As The World Turns - Season 52

CBS (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #12985
    Ep. #12985
    Episode 1
    Vienna shocks Henry when she asks him to marry him. Faith yells at Parker when she takes a lot of food home. Brad and Katie begin their first promo for the contest. Lily kicks Craig out when she turns down his offer for her to stay at World Wide. Meg takes Faith home and tells her that she got sick. Brad and Jack quarrel over Katie. Meg goes and tells Craig exactly what she thinks of her. Katie tells Henry that she does not want him to marry Vienna. Vienna shares her news with Brad and Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #12986
    Ep. #12986
    Episode 2
    A Las Vegas porn producer gives Emily trouble. Casey goes to the station to turn himself in. Tom tells Casey that there's something wrong with his story on why he left to Michigan. Margo thinks he left town because Maddie was in trouble. Susan tells Dusty that she is worried that Emily might be in some kind of trouble. Gwen spots Jade outside Al's Diner and Will says to just ignore her. Lance tells Emily that it's not Alison in the movie and Emily thinks he's lying. Barbara wants answers from Will gave his whole trust fund to Iris and what she has on them. Will tells Barbara about Gwen and Maddie burying Adam thinking that he was dead. Dusty learns from Cheri that Emily is no longer hooking and that she quit. Alison walks in and thanks Lance for telling Emily that he never met her. Barbara threatens to kill Jade if she opens her mouth about Adam to the police.moreless
  • Ep. #12987
    Ep. #12987
    Episode 3
    Meg and Lily tell Holden about Faith's relapse and Faith overhears and yells at her mother for telling and that she should and tells her father that she is taking the diet pills. Brad and Katie have different opinions about how to surprise the winners. Dusty tells Emily that he quit and Craig orchestrated has taken over as CEO of WorldWide and that he is the her boss. Holden is irate after finding out that what Faith said about Lily is true. Faith collapses outside the farm in Meg's arms and quickly calls Holden and Lily for help. Henry and Katie apologize for what they said and Emma said that they can use the farm for their wedding. Susan calls Emily and that she still hasn't heard from her, Emily then calls Lance and plants the idea that Alison's mother is sick. Katie agrees to be Henry's best man at his wedding. Brad shows up Vienna's suite and start kissing her and Henry walks in on them. Alison after almost falling for Emily's trap tells Lance that no one can know of their affiliation.moreless
  • Ep. #12988
    Ep. #12988
    Episode 4
    Emily tells Dusty that she is prepared to pay him $32,000 if he helps her rescue Alison. Tom tells Maddie that Casey has been placed under house arrest until the sentencing hearing. Will tries to convince Gwen that everything will be fine until Jade arrives and tells Will that Barbara threatened her. Brad tells Henry that nothing happened. Henry says to Vienna this will never work between them and leaves and says that the wedding is off. Jack and Katie decide to have dinner at Al's after discussing Brad and Henry. Luke gives Jade an idea to look for someone that is similar to Gwen and to do her dirty work for her, she then thinks that it could work. Katie and Jack try to persuade that Vienna is only interested in him and not Brad. Jade is able to get a picture of Gwen. Jack gives Brad a message from Henry and punches him in the face. Vienna and Henry patch things up and proceed with the wedding. Dusty and Emily break into Lance's office in Las Vegas and find out that he was indeed lying of ever knowing Alison.moreless
  • Ep. #12989
    Ep. #12989
    Episode 5
    Dusty comes face-to-face with Alison. Jade receives an online response and meets up with Cleo that looks similar to Gwen. Margo tells Will that she got a call from Adam. Gwen interrupts a intimate moment between Maddie and Casey. Alison tells Emily to go ahead and call Susan and that would drive her to the bottle again. Gwen tells Maddie that she took a chance having sex with Casey and asked if she was careful, when Margo could've walked in instead of he and caught them. Dusty and Emily try to think of a way to get Alison away from Lance. Jade keeps Cleo from going to say Hi to Gwen as she and Will walk into Al's. Margo walks in on Casey and Maddie having sex on the couch.moreless
  • Ep. #12990
    Ep. #12990
    Episode 6
    After seeing Casey and Maddie on the couch Margo then tells Casey that Maddie is not ready for this and Margo asks Maddie to move out of the house. Dusty tells Emily that Alison is on Crystal Meth, and after hearing Alison trash Emily for what she did in the past, Dusty tells her either she comes back to Oakdale with them or he'll call the police. Henry learns that Vienna plans to invite her brothers to the wedding but plans to just have Henry by her side and that's all she needs. Jade keeps Cleo from meeting Gwen and telling her that she looks like her. Cleo looks at Gwen through the window at Al's after Jade leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #12991
    Ep. #12991
    Episode 7
    Lily wants Holden to tell her that she hasn't lost him too. Craig tells Lucinda to say goodbye to WorldWide and hello to Montgomery Enterprises. Brad wants Jack to condone for assaulting him the other day at the station. Meg tells Paul to get him to believe that he saw a vision about Johnny's whereabouts Jack is jealous when he sees Katie helping Brad's tuxedo fitting. Vienna looks on as Jack arrests Henry at the Lakeview lounge thinking it's because she gave him all her money.moreless
  • Ep. #12992
    Ep. #12992
    Episode 8
    Vienna goes to the station to try to figure out a way to get Henry released. Jack then releases Henry which pleases Katie. Jade spots Cleo at Crash while with Luke and tells Cleo that she can stay for one song and then she has to leave. Henry asks Maddie for her help in writing his wedding vows to Vienna. Vienna then calls Maddie for her help in buying Henry a wedding present. Gwen starts singing and gets nervous when she sees Jade looking at her, Will then warns her to stay away from Gwen. Jade watches as Cleo mimics her lyrics from in the back. Brad apologizes to Henry as he crashes his bachelor party and Katie and Jack are shocked when a stripper shows up and Katie quickly throws her out. Jade gets a text message to meet someone outside and when she sees Gwen she is then stunned when she realizes it's Cleo and not Gwen. Gwen tells Will that she is relieved that Adam did not show up to hear her sing tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #12993
    Ep. #12993
    Episode 9
    Katie asks Henry again if he wants to go through with the wedding. Maddie learns that Will told Barbara the whole mess with Adam. Jade lays down the gorund rules for Cleo if this plan to break up Gwen and Will works. Barbara tells Gwen and Will an offer that she is letting Iris keep the trust fund money and offers to set up a new trust fund for him and Gwen, Will then turns down her offer. Vienna prepares to walk down the aisle. Parker tells Jack that he is reminded of the wedding in Montana to Carly and the way their family used to be. Vienna is heartbroken when during the ceremony Henry tells her that he can't marry her.moreless
  • Ep. #12994
    Ep. #12994
    Episode 10
    Emma and Brad discover Vienna drunk under the kitchen table. Katie and Henry try to find Henry with no luck. Will is delighted that Alison is back in Oakdale and then tells her that he and Gwen are married, Gwen then sees them hugging. Vienna attacks Katie and blames her for Henry leaving her at the altar. Jade goes to the Wagon Wheel to begin Cleo's transformation to look more like Gwen. Emily surprises Susan is thrilled that her daughter is home and wonders if she's in trouble. Brad finds Henry and tells him to go to Vienna and hope that she will forgive him, he tells Brad to go ahead and be with her. Jack and Katie end up sharing a kiss while discussing their failed relationships. Emily tells Alison to enter a drug treatment center or she'll tell mom everything. Cleo sees Gwen and Will at Al's, Will then spots her when she drops her menu. Jade realizes that Cleo is missing.moreless
  • Nov 9, 2007
    Nov 9, 2007
    Episode 10
    Meg takes steps to discover the paternity of her baby. Jack confesses his true feelings to Holden. Katie discovers Carly's secret and races back to Oakdale to reveal the truth to all.
  • April 15, 2008
    April 15, 2008
    Episode 11
    Carly gives Jack the cold shoulder as she tries to accept that they are over. Katie is torn over Mike and Brad. Kim suggests that Brad and Katie get married live on Oakdale Today.
  • Ep. #12995
    Ep. #12995
    Episode 11
    Katie and Jack break away from their kiss as Brad walks through the door. Jade is able to get Cleo out of there before and scolds her for leaving the hotel. Maddie tries to assure Henry that he will find someone else. Jack offers Vienna to stay at the farm as long as she likes, but declines and says that she's going back to the Lakeview. Jade is astounded when she hears Cleo sound exactly like Gwen. Henry returns to the hotel to hear Brad and Vienna in the room saying that Brad is a man that would never leave her. Feeling that love doesn't last forever, Parker and Faith tell each other that they are never getting married. Parker then invites Faith to go with him to a pep rally at school. Brad tells Vienna that it would be a mistake if he made love to her.moreless
  • Feb 7, 2008
    Feb 7, 2008
    Episode 12
    Meg shocks Craig with her business decision. Lily and Lucinda fight for their lives. Evan meets a shocking fate.
  • Ep. #12996
    Ep. #12996
    Episode 12
    Lily tells Lucinda that she has a fool proof plan on getting WorldWide back to her. Holden finds another box of laxatives and confronts Faith. After running into Katie at the station Jack can't stop thinking about their kiss. Katie tells Margo that she liked the kiss very much, Margo then tells Katie if she wants something more from Jack. Lily buys another bottle of diet pills. Maddie is told by Casey that he wants to speed up the sentencing. Maddie and Casey share a romantic moment not realizing how much time they have left, she's then able to get out of the house before his parents see her. Casey receives harsh news from Margo and Tom that his sentencing is tomorrow.moreless
  • Dec 6, 2007
    Dec 6, 2007
    Episode 13
    Katie and Brad are furious at Carly's untimely interruption. Rosanna demands answers from Paul Meg and Craig share a close moment when they help bring a baby into the world.
  • Ep. #12997
    Ep. #12997
    Episode 13
    Holden tells Lily that her and Faith's eating disorders are getting out of control. Lily makes a difficult decision. Lucinda tells Bob that she vows to reclaim what is hers. Luke tries to get Jade to return kindness to their family, Jade then admits to Luke that she gave Lily some diet pills, he explains that even though their family he doesn't want her as a friend. Paul tells Craig that he'll tell him where Johnny is if he gives WorldWide back to Lucinda. Meg and Paul put on a performance for Craig at Al's, but Craig thinks he's being played. Faith says to stop fighting and that she'll be good and starts to eat enormously, Lily tells Faith that it's no her fault and that it's hers. Holden tells Lucinda that Lily is checking herself into a rehab facility to help with her addiction.moreless
  • Feb 28, 2008
    Feb 28, 2008
    Episode 14
    Luke comes to Noah's defense.Vienna catches Henry in a compromising position. Katie and Brad find comfort in each other's arms.
  • Ep. #12998
    Ep. #12998
    Episode 14
    Luke tells Lucinda not to force Faith to eat something when comes into Al's. Faith asks if Paul can join the, for breakfast. Lucinda warns Paul to steer clear of her family. Emily is touched by Dusty's gesture by offering her a sizeable amount of money to get The Intruder back on it's feet again. Alison is worried when Elwood recognizes her, but is relieved when he saw her in a rock video. Meg tells Paul that they are close to having Craig right where they want him. Susan goes to the hospital and when she leaves so does Alison. Craig tells Meg where her loyalties really lie by asking her to have sex with him. Emily calls Dusty and tells her that Alison has flown the coop.moreless
  • Aug 18, 2008
    Aug 18, 2008
    Episode 15
    Lily tries to move on from Holden with Mike. Paul finds out that the situation at the farm is worse than they anticipated and that it will require a lot more money to fix. Chris tells Bob he'll court Allison the right way.
  • Ep. #12999
    Ep. #12999
    Episode 15
    Luke apologizes to Jade for the way he treated her the other day, and makes an excuse to keep him from finding Cleo. Tom tells Casey that the judge has made his decision. Will and Gwen take Maddie to see Casey at the station, and Casey says that he'll call her when the judge hands down his sentence. Paul is amazed on how much Alison sounds like Rosanna. Maddie is worried that Casey will do time in prison. Cleo tells Jade that she is going take a test and completley fools Elwood into thinking that she is Gwen. Maddie learns that Casey is going to prison for six months. Cleo tells Jade that her bullying stops now and the twoare almost spotted by Gwen and Will while they're talking to Elwood.moreless
  • August 26, 2008
    August 26, 2008
    Episode 16
    Aaron takes a firm stand with Chris over Allison. Casey gets upset when Emily doesn't invite him to Allison and Aaron's engagement party. Aaron tells Lily that she'll always be family to him.
  • Ep. #13000
    Ep. #13000
    Episode 16
    Emily and Dusty run into Alison outside of Al's and finds her with a group of boys and is concerned. Jade tries her best to distract Elwood, to keep him from telling Gwen about their encunter and Gwen tells Jade to leave him alone. Meg tells Lucinda that Paul has changed and that she made a mistake trusting Craig, Lucinda tells Meg that she refuses to join forces with her and Paul. Jade reveals her plan to break up Gwen and Will to Cleo. Alison agrees to get the job at Al's thinking it'll get her money to buy Crystal Meth.moreless
  • Feb 27, 2008
    Feb 27, 2008
    Episode 17
    Luke, Noah and Ameera hit a bump in the road. Gwen throws Will for a loop. Vienna weighs her options.
  • Ep. #13001
    Ep. #13001
    Episode 17
    Katie puts her plan to reunite Vienna and Henry in motion after learning from Brad that he never slept with Vienna. Gwen, Will and Maddie surprise Casey and he tells everyone to get out and that he's in no mood for a party and that he's going to prison, but convinces to join in the fun. Henry tells Katie that he heard Brad in Vienna's hotel room and Katie lets Brad have it. Cleo lets herself into Gwen and Will's house and goes through her things to do her research. Tom and Margo tell Casey that he was granted two days of freedom and no more ankle bracelet. Cleo hides as Gwen and Will come home. Henry goes to see Vienna and apologizes to her and she accepts it, but takes it back when he returns her money to her. Gwen gets a suspicious e-mail from Carly. The cabin is set up for Casey and Maddie's romantic evening.moreless
  • Dec 3, 2007
    Dec 3, 2007
    Episode 18
    Katie accepts Brad's offer, but on her terms. Gwen and Will are horrified when Alison tells them the truth. Iris and Barbara fear the jig is up.
  • Ep. #13002
    Ep. #13002
    Episode 18
    Parker and Faith share a close moment. Margo helps Jack recognize how Katie is feeling. Maddie realizes that the e-mail was sent did not come from Carly but from Jade, Will then calls her and tells her to back off. Henry and Vienna realize that they have been set up by Brad and Katie. Jack realizes tha Brad and Katie are in a hotel room all by themselves.moreless
  • Feb 4, 2008
    Feb 4, 2008
    Episode 19
    Gwen and Will begin a desperate search for Hallie. Chris gets Emily in a compromising position. Lily attempts to retrieve more evidence.
  • Ep. #13003
    Ep. #13003
    Episode 19
    Lucinda tells Holden that Craig should be suffering after what he did to her. Craig meets up with Meg and wonders if she's meeting Paul. Emily tells Dusty that everything is going perfectly in her life; Dusty thinks she's getting her hopes up too high. Paul begins to explain what he wants Alison to do and she thinks he wants her in another way, but he wants her to do an acting job. Alison calls Jesse and says that she has money for ice and is immediately stopped by Emily. Lucinda tells Paul that she is game to take down Craig. A client of Emily sees her and Alison together but Dusty throws him out before he can tell who Emily was. Craig shows up at the farm and plants a kiss on Meg until Holden shows up and doesn't want to hear her excuses; Paul then tells Meg that she is out of this.moreless
  • Dec 5, 2007
    Dec 5, 2007
    Episode 20
    Lily urges Dusty to forget his feelings for Emily, but it's easier said than done. Chris steps over the line and gives Bob an ultimatum. Katie orders Jack to leave her alone.
  • Ep. #13004
    Ep. #13004
    Episode 20
    Margo insists that Jack is jealous that Katie and Brad are in a hotel alone together. Cleo lets Jade know that she is not leaving town and asks her to return the clothes that she took from Gwen. Katie is relieved that she is still dressed when she wakes up in bed next to Brad. Barbara shows up and easily mistakes Cleo for Gwen, she then thinks something is wrong, but Cleo covers that she is just getting over what Adam tried to do. Will tells Jade not to send anymore e-mails pretending to be Carly.moreless
  • Aug 14, 2008
    Aug 14, 2008
    Episode 21
    Mike tells the Snyders that his company is pulling out of the development because of the toxic soil. Paul offers to take over the project. Mike comforts Lily after a fight with Holden.
  • Ep. #13005
    Ep. #13005
    Episode 21
    Katie threatens to shred Brad's little black book if he doesn't tell her what he told Jack. Jade tries to keep Gwen from going home and finding Cleo there. Cleo tries he best to convince Will by pretending that she is Gwen, but he sees right through her and Cleo takes off the wig and admits to Will who she is. Casey and Maddie share a romantic dinner at the Lakeview lounge and learns that Maddie got accepted into Wesleyan but she says she's not going thinking if she does go they won't be together. Jade begins to get nervous when she sees Cleo without her wig and Will is calling the cops, but Will changes his mind if Cleo leaves town and never bothers Gwen again. Will tells Gwen when she comes back about the visitor that he just had.moreless
  • Feb 26, 2008
    Feb 26, 2008
    Episode 22
    Hallie's custody battle is decided. Someone discovers Barbara's secret. Carly and Jack's plan to save Parker hits a major snag.
  • Ep. #13006
    Ep. #13006
    Episode 22
    Will goes after Casey when he attempts to tell Maddie goodbye. Henry overhears Vienna giving Maddie some words of wisdom and then goes to see Casey, Henry then thanks her for making Maddie feel good. Paul tells Meg that Alison sounds like Rosanna and will use her voice to make Craig think Rosanna came out of her coma. Maddie and Casey share an emotional goodbye as he heads off to prison. Lucinda tells Alison about the project that she and Paul are working on. Emily wants to know why the suddden change in Alison from excited to tired when says she doesn't want to get a pedicure anymore. Gwen comes face-to-face with Cleo.moreless
  • Aug 19, 2008
    Aug 19, 2008
    Episode 23
    Paul’s situation goes from bad to worse when he learns that the Snyder land is more toxic than they thought and Emily shows up, snooping for a story. Meg tells Emma that the doctor told her she is pregnant.
  • Ep. #13007
    Ep. #13007
    Episode 23
    Will tells Barbara that the girl she gave the dress to was not Gwen but an impostor. Gwen calls the police, Cleo says that she is leaving and then collapses on the floor. Lucinda and Paul's plan when Alison starts learning how to talk like Rosanna. A woman named Lynn makes trouble for Brad and Katie. Cleo doesn't tell Gwen about Jade, which Gwen doesn't believe a word she says. Alison makes the phone call to Craig which makes him very nervous, by thinking it couldn't have been Rosanna. Megs tells Paul and Lucinda that Craig was rattled by the call that he got. Craig learns that Rosanna has "disappeared".moreless
  • August 27, 2008
    August 27, 2008
    Episode 24
    Barbara tries to help Paul with his Derek situation. James Steinbeck makes another return to Oakdale. Carly, Brad, Katie, Jack, and Janet confer about Liberty and Parker.
  • Ep. #13008
    Ep. #13008
    Episode 24
    Emily tells Dusty that she is worried that Alison is using drugs again. Katie and Brad travel to meet the winner of the Do a Chore for You contest. Jack questions Parker when he finds a book that Carly used to read to him when he was little in the garbage. Kim gets a disturbing call at WOAK from some woman who doesn't want Brad in her town and threatens to kill Brad if he comes. Kim then goes to Jack to warn Brad. Craig is determined to locate Rosanna. Paul calls Alison and says that it's time for another call to Craig. Cheri tries to get Emily to come back to work for her after explaining that everyone is requesting her services. Parker realizes that Faith put the book in his backpack. Emily is alarmed when she sees Paul and Alison together.moreless
  • Dec 7, 2007
    Dec 7, 2007
    Episode 25
    Chris and Bob's argument has disastrous results. Rosanna forks over the money when someone discovers her secret. Katie makes Brad's dreams come true.
  • Ep. #13009
    Ep. #13009
    Episode 25
    Brad and Katie meet the contest winner and they clean up their basement. Craig thinks that Rosanna was in his house earlier. Emily questions why Alison was getting off the elevator with Paul when she said she was meeting Will and Gwen. Lucinda gives Meg a bug to wear hoping to get a confession from Craig on tape. Craig gets information from a reliable source that some woman fitting Rosanna's description boarded a private plane. Emily tells Paul to stay away from Alison. Craig tells Meg that he's possibly being set up by Lucinda or Paul. Brad comes face-to-face with Lynn as she bursts into his hotel room and points a gun at him and Katie.moreless
  • Feb 1, 2008
    Feb 1, 2008
    Episode 26
    Carly and Jack fear the worst when Parker goes missing. Sophie makes a desperate move. Brad's romantic night goes awry.
  • Ep. #13010
    Ep. #13010
    Episode 26
    Lynn continues to hold a gun on Brad and blames him for ruining her life. Faith has some harsh words for Parker. Dusty approaches Paul about giving Alison money to buy drugs. Craig assures Meg that he didn't try to kill Rosanna, while not knowing that he is being recorded. Alison asks Jesse after scoring drugs if he wants to party with her. Jack tackles Lynn on the bed to keep her from shooting Katie; Brad is able to get Katie out of the way. Lynn is then arrested. Emily thinks Alison is in trouble thanks to Paul, but she says that she is not. Paul, Lucinda, and Meg say that it's time to finish their plan.moreless
  • Dec 4, 2007
    Dec 4, 2007
    Episode 27
    Lily finds comfort in Dusty's arms. Sofie comes upon Cole packing his bags. Will rails at Barbara for her deception.
  • Ep. #13011
    Ep. #13011
    Episode 27
    Cleo and Gwen miss each other when they go to Lisa for a job at the Lakeview. Will tells Lisa that hiring Cleo would be a mistake and Lisa tells Cleo that she can't hire her. Parker tells J.J. that he's stupid for ordering flowers for a mother that ran out on them; Faith then has harsh words for Parker when he won't admit that he misses his mother and comes out to help him water the plant. Katie and Jack confront Brad about his lie of spending the night with Katie. Gwen approaches Jade about Cleo coming to see her at her house and thinks she is behind it. Will tells Gwen that it's time to call Margo and tell her about Cleo. Katie and Jack are honest about their true feelings for each other. Cleo looks for a reason to stay in town, she then spots a woman and recognizes her as Gwen's sister Carly.moreless
  • Nov 30, 2007
    Nov 30, 2007
    Episode 28
    Barbara and Iris scramble to keep their secret from coming out. Daytime veteran Wally Kurth arrives as Sam on Carly's doorstep. Brad makes Katie a shocking offer.
  • Ep. #13012
    Ep. #13012
    Episode 28
    Cleo goes to Carly to welcome her home and Carly tells Cleo that she isn't who she says she is. The police arrive at the Wagon Wheel and both of them get nervous and Cleo takes Carly in her room. Katie pulls away from Jack when the two share a kiss on flight home and admits to Jack that she is still married to Mike. Paul asks Alison straight out if she is using drugs or not, she says that she should continue with their plan, Paul almost catches her snorting crystal meth. Craig questions Meg if she really likes him or not after pushing away when he tries to kiss her. Carly realizes how much Cleo looks like Gwen and is able to get rid of Dallas when he checks her room; Carly then demands answers from her on why she is going around posing as her sister.moreless
  • Feb 22, 2008
    Feb 22, 2008
    Episode 29
    A mysterious woman follows Luke and Noah Lily and Holden attempt to rebuild trust. Vienna is lured by temptation. Katie makes a devastating mistake.
  • Ep. #13013
    Ep. #13013
    Episode 29
    Emma gets Jack ready for his first date with Katie. Cleo helps Carly see Parker, J.J., and Sage by disguising herself as Gwen. Paul and Lucinda realize that Alison was high when she called Craig and Paul tells her that she is no longer useful to her and throws her out the room. Paul calls Meg and tells her to get rid of the wire before Craig finds it. Craig wonders if Meg is helping Paul set him up by wearing a wire; she takes off her clothes and when there is no wire Craig tries to apologize but Meg leaves. Carly finds the Mother's Day sale flier that Parker threw away. Emma calls Jack and tells him that Sage had a setback when Gwen didn't remember the plans that they made. Brad runs into Henry at Al's and he tells him that Katie choose Jack over him. Alison sells her soul by offering Jesse more than just money for drugs.moreless
  • Nov 20, 2007
    Nov 20, 2007
    Episode 30
    Daniel Hugh Kelly returns as Win and has a confrontation with Luke and Noah. Meg is hit hard by Paul's words. The truth finally comes out and Craig goes to seek his revenge.
  • Ep. #13014
    Ep. #13014
    Episode 30
    J.J. questions Jack on his and Katie's kiss after Parker opens his mouth. Dusty sees Jesse coming out of Alison's room at the Lakeview and Dusty tells Emily that he knows where Alison is. Later, Emily and Dusty walk in on Jesse and Alison in bed. Lily comes home which does not please Faith; she then realizes that she is not the cause for her mother going to rehab. Emma tells Gwen what a good time the kids had with her last night, but she quickly covers and Gwen and Will realize that Cleo dressed up like her again. Gwen confronts Cleo about what happened last night. J.J. storms out of Al's after telling her that he already has a mother and that he won't forget her, but agrees to give Katie a chance by being her friend. Carly sees Jack at the diner as she passes by.moreless
  • Aug 12, 2008
    Aug 12, 2008
    Episode 31
    Rick’s hostage situation continues as he demands Margo get him a helicopter to fly him to safety. Chris is able to give everyone the antidote in time. Margo worries about the ailing Tom.
  • Ep. #13015
    Ep. #13015
    Episode 31
    Will and Gwen go to Margo and request that they talk to Jack. Dusty pulls Emily into a kiss to keep Susan from learning about Alison's condition. Jack almost sees Carly outside of Al's Diner; Carly then makes a run for it. Alison kisses Dusty while in detox together and then she begins to take her clothes off in front of him. Gwen tells Jack about Cleo impersonating her and stalking her; he then checks to see if his kids are alright and lashes out at Gwen for not reporting her sooner. Carly returns to the Wagon Wheel Motel and tells Cleo that she saw Jack. Later, Cleo dresses up as Gwen to help her see Jack. Jack shows up at Cleo's motel room.moreless
  • August 25, 2008
    August 25, 2008
    Episode 32
    After Lily gives her blessing, Carly and Holden go out on an awkward first date. Aaron asks Allison to marry him, but she asks that they not rush it. Chris and Dani get closer to Allison's concern.
  • Ep. #13016
    Ep. #13016
    Episode 32
    Gwen tells Will that she insists on going back to the station to make sure that Cleo is arrested. Jesse returns for the money that Alison owes him and Dusty tells him not to come back again. Katie takes care of unfinished business. Henry assures Katie that he will not ruin Jack's life. Dusty sees Alison on the ledge of the hotel suite and is able catch her before she slips off. Jack brings Cleo into the police station where she deals with Gwen by taking off the wig and tells her flat out that she never wants to see her again. Carly leaves the motel thinking Cleo will give her up and is caught by the manager. Liv comes by Al's Diner and brags to Luke and Maddie that she and Kevin are going to the prom. Maddie then requests that she and Luke go together. Gwen is stunned to see Carly arrive on her doorstep.moreless
  • Feb 29, 2008
    Feb 29, 2008
    Episode 33
    Alison's suspicions of Matt continue to grow. Carly puts her life on the line for Parker. Brad and Katie become victims.
  • Ep. #13017
    Ep. #13017
    Episode 33
    Carly tells Gwen that Simon insisted that she come back to Oakdale; she then asks a favor to help bail Cleo out of jail. Meg and Paul disagree. Katie tells Tom that she wants to file for divorce against Mike so she can move on. Jack questions Parker, J.J., and Sage about Gwen's behavior the other night. J.J. tells Jack that he will give Katie a chance. Craig listens as Lily tells him to give the company to her mother. Gwen comes to Cleo's aid by offering to pay her bail and Jack wants to know what changed her mind. J.J. apologizes to Katie for his behavior at the diner. Lily confronts Lucinda on her and Paul's attempt to make Craig think that Rosanna is back. Carly attempts to see her children at the farm.moreless
  • Feb 5, 2008
    Feb 5, 2008
    Episode 34
    Carly tries to spend one on one time with Parker. Cowboy Jack meets a fiery fate. To his dismay, Margo begins to investigate Chris. As the body count rises, Holden attempts to get Lily out of town.
  • Ep. #13018
    Ep. #13018
    Episode 34
    Katie and J.J. hear a noise on the porch. Carly overhears that Katie and Jack are together. Gwen assures Jack that Cleo will never go near his kids again. Will learns that Carly had Cleo help her see her children. Henry gets advice from Brad that he and Vienna belong together. Parker tells J.J. that he thinks someone else was there besides Katie. Carly begs Simon for help. A mysterious figure is seen in Vienna's hotel suite.moreless
  • Aug 15, 2008
    Aug 15, 2008
    Episode 35
    Dani Andropoulos returns to Oakdale. Casey and Emily are uneasy as they sign their annulment papers. Carly tries to avoid Holden.
  • Ep. #13019
    Ep. #13019
    Episode 35
    Carly is discovered in Bay City by a cop while asleep on a bench at the bus station and lets her off with a warning to get on the bus and leave. Carly then gets a text message on her phone saying that "It's Done" and buys a bus ticket to Oakdale. Vienna goes to Henry and shows him that someone put the necklace of Leonia around her neck while she was sleeping. Emily gives Alison the choice to either go to a real rehab facility and tell Susan. Brad sees Katie and Jack kissing on the set of Oakdale Now. Katie is delighted when Jack offers to spend the night with her alone. Henry shows Jack the "stolen" necklace and if the diamonds are real it's likely Prince Adolpho will drop his case. Susan tells Emily she is glad she is dating someone who is good for her. Henry tells Katie that having the date with Jack won't happen and that Carly is possibly back in town. Lance returns to Oakdale to cause more trouble for Alison. While reminiscing about his memories with Carly, Jack turns around to find Carly in their Milltown home.moreless
  • Feb 25, 2008
    Feb 25, 2008
    Episode 36
    Noah, Luke and Ameera set out on a road trip. Alison opens up about her past. Henry gives Vienna an ultimatum.
  • Ep. #13020
    Ep. #13020
    Episode 36
    Carly explains to Jack that she is back for good and isn't going anywhere. Maddie tells Henry that he'd better hurry up and tell Vienna how he feels before she leaves. Alison keeps Emily, her mother and Dusty from seeing Lance by telling to come back in an hour. Margo explains to Katie that no matter how far Carly travels, she will always be a part of Jack. Carly tells Jack that she and Simon aren't together anymore and that she came back alone. Alison tells Lance that she is getting clean and for him to go back to Vegas, he tells her that he isn't going back without her. Maddie tells Luke not to worry and that he will look fine at the prom.moreless
  • Nov 8, 2007
    Nov 8, 2007
    Episode 37
    Chris and Bob can't see eye-to-eye. Carly works hard to get what she wants.
  • Ep. #13021
    Ep. #13021
    Episode 37
    Lily gives Lucinda a proposal to start a new company from the ground up but she refuses it. Lucinda persuades Meg to go to Craig, after Meg tells her that Paul advised her not to. Craig confesses to Meg that he had her followed and believes that she is on his side. Jack tells Katie that Carly is back for good; she then thinks she doesn't have a future with him. Jack tells Carly that even though the necklace is returned she is still under arrest. Meg tells Craig about the kind of friends that she wants in her life and she doesn't want him as a friend. Carly is then reunited with Sage and J.J., but Parker isn't too pleased to see his mother. He tells her in front of everyone that she should have never come home and that she belongs in jail.moreless
  • November 19, 2007
    November 19, 2007
    Episode 38
    Katie lets Carly know what she thinks of her. Brad sells himself out. Alison and Aaron team up to get the goods on Cole.
  • Ep. #13022
    Ep. #13022
    Episode 38
    Will comes to Cleo's rescue as she is the victim of a mugging. Bob catches Lucinda going through a medicine cabinet and asks her what she is doing. Meg tells Holden that she's not going to do anything about Craig personally, but is worried that Lucinda might do something. Henry signs Vienna's money back over to her, Vienna says that she is leaving town. Lucinda covers by telling Bob that she isn't feeling well, and after Bob leaves Lucinda takes a bottle of pills. Margo tells Craig that she will never forget what he did to Tom by Daniel getting kidnapped drove him to have a heart attack and her almost losing the love of her life. Lucinda causes a scene and slips Craig something in his coffee and later on he passes out on the floor. Gwen comes home to see Will and Cleo and Gwen offers Cleo to stay with them. Henry pleads with Vienna to stay in Oakdale which she does. Meg sees Craig passed out on the floor and begins CPR.moreless
  • Nov 14, 2007
    Nov 14, 2007
    Episode 39
    Dusty won't let Emily off the hook. Lily sees Holden in another woman's arms. Rosanna can't take the pressure and collapses.
  • Ep. #13023
    Ep. #13023
    Episode 39
    Lucinda counts the minutes to Craig's untimely doom. Meg gives Craig something hoping it'll save his life, Craig then ragains consciousness and thinks that someone poisoned his coffee. Parker's word about their mom belonging in jail hurts Sage very much. J.J. tells Jack to help Carly to get her out of jail and for her to come home. Vienna tells Katie not to let Carly get her hooks into Jack again and to fight for him. Jack tells Carly that he may be able to help him after all. Brad tells Katie that Jack is with Carly at the station and that should spell it out for her. Lance threatens to expose Alison to her family, if he doesn't go with her right now. Meg confronts Lucinda in about what she found in Craig's coffee cup, and keeps it for insurance. Jack offers to get Carly to sign a statement saying that she was coherced into stealing the crown jewels and got Tom to represent her. Lance offers Alison some ice to calm her down. Katie tells Jack that whatever Carly is making him do, not to do it.moreless
  • Nov 13, 2007
    Nov 13, 2007
    Episode 40
    Carly pays for her mistakes. Katie tells Jack her true feelings. Sophie succumbs to Cole's demands.
  • Ep. #13024
    Ep. #13024
    Episode 40
    Carly tells Gwen that she could be doing 25 years if Jack doesn't help her. Will accidentally knocks hot chocolate on Cleo while she attempted to bring him some. Craig asks Meg why she saved his life and didn't let him die and also what she was doing in his office. Katie tells Jack not to help Carly and not to get mixed up with her again by lying under oath. Craig comes to the conclusion that Lucinda poisoned him. Gwen comes home to see Cleo wearing her robe and sitting on the couch. Will and Cleo explain to Gwen what happened. Katie learns from Margo that Jack did call Tom to help defend Carly. Tom tells Carly that the state wants to make this case go away, and that the charges could be dropped. Jack then tells Carly that there is someone else in his life. Jack goes to Katie and tells her that his feelings for her haven't changed and that if she still wants to go to Chicago. Craig asks Meg to marry him which leaves her speechless.moreless
  • Ep. #13025
    Ep. #13025
    Episode 41
    After getting a clue from Brad, Carly realizes that Jack and Katie are seeing each other. Vienna is touched by having a commitment ceremony instead of getting a marriage proposal. Parker finds Carly at the farm and threatens to call the police, but Carly tells him that she is a free. Still, Parker tells Carly to go away.moreless
  • Ep. #13026
    Ep. #13026
    Episode 42
    Susan tells a surprised Lucinda that Craig survived. Luke and Maddie visit at Al's after they went to the prom together. Maddie makes a series of videos on her phone to send to Casey. Kevin and Liv come over to their table and say hello. Craig tells Meg that if she marries him he will give Worldwide back to Lucinda. Craig lies to Susan on how his cardiac arrest occurred. Gwen goes to Lisa asking for her to give Cleo a chance working at the Lakeview, but Will thinks it's a big mistake. Holden tells Paul that he is wasting his time asking for Meg's hand in marriage. Gwen tells Cleo the good news that Lisa has agreed to hire her. After Maddie caught Luke looking over at Kevin, Luke tells her that he is over him. Paul has a vision of someone getting married and the bride is screaming.moreless
  • Ep. #13027
    Ep. #13027
    Episode 43
    Paul tells Barbara about his vision of him hurting Meg. Craig asks Tom to look at the papers he drew up. Carly explains that she cares that Jack is happy; Jack then tells Carly that Katie will be there with the kids at J.J.'s baseball game. Lucinda wonders if Meg really has feelings for Craig, but Meg says that she doesn't. Brad thinks that Katie's night with Jack is the reason she's being so nice to him when she arrives for work. Craig shows Meg the papers and she sees that he is giving Montgomery Enterprises to her and trusts her to make the right decision.moreless
  • Ep. #13028
    Ep. #13028
    Episode 44
    Noah introduces himself to Maddie and then she gets embarrassed when she realizes that she sent her video intended for Casey to his phone by mistake. Susan lays into Dusty when he broke up with Emily. Alison spots Lance and he continues to threaten to tell her mother everything if she doesn't come back to Las Vegas with him. Carly shows up to take care of Sage, J.J., and Parker; Parker continues to give her the cold shoulder. Dusty thinks that Alison is hooking up with Lance again; Alison tells Dusty that Lance is threatening to tell her mother everything if he refuses to help her. Parker tells Jack that the reason that he ran away is because he doesn't want to be around his mother anymore and that she should be spending the rest of her life on jail.moreless
  • Ep. #13029
    Ep. #13029
    Episode 45
    Craig tells Holden and Lily that he asked Meg to marry him. Carly lays into Katie about her filling in as "Mom" when she was away and now that she is back she is no longer needed. Henry takes Brad to Yo's to show him that there is life after Katie. Jack and Parker return to the farm to hear Carly and Katie arguing. Jack tells Carly to leave. Henry tells Brad that the next woman to walk into the bar will be his; Brad looks over his shoulder as Carly walks in. Paul arrives at the Lakeview and learns of Craig's marriage proposal to Meg. J.J. thanks Parker for ruining his Mom's sleepover.moreless
  • Ep. #13030
    Ep. #13030
    Episode 46
    Paul tells Craig that Meg can't marry him cause she's still in love with him and wants Meg to admit it but she won't. Brad and Carly move in for a kiss but pushes him off his stool. Brad follows Carly back to her house to give her keys back to her. Jack surprises Katie when he arrives at WOAK with food since their date tonight was ruined. Lucinda is shocked when Craig tells her that he plans to sign over the shares of World Wide to Meg as soon as they are married.moreless
  • Ep. #13031
    Ep. #13031
    Episode 47
    Alison tells Emily that Lance followed her to Oakdale and said he would give her drugs if she went back to Las Vegas with him. Gwen returns home to see Cleo listening to one of her demos. Craig asks Margo if she would stand up for him at his wedding with Meg; Margo agrees but she tells him she'd better not regret it. Emma tells Meg that nothing good will come of her marriage to Craig if she doesn't love him. Cheri realizes that the person interfering with Lance is Dusty. Lance tells Alison that he heard some interesting stories about her big sister. Cheri tells Dusty that she has a way to get even with him since her illegal hooking operation was shut down.moreless
  • Ep. #13032
    Ep. #13032
    Episode 48
    Faith breaks up a fight between J.J. and Parker. Jack sees a drunk Carly on the sofa; she then tells Jack that Brad brought her some company last night. Lance exposes Emily's past to Alison, and Emily confirms that Lance is telling the truth. Katie learns from Kim that someone lodged a complaint that she and Jack where on the set after hours. Katie immediately accuses Brad of lodging the complaint; she then presses Brad's face in a pie. Faith points out that she and Parker are going out; Parker tells her that he likes her as a friend and that he doesn't need a girlfriend. Faith later sees Parker with Morgan. Susan wants to know where Lance is taking Alison; Lance insists that Susan ask Emily for more information.moreless
  • Ep. #13033
    Ep. #13033
    Episode 49
    Brad asks Jack if he is jealous of him and Carly. Dusty learns that Lance is taking Alison back to Vegas with him. Faith sees Parker talking to Morgan; after they leave she begins eating a candy bar. Susan demands the truth from Emily; Emily then admits to having sex with men for money. J.J. comes to see Carly and tells her that he wishes he can come and see her all the time. Cheri tells Dusty that she informed Lance that Emily was one of her girls. Susan is shocked when Emily confesses that Alison was involved in adult films. Lily goes to see Carly and tells her that she is going to back her financially in her business. Faith hides the candy bar as Holden comes up to her. Susan lays into Dusty for not telling her what Alison has been going through. Jack scolds Parker after catching him using a BB Gun. Lance makes a phone call to someone telling them that Alison is back in Vegas and she has no clue what he has planned. Carly hears Jack threaten to have Parker put someplace.moreless
  • Ep. #13034
    Ep. #13034
    Episode 50
    Carly tells Jack that she will not let him take Parker away. Barbara runs into Cleo and asks for her help into doing something nice for Gwen and Will. Alison wants to know why Lance is filming in their hotel room. J.J. lets Parker have it after he refuses to have his mother stand up for him. Lance slaps Alison after she tells him that she doesn't want to do it anymore; Dusty shows up and threatens to break the door down if Lance doesn't open it. Dusty gets knocked out and Alison takes a razor and cuts Lance. Barbara goes to Will and Gwen with the idea of a charity of those who lost loved ones in the line of duty; Barbara also mentions to Will that it was Cleo's idea. Jack goes to Tom and tells him that he wants to bring up the subject of adopting Parker; Carly shows up thinking of the same idea. After Parker leaves with Morgan, J.J. gets the B.B. gun and leaves it outside hoping it'll get Parker in trouble; Faith drops by, trips over the gun, and appears hurt in the arm. Will thanks Cleo for the idea of Gwen finishing her demo for charity.moreless
  • Ep. #13035
    Ep. #13035
    Episode 51
    J.J. feels guilty about Faith getting shot by the BB gun, he then calls Jack to come quickly. Holden refuses to let Lily be apart of the wedding when Craig asks her to be Meg's matron of honor. Barbara asks Paul if he see Craig and Meg as a married couple, what's going to keep him from killing him. Jack yells at Parker for leaving the gun when he asked him to put it away, Parker swears that he did put it back. Parker tells Carly that if she believes him that he didn't leave it outside. Barbara helps Paul see Meg, Craig thinks something is up when Barbara isn't where she said she was going. Carly tells Parker that she is on his side and that she believes him, but he says that she doesn't want her on his side. Craig goes to Paul's hotel room and prepares to go in.moreless
  • Ep. #13036
    Ep. #13036
    Episode 52
    Meg hides on the ledge to keep Craig from finding her in Paul's room. Barbara sets Gwen up with a producer to finish her demo and she thanks Cleo for making it happen. Noah and Maddie think of the idea to stream brief episodes through cell phones. Craig runs into Barbara and asks where Meg is. Gwen introduces Cleo to everyone at WOAK; after seeing Cleo with Gwen, Jade says that Cleo has to go before she ruins what's left of her life; she then lets herself into Gwen's house and takes Gwen's jewelry and places it in Cleo's bag. Craig tells Meg that they should move the wedding to tomorrow.moreless
  • Ep. #13037
    Ep. #13037
    Episode 53
    Gwen asks Cleo what her lucky earrings are doing in her bag, Cleo thinks someone is out to get her. Paul learns from a florist that Craig will be marrying Meg to day and not to breaking into their house again. Cleo confronts Jade about her taking Gwen's earrings and putting them in her bag. Craig tells Margo that he is getting married later this evening. Meg tells Emma that she is marrying Craig to so he can give Lucinda World Wide back to her, Emma tells Meg that this is wrong and not to go through with it. Dusty has the police come to the hotel, he then comforts Alison in Vegas. While in bed Alison and Dusty begin to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #13038
    Ep. #13038
    Episode 54
    Jack tells Carly that he got a lawyer that says that she doesn't have rights since she took off. Dusty doesn't want Alison telling anyone what happened between them in Vegas. Carly tells Jack that maybe what happened to Faith wasn't Parker's fault. Faith tells Lily that she began to like Parker and then she saw him with Morgan. Emily tells Aaron what brings him back to Oakdale, he then asks where he can find Alison. Will questions Cleo about seeing her and Jade talking. J.J. goes to the station and tells Jack that they can't send Parker away because of the gun and that it isn't right. Carly tries to convince Parker to try to get Jack to believe that he didn't do it. Will confronts Jade and she says that Cleo tracked her down. J.J. tells Faith that he put the gun outside.moreless
  • Ep. #13039
    Ep. #13039
    Episode 55
    Carly is determined to get her family back no matter what Katie wants. Tom gives the papers for Meg to sign making her the majority stockholder of Montgomery Enterprises. Emma tells Meg that it's not too late to back out of the wedding. Faith tells J.J. that he has to tell the truth, J.J. thinks they'll send him away too. Craig tells Meg that she owns the company but tells her he'll give it to her after the wedding. J.J. comes clean to Carly about his part in leaving the gun out and not Parker. J.J. shows Jack and Carly a note from Parker saying that he has ran away and that they won't find him.moreless
  • Ep. #13040
    Ep. #13040
    Episode 56
    Lucinda keeps Paul from interrupting the ceremony. Faith has an idea where Parker ran off to, and Jack and Carly then go to find him; Carly then asks Katie to look after J.J. and Faith while they go look for Parker. Paul watches from the door as Meg and Craig are pronounced husband and wife. Henry learns from Vienna that she's thinking of opening a spa in Oakdale. Katie tells Brad that if he isn't going to help then to leave right now. Paul and Meg meet and mentions that Craig bought the rings that he returned. Craig overhears Paul and Meg and learns that she plans on giving the company back to Lucinda and running away with Paul. Parker waits outside the museum while it starts to rain; Carly and Jack catch up with him and tell him that they know he didn't leave the gun out. Craig tells Meg that there's been a change of plans and they aren't going to their reception. Emma becomes worried when the bride and groom don't arrive at the reception.moreless
  • Ep. #13041
    Ep. #13041
    Episode 57
    Paul tells Lucinda that Craig abducted Meg and is going to punish her for betraying him. Luke tells Jade that he thinks he's falling for Noah even though he's straight. Jack tells Parker that he can spend the night with Carly. Carly is at a loss for words when Parker tells her that he is so sorry for not giving her a chance also not talking to her, they then share an emotional hug. While in the church Paul has a vision of some rocks falling off a cliff. Maddie runs into Elwood and he asks if she heard anything from Casey, Maddie then opens up to Noah about her boyfriend being in prison. A pilot gives Paul and Lucinda information on where Craig's plane went but hit a dead end. Carly is touched when Jack tells her that whatever she said to Parker it worked and that they need her, Katie then walks in.moreless
  • Ep. #13042
    Ep. #13042
    Episode 58
    Aaron tells Holden that maybe he doesn't know Alison at all. Alison tells Dusty that she doesn't think she can face Emily. Craig tells Meg that she should've changed out of the wedding dress before she started making out with Paul in the church. Meg tries to convince Craig that Paul forced a kiss on him, but Craig tells Meg that he heard her say that he was going to run away with Paul. Lucinda arrives to help Paul, but he sees right through her and that she only wants the contract for her company. Emily thinks Dusty is keeping something from her about what happened in Vegas. Aaron runs into Alison, and he tells her that he wants to get back what they had.moreless
  • Ep. #13043
    Ep. #13043
    Episode 59
    Alison tells Aaron that he never should have come looking for her. Meg begins to take her clothes off in front of Craig. Gwen gives Cleo the credit for her finishing her demo, but Cleo says that Will should take the credit instead. Dusty doesn't tell Emily the whole story of happened in Las Vegas. Aaron tells Alison that he promises to make it up to her. Craig puts something in Meg's tea and she passes out. Craig sends Paul a text message from Meg's cell phone to meet her at Shadow Cliff. Gwen suggests that Cleo accompany her to Branson, Missouri as her assistant. Noah tells an excited Gwen that Oakdale Now is going to be filming her performance on- and off-stage. Meg starts to regain consciousness. Alison tells Aaron that she can't go back to him and says goodbye. Paul shows up at the cliff and Craig surprises him Craig then points a gun at Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #13044
    Ep. #13044
    Episode 60
    Craig shoots Paul but the bullet only grazes him on his back, Craig then tells him to stay out of his and Meg's life forever. Lucinda finds Meg unconscious in her hotel room. Jack agrees when Carly asks him to stay for dinner with Parker, Sage and J.J. Maddie tells Gwen that Casey isn't coming back to Oakdale, and that he's breaking up with her. J.J. apologizes to Parker for leaving the BB gun out, as Carly and Jack watch from outside. Meg realizes that Craig has gone after Paul. Maddie agrees to go to Branson with Gwen which makes Cleo mad. J.J. and Parker get into a fight after accusing him of cheating, which leads Carly getting hit in the face. Jade then sees Cleo writing in her journal at Al's. Maddie admits to Noah that she and Casey are overwith. Jade waits for Cleo to leave and then begins to read her journal. Parker and J.J. apologize to Carly. Paul and Craig's fight intensifies on Shadow Cliff, Craig then offers to pull Paul up.moreless
  • Ep. #13045
    Ep. #13045
    Episode 61
    Cleo returns and Jade comes in the room with her diary. Meg watches in horror as Paul lets go and plunges down the cliff into the water. Craig throws the gun before the cops show it. Parker asks Faith how she's feeling, Faith then tells him that if she can forgive him why not him. Jack tells J.J. not to get his hopes up when J.J. sees them almost kiss. Cleo hits Jade over that head and asks her to give back her journal. Will comes home and breaks up the fight between Cleo and Jade, Cleo then quickly hides her diary. Jack tells Carly that J.J. got the wrong idea about the two of them. Craig deletes the text message he sent to Paul's phone. Holden goes to Jack concerning Meg's whereabouts. Jade tries to convince Will that Cleo wrote all those crazy things, but instead has her arrested for breaking into his house. Carly tells Lily that she loves Jack and that she wants him back.moreless
  • Ep. #13046
    Ep. #13046
    Episode 62
    Jade tries to convince Will that she is not a threat but Cleo is. Alison tells Emily that she talked to Aaron and that he wants a second chance with her. Craig tells a British Columbian officer that Lucinda is lying to him and that he did not push Paul off the cliff. Lucinda then asks Meg to tell what happened, and Meg takes Craig's side. Jade is fed up with Cleo's theatrics and looks for her diary. Aaron tells Dusty that he is moving back to Oakdale permanently; Dusty agrees to put in a good word so he can get a bartending job at the Lakeview. Jade agrees to leave; Will reveals that does not think Cleo would ever write the things that Jade was accusing her of. Alison runs into Aaron. After the police find Meg's locket, Meg refuses to believe that Paul is dead. Later Meg is grateful when Craig offers to continue the search for Paul. Craig looks on and smiles as Meg rips up the contract in front of Lucinda. Will is driven off the road.moreless
  • Ep. #13047
    Ep. #13047
    Episode 63
    Holden offers to take Meg home but she says she will not go until Paul is found. Noah tells Gwen about Will's confrontation with Jade. Carly meets Sal, a potential client, but he does not want to do business with a criminal. Will sees someone take something while he is injured after the accident. Katie helps with Brad's finger before leaving to go to Kim's party with Jack. Dusty finds and rescues Will by calling 911, and then informs Gwen of Will's accident. Aaron and Alison enjoy a day together in Old Town. Holden confronts Craig about using Meg as leverage, but Meg defends Craig by asking Holden to leave them alone. Brad asks Carly to come to Kim's party.moreless
  • Ep. #13048
    Ep. #13048
    Episode 64
    Emily runs into Cheri at the Lakeview and tells her that she didn't enjoy her telling Lance that she was one of her girls. Lily wants to know why Jade won't tell her why she looks so scared. Will and Gwen try to figure out who would try to hurt him. Luke tries to hide his jealousy when Noah tells him that he and Maddie are going to Branson, but Luke turns down when he is also invited. Dusty explains to Susan that Emily is the finest person he could ever know in his life. Dusty tells Emily that he wants to enjoy what's in front of him, Emily is then caught off guard by Dusty's kiss. Jade is questioned regarding Will's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #13049
    Ep. #13049
    Episode 65

    Brad thinks that the reason Carly is accompanying him to the party is to make Jack jealous. Jade explains that she brought Cleo to Oakdale, but is then arrested when they couldn't find anything to prove her theory. Katie asks Brad why he brought Carly to the party. Jade calls Luke and explains all that she has done, Luke says that he still believes her innocence. Noah asks Maddie if she thinks that Jade is telling the truth about Cleo. Luke sees Cleo put something in the trash and waits until she leaves.

  • Ep. #13050
    Ep. #13050
    Episode 66
    With Elwood not willing to let go of her video past, Alison comes clean to Aaron about the drugs and the porn, assuming he'll turn on her. Barbara blames Meg for Paul's death, then pleads for her son to come back to her. Katie warns Jack that Carly wants him back and Brad and Carly team up to get what they want.moreless
  • Ep. #13051
    Ep. #13051
    Episode 67
    Aaron tells Alison that he doesn't want her past to stand between them, and that he wants another chance with her. Although initially leery, Alison agrees, but tells him that she wants to take things slow. After Vienna's attempts to massage Henry go awry, she tries her luck with a bellhop, which makes Henry jealous. Susan invites Dusty to lunch with her and Emily. Lily tries to convince Carly that trying to break up Jack and Katie would be a mistake, but Carly is determined to get Jack back.moreless
  • Ep. #13052
    Ep. #13052
    Episode 68
    Jade finally finds the evidence she needs to prove that Cleo set her up, but Gwen has already sent Cleo off with Will. Noah's father appears in Branson.
  • Ep. #13053
    Ep. #13053
    Episode 69
    Maddie is devastated that Casey has turned away from her entirely and falls into Noah's arms. Alison and Dusty continue to hide the truth about their tryst. Cleo turns dangerous.
  • Ep. #13054
    Ep. #13054
    Episode 70
    Emily and Dusty continue to struggle with their feelings for each other. Lance gets beat up by Aaron, and later puts on a DVD of Alison and Dusty making love in Las Vegas. In Branson, Luke finds Maddie and Noah in bed together. Later, Luke comes out to Noah. Cleo ties Gwen & Jade to train tracks. Cleo is escorted to the stage dressed as Gwen to perform with Andy.moreless
  • Ep. #13055
    Ep. #13055
    Episode 71
    Emily sees the DVD of Alison and Dusty making love in Las Vegas. In Branson, Cleo, dressed up as Gwen, lip-syncs Gwen's song on-stage at the Andy Williams Theatre. Cleo and Gwen get loose from the train tracks just before Gwen is struck by an oncoming train. Gwen sings with Andy Williams and Cleo is taken off to jail.moreless
  • Ep. #13056
    Ep. #13056
    Episode 72
    Aaron considers leaving town, but later Holden changes his mind. Susan gets the news that Dusty and Alison slept together in Las Vegas. Emily forgives Alison for what she's done. Brad fakes a phone call in front of Katie and gives her the impression that Jack's buying an engagement ring.
  • Ep. #13057
    Ep. #13057
    Episode 73
    Meg feels guilty and Emma comforts her. Holden and Lily tell Faith about Paul's death. Brad gives Katie more reasons to doubt Jack. Sage gets dropped off at Carly's house.
  • Ep. #13058
    Ep. #13058
    Episode 74
    Craig decides that he wants Meg to keep the company instead of turning it back over to Lucinda. Emily decides to take a trip with Daniel to get far away from Dusty and Alison. Vienna discovers that there was no ring and that Brad set Katie up. Carly admits to loving Jack, and she wants him back.moreless
  • Ep. #13059
    Ep. #13059
    Episode 75
    Jade apologizes to Gwen and Will for the way that she treated them. Will then tells Jade that he appreciates for what she did for them in Branson. Luke feels uncomfortable around Maddie and Noah at work. Vienna and Katie give Brad a taste of his own medicine after getting caught by making Katie think that Jack was going to propose. Carly confesses to still loving Jack, which leaves him speechless after she plants a kiss on him; Jack tells Carly that he is over her. Carly then calls Jack a liar. Katie wants Brad to tell her how deep Carly is involved in the lies.moreless
  • Ep. #13060
    Ep. #13060
    Episode 76
    Katie is at loss for words when Jack asks her to marry her. Barbara throws Lucinda's sympathy flowers on the floor. Carly gives Parker the news about Paul being missing and presumed dead. Meg corrects Craig when she wants to annul their marriage. Carly tells Jack of the memorial that Barbara has arranged for Paul and to bring Parker. Gwen tells Will that she knows what's wrong with her. Vienna tells Henry that she is seeing Katie in a whole new light and thinks she belongs with Jack. Parker says that he should go to the memorial with Carly and Jack. Katie tells Vienna that she is going to trust that Jack loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #13061
    Ep. #13061
    Episode 77
    Barbara forces Craig to leave Paul's memorial. Emma suggests to Meg to keep the WorldWide to herself and do some good with it. Faith admits to Parker that she's upset. Carly confesses her schemes with Brad to Jack. Jack informs Carly that he is going to formally propose to Katie.
  • Ep. #13062
    Ep. #13062
    Episode 78
    Susan orders Dusty to stay away from her children. Aaron insists to Alison that he cannot forgive her. Later, Alison gets some crystal meth from Jesse. Vienna and Henry look to enlarge their spa business. Jack asks Vienna for engagement ring advice. Ava finds J.J. in Old Town.
  • Ep. #13063
    Ep. #13063
    Episode 79
    Will and Carly both worry over a nauseous Gwen. Later, Gwen reveals to Will that she is pregnant. Ava asks J.J. for Julia's old music box. Jack and Katie prepare for their special night.
  • Ep. #13064
    Ep. #13064
    Episode 80
    Ava and Silas cannot find a key that was supposed to be in Julia's old music box, so they kidnap J.J. Carly breaks up Jack's engagement proposal to inform Jack that J.J. is missing. Alison pretends to flirt with Jesse, but then knees him in the groin. Susan catches Alison with drugs and urges her to go into rehab. Noah puts his hand on Luke's shoulder and Luke appears uncomfortable. Bob runs some tests to make sure Gwen is really pregnant. Will and Gwen tell Barbara about the pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #13065
    Ep. #13065
    Episode 81
    Henry and Vienna almost hear J.J. scream as they look at spots for her massage parlor. Silas calls Jack wanting the key. Jack realizes that the key was in a secret compartment in the music box. Craig wants to know why Meg referred to the cleaning lady that she and him are married. Carly breaks down to the possibility that J.J. could be hurt.moreless
  • Ep. #13066
    Ep. #13066
    Episode 82
    Lucinda realizes that Craig is teaching Meg to do his bidding. Katie offers to help but Carly says that she has done enough. Holden calls Jack and says that someone saw J.J. Meg informs Lucinda that she plans to keep the company for herself.
  • Ep. #13067
    Ep. #13067
    Episode 83
    Brad and Katie make an on-air plea for J.J.'s safe return. Aaron jumps to conclusions when he witnesses a close moment between Alison and Dusty. J.J. attempts to escape Silas, but is thwarted when Ava comes back. Jack tells Katie that the kidnappers want $100,000 in exchange for J.J. Carly goes to Lily for her help in getting the money, but Lily thinks Jack might be right. Will tells Gwen that fresh air will help with the morning sickness; Gwen doesn't want anyone besides Barbara that she is pregnant. Lily agrees to give Carly the money. Jack sees something on Henry's shoes. Gwen shares the good news to Carly that she is pregnant. Henry tells Jack that he heard a yelp at the place he was looking at yesterday. Silas tells J.J. that he is not letting him go.moreless
  • Ep. #13068
    Ep. #13068
    Episode 84
    Craig tells Parker to lay into him for Paul's disappearance. Katie learns that Carly paid the ransom. Ava covers J.J.'s mouth as Jack hears a noise and moves quickly to investigate it. J.J. leaves a clue thinking Jack will find it. Dallas refuses to give Jack's whereabouts to Carly thinking it'll jeopardize J.J.'s safety, Carly then overhears Dallas say where J.J. could be. Barbara gets a phone call from a doctor saying that Paul was found and she is shocked to learn that he is alive. Henry tells Katie the place where J.J. might be being held at. Silas lights the fuse of some dynamite and Jack hears Carly and the thing blows up trapping them in the building. Carly finds an unconscious Jack and tries to revive him, she's relieved when she finds a pulse, just as Katie arrives.moreless
  • Ep. #13069
    Ep. #13069
    Episode 85
    Aaron shows Sofie, the new waitress, around the Lakeview and later sees Alison. Holden comes home to find Craig making pancakes for Parker; Meg thanks Holden for not freaking out. Barbara goes to see Paul hoping that he'll respond to hearing her voice. Parker offers to help find J.J. but Holden doesn't think that's a good idea. Alison is offended when Aaron suggests what Dusty is getting out of helping her. Dusty discovers that Alison returned the money that he gave her. Sofie covers for Aaron when she said that she broke a glass. Alison tells Dusty after he shows up at the diner that she doesn't need his help. Barbara sees improvement and quickly calls for Dr. Voss. A comatose Paul has a dream of Rosanna. Parker tells Craig that he doesn't have to bribe him since he is not a little kid anymore. Craig and Meg argue and end up kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #13070
    Ep. #13070
    Episode 86
    Paul wants to know the real reason Barbara won't talk about Meg. Holden brings Sage and Parker to see Jack. Paul tells Barbara that he is not going back home with her. Craig confesses that even after everything he and Meg have been through he still loves her. Paul can't believe the thought of Meg living with Craig. Carly tells Jack that she paid the ransom. Barbara tells Paul that she saw Craig and Meg in an intimate moment; Paul then calls Fairwinds and the maid tells him that they spent the night at the Snyder Farm. Holden tells Lily that he knows that Carly got the money from her. Margo gets a statement from Mel who saw J.J. get into a car. Paul tells Barbara to keep quiet and not tell anyone that he's alive, especially Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13071
    Ep. #13071
    Episode 87
    Dallas tells Jack that there's a witness that saw J.J. being forced in a car. Luke continues to hide his feelings from Noah. Lily faces an angry Holden when he realizes that Lily gave Carly the ransom money and that she is keeping secrets from him again. Noah announces that he is going to Oakdale University since his father is not paying his tuition. Jack asks Carly to help him out of the bed so he can help find J.J. Aaron overhears Cole tell Sofie not to work nights cause she's never home and to look for another job. Maddie convinces Noah to call his father. Carly tells Lily that she should be at Jack's side and not Katie. Noah and his father have a disagreement; Winston refuses to change his mind about Noah enlisting in the army. Noah wants to know what Luke's deal is with him, Luke then reveals that he is attracted to him.moreless
  • Ep. #13072
    Ep. #13072
    Episode 88
    Vienna tells Henry that she thinks she could've done more to help J.J. Alison asks Susan is she has been drinking again. Noah tells Luke that he isn't gay. A woman named Pat grabs Katie, and says that she knows Silas and tells her to check out a place called The Jagged Edge. Maddie tells Vienna that today Noah referred her as his girlfriend which freaked her out. Susan says that what she is smelling is the mouthwash that she gargled, Alison asks to borrow her Mom's credit card and and she calls to see if she been buying alcohol. Noah wants to be friends with Luke and is glad that he told him how he feels. Katie walks in on Jack and Carly, and says that she thinks J.J. is possibly in Idaho. Susan swears to Alison and Dusty that she has no secrets.moreless
  • Ep. #13073
    Ep. #13073
    Episode 89
    Dusty tells Susan that either she comes with him and Alison or he tells Bob that she is drinking again. Gwen tells Sage not to give up hope that J.J. will be rescued and tells her that she is pregnant. Aaron gets angry at Cole after seeing him physically grab Sofie's arm. Jack tells Carly that if she sets foot on his plane to Idaho, he will put her in jail. Carly tells Gwen that something is off about Jack going and can't figure out what it is. Carly tells Parker that she is going after Jack and that he should stay at Will and Gwen's for a while; Parker agrees and also thinks that J.J. needs her. Jack proposes to Katie at WOAK and she quickly says yes. Susan agrees to go to a meeting; she then goes and tells Bob that she started drinking again. Bob tells Susan that he's proud of her. J.J asks Silas and Ava what they are planning to do to him.moreless
  • Ep. #13074
    Ep. #13074
    Episode 90
    Paul goes to Switzerland to see Rosanna and tries to persuade her to fight to wake up. Barbara tell Will and Gwen that Paul is alive, and not to tell anyone else. In Idaho, Carly keeps Jack out of trouble when Kit starts asking questions about who he is. Silas tells J.J. that he and Ava are his new family, but J.J. says that Carly and Jack are his family. The papers for Meg and Craig's annulment arrive. Jack asks Kit for a place to stay, but says no unless his wife is with him. Rosanna squeezes Paul's hand but the nurse says a muscle spasm. Carly finds J.J.'s torn school ID card in the garbage. Rosanna opens her eyes and says Paul's name.moreless
  • Ep. #13075
    Ep. #13075
    Episode 91
    Dr. Cutler tells Paul of a possible treatment for Rosanna. Craig thinks that Meg is on Lucinda's side. Paul hangs up the phone before Meg can hear his voice. Jack tells Carly that they are going to play it his way if they're going to get J.J. back safe. Lucinda gets help from a board member. Jack thinks that Frank is only person that can lead them to J.J. but Kit fires him before they can approach him. Meg shares her ideas at the board meeting. Brad gets thrown for a loop literally when he becomes part of a self defense demonstration. Lucinda is appalled when she learns that Meg plans to turn the company into a charity. Dr. Cutler injects the drug into Rosanna's IV.moreless
  • Ep. #13076
    Ep. #13076
    Episode 92
    Lucinda embarrasses Meg at the meeting and she then walks out. Dr. Cutler tells Paul that if Rosanna does wake up, there's no answer to how long she'll be conscious. Susan asks Alison if she would consider moving back home. Sage suggests that Will and Gwen throw a party and announce that Gwen is pregnant. Maddie wonders why Alison is at the party. Lucinda feels betrayed when the board thinks Meg is suitable as CEO. Craig tells Meg to sign the annulment papers so their arrangement would be over. Bob tells Susan that it was the right thing by telling of her recent fall off the wagon; Bob says to Susan that she is suspended from the hospital indefinitely. Maddie tells Gwen that Alison was making porn movies in Las Vegas. Meg rips up the divorce papers.moreless
  • Ep. #13077
    Ep. #13077
    Episode 93
    Henry tells Vienna that she is broke. Dusty tells Alison that she doesn't have to explain herself to Maddie. Noah invites Luke to go swimming at the Snyder pond. Kit gets a call from Silas as Carly overhears. Carly tries to reach Jack to tell him that Silas is there. Carly follows Kit and waits for her to leave. J.J. begins to feel better as he sees Carly through the window. Dusty and Alison bond as they discuss his love for Jennifer and Johnny. Carly attempts to untie J.J. Luke and Noah share a close moment while horsing around.moreless
  • Ep. #13078
    Ep. #13078
    Episode 94
    Maddie walks in on Noah and Luke at the farm. J.J. knocks out Silas with a piece of wood, he and Carly make a run for it, but Ava stops them. Holden tries to forgive Lily. Silas sets a trap for Jack by telling Kit who he really is. Faith asks Lily if she and Holden are getting a divorce. Silas manages to get Jack's gun away from him and knocks him out, and handcuffs him and Carly together. Carly tells J.J. to run as Silas corners her. Maddie is shocked by Noah's request for her to go to Oakdale U with him. Katie realizes that Brad lied to her about Parker needing her, Brad then tells Katie that maybe that he needs her more than she needs him.moreless
  • Ep. #13079
    Ep. #13079
    Episode 95
    Kit tells Ava and Silas to get out after learning that it was a cop's kid who was kidnapped. Carly and Jack work together to get themselves untied when Silas returns. Katie and Brad continue to play a game of strip poker. Aaron and Sofie get close while working together when her boyfriend Cole won't make time for her. Silas reveals to Carly and Jack that he plans to raise J.J. as his own. Then Silas pours gasoline and lights the cabin on fire with Carly and Jack inside. Katie puts a blanket on Brad when he passes out at the kitchen table. Will and Gwen run into Iris at Al's Diner; they try to hide that Gwen is pregnant, but Iris figures it out. Jack and Carly manage to escape just before the cabin explodes. Iris makes a call to someone saying that she is back in Oakdale. Aaron steps in when Cole begins to get violent toward Sofie.moreless
  • Ep. #13080
    Ep. #13080
    Episode 96
    Sofie tries to convince Aaron that Cole is under stress because of work; Cole then asks Aaron to stay out of his business. Carly goes back to the Idaho bar and waits for Kit to leave so she can help herself to some money; she then finds something scribbled on a piece of paper. Alison visits Gwen and Will to apologize. While cleaning the kitchen, Katie's engagement ring goes down the drain; Katie thinks this is a sign of something bad happening. Gwen wonders why Iris would come back to Oakdale. Kit comes back to the bar; Carly hides but Kit finds her and they get into a fight. Carly manages to overpower Kit by knocking her unconscious. Sofie tells Aaron that she's pregnant but she hasn't told Cole yet. Cole comes into Al's diner and is reunited with his mother, Iris. Alison sees Aaron and Sofie hugging.moreless
  • Ep. #13081
    Ep. #13081
    Episode 97
    Gwen thinks that Iris has an agenda for returning to Oakdale. Dr. Cutler tells Paul that Rosanna's prognosis isn't good. Cole tells Iris that he wants to break into the music industry by becoming a well-known songwriter; Iris then thinks that Cole is in town because of his sister Gwen. Aaron tells Alison that he does not have to explain himself for hugging Sofie. Meg demands the truth from Craig regarding the night of Rosanna's accident. Rosanna opens her eyes and tells Paul not to leave; she asks Paul what she is doing in a hospital. Iris refuses to give Cole any money. Sofie asks Aaron if he is still in love with Alison. Alison doesn't think that Gwen can be her friend; Will says that she can if Alison will let her. Cole sees Gwen in the lobby of the Lakeview. Rosanna begins to break down when she cannot remember what she was going to tell Paul before the accident; she then remembers that she must tell Jennifer something.moreless
  • Ep. #13082
    Ep. #13082
    Episode 98
    Maddie tells Noah that she wishes to stay and Oakdale to be close to him instead of going to Wesleyan. Luke thinks that Maddie is crazy for passing on such a great opportunity. Maddie explains to Luke that Henry is strapped for cash. Meg tells Craig that she wants to spend the night with him. Henry is talked into joining in a high-stakes poker game. Noah tries to convince Luke that he isn't gay. Vienna walks in on Henry playing poker and realizes that he won the game and all the money. Craig and Meg almost overhear Barbara talking to Paul. Luke opens up to Aaron about his moment with Noah at the farm after swimming. Rosanna wants Paul to tell her what she does not know. Henry and Vienna are stunned when they learn that they are the new owners of Al's Diner.moreless
  • Ep. #13083
    Ep. #13083
    Episode 99
    Cheri tries to book a convention at the Lakeview, but Dusty tells Lily that Cheri is a hooker and Lily cancels the convention plans. Carly catches up with Silas and Ava in a boiler room; J.J sees Carly and is relieved that she did not die in the cabin. J.J. convinces Ava to take the ransom money and leave Silas. Carly waits for Ava to leave and then unties J.J. and tells him that Jack is going to be fine. Silas returns to the boiler room and J.J. runs leaving Carly to deal with Silas. Cheri tells Dusty that if Alison had her way with him why shouldn't she. Carly burns Silas' face with hot steam and quickly gets away. Katie tells Kim that she damaged her ring in the garbage disposal. Cheri meets up with Elwood and asks for his help. Winston tells Maddie that he thought that Noah was pretending that he was her boyfriend just to keep himself happy. Noah and Luke share a kiss when they got close. Carly finds J.J. stuck in quicksand and while helping him out she falls in and goes under.moreless
  • Ep. #13084
    Ep. #13084
    Episode 100
    Luke and Noah's kiss is interrupted by a phone call from Winston who asks why he is late. Gwen runs into Sofie at Al's and introduces herself. J.J. watches as Carly sinks in the quicksand; Jack arrives and pulls her out. Aaron tells Dusty that he does not want to talk. Cheri tells Elwood that that the video of Alison and Dusty must be hyper-linked. Cheri then runs into Alison and says that she's her new best friend. Noah tells Luke that the kiss was a joke and nothing more. Cole sees Sofie with Gwen and hides before they can see him. Jack manages to get Carly breathing and Silas comes and hits jack in the face with a shovel. Cole confronts Sofie and wants to know what she was doing with Gwen. Carly strikes Silas as the cops come and arrest him. Noah suggests that he and Maddie should move in together immediately. J.J. tells Silas that he's going to be testifying against him. Aaron sees a video of Alison and Dusty making love. Gwen and Will also see the video as Alison looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #13085
    Ep. #13085
    Episode 101
    Everyone is thrilled to have J.J. home again. Alison informs Dusty that the entire world is watching them make love on the internet. Will asks Gwen if she really is jealous of Alison. Winston asks Luke to prove that he does not have any secrets. Brad hears as Kate tell Jack that it might be a good idea to put the wedding on hold for a little while. Cheri congratulates Elwood on a job well done; Elwood then thinks he's in trouble when he sees Dusty. Aaron is fired from the Lakeview after throwing a customer's laptop across the room. Noah thanks Luke for not revealing the truth to his father. Katie tells Brad that he trusts Jack while she is in Hawaii.moreless
  • Ep. #13086
    Ep. #13086
    Episode 102
    Henry and Vienna enjoy their first day as the owners of Al's. Vienna plans to change the menu to more healthier choices. Cheri tells Lily to check her e-mail to see exactly what Dusty has been up to. Lily comforts Dusty. Jack and Carly take advantage of their physical connection while changing and redressing his bandage. Maddie tells Noah that she has agreed to start looking for a place to live. Noah confesses to Luke that he kissed him because he wanted to. Alison tells Susan that a woman named Cheri had someone put a video of her and Dusty making love on the internet. Henry is against the idea of Maddie moving in with Noah, but agrees with his sister's good judgment of Noah. Luke wonders when Noah will be honest with Maddie.moreless
  • Ep. #13087
    Ep. #13087
    Episode 103
    Sofie learns that Joel gave Aaron his job back at the Lakeview. Cole sees Sofie and Aaron talking again. Barbara brings Gwen some of Johnny's old toys for her new baby to have. While talking with Gwen, Sofie realizes that her boyfriend is Gwen's brother. Rosanna learns that she was in the coma for two years. Carly slams the door on Craig as he and Meg drop by her house. Rosanna tells Paul to take her back to Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13088
    Ep. #13088
    Episode 104
    Lily is against the idea of Dusty going to meet Cheri. Gwen warns Iris to forget any plans that she has for Cole involving her. Sofie claims to not know that Gwen is Cole's sister. Meg tells Craig that she cannot wear his ring because it was once Paul's. Cheri slips something into Dusty's drink and he then becomes dizzy and passes out. Paul tells Rosanna that he kept Johnny away from Jennifer. Paul also tells her that Craig took her house and money and made it all his own. Lily wonders if Holden is mad at her or Dusty. Alison comes to see Will but Gwen says that he is on a short business trip. After talking with Alison, Gwen has some severe stomach pain. Craig is shocked when he runs into Rosanna and Paul alive at the Lakeview. Dusty wakes up to find Cheri dead on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #13089
    Ep. #13089
    Episode 105
    Alison grows concerned when Gwen's pain intensifies. Meg tells Holden that she is staying married to Craig. Dusty unsuccessfully tries to get a pulse from Cheri. Craig is still in shock after seeing Paul and Rosanna back in Oakdale. Margo arrives to investigate a shooting at the Lakeview and Dusty tells her it was Cheri. Lily takes Dusty's gun just before he's frisked in the interrogation room. Alison calls Susan and tells her that Gwen is in pain. Meg faints when she sees Paul alive. Susan gives the bad news to Gwen that she had a miscarriage. Rosanna asks Paul about the history of him and Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13090
    Ep. #13090
    Episode 106
    Tom wonders if there is anything that Dusty is not telling him about Cheri's death. Lily comes clean to Holden and tells him that Dusty gave her the possible murder weapon. Lily then shows him that the gun is under the sink at the Snyder farm. Carly has Brad take Parker and J.J. to a movie and gets Jack to see another movie, but the kids and Brad join Jack and Carly in the theatre later and ruin her plan. Meg tells Paul not to walk away from her. Craig pays a florist in order to get Rosanna's room number. Holden takes the gun to the police and Margo has it analyzed to see if it was recently used. Dusty then tells Margo that he was drugged and he found Cheri dead when he woke up. Craig tells Meg that he thinks that he is using Rosanna to get back at him. The ballistics confirm that the bullet came from Dusty's gun and Margo places him under arrest for Cheri's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #13091
    Ep. #13091
    Episode 107
    Craig tells Meg that if Paul doesn't want her he's a fool. Rosanna tells Paul that if he wants to make Meg suffer she can't imagine being married to Craig couldn't be worse. Henry shows Vienna a contract to sell the diner. Alison tells Barbara that Gwen lost the baby.
  • Ep. #13092
    Ep. #13092
    Episode 108
    Carly walks in on Jack welcoming Katie back from Hawaii. Rosanna begins to remember the night of her accident. Carly is delighted to hear Rosanna's voice and learns that she is in Oakdale and with Paul. Carly is reunited with her sister and Rosanna is shocked to learn that Jack is no longer with her. Gwen warns Sofie to stay as far away from Cole as she can. Paul tries to convince Meg that Craig will eventually hurt her.moreless
  • Ep. #13093
    Ep. #13093
    Episode 109
    Carly tells Lily that she is going to fight for Jack. At her engagement party, Katie asks Brad what about what happened between Carly and Jack while she was in Hawaii. Luke tells Noah what would make him happy. Winston visits by Al's Diner and talks to Henry about Noah's relationship with Maddie. Holden learns from Maddie that Lily was present when Dusty threatened Cheri. Holden tells Lily that he does not want her to abandon their marriage when Lily wants to post Dusty's bail.moreless
  • Ep. #13094
    Ep. #13094
    Episode 110
    Luke tells Maddie that he wants her to be happy and does not tell her about his kiss with Noah. Dusty learns that Lily paid his bail. Jack comes to see Carly and tell her that her behavior at the party does not change the fact that he loves Katie. Winston sees Noah and Maddie kissing. Dusty gets nowhere with some of Cheri's regulars. Parker sees Sage getting closer to Katie; Parker then asks Katie if she's getting along with Carly. Jack tells Carly that by wearing that dress, he remembered everything about Carly -- the good and especially the bad. Holden asks Dusty where Lily is and Dusty tells him that he thought she was going home to him. Lily goes to the Avalon Hotel and poses as a former acquaintance of Cheri's to get information from Jewel and Krista about Cheri's death.moreless
  • Ep. #13095
    Ep. #13095
    Episode 111
    Susan tells Gwen that she should wait until she is able to carry a child. Holden demands Dusty to tell him where Lily is. Dr. Akido tells Gwen and Will that they need an egg donor for Gwen to have a child. Lily tells Dusty that she thinks she knows who killed Cheri. Paul offers to pay for Craig's dinner; Craig then explains to Meg that Rosanna froze his assets and that they are broke. Aaron goes after Alison and tells her not to run away from her problems. Paul offers his condolences to Gwen and Will. Lily makes a discovery while she and Dusty look through Cheri's hotel room. Alison offers to help Gwen by donating one of her eggs.moreless
  • Ep. #13096
    Ep. #13096
    Episode 112
    Noah sees Luke with another guy. Brad consoles Carly when she realizes that it's finally over between her and Jack. Winston tells Maddie that she is the kind of girl that Noah needs in his life right now. Winston explains to Maddie that she already knows about Eve being the slasher. Jack explains to Katie that Carly finally understands that he wants to be with her. Brad takes Carly out for the evening and she sees Jack and Katie getting all cozy at the Lakeview. Luke thinks that Noah is jealous of seeing him and Roth together. Ed shows interest in Carly after Brad sets up a meeting with him for her to design for him. Jack is put on the spot when Katie she says she wants a child with Jack. Winston tells Henry that he is glad that Maddie turned Noah away from the wrong crowd he was hanging with back in Missouri.moreless
  • Ep. #13097
    Ep. #13097
    Episode 113
    Maddie learns that Winston gave Noah some money for their new furniture. Craig tells Meg to stop trying so hard to make please him. Meg stops by Fairwinds and she and Paul share a kiss. Katie tells Jack to decide if they will have children or their wedding is off. Ed becomes concerned when Carly feels dizzy. Lucinda gloats to Craig about his recent misfortune and she vows to get her company back. Jack and Katie check out a new residence and realize that Carly is in the next room eavesdropping on their fight. Henry thinks that Winston could be homophobic. Henry shares his theory with Maddie who later asks Luke if he and Noah have been romantically involved.moreless
  • Ep. #13098
    Ep. #13098
    Episode 114
    J.J. tells Craig that he saw Meg drive away in her car. Holden tells Lily that if she keeps doing things behind his back they won't have a marriage left. Paul is astounded when Rosanna gets out of her wheelchair and walks right to him. Meg tells Craig that she went to see Paul. Rosanna finds lipstick on Paul's shirt, Paul tells Rosanna that Meg came to see him. Krista meets with Lily and talks about Cheri's son and how her ex-husband left with her son. Carly and Katie run into each other at a boutique, Katie then sees Carly wearing the dress that she just bought. Jack tells Katie that he wants to have a baby with her. Paul and Rosanna share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #13099
    Ep. #13099
    Episode 115
    Susan tries to change Alison's mind about donating an egg to Gwen. Katie tells Jack that she thinks that Carly is stalking her. Carly lies to Jack saying that she planned the whole fainting stunt. Aaron tries to get Sofie to tell Cole that she is pregnant. Brad realizes that Carly was not faking her illness. Lily makes up a quick excuse for Holden and takes him up to a suite to make love. Sofie decides that the time is right to tell Cole about his child. Aaron is amazed to learn of Alison's generosity. Brad learns of Carly's illness and sworn to secrecy. Aaron prematurely reveals to Cole by accident that Sofie is pregnant with his child.moreless
  • Ep. #13100
    Ep. #13100
    Episode 116
    Carly makes Brad promise not to tell anyone about her illness. Cole lashes out at Sofie for not telling him sooner. Sofie learns that Cole lost his job at the gas station. Jack tells Margo that Carly isn't going to try anything to ruin his and Katie evening. Carly's condition deteriorates. Sofie tells Cole after he doubts the baby's paternity that it's his and not Aaron's. Sage comes home and asks Carly to take her to the shower. Alison goes to see Aaron and asks him if he wants to go to a movie with her. Jack and Katie play a game to see how well they know each other. Cole tells Iris that Sofie is pregnant, Iris thinks that Sofie is trying to trap Cole. Carly begins to have a migraine while driving in the car with Sage. Katie and Jack receive bad news at their bridal shower.moreless
  • Ep. #13101
    Ep. #13101
    Episode 117
    Maddie explains to Noah that for now that she wants to be alone for a while. Winston tells Noah to swear that he will change. Jack accuses Carly of meddling without knowing the full truth of the situation. Dusty explains to Tom that Cheri's abusive ex-husband killed her. Brad tries to convince Carly to tell Jack exactly what's going on. Henry tells Katie all of her problems are her own fault. Noah confronts Luke on what he told Maddie, Luke then says that he's proud of who he is, Noah says to Luke that he isn't like him and storms out. Maddie tells Noah that she doesn't think it's wrong if he is attracted to Luke and asks him if he's gay. A doctor has difficult news for Carly. A private investigator gives Dusty the information and finds out that Winston Mayer was Cheri's husband and Noah is her son. Winston cautions Luke to stay away from Noah or he'll deal with him.moreless
  • Nov 12, 2007
    Nov 12, 2007
    Episode 117
    Katie asks Brad not to leave her and they come close to a kiss. Carly finally admits the truth to Jack and is shocked by his reaction. Rosanna gets word of Meg's plan.
  • Ep. #13102
    Ep. #13102
    Episode 118
    Alison thanks Gwen and tells her that she is the reason that Aaron is talking to her again. Alison and Gwen then catch Iris going through Alison's purse. Alison almost reveals to Iris that she offered to be a egg donor to Gwen, but Gwen covers it up. Cole tells Sofie that it's best if she have an abortion and promises her children after his music career gets moving. Craig informs Rosanna that he is suing her. Rosanna begins to remember more from the night of the accident. Sofie is appalled when Cole gives her money to have the abortion. Gwen lays into Iris for giving Cole money for the abortion. Sofie tells Aaron that she will lose Cole if she keeps the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #13103
    Ep. #13103
    Episode 119
    Jack tells Carly that she is not invited to his wedding. Craig sees Rosanna and Paul talking to Tom about how to charge Craig with attempted murder as he overhears. Sofie learns from the doctor that it may be too late for an abortion. Tom tells Rosanna that they have no case against Craig. Gwen tries to contact Sofie before she has the procedure done. Alison and Aaron's kiss is interrupted by Sofie. Sofie tells Aaron that she could not go through with the abortion. Cole thinks that Will and Gwen are laughing at his music when he sees them at Al's Diner. Dr. Evers tells Carly that she has a lesion on her brain. Rosanna offers Craig a settlement. Sofie does not tell Cole that she backed out of getting the abortion.moreless
  • Ep. #13104
    Ep. #13104
    Episode 120
    Dr. Evers tells Carly that she has a few months to live. He also rules out surgery and radiation as an option. Jack and Vienna surprise Katie with a possible honeymoon destination. Winston introduces himself to Lily as Luke's worst nightmare and that he knows what Luke is doing to Noah. Luke tells Noah that he still really cares about him. Rosanna tells Craig that she now remembers why he drove her off the road. Dusty confronts Winston and mentions Charlene Wilson. Jack questions Carly when she attempts to take Sage without telling him. Luke tries to convince Maddie that he never wanted to hurt her. Dusty is drug out of his Lakeview suite by an unknown man. The man then takes Dusty's folder of information. Brad comes to check on Carly and discovers Carly possibly attempting to drown herself in the bathtub. Carly confesses to Brad that she is dying.moreless
  • Ep. #13105
    Ep. #13105
    Episode 121
    Carly tells Brad that she has a few months to live. Carly makes Brad swear not to tell anyone until after Jack and Katie's honeymoon. Winston puts Dusty in the trunk of his car. Katie tells Jack that she cannot wait to for their wedding. Noah attempts to get Maddie back when he expresses his feelings for her. Maddie tells Noah that she wants someone who is not confused about their sexuality. Dusty regains consciousness Winston reveals how he killed Cheri. Then Winston shoots Dusty and leaves him for dead in the trunk of a car. Noah wonders how he's going to tell his father that he is gay. Jack asks Carly about her recent trip to the doctor. Carly watches her old wedding video when she and Jack got married in Montana.moreless
  • Ep. #13106
    Ep. #13106
    Episode 122
    Katie has a nightmare that Jack and Carly got married. Brad tells Carly that he has a list of medical specialists for her. Jack comes by Carly's to pick up Sage's dress. Rosanna tells Paul that she invited Craig to stop by last night. Carly tells Jack that he deserves to have a good life with Katie. Carly advises Rosanna to enjoy life and to not waste it by going after Craig. Will tells Paul that he and Gwen will not testify against Craig because it would be too traumatic. Paul asks Rosanna to marry him. Carly walks around Old Town, collapses, and a stranger helps her. Jack and Katie's wedding begins at the Snyder farm.moreless
  • Ep. #13107
    Ep. #13107
    Episode 123
    Carly realizes that she cannot remember her name. Henry thinks that Carly is capable of interrupting the wedding. Carly is brought to the police station and Dallas asks her if she wants to call anyone. Brad gets a call from Carly asking to be picked up. Brad awkwardly leaves the wedding and Jack decides to give the wedding a short break until Brad gets back. Parker watches as Faith tells J.J. that he looks great. Jack finally decides to continue the wedding without Brad. Jack and Katie say their vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Dr. Evers requests that Carly be admitted to the hospital. Brad insists that Carly do whatever it takes to stay with her kids. Parker appears concerned when he tries to call his mother with no answer.moreless
  • Ep. #13108
    Ep. #13108
    Episode 124
    Rosanna reports Craig to the police. Jack lays into Brad for leaving the wedding; Brad then reveals to Jack that Carly is in the hospital and refusing treatment. Carly tells Jack that treatment would be a waste of time because she is dying. Rosanna tells Meg that Craig's lies won't save him this time as she has him arrested for swithcing the babies at the hospital. Rosanna walks in on an awkward moment between Paul and Meg. Jack tells Carly that he's not going to let her go through this alone. Brad explains to Parker that the wedding was tough on his mother and avoids telling him about her illness. Jack breaks down and tells Carly to fight for her life for their children's sake. Katie learns from Jack that Carly is dying and that they should postpone the honeymoon.moreless
  • Ep. #13109
    Ep. #13109
    Episode 125
    Dusty missed his pre-trial meeting so Dallas wants Holden's help in finding Dusty. After Winston sees Maddie and Noah hugging, he tells them that he is going on vacation for a while. Cole goes to Aaron and warns him to stay away from Sofie. Dusty wakes up in the trunk and remembers that Winston shot him. Rosanna prepares to blow Craig out of the water once and for all. Gwen learns that Sofie did not go through with the abortion. Craig wants to know why Meg no longer believes in him. Dusty is discovered by a poor man named Sly but he does not call for help. Rosanna wants answers from Paul on the awkward moment she walked in on. Winston discovers the truth about Luke and Noah's relationship when he sees them kissing. Dusty sees a vision of Cheri and she says to come with her into the light.moreless
  • Ep. #13110
    Ep. #13110
    Episode 126
    Parker refuses to go to school until he knows what is going on with his mother. Dr. Evers asks Jack to pick Carly up from the hospital. Carly asks Jack to make her feel like a woman, not a patient. Winston tells Noah that he wishes that he didn't see Luke and Noah kissing. Maddie shows up and Winston tells her to stop lying to him. Parker goes to Katie and wants her to tell him what's wrong with Carly. In a vision, Dusty tells Cheri to leave him alone. Later, Dusty finally gets up and seeks help. Katie asks Brad to bring Parker, J.J., and Sage to see Carly. Noah begs his father to accept his lifestyle and a drunken Winston agrees with his son. Carly doesn't tell J.J. and Sage the truth about her illness. Parker figures it out and is devastated when Carly tells him that she is not going to get better.moreless
  • Ep. #13111
    Ep. #13111
    Episode 127
    Gwen regrets accidentally telling Cole that Sofie is still pregnant. Jack helps Carly prepare a video of her for her children to watch when they are older. After Jack leaves she makes another recording for Jack. Katie feels sad when Jack is too tired to be her husband. Gwen tells Will to let her deal with Cole. Rosanna hires Jim Fellows, a private investigator, to follow Paul. Carly says that she is going to fight to stay with her family for what time she has left. Jim records Paul and Meg having a conversation and shows Rosanna. Parker comes downstairs and see Carly crying and he calls Jack to help, but Carly stops him. Cole goes to the Lakeview and sees Sofie comforting their unborn child. Rosanna worries that Paul is not over Meg after watching the video.moreless
  • Ep. #13112
    Ep. #13112
    Episode 128
    Gwen informs Sofie that Cole now knows that she is still pregnant. Brad sees Carly watching the video that she made for Jack and the kids. Craig tells Meg that he does not want her at his hearing. Katie turns to Brad when Jack is caught up with Carly. Rosanna hides her phone before Paul catches her watching the footage of him and Meg together. Sofie is surprised at Cole's sudden change of heart. Rosanna prepares to testify as the hearing starts. Jack meets Carly at the hospital as she agrees to begin chemotherapy. Craig is pleased when Rosanna can't seem to remember while testifying. Barbara stands up and accuses Rosanna of lying to protect Craig. Later, the Judge then dismisses the case against Craig. Cole thinks that Sofie is a liar and he realizes that he doesn't really know her at all. Gwen realizes that Carly is dying.moreless
  • Ep. #13113
    Ep. #13113
    Episode 129
    Parker shows Carly an experimental treatment in Berlin that may save her life. Winston insists that he wants to spend time with Noah and Luke to make amends. Holden invites Winston and Noah to have dinner with him and his family at the farm. Sly returns to aid Dusty. Paul finds the video of him with Meg. Carly tells Rosanna that she does not have much time to live. Rosanna confides in Carly with the thought that Paul will not marry her. Dusty asks Sly to deliver a message to Lily at the Snyder Farm. Parker tells Carly that he has a strong feeling that she will be just fine. Rosanna convinces Craig to get Meg pregnant as soon as possible. Rosanna realizes that Paul has seen the video on the phone. Craig and Meg make love. Sly confronts Winston at the Farm.moreless
  • Ep. #13114
    Ep. #13114
    Episode 130
    Aaron learns that Sofie has been fired from the Lakeview and tells Joel why she was fired. Noah tells Luke that his father has invited him to go on a fishing trip. Paul tells Rosanna that the only thing he has to do is get out of this house and away from her. Holden interrupts a conversation between Sly and Winston before he could do something. Winston tells Sly if Dusty is still in the car. Margo comes by the farm to see if anyone had heard from Dusty, which makes Winston very nervous. Henry thinks something is up when Maddie tells him that he has accepted his son and Luke. Paul tells Rosanna that she is the only woman for him. Aaron sees a dissheveled Sofie in Old Town and she tells Aaron that Cole had moved out of the apartment Aaron then offers Sofie a place to stay at the farm.moreless
  • Ep. #13115
    Ep. #13115
    Episode 131
    Parker tells Jack that Carly won't wake up, but she eventually does. Paul tells Rosanna that he wants to get married on Halloween. Parker tells Jack that he believes that his mother will be fine. Barbara wonders if Gwen is having problems with Alison. Aaron tells Sofie that it isn't Alison's decision that she leaves the farm or not. Sofie refuses to take a job at Al's Diner. Carly tells Rosanna that she doesn't think she will still be around for her wedding with Paul. Barbara tells Iris where to find Sofie. Carly is touched when Parker suggests that they go through with Jack adopting him as soon as possible. Carly's speech starts to slur and she collapses in Jack's arms. Carly wakes up and says that she doesn't want to die. Aaron tells Iris to get off his grandmother's property. Meg goes to the cabin where she and Paul fell in love. Meg sees a gun lying on a chair and then is struck over the head by an unknown person.moreless
  • Ep. #13116
    Ep. #13116
    Episode 132
    Winston hit Meg over the head. Lily and Natalie return from their camping trip. Noah and Luke leave with Winston for their fishing trip. Winston puts a rifle in the woods where he is sure to find it. Lily tells Margo the she was helping Dusty. Paul tells Meg that he still does not want to see her get hurt. Maddie tells Luke that she thinks that Winston is up to no good. Aaron learns that Barbara was causing the trouble for Sofie. Maddie tells Holden that she is worried about Noah and Luke being alone with Winston. Lily goes back to the farm and is shocked to see Dusty with a gunshot wound. Sofie tells Aaron that she tried again to get an abortion but learned that it was too late. Paul and Meg end up making love. Winston aims the rifle at Luke while he is getting firewood.moreless
  • Ep. #13117
    Ep. #13117
    Episode 133
    Holden and Lily race to get to Luke at the campsite. Winston takes aim at Luke but stops when Noah arrives beside him. J.J. sees Carly's hand tremble. Dusty tells the police that Winston Mayer shot him. Katie offers to pick up J.J. Brad and Katie invite J.J. to meet former NFL quarterback Phil Simms. J.J. is hesitant to leave, but eventually decides to go. Lily and Holden watch in horror as Winston shoots Luke. Bob tells Lily and Holden that Luke just went into lengthy surgery. Jack finds the DVD that Carly made for him. Carly asks for one more chance to be loved by Jack. Margo gets the truth from Dusty. J.J. becomes uncomfortable when Katie touches him while a picture with Phil is taken. Holden blames Lily for what has happened with their son.moreless
  • Ep. #13118
    Ep. #13118
    Episode 134
    Paul tells Meg that he still loves her. Rosanna tells Craig that Meg wouldn't do anything with Paul if she didn't want to. Craig tells Meg that she isn't going anywhere until she tells him what's wrong. J.J. tells Katie that if she cares about Jack to let him go so he can with the woman that he really loves. Jack keeps the fact that he kissed Carly from Katie. Brad tells J.J. that if he's frustrated to take it out on him, he then apologizes to Katie for what he said earlier. Katie learns from Jack that Carly requested that he kiss her, and is upset that the kiss actually meant something to Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #13119
    Ep. #13119
    Episode 135
    Carly prays to God to save her. Katie asks Jack to move out. Margo assures Noah that his father was lying to him about everything. Margo also tells him that Cheri was his mother. Winston sneaks into Luke's hospital room and tries to poison him. Lily catches Winston and tries to fight him off. Dusty arrives and prevents Winston from attacking Lily. Dr. Evers tells Carly that she was misdiagnosed and is not dying. Winston is taken into custody. Lily thanks Dusty for saving both her and Luke. Holden watches as Lily and Dusty hug. Carly prepares to tell the good news to Jack, but she has second thoughts when Jack tells her that Katie wants some time apart. Luke faces the possibility that he could be paralyzed.moreless
  • Ep. #13120
    Ep. #13120
    Episode 136
    Sofie tells Gwen to not take care of her. Barbara overhears Gwen and Alison arguing at the Lakeview. Bob tells Lily and Holden that there is a chance that Luke may never walk again. Barbara asks Will to reconsider having Alison as the egg donor. Noah steals a bottle of alcohol from the Lakeview bar. Luke falls out of his hospital bed. He's informed that he needs to begin physical therapy. Faith visits Luke and brings him flowers from Meg. Holden catches Lily trying to call Noah, which was against Luke's wishes. Lily thinks that Holden blames her for Luke's paralysis. Aaron shows concern for his brother Luke. Sofie refuses Aaron's help at the Snyder Farm. Alison fears that she has lost Aaron for good. Maddie notices that Noah is drinking and he then kisses her. Lily sees Holden punch Dusty outside of Luke's hospital room.moreless
  • Ep. #13121
    Ep. #13121
    Episode 137
    Lily watches Holden punch Dusty. Maddie pulls away from Noah's kiss. Carly continues her plan to get Jack back. Katie informs Brad that she plans on leaving town. Dr. Evers almost tells Jack that Carly is not actually dying. Lucinda sees the shiner on Dusty's eye and realizes that Holden socked him. Lily asks Dusty for help in finding Noah to get him to see Luke. Author Emily Giffin chats with Brad and Katie on Oakdale Now. Luke holds Noah's hand in the hospital bed. Jack finds Carly's medication in the trash, but Carly covers her mistake up. Brad learns from Dr. Evers that whatever Carly has now is actually curable.moreless
  • Ep. #13122
    Ep. #13122
    Episode 138
    Holden tells Lily that she threw their marriage away. Noah assures Luke that he is not upset. Brad learns from Dr. Evers that Carly was misdiagnosed. Brad goes to ask Carly why she's lying, but Carly asks him to lie for her. Susan wonders if Alison is having second thoughts but Alison says she wants to go through with the procedure. Lily accuses Holden of being jealous of Dusty. Later, Holden tells Lily that she should go home without him. Carly tells Brad to go after a distraught Katie in return for keeping her secret. Jack tells Katie that he is going to stay with Carly until she is gone.moreless
  • Ep. #13123
    Ep. #13123
    Episode 139
    Rosanna thinks that Paul should begin thinking about their upcoming wedding. Parker immediately assumes that her mother is not dying when Carly tells him that she has some good news. Meg pretends that Craig is Paul as she and him make love. Meg tells Craig that she is now passionate about having a child with him. Katie informs Brad that she will not sleep with her husband's brother. Carly asks J.J. and Parker to keep her secret that she is getting better from Jack. Gwen waits by her cell phone anxiously waiting for the fertilization results. Jack agrees to take Carly to Montana. Jack calls Dr. Evers to see if Carly is well enough to go, but this gives Carly a scare. Barbara organizes a get-together with Paul, Rosanna, Gwen, and Will. Gwen later gets word that the fertilization worked.moreless
  • Ep. #13124
    Ep. #13124
    Episode 140
    Carly makes it sound like she is still sick when on the phone with Dr. Evers. Jack tells Carly that they should try being friends again. Brad finds Snickers on the lap of someone named Martha who is actually from the Oakdale Health Department. Miranda orders that the rabbit be quarantined until further notice. Parker, J.J., and Sage insist that only Jack and Carly should go Montana. Katie ends her suspicions about Brad lying about something. J.J. tells Jack that Carly is not dying which shocks him. Jack tells Carly not to give the children false hope, but they both agree that there is a slim chance of a miracle. Brad comes up with a plan to save Snickers. Meg overhears Barbara, Rosanna, and Paul talking. Meg continues to have flashbacks to when she and Paul were together recently. Meg tells Paul that she should not have run away from him.moreless
  • Ep. #13125
    Ep. #13125
    Episode 141
    While surprising Sage with a Halloween costume, Katie learns from the Gwen and Will that Carly and Jack went to Montana together. Carly and Jack explore Montana on a boat and end up falling asleep and getting lost. Jack and Carly both have flashbacks of better times in Montana. Carly and Jack lay in a boat side by side and they both have dreams about one another. Jack dreams that Carly dies in his arms. Carly dreams about loving Jack. Sandra Lee of the Food Network stops by the Oakdale Now set to give Brad and Katie some Halloween tips. Katie cannot come to terms with Jack spontaneously taking Carly away. Jack makes a heartfelt plea to Carly about her life. Carly takes a hot bath to warm up. Later, she and Jack make love. Katie kisses Brad after feeling awful about herself.moreless
  • Ep. #13126
    Ep. #13126
    Episode 142
    Katie backs out of making love with Brad. Katie thinks that since Jack took Carly away that their marriage is over. Carly tells Jack that they have found each other again. Jack remembers that he is still married to Katie. Rosanna reminds Craig that they only reason that they are speaking is because they have a plan to keep Paul and Meg apart. Meg tells Paul that she is in love with him, and says that they should go and tell Craig and Rosanna but Paul stops her. Meg is upset when Paul says that he cannot leave Rosanna right now. Jack and Carly arrive back home from Montana. Jack calls Katie and asks to meet her at the Lakeview.moreless
  • Ep. #13127
    Ep. #13127
    Episode 143
    Craig admits to Paul that he has an alterior motive by being at Fairwinds with Rosanna, Paul then tells him to leave. Meg learns that she is pregnant. Katie is stunned to learn that Jack slept with Carly. Brad tells Carly that he has had enough and is going to tell Jack the truth. Jack wants Katie to go ahead and stand by her, Katie says that she can't do it. Holden calls Meg saying that he needs her help when Luke comes home from the hospital. Tom and Margo are stunned when Katie asks for an annulment from Jack. Jack tells Carly that he told Katie about what happened in Montana. Margo is told by Katie about Jack's unfaithfulness with Carly. Meg is speechless when Craig announces in front of Rosanna and Paul and the entire Lakeview lounge that they are having a baby. Paul secretly texts Meg a message to meet him in Old Town.moreless
  • Ep. #13128
    Ep. #13128
    Episode 144
    Lily thinks that Holden is turning the family upside down just to punish her. Craig wants Rosanna to uphold her end of the bargain by turning control of Montgomery Enterprises back to him. Holden sees Lily and Dusty embracing at Al's Diner. Paul tells Meg that he thinks that Craig is using her. Lucinda warns Dusty to back off from Lily. Faith tells Luke that things are worse between their parents. Rosanna explains to Paul that she cannot marry him is he is not over Meg. Meg tells Craig that she misses Paul. Luke tells Lily that it is not her fault that he is in a wheelchair. Dusty tells Lily that she should not be around him. Rosanna tells Paul that the wedding is off since he refuses to end his vendetta with Craig. Luke asks Holden if there is something else that he will not forgive Lily for. Paul hears Rosanna get in a car accident over the phone. Paul drives to check on her and is relieved to find her alive. Rosanna agrees again to marry Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #13129
    Ep. #13129
    Episode 145
    Maddie informs Henry and Vienna that she is transferring to Wesleyan. Gwen watches Iris offer to give Sofie all the money she needs if she leaves Oakdale. Maddie walks in on an intimate moment with Luke and Noah. Lily gets drunk and passes out in a robe on Dusty's bed. Holden learns that Lily is in Dusty's hotel suite. Holden sees Lily asleep on Dusty;s bed. Dusty tries to explain the situation but Holden storms off. Vienna mentions the idea of having a baby with Henry. Holden starts drinking at the Lakeview bar and runs into Emily. Gwen tells Will that something is wrong with her. Holden tells Emily that Lily and Dusty are upstairs together.moreless
  • Ep. #13130
    Ep. #13130
    Episode 146
    Gwen goes to the hospital with stomach pains. Alison comes face-to-face with Chris Hughes when she goes to the hospital with Barbara. Lisa informs Lily that she saw Dusty and Holden together in the lounge. Holden tells Lily to give him one good reason why they should stay married. Dusty tries to explain to Emily and Holden that they do not know why Lily was asleep in his bed. Bob tells a devastated Gwen that her body is unable to ever have children. Alison and Dusty are speechless when they learn that Emily when Chris reconnected in Paris. Gwen asks Will to take her to Billy's grave. Alison tries to hide her jealousy of Emily and Chris' relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #13131
    Ep. #13131
    Episode 147
    Maddie tells Will and Gwen that she is going to Wesleyan. Katie offers Jack one final chance. Craig tells Meg what she is so upset about when she sees him at the hospital. Gwen suggests to Will that he call Barbara and they should adopt. Jack and Katie go ahead and each sign the annulment papers. Paul and Meg run into each other in Old Town. Parker thinks something is wrong with Carly when she doesn't hear when he's talking to her. Barbara tells Gwen that she has a friend that can help them. Ann causes trouble for Gwen and Will. Parker asks Katie why she isn't wearing her wedding ring. Jack tells Carly that his marriage to Katie is over which seems to delight her very much. Katie breaks down when she sees her wedding photos when they're delivered to WOAK.moreless
  • Ep. #13132
    Ep. #13132
    Episode 148
    Jack is astounded that Carly asked him to marry him. Aaron asks Joel where Sofie is. Later, Aaron sees Iris come into the bar and thinks that if he pours enough drinks that she will tell him where she is. Brad sees Katie put her wedding album in the trash. Gwen immediately blames Barbara for not being able to adopt children with Will. Sage gets the wrong idea when she hears her parents discuss a wedding. Parker tells Sage to drop the subject of their parents getting married. Kim gives Katie some advice to take some time to collect herself. Barbara and Iris get into it Iris learns that Will is the reason her daughter cannot adopt. Gwen makes up with Barbara and insists that she and Will go to Paul's wedding with Barbara. Sofie calls Aaron from Chicago and assures him that she is fine. Aaron encourages her to return to Oakdale. Cole thanks Iris for getting Sofie to leave town. Katie drops off the wedding photo album for Jack and sees Carly dancing very energetically.moreless
  • Ep. #13133
    Ep. #13133
    Episode 149
    Katie tells Brad that she thinks Carly might not be as sick as she claims to be. Alison informs Bob that his son Chris is back in Oakdale. At the hospital Halloween event, Susan and Kim are excited to see Emily and Chris and they are shocked to learn that they are a couple. Barbara fits Rosanna in her wedding dress. Meg tells Craig that she is not ready to go looking for a home yet. Susan informs Emily that she began drinking and Alison started using, but they are both back on the wagon now and going to meetings. Meg is glad that Emma is back in Oakdale and tells her that she is pregnant. Meg is not convinced that it is Craig's child. Meg begs Paul not to marry Rosanna at the cemetery. Carly and Jack arrive at Fairwinds for the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #13134
    Ep. #13134
    Episode 150
    Katie wonders if Brad knows anything about Dr. Evers misdiagnosing someone. Noah supports Luke by coming to see him on Halloween at the farm. Meg tells Paul that the baby that she is carrying could be his. Craig calls Rosanna wanting to know where his wife is. Brad takes Katie to a Halloween party in Old Town and gets her to go bobbing for apples. Lily listens as Luke yells at Noah for offering to take him to the Old Town fair. Rosanna overhears and learns that Meg could be pregnant with Paul's child. Meg tells Paul that he should not marry Rosanna tonight. Carly tells Jack that she is worried that Rosanna left. Lily takes Luke and joins in the fun with Noah, but is embarrassed when he falls down when trying to sit at a table. Dusty arrives and asks Lily how is Luke holding up. Luke apologizes to Noah for yelling at him. Later, Luke asks Noah to leave. Rosanna asks Paul again if he is having second thoughts about the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #13135
    Ep. #13135
    Episode 151
    Paul chooses Rosanna and the Minister pronounces them husband and wife. Rosanna tells Paul that she is not going to let anyone from the past, present or future come between them. Craig tells Meg that he does not want to lose her. Carly learns that Jack was jealous when he saw Katie and Brad having fun together. Barbara vows to make things right with Will and Gwen's adoption. Gwen assures Barbara that it is not her fault. Carly tells Brad to go to Hawaii with Katie on an Oakdale Now assignment. Barbara brings flowers to Hal's grave and admits that she has messed up Will's life. Iris tells Barbara that she thinks that Gwen and Will could have Sofie's unwanted baby, but it will cost Barbara some money.moreless
  • Ep. #13136
    Ep. #13136
    Episode 152
    Rosanna asks Paul what he and Meg where talking about at the cemetery before the wedding. Paul still does not tell Rosanna that Meg could possibly be carrying his child. Meg wakes up from a nightmare where Craig took her baby away. Gwen asks Will if he thinks he made a mistake by marrying her. Barbara turns down Iris' offer, but later has second thoughts and meets with Iris and Cole. Meg tells Emma that she thinks things will change if Paul turns out to be the father of her child. Jack admits to Carly that he still has feelings for her; he also says he is still in love with Katie. Carly gets a phone call from a lawyer regarding her misdiagnosis but she does not tell Jack. Jack walks in on the meeting and sees a large settlement check for Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #13137
    Ep. #13137
    Episode 153
    Jack asks Carly why she is receiving a check for $100,000. Dusty runs into Emily on his floor at the Lakeview and learns that she and Chris are staying a suite together. Alison and Chris remember good times when they see each other at Memorial. Holden runs into Bonnie in Old Town and learns that she is a divorce lawyer. Lisa sees her goddaughter Bonnie. Vienna sees Bonnie at Al's Diner and tells Holden that she is a thief from Vienna's past. Lily tries to persuade Carly to tell Jack the truth about her health. Parker tells Jack that he does not think that his mom should get married to Jack again. Holden tells Bonnie that he wants this divorce, but Bonnie tries to persuade him to reconsider. Alison thinks that Dusty should have called Emily to tell her that he still cares.moreless
  • Ep. #13138
    Ep. #13138
    Episode 154
    Chris suggests that he and Emily move in together. Carly says yes to Jack's marriage proposal. Dusty tells Lily that she needs an attorney for custody purposes. Holden and Lily find Noah and encourage him to see Luke. Sage, Parker, and J.J. learn their parents are getting married again. Brad explains to Carly how is Jack going to react when he learns that she is not dying anymore. Jack asks Margo to tell him what she is feeling. Susan reminds Emily to rethink her relationship with Chris. Dusty pulls Emily into a kiss after visiting Susan at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #13139
    Ep. #13139
    Episode 155
    Lily and Holden watch and think that bringing Noah to see Luke was a good idea. Barbara gives Iris some ground rules about her giving Gwen and Will Sofie's child. Jim Fellows tells Rosanna that he managed to get Meg's cell phone, Rosanna instructs him to have a chip put in the phone. Evan Walsh comes to Oakdale. Lucinda learns of Meg's pregnancy. Cole overhears Aaron on the phone and retrieves the paper that has Sofie's whereabouts. Aaron goes to see Sofie but Cole shows himself. Holden's decision stuns Lily. Sofie gives into Cole's demands, Cole then calls Iris and says that the plan is a definate go.moreless
  • Ep. #13140
    Ep. #13140
    Episode 156
    Chris and Bob each have conflicting opinions about Chris' work ethic. Carly continues to work to get what she wants. Jack tells Emma that he is marrying Carly because there is not much time left. Emma thinks that another marriage to Carly will be hard on him. Again, Brad tries to explain to Carly that her plan could backfire. Nancy, Kim, and Bob arrange a family lunch at the Lakeview. Emily shows up with Chris and they tell the Hughes' that they are living together. Jack wants a small wedding with just the kids, but Carly wants the whole family there. J.J. and Sage are excited but Parker tells Carly that he is not sure that he wants to attend the wedding tomorrow.moreless
  • Ep. #13141
    Ep. #13141
    Episode 157
    Jim tells Rosanna that Meg has decided to move forward with the paternity test. Meg collects a sample of Craig's hair from his hairbrush. On the plane back to Oakdale, Katie is told by lawyer Nelson Hotchkiss about medical malpractice case where a patient was misdiagnosed. Katie puts the pieces together and realizes that Carly is faking her terminal illness. Carly informs Lily that she and Jack are getting married today. Lily is shocked to realize that Carly still has not told Jack the truth. Lily tells Carly that Holden wants a divorce. Katie returns to Oakdale and goes to Memorial. She bribes an old nursing friend to see Carly's file. Brad sees Katie arriving at the Lakeview and she reveals the truth about Carly. Katie then states that she is going to stop the wedding. Parker informs Will that Jack is adopting him. Parker asks Will if Hal would mind if he changed his last name to Snyder. Jack is thrilled when Parker suggests that he wants to use his last name. Meg tells Paul that she is going to prove that the baby she is carrying is his. Outside of the church, Jack tells Carly that it is time to get married, but Carly hesitates. Katie arrives and looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #13142
    Ep. #13142
    Episode 158
    Katie overhears Jack and Carly outside the church. Meg begins to feel pain which concerns Craig, but the symptoms pass. Carig accuses Paul of upsetting Meg. Brad prepares to leave town. Jack thinks that he sees Katie but she takes off before he can make sure. Katie throws a vase at the wall and lays into Brad for leaving without talking to her first. Lily arrives at the church and wonders why Carly has not told Jack the truth yet. While exchanging wedding vows, Carly admits to a shocked Jack and the guests that she is not dying after all. Everyone is relieved and then Jack wonders how long she has known. Paul gives Meg a sample of his hair to compare it for the paternity test. Holden is stunned to learn Lily knew that Carly was not dying.moreless
  • Ep. #13143
    Ep. #13143
    Episode 159
    Alison sees Sofie at the hospital and she tells Aaron who had no idea that she was back in Oakdale. Barbara explains to the lawyer that Will and Gwen never know where the baby came from. Cole calls Iris to say that he's back in town and that Sofie's with him. Carly breaks down as she watches Jack drive away from the church. Jack realizes that Katie knew that Carly wasn't dying and that she wanted him to go through with the wedding. J.J and Parker get into it, Carly says that Parker is right and that she shouldn't have lied. Parker then says to Carly why she even came back. Katie tells Jack that he wanted to marry Carly because she's the wife he wanted. Sofie begins to have second thoughts, but Cole convinces her. Barbara tells Gwen and Will that the attorney she hired found a couple with a baby. Carly tells Brad that she deserved with whatever she got.moreless
  • Ep. #13144
    Ep. #13144
    Episode 160
    Holden and Lily tell their children that they are getting a divorce. Dusty tells Emily not to let her relationship with Chris interfere with her job at the Intruder. Meg spots a man following her in Old Town and she thinks that Craig is behind it. Rosanna fires her Jim since he was seen. Craig tells Meg that he is not having her followed. Craig pays Rosanna a visit and wonders why she is following Meg. Faith tells her parents that they will never be a family again. Dallas informs Noah that the Police Department received some of his deceased mother's things. Evan tells Craig that Bob is against Chris' proposal so Craig thinks about going and having a talk with Bob himself. Rosanna follows Paul at the hospital and informs him that she knows everything about Meg. Rosanna collapses on the hospital floor and the doctors think she may have slipped back into a coma. Holden meets with Bonnie and signs the divorce papers. Lily sees Holden hugging Bonnie. She finds Dusty at the Lakeview bar and the two leave together.moreless
  • Ep. #13145
    Ep. #13145
    Episode 161
    Rosanna has an out-of-body experience while unconscious. Jack arrives at Carly's and says that he is taking Parker, J.J., and Sage back to the farm. Carly is reluctant but Parker and J.J. go with Jack. Dusty and Lily go to Mabel's and reminisce while dancing to '80s music; they later begin romantically kissing. Bonnie tries to get Holden to reconsider the divorce. Meg lies when Craig wonders why she is at Memorial. Paul calls Dr. Cutler and he agrees to come to Oakdale to examine Rosanna. Meg goes to her old friend Eli to have him run a DNA test to find her baby's paternity. Sage leaves a fake ransom note and disappears to try to get her parents back together. Lucinda tells Craig that the hospital board will never allow his plans with Evan at Memorial. Paul pleads for Rosanna to wake up. Carly calls Jack and tells him that Sage is missing. Eli tells Meg that the preliminary test results almost ready.moreless
  • Ep. #13146
    Ep. #13146
    Episode 162
    Jack and Carly continue to worry about Sage. Gwen tells Will to put the crib that he's putting together away cause the baby isn' there's yet. Sofie asks Aaron if she can use his computer to look into the adoptive parents for her baby. Cole then shows up and wonders what Sofie and Aaron are doing. Rosanna awakens and vows that she will not let Meg take Paul away from her. Rosanna quickly gets back into bed before Paul sees her. Barbara plots to keep the truth from Will and Gwen when she asks to meet the baby's mother. Rosanna overhears Craig and Meg in the stairwell. Cole, Iris and Barbara figure a closed adoption is the best option. Rosanna goes into Eli's office and looks at the records and learns Paul is the father and changes the results. Paul sees Rosanna get back in bed and is thrilled that she's awake. Meg sees that Craig is named as the father.moreless
  • Ep. #13147
    Ep. #13147
    Episode 163
    Jack hangs up on Carly when she calls his cell phone. Cole sees Sofie and Gwen talking. Alison runs into Aaron and notices that he is angry. Katie tells Vienna and Henry that what she had with Jack is over. Jack learns that Brad stayed with Katie last night. Emma tells Brad to try to get along with Jack. Sofie asks Cole why they suddenly have enough money to move to California. Carly tells Gwen that she plans on giving her settlement money to Katie; Gwen thinks it is a stupid idea. Carly presents Katie the check but Katie tells her to keep the money. Jack and Parker make the adoption official without Carly present. Alison agrees to go to Yo's and have drinks with Cole. Carly goes to Brad and asks him to give Jack the misdiagnosis settlement check. Katie overhears a recording of Brad and Carly where she learns that Brad knew along about Carly's fake condition. Jack can now proudly call Parker his son, and they then run into Carly in Old Town. Parker's words devastate Carly when he says that he did not want her there.moreless
  • Ep. #13148
    Ep. #13148
    Episode 164
    Holden gives Lily the separation papers when he comes looking for her at the Lakeview. Paul urges Rosanna to wake up and come back to him. Luke realizes that Noah referred to him as his boyfriend. Meg tells Paul that he is not the father of her baby. Craig confronts Eli and asks if he said something that upset Meg. Noah tells Dallas that he does not want to see his father before he is transferred to a prison. Paul admits to Meg that he really wanted the baby to be his. Luke goes to the police station and opens up to Winston that he is in love with Noah. Luke does not realize that he is standing up until Noah points it out. Craig realizes that a DNA sample from Paul Ryan was tested for the baby's paternity. Meg confesses to Craig that she slept with Paul once. Rosanna wakes up and sees Paul standing by her hospital bed. Craig says to Meg that he can no longer trust her. Craig sends a text message to Paul pretending to be Meg to meet him under a bridge.moreless
  • Ep. #13149
    Ep. #13149
    Episode 165
    Carly realizes that she is all alone for Thanksgiving. Craig hallucinates seeing Meg with a baby. Parker and J.J. bring in the traditional Hubbard Squash. Katie confronts Brad while taping a segment for Oakdale Now and she gives him a face-full of mashed potatoes and gravy. Lily thanks Dusty for the flowers she received. Bob confronts Chris and learns that he disobeyed him. Brad reveals to Carly that Katie is now angry with him. Meg ask Craig to be with her and the baby. Jack goes to see Katie and she tells him that Brad knew that Carly was lying and did not say anything. Chris tells Bob that he is leaving Oakdale Memorial. Jack stops by the farm and punches Brad in the face. A fight ensues and Emma becomes angry with her nephews for interrupting Thanksgiving dinner. Carly comes home and finds Kit, the bartender from Idaho. Lily and Dusty share a kiss in front of Emily. Craig tells Meg that he wants a second chance with her. Meg invites him in to have dinner with the rest of the Snyders. Faith, Natalie, and Sage sing a song to the rest of the Snyders at the dinner table. Kit announces that she plans on buying Metro. Carly offers Kit her settlement check to be her partner, which she accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #13150
    Ep. #13150
    Episode 166
    Lily and Dusty order breakfast after spending the night together. Faith tells Lucinda about Lily leaving Thanksgiving dinner for the Lakeview. Noah tells Luke that he does not have to apologize for Thanksgiving yesterday. Lucinda sees Lily in Dusty's bed. Brad assures Katie that he will make things right, but she does not listen. Carly and Kit discuss plans to redesign Metro. Luke admits to Holden that he told Winston that he loves Noah. Luke wishes that he knew exactly how Noah feels. Kit laughs when Carly tells her that Jack left her at the alter. Jack asks Katie what it will take for them to have a second chance. J.J. comes home and discovers Kit in her home. J.J. calls Jack and urges him to come help. Jack is stunned to learn that Carly and Kit are partners now. Jack threatens to take the kids away from Carly if she goes into business with Kit. Kit snatches the $100,000 check from Carly's desk and looks for a bank to cash it.moreless
  • Ep. #13151
    Ep. #13151
    Episode 167
    Parker asks Katie if they can still be friends. Emily is upset that Chris found a place for them to live, without her. Jack tells Carly to come back to the farm when she ends her partnership with Kit. Dusty tells Tom he plans to fight Emily so she cannot sell The Intruder. Carly contacts Kit to ask for her money back. Kit says that it is too late and they are the new owners of Metro. Bob tells Chris that he plans to retire in a few years, and hopes to turn over some of his responsibilities to him. Parker invites both Jack and Katie to go ice skating with him separately as a way for them to spend time together. Carly watches as two thieves dressed as Santa Claus take Sage hostage. Dusty informs Bob that Chris is saying that he is going to be the new Chief of Staff at Memorial, and Dusty threatens to pull Jennifer's foundation out. Brad arrives at the ice rink and crashes into Jack and Katie. Carly tries to call Jack for help, but he hangs up on her. Tom learns from Margo that Casey and Daniel may be home in time for the holidays.moreless
  • Ep. #13152
    Ep. #13152
    Episode 168
    Brad answers a call from Carly and he learns that Sage and Carly are being held hostage. Brad informs Katie and Jack of the emergency and interrupts a close moment between them. Paul asks Craig if he plans to take their child away from Meg. Brad takes Parker home while Jack goes to rescue Carly. At Mabel's, Meg begins to have pains and is worried that something is wrong with the baby so Paul takes her to Memorial. Kit arrives and risks her life talking with the thieves. Kit makes a risky move and it saves Sage and Carly. The thieves are apprehended and taken to the police station. Carly tries to convince Jack that Kit is a good person now, but he still has doubts. Craig informs Evan that his research can go on at Memorial. Parker tells Brad that Katie is not interested in him. Carly tells Kit that she will be glad to work with her. Carly asks Sage to pack her things and move in at the farm. Sage tells her parents that her Christmas wish is for them to live together again as a family.moreless
  • Ep. #13153
    Ep. #13153
    Episode 169
    Bonnie tells Lily of her divorce from Issac. Luke becomes frustrated with Noah when he tries to hide his sexuality. Noah is invited to a college party at Yo's. Barbara gives Will and Gwen an ornament for their Christmas tree in honor of their soon-to-be-child. Alison tells Barbara that she thinks there is something wrong with Gwen's adoption. After some investigating, Alison concludes that Gwen and Will are unknowingly going to adopt Sofie's baby. Cole continues to tell Aaron to stay out of his and Sofie's business. Barbara tells Iris that she must get Cole and Sofie to leave town as soon as possible. Cole tells Sofie that he has a job opportunity in Los Angeles and that they must leave right away. Alison tells Aaron her theory about Sofie's baby. Noah runs into Dusty at Yo's and then sees Lily come in. Luke sees his mother with Dusty leaving Yo's. Sofie goes to see Aaron and tells him goodbye. Holden and Bonnie engage in a game of one-on-one basketball. Aaron tells Alison that Cole and Sofie are leaving town.moreless
  • Ep. #13154
    Ep. #13154
    Episode 170
    With Aaron's help, Alison questions the lawyer while pretending to be pregnant at the bar at the Lakeview, to see if her theory is true. Carly receives a case of beer and letter and immediately thinks that it's from Jack, Kit tells her that the beer is for her and from someone named Sam. Margo tells Jack that the last thing he should do is send Katie flowers. Sofie tells Cole that she is beginning to feel some cramps. Sam arrives on Carly's doorstep and immediately embraces Kit. Katie receives some flowers, Brad insists that it wasn't him, she then thinks that Jack sent them. Cole calls Barbara and says that they have a problem. Katie sees Nancy and hopes that she will give her some advice. Jack confronts Parker about him sending Katie the flowers and asks if he's punishing Carly, Parker then tells Jack that Brad's not doing nothing. Brad stuns Katie by saying that he bought the house that she and Jack where going to buy, and says the he got it for her, Katie tells him that she can't accept it. Aaron and Alison get the proof that they need.moreless
  • Ep. #13155
    Ep. #13155
    Episode 171
    Jack learns that Brad bought the house for Katie. Brad tells Katie that he has no plans on marrying her even if she wants children. Alison reveals to Gwen and Will that the baby they are going to adopt is actually Sofie's. Aaron and Cole continue to fight at the hospital when Sofie asks what is going on. Aaron tells Sofie the truth about the adoptive mother of her child. Will and Gwen begin to believe what Alison claims and are shocked to think that Barbara was involved. Jack has a vision of Katie and Brad in Old Town with a child. Sofie scolds Cole wondering how he could harm their baby. Vienna tells Henry that she is a woman and that one day they would want to have a child, but Vienna wants that day sooner than later. Emma encourages Jack to fight for Katie. Katie calls Brad and agrees for him to get her pregnant. Katie decides that she will be artificial inseminated. Barbara and Iris learn that Gwen and Will know the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #13156
    Ep. #13156
    Episode 172
    Sofie asks Cole if he is receiving money in exchange for their baby. Gwen and Will ask Barbara if she was involved in the adoption. Emily tells Christ that she can fix his issues at Memorial by getting talking with Evan. Will tells Barbara that he knows that she is lying. Barbara blames Iris for the adoption idea. Emily tells Dusty that Chris does not know that she worked as a hooker. Faith tells Lily that she does not want to have a girls night out. Will and Gwen realize that Barbara is the one at fault and Will tells Barbara that he is never going to forgive her. Sofie finally hears Cole for the jerk he is. Cole packs up and leaves town. Lily tells Dusty that the only time she feels safe is when she is with him. Will tells Gwen that things have to get better for them.moreless
  • Ep. #13157
    Ep. #13157
    Episode 173
    Chris takes things too far by offering Bob an ultimatum. Henry and Vienna learn that Katie and Brad plan on making a baby. Emily lets Kim know that she isn't interested in marriage, Kim asks Emily if she's using Chris until something better comes along. Henry calls Jack to see if he can help and save Katie. Jack tells Brad that he isn't going to let him get Katie pregnant. Lily thinks that Dusty isn't angry at a partner but an ex girlfriend. Vienna and Katie see Brad's surprise of Pink and Blue balloons in her room, and Katie invites Brad over and the two end up kissing, and says that she wantsto have sex and to make a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #13158
    Ep. #13158
    Episode 174
    Rosanna demands answers from Paul. Brad tells Katie that he doesn't think that he can do this. Kit thinks that Carly is jealous that she has a man and Carly doesn't. Margo calls Jack and tells him that he's not going to believe what Carly has done now. Carly learns that Sam broke into Metro, and Sam says that he wanted to surprise Kit. Emma warns Craig not to hurt Meg or he'll deal with her. Meg and Craig get trapped in an elevator and bond over bringing delivering a baby. Paul tells Rosanna that he isn't the father of the baby, Rosanna then asks Paul if he'd would be with her if he where the father. Jack tells a stunned Margo that Katie plans on getting pregnant by Brad. Carly overhears Vienna talking on the phone what Brad and Katie are doing in her hotel room, and goes to stop them.moreless
  • Ep. #13159
    Ep. #13159
    Episode 175
    Carly tries to tell Katie that having a baby with Brad is a big mistake. Parker asks Jack if he and Katie are getting back together. Kim tries to convince Dusty to give Chris another chance. Eli confronts Rosanna and says that he has her on video at his computer switching Meg's paternity test results. Rosanna agrees to give Eli money in exchange for him staying quiet. Craig looks on as Eli and Rosanna talk. Bob overhears as Chris tells Evan that he is going to be Chief of Staff very soon. Bob again tells Chris that he does not want Evan and his research at Memorial. Katie calls Jack and accuses him of sending Carly to do his dirty work. Carly tells Brad that their deal is off since she did not end up with Jack. Jack surprises Carly and tells her that she made things worse. Chris and Bob argue as Dusty listens on. Later, Bob then tells Chris that he is fired from Memorial. Dusty later sees a collapsed Bob on the floor and Kim asks what happened.moreless
  • Ep. #13160
    Ep. #13160
    Episode 176
    Jack tells Carly that he does not ever want her help again. As Bob lies unconscious on the floor, Dusty checks his pulse. Chris is concerned when he sees Bob's condition. Kim tells Dusty that something must have happened to Bob to cause he collapse. Jack explains to Carly that he does not care if Katie slept with Brad -- he just wants her back. Katie tells Brad that what just happened was just sex, not romance. Margo seed Brad in Katie's hotel suite and Katie is forced to explain. Tom and Kim learn from Chris that Bob had a stroke. Chris neglects to tell them that he was just fired by his father. Chris tells an unconscious Bob that he is sorry for yelling at him. Kit advises Carly about interfering with Jack's love life. Carly learns that she actually pushed Katie into bed with Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13161
    Ep. #13161
    Episode 177
    Chris tells Emily that Bob had a stroke because his father had fired him from the hospital. Dusty tells Lucinda that Chris is not qualified enough to become interim Chief of Staff. Later, Lucinda informs Chris that the vote by the hospital board was unanimous and that he is now interim Chief of Staff at Memorial. Dallas tells Bonnie that getting involved with Holden is a bad idea. Emily consoles Susan because Bob has been with her through rough times. Lily and Holden visit Kim at the Hospital together. Lily approaches Bonnie and tells her that she is not signing the separation papers. Chris promises Evan that his research can begin immediatly. Kim overhears and discovers that Chris has approved something that his father was completely against. Chris lies to Kim and tells her that it is what Bob wanted. Dusty tells Emily that Chris is lying to her.moreless
  • November 16, 2007
    November 16, 2007
    Episode 177
    Carly is devastated by Sage's admission. Barbara schemes to keep Will and Gwen in the dark. Rosanna learns the truth about Meg's baby.
  • Ep. #13162
    Ep. #13162
    Episode 178
    Barbara makes a final plea for Will to forgive her, but refuses and hangs up. Gwen tells Will that she doesn't want to have a baby. Barbara tells Alison to stay away from Gwen and Will. Luke tells Noah to keep the walking a secret to surprise everyone. Aaron tells Sofie that he knows that Cole isn't coming back, Sofie then tells Aaron to get out of her hotel room. Paul scolds Barbara for attempting to buy a baby for Will and Gwen. Rosanna calls Eli to give him money and to end their association. Luke longs to spend Christmas with Noah. Meg and Craig learn that it's a boy. Emma talks to Holden about Luke's sexuality after hearing from Luke requesting the Noah stay in his room. Gwen goes to see Sofie and asks if she's alright. Paul encourages Will to forgive Barbara. Emma invites Noah to stay with the family for Christmas. Meg overhears Craig say how proud he's going to be a father again.moreless
  • Ep. #13163
    Ep. #13163
    Episode 179
    Rosanna thinks Paul is the tape is his Christmas present, she's then relieved when Paul asks her to hide it. Meg becomes concerned when Dr. Bullock says that they baby could have Gaucher's disease, Craig tries to. Jack arrives to take Parker, J.J. and Sage to the Old Town bazaar. Craig walks in on Eli and Meg and he asks him for the results. Katie kisses Brad. Kit thinks that Jack doesn't want his kids hanging out with her and Sam. Parker tells Carly that he'll go to the bazaar for Sage not her. Craig confronts Eli, Eli then gets nervous and calls Rosanna and meets in the stairwell and reveals that Craig is ordering another test. J.J. and Sage meet Cowboy Jack, Parker thinks that she got them there to see her friends. Jack tries to get Katie to walk away from Brad while she still can. Parker tells Jack that Sage lied for Carly and that they ran into Sam and Kit. Craig overhears Rosanna and Eli and then confronts her and says that he knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #13164
    Ep. #13164
    Episode 180
    Gwen informs Will that Sofie is alone at the Wagon Wheel. Aaron and Alison get stranded in the country when his motorcycle breaks down. Craig wants answers from Rosanna and plays the tape of her switching Meg's paternity test results. Meg feels the baby kick and tells Paul. Carly learns that Jack is preventing her and Kit from getting a liquor license for Metro. Jack tells Carly that he knows that Sage and J.J. were a part of Sam's puppet routine in Old Town. Parker goes to Carly's house to get his math workbook and runs into Sam and his puppet Cowboy Jack. Alison and Aaron get warm in the truck Aaron borrowed from a friend. Sofie begins to go into labor but refuses Gwen's offer for help. Will arrives and Sofie finally agrees to go to the hospital. Rosanna tries to bargain with Craig when Paul walks in. Meg runs into Judy and gets a look at her baby named Craig. Will calls Aaron and tells him that Sofie needs him. Craig devises an evil plan and researches a drug that will cause a miscarriage.moreless
  • Ep. #13165
    Ep. #13165
    Episode 181
    Gwen and Will comfort Sofie as she gives birth to her daughter. Sage asks Carly and Jack if they can spend Christmas together. Brad suggests that Katie is emotional cause she is pregnant, but Katie tests herself and finds out that she is not pregnant. Jack tells Carly that she can have their children for the day of Christmas Eve only. Aaron and Alison wait on the news about Sofie. Katie kicks Brad out and tells him to forget having a baby together. Alison does not tell Aaron that she is uncomfortable with him visiting Sofie. Vienna learns from Brad that Katie no longer wants to have a baby. Margo talks to Katie and discovers that Katie is still wants to be with Jack. Sam attempts to use his puppet Cowboy Jack to cheer her up. Gwen convinces Sofie holds her daughter for the first time. Brad allows Vienna to shop for jewelry for Katie. Jack arrives at Katie's suite with at Christmas tree.moreless
  • Ep. #13166
    Ep. #13166
    Episode 182
    Brad goes to give Katie jewelry but hears Jack and Katie inside her Lakeview suite so he leaves. Dusty explains to Emily that the only way Chris keeps his job is if Bob never wakes up. Chris takes complete control of Bob's care. Carly runs into Parker in Old Town and he tells her that he does not want to see her this Christmas. Tom has doubts when he hears Chris take Dr. Sherwood off of Bob's case. Brad attempts to give Mia the jewelry, but realizes that it was meant for Katie. Dusty informs Kim that Chris and Bob had a fight before he collapsed. Kim tells Chris that she knows about the argument that he and Bob had. Katie and Brad make love at WOAK. Sam advertises for the re-opening of Metro with Cowboy Jack. Jack tells Parker to be respectful to his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #13167
    Ep. #13167
    Episode 183
    Iris visits the hospital to see her new granddaughter and gives Sofie papers from Cole which terminate his parental rights. Will tells Gwen not to get too attached to Sofie's baby. Aaron asks Alison if she is upset with him visiting Sofie in the hospital. Gwen arrives and tells Iris to leave Sofie's child alone. Rosanna gets nervous when she thinks that Paul has figured things out. A nurse brings the baby for breastfeeding, but Sofie asks her to take the baby away. Craig researches a drug and picks it up from a dealer. Meg tells Emma that she and Craig are welcome for dinner. Susan realizes Alison has broken up with Aaron. Craig cancels dinner with Emma. Craig slips the drug into Meg's drink. Aaron helps Sofie check herself out of the hospital. Gwen and Will get Sofie a place at the Lakeview. Meg is about to drink the drug but at the last second Craig stops her. Sofie is touched by the help that she is getting from everyone.moreless
  • Ep. #13168
    Ep. #13168
    Episode 184
    Bonnie reminisces the time she spent with her daughter Sarah. Aaron and Sofie go to the hospital and watch as Will reads a Christmas story to children. Dallas discovers that Bonnie got Holden floor seats to a Bulls game. Luke tells Lily that Holden wants her at the farm for Christmas. Bonnie stops by the farm to see Holden. Sofie is called to the hospital by someone from Social Services. Vienna overhears Henry planning a surprise for her. Holden and Lily agree to set aside the divorce for one night to give the kids a great Christmas. Luke surprises everyone when he gets out of his wheelchair. Lily tells him that it is the greatest gift she could get. Sofie asks Will and Gwen that if she lets them have her baby to raise, she wants to be a part of her life. Vienna does not like that Henry gave her a puppy at first, but then she decides to love it. Luke and Noah's relationship reaches a new level.moreless
  • Ep. #13169
    Ep. #13169
    Episode 185
    A special Christmas-themed episode of As The World Turns, as a doll house comes to life with all the characters of Oakdale.
  • Ep. #13170
    Ep. #13170
    Episode 186
    Kim calls everyone to the hospital to give Bob a family Christmas. Gwen thinks that Sofie will change her mind about giving her and Will the baby. Parker encounters Sam at Al's and encourages him to give Carly a present. Sofie tells Will and Gwen that she's giving her baby to them. Bob opens his eyes and Chris gets nervous that his father will speak. Jack tells Sam not to come near his house or his kids again.moreless
  • Ep. #13171
    Ep. #13171
    Episode 187
    Gwen and Will agree to name their child Hallie Jennifer Munson after Will's father and sister. Henry walks in on Brad and Katie in a compromising position in an elevator. Aaron thinks Sofie wants her baby back. Carly offers to donate the proceeds from Metro's opening party to a police fund and Jack agrees. Gwen calls Sofie, wanting to make the adoption legal. Jack asks Katie to cover Metro's reopening for Oakdale Now. Lisa informs Barbara that her son has adopted a baby. Vienna tells Henry that he's going to be a great father someday. Jack tells Brad that Katie is going to be ringing in the New Year with him. Barbara comes by hoping to see her new granddaughter, but Will tells her that she is not welcome.moreless
  • Ep. #13172
    Ep. #13172
    Episode 188
    Jack tells Sam and Kit that putting those flyers on the windows are illegal. Emily stops Dusty fron going in to see Bob. Parker sees as Kit and Sam laughing about Carly. Dusty thinks that Chris is up to no good. Holden insists to Lily that they finalize their divorce by flying to Reno, Lily says that she doesn't want to. Lucinda tells Lily that when is she going to continue letting Dusty ruin her life. Parker goes to Jack and says that Sam being around Carly really creeps him out and wishes he'd go away. Carly gives Lily an invitation for the grand opening of Metro, she then calls and asks Dusty to her date. Jack and a Marshal arrive with a warrant for Kit's arrest and tries to persuade Jack to do something.moreless
  • Ep. #13173
    Ep. #13173
    Episode 189
    Chris scolds Jan for letting Dusty get into Bob's hospital room. Dusty tells Chris that his father remembers everything. Carly remembers that she forgot to confirm the band for New Years Eve. Luke tells Holden that he should move on since Lily has. Lily feels like she was stood up by Dusty. Chris has Dusty thrown out of the hospital. Holden calls Bonnie and she agrees to meet up with him. Sam offers to fill in as the entertainment, and Carly tells him that he cannot use the puppet Cowboy Jack. Sam uses a guitar and provides great entertainment for the opening of Metro. Emily is shocked to hear from Dusty that he is still in love with her. Lily runs into Bonnie in old town and wishes her a Happy New Year. Luke and Noah decide to dance together with everyone else at the party. Jack realizes that Katie left the party and goes to find her. Dusty kisses Emily in the Oakdale Memorial Parking Garage. Chris apologizes as he injects something in Bob's IV. Lily sees Holden and Bonnie together at the Lakeview. Carly thanks Sam for saving the party from being a disaster. Everyone rings in 2008.moreless
  • Ep. #13174
    Ep. #13174
    Episode 190
    Craig has a nightmare about Meg telling him that Paul is that baby's father. Will tells Paul that if it means keeping Barbara out his life to keep Hallie safe then so be it. Sophie has trouble accepting that she has given her daughter up for adoption. Barbara receives news about her health. Aaron runs into Alison in Old Town and they are heading to the church for the Christening. Rosanna gives Gwen a gown from Carly for Hallie to wear. Meg thinks that the cut on Craig's hand is infected and takes him to the hospital. Barbara tells Dr. Hearn that she doesn't want anyone knowing about this right now. Craig comes up with an excuse for Chris when he examines the cut on his hand. Gwen and Will ask Alison and Aaron to be Hallie's godparents. Sofie arrives at the church and sees Hallie getting baptized. Craig tells Meg in front of her friends that she's worried that she'll take the baby away from him. Sofie overhears Barbara praying in the church.moreless
  • Ep. #13175
    Ep. #13175
    Episode 191
    Craig continues to make a spectacle in the lobby of the Lakeview while telling Paul who does the baby doll look like, Rosanna tells him to stop. Lily tells Holden that Dusty stood her up and she spent New Year's alone. Susan tells Chris that she heard about Bob's relapse and says that he isn't going to let Dusty anywhere near people he cares about. Dusty breaks Lily's heart by saying that he slept with Emily. Rosanna is horrified to learn that Craig almost let Meg miscarry her child. Susan doesn't believe Chris's accusations about Dusty. Meg catches Rosanna coming off the elevator, she says that she went to see Craig to leave her and Paul alone, but she doesn't believe her. Lily lays into Dusty for lying when he said that he would always be there for her.moreless
  • Ep. #13176
    Ep. #13176
    Episode 192
    Holden calls Bonnie and asks her out on a date by getting together and watching a movie. Meg begins to realise that Craig is not on the up and up and that he may not be the baby's father. Dusty tells Tom that Chris is behind Bob's collapse, Tom thinks this thing concerns Emily. Lily calls Emily a whore when they cross paths and if she and Chris have a real relationship. Lily goes to Yo's and meets someone named Jay and he then flirts with her. Tom threatens Dusty that if he goes anywhere near Bob or Chris. Faith calls Holden and says that Lily never picked her up after her dance class. Dusty is told by Emily to call of Lily or she won't be responsible for her actions. Jan tells Meg that the drug that cause the infection in Craig's hand, and if she got it in her it would've cause her to miscarry her baby. Jay offers Lily a pill to forget her troubles and she then begins to feel dizzy as they share a dance. Bonnie hides her disappointment as Holden leaves to to track down Lily. Dusty asks a lab tech to have something he found analyzed. Jan tells Meg that Eli quit, she then realizes that someone paid him off.moreless
  • Ep. #13177
    Ep. #13177
    Episode 193
    Sam and Carly discuss her personal life. Brad orders room service for her and Katie. Parker advises Jack to give Katie hockey tickets that he won. Meg tells Paul that she does not think that Craig is the father of her child anymore and that he could be. Henry tells Jack that he thinks that he should stop Katie and Brad with whatever they're doing. Susan agrees to keep Paul's name out of it and to have a test redone. Carly learns that Sam turned down a paying gig in Texas because of her. Jack breaks in the door and sees Katie and Brad playing a video game. Susan keeps Craig from finding Paul and Meg in the room after taking some of Paul's blood. Henry realizes that Brad really does in fact love Katie. Meg and Daniel run into Craig in Old Town, Daniel then shuns Craig thinking he was involved in his kidnapping. Paul and Meg celebrate the fact that they're having a baby. Jack tells Parker that Katie is going to be going to the game with someone else. Brad contemplates telling Katie that he's in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #13178
    Ep. #13178
    Episode 194
    Noah and Luke think about getting a place to live together. Lily hides a bottle of pills from Lucinda, and tells her it's over with Dusty. Bonnie stops by and lends her Twilight Zone series on DVD to the girls. Emily overhears Dusty talking to a private investigator who a possible poisoning. Lily lashes out at Bonnie in front of Faith and Natalie and asks her to leave the farm right now, Holden tells Bonnie to stay and asks Lily to go outside and talk with him. Chris tells Dusty not to talk about him behind his back but to his face, and tells him to call his bluff and take what he has to the police. Henry tells Luke that he thinks that he should focus on being a college instead of moving in with Noah. Evan goes to Chris about going public with what they're doing, Chris says that the timing is wrong. Dusty goes and asks Alison to spy on Chris at the hospital, she then refuses. Lily apologizes to Bonnie for her the things that she said to her earlier. Chris sees Alison and Dusty come out of a hospital room. Luke asks Noah to move out to the farm permanently.moreless
  • Ep. #13179
    Ep. #13179
    Episode 195
    Brad has a dream about Katie while doing an episode of Oakdale Now. Jack shows Carly Parker's midsemester grades and that he's failing two subjects. Vienna tells Brad that Katie is trying a speed dating service. Sofie is touched when Hallie Jennifer smiles at her. Carly and Jack are told by Sam where they can find Parker, they each tell him that he has to do better in school. Parker goes to Metro and tells Sam to stay away from him and to leave his mother alone. Vienna mananges to get rid of one the Speed Daters so Brad can take his place. Katie can't believe that Brad followed her to the Lakeview. Katie tells Brad that she knows what she did. Jack tells Parker to be polite when Sam arrives at the house.moreless
  • Ep. #13180
    Ep. #13180
    Episode 196
    Rosanna returns home and Paul immediately asks her why she did switched the paternity test. Brad admits to Katie that he messed up the speed dating results. Joe arrives for a date with Katie holding flowers. Sam sees Carly in a towel. Carly realizes the water-heater is broken, but Sam fixes it. While hiding from Craig at the Farm, Meg tells Holden that Paul is the real father of her child and that Craig tried to kill the baby. Rosanna erroneously says to Paul that Craig attempted to kill Meg's baby. Paul says that Craig is a dead man as he leaves Rosanna. Rosanna tells Craig that Paul knows everything. Barbara learns from Paul that he is the father. Barbara pleads for Paul not to kill Craig. Henry provides Brad some advice for his situation with Katie. Craig arrives at the farm and pleads for Meg's forgiveness. Holden points a gun at Craig and orders him to leave his sister alone. Katie comes to the realization that Brad is who she wants.moreless
  • Ep. #13181
    Ep. #13181
    Episode 197
    Jack brings J.J., Sage and Parker to see their mother, Jack once again tells Parker to knock off the attitude. Meg tells Craig to leave. Holden points a rifle at Craig and says to get away from Meg. Parker tells Carly that there's something about Sam that creeps him out. Paul sees Craig go into the elevator and decides to confront him. Parker intentionally leaves his science book at Metro. Paul punches Craig after saying that they are a lot alike. Margo receives from Tom news that Casey get an early release from prison. Meg gets swept up into a fight between Craig and Paul, Meg gets hurt in the process. Parker tries to convince Carly to get rid of Sam. Sage says to Jack that Parker left his book there on purpose. Tom tells Margo why Casey didn't tell them about the hearing. Meg tells the EMT to keep Paul and Craig away from her. Parker takes money from the cash box and sets Sam up like he stole it. Carly realizes that money is missing. Parker tells Jack that Sam's not going to be a problem anymore. Meg loses the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #13182
    Ep. #13182
    Episode 198
    Parker keeps Jack from seeing him with the money. Carly calls Jack and says that she was robbed. Barbara tells Rosanna that she's got some nerve calling her and if anything happens to Paul, she'll hold her responsible. Craig says that there's no way he's seeing Meg, Paul then bursts into Meg's room and Holden calls for security. Parker visualizes Sam being arrested and Carly asking him for forgiveness, J.J. then upsets him with a sock puppet. Sam tells Carly that someone set him up, she immediately assumes Parker is the culprit. Paul goes to Margo to have Craig arrested. Margo asks Craig to come to the station to answer some questions about the incident. Sam tells Carly that he didn't tell Jack about Parker so he won't get in trouble. Paul returns home and says to Rosanna that Meg lost the baby. Carly confronts Parker and finds the money in his backpack and tells Jack. Sam tells Cowboy Jack that Parker is beginning to become a problem. Jack tells Carly that he thinks Parker did what he did to keep her from running away from Sam.moreless
  • Ep. #13183
    Ep. #13183
    Episode 199
    Holden tells Lily that Meg wants to deal with Craig on her own. Rosanna tells Paul that there's no way she's going to let him divorce her and is going to fight for them. Emily asks Chris if he found anything in his father's tox screen cause Susan just might find out herself. Meg tells Craig that she's not his wife anymore. Lily takes a pill and has an encounter with Dusty when he comes on the elevator. Craig and Rosanna begin to realise what damage their lies have wrought. Paul goes to the farm and begs Meg to forgive him. Krista says to Lily that she knows Emily. Paul and Meg share an emotional goodbye. Dusty tells Chris that he won't be signing any contract cause he'll be shutting him downmoreless
  • Ep. #13184
    Ep. #13184
    Episode 200
    Lily still can't believe Krista is talking Emily Stewart and that worked as a hooker with Cheri. Barbara continues to keep her family in the dark about her medical condition when she comes and visits Will and Gwen and tells them about Meg losing Paul's baby. Dusty waits for the results on Bob's coffee cup so he can nail Chris at the contract signing. Dusty catches Lily outside Chris and Emily's hotel suite and takes her back to her room. Lily wakes up andslips a note in Chris's door and he confronts Emily about her being a hooker and she then tells him it's true, Chris shuns Emily and disinvites her to the contract signing. Gwen finds out the babysitter cancelled and calls and asks Sofie to watch Hallie while she's at Metro. Emily pulls Dusty into a hospital room and tells she thinks he wrote Chris that note he says that he didn't. Lisa tells Sofie that Barbara Ryan paid for her room, Barbara watches as Sofie rips up the paper. Lisa confides in Barbara that she's noticed something in the way talks, Barbara doesn't tell Lisa what's really wrong with her.moreless
  • Ep. #13185
    Ep. #13185
    Episode 201
    Chris learns that Dusty and Emily slept together, and he and Dusty get into it. Lily sees Holden come with Bonnie and tells them that she's going to have to deal with it. Gwen is forced into a bad decision to let Sofie babysit for Hallie. Evan asks Lucinda if Craig is going to be attending. Kim is worried that Dusty might show up and ruin the party. Dusty prepares to confront Chris with the truth that he was behind Bob's current condition. Tom asks what's going on between Chris and Dusty. Margo overhears Emily threaten that Dusty will pay for this. Sofie calls Aaron to help her with Hallie cause she can't stop fussing. Lily's behaviour has dangerous consequences after stealing from the medicine cart. Will says that he doesn't think that it's a great idea for Sofie to babysit. Holden finds Lily unconscious on the floor and then tells Dusty to stay away from his wife or he'll live to regret it. Gwen and Will come home to find Sofie bonding with Hallie. Chris tells Emily that their relationship is over and to stay away from him. Holden notices that Lily isn't in her hospital room. Dusty goes to meet with Neil.moreless
  • Ep. #13186
    Ep. #13186
    Episode 202
    Someone approaches Dusty. Holden finds Lily in the stairwell holding a needle in her hand. Lucinda finds Emily consoling Dusty's lifeless body. Katie is shocked by Brad's announcement. Lucinda tells Tom and Margo that Dusty has been murdered. Susan catches Holden going through the medicine cart. Holden calls Luke and says that Lily overdosed on pills. Tom tells Chris that he's considered a suspect. Margo tells Dallas to see where everybody was when the murder took place. Luke keeps what happened to Lily from Natalie and Faith. The M.E. finds a needle mark on Dusty's arm. Emily goes to church and asks God to forgive her for what she's done. Holden stands by Lily after thinking that she makes a dreadful mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #13187
    Ep. #13187
    Episode 203
    Susan asks Chris where Emily is, Chris says that she is on her own. Katie says that Brad can't be in love with her. Chris tells Margo that he isn't talking to her without his lawyer, which turns out to be Tom. Paul asks Emily if she killed Dusty, Emily asks why Paul is being so nice to her. Brad wakes up and finds Katie missing. Dr. Hearn schedules Barbara for a round or radiation to excise the tumor and insists that she tells her family. Katie calls Vienna and says that Brad said that he loved her, she goes back to the car and Brad is gone. Brad falls down and a hill and breaks his leg. Barbara is devastated to learn from Tom that Dusty was murdered. Lily says that she's ashamed of what she's done. Katie finds Brad and tries to wake him up. Chris wants Emily not to say a word, Emily wants a good reason to keep his secret if he didn't kill Dusty. Holden tells Lily that he's going to protect her.moreless
  • Ep. #13188
    Ep. #13188
    Episode 204
    Jack catches Parker with some friends who are smoking. Carly learns from Rosanna that Paul left her because of the mistakes that she made. Barbara tells Meg that that the service for Dusty is tomorrow. Katie helps Brad up. Parker tells Jack the reason he lost Katie is that he didn't fight to keep her away from Brad. Carly sees that Rosanna is about to pass out. Sam asks Cowboy Jack how he's going to make Carly see him as someone other than an employee. Jack sees Carly and Sam dancing at the Lakeview. Kit calls Sam from jail, and says for her not to call Carly anymore, Kit then thinks that something is going with Sam and Carly. Katie realizes that Brad is running a fever and needs to get help fast. Rosanna stops by the farm and asks Meg that she's here for her husband. Katie manages to get a signal and calls 911.moreless
  • Ep. #13189
    Ep. #13189
    Episode 205
    Lily insists on going to Dusty's funeral. Sofie runs into Grace and Hallie in Old Town. Will tells Gwen it's not going to do any good if Sofie gets attached too Hallie. Craig asks Lucinda if she thinks that he killed Dusty. Lily remembers going into the stairwell at the hospital and asks Holden what he is so afraid of what else she'll remember. Margo goes to the church thinking his killer will show up. Susan sees Holden at the service and figures things out . Holden tells Lucinda that Lily was insited on coming to the service. Emily tells Susan that Lily sent the note to Chris and not and it's her fault Dusty's gone. Meg insists to Craig that she wants nothing to do with him. Susan tells Margo and tells her that Holden was near a drug cart that night. Dallas tells Margo that Dusty was calling a lab tech and asks to bring him in. Margo finds the syringe in the pantry and brings Holden into the station for questioning.moreless
  • Ep. #13190
    Ep. #13190
    Episode 206
    Jack interrupts a moment with Carly and Sam at Metro, and says that Parker wants to go to a school dance. Brad tells Katie that he wants to live with her while he recuperates. Rosanna makes a final attempt at a future with Paul, Rosanna makes a plan to make sure there's nor divorce. Parker tells his friend that there's something that he has to do first. Katie tells Vienna that Brad had a accident and broke his leg. Parker and his friends follow Carly and Sam to Yo's. Paul realizes that Rosanna is kidnapping him. Parker breaks into Metro and steals Cowboy Jack in order to get rid of it. Henry asks Katie why is Brad staying with her. Rosanna is shocked when Paul called the police to have her arrested. Sam finds Cowboy Jack missing and calls Carly. Parker is scared to find Cowboy Jack in his bed at the farm.moreless
  • Ep. #13191
    Ep. #13191
    Episode 207
    Parker lies to Carly and Jack when he says that he didn't take Cowboy Jack. Lily tells Luke that Holden was brought into questioning regarding Dusty's death. Margo asks Holden if he killed Dusty. Margo lets Lucinda and Lily see Holden. Jack catches Parker with Cowboy Jack, he swears that he didn't bring it home and someone put it in his bed. Jack learns from the Coach that he didn't go to the dance and he asks where he really was. Margo places Holden under arrest for Dusty's murder. Carly learns from Jack that Parker has Sam's dummy, Sam offers to come with Carly. Lily goes to Bonnie and says that Holden needs her help. Sam says to Parker that you mess with him and you get hurt. Parker goes to tell his parents that Sam is setting him up, Carly and Jack tell him that he should go back to therapy. Holden doesn't tell Bonnie that Lily was holding the syringe in her hands.moreless
  • Ep. #13192
    Ep. #13192
    Episode 208
    Lily has a nightmare of finding Dusty and screaming, Holden then takes her to the hospital. Paul is astounded to learn that Rosanna confessed everything that she did to Margo. Susan tells Emily that Holden is in jail because of her, and if Holden is innocent then she's going be a suspect. Lily has a memory flash and realizes that she was in the room with Dusty and he was dead. Tom gives Alison a letter saying that he wanted her to go to college. Emily is given full ownership of the Intruder. Paul dreams about Rosanna and she asks for his forgivness. Holden then wonders where Lily could be. Paul goes to the police station and Margo tells him that Rosanna has had a relapse and went back into a coma. Paul learns from the doctor that Rosanna may never wake up again. Lily says that she remembers everything, after running into Holden in the stairwell.moreless
  • Ep. #13193
    Ep. #13193
    Episode 209
    Lily tells Holden that she will not take the blame for something that she did. Tom surprises Margo that he brought Casey home. Evan persuades Chris to sign the papers and not let Dusty have the last laugh. Lily remembers picking up the needle next to Dusty's body, Holden asks Lily if she didn't kill Dusty then who did. Kim is overjoyed when Bob wakes up. Margo sees a change in Casey after being away for so long. Casey tells Tom and Margo that Bob seeing is not the best thing right now. Casey ends up going to the hospital and Bob is thrilled that he's home. Gwen and Will tell Sofie to limit her time with Hallie. Casey tells Tom not to tell Lisa and Nancy that he's home yet and that he'll surprise them later. Lily remembers seeing Emily leave the office on the night that Dusty died.moreless
  • Ep. #13194
    Ep. #13194
    Episode 210
    Carly and Jack call Dr. Seidman to come and talk to Parker. Cowboy Jack tells Sam that if he wants to be with Carly he has to get rid of Parker. Gwen wants to know why Casey hasn't spoken with Maddie after being released from jail. Barbara confides in Lisa and says that she has cancer and that she can't lie to her. Vienna tells Brad that he should tell Katie that he loves her. Alison tells Will and Gwen that something is wrong with Casey. Katie sees Jack and Parker in Old Town after leaving Java, Jack comes into Java and Katie tries to leave but he spots her. Sam comforts Carly after telling him that she's never going to see Rosanna again. Casey starts working for Lisa at Lakeview, but spots the money in the glass jar. Gwen and Will try to reach out to Barbara by letting her hold Hallie, but decides to put off telling what she has to say. Vienna assures Brad that Katie won't be able to hide her feelings forever.moreless
  • Ep. #13195
    Ep. #13195
    Episode 211
    Lily tells Jack that Holden found her in the hospital stairwell holding the syringe. J.J. sees Parker hanging out with his friends when he's supposed to be grounded. Sam and Carly almost kiss until Kit arrives. Carly is confused when Sam and Kit embrace, thinking she had broke up with him, Sam then covers with a lie. Carly falls into Sam's trap after not heeding Parker's warnings. Jack calls Emily regarding Dusty's murder, Emily then assumes that Paul ratted her out. Parker follows Sam and Kit after seeing them in Old Town. Emily arrives at the station with an attorney. Parker waits for Sam to leave and he approaches Kit and tell her that while she was away that he was putting the moves on his mother. J.J. asks Parker where he went after Al's, he then goes and shows him, Carly then denies Parker's claim of Sam coming on to her which infuriates Parker as he and J.J. overhear.moreless
  • Ep. #13196
    Ep. #13196
    Episode 212
    Parker tells Carly that he can make it up to her by getting rid of Sam. Vienna and Henry set up Katie with Brad's help, so that they can be alone. Parker assures Jack that things will go back to normal once Sam is out of their lives. Sofie notices that Gwen and Will didn't bring Hallie to Java with them. Kit tells Carly that if Sam goes, she does too along with her money. Carly tells Jack that they have a problem. Barbara refuses to let Sofie watch Hallie and then calls Bonnie and tells her that Sofie stopped by. Katie nearly choles on the ring that Brad put in the dessert, and tells her that he was going to propose. Cowboy Jack tells Sam that he should take Carly away from Oakdale. After catching Barbara asleep, Sofie grabs little Hallie.moreless
  • Ep. #13197
    Ep. #13197
    Episode 213
    Gwen and Will come home and discover that Hallie is missing. Holden vows to beat the charges that are against him. Reg invites Luke and Noah to the lake for the weekend. Paul and Emily manage to break into Chris's room, Paul hides as Emily talks to Chris. Sofie brings Hallie to the Lakeview. Holden wants to go with Lily to meet Neil. Gwen and Will go to Margo and say that Hallie was kidnapped by Sofie. Lily gets a call from Neil, says that he has some information. Aaron gives Will an address where Sofie stayed when she went to Chicago. Will tells Barbara that will find Sofie and the baby. Margo is shocked as Emily tells her that she worked as a hooker. Lily and Holden make a gruesome discovery by finding Neil's dead body in the trunk of his car.moreless
  • Ep. #13198
    Ep. #13198
    Episode 214
    Margo reveals that Neil died of a lethal injection the same way Dusty did. Lily tells Margo that Holden didn't kill Dusty. Margo comes to question Chris, Chris then can't believe that his own family thinks he's capable of murder. Sam waits for Carly to leave and then he calls and cancels the band. Carly offers Parker to work at Metro everyday after school if he passes his science test. Kit tells Carly if she can trust her when she's around Sam. Sam tells Carly that the band "cancelled" at the last minute. Parker then says to Carly to forget the job and that he knew that Sam would never leave. Paul approaches Meg with the theory that Craig is responsible for Dusty's murder. Parker tells Sam that he's just trying to get close to his mother after seeing him pay off the guy that he cancelled so he can stay. After hearing about Neil from Lily, Lucinda realizes that Dusty was right all along. Carly comes home and finds Cowboy Jack burning in the fireplace. Meg offers Lucinda her company back.moreless
  • Ep. #13199
    Ep. #13199
    Episode 215
    Carly manages to get Cowboy Jack out of the fire in time, Parker insists that he isn't lying about taking Cowboy Jack. Gwen and Will go in search of Sofie and Hallie, Margo says they should come home but Gwen is still insists on finding Hallie. Sofie reaches out to Aaron while on the run. Sam calls Carly, Parker then grabs the phone and asks him to admit that he's setting him up. Lucinda realizes that Evan poisoned Bob and killed Neil and Dusty. Evan shocks Lily by saying that Lucinda brought him to Oakdale in order to get World Wide back. Dr. Seidman comes to have a talk with Parker. Aaron tells Sofie it's time to go back to Oakdale. Holden tells Margo that something happened to Lily and she could be in danger. Carly brings Cowboy Jack to Sam and says that she's giving up Metro. Margo issues a cop to follow Holden thinking something is up. Sofie then runs off with Hallie while Aaron calls Gwen.moreless
  • Ep. #13200
    Ep. #13200
    Episode 216
    Meg tells Craig that she's giving the company back to Lucinda. Margo stops Holden from going in after Evan. Lily and Lucinda fight for their lives. Noah and Luke discuss the kind of relationship they should have. Chris is livid when he learns that Evan poisoned Bob causing his stroke. Craig tells Meg that Paul has an ulterior motive and that she shouldn't trust him. Margo gets Chris to talk to Evan and to calm him down. Lily makes and attempt to leave, but Evan stops her. Evan takes Lily and Lucinda to the hospital roof. Margo thinks of another way to get to the roof. Evan and Lily fight, Evan gets injected with the syringe and dies. Lily blames Lucinda for bringing Evan to Oakdale and Dusty would still be alive if she hadn't. Natalie and Faith arrive at the farm glad that Lily and Lucinda are alright.moreless
  • Ep. #13201
    Ep. #13201
    Episode 217
    Jack notices some tickets to a hockey game on his desk. Will and Gwen refuse to stay calm knowing that Hallie is out there. Cowboy Jack "asks" Sam if Jack took the bait. Aaron attempts at finding Sofie. Sofie notices that Hallie is burning up and she becomes scared. Parker tells Jack that it's impossible that his hockey coach left those tickets that Sam is somehow behind it. Carly is thrown for a loop when she learns that Sam cancelled the band, Sam then shocks Carly by saying that he's in love with her, she realizes that Parker was right about him all along. Meg assures Holden that she is through with self-destructive relationships. Aaron almost catches Sofie before getting into someone's car. Lily and Holden discuss their future. Aaron calls Gwen and Will saying that Sofie jumped into a car and she could be anywhere. Parker tells Jack that he just knows that Sam is up to something. Lucinda refuses as Meg offers her company back. Sam refuses to let Carly leave, he then knocks her to the floor and has his way with her. Lily agrees to keep Lucinda's secret and hope to be proud of her someday. Sofie is placed under arrest for kidnapping.moreless
  • Ep. #13202
    Ep. #13202
    Episode 218
    Katie hears Henry and Vienna discussing their disagreements of Brad being with her or not. Carly sees Parker holding the rifle he used to shoot Sam, he then runs off, Carly then goes after Parker and apologizes for not believing his warnings about Sam and Parker doesn't want Carly to call Jack. Brad and Henry drink their sorrows away at Yo's discussing their women. Margo explains to Casey that she felt bad after having Sofie arrested for kidnapping, Casey that he doesn't want to go see Gwen and Will. Carly tells Parker that running away isn't the answer and that Jack will believe that he tried to save her. Casey gets a call from someone saying he needs him for something. Jack is stunned when Carly says that Parker shot Sam dead to keep him from raping her, Jack says that he has to bring Parker to the station. Katie acts quickly when she sees Brad walking naked in Old Town. Tom tells Carly and Jack that Parker shot Sam with premeditation. Casey goes to the Lakeview and steals money from the register for his friend. Bonnie rescues Brad from being arrested. Margo says that Parker has to stay in jail overnight.moreless
  • Ep. #13203
    Ep. #13203
    Episode 219
    Vienna tells Henry no more sex as long as he's gambling. Parker's head plays tricks on him. Chris tells Gwen and Will that there's another side to Sofie's story they need to hear. Sofie refuses Aaron's help and blames him for being in jail. Kit yells at Parker for killing Sam, Carly tells Kit that Sam tried to rape her. Margo tells Tom that they're going to charge Parker as an adult. Jack throws Kit out after saying that she hopes they throw the book at Parker. Matt calls Casey and tells him that he's being impatient and to get the money to him. Chris tells Sofie that she was suffering from post partum depression when she took Hallie. Parker hears that he could go to prison for a long time if convicted. Alison sees Casey as a completely different person and not the friends she thought he was. Casey deals with his guilty conscience sfter giving Matt the money he took. Margo reveals to everyone that two bullets where found in Sam. Sofie decides to fight for her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #13204
    Ep. #13204
    Episode 220
    Matt stops by and Casey says that he has his money, he invites him in, Margo comes home and thinks Adam is with Casey and is introduced to Matt. Craig tells Meg that they can still be together, but Meg isn't interested. Lucinda's guilt over bring Evan to Oakdale increases as Paul sees her at the bar at the Lakeview. Gray invites Henry into another poker game, Henry then loses. Craig is given a lead about Lucy and Johnny's whereabouts from Emily. Paul tells Meg that he now owns World Wide, Lucinda gave it to him and asks her to stay and that they're relationship will be only business. Matt accepts Margo's offer to move into her and Tom. Henry receives a indecent proposal from Gray Gerard for one night with Vienna and he'll erase his debt. Craig sees Lucinda talking on the phone and makes sure that Craig hears her say that Lucy is in Barbados, Craig then makes arrangements to go after then.moreless
  • Ep. #13205
    Ep. #13205
    Episode 221
    A special Valentine's Day special has Oakdale wondering "What if...". Lily is killed by Evan and Holden is shown picking up the pieces of his family. Noah is a sailor and Luke is going to college in New York City. Tom is a defense attorney and Margo is a district attorney. Gwen is a singer in a band who has never met Will. Jack and Carly are divorced.moreless
  • Ep. #13206
    Ep. #13206
    Episode 222
    Sofie tells Will and Gwen that it was wrong to give her baby to them. Hallie's custody trial begins. Barbara offers her support to Gwen and Will. Katie is jealous of Brad and Bonnie when he brings him his wallet and underwear. Parker thinks that he'll go away for a long time if he's tried as an adult. Chris testifies that Sofie gave up her baby because she has post-partum depression. Sofie's lawyer mentions Barbara's part in the adoption of the baby. Carly tells Katie to stay away from her and her family. Katie tells Brad that Parker is in trouble. Bonnie points out that Sofie changed her mind too late and should have no rights to Hallie. Parker says that he wanted Sam gone and he would kill him again if he the chance. The Judge will render his decision after hearing some testimony.moreless
  • Ep. #13207
    Ep. #13207
    Episode 223
    David tells Sofie that she could have her baby back by tonight. Gwen and Will tell Alison to talk with Aaron to see if he can testify on their behalf since he and Sofie are friends. Luke sees Noah hiding am unopened letter and learns that it's from his father. Parker learns from Jack that he's going to be tried as an adult for Sam's shooting. Carly calls Lily and that she wants her to come over right away. After Luke reads the letter, Noah says that he wants nothing to do with his father. Alison tells Aaron that Will and Gwen need him to testify, but refuses to turn her back on Sofie. Bonnie arrives to talk strategy about the hearing. Carly asks Lily for use of her mother's jet, she then asks Parker the she changed her mind about going away with Parker, Parker says that he changed his mind too. Aaron shows up and testifies that Hallie should remain with Gwen and Will. Jack arrives on the plane and says it was the dumbest idea she ever had. Alison tells Aaron that he did a really good thing. Sofie lashes out at Aaron for betraying her and never wants to see him again for as long as she lives.moreless
  • Ep. #13208
    Ep. #13208
    Episode 224
    Katie sees Brad and Bonnie hugging. Margo realizes that Katie was jealous when she saw Bonnie and Brad embracing, to go after Brad if he's what she wants. Chris runs into Sofie at the hospital, Emily then sees them leave together. Casey learns that Matt is gone be working at the Lakeview, he then approaches Matt and tells him it's a mistake. Vienna notices that Henry has his mind on something else. Paul "accidentally" bumps into Meg at Java, Meg explains that they're over. A mysterious person is seen spying on Paul. Chris tells Sofie that she's better off that Cole left her. Paul tells Emily that Meg still loves him. Vienna tells Henry that she's willing to do what Gray suggested by spending the night with him, Henry says he's against it, Gray says that they have a week to vacate Al's Diner. Alison is speechless when Matt asks her out on a date. Meg goes to the farm to find flowers from a secret admirer, thinking they're from Paul, she leaves to confront him. Vienna goes to Katie for advice on what to do. Meg receives another rose. Paul goes to his office at World Wide and finds Craig there.moreless
  • Ep. #13209
    Ep. #13209
    Episode 225
    Carly goes to Jack saying that she remembered Parker firing one shot and to come to Metro to prove Parker's innocence. Craig goes to Margo and asks to put out an arrest warrant for Lucinda. Paul goes and warns Meg about Craig. Carly insists that she and Jack re-enact her attack but Jack feels uncomfortable and backs away. Lucinda is thrilled when she sees Bob up and around. Craig says that he's going to do what he has to do. Kit arrives wanting her share of Metro and is about to leave town, Jack thinks something is wrong and reveals the theory that Kit fired the second shot and actually killed Sam. Holden tells Meg that Craig is no longer going to be a problem. Craig tells Lucinda that he's finished with Oakdale for now. Paul goes into his car and starts it and it explodes.moreless
  • Ep. #13210
    Ep. #13210
    Episode 226
    Chris tells Barbara that Paul was lucky he got out with only second degree burns. Barbara tells Margo to go out and arrest Craig for Paul's attempted murder. Jack thinks that Cowboy Jack is going to help them. Paul tells Barbara to call Meg. Parker tells Carly he doesn't want to go to school and wants to know what she and Jack are up to, he agrees to go to school after J.J. vows to look out for him. Craig is en route to the Cayman Islands to avoid prosecution. Kit tells the waiter at the Lakeview to hurry cause she has a flight to catch. Barbara tells Meg that he's lying there because of her. Jack enlists Margo to keep Kit from leaving town. Emily tells Sofie that she used to date Chris and that she still cares and doesn't want to see him hurt. Parker wants to know what's going on at his mother's house. Jack manages to get Kit from leaving town with Dallas's help, and he and Carly set a trap for her. Carly puts some knock out pills in Kit's food. Craig calls Margo and realizes that Paul didn't die as he had planned, Craig tells Margo that he loves her and that he won't find her.moreless
  • Ep. #13211
    Ep. #13211
    Episode 227
    Jack uses Cowboy Jack hoping to get a confession out of Kit, Carly then listens and hoping that the plan works. A mysterious woman follows Luke and Noah. Holden and Lily realize that they need each other. Brad thinks that Katie is jealous because the time that he's spending with Bonnie. Ameera approaches Noah and says that she knew Winston in Iraq and that he was like a father to her and he also loved her mother, Ameera then shows Noah a photo of her with his father. Kit is about to confess when Jack's cellphone rings and his plan seems to be ruined. Brad tells Katie that she will always be his first choice. Carly saves Jack, by making Kit believe that he was hallucinating. Henry punches Gray while he was having a date with Vienna. Jack tells Katie that he was close to clearing Parker and then she called his phone.moreless
  • Ep. #13212
    Ep. #13212
    Episode 228
    Carly tells Jack that Kit snuck out early, Jack says that she's at the station. Henry tells Vienna that she has to return that diamond necklace to Gray. Noah and Luke try to think of a way for Ameera to stay in America. Brad sees Katie crying, she says that it was about Jack that's gotten her so upset. Aaron sees Alison and Matt having breakfast at the diner, Aaron asks Matt why he choose Oakdale. Noah shows Ameera around Old Town. Ameera is then shocked to hear that Winston disowned his son since he was gay. Dallas calls Jack and says that he can't detain Kit for much longer, Jack and Carly try to think of another way to keep Kit in town. Luke sees Noah and Ameera talking and having a good time. Brad goes to Jack thinking he has a way to help Parker and he guarantees that it will work. Henry approaches Kit and tells her that he's interested in buying Metro, hoping it'll keep her from leaving town. Ameera freaks when there's an explosion at the diner, Matt sees Gray with a gun while outside. Katie tells Carly and Jack that Brad's plan worked.moreless
  • Ep. #13213
    Ep. #13213
    Episode 229
    Paul tells Margo to go out and arrest her brother for trying to kill him. Barbara skips her radiation treatment to go to the hearing. Parker asks Meg to take him to the hospital to see Paul. Gray and Matt's alliance is revealed, Gray tells him that he's calling the shots and not him. Henry agrees to wear a wire. Carly and Jack listen as Henry talks to Kit hoping to get something out of her. The judge rules that Hallie should remain with Will and Gwen. Carly gets worried when Kit starts to leave, thinking they won't hear her confess to killing Sam. Will and Gwen decide to celebrate their victory. Margo tells Jack that he shouldn't be anywhere near this investigation, Jack then tells Margo that he quits. Henry sees Vienna and Gray kissing while coming back to the Lakeview.moreless
  • Ep. #13214
    Ep. #13214
    Episode 230
    Henry doesn't want to hear an explanation from Vienna about her kissing Gray. Henry tells Katie that she's lost Vienna for good. Chris is delighted that Bob is back at work, Chris tells him that he's not leaving Oakdale Memorial, Bob says that Chris has a lot to learn and to get back to work. Will and Gwen take Hallie to visit Paul and they see that Sofie is with him. Vienna weighs her options. Noah tells Luke that Winston wants to see him. Will wonders if Sofie is cozying up to Paul to get close to Hallie. Will is taken aback by Gwen. Brad asks Katie if they're only friends and not something else. Noah, Luke and Ameera run into problems on their road trip. Brad and Katie tell Henry that Vienna doesn't want Gray. Paul asks Sofie if Barbara's giving her a hard time.moreless
  • Ep. #13215
    Ep. #13215
    Episode 231
    Kit calls Henry demanding her money, Henry then goes to Carly and Jack wondering what to do. Jack goes to Brad, Katie then offers to get the money for him, Jack accepts and assures that she'll get the money back. Vienna receives another expensive gift from Gray. Brad tells Jack that Henry is going to seduce Kit as part of his plan. Luke and Noah find themselves in some trouble, when some guys attempt to lure Ameera in their car, they start to beat on Luke and seriously hurts Noah. Vienna walks in on Henry kissing Kit. Kit leaves with the money and no confession. Holden and Lily see Luke and Noah in trouble and act quickly, when he sees him fighting with someone. Vienna asks Gray to take her as far away from Oakdale. Katie offers to set things right with Vienna. Brad and Katie find comfort in one another. Carly tells Jack that the only way to nail Kit is to catch her trying to kill again.moreless
  • Ep. #13216
    Ep. #13216
    Episode 232
    Henry is devastated when Vienna tells him that she made love to Gray, but he doesn't tell her the reason he was kissing Kit. Margo sees Matt snooping around the house. Carly tells Kit to meet her at Luther's corners church, Carly tells her that she knows that she killed Sam. Brad and Katie have sex at WOAK. Parker learns that Carly and Jack are working on a plan to keep him from going to jail. Matt "accidentally" cuts Casey, he takes him to the hospital, he then meets with Gray in Old Town. Carly puts her life on the line for Parker. Vienna sees her clothes in the hallway, as she was going to apologize to Henry. Carly tries to Kit mad by saying that Sam didn't wanted to be with her. Katie goes by Java and sees Parker and asks how he's holding up, Katie tells Parker not to turn himself in. Gray tells Matt to send Brad a message. Alison grows more suspicious of Matt when she sees talking to Gray Gerard. Margo tells Jack he had no right to assign one of her cops to tail Kit since he's no longer on the force. Brad calls Bonnie wanting to hang out, and then Matt knocks him out. Katie goes to the house looking for a book for Parker, she then gets hit in the head.moreless
  • Ep. #13217
    Ep. #13217
    Episode 233
    Kit realizes that woman she hit isn't Carly, Kit then hides as Carly comes home and she sees Katie unconscious. Bonnie manages to get Brad to open his eyes, she then calls 911, as Matt lingers nearby. Alison asks Casey if she's seen Matt anywhere, since he said he was returning to the Lakeview and thinks there's something suspicious about the person Matt was talking too in Old Town. Susan says to Lily that Noah and Luke can be released from the hospital. Kit slips out as Jack and Carly tend to Katie. Lily and Holden question Ameera about Winston hiring those guys to beat up Luke and Noah and her there too finish the job. Brad and Katie realize that they where both hit on the hit at the same time in different places. Matt covers for Casey by telling Margo that he's going back to College. Parker learns that Katie was attacked, and thinks that no one is safe. Jack tells Carly that as long as Kit's out there he's not letting her out of his sight.moreless
  • Mar 5, 2008
    Mar 5, 2008
    Episode 234
    Jack's heart aches as Parker prepares for his trial. Kit lures Carly into a dangerous situation. Barbara grows suspicious of Sophie and Paul's relationship.
  • Ep. #13218
    Ep. #13218
    Episode 234
    Alison shares her theory with Gwen and Will that Matt could've attacked Brad at WOAK. Meg tells Emma that her first assignment is to take care of Paul. Brad tells Katie that they have to help fix things with Vienna and Henry. Emma tells Meg that she's against the idea of her helping Paul. Vienna tells Brad that she can't find Henry anywhere. Chris tells Paul that he isn't going to let him check himself out, Sofie then offers to take Paul home. Brad tells Vienna the truth about the reason that Henry was kissing another woman, Vienna vows to make things right with Henry, she then tells Gray that her heart is only for Henry. Henry is told that he needs to pay his bill, Katie then offers for him to stay with her. Paul learns that Meg is going to be taking care of him. Gwen asks Alison that maybe Casey knows Matt from prison. Vienna is unable to find Henry. Alison asks Casey if she met Matt in prison, Matt then confirms it.moreless
  • Ep. #13219
    Ep. #13219
    Episode 235
    Chris tells Barbara that Paul checked himself out the hospital against doctors orders also that Sofie took him home. Barbara is suspicious of Sofie and Paul's relationship. Sofie tells Paul that he shouldn't have called Gwen to come over with the baby. Jack tells Parker not to give up them proving his innocence, and tells him that Margo gave him the okay to go to Arizona. Will wants to go and tell Paul to stay out of his business, but Gwen tells him not too. Kit calls Carly and says she has an idea of who killed Sam and to come alone. Barbara remembers when she got hurt after looking at Paul's burns on his back. Carly bribes a waitress for her to elude the cop that's tailing her. Will goes to Paul and says that he had no right to interfere in his life and asks him to butt out. Carly then heads to meet Kit. Parker tells Jack that he has a bad feeling about Carly, Jack then learns that Carly got away. Gwen tells Will she's thinking about giving the baby to Sofie. Carly arrives at the warehouse as Kit lurks in the background.moreless
  • Ep. #13220
    Ep. #13220
    Episode 236
    Alison comes and invites Casey and Matt to the mixer at Yo's. Jack listens to Kit's message and then immediately goes to save her. Holden and Lily get intimate while in the shower. Kit continues to play mind games with Carly at the warehouse, she then hears voices and sees Cowboy Jack. Parker tells Lily and Holden he has a feeling that something is wrong. Carly gets out of the way when something falls, Jack hears her scream and finds her. Matt gets Ameera to dance with Casey, Noah tells Luke if it's a good idea. The Chicago police arrive and search the place with no sign of Kit anywhere. Parker asks Carly and Jack what happened. Holden gets a call from someone asking about Ameera. Noah vows to protect Ameera after two men from Homeland Security ask about her. Parker offers to stay with his mother tonight so he can keep an eye on her and Jack offers to stay as well. Casey punches a federal agent who manhandles Ameera, and then arrests him. Holden tells Luke and Noah that they made things worse by running away. Matt calls Gray for a favor regarding Casey, as Alison overhears him on the phone. Carly hears something and goes downstairs and sees Parker and and realizes that Cowboy Jack is on the sofa.moreless
  • Ep. #13221
    Ep. #13221
    Episode 237
    Margo lays into Casey about him hitting a federal officer and him being on probation. The officers realize that Ameera is telling the truth, also that her visa has expired and is to return to Iraq. Carly tells Jack she thinks that Kit took Cowboy Jack out of his trunk and put it on the couch. Carly gets in her car and sees Cowboy Jack in the backseat, Jack the responds to how it got in there. Alison tells Tom and Margo that Matt was able to get the charges against Casey dropped, Margo then realizes that Matt spent sometime in prison with Casey. Luke is shocked by Noah's plans on marrying Ameera so she can stay in the U.S. Jack tells Margo that he's rescinding his resignation from the Oakdale P.D. Kit looks on as Carly and Jack leave the store parking lot. Margo and Tom continue to grill Matt about who he called to get Casey off. Noah assures Luke that his marriage to Ameera will be in name only. Jack rushes as he hears Carly scream and sees another Cowboy Jack dummy in the bathtub. Casey suggests to Margo that Matt move out of there house.moreless
  • Mar 10, 2008
    Mar 10, 2008
    Episode 238
    Gwen makes a heartbreaking decision. Emily sets Chris up to take a fall. Alison starts to put the pieces together.
  • Ep. #13222
    Ep. #13222
    Episode 238
    Gwen tells Will that she's considering giving the baby back to Sofie. Gray tells Vienna that he has people that will look after the diner for them. Brad and Henry wake up in the same bed and immediately get out of the bed. Paul calls Sofie and realizes that she's with Chris, Emily walks in and he asks her how much she hates Chris. Emily sets up Chris by using the pills that Susan gave her. Alison sorts through all the facts regarding Matt's connection with Gray. Gwen rushes into Will's arms and realizes what she did. Vienna wants to hear what Henry has to say when he comes into the diner. Barbara sees Sofie with Hallie and learns that she gave her back. Chris begins to feel the effects of what Emily put in his drink, Susan asks Chris what's wrong with him. Sofie goes to see Paul and he's stunned when he sees Hallie with her. Henry gets on bended knee and begs for Vienna to take him back. Paul offers for Sofie and Hallie to come and live with him.moreless
  • Ep. #13223
    Ep. #13223
    Episode 239
    Will berates Paul for his betrayal for letting Sofie stay with him. Matt puts Henry in the warehouse. Emily tells Alison that Gray Gerard isn't who he claims to be. Bob tells Chris that he's suspended after coming to work in that condition, Chris remembers Emily doing something, Bob then says he's not to come back to Memorial until further notice. Vienna receives a note from "Henry" saying that it's over. Brad tells Katie that he got Henry to beg to get Vienna back. Henry wakes up and sees Cowboy Jack in a corner of the room. Barbara goes to Meg so she can talk some sense into Paul. Emily admits to Chris that it was a prank to make him suffer, Chris thinks that Emily did it for Paul. Katie tells Vienna not to give up on Henry. Matt tells Gray that he has trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #13224
    Ep. #13224
    Episode 240
    Carly offers to go back to the warehouse, Jack thinks it's a bad idea. Luke tells Noah that he's accepted the fact that he has to marry Ameera. Lily tells everyone that Ameera is missing, Ameera arrives and says that she went for a walk and objects to a church wedding, suggests in Emma's backyard. Jack agrees to let Carly come with him to Chicago. Henry attempts to use his cell phone to call Katie and says that he's chained to a wall and says he's in a warehouse in Chicago, Kit then comes by and knocks him out. Aaron tells Holden that he's going back to Seattle cause his mother's cancer might be coming back. Ameera and Noah are pronounced husband and wife. Carly and Jack run into Brad and Katie, they realize their here to rescue Henry then the power goes out. Carly and Jack get out of the way as Cowboy Jack falls and they then hear him laughing. Kit once again mistakes Katie, and Kit throws her down and makes a run for it, but is stopped by Brad, Jack sees Katie and Kit then shoots Jack and gets away, Carly then runs after Kit. Holden tells Lily that he wants to renew their vows, she then accepts. Alison tells Aaron to give Julie her best as he leaves for Seattle. Carly and Kit engage in a shoot out outside the warehouse.moreless
  • Ep. #13225
    Ep. #13225
    Episode 241
    Carly shoots Kit, she then asks her if she killed Sam, Kit then dies. Vienna thinks that Henry wouldn't just disappear on him like that, Gray then tells Vienna he's going to find out what happened to Henry. Alison tells Casey that she thinks that Matt is working for Gray. Gwen asks Will to forgive her and says that he can live with her decision. Carly tells the EMT that she's Jack's wife in order to ride in the ambulance with him. Gray tells Matt to put the blame on someone else in Henry's kidnapping. Carly calls Gwen and explains that Jack was shot and to go and pick up Parker and bring him to the hospital. Katie and Brad find Henry and manage unchain him. Henry tells Vienna to ask Gray on why he disappeared. Alison needs a favor from Chris. Margo tells Carly and Jack that clearing Parker just became a lot tougher now that Kit is dead. Someone comes into the station and confesses he "kidnapped" Henry. Parker has feelings of despair and that he might end up going to jail. Gray applauds as Matt got Irv to confess as Casey overhears them. Margo tells Carly the D.A. refuses to drop the charges against Parker without now that the other susoect Kit is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #13226
    Ep. #13226
    Episode 242
    Jack learns that the D.A. isn't going to drop the charges against Parker and that they're running out of options. Gwen and Will are delighted that Sage is spending the day with them. Lisa tells Sofie that the baby has to go. Hallie becomes anemic and Lisa tells Sofie to take her to the hospital right away, Alison tells Sofie to call Gwen since she could be a match for Hallie. Katie realizes she has to make a choice. Matt tells Gray that Alison has been snooping around and is becoming suspicious. Casey tells Matt that they have to talk. Jack tells Parker that he doesn't want him to plead guilty. Brad and Katie broadcast Kit's pitcure hoping for a response. Henry goes and says goodbye to Vienna but she doesn't want him to. Carly shares her theory with Katie that Kit was wearing a disguise when she shot Sam. Will asks Sofie what was she thinking after learning that she called Cole. The information turns out to be a dead end. Vienna tells Gray by saying that she can't bear the thought of losing Henry. Jack likes Carly's theory of Kit wearing a disguise. Gwen's turns out to be a match and Sofie is grateful. Cole arrives hoping that he isn't too late. Gray plans to use Henry as bait.moreless
  • Mar 17, 2008
    Mar 17, 2008
    Episode 243
    Sophie receives a blast from the past. Carly receives an anonymous tip in her hunt for Kit. Matt comes clean to Alison. Vienna and Henry have a fiery reunion.
  • Ep. #13227
    Ep. #13227
    Episode 243
    Gwen tells Cole that he's not needed and that her blood was a match for Hallie, Cole tells them that he has a change of heart regarding the baby, Gwen and Will don't believe him at all. Henry gets a note to meet Vienna at Luther's corner's church. Henry tells Katie to go to Jack. Sofie learns that Cole has taken Hallie from the nursery. Carly sees Kit on the security, and learns that Kit was in the area around Metro the night Sam was shot. Matt comes clean to Alison that he works for Gray Gerard and that he should ask Casey, Tom and Margo to watch their backs. Gray watches as Henry arrives at the church and he goes outside and starts to douse the outside with gasoline. Barbara comes clean to Kim and tells her that she has oral cancer, Kim is then shocked to learn that Will and Paul have no clue. Gwen and Will run into Cole in the hospital stairwell, he gives Hallie to Will and makes a run for it. Against Jack's opinion Carly heads back to the Scenic shop in Chicago. Sofie tells Gwen and Will that she's not ready to be a mother and offers to give Hallie back to them. Carly arrives at the warehouse and someone is seen watching her.moreless
  • Ep. #13228
    Ep. #13228
    Episode 245
    Alison fills Casey in on what Matt said earlier. Margo thinks something is wrong when Katie invites her to dinner, she then gets a strange call from Matt pretending to be Adam to come to the church, she then calls Tom. Carly continues to be watched as she enters the building. Gray orders Matt to burn the church, Matt then knocks out Gray. Jack attempts to leave the hospital to help Carly. Matt unlocks the door and Henry and Vienna make it out, Gray then points a gun on Matt saying he crossed the wrong man and shoots him. Vienna, Henry receive a bottle of champagne from Gray, Henry refuses to try some of it. Bonnie offers to help Casey and Alison get information. Margo and Tom finds a wounded Matt and says that Gray shot him. Gray encounters Carly at the Scenic Shop, Carly asks if he's seen Kit. Tom learns from Jack that Carly went to the Scenic shop. Casey tells Margo that Gray's real name is Gerald Nevins, the brother of the man that raped her. Margo finds Carly and Gray gives them the slip. Brad takes a drink of the champagne and collapses, and learn that Brad was only kidding. Carly sees an homeless lady watching her and asks he if she knows Kit.moreless
  • Ep. #13229
    Ep. #13229
    Episode 246
    The Agent tells Noah and Ameera that there's going to be routine visits to the Snyder farm to make sure this marriage is legitimate. Casey blames himself for falling for Matt's buddy act, and learns that Margo put a guard on him to keep him safe. Katie tells Brad that the champagne that he drank was poisoned, as Bonnie comes, Brad thanks Katie for giving him CPR. Noah and Ameera are questioned. Carly assures Parker that she's not going to give up in clearing him. Jack asks Holden to help him break out of the hospital. Margo receives a package and also a threatening note. Carly is grilled by the D.A. on the stand saying she wanted to hear one shot. Holden brings Jack to the courtroom to testify on Parker's behalf. Margo has a cop track down the delivery boy and he identifies Gray as the person who approached him, Margo goes to check on Casey after learning that Gray was seen on the Oakdale U. campus. Casey learns that Noah and Ameera are married, Ameera thinks the cop that follows him is watching her. Carly tracks down Ruby if she has any information on Kit and thinks she's got something to go on. The FBI tells Margo's that her house on 24 hour surveillance.moreless
  • Ep. #13230
    Ep. #13230
    Episode 247
    Jack tells Carly that Kit paid with cash, Carly offers to go and talk to the clerk at the liquor store. Jack collapses outside the courtroom and Katie calls 911. Chris learns that his father knows that he was drugged, but Chris hope to win his father's trust back. Sofie tells Gwen and Will to see Hallie after being stopped by a head nurse. Sofie wants Hallie to grow up in a stable home, and says for them not to reverse the adoption. Meg wishes to finalize her divorce from Craig, but tells Emma that it could be years before she's finally free. Jack mistakes Katie for his wife while being sedated at the hospital. Carly hits a dead end when the clerk has no security camera. Paul brings Craig's last correspondance as an excuse to see Meg. Will tells Gwen that he's worried that Sofie will change her mind again. Sofie tells Chris that she's unable to take care of Hallie, Chris confides in Sofie that Paul was behind him getting suspended from the hospital. Paul tells Meg that he doesn't accept that it's over between them. Will tells Gwen the possibility about leaving Oakdale. Sofie confronts Paul about setting Chris up about drugging him. Gwen and Will tells Sofie their plans to leave Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13231
    Ep. #13231
    Episode 248
    Bonnie and Brad make a bet to see if Katie will come over and have a drink with them. Aaron tells Holden that Julie is doing just fine and that he came back to settle things with Sofie. Barbara learns that Will and Gwen are leaving town. Gray arrives dressed as an F.B.I. agent and takes Matt out of the hospital. Margo learns that Gray escaped with Matt and puts an APB out on them. Matt calls Casey to Gray's instructions to meet Casey at his house. Brad and Katie grow closer while having a good time at Yo's. Alison follows Matt to Casey's house. Aaron attempts to make peace with Sofie when running into her at the Lakeview. Casey and Alison get caught in a trap set by Gray. Margo comes home and realizes it was orchestrated by Gray as revenge for the death of his brother. Sofie pleads with Barbara to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer before they leave town. Will and Gwen look forward to their new life together. Sofie and Aaron agree to be friends. Barbara arrives to tell Will and Gwen something. Gray sets the timer to the bomb and then leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #13232
    Ep. #13232
    Episode 249
    Barbara shares her secret with Will and Gwen. Parker tells Meg that it's hopeless and that he's going to go to jail tomorrow, Meg then calls Paul asking for his help. Casey, Matt, Alison and Margo to free themselves as the bomb timer continues and is relieved when the bomb malfunctioned and didn't go off. Tom arrives and manages to get everyone untied and out of the house. Meg asks Paul that Parker needs a friend right now. Henry and Vienna must be realistic about their situation. Susan goes and sees if Alison is alright after learning that she was in a hostage crisis. Vienna and Henry learn that Gray attempted to kill Alison, Margo, Casey and Matt tonight. Will confides in Gwen that he lost his father and sister and can't lose his mother. Barbara tells Paul that she has has been sick lately. Alison comes by to get her coat, and sees Gray take aim at Margo and quickly gets her out of the way saving her life. Tom quickly grabs Gray and Margo waits to get a clear shot, Gray says to Margo put the gun down or Tom is dead, Margo then shoots Gray dead.moreless
  • Ep. #13233
    Ep. #13233
    Episode 250
    Ameera insists on going with Noah to Parker's trial. Parker gets upset and leaves thinking he'll go to jail, and runs into Paul who gets him to go back inside. Noah supports Luke through hardship and warns that people could be watching them. Katie tells Brad that while Jack was delirious he said she was his wife. Jack and Carly set off in locating Ruby, Carly then see her and she and Jack manage to catch up with her. Ameera gets shaken after hearing Parker's testimony. Ruby tells Carly and Jack that Kit did shoot her boyfriend Sam, but refuses to go back to testify. Brad helps Katie. The D.A. grills Parker when he said that he only fired one shot. Carly pleads with Ruby to help Parker, Ruby agrees since she once lost a child herself. Tom and the D.A. say their closing arguments and the Judge adjournes to decide his verdict. The cop insists that he give Jack and Carly a police escort. The Judge comes back and has reached a verdict of guilty, which devastates Parker, Carly and Jack arrive with Ruby and she testifies that Kit shot Sam and the Judge reverses his decision and the charges against Parker are dropped.moreless
  • Ep. #13234
    Ep. #13234
    Episode 251
    Margo tries to wash the blood off the carpet and remembers shooting Gray, also the time that she was raped. Parker tells Carly and Jack that he's glad they came through for him. The F.B.I. arrives at the Lakeview looking for Gray's and tells Henry and Vienna that Gray Gerard is dead asks about his finances and arrests Vienna in the process. Parker tells Jack that he doesn't want to go back to the farm, he wants to go home with his mother. Tom consoles Margo as she wants to forget what happened but can't. Meg receives papers from Craig, Paul thinks there something else. Bonnie wants to know what Vienna is being charged with. Parker thanks Ruby for coming in and helping him, Ruby then tells Carly to love her son. Paul and Meg agree to work getting what they had. J.J. and Sage are delighted that Parker is home. Paul and Meg dish over their future. Carly questions Katie regarding her feelings towards Jack. Margo relays the good news that Brad and Katie's money was found. The F.B.I. finds information about a Swiss bank account, and rips up Gray's deed to the diner, giving it back to Vienna and Henry. Katie hurries over to check on Margo after hearing what happened to hear. Parker admits to Jack and Carly that he never wanted to leave them and they give him a family hug.moreless
  • March 31, 2008
    March 31, 2008
    Episode 251
    As Jack prepares to move in with Carly, Katie asks him where they stand. An INS agent arrives at the farm to inquire about Ameera and Noah's marriage. Sofie helps Barbara when she needs to go to the hospital.
  • Ep. #13235
    Ep. #13235
    Episode 252
    Luke tells Noah that it's not safe for them to be kissing in public and that they could be watched. Agent Helms from the I.N.S. visits the Snyder Farm and asks Emma to see Noah and Ameera's present living arrangements. Jack goes back and forth with his feelings toward Katie and Carly. Sofie helps Barbara by going to her treatment session when Gwen is late. Alison is told to stabilize a patient, Chris tells not to leave but to stay and help her. Ameera's fate is in Casey's hands after the Agent accuses Casey of being Ameera's boyfriend. Barbara tells Gwen that she and Will must leave town right away because of Sofie. Katie stops by to see Jack, and insists she didn't come to put any pressure on him. Noah and Luke show up, and Luke tells him that Casey is his "boyfriend". Brad is stunned when Carly says if Jack wants to be with Katie then so be it. Casey refuses to go along with idea of pretending that he and Luke are a couple. Sofie tells Gwen that she'll go with Barbara to her treatments, so she and Will can leave and she'll keep her and updated on Barbara's condition.moreless
  • Ep. #13236
    Ep. #13236
    Episode 253
    Emma shocks Lily and Holden when she says she wants to sell part of her farm to take it easy. Jack tells Carly not to try so hard in taking care of him, Carly asks Jack she think he wants to be with Katie. Brad tells Katie that he and Bonnie aren't seeing each other anymore. Barbara stuns Paul by saying that Will and Gwen need to lead their own lives. Will and Gwen finalize their plans. Lucinda is glad that Emma is cutting back. Brad and Katie each think while having dinner at different places. Lucinda offers to buy the portion of the farm that Emma plans to sell, Emma realizes that Paul would own her land she refuses. Brad and Katie find each other in the same movie theatre, they later go to the Lakeview and then her room. Jack and Carly become nostalgic about their past and end up kissing.moreless