refuses to believe that he could have had anything to do with it. Katie encourages Mike to quiet after he admits to her that Simon bribed the building inspector, but Mike wants to warn Carly. Carly's lunch with Jack is interrupted first by J.J., who spills the beans about going to the drive-in, then by Eve. Henry manages to catch up to Maddie and confronts her with the truth that he has realised, and she confirms it. Gwen finds a photograph of Casey wearing the mask the slasher had on, and he admits the mask is Maddie's.moreless
  • Ep. #12834
    Ep. #12834
    Episode 101
    Maddie insists she lied about the whole thing, but Henry begins to get suspicious, and Louis's reaction to the thought of Maddie being questioned leads him to suspect his brother-in-law. Bob reinstates Meg at the hospital, where Emily is her first patient. Will takes Jade out for a fancy dinner, but the two are interrupted by Paul, and Jade takes the opportunity to speak with Luke and Holden and to hold the baby. Paul gets a call from Meg to come to the hospital, where he berates Emily for putting her petty grievances with Meg above the life of their child. Emma tells Holden that it's time to name the baby. Margo talks with Maddie alone and comes close to getting to the truth until Maddie comes back, and she and Dallas wonder what the best route to follow is. Margo tells Dallas that it's possible the murders and the rape are not connected. Henry puts two and two together and confronts Louis about raping Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #12833
    Ep. #12833
    Episode 100
    Maddie confronts Louis with raping her, but he insists that she wants it and backs her into a corner. Dallas and Margo discuss Maddie's situation, and while they know the frat party didn't happen, Margo still believes that Maddie was raped. Barbara meets for lunch with Gwen and tells her that she can't stand to lose another daughter, and promises her that she will fix everything. Margo and Dallas go to the suite to see Maddie, but Louis, Henry and Eve block Margo's attempt to talk to Maddie alone. Jade convinces Will that they should have sex again. Simon goes to the drive-in with Carly, Parker, J.J. and Sage, and he promises Parker that all he wants to do is be Carly's friend.moreless
  • Ep. #12832
    Ep. #12832
    Episode 99
    Simon tries to put a halt to Katie and Mike's baby-making by telling Mike he needs to do extra work, but Katie ends up showing up at the site to have sex with Mike. Gwen goes to the room to see for herself if Jade and Will are together and catches Jade in nothing but a towel. Eve and Jack meet for lunch, and Eve confesses that Maddie seems a little afraid of Louis, and sometimes she is as well. Maddie's flashbacks continue as she remembers the night that Louis raped her. Dallas tells Margo the frat party never happened. Simon heads to Carly's place after seeing Katie and Mike together.moreless
  • Ep. #12831
    Ep. #12831
    Episode 98
    Henry stops Louis from questioning Maddie, but Maddie has a flashback to the night that she was raped ... by her brother-in-law. Carly rushes to Jack when she sees that he's been shot, but he pushes her away when he catches sight of Simon. Lucy tells Luke that Craig betrayed her like Damian betrayed him and urges him not to let Damian get away with it, but Luke just wants the whole thing to be over.moreless
  • Ep. #12830
    Ep. #12830
    Episode 97
    Luke is devastated when Holden exposes Damian's true motivation in coming back to Oakdale and realises that it was Damian who was behind the deprogramming camp. Maddie flees when Jade says that Will was with her when Casey and Gwen were attacked, then later panics when Louis grabs her arm. Will wants to take Gwen home, but she says Casey will take her. Emily refers to Paul as 'daddy' while talking to the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #12829
    Ep. #12829
    Episode 96
    Paul stops by to see Emily after she avoids taking his calls to make sure that everything is okay. Dusty and Lucy manage to escape the cellar, but an explosion leaves Lucy gasping for breath and Meg, who stops by, saves Lucy's life. Sergio overhears Jack and Holden's plans to waylay Damian and Luke, and grabs Luke by gunpoint. Will saves Casey and Gwen from the stalker, but Gwen realises that he is wearing a sweatshirt similar to the stalker.moreless
  • Ep. #12828
    Ep. #12828
    Episode 95
    Lucy is shocked to learn Damian switched the teas. Maddie warns Gwen that if she doesn't stay away from Casey she could end up like Lia. Casey informs Will that Gwen will be staying with him.
  • Ep. #12827
    Ep. #12827
    Episode 94
    Gwen is surprised when Barbara comes to her defense rather than attacking her, but isn't sure if she can go back to Will. Henry faces off with Eve's husband Louis, who insists that he is the only one who can get through to Maddie. Dusty goes to the hospital to check on Lucy only to find out that she lied about being in surgery. Luke runs into Jade at the coffeehouse and figures out that she was the reason that Will and Gwen's marriage fell apart. Lucy tried to drug Damian's tea, not realising that Sergio and Damian were on to her.moreless
  • Ep. #12826
    Ep. #12826
    Episode 93
    Mike is upset to hear the message that Katie left on the answering machine, but Katie has a change of heart after boarding the plane and returns home, where she tells Mike she wants to start a family right away. Gwen runs into Jade at the coffeehouse and when Jade wonders how she is, Gwen slaps her and tells her that she knows the truth. Holden tries to convince Luke that Damian is faking his illness, but Luke refuses to believe that Damian would lie to him that way. Will blames Maddie for the break-up of his marriage but Casey reminds Will it was his own fault. Having followed Lucy, Sergio warns Damian that Lucy and Holden are on to him.moreless
  • Ep. #12825
    Ep. #12825
    Episode 92
    Gwen confronts Will about his affair with Jade, and he confesses that he did it. Gwen is furious, and tells him they're finished. Mike tries to convince Katie not to spend too much time dwelling on the fact that Simon and Katie are in New York together, but when Kim offers her a chance to go to a conference there, she jumps at it. Jessica shows up to represent Maddie at Henry and Eve's insistence, and urges her young client not to say anything. Dallas suggests that Jade could be a possible suspect. Carly is furious with Simon after he answers her cell phone and quits her job again, but changes her mind again. Eve and Jack find common ground as they commisserate about always having to be the strong and in control ones in their families.moreless
  • Ep. #12824
    Ep. #12824
    Episode 91
    Gwen initially refuses to believe what Maddie says about Jade and Will being together, but once back at the cottage, Gwen confronts Will with what Maddie told her. Henry tries to break through to Maddie, but although she admits to him that she thinks she's losing her mind, she won't talk about her sexual assault. Carly is thrilled to find the new wardrobe Simon promised her in the hotel room, but not so thrilled when Simon has to vacate his room and wants to share hers. Neither Dallas nor Jack believe that it's possible Maddie could have done this to herself, but Margo isn't so sure. Lucy tries to push Dusty into pushing her away, then tries to convince Damian that she wants to help him. Damian is upset when Sergio shows up. Eve asks Margo for help getting Maddie a therapist.moreless
  • Ep. #12823
    Ep. #12823
    Episode 90
    Damian hands a snooping Lucy a copy of his medical records to look over. Gwen finds Maddie in the water and scares off the killer. Jack wants Simon gone, but he says it's Carly's choice.
  • Ep. #12822
    Ep. #12822
    Episode 89
    Damian asks Lucy to move into Fairwinds with him and Luke after witnessing a blowout between Lucy and Lucinda. Will and Jade realise Maddie has overheard them talking about having slept together and Will demands she stay silent. Carly is furious with Simon after deciding he really was only using her to get to Katie, and quits her new job. Holden and Lucinda are thrilled that their plan to infiltrate Lucy into the mansion is working. J.J. is thrilled with the Skye Blue, the babysitter Carly hires, but Jack is upset when he gets a call about home. A masked stalker with a knife comes up behind a lone Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #12821
    Ep. #12821
    Episode 88
    Barbara is upset when she learns that Will is giving Jade money, and warns Gwen that the other woman cannot be trusted. Margo tries to get through to Maddie, but Eve and Henry arrive before she can get anywhere. Meg encourages Paul to go see Emily after they learn that she is having trouble with the baby. Maddie overhears Jade and Will discussing sleeping together. Margo wants Casey to steer clear of Maddie. Meg watches as Emily and Paul both feel the baby move.moreless
  • Ep. #12820
    Ep. #12820
    Episode 87
    Lucy tells Holden about her suspicions where Damian is concerned, but she soon changes her tune and tells Holden she wants to help him prove Damian is manipulating Luke. Meg and Paul spend time together at the pond where he blindfolds her and hands her a fishing rod, but the two of them end up in the water together. Sergio reminds Damian that he had better bring Luke home to Malta or face the consequences. Jade tries to be there for Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #12819
    Ep. #12819
    Episode 86
    A horrified Gwen finds Nate's bloody body. Mike and Simon take their argument outside and Mike wants to know what kind of scam Simon is running. Damian calls someone and tells them that Luke is coming home, then runs into Lucy. Carly tries to get Katie to understand why she needs this job. Holden tells Luke he needs his help taking the baby home today. Maddie has blood on her hands.moreless
  • Ep. #12818
    Ep. #12818
    Episode 85
    Ann maintains her conviction that Maddie was the one to murder Lia. Holden warns Dusty not to let himself get drawn down into that dark place. Katie tries to find out what Simon has been saying about her, but Carly says they don't talk about her. Luke confronts Damian on his health, and their bond gets stronger.moreless
  • Ep. #12817
    Ep. #12817
    Episode 84
    Nate tries to convince Maddie to go to a special memorial for Lia at Crash, but she doesn't think it's a good idea. Gwen defends Maddie when Jade and Will both think she might be guilty of murder. Casey tries to convince the other students that Maddie couldn't have killed Lia. Luke eavesdrops as Holden talks to Lily about the new baby. Barbara assures Paul that she only wants what's best for him. Emily is pleased to see that her pregnancy is getting to Meg. Maddie finally agrees to go to Lia's memorial. Casey accuses Dallas of following him. Susan is upset when the spa loses her and Emily's reservations, but Paul tries to make amends by getting them in for the deluxe package. Barbara has some advice for Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #12816
    Ep. #12816
    Episode 83
    Lucinda and Luke show up at the hospital to support Holden, who agrees to let the doctors do the c-section to save the baby. Lily makes it through, and Holden introduces Luke to his new half-brother. Carly is furious with Simon when they are both arrested because he doesn't quite own the building yet but just as she is panicking about finding someone to watch the kids, Simon gets the owner to drop the charges. Will announces to Gwen that he has found them a place to live, and Gwen invites Jade along as he takes her to Mike and Jennifer's old cabin. Paul proposes to Meg, but she refuses to marry him until she settles thing with Emily. He goes to do so, but is affected by the site of her with Susan and Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #12815
    Ep. #12815
    Episode 82
    Carly decides to turn down Simon's job offer, but he encourages her to live on the wild side, and they break into the building he's hired her to renovate. Maddie tells Eve and Henry that she can't remember what she did the night before. Lucy tries to help Dusty deal with a fractious Johnny, but he angrily orders her out. Margo realises there are two knives missing from Crash, and Jade sees Maddie drop something in the river.moreless
  • Ep. #12814
    Ep. #12814
    Episode 81
    Casey finds a bloody Lia in the shower and calls his mother who comes down with the police to investigate. Lucinda has it out with Damian, who is trying to convince Luke to leave Oakdale with him. Maddie avoids Eve and Henry's questions about where she went the night before, but when the police show up to question her she insists she never left the house. Carly agrees to Simon's proposition that she decorate the apartment building he is renovating, but Katie isn't thrilled to hear the news.moreless
  • Ep. #12813
    Ep. #12813
    Episode 80
    Damian offers Luke to go back to Malta with him. Jack tells Mike and Katie that Simon really did strike it rich. While at the Country Club Lia and Casey have a fun night, but Lia ends up getting murdered while taking a shower.
  • Ep. #12812
    Ep. #12812
    Episode 79
    Carly is furious when her mysterious benefactor turns out to be Simon. Lia tries to score points with Casey by dropping the charges against Maddie. Jack finds Luke, drunk and slumped over the wheel of his car. Damian volunteers to look after Luke so Holden can stay with Lily. Mike punches Simon.moreless
  • Ep. #12811
    Ep. #12811
    Episode 78
    Kevin sets up Luke on a date with Ada. Maddie has another psychotic episode.
  • Ep. #12810
    Ep. #12810
    Episode 77
    Paul is furiouis with Dusty for letting Emily go free. Maddie is arrested for taking a knife to Lia's car.
  • Ep. #12809
    Ep. #12809
    Episode 76
    Emily decides to plead not guilty when Dusty enters the courtroom, but Dusty shocks her by announcing she is not going to testify against her. Maddie leaves Crash without Casey and Lia seeing her, and slashes her car seats with a knife. Barbara tries to convince Gwen and Will to move into a new house right next door to her. Katie is pleased when Simon returns her wedding ring to her, assuming it means she has accepted her relationship with Mike.moreless
  • Ep.#12808
    Episode 75
    Casey confides to Margo that he thinks Maddie started the fire after seeing him and Lia together. Emily learns from Cass Winthrop that she may spend 10 years in jail, the judge is about to hear her plea, then Dusty bursts into the courtroom with something to say.
  • Ep. #12807
    Ep. #12807
    Episode 74
    Henry manages to sneak Emily out of the hospital in a laundry cart, but Susan stops the two of them before Emily can flee and tries to convince her daughter to stay. Barbara wants to lie for Paul to make sure he gets custody of the baby, but Paul wants to take care of things on his own. Dusty has a vision of Jennifer, who asks him to save Emily because she saved Johnny's life. An angry Maddie attempts to burn Lia's sweater, but accidentally starts a fire at the club. Damian asks Lucy to tell him when he will be able to see Lily without Holden knowing that he's there. Luke tries to tell Kevin that he's gay, but Kevin misunderstands him. Dusty warns Meg that Paul will destroy her too.moreless
  • Ep. #12806
    Ep. #12806
    Episode 73
    Barbara thanks Gwen and Will for being there for her through Jennifer's death and tells them that she is ready to release Will's trust fund and accepts their marriage. Margo present Hal with a card from Adam and reminds him what holding on too tight can do, and he agrees to let Parker return to Carly. Dusty makes it clear to Lucy that there is no way he will ever be able to forgive her for Jennifer's death. Emily worries that Paul and Dusty won't do what Jennifer wanted them to at her hearing the next day. Maddie is unable to tell Casey the truth, and is devastated when Lia tells her they're dating. Damian invites Lucy to move in with him and Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #12805
    Ep. #12805
    Episode 72
    Everyone pays tribute to Jennifer at her memorial service: Paul talks about his sister having forgiven him and Hal shares a moving story about Jennifer wanting to be an angel. Meanwhile, Mike finds Katie and Simon and tells them that he was directed to their location by a local golfer -- Katie is furious with her ex-husband when she realises she's been duped!moreless
  • Ep. #12804
    Ep. #12804
    Episode 71
    Hal tries to convince Dusty to leave Jen's side, but with no success - Paul eventually gets through to him. Mike and Vienna are told that it's unlikely that the missing passengers are still alive but later Mike catches a break when he runs into the man who found Simon.
  • Ep. #12803
    Ep. #12803
    Episode 70
    Maddie assumes that Dallas told Margo the truth about what happened in Chicago. Emily and Paul talk about what Jennifer would have wanted. Jennifer makes one final request of Dusty.
    Jennifer Munson Donovan October 29, 1980 - July 7, 2006
  • Ep. #12802
    Ep. #12802
    Episode 69
    Gwen and Will take Johnny to Java's to get some lunch after Jennifer and Will have a heartfelt goodbye. Jennifer slowly says goodbye to all the members of her family, and begs Paul to forgive others and to love himself. Alone with Dusty, Jennifer asks him to get Bob to disconnect her from all the tubes and monitors -- she wants to be held by her husband, and would rather die in his arms than hooked up to all those machines. Maddie convinces Henry to bet the ponies for her so that she can get out of town, but she ends up losing all of her money. She runs out on him after seeing a tennis racket brings up some bad memories. Margo tries to get Dallas to tell her what his connection is to Maddie, but he reminds her that Maddie has to authorise him to release any information on her past.moreless
  • Ep. #12801
    Ep. #12801
    Episode 68
    Seeing Johnny rejuvenates Jennifer as she waits for Dusty to come back with Paul and Meg, who put aside their problems with Emily to celebrate Jennifer's wedding. With Jennifer's friends and family surrounding her, she and Dusty exchange wedding vows. Damian has a few questions for Luke after he sees him shrug off a friend's teasing suggestion that he and Kevin could be lovebirds, and Luke admits to him that he's just not ready for his friends to know about his sexual orientation yet. Simon hides the truth from Katie about their proximity to civilisation as she turns to him for help with their current situation. Back on the ship, Vienna tries to seduce Mike, and tells him she thinks Simon still loves Katie.moreless
  • Ep. #12800
    Ep. #12800
    Episode 67
    Dusty is devastated to learn that Jennifer isn't a candidate for the special treatment program. He and Jennifer continue to plan their impromptu wedding, and Gwen videotapes Jennifer as she leaves a lasting message for her son. Jennifer asks Dusty to bring Paul to her for her wedding. Katie blames Simon for their current position when they wash up on a deserted island, and each tries to make a fire. Simon is shocked when he sees a golfer come over a dune. The ship's captain tells Mike and Vienna that it looks like Simon and Katie didn't make it. Damian tries to cheer Luke up with a new car, but Luke is still upset that Holden isn't talking to him. The two invite Lucy to join them in a small Independence Day celebration. Paul breaks down in Meg's arms as he thinks about what life will be like without Jennifer.moreless
  • Ep. #12799
    Ep. #12799
    Episode 66
    Casey seeks answers from Maddie, but she insists that they're finished. Will breaks down with Gwen as he tells her that Jennifer is dying. Dusty agrees to marry Jennifer, but privately tells Kim that he hopes it will give her the strength to hang on. Simon and Katie fall beneath the waves as the life preserver bobs to the surface. Vienna and Mike are locked in the stateroom together. Jessica finds Jack and Carly in a romantic moment, and asks them if they're sure they want a divorce, but they are still committed to ending their marriage. Jennifer asks Gwen to promise her that she will always be part of Johnny's life, no matter what.moreless
  • Ep. #12798
    Ep. #12798
    Episode 65
    Katie goes overboard and Simon dives in to save her, Carly returns with Parker, J.J. and Sage to Emma's to see how Lily's doing Jack tells her that she's comatose and they have a barbecue and Carly and Jack have a ketchup and mustard fight. At the hospital Meg tells Jennifer just how serious her condition is, she then tells Dusty that she wants to be married and asks him to marry hermoreless
  • Ep. #12797
    Ep. #12797
    Episode 64
    Meg and Paul keep an eye on Johnny while Dusty rushes Jennifer to the hospital, and later ask Gwen to keep an eye on her so they can go to be with her as well. Luke tells Jade that she was right; he never should have told anyone that he was gay. Jade encourages him to try to talk to Holden before making a decision. Maddie breaks up with Casey after another series of flashbacks.moreless
  • Ep. #12796
    Ep. #12796
    Episode 63
    Jennifer tries to hide the truth from Dusty about how sick she is, but Paul and Meg soon show up to tell Dusty how sick she really is. Maddie takes off after running into Dallas again, denying that she knows him. Holden asks Jack for help in proving what Damian was up to with Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #12795
    Ep. #12795
    Episode 62
    Jennifer strongarms Lucy into letting her leave the hospital against medical advice, but warns her that she had better not spill the beans to Dusty. Once at home, Jennifer, Dusty and Johnny celebrate both mother and son being home, but Jennifer's condition only continues to worsen. Maddie tries to cover for running off the other night by claiming she didn't feel right making love for the first time in Tom and Margo's home. Katie tries to warn Vienna about Simon, but she tells Katie that Simon doesn't need her money -- he's got his own!moreless
  • Ep. #12794
    Ep. #12794
    Episode 61
    Katie accepts Simon's apology, but tells him she's not getting drawn back into his life. Privately, she tells Mike that she thinks Simon's out for Vienna's jewels. Dusty convinces Jennifer to stay in the hospital after she is diagnosed with pneumonia, but she is determined to get home to Johnny. Maddie swears she doesn't know Dallas, but is unable to make love to Casey after suffering a series of flashbacks. Jade swears she will never tell anyone about her night with Will after Gwen and Will defend her to Barbara.moreless
  • Ep. #12793
    Ep. #12793
    Episode 60
    Will is upset when Jade's presence continues to intrude on his relationship with Gwen.
  • Ep. #12792
    Ep. #12792
    Episode 59
    Dusty is determined to make sure that Emily pays for everything that she did.
  • Ep. #12791
    Ep. #12791
    Episode 58
    Lily's family worries as her condition worsens.
  • Ep. #12790
    Ep. #12790
    Episode 57
    Simon takes the place of Katie's masseuse in order to get close to her.
  • Ep. #12789
    Ep. #12789
    Episode 56
    Holden arrives in time to find Damian leaning over Lily at the bottom of the stairs and initially blames Damian for the mishap. Mike and Katie continue to enjoy their time aboard the cruise while narrowly missing Simon and Vienna on numerous occasions. While Luke tries to explain to Holden about Ross Kreeger, Damian lambastes Kreeger for not snatching Luke when he had the chance. Paul is upset with Emily for risking their child's life in what he sees as an attempt to curry favor with Jennifer and Dusty. Luke worries that Holden blames him for Lily's accident and agrees to go home with Damian. Jennifer tells Meg and Dusty to leave Emily alone after the sacrifice she made for them. Katie pounds on Simon's door to get he and Vienna to turn down the music.moreless
  • Ep. #12788
    Ep. #12788
    Episode 55
    Katie and Mike sail away on a cruise, not knowing that Simon Frasier is right across the hall from them, Luke calls Holden and asks him to come home. Lily throws Dr. Ross Kreeger out of the house and then tries to tell Luke that she made a mistake, but he doesn't believe her and he accidentally causes Lily to fall down the stairs, Damian suddenly shows up and calls 911.moreless
  • Ep. #12787
    Ep. #12787
    Episode 54
    Mrs. Stacell tells Jade that she knows it was her who signed on to buy that paper for Will, Jade is fired from the library and goes to Will to help get her a job at Crash and threatens to tell Gwen everything if he doesn't.
  • Ep. #12786
    Ep. #12786
    Episode 53
    Damian introduces Lily to Dr. Ross Kreeger, someone who runs a facility for broken teenagers.
  • Ep. #12785
    Ep. #12785
    Episode 52
    Damian tries to persuade Lily to agree to send Luke away so that he can get help.
  • Ep. #12784
    Ep. #12784
    Episode 51
    Jennifer worries that something she did somehow made Johnny sicker, but Lucy tries to assure her that she didn't do anything wrong.
  • Ep. #12783
    Ep. #12783
    Episode 50
    Luke has to choose between his two fathers. After a huge fight with Gwen outside of Crash, Will takes off to be alone, Jade follows him to the bridge and the two end up having sex. Kim, Bob, Barbara, Dusty and Jennifer celebrate together as Dusty's adoption of Johnny goes through.moreless
  • Ep. #12782
    Ep. #12782
    Episode 49
    Gwen is upset about Will's situation and has a go at Maddie for not telling her the truth, and Will decides to get drunk instead of taking Jade's advice and talking to Gwen. And later when Will tells Gwen that he's got no intentions in going back to school, she tells him that she doesn't know who he is anymore which leaves their marriage in an unsure place. Susan is concerned when she here's that Emily's changed her mind about having a termination and goes to see her for answers. Later, when Emily finds that Meg will be working on her ward she cuts all negotiations with Paul and makes it clear that she doesn't want him to have anything to do with the baby. Also, Lucinda expresses her concerns about Damian's return and shocks Holden when she says that Damian expects to stay on long term basis. Damian makes it clear to Luke that he plans on staying in Oakdale for however long it takes. And both Lucinda and Holden make it clear to Lily and Damian that there's nothing they can do to make Luke the person they want him to be.moreless
  • Ep. #12781
    Ep. #12781
    Episode 48
    Jack, J.J., Parker and Sage go to the hospital to bring Carly home which pleases her, Mr. Weber tells Will to leave the school, he then expells him in front his family and Gwen.
  • Ep. #12780
    Ep. #12780
    Episode 47
    Principal Weber expels Will over the phone. Casey is shocked to learn that his parents have made sure he's accepted at the University of Wisconsin. Jennifer is upset to learn that Lucy will be supervising Johnny's vaccination.
  • Ep. #12779
    Ep. #12779
    Episode 46
    Mike backs up what Katie has said, but refuses to touch her. Parker and J.J. tell Carly that Jack has moved back home. Jade tells Gwen that Maddie has good reason not to like her. Luke makes sure Holden knows who he considers his real father to be.
  • Ep. #12778
    Ep. #12778
    Episode 45
    Holden wants answers from Lily when he sees Damian.
  • Ep. #12777
    Ep. #12777
    Episode 44
    Nick calls Mike to apologize for everything and Mike convinces Nick to tell him where he is. Mike goes to see him, but when Katie walks in after the two men have fought and Nick comes towards her, she shoots him in the chest. Lucy and Dusty catch up, and Dusty later introduces her to her half-brother, Johnny, and tells her that he and Jennifer are getting married and he plans to adopt Johnny. Emily convinces Henry to ask Paul to come see her, and when Paul arrives, Emily tells him that an abortion might be the right decision after all. Jack follows the compass true north, convinced he'll find Carly -- she's near unconsciousness in a cave.moreless
  • Ep. #12776
    Ep. #12776
    Episode 43
    Emily admits that she still loves Paul. Dusty is at a loss for words when he runs into Lucy. Jack continues to search for Carly as she attempts to escape Nick. Paul admits to Meg that he wants this baby.
  • Ep. #12775
    Ep. #12775
    Episode 42
    Carly convinces Katie to leave her alone with Nick so that she can try to get help. Nick refuses to leave Carly alone and injured in the car. Lily scrambles to defend Damian when Luke correctly realises that Damian can't handle him being gay. Maddie is even more suspicious of Jade after catching her talking to Nate and warns Gwen not to trust her.moreless
  • Ep. #12774
    Ep. #12774
    Episode 41
    Carly deliberately crashes the car into a tree to slow down Nick's escape. Gwen offers Casey advice on fixing his relationship with Maddie. Luke doesn't take well to Damian's re-appearance in his life. Will tries to convince Maddie not to tell Gwen he bought his paper. Lily tells Damian that Luke thinks he's gay.moreless
  • Ep. #12773
    Ep. #12773
    Episode 40
    Lily is shocked to realise Damian is the one who has been following Luke around but can't bring herself to tell him Luke is gay when Damian starts talking about grandchildren. Del tells Carly and Katie that it was Nick who killed Maya Gold and not Mike, they rush back to the cottage only to find that Nick had taken off.moreless
  • Ep. #12772
    Ep. #12772
    Episode 39
    Paul crashes the party that Lucinda throws for Jennifer and Dusty, and Jennifer tells him to get out of her life once and for all. Once he's gone, Jennifer breaks down in Dusty's arms. A mysterious man follows Luke in the shadows, and back at the house opens the door and is shocked to see Damian.moreless
  • Ep. #12771
    Ep. #12771
    Episode 38
    While Paul spends time with Barbara and Dusty, Emily taunts Meg about Paul and the baby and fantasizes that the baby will drive a wedge between Paul and Meg.
  • Ep. #12770
    Ep. #12770
    Episode 37
    Will feels guilty about having bought his biology paper off the Internet and wants to confess, but Jade convinces him to keep quiet, and suggests he cheat on his upcoming calculus exam.
  • Ep. #12769
    Ep. #12769
    Episode 36
    Emily signs the divorce papers Paul brings to her, but is upset to learn later from Jessica's office that although Paul has the papers terminating his parental rights, he hasn't brought them to her yet.
  • Ep. #12768
    Ep. #12768
    Episode 35
    Paul signs away his rights to the baby but when he goes to drop the paperwork off in Emily's room he finds the sonogram of the baby. Will worries that Gwen will find out that he downloaded a paper off the Internet. Meg and Jack discuss why Paul and Carly are the way they are. Carly and Katie realise that the St. Christopher's medal in the wall may not have belonged to Mike. Jennifer tries to convince Dusty to let the past rest.moreless
  • Ep. #12767
    Ep. #12767
    Episode 34
    Maddie queries Will as to whether or not he thinks she's 'hot' because she has had no luck in seducing Casey. At Jade's urging, Will downloads a paper from the Internet to hand in. Gwen realises that Will has thrown out the information on ordering a cap and gown for graduation. Cass Winthrop shows up at the hospital and shocks Hal with a court order saying that Emily is to stay at the hospital for a Psych Evaluation, Tom brings Daniel by to see his mother at the hospial and is also stunned by the sudden revelation, Dusty thinks that Emily will walk and not do any jail time.moreless
  • Ep. #12766
    Ep. #12766
    Episode 33
    Henry admits to Emily that the police have confiscated his money, but then offers her an interesting suggestion when he advises her to play crazy. Paul asks Meg to run away with him, and wonders why she can't have faith in him. Maddie tries to seduce Casey, but he resists her efforts. Jade and Will find some common ground.moreless
  • Ep. #12765
    Ep. #12765
    Episode 32
    After talking to Carly, Katie begins to wonder if maybe her suspicions about Nick might be correct. Lucinda isn't surprised when Lily tells her that Luke is gay, because she knew something had to be going on. Casey goes to Tom for advice about girls -- not how to get them to say yes, but how to get them to say no.moreless
  • Ep. #12764
    Ep. #12764
    Episode 31
    Carly shows Jack the St. Christopher's medal she found in Nick's jacket, and Mike ends up countering by saying that all Kasnoff men are given the medals. WIll and Maddie worry that Gwen and Casey will end up cheating on them with each other. At Susan's behest, Bob manages to get Emily more time in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #12763
    Ep. #12763
    Episode 30
    After her talk with Jennifer, Emily makes the decision to go through with her pregnancy. The St. Christopher's medal is stolen from the police station, and Carly later finds the medal in Nick's jacket.
  • Ep. #12762
    Ep. #12762
    Episode 29
    Gwen refuses to let Will blame Barbara for their problems. Dusty vows not to let Paul and Emily hurt Jennifer again. Paul asks Meg to move in with him.
  • Ep. #12761
    Ep. #12761
    Episode 28
    Paul tries to convince Meg that Emily has agreed to abort the baby to keep it out of prison, not realising that Emily has admitted to Susan that she's getting an abortion to keep Paul from raising the baby with Meg. Gwen is upset that Will hasn't answered her messages, not realising that he had left his backpack at the café. Will is upset when he has to learn about Gwen and Casey's trip from Maddie. Nick refuses to believe that Mike's DNA was found on the medallion, and Katie is left to celebrate her wedding night with Margo. Henry offers no advice for Emily when she tells him she's pregnant, only comfort.moreless
  • Ep. #12760
    Ep. #12760
    Episode 27
    Katie believes Jack is exercising a personal vendetta and wants him off Mike's case, but it isn't long before she's thanking him for being a good friend when he lets them be alone together. Paul breaks the news to Emily that she is pregnant with his child which initially makes her very happy. Luke is convinced that Lily hates him for being gay.moreless
  • Ep. #12759
    Ep. #12759
    Episode 26
    Nick accuses Jack of having it in for his family when he arrests Mike after the ceremony, but Carly defends him. Susan is horrified to realise that Paul has gotten Emily pregnant. Luke finally tells Lily and Holden that he's gay. Barbara 'forgives' Meg for what happened with Johnny.
  • Ep. #12758
    Ep. #12758
    Episode 25
    Dusty visits Emily in the hospital and tells her he wants retribution. Hal confronts Paul and reveals to him that Emily is pregnant. Luke warns Jade that he's about to tell Lily and Holden the truth and Jade calls Holden to the guest house, where she kisses him. Katie and Mike prepare for their wedding and Henry steps in to perform the ceremony when Katie realises she forgot to book a minister.moreless
  • Ep. #12757
    Ep. #12757
    Episode 24
    Paul apologizes to Emily but tells her that their relationship is too destructive for them ever to have a future. Luke comes out to Will about being gay, and Will tries to assure him that Holden and Lily love him too much to judge him. Emily assures Hal that Henry had nothing to do with Dusty's kidnapping.moreless
  • Ep. #12756
    Ep. #12756
    Episode 23
    Luke contemplates telling the truth about his homosexualty because he knows how much Lily distrusts Jade. Katie and Mike realise today is the only available day for their wedding and hurry to plan the ceremony. Jack narrows down the time of death on the body to thirteen years. Tom brings Daniel in to see Emily. Barbara manipulates Casey.moreless
  • Ep. #12755
    Ep. #12755
    Episode 22
    Hal and Susan encourage Emily to fight, but the only name she calls out is Paul's. Will is taken aback when Jade brings up his murder of Rose. Margo and Tom worry about Daniel. Jack jealously watches Carly and Nick dance.
  • Ep. #12754
    Ep. #12754
    Episode 21
    Will is pleased by how well Gwen performs at CRASH. Paul tries desperately to save Emily even when Meg says it's too late. Jade assures Lily and Holden she was happy to take care of the girls for them.
  • Ep. #12753
    Ep. #12753
    Episode 20
    Susan begs Tom and Hal not to go after Emily, insisting that they don't care about what's best for her but Tom reminds her that he's also thinking about what's best for Daniel. Suspicion mounts that Emily may be looking for a way out of everything -- not just a way out of Oakdale. Jennifer tries to convince Dusty that Paul could not have been in on it with Emily, citing his having been shot as a good reason, but Dusty is convinced that Paul is guilty. On the cliffs, Emily sees the faces of the people in her life -- Dusty, Jennifer, Meg, Hal, Margo, Tom, Daniel, Henry and even Susan -- and tries to rationalise her actions to them. Paul shows up and nearly convinces her to come back with him until Meg and then Dusty and Jennifer also show up. Although Paul is begging her to come with him, Emily jumps from the cliff.moreless
  • Ep. #12752
    Ep. #12752
    Episode 19
    Susan begs Emily to get help, but all Emily wants is to get out of town. Susan finally tells her that she'll help her, but as soon as she leaves the room she tries to get ahold of Hal. Nick promises to look into the skeleton found in Jack and Carly's basement, but Jack catches him going through the file and warns him to stay out of it. Carly heads to the grand opening of CRASH at Will's suggestion to hear Gwen perform, but Nick has to look after her when she has too much to drink. Casey doesn't realise that he's been ignoring Maddie, who went all out to impress him. Meg finds Paul with Henry, and their conversation leads Paul to realise that Emily has gone back to the cliffs where it all started. Emily stands at the cliffs in the midst of a total breakdown.moreless
  • Ep. #12751
    Ep. #12751
    Episode 18
    Hal is upset when Dusty's testimony cannot implicate anyone but Meg, and shares that information with Susan. Carly believes she and Jack may have a chance after learning he spent the night holding her, but then he tells her she and the kids can go home. Paul promises Meg he won't go after Emily after convincing her to stay with Emma. Emily shocks Susan when she shows up at the hospital looking for help. Still thinking about her close call with Dusty, Jennifer warns Will not to waste a single second of his time with Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12750
    Ep. #12750
    Episode 17
    Jennifer is overjoyed to find Dusty alive and well, but stuck in the middle when Dusty and Paul find themselves on opposite sides. Tom wonders just what kind of hold Paul has over women that led Emily to neglect her own son for him and Meg withheld evidence from the police at his request. Casey begs Gwen to sing at the club's opening night while Will and Maddie discuss Maddie's worries about her relationship with Casey. At J.J.'s behest, Jack goes to see Carly to see what's bothering her and finds himself on the end of her sharp tongue.moreless
  • Ep. #12749
    Ep. #12749
    Episode 16
    Henry keeps trying to get in touch with Emily with no success, but is overheard by Barbara. Susan overhears Barbara's discussion with Henry, and the two women find themselves in an awkward position -- agreeing with each other. Dusty and Emily struggle for the gun, and Dusty finally manages to get the gun away from her and Emily takes off, returning to the cabin where she runs into Jennifer. Meg stages a scene at the station to give Paul a chance to get away so that he can get to Jennifer. While Meg fills Hal in on what's happening and why they had to deceive him, Paul comes face to face with Dusty. Jack finds a changepurse in the wall and questions Mike about what happened while Carly can't forget about the body in the basement.moreless
  • Ep. #12748
    Ep. #12748
    Episode 15
    Jennifer puts her scheme to find Dusty in motion, Meg tries to get Henry to confess to setting her up, but he insists that he didn't. Hal wants to know what Jennifer is up to, so she comes up with a lie and says it's nothing to worry about, Carly jumps to the wrong conclusion about Nick's gift, Jack is shocked when Mike tells him about the skeleton in his basement. Emily knocks out Paul with a potted plant and then the apartment, Jennifer then follows her in hope it'll lead her to Dusty, when Emily arrives at the house and see him still there she realizes they are on to hermoreless
  • Ep. #12747
    Ep. #12747
    Episode 14
    Paul manages to convince Jennifer how dangerous Emily is, and the two formulate a plan to smoke her out. Emily taunts Meg about how she has Paul and Dusty is long gone. The Snyders go to see Faith and Natalie's recital while Jade offers to stay with Lily, who is having pains.moreless
  • Ep. #12746
    Ep. #12746
    Episode 13
    Jack believes that Carly organized Sage's disappearance to bring him home, and after Nick backs up Carly's story, Carly demands that Jack leave. Paul tries to convince Jennifer how serious he is about Emily having Dusty and being dangerous by showing her the scar from his bullet wound. Katie tries to calm Mike down by telling him that she's going to convince Nancy to claim that she wrote the book.moreless
  • Ep. #12745
    Ep. #12745
    Episode 12
    Henry finally realises just how deeply Emily has dragged him into her mess, but hands over the key to Meg's room after Emily threatens to make things even worse. Katie begs Nancy to claim the new book Oakdale Confidential, telling her it is the only way to save her relationship with Mike. Nick is shocked when Mike tells him that he found a skeleton in Jack and Carly's basement instead of the rubies. Carly panics when she can't find Sage but when she calls Margo, it's Nick who comes to help.moreless
  • Ep. #12744
    Ep. #12744
    Episode 11
    Kevin blows Luke off when he tries to make amends with his friends. Jade tries to make it up to Lily and Holden with money. Katie manages to cover for Mike when Carly hears the noise. Parker sees that there is something different about the wall. The teens audition singers for the club.moreless
  • Ep. #12743
    Ep. #12743
    Episode 10
    Emily plants bloody clothes in the backseat of Meg's car to implicate her. Katie gets Carly out of the house so Mike can look for the rubies, but after hammering in the wall he discovers a human skeleton.
  • Ep. #12742
    Ep. #12742
    Episode 9
    Although she realises she was set up by Barbara, Gwen is happy to take the job at Lisa's new club. When he sees how pleased she is, Will doesn't have the heart to make her quit.
  • Ep. #12741
    Ep. #12741
    Episode 8
    While Meg seeks information from Emma on the key, Paul attempts to manipulate Emily by trying to convince her how much he loves her.
  • Ep. #12740
    Ep. #12740
    Episode 7
    Mike worries about the impact that the book will have on his past.
  • Ep. #12739
    Ep. #12739
    Episode 6
    Paul is relieved when Jennifer shows up at the door on his wedding night and convinces Emily that he needs to take her home, giving Emily a chance to go to the woods to check on Dusty.
  • Ep. #12738
    Ep. #12738
    Episode 5
    Paul finds Meg with the key from Emily's makeup chest and tries to help Meg by feigning sexual interest in Emily, but Emily soon catches him red-handed with the key. Mike is furious after flipping through a copy of the book Oakdale Confidential and learning it includes intimate details from his past. Holden stops by Caleb's place to see Jade and to warn her off of Luke only to find her clothed less than appropriately for visitors. Gwen can't understand the machinations of her new family as Will berates Jennifer for letting Paul skate for his crimes.moreless
  • Ep. #12737
    Ep. #12737
    Episode 4
    Paul tries to keep Emily in the dark by pretending that he is furious with Meg, but secretly he helps Meg in her quest to search the penthouse for information. Carly is devastated when Hal tells her that he would like to have Parker live with him permanently, and begs him not to take their son from her. Barbara convinces Lisa to offer Gwen a job with Casey, picking out music for the club, hoping it will drive a wedge between her and Will. Mike wants to get married right away but worries that Katie is caught up in some sort of scheme with Nick when she hesitates.moreless
  • Ep. #12736
    Ep. #12736
    Episode 3
    Nick tries to thank Jack for helping him beat Anatoly's set-up, but Jack can't forget that Nick had intended to sleep with Carly. Dusty offers Emily a deal -- if she lets him go, he will never tell anyone that he kidnapped her. Jennifer begs her father to release Paul, convinced that he is the only one who can lead them to Dusty. Barbara has a proposition to make to Lisa regarding Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #12735
    Ep. #12735
    Episode 2
    Carly and Jack tell their children that they are separating, and Jack is devastated to learn of yet another of Carly's lies. Jennifer begs Paul to tell them where Dusty is. Katie is thrilled to see Mike home safe and sound, but she and Nick try to cover when he asks what they've been up to.moreless
  • Ep. #12734
    Ep. #12734
    Episode 1
    Lucinda, Kim, Lisa, Susan, Emma and Barbara all head out of town to honor Nancy, but the bus breaks down. While spending time together, the women reminisce about times past, and not all of them are good. Luckily Emma is finally able to get them a way home.