As The World Turns - Season 53

CBS (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Apr 22, 2008
    Apr 22, 2008
    Episode 1
    Chris is excited about Alison's nursing school plans. Emily offers Casey a job as her assistant. Lily leaves town to collect herself. Carly comforts Holden. Katie's taken aback at Brad's unwillingness to get pregnant.
  • Ep. #13237
    Ep. #13237
    Episode 1
    Katie tries to sneak out of bed but Brad stops her. Carly insists that she and Jack talk about their kiss. Margo looks at the stained carpet and then heads off to work. Katie tells Brad to forget that last night ever happened. Emma tells Paul that she doesn't think that she's going to make the deal with him and that another company outbid World Wide. Emily becomes upset when she spies on Alison and Chris together. Jack's words hurt Carly. Dallas welcomes Margo back to the station, and there's an encounter with a criminal. Brad follows Katie on her daily run. Paul wants Emily to do some research on the company that outbid him. Katie is stunned when Brad proposes marriage to her, they're then arrested for stealing bicycles and are later released. Mike Kasnoff returns to Oakdale and tells Emma and Meg that he works for the company that's buying her land and he's in charge of the project. Katie tells Brad that she's going to think about what he asked her.moreless
  • April 3, 2008
    April 3, 2008
    Episode 2
    Carly talks to Holden about her relationship with Jack, as Lily and Jack talk about separately about the same thing. Katie tells Margo that Brad has proposed and that she’s thinking about marrying him.
  • May 2, 2008
    May 2, 2008
    Episode 2
    Brad and Katie are frustrated at having no time alone thanks to Liberty. Emma reminds Holden it’s better he not interfere with Jack and Carly.
  • Ep. #13238
    Ep. #13238
    Episode 2
    Katie tells Margo that Brad proposed to her and she didn't say no. Carly tells Holden that she's been getting close to Jack. Jack and Carly iron out their relationship. Brad tells Vienna and Henry what can he do to win Katie over and make her say yes. Paul and Mike go toe-to-toe after learning seeing what he has in store for Emma's land. Katie mulls over Brad's marriage proposal, Margo tells her not to rush into it. Lily talks with Jack and says that he and Carly have to try and that they should rebuild their trust, Katie walks in and overhears their conversation. Henry and Vienna make a wager on whether or not Katie will say yes to Brad or not. Brad comes up with a brilliant idea by filming a segment on why they he and Katie belong together. Jack learns from Katie that Brad proposed to her. Lily suggests that Mike and Paul work on the project together. Paul then requests some information on what Mike's been up to this past year. Brad secretly drops the tape off at Katie's hotel room and watches it and goes and tells him that she'll marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #13239
    Ep. #13239
    Episode 3
    Aaron asks Sofie to come to the party and to say goodbye to Hallie before she leaves. Carly learns that Gwen's leaving and she feels it's like losing another sister, Parker shows up and wants to go causing saying goodbye to his brother is important than baseball. Casey refuses to once again pretend to be Luke's boyfriend. Everyone enjoys themselves at the party. Barbara begins to feel dizzy and Sofie finds her at the Lakeview. The doctor tells Barbara that they have to operate to remove the tumor at once. Sofie comes by the party and waits to tell Paul in private that Barbara is in surgery. Jack tells Carly that they're not friends yet, but he would like to be. Gwen has a solution that Noah and Ameera live in the cottage together so that the I.C.E. can get off their back. Alison has trust issues with Chris. Will and Gwen say their goodbyes to their family and friends as they leave Oakdale. Parker looks through the door as Carly and Jack share a moment together.moreless
  • April 7, 2008
    April 7, 2008
    Episode 4
    Brad blows Katie’s mind by suddenly announcing their engagement on air. Margo tells Tom that Katie isn’t over Jack and Brad’s strictly rebound, and he urges her to let Katie handle it.
  • Ep. #13240
    Ep. #13240
    Episode 4
    Katie didn't realize that Brad was going to make a spectacle by telling everyone that their engaged. Margo tells Tom that Katie getting engaged to Brad is a rebound from Jack. Sofie realizes she forgot about her breakfast date with Aaron. Barbara regains conscious and Paul tells her that the prognosis is good, Barbara asks how he knew, Paul said that Sofie told her. Mike and Meg reminisce about the past. Brad makes an announcement during a taping of Oakdale Now, Katie gets mad that Brad told everyone without telling her first. Margo gets upset when she sees the clip of Brad professing his love. Brad goes to Katie's suite and asks her if she really wants to marry him. Mike tells Meg that business is the only thing that brought him back to town. Brad suggests that he and Katie get married right away, after Katie explains that she doesn't want to go through a boring wedding party, she then agrees to Brad's plan to elope. Barbara uncovers Sofie's special ability when she gives her something that she made. Margo stops Brad and Katie before they can leave for Vegas.moreless
  • Ep. #13241
    Ep. #13241
    Episode 5
    Mike almost sees Katie. Emily sees Chris and Alison at Java and realizes she didn't take her advice. Alison shares her secrets with Chris. Jack and Carly have their close moment interrupted by a call from Dallas. Chris tells Alison that Emily almost got him fired from Memorial. Emily tells Susan that Alison needs a firm hand and she's not doing a good job. Carly is delighted when Mike shows up at her place, she's then shocked to learn that Emma sold part of her land. Alison calls Emily and asks to meet her. Margo scolds Katie by saying that her marriage to Brad will never happen cause she's on the rebound from Jack. Emily tells Alison to tell Chris about her past as a porn star, thinking Chris will shun when he does find out. Brad promises Katie that he'll prove to Margo that he's good for her sister. Susan tells Chris to stay away from Emily and Alison. Carly tells Mike that if he wants Katie that he may have a chance. Margo tells Brad that he's not good for Katie and heads off to the Lakeview to talk to her, Margo agrees to respect Katie decision to marry Brad. Emily is stunned when Chris didn't end things with Alison, like he ended things with her.moreless
  • Ep. #13242
    Ep. #13242
    Episode 6
    Meg tells Paul that they can do this when they arrive at the zoning committee meeting. Carly arrives at home to learn that Jack went to the station. Mike arrives at WOAK looking for Katie. Brad goes to Jack and invites him and Carly to a party. Lily asks Katie if she's heard from Mike recently, Katie then runs into Carly and invites her to the party Margo's. Brad and Katie cannot come to an agreement. The meeting goes well and Mike tells Meg and Paul he won't be supervising the project and is leaving Oakdale today. Lily tells Carly that Jack is not her husband right now, Carly says that he isn't yet. Meg tells Paul that they need Mike and this project won't work with him and gets him to try and get Mike to stay in town. Jack tells Katie and Brad that he changed his mind and will be attending tonight. Mike agrees to stay on since he doesn't want to disappoint Emma. Jack extends an invitation to Carly to go to Brad and Katie's engagement party.moreless
  • Ep. #13243
    Ep. #13243
    Episode 7
    Carly tells Parker that he doesn't have to go to the party at Margo's if he doesn't want to, which upsets Jack. Lily calls Margo saying that she, Holden and Meg won't be attending. Noah and Ameera continue to maintain their facade. Lily receives a bleak delivery from Dusty, she opens it and it contains some of her cherished memories they she and Dusty shared. Carly toasts to Brad and Katie for their effort to keep Kit in Oakdale. Lisa thanks Mike, and she asks if he's seen Katie yet. Casey takes Ameera out for some fun, Luke is then eager to spend some time with Noah. Luke and Noah start to have a romantic moment, and then I.C.E. Agent Helms arrives at the cottage. Mike arrives and Margo tells him it's a bad time, Katie opens the door and comes face-to-face with Mike. The Agent insists on checking in the bedroom, Noah is relieved to find Ameera and Luke then shows up at the front door with Casey. Brad realizes that Katie is outside with Mike. Katie learns that Mike will be in town for a while.moreless
  • Ep. #13244
    Ep. #13244
    Episode 8
    Lily tries to cheer up Luke after coming home upset last night. Noah sees just how beautiful Ameera's hair is when he sees her without her wrap. Jack's tells Carly that what happened last night was a mistake and that he doesn't want to go down that road with her again. Katie tells Brad that she's going to have coffee down in the lounge with Mike. Henry tells Brad he has no idea what Katie and Mike once shared together. Noah gets nervous when Luke suddenly shows up at the cottage. Brad invites himself to where Mike and Katie are having breakfast. Luke devises a plan about working on a class project in order to spend time with Noah. Noah and Luke they hurt Ameera after mentioning her mother. Mike can't accept Katie's news.moreless
  • April 14, 2008
    April 14, 2008
    Episode 9
    Katie becomes tearful when Mike sees her in her wedding gown. Paul and Meg are shocked when they lose Ethan. Brad asks Henry to be his best man.
  • Ep. #13245
    Ep. #13245
    Episode 9
    Meg tells Mike to officially end things with Katie in order for him to move on with his life. Katie tells Margo that the wedding is going to happen sooner than she thinks. Margo and Katie go into Fashions looking for a wedding dress, Lisa then calls Mike and makes an excuse for him to come over. Brad asks Henry to be his best man, thinking that he was going to ask Jack. Henry helps Brad get fitted for a tuxedo. Meg invites Paul and Sofie to the farm, Paul tells Meg that he knows what she's up to. Sofie gets uncomfortable when Aaron brings Ethan into the kitchen and leaves. Mike arrives at the boutique and sees Katie in her wedding dress and sees how beautiful she is. Margo takes a stand when she realizes that Lisa called Mike. Aaron catches up with Sofie, she then says she can't be around a baby right now. Vienna tells Henry that Brad and Katie belong together just like they do. Katie hides before Brad could see her in the dress. Sofie feels that she's caught in the middle between Paul and Aaron. Paul and Meg realize that Ethan is missing and is stuck in an elevator and is amazed when he goes in and rescues him.moreless
  • Ep. #13246
    Ep. #13246
    Episode 10
    Katie receives a gift from Mike. Kim is worried about the low ratings, Brad has an idea about an on air wedding in order to boost them. Jack and Carly tell Parker that an attempt fix things with each other failed. Katie returns Mike's present and says that she can't accept it. Margo asks Brad where Katie is when she doesn't arrive with him. Katie is thrown when Mike enters her hotel room and plants a kiss on her, and tells her not to marry Brad. Katie arrives late and Margo realizes that she was with Mike. Carly comes home and realizes that Jack left the kids alone, while he went to the station. Mike thanks Lisa for the room key, Lisa says that Katie needs a reality check before she makes a mistake. Parker and J.J. realize that Sage is upset that Jack is leaving and they are not going to be a family anymore. Carly slaps Jack when her makes an assumption about her being mad that he won't sleep with her again. Carly comes home and tends to Sage and tells her she and Jack aren't getting back together. Brad and Kim are stunned when Katie agrees to get married on tomorrow's episode of Oakdale Now.moreless
  • Ep. #13247
    Ep. #13247
    Episode 11
    Kim gets ready for the wedding of the year. Katie goes in search of a maid of honor since Margo made it clear she won't be attending, Katie realizes that Henry would be perfect since Vienna is unavailable. Brad goes to Margo and practically begs her to stand up for Katie. Jack comes by Metro to take a look at the alarm, despite Carly saying that she did not want his help. Carly tells Katie that if she still wants Jack then he's all hers, she then storms out. Brad has someone in mind to stand up for him. Brad surprises Mike when asks him to be his best man, Mike then agrees. Carly arrives at the farm looking for Lily, but ends up being consoled by Holden. An emotional Lily stops by Dusty's grave and insists on working on her marriage with Holden. Holden catches up to Carly and she then calms her down. The men from Katie's past catch up with her when she realizes they will be attending her wedding to Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13248
    Ep. #13248
    Episode 12
    Jack learns that Katie is alright with the idea of three of her ex-husbands at her wedding. Margo tells Tom that she's being honest that she isn't standing up for her sister, Tom tells her she is all she has and to go to the wedding. Lily puts the contents of the box in a bag and puts it in the pantry. Katie and Brad take their first steps down the aisle and a problem arises when the minister freezes when the camera starts, Katie insists that since Henry is ordained to marry her and Brad. Margo proves to be a hero by showing up in time. Katie develops a case of the hiccups when she starts to say her vows. Katie faints after Margo tells her if Brad is the one. Lily wants to fix things between Jack and Carly, by inviting them to dinner at the farm, Carly then refuses the invite. Brad asks Katie that if she wants to back out of the wedding now is the time, Katie and Brad come out and assures there's going to be a wedding and Henry pronounces them husband and wife. Holden tells Lily that he noticed Dusty's things and is proud that she wants to move on. Brad and Katie go back to their suite and have their first dance.moreless
  • Ep. #13249
    Ep. #13249
    Episode 12
    Emily arrives at Al's to talk to Alison, but Alison just walks by and doesn't say a word. Sofie comes to take Barbara to her treatment, Paul then asks Sofie what would it take for her to fall in love with him. Chris tells Alison that he was impressed by the way she handled Emily. Paul arranges for him and Meg to have a balloon ride. Luke begins to film the movie about Noah and Ameera, Luke is disturbed when Ameera kisses Noah in order to make it real. Casey gets Ameera to admit how she really feels about Noah. Chris plans a double date with him and Alison and Sofie with Aaron. Emily takes advantage of Alison's feelings of doubt, by asking what she's doing for Chris when he buys her clothes. Meg and Mike decide to take the balloon up themselves and romance starts between them. Sofie helps Aaron take care of Ethan. Casey tells Luke that Ameera isn't interested in him and that she's in love with Noah. Casey shares his bad day with Emily after being fired from the Lakeview. Paul hurries out to the field in time to see Mike and Meg taking off.moreless
  • Apr 21, 2008
    Apr 21, 2008
    Episode 13
    Meg admits to Mike that she still has feelings for Paul. Chris, Alison, Aaron and Sofie meet for a disasterous double date. Carly, Jack, Lily, and Holden have a tense dinner date.
  • Ep. #13250
    Ep. #13250
    Episode 14
    Paul accuses Mike of stealing his balloon idea as well as Meg. Jack notices on how beautiful Carly looks, they're then worried when the babysitter arrives sick. Lily waits for Holden to leave the room so she can move the contents from the box from the pantry. Aaron, Sofie, Alison and Chris sit down for dinner at the Lakeview. Mike and Meg realize that the balloon ride comes with a picnic afterwards and no wonder Paul was upset. Sofie goes to check on Paul, Paul says he doesn't want to talk about it. Sofie arrives at Fairwinds to check on Paul. Lily tells Jack that he's an idiot and that he and Carly are perfect for each other. Aaron goes to look for Sofie and wonders where she ran off to. Carly blows up at Jack during Lily's party. Meg tells Paul that she doesn't think she can take his jealousy when he sees her with another man. Sofie realizes that Aaron has feelings for her. Holden finds the bag of the things Dusty left for Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #13251
    Ep. #13251
    Episode 15
    Alison tells Chris that she got accepted to nursing school, the problem is that she can't get money for tuition. Alison plans to move forward. Lily sees Holden with some of the things that Dusty left for her, she insists on keeping a few things to remember him by. Carly tells Jack that she wants him out of the house, before the kids come home. Katie wonders why Brad doesn't want to have kids with her, Brad says that he wants to enjoy each other before they have kids. Casey receives an interesting offer from Emily to be her new assistant. Alison goes to World Wide and learns that Casey is working for Emily. Katie goes to see Margo, Brad then arrives and takes Katie away. Chris bursts into Emily's office and says how she can treat Alison like this. Jack tells Margo that he's moved out of Carly's. Lucinda insists that Lily go and spend some time with Iva for a while. Lily prepares to leave Oakdale and Holden tells her to hurry up and come back to them.moreless
  • Ep. #13252
    Ep. #13252
    Episode 16
    Emily tells Paul that this is the last time that she does his dirty work. Sofie tells Meg that having Ethan's toys around is okay. Margo learns that Casey is working for Emily at WOAK. Mike gets the note that Emily planted at the Lakeview and thinks it's from Katie. Noah realizes that it is Ameera's birthday and calls Luke wanting his help in surprising her. Kim isn't pleased with the idea that Brad and Katie came up with. Emily sees Margo in her office and she says to stay away from Casey. Mike arrives at WOAK furious and asks Katie about the note that he left her, Kim decides not to cut to commercial and is delighted about the outcome of Mike's appearance. Casey tells Margo that it's not her decision whether or not he works for Emily. Sofie apologizes to Aaron for what happened last night and that she wants to keep seeing him other than being friends. Mike realizes that Paul is the one who sent him the note and confronts him at the Lakeview. Ameera prepares to share the truth with Noah as she goes back to Fashions and gets herself into something nice. Casey calls Margo after seeing Judge Burke threaten Emily.moreless
  • Ep. #13253
    Ep. #13253
    Episode 17
    Noah pushes away from Ameera's kiss, she then gets upset, Noah then calls Luke and says there's a problem. Emily and Casey remain trapped as Judge Burke continues his threats. Brad tells Katie that being with Mike is not her place. Casey tries to calm down Judge Burke, Margo then arrives and he becomes more irate. Ameera tells Luke and Noah that she's going back home. Meg tells Paul that it's too late for apologizes and too late for them. Casey gets Judge Burke to put down the thing down. Mike apologizes to Katie for making a spectacle of himself. Brad goes and talks with Henry about Mike. Margo lashes at Emily for putting Casey in danger. Luke insists that he should move into the cottage with Noah and Ameera. Sofie stops Paul from having a tantrum, Paul and Sofie become closer. Emily doesn't want to cause a rift between Casey and Margo so she fires him. Noah and Luke surprise Ameera with a birthday cake. A new girl arrives in Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13254
    Ep. #13254
    Episode 18
    Jack and Carly's fight gets dirty when he comes into the house. Barbara realizes that Paul went to talk to Meg. Holden and Carly run into each other while taking their kids to the park. Kim tells Katie and Brad about them doing a show about the scandal regarding Judge Burke. Mike falls down while doing some surveying and helps him back to the farm. Parker nearly runs into Liberty while on his skateboard causing him to crash into a tree, Carly then races to her son's side. Sofie realizes that she completely forgot about Aaron. Meg tells Paul that he can do whatever he wants only if he stays away from her. Aaron chews Sofie out over Paul and mentions all the women that he's hurt and that she is on her own from now on. Kim is delighted that Barbara is recovering nicely from her surgery. Jack learns that Parker is in the hospital and asks Carly why she didn't call him. Liberty introduces herself to Brad and says that she is his daughter which surprises him and Katie.moreless
  • Ep. #13255
    Ep. #13255
    Episode 19
    Chris helps an ailing Alison after realizing that she's nervous about her first day in nursing school. Katie wants a paternity test for Liberty. Jack and Carly's fight about her not calling him about Parker escalates, Carly admits to Jack that she didn't want him at the hospital. Margo tells Emily to stay away from Casey, Casey the takes a stand against Margo when Emily insults her. Liberty runs off when Parker comes out before he can recognize her for causing him to fall off his skateboard. Susan takes Liberty's DNA to be tested against Brad's. Parker confides in Jack that even though he and J.J. are used to their fighting doesn't mean that they like it. Katie insists that Liberty stay wither her and Brad since the Lakeview is booked. Emily re-hires Casey as her assistant. Katie tells Margo that Brad may already be a father. Brad wonders if he could really be Liberty's father as he watches her sleep.moreless
  • Ep. #13256
    Ep. #13256
    Episode 20
    Carly tells Jack it's okay for him to drive Parker to school. Holden thinks it isn't a good idea for him to move in with Noah and Ameera. Holden saves Carly by giving her a lift after her car won't start. Meg learns from Paul that he's at the hospital cause he's in therapy and that he's doing it for her. Katie says to Brad that he could be Liberty's father. Katie insists that Liberty go back to her Mom's until the test results come back. Parker runs into Liberty and recognizes her, Jack is surprised that she could be Brad's daughter. Katie tells Brad that Liberty has taken off, Brad then goes off and finds her and she says that she's worried that she will get in trouble. Sofie has a surprising announcement to Paul and says that he's special and then kisses him. Parker accepts Liberty's apology and says that the results are not back and possibly aren't Brad's kid and his cousin.moreless
  • Ep. #13257
    Ep. #13257
    Episode 21
    Meg catches more than a glimpse of Sofie and Paul, Paul sees Meg and he goes after her. Emily manipulates Casey by encouraging him to go and see Matt she then plants a bug on him. Kim tells Chris that he's in for quite a ride if he plans on being with Alison. Meg goes to Mike and tells him what she just saw, Paul then arrives to explain himself and Mike calls security. Casey tells Matt to take care of himself, he then finds something in his pocket and Margo realizes that Emily planted it on him. Alison does what Chris asks of her and agrees to come and have dinner with his parents at the Lakeview, but things don't go great when Kim brings up her following in Emily's footsteps. Casey blasts Emily and Margo is delighted on how he handled himself. Paul is then brought into the station and Emily refuses to help, he then calls Sofie. Meg arrives with Mike hoping to get a restraining order against Paul, he then gets into it with Mike. Alison tells Chris that they are not right for each other. Sofie confronts Paul about saying being with her was a mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #13258
    Ep. #13258
    Episode 22
    Sage argues with Carly about her not wanting to go to summer camp. Lucinda tells Faith that she's spoken to Lily and that she's coming home today. Emma says that he and Lily being apart is bad for their marriage. Brad gives Katie an escape option since she never signed on to be a stepmother, Katie says she ain't going anywhere. Brad tells Liberty that if she plans to stay she should attend school. Faith shares her good news with Emma, but asks not to tell Holden cause she wants to surprise him. Liberty puts a bracelet in her pocket, Lisa is willing to forget the whole thing, but Brad insists that Liberty be arrested. Parker talks with Liberty by saying she has no idea being in a jail cell is like and he should know. Holden and Carly share their unhappy tales. Lucinda tells Holden that Lily won't be coming home today.moreless
  • Ep. #13259
    Ep. #13259
    Episode 23
    Faith is doubting that Lily won't come home, Holden assures her and Natalie that she'll come home when she's ready. Brad stops Liberty from going to school not dressed properly. Brad and Katie find it difficult to get together. Katie runs into Jack and says that things are great thanks to her and is going to take it easy with Carly. Brad asks Parker to show Liberty around since she's new and doesn't know anyone. . Henry learns from Brad that they young girl could possibly be his daughter. Holden presents a gracious offer to Carly. Liberty makes a risky gamble by being dared to jump into the cold water. Holden attempts to fix a leaky pipe at Metro, Carly and Holden end up getting all wet. Vienna wants Brad and Katie to watch the diner while she and Henry are in Chicago. Parker and Liberty spot Brad and Katie in Old Town when they're supposed to be in school, Parker is impressed with the way she handled things. Jack walks in and sees Carly and Holden laughingmoreless
  • Ep. #13260
    Ep. #13260
    Episode 24
    Alison tells Chris that she feels uncomfortable when he brings her flowers at the hospital. Brad seems a little distracted while filming a segment of Oakdale Now. Parker wonders why Liberty always wants to take off and have fun. Parker decides to stay with Liberty after admitting that he's having fun. Casey is given a chance by Emily to and get some research for her. Emily flat out tells Margo why she hates her more than the men in her life. Casey asks Elwood about the thefts of the manuscripts of The Intruder, Elwood then seems nervous and leaves Casey then follows him. Aaron thinks he can help Alison study for her test by getting Meg to help her. Kim waves her white flag and does not think that she was wrong about him rushing into another relationship. Susan calls Brad and says that the DNA results are in. Alison tries to put her life on an even keel. Elwood sneaks into the house and after waiting for Casey to go into the next room. Brad learns that he is Liberty's father. Margo comes home and finds something in his backpack and asks Casey what it is, Casey then asks Margo if she thinks that he took one of the manuscripts. Brad tells Liberty that it's official that he is her father.moreless
  • Ep. #13261
    Ep. #13261
    Episode 25
    Alison surprises Chris at the hospital by wearing something that catches his eye. Margo's doubt surprises Casey when she says that she can't believe him this time. Ameera sees Luke and Noah embracing when she comes out of the kitchen with something she made. Ameera tells Noah and Luke that she got a call from Winston. Casey confronts Elwood at Java about setting him up and that he won't get away with it. Alison and Chris decide to skip dinner and head up to his suite, but they have intimacy issues. Winston learns that Ameera and Noah are married asks if he and Ameera have a real marriage, Noah then asks Winston what his connection to Ameera is. Emily is able track some old manuscripts to an old bookstore. Casey sees Elwood and then goes after him, Emily stops him and Margo finds a manuscript in Elwood's backpack. Ameera calls and asks to speak with Winston. Casey walks away after Margo apologizes for ever doubting him.moreless
  • Ep. #13262
    Ep. #13262
    Episode 26
    Jack sees a video game and he asks Parker where he got the money to buy it. Barbara learns from Meg that Paul has recently gotten himself into trouble. Meg is given advice by Mike. Parker is forced to betray Liberty. Jack brings Parker to the Lakeview and Parker tells them what Liberty did. Brad learns that Liberty has been skipping school this whole time. Barbara shares her opinion about Paul with Sofie. Paul learns the assault charges where dropped; Mike then tells Paul that if he ever goes near Meg again he'll deal with him. Mike goes and tells Meg that he doesn't have to deal with Paul anymore. Paul tells Sofie it's best if she'd stayed far away from him. Liberty shows Parker her rebellious side. Lisa asks Barbara how her treatments are coming along. Meg and Mike find Paul sitting in the field on the Snyder farm. Parker apologizes to Liberty for ratting her out.moreless
  • Ep. #13263
    Ep. #13263
    Episode 27
    Jack arrives to help Carly with the reopening of Metro, but Carly says there is nothing more to do. Lily comes home and assures Natalie and Faith that she's home for good. Holden helps Carly, Jack thinks that Carly using Holden. Faith, Natalie and Lucinda prepare to go and see Holden. Liberty tricks Parker into coming over to the Lakeview. Holden is surprised when Lily walks into Metro. Brad and Katie decide to head back to check on Liberty, she manages to get Parker out. Mike goes to Jack and tells him that Paul violated the restraining order and to have him arrested. Liberty offers to teach Parker everything she knows. Janet then arrives looking for Brad, and Katie learns that she's Liberty's mom. Lily wants to know why Holden is pushing her away, when she asks him to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #13264
    Ep. #13264
    Episode 28
    Emily notices that Casey is sleeping in her office. Parker hides the fact from his parents that he was with Liberty last night. Holden continues to distance himself from Lily. Katie has a new rival for Brad's attention. Brad tells Janet that he would've been there if he knew about Liberty. Lily tells Carly that she wants her husband back. Casey tells Margo that he can't forgive her for doubting him and that he's moving out the first chance he gets. Katie and Liberty see Brad and Janet in the Lakeview lounge. Carly goes to Holden and says to him not to blow it with Carly. Casey goes and tells Margo that he forgives her and then goes and tells Emily that everything is cool now. Jack remains suspicious regarding Holden and Carly. Katie tells Brad that Janet wants him bad.moreless
  • Ep. #13265
    Ep. #13265
    Episode 29
    Ameera is caught red-handed by Luke when he sees her making a call to Winston Mayer. Chris asks Alison why he's avoiding him. Janet wanders in on the Oakdale Now set. Liberty encourages Parker to come and spend the afternoon with her, Parker then refuses since he'll get in trouble if he gets caught. Alison receives a large offer. Janet steps in front of the camera to correct Brad and Katie's mistake, and lets it slip that he's the father of her child. Luke tells Noah that they have to figure out what Ameera's connection to Winston. Bob tells Chris that Alison has been having trouble in class lately. Katie gives an ultimatum to Brad about Janet having to go. Luke storms off after having an argument with Noah. Ameera arrives in Old Town and Noah asks what she was doing calling his father at Statesville. Brad tells Janet that she can't stay here. Parker asks Liberty if she is sad that her mother is going to be leaving; Liberty then tries to hide her feelings.moreless
  • Ep. #13266
    Ep. #13266
    Episode 30
    Casey gets an eyeful when he walks in on Emily getting dressed. Lily thanks Carly for looking after her kids while she spends time with Holden. Lily attempts at seduction fail. Emily has a fantasy of Casey while en route to her meeting in New York. Casey notices that Emily forgot her presentation so he goes to give it to her before it's too late. Jack and Carly think it's the best time they've had in a long time. Casey arrives and saves Emily and allows him to stay for the presentation. Lily and Holden end up kissing, after Lily tells him that they're gonna always have problems. Casey and Emily experience something unexpected while sight seeing in New York together. Jack realizes that this night was a set up. Emily and Casey share a kiss and end up having sex.moreless
  • Ep. #13267
    Ep. #13267
    Episode 31
    Lily is touched as Holden prepares her breakfast. Alison is confident that she's going to flunk her anatomy test. Susan says to Chris not to push Alison so much. Aaron thinks that he has a solution for Alison and takes her out on his motorcycle, she says it's exactly what she needed. Holden wonders how Carly knew that he and Lily were all alone last night. Holden discovers the truth about it all being a setup. Lily tells Lucinda that everything went great with Holden. Carly calls Lily and says that Holden knows everything. Chris learns that Alison is nowhere to be found and will miss taking the test, so he sets out to find her. Holden tells Lily on how she could do such a thing. Alison learns that she overslept and she missed the exam. Chris changes the rules and gets Alison another chance at the test and goes and gives her the good news.moreless
  • Ep. #13268
    Ep. #13268
    Episode 32
    Liberty asks her Mom what she's doing back in town, while she was talking to some boys. Barbara tells Paul to stop what's going on with him and Sofie, Paul says that there is nothing. Brad goes into check on Liberty and sees that Janet has returned to Oakdale. Paul gets a call for help from Meg needing his help. Sofie gets some unexpected help when Paul finances her jewelry line. Liberty walks in on Brad and Janet. Janet gives Brad a book with baby pictures of Liberty. Barbara tells Sofie that Paul is not in love with her and never will be. Sally asks Paul why she should trust him since he's always getting arrested. Katie walks in and sees Brad, Janet and Liberty laughing, Katie then tells Brad why he didn't mention that Janet was back. Mike then arrives at the farm and asks threatens to have Paul arrested. Brad says to Katie that he loves her and only her.moreless
  • Ep. #13269
    Ep. #13269
    Episode 33
    Alison gets her test results and learns she passed because of him. Emily distances herself from Casey after what happened in New York and says that it can never happen again and then fires him and says it's for the best. Lily tells Holden that she wants her marriage back. Alison is told by one of the other nursing that she slept with Chris to get a good grade, she then goes to Chris and says that he needs to back off. Margo learns that Casey is no longer working for Emily at The Intruder. Casey is told by Lisa that she can't give him his old job back at the Lakeview, he then angirly bumps into Emily. Sage, Natalie and Faith put on a show for Carly and Holden, Carly realizes that it's based on her and Jack's problems. Lucinda tells Lily the only way to get back with Holden is to own up to every bad thing she ever did. Susan congratulates Alison on passing her exam. Casey gives Alison a letter from Matt. Margo tells Emily to stay as far away from Casey. Emily then sees Casey at Yo's with Alison.moreless
  • Ep. #13270
    Ep. #13270
    Episode 34
    Susan tells Chris that she didn't like the way he bended the rules to keep Alison in the nursing program. Liberty and Janet learn that Katie and Brad checked out of the Lakeview. Emily's jealously gets the better of her, when she sees Casey talking to Alison. Katie's surprises Brad with a new home for the two of them. Tom sees Margo going through and looking for some courses for Casey to take. Chris can't stay away from Alison after learning from Emily that she's at Yo's instead of studying. Emily reminisces about her time with Casey in New York, Casey then arrives at her office and accuses her of being jealous. Liberty and Janet manage to track down Brad and Katie. Casey and Emily end up having sex in her office.moreless
  • Ep. #13271
    Ep. #13271
    Episode 35
    Carly tells Parker why he didn't bring up the school dance. Noah tells Luke about an opened letter from his father, Luke says that Noah doesn't want to admit that Ameera opened it. Faith scolds Holden and Lily. Katie receives the hotel bill that Liberty started to pile up. Lily agrees that Faith is embarrassed by her parents. Ameera hears a noise and she sees Winston in the bedroom. Holden asks Carly that they should chaperone the dance together. Katie tells Jack that Parker was with Liberty and racked up a room service bill. Janet arrives to help Brad with the painting. Liberty asks Parker if he's going to the dance. Katie catches Brad with Janet. Noah and Luke come home and find a note from Ameera saying that she's annulling their marriage. Noah and Luke learn that Winston escaped from custody.moreless
  • Ep. #13272
    Ep. #13272
    Episode 36
    Barbara starts feeling dizzy in Old Town and Meg takes her back to Lakeview. Luke brings up the letter that Winston wrote to Noah a few months ago. Casey and Emily have a close encounter when Tom arrives. Meg accuses Barbara of trying to get her and Paul back together again. Luke brings up the theory that Ameera went with Winston willingly. Meg agrees to be Barbara's nurse and look after her. Paul thinks something is up when Barbara isn't where she said she was. Chris assures Alison that he's only gonna help with her school and nothing more. Noah asks Luke's help in finding Ameera and is not going to involve the police. Lisa asks Sofie if her involvement with Paul is personal. Emily says to Casey that he can have his job back, but they can't have a relationship anymore, Casey then agrees to her terms. Ameera calls Noah, Noah then books the next flight to New York.moreless
  • Ep. #13273
    Ep. #13273
    Episode 36
    Brad prepares to have date night with Katie. Jack tells Carly that Parker was with Liberty in her suite at the Lakeview and not at his friends house. Faith asks why her parents cannot kiss and make-up and be like it used to be. Lily breaks her promise to Faith. Janet interrupts Brad and Katie's date by showing up at the movies. Bonnie tells Henry that if he fights Gray Gerard's estate he would have no chance of winning. Parker has a daydream where he and Liberty kiss. Parker sees Liberty kissing his friend Dylan and a jealous Parker storms off. Carly tells Jack that he will always expect the worst of her. Brad realizes that Liberty is with a guy after Parker hints at it. Lily makes a scene by yelling at Holden at the dance in front of everyone which embarrassed Faith. Jack tells Carly not to interfere with Holden and Lily's issues. Vienna goes to confront Bonnie but does not get anywhere. Janet slaps Liberty for her recent behavior. Liberty tells Janet that this is the reason she wanted to get away from her. Liberty goes home with Brad and Katie. Jack apologizes to Parker and admits he still has issues with Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #13274
    Ep. #13274
    Episode 37
    Noah is upset that Noah went to New York without him. Lily receives advice from Carly. Brad and Katie are shocked by Liberty's request about her living with them. Jack looks at some of the pictures she got from the dance. Henry insists to Vienna that he hires another waitress and that she take it easy. Luke assists Noah. Janet comes to take Liberty home but she says she's not going anywhere with her. Winston slips something into Ameera's drink that makes her pass out. Lily then tells Holden that she's moving back home with the kids and that she doesn't want him there. Holden confronts Carly and what she's done to his family. Coyle's alliance with Winston is revealed, and tells him that Noah is in New York. Vienna hires Janet at Al's but changes her mind when she learns that she's the Janet everyone's talking about.moreless
  • Ep. #13275
    Ep. #13275
    Episode 38
    Meg learns from Bob that someone requested that she be reinstated at Oakdale Memorial, Meg then asks who the person is. Alison tells Aaron that Chris insisted that she see a psychiatrist. Casey and Emily can't hold back their feelings for each other. Paul and Sofie form a new alliance. Aaron helps Alison by asking Meg to help her with her studies. Emily persuades Casey to do the right thing by repaying the money he took from the Lakeview, Emily insists that Casey tell Lisa the truth. Meg goes to Barbara and thanks her for getting her back at the hospital. Lisa is shocked to learn when Casey tells her that he stole from the register. Aaron gets Alison the essentials to help her concentrate. Casey goes back to the office and tells Emily that he could be in big trouble. Sofie has a daydream about Paul kissing her.moreless
  • Ep. #13276
    Ep. #13276
    Episode 39
    Lisa stuns Margo and Tom by saying that Casey once again stole from her. Carly learns from Sage that Parker has plans to go to a movie with a girl. Casey starts kissing Emily, she then says that it can never happen again. Lily calls Holden for help when the lights in the house go out. Casey tells Tom and Margo if they're turn him to go ahead and do it. Liberty thinks that Parker has never kissed a girl before. Lucinda tells Lily that her latest stunt won't get her and Holden back together again. Casey gets a ultimatum from Tom and Margo, to quit working for Emily and return to college. Liberty follows Parker to the movie theater and messes up his date with Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #13277
    Ep. #13277
    Episode 40
    Sofie shows Barbara her recent work and is amazed by it, Sofie then assures her that nothing is going on with her and Paul. Brenda tells Chris that Alison just barely passed her exams. Holden and Carly get closer when he takes her horseback riding. Chris and Alison play darts while blindfolded. Mike sees Paul with Meg again and says to keep his distance. Meg then says that she lifted the restraining order against Paul, and Mike thinks it's a mistake. Chris and Alison head back to his room where things start to heat up, Alison then stops and says that she can't. Alison is shocked by Chris's comments, she then goes and is comforted by Aaron and says Chris shouldn't treat her like that. Susan sees Chris giving himself a tetanus shot and says that he's tired of Alison kicking him to the curb. Henry tells Mike to be careful that Paul can get really possessive when it comes to Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13278
    Ep. #13278
    Episode 41
    Meg confesses to Mike that she still loves Paul. Meg tells Chris that Alison stayed at the farm with Aaron. Chris makes the wrong assumption when he thinks that Alison and Aaron slept together. Sofie asks Paul to help her with her dress when he walks in on her. Winston keeps drugging Ameera's tea, after Winston leaves Ameera escapes. Sofie's party gets under way in the Lakeview. Winston tells Noah that he isn't man enough to stop him. Aaron comforts Alison after Chris storms out. Winston punches Noah and makes a run for it. Paul tells Meg that he wants to kiss her. Luke is relieved that Noah is alright and tells him that Ameera is in police custody. Brenda asks Chris if he thinks that Alison should be dismissed from the nursing program. Winston calls Noah and says either get Ameera out of jail or he and Luke die.moreless
  • Ep. #13279
    Ep. #13279
    Episode 42
    Paul tells Sofie to put her clothes on and that he doesn't love her. Brad invites Liberty to join him and Katie to get something to eat. Mike thanks Meg for being honest with him about her feelings for Paul. Liberty says no to Janet when she asks if she want to have dinner. Sofie tells Paul that she'll leave him alone if he makes love to her one more time, Paul tells Sofie not to be there when he comes back, she then trashes his living room. Liberty runs into Parker and Ashley outside Al's diner. Meg comes by Fairwinds and finds Sofie and doesn't believe her claim about Paul. Parker receives a lesson about girls from Liberty to lay a kiss on Ashley. Paul hurries back to check on Sofie, she then asks what Meg is doing here. Parker accidentally bumps Ashley on the nose, and Liberty can't stop laughing. Parker practices kissing on Liberty and likes it. Mike finds Sofie in the lobby of the Lakeview. Bud forces himself on Janet, she then scratches the guy. Sofie tells Mike that she was raped.moreless
  • Ep. #13280
    Ep. #13280
    Episode 43
    Holden tells Lily that he's here to say goodbye cause he'll be heading out of town. Carly is having trouble at Metro and almost calls Holden but stops after remembering after they went riding, so she asks Henry instead. Sofie tells Mike that Paul raped her, and tries to persuade her to press charges. Henry sees Bonnie at the bar, and learns that she took herself off of the Gray Gerard case for him and says she tried to get a settlement for him and was fired. Meg and Paul share a moment together before Mike barges in and says that Sofie says that Paul raped her. Lily asks Carly if anything is going on between her and Holden. Barbara is shocked after learning Sofie's latest stunt. Mike goes to Margo and says that Paul raped Sofie. Meg confronts Sofie at the Lakeview and said that Paul's feelings for her aren't the kind that she wants. Mike brings Margo to the Lakeview, but refuses to talk to her. Henry tells Vienna that Bonnie is here to help them in getting Gray's money.moreless
  • Ep. #13281
    Ep. #13281
    Episode 44
    Vienna tells Katie and Brad that the reason she's waiting table is cause Janet never showed up. Liberty asks Parker to go ahead and ask Ashley out again. Alison's future at the hospital looks bleak. Liberty asks Katie if she minds that Brad went and defended his ex-girlfriend. Brenda tells Chris she did what he suggested and released Alison from the program. Kim goes and tells Katie that she likes the idea of doing a piece on the presidential campaign trail. Susan tells Alison that Chris had something to do with her getting dismissed from the program. Parker tells Liberty that he no longer wants her advice on how to deal with Ashley. Liberty sees the bruise on Janet's cheek and asked who did this to her. Alison and Chris get into it in front of Bob. Livia knocks out Luke as soon as Coyle and Noah leave; she then locks the door. Brad goes to check on Janet about her encounter with Bud. Noah asks Livia what she did with Luke. Luke wakes up and escapes. The boat with Ameera and Winston leaves and Noah jumps and hangs on to it.moreless
  • Ep. #13282
    Ep. #13282
    Episode 45
    Bob sees Brenda and Chris talking in the hospital stairwell and thinks he did have Alison dismissed. Katie asks Jack for help. Liberty wants to know what's going on when she sees Brad taken away in handcuffs. Kim tells Brad that he's fired if the assault charges stick. Aaron tells Alison that he's proud of her for standing up to Fay. Aaron confronts Chris at the hospital. Chris defends himself to Bob and Susan. Katie makes a deal with Bud, but Brad refuses to apologize. Aaron tells Alison that Chris was responsible for getting her kicked out of the program. Katie goes to Bud, and doubles the amount that he requested, he then agrees to it. Maria stuns Alison when Chris requested she be removed from patient care and into administration. Parker and Liberty have another close encounter while throwing a football and almost kiss. Aaron tells Susan what Chris just did and she's appalled by it and that Alison is gonna fight the dismissal.moreless
  • Ep. #13283
    Ep. #13283
    Episode 46
    Lucinda brings the real Agent Ben Coyle Luke then realizes that Ameera and Noah are in danger. Carly and Lily call Holden when they have trouble with the barbecue. Aaron and Alison go to Bonnie to acquire her representation. Winston asks Ameera what she saw before, and doesn't let on that she saw Noah. Noah makes an emotional plea to Winston to leave Ameera alone. Chris tells Tom that Brenda released Alison on her own and had nothing to do with it. Bonnie tells Alison that winning this case could be the worst thing for her. Tom tells Chris and Bob that Alison is suing him for sexual harassment. Lucinda and Luke insist on going the the Feds to apprehend Winston. Holden and Carly share a moment while Lily tends to Ethan. Winston sees the police and thinks Noah set him up, he then jumps into the water. Lisa tries to get Bonnie to reconsider airing everyone's dirty laundry. Chris tells Alison that if she wants her past to be made public.moreless
  • Ep. #13284
    Ep. #13284
    Episode 47
    Margo brings in Paul for questioning regarding Sofie's accusation. Daniel begins to feel down, about Tom not being able to go to the concert with him and Emily. Carly is upset when Jack comes and wants to go riding with Sage to. Emily agrees to take Daniel, and tells Casey not to ruin it for her. Paul tells Mike that he couldn't leave it alone. Sofie presents a pair of her underwear as evidence. Barbara offers to go and support Paul by offering to get him an attorney. Casey and Emily remember the good times they had together. Paul offers a DNA sample to prove he's innocent, but the test come back positive he's then placed under arrest. Carly confronts Holden about calling Jack to come today. Barbara tells Sofie when the truth does come out she'll deal with her personally. Casey goes to Emily's hotel room and the two have sex, they then hurry as Daniel returns early. Sofie is shocked as Cole at her door.moreless
  • Ep. #13285
    Ep. #13285
    Episode 48
    J.J. tells Jack that his throat has been bothering him lately. Barbara tells Sofie that they're business arrangement is over. Cole thinks that he came at the right time. Jack notices that Parker is reading a book on how to rock a woman's world. Meg tells Paul that he has to stay away from Sofie cause it could get worse. Janet arrives and says that she can fix Brad's ruined dinner in no time. Brad, Janet and Liberty share a family moment. Cole tells Sofie that he was crazy to let her go and thinks he can help her know. Jack offers Parker some fatherly advice, Parker admits that there's a girl he likes, Jack tells him to go for it. Sofie is appalled by Cole's suggestion by blackmailing Paul for money. Meg asks Mike for help in proving Paul's innocence, cause she feels there's more to Sofie's story, Mike says he'll think about it. Parker gets a call from Liberty, he then makes an excuse so he can go and see her, they meet up in Old Town where they have a huge argument. Brad sees as Janet is asleep on the couch as Liberty comes home, Janet then opens here eyes as the leave the room. Parker says that he doesn't want to go to camp and wants to stay home for the summer.moreless
  • Ep. #13286
    Ep. #13286
    Episode 49
    Lily tells Holden that Luke was involved in an international incident that could've gotten him killed. Parker gives Carly a bottle of pills that he found near J.J.'s desk. Carly tells Jack that she's taking J.J. to the emergency room, the doctor says that J.J. has strep throat. Brad tells Kim he thinks that Janet should do the interview on Oakdale Now since she was a single mother all these years with Liberty. Janet gets comfortable in Brad's house, Brad then calls her to go a co-host spot and do an interview. Noah tells Luke that they should take a break from each other for a while. Liberty gets in front of the camera and says that what her Mom said is completely untrue, Janet then agrees that she wished she wasn't a single mother. Carly and Jack come together for J.J. Brad and Janet encounter Bud while near th elevators at the Lakeview, and offers her to live with him for a few days. Parker admits to Carly that he loves J.J. and hopes that he get better. Liberty has a proposition for Parker.moreless
  • Ep. #13287
    Ep. #13287
    Episode 50
    Bonnie thinks Alison's reinstatement to work with patients again is a trap for her to drop her suit. Lily sees Noah in Old Town and tries to reunite him and Noah. Casey insists that Emily stay but Tom thinks it's a bad idea and they're surprised when they learn of the sexual harassment suit. Kim tells Susan that if it does go to court there's gonna be some damage that can't be undone. Holden and Lily prepare a dinner before the girls head off to camp. Daniel lets it slip at the dinner table that Casey and Emily were into hanging out together. Emily and Casey's relationship reaches a new level. Kim tells Chris that she tried to reason with Susan but failed. Margo tells Tom that this trip to New York was a mistake. Alison seeks support from Aaron. Casey and Emily make love on her desk.moreless
  • Ep. #13288
    Ep. #13288
    Episode 51
    Jack insists on staying and looking after J.J. while Carly goes with Sage. Lily tells Holden she can't go with him to the camp today. Lisa tells Alison this suit shouldn't go to court, Bob tells Lisa to leave Alison alone. Katie returns home to find an unpleasant surprise. Lily walks in and Carly suggests that Holden doesn't have to go. Janet listens as Katie tells Brad that she wants no secrets between them. Alison tells Bob that she wants Chris to leave Oakdale Memorial. Chris takes his anger too far when he refuses to let Alison leave the on call room. The chemistry between Carly and Holden continues to cause tension when they have to bunk together. Carly and Holden make an attempt to sneak beer in their cabin but is caught by Winkie. Janet brings some food over to Jack to thank him.moreless
  • Ep. #13289
    Ep. #13289
    Episode 52
    Meg tells Paul that they are going to visit Sofie's Alma Mater, Winnetka as a married couple to do some digging; the Nun tells them that Sofie did not attend there at all. Liberty tells Janet that she can't hang out cause she's reporting for summer school today. Parker tells Jack that he got a job as a tennis instructor. Cole gives Sofie some important advice when dealing with Paul. Paul makes an unfortunate error in judgment. Carly and Holden take part in some games at Camp Chapawee along with Sage, Faith and Natalie. Liberty is amazed at Parker's tennis ability, Parker's then jealous when Liberty walks off with Dylan. Someone steals Holden's car leaving him and Carly stranded in the middle of nowhere, Carly then says to Holden that she'll get him home. Sofie is confronted by Meg and say that she is not who she says she is. Sofie goes to Paul and says he has to hear her out, Paul then writes her a check. Meg realizes that Sofie went to see Paul. Sofie goes to the police station and asks to speak to Margo. Carly and Holden get a ride and they spot Holden's car on the side of the road. Jack takes another look at Janet and sees a different side to her.moreless
  • Ep. #13290
    Ep. #13290
    Episode 53
    Luke arrives to see Noah packing up all of his things. Paul learns from Margo that Sofie dropped the charges and shares the news with Meg. Cole lashes out at Sofie for letting Paul and his money get away. Lucinda and Lily have breakfast and admit that they've missed their get-togethers and Holden is gonna work on their marriage when he gets home. Holden and Carly are flustered by their kiss. Noah admits to Luke that even though they'll be apart he still loves him. Lucinda tells Barbara that she's overdoing it a bit. Sofie arrives at Fairwinds and she tells Meg not to pretend to care when she really doesn't. Luke runs into Reg at Java and learns that he and his boyfriend had broken up. Lily welcomes Holden home and asks how his trip was, Carly fills Lily in on what she and Holden endured. Luke and Noah have a huge argument, Luke then storms out. Noah despairs over his split from Luke. Sofie investigates Meg's past and discovers something very interesting when she goes into the hospital computer.moreless
  • Ep. #13291
    Ep. #13291
    Episode 54
    Susan confronts Chris at Al's Diner and that if he goes anywhere near Alison again he would be very sorry. Alison tells Aaron that Chris locked her in the on call room and threatens deal with Chris himself. Sofie is caught in Barbara's suite by Meg and Paul, Barbara orders Sofie to leave at once, she then starts to feel dizzy. Kim lays into Susan for the way she parented Alison and Emily and how they turned out. Sofie wants Cole's help in getting something from the hospital. Paul goes and tells Lisa that Sofie's behavior is getting erratic and to evict her from the hotel. Aaron confronts Chris and locks the on call room door, the two engage in a fight. Cole hears Meg coming and quickly hides. Paul tells Lisa to hold off on throwing Sofie out of the Lakeview. Chris and Aaron end up at the police station, Bob tells Chris that pressing charges against Aaron is a bad idea. Cole gives Sofie the medicine and tells him that Meg was fired for letting one of her patients die on her watch.moreless
  • Ep. #13292
    Ep. #13292
    Episode 55
    Carly brings J.J. by the farm cause Emma agreed to look after him. Holden asks Lily to go on a date. Bonnie presents Henry with a check from Gray's estate and he makes a toast and thanks her for keeping her promise. Cole calls Sofie and tells her that Meg is on her way up. Luke gets a call from Noah saying Ameera was released, Luke insists on coming to the station. Sofie puts the morphine and takes the other one and sneaks out without being spotted. Meg injects some morphine into Barbara. Sofie tells Cole that he'll get his money, after he leaves she makes plans to skip town. Meg tells Paul that Barbara's pulse is weak and to call 911 immediately. Noah and Luke receive news from Ameera. Henry has a proposal for Carly in being partners at Metro due to his recent windfall, Carly then says no. Vienna tells Henry that she wants no part in Gray's money. Barbara crashes and Dr. Hearn says it was a close call. Holden brings Lily to Metro. Meg sees that it's the wrong medication, and tells Dr. Hearn, he says he's gonna call the medical review board and then police. Carly sees Holden and Lily at the farm getting comfortable. Meg does some research and realizes that she did get a 4 milligram bottle and not a 50 milligram one and tells Paul that she suspects Sofie.moreless
  • Ep. #13293
    Ep. #13293
    Episode 56
    Carly has a dream about her kissing Holden. Tom scolds Emily for the recent publication about Chris and Alison in The Intruder. Aaron picks up Alison at work, she's then relieved cause she's tired of everyone looking at her. Tom asks Casey for a favor. Lily wants to call and ask Carly about her suggesting a place for her and Holden to go to. Emily asks Casey to do some spying for her on Chris. Aaron is surprised when Alison kisses when they're at the lake together. Alison overhears the Hughes' plan. Carly makes the decision to confront Holden about the kiss that they shared together. Aaron tells Chris that if he ever cared about Alison then to do right by her. Alison passes to back out and Tom says that he'll see her in court.moreless
  • Ep. #13294
    Ep. #13294
    Episode 57
    Lily continues to look for Holden on the Snyder farm. Janet calls Liberty hoping to do something, but Brad insists that she study. Dallas and the other cops start to whistle at Janet as she enters the bar. Brad tells Katie to go with him to celebrate '80s night at Yo's. Liberty sends Parker a text message to rescue her. Brad spots Janet and insists that they go somewhere else. Janet hears her and Brads song and asks to dance with him. Parker helps Liberty with her homework and tries to hide his attraction to her when he says that she smells nice. Holden and Carly hear Lily in the distance. Parker almost kisses Liberty while she's sleeping, but decides not to. Janet and Jack hit the dance floor. Lily is disappointed when Holden suggests they postpone their trip to Montana.moreless
  • Ep.#13295
    Episode 58
    Liberty provides Parker with an undesirable distraction while playing tennis. Mike attempts to talk to Sofie but she says she doesn't talk to traitors. Katie flat out tells Janet she thinks she's using Jack to make Brad jealous. Paul assures Lisa that Barbara's health is improving and tells her that it's possible that Sofie tampered with Barbara's medication. Mike tells Sofie that she lied and doesn't know why. Brad questions Jack about his relationship with Janet. Lisa abruptly asks Sofie to check out of the Lakeview, Sofie then accuses Meg of having her evicted and passes out on the floor. Paul assures Barbara that Sofie is out of the hotel, he then gets on one knee and proposes to Meg, she then says yes to his. Liberty sees as Jack and Janet as well as Katie and Brad come to see Parker play, Liberty is then amazed by how he well he played. Mike tells Sofie that she shouldn't be alone right now. Parker asks Jack if he's dating Janet. Sofie asks Paul to come to her room right away, Sofie then tells him that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #13296
    Ep. #13296
    Episode 59
    Paul tells Sofie to take another pregnancy test in front of him. Barbara tells Meg to go to Sofie's room to see if everything is okay, and if not then get Paul away from her. Paul says to Sofie that the pregnancy doesn't change a thing and that he proposed to Meg and she said yes. Sofie threatens to tell Meg the truth, leading Paul to consider his options. Carly tells Holden that he's making a mistake in putting off the trip. Lisa helps Lily shop for something sexy to wear. Lily calls Carly to help her at Fashions. Paul goes to tell Meg what Sofie told him. Barbara is appalled that Sofie would have the nerve to show up at her hotel room, and wonders what she's hiding. Lily tells Holden to come to the house right away. J.J. sees Carly and tells her that he wants to go to camp if the doctor says it's okay.moreless
  • Ep. #13297
    Ep. #13297
    Episode 60
    Luke spots Noah at Java and learns that he's working there. Emily tells Casey that the hearing is closed and no press is allowed. Alison tells Bonnie that she wants to hear the tough questions that Tom is going ask her. Casey and Emily have a hard time keeping their secret. Aaron tells Chris one more time not to use the porn DVD against Alison. Noah is told by a policeman that his dog tags washed up on shore and that he's been declared legally dead. Bonnie questions Brenda and she says that she did speak with Chris about her latest grades. Alison then takes the stand and explains her side of things to the judge. Chris stops Tom from using the DVD. Chris and Alison's trial comes to a surprising conclusion and it goes in Chris's favor. Luke tells Noah that he deserves to be loved and he then breaks down in his arms.moreless
  • Ep. #13298
    Ep. #13298
    Episode 61
    Carly and Holden watch as their kids take part in a talent show at Camp Chapawee. Brad tells Liberty that he's proud of her for improving in school unaware that Parker's been doing all her homework. Holden and Carly are stranded together due to a thunderstorm. Jack is shocked when he walks in and sees Parker kissing Liberty. Janet makes a move on an unsuspecting Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13299
    Ep. #13299
    Episode 62
    Jack asks Parker and Liberty what exactly they were doing just now. Carly and Holden's relationship reaches a new level. Janet's confession shocks Brad, Brad then says that she doesn't love him but the fact that she's stuck on him. Parker says something to Jack about him being alone and regrets saying it. Liberty walks in on Brad and Janet embracing. Henry confronts Mike about his feelings he still has for Katie. Jack tells Parker that he's gonna tell Brad and Katie about what happened between him and Liberty. Faith knocks on the cabin door and Carly hurries and gets dressed. Parker sends an e-mail apologizing of Jack walking in on them. Carly thinks she made a mistake and leaves, Holden then finds her note. Carly comes home to find Janet in the living room and says to Jack he has a lot of nerve.moreless
  • Ep. #13300
    Ep. #13300
    Episode 63
    Lily prepares for a new beginning. Lily calls Carly asking her to take Ethan out for a little while. Lily learns that Carly was at the camp with Holden last night. Carly and Holden plan a secret rendezvous. Barbara tells Paul that Sofie could be lying, Paul tells her that he wishes that she wasn't. Paul tells Sofie that he hasn't told Meg about the pregnancy yet. Paul takes Sofie to see Dr. Schiller. Barbara scrambles to get in touch with Paul before Meg runs into him. Sofie realizes that she's 4 weeks along and that Cole is the father, she then calls Cole and asks him that she needs his help again but doesn't tell him about her pregnancy. Carly walks out after Lily tells her that Holden is moving back in. Dr. Schiller gives Paul the sonogram, Sofie is glad that Cole came through for her. Holden wants to tell Lily that he and Carly slept together but Carly says that he can't. Barbara tells Paul to marry Meg and that she'll deal with Sofie herself.moreless
  • Ep. #13301
    Ep. #13301
    Episode 64
    Casey tells his parents the reason he's not staying for their anniversary party is cause he didn't like that way he treated Alison in the courtroom. Cole threatens to ruin Sofie by tell Paul that he isn't the father of Sofie's baby. Emily overhears Casey talking to Margo and Tom and thinks he's gonna reveal their relationship, she then stops him and leaves. Paul is surprised by Meg's commitment. Barbara has harsh words for Sofie, and Lisa hears Barbara threaten her. Emily is touched by Casey's words that he loves her. Mike tells Sofie of Paul and Meg's upcoming nuptuals and Mike learns of Sofie's pregnancy. Margo goes off to find Casey after realizing where he might be. Margo confronts Emily and that she knows something is going on with him and Emily. Mike shocks Meg by telling her that Sofie is pregnant and that it's Paul's.moreless
  • Ep. #13302
    Ep. #13302
    Episode 65
    Kim notices that Chris arrived drunk at the party and takes him outside. Aaron sees Alison drowning her sorrows at Yo's, she says that she was humiliated in court and was completely discredited. Mike tells Paul that he told Meg about the baby and lays in Mike for telling Meg and had no right interfering. Sofie and Meg have a bitter showdown and says that Paul doesn't love Sofie and is marrying her, Sofie then gives Meg the sonogram. Everyone toasts Margo and Tom at their 25th wedding anniversary. Chris confesses to Kim that he did in fact use his position to get Alison kicked out of the program and did what she accused him of. Alison runs into Chris and he says that he's quitting his job at the hospital effective immediately. Paul discovers Sofie on the floor in her suite and says that Meg did this to her and then dies, Paul then wraps her in a sheet and puts her in the laundry cart. Margo and Tom are touched with the photo album that are filled with pictures and lots of memories. Paul buries Sofie on the grounds of Fairwinds. Barbara lashes at Mike for blurting out Sofie's secret to Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13303
    Ep. #13303
    Episode 66
    Lily insists on staying and having friends over for a 4th of July barbecue. Luke sees Noah with Tony. Cyndi tells Luke that she is going to dedicate a song to him and Noah in hopes they get back together. Vienna and Henry get into the spirit of Independence Day. Noah makes a shocking announcement. Cyndi Lauper performs Into the Nightlife for everyone at Yo's. Luke heads to talk with Noah but he goes somewhere else with Tony. Holden's jealousy colors for Mike who comes as Carly's date and asks what exactly she is doing. Cyndi sings True Colors for Luke, Noah then returns, and tells Luke that he wants to be with him and only him. They then reconcile but Noah shocks Luke by saying that he enlisted in the Army.moreless
  • Ep. #13304
    Ep. #13304
    Episode 67
    Oakdale Now is rocked by a theft when Katie and Brad learn that some cameras where stolen. Holden asks Paul where Meg is, he's then relieved when she comes in the room. Lisa tells Barbara that she got her wish and that Sofie is gone. Dylan arrives hoping to do something with Liberty, and says that Parker is a drag and she shouldn't hang out with him. Meg is shocked when Paul shares news of Sofie and that he thinks that she killed her. Janet sees Dylan trying to sell a camera and immediately tells Jack. Liberty lays into Parker for ratting on Dylan, Jack then takes her tot Al's and she swears that she didn't steal anything, Liberty looks foolish for yelling at Parker when he didn't tell Jack. Jack tells Brad to take it easy on his daughter cause he doesn't know the whole story. Luke tells Holden about Noah enlisting in the Army thinking that he'll never see him again. Liberty tells Parker not to go and they share another kiss. Janet and Jack grow closer as they kiss. Liberty goes to see the fireworks but Parker pulls her into another kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #13305
    Ep. #13305
    Episode 68
    Noah tells Luke to come to the recruiting office in ten minutes and then they'll talk. Parker reminisces about his and Liberty's kiss during the fireworks. Liberty questions Janet about Jack. Parker and Liberty why they're parents didn't show up and make a bet to whether or not they spent the night together. Holden tries to help Carly's love life when Neal asks him if Carly is single. Liberty asks notices a look on Janet's face and thinks she and Jack did it. Luke admits to the recruiting officers that he came up and Noah says he wasn't allowed visitors, they then ask Luke to leave. Carly is stunned when Neal says that Holden assured him that she wasn't seeing anyone, Carly then lets Neal down easy. Luke and pleads for him not to leave. Carly lays into Holden for pimping her out to Neal. Noah must make an important decision when Sgt. Wilkins says that he should retract being gay and might get discharged. Luke is surprised when he sees Noah and says that he couldn't do it.moreless
  • Ep. #13306
    Ep. #13306
    Episode 69
    Meg tries to encourage Paul to go to the police about Sofie. Jack comes to the house and runs into Neal, Jack then sees that he's Carly's date. Mike searches for Sofie and tells Barbara that she wouldn't just up and leave like that. Paul and Meg think that Barbara had something to do with Sofie's death, saying that she took care of everything. Mike arrives at the World Wide offices and goes through some stuff Sofie left behind, and finds Cole's number and calls him and asks if he's seen her. Barbara urges Paul and Meg to get married right away and thinks out in the garden by the roses is a perfect spot. Mike tells Meg if marrying Paul is what she really wants. Carly's date makes an impression on Holden and Jack. Mike finds something of Sofie's on the grounds of Fairwinds.moreless
  • Ep. #13307
    Ep. #13307
    Episode 70
    Casey calls Emily, and Margo hears him on the phone and asks who he's calling. Meg and Paul are married in the garden. Mike approaches and tells Paul that there's something they have to talk about and shows him Sofie's bracelet he found in the garden just now. Tom tells Margo that he reserved a room at a hotel at Lake Geneva, but Margo says she can't go. Mike takes action. Casey tells Emily he's not going to let her go cause she's afraid of Margo. Mike thinks of why would tend to a rose garden before his wedding. Tom is astounded that Margo agrees to go on the anniversary honeymoon. Casey and Emily make plans to go back to his house.Mike goes to Lisa and talks about Sofie, after getting nowhere he asks one of the maids. Meg wanders out into the garden and Mike asks her what brings her out here and asks her, Meg then tells Paul that Mike was asking questions about the roses. Margo comes home to find a half naked Emily in her house, she then points a gun at her saying that she has a right to protect her son.moreless
  • Ep. #13308
    Ep. #13308
    Episode 71
    Mike tells Jack that he's here to report a murder and that the victim's Sofie, Mike says that he knows where he might find Sofie's body. Margo tells Emily that she won't let her put her hands on her son anymore, Casey then tells her to stop, Tom then comes in and says what's going on. Casey says that if Emily leaves then he goes as well. Jack arrives at Fairwinds and asks to look around on the grounds, and learns that she and Paul are married and asks her why she didn't tell the family. Margo tells Tom that Emily once worked as a hooker, he then tells Emily he'll make sure she never goes near Daniel again. Meg's guilt gets the best of her. Margo stops Tom and Casey from fighting, she then says to Casey that if he leaves he's not allowed back in the house. Susan tells Emily to ask Tom if Daniel can attend Alison's party on Saturday. Paul prepares to go into the garden and move Sofie's body. Barbara is astounded when Meg thinks she killed Sofie, Meg wonders what to do when Barbara says that she didn't and leave to stop Paul from confessing. Susan is beside herself after learning about Emily and Casey's relationship, Casey then arrives and Susan asks him to leave. Jack finds Sofie in Paul's trunk and arrests him.moreless
  • Ep. #13309
    Ep. #13309
    Episode 72
    Liberty calls Parker's name, but he gets on his bike and leaves right away. Brad learns that Jack and Janet are sleeping together. Katie asks Liberty to define the relationship she's having with Parker. Holden wants Carly to make an excuse cause he doesn't want her out with Neal. Brad and Katie attempt to stop Janet. Parker sees Janet with Jack at Al's, he leaves when Janet sees him. Brad tells Jack he made a mistake sleeping with Janet. Parker lays into Jack for it being okay for him to have sex with Janet, and when he scolded him for kissing Liberty. Lily wants to know why Holden doesn't want Neal to be with Carly. Parker finds Liberty is his room, she pleads with Parker not to break up with her cause of his dad and her mom. Holden ruins Neal and Carly's evening at Metro. Liberty shows Parker that she's into him, by kissing him and Parker kisses her back. Jack invites Janet to come and live with him.moreless
  • Ep. #13310
    Ep. #13310
    Episode 73
    Lily is overjoyed that Luke and Noah are back together. Lily gives Luke a letter from Damian. Bob tells Chris that he can't accept his resignation from Oakdale Memorial even thought he should be reprimanded for what he did. Carly learns that Janet is staying at the farm when she comes down into the kitchen. Aaron is surprised when Alison shows him the letter of apology from Chris saying that she should have won the lawsuit and not him. Carly mentions that she's going to Paris with Neal, Jack says that there's no way she's going. Chris tells Bob that he's doing the right thing by leaving the hospital. Lucinda goes ahead and opens the letter and tells Luke that Damian wants to make amends in a big way. Alison tells Aaron that Brenda is letting her back into the nursing program, Aaron then offers to go and confront Chris with her. Alison learns that Chris is quitting. Lucinda urges Luke to consider taking some of Damian's money. Luke insists on handing the money over to Lucinda so that it can do some good. Holden is irritated by Carly and Neal.moreless
  • Ep. #13311
    Ep. #13311
    Episode 74
    Tom tells Daniel that he's not going to be going on vacation with Emily this year. Susan tells Chris to stop harassing Alison. Emily tells Casey to try and persuade Tom to stop cause he'll listen to him. Paul's lawyer tells Barbara that if anyone can find evidence to clear Paul then the person he has in mind will, Barbara is then shocked when the person is Rick Decker. Paul and Meg say if Barbara didn't do it then who killed Sofie. Meg tells Margo that Paul did it because of her. Margo has shocking news that she could charge Paul and Meg with obstruction of justice, his lawyer arrives and says that his bail has been posted. Rick almost runs into Susan at Memorial. Margo is beside herself after learning that Rick is investigating. Casey tells Margo and Tom that he's done with Emily and he wants to come back home and to drop the suit against Emily. Alison screams as she sees Rick at the hospital. Rick tells Barbara that Sofie was killed by a medical profession either a doctor or a nurse, Barbara then calls Paul and says that Meg may not be innocent after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13312
    Ep. #13312
    Episode 75
    Neal and Carly make their first stop in New York while en route to Paris and the two share a kiss but Carly pulls away. Barbara tells Meg that the person who killed Sofie was a nurse or doctor. Rick and Susan share a reunion, Susan tells how he can show his face in this hospital. Meg learns that Barbara thinks she killed Sofie. Carly makes a difficult decision. Lily is proud that Luke is starting his own foundation by helping sick kids. Carly tells the masseuse to enter but is shocked when it's Holden and says that he's willing to end his marriage for her, Carly says she isn't going to steal her friends husband. Margo questions Wendy the maid at the Lakeview and learns that Meg was in the room arguing with Sofie. Luke asks Lily if she and Holden are alright. Meg runs into Rick and he says the she looks like she could kill. Lisa tells Margo that she heard Barbara threaten Sofie. Paul sees Rick holding a syringe in front of Meg and punches him. Rick leaves his autopsy report for Margo to read. Barbara sees Cole in her room and says he saw her in Sofie's room and ends up being blackmailed by him. Paul gets a call from Dr. Schiller saying the needs to see him right away and learn that the baby wasn't his. Holden returns home and confesses to Lily that he's having an affair.moreless
  • Ep. #13313
    Ep. #13313
    Episode 76
    Henry tells Vienna that it's their club now. Jack tells Janet to stay and have something to eat. Parker quickly opens the door and tells Jack it's for him cause he's helping Liberty with her homework. Lily freaks out at Holden and demands to know who's the woman he's sleeping with and Holden tells her it's Carly. Janet asks Jack what else could Liberty and Parker be doing besides homework. Vienna tells Henry that she doesn't want to co-own a nightclub and wants him to sell his share back to Carly. Liberty walks out after Janet said what happened to her when she kissed a boy and Parker goes with her. Vienna says to Henry that she doesn't care about living the good life. Holden tells Carly that he told Lily about them. Vienna tells Henry not to make a toast with Bonnie cause she's responsible. Liberty tells Parker that he can touch her if he wants. Henry keeps himself busy. Lily drives her car straight at Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #13314
    Ep. #13314
    Episode 77
    Katie tells Brad that Liberty is not in her room and that her bed has not been slept in, Brad learns that Janet has checked out of the Lakeview when they need her the most. Lily awakens to a shock that she crashed her car. Liberty and Parker wake up in the same bed. Brad and Katie arrive looking for her. Liberty shares with Parker that Janet slapped her one time. Lily tells Holden to leave the hospital and not to come back. Janet flat out tell Liberty if she slept with Parker, she admits that they were in the same bed but nothing happened, Janet says she believes her. Jack discovers the truth about Holden and Carly. Luke is upset that after Holden tells him about his affair with Carly, Luke says that he once looked up to him. Parker hears that his mom and Holden slept together and leaves. Carly says she doesn't want to hear his criticism and asks him to get out. Lily tells Holden that she wants Luke to take her home. Parker texts Liberty asking her to meet him at Old Town.moreless
  • Ep. #13315
    Ep. #13315
    Episode 78
    Susan unintentionally gives Alison's a dangerous gift from her father. Paul and Meg ask Mike if Sofie could've been with someone else who maybe killed her. Cole corners Barbara in her suite and is taken hostage, Cole keeps Paul and Meg from seeing him with Barbara. Alison opens up the package and finds a bracelet, Aaron tells her to try it on. Meg goes to Aaron and asks if there's anything that could've happened to her, but he mentions that she was abused by her ex-boyfriend Cole. Barbara tells Cole that she's not going to get him the money. Susan tells Bob how he's feeling about Chris resignation from the hospital. Chris runs into Alison running on the track looking exhausted so they stretch together. Lisa tells Paul and Meg that she seen Barbara leave with Cole, Paul wonders where he took her. Barbara learns that Cole killed Sofie, and also he was the father of her child cause she lied to him and he then threatens Barbara if she doesn't write that letter. Barbara calls Paul saying that she drugged Cole, but says that she doesn't know where he took her. Paul rescues Barbara and takes her to the hospital. Cole points a gun at Meg while she gets Barbara's medication and shoots her in the chest.moreless
  • Ep. #13316
    Ep. #13316
    Episode 79
    Emma returns from her trip and learns that Holden and Lily are having problems. Lily tells Lucinda that she tried to kill Carly with her car cause of what she did. Parker tells Carly that he thinks she's a slut and all she does is ruin this family. Carly goes to Lily to talk about Holden. Paul sees blood coming from under the door and he and a nurse find Meg lying on the floor. Parker storms out and Carly says to herself that he's right. Meg's rushed into emergency surgery. Emma learns of Meg's shooting and lays into Paul for what he's done to her daughter. Emma is shocked to learn from Susan that Meg and Paul are married and while she was out of town. Carly comes over to talk to Lily about Holden and insists not to lose the man she loves because of her. Lucinda insists that Lily and Holden's marriage has to come to an end. Parker comes over and shares his recent blowup with his mother to Liberty and their bond grows even more. Emma is beside herself when Lucinda tells her about Holden's affair with Carly and understands why he didn't want to tell her, she then tells Holden that he's got to fix this.moreless
  • Ep. #13317
    Ep. #13317
    Episode 80
    Aaron is unable to explain Alison's sudden bouts of anger towards him while at Java, he asks if that it's like she's on drugs again. Margo tells Emily not to fight them and Daniel will never find out her and Casey. Tom tells Casey that he didn't like when he tried to get Daniel so he can talk to him about the hearing. Kim is glad that Chris is gonna decide what to do with the rest of his life. Paul goes to Emma but she tells him that she doesn't like him and he's the cause for Meg's pain. Chris insists that Alison get checked out to see why she's coming on to him when he's the last man she wants. Casey tries to protect Emily as the custody hearing starts, but Margo and Emily are shocked when Tom withdrawals his suit. Chris goes to Susan and explains Alison's bizarre behavior but she tells him to stay away from her. Alison apologizes to Aaron for her sudden outburst. Emma comes to the hospital with Paul and says that she'll tolerate Paul for Meg's sake and they exchange their vows again, Meg then faints when she sees Sofie's ghost but go on with the ceremony. Emily tells Alison that she and Casey are in love. Chris gets a watch which he assumes is from his mother so he calls and thanks her.moreless
  • Ep. #13318
    Ep. #13318
    Episode 81
    Brad and Katie come home to find Parker and Liberty making out and literally throws him out. Jack jumps to the wrong conclusion when she brings up concerning Parker and sex. Luke and Noah express their feelings for one another, Luke asks about them having sex. Carly meets with Holden that what they had was a accident and maybe Lily will realize that. Parker tells Jack that he's in love with Janet and the same with Holden and Carly, and to get back to him when he figures it out. Carly tells Holden the more she cares about him the more she hates herself. Liberty tells Janet to come into the room with her and Dr. Schiller, but to wait outside. Brad asks Liberty what she's doing with condoms in her bag. Carly and Holden say goodbye. Parker and Liberty decide to take a major step in their relationship by having sex.moreless
  • Ep. #13319
    Ep. #13319
    Episode 82
    Parker asks Liberty if she regretted with what they did. Carly comes home and knocks on Parker's door and says that he's gonna have to talk to him someday, she then calls Jack to come over cause it's about Parker. Holden goes to Lily and begs his forgiveness. Henry resorts to lying again and tries to trick Vienna and enlists Bonnie's help. Bonnie brings some papers by Al's and Vienna reads them and Bonnie tells Henry that Vienna took the bait. Lily tells Holden that his affair with Carly was his way of ending things with her and says he's giving him his freedom. Parker realizes that she never had sex before, Parker quickly apologizes for what he said but Liberty doesn't want to hear it, Parker asks her if she wants to hang out but was already gone. Janet wonders why Liberty is so distant, Janet then figures it out that she and Parker had sex, Liberty said that they didn't. Parker thinks he was a jerk to even consider that Liberty had sex before. Holden goes to a church and says that he loves Lily as well as Carly. Janet stops by to talk to Jack and at the farm and says that she saw Liberty earlier and thinks she and Parker are doing it. Parker tries to call Liberty but it goes to voice-mail. Emma tells Lily that was Holden did was a mistake and thinks she should forgive him. Parker tells Jack that he wants to go on that fishing trip after all hoping he'll get Liberty off his mind.moreless
  • Ep. #13320
    Ep. #13320
    Episode 83
    Emily receives a gift from a secret admirer that includes lipstick and perfume and sprays some on. Margo and Tom are delighted that Casey invited them out to lunch. Meg's visions of Sofie continue to frighten her. Bob and Chris share a day out on the golf course but Chris can't stop thinking about Alison. Margo, Tom as well as Emily are surprised when Casey wants their relationship to be public. Emily lashes out at Casey by saying what an immature thing he did just now. Chris feels dizzy and Bob insists on taking him to Memorial for testing. Paul shows Meg the garden and tells her that he took the roses out. Margo comes to see Paul and Meg about the obstruction of justice charges, Meg hears a tap at the window and sees Sofie out in the garden. Alison embraces Casey and Emily calls her a slut and if she does get involved with Casey, she tells him to look for a camera. Chris starts to burn up so he takes off his clothes. Paul and Margo see Meg passed out on the lawn. Alison walks in on a naked Chris in the on-call room, Chris has no idea what happened.moreless
  • Ep. #13321
    Ep. #13321
    Episode 84
    Jack asks Parker why they cut their fishing trip short, and doesn't believe when he says the weren't biting. Liberty breaks down and asks Janet not to be mad at her. Katie tells Brad that hacking into Liberty's laptop is an invasion of privacy. Henry goes to Katie and asks her if she can loan him $50,000. Parker sees Liberty wondering what he's gonna say to her. Brad tells Jack to give Parker a message that he's not going to have sex with not now not ever. Parker thought that Liberty didn't want to talk to him, but he realized that she thought he felt the same way they go back to her house and. Henry's lies are revealed leading Vienna to Pack her bags. Emma tells Jack that she invited Janet into her home and re-arranged her kitchen, but Janet overhears Jack defend her to Emma. Brad catches Parker red-handed with a condom when he comes home.moreless
  • Ep. #13322
    Ep. #13322
    Episode 85
    Carly calls Jack wanting him to come with her to pick up Sage from Camp. Brad takes Parker to the police station and tells Jack what he walked on. Henry comes home to find Vienna packing her things and asks to stay and that he'll be right back. Jack says something came up and can't go with her. Janet slips out that they did it, and Brad goes ballistic on Parker and says not to come near her again. Holden wants Lily to come and pick Faith and Natalie from camp. Lily and Holden show up at Camp Chapawee the same time that Carly does. Liberty sees a new side of Brad when he appoints her a new bodyguard named Ugo. Lily uncovers more of the truth from Winkie and that Holden and Carly had to bunk together. Henry returns and proposes to Vienna but she says no and leaves him. Faith asks Lily why Holden didn't ride home with them. Holden lays into Lily for leaving him behind. Liberty calls Parker saying that Brad came home with a personal bodyguard.moreless
  • Ep. #13323
    Ep. #13323
    Episode 86
    Faith asks Lily why Holden didn't spend the night. Emma wants to invite Lily and the girls to the farm for a barbecue for them coming home from camp. Janet stops by the house and runs into Ugo, Liberty's new bodyguard. Jack tells Carly that Parker and Liberty had sex, she is then irate. Emma asks Holden how badly does he want Lily back. Brad and Janet don't see eye to eye. Parker tells Carly that he and Liberty used protection and that the conversation is finished. Jack tell Carly to give Parker some time and that he'll come around. Liberty manages to sneak out while Brad and Janet were arguing. Lily tells Carly to leave and stay away from her husband unaware that Faith is nearby she says about Carly and Holden sleeping together. Luke asks Noah to stand by his side. Lily walks out on Holden. Brad learns that Liberty managed to sneak out and fires Ugo. Liberty calls Parker and asks to meet her at Java. Carly tells Jack that she shouldn't have went to the farm and Faith now knows about her and Holden. Brad tracks down Liberty to Java and literally carries her out of there. Parker arrives at Java, he then sits and waits.moreless
  • Ep. #13324
    Ep. #13324
    Episode 87
    Alison tells Aaron that she walked into the on call room and Chris was there naked. Bob tells Chris that if he's had any more symptoms lately. Aaron confronts Chris, Chris tells Bob that he blacked out after being taken to the hospital and came to and Alison was there and he was naked, Aaron thinks he's lying. Bob tells Chris that they have to find out what's wrong right away. Alison lays into Susan for checking on her recent grades in her class. Emily tells Margo that she and Casey are committed to each other. Meg sits down at the Lakeview and has a hallucination of Sofie with a baby carriage. Chris overhears Alison leave a message for Aaron to come to the Snyder pond, he follows her there and sees her walk into it, he then jumps in and saves her. Emily's proposal shocks Casey and says to just do it to prove it to the rest of the world. Aaron sees Alison and Chris getting on the elevator. A waiter tells Barbara and Paul that Meg was acting strange like she was talking to someone that wasn't there. Meg tells Emma that she's been having dreams about Sofie. Chris explains to Margo about Alison walking into the water, but when Alison tells her that she walked in on him naked, Margo says he has to bring him in and arrests him. Emily and Casey get married.moreless
  • Ep. #13325
    Ep. #13325
    Episode 88
    Casey and Emily enter the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview. Brad and Liberty reach common ground. Aaron tells Susan that he still thinks that Chris did something somehow. Bob tells Chris that if he didn't do anything wrong then he doesn't have anything to worry about. Brad takes Liberty and she's going to experience boot camp Brad Snyder style. Emily snaps out of it and realizes that she and Casey are married and doesn't remember asking him to marry him and to annul the marriage. Katie and Janet go to Parker and asks him if he's heard from Liberty. Liberty walks out but Brad says that she'll be back. Susan tells Margo that a strange compound was found in Alison. Katie gets a call from Brad saying to tell where he's taken Liberty. Margo tells Chris that he's off the hook and releases him. Katie realizes that Brad could be up at Half Moon Lake, Jack calls a friend of his and asks to trace Brad's car. Brad takes Liberty out on the boat and experience fishing. Margo learns of Casey's marriage to Emily. Emily thinks to herself what's wrong with her. Katie arrives and sees that Brad and Liberty are having fun. Emily succumbs and collapses while having an argument with Margo and has her brought in and she calls Casey and tells him what happened. Chris realizes the same chemical in his blood was in Alison's as well, Bob then works to have Chris reinstated. Parker leaves Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13326
    Ep. #13326
    Episode 89
    Janet lashes at Katie when she learns that Katie went to the cabin without her ans wonders that Jack thinks that Liberty is better off with Brad and not her. Brad and Janet have good reason to be concerned. Parker tracks down Liberty and asks her to run away with him. "Sofie" tells Meg to take the gun out of the safe and kill Paul. Meg is taken to Dr. Michaels who later tells Paul that she has to be admitted to the hospital. Parker and Liberty make their escape together. Brad returns to find Liberty missing. Parker insists that to Liberty that they ditch the car and make tracks and he'll take good care of her. Paul makes a regretful decision. Janet, Jack and Katie realize that Parker and Liberty are together. Meg knocks a drink out of Paul's hand cause "Sofie" said it was poisoned, he then calls Dr. Michaels and says that Meg does belong in the hospital, Meg overhears Paul on talking on the phone. Liberty decides to go back to the cabin and tells Jack where he can find Parker and is mad that he ever came up here. Meg goes into the Fairwinds safe and takes out Paul's gun.moreless
  • Ep. #13327
    Ep. #13327
    Episode 90
    Brad tells Jack they won't have a problem if he keeps Parker away from Liberty. Alison wakes up gasping for air and Aaron calls for a doctor, when Chris arrives he says to get another doctor. Casey comes by to see Emily, Susan says that he shouldn't be here. Chris attempts to take a blood sample from Alison, she gets hysterical and sticks Chris with the needle. Casey takes Emily back to her office and she sprays some of the perfume on her and she says to Casey that she wants him bad. Parker does not want to be apart from Liberty. Chris insists on staying on Alison's case. Casey sees the same look in her eye that she had before. Parker opens up to Liberty about wanting to be with her all the time and is surprised when he says "I love you" to her. Casey has a psychotic episode when he brings Emily to the hospital. Chris blacks out and starts to strangle Aaron. Jack says that Parker got accepted to the tennis program in Chicago and is willing to go. Chris blacks out and starts to strangle Aaron. Bob thinks there's an infectious disease in the hospital and could lead to an epidemic.moreless
  • Ep. #13328
    Ep. #13328
    Episode 91
    Carly has a proposition for Henry for her to be a silent partner for the time being so she can spend time with her children. Luke tells Holden not to sign the divorce papers and to fight for Lily. Holden tries to be the bedrock for his family. Henry tells Bonnie that Vienna won't have to object cause she's left him. "Sofie" tells Meg that she has to punish Paul. Lily sees Holden at the window and starts getting cozy with Mike, she lets Holden that she's starting to move on with her life. Meg restrains Paul with a gun and "Sofie" tells her to go ahead and shoot. Carly tells Holden that helping him save his marriage is a bad idea. Bonnie receives a job offer from Henry after learning that she used her legal services. Carly runs into Mike at the Lakeview and questions his relationship with Lily. Paul manages to get the gun from Meg and takes her to the hospital, she then wakes up and doesn't know where she is. Mike tells Lily maybe she needs to forgive Holden, she then goes in search of Holden. Lily walks in on seeing Carly and Holden embrace.moreless
  • Aug 28, 2008
    Aug 28, 2008
    Episode 92
    Jack suggests to a thrilled Janet that he and Janet find an apartment together. Leo attacks Liberty and sets up Parker to take the rap. Paul talks to James via computer and James says he’s not in jail and wants to help Paul.
  • Ep. #13329
    Ep. #13329
    Episode 92
    Lily walks in on Carly and Holden saying that she was thinking of reconsidering the divorce until now. Margo wonders what's wrong with Casey, Bob then tells Chris that him, Alison, Emily, Casey have the same compound in their system. Emma arrives and asks Holden what Carly is doing here and it not being him to give up on his marriage to Lily. Chris learns that Kim never sent him the watch and may have learned the spread of the illness. Meg gets Paul to get her out of the restraints and attempts to strangle Paul. Luke tells Lily that Holden made a huge mistake and to work their way through together. Chris insists to have Alison's bracelet tested immediately. Barbara has a decision to make. Bob learns that Meg is also being poisoned and, Barbara gives him her necklace to be tested. Barbara gets a call from Rick Decker saying he's willing to help her family again. Holden moves into the Lakeview. Casey wakes up and angrily asks to speak to Emily and very violent. Barbara once again acquires Rick's services. Margo takes Emily to see Casey which Casey is very grateful. Margo thinks that Rick is responsible for the outbreak. Rick offers Barbara and Paul that he'll help if they help him escape.moreless
  • Ep. #13330
    Ep. #13330
    Episode 93
    The cop tells Aaron that only medical personnel are allowed in the hospital. Barbara agrees to help Rick escape but Paul says no. Margo finally figures out Rick's motive for poisoning everyone, Chris says it all comes down to Alison cause she was the one that turned the tables on him. Emma comes by Fairwinds and learns that Meg is in the hospital again. Meg hallucinates "Sofie" attempting to smother her with a pillow. Chris realizes that Rick doesn't want to hurt Alison, he wants her dead. Margo tells Rick why he's so invested in this case, Rick then cautions her that he has nothing to lose but she sure does. Tom learns that Casey is in the hospital and that he's been poisoned, Tom goes to see him and finds him with Emily. Rick sticks the guard that's watching him with a needle, and then prepares to take his victims hostage at Oakdale Memorial. Susan asks Rick what she's doing here, Rick then asks Susan for a second chance and says he has the antidote to the poison. Aaron sneaks onto an ambulance in order to get into the hospital. Kim tells Bob to check in on Alison. Margo learns that Barbara plans to give Rick a million dollars, a cop tells her that Paul rented a helicopter and is heading for Memorial. Rick subdues Susan in the lab. Chris tests his own antidote on himself. "Sofie" tells Meg that she has to stop Paul. The helicopter approaches the hospital and Margo tells Paul to land it and that he's under arrest. Rick takes Meg as a hostage so that he can getaway.moreless
  • Ep. #13331
    Ep. #13331
    Episode 94
    Bob calls for help after trying to revive Susan. Chris assures Margo that he has the antidote and Rick is not needed. Aaron comes out the ventilation system and is shot by Rick. Margo allows Rick to leave the hospital and to the helicopter, Rick then takes Alison as insurance. A nurse tells Bob that there's a situation in the hospital. Tom goes in for surgery. Chris gives Bob the antidote and to give it to those who need it. Rick tries to make a daring escape but is stopped by Chris, Rick then threatens to shoot Alison, Chris attacks Rick and is taken into custody. Margo assures Casey that Tom didn't have a heart attack. Chris learns that Rick injected Susan with the poison and had to use up all of the antidote. Meg calls Emma and tells her to tell Holden that Aaron has been hurt. Alison has a dream that she's with Aaron, Emily, Susan and Chris but they disappear and Alison is alone on a dirt road. Emily goes to check on Susan. Chris quickly makes another antidote for Alison, and goes to give it to her and maybe too late. Emma feels bad thinking that Aaron was at the hospital because of Meg and should have stopped him, Aaron then wakes up. Chris is relieved when Alison regains consciousness thinking he thought he lost her, he tells her that Rick shot Aaron but he's going to be okay. Margo tells Emily that her husband would like to see her.moreless
  • Ep. #13332
    Ep. #13332
    Episode 95
    Mike discovers something at the construction site thinking this is the last thing the Snyder's need right now. Neal returns to Oakdale hoping for a second chance with Carly. Holden runs into Lily at the hospital, she says that she's allowed to see her stepson. Emily tells Casey that she wants an annulment, but he says that's not what he wants. Aaron tells Alison that he still loves her. Mike tells Neal that there's some contaminated underneath the construction site. Chris tells Alison if there's more going on between her and Aaron. Emily tells Casey that she wants to give it a shot at being married, but wants to annul and then wait and get married for real, he then locks the door and they have sex in her office. Chris tells Alison that one day he hopes that she can trust him again. Holden tells Carly that he doesn't want to pretend anymore and that he wants to be with her, they then kiss but Carly stops by saying that it's wrong. Lily and Mike make love.moreless
  • Ep. #13333
    Ep. #13333
    Episode 96
    Carly offers to go with Jack to pick up J.J. from camp, and en route she and Jack have a talk. Henry hears Bonnie arguing with the liquor dispenser. Neal says that he's backing out of the project cause the contamination is more serious then initially thought, Emma says that she won't be able to keep her land. Jack asks Carly if she's in love with Holden. Emma tells Paul that he doesn't want his help in saving her farm. J.J. says that he has a surprise for Carly when they arrive at his camp. Mike tells Lily that he has to leave town right away. Paul turns to Barbara to float money from her to help save Emma's farm. Holden confronts Lily and she says that she did sleep with Mike and said that she did. Carly is touched at J.J.'s gift a frame that he made and a photo of the family. Paul goes to Bonnie with her legal help. Mike is offered a job by Paul to stay on with the project. Holden gives Lily the separation papers and says that once it's in motion there's no going back. Neal stops by and Jack leaves but Carly wants him to stay he says it's no problem. Neal says that his business in Oakdale is finished and that he has to leave and if she ever wants to go to Paris to call him.moreless
  • Ep. #13334
    Ep. #13334
    Episode 97
    Casey tells his parents that he is going to be still going out with Emily. Carly calls Holden saying that Parker was supposed to be on the train when he wasn't, Carly learns that Parker took an earlier train. Emily sees Dani Andropoulos enter the Lakeview and the two then catch up on old times. Parker surprises Liberty and tells her how could he think about tennis when he loves her. Liberty calls Brad and work and says that Parker is there and he and Katie leave. Jack arrives and sees Carly with Holden and asks if he's going home with her. J.J. tells Jack and Carly that Parker is not home. Liberty tells Parker that it's best to go by Brad's rules. Dani learns that Emily is having a relationship with Casey and Emily is shocked when Dani says that she's happy for her. Brad calls Jack and says that Liberty is with Parker. Jack reprimands Parker and says that he doesn't make a move without him knowing it. Parker asks J.J. to lie to say that they're hanging out when he'll really be with Liberty and offers to pay him every time. Emily and Casey sign annulment papers. Katie suggests a date for Liberty and Brad thinks it's a bad idea.moreless
  • Ep. #13335
    Ep. #13335
    Episode 98
    Paul and Meg learn that they have 30 days to make sure that the contamination is taken care of. Emma is glad that Aaron is coming home from the hospital, and insists that Holden stay here near Aaron, but Holden says that he has Alison. Mike and Lily spend more time together. Aaron tells Alison that he feels guilty for telling her that he's still in love with her. Lucinda introduces Luke and Noah to Brian Wheatley. Bob tells Chris to keep his distance from Alison now that she's back in the nursing program, but he says that he can't. Holden sees Lily at the construction site and he then follows her to see if she's alright but Lily says to leave her alone. Alison tells Aaron that Chris is coming to the house to take a look at him. Luke and Noah toast a new alliance. Chris tells Aaron that he has an infection and he should let him look at it. Mike tells Meg and Paul that the damage is far worse then they imagined, but Paul convinces Mike to work on the project until the soil is no longer tainted. Mike apologizes to Lily for cutting her off earlier. Paul resorts to asking Henry to give him some names of dangerous people for a loan.moreless
  • Ep. #13336
    Ep. #13336
    Episode 99
    Paul asks Meg if he brought her home from the hospital Casey bumps into Susan at Java looking for Emily cause she was supposed to meet him. Emma is worried that her livestock and her orchard is gonna be infected with the contaminated soil. Aaron tells Chris that he doesn't want him treating him and wants someone else. Emily goes to the contruction hoping to get statements from Paul and Mike about their dillema. Alison is ecstatic to run into Dani at the hospital. Mike takes Meg to the hospital. Derek overhears Bonnie telling Henry about Paul's situation with the contaminated soil. Dani reveals her feelings for Chris. Derek says to Bonnie that he's gonna like it here in Oakdale. Paul hurries to the hospital. Dani tells Alison of her new job and that she'll be staying in town indefinately. Casey gives Emily what she needs, but is crushed when she rejects his attempts at being romantic. Mike tells Paul that someone named Derek is here and if we can trust him. Meg tells Paul that she's well enough to go home and will fill him in on the results later. Emma is thrilled after learning that Meg is pregnant and she's waiting for a special way to tell Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #13337
    Ep. #13337
    Episode 100
    Brad fixes Liberty up with the new intern Leo from WOAK without her even knowing about it. Lucinda calls Lily and says to cancel her plans and says to come to Fashions. Parker asks J.J. to take their mom's phone back to the kitchen because they're "going to the movies" so then he can sneak off to see Liberty. Katie tells Brad that Parker called and when he sees Liberty with someone else he'll walk away. Parker tells Carly the story about the movies, but she says no detours. Parker sees Liberty with Leo at Al's and walks away. Lily says to Lucinda that Luke told her about her and Brian at Metro the other night. Parker watches as Leo takes Liberty someplace he follows them, Leo then comes on to her and becomes physical. Luke and Noah decide to do what is best for the foundation when Brian comes up with something that could help it. Carly catches J.J. sneaking into Parker's bedroom window and demands to know where Parker is. Brian tells Luke how he notices how close he and Noah are, Brian says that the philanthropic can be pretty brutal with his lifestyle but Luke refuses. Janet tells Brad that she'll never forgive him if Leo harms Liberty. Parker comes to Liberty's aid by punching out Leo, Liberty then calls Janet and told her what Leo almost did. Luke tells Lucinda and Lily that it was a mistake bringing in Brian, so Lucinda goes to confront Brian and he says that he has no issue with Luke being gay.moreless
  • Ep. #13338
    Ep. #13338
    Episode 101
    Lily wants to know the real reason that he's dropping off Faith and Natalie early. Emma stops Meg from putting something on the mantle and tells her to take it easy. Margo runs into Dani at the station and tells her that she doesn't care about her job and to put the files back and welcomes her back to Oakdale. Derek tells Paul that he wants his money back and that their deal is off. Holden babysits while Lily goes on a date with Mike. Dani goes to Casey and Emily and how Margo practically ordered her out of the station. Casey gives Dani's authorization to Tom and asked him to look it over, Tom says to let him handle it. Paul tells Lily if her offer to give him money still stands. Margo confronts Dani, Emily and Casey and says they're mistaken if they plan to put one over on her, Casey flat out tells Margo that she doesn't like anyone that's related to Emily. Lily tells Paul and says that she thought about it and she can't give him the loan. Emma encourages Meg to tell Paul that she's pregnant. Margo tells Dani that she decides who works at her station and that she's out, Emily says that Margo crossed a line and makes a phone call. Barbara tells Paul that just because failed Emma doesn't mean she still won't love him. Emily helps Dani out and gets the Mayor to get Margo to agree, Emily then gloats and Casey wonders and realizes that he was one of her customers. Meg shares her good news with Paul that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #13339
    Ep. #13339
    Episode 102
    Parker learns that Carly and Jack are coming to the car wash with him in case Liberty will be there. Brad and Katie start to argue while shooting a promo for Oakdale Now, and Kim is beside herself. Paul hides the truth from Meg regarding Derek's threat. Meg is glad to learn from Dr. Schiller that everything is alright and she starts having pains as Paul leaves. Emma calls Paul and says that there's someone is demanding his money, he immediately thinks it's Derek and hurries, when he gets there he sees that it's someone else. Brad sees Parker and Liberty fooling around and is shocked to learn that Janet and Jack gave them permission to be together. Derek sees Meg in pain and asks what he can do to help. Brad and Janet get into it while discussing Liberty's sex life and accidentally sprays him with the hose. Parker and Liberty rebel after seeing their parents having fun while splashing each other. Parker asks Liberty if she was in on the whole Leo thing, she said she went along with it so Brad would cool and didn't mean to hurt Parker and the two then share a kiss. Paul sees Meg with Derek and learns that she was at the hospital, Derek says to that he wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her.moreless
  • Ep. #13340
    Ep. #13340
    Episode 103
    Lisa tells Lily while she arrives at Fashions with Natalie and Faith to come back later, Carly then comes out of a dressing room. Dani makes a move on Chris while he shows her around the hospital. Holden sees Mike coming into the Lakeview and immediately leaves. Lily tells Carly that she signed the separation papers and that Holden is all hers. Alison sees a ring in her sandwich, Aaron then proposes to Alison, but she didn't say no and agrees to wear the ring. Mike tells Holden that they're bound to run into each other eventually. Dani passes out after seeing a dead body. Faith tells Lily if she's sleeping with Mike to get back at Holden. Carly calls Holden that Lily gave her blessing for her to be with him. Susan tells Chris that she's doing so much better and she passed her chemistry exam. Mike arrives and offers to take Sage, Natalie and Faith to Magicland, and everyone has fun. Carly goes home after her date with Holden goes bad, Holden arrives and they soon make love. Chris comes to congratulate Alison on her good grade, she quickly hides her ring so he can't see it. Susan learns of Aaron and Alison's engagement and is over the moon. Carly asks Holden to hide in the kitchen and he overhears that Mike took his kids to where he wanted to take them.moreless
  • Ep. #13341
    Ep. #13341
    Episode 104
    Susan looks after Alison, and then she'll join them later for the party. Chris tries to let Dani down easy that he's interested in someone else. Casey wants to come with Emily but she says that isn't a good idea. Alison gets some flowers and Aaron is mad when they're from Chris, and want to personally thank him. Aaron sends a text to Chris's phone to come to the Lakeview. Lily and Holden try to make amends but it ends with them arguing, so she says she'll drop off Natalie and Faith at Alison and Aaron's engagement party. Emily gets jealous when she sees Casey with Dani. Brian asks Lucinda to go camping with him and go on a mushroom hunt. Luke tells Noah that he plans to check Brian out and do some investigating. Susan stops Chris from coming in the party, Aaron sees him and makes a toast to his bride to be and Chris is then devastated. Alison lays into Aaron for using their engagement party to humiliate Chris and that it was unecessary. Brian hears Luke saying that he wants to find out everything about him, Brian says that all they have to do is ask. Emma is shocked after learning of Emily and Casey nuptials.moreless
  • Ep. #13342
    Ep. #13342
    Episode 105
    Carly tells Jack and Janet that their behavior at the car wash was inexcusable. Meg runs into Derek in the Lakeview lounge and he says he's got something for her and the baby. Paul tells Barbara that if he doesn't get Meg out of town something bad will happen. Liberty thanks Parker for coming to meet her, but she tells Parker to come with her when she sees Leo lingering in the background. Barbara learns that Paul enlisted a loan shark and that Paul wants her to take Meg out of town. Parker is crushed when Liberty says she wants to stop everything and to just be friends. Paul sees Derek with Meg and becomes very nervous and tells her not to accept gifts from him. Katie tells Brad to stop being an overprotective father and desperately wants her husband back, Liberty then comes home and her father has an all new attitude. Barbara realizes someone has closed her bank account. Dr. Schiller tells Meg for her to take bedrest. Leo gives Liberty a peace offering, Parker shows up and notices a change in Liberty's behavior. James Stenbeck makes a shocking return.moreless
  • Ep. #13343
    Ep. #13343
    Episode 106
    Parker can't figure out what's wrong with Liberty when she keeps coming on to him. Janet thanks Jack for allowing her to stay at the farm and she'll find a place to live, Jack insists that she move in with him. Brad tells Katie to trust him with the Tahiti promo for Oakdale Now. James says to Paul that he won't see Barbara's money unless he hears what he has to say face-to-face. Carly is amazed on how well Henry is organized. Brad tells everyone his idea that the viewers join him and Katie in Tahiti for their honeymoon. Derek has lunch with Bonnie at the Lakeview and why he withdrew from the project at the Snyder Farm. Parker leaves Liberty cause of how weird she's been acting. Henry is delighted when Vienna returns and says she couldn't live without him, but is irate that Henry hired Bonnie. Kim thinks what Brad has in mind is an inspired idea. Leo makes an anonymous call to Brad saying that Liberty is in trouble, he and Katie find her with her clothes ripped. Parker comes home and tells Carly he doesn't want to talk about the picnic. James makes Paul a tempting offer but first to make him a sandwich. Brad bursts into Parker's room and literally manhandles him, Carly wants to know what's up. James settles into the wine cellar. Carly goes and tells Jack and Janet that Brad took Parker to the police station thinking he raped Liberty.moreless
  • Ep. #13344
    Ep. #13344
    Episode 107
    Liberty is examined at the hospital. Jack continues to protect Parker from Brad's accusations. Holden tells Aaron that even though he's marrying Alison he and her are gonna have a few bumps down the road. Alison comes to Al's to talk to Christ but he gets up and leaves, Alison follows him and says that Aaron shouldn't have done what he did. Brad goes too far to protect Liberty. Chris confesses to Alison that he sent the flowers hoping that he still had a shot with her. Janet tells Brad that she's taking Liberty to Michigan and away from Parker. Emma tells Holden because his marriage to Lily failed doesn't mean that Aaron's will. Parker takes Carly and Jack back to the place were she was found, Jack finds the brown bag that contained the brownies, he smells something funny and insists that it be tested. Alison tells Aaron that she wants to get married sooner like next week. Dallas says that the brownies has traces of marijuana in them. Dr. Schiller says that Liberty wasn't raped. Liberty remembers that Leo came back and attempted to have his way with her. Holden and Aaron go to see Lily to ask about using her house for the wedding, they see her with Mike and the girls. Chris overhears Susan says about her plans for an early wedding. Parker tells Carly that he's sorry for the time that he called her a slut. Brad leaves the hospital and goes to track down Leo to make him pay. Janet tries to apologize but Jack says that he can't accept it. Alison and Chris share a moment while looking for a lost dog. Brad gets Leo and says they need to have a friendly chat and ends up throwing him in the lake, he jumps in when Leo doesn't come up.moreless
  • Ep. #13345
    Ep. #13345
    Episode 108
    Derek tells Barbara to give Paul a message that he intends on getting what's his. Paul tells James that he should have kicked him out the minute he came in. Carly tells Parker to give Liberty time cause she just been through a lot. Liberty asks Janet if she should call Parker to tell her that she's sorry. Brad jumps and manages to get Leo out, he then tries to revive Leo. Katie learns that Brad asked for Leo's phone number, she then thinks that something is wrong. Brad calls Katie saying that Leo fell into the reservoir. Derek makes another threat, Paul tells him to let Barbara go. The EMT's arrive and Brad hides as the check on Leo. Barbara and James come face-to-face, and is shocked to learn that Paul knows that James is here. Paul goes to Lucinda but she turns down his offer, he then says that he owes this man a lot of money. Dallas calls Jack saying they found Leo and he was pulled out of the water and someone called 911 anonymously and is unable to speak. Jack arrives to talk with Brad about Leo and says that he's in a coma. Paul tells James that they have a deal. Parker admits to Carly that he's still a little freaked out at what happened earlier. Brad confesses to Katie that he took Leo to the reservoir just to scare him, Katie says to Brad that he should tell Jack what he did. Jack comes by the farm and learns that Janet is moving out. Liberty calls Parker and says she never said that he attacked her, Brad just made a wrong assumption. Carly sees as Brad comes by to see Leo and goes into his room and hears him apologize to him. Katie comes by and tells Jack that Brad is responsible, Janet thinks that Brad should confess.moreless
  • Ep. #13346
    Ep. #13346
    Episode 109
    Paul tends to Meg, he then leaves and James walks in and she sees him but he says it's all a dream. Holden meets with Aaron and says why doesn't he wait til Alison finishes school to plan a wedding. Dorothy asks Alison and Chris to take care of her dog named Voldemort when she leaves for the rest home. Mike catches Paul digging at the construction site and asks what he's doing. Vienna gives Henry some options on how he has to make sure he keeps Bonnie away from her. Meg tells Paul that she had a dream about James, he then goes to and tells James not to go near Meg again. Henry overhears Derek on his phone about threatening someone, he goes to tell Bonnie but she disregards Henry's warning about Derek, Henry also mentions that Vienna agreed for him to hire her back. James applauds Paul on how he dealt with Mike thinking he's beginning to be just like him. Aaron asks Holden to be his best man and he humbly agrees. James tells Paul the reason he didn't find the money cause it's deeper then anticipated. Holden walks in and catches Lily and Mike just as they are getting intimate.moreless
  • Ep. #13347
    Ep. #13347
    Episode 110
    Brad has a dream of him being at the reservoir and Leo pulling him in. Liberty learns that Janet slept in the diner and that she moved out of Emma's farm. Carly goes to Jack and tells him she saw Brad going into Leo's room, Carly then has the notion that Jack is keeping something from her. Jack comes to question Brad and he realizes that Katie told him but he says he went to him cause he loves him. Lily is surprised that Mike isn't embarrassed when Holden walked in on them together since they're two consenting adults. Brian has everything set up as Luke, Noah and Lucinda arrive at the campsite. Lucinda is beside herself when Brian tells her he'll be in the Luke and Noah's tent. Brad explains to Jack what happened to Leo from the beginning, Jack gives Brad an hour to turn himself in or he's coming to get him. Carly pushes Holden away from the kiss. Noah says to Luke to stay it out cause all the trouble Brian went to. Brad gets a call from a nurse saying Leo woke up his coma and wants to see him right away so he and Katie head to the hospital. Liberty asks Jack to take her mother back. Janet tells Jack that she might disappoint him like Carly did, Jack then asks her to come back to him. Leo says he doesn't remember everything, but he does remember enough. Lily thinks that Mike should attend Aaron and Alison's wedding. Brad tells Jack that Leo woke up and doesn't remember anything and Jack agrees to protect his brother.moreless
  • Ep. #13348
    Ep. #13348
    Episode 111
    Aaron runs into Alison, Emily and Susan at Fashions shopping for a dress, they tell him to leave cause it's bad luck. Dani runs into Casey at Java asking where Emily is, he says she's with Alison and Susan. Alison finds herself collapsing into Chris's arms. Paul tells James that he has another way of paying his debts and he'll be back in jail. Henry looks and is concerned as Bonnie and Derek have drinks at Metro, Derek then gets a call from Paul to meet him in Old Town wanting some more time but Derek wants his money in 24 hours. Derek sees Paul meeting with Henry at Al's. Henry follows Derek into Fairwinds and learns of his association with James Stenbeck and is cornered, James forces Henry to make a call to Paul. Casey sets up Chris and Dani for a date at the Lakeview, he then goes to meet Emily. James wants Henry to keep his whereabouts secret so he has him once again trapped in the wine cellar. Casey goes to Emily and says he got something in the mail about getting an annulment. Alison calls Chris saying that Voldemort ate the chocolates she left in his room, Dani sees as he goes in the elevator. Vienna goes to look for Henry, she thinks that Bonnie knows where he is. Aaron comes to Lily's house wanting to know where his bride is.moreless
  • Ep. #13349
    Ep. #13349
    Episode 112
    Dallas tells Jack that new evidence was found in the Leo Morrisey case, Jack then goes to see Brad. Janet tells Liberty that she and Jack are doing great. Jack tells Brad that the worse thing is that he could be named Leo assailant cause of the evidence that was found near the reservoir. Lily and Holden have a heartfelt talk about her relationship with Mike and Holden promises he won't make any more cracks about him. Chris tells Alison he's not going to question her motives for marrying Aaron and admits that he's in love with her. Dani goes to the hospital looking for Alison, the nurse said that she left early, and also that Chris left the same time as well. Aaron tells everyone that they're gonna start the rehearsal without Alison with Emily playing the part of the bride. Alison realizes that the rehearsal started, and Dani is about to approach Chris room, she sees Alison run out and Chris half naked. Alison realizes that the rehearsal was started without her, so they proceed for the practice reception at the Lakeview. Jack shows Janet the file with the new evidence, Janet asks him to give it to her so she could hide it. Alison sees Chris in the lobby and says she is not telling Aaron what transpired earlier. Casey apologizes to Emily for his behavior earlier and the two make love in her office.moreless
  • Ep. #13350
    Ep. #13350
    Episode 113
    Vienna and Bonnie get into it in the Lakeview lounge when she accuses her of doing something to Henry. Dani talks with Alison about her going through with the wedding, before she can Emily tells Alison it's time. Meg insists to Paul that she should attend, despite that he's hiding James in his wine cellar. Jack tells Janet not to bring up the missing evidence if Brad and Katie decide to come to the wedding. James tells Henry that he will give him his freedom but he has to earn it. Carly takes Sage to the wedding, Sage then gives her a special flower, Holden says that he wants Carly to stay for the ceremony. Bonnie offers Derek to try something new that she made. Vienna senses that something is wrong with Henry. Dani tells Casey everything and he tells her not to ruin the wedding cause it wouldn't be right. Chris comes to stop the wedding but Dani stops him before he can. Derek calls James after seeing Vienna behind the bar saying that there's a situation. Paul leaves so he can get a start on finding that treasure. Aaron and Alison are pronounced husband and wife. Carly inhales the flower and sees Jack coming toward her and they share a kiss. Emma sends Mike to the farm to see what all that noise is. Lily sees Holden and they share a tender moment. Henry calls Vienna but he says that he's playing blackjack, she realizes that he's in trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #13351
    Ep. #13351
    Episode 114
    Paul asks Mike to get out of the way so he can continue. James assures Henry that Vienna and Bonnie won't be harmed. Paul continues to do the dirty work for James. Paul and Mike get into it at the construction site. Katie and Brad return from Tahiti from their shoot and also missing the wedding. Dallas tells Margo that the last person to see that file of evidence was Jack. Janet asks Jack where he was when he disappeared after the reception. Margo calls Jack and asks him to come to the station worried it has to do with the missing file. Carly overhears Margo tear into Jack about the missing evidence and wanting it back, Carly thinks that something is definately wrong. Henry starts banging on the pipes in the basement hoping someone will come down, Meg tells Paul what she's hearing. Derek takes Bonnie and Vienna somewhere, they realize they fell right into a trap. Carly goes to see Katie and Brad thinking something is wrong with Jack, and that they know what it is. Paul falls into the hole at the construction site.moreless
  • Ep. #13352
    Ep. #13352
    Episode 115
    Meg asks Barbara if she's heard from Paul since yesterday, Meg's relieved when Paul comes home. Margo goes to Al's Diner and tells Janet that she's here on official business, Janet's relieved when Margo wants Liberty to testify against Leo and not about the missing evidence. Mike tells one of the workers that Paul caused too much structural damage for it to be repaired and wondered what he was doing down there. Carly tells Jack what he needs to hear. Paul makes a dangerous mistake. Brad meets up with Jack in Old Town and he starts going on about what he did, Jack says what's it gonna take to keep quiet about everything. Lily and Holden get their signals crossed when she brings some of Emma's things to the farm and sees him and Carly together having coffee. Carly takes Jack to Yo's and tells him that he has to do the right thing. Mike confronts Paul about the hole, Paul says he doesn't know about it and assures Meg that he didn't dig that hole. Janet is shocked when Brad suggests that the evidence be destroyed, she then tells Brad where he could find it. Jack comes and asks Brad where the papers are, Janet says that they're too late. Barbara tells Paul that she thinks it's James that's driving him crazy. Lily and Mike make up for lost time they had this morning. Faith talks with her friend on the phone, Ethan then wanders off. Meg goes to the hospital for her appointment with Dr. Schiller. Paul goes to the work site and pulls the lumber showing the hole. Jack yells at Janet cause he just wanted to hold onto them. Ethan shows up with at the construction site playing with his ball. Jack tells Margo that he took the file and that it's been destroyed.moreless
  • Ep. #13353
    Ep. #13353
    Episode 116
    Aaron and Alison watch a movie together, Alison opens the door and Morty runs in, and Aaron catches Chris in the room. Carly tells Janet not to think badly of anything happening to him. Margo tells Jack that she can't look the other way, so he tells her that he turns in his badge, Margo says she can't accept his resignation yet. Holden and Lily think of where Ethan would've wandered off to, Faith thinks he could be at the Farm, they then head off there. Jack insists that Margo not give him special treatment and he then gives her his badge. Janet tells Carly that she regrets putting Jack in this situation, Jack comes home and says that he resigned from the force. Lily and Holden get into an argument but settle things and focus on finding Ethan. Lily's accepts Carly's assistance in the search for Ethan, Jack insists that they call Margo right away. Dani and Chris share a kiss while in his room at the Lakeview. Jack and Carly investigate the construction site. Lily and Holden find Ethan's blanket in the woods. Alison is upset when she sees Chris and Dani together. Carly finds one of Ethan's shoes and realizes he could have fallen in the hole.moreless
  • Ep. #13354
    Ep. #13354
    Episode 117
    Kim asks what's wrong when Brad can't focus at work. Janet tells Brad that Jack won't be ratting him out cause he isn't a cop anymore, Kim overhears Janet telling Brad about wanting to drown someone. Henry asks Derek what he's done with Vienna and Bonnie. Meg shows Paul a sonogram of their baby, Paul then keeps James from looking at it. Lily and Holden hear Ethan's voice coming from the pit. Holden asks Mike why the hole is uncovered, he says the he put planks on the hole covering it. Paul asks what's going on, and Holden says that Ethan is down there, Paul realizes that it's because of him. Kim tells Brad and Katie to head out to the Snyder farm cause something bad happened. When Derek leaves Henry continues to work on picking the lock. Carly offers Lily some water and she gets into with Carly but apologizes and says she need to focus on rescuing her son. Paul tells Meg about Ethan and insists on going to see if she can help. Vienna and Bonnie team up in order to survive. Emma learns of what happened to Ethan, Faith insists on going and continues to blame herself, Carly insists that she get some of Ethan's favorite books so she can read to him, Emma thanks Carly and apologizes for being rude. Mike accuses Paul of coming back to the site to dig when he told him not to. Jack is surprised when Janet arrives with a lot of food. Henry waits for James to pass out before he starts working on his escape he's then caught by Derek and James. Emma insists that they all pray for Ethan.moreless
  • Ep. #13355
    Ep. #13355
    Episode 118
    Paul has a dream about him failing to rescue Ethan and James being in it becomes a nightmare. Emma feels guilty over her family's adversity thinking she made a deal with the real devil. Derek tells Paul the nonsense is over and says he wants his money. Meg tells Emma that Paul told Mike that he nothing to do with what happened to Ethan. Carly tells Janet that now isn't the right time to talk to Jack. Luke and Lucinda arrive after they heard about Ethan and offer what they can do to help. Holden has an accident while going down the hole to rescue his son, the rope snaps and he falls as everyone watches, Holden says that he's alright but he doesn't see Ethan anywhere. Henry assures James that he'll do whatever he wants. Mike and Jack go down the hole to get Holden out. Derek takes Paul out on a row boat, Paul says that if something happens to him he'll be the prime suspect, he then throws Paul overboard. Emma learns from Luke that Holden was in an accident, he gives her a message to check on Faith and Natalie. Paul comes home wet and Meg wants answers, he says that he'll fill her in on everything that lead up til now, Meg is livid that Paul contacted a loan shark. Carly gives Mike a microphone that could help Ethan contact with Lily.moreless
  • Ep. #13356
    Ep. #13356
    Episode 119
    Carly is upset when she sees Lily and Holden together. Meg cannot contain her curiousity. Paul finds what he's been searching for.
  • Ep. #13357
    Ep. #13357
    Episode 120
    Derek tells Henry that James says that he can go free so he takes him were Bonnie and Vienna are. Ethan is rescued and Lily and Holden couldn't be more happy, something falls on Paul but he's shown to be fine. Ethan is rushed to the hospital to make sure that everything is alright. Aaron and Alison are notified that Ethan is at the hospital, Emma says she handle things here and to go. Vienna and Bonnie are saved by Henry, but he get unconscious afterward. Ethan stops breathing, Chris thinks it was a bit of dirt lodged in his throat but everything looks okay now. Henry tells Bonnie that James Stenbeck is out and has no idea what he wants. Meg receives an offer from James that he wants her child to be his heir cause it's only hope for the future of the Stenbeck family.moreless
  • Ep. #13358
    Ep. #13358
    Episode 121
    Barbara is glad that Paul's okay and how he got out of the tunnel unscathed. Chris tells Lily and Holden that they can take Ethan home. Barbara insists that Paul call Jack so they can track down Derek. Paul begins his search for Meg and James. Jack and Paul go and question Henry about him getting Derek involved. Alison can't stay away from Chris when she goes to see him at his hotel room at the Lakeview. Bonnie gets Derek to come to Metro. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't want to be with Mike, she wants to stay in her house knowing that her children are safe. Paul gets Derek where he wants him and he and Jack ask him where James took Meg. Vienna brings some food to Henry while visiting him in the hospital and she learns that Meg was kidnapped. Dallas tells Bonnie that Derek wants to speak to her only, Derek asks Bonnie to be his lawyer. Aaron and Alison get intimate and says she wants to make a baby with him, she says she changed her mind about waiting. Paul tells Bonnie not to walk away and to represent Derek. Lily and Holden get intimate when she tells him not to go.moreless
  • Ep. #13359
    Ep. #13359
    Episode 122
    Emily and Casey disagree on an important issue on whether it's good idea for Alison to start having a baby, Emily thinks she should enjoy life with Aaron before making a life changing decision. Jack tells Carly that the reason that he's going out of town is that James Stenbeck is back and he's kidnapped Meg. Emma announces to Mike that she's shutting the project down for good, Mike insists on her not making any decisions until she's spoken to his family first. Bonnie agrees to help Paul with the whole thing with Derek. Carly tells Jack to deal with Janet himself, Jack insists not telling her cause she won't keep it a secret. Mike tells Lily that the project is the only reason he was brought to Oakdale, and asks her to give him a reason to stay. Carly tells Holden that she can see for herself that he and Lily are back at getting what they had cause the crisis with Ethan brought them close. Janet tells Carly she has won the fight for Jack. Emma tells everyone that she's going to donate the land as a park for kids, Brian says there should be a fundraiser to get the community involved, Lucinda thinks it's a great idea. Derek explains that James isn't going to hurt Meg but only wants her child. Faith is delighted that her parents are getting back together. Meg and James arrive at their destination at his beach house.moreless
  • Ep. #13360
    Ep. #13360
    Episode 123
    Brad wakes up and asks Katie why she didn't come to bed last night, Janet arrives wanting a place to stay, Katie offers her bedroom and Brad can stay in the living room. Barbara gives Paul a pill to help him sleeve. James bring Meg a drink to keep herself well nourished, she then throws it in his face, James says he needs the child to succeed him as a Stenbeck. Bonnie asks a favor of Vienna and Henry to come to the station and not press charges against Derek so he can get out of jail. Paul has a vision of Meg at the cottage where she's being kept. Paul calls Jack and explains what he saw and heads over to Fairwinds. Meg attempts to get away but James catches up to her saying that there's not a thing for miles. Brad and Katie bring their disagreement to work with them as they do a segment of Oakdale Now. Carly sketched the cottage that Paul described to the letter. Henry and Vienna oblige and do what Bonnie asked. Paul gives the sketch to Dallas thinking Meg and James are on Swan Island off the coast of Maine. Meg is shocked when she finds a very much alive Dusty locked in a cell.moreless
  • Ep. #13361
    Ep. #13361
    Episode 124
    Holden and Lily have lunch with Faith, Ethan and Natalie, Carly then walks in and then leaves and Lily tells him to go after her. Paul becomes hysterical when Dallas and Jack aren't doing there best to find Meg and James. Meg thinks that she's hallucinating, but Dusty says that he's real. Jack tells Paul to take the medication his mother gave him to relax. Dusty says he faked his death so he can fool Craig, he was close to getting to Lucy and Johnny but was jumped and he woke up where he is now. James returns to Fairwinds and Paul flat out asks him where Meg is, James swears he doesn't have Meg at all. Lily tells Holden that if they're going to have sex she wants it to be about her and not Carly. Meg and Dusty try to escape. Lily goes to see Carly and warns her to stay as far away from her family. Meg hears someone and hurries before James comes in and finds her missing, she then sends him back out so she can get herself and Dusty out of there, she manages to get the cage open. Paul has a vision of Meg and Dusty on the beach.moreless
  • Ep. #13362
    Ep. #13362
    Episode 125
    Jack is offered $20,000 from Brad, Jack says that forgiveness can't be bought. Paul gets another photo of Meg and Dusty together. Paul calls Jack and says Meg is with Dusty and to come to Fairwinds right away. Dusty learns that Meg is pregnant, and she doesn't want to lose this baby but wants to go back home. Derek calls Bonnie at Metro saying that he's on his way to see her. Katie tells Brad that she first thought she wouldn't be with him, but now he proved her wrong. James runs into Derek and says for him to go to Faro island to keep an eye on Meg, he says no and someone knocks him out. Mike says to Katie that he's leaving Oakdale cause of the project went a bust. Paul tells Jack that the picture was right there on his computer, Jack then thinks that Paul is starting to lose it thinking Dusty is alive. Meg insists that Dusty go on ahead, and leave her behind, Dusty says if they leave they go together. Katie heads out for an evening with Mike, widening the divide between her and Brad. Derek wakes up in the wine cellar and says he did it cause he turned him down. Jack shows Paul the autopsy report on Dusty, he tells him and Dallas that he's not crazy and that Dusty is with Meg. Dusty and Meg go back to the cottage and think James hasn't come back yet. Barbara tells Jack that it's James that's trying to make Paul crazy, cause of the history they had with him, Barbara comes out and insists that Paul be taken to the hospital. Paul has a dream and sneaks out of the hospital. Bonnie goes to Dallas and asks his help in finding Derek. Paul finds Derek, he assures Paul that he doesn't work for James anymore cause he didn't want to look after Meg, Paul asks where Meg, Derek says he'll tell him everything if he lets him out. Brad tells Jack that he's gonna turn himself in to make Katie see that he's not a screw-up.moreless
  • Ep. #13363
    Ep. #13363
    Episode 126
    Brad tells Janet that he confessed to Dallas that he assaulted Leo, and learns that Katie didn't come home last night. Meg and Dusty make a discovery on the island and they go to see what it is. Bonnie tells Carly that she waited all night for Derek and thinks he could be in trouble, Carly then calls Jack about Derek but he's focused on finding Meg. Paul arrives at the cottage and runs into James. Dallas tells Jack of Brad's confession, Jack then gets a text from Meg saying she's on Mattamoi Island, he checks it out to make sure it's real. James plays an evil trick on Paul. Katie wakes up in Mike's bed, realizing that she dozed off. Brad is told by Janet that Katie called WOAK and is in Chicago, so he goes to find her. Meg tells Dusty that James wants her to sign over her baby to him. Carly and Bonnie head to check out the wine cellar at Fairwinds to see if James left a clue. Brad discovers Katie and Mike in a hotel room. Bonnie discovers Derek, Carly attempts to warn Jack that it's a trap but can't reach him, so she decides to go to him. James gives Paul a gun thinking he's gonna need it. Dusty and Meg get the lighthouse to work hoping it'll send an S.O.S. Jack arrives but no sign of Meg, the mysterious person takes him out on the boat. Katie comes home and tells Brad that the one thing she doesn't want it giving up on them. Dallas calls Brad and asks him to come to the station. The man starts to strangle Jack and throws him off the boat Carly comes to Jack's rescue. Brad is relieved when Dallas says that there's not going to be any charges against him.moreless
  • Ep. #13364
    Ep. #13364
    Episode 127
    Carly manages to revive Jack while on the beach. Emily tells Susan that she's having a procedure to make sure that she doesn't have a child with Casey. Meg is horrified when Paul pulls a gun on Dusty when he finds them together in the lighthouse. Alison gets devastating news from Dr. Schiller that she has a disease that will make it impossible for her to get pregnant. Emily and Casey don't see eye to eye on an important issue. Carly and Jack go to the cottage, and while looking around James knocks out Jack and his man chloroforms Carly. Susan tells Dani about Emily's procedure, she then meets and tells Casey what Emily is doing at the hospital. Jack and Carly wake up in a boat in the middle of the ocean. James arrives and tells Paul to shoot Dusty, Dusty and James struggle, Dusty is shot and James goes over the railing, Paul rushes down to check on James who then dies. Alison breaks the news to Aaron that she'll be unable to have a child. Casey arrives at the hospital and says if she loves him she will not do this. Barbara arrives and is shocked and yet relieved that Dusty is alive and learns that Paul shot him.moreless
  • Ep. #13365
    Ep. #13365
    Episode 128
    Noah returns and shares a warm reunion with Luke. Mike tells Lily goodbye as he leaves Oakdale and heading back to Europe. Jack tells Carly that he's determined to determine James' cause of death from the fall at the lighthouse. Dusty tells Meg that he doesn't want anyone to know that he's alive just yet, but Holden comes in and sees him and wants to know what's going on and demands answers on why he faked his death and what he put Lily through. Janet tells Liberty that maybe Jack isn't over Carly at all and doesn't want to get her heartbroken again. Jack tells Carly what she did for him like she sensed that he was in trouble and why she keeps coming back, and to just go ahead with what they feel and see where it goes, Carly leaves the room and calls Janet and tells her that she should be here for Jack. Holden runs into Carly and learns that Jack is in the hospital, and he says he hopes Meg puts this nightmare behind her. Lucinda and Brian see Lily and Mike getting romantic, Lucinda is ecstatic to learn that Mike is going back to Europe, and doesn't hide her excitement. Dusty and Meg say they're goodbyes. Lily sees Holden and Carly arrive at Metro, she tells Carly about what she said about staying away from her husband. Dusty makes arrangements to leave the island.moreless
  • Ep. #13366
    Ep. #13366
    Episode 129
    Margo returns to learn that James Stenbeck is dead yet again, she goes hoping to get answers so she calls Jack. Janet brings Jack back to the farm hoping he could get some rest. Casey is devastated to learn that Emily actually went through with the procedure and he doesn't think he'll be able to forgive her for it. Carly offers to help Janet with something to wear to the benefit, Lily arrives and sees them all friendly. Meg calls someone hoping she'll be able to see Paul, Holden arrives and tells her to take it easy. Carly and Lily share a warm moment after she apologizes for yelling at her yesterday cause she can't forget what she did to her family. Margo thinks there's more Meg's statement then he's letting on, so she goes to question her again about the person who got shot at the lighthouse was and isn't going to leave until she tells her everything, and lets her know if she can't talk to Paul then she'll go after her. Emily breaks down after a fight with Casey at Java.moreless
  • Ep. #13367
    Ep. #13367
    Episode 130
    Lily tells Lucinda that Carly has every right to be at the benefit tonight cause it's her club. Jack tells Janet that she looks astonishing in the dress that was designed for her. Margo tells Emily as she arrives to see Casey that he doesn't want to see him. Aaron wonders why Alison is making excuses not to make love to him, she says that she's disappointed that she can't have any kids. Margo tells Meg that she'll keep Lucinda makes an announcement of selling the land back to Emma and whatever they take in tonight it'll be used to clean up the contamination. Lily and everyone at Metro is shocked to see Dusty alive. Margo learns that Dusty was the one that was shot and takes him down to the station. Chris tells Alison that he's going back to Africa and wants her to go with him, but she says that she can't leave Aaron. Aaron then confronts Chris and he tells them that he slept with Alison before the wedding, he goes to tell Alison and she admits that it's true, he then leaves. Margo tells Dusty that he's facing multiple felonies. Lily rails at Holden for his betrayal in keeping the fact that Dusty was alive and didn't tell her. Emily sneaks into the interrogation room and slaps Dusty and lays into him for making her believe he was dead and they end up embracing. Alison goes to Chris and says that whatever feelings she had for him are gone after what he did tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #13368
    Ep. #13368
    Episode 131
    Susan is shocked after learning from Emily that Dusty faked his death, and says she'll kill him after what he put her and Emily and Alison through. Alison shares her troubles with Casey about her and Aaron splitting up, after he tells her he and Emily ended their relationship as Chris watches from the door, Alison tells Casey to go to Emily and apologize. Lucinda and Dusty get into an "argument" while coming to see him, she says if he had any luck searching for Lucy and Johnny. Katie and Brad are introduced to Spencer, the new girl at WOAK about starting a new show at the station and she'll be working with Brad, when the meeting ends Brad says to Katie he doesn't want to work with anyone else but her. Lily overhears Lucinda and asks how long she knew about Dusty and she admits she knew from the beginning, she tells Lucinda to get out of her sight. Chris tells Kim that he was offered to go to Africa with the Global Health program thinking it'll be good to get away from Alison. Casey makes an attempt to apologize to Emily but she says that they shouldn't be together. Alison is thrown for a loop after hearing of Dusty being alive and refuses to stay away from him since it was him that got her clean from drugs. Holden erupts at Dusty and tells him to get his hands off of Lily. Kim tells Chris to go for it and follow his dreams. Dusty is released from jail and no charges are being filed, Emily asks if he wants a ride. Lucinda sits and explains what Dusty had planned and he approached her and this was after he faked his death. Spencer drops by and interrupts Katie and Brad and she gets an eyeful.moreless
  • Ep. #13369
    Ep. #13369
    Episode 132
    James tells Paul to make people think he isn't crazy is to stop acting crazy. Sage confides in Carly about Jack being with Janet and not liking her altogether, so they head to the orchard to do some apple picking at the Snyder farm. Jack comes into Al's diner and ends up snapping at her, he later apologizes. Dusty asks Emily if she can find in her heart to forgive him for putting her through everything. Sage is glad when Jack shows up and is gonna be with them today. Janet's plan to go to Margo to get Jack rehired on the force backfires. Emily investigates a package that comes for Dusty with Stenbeck on the cover. Bob releases Paul into Meg's care. Sage sees some closeness with Jack and Carly. Dusty comes to Fairwinds and Paul then threatens him with a fire poker and learns that Meg called him over. Margo shows Jack his badge and says that she wants him back on the force and learns that Janet stepped forward and said she destroyed the evidence, he goes back to the farm and says to Janet that she shouldn't have gone behind his back. James tells Paul that he should face reality that Dusty hasn't gotten over Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13370
    Ep. #13370
    Episode 133
    Lily lays into Lucinda for just walking into her house without knocking, and says that she isn't taking Faith and Natalie anywhere. Brian tells Luke and Noah that a gay film festival isn't appropriate for the foundation. Paul gets word and insists that he and Meg should attend the reading of James' will. Dusty asks Emily to go with him to the will reading with him. Holden asks Lily why Lucinda did was so unforgivable. Lucinda returns to World Wide after having that falling out with Lily. Paul loses control when he Dusty arrives, he says that he was invited, Paul goes ballistic when learning that Dusty will inherit the entire Stenbeck fortune. Brian surprises Lucinda when he calls her a controlling bitch. Luke comes to see Lily, realizing that Lucinda spoke to him, she says that Lucinda had no right to do that. Meg gets a call from Paul's accountant saying that they're about to lose everything. Lily tells Lucinda that she's done and doesn't want to see her anymore and she can't see Faith and Natalie anymore thinking this is the way it has to be. Meg goes to see Dusty thinking she had no were else to go and explains Paul's financial situation, Dusty asks if Meg told Paul any of this.moreless
  • Ep. #13371
    Ep. #13371
    Episode 134
    Susan tells Emily how can she continue to see Dusty after what she put her through. Alison is reunited with Dusty and thanks him for the money for nursing school. Holden asks Aaron if he wants to forgive Alison. Lucinda tells Paul that the funds that Paul owed were received already, Paul then sets out to find out who paid off his tab. Dusty tells Meg that it's done and that it won't be traced back to him or her. Margo sympathizes with a depressed Casey after dealing with Emily's decision to have her tubes tied. Aaron calls Alison and asks her to meet with him and if he doesn't work things he might regret it. Holden tells Lucinda that she's not going to talk to Lily for her, cause she did this to herself. Margo arrives at the farm and tells Holden that she wants Dusty to pay for what he's done. Alison tells Aaron that she's not the kind of woman that he wants and thinks it's best that they end their marriage. Paul asks Meg who paid off his debts and wants her to be honest with him and she went and asked Dusty for his help, she's then shocked how calm Paul is and laying into her, James appears and calls Paul a coward. Emily and Dusty succumb to passion and the two have sex. Margo goes to World Wide and questions Lucinda about her part in helping fake Dusty's death. Casey brings Alison to his house and they play Guitar Hero. James asks Paul if he can trust Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13372
    Ep. #13372
    Episode 135
    Henry and Vienna stop by WOAK, and they are introduced to Spencer the new addition to the team. Vienna convinces Katie that Spencer has ulterior motives and why she isn't hosting the new show with Brad. Meg tells Dusty that it's safe cause Paul is out of town on business and is okay with having him pay off his debts. Paul sets a trap for Dusty by planting a fake "Lucy" and "Johnny" just beyond his reach. Spencer and Brad ambush a toymaker for making dangerous toys for kids. Katie tells Vienna that she trusts Brad as does she with Henry. Emily calls and tells Dusty that she may have a lead on Johnny and Lucy, he then goes to investigate. Kim asks Katie to come look at the feed that Spencer and Brad just got. Vienna starts to suspect Spencer when she says that she hopes to have everything that Katie has. Paul comes into Emily's office to sign some papers, when Paul leaves Emily gets an interesting call and immediately calls Dusty and says that Paul wasn't in Cleveland he was in New York, Dusty then intercepts and catches the fake Johnny and Lucy. Spencer screams when she returns to her room saying there was an intruder, Katie then hurries over to see if she's okay. Dusty confronts Paul in his attempt at sending him on a wild goose chase, Meg then gives Paul an ultimatum. Margo stops by to see Emily saying that Dusty is the reason that she's here. Spencer looks at the footage and has a smile on her face when she hugged Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13373
    Ep. #13373
    Episode 136
    Lucinda confronts Holden about steering Margo in her direction, Lily says that Lucinda should go to jail. Dusty tries to apologize to Luke but he says he doesn't want to hear it, and Noah and Luke get into an argument. Margo gets enough information and learns that Lucinda's private jet took the night Dusty "died" and headed to Singapore. Dallas arrives and has an arrest warrant for Lucinda. Brian tells Luke that if he promotes the foundation in the direction at a Gay Film festival then he's on his own. Lily tells Dusty of Lucinda's arrest and tells him to get her out of this cause he owes her. Dusty arrives at the police station and is willing to talk, he then talks with Margo. Luke and Kevin have an awkward reunion. Reg tells Luke and Noah that Kevin is definately not on their side about the festival. Margo then tells Dallas to let Lucinda go. Holden learns that Lily encouraged Dusty to help Lucinda, Dusty then arrives and says that she was right that he indeed owed her. Lucinda learns that Brian threatened to quit, Lucinda says that he can't cause she needs him. Noah tells Luke that when Lily came to Java she was looking for Dusty.moreless
  • Ep. #13374
    Ep. #13374
    Episode 137
    Henry and Vienna that Janet has been messing up a lot of orders today, they tell her to get whatever is to not let it interfere with her work. Katie secretly tells Kim in confidence that Spencer working with Brad isn't a good idea. Sage tells Carly that he overheard Parker talking to Liberty saying that Jack ended things with Janet. Janet calls Carly and desperately needs her help. Carly asks Jack to come and say goodbye to Sage before she leaves. Spencer gives Katie some food from the restaurant, Kim thinks that Katie is just exaggerating. Jack then heads off to the movies, he's then surprised when she follows him to the theatre. Katie starts to feel sick after eating the take out food and Kim insists that she go home and rest and thinks that there's something she can do by Spencer filling in for her. Jack and Carly go for a walk, she then pushes him into the water. Liberty and Katie watch in disgust as they see Spencer taking the spot next to Brad. Jack comes home to have it out with Carly and they getting intimate and end up in her bedroom upstairs, they're then interrupted by Janet, she then wonders Carly has upstairs thinking it's Jack. Spencer insists that Brad go out for a beer with her, thinking that Katie is probably resting. Liberty calls 911 and has Katie brought to the hospital, she tries to call Brad with no luck, Katie then asks a favor of Liberty to go and look for that container that had the food that she ate at the station and to hurry cause the trash gets taken out. Brad comes to see Katie in the hospital and tells Brad that she thinks Spencer is out to get her job, but he doesn't believe her. Liberty tells Katie that the Chinese food is not in the trash can. Jack comes by the Al's to see Janet and the two have a long talk.moreless
  • Ep. #13375
    Ep. #13375
    Episode 138
    Meg tells Paul that he can't make up for what he did to Dusty with buying her things for the baby, Meg insists that Paul go and apologize to Dusty and says that could help a bit. Kim goes to see Alison who's having breakfast with Casey and asks her if she wouldn't mid talking to Chris to get him to stay. Aaron tells Chris why he's leaving when he got what he wanted, now that his marriage to Alison is finished. Dusty wants Emily to spy on Meg for him cause he's concerned with Paul's recent behavior. Chris tells Aaron to try and work it out with Alison, Aaron says that he did forgive and wanted another chance but it was her who ended things. Alison calls Chris and asks to meet with her before he leaves for Africa. Bob examines Meg and comes to the conclusion that she's under a lot of stress and Paul is the cause of it. Paul goes to apologize to Dusty. Casey and Alison find comfort in each other. Emily and Paul agree to work together to keep Meg and Dusty apart. Bob and Kim try one more time to get Chris to stay in Oakdale with no luck and they say their goodbyes to him.moreless
  • Ep. #13376
    Ep. #13376
    Episode 139
    Spencer stops by to see Katie and tells Brad not to open the door. Henry brings something for Katie and she confides in him that she thinks that Spencer is trying to kill her, Henry then brings up the time when they did the same thing to Molly to get Katie. Jack confesses to Janet that he was at the house when she came by. Parker tells Carly that he found Jack's watch in the bedroom and asks if his parents are once again hooking up, Carly said that it stopped before it even started and Parker says that he's not hungry and goes for a walk. Janet tells Jack that if she didn't show up would he have still slept with Carly. Spencer sees Katie going through the trash and asks what she's doing. Spencer tells Brad that she's getting a bad vibe from Katie like she doesn't want her around. Henry and Vienna go to the Lakeview and they through Spencer's belongings. Parker tells Jack about his watch, and says that him being with Janet was difficult for Liberty but she was starting to cope with it. Brad tries to get Katie to lay off of Spencer for a while. Spencer returns to her room and Vienna and Henry cover by saying they're in the wrong room. Janet is a victim of a crime as she's mugged and assaulted in Old Town. Carly and Jack decide not to be together.moreless
  • Ep. #13377
    Ep. #13377
    Episode 140
    Janet is still bruising after her assault last night, Jack stops by to see Janet but she says she doesn't want to see him. Jack manages to an word in edge wise and says it's all his fault that Janet got hurt. Paul assures Emily that they're plan is gonna work as long as their careful, they then start an argument to keep Dusty from getting suspicious. Jack goes to and speaks with Henry and learns that Janet wasn't just assaulted she was also mugged, he feels really bad and goes to see if he can find the guy who did this. Meg insists that Paul quite World Wide, since him and her don't need anymore stress. Jack tracks down the person who mugged Janet, and he could go to jail for attacking the guy at the front desk, Jack says to Dallas to hold onto Lester while he brings him a case. Dusty offers to buy into World Wide company when she says that she can't run it anymore. Dallas tries to persuade him whether or not if he's a cop or not. Emily tells Paul that Dusty is the person that's buying his shares, Paul then goes ballistic. Lucinda celebrates her freedom with Brian.moreless
  • Ep. #13378
    Ep. #13378
    Episode 141
    Lily comes to World Wide and learns that Dusty bought it from Lucinda. Holden stops by to see Meg and she says that Paul sold his shares to an European company. Paul meets with Emily thinking that Dusty and Meg were in on it together in him buying the company, Emily asks Paul what he plans to do to Dusty. Holden tells Dusty that Paul isn't going to it like that when he bought them right from under them. Derek comes to Metro and tells Bonnie that he met James in prison and said that he had a job for him and blackmailed him into doing what he wants. Faith asks Lily that she heard her and Holden talking and asks if she's going back to Dusty now that he's back. Paul meets with Derek in Old Town and has a job for him, Emily overhears them talking about setting Dusty up by planting drugs on him, Emily then threatens to tell Dusty everything if he doesn't call what he has planned off. Derek goes to Fairwinds and tells Meg that Paul approached him to give him money to buy drugs and plant them on Dusty. Holden and Lily decide to give their marriage a real try. Meg confronts Paul with the truth about what he hired Derek to do to Dusty and says that he should have stayed in the hospital. Bonnie gives Derek another chance. Paul gets a visit from James telling him to take action, Paul says he knows exactly what to do.moreless
  • Ep. #13379
    Ep. #13379
    Episode 142
    Dani comes to apply for a position at the Oakdale PD, Margo complies and lays a lot of paperwork in her lap. Brad tells Spencer what Katie suggests that she has a crush on him, Spencer gets a good laugh out of it. Margo stops by the farm to talk to Jack, and interrupts a private moment between Jack and Janet, she then says that he still acted like a cop when he apprehended the man at the Lakeview. Katie distracts Spencer at work while Henry and Vienna do Katie's dirty work in snooping around her room. Brad takes Spencer in his arms. Henry calls Katie and says that the mysterious briefcase contains a lot of money, Katie tells Henry to clean up and leave really quickly. Jack takes Margo up on his offer, and she's glad that he's back on the force, Janet secretly shows Jack his surprise. Katie admits to Brad that why would Spencer have a briefcase full of money, so she goes to talk to Margo but lets Dani help her instead. Jack wants Janet to live with him. Spencer brings the briefcase and shows Brad and Katie that there's fake money in it for her autistic nephew. Margo learns that Dani did her own investigation. Henry tells Katie that he knows real money when he sees it and during the time someone made a switch.moreless
  • Ep. #13380
    Ep. #13380
    Episode 143
    Carly sees that Lily's car won't start and offers to give her a ride. Casey tells Noah that Luke's name is already on the ballot, Noah wonders why he didn't tell him first. Aaron tells Alison that she'll get a package from his lawyer in the mail, cause it makes sense not to wait to end their marriage. Janet tells Liberty that Jack is offering her to move in with him. Luke wonders that he'll never win cause he's gay and Kevin is straight. Holden is told by Jack that after what happened on the island he and Carly would have something but they stopped before it started. Lily asked if Carly would like to come in for coffee and tells her that she and Holden are gonna try to get it right and doesn't know if they can be friends again but she'll try. Janet has a vision of what Liberty said of her waiting for someone that's never gonna show up. Liberty stops by the station and asks Jack is he's gonna care for her like forever. Casey asks Alison to help him get Luke elected. Alison goes to Al's Diner and listens and is disgusted by what Kevin's campaign manager said about Luke and she stormed out. Alison tells Luke that homophobic is the purpose and Kevin did nothing to stop it. Kevin defends Luke by telling Mark not to trash his opponent. Carly comes by the station looking for Jack but someone tells her that she just missed him. Janet asks to meet Jack in Old Town, he then stuns her by asking her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #13381
    Ep. #13381
    Episode 144
    Jack sees as Carly hears his marriage proposal to Janet, she apologizes for interrupting. Dusty asks Emily if she's inviting herself to New York with him, and says that she can't come. Paul comes to the farm and bangs on the door looking for Meg, Holden tells him to leave cause Meg doesn't want to see him. Jack goes and talks with Carly and asked if what she planned it by showing up like that. Janet tells Liberty that Jack proposed, Liberty is ecstatic but is shocked when Janet said no to Jack. Dusty tells Emily that there is no us, that he never really gotten over losing Jennifer. Emily's words hurt Dusty. Margo tells Jack that Janet is a great woman and doesn't want to see her get her heartbroken like Katie was. Janet tells Liberty that she blew it, Jack then calls her and asks to meet him at the Lakeview. Carly wishes Janet luck and she looks in the mirror and sees that she has hives. Dusty brings Meg to the hospital cause of the pains that she's having, Paul then sees them. Janet takes the medication hoping it'll make the rash go away. Carly brings Jack some champagne for him and Janet. Paul lets himself into the examination room to talk to Meg. Liberty is unable to wake up Janet, thinking she'll be late for her date with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #13382
    Ep. #13382
    Episode 145
    Carly insists on her and Jack not letting the food go to waste. Liberty manages to get Janet awake and she sees the the hives are still there, Liberty suggests she use make up to cover them up. Katie tells Margo to let her take the blame not Vienna and Henry, Margo insists on talking to them first. Jack rehearses what he's going to say to Janet to Carly. Carly reflects on her past with Jack when he first proposes to her and asks Jack why he said those beautiful words to her, Jack says he's here to propose to Janet by bringing what they once shared. Margo comes to talk to Spencer about the recent break in at her suite at the Lakeview, Spencer tells Brad that she got her sister to stalk her. Katie and Brad have it out on air, Kim has had it with their on camera hissy fit and puts Oakdale Now on hiatus. Jack comes by to see Janet and she hears the words she's been wanting to hear. Katie goes to Margo after tells her what happened at WOAK. Carly drowns her sorrows at the bar at the Lakeview.moreless
  • Ep. #13383
    Ep. #13383
    Episode 146
    Spencer stops by Al's Diner, she then goes out to speak with someone and Henry overhears the conversation about her getting something soon. Jack asks Janet if she's ready to celebrate at the Lakeview for their engagement celebration. Janet sees Brad and Katie giving each other the silent treatment. Paul shows Emily his only solution in getting rid of Dusty by shooting him. Dusty comes by the farm to see Meg and she tells him Paul's latest stunt in getting Derek Coburn to plant drugs on him. Katie fears for her marriage after opening up to Janet about her and Brad's on screen squabble and their show put on hiatus indefinitely. Paul receives good advice from James in not letting Emily get in the way of what he has to do. Janet comes by WOAK to talk with Brad about him and Katie and invites him to the Lakeview. Jack offers Katie to come and help celebrate his engagement to Janet. Dusty offers Derek a job if he wants one. A psychic approaches Paul and says that whatever he plans to do to not do it. Meg learns that Dusty hired Derek to be her bodyguard. Katie and Brad show signs of a clean slate, when Henry opens a package and breaks Spencer's music box that was left to her by her grandmother, Spencer immediately thinks that Katie put Henry up to it, Brad also thinks this as well. Emily offers Dusty a heartfelt apology and if they can be friends.moreless
  • Ep. #13384
    Ep. #13384
    Episode 147
    Kevin lays into Mark for putting that video of Luke on the internet saying he doesn't want to go in that direction. After seeing the video, Luke insists that he fight back at Kevin and thinks of what he could use. Brian insists that he and Lucinda go somewhere together. Alison says that Noah's right about Luke going after Kevin. Casey tells Alison to talk with Kevin to see if he can get the video taken down. Aaron drops off a gift that was sent from Seattle who don't know about the impending divorce, Susan tells him to go to Yo's and see her. Brian takes Lucinda to go ice skating, but they both end up on the ice and end up kissing. Brian admits his true feelings to Lucinda. A party goer tells Mark that the woman that Kevin was talking to was Alison Stewart and wonders why she's talking with Casey. Susan calls Lucinda and tells her to come into the hospital right away. Mark tells Kevin that Alison is playing him and Kevin says to forget about what he said earlier and to win the election. Casey gets distracted by some people wanting to play a game and someone takes his costume. Lucinda gets heartbreaking news from Susan that there's some recurrence of breast cancer, also possible treatments. Alison is the victim of a cruel joke when she's taken by someone wearing Casey costume. Lucinda calls Brian and says she can't make it tonight. Luke reassures to Noah what he felt for Kevin was in the past.moreless
  • Ep. #13385
    Ep. #13385
    Episode 148
    Margo is amazed at the lack of knowledge the new rookie on the force have, Tom then comes to take her out for mischief night. Casey asks Kevin if he's seen Alison anywhere, Kevin says that he hasn't seen her. Jack asks Parker and Liberty to leave so they can talk with Carly in private, Janet tells Carly that she and Jack are engaged and that it's because of her. Mark takes Alison somewhere and says that she won't be harmed, and says the he enjoyed her movie. Parker has a bad reaction to Jack's news, the same with Sage at being Janet's stepdaughter, she then asks Carly why she's letting this happen. Alison remains trapped as Mark and the other guys take advantage of the situation by asking Alison to take her clothes off. Margo and Tom enjoy an evening out at the Lakeview and talk about Casey being involved in the election. Parker lays into this situation is being wrong because of Jack and storms off. Carly gets Sage to see the better side to having Janet in her life. Casey sees a disheveled Alison in Old Town and asks what those guys did to her. Sage finds Janet's ring when it fall out of the rubber glove. Casey knows where Alison was taken after hearing what the room she was in looks like. Parker asks Jack if this thing with Janet is gonna work or if Carly is gonna mess things up again. Janet realizes that she lost something important. Sage asks Carly what would happen if Janet did something really terrible. Casey learns it's Mark's dorm room that he took Alison and starts beating him up. Janet tells Jack that she lost the ring, but he says that they'll find it. Carly sees that Sage has the ring and asks why she didn't tell Janet about it. Casey is brought into the station after defending Alison and that could get him back in prison. Kevin sees Mark watching the video of Alison and tells him to get rid of it. Parker tells Carly she can say he's happy with Jack and Janet but he knows it's a lie.moreless
  • Ep. #13386
    Ep. #13386
    Episode 149
    Emily sees Alison at Java all upset and asks what's wrong and explains everything that happened to her last night and why the people who did it aren't arrested. Meg goes to the hospital for her appointment and runs into Paul and is surprised when he thinks that Dusty hiring Derek was a good idea and he's also seeing Dr. Michaels again, Meg then asks him to stay for the ultra sound. Dusty runs into the psychic at the Lakeview and says she knows he misses Jennifer, he thinks that Paul hired her and he tells her to give ask him a message. Mark arrives to press charges against Casey for assaulting him. Luke lays into Kevin for what Mark did to Alison by humiliating her like that. Margo tells Alison that her clothes were found but there weren't any prints, and how far is she willing to help with Casey. Luke and Kevin face off and he tells Luke to drop out of the race cause there's no way he's going to win anyway. Dusty accuses Paul that he sent that psychic to tell him that Jennifer and that she may still be alive. Meg sides with Paul and tells Dusty to find out the truth before he make accusations. Margo and Alison concoct a plan which works and Mark ends up not pressing charges. Luke tells Casey that he's been suspended from school, he then worries what his parents will react. Dusty goes to his room and takes out his wedding rings and remembers the day he married Jennifer.moreless
  • Ep. #13387
    Ep. #13387
    Episode 150
    Sage asks Carly that if she has to be here, Carly to do it for her father. Jack wonders why Sage is acting rudely when she refuses to try anything that Janet makes for Halloween. Liberty runs into Parker in Old Town and says that they won't be able to hang out and do stuff cause they're parents are getting married, Liberty then sees George(one of Janet's ex boyfriends). Dusty goes to Madame Penelope and explains the dreams that he's been having about Jennifer. Parker comes to the farm and tells Sage to do what Janet says and go trick or treating. Parker has a plan to get rid of Janet and needs Sage to take Janet to the Lakeview and into the bar. Madame Penelope returns Jennifer's ring to Dusty. Sage tells Janet to go into the bar, Janet then sees George. Parker tells Liberty that his and her mom's wedding may not happen after all. Sage makes a call to Carly saying that she wants to come home and that Janet is having a drink with some man. Dusty is told by Madame Penelope there's a person in Ohio with the initials J.M.D. Carly and Jack head off the Lakeview to look for Janet, they then see her hugging George. Dusty makes a discovery when he follows his heart. Carly realizes that Sage set Janet up, and calls Jack and asks him to come over right away. Janet tells Liberty what happened, Liberty realizes that Janet was played and not to worry cause she'll fix this. Dusty comes face to face with the redheaded woman at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #13388
    Ep. #13388
    Episode 151
    Emma tells Meg not to doubt Paul's nice behaviour cause it never lasts thinking that he's promised to change but never followed through. Paul and Emily run into each other at the cemetary when they remember the baby that they lost several years ago. Dusty comes back to talk to Josie and brought her some flowers. Katie hides when Spencer comes into Fashions in Old Town and hears that she's buying some lacy and revealing underwear. Dusty accuses Josie of being in on this whole thing, she said that she isn't and has no clue as to why he's even here. Emma tells Meg to take Derek with her when she goes shopping. Meg sees Emily and tells her that she remembers delivering her still born baby. A Doctor tells Dusty about Josie's condition, and that there's nothing wrong with her and she can go home now. Katie attempts to warn Brad about overhearing Spencer at Fashions, Brad thinks she's being paranoid. Dusty tells Josie that she's coming home with him. Spencer and Brad arrive at their hotel and he sees in her some lacy blue underwear. Kim tells Katie that she had no choice and was trying to help Brad and her resolve things. Paul tries to show Meg that he is changing for the better. Spencer then shows her true colors to Brad, and he suffers the consequences. Dusty checks Josie into the Lakeview. Brad tells Katie that she was right about Spencer and raced all the way home and said that he didn't do anything. Spencer tells Kim when she comes home that Brad came on to her and told her to get naked and asks to do something about it.moreless
  • Ep. #13389
    Ep. #13389
    Episode 152
    Katie insists on coming with Brad so he can talk with Kim. Spencer continues to lie to Kim with what happened in Chicago. Kim calls Brad and asks him to come to WOAK to have a talk about Spencer. Margo is glad that Casey voted, and continues to reprimand him for his recent actions. Alison tells Casey that maybe there's something they can do to help Luke's campaign. Luke does his campaigning in Old Town, but he's surprised at Kevin's methods of campaigning. Brad is surprised that Spencer told Kim that he came on to her, Brad tells her it was the other way around. Luke then goes to confront Kevin about bribing underage kids with drinks. Katie shares her good news with Margo that Spencer tried to seduce Brad, and he's going to talk with Kim right now. Noah won't tolerate Luke's plan to stuff the ballot box. Brad attempts to talk with Spencer so she can tells Kim the truth, she refuses. Spencer calls Margo saying in a tearful way that Brad forced himself in "attacked" her, Margo tells Katie that she's heading over there and she'll let her know what she finds out. Spencer tells Margo that Brad belongs in jail and she has to arrest him. Kim takes action after learning that Brad went to Spencer's room and fires him. Luke gives Joe the okay to stuff the ballots, and surprisingly he wins. Katie learns that Kim fired him and wonders what Brad is up to now, Margo says they have to find him. Brad gets a call from Spencer and she asks him to meet her in the Lakeview lounge, Brad goes up to her room and makes a surprising discovery.moreless
  • Ep. #13390
    Ep. #13390
    Episode 153
    Carly overhears Liberty tell Parker not to interfere with Jack and Janet's relationship. Jack gives Janet flowers as a peace offering saying that she was set up by Sage and still trying to figure out how she knew that George was in town. Lily asks a nurse what she was doing in the room with Lucinda. Brad sees Spencer laying dead on her bed in her room he thinks that she's faking at first but then feels for a pulse, he then calls Katie and tells her that Spencer is dead and not to tell Margo anything and to come to the Lakeview right away. Lily gets the cold shoulder from Lucinda as she walks by her without saying a word. Carly tells Parker that he didn't answer Liberty's question about trying to sabatoge his father's relationship. Jack tells Janet that Sage found her ring in the rubber glove. Parker tells Carly what the big deal is when she doesn't want them getting married anymore than he does. Katie makes an assumption that Brad strangled Spencer, Margo then follows and tells Brad and Katie not to move. Parker makes an admission to Liberty that he did do it but not to hurt Janet. Janet accuses Parker and Sage of doing just what Carly wanted them to do. Lily runs into Carly in Old Town and takes her to the Lakeview for a drink. Lucinda tells Brian that her cancer is back and she's surprised when he says he's gonna be there to fight it with her. Dani's report proves conclusive that there was no other person other than Brad in the room. Margo says she has enought evidence to arrest Brad for Spencer's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #13391
    Ep. #13391
    Episode 154
    Liberty comes home and she asks where Brad is, Katie then lies and says he left earlier. Bob tells Paul how proud he is that he's going to therapy, Emily hides before Paul can see her. Brad calls Henry and tells him that he was arrested for murder thinking why he didn't listen to Katie sooner. Liberty calls and leaves Janet a message, saying she was going to take Jack's lunch to the station for him. Dani tells Margo that fibers from Brad are under Spencer's fingernails. Dusty asks Josie how her night was, and asks her to breakfast down in the dining room. Josie keeps feeling a connection to Jennifer. Liberty arrives at the station and sees Brad in handcuffs and asks what's going on. Emily goes to Paul and accuses him of getting Madame Penelope to get Dusty to go to Sandusky to find Josie, Paul says that he would never tarnish Jennifer's memory like that. Dusty assures Josie that he knows that she isn't Jennifer and offers to help her get her money back, Bob then examines her when he takes her to the hospital. Katie and Henry decide to go to back to the Lakeview to look for clue on Spencer's brother. Parker sees Liberty all sad, Liberty then says that Brad is in jail. Dani finds Katie and Henry snooping around in Spencer's hotel room, and Margo tells them not to do that ever again. Parker tells Liberty that even though he's still mad at her this is about Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13392
    Ep. #13392
    Episode 155
    Liberty is crushed when Jack says with the amount of evidence they have against Brad, he doesn't think there's anything that he can do. Katie asks Kim to put her back on the air, but Kim doesn't think that's a good idea. Tom tells Margo the withhold crucial evidence so he can Brad out on bail, Margo then refuses. Katie goes in front of the camera and explains Brad's situation and to the fans that he couldn't do what he's accused of, Kim then steps in and helps her when she gets emotional. Margo tells Jack that he can see Brad for five minutes. Someone gives Katie a message, it says to e-mail if she wants her help. Katie sends an e-mail and gets an immediate response from someone who wants to help. Jack wants Brad to tell him who would do this to him and why and believes he didn't kill Spencer. Henry tells Vienna they have to do something cause he's not going to sit and let Brad go to jail for something he didn't do. Parker tries to lift Liberty's spirits by saying that even though Jack won't help doesn't mean he's going to give up. Margo tells Dani that she's going with them to the morgue and Jack to hold down the fort. Henry and Vienna think of a way to help Brad. Katie says to Brad that maybe there is something out there that can help him. Liberty tells Van that he's going to be hanging out with Parker today, which pleases him very much. Margo gets suspicious when Dani tells her that Spencer's body goes missing and wants answers. Liberty and Parker almost kiss but are interrupted by Janet. Margo is beside herself when Jack tell her that all the evidence that was collected at the crime scene along with Spencer's body is gone, Tom then says that with no body and evidence she has no case against Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13393
    Ep. #13393
    Episode 156
    Katie is glad that Brad is home, she's shocked to learn that Spencer's body as well as all the evidence against him was taken and Brad asks her if she had anything to do with it, she then thinks the person she e-mailed did. Margo enters Vienna and Henry's hotel room with a search warrant. Paul stops by the farm to check on Meg and he stays and feels their baby kick inside her and take a step towards reconciliation. Josie learns that Jennifer was a clothing designer, and thinks that he's trying to replace her, Dusty says that isn't it. Barbara tells Dusty that she missed him and that he wants her to meet Josie, he takes a call and Barbara goes into the lounge and she meets her, Paul arrives and tells Dusty to lay off Barbara and asks why he brought Josie to town. Margo asks Vienna and Henry to leave but not to leave town. Brad and Katie meet with Henry and Vienna at Metro and they say they didn't do anything with Spencer's body and they wonder who did. Dusty tells Paul that Josie doesn't want money but answers, Meg then says she still wants dinner after Paul layed into Dusty. Josie feels unwelcome so she wants to leave, Dusty wants her to stay. Katie tells Brad about the instant message she got at WOAK, they then get intimate and a message pops up saying "I'll see you soon". Dusty shows a picture of Jennifer and she sees how beautiful she is.moreless
  • Ep. #13394
    Ep. #13394
    Episode 157
    Noah tells Luke that there's one thing he can do to make things right by coming with him and turning himself in. Jack tells Carly to apologize to Janet, as Jack drives away she says she ain't doing it. Liberty tells Janet to go and try and be friends with Sage. Kevin tells Casey that the election is gonna be investigated and when Luke didn't get that many votes in the beginning, Alison asks Casey if Luke has anything to worry about. Jack leaves to go to work for a while which upsets Sage having to stay with Janet, Sage then plays a trick on Janet by locking her in the closet and will only let her out if she promises not to marry Jack, Sage goes outside and makes a call to Carly saying that Janet hit her. Alison lashes at Casey for his part in fixing the election. Parker and Liberty prepare for the food drive at Al's and says he doesn't want her to be his stepsister. Carly arrives and tells Janet she can rot in that closet for all she cares, and goes to the police station and says that Sage was struck by Janet. Jack goes to the farm and lets Janet out of the closet, Janet tells Jack that Sage wanted to play a game and locked her in there and wouldn't let her out til she agreed not to marry him. Luke is taken before Dean Brewster about the election, he then calls Casey saying there's nothing to worry about. Noah tells Luke that he doesn't think he can lie for him. Parker tells Jack that Janet hit Liberty this past year. Janet tells Jack that she can't do this anymore, and if she can't believe her and that he has to walk away, Jack says that he does believe her. Carly asks Sage what happened today and she lies and says that she did hit her.moreless
  • Ep. #13395
    Ep. #13395
    Episode 158
    Casey remembers what Alison told him earlier, he then asks the guy at Java if he's seen Noah anywhere. Noah says to Luke that he's sorry and had to tell Dean Brewster everything. Lucinda thinks it's an ambush when Brian called Lily and she then arrives at the Lakeview. Barbara runs into Josie at Fashions and tells her to keep her distance and doesn't want to run into all the time, she then says she wants to buy the dress that she was looking at. Emily tells Dusty that there's no trace of Josie Matthews Driver anywhere, and think that she has an agenda, Dusty says to stop interfering in his business. Lucinda makes a painful confession to Lily that her breast cancer has returned. Luke runs into Brian looking for Lily and says that he got expelled from school. Barbara doesn't know what to do when a seamstress cancelled at the last minute. Casey goes to defend Luke by saying it was all his fault, Dean Brewster says that Casey's suspension should be permanent. Barbara sees a different side to Josie, when she looks at a picture of Hal and described him perfectly, Dusty interrupts and Barbara says that Josie is helping her. Lily and Lucinda embrace and takes her to see her grandchildren. Alison asks to speak to Casey and asks him not to walk away from her. Barbara insists that Josie receive payment for her work, Josie then chooses one of the dresses. Luke breaks the news to Lily that he fixed the election, Noah then comes by and is shocked to hear that Luke was expelled. Dusty walks in and sees Josie wearing the dress and says that she looks beautiful. Alison takes Casey somewhere where they can have some fun. Luke and Noah gets into an argument and says that Noah was jealous.moreless
  • Ep. #13396
    Ep. #13396
    Episode 159
    Lily is glad that Holden came home and tells him that Luke got expelled from school thinking she couldn't handle it by herself. Meg is surprised when she sees a change in Paul, they then share a tender moment. Susan lashes at Barbara for yelling at Emily when she isn't no saint when it comes to her children, Emily thanks Susan for standing up for her, Susan says that she agreed with what Barbara had to say about her. Luke and Noah have it out when he gathers his things and prepares to leave the farm. Dusty tells Josie that they shouldn't have kissed, Josie tells him that she wanted too and it felt good. Lily and Holden go to talk with Luke to try and understand why he did what he did. Dusty invites Emily to go to New York at a conference, but only going as colleagues. Josie tells Barbara the thing that she needs the most is a job. Luke says to Lily and Holden that he'll do anything to get back to school, he then goes to Java to see Noah hoping to mend some things. Lily tells Barbara that Lucinda's cancer is back and is gonna need more surgery, Josie offers to take Ethan for some ice cream. Josie's actions overwhelm Dusty when he sees her singing to Ethan in Old Town, and he tells Josie says it was a song that Jennifer used to sing. Dusty tells Emily that he can't make it cause something came up, Emily then suddenly changes her plans. After being rejected by Noah, Luke then travels down a dangerous path when he starts drinking again. Barbara tells Paul that she's going to be working for her, Paul lets her know that he doesn't like Josie at all. Josie tells Dusty all these feelings that she's been having as of late. Emily goes into the Lakeview and sees Dusty and Josie together, she then calls Paul and say they have to move forward.moreless
  • Ep. #13397
    Ep. #13397
    Episode 160
    Brad tells Katie to stop glaring at her laptop cause the e-mail will come when it does. Carly goes to talk to Jack and tells him that Sage is really freaked out, Jack says that Janet is telling the truth and that Sage is lying. Katie tells Brad that the person who sent the instant message and that person stole the evidence from the Oakdale PD, and Brad says to get the jump on the person is to get their show back. Janet catches Liberty looking at her book about her dream wedding. Carly makes a demand of Jack that whenever he sees Sage to make sure that Janet is nowhere around. Katie and Brad figure out what to do when Kim won't let them back on the air. Carly asks Bonnie for her input about keeping Janet away from her kids and asks if she could help her. Parker confronts Liberty about sending mixed messages regarding Van. Katie takes Brad to see someone about expanding their show with another marketing person, but Dave said that going back on air is a bad idea. Parker tells Liberty that if she stays right there he'll have no choice but to kiss her, but Liberty thinks it's a bad idea for it to happen. Carly stops by and gives Jack papers regarding a restraining order. Brad is shocked when he sees Spencer walking on a street in Chicago, he then screams her name, Spencer then starts to run away, Brad goes and tells Katie that he saw Spencer and that she isn't dead after all. Janet tells Jack that maybe it's best that they don't have the wedding, Jack says that he promises that it won't destroy them.moreless
  • Ep. #13398
    Ep. #13398
    Episode 161
    Dani comes by Metro for a drink, and when Henry leaves she goes behind the bar, Henry then catches her saying that Spencer isn't behind there. Katie fears the worst when Margo doesn't believe Brad's story. Josie asks Dusty if she can use his computer to try and see if she has any family, Dusty tells Josie that there is no record of her at all and Emily is the one who checked her out cause she's connected to him. Emily tells Paul that she may have an idea to get rid of Josie once and for all, Paul says to count him out of her plan but changes his mind when he thinks what Dusty will say when he sees Josie taking their money. Henry tells Dani to stop investigating cause he didn't take Spencer's body. Brad vows to Katie and Margo to finds Spencer and will bring her back, Katie assures Margo that Brad didn't steal any evidence and Margo wants to help Brad. Brad tells Henry that there is no body and that he saw Spencer in Chicago. Paul sees Josie in the hallway and asks to speak to her down in the lounge, Emily quickly calls Dusty hoping that he would see Josie and Paul together, but the plan goes badly when Dusty sees Josie slap Paul. Paul and Emily are shocked when Josie tells them about keeping Jennifer away from her baby, Dusty asks her how she knew that, Josie said that it just came out. Dusty finds Josie at Jennifer's grave, she says she wants to know why she knows more about Jennifer then she does about her own life. Henry tells Brad that the found the person who brought that music box and will let him know when they find him. Spencer and Dani's alliace is revealed as she tells her not to be seen by Brad or Katie again. Brad reads Katie's message saying that Brad should back off.moreless
  • Ep. #13399
    Ep. #13399
    Episode 162
    Alison comes to see Casey and to help him with search to help him find a job. Liberty goes to Janet worried about her having to testify against her mother, but Janet says for her to tell the truth. Carly goes to the school to pick up Sage, and learns from Mrs. Garza that Jack already picked her up a while ago. Lucinda tells Lily that she's not going in for a lumpectomy but to remove the breast altogether. Jack sits Sage down and tells her why he was let go from the force by lying. Brian goes to the farm to check on Luke and tells him about Lucinda's cancer returning, he then smells the alcohol on him and says for him to clean up his act. Carly comes to Al's demanding that Janet tell her where Jack and Sage are, Liberty then says for her to leave her mother alone. Alison lays into Casey for not telling Margo and Tom that he's been expelled. Sage tells Jack that she thinks that Janet ruins everything and that he shouldn't have left her alone with her. Alison freaks out when Casey leans into kiss her, Casey says that he wanted cause he's attracted to her. Noah comes to the hospital to see Lucinda and runs into Luke. Janet tracks down Jack and tells him that Carly came to the diner looking for them, Carly arrives and tells Jack that Sage isn't going anywhere with Janet. Lily is shocked when Brian tells her that he loves Lucinda very dearly. Brian apologizes to Luke for treating him. Jack tells Carly that he's sorry and to think long and hard before the hearing tomorrow and to help him end it before it's too late. Lucinda wakes up in her room after her surgery and shocks Brian when she asks him to marry her. Alison and Casey catches Luke drinking at Yo's, Casey calls Noah and says that Luke is in trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #13400
    Ep. #13400
    Episode 163
    Noah sees a drunken Luke in Old Town, and says he's taking him back to the farm. Lily is alarmed by Lucinda's news or her and Brian's engagment, Lily then secretly tells Brian why the rush to marrying her mother. Liberty comes to see Carly and says that Janet would never hit her daughter not in a million years, Parker then arrives and sees Liberty all upset and goes after her, he consoles her and says he knows that Sage is lying and will try and help. Janet comes by and gives Jack the ring and says to postpone the wedding until Sage comes around and leaves. Sage tells Carly that she's scared about going towards a judge and explaining what happened, Carly then senses something is wrong and calls Lily. Jack tells Janet that he's not going to let Sage blackmail him into not marrying her, Janet says that unless he gets Sage to tell the truth she staying away. Brian and Lucinda are married in her hospital room. Janet tells Jack the more she thinks about it the more it'll work out fine. Brian finds Luke and offers to take him home. Carly meets with Lily at the Lakeview thinking if Sage is really telling the truth, Lily says that she'll know for sure. Parker tells Liberty that he'll get through to Sage sooner or later. Luke is caught off guard by Brian's actions when he kisses him and pushes away from it.moreless
  • Ep. #13401
    Ep. #13401
    Episode 164
    Luke wakes up thinking if what happened with him and Brian was real or not. Jack comes and talks to Holden requesting his help in being a character witness. Janet tries to talk some sense into Sage in Old Town, and Carly intervenes and says she'll never be apart of her daughter's family. Lily tells Holden that she wants her marriage to him and they way they used to be by arguing and laughing. Luke gets the message that Lily left for him to come to the hospital right away. Lucinda and Brian toast to their joy. Holden comes to see Carly, she thinks it was Jack's idea, but is stunned to learn that Lily told him to talk to her. Luke learns that Lucinda and Brian were married last night, while alone he confronts Brian for kissing him and ripping off his grandmother. Janet tells Jack that Carly may use her seeing Sage today in court, Tom says that if Sage does lie on the stand then it might get pretty bad. Holden tells Carly just how far Sage is willing to go to get her parents back together again. Jack insists to Janet that they need to get married right away, but Janet doesn't think it's a good idea. Carly tells Sage that she's gonna do everything to keep her safe by keeping her father from her, Sage then admits that Janet never hit her which completely upsets Carly. Brian gives Lucinda the proper wedding ring.moreless
  • Ep. #13402
    Ep. #13402
    Episode 165
    Josie and Dusty get closer as they explore her relationship to Jennifer. Paul and Meg learn from Dr. Schiller that they're having a girl. While Katie does a promo for the holidays, Brad sneaks away and gets the address from Henry so he can meet Spencer so called brother. Brad learns that guy is an actor was paid to deliver the package to the Lakeview. Henry arrives at his room and Dani places him under arrest for having the stolen evidence in, Henry says he doesn't know how he got there. Dusty is taken aback when Josie sings "You Made Me Love You" the same song that Jennifer once sang to him years ago. Meg tells Paul that she's going to be moving back in with him at Fairwinds, Emma warns Paul that this is a bad idea. Brad fills in Katie about some person hiring some guy that Spencer said was her brother, he then gets a call from Henry saying that he was arrested. Emma invites Paul and Meg for Thanksgiving at the farm. Brad and Katie tell Dani about the messages that they've been getting, Dani says that they need the laptop so they can trace them, when they get home they receive another one saying that the police better not be involved or Brad will be next. Dani makes a call saying that Henry is in jail and will hold him for as long as she wants to.moreless
  • Ep. #13403
    Ep. #13403
    Episode 166
    Casey tells Alison that he'll tell his parents if only she is there with him. Margo is delighted that Daniel is home for Thanksgiving thinking it's gonna be a good one. Dusty and Josie wake up after a night of passion. Meg sees Paul talking with Emily in Old Town and asks what they're saying, Meg then tells Paul how proud she was for turning down Emily's help. Margo lets Emily stay for supper. Josie sees Dusty feeling Meg's baby kick, Paul then shows up and sees what's happening. Tom and Margo discuss Casey picking a major, Casey tells the truth that he was expelled. Alison tells Margo that she tried to get Casey to stop what he was doing. Tom lays into Casey for destroying at whatever chance he had for a future, he then accuses Emily of having her part in what Casey did. Alison sees Emily and Casey kissing. Paul makes a phone call asking the person to meet him right away. Josie tells Dusty that she has to get going, she then opens the door and Paul is waiting there. Emily feels left out when she sees in the window everyone sitting down at the table for dinner. Paul tells Josie that she works for him and tells her to do her job and to do what he's paying her to do, Josie says she can't do this anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #13404
    Ep. #13404
    Episode 167
    Emma tells Janet to stop hanging around her kitchen and stressing herself out like this. Jack comes by and asks how Sage is doing, Carly says the whole got out of hand and says that she still thinks that Jack is mad at her. Paul instructs Josie to keep Dusty away from Meg, Josie says she's uncomfortable reminding Dusty of Jennifer. Holden mentions Brian, Luke says he doesn't want to talk about him and has a flash of Brian kissing him. Jack insists that he and Carly sit Sage down and talk this out after Thanksgiving. Luke looks as Holden puts beer in the cooler. Holden runs into Noah and asks him what his plans are and is welcome to come out to the farm and it'll be good for Luke if he saw him. Janet tells Jack not to force Sage to apologize, she'll do it on her own when she's ready. Josie tells Paul she can't do this cause she's falling in love with Dusty and Paul has a good laugh. Luke is ecstatic when Noah arrives for dinner. Lily comes with Faith, Natalie as well as Lucinda and Brian. Janet hears that Sage isn't having a good time, she then goes out to get Carly to come to the farm, but Carly tells her to get off her porch, but Janet isn't going to take no for an answer. Josie and Dusty spend their eating take out from Al's in his hotel room. Sage is glad that her mother is here, and Jack tells Janet she's been busy. Holden, Jack, Brian, and Noah take part in the annual cutting of the Hubbard squash, everyone then sits down for dinner. Carly learns that Jack and Janet will be married on New Year's Eve, and is taken back to that date. Janet gets what she wants when Sage thanks her for bringing her mother, and then apologizes for lying about her hitting her. Noah asks Luke why he keeps slamming Brian. Dusty gets a "lead" on Johnny and Lucy, Paul then learns that Dusty took the bait. Luke tells Brian he better not tell anyone he's been drinking cause he's got a lot more to lose.moreless
  • Ep. #13405
    Ep. #13405
    Episode 168
    Josie tells Paul that Dusty and Meg are only friends, Paul insists that he's after Meg. Dusty invites Josie to come with him to Norway to find Johnny and Lucy. Emily warns Dusty after discovering the truth. Vienna want Brad and Katie to go to Chicago and prove the Spencer is alive so Henry can go free. Henry and Vienna make the best of it while and get busy in the interrogation room. Brad gets some information that Spencer lives nearby, he and Katie go and investigate, Spencer goes in and they now can prove his innocence as well as Henry's. Spencer gives Katie and Brad the slip when they enter her apartment Katie finds the same scarf, he then calls Dani that Spencer is alive and insists that she come to Chicago at once. Emily overhears Josie tell Paul outside Yo's to take his money back and learns that he hired Josie to "channel" Jennifer. Dusty learns from the investigator that the lead was a fake provided by someone from the U.S. Dani tells Katie and Brad that she'll handle it and for them to go back to Oakdale. Emily confronts Paul after Josie leaves calling him a liar. Dani makes a call saying that Spencer has to die. Emily approaches Dusty learns that Josie was a fake all along.moreless
  • Ep. #13406
    Ep. #13406
    Episode 169
    Lily sees as Lucinda and Brian are moving into the Lakeview, Lucinda tells Lily that it's only til her house is finished it's renovation. Dusty asks Emily what she knows about the so called ruse about the lead on Johnny and Lucy. Luke starts to feel abnormal pains after drinking a bottle of beer. Meg is surprised by Paul when she sees a Christmas tree in their living room. Dusty makes it clear to Emily that nothing will happen between them. Holden sees Luke and asks what's wrong and if he's sick and doesn't let on that he's been drinking. Luke tells Lily that he'll be moving in for a while, he's then shocked to learn that Brian and Lucinda will be living there as well. Dusty want Emily to tell him the truth about Josie and realizes that Paul was behind it. Paul has a vision of Meg and a young Eliza at Christmas. Emily warns Paul that Dusty has figured everything out and is on his way to Fairwinds right now, Paul says that he'll take care of it he then takes out a gun. Lucinda asks Luke the reason that he's being so rude to Brian. Paul hides the gun when Meg enters the room. Luke confides in Noah and tells him that Brian kissed him, Luke is then hurt that Noah doesn't believe him. Dusty confronts Paul and he admits that he found and hired Josie, he then points a gun at Dusty so that he'll never get the chance to tell Meg the truth. Brian sees Luke drinking and tells him to give him the bottle. Meg sees something that horrifies her.moreless
  • Ep. #13407
    Ep. #13407
    Episode 170
    Carly gives Jack good news about J.J. getting accepted into a secluded boarding school and also he has a scholarship, Carly says the only thing is they have to come up with $10,000. Paul tells Meg to tell Dusty to leave as he lays on the floor, Meg asks Dusty how he could hurt Paul like this and tells him to call 911. Liberty and Janet shop for a wedding dress at Fashions. Jack doesn't know how he's going to come up with at least half the money for J.J. for school. Meg stays with Paul and tries to keep the bleeding under control until the EMT's get here. Jack tells Sage that Janet wants her to be a flower girl, he's glad when she accepts. Jack is shocked to learn that the dress that Janet wants costs $5,000, so he writes the check out using the money he already has. Emily goes into see Paul, Meg then asks what she's doing in here. Carly learns that Jack used J.J.'s tuition money to pay for Janet's dress. Dusty wants Josie to meet with him face to face why she did what she did, Josie says she's sorry to Dusty and to tell her the truth about her actually falling in love with him, Dusty says that it's too late for them. Janet was unaware that the money for the dress came from J.J.'s tuition. Emily tells Meg that it isn't Paul's fault it's all on Josie. Josie plants a kiss on Dusty. Meg tells Paul that he can't forgive Dusty for trying to kill him.moreless
  • Ep. #13408
    Ep. #13408
    Episode 171
    Katie and Brad notice a smell while filming an episode of Oakdale Now, they go to investigate and they stumble across a body inside his locker at WOAK. Margo arrives and says to forensics have to look after the body, Dani then makes a call saying everything went smoothly. Alison realizes that Luke is drunk and could be the reason he's acting like such a jerk, and could a serious infection on his kidneys, she then calls someone at Memorial. Margo gets the results from Dani saying that the body in Brad's locker was in fact Spencer. Lily sees Casey and he's acting all nervous thinking she'll find Luke in the next room. Margo tells Brad that she has no choice but to arrest him for murder, Brad tells Katie that they have to mention the person who sent the instant message, Katie thinks they she'll need more time to prove Brad's innocence, Margo gives Katie a half an hour. Alison tells Casey that she's now officially divorced from Aaron. Katie goes back to WOAK and sends the person a message and waits for a response. Luke enters Brian's suite at the Lakeview and discovers something about his past. Craig returns to Oakdale, surprising Katie.moreless
  • Ep. #13409
    Ep. #13409
    Episode 172
    Carly gets a phone call from East Lake boarding school saying that their was a problem with the payment, she then agrees to correct it. Jack asks Holden to float him a loan for $5,000. Lisa tells Janet that she can give her the ballroom and a night to remember for $20,000. Margo places Brad under arrest, Brad then tells Margo that he's been getting instant messages from some mystery person. Katie asks Craig if he's the one that's been sending the instant messages, but he says that he isn't the one, Craig says that with his help he can get Henry and Brad off and if Katie goes to the police he'll disappear and Brad will stay in jail. Carly goes to Jack about his check bouncing and Jack says to re-deposit the money cause he got money from Holden. Janet tells Jack that Lisa agrees to give them the Lakeview ballroom, but is astonished as to the price. Brad can't believe when Dani brings his computer and she's unable to open the file due to a virus being in there. Craig wants Katie to say that she was with him the night of Paul's accident, Katie agrees and Craig then calls Dani and says they're good to go. Carly calls Holden and asks to meet her at the Lakeview. Janet tells Jack that her own family disowned her when she got pregnant with Liberty. Dani calls Margo saying that she saw Spencer walk into her apartment, Margo says that the lab report says that the body couldn't have been Spencer. Brad tells Katie that they booked him for murder. Margo and Dani enter Spencer's apartment. Margo sees as Spencer has a gun pointed at Dani. Craig tells Katie to be patient and everything will be just fine.moreless
  • Ep. #13410
    Ep. #13410
    Episode 173
    Katie is glad they put the whole Spencer nightmare behind us and the she and Brad are going back to work soon, but Brad can't shake the feeling that someone else is involved. Dani tells Craig that she did good in playing both sides and no one suspected a thing. Paul tells Meg that he insists on leaving the hospital and going home to recuperate with her by his side. Derek and Bonnie come back to Metro and she hears a noise, Derek goes and checks and it's Dusty, he wants Bonnie to defend him. Margo goes to see Brad and Katie and she opens up on how sorry she is for not believing them. Derek comes to Meg and says that he has a message from Dusty. Margo is shocked when she turns around and sees Craig come into the police station, Margo says that give her a reason why she shouldn't arrest him. Katie gets a call from Margo and asks her to come to the station right away. Meg erupts at Dusty over his betrayal, and Dusty says that what he claims that Paul did hire Josie and says to look at him and say that she doesn't believe him, Meg says that she believes Paul when he said that he didn't do no such thing. Katie tells Margo that she was with Craig the night of the explosion of Paul's car, but Margo doesn't believe it cause it's what Craig stated earlier. James pays a visit to Paul thinking he almost joined him on the other side, and is proud with what he did and that he really a son he can be proud of. Meg calls the police and tells them that Dusty is hiding out at Metro, Margo then goes and arrests Dusty for trying to kill Paul. Craig wants to know what Dani is doing when she comes to the police station and almost blows their cover.moreless
  • Ep. #13411
    Ep. #13411
    Episode 174
    Emily tells Dusty why should she lift a finger to help him, Dusty says it's because she knows the whole story about Josie. Luke interrupts Brian and Lucinda's tango lesson by saying that there's something that he has to do. Meg is startled to see Craig in the living room, she asks why he's not in jail, she then goes to the phone to dial 911. Dani enters and tells Dusty to take his hands off of Emily and if he does anything else he'll go back to his cell. Paul tells Craig to get out of his house and away from Meg. Luke looks into Brian's past by tracking down his ex-wife Carolyn and asks why she and Brian divorced, she says it's none of his business. Paul learns that Meg turned Dusty in after going to see him at Metro. Carolyn calls Brian and tells him that someone is asking questions about their relationship. Craig and Dani secretly meet in the park wanting information about Dusty staying jail so he can make his move. Paul is surprised when Craig offers a helping hand. Barbara chooses not to believe Dusty's version of the events leading up to Paul's shooting. Paul calls Emily asking to meet him in the park. Luke tells Noah that he met up with Brian's ex-wife and was surprised that Brian remarried, Brian comes into Java and lashes at Luke for interfering. Craig and Dani hide as he sees Paul and Emily in the distance. Barbara runs into Craig in Old Town, she then thinks that he hired Josie to come to Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13412
    Ep. #13412
    Episode 175
    Janet is ecstatic and tells Liberty that her wedding invitations have arrived today. Casey tells Alison that he's here to ask his grandfather for a job at Oakdale Memorial. Jack wants Carly to sign to have a second mortgage on the house so he can have a chance in paying for the wedding as Janet overhears from the door and walks away, Carly says that she's gonna take Holden's advice and not interfere. Casey is given a job as a custodian's assistant in the hospital. Liberty asks Janet why she's so glum and didn't show Jack the invitations but doesn't tell her the reason why. Jack gets bad news that he can't get the second mortgage cause of the recession. Liberty talks with Parker at Java cause Jack probably isn't going to give her mother the wedding of her dreams, Parker says that he might have an idea and it involves his money that his Aunt Rosanna left him. Alison learns that the patient that she's checking on is actually Mark Vero. Jack tells Janet that he can't give her what she wants, Janet says that it's okay, Jack wants to know what changed her mind. Liberty and Parker go back to his house, and see Carly there, Parker makes an excuse for her to go to the store, when she leaves he quickly writes a check for $20,000 to the Lakeview. Alison goes to check on Mark and sees that he's missing so she goes in search of him. Carly comes home and is irate to find a check missing and immediately thinks Jack is responsible. Mark sees Casey in the stairwell mopping the floor, and quickly goes up towards the roof. Parker leaves the check for Lisa at the front desk. Carly confronts Jack at the station for putting Parker up to forging her name to pay for the wedding. Casey goes up to the roof and sees Mark hallucinating and Alison try to get him to move away from the ledge. Janet gets a call from Lisa saying and is amazed at what Carly did, she gets it back, and Janet, Carly and Jack lay into Parker and Liberty, Parker said it was merely a wedding present.moreless
  • Ep. #13413
    Ep. #13413
    Episode 176
    Paul has a dream of Craig and Dusty with Meg, and says Dusty says that he has money and the baby as well. Janet makes the noble thing by returning the wedding dress to Fashions, Carly then sees her and realizes a sacrifice she's making. Jack comes to repay his loan to Holden, Lily then learns that Jack won't be having the reception in the Lakeview ballroom, so she then suggests to Jack by having the wedding at her place, Jack is grateful. Craig comes to see Dusty and brings Josie as well, Dusty immediately thinks there's a connection, but Josie says there isn't and she plans on telling the truth about Paul hiring her. Margo can't believe that Craig wants to help Dusty, Craig says he brought in a witness who can co-oberate Dusty's story, Craig says the he wants peace with him, and to work together to help him to convince Lucy to bring Johnny home and doesn't want to be enemies with him anymore. Carly comes by and offers to help Janet, Jack arrives and asks what Carly is doing here. Paul is shocked to see Josie come to Fairwinds and that she told Dusty she would talk to Meg, Paul vows that it will never happen, Meg comes home and wants to hear what Josie has to say. Janet is over the moon after learning that Lily offered her place for the ceremony. Carly takes Janet up on her offer to attend the wedding, she says that she'll get to work on her dress. Meg insists on talking with Paul in private and asks Josie to leave, she then asks Paul if what Josie said is true, Paul then admits what he did. Carly tells Lily that she offered to help Janet with her wedding dress, Lily says that she wasn't choosing sides when she offered her place. Paul comes down to the station and tells Margo that Dusty shot him in self defense. Jack calls Lily and changes the date to the wedding to the day after tomorrow, Carly breaks down realizing that this is really happening.moreless
  • Ep. #13414
    Ep. #13414
    Episode 177
    Brad and Henry arrive and tell Jack that he has to come with them right away, Jack thinks that they've gotten themselves in trouble again, he's surprised when it's his bachelor party at Yo's. Vienna tells Janet that she should leave with her and Katie, she's then surprised when they arrive at Metro that it's her bachelorette party, everyone's stunned when Carly is there and Janet insists that she stay. Carly gets ready for Janet and Jack's wedding. Henry makes a wrongful mistake and assumes a woman at the bar is a stripper until her husband comes along and almost punches Henry out. Carly begins to make a spectacle by bringing up how many times Jack has been married at the party and Lily takes her aside and asks what's gotten into her. Brian enjoys himself at Jack's bachelor party, and Luke notices just how much fun he's having. Carly asks Jack to have one last dance with her before he gets married to someone else. Vienna realizes that Carly ran off to Jack's party at Yo's. Luke offers to take Brian home after seeing that he's to drunk to drive. Jack stays and makes sure that Carly is put to bed, he then returns to Metro and tells Janet that he took Carly home. Holden and Lily walk in and almost sees Brian kiss Luke, Luke later cautions Brian that he'll tell everyone everything if he comes on to him again.moreless
  • Ep. #13415
    Ep. #13415
    Episode 178
    Meg arrives and she asks if Lily needs any help with Ethan, Holden asks Meg if Paul is coming with Emma, she says he won't be coming and that he marriage is over. Craig arrives at Fairwinds with a present for Meg and the maid said that she's not here, Paul then shows up and Craig realizes that Meg is moving out. Brad sees how beautiful Liberty is and he's touched when she says that Jack is only her stepfather and that Brad will always have that title. Parker tells Jack he only wrote that check for Janet's wedding and that's all and wasn't going to use it for something else. Janet comes to see Carly and she says that she got drunk last night cause she couldn't deal with the fact that she was marrying Jack and that it could never happen again. Jack asks Parker to be his best man, and he humbly accepts the job. Craig offers to put in a good word for him with Meg, Paul says to stay away from her. Janet gives Sage the earrings she wanted when they shopped for the dress. Emma tells Jack and that he and Janet can stay with them. Brad asks Janet if he can give her away since none of her family is in town, and she accepts his offer. Paul gets physical with Craig in front of Meg. Lily goes and finds Carly by the pond and asks her to come back to the wedding and to let Jack go. Paul gets harsh words from Meg by saying that she's afraid of him and can't let him anywhere near their child. Janet walks down the aisle and she can't believe that it's actually happening and they're pronounced man and wife. Meg makes the most difficult choice in asking Paul for a divorce. Carly runs into Craig at the Lakeview bar.moreless
  • Ep. #13416
    Ep. #13416
    Episode 179
    Barbara lays into Paul about how he could desecrate Jennifer's memory by hiring Josie to make Dusty think otherwise. Barbara's is thrown when Paul asks her for help. Carly asks Craig why he's at the Lakeview and not in a maximum security prison. Brad sees Dani and wants to go and ask her some questions, Katie says if he does then not to come back. Meg apologizes to Dusty for not believing him when he tried to warn her about Paul. After her encounter with Brad, Dani calls Craig but he doesn't answer his phone. Barbara tells Paul to keep trying the get Josie what she wants and she's the only reason in getting his life back. Brad has a theory about Dani always being there when something bad goes down. Meg sees Paul and Josie in a violent moment. Dani almost blows Craig's cover when he comes to the Lakeview looking for him, Carly thinks that Dani is a jilted lover than a friend. Dusty takes Josie back to his hotel room and asks her what Paul wanted, she says that Barbara called to set up a meeting but Paul showed up instead. Meg goes back to the farm and she starts to feel some pains, and refuses to let Paul help her, he doesn't take no for an answer and takes her to the hospital. Brad overhears Craig and Dani in Old Town about setting him up. Dr. Schiller to do what Meg asks and leave and she'll give him the results later. Craig finds Brad in his hotel room and isn't leaving til he knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #13417
    Ep. #13417
    Episode 180
    Katie tells Carly that Craig set Brad up for Spencer's "murder" and that she doesn't want Brad to ever find out. Brad confronts Craig about his treachery and that he overheard his conversation with Dani, he says that if he goes down Katie goes with him and he'll disappear. Luke comes home and Brian says that Lucinda wasn't up to Jack and Janet's wedding. Brad runs into Katie in the Lakeview and says he's going to tell Margo everything that he learned. Brian apologizes to Luke and says that he did come on to him that night and it was inappropriate, Luke says that Brian should tell Lucinda the truth. Dani comes to Craig's hotel room hoping to make up with him, Craig says he wants to send Dani out of town tonight. Katie tries to get Brad to not tell Margo anything, she's also surprised to learn that Dani is working with him, Margo opens the door and asks what they're arguing about this late at night. Dani talks Craig into making love one last time, she then puts a gun on him and says she's thinking of killing him. Carly overhears a waiter say that a young lady ordered some champagne for Craig. Dani tells Margo that she has to resign from the Oakdale PD, thinking something is up she goes to Brad and Katie thinking why Dani quit her job, and didn't believe her excuse to look after a sick friend. Carly sees Dani as she leaves Craig's hotel room, and she immediately confronts him about it.moreless
  • Ep. #13418
    Ep. #13418
    Episode 181
    Bonnie runs into Lily at the Lakeview and asks how Lucinda is doing, Derek then arrives and thinks that Lily is someone else. Meg is touched at what Holden purchased for the baby, Holden suggests that she go away for a little while. Paul wakes up and sees someone thinking that it's Meg but it turns out to be the maid. James tells Paul that he can help him get Meg back. Derek is astonished to learn that Rose died years ago, Lily asks Derek how he knew her sister, she takes out a picture of Jade and shows him. Paul succumbs to James' pressure. Barbara gets a call from Paul and she's delighted to hear his voice, she's then worried when he abruptly hangs up on her. Lily tells Derek that it's possible that Jade could be his daughter, Derek says that if that's possible why didn't Rose tell him. Barbara goes to Fairwinds and finds a letter that Paul wrote to Meg, she quickly goes and asks Meg where would Paul go when he's at his lowest. Bonnie asks Derek if Jade could be his daughter, Derek says that he didn't want to be a father not then and not now. James tells Paul to make the suicide attempt look convincing otherwise Meg won't believe it. Barbara asks Meg if she could live with the consequences if Paul does take his own life. Lily tries to get a hold of Jade with no luck and learns that she's in trouble with the cops, she calls Bonnie to see if she can find out anything. Meg arrives at the cabin to find Paul in the chair and sees that he took a lot of sleeping pills and tries to revive him. Jade arrives at Lily's house. Meg finds herself all alone when she goes into labor and Paul unconscious.moreless
  • Ep. #13419
    Ep. #13419
    Episode 182
    Bonnie tells Lily that the more Jade runs the more trouble she's in. Dusty runs into Josie at Al's and learns that she's making herself busy. Jade hides as Luke comes in, he is thrilled that she's back. Dusty calls Meg and tells him to dial 911 right away cause Paul tried to kill himself. Barbara refuses Josie's help, she then tells her to go to the hospital right away, Barbara is grateful that Josie told her. Dusty arrives and learns that Meg is in labor and insists that they go to the hospital right away cause the ambulance will get Paul when it comes. Luke learns the reason that Jade is back in town cause she's on the run from the cops. Luke calls Lily and says that Jade is at the house, she tells him to keep her there and not to let her leave. Dr. Schiller prepares Meg so that she can deliver her baby, Meg is startled when the baby doesn't cry, Dusty tells Meg that everything will be okay. Jade realizes that Luke kept her there so that Lily and Bonnie can show up, she explains that they're were pending charges against her for attempted murder. The doctors manages to revive Paul, and tells them that his father made him do it, he then starts hallucinating about wanting to see his father. Bonnie apologizes Jade as they arrive at the station and says she did everything possible, the police then places Jade under arrest and having her extradited back to Miami. Barbara is shocked when Paul comes out of his room and wanting to see James, Barbara makes the decision to have Paul committed.moreless
  • Ep. #13420
    Ep. #13420
    Episode 183
    Barbara learns that Meg had the baby and meets her granddaughter Eliza. Jade explains the situation to Lily about not knowing what her boyfriend was planning. Bonnie meets with Derek at the Lakeview and and before he can say that he can't be her father, Bonnie tells him that Jade was arrested. Paul thinks that Josie is Jennifer, he says that he's been a bad brother, he then hears a baby crying and asks her if it her baby Johnny. Holden warns Dusty to keep his distance cause he can take care of his sister from now on. Lily asks Jade if there's any information about Robbie that can help find him, Bonnie says that Derek won't help, so Lily goes and asks Derek and why he won't help Jade. Meg introduces Paul to his child. Derek meets Jade and he wants anything that she can remember, Jade then asks why he's looking at her like that. Josie tells Dusty that Paul is in with Meg and their baby, she says to go with it Dusty goes in the room and tells Paul to stay away from Meg, Paul hallucinates and a doctor sedates. Holden and Lily arrive and ask Bonnie how things with Jade are coming along with her case. Derek tells Bonnie that Jade could be facing some serious jail time. Josie tells Dusty that he heard a baby crying and when he did he was a sane and rational person, Dusty says he won't make the same mistake of trusting her again.moreless
  • Ep. #13421
    Ep. #13421
    Episode 184
    Vienna comes back to the suite and discovers Henry's secret book under the bed. Maddie appears, which stuns Casey. Henry gets a visit from someone and he's frantic that Vienna will figure out what he's been up to lately. Lucinda tells Brian that she wants to get back to work, but Brian has other plans to take her to the museum, Luke then interrupts their kiss. Maddie tells Casey that it should have been up to her if she still wanted to continue seeing him. Vienna gives Lucinda Henry's manuscript and realizes that she along with Lucy and Johnny are in the book. Luke tells Noah that Brian hit on him again and Brian said that he wanted to kiss him, Luke tells him that Jade is back in town and is in trouble with the law. Maddie thinks that despite his recent problems she was still in love with him, Alison then stops by and is surprised that Maddie is back, Maddie's even more surprised that Alison is there too and gets upset and leaves. Lucinda tells Vienna that she's go with publishing Henry's book. Henry has a meeting with Maggie Crawford, Vienna says the she's going to have Lucinda publish his book, Maggie stands up and says no they aren't. Maddie is happy for Luke and Noah that they're together. Casey and Alison have a talk about his past relationship with Maddie and asks him if he still has feelings for her. Henry tells Vienna that he already sold his book to Simon and Schuster. Lucinda wants her and Brian to get romantic and he turns her down. Noah assures Luke that he wants to be with him and that he and Maddie are friends. Lucy gets a text message from Lucy asking if she can trust her.moreless
  • Ep. #13422
    Ep. #13422
    Episode 185
    Casey tells Margo that he's ready to go out on a date and says that it's with Maddie and she's thrilled that he's going out with her. Maddie goes to Noah and tells him that Casey asked her out. Jade tells Luke that she was stupid enough to trust Luke after he went and told on her. Bonnie tells Lily and Holden that Derek tracked down Robby and is bringing him to Oakdale. Margo prepares Jade to have Jade extradited back to Florida, Derek then arrives and brings Robby into the station and says he can say what happened and can let Jade go. Vienna comes into Al's and invites Henry to go on a treasure hunt. Maddie is shocked when Casey tells her that he and Emily were married. Robby grabs something and puts it at Jade's throat and says they're gonna do what they want or else she dies, Derek tries to talk some sense into Robby and manages to get Jade free and Margo says she doesn't deal with that sort of thing in her squad room. Casey stops Maddie from kissing and says that he wants to take things slow. Jade confronts Lily about Derek and who he really is. Bonnie thanks Derek for what he did for Jade, he says all he did was make Robby see the error of his ways. Jade isn't buying Lily's story about Derek and wants to know the truth cause the way he looks at her, Lily finally says that he knew Rose. Casey and Maddie go to Java, Noah asks how her date went, she says that Casey wants to go slow. Jade confronts Derek at Metro demanding answers, but he doesn't say anything and leaves. Noah says to Maddie give him a chance, Luke then walks into Java and sees Noah and Maddie and walks out, Noah then goes after him.moreless
  • Ep. #13423
    Ep. #13423
    Episode 186
    Janet surprises Jack with his first ever Italian Christmas, Jack says it'll be good to have new traditions, Janet then gives Jack a holiday sweater with a Reindeer on the front. Carly talks with J.J. on the phone saying he's unable to come home for the holidays, Carly says to make sure he's home next year, she then asks Parker to take some presents over to the farm. Dusty checks in on Meg and Eliza, he tells Meg that there's no change in Paul's condition. Parker gets Liberty's present from the desk drawer and Carly tells him to hurry over there fast, Carly then shuts the door on Craig when he arrives with gifts, Parker insists that Craig stay. Alison brings something for the baby, Meg thanks her for the rattle. Alison gets a text from Lucy asking to meet her in Old Town in 15 minutes. Parker asks Craig if he did in fact blow up Paul's car, he says that he didn't do it. Jack asks Carly what she's thinking of allowing Craig into the house, she says is capable and she doesn't need him anymore. Craig is introduced to Janet and she offers him some of her tasty treats. Dusty accompanies Meg back to Emma's and sees Craig, Dusty asks what he's doing there and he says apparently he's here to welcome Eliza home. Alison discovers Johnny and Lucy in Old Town. Parker gives Liberty his present and sees that it's a bracelet with a skateboard charm reminding her of when they first met by her running into him, she says that she can't accept it. Alison sets Lucy and Johnny at the Lakeview keeping them safe, Lucy opens up and says that Johnny needs a bone marrow transplant she gives Alison a list of potential donors and to find a way of testing them. Parker and Liberty kiss and she tells him that she doesn't feel anything. Lucy sings Silent Night as she puts Johnny to bed, Alison agrees to help with the process of finding a donor.moreless
  • Ep. #13424
    Ep. #13424
    Episode 187
    Craig wants a fresh start with Katie by giving her a belated Christmas present. Alison goes to work to help Lucy. Dusty tells Josie that Paul shouldn't be anywhere near Meg or Eliza. Paul tells Barbara he wants to speak with Jennifer cause she's the only person he can trust. Barbara goes to Josie requesting her help cause Paul has gotten worse. Alison runs into Kim and asks if she can help a "friend" of hers, and asks if she could be tested, Kim brings up doing a segment about the girl on Oakdale Now, she agrees thinking it's a good idea. Lucy goes to take a shower and Johnny sneaks out of the room, she comes back and finds him missing. Josie refuses to help Barbara with Paul's situation. Josie sees Johnny on the elevator and he calls her mommy. Alison asks Paul to get tested, he agrees and he has a vision of Johnny, Dusty and Josie come in and Paul tries to warn them about Johnny, Dusty says for him to snap out of it cause Josie isn't Jennifer and Johnny's gone. Kim tells Katie to do the segment about the little girl who needs the bone marrow transplant, Katie insists that Craig get tested to but he refuses which doesn't surprise that he said that he changed. Johnny is returned to Lucy and she says for him not to go off like that again. Barbara tells Dusty that maybe there's some truth to what Paul said about Johnny being in danger, Josie then agrees to go in and talk with Paul. Alison gets nervous at the thought of the segment being broadcast on the air, she fills Lucy in on what Kim and Katie did. Craig catches Alison coming out of a room at the Lakeview, Lucy then hears her father's voice. Dusty thinks about what Paul said after hearing what Katie said about that girl. Josie learns from Paul's vision and he says that Johnny is somewhere near "Airplanes and Parachutes".moreless
  • Ep. #13425
    Ep. #13425
    Episode 188
    Maddie plans to woo Casey, Casey then walks in and sees the beautiful dress she plans to wear. Lucy is grateful that Alison got Craig away from the door and was worried if he heard Johnny laughing. Paul insists he get off this medication and find Johnny or he could die, he admits to lying about some things but not about this. Alison asks Lucy if she plans to stay hidden from Dusty forever, and promises herword and will find a donor match. Alison calls Casey and asks to come to the hospital right away. Maddie admits to Henry that not only did she come back for him but for Casey as well, Henry says he isn't going to stand around and let him break her heart all over again. Alison tries to get Barbara to get tested, Josie offers her support, Barbara then agrees. Josie goes to Dusty and says she has something about Paul, Meg encourages Dusty to listen to Paul for Johnny's sake cause what he said might be true. Henry tells Maddie that he'll try and be nice if she wants to have a relationship. Casey sees Alison get a room key from the Lakeview and goes up and confronts about what she's really doing in here. Dusty thinks that Paul and Josie are playing games again when he says that he Johnny with a lion. Maddie has a fantasy of what she wants her date with Casey. Alison lies to Casey and says she got the room for him and proves it by planting a kiss on him. Josie runs into the same boy she saw in the elevator and sees that he has a lion stuffed animal, and goes to check and sees the photo of Lucy and puts two and two together and the boy being Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #13426
    Ep. #13426
    Episode 189
    Bonnie runs into Jade in Old Town and says she's hosting the New Year's Eve party at Metro and is welcome to come by later, Jade wants to know why she's pushing her and Derek together. Casey finds a toy truck underneath the pillows and asks who's it is, Alison says that it isn't hers, she then calls Lucy and says not to come back to the Lakeview with Johnny. Bonnie tries to get Derek to give Jade a chance, but he's not interested in getting to know her at all. Lucinda wants her and Brian to stay home and not go out, Luke walks in on an argument between Lucinda and Brian, Luke says that maybe he and Lucinda shouldn't have gotten married. Maddie can't find her phone and says she left it with Casey and goes to find it. Alison goes back into the room to find Casey on the bed half naked and says he's waiting for her, Maddie then comes and listens at the door and starts to cry and leaves. Lucinda tells Brian that it's best he go to the party alone. Lucinda lays into Jade for once again worming her way back into Lily and Holden's house, Jade fires back for not going with her husband on New Year's Eve. Noah tells Luke that tonight is the night finally they're going to make love with each other, Brian walks in and sees them dancing together. Casey tells Alison that he's wanted her for so long, she says that she wanted the same thing and the two make love in the suite. Noah reacts in Luke's defense. Jade and Derek realize that they cannot find a common ground. Noah takes a heartbroken Maddie to Al's and she tells him that Casey is with Alison. Luke sees Brian leave and follows, he then finds him in Old Town, Luke then kisses Brian and Noah punches him out. Lucinda arrives and then leaves to find Brian and finds him on the ground and takes him home. Noah is disgusted after learning that Luke kissed Brian and not the other way around. Maddie tells Casey that she knows who he was with and wishes him a Happy New Year.moreless
  • Ep. #13427
    Ep. #13427
    Episode 190
    Craig stops by to give Parker a belated birthday present but Carly tells him to leave but Craig insists on waiting. Parker is anxious about learning how to drive and that he just got his license, but Jack says that there's a lot of black ice out there and too dangerous, and says to hurry and get his hockey gear or he'll be late. Craig presents his gift to Parker and gives him the keys to his car after hearing that he just got his drivers license, he's then ecstatic and then takes off. Lucy tells Alison that Katie was discovered as a bone marrow match for Johnny. Josie tells Dusty that Lucy and Johnny are in Oakdale and staying at the Lakeview. Alison suggests to Lucy to tell Katie the truth about the bone marrow being for Johnny. Parker takes Liberty for a spin and is impressed with his driving skills, and have time to spare by making out in the car, Jack continues to wait for Parker at the ice rink wondering what's keeping him so long. Carly takes Craig to Metro, and thinks she can expand the business to make it better, Carly confides in Craig by saying she wanted things to work out with Jack, Craig says that the Carly he knew would've just sit back and not fight for Jack. Katie is surprised to see Lucy when she shows up at WOAK, and says the match is for Johnny, and she can't say anything about this to Craig. Lucy says she can't say anything. Parker is unable to get the car started and he and Liberty are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Dusty knocks on the door asking Alison to open and tells her where Johnny is and wants to know why he's lying to him. Carly is mad when Craig says he loaned Parker his car, he and Carly lay into him for interfering in their lives. Parker and Liberty get back into car and attempt to stay warm, but end up making out in the backseat. Dusty is reunited with Johnny, but he doesn't seem to remember him, Lucy then walks in and tells Dusty how scared Johnny is. Carly mentions the night that Bryant died in a car crash and the same thing could happen to Parker. Parker manages to get the car started and they head off for the ice rink, he calls Jack and says that he's in big trouble and for him to come home right away. Craig almost sees Katie and Alison when they arrive at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #13428
    Ep. #13428
    Episode 191
    Dusty helps sneak Lucy and Johnny into Oakdale Memorial. Craig thinks Katie is the one who's donating her bone marrow, she says she's here for her physical. Henry signs copies of his book The Man from Oakdale, Maddie then sees Casey at the window, Vienna then goes outside and brings him in to see his girlfriend. Alison hurries and puts Dusty, Johnny and Lucy into a room, she says that Craig is nearby, Dusty vows to kill Craig if he goes anywhere near Johnny. Lucy tells Katie that she can't tell Brad where she is, Dusty says it's not gonna be any harm in letting her husband know. Craig finally agrees to be tested, and Alison sends him on a wild goose chase, Craig thinks something is wrong and that she's keeping something from him Maddie tells Casey that Henry doesn't know about what she heard at the Lakeview, cause his book was coming out and didn't want to ruin things. Brad comes to the hospital and meets Johnny and Lucy and learns Katie is donating her bone marrow, Brad thinks it's a bad idea thinking that she could have a bad reaction, Lucy hears Craig and tells Brad to get rid of him. Casey tries to tell Maddie that nothing happened with him and Alison. Lucy tells Alison that she's planning on leaving the minute that everything is okay with Johnny think Dusty will turn her in to the police. Brad pretty much tells Craig not to go anywhere near Katie. Dusty has the idea of doing the transplant in Chicago to avoid Craig all together and lets Katie in on his plans. Everyone is delighted after the reading and everyone buys a book afterward. Alison learns from Casey that Maddie overheard them at the Lakeview New Year's Eve, and told her everything and didn't believe him, she goes to talk to Maddie herself, Alison is then surprised when Maddie said that she told her he has a thing for her.moreless
  • Ep. #13429
    Ep. #13429
    Episode 192
    Katie tells Craig that Lucy and Johnny are in Oakdale and living in the Lakeview. Dusty then sees Craig leave the lounge and he goes and learns that Katie told him the truth. Brian and Luke come to terms and agree to be friends, Lucinda then walks in on them and asks what they're keeping from her. Craig is reunited with Lucy and sees how big Johnny has gotten. Katie calls Brad and says that he needs her so he rushes to the Lakeview and says it was awful and that she told Craig everything. Jade and Lily return from shopping and Lucinda asks Lily why she's wasting money on such a user, Jade slips that Lucinda having a gay husband. Katie is prepped for the transplant and Brad says how brave she is. Craig goes to check on Johnny and Dusty says that he shouldn't be here. Lucinda wants Jade to tell her exactly what she meant by what she just said, Luke tries to cover by saying that Jade was just mouthing off. Craig tells Lucy while at Java that he's not the same man he was and that he's changed. Brad tells Dusty that Craig blackmailed Katie, Brad refuses to tell him any more and to leave it alone. Lucinda wants to speak to Brian alone, and he admits to kissing Luke, which startles Lucinda. Dusty is amazed at how Craig is desperate to beat the attempted murder charges by framing Brad on a false murder charge. Lucy tells Craig the reason she took Johnny and ran is cause she still blames him for Bryant's death and didn't want the same thing to happen to Johnny. Lily wonders how Brian could do this to his mother and is angry after all the lies that he's told. Lucinda tells Brian that she can't get past whatever attraction he has to Luke and she says for him to go upstairs and pack his stuff and get out. Dusty tells Katie that he knows what Craig did to her.moreless
  • Ep. #13430
    Ep. #13430
    Episode 193
    Mr. Reynolds arrives at Metro and tells Carly that she's behind in her payments and he doesn't want to see her lose her business. Craig tells Margo that Lucy and Johnny are at Oakdale Memorial. Jack tells Janet that staying at the farm fells temporary and wants to give her something more. Henry comes to see Katie saying that Brad sent him and says that she's mad at him, Henry learns that Johnny is the person that Katie gave her bone marrow transplant to. Dusty tells Lucy that Craig is up to something, and not to go to the Lakeview but to Metro instead and Derek will be waiting for you. Carly wants to discuss something with Jack, Jack then brings up wanting to buy a house but Carly that's out of the question, Janet then butts heads with Carly about her not being sorry for their house. Dusty tells Josie to keep an eye on Craig and to let him know if he tries anything. Craig tells Johnny that he and Lucy won't have to travel to all different sorts of places cause he's home now and they're gonna be a family. Josie overhears Craig tell Margo to throw the book at Lucy, she immediately inform Dusty of Craig's plan. Katie pleads with Margo for mercy. Dusty tells Lucy that Craig is planning to have her charged with kidnapping and for her to get away as far as she can, he then calls Josie and says that Lucy wants to see Johnny one more time. Craig has Josie and thinks that she and Dusty are in cohoots, Margo asks Josie if she knows where Dusty is and she says that she does. Margo and some officers stakeout the warehouse, Craig shows up and they find Lucy's jacket. Lucy then tells Johnny that she has to leave for a while, but he wants her to stay. Craig accuses Dusty of sending him and Margo on a wild goose chase, and says Lucy is gone and wants Margo to arrest Dusty. Carly asks Henry for money cause she's tapped out or else Metro will be shut down for good.moreless
  • Ep. #13431
    Ep. #13431
    Episode 194
    Casey sees that Jade is back in town and what kind of trouble she starting this time. Lily tells Lucinda not to lash out at Luke when it's Brian that she's mad at. Carly tries to think of a way to pay off her loan, she's then interrupted by Craig who shares his news that Johnny came home. Noah tells Alison that he and Luke broke up on New Year's Eve cause he got Luke kissing Brian in Old Town and doesn't think they can get back from this. Lucinda tells Lily that she thought she found a decent guy in Brian. Casey tells Luke to watch his back cause Jade is trouble. Alison tells Casey that she may have a way to make Luke and Noah realize why they were together in the first place. Carly asks Holden to float her a loan til she can get Metro on her feet again, but it's a rather substantial amount. Casey and Alison begin their plan in reuniting Noah and Luke. Carly receives help from an unlikely source. Craig goes to see Lily and apologizes for his part in taking World Wide and taking advantage of Lucinda. Luke and Noah don't see eye-to-eye and agree to go their separate ways and tell Alison and Casey should open the door, Noah tells Alison to not to back off. Lucinda once again butt heads with Jade at Al's and leaves cause seeing her ruined her appetite. Craig lets it slip that Holden was at Carly's house, Holden comes home and says that she asked him for money. Holden calls Carly and tells her that he and Lily agree it's not a good idea to be involved financially with her. Casey says to Alison about a different approach for Luke and Holden. Carly thinks about accepting Craig's offer.moreless
  • Ep. #13432
    Ep. #13432
    Episode 195
    Parker comes home and asks Carly for an advance on his allowance but she says no cause she's having money problems, Parker then offers to go and clean Metro for her for free. Barbara is thrilled to learn her grandson has returned and is angry why Dusty didn't tell her. Jack tells Janet that he got the second mortgage on the house and he goes to get Carly to sign the paper, he then finds a check for $200,000 from Craig and lays into her for going to him. Parker arrives and takes Liberty to Metro and then to the movies. Craig and Janet see as a customer is choking and Craig immediately saves him without hesitation, he then sees Jack and offers to show Janet the Heimlich maneuver and makes sure that Jack sees them. Parker and Liberty make time at Metro by sharing a passionate kiss and made sure the door is locked so no one can walk in on them. Josie takes Paul to see Johnny, and is confused when Johnny says that she isn't his mother, Josie wakes Paul up from his hallucination by saying that she isn't Jennifer and that she died years ago. Parker and Liberty hide when they hear someone coming, it's Craig and he finds them hiding behind the bar. Barbara sees that Paul isn't in his room, and accuses Josie of not keeping an eye on him. Craig takes Liberty out of Metro when they hear Carly coming. Josie finds Paul at the cemetery and thinks he's here to say goodbye to Jennifer, and he brings him back to the hospital and tells Dusty that he took Paul to see Johnny. Craig tells Carly to go ahead and rip up the check, she then puts it away.moreless
  • Ep. #13433
    Ep. #13433
    Episode 196
    Lucinda wants Luke to put the thing with Brian behind them. Noah asks Casey what he was thinking in trying to get him and Luke back together again, Casey says that it was a mistake on his part. Tom gives Meg her divorce papers, but Meg is worried about Paul's mental state, and doesn't want to be anywhere around him right now. Jade tells Lucinda that she's still mad at Luke for not saying, and he and Noah broke up because of it. Josie sees as Paul prepares to leave the hospital and asks for her help in letting Meg know that he's getting better. Tom has lunch with Casey and learns that he's seeing Alison, Tom thinks getting involved with her is a mistake. Lucinda goes to see Noah and says for him to make time to and talk with Luke. Meg is surprised to see Paul at the farm and says he got released, Paul says that he has two reasons to do so and that is her and Eliza, he goes towards her and Meg tells him not to go near her, but agrees for just a moment, she then makes a call to Dusty and says that Paul is here at the farm, he then finds the divorce papers. Noah learns that Jade sent Lucinda, meanwhile Casey takes Luke to see Noah and he and Luke see each other in Old Town, they argue at first but then end up kissing which pleases Casey and Jade. Alison want to surprise Casey with some tickets to go to AC/DC, she then sees Casey with Jade at Al's Diner, Casey asked her to come in and says they got Luke and Noah back together again. Noah and Luke then head back to his place so they spend some time alone together, they then insist that Lucinda stay and have ice cream with them. Meg says to Dusty that Paul has the papers and knows she isn't going to change her mind.moreless
  • Ep. #13434
    Ep. #13434
    Episode 197
    Carly and Lily settle their differences regarding Holden wanting to loan her some money, and decide to go out for lunch. Janet confronts Liberty about what's going on with Parker. Dusty brings Johnny home to the Lakeview and gives him a new train set and is touched when Johnny calls him Daddy. Parker thanks Craig for helping with Liberty at Metro the other day, they then go to the hospital to give him the present to Johnny personally but learns that Dusty had him discharged from the hospital. Lily asks Carly where she got the money from to keep Metro from going under, and is shocked when it came from Craig. Craig and Parker go and see Johnny and take him for ice cream, Josie calls Dusty and warns him, Dusty then calls the police and tells Jack. Liberty tells Janet that she's wants to feel something more for Parker, Janet insists on telling Carly this. Josie tells Jack that Craig had his number in her phone, Dusty calls him and he says there in the lounge having ice cream, Dusty then threatens Craig, and Johnny says why does he have to be so mean. Janet tells Carly and Jack that Parker and Liberty have gotten back together, Parker is then surprised when Carly is okay with it. Josie says for Dusty not to lose his cool. Parker and Liberty rejoice they can be together now. Craig surprises Carly when he proposes to her, she then shuts the door in his face.moreless
  • Ep. #13435
    Ep. #13435
    Episode 198
    Bonnie goes to see Lily to talk about Derek possibly being Jade's father. Margo learns that Robby escaped custody in Chicago and could be en route to Oakdale. Derek goes to Metro after getting a note from Bonnie, instead he finds Robby pointing a gun at him and is getting even with him and Jade. Jade runs into Luke and Noah in Old Town and says that they spent the night together. Alison and Casey discuss what happened on New Year's and that it didn't mean anything, Casey then learns that Alison had tickets to AC/DC and he wants to know why she didn't take him. Brian sees Lucinda shredding some of his papers and says it's her way of letting go. Margo calls Bonnie and says it's very important and heads over to Lily's. Robby calls Jade and tells her to come to Metro and learns he has Derek, she runs into Casey outside and says she's in a hurry. Luke learns that Brian is back in town and goes to talk to him. Margo cautions Lily and Bonnie that Robby is on the loose. Brian goes to Noah and asks for his help in talking to Luke. Robby shoots Derek as Casey and Jade try to escape, Casey then tries to get the gun away and is taken down by Robby. Noah knocks on Brian's door thinking he's gonna hurt himself, he then calls Luke. Casey takes Robby to the floor and Jade kicks the gun away, Margo comes in and has Robby arrested. Bonnie sees that Derek was shot and tends to him. Luke sees medication and doesn't think Brian shouldn't be taking it. Alison learns of the shooting at Metro from Casey. Luke tells Brian that he isn't happy, Noah says to Brian that he knows what it's like, Brian then tells them they have no right criticizing him, he then openly admits that he's gay as Lucinda walks in and she's glad that he finally said it. Derek agrees to take a paternity test to see if Jade is his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #13436
    Ep. #13436
    Episode 199
    Craig attempts to get Tom to represent him, Tom says he's already representing Dusty. Carly tells Lily that she couldn't believe that Craig proposed to her, Carly's even more shocked when Lily suggested she leave Holden. Parker helps Liberty with her homework but instead they start kissing, Jack comes home and walks in on them, and lays into him for breaking the rules. Craig sees Johnny with Josie outside the Lakeview, Johnny then wanders off while she and Craig are arguing. Jack calls Carly and heads to Lily's and says he found Parker and Liberty in bed. Liberty says to Parker that she was embarrassed, and says no more kissing. Josie and Craig realize that Johnny is gone, Josie tells Dusty what happened and they go in search of Johnny. Parker and Liberty see Johnny, Craig finds them and sees a car coming towards Johnny and Parker, he rushes and manages to get them out of the way, Craig tells Parker not to move until the EMT's check him out. Carly is surprised to find herself agreeing with Janet. Craig calls Carly and tells her that Parker was almost involved in an accident, so she, Jack and Lily head to the hospital, and thank Craig for saving him. Dusty says to Josie not to worry about it and he should've been more specific. Carly asks Liberty to stay with Parker in his room for a while. Dusty thinks that Craig set him so he can get custody of Johnny and might win.moreless
  • Ep. #13437
    Ep. #13437
    Episode 200
    Jack brings a care package for Parker, Carly says that he insisted on going to school today. Craig tells Margo about the near accident that happened with Parker and Johnny yesterday. Katie wants Brad to try and forget about trying to have Craig in jail. Craig tries to see Johnny but Dusty says he's cutting all visitation rights, Craig then pulls out his visitation agreement which Tom confirms that it hasn't been rescinded. Brad says he thinks Katie has chosen her brother over her husband. Dusty goes and asks Brad to tell the truth about Craig and to finally put him away for good, so they go to find Jack. Craig brings up his proposal to Carly. Katie goes to Margo for some advice, about someone who needed to lie to the police to protect someone they loved and they would get off, and agrees to make a statement. Margo tells Craig that the little alibi he coerced is about to be blown away. Carly tells Craig if he doesn't save his sister, she'll never have anything to do with him, Craig agrees to help Katie if she'll think about marrying him. Tom explains if he's going to make Johnny hate Craig, it could backfire on him and Johnny could hate him instead. Brad and Katie say their statements, Craig then brings Johnny to the station and says that she can't go through with this and looks like Craig's plan worked, he then goes to Carly and say. Brad tells Katie that she already chose him over Craig. Johnny tells Dusty that he's glad he has two daddy's. Carly tells Craig that her answer is still no.moreless
  • Ep. #13438
    Ep. #13438
    Episode 201
    Josie sees Paul all disheveled, and says that he should fight for Meg and Eliza, and if he does the right thing then so will she. Dusty goes to Meg hoping she can get Katie to change her mind about making her statement. Craig comes by the house wanting to talk with Parker, she says he's having breakfast with Jack, Craig says that proposal is still on. Jack tells Parker that if he wants to spend time with Johnny then go for it but is uncomfortable when he's around Craig. Craig asks Parker if he'd like to go to a Blackhawks game, Jack then intervenes and asks him why he's stalking Parker. Meg calls Craig(to Dusty's request) and asks to meet him right away at the Lakeview lounge, Craig asks her why she wanted to see him since they haven't been close when he got back. Jack tells Carly if he she hangs around with Craig then she's asking for trouble and if she knows what he wants from her. Dusty puts a listening device on Eliza's stroller, Meg tells Craig that she wants to make peace with him, and asks him if he planted the bomb in Paul's car, he says that he didn't. Jack tells Janet that he saw Craig hanging out in front of Parker's school and when he confronted Carly about it she defended him. Meg apologizes to Dusty saying that she tried, Josie then sees Dusty and Meg holding hands at the Lakeview. Carly explains her situation to Craig about what Jack said if she continues to hang around him. Craig goes to Janet and says Jack was over the line and says Carly can be around whoever she chooses. Carly accepts Craig's proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #13439
    Ep. #13439
    Episode 202
    Janet finds an invitation from Carly to have drinks at Metro but Jack doesn't think they should go. Katie arrives looking for Henry, and opens up to Vienna about her marriage and that it could be over. Dusty tells Brad that he appreciates what he tried to do for him, but still wants to nail him. Craig goes and asks Margo to come join him for cocktails and that she and Carly are getting married, which completely shocks her. Carly has a fantasy and realizes what she's gotten herself and goes to Lily for some advice and is starting to have second thoughts to why she said yes in the first place. Dusty tells Brad if Katie wants what Craig did to her then so should he, cause putting Craig in jail is gonna ruin what he has with Katie to leave it be and let him handle Craig. Lily tells Carly that she knows deep down marrying Craig is the wrong thing to do. Janet and Jack get ready to go to Carly's soiree. Dusty gets a message to come to Metro right away. Brad and Katie reach an understanding about forgetting all about Craig and move forward with each other. Everyone gathers and learns that Craig is the one who sent them the notes and says he and Carly are engaged, Carly is then shocked at Craig's announcement, Craig's behavior outrages Carly when he gets into it with Jack and Dusty. Margo warns Dusty to stay away from Craig cause he broke his promise to Johnny, Dusty realizes that he blew it big time. Johnny asks Craig why he hit his other daddy. Carly says for Craig not to do another spectacle like that again and if he does he can take his proposal and get out of her house.moreless
  • Ep. #13440
    Ep. #13440
    Episode 203
    Casey almost runs into Derek, and says he should be at the hospital with Jade. Bonnie tries to get ahold of Derek, Jade then arrives and they learn from Alison that Derek already knows the results from being at the hospital earlier. Emma refuses to let Paul in her house, Meg says that it's okay, Emma says that Meg is making a mistake by letting Paul see Emma. Jade discovers that Derek is in fact her father, and him not being says that he doesn't want a relationship with her. Emily thinks that if Craig is getting married to Carly to get Johnny then he should do the same and to marry her. Casey tells Bonnie that he saw Derek in the park and the reason he's not there is because he said he wasn't what Jade needs right now. Alison gives Jade some advice and explains her relationship to her. Bonnie flat out calls Derek a coward. Meg and Paul have some time at Fairwinds spending it with their daughter, Paul kisses Meg which surprises her and says that she and him are over and take Eliza and leaves. Bonnie calls Jade and asks her to come to Metro right away. Paul goes to the Farm, but Emma says if she loves Meg then just to let her go for good. Meg explains what Paul did and that's why she's looking for Barbara. Bonnie arranges for Derek and Jade to get together, but Derek does something wrong by giving Jade money, she says she doesn't want it and storms out. Emily doesn't like Casey and Alison's new-found closeness when she sees them at Java. Dusty's suggestion that he marry her shocks Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13441
    Ep. #13441
    Episode 204
    Carly tells Jack that she wants to tell Sage in private about her wedding to Craig, Craig then spills the beans to a shocked Sage and she's mad that Carly didn't even ask her first. Carly is then astounded when Craig presents her with a very lavish wedding ring. Meg said that she just going through a divorce with Paul and isn't going to make the same mistake with him. Barbara tells Paul that she's been trying to contact him all day, and wants to know what happened earlier with Meg, Barbara agrees to talk to Meg for Paul. Dusty tries to get to marry him and not to do it for him, do it for Johnny. Josie sees Dusty and Meg embracing and learns that he proposed to her, cause Dusty is worried that he'll lose custody of Johnny. Carly is appalled at Craig suggesting that he'll be moving in the house with her. Sage comes home and gives Carly the silent treatment. Meg tells Barbara that she can't be with Paul anymore, and wants to tell him that they're marriage is over. Josie goes to Paul and tells him that Dusty proposed to Meg tonight and he is just livid at that thought. Sage has her suitcase all packed and tells Carly if she plans to marry Craig she'll move in with her father and Janet and has called a cab and says she can't make her stay here with Craig. Josie tries to get Paul not to go and see Dusty cause it's not a good idea. Barbara learns from Josie that Meg is considering marrying Dusty. Meg tries to give Paul another chance, but he comes the farm saying that she belongs with him and not Dusty. Carly lets Sage be with Jack at least for now. Meg goes to Dusty if she still wants to do this then she'll marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #13442
    Ep. #13442
    Episode 205
    Craig asks Margo if she's still going to be his best person at his wedding. Holden says that there's no way Carly is gonna marry Craig. Parker tells Carly it's her decision and is probably gonna do it anyway. Carly is shocked when Craig says that their wedding is in fact today, she says that she needs both Sage and Parker to behind it 100%. Sage tells Jack that she doesn't feel like school so he takes her to work with him instead. Katie is beside herself at the fact that she didn't think Carly is actually go through with it by agreeing to marry her brother. Craig approaches Parker by trying to get him to try and win Sage over and it'll be another chance for him to be a father to Johnny like he wasn't to Bryant all those years ago. Lily and Holden disagree about Carly's decision. Parker comes to the station and talks with Jack and asks Sage to give Craig a chance and asks if she'll be coming. Carly says she won't marry Craig if her kids don't support her decision, Parker and Sage arrive and say they'll be attending. Brad doesn't want to go to the wedding, cause he wants to start a family with her and says she won't be attending the wedding after all. Parker is touched at Craig wanting him to be his best man. Lily asks Craig if Carly has a touch of cold feet, he says that she'll be here, Carly finally shows up and the wedding gets underway.moreless
  • Ep. #13443
    Ep. #13443
    Episode 206
    Carly says to Craig that she can't go through with it and the wedding is off. Meg is grateful with what Dusty did, cause her divorce from Paul is final. Carly makes an announcement to everyone and thanks them for coming but there's not going to be a wedding. Sage is glad that Carly isn't marrying Craig, Carly says that she'll probably help him get Johnny back but Craig doesn't believe her. Dusty and Meg take drastic action, Holden releases his emotions. Meg and Dusty are married and Johnny asks if she is going to be his mother, she tells him to call her "Meg". Jack says to Carly he's glad that she didn't go through with it. Lily asks Holden if Carly changed her mind because of him. A drunken Craig comes by and asks Carly who was she trying to make jealous Holden or Jack. Holden is irate when he learns that Meg and Dusty went to Reno to get married. Lily talks with Dusty in private on how crazy this is. Craig takes off, Carly says he shouldn't be driving and goes after him.moreless
  • Ep. #13444
    Ep. #13444
    Episode 207
    Meg gets a call from Paul wanting her to bring Eliza over, she doesn't think it's a good idea right now and hangs up, she tells Dusty how Paul will react when finding out they're married. Luke tells Jade if she doesn't want to go back to school to get a job, Jade is reluctant in who'll hire her. Casey asks Alison if she wants to see My Bloody Valentine she says that she sees enough blood her at the hospital. Paul wonders why Dusty brings Eliza, and is shocked to learn that Meg and Dusty married in Reno, Dusty says for him to get used to it. Alison tells Casey that she just wants to be friends with him, he says what happened the other day when she was talking about her father. Luke and Jade go through the want ad's and sees a publishers assistant, Luke warns her that she'll be working for Emily. Josie runs into Meg at the Lakeview and is stunned when the woman she was meeting with calls her Mrs. Donovan, Meg tells Josie she and Dusty were married, Josie is upset that Dusty should have told her. Jade goes into Emily's office and she doesn't like the way Jade didn't get a persons phone number, Casey barges in and tells Emily he knows she told Alison to stay away from him. Paul asks Josie what exactly is he going to do now. Emily offers Jade a job by paying her to go out with Casey. Luke takes Alison up to the hospital roof and tells her to give Casey another chance. Jade sees Casey alone at Java and considers what Emily told her to do, she then calls Emily and says that she'll do it. Paul does not react well to Meg's news.moreless
  • Ep. #13445
    Ep. #13445
    Episode 208
    Craig wants Carly to be a character witness at Johnny's hearing. Josie tells Paul that Dusty only married Meg just to get custody of his son and that's it. Carly tells Craig to walk into that courtroom and just to be himself. Paul gets a phone call and is not gonna let Dusty get away with this. Tom learns that Dusty married Meg to show him, and thinks he has a shot. Brad and Katie bring an outrageous idea to Kim about bringing their show Oakdale Now back, but she tells Brad that his job is no longer available, and all the problems he had while on the air. Carly lays into Craig for firing his lawyer, he said it was what she said about being himself. Kim asks Katie if she and Brad were serious about starting a family and thinks she may have a way to turn things around on. Josie warns Dusty that she thinks that Paul might do something that might interrupt the hearing. Craig learns that Dusty is married, Paul then comes in and says that the marriage isn't legal. Paul shows the judge proof that Meg isn't married to Dusty, Meg says she can't stay married to Paul cause he's trouble, Paul requests that Josie tell the court everything. Brad opens the door to see a camera crew at his door, and Katie explains the situation about Kim's idea and if he agrees he can have his job back at Oakdale Now. The judge has had it with Craig and Dusty's quarreling and it made his decision pretty clear. Dusty's worst nightmare happens when Craig is awarded full custody of Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #13446
    Ep. #13446
    Episode 209
    Dusty tells Meg to go ahead and cut the fake passports before he does something foolish. Jack gets some bad news and tells Janet that someone out bid them for the house they wanted. Craig comes to the farm wanting his son. Dusty tells Johnny that he wants him to spend time with his other daddy. Meg comes to Dusty's rescue. Liberty asks Janet for a little loan for $200 so Parker can get these tickets to Metallica. Dusty goes to Jennifer's grave and says that somehow he failed her, he lashes out and and why didn't she help save their boy, Meg shows up and overhears it. Johnny says that he wants to bake brownies, Craig gets an idea to go and make them at Carly's house, Jack stops by and tells Carly he won't be needing a second mortgage after all, Jack is angry when he finds Craig in his home. Dusty tells Meg that he wasn't going to leave town with Johnny. Craig gives Parker some money to go and get stuff for Johnny, he thinks he has enough for those tickets, he then shares his news with Liberty. Jack feels jealous of Craig and since he can't give Janet whatever she wants. Parker and Liberty defy their parents by not telling them they're going to the concert.moreless
  • Ep. #13447
    Ep. #13447
    Episode 210
    Alison comes into the Lakeview all upset, Emily asks what's wrong and she says that Casey stood her up. Luke asks Casey how things are with Alison, Casey doesn't know what he's talking about and that Jade was supposed tell him to go and meet Alison on the hospital roof, Luke then goes and confronts his cousin. Paul tells Barbara that Meg's marriage to Dusty isn't legal and that he and her are still married which is the key to getting her back. Casey goes to go and make things right with Alison, Luke then asks Jade what the real reason she didn't tell Alison to meet Casey. Meg tells Dusty that what Paul did in the courtroom opened her eyes to what a monster he really is, she then asks Dusty to look after Eliza when she goes to see Paul. Alison is excited to see Matt when he comes looking for Casey at the hospital, Alison then goes with him to do some catching up to do. Meg says that her argument with Paul helped her make her decision and doesn't want him in her and Eliza's life. Casey arrives looking for Alison, he then goes to the park and sees her kissing some guy and walks away, Alison said the reason that she allowed Matt to kiss him was cause she saw Casey. Barbara helps out Paul by calling Meg requesting to see her grandchild. Alison starts to feel foolish when Luke tells her that Jade didn't give her the message to meet Casey. While Meg and Barbara are meeting at the Lakeview the lights go out. Meg is upset when Eliza goes missing. Emily wants Jade to make sure her job is done. Paul is shown walking in the park with Eliza in his arms.moreless
  • Ep. #13448
    Ep. #13448
    Episode 211
    Meg accuses Barbara of helping Paul take Eliza from her carriage. Parker gets the okay from Carly to stay at a friends house, Liberty too does the same thing, they meet in Old Town and Parker surprises her that they're gonna go to the concert in a limo. Josie leaves a goodbye letter for Dusty at the front desk of the Lakeview, she then gets in her car and drives off, she's startled when she finds Paul and Eliza in the back seat. Carly runs into Craig and Johnny, he then suggests that they go to her house again, Carly says to Craig that she's excited about Johnny's company and not his. Josie has to do what Paul asks when he threatens her. Meg tells Jack that she the lights when out and when they came on Eliza was missing, Jack promises Meg that nothing will happen to her daughter. Carly and Janet learn that Liberty and Parker went to Chicago, Craig was unaware and thought it was cleared, Carly agrees to go with Craig. Janet calls Jack and explains the situation and he then heads over to the house. Meg feels that she's to blame for keeping Paul from seeing Eliza. Barbara tries to get Paul to bring her granddaughter back. Jack and Carly get upset with Craig when Parker and Liberty finally get home. Meg has an idea that Paul is in one of the tunnels at Fairwinds. Josie and Paul end up at a television studio with some of actors, and gets something for Josie while looking after Eliza, and sees that she fell asleep, he comes back and gets a message from Dusty, he then deletes it from her phone. Meg asks Dusty how he dealt with Johnny's disappearance.moreless
  • Ep. #13449
    Ep. #13449
    Episode 212
    Meg hears a baby crying, Dusty says that she's having a dream. Holden calls Meg saying that he's coming to get her, Dusty says that she's comfortable here. Henry tells Vienna that they're not going to be having any children Katie and Brad are interrupted by the camera crew, he then tells Katie that he has an idea. Josie wakes up and Paul shows her the battery in her cell phone, thinking she'll betray him. Lily defends Dusty. Holden lays into Dusty for doing a good job and that Eliza should be with Meg and not Paul. Brad and Katie tell Henry and Vienna that they escaped the camera crew so they don't like being followed, Katie then spots the crew in the Lakeview, Brad and Katie pull a switch with Henry and Vienna. Lily goes to see Dusty and she pretty much defends what he did in order to keep Johnny. Paul asks Josie for his help and he'll tell everyone that she's not at fault. Lily sees a different side to Dusty after having a conversation. Josie and Paul enter a room, Paul starts to play music and dance with Eliza, Josie then sees a phone and thinks about calling the police. Vienna tells Henry that she wants to get pregnant, and why doesn't he want children. Josie goes and uses the phone to call Dusty and says she can't tell him where she is and that Meg will get her baby back, Paul walks in as she hangs up. Vienna tells Henry that if he won't give her a baby then she'll find someone who will. Dusty tells Meg that Josie called and that Eliza is safe.moreless
  • Ep. #13450
    Ep. #13450
    Episode 213
    Brad thanks Henry for helping them out yesterday, Henry says it cause him and Vienna to fight about him not wanting and her wanting children. Janet sees Vienna looking at a book of men, she then warns Henry, she explains that the men are gonna be potential sperm donors, Janet warns Jack not to come in. Katie collapses while at work, Brad checks to see if she's alright. Janet meets up with Jack in Old Town and doesn't warm up to Janet's latest ploy. Carly sees Craig in his car outside Johnny's school, he says that he's worried about his son's first day at kindergarten, cause he was so happy and didn't say goodbye to his own father. Brad insists on taking Katie to the hospital so that Bob can take a look at her. Katie gets terrible news from Bob that she isn't pregnant, and doesn't think they should continue trying to have a baby cause he needs to run more tests and thinks Katie has some sort of infection. Jack tells Janet and says someone's been sneaking around the elementary school, he gets there and sees that it's Carly and Craig. Vienna dreams of giving birth to a baby and not having anyone to share it with. Bob says that he didn't say she could get pregnant just not right now, Brad tells Katie that she has nothing to be sorry about. Craig gets Carly to admit she likes him.moreless
  • Ep. #13451
    Ep. #13451
    Episode 214
    Casey and Alison gets on each others nerves while at the hospital, Matt then intervenes and says for Alison to tell Casey the truth about, he says that kiss he saw was totally fake. Dusty is eager to locate Paul so he lays into some officers to do their jobs faster. A security guard catches Paul and Josie in a room, they cover by saying that they're extras coming in to shoot some scenes. Paul tries to do the right thing. Matt stops Jade from going to find Casey. Holden tells Dusty that Jack notified him of the case cause he's family. Casey and Alison talk on the hospital roof and decide give their relationship a second thought. Josie and Paul are out in the snow and make plans to go down to Florida, but it's put on hold when Josie's car is missing. Noah wants to know what Luke is looking at, he says it's an apartment, Noah says no and that he isn't ready and neither is Luke. Dusty tells Meg that his P.I. tracked down Josie's car in Brooklyn, he then makes plans to go to New York. Paul calls Meg and tells her he's going to bring Eliza home tomorrow. Dusty finds Josie and asks where Paul and the baby are. Meg tells Holden that Paul changed his mind and is bringing Eliza back. Paul gets attacked and the guy steals the car with Eliza in the back.moreless
  • Ep. #13452
    Ep. #13452
    Episode 215
    Carly tells Henry if things don't improve and soon they'll be closed by March, Henry then gives her a drink that he made special. Dusty demands that Josie tell him where Paul and Eliza are, Josie says he's on his way back to Oakdale. Brad comes home and sees Katie looking beautiful in her nightgown, and stops cause he doesn't think it's a good idea. Paul calls Meg and says that something happened and that their daughter is gone. Brad wants Katie to make him a promise about them not having sex. Henry samples his drink and realizes that it's not as good as he'd hoped. Dusty doesn't believe Josie's claim that Paul had a change of heart and is bring Meg's daughter home. Meg wants Paul to tell him where he is, he refuses until he can bring Eliza home. Meg's worst nightmare comes true. Paul calls Barbara and explains what happened that he was carjacked and desperately needs her help. Carly and Craig embark on a business venture, and says that she needs her own brand of vodka that has a label of her design. Dusty is gonna check all the rental places that Paul has gone and Josie will be going with him and isn't taking any chances. Barbara arrives in New York, and tells Paul that she brought Meg with her, she's then irate at what he's done with Eliza. Brad finds Henry in the bar at the Lakeview, Henry tells Brad that there are ways to be careful. Katie plays a mean trick on Brad by not taking her birth control pill. Dusty and Josie come across, Barbara, Paul and Meg and learn that Eliza was taken by a stranger in Paul's car. Carly says something that Craig likes and that the name of the vodka is going to be called Midnight Sun.moreless
  • Ep. #13453
    Ep. #13453
    Episode 216
    Josie insists that Paul find Eliza with his special gift, Meg says to do what he has to do and gives Paul her baby blanket. Janet doesn't seem that she should be there at Sage's play, but changes her mind when she'll need all the support possible. Craig tells Carly that he arranges a meeting with a distributor and it's this afternoon, Carly says that she can't, Craig says that she'll have plenty of time to be back for Sage's play. Paul has a vision of a dog pulling a sled. Paul, Meg, Dusty and Josie find the statue in Central Park, Meg and Dusty take the place of a couple buying a baby. Carly and Craig go back into their meeting cause Ari wants to start production immediately. Jack has to cover for Carly when she makes a mistake. Janet finds a way to get closer to Sage by doing her hair and makeup. Josie goes to great lengths to save Eliza, she's then knocked out and put in the car by the kidnappers. Carly tells Craig to get her back home in time. Paul wonders where Josie went and realizes that she's gone, so they go back to where the car was stolen to check out the neighborhood. Carly makes it just as the show ends and blames Craig. Josie throws her bracelet in the snow hoping someone will find it. Sage asks Carly how she thought of her performance, but says that she was amazing. Dusty finds Josie's bracelet and Meg hears a baby crying nearby. Craig tells Carly that they're going to be richer beyond their wildest dreams. The police arrive and arrests the kidnappers and Paul as well.moreless
  • Ep. #13454
    Ep. #13454
    Episode 217
    Matt tells Alison that he's staying in Oakdale and got a job bartending at Yo's and wants Alison to join him tonight, Matt then shares his good news with Casey but changes his mind to come when Alison will be there. Luke asks Noah to come to Casey's 21st birthday party tonight cause he's gonna so psyched. Jade asks Casey what his plans are tonight, but says he'll spending the night when his parents are away. Vienna asks Katie why she isn't upset that she stopped trying to have a baby, Katie confides in her that she stopped using birth control and Brad has no idea. Jade tells Luke that Casey is on his way. Elwood shocks Casey when he arrives cause he got released from jail early. Luke warns Reg not to hang around Elwood cause he tried to set up Casey at one point. Elwood gets Casey riled up when he mentions Alison's erotic movies and punches him, Alison leaves cause of it. Reggie then passes out on the floor, Elwood quietly leaves, Luke then has him rushed to the hospital, but the doctor says that he didn't make it. Brad tells Katie that what they have is all about trust and feels safe and could tell her anything. Henry catches Vienna in the act and says that children is something he doesn't want. Luke sees as pills fall out of Reg's coat and remember seeing Elwood and him selling Reg the pills. Casey and Jade go back to his place and start making out, Alison is then shocked at the sight of Jade and Casey and leaves. Noah stops an enraged Luke, Elwood comes around the corner and Luke lays into him calling him a murderer.moreless
  • Ep. #13455
    Ep. #13455
    Episode 218
    Margo and Tom return from their trip, and learn from a cop at the station that a teenager overdosed at Casey's birthday party last night. Luke and Noah get and eyeful when they see Jade and Casey together. Margo goes to talk with Alison and says it was Reg who died, but Alison says she didn't know it was him, Margo then sees Matt and that he got released early. Craig tells Carly the bad news about Ari backing out, but set up a meeting with another distributor in New York. Carly is caught off guard by a kiss from Craig. Tom comes home to a surprise and calls Margo saying that Casey has been busy. Craig takes Carly to a restaurant to do some research for their venture, but assures it's only business. Casey meets up with Elwood hoping he can teach him a lesson, he then tells Luke and Noah that he planted drugs on him. Alison tells Casey that she knows that he took Jade home and had sex with her, Matt reaches out and comforts Alison after what Casey says to her in return. Noah says that planting the drugs in Elwood's backpack was illegal and that he and Luke didn't exactly the drug deal. Tom shows up at Java and asks Casey what he's doing with Jade. Luke tells Margo that he thinks he saw Elwood selling Reg drugs outside of Yo's, Margo's asks him to be brought in, Margo searches his bag but doesn't find anything and says he can go which puzzles Luke and Noah. Tom tells Margo that Jade was Casey's overnight guest.moreless
  • Ep. #13456
    Ep. #13456
    Episode 219
    Carly wakes up after a massive hang over, and after a call from Craig she remembers them sharing a kiss. Paul tells Barbara that he plans to plead guilty. Carly calls Lily and says that she has a business proposition for her. Josie thinks that Paul should do some growing up and not be father to Eliza in jail. Holden tells Dusty that he's sorry for the harsh things he said to him when Eliza was missing. Lily is impressed with Carly's proposal in her Midnight Sun vodka venture and doesn't think it's a good idea for them to be partners, she then agrees to take a look at it and then she'll get back to her. Josie tells Meg that she wants her to understand that she's going to testify on Paul's behalf. Lily runs into Craig at the Lakeview and says that Carly offered to make her a partner, Craig then tries to hide is chagrin, he then goes to talk with Carly. Lily asks Holden what he thinks of her and Carly being partners. Craig is outraged at Carly going to Lily, when he came up with the whole idea. Meg goes to see Paul after hearing from Josie that he's given and refuses to have a lawyer, and goes to see him against Dusty's warnings. Craig takes back control, when learning that Lily backed out of Carly's offer, Craig thinks he doesn't want a partner that he can't trust.moreless
  • Ep. #13457
    Ep. #13457
    Episode 220
    Parker and Liberty read Johnny the story of Pinocchio; Parker (Pinocchio) is built by Jack (Geppetto) and Carly (The Blue Fairy) brings him to life. Pinocchio and Liberty (Liberty Cricket) run into some shady people. Pinocchio lies to The Blue Fairy and his nose grows. Then he tells the truth and it makes him a real boy. Barbara then reads the story of sleeping beauty; Bob (the merchant) is confronted by the Beast and says he wants his daughter. Meg (the beauty) breaks the spell and returns to his Prince Paul persona. Dusty then reads the story of Rumpelstiltskin; Meg (Miller's Daughter) is told by Dusty (the King) to turn all the paper into gold then he'll marry her. Craig (Rumpelstiltskin) offers to help her with the task, the king is them impressed and marries the fair maiden. Rumpelstiltskin threatens to take away hers and the kings daughter, but he won't if she can guess his name. The King overhears him say his name, she guesses his name, and he then vanishes and the King and Queen live happily ever after. Craig begins telling Johnny the story of Cinderfella; Craig (Cinderfella) is stuck cleaning while Barbara (his stepmother) and Margo and Katie (stepsisters) went to the ball. He is then visited by Parker (Fairy Godfather) and he helps him go to the ball to capture the fair Princess (Carly), the princess is intrigued, by runs away before the clock strikes midnight, Major Domo (Jack) comes looking for the man who can wake Princess up, he does so and they live happily ever after. Meg reads the story of The Wizard of Oz; Meg (Dorothy) runs into Dusty (Scarecrow), Craig (Tin Man), and Paul (Cowardly Lion) on agrees to go see Bob (Wizard of Oz) and encounter Barbara (Wicked Witch of the West). The wizard vanquishes the witch and Margo (Glinda) tells Dorothy to click her heels together and say "There's no place like home."moreless
  • Ep. #13458
    Ep. #13458
    Episode 221
    Carly tells Henry that the vodka idea isn't gonna happen. Craig runs into Lily and says that Carly lied to her and says that the Midnight designer vodka was his idea, and Carly turned to her to use her money to go around him. Dusty tells Meg that Paul's sentencing is this afternoon and that he plead guilty to all counts. Barbara tells Paul that she isn't going to sit back and let him destroy his life, Paul threatens to never speak to her again if she goes to talk to Meg. Lily confronts Carly about her deceit, but Lily doesn't want to hear any explanations. Carly and Lily get their plan, by getting Henry to get rid of Edie so Carly can meet with Mr. Siegler at the Lakeview. Meg prepares for Paul's hearing after he pleads guilty to kidnapping, but the judge tells Paul that he's not sending him to prison. Carly and Lily team up against Craig, their plan almost works until Craig catches on to Carly's plan. Dusty says to Meg that he'll do whatever to keep Eliza away from Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #13459
    Ep. #13459
    Episode 222
    Katie tells Brad that she got her period, Brad wants to know what's really wrong. Herny arrives at the diner and sees that Vienna isn't there, and has a pregnancy test with him to see if she's pregnant. Paul tells Josie why didn't see leave well enough alone and let him go to prison. Meg admits that she still loves Paul and isn't going back to him or take any money from him. Dusty gets something from a messenger and is disturbed. Margo hopes she can have a talk with Katie, but makes plans to see a fertility specialist. Paul kisses Josie, and she says for him to stop and slaps him. Henry tells Brad he caught Vienna poking holes in his condom, Brad then realizes something and the two of them take off. Margo asks why can't Katie let nature take it's course. Dusty confronts Paul with the papers about turning over Fairwinds to Meg, Dusty says that she won't take his money. Brad runs into Margo and sees Katie and she's almost caught in a lie, Margo says she doesn't like being apart of her situation. Meg learns that Dusty intercepted Paul's transferring of his assets to her, and says that she'll deal with Dusty. Josie tells Dusty that she's leaving town this time for good this time. Brad is honest with Katie about what Henry told him and he was looking for her diaphragm earlier, she admits she threw them out, and covers when by saying she was getting some new ones. Josie tells Dusty to try and find himself and he could have a family with Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13460
    Ep. #13460
    Episode 223
    Casey is distracted while having lunch with his mother when Matt and Alison come into Al's Diner. Elwood gets in Luke's face and says he had nothing to do with Reg's death. Jade and Lily go shopping at Fashions, Lily wants to know how she's gonna pay for it when she doesn't work, Jade says for Lily to try on a dress, she then goes and tells Emily to buy her the dress cause she did what she asked, Lily then wonders what Jade was doing talking with Emily. Kevin says that it's possible that Elwood is innocent, Luke tells Noah that he plans to break into Elwood's room at Oakdale U, he's then caught by Elwood, Kevin and campus security. Alison tells Emily that she saw Jade and Casey having sex in his house. Noah tells Luke that he should have listened to him and left well enough alone, Margo then insists on calling either Lily or Holden and explain his situation, Luke then shows him the note that he took from Elwood's dorm room and find out this "M" person is. Emily confronts Jade by saying that she wanted to keep Alison away from Casey not to sleep with him herself, Casey walks in and sees them talking. Lily wants Luke to explain himself in why he did what he did. Elwood agrees to give Luke another chance if he apologizes to him, Luke refuses but realizes he has no choice. Casey thinks that the mysterious "M" person is Matt when he finds him where the hospital drugs are. Jade tells Lily that Casey cancelled their plans and goes to give the dress some use.moreless
  • Ep. #13461
    Ep. #13461
    Episode 224
    Craig brings some samples by the house for Carly to try later, she says to put them in the fridge and is late for a meeting with Sage's teacher. Katie heads to her appointment and lies to Brad and says she's going in to shoot some promos for sweeps. Parker and Liberty come home and go into the fridge looking for a soda and end unknowingly take the cans with the vodka in them and drink them. Jack says to Carly that she's on time for the meeting with the teacher. Craig runs into a drunk Parker and Liberty in Old Town while running an errand for Janet. Brad learns that Katie lied when he comes looking for her at WOAK and wonders where she could be. Jack tells Carly that the meeting went rather well, cause Sage never had trouble in school before, Jack thinks it's because of him marrying Janet and she hasn't fully accepted it. Henry shares his good news that Vienna isn't pregnant, Brad says that Katie lied to him about being at the studio when she wasn't. Craig brings Parker and Liberty into Al's Diner and realizes that they've been drinking, Craig says that he brought some flavored vodka to the house and they probably didn't know what was in it, Janet then scolds Craig. Katie continues with her charade, by saying that it's for Brad's birthday, he starts to feel foolish, Katie starts to feel pains. Craig brings Parker home and gets him into bed, Carly and Jack find that Craig is there to, Carly is shocked as to what Parker and Liberty had gotten themselves into and goes to stop Janet before she can tell Jack. Carly says that despite the slip-up she still wants to be partners with Craig.moreless
  • Ep. #13462
    Ep. #13462
    Episode 225
    Lily tells Holden that Luke was in trouble yet again and didn't tell him cause she promised. Derek runs into Jade and overhears her conversation on the phone and hopes to make amends with his daughter and to give him a break and didn't know Rose was pregnant, Jade says that he could have stepped up but didn't. Casey asks Matt why he was late and if he has a little business going on the side, Alison says for him to stop harassing him. Jade runs into Casey and she sees Matt and Alison at Al's and knows why he's upset. Holden tells Lily that he thinks that what Luke is going through has to stop. Noah says to let the police handle Elwood, Luke says that the cops aren't doing anything. Casey tells Noah and Luke that he thinks that the dealer is Matt cause he seen around the hospital medicine cabinet. Jade realizes that Matt might be the drug dealer and Casey wants her to make a "drug purchase" in order to get Matt. Luke makes a promise that Noah knows he can't keep. Alison spoils Jade's plan and tells Matt that Casey put her up to buy drugs from him. Margo questions Luke and Noah in their part to frame Elwood by planting drugs on him and where are they now. Derek says to Jade whether she likes it or not he does care about her and she doesn't need to but drugs. Casey is upset when Margo discovers evidence against him and says he didn't know how that got there, Alison arrives and he bets that she does. Matt tells Jade that Casey tried to set him up and he'll expect something like that in return.moreless
  • Ep. #13463
    Ep. #13463
    Episode 226
    Casey tells Margo that he thinks that Matt is dealing and in fact set him up, Alison says that it's outrageous. Henry meets with Brad and Katie in the Lakeview lounge, Vienna comes in and says that she found the pamphlet about having a vasectomy. Casey is sad that Margo doesn't believe that he isn't dealing drugs. Katie is shocked to learn that Brad was in on Henry having that pamphlet. Margo tells Casey that she hopes he's telling the truth and if he's lying there's nothing she can do to keep him from going back to jail. Margo tells Tom she has no choice but to order a search warrant to go through Casey's things, she tells the cop to go through his room. Jade tells Casey that Alison told Matt that she was scoping him out, Casey says that Margo found pills in his backpack, Jade says that Matt was going to do this. Casey gets physical with Matt at the station. Brad comes home and finds Katie collapsed on the floor and sees that she's bleeding and takes her to the hospital. Matt lets it slip that he knew that Casey had drugs on him, Margo asks him how he knew and learns that Alison told him. The officer shows Margo what he found money in Casey's room, Casey admits that it's his. Brad is told by the doctor that Katie's fallopian tubes ruptured and is shocked to learn that Katie was taking fertility drugs, and Vienna confirms that she is. Margo asks Casey where he got the money from, he says he got it from a time he went to the track. Brad tells Katie that he forgives her and is glad that he didn't lose her, Katie says that she's sorry and wanted to surprise him. Jade says that she and Casey had a great night and blew her off and isn't going to help him. Matt and Alison share a passionate kiss. Margo arrests Casey cause the pills are the same ones that killed Reg.moreless
  • Ep. #13464
    Ep. #13464
    Episode 227
    Katie again apologizes to Brad for rushing into wanting to have a child. Barbara realizes that Dusty and Meg aren't together anymore, Meg says they were never really together to begin with. Paul is introduced to Ashley when she comes into Fairwinds. Craig puts Carly on the spot by saying that the Midnight Sun vodka launch party is at Metro tonight. Craig tells Carly that he has to watch Johnny tonight, so he gets an idea and gets Parker to watch him and that everything will go as planned. Katie thinks there's something Brad isn't telling her, Brad says that there's no chance that she'll ever get pregnant, even if she does it won't last the full nine months. Carly puts her trust in Craig. Paul tries to forget about Meg. Katie gets a generous offer from Vienna that she'll carry her baby for her. Meg sees Paul and Ashley go into the lounge at the Lakeview. Barbara learns that Carly is going into business with Craig by creating some designer vodka, Barbara warns her that it'll end in disaster. Parker says hello to Paul and sees that he's busy with Ashley. Brad brings Katie home and wonders what made her smile before they left the hospital. Craig sees what a beautiful dress that she has on and has to do something before coming to the party. Paul tells Barbara that he made Meg jealous and thinks this could be the reason to getting her back. Carly greets her guests at Metro for the tasting.moreless
  • Ep. #13465
    Ep. #13465
    Episode 228
    Carly serves the bar owners some Midnight Sun vodka samples while waiting for Craig to arrive. Lucy shocks everyone by returning to Oakdale including Craig and says she wants to make peace with her father. Liberty sees Parker taking care of Johnny at Al's, and suggests that they see a movie. Parker gets Dusty to watch Johnny while he goes to the movies with Liberty. Carly waits for Craig to show up. Craig promises to have the kidnapping charges dropped and takes Lucy to the police station, but realizes that he lied and Craig says now she knows how he felt. Janet and Sage see Parker and Liberty making out in the movie theatre. Craig tells Dusty that Lucy is back in town and thinks it was Lucy and his plan all along, but had Lucy arrested for kidnapping. Parker and Liberty show up at Al's and don't see Dusty or Johnny anywhere, and try to look for him before Craig does. Janet must cover Carly's mistake by making sure Jack doesn't see her drunk. Dusty tells Jack that he's not going to testify against Lucy. Craig is not pleased with Parker's decision that he left Dusty to look after Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #13466
    Ep. #13466
    Episode 229
    Carly tells Craig that last night's party was a disaster, Craig says that the vendors will just have to wait and says he put Lucy in jail where she belongs. Margo tells Casey that since he's on parole is the reason that he was denied bail. Meg learns that Lucy is out of jail and is going to be reinstated at Memorial. Jade tries to help Casey by enlisting her father's help by asking him to do some digging on Matt. Alison tells Matt that there's something about Casey's arrest that doesn't make sense since he doesn't do drugs. Carly brings Johnny to the hospital and is surprised to see Lucy there, Carly then calls Craig and tells him that she's here at the hospital. Derek tells Jade that he didn't say he wouldn't help her. Craig threatens to have a restraining order barring Lucy from seeing Johnny, Johnny asks if Lucy can come live with them. Carly says to Craig that her and Johnny running into Lucy wasn't a coincidence. Alison comes to see Casey and says that she knows that he doesn't sell drugs and is on his side, and that she believes him. Meg runs into Dusty and end up going to see the same movie. Derek tells Margo that he found some information on Matt that she might find interesting. Carly tells Craig does he really want to seperate Johnny from his sister. Margo goes to see Matt and tells him what she found about what he's been up to since he's been behind bars and she has her eye on him, Alison says to Matt how could he lie to her like that. Lucy tells Craig that the reason she came back for them to be a family and nothing more. Alison tells Matt she believes that he isn't dealing but someone out there is and wonders who it is. Craig tells Carly that he's gonna try and forgive Lucy.moreless
  • Ep. #13467
    Ep. #13467
    Episode 230
    Katie meets up with Vienna at Fashions, she then shows her some maternity clothes. Luke tells Elwood that they know who "M" is and that he's next. Brad asks Henry to help him with some papers to look into him and Katie adopting a child. Casey says that Matt is the one that's dealing drugs, Alison thinks that it isn't and the person is still out there and comes to a conclusion that he made a mistake with Nevins. Luke tells Noah that Elwood was totally freaked about the mysterious "M" person. Luke tells Kevin that he thinks that Elwood is involved with the drugs at Oakdale U, Elwood then calls Luke and says that he's right and does not about why it's happening to Casey and asked to meet him at the bridge on Mill road. Luke calls Alison and she says to Casey that Elwood is ready to talk, Casey says for her not to say anything to anyone else. Brad shows Katie the papers to mail to the adoption agency, Katie's suggestion about having a baby shocks Brad. Alison calls and tells Matt thinking she could trust him and says that Luke is gonna meet with Elwood and he's gonna explain everything and then to the police. Henry is stunned to learn from Vienna that she offered to carry Brad and Katie's baby for them and is against it. Noah and Luke go towards Elwood on the bridge a car speeds and Elwood goes over the bridge on the rocks below. Mark comes into Al's hoping to make amends with what he did to her during Halloween, Kevin tells Mark that now that she accepted apology he can leave her alone. Matt comes into Al's and tells Alison he's sorry he's late cause someone stole his car. Margo tells Luke and Noah that Elwood was murdered and that they are her only two witnesses. Alison brings Matt to the police station to file a police report about his car. Alison then learns of Elwood's death, Margo says that the car on the bridge is registered to Matt, Alison sees that Matt disappeared.moreless
  • Ep. #13468
    Ep. #13468
    Episode 231
    Dusty comes to the hospital to talk with Lucy about her getting Craig to let him visit Johnny. Emily sees Paul in Old Town with Eliza as he has one of his supervised visits. Craig tells Carly they have a meeting with Stan and she'd better get ready. Dusty and Lucy's closeness upsets Meg. Dusty congratulates Meg on her first day back at work and to meet with him in half an hour when her shifts over, she rushes home and sees Paul bringing Eliza home. Craig allows Lucy to watch Johnny while he has his meeting with Carly. Paul asks Emily out to the Lakeview cause Meg will be there as well. Lucy calls Dusty to come over to cause she's ordered room service for them. Stan hits on Carly and plants a kiss on her, she tries to stop but he won't, Craig arrives and punches him in the face and tells him to get out. Dusty calls Meg and says that something came up and can't make it and has a good time with Lucy and Johnny. Meg tells Paul and Emily that she knows what they're doing and it's not working cause she's not jealous of Emily. Craig calls to check on Lucy unaware that Dusty is there and says his meeting is over. Dusty comes by the farm to apologize to Meg for standing her up and sees that she got all dressed up. Paul is glad that Dusty didn't show up for his date with Meg thinking she's using Dusty to get to him. Dusty and Meg share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #13469
    Ep. #13469
    Episode 232
    Craig tells Carly that one of the drawings she did is perfect for their label and have to go to Chicago for a meeting. Jack tells Janet that he cleared it with Henry and gave her the day off today. Craig and Carly give in to the effects of alcohol. Henry doesn't like Vienna's new idea. Carly calls Parker and says that she'll be in Chicago. Jack shows Janet some land around Emma's farm and says it'll be perfect to build. Katie tells Brad that fertility specialist says she's not a candidate for in vitro cause her eggs aren't viable. Parker and Liberty decide to skip school and go study at his place and have a pizza. Carly and Craig agree to get a hotel room to sleep off so they can get back home. Parker and Liberty smell smoke and immediately get out of the house. Janet immediately impresses Jack with her ideas for their house. Craig and Carly laugh and end up kissing each other, Carly thinks he set the whole thing up. Jack gets a call saying that there was a fire at Carly's house. Katie and Brad go to Vienna possibly donating one of her eggs, Henry is against the whole idea. Carly comes home and Jack realizes that she's been drinking and thinks the best part to separate Liberty and Parker is to send him the boarding where J.J. is. Parker calls Liberty and explains what Jack is going to do and says that they should run away together.moreless
  • Ep. #13470
    Ep. #13470
    Episode 233
    Alison thinks of how she could be so stupid, Casey says that he's been there. A cop tells Margo that it was the car that go after Elwood, and thinks that she should come and see something. Kevin asks Noah and Luke if the police have caught Matt yet, he then ups and leaves Noah tells Luke that was pretty weird and thinks that Kevin knows who really killed Elwood and Reg. Casey tells Alison that the charges were dropped against him and they should have a do over. Margo sees that Matt's car was hotwired and tries to figure out why he would do that. Casey confesses his feelings to Jade and they should remain friends and that he and Alison are gonna try again. Margo goes to Alison and gets her to call Matt and get her to meet him somewhere, cause she has proof that he wasn't driving his car that killed Elwood. Alison gets in harm's way when Mark shows up needing her and takes her. Lily tells Jade that at least that Casey was honest with her and that she can move on. Margo tells Casey that Matt might not be the one who's doing this. Noah and Luke convince Kevin to do the right thing by giving up Mark to the police. Alison learns that Mark is the person behind the deaths, he threatens to inject drugs into Alison, her phone rings and it's Casey, but pretends that it's Matt and says to come to the warehouse. Matt arrives and gets Mark off of Alison, Casey shows up and punches Matt thinking he did this to her. Mark gets on the bridge and slips Luke and Noah help him up. Alison tells Casey that Mark did this to her and not Matt, Matt arrives and Casey apologizes. Margo arrests Mark and gets statements from both Luke and Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #13471
    Ep. #13471
    Episode 234
    Henry tells Katie that despite everything he hasn't changed his mind about Vienna carrying her and Brad's baby. Emily comes by to see Paul, and immediately hears Meg and hides, Meg tells Paul that it was wrong with the way she acted and thinks they they start seeing other people. Dusty overhears Lucy saying to Craig that she wants to spend as much time with Johnny as possible. Dusty and Lucy are almost discovered. Vienna tells Brad to take her home cause she's not feeling very well. Craig comes to the Lakeview and Meg tells him not to go upstairs, he does and Meg warns Dusty that he's on his way up. Dusty manages to get away before Craig arrives, Lucy's then nervous when Craig sees a picture that Johnny drew but is relieved when Craig says that it looks just like him. Meg tells Dusty that next time he and Lucy are on their own when it comes to Craig, they then kiss and start to make love. Paul goes up to Dusty's room and hears that Meg is in there, Emily then stops him from kicking the door in. Paul starts to form a new plan. Henry catches Vienna and Brad in a close moment as he's rubbing her shoulders. Brad comes to the news that Henry agreed to let Vienna carry their baby, Brad said that he blew it big time. Paul confronts Lucy about what she's really doing back in Oakdale. Henry apologizes to Brad and says that Vienna can carry their child.moreless
  • Ep. #13472
    Ep. #13472
    Episode 235
    Liberty learns that Vienna is gonna carry Brad and Katie's baby. Jack says to Carly he may not have a choice but to send Parker to East Lake boarding school, Parker says that he's not going anywhere. Janet tells Brad that their daughter and Parker got into something the other day. Craig realizes that picture is of Dusty and not him and is immediately on to Lucy's game and calls Lucy and asks her to watch Johnny again, Lucy calls Dusty and says for him to come over. Janet can't say the right thing. Lucy gets caught red-handed and Craig lays into her for betraying him and says that he no longer has a daughter. Liberty learns that Jack is sending Parker away to boarding school and is immediately upset. Parker runs into Liberty and says that he's going to leave town and wants her to go with him. Jack tells Carly that she spent to much time going on business trips with Craig to keep Parker in line. Gus tells Parker that he's loaning him his car and will be in the school parking lot. Liberty says that she can't stay without Parker and she agrees to go away with him and goes and says goodbye to Brad but doesn't tell him about her plans. Parker tells Carly that he'll try East Lake out for a while, when she goes into the kitchen he takes money out of her wallet. Brad cheers a down Katie by promising that everything will work out just fine. Carly has a drink of vodka hoping it'll ease the pain a bit. Parker and Liberty hit the road and leave their lives in Oakdale behind them.moreless
  • Ep. #13473
    Ep. #13473
    Episode 236
    Carly calls Jack and says that Parker is alright with the whole boarding school thing and is preparing a celebratory to send him off. Janet tries to call Liberty, Parker tells her not to answer her phone cause it'll be easy for them to trace the call. Lucy goes to see Carly and thinks she can get through to Craig about giving her another chance. Meg approaches Dusty and he says he doesn't want company but says that she can stay. Parker tells Liberty that they should hit the road and get something to eat when they further distance themselves from Oakdale and Parker thinks that Liberty is stalling and doesn't want to go. Sage mentions her class trip, Carly sees that there isn't any money in her wallet. Dusty tells Meg that Craig caught on that Lucy was letting him see Johnny. Lucy runs into Johnny in Old Town and continues to get the cold shoulder from Craig. Sage comes downstairs and says to everyone she thinks that Parker is gone, Carly goes up and sees that all of his clothes are gone and must have taken off with Liberty. Dusty and Meg's bond is strengthened. Johnny secretly tells Lucy that he saw Parker in the car with the license plate that said "BOO BOO". Carly decides to go and look for Parker but Craig says she's in no condition to drive, Sage says to let go of her mother. Lucy calls Craig and says she knows where Parker and Liberty are in a mall in Chicago, Craig is followed by Lucy and they spot Parker and Liberty but they run off, they catch up to them and Lucy says to them what it was like being on the run with Johnny. Carly thanks Craig for bringing Parker and Liberty home, Jack says that nothing has changed and the stunt he pulled proves he's out of control and is going to East Lake, Parker tells Carly not to let him do this. Lucy tells Craig that she told him where to find Parker and Liberty to get on his good graces and if it worked or not.moreless
  • Ep. #13474
    Ep. #13474
    Episode 237
    Emily goes to see Alison as she's being released from the hospital and says that Matt is good for her. Casey makes a last attempt at apologizing to Matt, but Matt doesn't want to hear it and he says to Casey that he'll never get back with Alison. Emily calls Jade and asks her to come to her office. Carly asks Craig how he knew where Liberty and Parker where, he says that Lucy told him. Matt tells Casey that Alison deserves so much better then him and that she's done with him. Alison comes into Yo's as Casey was leaving, and wonders why he was so mad, Matt doesn't tell her what he really said to him and offers for them to go away for a few days. Emily lays into Jade for not doing her job seriously in breaking up Alison and Casey and offers to pay her double. Carly asks Lucy why she let Craig take the credit when it was her who found them and wants to thank the right person. Parker tells Liberty that his parents are using his trust fund to send him to East Lake and got an attorney to try and challenge it and is expecting him any minute. Carly tells Lucy that she'll set up a meeting with her father at the Lakeview. Alison overhears Jade and Emily talking outside her office, and learns that Emily paid Jade to seduce Casey. Craig realizes that Carly set him up and has no right to force something on him. Mr. Shink tells Parker that there is another way to keep them from using the money for the boarding school. Carly threatens to end their partnership if he doesn't resolve things with Lucy. Alison arrives and slaps Jade in the face and tells Casey that Emily was paying her, Casey asks Alison to stay and learns that Matt lied to him about Alison wanting a do over. Craig makes amends with Lucy on one condition to cut Dusty out of her life. Casey wants Emily to have his blessing cause he truly loves Alison. Parker doesn't care about taking his mother to court as long as it means that he stays in town with Liberty. Craig admits to Carly that she was right and still owes him a dinner. Emily tells Jade just to leave Alison and Casey together. Casey and Alison meet up in the park to do some skateboarding after sharing a kiss first.moreless
  • Ep. #13475
    Ep. #13475
    Episode 238
    Brad and Katie try to keep their minds off of sex, until Vienna calls and says that she's ovulating. Henry has a vivid dream of Vienna giving birth to a child that resembles Brad, but still insists on taking her to Memorial. Luke has a hard time letting go that if he didn't go to meet Elwood then he'd still be alive, but Noah says that he should be proud that Mark is caught. Lily tells Lucinda that she and Luke are supposed to be at a meeting about the Foundation today, Lucinda says that she's sick and can't leave the house, Lily apologizes to her mother saying she should have more sensitive about her radiation treatment and admits that she misses Brian. Brad prepares to get ready to make Vienna pregnant. Luke doesn't feel up to having a meeting, so Lily takes his place, she calls Noah and says she could use his help at the meeting. Lily and Noah sees that Brian Wheatley is at World Wide and wonder what he's doing there. Brad tells Kathe that he's having a bit of a problem and that it isn't working. Noah calls Luke and tells him to come to World Wide right away. Henry makes things difficult when he knocks the tray with Brad's sperm, so Katie insists they do it again. Luke arrives and makes a speech of the foundation and says that it can do well without Starglow and he's then surprised with what Brian says on his behalf. Vienna tells Henry that it's just a medical procedure and that he shouldn't be jealous. Lily brings Brian home to see Lucinda, Luke says he was amazing after backing up what he said, Lily thinks that she would be perfect to run things along side Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #13476
    Ep. #13476
    Episode 239
    Parker presents Carly and Jack with an injunction and says that they can't send him anywhere. Emily tells Paul that she went so far as to hire Jade to seduce Casey and Alison overheard them. Dusty sees Lucy in the Lakeview, she says that she can speak to him and they run into Craig and he makes a wrong assumption. Janet tells Liberty that she's not letting out of her sight with what she pulled with Parker the other day. Parker overhears Tom tell Jack and Carly that Parker can't emancipated if he plans on getting married and he can't without parental consent, which gives him an idea. Lucy's behavior intrigues Paul and wonders why she dissed Dusty in front of Craig. Dusty tells Meg that he doesn't think that what Lucy told him was an act. Tom tells Jack that he would advise against taking Parker to East Lake before he can get back to them. Parker calls Liberty and asks to meet with him and says that he may have a way they can do what they want. Janet finds that Liberty is not in the diner and thinks the worse. Jack tells Carly that Parker is missing. Parker tells Liberty that they should be married so they're parents can't tell them what to do, she agrees and kisses him. Paul sees Meg and Dusty in Fashions, she then sees him watching them. Tom tells Carly and Jack that the lawyer that Parker is in fact licensed and can't drag this thing out for as long as it takes. Emily tells Paul that she saw Lucy trying to break into her father's room at the Lakeview. Lucy manages to get in and goes through his Midnight Sun documents, Craig comes back and finds her and makes an excuse for bringing Johnny's medical records, while he's distracted she puts the papers in her purse. Janet tells Jack to sit down with Jack and Parker and talk it out. Parker tells Liberty that he found a state they can get married.moreless
  • Ep. #13477
    Ep. #13477
    Episode 240
    Paul tells Emily to trail Lucy to see what she's up to. Noah tells Luke that he has a solution for his problem and asks him to move in with him. Lucy sees Craig turning his suite upside looking for those contracts for the shipping of his Midnight Sun, and asks Lucy if she has something to tell him. Holden tells Meg that getting involved with Dusty is a bad idea. Lily tells Dusty that someone might get hurt in him seeing Meg cause it happened when they were together. Meg calls Dusty and says that the date thing probably isn't a good idea. Emily tells Paul to focus on Eliza and to stop obsessing about Meg. Lucy's true intentions are revealed. Lucy hands Craig the "missing" contracts which is grateful and she says that he missed while ransacking his room. Noah introduces Luke to Mr. Reese, who'll be their new landlord, but he then learns that they'll be sharing a bed he says that the apartment has been rented, Luke then figures out why. Lucy makes a call to someone and says that she made all the copies of the Midnight Sun start up. Luke starts a new project with Lily in nailing the homophobic who refuses to rent a room to gays. Dusty sees Meg returning a dress to Fashions, and says he should have a say in that. Emily tells Paul she's not backing down and thinks that there's a story here.moreless
  • Ep. #13478
    Ep. #13478
    Episode 241
    Liberty tells Janet and Jack that Brad is going with and on a college road trip, and wants to go but Liberty says she wants it to be a father/daughter thing. Meg and Dusty start to get intimate when they get to his hotel suite but they then stop. Parker tells Carly that he's heading to the hockey finals with his team, when Parker leaves, Craig explains that he doesn't believe what Parker said so he goes into his laptop to see what he's been up to, and they see a site on how to obtain a marriage license. Parker and Liberty arrive at the judge's chambers and says that they have to be married right away and if not then he could lose everything. Paul brings Eliza by the farm to drop her off, when he leaves he learns that Meg is with Dusty in his room Carly comes into the Judge's office and says that this wedding will never happen, Parker tells the judge about the time his mother abandoned him, J.J. and Sage to run off with a jewel thief, Carly attempts to take Parker out, the judge then says that if she touches him he's calling the police because he won't deal with abusive parenting in his chambers. Craig calls Jack and says that Parker and Liberty are in trouble and to come where he is right away. Paul kicks the door in and catches Dusty and Meg together. Judge Whitaker says that he's willing to do whatever he can to protect them even marrying them. Craig tells Carly that Jack and Janet are on there way and could be the force to stop this from happening. Dusty tells Paul to leave when he starts insulting Meg and for doing this to him. Jack and Janet arrive as Parker and Liberty are pronounced man and wife. Paul calls Emily and gives her the go ahead to destroy Meg. Jack does what Parker wants to be treated like an adult and goes and packs his stuff and throws him out of the house.moreless
  • Ep. #13479
    Ep. #13479
    Episode 242
    Carly lays into Jack for throwing Parker and especially Liberty out of the house. Brad tells Katie to stop pacing back and forth and saying they news will comes when they know, Vienna shares good news with Brad and Katie that the procedure worked cause she's pregnant. Liberty tells Parker that the way that he spoke to the judge about his mother and the look on her face was awful. Janet tells Jack that he threw out her daughter without a second thought, and then heads out to go looking for him. Craig finds Parker and Liberty in Old Town offers his help them by getting them a suite at the Lakeview. Jack tells Carly that Parker is probably thinking that he's won and thinking that they'll cave when he comes back home. Janet fills Brad in on Parker's latest stunt and he in fact married Liberty, Brad is then angry and threatens to put Parker in the ground, Janet then says that the way Jack reacted is the same way her parents did when she was pregnant with Liberty. Vienna tells Henry that he can't sleep on the bed and that having sex will probably hurt the baby. Carly is grateful for Craig's help when he calls and says that they're at the Lakeview. Jack says to Carly that he'll always cherish what they shared with the kids, Carly says that he should really hate her right now. Janet keeps a secret from Jack by not telling him where the kids are. Carly literally loses it and she sees Craig and says she doesn't want his help. Henry finally gives into temptation and makes love to Vienna. Parker tells Liberty that it's okay that they don't have sex even if it is their wedding night. Jack wishes that Hal was still here cause he could use some advice right now.moreless
  • Ep. #13480
    Ep. #13480
    Episode 243
    Margo and Tom come to the hospital asking Casey to come to Al's cause they have to talk. Meg can't believe that Dusty is defending Lucy, as Lucy overhears from behind the door. Emily refuses to take part in Paul's plan to get Meg back by having her stab him. Casey refuses to let Tom and Margo off the hook, even after Margo apologizes for arresting and shouldn't have believed him in the first place, Casey then has the impression that his parents think he's useless and storms off. Paul fiercely intentionally cuts himself. Alison comes into Al's and Margo asks her to talk to Casey. Tom comes home to see Casey packing up his things and is ready to move out, Alison then arrives as to Margo's request. Emily see Dusty and Lucy go into the elevator and decides to follow them. Paul comes into the hospital and she is immediately on to him and recognizes and self inflicted wound and it's some ploy to get her to feel sorry for him, Meg says for him to move on just like she did, Paul then threatens Dusty if he goes near Eliza. Emily follows Lucy down to the docks, and overhears her and some guy talking about the manifest shipment of Midnight Sun vodka coming in, she quickly hides when Lucy comes. Casey tells Margo that he accepts her apology. Emily tells Paul that Lucy is going to have a shipment put in with Craig's vodka, Paul then wonders what Lucy is up to and thinks going to her is the only way. Alison thanks Margo for inviting her to dinner. Paul issues a ultimatum to Lucy that he'll turn her over to the cops and to do what he asks and has 24 hours to do so.moreless
  • Ep. #13481
    Ep. #13481
    Episode 244
    Carly goes to the Lakeview hoping to talk to Parker, but Craig sees as Carly is going irate when the guy at the desk refers to them as married. Mr. Shink tells Parker that if things go smoothly, but it doesn't mean that he could gain access to his trust fund right away. Lily thinks that Luke and Noah should use WOAK to convey their message. Kim thinks that this sort of discrimination should be dealt with and to go on the air as soon as possible. Liberty tells Parker that they should deal with money to get by until then, they think that they would do good by working at Java. Craig tells Carly that Parker and Liberty are bound to come back to the hotel eventually. Janet tells Carly that Jack should never find out about them staying at the Lakeview. Craig comes to the station and tells Jack that both Janet and Carly knew the kids whereabouts, he decides to go and talk to them. Kim tells Lily that she has some time and she can go on the air, Lily and Luke explain their values about people being denied equal rights. Parker sees that Janet left the register open, Parker takes it and leaves. Janet discovers the money missing and Jack goes to get it, he catches up to them in Old Town, Parker tries to lie his way out it but Jack ends up taking him downtown. Lily is amazed at the buzz that she created, Mr. Reese comes to the station and offers the apartment to Luke and Noah, but they set some terms that he agrees with. Janet calls Carly and says that Jack has just arrested Parker. Parker tells Liberty that he's not going to back down, and asks if she still loves him, she says that she loves him and Parker says that's what he needed to hear. Luke gets a disturbing note says that if he continues to defend perverts and sinners he'll live to regret it. Parker thanks Craig for getting him bailed out, Craig says that he's on his side. Janet tells Jack that she'll be by his side no matter what.moreless
  • Ep. #13482
    Ep. #13482
    Episode 245
    Lily gives Margo the threatening note that was sent to Luke and she tells Lily that she should stop making personal appearances for a while. Holden tells Luke and Lily that maybe the Gay rally at Metro is a bad idea. Brad and Katie share their news to Margo but she's not necessarily thrilled to learn that they chose Vienna to carry their baby for them and thinks they should have Tom draw up some legal contracts. Henry brings Vienna to the hospital for her appointment and thinks Henry doesn't want to be in there with her, she then realizes that she forgot to notify Brad and Katie. Vienna gets devastating news from the doctor that her ultrasound shows that there is no baby. Luke thanks everyone for showing up and says not even a threatening note can scare them from doing the right thing. Katie and Brad head to the hospital after getting Vienna's message. Luke goes to get something and gets hit by a speeding car and leaves him there lying. Vienna cannot tell Katie and Brad her sad news, Henry says that they're going to find out eventually. Holden goes to the parking lot to help Luke and sees his papers and some blood and tells Noah and Luke that something bad happened to him. Luke is shown in a hospital bed, someone comes in and puts a note with Lily's phone number on it. Vienna storms out crying, Henry goes after her. Margo questions if anyone was following Luke at the club, Lily gets a call and learns that Luke is at Memorial and was a victim of a hit and run. Vienna agrees and signs the papers. Damian Grimaldi returns to Oakdale and is revealed to be the one that rescued Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #13483
    Ep. #13483
    Episode 246
    Luke tells Damian to get out of his room, Holden tells him to get out and Lily realizes that Damian's the one that saved Luke. Parker tells Liberty that he thinks that Jack is serious about sending him to jail, Liberty then has an idea and goes to talk to her mother, they then run into Carly and Craig in the lobby, Craig tells Parker that if he can't say anything to him in front of his mother then he doesn't want to hear it. Lily tells Damian that she's not going to let him hurt Luke ever again and that he isn't welcome. Janet tells Liberty and she agrees to go down to the station for Parker's sake. Lily tells Damien he is not welcome. Damian comes into Java and gives Noah, the watch that belongs to Luke and for him to return it to him. Craig defends Parker by saying that he gave him that money and that he didn't steal anything. Damian is glad that Lily agreed to meet with him at the Lakeview, and comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want Luke to spend Grimaldi money to support gay rights, Damian says that it's not the issue. Jack is devastated when his plan goes awry and Parker is released, Jack then reveals that he had no intention of sending him anywhere he just wanted him to admit what he did. Noah gives Luke his watch and says that Damian isn't so bad and that he was the one that brought him to the hospital. Janet tells Liberty that all she did was tell the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #13484
    Ep. #13484
    Episode 247
    Jack tells Janet that it's possible that Parker will be emancipated and will gain access to his trust fund. Paul tells Lucy that her time is up and he needs an answer and if she's in or out and if not he's going to tell Craig that his daughter is stabbing him in the back. Craig informs Carly that Parker and Liberty in the suite waiting to hear from their lawyer about the court date, and if they plan on skipping town he'll know. Craig calls Lucy and asks if she can look after Johnny while he and Carly is in Bay City. Lucy comes by the shipyards and Craig is suspicious when Cesar recognizes Lucy, but he's careful not to give away that he does know her, Lucy asks to take Johnny on an overnight in Chicago, Craig is hesitant but agrees. Lucy must give in to Paul's demands and tells him that she's in. Paul comes to the hospital, Meg refuses cause she tells him that she's on to his little game. Craig and Carly head back to her house and they get a little tipsy and decide to take go to her room. Meg refuses to let Eliza stay with Paul without a social worker present, Paul threatens to tell Craig that Dusty is in Chicago with Johnny and Lucy. Jack is stunned to find Carly and Craig in bed, the same with Janet as well. Paul insists on Meg staying the night just like old times. Janet thinks that he still prefers Carly as his wife when he says that them being in "his bed". Carly and Craig go back upstairs to finish what they started.moreless
  • Ep. #13485
    Ep. #13485
    Episode 248
    Carly wakes realizes that she slept with Craig, and wonders what she has done and tells him to leave. Parker assures Liberty that he'll pay back Craig for the dress once he gets control of his trust fund. Alison tries to persuade Casey to take some summer classes, Casey says that he isn't going back. Craig tells Parker that he'll regret being emancipated so he can get back at his parents. Jack apologizes to Janet for his slip of the tongue about catching Carly and Craig in "his bed". Margo tries to get Casey to do what Alison suggested him going back to school but Casey doesn't want to hear it. Margo learns from Jack that he caught Carly and Craig in bed together last night. Bob tells Casey that the hospital has to cut some of the staff and he's one of them. Janet tells Craig to butt out and let Carly and Jack settle their differences and become friends. Jack apologizes to Carly for barging in on her yesterday, and they go on to the hearing together for Parker. Bob tells Casey that they're are other jobs out there and he'll find one, he then tells Alison what happened since he'll have a lot of time on his hands. Margo sees that Craig's generosity is actually genuine and comes to the realization that he's in love with Carly. The judge orders a recess and will reconvene and will return with his decision, he then denies Parker's petition and withdraws Carly as trustee, Parker appoints Craig which makes Jack mad thinking this is what he wanted all along. Alison leads Casey in the right direction. Carly confronts Craig about wanting to control Parker's money, Craig says he knew nothing of this would ever happen.moreless
  • Ep. #13486
    Ep. #13486
    Episode 249
    Katie thinks that something is wrong when Henry calls wanting to take her and Brad out to lunch at the Lakeview. Vienna tells that she hasn't been feeling well, Henry says that she'll feel better once they tell Brad and Katie the truth. Holden tells Margo that maybe the person that hit Luke wasn't a stranger and could be Damian. Luke tells Noah that he wouldn't put it past Damian paying someone to run him over, Kim comes out and says that she'll do the promos and that he will have to talk to the donor personally and is shocked to learn that it's Damian, Luke tells Damian that he doesn't want his help or his money and he should stay far away from him. Margo tells Holden and Lily to keep their eyes and ears open concerning Damian. Henry sees that it's possible that Vienna could be pregnant. Lily tells Damian that since she's part owner of WOAK, she'll do the PSA herself, Damian is then outraged and storms out, Lily says that she hopes that he'll try something and Margo can nail him. Vienna tells Henry that she feels she really could be pregnant, and is reminded that they shared after they got homes. Damian lurks around Lily's house to see if anyone's home. Lily and Holden return to find their home broken into, and Ginny says that she saw someone wearing a black coat and gray scarf, Holden calls Margo and says Damian trashed their house. Damian comes to Java and tells Luke that he's leaving. Katie tells Brad that she can feel that something is definitely wrong, Brad suggests that they go up there and find out themselves. Vienna shows Henry the pregnancy test is positive, Henry says to be careful with what she says to Brad and Katie. Holden calls Luke and tells him to go the police station right away. Margo goes to the Lakeview and tells Damian that he's bringing him in for questioning. Vienna plans on giving Brad and Katie the baby since Henry doesn't want it, but shows a different side. Katie suggests to Brad that Vienna should move in that way she can look after her. Margo tells Damian to give him her shoes and that he's a suspect and not to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #13487
    Ep. #13487
    Episode 250
    Paul asks Lucy how it was in Chicago, and asks if she and Dusty slept together. Parker tells Craig that since he's the trustee of his trust fund, he and Liberty can find an apartment. Meg tells Dusty that she stayed at Fairwinds, but not with Paul, cause he threatened to tell Craig that he was with Lucy and Johnny, Paul then walks by the farm and sees them kiss. Janet tells Liberty that she could annul her marriage to Parker. Jack tells Carly that if she wants to do something then get Parker's trust fund away from Craig. Carly calls Craig asking him to come to the house, cause she needs to speak to him. Craig refuses to step down as trustee cause Parker trusts him completely. Parker comes to tell Liberty good news, but wonders what's going on, Janet says to tell him right now. Paul approaches Lucy about not coming through when he just saw Dusty kissing Meg. Carly is grateful for Craig's actions. Lucy is forced to play Paul's game, by saying to Dusty that she's still in love with him, Dusty asks Lucy what is going on and to tell the truth. Liberty doesn't say what her mother wanted her to, Parker says that with Craig as his new trustee they can go back to classes. Jack tells Carly that she's made it clear in who's side she's on. Lucy explains that Paul found that she was using Craig's shipment for her use, and is blackmailing her to keep Dusty away from Meg. Parker needs money for a penthouse that he wants to lease, Craig says he's not getting a dime from him. Paul asks Meg that if he can get a social worker is available then can he see Eliza. Liberty and Parker hit a dead end, and realizes they only place to live at is Carly's house. Jack says to Parker that he did a good thing but going back home.moreless
  • 2-27-2009
    Episode 13466
    Lucy and Johnny reunite. Alison tries to decide whether to believe Matt or Casey. Lucy tries to get her hospital job back.
  • 3-2-2009
    Episode 13467
    Elwood tries to shares information with Luke and Noah about Reg's drug overdose. Brad warms up to Vienna being a surrogate. Matt goes missing.
  • 3-3-2009
    Episode 13468
    Craig stands up for Carly. Paul continues to make Meg jealous. Meg returns to work and can't help but notice how close Dusty and Lucy are.
  • 3-4-2009
    Episode 13469
    Carly's day gets worse when she comes back to her house. Vienna makes an offer that upsets Henry. Parker's convinced Liberty to play hooky.
  • 3-5-2009
    Episode 13470
    Casey gets ambushed by the real culprit of the drug overdose incident. Lily cautions Jade not to be too excited about Casey. Allison is ambushed at the hospital.