As The World Turns - Season 54

CBS (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • 3.31.2010
    Episode 251
    Rocco made the call to have Dusty injured, but not so seriously.
  • 2.23.2010
    Episode 227
    Margo learns that Holden's going to be extradited to Malta to stand trial for Damian's murder.
  • 7-6-2009
    Episode 13555
    Carly lies about creating her own wedding dress. Tom finds an old picture of Riley that looks nothing like him.
  • 7-3-2009
    Episode 13554
    Sage tries to get out of going to her mother's wedding to Craig.
  • 7-2-2009
    Episode 13552
    Carly tires to cover up her drinking problem around Rosanna.
  • 4-24-2009
    Episode 13504
    Liberty reveals to Parker that she wants an annulment. Cesar is murdered. Jack is put in a tough position.
  • Ep. #13739
    Ep. #13739
    Episode 252
    Jack asks Carly to go out on a date with him, but then gets his divorce papers and changes the plans which angers Carly. Katie tells Chris he did really well and won't be long before he gets his own show. Reid interrupts Bob and Kim's lunch and says he's being sued for malpractice. Craig sees Gabriel and learns that Carly hired him. Bob calls Kim and says the champagne is still cold and to come so they can finish their toast. Chris says to Katie that there's someone out there that'll treat her great. Carly calls Morris Calman's office and learns he turned Craig down months ago and didn't put a dime in Monte Carlo and confronts him. Chris has to figure out how to get Bob and Kim to Tom and Margo's. Kim wants to go to the cabin with Bob, but he wants to put it off. Jack and Janet discuss their looming divorce. Katie goes and asks Reid make sure Bob and Kim get to Tom's place. Gabriel tells Carly that Craig just fired him, but says that he's rehired. Kim tells Bob that she wants to be put first and having his job interfere in their marriage. Gabriel overhears Craig telling Ellis about him not worrying about Carly finding out about Parker's trust.moreless
  • Ep. #13738
    Ep. #13738
    Episode 251
    Jack learns from Parker that Janet went to the hospital when she promised she would rest at home. Rocco listens outside as Janet wonders who's responsible for Dusty getting shot. Liberty calls Faith saying if anyone suspects anything in getting her from Minnesota. Rocco calls to get a message to Ralph Manzo. Lily sees that Faith took $700 dollars and Holden says they aren't calling the cops until they have the facts. Janet finds her father in Dusty's hospital room. Parker goes to Molly asking if she knows where Faith is, so they decide to go and look for her. Lily tells Holden that calling Jack was definately the right decision. Janet is surprised when Liberty shows up at Oakdale Memorial. Faith comes home saying she has good news and sees everyone gathered. Jack questions Rocco's motives for allowing himself into Janet's life again and making mysterious phone calls. Lily asks Molly for help in going to talk to Faith.moreless
  • Ep. #13737
    Ep. #13737
    Episode 250
    Liberty does a video blog about her getting the test results to see if the treatment is working. Faith gets stares from girls while with Holden in Old Town. Jack tells Janet to go into her room cause her worry for Dusty isn't good for the baby. Carly confides in Molly she wishes Janet wouldn't get her support from Jack all the time. Faith helps Gabriel get a job in return for her getting him fired. Carly walks in on Janet and Jack hearing their baby's heartbeat, and almost goes and has a drink. Liberty gets the news she's been waiting for and is able to hug Parker. Craig sees someone following him at Johnny's school and it's shown to be Gabriel. Parker refuses to help Liberty get out of the hospital and resume her treatement at Memorial, so she calls Faith and asks her help.moreless
  • Ep. #13736
    Ep. #13736
    Episode 249
    Jack tells Carly that Dusty has a pulse but it's weak. Craig calls Margo saying he's trapped in an elevator at the Lakeview. Luke tells Reid that the meeting with the architect and to dress properly. Janet sees blood on Jack's hands and realizes something happened to Dusty. Carly calls Craig and tells him about Dusty while seeing a pic of Johnny on Dusty's phone. Margo sees the threatening note, but says to Craig she'll need access to all his records at Monte Carlo. Janet insists on going to see Dusty before he's taken into surgery. Craig goes through Old Town and and thinks he's being followed. Luke and Reid get trapped in the elevator and Luke sees that Reid is claustrophobic. Margo thinks she caught a break when an officer finds surveillance footage of everything. Noah comes for his appointment and learns that Dusty was shot. Craig realizes that someone came up to Johnny and talked to him at his school. Margo sees that Jack is right and this wasn't about him wanting Dusty's money.moreless
  • Ep. #13735
    Ep. #13735
    Episode 248
    Parker asks Craig about his trust fund and a rather large sum was taken out recently. Carly invites Jack to the launch party of Monte Carlo, but he says Janet has a doctor's appointment. Faith explains to Lily the reason she's home early is cause she was treated badly at school. Rocco's fed up with always running into Dusty, and says to Teri that he doesn't trust him. Lily allows Faith to go to Minnesota with Parker to visit Liberty. Craig sees that the party is going smoothly and Teri shows him a letter, he says that it's a warning. A drunken Rocco wants to see Janet, Dusty says he knows about his affiliation with Ralph Manzo. Craig asks Ellis if anyone knows about him taking from Parker's trust. Faith tells Lily that Liberty is lucky to have someone like Parker. Jack and Carly go to Metro and they find Dusty unconcious behind the bar and that he was beaten pretty badly.moreless
  • Ep. #13734
    Ep. #13734
    Episode 247
    Holden asks Luke how he's dealing with his breakup with Noah. Faith tells Lily that she wants to go spend some time at the farm with her father. Bob explains to Reid that there's not enough money to finace the new wing. Lily is hurt when she hears Faith asking Molly to take her shopping, Faith admits to Lily that she didn't want to go with her. Chris's first day on the job doesn't go as planned. Luke is mad cause the only reason Reid is being nice to him is cause he wants money. Parker confronts Faith about her leaving the bag of joints in his room, Gabriel covers for her by saying that the drugs are his. Alison helps Chris get in touch with his sensitive side, Katie asks her to join in the segment. Molly tells Faith to stop this little game she's playing with her and Lily and to give her a break. Luke learns of Faith's suspension and also that she's using prescription medication as well. Bob promotes Alison to the position of floor nurse. Luke tells Reid that he can have any amount he wants.moreless
  • Ep. #13733
    Ep. #13733
    Episode 246
    Carly feeling crowded goes to work with Craig in his suite, but he says he has a lunch date with Barbara. Janet tells Dusty and Jack that they're beginning to smother her. Vienna tries to decide what to wear on her date with Henry. Barbara asks Craig how he got this investor to trust him. Carly, Jack and Dusty take care of Janet. Barbara once again attempts to make Henry jealous. Janet is distraught over Liberty's phone call and she asks Carly to take her to Minneapolis. Dusty is irate that someone else got the house before him and gets into it with the new owner prompting the police to be called. Henry asks Craig if he has his eyes set on Barbara. Jack arrives and tells Dusty to back off and he tell him a way he can get the house. Rocco learns that Janet and Jack are divorcing and she's involved with Dusty now.moreless
  • Ep. #13732
    Ep. #13732
    Episode 245
    Barbara lies to Henry and Vienna by saying that Craig is the date she's been waiting for. Jack and Dusty argue over taking care of Janet, but agrees that she can't be moved in her condition. Barbara asks Craig where he got the money to finance Monte Carlo, he confides in Ellis that maybe she's the one that went through his things. Janet agrees to stay in Carly's room despite her objections. Barbara isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. Vienna begins to wonder why she ever came back and storms out, leaving Barbara to pick up the pieces. The mystery man enters Craig's suite and holds a picture of Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #13731
    Ep. #13731
    Episode 244
    Holden and Lily embark on their search for Faith. Parker agrees to let Faith stay in his room. Jack and Dusty clash over Janet's well being. Faith is mad that Parker ratted her out to her parents. Molly tells Carly that she had good intentions in keeping Faith's secret.
  • Ep. #13730
    Ep. #13730
    Episode 243
    Emily runs into Meg thinking she ran away, but she assures her she's on an outing. Molly discovers Faith's secret and for her to tell her parents or she will. Luke gets a glimpse into Reid's turbulent past. Faith promises Molly she'll tell her parents on the trip back to her school. Lucinda offers to pay Molly to get her out of town, but says she's not going anywhere. Reid lashes at one of the nurses and then goes to see Luke. Molly sends a text saying how they took the news from Faith and they go to see what it's all about. Meg says that it was a good idea, she says she wants to spend more time iwth Eliza. Holden and Lily are shocked at Faith being suspended for smoking pot at school.moreless
  • Ep. #13729
    Ep. #13729
    Episode 242
    Luke learns that Noah is basically staying in Oakdale, but Noah isn't moving back in with him. Henry asks Vienna to take things slow with each other cause he's changed since she's been away. Barbara feels that a few years ago she would've and easy foe for Vienna. Alison and Chris have an awkward reunion when seeing him with Bob and Kim at Al's. Reid and Katie come to Henry's room to get the cheque personally. Noah and Luke come to a decision about their relationship. Alison runs into Chris and sees he's taking some shifts at the hospital. Kim thinks it's a good idea to have the broadcast naming the neurological wing after Brad on Katie's show. Henry follows Barbara into the elevator saying they have unfinished business. Katie asks Daniel if he's ever been on television, cause he could offer some advice and help people. Alison offers to be Noah's roommate, he then accepts. Judd confronts Reid in the lounge of the Lakeview says he never forgot about what he did to him, as Luke overhears everything.moreless
  • Ep. #13728
    Ep. #13728
    Episode 241
    Jack is livid at Dusty's idea about him adopting his kid. Barbara decides not to confront Henry and Vienna. Parker tells Janet that Liberty needs her and that she isn't good. Vienna tells Henry is the reason she's back is cause of Henry's generousity. Liberty is upset when Janet is pregnant cause she said she didn't that. Jack is glad that Janet is marrying Dusty and that she's happy. Vienna finds a piece of an earring underneath a pillow. Barbara slips to Lisa thinking she already knew about her with Henry. Henry tries to explain, but Vienna says it's okay since he and her were apart. Carly makes a promise to Parker that everything will finally be okay. Lisa tells Barbara she's seen a little spark in her life since getting involved with Henry. Henry stops his kiss with Vienna and says he can't do this.moreless
  • Ep. #13737
    Ep. #13737
    Episode 240
    Vienna prepares for her reunion with Henry. Janet tells Dusty that if it is his baby then she'll wear his ring. Luke sees a different side to Reid when he sees him holding Jacob in Old Town. Janet becomes upset when Carly arrives at the hospital. Henry goes down to the lobby and sees Vienna. Reid sees that Luke is overhearing a private conversation. Vienne tells Henry that she's proud of him for donating that money to the hospital for a new wing. Barbara sees that Carly is once again teamed up to work on a design company. Jack learns that he's the father of Janet's baby. Luke accuses Reid of being homophobic, and he surprises Luke by saying he's gay as well. Dusty tells Janet that he does want to marry her. Carly realizes when Jack comes by that he's the father and not Dusty. Henry cancels his plans with Barbara. Katie tells Reid the good news of Henry donating that money and his wing can be built, but he decides to head back to Dallas. Barbara catches sight of Henry and Vienna. Janet tells Dusty that she's sorry and she can't marry him after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13726
    Ep. #13726
    Episode 239
    Barbara tells Henry that he's got everything including the Stenbeck fortune. Katie sees that one of the eyes on Jacob's bear is missing and becomes concerned thinking her son swallowed it. Bob once again offers Reid with his skill they can make Memorial the best in the country, he tells Kim he's gonna miss his ego around her. Reid tells Luke that when he says goodbye to Noah, he'd better do it with a smile on his face. Chris Hughes returns to Oakdale and almost runs over Katie, he offers to examine Jacob. Kim comes into Fashions and sees Henry and Barbara, and she hopes she's not interrupting. Chris tells Reid about the time they met years ago in Medical school about how he cheated to get the fellowship. Noah tells Luke that him paying for the surgery isn't going to be a problem. Barbara and Henry make their relationship public. Reid agrees with Henry and Chris by saying he's not the right man for Katie cause he's gay, but Katie says she already knew the truth. Reid sees Luke and Noah kissing. Kim and Bob are delighted at Chris's return, and he asks why would he hire someone like Dr. Reid Oliver. Henry says to Barbara he didn't get the chance to tell Katie about their relationship. Vienna comes to the Lakeview and hopes to be staying indefinately.moreless
  • Ep. #13725
    Ep. #13725
    Episode 238
    Molly takes a photo of Damian and threatens to send it proving him being alive. Holden tells Faith that what she did wasn't her fault, after he leaves she takes a couple pills. Meg tells Emma to stop with the photos of Eliza. Lily and Molly to put one over on Damian backfires. Emily gets a call from Meg asking her to come see her. Luke asks Faith about Damian, and it's important he knows everything, Faith says Damian told her all these lies so he could get to Lily. Meg asks Emily she wants her to step in for her and be Eliza's mother. Damian results in taking Lily by force. Emma tells Paul that he's just a responsible for what happened to Meg then Damian is. Damian tells Lily to get over and for Holden and Molly not to try anything. Meg explains to Emily she knows she's asking alot cause she's with Eliza all the time, and is only til she's better. Emma tells Paul that he's the last person she needs and if he really wants to help her then to leave her alone. Luke sees that Faith is high about she's been taking. Molly causes Damian to look away and Holden grabs the gun and it goes off, the police arrive and arrests Damian. Faith says she got the pills from a roommate when she sprained her ankle while playing basketball. Paul brings Eliza to see Meg at Deerbrook, but she says she's not ready. Luke lays into Damian for what he's done to Holden and to his family, and considers Holden his father and not him.moreless
  • Ep. #13724
    Ep. #13724
    Episode 237
    Holden tells Molly the sooner they prove that Damian's alive they sooner he can get free. Lily doesn't recognize Damian cause the person she knew wouldn't do all these terrible things to the ones she loves. Ellis reminds Craig that him stealing from Parker's trust is grand larceny. Dusty tells Jack that there's something he should know about Janet's baby and it could be his, Jack then shares this revelation with Carly. Lily offers Damian to do the right thing by turning himself in. Craig shows Carly the completed designs, she then thinks the company should go national and says to do whatever he needs to do it. Dusty tells Johnny that he's given him an idea. Faith gets out of the car to see if her mother's alright, but Damian grabs her. Jack asks Janet if this baby is in fact Dusty's. Holden tries to get to Fait, but Damian knocks him out as he drags Lily away. Janet explains to Jack that she's not sure who the father is. Molly unties Faith and they go to look for Holden. Dusty tells Janet to come with him and takes to a house saying it could be theirs to have together and to think about cause he'll wait for her. Lily angers Damian by saying marrying him was the biggest mistake she ever did.moreless
  • Ep. #13723
    Ep. #13723
    Episode 236
    Damian asks Faith to get Lily out to Forest Hills. Holden is desperate to protect his family from Damian. Molly goes to Faith's school pretending to be Lily but Mrs. Gibson recognizes her as the reporter from television. Dusty asks Janet if this baby could be his and not Jack's. Lily agrees to take Faith to Forest Hills to go to her "friends" place. Molly is shocked when Mrs. Gibson describes Damian to the letter as the person that took Faith out of school. Jack confesses his love to Carly, and gets a call and learns Janet is pregnant. Molly tells the guard not to take Holden anywhere and explains to him that Faith was released from school by her "father" but it was Damian. Faith admits that Max is a code, and that the person is Damian and he wants to see her. Carly tells Jack to go be with his wife, but he turns and goes back to see Carly. Holden figures out that Damian is using Faith to lure Lily into a trap. Sage is over the moon when Jack says she and Jack are getting back together. Lily insists on going in there to talk with Damian. Holden fakes a panic attack and subdues the card and escapes. Teri runs into Dusty and Janet is telling Jack that she's pregnant. Lily comes face-to-face with Damian.moreless
  • Ep. #13722
    Ep. #13722
    Episode 235
    Ellis tells Craig that what if Monte Carlo doesn't do as successful as he claims it will. Liberty tells Parker not to come cause she won't be pleasant company. Carly asks Jack to explain to Janet that he doesn't love her and is with her now. Parker goes to Craig wanting money from his trust so he can go and visit Liberty. Dusty proposes to Janet in front of Teri, Janet says he has no right doing this to her, Dusty says she has a right to be happy, she then faints. Liberty is delighted that Parker came to see her, Parker tells Liberty that Jack and Janet are cooking up a plan b to get her better. Teri tells Jack that Janet was rushed to the hospital, he gets a call from Liberty saying she doesn't want him to have a child cause of her. Janet and Jack agree not to have a baby and to end the marriage. Parker provides some laughter to Liberty when coming up with possible names for the baby. Jack tells Carly they can be together now. The doctor insists on examining Janet and says for Dusty to leave the room. Liberty tells Parker that she's really glad he came to see her today. Janet learns that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #13721
    Ep. #13721
    Episode 234
    Lucinda tells Jack that he has all the evidence he needs to release Holden. Faith continues to keep the guard occupied by helping her find a "lost" earring. Dusty goes to see Janet and says he doesn't want her to have a baby with Jack. Carly asks Jack how will she have to wait before he can make up his mind in who he wants to be with. Lily sees Faith with the security guard and asks what's going on. Holden tells Lucinda he thinks that Damian never left Oakdale, and with him in jail he can't protect Lily. Janet asks Dusty to leave before she says something to him she'll regret. Carly tells Janet that she completely supports the idea of her and Jack having a baby as long as it's through IVF and not sex. Dusty tells Jack that he wants Janet and it's clearly that he doesn't anymore. Lily goes to see Holden and tells him things will be great if he can get Molly off her back and for him not having confidence in her about being there for Faith. Molly rund into Faith at Java, and wants to talk to her, she then receives another text from "Max" and immediately takes off. Carly fills Jack in her alternative decision in getting a sibling as a match for Liberty, Jack wants Janet to consider it. Lily has an idea to lure Damian out of hiding by getting a message to him about her wanting to see him. Molly learns someone else picked up Faith from her boarding school that's not her father.moreless
  • Ep. #13720
    Ep. #13720
    Episode 233
    Reid tells Katie that he's excited that he's gonna be heading home to Dallas soon. Noah tells Luke that Maddie had to go back to Wesleyan cause cause she had to finish the last quarter, and will find somewhere else to live and objects to going back to Lily's house. Lily is glad that Faith came home in light of the family crisis regarding Holden. Damian tells Faith to stick to the plan. Henry tells Katie that he doesn't think Reid will leave once he's aquitted. Kim explains to Bob that she can't wait to get Reid out of the hospital and their lives altogether. Damian is unable to get into Lily's house when he sees that security guard come back to his post. Faith gets a text from "Max" and makes an excuse and leaves. Henry stands up and demands to be heard, but the judge dismisses the case. Reid tells Bob that it's gonna take him getting alot of equipment and a neurological wing to get him to stay, Katie knows where he can get that money. Molly is bothered by Faith's behaviour and goes to Holden for her concern. Luke is devastated when Reid reveals his plans to bring Noah back to Dallas with him. Katie calls Vienna hoping she'll come and talk some sense into Henry. Damian watches Lily from outside the door.moreless
  • Ep. #13719
    Ep. #13719
    Episode 232
    Lily calls Faith at her school and says she believes that Holden didn't kill Damian. Craig tells Carly that he doesn't like being used. Molly visits Holden and says that what if Dr. Oliver is right and that person in the photo isn't Damian. Jack tells Dusty to get out, and tells Janet that he knows everything. Craig takes a cord and ties it around the door handle across from the room keeping Carly in the room and from seeing Janet. Faith is shocked when Damian shows up defending her when she's accused of doing drugs. Molly offers to try and track down the man's name to identify the person on the ship that died. Holden offers that Molly and Lily work together to figure out Damian's next move. Carly comes and tells the truth about her and Jack to a stunned Janet. Jack tells Janet that they should pick up where they left off before Liberty got sick which is getting an annulment, but says no matter what they're going to have a baby. Faith reluctantly agrees to Damian's request.moreless
  • Ep. #13718
    Ep. #13718
    Episode 231
    Ellis asks Craig how Carly is gonna react to her stealing from Parker's trust fund. Jack tells Carly that Janet sleeping with Dusty doesn't change anything since he did walk out on her when Brad died. Reid tells Katie to consider getting the inheritance to think about Jacob's future. Katie comes by to tell Henry she's considering taking the inheritance for Jacob, but sees that he's spending it on booze and hookers, as Barbara overhears from the bathroom. Liberty calls Janet and says that he hair is beginning to fall out. Barbara is bothered by Katie's insults and storms out on Henry and he gets his hand caught in the door. Carly tells Craig she wants to start on Monte Carlo to work to get her mind off of things. Jack realizes that Dusty went to Minnesota and goes to see him. Henry goes in to have his hand looked at by Reid, and says to Henry he knows he has feelings for Katie. Katie runs into Barbara at the Lakeview, and they exchange some words. Carly asks Patty if the person asking for Dusty was Jack. Dusty finds Jack in his hotel room and says that they need to have a little talk about his relationsip with Janet. Carly makes plans to go to Minnesota and Craig offers to go and help with finding a location for the business. Henry shows Barbara his injured fingers as a result of the door slamming. Craig learns Carly isn't here to look at warehouse space but to see Jack. Dusty says to Jack that Janet deserves better then him and is in fact in love with her, Janet hears what he said.moreless
  • Ep. #13717
    Ep. #13717
    Episode 230
    Carly is outraged at the thought of Jack and Janet having a baby. Dusty has an idea for Liberty, she wants to know what kind of study he's researching. Parker tells Jack and says that he's worried about Carly and why she's acting so weird. Carly nearly bites Craig's head off when coming to see her, and sees he's not the one she wants to beat up, Craig offers her an opportunity which involves moving to New York. Dusty asks Janet to consider about a cancer research study in Minneapolis they have lots of success and thinks it's good for Liberty and having a baby will only make things worse. Liberty tells Parker that she's noticing that he hair is beginning to fall out and says it's part of the reaction to the chemotherapy and that she'll probably be away this weekend. Carly makes a noise while at Fashions, Jack goes to investigate and sees she ran off in a dress she didn't pay for. Parker wants Craig to give him money from his trust fund so he can visit Liberty, Craig agrees and sees an chance to finance Monte Carlo. Liberty finds more hair on her pillow and doesn't allow Parker to see her on the webcam. Carly spills a secret about Janet to Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #13716
    Ep. #13716
    Episode 229
    Tom tells Holden that he's gonna fight the extradition process. Casey asks Alison if he loves Mick. Luke tells Lily that Reid said that there's no way the person in the photos is Damian. Mick manages to punch Casey knocking him down, he starts wheeling away. Molly takes matters into her own hands to help Holden. Luke tells Reid that he has to be at the extradition hearing to tell him about what he saw in the photo. Casey admits to Alison that maybe he rushed into things, and that he still loves her. Lily tells Holden about the recent discovery that the person in the autopsy photo isn't Damian. Alison finds Mick in the hospital stairwell, and tries to get him to turn himself in. Noah lashes at Reid for not thinking about Luke but only him. Holden stops Molly before she gets herself arrested along with him. Luke is glad when Reid shows up at the station and explains his analysis of the person in the photo not being that of Damian Grimaldi. Franklin says that the extradition is still going through, Holden says that they have to discuss the kids and he doesn't want them to see him in jail. Molly goes on air and makes a statement, which everyone hears, Lily says that this could mean he's not going anywhere. Damian is shown alive and receiving a text, and goes ballistic that Holden's extradition is cancelled.moreless
  • Ep. #13715
    Ep. #13715
    Episode 228
    Paul invites Henry to join him and Emily and says that James's money is all his. Bob asks Alison if Mick is the reason she wants to come back to work. Reid gives Katie two monts rent in advance cause he'll heading back to Dallas soon, he then sees that she doesn't want him to leave. Bob realizes that Casey is plotting revenge against Mick for destroying his relationship with Alison, he says to remember the wedding day before plotting to kill Mick. Mick asks Alison to get him out and take him to the roof so he can feel the sun on his face. Henry goes to Katie with the idea of setting a trust fund up for Jacob, but she flatly refuses. Barbara is stunned to learn that Paul gave his inheritance to Henry. Alison hides Mick as Casey comes on the roof announcing he knows she's up here. Reid makes plans to leave town, but changes when Bob presents him with an interesting neurological case. Barbara and Henry's argument lead them going upstairs to his suite. Casey pushes Mick towards the end of the roof hoping to get him out of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #13714
    Ep. #13714
    Episode 227
    Lily and Molly team up to free Holden. Margo gets word and explains to Holden that the ring is a fake and has no choice but to place him under arrest. Luke asks Holden if he killed Damian. Jack tells Dusty to set up the dvd player for Liberty since he can't go in there. Carly tells Janet that since she slept with Dusty to let Jack go and to admit her marriage is over. Lily confronts Molly knowing that she's the one that sent her that fake ring to make her think Damian was alive. Dusty brings Liberty a punching bag to let out her frustrations on. Carly asks Jack if he's seriously considering having a child with Janet. Holden tells Luke that he and Damian got into it, and he was alive when he carried him on the freighter. Molly tells Lily that she did what it took to help Holden while she didn't lift a finger. Luke runs into Reid while looking for Bob and offers his help to him. Dusty tells Janet he wants to be with her and to listen to what her heart says. Margo tells Molly and Lily that Holden is being extradited. Reid tells Luke there's no way that person in the photos is Damian. Carly tells Dusty about the child that Jack and Janet are planning on having.moreless
  • Ep. #13713
    Ep. #13713
    Episode 226
    Lily shows Holden the gift that Damian delivered, and he's alive. Craig asks Ellis how much would he get if he liquidated all his assets to back Monte Carlo himself. Carly is about to tell Jack about Janet and Dusty's kiss, she's then surprised by Janet's news of how to save Liberty by having a baby. Margo comes and breaks the news that a body was recovered off the coast of Malta and was identified as Damian. Ellis questions Craig's motives in his idea to back his and Carly's company personally. Luke lays into Noah for finally admitting his feelings after pushing him away for months. Holden is glad that Damian's alive and thought for a moment that he did kill Damian. Margo goes down to the docks and questions Arthur about what he saw. Luke tells Lily that Damian couldn't have sent the ring cause his body was found a while ago and that he's dead. Carly goes ranting to Craig of Jack having a baby with Janet, and if so she'll lose him forever. Margo tells Holden that Damian is dead and his remains were identified and he was the last person to see him alive. Craig runs into Jack and offers his congratulations. Janet tells Carly that she wants him as far away from her family as possible. Margo tells Holden that she's gonna bring him in for questioning.moreless
  • Ep. #13712
    Ep. #13712
    Episode 225
    Carly sees Dusty and Janet in a romantic kiss, while coming into Metro. Jack comes and tells Janet that her father Rocco is a perfect match for Liberty. Parker sees that Liberty is burning up and offer to take her to the hospital. Jack asks Dusty why he's going to bat for his wife, if he wasn't doing it just for her. Janet comes sees her father for the first time in almost 20 years and they catch up, but he starts to criticize her, he says that if she doesn't let this pass he'll walk out and never come back. Carly spreads the good news that she found out from Teri that Janet is sleeping with Dusty, and she also caught them kissing at Metro, Molly asks what Carly plans to do with this information. Teri is delighted to see her father and learns he's a match for Liberty. Janet sees that Parker brought Liberty, and asks her grandfather wonders it took her to sick for him to care and refuses his bone marrow and asks everyone to leave. Dr. Hearn tells Janet that her father cannot be Liberty's donor, cause of his constant angioplastys. Liberty opens up to Parker about her worst fears of dying. Molly cautions Carly that her plan to expose Janet could backfire on her, and offers to go and question Dusty herself. Janet has an idea she presents to Jack about having a baby, so it can be a donor match, but is against the baby being for that purpose. Carly comes to the farm and tells Jack there's something he needs to know about Janet.moreless
  • Ep. #13711
    Ep. #13711
    Episode 224
    Dusty makes some calls to track down Janet's father to be tested. Parker almost catches Jack and Carly's close moment. Lily tells Holden that she feels Damian was aboard and was so unstable fell overboard and drowned. Carly explains to Parker that he didn't walk in on anything, and she and Jack were just talking. Molly doesn't want to report anything until she has some hard facts on Damian, but needs more time. Parker goes to see Liberty to help her with her homework and assures her that she's not going to die. Dusty reaches out to Rocco by trying to get him to save Liberty. Jack catches Parker at the farm when he was supposed to be at his physical therapy appointment. Dusty leaves Rocco a picture of Janet and Liberty and he leaves the store. Parker tells Carly and Jack they can deny it all they want, but they can't be together cause of Liberty. Rocco calls Janet and he tells her he and her mother got tested for this whole bone marrow thing. Molly finds something interesting and calls and asks for assistance. The Oakdale P.D. get word that a body was found off the coast of Malta that was identified as Damian Grimaldi.moreless
  • Ep. #13710
    Ep. #13710
    Episode 223
    An orderly tells Janet that Dr. Hearn wants to postpone Liberty's chemo treatment. Casey sees Alison checking in on Mick thinking she can't stay away from him, and is shocked that she and Mick had sex in the church were they were about to be married at. Carly is aghast that Craig told a prospective financer the idea he and her were together. Liberty makes a phone call and learn all the people that were tested weren't a positive match. Jack admits to Carly he has no reason to be jealous but he in fact is. Paul goes to see Mick and considers pulling the plug. Liberty faces a setback, and he tells him to do so. Craig realizes that Morris did a background check on her and thinks bad stuff happens with her and business. Jack and Carly kiss, and Liberty almost catches them together, and she asks him to take her home. Casey asks Alison if things with the wedding went a little too fast for her, but he gets a call saying Mick took a turn for the worsse. Paul asks Emily that Mick begged him to kill him, but looked at his life and liked what he has. Mick flatlines and Alison's kiss brings him back.moreless
  • Ep. #13709
    Ep. #13709
    Episode 222
    Margo begins to wonder if there's a connection between Alison and Mick that she doesn't know about. Mick wants Alison to admit the truth, she does and Casey reacts to Alison's confession. Margo gets scared after hearing a gunshot, but Mick assures that everything is fine. Emily tells Barbara when Alison called her Emmy is was the sign for them to leave. Mick takes Casey and Alison to the back, but she tries to get him to stay and check on the other hostages, he sees that she's trying to distract him. Emily tells Margo that she need to get the door open so they can get out, Mick intervenes says that her son and Alison are having some alone time together. Paul humbily begs Mick to spare Emily, but he's disgusted at how his son has become. Casey asks Alison when did this thing with Mick started, and sees that she hasn't changed a bit and doesn't want to see her again. Tom and Margo figure out that there's another way into the church via the school next door. Paul tells Mick that he's through begging, and he has something he doesn't which is love, Alison comes out and says that she's ready to leave with him. Margo comes in and everyone says that Alison left with Mick. Casey catches up with Mick and Alison and Margo tells him to drop the gun, he says goodbye to Alison he intentionally gets hit by a car.moreless
  • Ep. #13708
    Ep. #13708
    Episode 221
    Bob gives Reid the third degree for having Henry quarantined for tuberculosis when there was nothing wrong with him. Paul tells Barbara that he didn't shoot Mick but he so wanted to. Margo tells Tom she should've told Casey about Mick being on the loose. Katie asks Henry what he did that made Reid so mad, he confesses to have someone look into his past. Emily calls Margo and explains that Alison said that Mick is at the church in the bell tower, Margo says to get out of there. Bob orders Reid to take care of a patient, Reid refuses and Bob makes it clear he works for him. Alison tells Casey that she doesn't want to wait one minute and wants to get ready to marry him. Mick escapes and heads back to the church and shoots Paul and makes everyone his hostages. Margo calls Mick and says not to do anything, he says that he'll shoot people if she attempts to get in the church. Bob then collapses and Tom wants his father to be taken to the hospital, Mick allows everyone to leave, but a few people tp remain behind. Alison tells Mick he doesn't have to do this. Bob was inspired when he faked passing out from a "stroke". Mick tells Casey that he slept with Alison the night before.moreless
  • Ep. #13707
    Ep. #13707
    Episode 220
    Susan tells Emily that Alison told her that she slept with Mick. Casey makes a video to say something to Alison. Paul goes to Barbara with a gun asking where Mick is and to finish him once and for all. Mick opens up to Alison about James taking him in and being like a father to him, and that he sent him here to destroy Paul. Henry gets word about Mick saying he's James, and fakes a coughing spat and escapes the hospital. Bob begins to wonder if Casey is having serious doubts about tomorrow, and he says that he is. Barbara tells Paul that Mick likes to hang out at the church bell tower. Casey, Bob, Susan and Emily have no idea where Alison is. Alison explains to Mick that she'll make Margo understand and he'll need counseling. Henry finds himself at Barbara's to warn her about Mick, but she says that his claim of being James is true. Alison lies to Paul by saying that Mick was at the church and isn't anymore, Mick asks her why she lied to Paul and asks her to go away with him. Barbara asks Henry to be her date to Alison's wedding tomorrow. Mick looks on as he spies on Alison and Casey. Emily asks Paul to give her the gun. James taunts Mick in his head by telling him to make everyone suffer, and takes over completely.moreless
  • Ep. #13706
    Ep. #13706
    Episode 219
    Janet sees that Dusty is being tested as a possible donor. Paul gets confirmation that Mick's and James's DNA are a definate match, he goes off to confront him. Mick has another headache wanting James to get out of his head so he can be with Alison. Alison is horrified when Emily shows her the proof that Mick is James, and Casey asks her if everything is alright. Paul asks Margo that he's like to speak to Mick alone. Jack realizes and completely forgot it's Valentine's Day, and goes into Fashions hoping to find something, Carly comes in thinking she can help him find something in her size. Teri comes to the realization that Janet did in fact sleep with Dusty, she says that it happened only once. Alison sees that Mick is being brought into the hospital. Dusty and Carly commiserate over their situations. Margo asks Casey if he wants to postpone the wedding. Janet is thrilled about the Valentine's Day dinner, and asks Jack if he had any help in getting her that dress. Mick tells Alison to bring the cop in the room, he then subdues him and asks her to go away with him. Janet tells Jack that she's not ready to intimate with him yet. Paul learns that Mick up and left the hospital, and gets a gun and goes to look for him.moreless
  • Ep. #13705
    Ep. #13705
    Episode 218
    Molly tells Holden that Meg is okay and she readmitted herself to Deerbrook until she's better. Maddie looks for apartments, and even a roommate, Noah says she already has one in him. Luke asks Gregor if the person he seen fall off the ship was in fact Damian. Lily tells Molly that there's something wrong with her theory about him faking his death to devastate his family. Noah tells Maddie that he has to get out of Lily's house. Luke runs into Reid, wanting to talk to Noah about his father's disappearance. Katie tells Henry to stop dumping on Reid, and admits he isn't perfect but he at least has feelings. Luke asks Lily to come to his office, cause he needs to speak to her. Holden goes to see Meg, and tells her that he took care of everything and she need not to worry anymore. Lily wonders if Holden could've hurt Damian. Henry learns from Maddie that Luke practically blackmailed Reid into coming to town. Reid tells Katie that Jacob should be tested cause siblings are usually a bone marrow match. Luke says that if not Meg or some stranger, it could've been Holden. Reid tells Henry he shouldn't have dug into his past, he orders for him to be quarantined at the hospital. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't think Meg hurt Damian. Jonas tells Molly that Kim assigned her to cover Damian Grimaldi's disappearance. Maddie lets something slip and Luke learns Noah is moving out of his mother's place.moreless
  • Ep. #13704
    Ep. #13704
    Episode 217
    Carly calls Jack cause Parker's principal wants to meet with them right away. Parker visits Liberty cause he can't keep his mind on anything but her. Luke gets the police to look harder for Damian. Lily comes home to find a crazed Meg in her house, and asks her for her help. Luke tells Holden that he promised but there's something about Damian's disappearance is a little strange. Jack and Carly learns that Parker has been cutting classes. Liberty opens up to Parker about her fear of possibly dying. Meg hears sirens and Lily realizes she set off the silent alarm. Holden lays into Luke about him being his father and not Damian. Carly admits to Jack about slipping and drinking a bit and throwing the rest out, they find Parker and Liberty in bed together and decide not to interrupt them. Molly tells Meg to get into her car before it's too late. Parker apologizes for skipping school, but Jack and Carly acknowledge that he's helping a friend and is proud of him. Luke vows to find Damian and so he can explain to his face why he lied about Holden being alive. Meg takes off after explaining if she goes back to Deerbrook she'll never see Eliza again, but Molly goes after hoping to talk her out of running.moreless
  • Ep. #13703
    Ep. #13703
    Episode 216
    Paul refuses to believe that Mick's claim that he's his father. Susan figues out what went on with Mick and Alison. Jack tells Janet that the keypoint is that she's here for Liberty at the hospital. Mick tells Paul that there's a way to prove who he says he is. Emily goes to Alison and tells her about Mick being arrested and him saying he's James Stenbeck. Carly brings a care package to Liberty so she can keep her mind off the cancer, and start drawing. Paul takes a bit of Mick's hair before he's arrested and cartered off. Alison goes to confront Mick at the police station and asks him who he really is.moreless
  • Ep. #13702
    Ep. #13702
    Episode 215
    Luke wants to know what Damian did that was so horrible to make him abandon his company and family. Emily is horrified when Paul tells her she just said that she want Mick father her baby. Molly tells Holden that there's a witness who seen him and Damian fighting on the docks. Mick and Alison get passionate. Lily receives Damian's wallet from someone at the docks saying he found it in the water. Emily tells Paul that she remembers finding some pictures, and going to confront Mick at a church. Barbara slaps Mick saying that him sleeping with Alison wasn't apart of their plan. Holden explains to Molly that he beat Damian up and put him on the freighter and watched it go and he was alive. Luke runs into Molly wanting answers about Damian. Lily tells Holden she's worried Meg might've killed Damian. Molly reveals the truth to Luke about Damian about him trying to kill Meg. Alison pulls back from Casey's touch. Paul starts to think that Mick is beginning to remind him of someone. Luke tells Lily that he thought Damian had changed. Casey sees that Alison isn't wearing her engagement ring and asks her where it is. Paul strangles Mick when he arrives, and to give him a reason why he shouldn't kill him, Barbara says cause he's his father.moreless
  • Ep. #13701
    Ep. #13701
    Episode 214
    Paul vows to find out about Mick if not from Barbara. Margo learns that another bridal shower is planned for Alison at the hospital, and moves hers up to today instead. Alison cautions Casey that he'll be in trouble if anyone yells surprise when they get to where they're going. Mick tells Emily that she deserves to have a child even if it's not Paul's. Casey swears he had nothing to do with what Margo, Lisa and Susan were planning. Mick prepares to inject Emily with something. Tom surprises Casey with their own little bachelor party with pizza and beer, and asks him why he and Alison are in seperate bedrooms. Emily tells Susan that she had her eggs harvested, cause it's what she wants. Casey says he'll do whatever he has to be a lawyer. Mick tells Alison that her marriage to Casey and he found her scarf on the floor and to give him one night. Emily has a brief flash and tells Paul she thinks Mick is brainwashing her. Mick is startled to see Barbara and not Alison, and says that it's only a matter of time before Paul figures it out. Alison heads over to the church to meet up with Mick.moreless
  • Ep. #13700
    Ep. #13700
    Episode 213
    Emily trips over Mick's bag and triggers a flash of before she blacked out of her seeing photos of Paul and Mick at the church. Jack comes and he and Carly begin to talk about old times then Janet comes, and Jack listens to them from the kitchen. Alison tells Casey that she's saving vacation time from work so she's able to go on the honeymoon. Janet asks Carly to help her with Liberty, cause she looks up to her. Mick tells Emily that the memory was there and then it disappeared again, he looks into her eyes and gets her to focus on having a child. Barbara tries to get Paul to give Mick another chance cause he has Emily's best interests at heart. Alison tries to get some sleep, but then has a flash of her dream of her outside a church, and seeing Mick. Carly suggests to Janet of getting Liberty into a design project to get her mind off things, and why Jack stayed in the kitchen the whole time. Casey and Tom have a deep conversation.moreless
  • Ep. #13699
    Ep. #13699
    Episode 212
    Molly presses Holden for the truth regarding Damian, cause she doesn't believe the reason she gave him. Lily tells Lucinda that Holden assured that Damian won't be bothering her ever again. Dusty calls to see if the Snyder family checked in the hospital alright. Holden tells Molly to let this thing with Damian go, she says she wants to look at the cut and sees it's worse. Lucinda tells Lily to put her marriage to Damian behind her and to go back to Holden where she belongs. Jack tells Janet to let Liberty be something other then a sick kid, Liberty calls Carly and she finds out she's also in New York. Lily comes and sees something on the floor that looks like blood. Lucinda walks in on a moment between Dusty and Teri and sees him covered in flour. Liberty approaches a palm reader, and says she has a short life, Carly then lays into her for saying that to a child. Molly goes to the docks and finds a bloody oar, and meets a boy named Arthur who witnessed everything, but he gets scared and runs away. Lucinda hires a private investigator to make sure to find Damian and that he never returns to Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13698
    Ep. #13698
    Episode 211
    Holden tells Damian that he's not going to let him get on that freighter. Lily tells Molly that she made one mistake, cause she fell for Damian's lies for months. Henry tells Katie that Dr. Oliver better not have signed a lease cause he did, he would've ripped it up. Lily tells Lucinda not to make excuses, cause she knows that every warned her about Damian, and things would've been different if she listened to Meg. Noah tells Dr. Oliver about his rules, but Luke obliges and will keep his distance. Katie tells Henry the reason he can't live her is cause they just became friends again and him here would ruin it. Holden comes to the farm and washes his hands to get the blood off. Lucinda tells Molly that he little fling with Holden is over and done with. Holden tells Lily and Luke that he let Damian go, Lily sees that Holden trembling tremendously. Molly sees blood on Holden's clothes.moreless
  • Ep. #13697
    Ep. #13697
    Episode 210
    Lily tells Holden that she'll leave with Damian, he's then astounded when Meg comes out of the trunk alive and takes the gun. Katie feels she should live with Margo for a bit, Henry thought she was talking about him. Noah makes a call asking Maddie to come over. Dr. Oliver is approached by Luke to try to get him to do Noah's surgery, but says that Luke is starting to act like a Grimaldi. Damian knocks Lily out of the way and makes a run for it after hearing the police sirens, and Meg goes after him. Katie asks Dr. Oliver to check out her baby, but changes her mind cause his obnoxious attitude, Katie tells Dr. Oliver that she has an idea regarding his living situation. Molly arrives and sees Holden with Lily in his arms and learns of Damian's attempt at killing Meg. Luke tells Noah that he tried getting Dr. Oliver to do the surgery but he won't budge. Damian calls Luke and tells him to get to Grimaldi Shipping as soon as possible cause something went down and wants him to take over the business. Maddie tells Henry the idea of moving in with Katie cause it would be a great living arrangement. Lily asks Molly to tell her why Holden is angry at her. Dr. Oliver explains to Noah that he's confident that he'll reverse his condition. Lily doesn't blame Molly for falling victim just like she and Meg did. Noah tells Luke that Dr. Oliver doesn't want him anywhere near him and they'd stay apart. Henry is shocked to meet Katie's new roommate. Holden tells Damian he can't let him go til he owned up for what he did.moreless
  • Ep. #13696
    Ep. #13696
    Episode 209
    Damian tries to keep Lily from coming into the room. Holden goes to Jack wanting his help. Molly asks Carly if she'd like to go out and have something to eat. Liberty sees she got a letter for F.I.T. and throws it out, she decides to read it. Lily wonders why Damian is acting so weird, and comes into the room, and Damian says some of Meg's clothes is sticking in the trunk. Holden tells Jack that Grady confessed everything to Molly and Damian is on to him, Jack says he can't do anything since he's not officially back on the force yet. Molly tells Carly that she came clean and told everything to Holden and it went wrong and ran off to find Lily. Lily comes back in the room and Damian stops her from opening the trunk, she opens it and finds Meg. Janet tells Jack she doesn't know what to do, he says to do make good of a bad situation. Damian tells Lily that Meg attacked him and did what he had to keep from killing him. Carly offers Liberty a job in her Monte Carlo venture after seeing her make some changes in the sketches she think is terrible. Damian takes Lily and runs into Holden in the hallway, he says he knows the truth about Grady, Damian pulls a gun on him, Lily tells Holden that Meg escaped and is here. Janet is upset at the idea of Liberty taking a job with Carly, she tells her to stay out of her daughter's life. Holden tells Lily to get away, Damian says he'll kill Holden if she does.moreless
  • Ep. #13695
    Ep. #13695
    Episode 208
    Alison wakes up and sees Mick at the window and screams, Casey checks to see if she's okay. Meg thinks Holden didn't press officer Grady hard enough and why nobody believes her and thinks she'll never get out of here. Damian calls Molly hoping she hasn't told Holden the truth about and if she does she'll definately lose him altogether. Mick calls Emily and once again hypnotizes her and guarantees she'll be pregnant as long as she does what he says. Paul calls Alison and tells her Emily's awake and says she's leaving the hospital and asks to her to come to Fairwinds. Damian surprises Lily that he wants to take her to Malta, but she thinks that now isn't the time. Meg knocks out an orderly while he picks something up she threw on the ground. Damian lashes out when Lily mentions Holden's name, and she wonders why he's acting like this. Molly loses it and confesses the truth to Holden about Damian knewing he was alive. Alison learns Mick had a hand in Emily coming out of her coma and is eager to know how he in fact did it, she confronts him and says him messing with her head has to stop. Damian finds Meg in his bed and she says Molly and Holden are after him, and she has a needle in her hand, he stops and begins strangling her and believes he might've killed her.moreless
  • Ep. #13694
    Ep. #13694
    Episode 207
    Paul waits by Emily's bedside hoping she'll move her hand like before. Mick stalks Alison in Old Town but hides when she turns around. Margo insists that she and Tom help Casey with whatever he needs so he won't move away like Adam did. Paul lets himself into Mick's room and finds a vial of his blood as well as some photos of him when he was little. Casey and Alison find their families fighting over their wedding. Mick injects something into Emily's I.V. saying he's doing what needs to be done. Margo tells Casey she and Tom would to have them live here after they're married, but he wants to live on his own. Paul finds Mick in Emily's room and asks him why he has pictures of him and who he is and hear Emily's voice and sees she's waking up. Alison tells Casey that she's glad that he loves her for just being herself. Mick comes back and puts Emily in a trance to forget about her going to find him at the church and his motives. Alison makes it clear to Mick after calling him back for him not to call her again. Barbara warns Susan that Alison and Mick have an unholy alliance. Alison tells Margo and Tom that she and Casey would love to live with them. Tom explains to Margo that there's gonna be alot of people standing in Casey's way if he proceeds with taking a pre-law course. Mick watches from the window as Alison sleeps.moreless
  • Ep. #13693
    Ep. #13693
    Episode 206
    Luke is shocked that Dr. Oliver just wants to leave Oakdale and doesn't even want to see if Kim is alright. Jack walks in on Dusty and Janet's embrace. Carly takes the case of beers out to the docks and opens one up and takes a drink. Dr. Oliver is arrested for attempting to flee the scene of an accident. Noah asks a nurse that the doctor won't be operating and to call him a cab cause he'll be leaving. Craig finds Carly and sees that she's drinking beer and if she wants to throw away her sobriety then to go right ahead. Janet tells Jack that she was thanking him cause he got the best oncoligist from New York, for which they are both eternally grateful. Janet tells Liberty there going to New York, but she thinks it's to talk to the people at F.I.T in person but it's for treatments. Craig agrees to Carly's terms but only on one condition. Jack walks in on Liberty telling Janet saying that he's only back just cause she's sick with leukemia. Craig tells Dusty that he has something to celebrate that Carly and Jack won't be getting back together. Carly goes to Al's and sees Jack, Janet and Liberty laughing and having a good time. Bob comes to Dr. Oliver's aid while he's being arraigned, and says to the judge for the doctor to come and work with him at Memorial.moreless
  • Ep. #13692
    Ep. #13692
    Episode 205
    Jack finds out from Janet that Liberty has leukemia. Dr. Oliver explains to Luke he doesn't enjoy being in this town and wants to get this surgery done and overwith. Carly sees Craig expecting to see Jack at the door, and says he has good new regarding Midday Sun. Dusty goes to Bob for help in finding an oncologist and explains Liberty's condition. Janet tells Jack that she's deeply scared and can't lose her daughter, Jack says that he's here for her. Bob receives unusual demands from Dr. Oliver and he wonders who he is and why he's in his hospital, and says things are done differently in Oakdale and will book an O.R. once Noah signs the consent. Craig realizes that Carly is waiting for Jack. Jack comes by and Carly sees that he didn't tell Janet about ending the marriage to be with her. Dusty sees Craig having a bad mood and explains his run in with Jack and Carly. Carly is told by Jack about Liberty's illness and says that can't be together right now. Dr. Oliver says that Noah's latest scans shows some and doesn't think he can do the surgery. Luke tries to persuade Dr. Oliver to stay since he won't be flying back to Dallas anytime soon to finish what he started. Jack gets into it with Craig in Old Town, he ends up taking his frustrations out on him. Kim gets rear ended when Dr. Oliver crashes into her car.moreless
  • Ep. #13691
    Ep. #13691
    Episode 204
    Dusty tells Teri that Liberty is sick with leukemia and should call Janet right away. Liberty is against telling the principal, Janet what if she collapsed, she then runs into Jack at the school and doesn't tell him about Liberty's condition. Margo tells Jack that she wants him back at work, she says he has to get his personal life together first. Carly tells the other people in her A.A. meeting that if something should happen with Jack and if he were to leave again she doesn't think she can handle it. Janet tells Dusty that she'd rather talk to him then Jack. Liberty comes by to see Parker and wants to do something outrageous with him, he says he can't leave the house, Liberty starts kissing him, Parker sees something is wrong and she opens up about having leukemia. Jack and Carly find themselves out by where the old boathouse used to be. Jack confesses his feelings to Carly, but she pushes away from him. Johnny tells Dusty if Liberty is going to die like his mother did. Jack comes to the farm and sees Janet crying and asks what's wrong and says it concerns Liberty and is so glad he's home.moreless
  • Ep. #13690
    Ep. #13690
    Episode 203
    Alison tells Emily while sitting on her bed, that she's starting to have feelings for someone other then Casey. Mick tells Barbara that Emily will be alright when Paul accepts him as his father. Lily and Damian stop by the farm to talk to Holden, Emma says that he and Molly left town early this morning. Holden and Molly track down Grady to a bar in Chicago, and he immediately recognizes her from the video of her breakdown on the air. Casey tells Alison she'd probably would get upset talking to Emily and her not being able to respond, when they leave Emily starts moving her fingers. Paul gets a call and learns of Emily moving her hand, Barbara tells Mick that it'll be all over when Paul learns she was with him when she lost consciousness. Emma tells Lily that maybe Holden didn't want to make a big deal out of leaving the kids with her. Mick enters Emily's room to inject something into her I.V. but then starts to have a seizure but manages to get it done after Alison refuses to help him. The doctor tells Paul that he doesn't see any changes in Emily's condition. Molly gets privy to Damian's secret, and runs into Damian outside and that she's ready to expose him. Alison sees that the dress she's wearing is the same one in her dream, and leaves Fashions wearing it and confronts Mick and why she can't get him out of her head, Casey arrives saying Lisa called him, Alison suggests eloping to Vegas. Damian tells Molly that they'll tend to lose everything and for her to keep her mouth shut.moreless
  • Ep. #13689
    Ep. #13689
    Episode 202
    Damian tells Sharkey to do his best to keep Meg sedated. Dr. Oliver tells Luke that he's booked for a year and isn't interested in his case and is pretty much boring him. Maddie tells Hunter that she also will be attending Casey and Alison's wedding. Molly and Holden follow Sharkey back to the Lakeview and how he can get a wad of cash like that. Luke and Lily decide to go and help Noah by talking to Damian. Holden confronts Sharkey about Meg's setback, Molly says the last call on his phone was from Damian, Holden says why he's been calling him. Meg calls Damian and says it's only a matter of time before his lies are exposed. Damian tells Luke to make the doctor and offer can't refuse, he calls him and goes lengths to blackmail Dr. Reid into helping Noah. Molly tells Holden that they can't do confront Damian cause they have to dig deeer to find the truth. Maddie comes to see Noah to get his input to she can put on her blog, they then decide to catch up on old times. Lily learns that Luke pretty much threatened the doctor and goes off to tell Damian. Damian gets a call from Sharkey says Holden and some woman came to him asking questions. Meg is glad that Holden does in fact believe her that Damian is in fact making her crazy. Dr. Reid tells Luke that once he restores his sight not to contact him. Molly tells Holden she found Officer Grady apparently he moved to Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #13688
    Ep. #13688
    Episode 201
    Liberty is irate at the thought and tells Janet and Dusty to leave and to let her be by herself. Craig is glad to help Margo in her plan to keep Katie from leaving town. Dr. Hearn tells Janet that he thinks that he'll be able to treat her leukemia, and goes and explains Liberty's treatment options. Jack gets a call from Margo saying what Katie is gonna do and says there's no way she's leaving with Simon. Henry shows Katie a "This is Your Life" video of her time in town. Jack tells Craig that whatever's happening isn't changing Katie's mind, Craig says that do something and fast. Dusty tells Janet that everything with Liberty will turn out fine, they go into see her and notice that she's not in her room. Katie hears some arguing and realizes her suspicions are true that this part is a set up. Dusty finds Liberty and tells her to take her frustrations on breaking windows and they then hear an alarm and they run. Jack explains to Carly what would've happened if she hadn't ran off with Simon all those years ago. Dusty calls Janet saying he's found Liberty and is bringing her back to her roon right now. Katie tells Simon that she's as ready as she'll ever be, Katie says that she can't leave. Margo tells Craig and Henry that she wants Katie to be happy cause they want that for her. Carly pulls away from Jack and tells him to leave before he does something that they'll regret. Liberty tells Janet that despite her feelings for Dusty he's a pretty decent guy. Katie goes and tells everyone the good news that she isn't leaving after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13687
    Ep. #13687
    Episode 200
    Janet is shocked when she's told that Liberty has leukemia. Carly tells Jack that Parker will probably him to stick around and help him with things his mother can't. Holden tells Molly she doesn't need to bake an exotic cake to impress Emma. Damian tells Lily he wants to take her on a honeymoon, and assures her that Faith is doing well at East Lake and she signed up for a writing seminar. An orderly at Deerbrook sees Meg put her pill in a plastic bag and put it under her pillow. Liberty calls Parker saying she's incredibly bored and wondering what's taking so long, he then offers to go and pick her up. Janet becomes hysterical and she's consoled by Dusty, he says that Liberty will fight this and will win, she sees how happy she is and doesn't think she can break the bad news to her. Damian gets a call from Meg, and she thanks him for having her brought to Deerbrook and after her evaluation she'll show him how much she means to him. Holden catches up to Lily in Old Town and says she's married to Damian and he's moving on with Molly and is glad that he is. Meg sees that one of the orderlys is on Damian's payroll, and the doctor comes in and sees the meds in the bag. Holden asks Molly to move out of the guestroom and into his. Lily asks Damian if she hadn't gotten the call from Dr. Wilson would he have told her. Molly and Holden spot the orderly at Yo's ordering expensive champagne. Janet tells Liberty that she has leukemia, and that she's not going to die.moreless
  • Ep. #13686
    Ep. #13686
    Episode 199
    Carly and Jack are told that Parker only has a hairline fracture and no infection and can take him home. Katie tells Simon that she wants to leave town cause she feels like she's being smothered and wants to go and live her own life. Liberty asks Janet that she'd like to see Parker before he's sent home. Dusty saves Liberty by bringing her some food from Metro that Teri prepared for her. Henry goes and tells Margo that Simon is trying to get Katie to leave town with him. Liberty asks Janet what's really going on with her and Dusty. Margo goes to great lengths to even have Simon arrested to keep him from taking Katie out of town. Parker tells Carly that he kinda figured out that Jack is going to be moving out. Janet asks the doctor if Liberty can go home, he says that she won't be. Margo tells Katie that she wants to give her a proper send off, Simon says she doesn't have a choice but to oblige. Carly tells Jack she doesn't want him to move out. Henry learns Margo's motives to make sure that Katie won't have the heart to leave Oakdale. The doctor tells Janet that Liberty's bloodwork doesn't look good.moreless
  • Ep. #13685
    Ep. #13685
    Episode 198
    Simon is turned down for a job at a jewelry shop cause of his prison background. Kim is glad that Katie is ready to start filming her show "Someone's Mom", but after seeing someone having Brad's picture, she starts to cry during taping. Susan tells Paul they ran all kinds of tests and can't find anything wrong with Emily. Simon tells Katie that she'll make the show a success and will just fine. Barbara asks Mick what he did to Emily, he says he just made sure she didn't interfere in him winning over Paul and Emily will be just fine. Henry thinks his cover is blown when Barbara sees him and calls his name, Mr. Lee then asks who he really is and if he's being scammed. Susan tells Alison when was she planning on telling her about her engagement to Casey, she says she didn't tell her cause of the history with the Hughes family. Paul asks Mick for a sample of the serum to be analyzed, he refuses but then he says he'll get him one. Henry calls Simon and he hears that Henry is in trouble, he explains the situation to Katie, she says she has a plan. Paul asks Barbara if there's something that she isn't telling him. Simon and Katie dress as agents and "apprehend" Henry and Clarissa. Alison has a dream of her family actually getting along, while preparing for the wedding. Katie agrees to leave Oakdale with Simon.moreless
  • Ep. #13684
    Ep. #13684
    Episode 197
    Parker tells Liberty to go to the hotel and bring him some help. Jack brings up Dusty and the kiss they shared on New Year's. Henry tells Clarissa that Simon is different then he was and will take the job he was offered. Liberty comes back and explains to Parker that she has an idea. Carly tells Jack that Liberty and Parker went on a hike and got seperated from the group and blood was found. Janet tells Jack what exactly went on with Carly as he let Liberty and Parker get lost. Henry has big shoes to fill, but he reassures Clarissa that he's up to the job, Simon walks in and says he's staying with tonight. Pam comes by and asks Katie if she's still interested in selling her house. Janet calls Dusty and he tells her that if Liberty and Parker are together they can take care of each other. Liberty gets Parker's walking stick and they head off to get back to their parents. Jack heads out to join the search team, but tells Janet to stay behind cause it's on the other side of the mountain. Simon cautions Clarissa not to hurt Henry, or he'll come out or retirement. Janet sees Carly, Jack and Sage on the couch and walks off and then runs into Dusty. Simon asks Katie if she wants to sell her house. Sage sees that Parker and Liberty return to the hotel, and everyone is glad that they're alright, and Dusty offers to have him taken back and be treated at Oakdale Memorial. Katie admits her true feelings to Simon.moreless
  • Ep. #13683
    Ep. #13683
    Episode 196
    Jack and Carly remain hidden in the closet as Brigette touches up Hayden's makeup. Clarissa tells Simon he's missing out on the score of a lifetime, Simon says that he's out. Katie tells Henry that Kim's back from her cruise and can't wait to see her video, she sees Simon with Clarissa. Carly tells Jack that she told Craig the reason she was taking him on this trip was to seduce him, but they're in fear of being caught when Hayden can't find her shoes. Carly finds Sage's CD and she and Jack hurry out of there. Parker and Liberty have fun by having a leaf fight, she starts to cry and says it's not his fault she just misses her father. Sage sees how good Hayden is, and when her turn comes up she says she wants to go home. Simon explains to Clarissa that if he does this then he'll have to disappear for a long time. Sage confesses Carly and Jack that being here in Michigan isn't about the pageant it was getting them back together, and they yell at Sage for lying to them. Parker tries to get across and he then slips and, lies to Liberty when he's really in pain. Sage gets on stage and performs a song for her parents. Simon tells Katie that he wants to take her someplace fancy. Henry tells Clarissa that he knows that Simon turned her down. Janet arrives at the hotel looking for Jack, she tells Jack she's here to discuss their marriage, and from the vibe she got and wonders if she's too late. Liberty sees Parker's wound and wraps her shirt around, and helps him to a shack, and almost share a kiss and he passes out.moreless
  • Ep. #13682
    Ep. #13682
    Episode 195
    Sage tells Jack and Carly to get ready, and shows her dance to them, Jack tells Carly that it isn't very good. Parker reads Liberty's letter cause she's so nervous and says she got accepted to the fashion institute. Craig tells Liberty that he has an idea of talking with Carly help with her portfolio. Carly is irate with the mother of another contestant after she insults Sage's look. Sage thinks this trip to the pageant and her parents reuniting is working. Dusty sees Janet all tripped out cause she let Liberty go off with Carly to Detroit. Parker is thrown when a girl named Hayden starts hitting on him, he declines her offer to go back to her room, and the turns around and runs into Liberty. Craig finds Jack and Carly and explains that he's here cause of Janet and for her to help Liberty with her portfolio. Liberty realizes Parker and Sage's plans on getting his parents back together. Janet moves out of the farm and says she's moving into the Lakeview. Carly searches Sage's bag and cannot find her CD for her dance and has a pretty good idea on who took it. Janet tells Dusty that it looks like she's going to Michigan. Craig confronts Jack saying if he wants to be with Carly or not. Parker tries to explain to Liberty saying he was against Sage's idea from the beginning. Carly and Jack hear something and they hide in a closet.moreless
  • Ep. #13681
    Ep. #13681
    Episode 194
    Emily tries to figure out what's going on and why the envelope contains pics of Paul when he was youngers. Sage comes in and says she's in the Miss Snowflake pageant. Alison tells Mick why he did what he did, he says he owed for what she did for him the other day. Jack then says he's gonna prove himself with a gun before going back on the force. Paul says he's gonna find Emily and that he's gonna trust her from now on, Barbara says that Mick is coming for dinner tonight. Janet tells Dusty it doesn't justify what they did on New Year's. Emily confronts Mick at the church and thinks he's not who he says he is, she threatens to expose him and Mick shines a light in her face. Jack is able to focus and shoots all the bottles, Carly then says for him to call Margo. Janet meets with Father Farley and admits she cheated on her husbandParker refuses to get involed in one of Sage's schemes. Alison tells Barbara what she thinks of Mick's behaviour. Paul comes home and sees Emily and apologizes, he leans in to kiss her and she falls over. Janet tells Jack she met with Father Farley and she says she wants an annulment. Paul brings Emily into the hospital and tells Alison that she won't wake up. Carly calls Jack who's on the brink of reconciling with Janet, when she realizes it's Carly calling she quietly walks out. Jack asks Sage if this pageant is on the level, and will escort her to Detroit, and says for Parker to come along as well.moreless
  • Ep. #13680
    Ep. #13680
    Episode 193
    Alison comes by to discuss wedding plans with Casey, he comes out and they end up giving into temptation. Holden asks Lily if she plans on telling Damian about the pregnancy. Paul tells Emily she isn't invited on an outing with him and Eliza, she asks if he still blames her for turning Meg in. Lily worries she's pregnant. Damian tells Meg that there's no way she'll get away with this. Barbara finds a lavish bouquet of roses in front of her door and learns that they're from Mick, he then shows her some old photos of him, her and Paul. Mick sees Alison being yelled at by Dr. Kantor, and calls her silly little girl. Meg tells Paul that Damian is gonna pay with his life. Holden explains to Molly they should pass on the trip to Kentucky cause Meg seriously needs help, and share a dance at Yo's and end up kissing. Damian is thrilled at the news that Lily could be pregnant, but the doctor tells Lily that it's negative. Emily tells Barbara she thinks she's the one that turned Meg in and is on to her. Mick confronts Dr. Kantor in the stairwell and pretty much threatens him. Damian thinks this is a sign they belong together and to go on a honeymoon they didn't get to go on. Emily brings the envelope to Fairwinds and sees it contains pics of Paul and her. Lily tells Damian that she can't get away right now, she gets a call from Meg and apologizes and realizes Damian went to see her. Alison confronts Mick at the top of the church about him scaring Dr. Kantor. Holden and Molly get passionate in his room at the Lakeview.moreless
  • Ep. #13679
    Ep. #13679
    Episode 192
    Katie has a little fun when she wakes up Simon and Henry who are still asleep on the couch together. Holden and Molly go to see Meg and they're surprised when they see a different Meg then before, Molly thinks it's the medication or she has a plan. Noah explains he wants to go to Dallas to see a specialist, he then pushes away from Luke when he leans into kiss him. Meg takes out her pill and puts in a bag with the others, and goes for her session with Dr. Wilson. Holden tells Molly that if Meg is lying then she's far worse, and then offers to go with her to Kentucky. Lucinda and Lily think about the possibility she could be pregnant, but she wants concrete proof. Meg tells Dr. Wilson that she wants to see Damian and thinks she can handle it. Simon has an encounter with someone named Clarissa. Meg has Damian all alone in her hospital room. Henry helps Katie prepare a test reel for a new show at WOAK that she wants to pitch to Kim. Luke gives Noah the award that his film won at the festival, Noah then lashes at him by saying he turned his film and made it his own. Meg is delighted that Damian came and is glad that they're alone. Lucinda runs into Molly at Fashions and gives her a stern warning. Holden sees Lily at the hospital and learns she isn't feeling very well, but Lily doesn't tell him she could be pregnant, but the doctor spills her secret. Noah puts his movie in his laptop, Luke then makes arrangements for Noah to go to Dallas to see Dr. Oliver. Meg tells Damian that she's going to keep pretending and the first thing she's going to do is kill him.moreless
  • Ep. #13678
    Ep. #13678
    Episode 191
    Janet and Dusty wake up in each other's arms, she then realizes she's made a huge mistake. Carly pushes away from Jack as he attempts to kiss and reminds him that he's still married. Craig wakes up all dazed and realized what he dreamt of Carly giving him a spongebath was real. Jack sees that a plow is finally clearing the streets. Katie tells Henry that she seen Brad on Christmas Eve and he came to say goodbye. The cop explains that one person is gonna have to stay behind, Jack then heads off to Oakdale. Henry unknowingly sends Katie to Simon, while going to pick take out from Al's. Jack arrives at the Lakeview and is amazed that Janet is still here and says it's time to get their marriage back on track cause it's not too late. Katie thinks that Henry sent her to that she'd run into Simon, but realizes that he works here. Janet tells Jack that they can't stay at the Lakeview. Carly tells Craig that if he cares about her then to keep out of her life, she then remembers her almost kiss with Jack. Dusty asks Teri what's she's doing at Metro on New Year's and says for her to go home, and asks if he was jilted by his date. Craig cautions Carly not to tell anyone that she and Jack bathed him. Katie sees that Henry and Simon are asleep while watching a Twilight marathon. Janet tells Jack she can't do this and for him to leave. Teri thinks about getting involved with Dusty, Janet lays into her cause he's her boss after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13677
    Ep. #13677
    Episode 190
    Jack tells Carly that they'll find a way to get home. Emily continues t to tell Paul she didn't rat Meg out to the police. Janet patiently waits for Jack to come to the Lakeview for New Year's and she runs into Dusty. Craig asks Carly just how long is she going to let Jack play her. Jack realizes that Janet is waiting for him back in Oakdale, and calls her and says he'll try to make it back tonight. Emily asks Alison if Meg was admitted to the hospital and she has Eliza with her, she leaves and finds Meg with Eliza in the stairwell of offers her a place for them to rest. Carly and Jack think back on old times, before Craig comes in completely covered in mud. Barbara realizes that Mick or James is the one that called the police and Barbara that Paul will be free of Emily and reunited with his daughter and Meg locked up and it'll work. Paul tells Meg that it's best that she go back to Deebrook. Jack and Carly tend to Craig who's sick by getting his temperature down. Casey asks Alison to go somewhere private, but she insists on having sex before the wedding, and wants to get married on Valentine's Day which is his birthday. Janet and Dusty get passionate in his hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #13676
    Ep. #13676
    Episode 189
    Mick wonders where Meg went with Eliza so quickly, he gets another nosebleed. Alison tells Casey that she didn't say no to his proposal, and she sees Micn unconscious in Old Town. Maddie seriously wants Hunter to tell her his real name. Margo asks Jack if he really thinks Carly's in danger or if he's just mad she's with Craig. Carly tells Craig to get out and start pushing the car. Alison tells Mick that he needs to see a doctor right away. Nancy presents Casey with the engagement ring that Chris gave her years ago and it being the one to give to Alison. Hunter tells Casey that he doesn't want to see his sister get hurt. Margo tells Jack she'll offer her help if he agrees to come back on the force. Alison finds Mick and thinks he knows a lot more about his condition. Hunter let's it slip to Maddie about the engagement leaving Casey irate. Jack looks for Carly and winds up finding Craig. Casey gets ahold of Alison saying he's been looking everywhere for her. Hunter tells Maddie that his real first name is Lyon. Carly comes back to the cabin and tells Jack his battery is dead cause he left his lights on. Maddie opens up to Hunter about her psycho sister stalking her and others several years ago and still having nightmares about it. Casey makes it back to Alison and he reproposes with the ring that Nancy gave him.moreless
  • Ep. #13675
    Ep. #13675
    Episode 188
    Lily has a quick flash of Meg with a knife in her hands at her door. Damian asks Emily and Paul if Meg has tried to contact them since her escape. Mick tells Barbara that he's James and he wants a second chance at her. Parker realizes that Janet is asking him about whether or not his parents hooked up at Christmas, she explains to Parker that he's right and shouldn't be getting him involved. Barbara tells Mick she doesn't know what he's doing and he's not James Stenbeck. Damian tells Paul that if he decides to protect Meg he's putting his family as well as his own at risk. Carly tells Craig she insists on selling the water company so they won't have to speak to each other again. Janet and Jack tell each other about them seeing Brad on Christmas Eve and telling them not to mess up their lives. Paul tells Damian that if he files charges against Meg he'll answer to him. Janet admits to Jack that she kissed Dusty, cause she felt alone around the holidays. Craig comes to get Carly, who's uaware that they meeting was cancelled due to bad weather. Jack thanks Dusty for putting the moves on his wife while she felt vulnerable and to stay away from her. Carly tells Craig that he missed the turn to Parker's school. Mick calls the police pretending to be someone in distress saying there's a crazy woman on the loose. Damian sees the pillows slashed and saying that's it and calls the police. Paul accuses Emily of tipping the police. Carly learns from Jack that Craig lied, Jack tells Parker saying he's kidnapped Carly. Carly tells Craig to turn the car around, but the car swerves.moreless
  • Ep. #13674
    Ep. #13674
    Episode 187
    Bob Hughes narrates this special Christmas episode. Lily comes out and tells the men guarding the house that it's okay cause it's only Lucinda. Luke looks at a picture of Noah missing him terribly. Holden gets a call from Molly and he asks how Abigail and her are doing in California. Lucinda goes over to see Emma and she's here to help save Christmas and it's up to the to step in, she agrees and tells Holden that she "burned" her goose. Lucinda calls Lily that she's at "Al's" and for her to come and get her, Lily says for Luke to watch everyone til she comes back. Holden and Lily run into each other outside Al's diner, they realize that they've been set up, and they then decide what to do about her mother's and Emma's plan. Lucinda shows Lily and Holden the letter and that Faith has applied to the same boarding school as J.J., Lily then asks her what her reason for going to that school. Everyone gathers for the family Christmas photo, Lucinda surprises Luke when she brings Noah in the room. Noah tells Luke that the only thing he thought about while sitting alone at the clinic was Christmas and he just wanted to spend it with him. Faith is thrilled when Holden and Lily agree to let her go to that boarding school. Molly comes to the house right from the airport, Lily says she's leaving cause Damian will be home soon. Lucinda tells Emma that there's still much work to be done.moreless
  • Ep. #13673
    Ep. #13673
    Episode 186
    Henry tells Brad that he's not going to help him. Parker tells Liberty that she can't just give up on school. Liberty goes to WOAK hears and turns around and she sees Brad, and tells her to go ahead and go to college, but she doesn't want to do it without him. Janet is thrilled when she ses Brad come in Metro, but she says that he can't leave her and Liberty again and they dance to their favorite song, Dusty comes in and sees Janet is in the holiday spirit. Brad visits Jack drinking at Yo's and says he doesn't need to be getting drunk today. Carly and Jack celebrate Christmas Eve with Sage and Parker. Santa says to Brad to go and say goodbye to Katie and Jacob, they have an emotional reunion and and tearful farewell. Dusty and Janet kiss after helping her put up mistletoe over the door. Katie calls Simon wishing him and Henry a Merry Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #13672
    Ep. #13672
    Episode 185
    Kim tells Bob who's still at the hospital that their late for Tom and Margo's for Christmas Eve. Alison get her mind off that dream of her and Mick in the church. Margo reminisces with Tom about the ornament that Adam made when he was little, Casey sees them thinking it's his fault Adam left. Meg tells Paul she doesn't know how much longer she'll last down here in the wine cellar, and asks if he could bring Eliza down later. Barbara tells Mick that the scar on his chest doesn't mean that he's James Stenbeck, she says to come with her and tell Paul everything and if not she calls the police. Bob and Kim arrive and they all apologize for whatever happened this past year. Meg hears her baby crying and comes up and says to Emily that there's no way she'll be a mother to her. Mick tells Barbara that they had good times once upon a time. Paul makes an admission to Emily that he helped Meg escape. Barbara arrives with Mick and says that it's very important. Casey get up and surprises everyone especially Alison when Casey proposes to her. Mick holds Eliza and says that she's a whole bright future ahead of her. Alison goes in a room in a church and says that she's been here before, and turns around and sees Mick it being the place in her dream. Margo receives a call from Adam saying everyone is about to sit down to dinner. Bob gives Kim a gift she sees that it's a trip to the Greek islands for a much needed vacation. Alison returns and tells Casey that she'll marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #13671
    Ep. #13671
    Episode 184
    Casey tells Alison that he's out to chop a tree downBarbara goes to get the records from the funeral parlor, but the director says that the file was lost. Alison calls Emily and say that the appointment with the specialist is this afternoon. Lily tells Holden that Meg is getting worse and shouldn't be on the street. Paul tells Meg that Molly will find the proof and it's gonna take a little time. Mick tells Alison that his work isn't a fraud and has faith in it. Alison tells Mick that she had a dream about him last night being in a church. Holden explains to the judge that it's his fault, but Meg stands and says her sanity is all cause of Damian's lies. Barbara corners Mick by saying she found a glass with James's fingerprints and asks him if he's still alive or not, Mick grabs her phone as she says she's calling the police. The judge sentences Meg to go back to Deerbrook for further evaluation. Casey tells Alison that he's found the perfect spruce and to help him cut it down. Barbara sees the same wound on Mick that James had when Paul shot him, and Mick says she's asking the right questions now. Paul runs and gets hit by the car that has Meg in it and he pretends to be unconscious. Mick reveals to Barbara that he's James and that something amazing has happened to him and the same with her as well. Holden and Molly team up to help take down Damian. Paul gets Meg in the car and they take off and head to Fairwinds. Alison is shuttered at the sight of a church tree ornament and is reminded of the dream with Mick. Meg calls Damian saying that his plan didn't work and his marriage and lies are gonna come tumbling down.moreless
  • Ep. #13670
    Ep. #13670
    Episode 183
    Katie tells Brad to leave and to crossover, Brad shuts the door and Henry says Brad wants her to stay. Simon meets with Pam in the Lakeview lounge asking her for a job. Molly tells Holden she insists on searching Meg's computer cause she promised her to investigate what she said. Lily sees that Damian is talking with Meg and making constant threats. Paul has a surprise present for Meg by bringing Eliza to see her. Pam knows about Simon and lets him know she doesn't want to do business with him. Katie tells Henry that she can't love a ghost and wants to touch Brad even though she can't. Paul tells Meg that if she wants to get even with Damian then she has to come home. Simon shows Pam the necklace he took from her and giving it back that he's not that person anymore. Katie asks Brad if he can touch, she's amazed that she feels his presence. Damian drugs Lily put putting something in her tea to knock her out. Paul tells Holden that he just saw Meg and there's something they need to discuss about getting Meg out of Deerbrook, cause she'll get worse if she stays there. Damian sneaks off after Lily falls asleep and goes and sees Meg in the hospital. Katie tells Simon to move out so she can be alone with her husband for a little while, Simon tells her that he's not gonna watch as she holds on to a corpse forever. Meg starts to lose it and Damian disappears and goes back to Lily as if he never left. Henry refuses to help Brad continue to keep contact with Katie. Simon remembers his wedding to Katie when it started to snow in the church. Meg learns from the orderly that no one has been in and out of her room.moreless
  • Ep. #13669
    Ep. #13669
    Episode 182
    Brad tells Henry that he wants his help one more time. Jack asks Janet why she let Dusty bring her when he was already gonna see her at the wedding. Katie plans on putting her house up for sale, Brad throws a tantrum and the realtor gets spooked and runs out. Rosanna makes a life altering decision by saying to Craig there's not going to be a wedding today. Henry tells Katie that Brad scared Pam off, she then says she's going to Craig's wedding alone. Carly tells Jack that she's going to Metro til she knows that Rosanna is alright. Henry makes a spectacle in front of everyone as Brad's tries to possess him once again. Carly and Rosanna share a tearful goodbye. Rosanna apologizes that Johnny and says she won't be his mother and probably Craig will let him visit her in Germany. Teri gets jealous of Janet and Dusty's closeness. Katie arrives at Henry's suite and says she wants to talk to Brad. Jack visits Brad's grave and thinks he should be tormenting him instead of latching on to Katie, Henry and Simon.moreless
  • Ep. #13668
    Ep. #13668
    Episode 181
    Rosanna has an unsettling dream of the car crash that put her into a coma years ago. Carly asks Craig to meet her back at his hotel room. Liberty hears that Janet on the phone with Teri and is going to the wedding with Jack, Janet is shocked at Liberty's plan on dropping out. Rosanna almost hits Jack when he checks on her, she says the accident came flooding back. Dusty begins to feel uncomfortable with Christmas carolers, but joins in anyways. Carly tells Craig that she never planned on sleeping with him and he passed her little test. Janet thanks Dusty for a good time, and Teri see how fun their having. Jack tells Craig that he knows that he propositioned Carly last night, Jack to the rescue and says that he'll take Margo's place as his best man. Janet says that he doesn't want to see Jack stand up for Craig, Dusty then offers to take her to the wedding. Jack sees that Dusty is Janet's escort for the wedding. Rosanna catches Craig and Carly in a warm moment.moreless
  • Ep. #13667
    Ep. #13667
    Episode 180
    Paul tells Emily that Mick agreed to meet with the fertility specialist. Henry sees Barbara giving money to a police officer and wonders what's going on. Casey helps Alison put together some toys and brings up that he and Maddie broke up. Maddie is annoyed by constant piano playing while trying to study, she's fed up and then realizes that it's Hunter playing. Meg calls Paul and begs for his help. Craig tries to convince Carly to sleep with him. Hunter lashes at Maddie for eavesdropping and for her to mind her own business. Mick puts whatever he has back in his pocket after Paul tells Meg he'll reschedule Emily's appointment. Paul goes to see Meg and she asks him to help her get out of here. Mick tells Emily that Paul cancelled the appointment cause he got a call from Meg wanting his help. Henry tells Maddie that her broken heart will heal and it'll take time, and she'll be herself again. Mick looks as Casey and Alison fool around in the break room. Carly reveals to Jack about Craig's intention to sleep with her for closure. Casey tells Hunter that he and Maddie broke up. Alison tells Mick that a gold old fashioned Oakdale Christmas is what he needs, Mick says he has work to do. Meg tells Paul that she wanted to believe whatever Damian was saying, Paul says he thinks she's telling him the truth. Hunter tells Maddie no to him playing at the hospital party cause he doesn't play in public. Barbara is shocked when she learns it was James Stenbeck's fingerprints were on the glass in Mick's room.moreless
  • Ep. #13666
    Ep. #13666
    Episode 179
    Dusty tells Teri and Janet that there's no way that Craig and Rosanna party is gonna take place in his club. Mick tells Paul that everything is looking good with Emily, and asks Alison to take samples. Molly tells Carly that it's only a matter of time before Jack finds his way upstairs again. Emily tells Paul that there's one thing that she wants for Christmas is a baby. Barbara tells Mick she found an insignia ring in his room with J.S. on it. Dusty and Jack try to have a good time at Craig's bachelor party at Yo's. Carly opens her mouth and tells Janet that Craig isn't Rosanna's husband yet, leaving Rosanna shocked, Carly apologizes for what she said. Craig asks Paul to join the party, and they all toast of what he did to them years ago. Mick tells Emily that she should have her injection lying down cause she felt dizzy last time. Barbara steals Mick's hotel-room key and finds a bunch of letters that she wrote to James once upon a time, Mick comes towards his room and Paul stops him saying he's brought in a fertility specialist to look at his work. Barbara sees a glass on the table and takes it and puts in her purse. Jack asks Janet to be his date to the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #13665
    Ep. #13665
    Episode 178
    Molly and Holden finds some photos of Damian on on a laptop and think it's a shrine. Rosanna calls Carly wanting her to be the witness when they get the marriage license. Vienna tells Katie she saw earlier isn't the Henry that she loves. Meg threatens Lily by holding a piece of glass to her throat and asks Damian to tell the truth. Jack offers to go with Carly to the county building. Holden gets a call from Lily that Meg is here and she's threatening her. Henry arranges for Simon to bed with a woman, but Katie sees when Simon comes to he's has no idea what happened. Holden sees that Lily is bleeding on her back, Meg pleads and says that Damian is setting her up. Rosanna insists on going with Carly and Jack and celebrate with her and Craig. Simon tells Katie that Brad is doing whatever it takes to get him out of her life. Vienna tells "Henry" she feels for abruptly leaving town the way she did, Henry has a struggle and manages to get Brad out of his body, Vienna tells him to get help. Damian tells the police that this has been a complete misunderstanding which leaves Lily puzzled. Katie goes and kisses Henry as Brad watches, she realizes it isn't him, Henry says that without his permission Brad used his body to communicate with you. Holden holds Meg as the nurse gives her a sedative, before she tells Molly to investigate Damian. Katie goes to Brad's grave and says that she has to finally let him go for Jacob's sake, Simon then puts his hand on her shoulder and asks to walk with him.moreless
  • Ep. #13664
    Ep. #13664
    Episode 177
    Brad, using Henry's body goes to see Katie. Meg confronts Damian if all those times they made love meant anything and if he ever planned on telling Lily. Simon tells Katie that people change and can stay with her. Emma walks in on Holden and Lily talking about Meg and asks what has she done this time and she says she's going to the hospital. Vienna returns to Oakdale cause she heard about Katie having her baby and Brad dying unexpectedly. Emma sees Meg strangling Damian, and tells her what's gotten over her. Henry goes to see Katie and she sees that he's acting weird and if he's alright. Lily tells Damian that Meg tried to kill them. Meg tells everyone it's about time they knew the truth and tells Holden that Damian knew he was alive all along, Emma asks why she didn't tell her or anyone sooner. "Henry" becomes angry when Simon enters the room. Meg asks Damian if he ever loved him or was it apart of his plan. Katie is glad that Vienna is back and introduces her to Jacob. "Henry" tells Simon that Katie is never going to get over Brad. Molly finds incriminating evidence in Meg's purse, Meg loses it and storms out. Katie and Vienna both see that Henry wasn't acting like himself. Molly and Holden go to the Lakeview to see if Meg's there. Lily sees there's glass broken and finds Meg in her home.moreless
  • Ep. #13663
    Ep. #13663
    Episode 176
    Teri asks Dusty the reason why he bought Metro. Katie shows up hoping to get Simon out of jail. Brad praises his accomplishments to Henry and Simon is probably being booked as we speak. Janet asks Carly if she's doing this to help her and Jack or if she's coming in between, Carly learns that Janet was in Pittsburgh and why she didn't come in the room. Teri tells Dusty that she's grateful for giving him this opportunity. Henry asks Brad if he plans to do what he's doing for the rest of his days, cause that ain't going to work forever. Katie pleads with Margo not to let them take Simon away, but says she's releasing him until she has cause for a warrant. Henry takes Katie to Brad's grave, but she tearfully can't say goodbye to her. Brad meets Mary in Old Town and she's also dead and been here for a long time. Jack punches Simon as he talking to Carly at Al's. Janet apologizes to Dusty for going off on him the way she did and accuses him of going after Teri. Brad wants to use Henry's body to make contact with Katie, but he doesn't like the idea, Brad sneaks in after Henry take a nap. Janet rushes over to the police station and he sees him with Carly and changes her mind and for him to stay away from her. Simon tells Katie that he's gonna be here as long as he's welcomemoreless
  • Ep. #13662
    Ep. #13662
    Episode 175
    Maddie comes to work on her blog and is accidentally hurt by Hunter twice. Margo is thrilled when Katie brings Jacob to see her at the station. Simon sees the coffee pot in the air and grabs it before Katie can see it, and tells Brad that he knows he's here. Barbara comes back for another treatment but Mick doesn't seem to be in his room. Henry realizes that Simon knows that Brad is around and is trying to get him arrested, and sees that Henry can see him. Mick steals blood from Paul, he then hears Emily coming and gets Paul to the couch. Alison gets phone reception briefly and tells Hunter that she and Casey are lost in the woods. Katie tells Margo that what if Simon came back, Margo says that he'd be arrested. Brad wants Henry to relay a message to Simon to stay away from Katie. Hunter finds Casey and Alison by triangulating their location, Alison reminds him that he's dating Maddie. Mick scolds Barbara for entering his room without knocking, she then sees what seems to be blood on his hands, but he says that it's a "dye" he uses. Maddie doesn't take a call from Casey after letting her down. Barbara asks Henry to join him on a picnic. Emily tells Alison that things are looking good and she'll a good candidate for invetro soon. Maddie asks Casey some questions if he ever thinks about kissing her or making love, cause all he didn't notice her when he came into Al's. Simon returns home and shows a stuffed bunny he got for Jacob, Margo enters and sees Simon hoping that she was wrong. Mick asks Alison who put her up to come and interrogate him. Brad shares his good news with Henry that Simon was arrested. Barbara gives Mick a gift after entering his room and finds a ring with the initials "J.S." on it.moreless
  • Ep. #13661
    Ep. #13661
    Episode 174
    Alison becomes concerned when Emily says she's part of the clinical trials of Mick's experiment. Meg wants to help but Lily says to stay away from her, but allows her to perform CPR. Paul busts in Mick's hotel suite and realizes that she's at the interview like she said she was and is getting injections. Molly says to Holden that what if it was the cake that made Damian collapse, and insist that the cake be tested immediately. Mick eavesdrops on Alison and Casey talking in a hospital room, making plans to release a spider in the wilderness. Meg lets herself in Damian's room saying she's going to take care of him. Luke tells Lily that everything is going to be okayy. Holden tells Lily they found poison on the edges of it. Emily gets good news and that her eggs are in fact viable, and that Mick's formula is working. Mick follows Casey and Alison in the woods and lingers from afar. Lily says that it's impossible that her cake was poisoned, until she gets a call from Bob saying that Damian injested some toxin. Paul apologizes Mick for not having faith in him, Mick then knocks him out. Alison tells Casey that nothing's familiar and they're lost. Lily comes to the conclusion that Meg is dangerous. Damian plants evidence on Meg.moreless
  • Ep. #13660
    Ep. #13660
    Episode 173
    Lily and Meg's fight at Fashions intensifies, Lisa then breaks up the fight then she calls Damian. Molly wonders what a wedding cake is doing being delivered at Emma's. Carly abruptly pulls away from Craig's kiss, and Carly tells Rosanna when she arrives that he just kissed her. Janet sees Liberty and isn't going to let her beat Jack around for what happened to Brad for the rest of his life. Meg apologizes to Holden for getting him involved in this. Damian tells Meg that it's only going to be a matter of time til they're together, and doesn't want to go through with this ceremony. Rosanna goes to return her dress, but Carly says that she would prefer a dressed designed by her. Liberty tells Janet that what happens if Jack leaves again if things get difficuly. Jack goes to visit Brad's grave and says that he has no idea what to do with his life and doesn't think he can be a cop anymore. Holden tells Molly that Damian said about him having a future with Meg was a lie, she asks if he believe Damian. Meg sees the cake and hopes that Lily enjoys it. Liberty finds Jack and says that Janet is scare that he's gonna take off again and to be there for her mother. Lily sees Meg outside her house, Damian threatens to call the police if she doesn't leave. Molly tells Holden that she's gonna take Kim on her job offer at WOAK. Meg threatens to expose Damian and he then collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #13659
    Ep. #13659
    Episode 172
    Luke comes back and tells Lily that Noah is doing really well, and is in good spirits, and is concerned that Damian is sleeping in the guest room. Craig tells Janet that the reason he called her is to tell her where Jack is staying at. Teri meets someone and sees that he's here to meet with Dusty to discuss business. Molly and Holden try to find out the truth at why Meg is moving into the Lakeview with Damian when he's married to Carly. Carly tells Jack that she's considering selling her shares of Metro and is meeting with a potential buyer this afternoon. Damian is glad to hear from Luke at how Noah is doing at the institute. Janet sees Jack and Carly come in Metro, and says that Craig told her where he was staying, Carly tells Jack to go after Janet as she stormed out. Glen tells Dusty that he's here to purchase Metro. Damian tells Lily that he has an idea of renewing their vows, and they ask Luke to join them. Janet tells Jack if he means what he's saying then to come to her right now. Teri learns that Glen will be shutting down her kitchen to focus on the bar instead, and tells Dusty that she really loved working here. Jack says that he can't come home at least not yet, cause he promised Parker he'd stay there cause of Carly. Carly goes to tell Craig to stay away and to keep out of her life. Damian tells Holden that everything that Meg told him is a lie. Meg sees Lily and learns she and Damian are renewing their wedding vows, and it being his idea. Dusty tells Teri that he outbid Glen and he's now the owner of Metro. Craig admits that he cannot let Carly go and pulls her into a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #13658
    Ep. #13658
    Episode 171
    Simon is trying to figure out how the wrench could've fallen on his head like that, Katie asks if he thinks there's another explanation. Craig asks Margo if she would stand up for him at his wedding to Rosanna. Brad goes to Henry saying he wants Katie to move on just not with Simon, he then finds the list he made comaparing him to Simon. Carly tells Jack to take his suitcase and go back to Janet. Brad tries to get Simon arrested by setting the alarm in the house off. Parker sees Simon in Old Town and asks what he's doing here. Henry admits to setting off the alarm, when Brad says to say that Simon was here too, but he doesn't. Craig asks Rosanna if she's having second thoughts, she says that she's just feeling overwhelmed that's all. Carly finds herself between Craig and Jack, after Craig sees that Jack has his suitcase in the living room. Simon asks Parker not to tell anyone he seen him. Parker tells Jack to arrest Simon, Jack says that he's the one that brought Simon back for Katie. Katie goes and tells Margo that she wants to drop the charges against Henry and the restraining order, Katie tells Henry as he catches up to her to leave her alone. Simon tells Brad that he has nothing against him and is here for Katie that's all, Brad says that he doesn't trust him. Rosanna asks Craig why Jack living at Carly's house bothers him so much, he says he was there to ask her to be apart of the wedding, Craig then makes a call to Janet saying she can find her husband at Carly's house.moreless
  • Ep. #13657
    Ep. #13657
    Episode 170
    Katie explains to Simon that she changed her mind and has to leave right away. Jack and Janet have an argument while he says he has things to do and won't tell her about them. Rosanna tells Craig that she wants Carly to be in her wedding and her family, Craig insists they go to a tropical island getaway. Parker tells Carly he wants to go get a Christmas tree, and assumes that she and Jack would get back together. Liberty opens up to Janet that she's uncomfortable sleeping down the hall from the person that killed her father. Jack finds a card, and knows Simon is here and asks him to come out, Katie lashes into Jack, for tracking down Simon for her. Rosanna sees Carly passing through Old Town and impulsively asks her to be in her wedding. Brad manages to open the door, which startles Simon and Katie, Katie says that it was probably a message. Janet asks Jack what his place in this marriage is, she leaves when he doesn't have an answer for her. Craig sees that Rosanna hasn't focused on the other stuff cause it's been about Carly all the time and he's sick of it. Carly goes to an A.A. meeting confused what her purpose in life is and what she's supposed to do. Jack tells Janet she should stay and he'll move out. Brad picks up a wrench and drops it on Simon's head. Parker asks Jack to move back in and asks Carly if it's okay.moreless
  • Ep. #13656
    Ep. #13656
    Episode 169
    Molly and Holden catch up after her Thanksgiving with Abigail didn't go so well. Damian tells Lily that it's not what it's like, and is committed to Lily and nothing more. Paul stops Emily from making a deal with Mick to be involved in the clinical trials. Barbara sees Henry talking to himself and she thinks he could use some company. Molly makes a fool of herself by making a scene when the person wanted to speak to Holden about a horse. Hunter asks Maddie where her Avatar has been lately. Alison is angry that Casey has taken a job as an orderly at the hospital, Casey says that it was her that suggested he get a job. Lily tells Damian that she wishes he didn't let her leave and wanted to deal with her personally. Mick assures Barbara that he's taken every precaution, Barbara asks Mick how he knew about her marriage to James. Damian hopes to appease Meg by asking her to move to the Lakeview with him. Hunter overhears Maddie tell Henry that she is with Casey and feels nothing for Hunter. Casey helps Alison with a patient who refuses to take his medication. Alison learns that Emily is at the hospital for fertility treamtents, she tells Emily that it's gonna come back the same about her eggs not being viable. Barbara tells Mick to get out, and after he has a splitting migraine. Lily calls Holden and says to come over cause they have a big problem, and it concerns Meg. Alison warns Mick not to hurt Emily, he then gets a call from Barbara agreeing to take part after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13655
    Ep. #13655
    Episode 168
    Damian tells Meg to wait til Christmas and then they can be together. Lucinda tells Lily that she wasn't there at the farm cause she couldn't bare to see her with Damian. Simon shows up on Katie's doorstep. A waitress at Al's thinks she's seeing things when a dish magically moves to other side of the table. Brad tells Henry that he's been having problems popping in and out of rooms like he used to and wants him to positive Katie's mind. Noah bumps into a a table and breaks a dish in anger and has a outburst. Lily tells Lucinda that he's wanting custody and that Damian is a bad influence on them. Henry sees that Simon is keeping Katie company. Noah tells Lily that he's feeling cooped and would like to get out for a while. Luke goes to Damian and says that he thinks that it's best that Noah has to leave the house. Henry tells Simon that he thinks that there's something that he can do. Noah realizes that he s been set up when Luke joins them on the ferry. Henry tells Brad that Katie wasn't technically alone when he went to see her. Luke tells Noah that maybe they should split up. Katie pushes Simon away and says he doesn't need him, he says he isn't going anywhere, Brad sees them embracing. Meg kisses Damian when Lily walks in the room.moreless
  • Ep. #13654
    Ep. #13654
    Episode 167
    Margo is there when Katie wakes and tells her no more taking the sleeping pills and to help her prepare dinner over at the house. Noah tells Luke that he's gonna feel like an outcast sitting at the table with everyone staring at him. Carly finds Jack in a kitchen helping serve dinner to the less fortunate. Holden tells Emma that Molly sends her best and is celebrating the holiday in California with Abigail. Liberty asks Janet if she'd like to watch the football game with her cause last year she got into it with Brad last year and he isn't here anymor. Meg tells Damian that she wants him at the farm this year, and threatens to tell Holden if he doesn't come. Craig and Rosanna make an announcement at Margo's that they're engaged to be married, Katie leaves to go get something from the car and Nancy asks if she's alright. Lily tells Damian that it's just gonna be the two of them for Thanksgiving this year. Carly goes to Metro and sees Craig putting a ring on Rosanna's finger. Katie catches a glimpse of Brad, and decides to go home thinking that he'll be there when she gets there. Parker surprises Carly by bringing some food thinking she'll be hungry. Everyone gathers around the table and Emma wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Katie races home only to find Simon there.moreless
  • Ep. #13653
    Ep. #13653
    Episode 166
    Jack and Carly wake up in bed together, and they reflect to the moments leading up to that moment. Henry gets the news that Ralph was sentenced and is going to prison. Brad goes to Henry to get him to go and see why Katie is going to see a doctor. Jack realizes he shouldn't have taken Simon at his word that he'll return to Oakdale. Teri sees Janet cooking up a storm in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, but gets distracted and her pies end up being ruined. Henry tries to get Katie to listen to him, but she says to leave her alone. Carly finds Jack in a bar drowning his sorrows, and offers to join him. Katie asks Henry to watch Jacob again while she sleeps, Brad knocks the bottle of pills out of her hand and says for her not to do this. Teri tells Janet that Jack checked himself into a hotel in Pittsburgh, Dusty then says that he'll accompany her. Katie tells Henry if Brad is still in the room, he says that he's right behind her. Janet arrives at the hotel and gets an eyeful with Carly and Jack in bed, she asks Dusty to take her home. Katie tries to reach Brad but passes due to exhaustion. Dusty and Janet come home the next morning and says to Teri that Janet will explain the situation.moreless
  • Ep. #13652
    Ep. #13652
    Episode 165
    Luke tells Noah that he'll be staying in his room til he's set up on his own, and explains to Lily that he's so angry cause he feels useless. Jack tells Simon that either he comes to Oakdale or he stays in a Pittsburgh jail. Holden brings Molly to Al's and it's not long before someone recognizes her as the woman that slept with the congressman. Damian assures Meg that he'll tell Lily about them. Luke tells Lily that he's willing to live with Noah's constant outbursts. Kim tells Molly that she heard about her on air squabble and offers her a job. Jack takes Simon's gun saying he won't be needing while he's conducting "business". Jack checks out the art work in the back storage room in the gallery and makes the switch to make sure the Dell's get the original and not the fake. Kim tells Molly to give it some thought and to get back to her, Molly tells Holden that there's no way she's taking that job. Meg calls Officer Grady and tells him to come up here right away. Mr. Dell insists on having the painting authenitcated and has someone here at the party to look at it, which makes Simon very nervous. Meg calls Damian and tells him that Officer Grady is in town. Noah tells Luke to take his unfinished film and throw it in the trash, but he says to do it himself. Lily lays into Holden for him going through all the trouble and bringing Molly here to the farm. Damian offers Officer Grady money to keep his mouth shut. Jack tells Simon the reason he wants him to return to Oakdale is cause of Katie and her recently losing her husband. Luke tells one of Noah's helpers that he would like to finish the film. Meg realizes that Damian paid off Officer Grady, and Meg tells him that she still knows what he did and to give her what she wants. Simon agrees to go back and gives Carly and Jack the slip.moreless
  • Ep. #13651
    Ep. #13651
    Episode 164
    Brad doesn't have any luck with Katie after attempting to give her a sign that he's here. Carly joins Jack in Pittsburgh in the search for Simon. Holden and Molly share a reunion, and he says that she should come back with him. Dusty tells Teri that she can't avoid testifying against her uncle Ralph forever and has to be at his hearing this afternoon. Janet tells Katie that Jack still hasn't come home yet and was last in South Carolina visiting Mike Kasnoff. Henry is accosted by one of Ralph's men in his hotel room. Holden tells Molly that she'll be safe when she gets back to Oakdale, Molly thinks that she won't be welcome not after all the stuff she did in the past. Carly locates one of Simon's aliases and she and Jack go and pursue him. Dusty goes to Janet and it's about Teri and her being afraid of testifying against Ralph. Brad manages to pick up a vase and smash over the person's head. Henry goes to Katie and she slams the door in his face telling him to leave or she'll call the police, but she lets him in and Henry is able to get Jacob to stop crying. Janet comes to support Teri and if Ralph threatens on Ciccone he does for all of them. Carly pulls out a credit card that belonged to Craig to buy Jack a suit for the art benefit, they arrive and just miss "Bartley Symington". Teri asks Janet to go in the courtroom with her. Jack tells Carly that Simon knows that they're there and is probably miles away by now, Simon interrupts asking to dance with Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #13650
    Ep. #13650
    Episode 163
    Brad wonders who Katie is expecting, he sees that she had a psychic brought in and thinks he'll get a chance to talk to her. Holden tells Lily if Damian's moving in then he's moving the kids out. Meg tells Damian that she needs to tell Lily the truth, but he says they have to function as a family. Noah wakes up and tells Luke that he can't see anything, he tells Luke that he wants to be alone. Lily isn't going to let Holden threaten to take the kids out of the house cause of Damian. Katie explains to Margo that there's going to be a seance, Brad sees that Thomas is requesting money up front. Luke tries to go back and talk to Noah, but he still says he wants to be alone. Damian calls Lily and he tells her that Noah came out of surgery and couldn't see and Luke is devastated. Brad tells Henry that there's a problem cause a psychic is taking Katie for a ride, Henry explains that Katie has a restraining order against him. Holden thinks that Meg knows something the he doesn't and asks her what it is. Brad makes an attempt to cause a scene, his anger then makes him knock the chair over with Thomas in it. Margo asks Henry how he knew that Katie hired a psychic, he says that he has a connection from the other side. Noah tells Luke that he says no to having him adopted, and tells them to get out. Damian tells Meg he'll tell Lily the truth when he's good and ready. Brad thinks he's got something when he's able to touch Henry. Margo tells Katie to trust her feelings and thinks that Brad was actually there. Noah tells that even though he hates the idea looks like Lily and Damian have adopted a new son. Meg asks Damian to show her how much he appreciates what she did for him. Henry is followed when he leaves the police station.moreless
  • Ep. #13649
    Ep. #13649
    Episode 162
    Casey asks Alison if she's dating the person he saw her with the other day. Barbara goes to Paul after learning of his recent venture with Mick. Maddie tells Hunter they're Avatars are together at least not in real life to. Carly arrives and learns of Molly no longer works at the television station. Molly and Jack leave the station and immediately start to have car trouble. Casey tells Alison that he was just curious when he saw her with that Mick person. Alison learns of Hunter being interested in Maddie, she then says that she didn't ask for his help. Jack sees that someone tampered with the car cause there's no brake fluid, and is gonna need Molly's contacts at the police station in New York. Carly watches a tape of last night's broadcast and thinks Jack was right about Molly needing her. Molly asks her friend Officer Rayburn to help her prove Congressman Whitman tampered with her car. Alison realizes that Hunter's been talking and says tired of her sister interfering. Molly wears a wire and Joe gets Silas's confession and arrests him to messing with Molly's car. Maddie has an idea for Casey for them to share a place together. Alison takes Mick into a room and sees that the bleeding is serious and should see a doctor right away. Barbara makes an admission that she'll allow to be in Mick's clinical trials, Carly tells Jack that she wants to help in the search for Simon.moreless
  • Ep. #13648
    Ep. #13648
    Episode 161
    Luke tells Noah that he needs him to wake up so he can tell him that he loves him. Bob comes in and says that Noah's aunt better come and soon. Craig sees Carly and asks what she's doing in a bar and asks her to come back to Oakdale with him. Lily tells Holden that plan to adopt Noah so he'll be her and Damian's son so they'll consent to the surgery. Jack tracks down a reporter hoping to find Simon, he sees that it's Molly Conlan. Holden asks Lily if she consulted Luke about this idea of hers. Molly shows Jack some archive footage of an art theft and he can't be sure if it's Simon. Emma is delighted that Rosanna is offering to help her around the farm. Carly tells Craig to call Rosanna and say that he found her and they're safe and in a hotel room alone. Jack accompanys Molly to a press conference and she says she doesn't want to miss one word of it cause it's gonna be big. Meg tells Damian that Noah is gonna have to dependent on both him and Lily, cause recovery from the surgery is gonna take a long time. Luke says that Damian's idea maybe far fetched but he tells Holden that he's all for it. Molly is shocked that Silas is doing what he promised her, and says that he's not going to get away with this. Rosanna tells Craig that they shouldn't wait and get married. Molly makes an on air reveal about Congressman Whitman and she's fired, Jack calls Carly and says that her cousin needs her.moreless
  • Ep. #13647
    Ep. #13647
    Episode 160
    Meg eavesdrops on Damian agreeing to Lily's idea of him moving in with her, he then sees Meg by the door. Teri offers a peace offering for Liberty by bringing a casserole for her, but Janet says Liberty is at the library working on her college essay. Luke panics and Holden says to let them do their job, he panics when the E.M.T.'s can't find a pulse on Noah. Liberty goes into Yo's but the bartendar refuses cause she's underage and calls the police Dusty says that she's with him. Damian tells Lily to tell the children first before they move ahead. Dusty prevents Liberty from making another mistake, and gives her an idea to write her essay about losing her father. Damian lays into Meg for breaking into his room. Holden calls Lily says that Noah was in some sort of accident and is in the hospital. Luke punches Mason after he he goes off about ruining his career as a professor. Janet doesn't know what to say after Liberty admits to going to a bar instead at the library writing her essay, Dusty says that he fixed everything. Holden tells Lily that it's cause of Damian that Noah's in the hospital, cause he got Mason fired. The doctor tells Luke that he'd better find Noah's aunt cause she's the only one that can consent to the surgery. Dusty gets a subpoena for Ralph's tial, and Teri says that she got one as well and gives him the pizza casserole she made, he eats learning there's fennel in it and tells Teri that he's allergic. Mason threatens to sue Luke and will have to live with happened to Noah, but Luke insists that he leave and go far away. Meg warns Damian that moving back in with Lily would be a very big mistake. Janet tells Liberty that she's proud of her after the touching and beautiful essay she wrote. Teri hurries to get Dusty's epipen to stop the allergic reaction. Damian has an idea about adopting Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #13646
    Ep. #13646
    Episode 159
    Dean Brewster asks Noah to tell Mason to come into his office. Holden tells Lily that he's wants joint custody of their children, and to deal with the children about them splitting up. Noah calls Luke asks to meet him at Java, Lily says it's okay and she's alright. Meg tells Damian that she'll keep his secret. Anna tries to get Mike to open his eyes, he sees Carly and she asks what Jack is up to and Mike realizes that Jack is replacing him as the driver. Noah asks Luke that he wants to know who went to the Dean and if it was him or not. Carly get on the walkie talkie and begs Jack not to do the race. Mason tells Noah when he shows up drunk that he lost his job cause of sexual misconduct. Luke asks Damian if he turned Mason and Damian says that he had to. Carly goes to great lengths to stop Jack from possibly crashing. Mike, Anna and Carly see that Jack is passing and start rooting for him, and cheer when he wins the race. Meg overhears from the bathroom Lily asking Damian to move back in. Noah is hurt when his big scene backfires on him. Mason cronfronts Holden, but he says that the person he's looking for is Luke's other father Damian.moreless
  • Ep. #13645
    Ep. #13645
    Episode 158
    Jack asks Mike what's the deal with him lying to his wife, Mike says that Anna doesn't like the thought of racing upsets her and for Jack to stay out of it. Mason tells Luke that he's only here to talk. Damian admits to Lily that he lied about a meeting just to come and see her, Meg calls him warning him again about what Officer Grady told her about pressing charges against him for witholding information. Rosanna comes to see Carly with a peace offering, but Craig figures out where she goes and heads off to Carly's place. Mike tells Jack that the person who should be talking to Katie is Simon Frasier, but he's against the idea of tracking him down. Luke asks Mason what he wants to talk to him about Noah and if this film goes well it'll open alot of doors. Luke is hurt when he agrees with Mason about him being a distraction while he's on the set while filming. Lily explains to Meg that she resented her cause Damian wanted to be with her, Meg says apart of her wanted to believe it. Jack sees Mike being harrassed by someone he owes money to, Mike says that it's no big deal. Luke plays Noah's movie and when Mason kissed him and asks him if that looked innocent to him. Carly calls Parker and says she's going to go and get Jack and will be gone for a couple of days. Mike tells Jack he needs the prize money to pay off the person he owes or else he'll take his house back. Carly meets Mike's wife Anna, and she learns that she's Carly looking for Jack, Anna says he needs her right now. Jack does Mike a favor by punching him and knocking him out so he won't race, he answers Mike's phone and Anna and Carly head to the racetrack. The Dean asks Noah if Mason made him feel uncomfortable in any way. Damian shuts Meg up by kissing her.moreless
  • Ep. #13644
    Ep. #13644
    Episode 157
    Craig makes things worse when he explains his situation with Carly to a female guard. Barbara offers to bail Henry out of jail, but Katie already beats her to it. Janet is irate that Jack is in Philadelphia and he won't take her calls and Carly went to see him. Jack goes to Greenville, South Carolina to see Mike Kasnoff and thinks he's the one that gets through to Katie and learns he's had problems of his own, learns he's married and has a daughter. Margo bails Craig and Rosanna out. Carly tells Janet that maybe she's leaving the wrong message for Jack to hear. Parker goes to keep Liberty company but she's isn't axnious to get her college entrance essay. Katie tells Henry that what if she believes that he can see Brad and can talk to him and says she wants to hear him. Margo realizes that Barbara had a thing with Henry. Carly calls Jack and gives Janet the phone so she can talk to him. Brad finds himself in a church instead of appearing at Katie's house. Craig returns and tells Carly that she's had her fun now it's his turn. Henry lies and says that he sees Brad to wait and see if he shows up, but Katie catches him in the lie and tells him to get out. Carly tells Craig that she can take him away from Rosanna whenever she wants. Parker asks Janet if she would go and look for his father and he'll get Liberty to do her essay. Jack learns from Anna that things are that bad for Mike cause of his accident. Katie learns from Margo that Henry was acting strangely like he was talking to someone else in the room at the station. Jack learns that Mike is planning to race a car for money for his wife and kid. Parker tells Carly that Jack isn't coming home cause Janet is going after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13643
    Ep. #13643
    Episode 156
    Evan apologizes for abruptly telling her if she would like to go up and make out, he starts to sweat, Casey says to Maddie that there's something wrong with that guy. Brad asks Henry to deliver a message to Katie and to convince her that her that he can see him. Margo takes Henry out of the room, he puts the note in her bag. Casey can't believe Hunter's behaviour from Maddie, and jokes about him having competition. Mick explains to Alison that he found something that does amazing things and needs people to help figure out what it is, Alison offers to help get in touch with the right people. Katie puts on a brave facade for Dr. Bob. Margo takes Henry down to the station cause of his involvement with Ralph Manzo's crimes. Brad sees that Katie left Mr. Cub behind, and realizes he needs Henry. Alison introduces Mick to Paul and Emily and says he has a very interesting project he might find interesting. Henry agrees and tells Margo he'll testify against Ralph, then Brad enters the room. Mick pours the extract on a dying plant and says in an hour it'll bloom again. Katie goes all over looking for Mr. Cub and tells Brad that he shouldn't have died on her. Margo places Henry under arrest over his refusal to cooperate and to keep him away from Katie. Emily sees the plant in full bloom and asks Paul that Mick is the person to give James's money to, Paul warns Mick that he'll make sure everything goes smoothly. Maddie learns that Hunter also plays the game Arthenon. Katie finds the note that Henry put in her baby bag.moreless
  • Ep. #13642
    Ep. #13642
    Episode 155
    Carly tells Ben about Brad's death and he now sees why Jack was acting so weird. Emily tells Alison and Hunter that she wants them to be more like a family. Casey asks Maddie why she's still in Oakdale. Rosanna says no to Craig about living with her, and thinks she needs a place of her own. Emily offers Hunter and Alison to move into Fairwinds, but the both say no. Jack tells Irv that there's no way he's gonna survive the fall from the building this high up. Carly is shocked to learn about Liberty being pregnant and then miscarried, he assures her it wasn't his but some guy that brushed her off. Maddie offers to stay in town, Casey asks if that's what she wants to do. Carly learns Jack resigned from the force, she sees a news bulletin about a jumper and sees Jack and then heads off to Philadelphia. Rosanna tells Craig that Parker said that Carly went after Jack, Craig hopes she isn't drinking again. Paul says that she's already enough for him and it's no big deal that Hunter and Alison said no to living with them. Hunter sees Maddie and Casey together and wonders what she sees in him, Casey says that him and Maddie are gonna give it another try. Carly is grateful that Rosanna and Craig tell her Jack is okay, and tells them to get out of her sight. Emily tells Hunter to go after what he wants which is Maddie. Carly has Craig and Rosanna arrested for following her to Philadelphia. Alison is surprised by someone in the hospital stairwell.moreless
  • Ep. #13641
    Ep. #13641
    Episode 154
    Carly tells Craig when this whole thing started with Rosanna before or after she left for rehab. Dusty tells Teri that she should be grateful cause tying her up kept Ralph from killing her. Janet tells Katie that Margo called her to come to the hospital to check on her and made sure she gets home safely. Jack covers when Ben calls out his name that he's in Philadelphia on an undercover case, he then asks how Brad is doing. Henry can't get a moments peace when Brad keeps hounding him about him wanting him to bring him back to life. Carly realizes that Craig bought the nightdown for Rosanna and not her. Teri learns of Liberty's miscarriage, Janet says since she practically told her daughter to get an abortion. Henry sees Katie in Old Town and Brad tells him to stop her from leaving, Katie says to not to come near her and Henry says that he's talking to Brad and not her. Dusty tells Janet to make peace with her sister Teri. Ben shows Jack around the food bank, and then they see that someone dressed as Ben Franklin stole some money and threatens to jump. Carly realizes that Jack knew about Craig's romance with Rosanna. Jack decides to do something about this and try to talk the man down. Katie leaves thinking Henry made the whole thing up about seeing Brad. Carly learns that Jack left town and doesn't know when he's coming back. Teri admits to Dusty that he was right about her Uncle Ralph, Dusty says that it helps to talk about it, and for him not to leave her alone. Jack thanks Irv for taking the time to talking to him on his roof. Henry sees it differently and explains to Brad that it's up to him to show himself to Katie, he quickly goes and Katie almost hears him thinking she wants it to be true. Rosanna sees Carly practically throwing her stuff and telling her to get out of her house. Carly then gets a call from Ben wanting answers in why his friend is acting strangely.moreless
  • Ep. #13640
    Ep. #13640
    Episode 153
    Carly calls Rosanna and sees that she's with a gentleman caller, Rosanna tells Craig she thinks that she knows the truth. Meg tells Officer Grady that she's gonna make sure that Damian gets what's coming to him. Luke joins Noah at Yo's for the wrap party, and tells Noah that he has a meeting to get to. Holden tells the judge that he plans to end his marriage to Lily and thinks it's time to move on, the judge then annuls his marriage to Lily and makes hers with Damian binding. Craig and Rosanna are shocked when Carly walks in on them. Rosanna calls Craig saying that she can't do this anymore and they need to tell Carly everything today. Meg confronts Damian at the Lakeview about the so called lost DNA test results proving that Holden was alive. Luke returns and sees the footage that was shot after he left and sees Mason kissing Noah on the head. Carly comes by Craig's room and he sees that she's wearing Rosanna nightgown, and says that they needed to talk, Rosanna then arrives and Carly wonders what's up. Mason is accused by Luke about him wanting Noah, Mason reveals his motives of when the film is finished it'll be game on for Noah. Holden tells Lily if Damian or anyone hurts her it becomes his business. Meg explains to Damian that she wants to be his friend and starts to kiss him, Lily then knocks on his door. Luke tells Noah what Mason said to him about going after him when the movie is finished. Carly bursts in and tells Craig how long has he been sleeping with his sister.moreless
  • Ep. #13639
    Ep. #13639
    Episode 152
    Carly asks Craig what Parker meant by him keeping something from him, Craig says that it was about her not being able to handle Brad's death. Holden tells Lily that he's gonna have his death certificate overturned and is gonna end their marriage so she can be with Damian. Meg decides to have some fun while taking over applying the cream to Damian's gunshot wound. Damian gets a call from Lily saying that Holden is going to a hearing to annul their marriage. Carly takes Rosanna and Craig to her A.A. meeting at the hospital, Rosanna rushes out after Carly says what a great sister she is and how she looked after her children while she was away. Damian interrupts the hearing, but Lily tells the judge she'll need a day to think about it. Noah and Mason watch as taping of his movie begins, Luke watches in the back ground. Holden tells Lily there's one thing that can save them is to never see Damian again. Meg gets a visit from Officer Grady, saying they did DNA tests to prove that Holden was alive and Damian knew this. Sage tells Carly that she's glad that she's home. Rosanna tells Craig if his feelings towards her has changed. Luke tells Damian that Mason re-wrote the film project to make it personal and is undermining his relationship with Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #13638
    Ep. #13638
    Episode 151
    Katie tells Henry that he's not wanted here, and she leaves instead. Carly wants Jack to stick it up and go in the church for the remainder of the service. Craig tells Rosanna that they'll tell Carly when the time is right. Brad says to Henry that he'll be sticking around him until he knows what his purpose in his new life is. Carly and Jack come in to see that everyone's left and is probably over at Katie's. Katie presents Liberty with one of Brad's old football jerseys, Liberty tells Margo shouldn't agree if she knew the whole truth. Jack tells Janet that Carly is back and ran into her as he was leaving the church. Brad has unfinished business and shows up at Katie's. Rosanna and Craig see that Carly is there and she's ready to move on with her life, Craig thinks she's about to end things which will give them to courage to tell Carly about them. Jack tells Janet that Margo is here for him cause they have things they need to discuss. Brad tells Henry that he's once again blown it for him again. Liberty tells Parker that Jack was drinking the night that day that Jack shot his father. Jack gives his gun and badge to Margo and goes over and xplains the truth to Katie that he had a few drinks before going to the warehouse, Katie says that he wouldn't have been sure if he didn't have a gun in his hand if he weren't unstable. Craig is shocked when Carly says that she'll be proud to be his wife, which leaves Rosanna speechless. Janet finds the note that Jack wrote for her saying that he has to go away for a while.moreless
  • Ep. #13637
    Ep. #13637
    Episode 150
    Parker tells Craig and Rosanna that he feels uncomfortable being in the same room with them. Liberty overhears and learns that Jack was drinking when he shot Brad. Brad realizes that Henry can see him and tells Henry to go get something from the farm and give it to Katie. Maddie comes to get Henry and tries to get him to come to the funeral. Craig tells Margo that she was right the other day, when she saw him and Rosanna together. Jack has a vision of him and Brad coming into the farm when they were kids after looking at a photo of them. Katie goes to spend time with her son and apologizes for not comign sooner. Everyone takes the podium to express what Brad meant to them. Carly surprises Jack when she comes for the funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #13636
    Ep. #13636
    Episode 149
    Katie gets a visit from Margo. Lucinda goes to see Maeve and tells her to leave town and Holden and Lily belong together. Kim tells Katie that they'll be doing a retrospective on Oakdale Now in Brad's memory. Margo gets Dusty's message. Katie goes to the station and asks Kim she wants to go on camera to talk about Brad. Margo and Ralph engage in a shootout at the Lakeview, he then takes a hostage. Henry makes one final attempt to stop Ralph when he sees him coming into Yo's.moreless
  • Ep. #13635
    Ep. #13635
    Episode 148
    Craig tells Henry that Katie probably doesn't want to see him right now. Lucinda says that everything at the cabin will work out just fine. Damian shows Lily the annulment papers that she had drawn up, and asks if this is what she really wants and sees she's planning a little getaway. Jack tells Holden that he froze on the job while the search for one of Ralph's men last night at Yo's, but couldn't pull the trigger. Craig tells Katie that if she won't stay with him, at least to consider Margo and Tom's place. Jack tells Holden if he thinks he wasn't ready to go back to work. Barbara tells Henry that Audrey got away but she didn't leave with the money, but there's a problem James's original will is viable. Holden catches Lily kissing Damian. Barbara tells Henry that she's grateful that he saved her life from drinking that lethal drink. Damian tells Holden that he's been setup after hearing his plans. Katie goes to see her son and sees Jack standing there looking at him, and says no one will tell what happened to Brad.moreless
  • Ep. #13634
    Ep. #13634
    Episode 147
    Liberty tells Paul and Emily about the miscarriage. Janet tells Jack she didn't have the heart to tell Liberty that her father died. Ralph tells Teri to watch what she says when the police comes knocking on the door or Metro. Jack tells Janet that bringing down Ralph is the only thing he can focus on right now. Dusty tells Barbara that murdering people isn't Ralph's M.O. Emily explains that this is noboby's fault and Liberty shouldn't blame herself. Ralph tells Teri that Brad's death wasn't exactly his fault, Teri then says that she doesn't know him anymore. Parker learns that Brad was caught in a shoot out, cause Katie was kidnapped, and he's the one that shot Brad. Janet sits down and breaks the news to Liberty about her father and she immediately breaks down. Ralph tells Teri to take him to Yo's but they see that Dusty didn't leave after all. Barbara tells Paul that there's been development and shows him the money that Audrey left the inheritance behind when she took off. Jack gets word about Ralph's men are at Yo's at this moment. Liberty learns that Jack killed her father. Dusty tells Ralph that he's going to help him escape.moreless
  • Ep. #13633
    Ep. #13633
    Episode 146
    Katie tries to get Bob to allow her to stay with Brad. Janet tells Jack that he should go to Margo and say that he was drinking before going to the warehouse. Barbara learns that Margo released Audrey, she says that she'll lead her right to Ralph. Henry shows Audrey what her doing did, and sees that Katie isn't in her bed. Kim tells Bob that he should be recuperating and to take it easy, Bob says that he has to make sure they get everything right this time. Jack says that he wasn't drunk he acted on instinct and opened fire after seeing Ralph fire his gun, he then gets a call from Bob saying Brad is awake. Henry is shocked that Audrey is concerned more about the money then someone's life, and gives her the money tells her never to come back, she then sees that a cop has been tailing her. Brad learns that Ralph didn't let her go even after she had the baby, Katie is relieved when Brad has her necklace. Audrey makes an attempt to lose the cop by going into the bathroom and escaping through the window. Janet tells Jack that she wants to apologize for what she said earlier, cause if he was drunk he would've missed. Brad asks Katie to bring their son to see him, and thinks he's thought of the perfect name and drifts off and flatlines, Katie then screams for help. Barbara takes the cheques away and ends up turning the tables on Audrey by putting her cell phone in her purse. Katie has an idea of bringing the baby to save Brad's life. Bob breaks the bad news to Jack and Janet that Brad died and they did everything they could. Janet comes home, and Kim comes and says that she's here to see if she's alright, Janet says she doesn't know how she's going to tell Liberty that her father's dead since she just found him. Audrey sees that Margo tracked her down, and flees leaving her money behind. Katie learns that Brad died while she was going to get their son.moreless
  • Ep. #13632
    Ep. #13632
    Episode 145
    Jack is disgusted with himself for his action towards shooting Brad. Ralph comes to Metro and Teri says she'll do what she can to help. Casey tells Maddie that he needs her help cause there's no where place he can be right now. Margo arrives at the warehouse, and asks for Jack's weapon since it was involved in the shooting. Dusty and Alison have lunch and she is summoned back to the hospital cause something major went down. Dusty tells Henry that he knows where to find Ralph. Audrey calls Maddie to come to the police station and to bring Casey with her. Dusty goes to see Teri and tells her what her Uncle Ralph almost did to Katie tonight. Katie wakes up and asks Henry were her baby is, he says that she's fine and so is Brad. Audrey explains to Maddie that she's all she has and to talk to Casey on her behalf. Janet comes to the hospital thinking something bad happened to Jack, but learns that Brad was shot and could not make it, and Ralph had Katie abducted and taken to a warehouse. Audrey tells Margo if the charges against her are dropped then she'll deliver Ralph on a platter, Margo tells a cop to follow Audrey cause she doesn't trust she'll do as she promised. Alison's shows how jealous she is, while seeing Casey with Maddie. Katie tries to get up to see why Janet and Jack are doing at the hospital. Teri is held at gunpoint by Ralph saying for her to hang up the phone. Janet tells Jack that he should've told Margo that he was drinking that afternoon, but says no. Audrey tells Henry that she wants his half of the inheritance and then she'll leave Oakdale for good. Katie gets out of bed and goes in the room across the hall and sees Brad in a hospital bed.moreless
  • Ep. #13631
    Ep. #13631
    Episode 144
    Katie wakes up to see Ralph holding her newborn son. Brad tells someone that was brought in and sees that he has Katie's necklace, and asks him where he got that from. Katie asks Ralph to give her son to her, she says she can get him to stop crying. Damian recognizes Maeve as a potential ally. Janet asks Jack if he never wanted the baby after he says that the miscarriage was probably meant to be. Lucinda conspires and tries to get Luke to help her get Lily and Holden back together. Lily goes to Holden and says that the kids want him to come with him and do some Halloween stuff. Katie tells Ralph to go ahead and leave and won't tell anyone and to give him a head start. Janet finds Jack at Yo's and says she owes him an apology for what she said earlier, he says that he went to go see Carly today. Lucinda tells Lily that there's a simple remedy she can use to get Holden back again. Holden goes and apologizes to Maeve for Lily's behaviour towards her, he sees the money that Skaggs stole from the bank and says to give it back and he'll re-emburce her with the money. Damian tells Luke that he's legally married to Lily. Katie tells Ralph not to leave her and to take care of her baby. Henry calls Brad saying that Madigans isn't a person but a warehouse down by the railroad tracks, Jack hears and Henry says that Katie was kidnapped. Ralph turns off the lights as he hears Brad opening the door, and puts a gun on him when he's on the floor. Jack allows Henry to help rescue Katie but to stay back and keep quiet. Lily prepares by packing a suitcase to take to the cabin. Jack enters the warehouse, he sees that it's dark and opens fire, and sees that he hit Brad and not Ralph.moreless
  • Ep. #13630
    Ep. #13630
    Episode 143
    Henry tells Margo that Katie has been kidnapped by someone named Ralph Manzo. Teri sees that Ralph is hurt and tries to get him to see a doctor, but he angrily tells her to leave him alone. Dusty sees some of Ralph's men in a church and asks what they did to make them come and pray. Jack goes to talk to Carly, but the nurse says she's on a day trip some of her other Parker tells Liberty to keep the child and they can raise it together. Katie sees that her water has broke and is in labor. Jack calls Janet and is told that Parker and Liberty have disappeared and don't know where they are. Ralph apologizes to Teri for his outburst, and says his trip is important cause a colleague betrayed him. Liberty is knocked down by people playing football while walking through a field with Parker. Margo tells Henry that Audrey better start talking about her good friend Ralph, or he'll be in jail next to his mother. Parker calls and tells Jack that they're in Chicago and Liberty has been in an accident. Dusty see Teri bringing Ralph to the hospital and tries to convince her that something's up with Uncle Ralph. Katie is helped through a rough time from a vision of Brad and gives birth to their son. Parker tells Liberty that she's in an ambulance going to the hospital. Ralph gets word at Katie's location and Dusty and Teri see that he vanished from the hospital. Katie passes out from the amount of blood that she lost after giving birth. Parker tells Janet and Jack that the doctor did everything they could and she lost the baby. Brad confronts Henry about what he did that got Katie kidnapped by a gangster. Janet tells Liberty that she's sorry about losing the baby and admits she was starting to love it, she says that she doesn't hate her. Ralph finds Katie and sees that she had her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #13629
    Ep. #13629
    Episode 142
    Liberty is really excited about the new apartment, but Parker still hasn't told her that he can't pay for it. Paul shows Emily a picture of a new house in California and wants to move there possibly with Liberty to. Katie tells her baby to hold on for her. Ralph learns of Katie's pregnancy, and meets her husband Brad. Rosanna tells Parker that he can't keep lying to Liberty forever and to tell her the truth. Henry tries to get Brad to leave the Lakeview so he can continue his business with Ralph. Emily asks Paul if she thinks that Liberty will go along with the move out west. Henry gives Ralph the cheque and says for her to go to the party cause the guest of honor will be there shortly. Katie sees something and thinks that she will be able to squeeze herself through there, she then sees a vision of Margo and Craig telling her not to. Margo sees that Craig came to the baby shower with Rosanna, Margo tells Rosanna to be careful. Paul and Emily tell Janet that they're moving and would like Liberty to join them, Janet angrily says no. Brad makes a toast to Henry cause after his wedding to Katie became one of his best friends. Ralph calls his men wanting them to bring Katie back right now and they're not answering him. Parker gives Liberty the bad news about him not being able to pay for the apartment. Brad wonders what's keeping Katie when she's several minutes late, and asks Henry where he took his wife. Katie sees a window and sees a vision of her grown son, and asks his help to get her up there. Craig asks Rosanna if she's in fact ashamed of them. Henry punches Ralph and takes the cheque back, and he'd better produce Katie or he'll take him out personally. Brad tells Paul to lay off of Liberty. Katie situation takes a turn for the worse when starts having contractions. Liberty calls Parker asking that she needs to get away.moreless
  • Ep. #13628
    Ep. #13628
    Episode 141
    Jack asks Margo for her help and wonders that Craig is paying Parker from his trust fund to keep him quiet about something. Liberty thanks Parker for all that he has done for her with the apartment. Ralph tells Henry that if he doesn't give him his money then Katie will die. Henry doesn't tell Brad of Katie's predicament, Brad tells Henry to get Katie cause there's going to be a baby shower he's throwing for her. Audrey tries to get the cop not to arrest her by saying that Barbara is unstable. Ralph's men see that Katie is pregnant, and tries to get them to let her go. Parker comes to see Craig and asks when he can get access to his trust fund. Henry goes to Barbara requesting her help and if she doesn't then Katie will die, she then says she needs to see a judge to lift the injunction. Craig upsets Parker when he backs out of their deal and tells Liberty they'd have to wait a little while. Brad invites Craig to a party for Katie and Craig asks if he can bring Rosanna along. Parker tells Jack that Rosanna and Craig are having an affair. Henry tries to get to Katie in time to save her from Ralph's clutches. Jack confronts Craig for betraying Carly with Rosanna, he then calls the rehab place to see if Carly should be told something as long as she's in a safe environment. Barbara comes to see Audrey, she thinks that she's here to drop the attempted murder charges. Henry almost gives the cheque to Ralph and Brad intervenes and asks where Katie is.moreless
  • Ep. #13627
    Ep. #13627
    Episode 140
    Audrey tries to get rid of Barbara once and for all by poisoning her glass of scotch. Rosanna tells Craig that she hasn't had a dream ever since she left the institute when she woke up last year. Ralph calls Henry and says his time is up and to meet him on the roof of Java. Brad sees the crib and shares the news with Janet that he's having a boy. Rosanna tells Craig that he'd better leave before Parker gets back. Janet is shocked to learn that Parker acquired an apartment for Liberty and that Jack knew something about this. Katie tells Henry that this man cost the woman that he loves and for him to fight back. Brad tries to get through to Liberty by actually giving her mother a chance. Jack confronts Craig about Parker getting access to his trust fund, and sees Rosanna arrive at his hotel room. Brad sees Katie all sad and she says that Henry is leaving and she'll never see her best friend again. Audrey tells Henry not to skip town cause she has Barbara already dealt with by fixing something for her to drink. Jack asks Rosanna if she knows the reason why Parker would coerce so he would get his trust fund. Brad presents Katie with a necklace that symbolizes her and they're unborn son. Henry tackles Barbara to the floor, she learns that Audrey tried to poison her. Katie goes to see Ralph in Henry's place and says they need to talk. Craig agrees and tells Rosanna that he'll take the money back from Parker. Janet tells Jack that Liberty came back and the two had it out thinking she loves the baby more then her. Barbara has a policeman come and arrest her for trying to kill her. Ralph calls and tells Henry that he better come up with the money or Katie dies.moreless
  • Ep. #13626
    Ep. #13626
    Episode 138
    Henry tells Ralph that he's way over his head and to do whatever he wants to him. Katie assures Brad that the baby isn't coming yet, she's just going for a doctors appointment. Audrey learns that Vienna had already left the hospital. Parker goes out on a limb to help Liberty by asking her to move into her own apartment. Barbara tells Vienna that she isn't in the wrong room, and that she and Henry are having an affair, but she doesn't believe her cause he wouldn't betray her like that. Ralph gives Henry another 24 hours to come up with the money. Parker tells Liberty that Craig has given him access to his trust fund, Jack doesn't think it's a good idea but he says her got it for her and nothing more cause she's being hovered around by everyone lately. Brad and Katie learn that they're having a boy. Henry comes home to find Vienna and Barbara at each other's throats. Audrey makes plans to leave Oakdale, but changes her mind thinking Henry needs her. Vienna learns that Ralph is in organized crime and was the one that started the fire at Al's, she says goodbye to Henry this time for good. Katie insists that Brad go tell Jack the good news. Barbara gets news from the doctor that she's cancer free. Henry tells Katie that he thinks that him leaving is the only option and is here to say goodbye. Liberty tells Parker that she would be totally lost without him.moreless
  • Ep. #13625
    Ep. #13625
    Episode 138
    Henry finds himself in a tough spot. Jessica arrives and tells Dusty that he's toying with Bonnie's emotions. Barbara checks the date in her datebook and realizes something. Janet tells Teri that it was only a small fire and the diner is reopened for business. Henry leaves a message for Barbara saying he desperately wants to see her again. Bonnie shows off what she's wearing on their trip and sees that Jessica is there, and asks Dusty everything that she told him. Audrey tells Henry to make Barbara happy so that she can hand deliver the inheritance. Dusty learns about the fire and to question Ralph on exactly who lit the match that started it. Jessica tells Bonnie that Dusty still hasn't gotten over, and to tell him where exactly where he stands with her. Audrey sees Barbara at the hospital and then leaves, she then trys to keep Vienna at the hospital while Henry is occupied, Henry says that he has a better way of getting the money that he owes Ralph. Paul tells Ralph that he's not backing out his deal to adopt Liberty's baby. Janet and Teri have and explosive argument, thinking she shouldn't have asked for Teri's help. Vienna comes home to find Barbara in her bed. Teri tells Dusty off for not going after seeing Bonnie leave. Henry is caught trying to cheat at his card game. Paul gives Janet a cheque for Liberty's expenses, but rips it up after he leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #13624
    Ep. #13624
    Episode 137
    Emily tells Paul that she's ruined her chances with Liberty, and it's all her fault she missed her S.A.T.'s. Parker tries to help Liberty after the day she's had. Jack comes to Metro and tells Craig and Rosanna that he talked to Carly today. Meg tells Damian that she's come to apologize to him and shouldn't have lashed out at Lily when she did, he says that he's Lily's legal husband. Lily realizes that Maeve was married to the man that tried to hurt Faith and asks why she's with her husband, Holden tells Lily about Maeve's heroics and saved his life by taking him to a hospital. Brad suggests to Janet about having a celebration for Liberty doing well on her test. Craig worries that Carly knows the truth, but she says she only talked about the kids. Meg sees Lily and asks if she's misplaced one of her husbands already. Emily and Paul set out in search of Liberty. Parker runs into Janet and says that Emily turned Liberty's alarm off and didn't take the test. Craig tells Rosanna that maybe it's best that they tell Carly together. Parker lays into Emily and Paul thinking all they care about is the baby and not Liberty's well being. Lily tells Meg that she doesn't need any help from her. Damian tells Holden that he's been declared dead and Lily went on with her life. Jack finds Liberty, he then calls Janet and Brad and take Liberty home with them. Parker takes Craig on his offer that if he keeps quiet he'll gain access to his trust fund, Rosanna says that'll never happen. Lily tells Damian that she doesn't care what they law says. Craig kicks the door in and rushes into Rosanna arms and end up kissing. Parker tells Liberty that she won't have to listen to her parents ever again if things work out his way.moreless
  • Ep. #13623
    Ep. #13623
    Episode 136
    Parker tells Emily that he's here to get Liberty cause she'll be late for her S.A.T.'s. Emma is thrilled when Holden comes in the door and is confused that he's staying at the Lakeview and not with his family. Luke asks Lily if she wants to be married to Damian and not Holden. Holden runs into Maeve at the Lakeview. Liberty arrives late, but she isn't allowed to take it cause it already started and says she can take it again in the spring. Holden finds Maeve and sees that she's completely changed her appearance. Parker finds Craig and Rosanna together and thinks they lied to him about the promise to stay away from each other and tells Craig to get out and cannot believe Rosanna's behaviour. Liberty doesn't tell her friends that she missed the test. Meg and Emily run into each other in Old Town, and asks how she did it with all the bad stuff that Paul did and how she put it behind her. Damian tells Lily that Holden was declared legally dead and he's her husband. Parker tells Craig to get off of him and take his bribe and to go to hell. Holden gives Maeve a personal tour of Oakdale, they then spot Damian and Lily. Liberty reverts to her old habits and joins her friends at the party at the Lakeview, Parker shows up seeing Liberty drunk and shouldn't cause she's pregnant. Lily is surprised to see Holden with another woman.moreless
  • Ep. #13622
    Ep. #13622
    Episode 135
    Brad comes to Katie and Vienna's rescue as the fire continues at Al's. Barbara won't let Henry off the hook. Dusty recognizes Ralph while seeing Teri serve him at Metro. Katie calls Henry and says there's a fire and Vienna was caught in it. Dusty tells Ralph he knows him cause he did business with him in Chicago. Rosanna wonders if Parker knows what happened with their sleep over the other day. Brad insists on Katie being checked out cause she did inhale alot of smoke. Henry leaves Barbara and rushes to the hospital and sees Vienna with an oxygen mask. Dusty reminds Ralph that all the money he suddenly disappeared at one time. Henry receives flowers at the hospital, and is shuttered when he reads the card learning they're from Ralph. Parker discovers Craig and Rosanna's secret when he sees them kissing in the kitchen, and tells Craig to get out of his house and should throw Rosanna out to for what they've been doing to his mother. Audrey goes to the hospital cause Ralph seemed so calm and she learned what happened at Al's, Henry gives her the note from the bouquet of flowers. Dusty puts Bonnie on retainer and asks if she's ever heard of the name Ralph Manzo. Katie tells Henry that she knows where he was tonight. Dusty confronts Teri and says that she really loves her uncle and that says it's only a matter of time before he asks her for something. Parker tells Craig he'll agree to back off only if he promises to no longer go near Rosanna. Henry gets a surprise when Barbara comes to see him after bring Vienna home from the hospital. Audrey tells Ralph that someone could've been hurt in that fire. Henry pleads with Barbara that he needs that inheritance so that they're lives won't be ruined but she says no.moreless
  • Ep. #13621
    Ep. #13621
    Episode 134
    Katie learns from Vienna just how generous Henry has been, but that doesn't sound like him. Lisa apologizes to Damian for unable to be at his wedding and explains that Lily isn't with him but with Holden instead. Lily tells Meg that Holden isn't here, and she was with Damian earlier. Ralph sends threatening flowers to Henry and Audrey tells him that Barbara filed an injunction. Maeve is rescued by Holden and says Eb is dead and that she has to tell the cops where the money from the bank robbery is. Audrey tells Henry to go ahead and go after Barbara, cause she's very vulnerable right now. Katie asks Vienna what the name of the charity that Henry donated James's money to. Lisa admits that things have changed now that Holden is alive, Damian says he doesn't want things to change. Meg gets slapped by Lily when she takes things too far. Maeve thanks Holden for getting her released, and asks why he came back for her and why he isn't with Lily right now. Henry goes to Ralph wanting a little more time, but Ralph ends up putting the fear of god and practically threatens Vienna's pretty face. Holden tells Maeve when he got home he interrupted Lily marrying Damian. Henry calls Barbara and asks to meet her at her suite at the Lakeview. Katie tries to get Henry's attention when he gets on the elevator. Holden comes home to see Damian and Lily in each other's arms, and goes and packs a bag saying he can't stay here anymore and is staying at the Lakeview. Meg is startled when Maeve comes into the Snyder farm, saying it's as nice as Holden said it would be. Vienna leaves a message for Henry saying she has work late, smoke then comes out of the kitchen. Katie listens at the door and hears Henry and Barbara doing the unthinkable.moreless
  • Ep. #13620
    Ep. #13620
    Episode 133
    Everyone is surprised at Holden's arrival, and wonders what he just walked in on and realizes that it was Lily and Damian's wedding. Noah offers to go and get help and have them pick up Mason. Luke rushes to the Snyder farm and tells Meg and Jack that Holden is alive and it would be best if they waited a day before coming over cause he seemed weak. Holden sees the petals on the bed, and asks Lily how she could so such a thing by marrying another man. Noah returns and Luke tells him the good news of Holden coming home. Meg asks Damian about his role in Holden's disappearance. Jack tells Holden that Ed is dead and that it happened in the living room and Damian killed him after he assaulted Lily. Lily goes to the Lakeview to see Damian. Luke finds out that Noah was trapped all this time with Mason in his car. Lily is forced to make a difficult choice and tells Damian that Holden coming back changes everything. Holden throws the sheets with the petals off and onto the floor in anger. Faith comes home thinking and wondering what's gonna happen to the family. Renee calls Holden saying that there's trouble and that Maeve really needs him right now. Mason insults Noah, thinking Luke doesn't trust him when he's around him and why didn't he tell Luke they were together.moreless
  • Ep. #13619
    Ep. #13619
    Episode 132
    Lucinda goes to Lily asking if what Faith said abour her marrying Damian is true or not. Noah goes to Mason's office but is surprised to see someone else is his thesis advisor, and her notes on his screenplay. Damian tells Luke that he's not going to waste any time and is going to marry Lily today. Emma is glad to see Meg smiling again and is putting Damian behind, Meg says that maybe it isn't over with her and Damian. Holden asks Renee for a phone so he can call his family to tell them that he's coming home. Luke is honored when Damian asks him to be his best man at his wedding. Holden tells Renee he couldn't go through with calling them thinking Lily wouldn't believe he's alive and then thinks going there is a better idea. Luke learns that Mason quit as Noah's advisor, and his new one says that his screenplay is a travesty, Luke says he needs to get Mason back. Lily tells Emma of her impending marriage to Damian, she says she can't give her blessing and say no thanks to attending. Meg runs into Damian in Old Town and learns he and Lily are getting married. Holden asks Renee's help in helping him leave the hospital to keep the police from questioning him about Maeve. Noah goes to Mason and asks why he went off his case, and offers to go scouting locations for his film saying it shouldn't take long. Emma abruptly tells Meg that Damian was using her so that he can make a play for Lily. Lily is pleased that Lucinda actually makes it to the ceremony. Noah misses a special moment in Luke's life and accuses Mason of planning so they'd get trapped in the middle of nowhere. Damian tells Meg he's marring Lily and there's nothing she can do about it and to leave before she makes a fool of herself. Lily's entire life is changed by a single moment when Holden walks in and interrupts the ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #13618
    Ep. #13618
    Episode 131
    Liberty tells Janet she knows she wants to tell her something, to quit stalling and come out with it. Maeve rushes to Holden and tells him to open his eyes and for him not to be dead. Lily tells Damian that she can't remarry someone so soon after Holden died. Luke comes home after hearing what happened to the man holding a gun at Faith. Maeve takes Holden and attempts to get him out of the hole. Janet tells Liberty to listen to what she has to say about her and Jack adopting the baby, she then said it was the craziest idea she ever had. Meg's strange behaviour confuses Paul and he tells Emily that Meg is turning into what he used to be. Lily tells her children that Damian has asked her to marry her, and she won't if they don't want her to. Maeve takes Holden to a local hospital, and asks her friend Renee to tell the cops that she isn't here. Liberty asks Janet that if she wants a baby then to have one cause she can't have hers. The doctor asks Renee where the person that brought the man into the hospital. Maeve goes back to the root cellar, collects the money and then leaves. Natalie tells Damian that they accept the proposal that Damian said to they're mother. Maeve comes back to say goodbye to Holden and that the cops are after her, it's best he doesn't know where she goes.moreless
  • Ep. #13617
    Ep. #13617
    Episode 130
    Rosanna goes to Teri hoping she'll teach her how to cook, she quickly changes the subject when Craig arrives at Metro. Janet reveals to Brad her and Jack wanting to raise Liberty's baby. Eb tells Damian to get Lily or else her kid will be the first to die. Craig tells Rosanna that he knows why she wanted Teri to come back to work at the house to get her to protect her desires from being with him. Lily wakes up hearing Faith screaming, and comes down and sees her at gunpoint. Holden gets Maeve to focus on getting out of here and seeing Eb's face with her and all that money. Damian grabs the gun, Lily tells Faith to go and tell Jack. Janet follow Brad thinking he's gonna do something that'll spoil everything. Faith goes to Jack, he says for her to lock the door while he checks on Lily and Damian. Eb knocks out Lily, Damian throws him across the room he gets impaled by a firepoker and falls on the floor and dies. Maeve makes an usual request to Holden, she asks him to make love to her, but he says that he can't. Jack arrives and tells Damian and Lily if they're alright. Craig goes to see Carly, and finds Rosanna there and if she told Carly about them. Teri tells Janet that maybe that Brad is right and it's all about her. Faith thanks Damian for saving her and Lily. Jack realizes that Holden is really gone and doesn't know what he'll do witout him. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly refused to see her at the rehab centre. Holden and Maeve get back to work and they end up even more trapped.moreless
  • Ep. #13616
    Ep. #13616
    Episode 129
    Lily sees Damian in the interrogation and Jack also summoned him to the police station. Jack shows Lily the report of the analysis of Holden's signature and it could be legitimate and Damian doesn't want her knowing that her husband may be alive. Mason saying that none of the people's pics their looking at are half as cute as him make him uncomfortable. Lucinda tells Meg that Jack is probably questioning Damian as we speak, cause this is what she wanted all along. Eb takes Holden and Maeve and locks them in a root cellar, they try to get out but it's padlocked from the outside. Lily says that sometimes she still sees him sometimes and can feel him and trying to railroad Damian. Noah tells Luke that he was glad to get out of what he was doing with Mason and says he hit on him. Maeve tells Holden what's the use and nobody is gonna be coming any time soon, and they're gonna die alone in a hole in the ground, Holden says that isn't going to happen. Jack tells Lily that Damian is lying to the both of them and wants to know why. Damian thinks Lucinda knows the person that broke into his room and stole those papers. Jack tells Meg he can't prove that Damian didn't lie and can't arrest him without probable cause. Luke asks Noah if Mason actually touched him, and does think he should get away with something like this. Holden and Maeve find a kerosene lamp and some potatoes, and pretend what they'd like to have. Lily has enough of Lucinda and her allegations towards Damian and asks her to leave her house. Mason knows why Luke is so mad and apologizes and says he isn't a homewrecker and doesn't do this kind of thing. Holden and Maeve find the money that Skaggs hid. Faith comes home and sees Eb lurking around, Damian comes downstairs and sees Eb holding Faith.moreless
  • Ep. #13615
    Ep. #13615
    Episode 128
    Casey goes to apologize to Alison, she says that he's the reason they aren't together and not Adam. Vienna gets a hold of the check and asks Henry why he's giving so much money to Audrey, he says that it's for her to give to Ralph, Vienna offers to give the cheque to him personally down in the Lakeview lounge. Maddie is given a hard time by Margo, cause she can't figure out why Adam just up and left town like that. Audrey tells Ralph that Henry and Vienna will be joining them, and the cheque will be coming shortly. Casey tries to make Alison see that what they have together is worth fighting for. Margo asks Maddie she wonders what kept her and was over an a hour late to testify and there's something she's not telling him and realizes Casey has his part in Adam leaving town. Hunter intervenes when he sees Casey being agressive with his sister, and tells him to stop. Audrey sees Barbara and tells Henry that's his cue to do what she asked him to do. Margo confronts Casey and why he didn't show at the Lakeview and that Adam is gone because of him and had no right to do that. Maddie tells Vienna why did she see Henry drag Barbara into the elevator, she then wonders what kind of scam her mother is running this time. Henry starts to work his magic on Barbara by saying that he desperately wants her. Alison tells Hunter that she did the right thing by breaking up with Casey cause she feels that it hasn't been working out as of late. Henry hears Vienna knock on the door, and asks what he's doing in Barbara's suite. Ralph explains to Audrey that he'd hate to see their arrangment end cause she's holding on to her part. Maddie tells Casey that she'll always be here for him.moreless
  • Ep. #13614
    Ep. #13614
    Episode 127
    Liberty thanks Paul and Emily for letting her stay the night, and she really needed it. Janet is worried cause Liberty didn't come home last night, and wonders if she went to get an abortion. Alison tells Adam that he's has a right to restart his life, and believes that deep down Casey does in fact love him and he'll come around in time. Maddie tells Casey that she doesn't like to be emotionally blackmailed by him regarding Adam. Janet learns that Liberty spent the night at Fairwinds, and hates the idea of her living with Paul and Emily til the baby is born. Casey tells Maddie if she testifies then Adam will walk or if she gets punished for what she did by burying Adam after thinking he was dead. Jack goes to talk to Paul and says he already has a baby in Eliza and to rethink of adopting Liberty's child. Alison gives Adam all the best at his hearing. Maddie tells Alison that she can't do this, Alison thinks it's cause of Casey she isn't doing this. Adam confronts Casey in not getting Maddie to testify on his behalf, he agrees to his terms on him leaving Oakdale and never come back, Casey goes to Maddie and tells her to go to the hearing and speak on Adam's behalf. Alison apologizes to Casey after hearing that he changed Maddie's mind. Jack is surprised by Janet's solution to them adopting Liberty's baby and raising it as their own, he'll agree if Liberty says it's okay. Adam gets out of trouble with the help of Maddie, Margo wants to go to the Lakeview to celebrate. Alison is mad at Casey when he once again got Adam to leave town, and storms off and says she can't do this anymore. Margo doesn't understand why Adam would take off like that since she just got him back.moreless
  • Ep. #13613
    Ep. #13613
    Episode 126
    Barbara catches Henry and tries to get him to agree to sign the papers, Audrey grabs it before he could. Johnny comes in the room and says he can't sleep and gets in the bed with Craig and Rosanna. Liberty tells Jack and Janet that she's already made her decision. Janet tries to get Liberty the opportunity to look at other's couples before making a big decision. Rosanna gets out of bed realizing she made a mistake, and to be careful by having Johnny around Parker or Sage for a while and not to call her. Henry goes to see Paul and tells him what Barbara is thinking both brothers should share the money, and Paul says clearly that he doesn't want it. Audrey comes up with a new plan to trick Barbara by drugging her martini. Parker walks in on an argument with Rosanna and Craig and asks what's going on. Ralph comes to Faiwinds, and he's here to see Emily and Paul and says that the lawyer made a mistake and the Snyders want something a little different, but Paul says no. Barbara starts to open up to Audrey after feeling the effects of the drug, Audrey asks when's the last time she had a man. Ralph asks nicely for Paul and Emily to reconsider. Audrey tells Henry to have sex with Barbara or he'll sleep with the fishes. Liberty learns Janet went through great lengths, Emily asks her to stay with them tonight. Rosanna and Craig have a hard time forgetting what happened.moreless
  • Ep. #13612
    Ep. #13612
    Episode 125
    Janet brings good news to Brad and Katie that a couple was found for Liberty's baby. Rosanna pushes away from Craig's kiss, and says that shouldn't have happened, Craig then gets a call saying Johnny was in an accident. Liberty says to Jack that she wants Parker there with her when she meets the couple at the Lakeview. Emily learns that Paul lied on their adoption application. Rosanna tells Craig not to overreact cause Johnny is gonna be just fine. Brad lays into Janet for not telling her of Liberty's plans to put her baby up for adooption. Brad arrives to see Janet and Janet at the meeting, she says she felt like she had to be here. Craig and Rosanna try to cheer Johnny up by playing a little game with him. Everyone is surprised by the arrival of Emily and Paul and Jack says there's no way they're getting Liberty's baby, Paul says he wants to hear what Liberty has to say. The doctor tells Johnny about just how brave he was and that it's okay and referred Rosanna as his mother. Parker tells Liberty that he hung out with Paul for a while, when his mother took off with Simon and was a nice guy. Katie and Brad have an argument about abortion and she storms out of the room. Liberty says she's made a decision and is going to give her baby to Paul and Emily. Craig apologizes for walking in on Rosanna while she was getting undressed.moreless
  • Ep. #13611
    Ep. #13611
    Episode 124
    Barbara tells Audrey that she's going to contest James's will. Parker asks Liberty what she plans to do. Janet is thrilled when Teri brings Ralph by the farm and he asks what's the rift between her and Teri. Craig walks in on Rosanna talking about doing a background check on Ralph. Parker tells Liberty that everything is going to be alright, and he'll be there for her no matter what. Audrey tells Henry to stop Barbara by any means necessary. Ralph is introduced to Liberty and meets Parker, he asks to speak with Liberty he says she can have the baby put up for adoption. Barbara tells Henry that he's going to look into the charity Children of Adversity to see if it's legitimate, Henry says that isn't necessary. Parker tells Liberty to call him later, after Ralph says he has a solution to her problem. Rosanna catches Craig and Audrey getting cozy at Metro and says he's going home with her. Henry agrees to Barbara's terms to keep her from calling the police. Liberty calls Parker and tells him to meet in Old Town. Audrey learns that Barbara wants to split the money with Paul and that Henry's already done this, Audrey's then impressed at what Henry has planned. Liberty asks Parker to come with her to meet the couple wanting to adopt her baby, he humbily agrees. Henry realizes that Barbara has what he had in his black bag. Craig and Rosanna start to argue which ends in them kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #13610
    Ep. #13610
    Episode 123
    Noah learns that Luke was almost killed and thinks he had no intention of letting him know. Casey tells Tom he can't get past that he's taken Adam's case and hopes he goes away for a long time. Alison is glad that Maddie came back, she says she's here for her cause some things about that night she needs to get off her chest. Lily helps Damian as he's being released from the hospital and back to his room at the Lakeview. Luke asks Noah where this hostility is coming from. Maddie tells Alison that she insists on going to the police station and talking to Maddie. Damian sees that something is missing from his drawers cause they're very important papers. Margo is delighted to see Maddie back in Oakdale, when Adam sees her he tells her she shouldn't have come, Maddie gets a word in and says she's to blame for most of it. Lily scolds Damian for keeping a letter that Holden wrote from her. Margo calls Tom and says they have their first break in Adam's case. Casey sees Maddie talking to Adam and tells him to stay away from, Maddie says she asks to speak to him. Noah explains Mason about the argument that he and Luke had about him going to Kentucky and not telling, Mason has a solution and says he'll be right back. Alison tells Casey that she's the one that called Maddie and not his parents, even though he told her to stay out of it. Lily is thrown when Damian suggests that they be once again husband and wife. Mason sees that Noah and Luke have reconciled and sees a little jealousy in their close moment.moreless
  • Ep. #13609
    Ep. #13609
    Episode 122
    Damian saves Luke's life, and gets shot in the process. Holden tells Maeve of the story of how me met and fell in love with Lily. Lucinda tells Lily that this person demanding money and just getting her hopes up for a big disappointment. Damian lies to Luke and Jack by saying that Officer Grady said that Holden was driving under the influence. Meg makes a shocking discovery in Damian's room and finds the letter that Holden supposedly wrote. Damian says that he'll get treatment when he gets back to Oakdale, and thanks Luke for giving him a second chance. Holden tells Maeve that they're getting out of here today, and says he has an idea. Meg goes to Lucinda and shows her the letter, wondering why Damian never sent the letters to analyze Holden's handwriting and not report saying otherwise. Holden knocks the chair and Maeve ends up unconscious. Jack tells Lily that there's a missing police officer in Kentucky and the guy wanting the ransom had a gun on Damian and he took the bullet and Luke is alright. Lucinda brings the letters to Jack, but doesn't say how she got them in her possession, Jack says he'll asks Damian if he got the results and if he lies then he'll follow up on it. Holden tells Maeve that she can't leave him and she has to get him out of these chains. Jack finds out that Damian is lying. Ed comes back to see Holden and Maeve kiss, and tells her to tie Holden up cause they're leaving right now.moreless
  • Ep. #13608
    Ep. #13608
    Episode 121
    Paul wakes up not to find Emily and sees the date on the calendar and figures out where she went. Lily asks Damian what's wrong and he's distraught by the phone call from the policeman about Holden. Eb takes Holden back to the house worried that he might've made a run for it with Officer Grady lurking around. Jack tells Meg that if he acted out on Damian it would've drove him into Lily's arms. Holden tries to get Eb to do something else to get Lily to give him the money. Paul tells Emily that he didn't forget and it's been 3 years since they lost their daughter. Lily tells Luke that Damian is going on a business trip to San Francisco for a few days, Luke says he won't miss him at all. Meg tells Jack that she wishes she could turn off her feelings for Damian but she can't. Emily and Paul discuss their options. Luke gets a call from Eb saying that he has Holden and wants $100,000 dollars or else he dies. Officer Grady gets knocked out by Eb after he finds Maeve and Holden, and puts him in his car and takes off to get the money. Jack tells Luke that they ain't waiting and go and find Officer Grady. Damian is approached by Eb thinking he's the person that Lily sent him with the money, Luke and Jack arrive to see him being held at gunpoint.moreless
  • Ep. #13607
    Ep. #13607
    Episode 120
    Holden tells Eb not to punish Maeve, but him instead. Jack offers to take Faith to the farm just so the she have her own space for a while, Faith says she wants to go and doesn't want to live with her mother. Damian scolds Meg for putting the idea in Jack head to come and talk to Lily. Maeve hides Holden as Officer Grady comes by and says that since with Skaggs out of the picture, he's gonna get him for helping him escape. Mason admits to Noah that he's jealous. Luke tells Noah that he needs to move out for a while cause his family needs him. Holden convinces Eb to take action and he can help him get money from Lily, Eb takes Holden's plan in consideration. Lily tells Damian that she has no idea how much she's hurt his family. Damian receives a shocking call.moreless
  • Ep. #13606
    Ep. #13606
    Episode 119
    Liberty tells Parker that the reason that she skipped assembly is cause a nurse caught her throwing up and lied to her saying it was food poisoning, some girls come along and asks how the baby mama is doing. Craig asks Rosanna if she'd like to come to Metro, and watch Teri in action. Brad tells Katie that he's gonna try and get through to Janet and allow Liberty to have tha abortion. Audrey introduces Henry to Ralph, as his new partner, he tries to relent on the deal and Ralph says not to disrespect his mother or they're deal. The girls tells Liberty that everyone around school knows that Parker is the father and not Tony, Parker then defends Liberty's honor. Craig learns Ralph is Henry's new partner, and says that there's no way that he is. Parker lashes at Tony and tells him to shut his mouth, Tony opens his mouth causing Parker to beat him up. Janet gets Katie to talk to Liberty for her. Jack rallies at Parker for assaulting Tony. Craig and Henry realizes that Teri is Ralph's neice, Teri explains that Ralph is a descent man that helped her through culinary school. Liberty calls Parker and asks if he's still willing to help her. Jack and Janet stop Liberty and Parker before they have a chance to head out the door, Jack says to Parker that it's not up to him. Henry tells Audrey that Craig is starting to get a little suspicious. Craig tells Rosanna if it makes her feel better she can spent time with Johnny if she likes.moreless
  • Ep. #13605
    Ep. #13605
    Episode 118
    Alison invites Casey to a cocktail party at Metro celebration Paul and Emily's engagment, Tom comes home and tells Casey that for once he and Margo are on the same side. Margo is against the idea of Adam pleading guilty. Lily tells Damian that she wants him to stay away from her. Meg comes to get Eliza and Paul asks her why her trip was cut short. Lucinda lets Lily and Damian know where she stands. Paul goes after Meg so he can understand what exactly is wrong. Margo begs Tom to take Adam's case. Emily and Paul make a drastic move. Lucinda tells Meg that she has to fight for Damian to keep him from going to someone else like Lily. Lucinda tells Damian what it's gonna take for him to get out of her daughter's life. Casey can't believe that both his parents are gonna risk it all to get Adam off. Meg comes to see Lily and will hear what she has to say even though she doesn't want to, and says she has to change or else she's going to lose everything. Emily tells Paul that his gut response was to go after her, he admits that he was worried about her. Alison hears that Maddie assaulted Adam after thinking he was trying to hurt Gwen and then they buried him in the woods. Alison says to Casey she's not defending Adam, and maybe talking to Gwen and Maddie, he then says to let it go.moreless
  • Ep. #13604
    Ep. #13604
    Episode 117
    Holden sees a fresh bruise on Maeve's cheek and says she has to leave Eb. Faith gets an eyeful when seeing Damian and Lily and runs out, Luke then sees what his mother did and can't believe what his mother did. Eb comes home and apologizes to Maeve for hitting her the way he did. Faith learns that Meg is going on a trip with Damian, she tells Meg that she saw Damian and her mother having sex. Maeve knocks out Eb using a frying pan, and then sets Holden free, and says the only way that Eb can't follow them is if he is dead. Meg slaps Damian after he admits to sleeping with Lily. Luke finally put it's all together and knows why Faith has been acting out, Lily explains she went to Susan and prescribed sleeping pills, and went to sleep and woke up in the Snyder pond. Meg tells Damian to get out of her house right now. Luke tells Damian that no one wants him here, and could never forgive him for taking advantage of his mother. Maeve and Holden make a run for it, but get they fall into a covered hole, Eb hovers above and threatens to let them starve to death or shoot them.moreless
  • Ep. #13603
    Ep. #13603
    Episode 116
    Meg surprises Damian with a trip to Aruba, but he says that he can't at least not now. Vienna gives Henry an ultimatum either he signs the money over to Audrey or she leaves him. Emily thinks that Paul fooled her again, but he says that there's no way he's marrying her at city hall and wants a church thing with their families. Susan prescribes Lily something to help her sleep for a few days. Damian says to go on the trip with Meg, and goes home to pack a bag. Meg drops Eliza off and asks Paul to watch her for a couple of weeks, Paul then asks according to their history what brought this on. Audrey tells Henry she has a plan for him to keep Vienna and the money all at once. Lily sleeps and dreams of Holden and then follows him out to the Snyder pond and goes in and sees him go under water, Damian comes by and jumps in and pulls Lily out of the water. Susan agrees to attend the wedding as long as she doesn't regret what she's doing. Audrey has the perfect person in mind to help Henry with Metro, Ralph Monza. Lily tells Damian all about her dream about Holden, Damian then realizes she was sleepwalking. Emily sees Meg and Paul embracing, Paul says that she's letting Eliza stay with them while she's in Aruba with Damian. Audrey tries to get Henry to consider giving her money to Ralph.moreless
  • Ep. #13602
    Ep. #13602
    Episode 115
    Jack tells Parker that Liberty is spending time with Janet today. Maeve secretly tells Holden that she's gonna mail that letter and will make the withdrawal. Janet tells Liberty that Father Farley want to talk about her options, she then feels ambushed. Eb wants Holden to tell him what he and Maeve are keeping secrets about, cause she's visiting a cousin she can't stand and asks him if he's sweet on his wife. Parker receives a text to meet him at java, he agrees to keep his distance from Liberty. Lily comes close to discovering the truth. Liberty is stunned when Parker asks her to marry him, and asks if they can make it work with a child when it didn't work with them, Parker says he's got it all figured out. Jack tells Damian that Holden wouldn't have wanted him anywhere near his money or his wife for that matter. Brad and Janet argue about what's best for Liberty. Lily takes a minute while at the bank with Damian, Maeve enters and then later storms out after learning that Holden's account is being closed, the manager then tells Lily what the woman was doing. Liberty asks what kind of marriage it can be, Parker says they can make it work and says she can't marry him, Brad asks what's going on between. Lily doesn't recognize the woman in the security photo, Damian insists that Holden's account be closed immediately, Lily has an idea of proving if the handwriting is real. Brad learns that Liberty turned down Parker's marriage proposal, and says that it's most logical decision she's made and is really growing up.moreless
  • Ep. #13601
    Ep. #13601
    Episode 114
    Tom tells Casey that he's between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dealing Adam. Barbara goes to Margo thinking that foul play was involved, they head over and learn that Paul authorized James to embalmed. Adam tells Alison that what he didn't mean for her to get her. Paul tells the funeral director to get the thing moving and put his father in the ground. Audrey assures Vienna and Henry that she'll be on her best behaviour. Casey tells Alison that he hates all of it about Margo wanting everyone to be like it was. Adam tells Margo that he's turning himself in and tells a cop to have him arrested, she then looks at a picture of Hal and wonders what happened to their son. Barbara and Audrey get into it by fighting during the service, Henry and Paul break up the fight and head to Fairwinds for the after funeral reception. Adam tells Tom that hated having his parents pitted against each and can't be a better man if he can't own up to his past mistakes. Barbara vows that James's will, and it never holding up in court. Alison tells Casey that why's still sad when he doesn't have to lie about Riley anymore. Henry's change of heart upsets Vienna. Paul asks Emily if what she really meant of inviting Barbara and if she wants to marry him after all.moreless
  • Ep. #13600
    Ep. #13600
    Episode 113
    Damian has an idea of going to plant a tree in Holden's memory, and Luke thinks it's a great idea. Maeve gives Holden the keys that he needs to get free, Eb catches her and slaps her for disobeying him, Holden says that hurting her isn't necessary. Paul refuses to go to the hospital to claim James's body. Noah and Luke watch as Mason wipes out, and he says that he's very hurt. Damian comes to Meg and asks if she wants to come with him, Meg asks if Lily already turned him down. Damian hides his feelings for Lily. Noah offers to help Mason by taking him to the hospital and will be back in time to see the burying of the tree. Lily tells Luke that Faith refuses to go and for him to go and see why she doesn't want to go. Holden offers to write a letter for Maeve authorizing a deposit from his account and as much as she'd like. Meg sees that Paul got his memory and could tell when she saw his face and he recognized Eliza. Damian hurries to the park and says that Meg isn't coming cause Eliza has a bit of a fever. Luke tells Noah that he isn't late but is right in time. Meg leaves Eliza in Paul's care while she heads over to the park for the tree planting. Maeve refuses to take money from Holden cause it's not about that, Holden then promises to get her away from Eb so he won't be able to hurt her anymore. Meg arrives in the park late and sees the tree getting watered by the rain. Paul tells Emily that if her being around Eliza is a problem then she needs to let him know.moreless
  • Ep. #13599
    Ep. #13599
    Episode 112
    Audrey injects James with something causing him to collapse on the floor, Henry rushes and calls for help, Audrey puts the syringe in Henry's jacket pocket. Rosanna apologizes to Craig for jumping to the wrong conclusion about him and Teri. Janet desperately tries to find Liberty and finds her and says to get off that table right now, Liberty says that the baby isn't Parker and that it's some kid at school. Henry asks Audrey that this is a coincidence that James collapsed while in there with him, and calls Vienna and says he got there a little too late. Emily tells Paul there's a couple of reasons that she can't marry him her mother and not to mention his as well. Barbara learns from Audrey that James is dead and thinks she had her hand in it, and sees James's lawyer and realizes James never got to change his will. Barbara tells Paul what Audrey did to James and Paul says to let Henry keep the money cause he doesn't want it. Henry finds the syringe and tells Vienna she must've put it in his pocket when he wasn't looking. Janet lashes at Teri for just leaving Liberty at the clinic to have her abortion and not talking to her first, and having that abortion wasn't an option, Teri asks Janet if she's going to allow her daughter to have this baby. Vienna tells Henry that she's not going to let Audrey pin James's death on him. Liberty finally admits the truth to Parker that she's in fact pregnant, Parker embraces her when she doesn't know what she's going to do.moreless
  • Ep. #13598
    Ep. #13598
    Episode 111
    Rosanna makes it even clearer for Craig by saying she doesn't want him around the house, Parker refuses to go anywere with him after hearing him and his aunt arguing and promised Liberty to go to the college fair with her. Katie asks Vienna if Henry was arrested for kidnapping that lawyer guy. Teri asks Janet if she can stay with her after Rosanna fired her, Janet says she'll talk to Emma and Jack and gets the feeling she isn't telling her something. Henry hears a message James left for his lawyer about Paul being the heir and him getting nothing. Tony sees Liberty and then decides to go somewhere else instead, Liberty tells Parker that she desperately needs to do something. Teri tells Janet that she has a job interview when in fact she's joining Liberty at the clinic. Vienna urges Henry to do the right thing and call the police. Katie catches Audrey going through a medicine drawer at the hospital. Parker sees Craig with Teri and Liberty in Old Town, and runs into Janet and says Liberty didn't go to the college fair and wasn't with him like he says he was. Audrey sets a trap for James by poisoning him. Rosanna tells Janet what she saw in Chicago, and that Teri could be pregnant. Liberty goes to her appointment to have her abortion. Katie realizes that Audrey took a vial or potassium chloride, and Henry thinks that his mother is gonna kill James. James says for Audrey to go ahead and take the first bite of the dark chocolate cupcake. Janet realizes that Liberty is the one that is pregnant, Craig tells her where to find her.moreless
  • Ep. #13597
    Ep. #13597
    Episode 110
    Meg tells Damian that he'll be ready and will head to the park soon. Noah comes back to Oakdale early and says he should be proud that he got a meeting with Jude Law even though he passed at it. Natalie asks Lily if she can have one of her fathers shirts just like Lily has one to wear. Holden makes a deal with Maeve and Eb to take him to the "spot" where Skaggs hid the money. Meg tells Emma that she's has the picnic basket for her, Damian and Eliza. Luke sees Noah and Mason embracing in Old Town, and asks why he's back early cause he was on his way to the airport to get him. Lily mistakes Damian for Holden and starts to feel dizzy and faints, Meg then accuses Damian of setting the whole thing up. Lily brings the box of clothes by the farm but tells Emma that she's not ready to get rid of them. Noah comes to the conclusion that Luke is jealous of having to compete with the people that he met in Hollywood. Damian shares his feelings with Lily. Meg tells Damian that she knows what she saw just now, thinking that Holden is out of the way and Lily being all alone. Mason's showing up constantly is irritating Luke, as he passes them by in the park as their embracing. Holden begs Maeve for help after hitting Eb over the head with a shovel, she then points a gun at him, Eb manages to get the gun away from her and says to get Holden up and refuses to get him help for his wound. Noah sees more of Luke's jealousy towards Mason Jarvis. Meg tells Emma that she and Damian broke up and it's all cause of Lily. Eb explains to Maeve that Holden tells them where the money or he starves to death.moreless
  • Ep. #13596
    Ep. #13596
    Episode 109
    Casey issues an ultimatum to Margo that either she tells Tom that Riley is Adam or she will. Vienna overhears Henry and Audrey talking about they're kidnapping plot, she then goes to talk to Katie. Tom confides in Kim that there's some problems at home and it's all cause of Riley. Margo says that now isn't the best time to tell Tom and will after Bob is better. Vienna tries to talk some sense into Henry. Vienna offers to take Audrey shopping in Old Town, she takes out a dress for her to try and slips out and locks Vienna in the dressing room. Tom comes in and sees Margo and Casey arguing and wants to know what it's about and they keep shutting him out. Riley tells Alison that Bob wasn't healthy enough to be tending to patients at Memorial. Margo tells Casey to leave the room and he's gonna tell Tom the whole truth. Katie follows Henry down to the boiler room and sees that James's lawyer has gotten away, Katie says that he'd better explain his situation. Riley tells Alison that his real name isn't Riley Morgan. Tom is thrown when Margo tells him that Riley is actually his not so dead son Adam, Margo says that Adam isn't the same person he was when he came back home. Henry tells Audrey that the lawyer is missing, and she says that she found him and put him in the laundry basket. Alison tells Casey that she feels like an idiot how he became friends with him cause he almost raped her friend. Margo tells Tom if he plans on sending Adam to prison then she's going and so is Casey cause they knew for a while and didn't tell him.moreless
  • Ep. #13595
    Ep. #13595
    Episode 108
    Jack doesn't believe Parker just went to the lake with Liberty just to talk. Rosanna finds some pamphlets regarding abortion and thinks that Teri is pregnant and Craig is the father, she then fires Teri. Emily tells Paul that she can't marry him. Liberty tells Janet that she's afraid that she won't get into college cause she feels that she didn't do all that well in school. Parker tries to get Liberty to open up and tell him what's wrong. Hunter tells Emily that it's probably best if she stays away from Paul. Craig goes to Rosanna and says that Teri isn't pregnant nor has she ever been, and is that clear enough for her. Barbara has a conversation with Emily. Liberty tells Teri not to tell Janet anything. Janet tells Jack that she's afraid that Liberty is gonna go down the right path like she did. Hunter goes and warns Paul that if he hurts Emily it's him he'll have to deal with. Craig asks Teri how things went with Janet, she says that Parker lied and says that Liberty was with him at the lake. Rosanna calls the rehab place and says that she would like to go and visit Carly the sooner the better.moreless
  • Ep. #13594
    Ep. #13594
    Episode 107
    Janet tells Liberty to wait til she's better and she'll accompany her with Teri to look at schools. Paul helps Emily with her things into Fairwinds, and looks at the recent headline in her newspaper. James tells his lawyer of his new instructions. Parker tells Jack that he wants to make sure that Liberty is alright cause she wanted to tell him something. Janet cautions Teri not to tell her how to raise her daughter. Craig tells Rosanna that he's not having some illicit affair with Teri, and will stay faithful to Carly. Liberty tells Teri that she needs to have the abortion now and can't wait, she then saves the day and gets Janet to allow Liberty to go with her. Audrey is worried that with James in jail Raymond isn't going to get his money, and tells Henry to go to his father and asks him for an advance in his inheritance. Paul gets a call from James's lawyer since he probably read the recent newspaper. James tells Audrey and Henry that Paul is the sole Stenbeck heir. Craig thinks that he, Teri and Liberty should stay over in Chicago. Rosanna is touched when Jack tells her what a good job she's doing with the kids. Janet sees Mackenzie and she says she's not going to look at college's til the fall, she's livid while trying to figure why Liberty lied to her and asks Jack to take her to Chicago. Liberty plays a message that Janet left her, and thinks she's in serious trouble. Audrey and Henry come up with a new plan by taking the final draft of James's will before James can get it. Liberty calls Janet and says that she's on her way home. Henry walks in and see what Audrey did to James's lawyer, he helps her take him down to the boiler room. Janet is relieved when Liberty comes home. Parker overhears Liberty's predicament and says that she was with him. Rosanna arrives at the hotel and sees that Craig isn't in New York. Paul's proposal shocks Emily.moreless
  • Ep. #13593
    Ep. #13593
    Episode 106
    Rosanna asks Craig to show her some pictures from the photoshoot yesterday. Janet sees that Liberty is very sick Teri then offers to take her to the hospital. Meg tells Damian that Aaron and Seth are gonna stick around in town for a few more days. Rosanna hears Craig on the phone with Teri, and thinks something's up. Teri offers Liberty some options in dealing with her pregnancy, Liberty has already decided what to do. Rosanna tells Janet that Craig lied to her and thinks her sister Teri is involved. Damian blows off Meg for Lily. Liberty can't believe that Teri told Craig that she's pregnant, Craig says for her to let him help her with this. Maeve tells Holden that she and Eb will release him if he tells them where Skaggs put the money cause that's the only way. Liberty agrees to have an abortion. Eb comes in and Maeve tells him that maybe Holden is telling the truth, but he says he's probably suckering her. Teri offers to take Liberty to Chicago to look at schools but Janet insists on going with her. Lily blasts at Faith and wants to know the real reason she's behaving this way, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Craig tells Rosanna that he's going to be without her for a few days while he goes to New York to look at investors for Metro, Rosanna says that Teri just asked for time off to go to Chicago with Liberty and doesn't think it's a coincidence.moreless
  • Ep. #13592
    Ep. #13592
    Episode 105
    Jack and Brad are thrilled when Seth comes to town, and congratulates Jack on his marriage to Janet and Brad for his and Katie's miracle child, Emma is then glad to see her son. Holden regains consciousness and sees Maeve tending to him. Emma then breaks down in Seth's arms not knowing how she's going to live her life without Holden in it. Lucinda insists that she and Damian arrive at the church seperately. Luke is glad that Aaron is here, he asks how Luke and Faith are doing, Aaron says that crashing his truck like that isn't like Holden at all cause he's so careful. Maeve tells Holden that she found him in the ravine next to a burning truck and brought him back to her place herself. Seth learns that Meg is with Lily's ex husband Damian. Holden asks Maeve if he can use her phone so he can call his family to let them know that he's alive, but she says she doesn't have one. Damian goes to check on Lily upstairs, he then brings her downstairs to take her to the church, he then calls Meg and says he'll be taking Lily to the funeral. Liberty asks Parker what's wrong with Faith, he says that he wished that he knew. A cop gives Jack something that was sent from Kentucky he sees that it was Holden's wedding ring. Holden thanks Eb for everything that he and Maeve have done, Eb says that Maeve was out of her mind when she brought him home and is eating his food. Everyone takes the podium and tell what Holden meant to them. Liberty is taken by what Emma says about what life is like when you expect a child. Faith runs out and into the hallway and rips up a picture of Holden and Lily, Lily then asks what's wrong. Faith confides her secret to Parker about her seeing Damian kissing Lily the other day. Eb tells Maeve that they have to get rid of Holden and goes and takes out a gun, but Maeve tells him to put the gun away thinking he could lead them to the money that Skaggs stole. Meg is puzzled and wants to know why Faith is acting out.moreless
  • Ep. #13591
    Ep. #13591
    Episode 104
    Liberty hides something when Teri shows up, but finds it after she leaves and sees a pregnancy test. Craig wants to reschedule another photoshoot for Parker for tomorrow, Rosanna says no cause it's Holden's funeral. Alison calls Casey says that she found Bob in Old Town and that he collapsed. Kim wonders what's taking Bob so long with her ice cream cause it shouldn't have taken that long. Casey asks to speak to his parents and tells that Bob collapsed and that Alison called him, Tom blasts at Alison and asks what she did to his father. Teri confides in Craig that she suspects Liberty might be pregnant and makes him swear not to tell anyone. Liberty calls Parker and asks him to come to the park to talk, Parker hurries over and asks her what's the matter. Alison tells Tom that Bob made an appointment with a neurologist, but Dr. Pendregrast said Bob cancelled the appointment. Craig thinks that's why Parker is so depressed, and goes and asks Rosanna where Parker is and if he's with Liberty he has to tell him. Tom is suspicious of Margo and Riley's connection. Parker wants Liberty to tell him the reason she called, Craig finds them and learns that he and Liberty haven't been together as of late. Margo tells Alison that she doesn't want someone as careless as she is around someone she loves. Everyone learns that there's a mass on Bob's brain. Tom tells Casey that Margo and Riley are lying to him about something and asks him what it is, cause he's always finding them together. Liberty thanks Tony for coming to meet him and says that she's pregnant, Tony doesn't believe it and says that it's probably not his and storms off, Parker tries to call Liberty but she then turns off his phone. Adam tells Margo that he can't stand going around pretending that his family are strangers.moreless
  • Ep. #13590
    Ep. #13590
    Episode 103
    Margo and Tom are glad that Kim is out of the hospital and gave them quite a scare and is doing better. James assures Audrey that he'll be out of jail and will get his estate in order. Paul asks Emily what she thinks James is up to. Tom tells Bob that his decision to reinstate Alison confused him, Kim then asks himn why he did that at all. Adam comes by the hospital and sees Casey and Alison in a moment. Kim feels a little woozy, Bob insists on taking her back to the hospital. "Riley" asks Alison if Bob will ever tell the truth, if he does then she'll have to suffer the consequences. Vienna gives Henry an ultimatum either his father's money or her. Casey told Bob and he didn't answer, then his parents jumped in and stopped him before he could, Alison says to Casey that it's best that he stay away from her. James tells Paul that he'll give him the money if he dawns the Stenbeck name once again. Audrey asks Henry to give Henry's part of James's money to her, Henry accuses her of this being her plan all along, Vienna then sees that the person she loves is diappearing and he admits that he wants the money. Tom learns that Bob won't be treating Kim and he enlisted another doctor. Bob gets Kim her ice cream cone and then stops and doesn't know where to go. Alison assures Casey that nothing is going on with her and Riley and she then takes off leaving Casey frustrated, and asks Adam what him and Alison are keeping from him. Alison runs into Bob in Old Town and he then collapses in front of her and she then screams for help.moreless
  • Ep. #13589
    Ep. #13589
    Episode 102
    Luke tells Lucinda that Lily refuses to eat or even get out of bed, she says for him to leave and will deal her daughter. Emma tells Damian that she doesn't want him here, Meg says for her not to treat him like that, Emma then says all the times he made her son's life miserable and leaves the room in tears. Janet tells Jack that the funeral home received Holden's body. Mason tells Noah that actor Jude Law loved his screenplay and has a meeting with him in L.A. tomorrow, Noah says he can't cause of Holden's funeral, Mason tells him to tell Luke and will sure that he'll understand, Luke arrives and says that Noah has to do this. Lily tells Lucinda that she's not ready to let go of Holden and can't face life without her husband. Jack is suspicious of the accident and tells Janet that something doesn't added when he sees a report from the Kentucky police. Damian tries to console Lily, and Meg overhears them from the door. Luke tells Noah that he's not going to let this opportunity like this and will have his chance in meeting the whole family in time. Meg tells Lucinda that Damian got Lily to go to the funeral home. Holden appears to be alive.moreless
  • Ep. #13588
    Ep. #13588
    Episode 101
    Rosanna gets off the phone and tells Craig that Carly is able to have visitors, Craig says that he's going, Parker says that he is as well. Liberty pushes Tony away after he attempts at kissing her, saying she didn't object with what they did yesterday. Paul calls the police and cautions them not to let James slip through their fingers yet again. Vienna asks what's going on, Barbara says to let Henry explain that one. Barbara learns that Paul sicked the cops on James. Henry sees cops in the Lakeview lobby and rushes up to his suite to warn Audrey and James. Parker says that he has to tell Carly that he's sorry, and how long this rehab will last and he'll tell him everything and will take him there personally. Rosanna tells Craig that he's not going to see Carly, he says he is cause she's in his life and to get used to it. Liberty realizes she made a huge mistake after learning from Parker the girl he was hugging was Faith cause she told him that Holden died. Barbara calls Vienna and says that Henry is helping Audrey hide James, and to stab Henry in the back. Craig arrives at the rehab centre and the nurse says that Carly changed her mind and can't see him today. Vienna helps Barbara by telling the police were to find James in the boiler room. Craig tells Rosanna thatthe visit went well, Rosanna gets a call and knows that Craig lied. Parker tells Liberty that if that Tony causes her any trouble, cause she can always count on him. Audrey and Henry are cornered by the police and James says he's the one they're looking for. Craig tells Parker that the visit didn't happen, Parker thinks that Carly isn't getting better and is probably a good sign that she didn't want to see him. Henry lashes at Vienna for her betrayal in calling the police, she says that she'll do it again if she has to. James tells Paul why he should be sorry when he did something that he can be proud of.moreless
  • Ep. #13587
    Ep. #13587
    Episode 100
    Alison is served with papers and tells "Riley" that she's been suspended from the hospital. Kim wakes and she asked Bob what happened, he then starts to have a flash of him at the I.V. Barbara tells James that anyone can fake a DNA test. James tells Paul and Henry to get along, cause he doesn't have that much time left and he still controls a rather sizable fortune, Barbara asks James what his game really is as do everyone in this knows what he's capable of. Kim asks Bob if everything is okay cause it looks like he just spaced out there for a minute. "Riley" tells Alison not to give up but to fight, Casey walks in and says that he has to talk to Alison about something. Bob is approached by "Riley" that Alison is covering for him, and asks him if he remembers when he found him in Old Town and didn't know what to do when his beeper went off. Bob asks Alison that he'll make sure that she's cleared and to keep his episode to herself, cause he's certain that this conversation doesn't leave this room, she then insists that Bob see a neurologist. Audrey tries to persuade Henry to take James's money. Barbara tells Paul to go ahead and take whatever his father has cause he won't be around that much longer. Tom learns that Bob reinstated Alison, Bob says that he wants her to work here. Henry plays James game and sneaks out to go and see James. Bob tells a nurse to tell the neurologist that he can't see him today and to cancel the appointment.moreless
  • Ep. #13586
    Ep. #13586
    Episode 99
    Audrey gets off the elevator and sees Raymond, and hurries up to Henry's suite and refuses to help until she tell him everything. Dusty thanks Bonnie for getting him off on a technicality and she asks what he's going to do now. Barbara asks Paul what exactly is James is doing here in Oakdale and wants to know why. Audrey sees Henry knows about Raymond about him being the one trying to kill her and owes him $50,000 dollars, and James is the person she's going to for it. Emily refuses to give Paul back his money and has hired an attorney to makes sure that she doesn't have to. Paul and Emily come to a new agreement. Henry goes down to see if Raymond is still there, Audrey then tells Vienna she swears she's telling the truth. Emily goes to Dusty and asks him for some office space, she'll even agree to give World Wide the publishing credit. Audrey goes to Fairwinds and runs into Barbara. Raymond grabs Audrey and Barbara sees her being threatened and literally saves her life, by saying to explain everything to her, Barbara says she'll give Audrey money to pay off her debt, she then steals her keys when Barbara isn't looking. Dusty apologizes to Bonnie for thanking her properly. Audrey sneaks into Fairwinds and down in the wine cellar and sees James, and he's delighted to see her. Henry shows Vienna proof that his father is James Stenbeck. Paul meets James's other son. Barbara and Paul return to find James missing, Emily arrives and sees he wasn't kidding in James really being alive. Vienna and Henry scream when they see Audrey and James together, James says that he hopes they're aren't any hard feelings, Barbara, Emily and Paul show up, James introduces Paul to Henry his brother.moreless
  • Ep. #13585
    Ep. #13585
    Episode 98
    Jack tells Lily that they're gonna need Holden's dental records to verify the body, she then thinks that it's not him that died, but Jack doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Meg asks Damian to take her back to the crash site. Craig lays on the couch in his room and Teri goes and lays down next to him, he wakes up and sees her there, and pretends to wake up. Teri and Craig are stunned when Janet tells them of Holden's death. Meg is shaken when she looks down in the ravine, Damian is told by the sheriff that he'll need a DNA sample to determine the identity, Damian thinks he may have a solution. Craig goes to Rosanna and tells her that Teri did in fact make a move her, she says for him to explain the truth to her, Craig insists that she be with him when he tells her. Lily breaks down in her room and says that Holden should be here with her right now. Meg comes home and tells Jack that they were able to determine positive identity with the dental records and thinks that Lily should be told. Teri waits for Rosanna to leave, she then goes and opens the front looks out and smiles. Lily has a fantasy of seeing Holden and he says he can't come home, Lily turns around and it's Damian and she says she made it clear she didn't want her near him and Meg sees Lily crying in Damian's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #13584
    Ep. #13584
    Episode 97
    Emma tells Meg to trying calling Lily one more time, Faith comes in and senses that something's wrong. Craig tells Rosanna that the construction at Metro is already underway Teri says for it to stop and thinks he should've consulted her first. Noah comforts Luke after says that Holden's truck went off a ravine and believes that it's all his fault, cause he decided to go on a cruise with Damian. Lily and Damian come home and says that Holden is dead, Emma doesn't believe it until Lily shows her the watch that his was found in the wreckage. Liberty asks Parker to the school picnic, but he says he has to work but assures her that he'll be there. Lily breaks the news to Ethan that his father is gone and isn't coming back. Rosanna sees that Parker is distracted during his photo shoot, he says that Liberty needs him now more then ever and doesn't know what to do about it. Liberty doesn't have a good time at the picnic and then takes off. Noah tells Luke that Holden knew that he loved him and nothing would've changed that. Lily breaks down in tears while going through some of Holden's clothes, Damian comes in and Lily asks him not to touch her. Faith lashes out at Damian and says to get away from her mother. Rosanna tells Parker that he wants Liberty and him to be friends he can go running after all the time, Parker opens up about Liberty getting fired from her internship and says to go the picnic. Luke tells Noah that he doesn't want him to come back to the farm with him at least not yet. Rosanna comes to Metro and sees Teri half undressed and assumes the worst, Craig says it was a plumbing problem. Faith breaks the news to Parker that Holden is dead, Liberty arrives and sees them hugging and then leaves abruptly. Rosanna warns Teri that Craig always has an agenda and to look out for herself. Liberty hooks up with Tony and the two end up making out in the backseat of a van. Emma tells Lily and Meg to think about Holden and not Damian and if they can't accept that then to get out of her house right now.moreless
  • Ep. #13583
    Ep. #13583
    Episode 96
    Tom tells Margo that he doesn't think Riley should be here since this is a family matter. Bob tries to figure out what went wrong when Kim went into shock and sees the report and Alison tells Bob that he did this to Kim. Emma tells Lily that she's no longer going interfere in Meg's love life from now on. Tom goes out there and stops a fight between. Meg is astounded at the sight of where Damian takes her. Lily gets a devastating phone call saying that Holden's truck fell off a cliff and he was in an accident, Luke insists on going with her to Kentucky. Lily and Luke arrive at the crash site and Damian tells her not to go down there. Emma tells Meg that a while ago she had this feeling that Holden was with her in the barn, and asked if something bad happened to him. Tom then threatens to have Alison arrested if she doesn't leave right now, she storms off and Casey goes off after her and says she wouldn't believe her even if she could. Emma says that it can't be true and that he would feel it if he was in fact dead. Casey tells Tom that Kim overdosing must've been someone else's mistake. The sheriff says that there was a body in the wreckage and shows a watch and Luke identifies it as Holden's. Casey asks for everyone to give Alison the benefit of the doubt cause she didn't do anything. Lily refuses to go back home and leave Holden all alone.moreless
  • Ep. #13582
    Ep. #13582
    Episode 95
    Meg and Damian come back to the farm and Faith sees them and she asks Damian if Meg is his girlfriend. Tom gets word from Casey that Kim is in the hospital and had a heart attack, and he and Margo hurry to be with Kim. "Riley" insists on escorting Bob back to Memorial. Holden pulls over and someone points a gun at him and tells him to keep driving. Bob comes to Kim's rescue. Bob learns of Kim's condition and goes into check on his wife. Alison tells Casey that she was at WOAK telling Kim about Bob's condition, and he's even more mad when "Riley" suggested that she talk to someone, Casey then storms off. Lily sees Faith acting all uptight and asks her if she really want to go and visit Holden in Kentucky, Faith asks Lily if she's going to be Holden's one and only. Holden learns while hearing on the radio that the person is an escaped felon and killed an officer and offers whatever he can to help. Bob says no to Alison to help treat Kim, and wants another nurse right away. Damian gives Lily one last chance. "Riley" tells Alison about running into Bob earlier on Old Town looking at his pager and not remembering what to do with it. Holden sees that Skaggs is passed out and sees his cellphone right there he picks it up and he points the gun at Holden and tells him to pull over. Alison comes in and sees Bob checking the flow from Kim's I.V., Bob says that he's grateful and probably saved Kim's life. Skaggs tells Holden to take off his clothes even his wedding ring and to get back in the truck. Alison walks by and sees that Kim's monitors are going off and yells for help cause she went into shock.moreless
  • Ep. #13581
    Ep. #13581
    Episode 94
    Bob tells Alison that they have to talk about the other day, Alison says that he told her to administer 50 milligrams, Bob says that there's no way he could've made that mistake and says that she's on notice. Brad tells Janet to be herself and not to be nervous and Kim says that she'll do just fine. Craig is delighted at Teri's idea at how to improve Metro and turn it into a local hangout. Adam tells Casey that he's sticking around town and is going to be there for the family, Casey says if Tom does find out then he'll be in jail. Jack comes and asks Teri for a favor in preparing a celebration lunch for Janet's first day at Oakdale Now. Bob tells Kim while at lunch that Alison administered too much medication that almost killed Riley Morgan. "Riley" asks Alison if she's sure that Bob should be treating patients at all, Alison wonders if she's wrong about Bob losing it. Janet overhears Kim tell Teri about her having reasons for not turning down the job, Janet then confronts Teri and everyone hears them argue. Casey tells Adam to stay away from Alison and doesn't care what the reasons where cause he thinks that he might hurt her like Gwen and Maddie. Alison goes to Kim and says that Bob told her about the dosage he said to give to Riley, she's then outraged at Alison making her the scapegoat and Bob told her all about it at lunch. Craig explains to Janet that she has to hear the whole truth that he made Teri turn it down. Alison tries to convince Kim that she's not lying, and Kim starts to let her have it and she collapses, Alison calls 911. Teri thanks Craig for saving her even if it made himself look like the bad guy. "Riley" notices that Bob doesn't know what to do when the thing when it beeps.moreless
  • Ep. #13580
    Ep. #13580
    Episode 93
    Tom tells "Riley" that now that he's feeling better he can pack up and move out. Margo does a search on Jay Stanhope, cause it's so familiar, she then sees that it's an alias that James Stenbeck used. Barbara tells Emily to get her out of the car, she does and Barbara gets the upper hand and asks where Paul is, Emily says that he's inside. James' return jolts Paul's memory. Audrey tries to get Vienna on her side. Margo prepares to tell Tom the truth about Riley. James tells Paul that he did leave a large sum to Dusty but there's other stuff that he left him and wants them to reconcile, Paul takes off. Audrey explains to Henry when she met James down in New Orleans. Paul asks Barbara where he heard of this place, Barbara says that she did her research and it was highly recommended. "Riley" tells Tom that he'll oblige and pack up and leave. Paul goes back to see James and says that the guard he has posted is out of commission and wheels his father and he asks where Paul is taking him. "Riley" tells Margo that Tom kicked him out of the house, but he says he's not leaving Oakdale. Paul brings James to the wine cellar in the basement of Fairwinds. Vienna is astounded when Henry says that James is his father, cause he's the one that had him held captive. Tom asks Margo to make him understand about "Riley" being around all the time. Paul has a change of heart and tells Emily that she and Hunter should leave, Barbara arrives and Paul says he's taking her to someone from her past and she's stunned to see James alive.moreless
  • Ep. #13579
    Ep. #13579
    Episode 92
    Henry gets Katie to go to the Lakeview to talk to Audrey while he goes through her room. Lily and Damian kiss, unaware that Faith is watching. Luke apologizes to Holden and says that if he still wants him to go to Kentucky, Holden says that he's thrilled. Lily tells Damian that they're kiss was a mistake and will never happen again. Paul agrees to go the facility on his own free will. Audrey is given a note from someone and is distressed when she reads it. Lily wants to take a vacation with Holden and the children, but once Faith hears the news she says she doesn't want to go. Henry comes to the conclusion that this so called Jay Stanhope is his real father and is probably the reason she had his DNA in her purse. Lily tries to get Faith excited about the upcoming trip but she says she doesn't want to. Emily and Paul pull a fast one on Barbara by knocking her out and putting her in the backseat of the car and he'll talk to the doctors and explain that he's not crazy, Paul searches the place but can't find any of the staff on duty and thinks something is up. Henry insists on following Audrey and tracks her to a psychiatric hospital, and says that he knows the truth. Emily locks Barbara in the car while she tries to go in and look for Paul. Paul takes one more look around and is shocked when he finds his not so dead father in one of the rooms.moreless
  • Ep. #13578
    Ep. #13578
    Episode 91
    Luke tells Noah he's going on a trip with Damian so he can sell a new yacht that he'll be building, Noah asks Luke how Holden is gonna react when he's blowing Holden for Damian. Emma says Meg won't be around to look after Eliza cause she'll be on a cruise with Damian. Luke acquiesces to Damian's request. Paul is approached by men in white coats, Barbara arrives and says it's for his own good. Emma tells Meg she's not sure she can look after Eliza while she's away, and that it isn't a good idea for her to go on a cruise with Damian, Meg accuses her of using her ankle to keep her from going and realizes that she's spoken with Lily. Emily comes to Fairwinds and can't seem to find Paul anywhere, Barbara says that he's someplace safe and she asks Barbara what she has done this time, Emily realizes that she knows where Barbara stashed Paul. Lily's ruse is discovered. Meg tells Damian that Lily pretty muched pushed Emma into telling her she doesn't want her to go on the trip. Noah tells Mason about Luke breaking his plans with Holden to go somewhere else with his other father. Luke breaks the news to Holden that he won't be going on the trip, Lily says that Damian got to her son as well as Meg and is shocked that Holden is taking it well. Emily sneaks into the hospital hoping to get Paul of there and a tells him about her unique plan to get him out. Damian tells Luke that the cruise is cancelled and already told Holden about it. Barbara sees Paul missing and sees a rawhide bone on his bed. Paul reads a book of James final thoughts, Emily tells Barbara that Paul is someplace she'll never find him.moreless
  • Ep. #13577
    Ep. #13577
    Episode 90
    Alison gets worried when Bob makes a mistake when he calls her Susan, she goes and tells Casey. Tom sees Margo touching "Riley's" face and says she doesn't need a thermometer. Paul stuns Barbara when he says that he's going to be giving most of his money away, to Emily. Emily tells Hunter the good news that someone is bankrolling her own newspaper and offers him a job but he turns her down cause he already has a job waiting tables at Java but gets fired for being clumsy. Casey tells Alison not to go to Kim with this and thinks going to Tom is a much better idea. Alison thinks the dosage that Bob ordered may be too much for "Riley". Barbara is against the idea of Paul giving money to Emily. Margo asks Tom if Adam were alive if he would consider having the charges against him dropped, Tom then suggests that she should see someone. Bob comes in the room and sees "Riley" seizing and doesn't remember ordering 50 milligrams and reprimands Alison. Hunter asks Paul what salary he'll be getting, and Paul asks how much does he in fact want. Emily is surprised that Hunter calls her mom. Casey tells Alison if she's sure that Bob ordered her to give Riley that much medication, she then says that she isn't. Tom tells Riley now he's feeling better that he would like him to move out of his house, cause he thinks that in a way he's hurting herself by making a replacement for Adam. Barbara asks Bob's help in getting her to have Paul committed yet again.moreless
  • Ep. #13576
    Ep. #13576
    Episode 89
    Rosanna tells Craig that Parker is really into this whole campaign. Janet tells Jack that she still feels bad about the dinner the other day, and what places Teri has been. Brad tells Teri that they're looking for a new cohost for Oakdale Now and she being perfect for the job. Henry stops Jay from drinking the coffee his mother gave him thinking it's poisoned. Jack arrives and asks him to give Janet a job. Parker gets on Janet's bad side when he says he can't work today cause he has to get some pictures done, so she gets Liberty to take his place. Jack explains to Brad that Teri's arrival made Janet feel that she missed out alot when she had Liberty. Teri tells Rosanna that she has a meeting to see if she has a job on a TV show, Craig tells her to go for it. Liberty lets Janet have it by saying that she's feeling sorry for herself cause Teri is cooler then she is. Craig goes and asks Teri to reconsider, this show on TV, Brad then overhears. Henry tries to explain to Jay about Audrey's motives towards him. Liberty goes to see Parker during his photoshoot and asks if he wants to do something afterwards but Rosanna says that he's busy. Teri turns down Brad's offer and learns he was gonna give Janet the job which Teri agrees she would be perfect. Audrey goes to the hospital to see if the things she brought in for a DNA test and if the results are ready, but Katie arrives and doesn't get them. Rosanna can't believe how good Parker's pictures are, Parker asks if she can e-mail them to Carly. Henry finds out that the man Audrey isn't the real Jay Stanhope, and wonders what's up. Janet declines the offer cause she thinks it's something that Brad and Jack cooked up so she can stop feeling sorry for herself, Brad explains that it's not that and they need you badly and Janet says that she'll do it.moreless
  • Ep. #13575
    Ep. #13575
    Episode 88
    Meg and Lily continue their conversation about Damian, Meg accuses Lily of wanting him for herself. Lily and Meg bicker about their love lives. Alison goes into Java and lays into Hunter for getting Emily fired and she's feels foolish when she learns that he quit shortly afterwards. Mason invites him to go to the movies with him, Luke tells Noah that he's unable to go. Meg is told by Holden that she has no experience in shipping, she says that he's having a pharmaceutical division open up. Holden tells Lily that Damian is starting to get to her just like before. Damian brings Luke to meet Mr. Rusk and sees his daughter Sara there too, he feels uncomfortable and then up and leaves. Meg tells Lily that she bounces from one man to the next first Damian and then Holden and why can she be loyal to one man. Luke lays into Damian for trying to introduce him to girls, Damian says it ain't the reason and doesn't know why Mr. Rusks daughter is there with him. Lily tells Holden that he needs to play the big brother card and to get Meg away from Damian. Alison goes and tells Emily that Hunter quit after she was fired, and she's shocked to learn that Paul has no memory of her. Emily goes to Hunter about what he did, he says that he didn't do it for her but for himself. Holden tells Lily to let the Damian and Meg thing run it's course. Noah sees Luke and Sara enjoying each other's time, Sara had no idea that Luke was gay, Noah asks him if this is how business with his father goes. Emily is surprised by Paul's good behavior. Alison tells Hunter that he had to tell Emily that he didn't try to steal the Intruder right from under her and he fits right in. Audrey learns from a nurse at the hospital that two samples were brought in are a genetic match. Henry requests Katie help him to see what his mother is up to.moreless
  • Ep. #13574
    Ep. #13574
    Episode 87
    Henry looks for clues about Audrey's agenda, while she and Vienna are out shopping. Lily tells Damian that his plan to hire Meg is a bad idea and the fact that they're sleeping together and to think about her family's reaction. Emily tells Paul that he can't deny his own child, Paul asks her if she can take the cheque over to Meg personally, Emily says that she and her don't exactly get along but agrees to do it. Henry finds some obituaries and her mother diaries and comes to the realization she's killed the men he's reading about. Jay surprises Audrey in Fashions, she then asks what he's doing here, Vienna asks if she and that man know each other. Emily gives Meg the cheque and she asks why Paul didn't give it to her himself. Meg receives a job offer from Damian so she doesn't have to worry about Eliza's future. Henry wonders why his mother isn't too broken up about him sending Jay away, cause he just saved his life. Damian asks Meg to be honest with him and if she still has feelings for Paul and to tell him right now. Henry shows Audrey what he found in her purse, and asks why she killed these men, she's then shocked at her son's accusation. Meg confronts Lily and why she was talking with Damian about they're relationship and asks if she's jealous cause she can't be with him herself. Jay comes back to the Lakeview and tells Audrey they have a lot to talk about.moreless
  • Ep. #13573
    Ep. #13573
    Episode 86
    Rosanna suggests that Teri go to Al's Diner to visit Janet. Kate tells Brad that he'll find something soon. Craig tells Parker that his new partner loved the sketches of him, Parker says that Jack will never go for having his son's face on a bottle of water. Henry walks in to see Audrey go through his drawers and scolds for trying to steal from him, he then takes her to Brad and Katie's, Audrey secretly makes a call to someone saying that she's here and is ready to move. Janet tells Teri that their parents must've kept all the letter she sent to her over the years, they kicked her out and learns that Liberty was the reason. Janet asks Liberty why she's home so early, she says that they ran out of money. Rosanna calls Teri wanting her to prepare dinner for a number of people at Carly's house tonight. Audrey makes another call and says that it's time. Craig makes an announcement about him going back to school, Parker is also stunned by the revelation. Henry is delighted when Vienna comes back, and says she'll give him a second chance if he does the same for his mother since Audrey is the person that told her to come back. Brad tells Craig that he's the last person he would ask for help. Parker feels Liberty isn't being honest about her internship being cut short, also when everyone asks the same question, she then heads outside and Parker follows her and she opens up about it not working out. Audrey calls and says she has what she wants and needs a DNA test done right away. Janet explains to Jack that she feels bad that her parents sent Teri to college all the stuff that they didn't do for her. Katie tells Brad that he just got an idea of having Teri do a cooking segment on Oakdale Now.moreless
  • Ep. #13572
    Ep. #13572
    Episode 85
    Janet learns that Teri is the person that Craig hired, Teri then says that Jack said no to the whole idea. Parker comes home and learns that Jack didn't want Teri looking after him or Sage. Meg and Damian end they're romance so she can go and pick up Eliza. Lily is distracted at the sight of Meg and Damian kissing in the lobby of the hotel. Janet insists that she and Teri do some catching up cause it's been so long. Jack tells Janet that he hasn't changed his mind about Teri cause she's a stanger to him and to her as well. Parker asks Craig to try one more time to convince Jack about Teri looking after them. Lily goes to see Damian and he says if this has anything to do with Luke or with what she saw in the lobby earlier, Damian asks Lily to admit that she's jealous after seeing him kiss Meg. Teri overhears Jack talking about her and wanting her to leave. Janet tells Jack that he cares more about his family then he does hers. Craig can't believe that Teri is Janet's sister, and he says that he'll take care of everything. Jack catches up after Teri and hoping to talk to her, Craig shows up and tells Jack if he's just going to let Janet's sister walk away like that, Jack then tells Teri that he's not gonna be the one that seperates Janet from her sister and welcomes her to Oakdale. Lily tells Luke she agrees with Holden and doesn't want him working for Damian. Jack goes and apologizes to Janet and says he agreed to let Teri stay and look after Metro.moreless
  • Ep. #13571
    Ep. #13571
    Episode 84
    Craig hires Teri as the nanny and offers her a job as a cook at Metro, Rosanna is against the idea cause Jack isn't consulted first. Sage is excited about Teri being with her and cooking with her all summer long. Casey takes Alison away to a private concert, and the best seats in the house are on top of the hospital roof. Tom asks "Riley" how the job hunt is going on, and says he found a law firm in Milwaukee, but Margo tells Tom that she needs him and want him to stay. Margo calls Casey and tells him that he needs to come home right away. Craig tells Jack he found a solution, Jack doesn't approve and to tell the person that there is no job. Tom confides in Casey that he feels of some inappropriate behaviour with Margo and Riley, Casey says that he's completely wrong on this one, Tom asks him how. Jack tells Sage that Teri living in the house isn't going to happen, Sage isn't happy with the idea of Teri leaving. Alison tells "Riley" that everything is good with her and Casey again. Teri asks Craig and Rosanna for directions to the farm so she can give Sage her number. Janet tells Jack to go ahead and check this Teri person out if it'll make him feel better. Casey tells Margo that Tom has the idea in his head that she has the hots for "Riley". Casey and Alison resume their picnic and watch the concert together. Teri stops by the farm and Jack and Sage are speechless when Janet says that it's Theresa her little sister.moreless
  • Ep. #13570
    Ep. #13570
    Episode 83
    Audrey makes herself at home in Henry's hotel suite. Sage wants to call Carly at the place, but thinks that Janet doesn't want her to do that. Audrey explains to Henry that she's here cause of she seen on TV with Henry wearing a dress. Craig is disappointed when a messenger delivers a letter for Sage and not him. Henry tells Audrey that this town isn't big enough for the two of them let alone a hotel room. Jack is frightened when Sage goes to see Carly by herself. Rosanna brings the letter by and Janet says that she shouldn't give it to Sage but to wait for Jack to see if she can read it or not, Janet then goes upstairs and Sage finds the letter and opens it. Henry calls Katie and Brad and says he's in desperate need of them right away cause his mother is in town. Janet tells Jack that Carly wrote Sage a letter, but waited til he can read it, she then sees that the letter is missing. Audrey learns that Henry was recently dumped by his girlfriend Vienna, and decides to cook everyone dinner. Sage runs into the waitress Teri at the train station, and they then head to Old Town for some ice cream and then takes her home. Craig tells Jack that he's here to help in the search for Sage no matter what he says. Rosanna calls Jack and says that Sage is home and is safe, Jack then thanks Teri for bringing his daughter home. Sage asks Teri to make that thing she made at the restaurant in Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #13569
    Ep. #13569
    Episode 82
    Katie tells Henry to get off the couch and stop feeling terrible just cause Vienna left for a while. Lucinda tells Holden that they'll get Luke out of this predicament in getting him not to work for Damian. Meg sees Emily in Paul's arms, and she says she came by to talk about what happened in court today and what he did. Lily says to Damian that Meg and Paul will always have a connection cause of eliza just like she does with him and Luke. Holden and Lucinda arrive to talk to Lily and insists that Damian stay cause it concerns him too. Katie tells Henry that Vienna will be back cause she loves him, Brad comes home and says cause of Geneva's action he was also fired from WOAK. Meg tells Paul thanks and that he sees a good man like the way that he was before and once he has the surgery. Kate tells Henry to make a plea with Kim and say that dressing up as Geneva was a mistake and how Brad and Vienna worked well together. Lucinda wants Damian to take his offer for Luke to work for him off the table. Lily feels trapped when she has the deciding vote. Kim will consider putting Brad back on the air if Henry is his co-host. Henry comes back to his room to see that he received some flowers, and calls Brad and says that Vienna is coming back. Lily can't believe that Holden sided with Lucinda and ganged up on her. Meg tells Damian that she's ready for another relationship, they two then kiss. Henry is shocked when his mother Audrey arrives at his hotel room.moreless
  • Ep. #13568
    Ep. #13568
    Episode 81
    Emily tells Hunter to do what he has to with his mother's ashes soon. Damian tells Meg that the neurologist has been cleared at Memorial to operate on Paul right away, Meg then says that Dusty is pleading guilty to everything. Bonnie tries to get through to Dusty and that he'll change his plea. Noah gives Luke a back to school present, Luke tells him that he isn't going back. Emily sits next to Paul at Al's and she's stunned when he doesn't seem to recognize her at all, and asks if they've been together at some point. Lucinda tells Hunter when Emily comes back to the office to tell her that she'd like to see her. Luke says he got a job at Grimaldi shipping, and wishes he told him first so they can discuss it. Bonnie goes to Meg to get her to speak on Dusty's behalf at his trial. Lucinda tells Emily that she's relieving her of the duties as Editor of the online Intruder. Mason asks Noah to come so he can have the film he made screened. Dusty condones Bonnie for going to Meg behind his back to get her to talk for him, Paul arrives and speaks his peace and says he practically drove Dusty to do this and the judge and prosecutor drop the charges against Dusty. Luke goes to Lucinda and gives her his notice, and Damian actually asks him what he wants in his life and would be proud to work for him. Emily blames Hunter in getting her fired from the Intruder, Hunter then tells Lucinda that he quits. Noah tells Luke that he exchanged for neck ties cause he'll need them.moreless
  • Ep. #13567
    Ep. #13567
    Episode 80
    Rosanna takes Parker and Sage to the Lakeview when they dislike her cooking. Lucinda brings Dean Brewster by the house, hoping to get Luke reinstated at Oakdale University. Luke opens up to Damian about him having no plans in going back to school, Damian offers him a job at Grimaldi Shipping and learn from the ground up. Craig hits the road on a business trip, and Rosanna goes in Carly's place. Sage and Parker meet a waitress named Teri, and shutters after learning they're from Oakdale. Luke goes home and tells Lily and Holden that he's not going back to school and got a job from Damian. Rosanna is amazed that Teri got Parker, Sage and Johnny to eat vegetables and will return that's for sure. Lily confronts Damian and says he knows what he's doing by staking a claim on Luke. Teri makes her boss slip on the floor which delights Parker and Sage. Rosanna wants Craig to give her all the information cause she has Carly's power of attorney. Lily tells Holden that it's Luke's decision to make and they didn't do better by bringing the Dean to the house and force back to college. Sage e-mails Teri when she gets home, Parker says that she doesn't have to, Teri reads it and her boss fires her. Lucinda cautions Damian by saying that she'll be watching him very closely.moreless
  • Ep. #13566
    Ep. #13566
    Episode 79
    Casey gets a letter saying he's been reinstated at Oakdale University, but doesn't tell Margo cause Adam is there. Larry goes to see Hunter, but he tells his dad to leave, Larry then hands something to him that belonged to Aurora. Adam has an idea of throwing a party to celebrate Casey going back to school. Casey can't wait to tell Alison his news, but she wants an apology for his past behaviour, Casey then leaves and doesn't tell her. Emily tells Larry that Hunter doesn't want anything from him. Alison feels terrible when "Riley" tells her that Casey was accepted back at school and says she should come to the party at Margo's cause Casey would want him there. Hunter sees that it's a music box and Larry says that he should have it. Tom agrees and goes to invite the rest of the family. Hunter asks Alison why she's going to the party after the way Casey treated her and insists on going to. Larry tells Emily if she hears what he has to say then he'll leave and he can get her on a list for donor eggs, Susan says for him to leave Emily alone. Margo's plan goes awry when Casey comes in and immediately turns and leaves, Casey comes back in cause Margo says that everyone in there is proud of him. Emily tells Larry that she doesn't want to get pregnant anymore. Alison sees something is wrong with Bob, when he says to "bring in the next patient" she then tells Kim and Bob says he was making a joke but she's not so sure. Casey thanks "Riley" for an awesome day. Kim sees something wrong when Bob calls Kim "Lisa".moreless
  • Ep. #13565
    Ep. #13565
    Episode 78
    Noah introduces Luke to Mason, Mason insists on Luke joining them. Barbara brings Paul home to Fairwinds, but he says he doesn't remember, and asks her to tell him about his father, Barbara tells him what a monster James was and is glad that he's dead. Dusty tells Bonnie he doesn't want to discuss the case, cause he's pleading guilty. Holden tells Meg that she can't believe the microchip is responsible for Paul's behaviour, and Damian is only after one thing. Paul asks Meg why they ever broke up when she comes to visit him, and if he's was that bad then to walk out that door. Lily helps Damian get on Meg's good side, by going to New York to speak to the neurologist so he can treat Paul. Dusty apologizes to Holden for getting Meg caught in a dangerous situation. Dusty tells Bonnie that she's fired and won't be needing her services, she then follows him back to his room. Luke and Noah learn more about Mason when they see him at Metro with his boyfriend and realize he's also gay. Paul tells Barbara that he told Meg to leave and never come back, Barbara tells him she knows that he's been behaving wasn't his fault. Paul says that all the things that people have told him he's not sure he wants to be Paul Ryan anymore. Meg tells Damian that Paul told her he doesn't want to see her or Eliza again.moreless
  • Ep. #13564
    Ep. #13564
    Episode 77
    Vienna rails at Henry for his betrayal and storms off. Jack asks Janet that since the kids are away, if she wants to spend a few days at a cabin. Rosanna tells Craig that he can't take Parker to a Cub's game cause he's at a tennis tournament. Rosanna gets a call from camp saying that Sage isn't feeling well and would like to come home. Brad learns Katie knew about Henry being Geneva and is disappointed in her for keeping a secret. Kim rallies at Henry for committing fraud, and that could lead to her getting in major trouble with the FCC. Vienna refuses to let Henry touch her while he's wearing Geneva's dress. Sage asks why her mother didn't pick her up, Craig explains she's at someplace where she can get better, Sage yells at Craig and says it's his her mother started drinking. Jack gets the message that Sage was picked up at the camp by Rosanna and Craig, and Janet is heartbroken when Jack says we have to go back. Vienna tells Henry that she had no reason to be jealous about being on television, and says he's lost her for good. Katie is sad when Brad storms out of the house angry. Sage tells Jack that she wants her mom to come home, but he says that it's gonna take some time. Jack lays into Craig for telling Sage about Carly going to rehab. Brad comes home and apologizes for walking out the way he did. Vienna tells Henry that she's going home to Sweden and isn't sure when she's coming back.moreless
  • Ep. #13563
    Ep. #13563
    Episode 76
    Bonnie tells Dusty to keep quiet and she'll get him out of here. Barbara tells Paul that she is his mother. Damian asks Meg if she's going to go and see Paul, she says it's the last thing she needs right now. Kim calls "Geneva" and says there's gonna be a press conference to announce she's gonna be permanent on Oakdale Now. Barbara asks Bob what is wrong with Paul and if it's the microchip that's causing this. Barbara begs Meg to come to Paul's aid cause Paul lost his memory and needs to be around loved ones. Meg asks Damian to make peace with Dusty once and for all. Katie tells Brad about the press conference welcoming Geneva to the WOAK team. Meg thinks that Paul is faking, but is thrown when he doesn't know who Eliza is. Brad sees Henry booking another room, and immediately thinks something is wrong, and he sees Geneva coming out of the room Henry just got. Barbara tells Meg that she drove Paul to this and she has herself to blame. Brad tells Vienna his theory that it's possibly that something is going on with Geneva and Henry. Dusty says Paul isn't gonna get away with this and goes to the hospital to see him, Meg tells him to get out. Katie asks Henry if being "Geneva" is worth losing what he and Vienna has. Meg tells Damian that she thinks she didn't notice something was wrong and could've done something for Paul cause Eliza's lost her father for good. Vienna gets into it with "Geneva" at the Lakeview and grabs her hair and sees that it's Henry, Brad and everyone is shocked. Damian offers to bring in a top neurologist for Paul.moreless
  • Ep. #13562
    Ep. #13562
    Episode 75
    Meg quickly hurries upstairs after the blast to check on Paul and finds him unconscious and tells Dusty to call Barbara and Damian calls the police. Margo asks Katie how she's adjusting to bedrest and can't help but think of Geneva Swift as a joy to be on TV. Brad asks Kim how the sexual harrasment complaint is going along. Margo says Dusty and Damian should come to the station, Dusty calls Bonnie and says he made need her. Meg lays into him thinking Eliza is without a father cause of him. Bob tells Barbara that he found a microchip inside Paul's head. Barbara tells Meg that she doesn't want her apology. "Geneva" gets into it with Vienna and she accidentally slaps Brad. Barbara tells Meg that she can go in and see Paul. Katie tells Henry that Vienna had been fired, which delights that he accomplished his mission. Meg tells Dusty that Damian had the decency to back out of the plan. Henry tells Katie that he has no plans off getting rid of Geneva that fast. Kim tells Brad to drop the sexual harrasment and is making Geneva a permanent fixture on Oakdale Now. Paul wakes up and doesn't recognize his own, which stuns Barbara.moreless
  • Ep. #13561
    Ep. #13561
    Episode 74
    Lily tells Meg what Paul did and Emma is against her going over to have it out with him. Luke shows Noah a script that he wrote at one time and he says that's what he needs. Dusty tells Damian to set Paul up with a bomb that's actually real. Meg confronts Paul at what he did, and said he ruined any chance of spending time with Eliza. Mason doesn't think Noah should do Luke's screenplay, he shows him something else and Mason thinks he's got something here. Barbara asks Paul how he can do the strangest thing without being honest to people. Meg apologizes to Damian and knows what really happened and didn't let him explain. Dusty calls Paul and asks to come to the Grimaldi warehouse at the docks. Luke stuns Lily and Holden that he's not going to go back to school, but they agree to do what he thinks is best. Damian tells Meg that he's gonna convince Dusty to let the authorities deal with Paul. Paul is ambushed by both Dusty and Damian in the warehouse. Meg sets off to stop whatever they have planned to do. Noah tells Luke that Mason turned him down on him using his script, and Luke wants to know why. Damian tells Dusty that the plans have changed. Emma tells Barbara she's not going to allow Meg to go down that road with Paul yet again. The plan goes horribly wrong when Paul takes the bomb and explodes as Meg watches from outside.moreless
  • Ep. #13560
    Ep. #13560
    Episode 73
    Casey lays into Margo for keeping the truth from Tom that Riley is actually Adam. Alison tells Hunter that he survived his first Stewart dinner, "Riley" assumes she moved on from Casey to Hunter, Alison corrects him by saying he's her brother. Carly hides in the cabinet and sees Craig find the empty bottle of cooking wine. Carly sees that Parker is trying to call her but she doesn't answer, she heads out the door to see Craig waiting for her and admits that she can't be alone and says for him not to take her back to Oakdale. Margo doesn't want Tom to know cause he'll be obligated to turn Adam in. "Riley" thinks Alison should tell Casey cause it would change things between them and to think about it. Hunter issues a stern warning to Casey. Parker learns that his mother is missing but Jack says that they'll find her. Casey comes home and thanks Adam for the good advice, cause things are worse between him and Alison, Adam then heads off hoping to make things better. Parker tells Carly that if she leaves and runs away she'll never see him, J.J. or Sage again. Rosanna, Craig and Jack finally get through to Carly and admits she has a problem. Alison asks "Riley" that Casey is different when he's around and asks what's the problem with them. Carly leaves for the treatment centre.moreless
  • Ep. #13559
    Ep. #13559
    Episode 72
    Janet tells Rosanna that Jack's responsibility is to his children and someone else can help Carly, Jack agree to go with Rosanna to make sure Carly goes to a rehab center, which angers Janet. Emily finds Hunter and sees that he looks terrible, Hunter tells her to get out and wants nothing to do with her. Alison lays into Larry for having another child with someone else, and he says that Aurora said she didn't want him in her child's life. Rosanna and Jack arrive at the hospital and they want Carly to admit she's an alcoholic and doesn't need treatment, Craig backs them up and says she does, Carly then freaks out. Emily tells Hunter that she's not trying to push something and wants to be his friend. Susan is shocked when Emily tells her that Hunter is her son, she's more thrown when Alison says that Larry is Hunter's father. Carly asks Craig to take her away from hospital and somewhere where she can rest. Craig calls Janet and says there's a change of plans and took Carly somewhere secluded. Hunter storms off wanting no part of Larry, Alison goes after him. Susan gives Larry a knee to the groin thinking that's what he deserved, which delights Emily. Janet tells Jack that's it's all about Carly, Rosanna says for him to go back with his wife. Craig returns to find Carly gone. Janet tells Jack this isn't what she signed on for, he says that things are gonna get better, but Janet isn't so ecstatic.moreless
  • Ep. #13558
    Ep. #13558
    Episode 71
    Katie feels a twinge and Brad insists on taking her to the hospital. Paul runs into Meg and a friend with Eliza down at the docks, he gets nervous when someone recognizes him. Henry takes Vienna to the hospital after she has another back spasm. Damian is served with papers and tells Lily he's being sued. Bonnie tells Dusty she does have a few ideas on who to find out who really caused that oil spill. Brad is called to reshoot something and Kim calls "Geneva" asking her to come in to, Henry tells Katie that he has nothing to wear. The man gives the description of what the man he saw that day to a sketch artist. "Geneva" is startled when Kim says the subject they're talking about is sex, Kim is delighted at the outcome of what was filmed, Brad tells "Geneva" the only reason she's here is cause she wants him. Vienna asks Katie where Henry and knows she's lying and wants the truth. Dusty shows Damian a sketch of the person who sabatoged his ship, Damian threatens to tear Paul apart, but Lily's they'll just set him off and Bonnie says she has another way. Brad comes home to find "Geneva" getting undressed Henry covers by saying that what he said at the station was true and comes onto Brad. Dusty is unable to speak to Meg, and goes to tell Damian that there's been a change of plans in getting Paul in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #13557
    Ep. #13557
    Episode 70
    Parker tells Liberty that the reason that Carly didn't show up for the wedding is cause she's a drunk. Craig can't believe that he couldn't see through and realize that Carly was still drinking. Jack tells Sage that Carly won't be marrying Craig today. Craig calls Jack and asks if he's heard from Carly. Rosanna and Craig go to Yo's hoping they'll run into Carly. Carly finds herself at Holden's and says she's looking for Lily. Parker tells Liberty that he's scared that no one will be able to get through to his mother. Luke goes and asks Damian and Lily for money so he can get the moving process speeded up. Holden takes Carly at the Wagon Wheel motel, and she asks for him to keep her company a while. Jack explains to Sage that Carly is sick and can't stop drinking, and needs help by being put in a program. Craig finds the limo service that was used to pick up Carly, and learn that she was asked to be dropped off. Luke calls Lily and says that he can't find Noah anywhere, he found a box that belongs to his father in the hallway. Carly makes a pass at Holden, shortly she collapses, he immediately calls Jack, Janet asks him for someone else to go to his ex and not always him. Janet calls Liberty and tells her to bring Parker to the farm right away. Damian and Luke find Noah where he and his father last were, Damian has an idea on how Noah can forget about his past. Rosanna tells Jack that Carly is gonna need everybody's support right now.moreless
  • Ep. #13556
    Ep. #13556
    Episode 69
    Rosanna confronts Carly with all the liquor bottles she found all over the house, she then lies but Rosanna doesn't buy it. Margo is stunned that Craig is considerate by not having any alcohol at his wedding to make the kids fit in more. Janet puts the finishing touches on Sage's dress, Sage then asks Jack that if Carly marries Craig she'll go away again. Parker tells Craig that he'll take Johnny to Al's to get some food and will bring him back in time, Craig tells Margo that Parker will be uncomfortable being around his ex-wife. Carly tells Rosanna not to compare her to her father cause he drank too and she's not an alcoholic. Johnny has an accident, Liberty assists Parker in getting Johnny in some clean clothes. The guests start to arrive for the wedding. Rosanna doesn't believe Carly isn't an alcoholic and is gonna stop her sister from killing herself. Craig commends Parker on his quick thinking. Rosanna shows up and she says Carly isn't with her, Craig asks her where his bride is. Carly reaches into her purse and gets a little vodka bottle and drinks it. Carly overhears Craig and Rosanna arguing about her drinking and gets into the limo, but doesn't answer her phone when Craig calls.moreless
  • Ep. #13555
    Ep. #13555
    Episode 68
    Rosanna asks Carly that she would like to see her wedding dress, she says that she hasn't finished it yet. Luke asks Casey if he ever found who "Riley" really was, he then lies and says he hasn't. Carly goes to Fashions and avoids seeing Craig buys a dress and the rips the tag off and passes the dress off as her own design, Rosanna is then amazed at what she accomplished. "Riley" surprises Tom and especially Margo that he would like a career in law enforcement, when Tom leaves Margo warns him that they do background checks on all their recruits. Luke runs into Tom and says that Riley is lying and tells him about the picture of the real Riley Morgan. Rosanna insists on Carly come shopping with her Craig and Parker run into Carly, she tells Craig to go in and help Rosanna pay for the dress. Rosanna goes into Fashions and sees a dress identical to the one Carly said she designed. Tom tells Tom that Luke came to see him and knows that the person who's in their house is an impostor, and he's gonna have the information sent over to him at this minute. Rosanna tells Craig that there's something wrong with Carly and will find out what, she stumbles upon the ripped off price tag. Margo is shocked when Adam/"Riley" shows Tom his burn marks and it would explain why his face isn't the same as in the photo. Rosanna confronts Carly about her so called dress. Margo approaches Casey about him almost blowing Adam's cover by going to Luke. Craig re-proposes to Carly at Metro. Rosanna finds a vodka bottle under the couch and she rushes in Carly's kitchen and searchs and is beside herself when she finds numerous ones all over.moreless
  • Ep. #13554
    Ep. #13554
    Episode 67
    Emily explains to Hunter that she's his mother, and Aurora was implanted with one of her eggs. Larry asks Alison exactly what happened when she and Hunter were alone. Sage tells Jack that she changed her mind and wants to go to camp, and isn't going to her mother's wedding, Jack says that he'll have to talk to Carly first. Larry is relieved when Alison stopped herself when she and Hunter kissed. Hunter is blown away when he reads the DNA report and Alison is his biological sister and says he has to get out of here. Parker is worried that he'll have nothing to wear so Rosanna takes him out shopping. Craig wants the truth from Carly if they had just lied to Rosanna about things being okay with them. Larry suggests to Alison about the idea of moving to Chicago with him for a while, Emily arrives and lets Larry have it and knows the truth and had a child while he was married to Susan. Alison sees Hunter at Java and tells her not to touch him. Jack brings Sage and he says that she wants to go to camp after all, Carly yells at Sage causing her to run upstairs. Larry tells Emily he done things he ain't proud of and that he fell in love with a beautiful woman a long time ago. Alison is shocked when Hunter reveals that they're siblings, but she says it explains about the questions he had about his mother, and she tells him that he should stay and not leave. Jack explains to Janet that he doesn't believe that Carly stopped drinking. Carly apologizes to Sage for her outburst, and sneaks a drink when she goes inside. Alison tells Emily that Hunter is gone cause they couldn't be together knowing he was his sister. Carly calls Jack and says that if he and Janet can come to the wedding. Rosanna tells Carly that she wants her to start acting like the way she used to.moreless
  • Ep. #13553
    Ep. #13553
    Episode 66
    Emily asks Larry if he and Aurora Hunter had a child using her eggs. Alison and Hunter begin to get intimate, but she stops feeling that this isn't right. Adam tells Casey that he's going by "Riley" from now on. Hunter asks Alison to make love to him. Emily tells Larry of Aurora's death and notices that he's concerned for someone he says he barely knew. Craig tells Margo wonderful news that he and Carly are getting married and he couldn't be happier and to use her house. Rosanna comes home and Carly hurries to hide the vodka bottle. Alison tells Hunter that even though he made her feel good, but sleeping with him will be a huge mistake. Emily tries to reach Hunter, Larry goes down to the bar to get ice, Emily then goes through the drawers and finds a money clip that's engraved "To Tristan". Margo tells Craig that she actually believes that he truly loves Carly and agrees to let him use her house. Parker looks and sees if Carly is writing her wedding vows. Casey goes to Tristan and apologizes for his behaviour and sees Alison at his place. Rosanna orders champagne, Craig arrives and asks to speak to Carly, but Carly says not now. Hunter tells Casey that he loves Alison and Casey leaves, Alison says it doesn't change anything what he says. Casey tells Adam that he took his advice and found Alison with another guy. Rosanna asks Parker if anythings wrong with Carly, Parker say he's partially to blame. Emily makes a call and she has some DNA tests that she wants done right away. Rosanna asks Carly why she has vodka in her cabinet. Adam goes after Alison and she asks why Casey thought he was lying somehow. Emily arrives and he has news for Hunter and something he needs to know.moreless
  • Ep. #13552
    Ep. #13552
    Episode 65
    Alison asks Hunter if she's avoiding him, and would still want to hang out. Meg sees Damian and doesn't that Dusty would cut a fuel line to one of his ships. Susan shows Emily a DNA report on the eggs that Larry found and it reveals that they aren't hers. Paul continues his plan and impersonates Damian, and gets into a laptop containing a project Dusty's working on. Lily and Dusty have their meeting and learn that the laptop was stolen. Casey comes to talk to Alison, but she says if has something to do with Riley then she doesn't want to hear it. Emily goes after Larry and says that Susan ordered a test proving that they weren't hers. Alison is aghast when Casey gets aggressive with Hunter, when Hunter says what he told her is uncalled for. Dusty confronts Damian about the stolen laptop, Damian says that he didn't take it and wants to search his room. Paul plants the computer in Damian's hotel room. Susan tells Alison about Margo and she was shot yesterday, she then feels bad that she didn't hear what he had to say. Emily learns that Hunter's mother died and that his father's named was Tristan, she immediately starts to make a connection to Larry. Damian says that he didn't take the laptop from World Wide. Alison tries to go to Casey's to apologize, but he goes in the other room. Meg falls into a trap which Paul successfully concocted. Emily asks Larry if she knew someone named Aurora Hunter.moreless
  • Ep. #13551
    Ep. #13551
    Episode 64
    Casey tells Adam that he's going to tell Tom the first chance he gets. Damian tells Meg that Noah's father is alive and shot Margo but is now in custody and that Noah and Luke are alright. Paul comes to the Lakeview and talks with Bonnie. Casey and Adam have something to eat, and Adam brings up some good times but Casey for him not to act like nothing's changed and should own up for what he almost did to Gwen. Dusty sees Damian and Meg embracing and she accuses him of spying on her, Dusty thinks she forgave Damian for trying to steal his company. Margo tells Adam that she's grateful that he's safe and is home for good. Casey has a tough time telling Tom who Riley really is. Meg tells Dusty that if she admits that she wants him around cause he'll see it as a sign to control his life and says that it's over. Margo asks Casey if he told Tom about Adam, Casey says that he hasn't yet. Dusty tells Bonnie that he and Meg ended things, Damian arrives and says that him being out of Meg's life is a good thing. Paul goes to the docks and cuts the fuel line on one of Damian's ships, and watches and Damian confronts Dusty of doing the dirty deed.moreless
  • Ep. #13550
    Ep. #13550
    Episode 63
    Casey wonders what's keeping his mother, Luke and Noah realize that letter from Lt. Hasbro is obviously a fake. "Riley" tends to Margo's wound. Casey sees his mother shot and accuses Riley of doing something, Margo shares shocking news with Casey that Riley is in fact Adam, Adam tells Casey that it's really him, but Casey doesn't believe him. Damian tells Luke that he has to sign some papers for the foundation and it can't wait. Col. Mayer seeks revenge and abducts Noah, he's then surprised to see his father very much alive. Luke worries about Noahand tells Damian that he feels something bad has happened. Adam tells Casey that his heart was in the right place, but he doesn't see it that way. Damian and Luke confront Lt. Hasbro about working with Winston. Margo tells Casey that Tom isn't to know that Riley is Adam. Noah calls the police and says that he has his father.moreless
  • Ep. #13549
    Ep. #13549
    Episode 62
    Margo tells Casey that the Veterans Administration called and said they have no info, and wants to know why he did that. Carly asks Craig if he believes that she wasn't drinking. Janet tells Parker that even though he's scared telling Jack was the right thing to do. Craig defends Carly against Jack's accusations which Carly is grateful and wants to move up the wedding but Craig insists on a long engagement. Rosanna refuses Parker's help in giving her her money that she left for him, cause it'sfor his future. Riley tells Winston that Luke insists on coming alone, but Winston says to do whatever it takes to make sure Noah comes alone or he'll call Margo and tell her his real identity. Casey gets a letter and immediately rushes to talk to Luke and Noah, they then wonder if Riley's dead who's living at Margo's, Riley overhears and immediately leaves. Craig asks Rosanna to move in with Carly cause she really needs her right now. Casey, Luke and Noah present Margo with proof that the real Riley Morgan is dead and whoever's living at the house is a fake, Margo says that she'll handle it. Riley leaves a not and instread throws it out, Winston stop him from skipping out on their deal. Margo's life is put in danger when Winston shoots her, Riley then shoots Winston and he gets away, and quickly tends to Margo calling her his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #13548
    Ep. #13548
    Episode 61
    Katie tells Brad that Geneva is a fad and will burn out so fast and Kim will get rid of her. Brad suggests that Henry drive her to the hospital, but Katie says that he probably has a lot of things to do. Henry learns that Vienna is gonna be doing some pole dancing on the show. Carly discusses with Parker and Sage about Craig's proposal, but is interrupted by Jack knocking at the door. Sage the gives Jack shocking news about Carly marrying Craig, Carly is shocked when Jack offers her his congratulations. Henry is pleased when Geneva is a hit when she runs into some of her adored fans in Old Town. Katie tells Henry that they cannot make her a regular on the show, Henry says that he already signed a contract. Vienna throws her back out while rehearsing for the show. Kim tells "Geneva" how would she feel about doing some pole dancing. Parker tells Sage that maybe they should give Craig a chance, she says that since she doesn't have a trustfund she doesn't have to be nice, he goes inside and sees his mother drinking and actually believed that his mother stopped. "Geneva" asks Brad to give pole dancing a try and Kim thinks it's working out then she'd imagined. Parker goes to Jack and says that Carly is in big trouble. Henry comes back to the room and sees Kim their with Vienna, and covers by saying that she's here to check on her, Kim says that Vienna will be out a while and offers the co-host til she's well. Jack approaches Carly about her drinking again.moreless
  • Ep. #13547
    Ep. #13547
    Episode 60
    Susan tells Emily that she can see a fertiliy specialist cause it isn't Larry's field of expertise. Larry shows Emily the cooler and says that he found her well perserved eggs. Hunter learns that Casey and Alison broke up, he then thinks he has a chance. Dusty demands to know who's organizing a hostile takeover of World Wide, Bonnie says to just let it happen and to cash out. Emily tells Susan that she and Larry were out celebrating cause he found her eggs. Lily asks Damian does he want World Wide or Meg, cause Meg doesn't need men fighting over her again. Hunter goes to visit his mother and once again asks about his father. Meg tells Holden that she and Damian are just friends and nothing more. Dusty asks Bonnie to do some checking to see who's trying to take his company away from him. Larry insists on taking Emily to the opera to celebrate, and says it reminds him of someone that took him years ago. Dusty confronts Damian and Meg learns of his ploy to acquire World Wide, she says she wants nothing to do with this or him. Hunter and Alison hit a dead end in looking for Tristan Wagner. Susan lays into Emily for going out on a date with her ex-stepfather, she sees when they go in the elevator to his room. Lily tells Damian that it'll be either the company or Meg and he can't have both. Damian calls off the stock purchase and Lily sees that he really cares about Meg. Alison is surprised by a kiss from Hunter and immediately pushes away and asks what he's doing. Larry tells Emily that she's in no condition to go anywhere that she should stay in his room tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #13546
    Ep. #13546
    Episode 59
    Emily shows Larry the document and had his signature analyzed and why he would steal her eggs. Casey sees Margo sitting around being depressed, cause Riley isn't around anymore. Alison tries to get Casey to tell Margo the truth that he took Riley's watch. Luke thinks that Riley could talk to Lt. Hasbro get Noah access to a military base to continue his filming. Margo comes to the hospital looking for Bob hoping he can prescribe some antidepressants and runs into Alison and breaks into tears in front of her, Alison couldn't take it anymore so she goes into her locker and gives Margo the watch. Susan is outraged when Emily and Larry bond. Margo is outraged to learn that Casey stole Riley's watch, Casey arrives and learns what Alison did. Riley goes to see Lt. Hasbro and sees Winston in his chair and says he's not the Lt., Winston says to him that he isn't Riley Morgan, and then threatens to expose him if he doesn't follow his orders. Casey tries to explain himself to Margo that he only did this for her. Riley tells Luke and Noah that he'll have access to the bases but Noah will have to go alone, Noah says no way that's happening. Alison and Casey's fight ends in him storming out and ending things. Riley agrees to Margo's request to come back to the house. Emily asks Larry to take her to Chicago to find the eggs, Larry says not til he looks at Memorial one more time. Noah tells Casey that he's starting to feel the same way about Riley and but they should give him a chance.moreless
  • Ep. #13545
    Ep. #13545
    Episode 58
    Meg sees Dusty and Bonnie holding hands in Al's diner, Damian sees Meg looking at them, so they go in and have breakfast and Dusty sees them. Craig arrives to take a look at Carly designs, but cause of her drinking she doesn't have any to show him. Paul sees Rosanna crying, she says that seeing Paul with Eliza brings back memories of something that she wanted but can't have. Derek comes to see Bonnie and says that he overreacted and believes that nothing went on with her and Dusty, Bonnie admits to kissing him twice. Meg tells Dusty about the two of them giving it another try, he agrees if Paul stays out of her life. Derek wants to know if there's anything more going and Bonnie doesn't know what it means for them. Rosanna doesn't want to get it in the middle with him and Eliza, Paul says that he wants her to stay and isn't intruding at all. Carly is astounded when Craig proposes to her while in bed together. Dusty confronts Damian at the Lakeview about his motives. Rosanna asks Carly if she in fact loves Craig and then gives her blessing, Paul finds out and says Carly will suffer like Rosanna did. Damian makes preparations to buy up a lot of World Wide stock.moreless
  • Ep. #13544
    Ep. #13544
    Episode 57
    Margo asks Casey to come with her and Riley to drive around, but he starts to have an attitude, Margo says for him to go to work if he's going to act like that. Liberty comes and sees Parker at Al's and he asks her if she wants to hang out, but says she has plans with MacKenzie, Faith arrives and asks Parker if everything is alright. Alison sees that Casey has Riley's watch and asks why he stole it from him. Craig comes by to see Carly and asks how she's doing. Riley sees that his watch is missing, and says that it's possible that Casey had taken it cause he has a record for stealing. Gabe sees that Liberty is free and asks to buy her a latte, Parker then goes after them thinking Liberty lied to him about hanging with her friend MacKenzie. Carly tries to go back to her designer water designs but then heads out. Alison looks as Casey lies to Margo about stealing Riley's watch and to make a choice either him or Riley. Craig learns a witness to the accident, Jack says he pretty much knows who was driving. Parker confronts Liberty and makes a fool out of himself and is glad they aren't married anymore and is constantly following him around. Jack tells Parker that there's a witness that places him at the scene of the accident, Parker says that his mother stopped drinking, Jack then goes and approaches Carly and says he has to take her down to the station. Liberty tells Parker that he has to let her go, and it's probably best if they don't contact each other anymore. Margo comes to a decision about Riley and says that he should leave. Alison does as Casey asks and hangs on to the watch for one more day. Carly quickly goes into the kitchen and pours out the vodka but then drinks the rest of it.moreless
  • Ep. #13543
    Ep. #13543
    Episode 56
    Carly tells Craig that Parker's been great and the less Jack knows about her accident the better. Brad tells Katie that it's probably safer if they didn't have sex right now. Sage sees Carly and Craig kiss and leaves the house un noticed. Henry calls Kim as "Geneva" and agrees to come on the show. Carly tells Parker that Jack and Janet are coming over and doesn't think Liberty will come too. Katie calls Henry and asks to come over and watch the show with her, Henry says he's got things to do. Kim tells Vienna and Brad that Geneva is gonna be a guest star on the show, Vienna hates the idea of having her on, "Geneva" arrives and Vienna wants her to say those things to her face. Katie calls Henry and "Geneva's" phone rings as well and realizes it's Henry in disguise. Parker asks Carly what else she's putting in her glass, he checks it out when she leaves the kitchen. Katie gets a kick watching Henry make a fool of himself. Parker shows Carly the bottle of bitters and it has 40% alcohol and thinks she's lying about not realizing it. Katie calls Henry and asks him to come over right away. Brad tells Vienna that it's probably the last time we see Geneva, but Kim says she plans to make her a regular. Parker tells Carly that she can't stop and doesn't think she can, Jack intervenes and Parker lies about him wanting to go to a concert. Katie calls Henry on his lie and says she knows that he's Geneva, Henry is shocked when Brad says Kim wants to make his character a regular panelist.moreless
  • Ep. #13542
    Ep. #13542
    Episode 55
    Henry complains that Vienna's outfit is a little revealing, Kim tells him that it's okay to leave before he messes things up again. Noah and Luke at what they filmed, and thinks that before til now he wasn't comfortable going through that part of his life and doesn't think he can finish the film. Dusty is a bit speechless when Damian comes down and kisses Meg, ad Bonnie watches from afar. Bonnie goes to Dusty and offers to cheer him, he gives in and agrees to a game of pool. Luke offers to help Noah by using money from the foundation to help with the movie. Vienna and Brad experience a wardrobe malfunction, as Katie and Henry watch from home and learns that it was live television. Kim tells Vienna that it's okay and to get dressed and go home. Brad explains to Henry it wasn't his fault, Henry makes sure that it won't happen again. Luke asks Damian for money to help Noah finish his movie, but gives him more then he needs, Meg says that he he made a big mistake. Bonnie and Dusty end up playing ping pong instead, and share a kiss. Luke presents Noah with the check, but he says that he doesn't want it. Henry makes a complaint to Kim changing his voice, Kim insists on Geneva coming to the station and stating her case. Vienna watches as "Geneva" slams her on the air and cringes and vows to scratch her eyes out. Kim calls "Geneva" and says the outpour and offers her to be a regular "she" turns Kim down, but won't take no for an answer. Noah notices that the DVD is missing from his laptop. Bonnie and Dusty kiss again and Meg and Damian watch.moreless
  • Ep. #13541
    Ep. #13541
    Episode 54
    Margo reads the letter that Riley left and asks Casey what he said to make him leave and to go and bring him back. Susan and Emily try to figure out where the eggs could've disappeared to. Larry surprises Alison by coming to Al's, and later thanks Hunter for bringing her father back in her life. Casey tells Margo that Riley is a con artist and isn't her dead son. Hunter gets a call from the nursing home and Alison insists on going with him to visit his mother. Casey tells Tom that he thought he wanted Riley out of the house and that he isn't Adam. Hunter's mother calls Hunter "Tristan" and he doesn't know if she knows what she's saying. Emily finds something and says she needs to talk to Larry right away. Margo tracks Riley to Yo's and asks what Casey said about him scamming them is true or not and tries to get him to come back to her house. Hunter tries to get through to his mother but no luck and ends up leaving. Emily goes to the Lakeview and shows Larry a paper with his signature on it having her eggs transfered to the University of Chicago hospital, he swears he had nothing to do with it. Alison tells Hunter that maybe Tristan was someone his mother knew, Hunter thinks this guy could be his real father. Casey isn't pleased when Margo brings Riley back, he then tries to reach out to Casey but he backs off. Emily shows Susan the paper, and she says she wouldn't put it past Larry for lying. Margo tells Tom that she needs this with Riley so much.moreless
  • Ep. #13540
    Ep. #13540
    Episode 53
    Craig tells Rosanna to put the money back and he won't press charges. Paul thanks Meg for allowing him to make ammends and spend time with Eliza to prove he's trustworthy. Parker's worried when Carly doesn't remember anything about the accident, she suddenly remembers everything and says this is a wakeup call for her, Parker says that he's worried about his mother's drinking. Damian takes Meg out on one of his boats to a private island, and got everything prepared for her. Rosanna tells Carly the deal that Craig offered her, and brought up the whole hit and run, Carly mentioned her problems with Parker and he gave up on everything. Rosanna admits that setting up that trustfund was the worst thing ever did. Faith tells Lily that she was comfortable with Paul when she was with him, Paul is then grateful. Meg and Damian get caught in a sticky situation when they discover their boat is missing from the shore and are stranded. Carly pours herself a drink and then ends up breaking the glass and wonders what's happening to her. Faith and Parker catch up and says she saw Paul today and the good times they had in the woods. Damian manages to get word and tells Meg they're sending a boat, and manages to keep her warm. Carly comes to see Craig at the Lakeview and that she's grateful for being her friend with all that she's gone through. Rosanna tells Parker how much he's grown, and he says that he's glad she's home and better. Damian and Meg make it home and thanks Lily for watching her, Lily says Paul wasn't trouble at all.moreless
  • Ep. #13539
    Ep. #13539
    Episode 52
    Noah tells Luke that he's gonna open that package that his father sent him on camera before he died. Casey sees that Riley and Margo are getting even closer when she helps him prepare hummus, Casey thanks Alison for coming at just the right time. Parker asks Carly what Craig did this time that forced his mother to drive drunk. Rosanna takes the rap for Paul's actions and tells Craig that she took what was rightfully hers. Craig barges in and tells Carly that Rosanna is a theif and that he plans on prosecuting, Carly pleads with him not to do it since she just got her back again. Riley tells Margo that he knew that Adam hurt alot of people and asks if she could ever forgive him. Luke tells Casey that Riley acts like a laid back guy and not really a soldier. Noah opens the contents of the package and comes across his father's military issued gun. Craig calls Margo wanting to report a crime. Riley makes Casey look bad when he assembles that gun, and Margo tells him to stop challenging Riley. Carly's drinking puts Craig in danger, Parker comes by and offers to take Carly home. Casey tells Riley that he doesn't belong here and should leave. Margo comes to see Rosanna at Fairwinds to ask some questions regarding Craig being almost hit by a car, since she was in an accident before herself. Carly tells Craig she never intended to hurt him, and that she just wanted to stop him. Parker tells Craig to do something cause he never seen his mother this bad.moreless
  • Ep. #13538
    Ep. #13538
    Episode 51
    Dusty tells Bonnie that he's gonna go and apologize to Meg and can't believe she's giving Paul another chance. Rosanna admits that it's weird being back at Fairwinds. Carly makes it clear when Craig comes by that she doesn't want to work with him, and her whole family wants him out of her life, Craig is gonna change their minds starting with Rosanna. Derek wants Bonnie to explain to him why she left her bra in Dusty's car. Dusty brings flowers to Meg and apologizes and then finds the custody agreement allowing Paul to spend more time with Eliza and says she's crazier then he is. Rosanna runs into Craig in Old Town and says she wouldn't approve him and Carly together if her life depended on it. Paul tries to help Rosanna get her money back by going into Craig's room at the Lakeview and hacking into his account and transfering money into hers. Dusty asks Meg why Damian is hanging around and asks if he had a hand in letting Paul see Eliza, Meg says to Dusty that what they had is now over. Rosanna tells Paul that he shouldn't have stolen Craig's money cause she didn't want it. Craig and Carly try to figure out what to do next, after Rosanna robs him blind. Carly calls Rosanna and warns that Craig is looking for her, she says she didn't take his money. Meg is surprised by Damian's offer. Dusty and Bonnie each being dumped drown their sorrows at the bar at the Lakeview. Craig confronts Rosanna about her treachery.moreless
  • Ep. #13537
    Ep. #13537
    Episode 50
    Katie wants Brad to do well on the show today. Carly tells Parker to go an do something besides staying the house and doing nothing. Janet sees Liberty and how beautiful she is in her dress, and Jack can't make it and also tells Brad that Parker won't be there and it's for students only. Vienna tells Henry that she would love to be there. Craig sees Parker all dressed up, and he says that's he's heading somewhere. Kim reaches a snag since the segment is gonna be live and the actor that is supposed to be the waiter cancelled on them, Vienna then has an idea. Craig warns Carly that Parker isn't at bowling and is dressed to go to the prom and is gonna make a huge mistake. Vienna calls Henry thinking he'll be the perfect person to be their waiter. Parker is told by the principal he's not allowed to enter cause he dropped out, Parker asks a friend of his to be his "date". Mackenzie tells Liberty to go and asks somebody to dance as Parker watches in the distance with envy in his eyes. Carly and Craig arrive at the prom and he and they spot Parker lingering behind a tree. Craig tells Parker that he must leave before something happens. Katie sits at home and watches Brad and Vienna do their first show, see Henry ruin it. Parker sees Liberty dancing with some guy gets into a fight with him, Carly, Craig and Janet see the brawl and intervene. Janet accuses Parker of practically stalking Liberty. Brad and Vienna's second attempt turned into a disaster, which leaves Kim irate, but thought Vienna was good but can't redo it again since it was live. Craig shows up and tells Carly how she handled things at the prom. Henry tells Vienna that she has every right to me mad. Liberty tells Janet that under the circumstances she just wants to leave. Craig asks Carly if she is in fact back to drinking again. Brad gets a call from Kim and apologizes and says the segment was a hit and the show is back on. Parker apologized to Liberty for ruining everything.moreless
  • Ep. #13536
    Ep. #13536
    Episode 49
    Casey tells Alison that he completely forgot about their plans they had for today. Hunter tells Emily that he can't do the edition of the Intruder online and leaves the office. Luke tells Noah to hold off on doing his documentary since Meg just got Eliza back and all, but Noah insists on moving on. Alison finds Hunter in Old Town and says that his mother had a stroke, and can't bring himself to go see her, Alison offers to drive him to Chicago. Casey and Tom worry about Margo and her getting close to Riley and treating him almost like a son. Hunter tells Alison that his mother said the person he thought was his father isn't. Emily calls Susan and asks to meet her for lunch at Al's. Tom asks Margo that they have to talk about her getting close to Riley, Margo says that she isn't replacing Adam. Alison tries to calm Hunter down and asks if his mother told him who his father is. Riley approaches Casey and asks if he has a problem with him, Casey says that about him getting close to his mother. Susan is shocked when Emily says she wants to have a baby, Susan doesn't think that she can have the procedure she had done reversed. Casey sees Margo crying and watching a DVD and he calls Tom and says she's in trouble. Emily asks Susan if the hospital still has her eggs that she donated and if they're viable or not. Bob has shocking news for Emily and says that her eggs are gone but says that they'll find them. Margo offers to let Riley watch some videotapes of Adam, Tom says if that's a wise idea. Noah becomes suspicious of Riley and tells Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #13535
    Ep. #13535
    Episode 48
    Dusty is disappointed when Meg refuses to press charges against Paul. Dusty asks Rosanna to step up and tell Jack that Paul kidnapped Eliza. Carly shows Craig some design for the designer water, he thinks they're outstanding. Meg tells Dusty that she's trying to give her child peace, and Bonnie says for them to just let it go. Rosanna tells Paul that maybe there's a reason that she's back in Oakdale. Jack tells Dusty that he just can't go around making accusations to him or the department. Damian brings Meg and Eliza to the farm, cause she didn't want to go back to Lily and Holden's. Jack asks Rosanna why she stayed with strangers and not with family here in town, Rosanna asks to see Carly, Jack calls Carly and says that her sister is at the station. Craig finds out that Rosanna is back in town and isn't pleased. Dusty tells Bonnie that he's upset Paul isn't in jail and is gonna continue making Meg's life terrible. Carly and Rosanna are reunited. Barbara asks Paul about the outcome, he says he's not in jail and Eliza is home with Meg. Dusty comes by the farm, but Damian says that she doesn't need to be bothered. Rosanna doesn't want any of the money that she left for her nephew, and learns from that Parker put Craig in charge of his trustfund. Jack tells Craig that he has bigger problems and it's Rosanna. Rosanna comes to visit Paul and asks him for a favor by giving him a place to stay. Craig tells Carly that if he gets Rosanna to forgive him then can they be partners again.moreless
  • Ep. #13534
    Ep. #13534
    Episode 47
    Jack goes to Barbara that Paul will in fact contact her, and wants to have her phone tapped. Bonnie wakes up and sees Dusty sitting in her bed and tells him he has a room of his own. Holden tells Meg that the lead in Wisonsin went cold. Paul tells Rosanna to stay disappeared and to go back to the farmer's market, and is heading to Canada, Rosanna asks Paul what he's gonna do when Eliza grows and she says why are they always moving all the time. Dusty and Bonnie are given directions to another eating place, they arrive there and Dusty's shocked to see Rosanna there, she tries to lie and say she isn't her, but Mr. Kent refers her as that name. Holden is concerned when he sees Damian concoling Meg outside. Paul calls Barbara and wants her to talk to Meg if she won't press charges against him if Eliza is brought back. Rosanna tries to get away but Dusty and Bonnie go after her demanding the truth, Rosanna says to give Paul some time to do the right thing. Barbara tells Meg that she knows where to reach Paul, Meg talks with Paul and he says that they won't bring charges against, Meg says she'll do it if he brings her to the police station. Dusty insists on taking Rosanna with them. Paul says that he'll do what Meg asks. Jack tells Meg that the second that Paul comes in he's going to arrest him, even thought Barbara has an affidavit, Meg's then delighted when Paul brings Eliza as he promised and Jack arrests him. Everyone is shocked when Dusty brings Rosanna and is irate that Paul is gonna be set free.moreless
  • Jun 4, 2008
    Jun 4, 2008
    Episode 46
    Jack breaks up the scuffle in Janet’s hotel room and arrests Brad for assaulting Bud. Aaron tries to cheer Alison up after being dropped from the nursing program.
  • Ep. #13533
    Ep. #13533
    Episode 46
    Katie tells Brad that Kim wants Henry and Vienna to do the show with them, Brad thinks it's a bad idea. Rosanna tells Paul that he can't take off not without food. Dusty says to the sheriff that he has to move fast and arrest Paul, he and Bonnie decide to do things there way. Edna says that Paul should take Rosanna with him and leave before they get caught. Vienna apologizes and that Henry won't be attending, Kim thanks her for coming anyway. Dusty and Bonnie arrive at the Market and they question Edna on where Paul and Eliza are and to tell them where they went. Paul hits a snag when his car won't start, so he gets out and starts pushing. Bonnie tells Edna all about Meg and her life in Oakdale, and that she must be returned to her mother. Katie starts to feel dizzy and collapses and she's then rushed to the hospital. Paul and Rosanna end up at a diner and they ask if they work so they can get food for the baby. Vienna calls Henry and says that Katie was brought in to the E.R. Katie asks the doctor just to tell her if she's going to lose the baby or not, the doctor says that the baby is alright and needs bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Dusty sees that Bonnie can barely stand up and insists that they stay in Greenville. Vienna fills in for Katie, and Brad asks if she can be on til Katie comes back. Rosanna sings for Eliza as the diner owner listens and likes what he hears. Henry isn't exactly thrilled about Vienna doing a show with Brad. Brad gets a call and tells Katie that Kim wants him and Vienna to do a test show to see if it goes well. Dusty tells Bonnie that he'll look after whether she likes it or not.moreless
  • Ep. #13532
    Ep. #13532
    Episode 45
    Noah tells Luke his great news that he got into the honors program at film school, Alison arrives and says that Adam died. Casey tells Tom that if it's only them, then who's going to say something good about his brother. Dusty approaches a cop and asks what they're doing to find Paul and Eliza. Paul sees Rosanna playing guitar and she sets Eliza down and she sings a song for her. Rosanna assures Paul that Edna's ruse got them headed to Minnesota. Bonnie gets word from the police that it was a false lead. Sgt. Riley Morgan arrives at the service wanting to say something and explains how he knew Adam and what he did for him, Margo insists that he come back to the house with them. Bonnie tells Dusty that she's gonna check out that market, and Paul quickly hides, she then finds a baby and wonders who it belongs to. Rosanna sees that Dusty is still in town and never left. Bonnie leaves and Paul is relieved. Rosanna tells the sheriff that she isn't feeling well and has to cancel their date. Sgt. Riley gives Margo a gift from Adam. Dusty learns that Bonnie saw a baby in the market and is gonna go check for himself. Rosanna tells Paul that maybe it's better if he takes Eliza back to Meg. Noah gets an idea for his new film project. Bonnie and Dusty approach the sheriff wanting to compare a picture of the baby so they can make a comparison. Tom doesn't want Margo to get too attached to Riley even though he's only here for one night. Bonnie recognizes the baby in the picture as of Eliza. Margo asks Riley to make Oakdale his home, and can stay as long as he likes.moreless
  • Ep. #13531
    Ep. #13531
    Episode 44
    Alison goes to see Hunter and thanks him for his heart being in the right place, and invites him to a BBQ at Casey's today. Jade notices something about Casey and realizes that he and Alison had sex. Katie finds a box with a bracelet and the note on it says "To Gina" and thinks Brad is having an affair. Margo receives a package from Afghanistan, and immediately thinks it's a bomb or something. Katie hears Brad on the phone asking someone to meet at Al's diner, she then breaks down in tears and calls Vienna and asks her to come meet her at Java. Tom and Margo get heartbreaking news that Adam is dead, she wonders what Adam was doing in Cabol. Hunter runs into Jade in Old Town, she asks him to take her to the BBQ. Vienna spies Brad coming in with a woman and thinks that it could be Gina. Casey lashes at his parents for Adam coming into town like nothing has changed, Tom then says that Adam is dead, which devastates him. Vienna tells Katie the woman she saw Brad with, Katie thinks her marriage is over. Alison then consoles Casey after hearing of Adam's death. Vienna tells Henry all about it, Henry then goes and then punches Brad and says that Katie is gone, Brad explains that the woman is pregnant and is giving her baby up for adoption and wasn't having an affair. Casey asks Alison to meet her on the hospital roof. Katie learns that she made a mistake and tells Brad that she's in fact pregnant. Tom and Margo cry over their son. Alison goes to see Casey and he says that it's all his fault, Alison says it isn't.moreless
  • Ep. #13530
    Ep. #13530
    Episode 43
    Lily tells Holden that Meg is still at the Lakeview and wasn't feeling well and is in Damian's room resting. Damian continues to asks who's on the phone, but Paul hangs up, and tells Rosanna that Damian is helping Meg with the search. Dusty tells Bonnie that Paul was here and is probably still in the area, and she insists on tagging along. Paul tells Rosanna that he doesn't see her going back to Oakdale and telling her family that she's all well, she says that her situation is different. Damian calls Bonnie and she lets him and Meg know that the person didn't show up at the location. Edna hears Bonnie and Dusty arguing. Rosanna is outraged when Paul brings up that he has a child and she doen't and thinks it was a mistake letting him stay here. Edna tells Paul that she seen a man in town looking for him and the baby. Holden comes to Damian's room to get Meg, and sees her half dressed and asks what he's doing. Dusty and Bonnie are sent on a wild goose chase by Edna, but Dusty tells Bonnie that that woman is lying to them. Meg tells Lily and Holden that someone sent a message and that they were going to give Eliza back, Holden asks why Meg didn't tell them sooner. Lily brings Damian back to her place cause he's spiking a fever. Dusty says to Bonnie that it's the same woman he saw in town and heard them arguing and why she didn't confront them then and it's too convenient.moreless
  • Ep. #13529
    Ep. #13529
    Episode 42
    Dusty learns of Meg's video, and says that she should take it down immediately. Edna continues to watch and can't believe what she's seeing. Rosanna tells Paul to make good on his word and go pick some asparagus. Damian tells Meg that her video has gotten alot of hits and it's only a matter of time before someone recognizes Paul and Eliza. Craig comes to the house and Parker says that his mother isn't home. Carly meets someone and buys her a drink. Craig says that Parker should be interested in the designer water ads. Edna offers to take Eliza out of the heat, and her plan to get the baby back to her mother. Damian and Meg read a response, and Dusty doesn't want her going alone and asks if she's okay and Bonnie agrees. Paul goes to get Eliza and sees that she's missing, and sees Edna getting in her car and tries to stop her. Meg collapses in the Lakeview lobby. Gus stops by Carly's house unexpected, and Parker throws Gus out and heard what they said that she met him at Yo's, Parker tells Carly to stop drinking, Carly says she can't and the two finally reach an understanding. Bonnie and Dusty offer to go in their place. Paul asks Edna to hear him out before she calls the police, and admits to doing some terrible things, and Edna complies. Carly tells Parker that they have to do their things on their own time. Dusty shows up at the destination and says to Bonnie that they're over an hour late and it was all a hoax. Parker gets rid of Craig by saying that Carly went to a meeting. Paul calls Meg but Damian ends up answering her phone. Dusty tells Bonnie that they're in the place where Paul is and is this close to finding him.moreless
  • May 29, 2008
    May 29, 2008
    Episode 42
    Mike goes to buy Meg a new dress and Paul stuffs his jealousy as they walk into the party arm-in-arm. Things escalate between Chris and Allison. Noah gets a frightening call from Mayer to deliver Ameera or face the consequences.
  • Ep. #13528
    Ep. #13528
    Episode 41
    Katie feels nauseous and thinks it's impossible that she could be pregnant. Vienna tells Henry why he's suing the station and Katie cause it won't bring their baby back. Jack sees how hard working Parker is at Al's, and he even wants another shift. Craig sees Carly at Java and she says she made it clear she didn't want him anywhere near her. Katie is shocked when she reads the pregnancy test. Craig sees as Carly makes an excuse not to attend the meeting, but she doesn't see him. Vienna insists on going to the doctor's appointment alone with his attitude towards this lawsuit. Parker overhears Liberty talking to her friend in Old Town about not being able to afford a proper Prom dress, he thinks of an idea. Craig tells Jack and Janet that Carly faked going to that meeting and that she lost and he's out of ideas on how to save Carly. Janet comes up with an idea to give Carly a project for something to focus on to keep her mind of things. Henry and Brad run into each other at the Lakeview, and Brad wants to talk and not to fight. Vienna learns of Katie's pregnancy and gets all sad and says she can't even look at her right now. Liberty goes to Janet and she wants the best dress for her prom, she give Liberty her credit card. Craig comes to Carly with a good idea of selling some designer water, and to have Parker in the ads. Parker goes to Java to see Liberty about Prom, but he's crushed when she says that things have changed and is going with some friends. Katie goes to Vienna and wants her to be on her side, Vienna says that she'll try, she's even surprised that Brad doesn't know. Carly brings up to Parker about the designer water and him being the spokesperson, he refuses. Carly hits the bottle at Yo's after the argument with Parker.moreless
  • Ep. #13527
    Ep. #13527
    Episode 40
    Lily tells Meg that the police are following up on a few leads that they have. Luke tells Noah that the cruise is gonna be put on hold until Paul is found and Eliza is back with Meg. Craig tells Carly to get ready cause there's a meeting in a little while, Carly says she doesn't want him there. Parker comes down and takes money out of Craig's wallet. Noah suggest that Meg make a video and post it so Paul can see it. Janet tells Jack that Parker and Sage will be fine cause they're strong like their father. Craig comes back and sees his wallet is missing and asks Parker where it is, he says he hasn't and leaves. Parker catches Carly pouring some vodka in her coffee at Java and turns around and walks out. A guy that Janet waits on asks if she would like to spend four days in Florida for free. Craig confronts Parker about his missing money, Parker then says that his mother must've taken it. Carly is blackmailed by Parker and admits to taking the money. Jack says that he can't go to Florida and it's cause of Carly and the kids, Jack then changes his mind and says he'll take her after all. Meg makes a video and posts it on U.S. Tube. Craig tells Jack that Parker stole money from his wallet and Carly lied and covered for him. Edna sees the video and that the person she's talking about is Rosanna's friend. Jack takes Parker out of Carly's and to Al's and Janet as her new busboy.moreless
  • November 15, 2007
    November 15, 2007
    Episode 39
    Meg gets the news her test results are in. Sage acts out when Carly and Jack can't agree. Lily and Dusty make love!
  • Ep. #13526
    Ep. #13526
    Episode 39
    Alison learns that Hunter sent Larry an e-mail invitation and isn't exactly pleased. Paul pleads with Rosanna to let him and Eliza stay with her, but she says she must leave. Susan apologizes for being late for and then sees her ex-husband and asks what he's doing here. Hunter tries to say he's sorry but Casey says for him to leave Alison alone. Paul sees a cop come in and Rosanna says for him to make himself scarce, Rosanna tells Paul not to thank her and has no idea why she did that. Larry runs into Hunter at Java and he says that she went back to Casey's place. Rosanna asks Paul to be straight with her and to tell him the truth. Larry shows up at Casey's place wanting to talk with Alison, but doesn't want him to hurt her again, but she insists on talking to him. Hunter tells Emily that he made another mistake and told Larry where to find Alison. Rosanna asks Edna if Paul and Eliza can stay a little longer, Paul promises that he'll work and do whatever he needs. Alison and Larry have an understanding and cleared the air about somethings. Rosanna tha Paul can stay and that there's a room in the back. Alison tells Casey she wants to stay with him tonight now that Margo and Tom are in Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #13525
    Ep. #13525
    Episode 38
    Alison tells Casey that she's receiving an award at graduation for being the most improved student. Alison tells Hunter that she and Casey waited for him and he never showed up, and asks what happened. Paul calls Barbara wanting a decision, she then agrees to give him the money but to bring it to him. Casey takes Alison to Fashions and buys her a new dress. Paul asks Rosanna a favor to watch Eliza for a few hours cause he has to do something. Casey goes to see Emily and tells her about Alison's award. Barbara eludes Lisa's suspicion and says she has an appointment, and eavesdrops on Barbara making plans to go to the airport and calls Damian thinking she's on her way to see Paul. Emily is shocked that Hunter sent an invitation to Larry McDermott, and asks how he could do such a thing. Casey arrives at the hospital to take Alison to the Lakeview for a little celebration. Barbara shows up at the airport, Paul begins to go to her and he sees that Damian and Meg followed her, Paul says that he's done and will never see him again. Barbara tries to call Paul, and they hear a cellphone ringing nearby and it was a disposable phone Paul was using. Rosanna learns that Paul is on the run hiding from Meg, and he asks if he can stay with her since he has no place to go. Alison is surprised when her father walks in while her party is underway, but she wants no part of him. Barbara confronts Lisa about telling Damian and Meg about her plan.moreless
  • May 23, 2008
    May 23, 2008
    Episode 38
    Lily tries to make it up to her family by cooking a big breakfast. Liberty tells Brad and Katie she wants to stay with them instead of Janet. Col. Mayer reveals he is in cahoots with Coyle and drugs Ameera to sleep.
  • Ep. #13524
    Ep. #13524
    Episode 37
    Henry tells Vienna that he's taking the baby's clothes to a hospital or a pediatrics ward. Brad tells Katie that there's nothing they can do for them, and the best thing they can do is help them from a distance. Carly tells Jack she was upset and didn't have that much to drink. Parker tells Janet that she's cooking cause he doesn't think his mom will be home for dinner, Sage comes home and insists on telling his sister the truth. Jack tells an officer to take Carly down to lockup. Janet thanks Parker for not telling Sage about her mother, Parker then reacts and Janet said that if she were his mother she wouldn't put up with his attitude. Brad offers to go get Katie's laptop from work since she doesn't feel like going. Katie then goes to see Vienna at the Lakeview. Jack and Janet get into an argument cause of her keeping the fact she and Craig found an empty bottle of vodka in the kitchen. Henry announces that he plans to sue WOAK and Katie for Vienna's miscarriage. Craig thinks Carly needs professional help. Henry's realizes that gathering and throwing rose petals in the pond was Katie's idea he wouldn't have agreed. Carly comes home and reads a note that Jack had taken Parker and Sage to the farm. Katie leaves so Vienna and Henry can be alone, they then release the balloons into the air. Carly comes for Sage and Parker, and thanks Jack for allowing. Henry tells Vienna that he can't have any more kids and that he's sorry. Craig tells Carly to prove Parker wrong by going to an A.A. meeting.moreless
  • Ep. #13523
    Ep. #13523
    Episode 36
    Damian asks Meg if there's any word on Paul or Eliza, Meg says that there's a search going on. Janet, Carly and Jack try to figure out Parker dropping out of school, Craig offers that he got to family therapy. Meg tells Barbara that she could be behind the kidnapping. Paul sees Rosanna cross the street, says that it really is her and goes after her but loses her. Rosanna takes off in the other direction that Paul thinking running into him is the last thing she needs. Carly says that Parker is going to therapy, Parker agrees to go just not with his mother. Paul calls Barbara wanting her help and 100 thousand dollars, but she refuses and tries to convince her to come home, as Lisa listens from the door. Carly thinks about what Parker said and then pours herself a drink. Jack becomes concerned when Carly is nowhere to be found, and calls Janet and says to go look for her. Carly is pulled over for speeding, and he asks her to take a breathalizer test. Paul goes to the market to buy milk, and sees Rosanna, and she says she didn't feel like contacting any family members. Lisa tells Meg that she thinks that Barbara is hiding something. Rosanna opens up to Paul that when she woke up, she has no income and that Cabot Motors went under cause of the economy. Parker comes home worried that his mother was in an accident or something even worse. Carly is brought into the station and Craig finds out she was charged with a D.U.I. Damian tells Lisa to get Barbara to trust her. Jack comes and is appalled with what Carly did. Parker says that his mother is a screwup and deserves whatever she gets. Rosanna makes Paul promise not to tell anyone that he seen her as he heads back to Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13522
    Ep. #13522
    Episode 35
    Damian, Meg and Dusty go to Fairwinds only to discover that Paul is not there, and Meg learns that Paul was looking for his passport. Katie tells Brad that she's fearing the worst and she's the reason that Vienna lost her baby. Dusty offers to search all the banks, and just misses Paul in Old Town with Eliza in his arms. Damian insists that he and Meg go to the airport to stop Paul from leaving, Dusty says that he was five minutes too late and withdres all his money. Vienna gets devastating news that she lost her baby. Paul goes to charter a plane to get out of the country. Bonnie tells Meg that Paul has custody of Eliza and can take her away if he wants. Brad goes to find Henry, but the person tells him that he's not here, but Brad insists cause it's urgent. Damian finds the charter service that Paul's using and Paul hides when he sees Damian, and immediately changes his plans. Henry comes to the house and says he has the money that lawyer took from him, Vienna then tells Henry the bad news that she lost their baby. Henry tells Katie that what happened to Vienna doesn't sound like an accident to me. Bonnie tells Dusty that if he goes hunting down Paul himself he's only gonna make trouble. Meg finds Eliza's bib in Paul's car and wonders why he left it. Henry tells Vienan that despite what happened their still a family and will be here when she wakes up. Paul comes face-to-face with Rosanna.moreless
  • Ep. #13521
    Ep. #13521
    Episode 34
    Henry tells Vienna that Katie and Brad are meeting with Mr. Quick and the birth mother today, and thinks everything will be good for them. Damian tells Lily that they got a lot done today and Luke needs more, Dusty then walks in the room. Damian overhears Paul talking with Sally in Old Town about him paying her to leave town. Dusty tells Meg why he left Eliza with Paul after she left Paul, and says that he and Craig worked out an arrangement so he can see Johnny. Henry takes out the video camera and documents from now til she gives birth. Brad calls Mr. Quick's phone number and he learns that it's no longer in service. Dusty takes Meg to Yo's to have some fun by playing a game of pool and remember the good times. Damian comes to Fairwinds wanting to talk with Paul and say that he wants a valuable piece of furniture, and sees Sally around the corner and says that he won't be long. Henry runs into Mr. Quick in Old Town and he says that everything went smoothly. Katie tells Brad that the lawyer was disbarred and was brought up on charges. Brad lashes at Henry for ruining his and Katie's life yet again. Vienna tries to reach out to Katie but she doesn't want to hear it and, Vienna then trips and falls. Damian calls Meg and says that he's paying Sally $50,000 dollars to leave town, so she and Dusty head to Al's to keep Sally from leaving, Damian then knocks out Paul. Vienna asks Katie if she thinks if there's anything wrong with the baby, while Brad is trying to find Henry. Henry tries his hand at poker hoping repaying Brad will rectify his mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #13520
    Ep. #13520
    Episode 33
    Craig tells Carly that he's not gonna sit back and watch her tear her life apart and take down everyone she loves with her. Janet tells Jack that Craig did the smart thing by taking Parker's car away, so he could get his life back on track. Alison isn't impressed when Casey suggests that they paint the planters outside. Jack runs into Parker outside Al's and asks why he isn't in school, he says that he quit. Craig is gonna make good on Carly's word and tells her to pour the rest of the vodka down the drain. Jack asks Parker what he plans to do, cause the economy today makes it difficult for anyone to get a job these days. Hunter sees Casey and Alison happily painting away, and asks if he can join them. Carly doesn't believe Parker when he says that Jack will support him when he gets control of his trust fund. Liberty tells Janet that he feels responsible for Parker dropping out of school, and thinks she can do something by talking to him. Hunter asks Alison out on a date, but she says that she's seeing Casey. Carly admits to Craig she can't drive cause she's had too much to drink and she still hates him. Liberty calls Parker and asks to speak to him and to meet him at Java. Jack comes to see Carly to discuss Parker but Craig says that she's upstairs. Alison tells Casey that she wants to invite Hunter to lunch at Al's. Hunter returns to the office covered in paint and surprises Emily with a kiss. Parker tells Liberty that he's not leaving school because of her. Carly tells Craig that she's grateful for covering for her. Hunter arrives and sees Casey and Alison kissing and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #13519
    Ep. #13519
    Episode 32
    Damian tells Lily that his fleet is cleared for sailing and if Noah and Luke want to use one for their cruise they can. Meg thanks Holden for coming with her to see Bonnie, Holden he'll get her to use that Paul made Meg look like and unfit mother to get Eliza back. Carly tells Parker that she talked with Jack and that his driving privileges are suspended and to hand over the keys, Parker refuses and storms out. Barbara comes to see her granddaughter and is confused when Paul says that Meg is no longer living at Fairwinds. Parker comes in the house and finds that his car is missing from the driveway, and accuses his mother of having it towed, Jack then thinks it's possible that it could've been stolen. Janet is surprised when Craig tells her that he agreed with Jack and shoudn't have given Parker any of that money. Holden asks Lily if it was Damian's idea of her going along the cruise too, Lily says she wanted to keep an eye of Luke. Barbara sees Meg in Old Town and wonders what happened and says that she could move back in cause Paul is miserable, Barbara then offers her help to get Eliza out of Paul's custody. Carly thinks Craig had something to do with Parker's car going "missing" and for him to start talking. Jack and Parker go the impound lot and thinks they have discovered it. Parker tells Carly he found his car in a chop shop completely stripped, Craig then refuses to give him any more money to get a new one. Meg tells Barbara that she should move in and help Paul take care of Eliza. Jack tells Parker that Craig is the one that took and wrecked his car, Parker says for Jack to arrest him. Paul discovers Barbara's scheme that Meg sent her to spy on him and orders her out his house and his life. Parker comes home and says that he ain't going back to school cause he quit. Holden tells Lily that if she still wants to go then she can. Craig gets slapped by Carly when he oversteps his boundaries.moreless
  • Ep. #13518
    Ep. #13518
    Episode 31
    Henry and Vienna shop for baby clothes, Brad and Katie run into them at Old Town, Henry tries to cover but Katie doesn't want him to lie to her again. Craig opens up to Carly about not wanting to bring Johnny back to the Lakeview knowing that Lucy won't be there anymore. Liberty runs into Parker at Java and asks why she hasn't seen him at school lately, Parker says that he doesn't need a lecture from her right now. Brad tells Vienna and Henry that they don't want any apologies from them. Craig calls Katie and invites her along with Brad to dinner but she declines cause she has to work. Margo tells Jack that she's seen a different side to Craig that he's now focused on family cause of Carly and Johnny, and Craig invited her to Carly's for a big family dinner. Liberty betrays Parker when she tells Janet that he hasn't been attending school as of late. Parker comes home and lies when he says that school was great and isn't hungry and is going to go upstairs. Katie sees the gifts and she forgot to tell Kim that it's not happening anymore. Someone at Metro handles private adoptions and Henry tells Vienna this could be the answer to Katie's troubles. Brad calls Margo and tells her that Katie needs her right now, and for her not to tell Craig, cause she doesn't need him butting in. Janet asks Jack to meet her at Carly's and it involves Parker. Carly and Jack scolds Parker for skipping school and driving around in his car, Parker then storms off out of the house. Margo tells Katie there's always adoption, Brad promises Katie that she will be a mother. Jack tells Carly that if she stayed off the bottle like she promised Parker wouldn't be acting like this. Henry arrives and tells Brad that he may have something to solve Katie's problems. Parker confronts Liberty for ratting him out to Janet, Liberty says she only did it cause she cares about him and is having a difficult time adjusting after their breakup. Brad makes the call to the lawyer and he agrees to meet with them and wants a check for 10,000 dollars.moreless
  • Ep. #13517
    Ep. #13517
    Episode 30
    Meg tries to prove her loyalty to Paul that Dusty is no longer in her life. Carly sees that Johnny is upset and misses Lucy, and says that he needs his big sister. Lucy sees Lucinda in the hospital and learns that she had a good checkup today. Dusty asks Holden if he's heard from Meg lately, he says cause he's worried about her since she's gone back to live with Paul. Lucinda tells Lucy that she should feel nothing but contempt for Craig, Lucy says she can't help but miss her father. Paul tells Meg that if they're getting married he wants it to be very real. Lucy goes to Carly's and wonders if she can help her with the situation with Craig, cause she almost got her arrested, Craig arrives and Carly says he isn't leaving til he works things out with Lucy. Holden confronts Meg about her plans to marry Paul and thinks that he is too dangerous. Craig gets an ultimatum from Carly that she'll want nothing to do with him if he can't forgive his daughter. Lucy goes to Dusty and says that since she can't get her father to forgive her then there's no reason for her to stay so she's going back to South Africa. Meg admits to Paul that she doesn't love him anymore and coming to live at Fairwinds was a mistake, Paul says that if she's leaving here with Eliza then she's mistaken. Craig agrees that if he doesn't settle things with Lucy he'll regret it. Lucy calls Lucinda wanting her help in saying goodbye to Johnny and promises to come back again some day, she then says farewell to Oakdale.moreless
  • Ep. #13516
    Ep. #13516
    Episode 29
    Alison invites Jade to come to Margo and Tom's for a barbeque. Emily lays into Hunter after he says that her ideas are stupid. Alison wants to play Cupid by trying to fix up Hunter and Jade one more time. Craig tells Carly that he's petitioned to court to overturn Dusty's and to get his son back. Jade tells Casey that she wants nothing to do with Hunter after the last time he spilled the drink on her. Dusty can't find Johnny and when he does he won't tell him what's the matter. Alison comes by Emily's office looking for Hunter and thinks he'll be perfect for Jade, she finds him at Al's an invites him to Casey's. Craig tells Carly that Johnny is his only child and doesn't have a daughter anymore. Dusty has a hard time forgiving Lucy, when he won't let her treat Johnny when he brings him to the hospital. Craig gets the news that he's been waiing for and regain custody of Johnny, when they get there a maid tell them that Dusty took him to the hospital. Hunter calls Alison and says that he reconsidered her offer and wants to join in the fun. Casey tells Jade that he'll take over the driving the shuttle if she'll allow Hunter to be her date. Lucy tells Craig and Dusty that she blames them for Johnny's recent condition. Craig mentions to Dusty that his custody agreement was reinstated and for him to bring Johnny to the Lakeview in 20 minutes, Dusty shows up and says he's not handing Johnny over to him. Hunter accidentally drops Jade's burger and leaves and goes back to the office and is impressed at Emily's work on the website. Carly wants Craig to reconsider Johnny, Craig says that could Dusty be someone she could fall in love with. Hunter tries to wrap how Emily and Alison could have the same father, Emily says that Alison is her sister and her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #13515
    Ep. #13515
    Episode 28
    Brad sees that Katie is watching old footage of the coverage of Vienna being the surrogate, and sees her continuing to watch it. Lucy tells Margo that she didn't want her father to get in trouble for something that she did, Lucinda then arrives to get her out of here. Brad runs into Vienna in Old Town and criticizes her for her betrayal. Luke explains that he couldn't stop thinking about Lucy smuggling medicine with Damian's help, he makes an admission of Damian figuring out a way to help Lucy. Damian instructs one of his men to do something with the medicine shipment. Vienna comes to see Katie cause she's sorry and she then feels the baby move, Katie then wants another chance after putting her hand on Vienna's stomach. Holden tells Luke that this is how Damian operates, Lily agrees that bad things tend to happen. Damian calls Fredo and says that he wants something shipped under the radar and then goes to meet him. Luke offers to go with Noah, he then says that he has no intentions of staying away from Damian. Brad tells Katie that it's a bad idea of still wanting Vienna and Henry's baby. Henry says that Katie and Brad still getting their kid is never going to happen. Luke shows up on the docks and Damian says that he shouldn't be here and lashes at him, Luke then sees Fredo assault Damian and goes to help, and Noah picks up the gun and tells Fredo to drop the pipe, Margo then arrives and Damian says that Fredo is the one smuggling guns. Katie and Brad arrive and says they'll take Vienna on her offer, but she's crushed when the plans changed yet again. Lucy is thrilled that it's finally over and Damian got her off the hook. Holden asks Damian what it's gonna take to get him out of his family's life for good.moreless
  • Ep. #13514
    Ep. #13514
    Episode 27
    Damian assures Lucinda and Holden that he has a legitimate shipping business and is cautious cause they're was a murder on the docks recently. Lily tells Luke that Lucinda insisted on going to see what Damian was up to. Craig refuses to believe that his own daughter would let him take the fall. Lucy tells Jack that she was doing the smuggling and if anyone's to be arrested then it should be her. Holden wants Damian to tell him what he really has going on here, but Damian says he doesn't answer to him. Jack brings Lucy to the station and Craig says he didn't get her to lie for him, Lucy then makes her statment and admits to sending medical supplies to east Africa. Lucinda and Holden return and say that they were taken at gunpoint and held until Damian showed up. Craig tells Lucy how she could do this to him, Carly says why didn't she come forward and let her father rot in jail all this time. Noah tells Luke to get answers then go right to the source. Lily tells Holden that they just got their family back and now they're back to square one, Holden thinks why would Damian have armed guards. Craig tells Lucy to get out and that he never wants to see her again. Luke goes and confronts Damian at his suite and that he's been lying and doesn't think he can ever trust him again. Jack tells Lucy that he's going to have to keep her in custody. Dusty tells Johnny that their gonna go away and that Lucy can't join them. Damian comes to the station and says that he can explain everything and that he was working with Lucy all along. Lucy calls Lucinda and says that she's at the police station and is in deep trouble. Dusty and Craig engage in a fight at the Lakeview, Carly calls Jack and says that Craig is leaving town. Damian tells Luke that he can finally tell Luke the truth about what he and Lucy were doing.moreless
  • Ep. #13513
    Ep. #13513
    Episode 26
    Luke and Noah tell Lily that they have an idea instead of a camp but to have it on a yacht, Lily says that the Grimaldi's have a shipping operation. Lucinda tells Holden that she doesn't believe Damian isn't a changed person. Luke tells Lily he feels uncomfortable asking Damian if he can use one of his ships. Dusty explains to Lucy that Craig will beat the charges eventually. Carly tells Craig that she spoke to Lucy and she believes that Dusty set him up, Craig says that he wants Lucy to stay out of this and if Dusty found out he would take Johnny and run. Lily goes to Damian about using one of his ships, but he says that he can't help them but there might be something he can do. Luke and Noah are confused at why Damian won't let him use of his ships. Carly tells Jack that Craig thinks that Dusty is responsible. Jack comes to question Dusty about Cesar's murder and thinks that they don't have enough to hold Craig, so he tells Lucy that he's going to create some evidence and then plant it. Lucy decides to reveal everything. Damian tells Luke that he contacted a ranch which will be perfect for the kids to be around animals. Lucinda calls Holden and says that there is a lot of action on the docks and to come right away. Carly catches Lucy and Dusty in Metro and asks what they're doing there, he says that he "found" a shipping catalog. Lucinda tells Holden that the ships are heading somewhere and Damian lied about them being on hold, and someone points a gun at them. Jack tells Dusty that it's awfully convenient that he has the evidence just after they spoke. Carly goes to Craig and tells him about the shipping logs that were found, and she didn't believe them but Jack might. Lucinda and Holden are shocked to see that Damian is the so-called boss.moreless
  • Ep. #13512
    Ep. #13512
    Episode 25
    Henry's confession to Vienna that he wants to be a father to their baby, but Vienna says that she doesn't believe him. Brad and Katie decide to confront the so called "Dr. Shmeglitz" where he's doing his stand up at Yo's. Paul gets ready to go on his "trip" as Meg prepares to drop Eliza off at her mothers have a fun day of her own. Vienna tells Henry she only thinks he's doing this cause he's jealous that he feels left out. Meg goes to Dusty at the Lakeview and Paul sees them going in the elevator and follows them up to his room. "Dr. Shmeglitz" said he only told you what she paid him to say" Meg sees Paul in the corridor and plants a kiss on Dusty in front of him and then Dusty thinks that she's up to something. Brad and Katie go back to the hospital to get some answers but are devastated when they learn the truth about the artificial insemination failing and Henry is the father of the baby Vienna's carrying. Dusty tells Meg that if she wants his help then to be honest with him, Meg says that Paul wants her to think that he's out of the country. Brad and Katie confront Vienna and Henry about the truth, Katie then knew that something was up and couldn't see it and thought she could trust them, Vienna offers them to raise the kid themselves. Dusty finds Paul in the lounge and says that the kiss he saw wasn't what it looked like and Meg is pushing his buttons. Brad tells Vienna and Henry that it's best if they pack up and move out. Paul confronts Meg and says Dusty told him about her little scheme and tells her to get out, Meg asks what she can do to stay, Paul says for her to beg, Meg then goes to spill her anger to Dusty for betraying her.moreless
  • Ep. #13511
    Ep. #13511
    Episode 24
    Kim has an idea for a segment for the documentary -- Katie, Brad and Vienna taking a birthing class at the hospital. Holden tells Lily he insists on taking Noah and Luke to a Cubs game to get their minds off their troubles. Bob sees that Henry isn't focused, Henry then confides in him about if it's okay that he doesn't want children. Katie tells Vienna that she's not telling Henry cause he's acting a bit possessive lately. Holden says that the baseball game is in New York and they better hurry and is taking Lucinda's jet. Damian tells Lily that he's meeting with someone who's interested in joining the foundation and asks her to accompany him to New York. Katie insists on not telling Henry about the birthing classes at least not yet. Bob tells Henry that things change when he holds his child for the first time, he then gets a call from Kim and fills Henry on the child birth class at the hospital. Henry arrives at the hospital and sees Vienna and Brad on the floor and asks what is he doing to her. Katie tells Henry that she didn't want him here cause he's been acting weird lately, and what's wrong with him. Holden runs into Lily at a local restaurant where they went to before years ago and is surprised that she's with Damian. Luke decides to make plans and a future with Noah and says he might spend the next ten years with him. Henry starts to feel something when he calms a robotic baby down, Katie then sees that he left the room. Luke jumps to conclusions about Damian bring with Lily, Damian says he spoke to a friend of his and extended his foundation. Brad and Katie see a poster of a comedian in Old Town and recognizes the person as their "doctor".moreless
  • Ep. #13510
    Ep. #13510
    Episode 23
    Meg asks Paul to take Eliza to the hospital cause she's sick. Carly tells Parker that Craig hasn't been released and is being held for gun running, and murder but doesn't think he did any of that. Craig tells Jack that he was with Parker at the time of Cesar's stabbing on the docks. Craig calls Carly and asks her to bring Parker down, Carly immediately thinks it's one of his schemes. Paul catches Meg getting ready, but she quickly covers by saying she's just going to bed. Dusty tells Lucy that he saw an opportunity to get his son back and took it. Craig tells Carly that Parker was in his suite getting his check for $50,000 at the time. Parker's loyalty to Craig crushes Jack, but he's still convinced that Craig is guilty and is using his son. Meg comes to the Lakeview and learns that Dusty is going to be staying with Lucy and Johnny. Paul calls Fairwinds to check on Meg but there's no answer and he immediately thinks something is up, and has a fantasy of what he thinks is happening with Meg and Dusty in her bed. Craig tells Carly that he's grateful that despite everything that she still believes him. Paul comes home and says that Barbara wants him to go to Paris to meet with some buyers and wants her accompany him, when she steps out of the room he finds Dusty's monogram handkerchief, Meg then overhears Paul on the phone canceling his plans to go to France. Carly overhears Dusty tell Lucy that they're only friends.moreless
  • Ep. #13509
    Ep. #13509
    Episode 22
    Henry practices his "shocked" moment to Vienna when or if they get found out that the baby is his. Craig tells Lucy that there's no way he did any of those things that he's accused of and is touched when Lucy says she believes him. Katie learns that Craig is in jail, Brad insists on going to the station with her. Tom tells Dusty that with Craig's arrest on smuggling guns he could get custody of Johnny. Jack goes to Carly to try and get Craig to come clean and wants him behind bars and if they don't get a confession they're gonna look at other suspects. Dusty tells Lucy he's gonna get custody of Johnny by the end of the day, Lucy feels guilty that her father is gonna go down for something that she did. Craig accuses Brad of setting him up. Tom and Dusty go into the courtroom and in front of the judge. Henry prepares and the doctor says that Brad and Vienna conceived a healthy baby. Jack asks Carly if Craig was sober during the Midnight Sun meetings and kept her out of the loop as to what he was up to. Lucy goes to Craig and says that Dusty went to a lawyer to get Johnny back, he immediately assumes that Dusty set him up. Carly tries to get the truth out of Craig when she goes to see him, Craig admits that he started the vodka business for them and did connect. Dusty gets what he was hoping for and tells Lucy to wait til he gets permanent custody and then tell Craig. Vienna asks Henry if he wants to tell Brad and Katie the truth, and what would happen if they did find out.moreless
  • Ep. #13508
    Ep. #13508
    Episode 21
    Damian tells Luke that he wants to invite Lily and Holden to the Lakeview for lunch. Lucinda tells Emily that her newspaper The Intruder is no longer going to be published. Alison tells Casey that she insists that Jade join them, Alison wants to know what's up. Holden tells Lily that he doesn't want to hang around with Damian, Lily says that he won't have to and she'll go alone. Lucinda says to Emily that she's making a decision to have her paper online 24/7 and her job is safe if she wants it, Emily then says no. Jade wants Alison to tell her why she's trying to get on her good side. Holden and Lily are shocked to learn that Damian is going to be staying in Oakdale and is going to get to know Luke better, Holden doesn't like the idea and doesn't want Damian anywhere near his son. Lucinda introduces Emily to her new co-editor, Hunter. Alison tells Jade to tell that guy at the bar to play a game of pool, Casey is glad now that he and Alison can have some time to themselves. Damian tells Lily that he had no intentions of hurting anyone with his intentions of staying on town. Alison sees when Emily shows up her being all over Hunter, and approaches her sister and Emily says that her job no longer exists and the paper will be printed online. Luke tells everyone that Damian offered to repay the money when they get the funds returned. Alison tries to fix Hunter up with Jade, and he drops a drink in her lap and up and leaves. Lucinda goes to see Damian and tells him she wasn't expecting him to stay so long cause Lily and Holden will be affected and she won't allow that.moreless
  • Ep. #13507
    Ep. #13507
    Episode 20
    Sage and Parker wonders what's keep their mother, Parker gives Sage a thousand dollars. Janet asks Liberty if she's having second thoughts about divorcing Parker. Jack brings Carly and Craig to the station and she's shocked when she sees Jack pull out an automatic weapon and also Cesar being murdered down by the docks. Margo abolishes Craig that he's been back in town six months and he's already in trouble with the law. Lucy gets word that Cesar is dead and that someone got to him while he was unloading the guns and it's her fault. Jack wants Carly to give up Craig then maybe he can help her, she says that she and also Craig doesn't know anything about the guns. Lucy has second thoughts about her arrangement with Dusty. Jack calls Janet and tells her to go and watch Sage and Parker and to bring Liberty, cause it looks like that Carly could be in some serious trouble. Parker immediately thinks something is wrong and what his mother did this time when Janet and Liberty show up. Carly tells Craig that she knows why he wanted to buy her out of Midnight Sun so he can cover what he had, Craig said he was importing vodka and not guns. Margo comes and tells Lucy that Craig is facing charges of smuggling, she then admits that her father had nothing to do with it, and lays into Dusty for not letting her tell the truth and won't let Craig go down for this. Parker tells Carly that this is the part where she tells them that she did nothing wrong. Dusty tells Lucy that he's going to use this to his advantage to get full custody of his son.moreless
  • Ep. #13506
    Ep. #13506
    Episode 19
    Jack informs Carly that Parker didn't take the news of Liberty wanting an annulment well and trashed Emma's kitchen. Parker tells Craig that he used the money from his trust fund and bought a car. Lily tells Holden that the people that they're dealing with killers and also what they did to that cop. Carly calls Craig and he says that Parker is here with him at the Lakeview and won't have a problem in him getting home on his own. Zac tells Damian that Luke is in very delicate hands. Zoe tells Luke the sooner that he gives in and gives her a baby, then Noah will get the medicine. Margo arrives and places both of them under arrest. Parker shows Carly and Jack his new set of wheels, Jack then goes to confront Craig. Margo tells Damian that Zoe and Zac named him as the mastermind behind their plan, he then bursts into the interrogation room and threatens them to tell the truth or he'll choke the life out of them. Jack gets a call about a homicide down at the docks, he goes down there and sees Cesar dead and learns the truth about Carly and Craig's business. Craig tells Carly that he's done with her since she's pushed him away so many times and gives her a check buying her out of Midnight Sun. Noah asks Luke that maybe they can get to know Damian a little better. Damian finds Luke in his room, and tells him that he doesn't really know him but would like to very much and isn't ready to have him leave his life.moreless
  • Ep. #13505
    Ep. #13505
    Episode 18
    Casey tells Alison that he and Jade are gonna go around and say about what they're doing. Jade offers to go around and ask questions about the mysterious girl who was at the drop off. Damian uses an aging program on a picture of Anna's daughter Gia and he calls Lily, but Holden insists on going to get it himself. Jade tells Casey that he needs his help cause Noah and Luke have been kidnapped, and Alison sees them and she explains it to her. Luke continues to plead with Zac and Zoe about getting help for Noah and whatever money they want. Zac goes to Lily's house and says that he's "Officer Hazen" and abducts Lily. Zoe goes to the hospital for medicine for Noah, Alison then discovers her and she sees the necklace with the zodiac. Lily realizes that the person who has her is one of the kidnappers. Margo tells Holden that she'll run Gia's photo through the database. Jade and Casey hit a dead end and decide to go to another place to see. Alison tells Zoe that she needs to get the patients name, Zoe then locks Alison in a closet. Lily quickly covers when she sends a e-mail to Holden's phone. Casey and Alison put the pieces together when they find a receipt for a storage locker. Zac quickly takes off when Holden then arrives. Damian finds a dead police officer outside and shows Jade, Casey and Alison a picture of Gia. Zac tells Zoe that Lily's transfered the money, and Zoe reveals her true intentions as part of their agreement.moreless
  • Ep. #13504
    Ep. #13504
    Episode 17
    Carly tells Parker that Liberty wants an annulment and it's probably the best thing right now. Craig takes Johnny over to see Carly hoping it'll change her mind and reconsider their partnership. Lucy is shocked when Dusty finds weapons in with her medical supply shipment. Parker has a bad reaction to Liberty's news and refuses to believe that this the end of them and storms off. Jack comes to Carly's and sees Craig and thinks she lied about ending the whole vodka business and she says that he just showed up. Parker returns to talk with Liberty to try and work this out but sees that she isn't there, and calls her to see if he can give her another chance but refuses, Parker then goes ballistic and trashes Emma's kitchen. Brad tells Liberty that he's proud of her for making a rational decision, and says that it's been almost a year since he found out that she was his daughter. Jack says something that causes Johnny to drop a glass. Liberty and Janet come back and see the mess that Parker made, Janet tells Jack that with Parker's temper he doesn't want him anywhere around her daughter. Parker confronts Craig and says that he hates him and that he ruined his life, he then takes him out so he can talk with him. Dusty and Lucy sees Johnny all alone and he vows to once and for all get custody of his son. Craig gives Parker $50,000 of his money from his trust and says he can do whatever he wants with it. Cesar is stabbed and killed after doing what Dusty asks by throwing out the weapons.moreless
  • Ep. #13503
    Ep. #13503
    Episode 16
    Paul sees Meg sorting out some lingerie that she had purchased hoping it'll something out of him. Damian tells Lily that they plan will go smoothly and to do exactly what he says. Luke and Noah look at Zoe paying her respects to her mother who died trying to get the Grimaldi fortune and soon it'll be hers. Damian shows Lily a photo of someone who claimed that she was an heir and was taken out literally. Paul sees that Meg is taking Eliza to the doctors and to make sure that she doesn't run off he cancels his appointment. Holden tells Emma that everything comes back to Damian, Emma says that why doesn't he hear Damian out. Zac tells Zoe that Lily got the note and is going to drop the ransom money and that they're almost home free. Meg tells Emma that she's going to do whatever it takes to fool Paul. Paul goes to the hospital and learns that Eliza's appointment is for next week. Lily makes the drop and Zoe sees her with the cape on and follows her thinking it's her mother. Holden spoils Lily and Damian's plan. Luke and Noah attempt to get loose and escape. Zoe sees that it's Lily wearing the cape and pushes Lily to the ground knocking her out. Paul catches Meg in a lie and learns she wasn't at the hospital, Meg says that she was talking with Emma at the farm. Damian arrives at the park and says to Holden that Lily never would've been in danger if hadn't interfered. Zac and Zoe return to the storage room and says they aren't going anywhere. Holden insists on taking Lily to Margo. Zac takes out his gun and shoots Noah after Lily betrayed them by not paying the ransom. Damian finds a picture of Anna and her daughter Gia. Zoe says that it's more then the money but to punish all the Grimaldi's.moreless
  • Ep. #13502
    Ep. #13502
    Episode 15
    A psychic tells Brad that he's not the biological father, Brad then says that this fortune telling is a bunch of garbage, cause they have hospital papers to prove otherwise. Vienna and Henry go shopping at Fashions for a maternity dress for her. Margo tells Damian that he'll have to be arraigned and then bailed out, Damian says that he can't wait that long. Holden tells Lily that she can't pay the ransom. Myra feels an immediate connection when Henry comes into the room and she covers by saying that she's still feeling a bit jet lagged but Katie doesn't believe her, and insists on a Tarot card reading, Katie then starts to feel something isn't quite right with Henry and Vienna. Lily learns of the drop off for the ransom, and hides it when Holden enters the room and asks if she wants anything to eat when he leaves Lily storms quickly out of the house. Lily goes to Lisa asking to look at the security tapes from the Lakeview, cause she thinks someone broke into Damian's room and stole his stationery. Lucinda comes to Holden wanting to have the children in her house, and says that Lily wants to pay the ransom. Katie fills Brad in that she thinks that something is wrong cause Myra had a strange look on her face. Margo and Lily watch the security tapes, and Damian can't make out who the person who went into his room. Myra approaches Henry and Vienna and says that secrets have a way of surfacing. Lily tells Holden that she had to get Damian out of jail so he can help him find Luke and Noah. Lisa helps Damian get to the bottom of a mystery by going through some old photos and comes across a newspaper clipping of someone with a necklace with the Pisces zodiac sign. Lily shows Holden the note on where to put the money and that they're running out of time. Katie and Brad go to Vienna requesting a genetic test to see if everything is alright, Vienna is against it but Henry convinces her.moreless
  • Ep. #13501
    Ep. #13501
    Episode 14
    Holden and Damian exchange heated words, after he accuses him of faking his trip to Lisbon and kidnapping Noah. Casey introduces Alison to Mr. Pants, he then explains that she pushed him to work with Jade. Holden brings Damian into the station, Luke says he'll give him the money if he returns Noah. Margo tells Lily and Holden that the police with investigate Noah's disappearance and if they pay the ransom they put Noah in more danger. Zac decides to make tells Noah exactly what they have planned on getting the foundation money back. Casey explains to Mr. Pants that he's crazy about Alison, he then knocks some sense into Casey by asking him to call her, Mr. Pants then talks to Alison and gets her to come over and Casey is immediately impressed. Margo tells Damian that they're going to be holding on suspicion of kidnapping when his fingerprints are on the ransom note. Luke gets a text and falls into Zoe's trap and learn that she and Zac have Noah. Alison admits to Casey that she wants to be with him, but certains make her not want to, they get back to the van and notice that Mr. Pants made an escape. Lily tells Holden that Damian is smarter then that and was actually stunned when Margo told him. Zoe is revealed as a Grimaldi and her boyfriend is helping her get what's rightfully hers. Casey and Alison find Mr. Pants at Yo's eating a burger. Lily finds a note and reads it to Holden that she should reconsider the ransom, Margo then tells Holden that Damian didn't have any outside communication and doesn't think he had anything to do with Luke's or Noah's abduction. Alison and Casey share a dance together. Luke tells Noah that he should have listened to him about Zac and Zoe and will owe Damian a huge apology when they get out of this. Lily tells Holden that she's going to pay the ransom.moreless
  • Ep. #13500
    Ep. #13500
    Episode 13
    Parker is brought to the hospital by Craig, and tries to call Carly but no answer so he calls Jack. Jack is devastated when he learns from Craig about Parker's condition and worse that he was drinking. Carly makes a decision about her relationship with Craig and later gets drunk and picks a fight with a woman named 'Janet' at Yo's, the bartender then kicks her out of the bar. Zac and Zoe continue to keep Noah hostage. Jack tells Craig to go and find Carly. Lily tells Luke that she doesn't think that Damian is the person responsible. Lily tells Holden that they're could be another Grimaldi factor involved and don't like that Luke got all that money. Noah tells Zac that he can trust him, Zac says that he needs to be convinced by asking Noah to make love to him. Damian returns to Oakdale and tells Lily and Holden that Noah isn't in Lisbon and there's no record of him entering the country. Parker wakes up with a massive headache and says that he took some of the designer vodka from a crate at the docks, Jack then tells Carly that he blames her. Noah is shocked when Zac and Zoe lock lips after she says that she delivered the ransom note. Luke learns that Noah was kidnapped after getting a note, Holden thinks it's a coincidence that it arrived shortly after Damian left. Parker tells Jack that he doesn't want Liberty to find out and come see him the way he is. Carly tells Craig that Jack maybe right and that their relationship is toxic and doesn't think that it should continue, Craig says he isn't giving up. Holden confronts Damian and asks where he can find Noah.moreless
  • Ep. #13499
    Ep. #13499
    Episode 12
    Meg tells Paul that she wants to move back into Fairwinds and they can take care of Eliza together, Paul agrees if she's with him and doesn't look at another man. Parker lays into Carly and Craig for trying to break up him and Liberty. Liberty tells Janet that Parker was literally freaking out when she got home after being gone only a few hours made her feel like she did something wrong, Parker then bursts in wanting to talk to his wife. Lucy tells Dusty that after this last shipment she's done with the sneaking around. Jack tells Parker that maybe it's best that his marriage ends before his and Liberty's lives gets more complicated, Parker then storms off after blaming all his problems on his parents. Carly calls Jack and asks if Parker showed up at the farm, he says to let their son cool off a bit. Paul issues a stern ultimatum to Meg and that he better not be playing her. Meg tells Dusty that she and Paul are reconciling, Dusty thinks that she's lying to herself and wants to know the real reason. Parker winds up at the docks and goes through Craig's shipment of Midnight Sun vodka and takes a few bottles, Cesar catches him but Parker manages to run away. Janet tells Carly that Parker was smothering Liberty and wouldn't let her make a decision and isn't home cause she's too busy drinking her heart out. Jack comes by the docks and questions Cesar but he lies and says that he didn't see anyone, he calls Lucy and says they might have a problem. Parker takes several drinks to ease his pain of losing Liberty. Meg reveals to Dusty that she's only living with Paul til she can figure out a way to get rid of him for good. Craig offers to go look for Parker while Carly goes to talk with Jack at the station. Dusty insists on going to check out the docks himself and tells her to get Johnny. Parker starts to throw some stuff and falls and hits his head. Craig finds Parker's bike and finds one of the empty vodka bottles. Dusty fights off Fredo and his henchman. Craig finds Parker unconscious in the woods and finds some blood on his head. Carly goes to Yo's and orders a club soda, she remembers what Janet and Jack said and gets a glass of wine.moreless
  • Ep. #13498
    Ep. #13498
    Episode 11
    Janet is thrown when Liberty says that she was offered the internship and turned it down. Parker apologizes to Carly for the things that he said in New York cause he was upset. Jade tells Susan that she's making an effort and Casey is late coming in. Craig asks Jack that he already put a crack in the Parker and Liberty's marriage, and got her another position closer to home. Susan asks Alison if she thinks that Casey and Jade working together is a good idea. Alison has second thoughts about Casey. Casey encounters a problem with Mrs. Weinstein and until the van dies. Alison has second thoughts about Casey when he calls and breaks their dinner date. Liberty insists that Parker hear Craig out about his proposition. Susan insists that she and Alison talk about sex. Liberty calls Parker and says that she's still in Chicago and notices a difference in his tone of voice. Carly makes good on her promise and doesn't take a drink. Janet comes by the station and Jack also thinks that Parker is being a little possessive. Parker's attitude frightens Liberty, and she says that she can't live like this anymore also that it's good that they should get divorced. Alison listens in on Jade and Casey and how a good day they had. Liberty comes to the farm and says that she left Parker.moreless
  • Ep. #13497
    Ep. #13497
    Episode 10
    Luke tries to get through to Lily by saying that Damian is playing her, Damian arrives and Luke storms off. Katie starts to get worried when Henry says that Vienna is feeling sick. Brad sees that Vienna is really sick and realizes that they're supposed to start taping today and says for him to come back later. Damian tells Lily that he made some calls and says the only other ring was Luke's, Lily says to Damian to get out cause she doesn't think that Luke would do something like this. Luke realizes that Noah isn't at Java and thinks it's not like him to be late. Katie and Henry come home to find Brad's hands over Vienna, Katie storms out and Brad goes after her. Luke gets an unusual phone call from Noah saying that he's on his way to Lisbon saying for some time apart. Brad finds Katie and says that she should be pregnant and not Vienna. Henry lets Vienna know how he feels, Vienna then slips and falls. Luke confronts Damian for finally ruining his life and Noah up and is gone. Katie learns that Henry took Vienna to the hospital and she Brad hurry over. Damian decides to go to Malta and to see how many rings were made for the Grimaldi family and is going to Lisbon to bring Noah home. Henry almost lets it slip that that it's his baby that Vienna is carrying. Zac is exposed as Noah's captor and isn't in Lisbon as he said he was, Zoe says that Damian is going home and thinking it's going better then they planned.moreless
  • Ep. #13496
    Ep. #13496
    Episode 9
    Bob and Nancy try to think of someone to drive the senior citizen shuttle since the driver up and quit. Casey runs into Jade in Old Town and she starts into him about him having real feelings for him and the money was only a bonus. Meg asks Paul that she wants to go out and have lunch with Eliza at the Lakeview. Dusty enjoys a nice time with both Lucy and Johnny. Alison tells Bob that she has an idea who she could get. Jade gets busted by an undercover cop while trying to buy marijuana, Jade explains to Margo that he life is a complete wreck and asks her not to tell Derek, Margo says that she won't press charges if she does something for her if she does some community service and gives her a list of jobs. Alison tries to encourage Casey to do the right thing and take what she has to offer. Dusty tells Meg that she's playing a dangerous game with Paul, Meg says that she's doing everything that she can to get Paul to trust her again so they can be a family. Margo calls Bob and says she has a volunteer for him, Jade Taylor. Bob informs everyone that Jade is going to be the new driver of the shuttle. Lucy gets a call from Cesar at the docks and says that there's a problem, and reveals to Dusty that someone found out that what she's doing is illegal and wants money to keep quiet, he then decides to help her out with her blackmailer. Jade tries to get out of her new job, but Nancy says that she volunteered and sit down cause they have alot to discuss. Paul and Meg see that Eliza is a bit warm and decide to deal with it together. Casey tells Alison that he'll find a way to work with Jade, he goes and apologizes and sees that Jade is already organizing a bunch of volunteers.moreless
  • Ep. #13495
    Ep. #13495
    Episode 8
    Luke and Noah sit down hoping to watch a movie by themselves but are interrupted when Zac and Zoe crash their evening. Damian goes to Lily at World Wide wanting to offer his resources to find out who's out to destroy Luke. Parker arrives at the hotel and sees Craig with his mother and doesn't need an answer to what they're doing. Parker is upset when he sees Liberty with another man, and also she didn't tell anyone that she was married, and immediately realizes that Carly and Craig set them up. Damian asks Lily if it's possible if anyone misplaces the backup discs, Lily goes in the drawers after he leaves and finds a ring. Damian catches up with Lisa at the Lakeview and asks him if he wants some things of Eduardo's that he might want. Carly is shocked when Parker calls her a filthy drunk, Liberty then walks out. Craig confronts Carly about her drinking. Lily confronts Damian with the ring that she found, Damian says that the ring isn't his and she feels stupid when it doesn't fit his finger. Parker wants Liberty to be honest about her career and if it means more than him. Zac strange behavior bothers Noah and makes it clear that he's not interested. Damian and Lily talk about the possibility of their being another Grimaldi out there. Liberty considers getting another internship closer to home, so their relationship won't strain. Noah catches up with Damian at the Lakeview and tells him he believes he's innocent. Parker tells Craig that his plan didn't work and that Liberty is turning the job down. Noah sees Zac and Zoe wearing "Pisces" necklaces around their necks.moreless
  • Ep. #13494
    Ep. #13494
    Episode 7
    Carly tells Parker that going to New York will be good for Liberty, Parker opens up and says what if she doesn't want to come back. Craig tells Lucy that they still have a long way to go and asks her to take care of Johnny will he's away on a business trip with Carly. The doctor tells Paul and Meg that Eliza's fever broke and is responding to the antibiotics, Paul then insists that Eliza will stay at Fairwinds and she can at least help him with that. Lucy tells Dusty the reason that Paul and Meg were together is cause Eliza was admitted with pneumonia. Lucy gets a call about a shipment that needs to go out. Jack gets a call from Margo about a smuggling ring and says that he's not far from the docks. Liberty is immediately intimidated and is nervous about the meeting. Dusty makes a final appeal to win Meg back, but learns that she'll be staying with Paul to tend to their daughter. Liberty learns that she'll be staying at the dorms where the other interns stay and if she can't live with Parker then she won't do this at all. Jack finds Lucy walking around the docks and makes up an excuse of needing some fresh air. Liberty tells Parker that she got her internship and she'll have to stay at dorms and won't be able to find a place, Parker is then devastated that he won't be with his wife. Meg tells Eliza that she's not leaving without her. Lucy surprises Dusty when she brings Johnny to cheer him up. Parker begs Jack for assistance in allowing him to go to New York to check up on Liberty.moreless
  • Ep. #13493
    Ep. #13493
    Episode 6
    Damian sees some posters with him and goes to confront Lily and shows here what he found all over Old Town thinking Luke is behind this. Zac and Zoe show Noah and Luke what they did. Paul tells Lucy that she has a lot to lose, if she tells Dusty the truth cause he'll make sure Craig knows all about her little side deal she has going on. Meg tells Dusty that when she gets Eliza back she doesn't him in her life. Luke stuns Lily when he says that he did what Damian accused him of putting his face on those posters. Dusty urges Lucy to tell the truth and gets her to find that Sally person who took care of the baby that night, Dusty and Lucy hit a dead end in their search. Meg hears that Eliza is getting pretty fussy, and she heads over there and they take her to the hospital. Noah tells Luke that he should stay away from Zac and Zoe. Meg and Paul learn that Eliza has pneumonia, Meg then covers for Paul when the social worker questions them. Zoe and Zac gawk at Damian as he sits on a bench in Old Town. Lily discovers that the backup discs for the laptop at World Wide are missing and goes to see if their in Damian's hotel room. Lucy and Dusty look in the hospital chapel and sees Meg and Paul together.moreless
  • Ep. #13492
    Ep. #13492
    Episode 5
    Kim has an idea about making the documentary about the four of them having a baby together, but Henry is against it. Craig tries to make amends with Parker by saying to let Liberty to make her own decisions in her life. Liberty tells Jack and Janet that Parker didn't come to school cause he's mad that she didn't come home. Carly thanks Craig for the advice he gave Parker, Liberty then comes wanting to talk with her husband. Parker is glad that Liberty came home and he apologizes and says that he allows her to do her thing as long as their together, which Liberty agrees to come back to him. Kim wants to get started at WOAK right away. Vienna offers Henry a way out, unless he changed his mind about wanting to have kids, Henry says that he won't be a part of the documentary. Craig comes to the farm and says he has a solution in sending Liberty to New York to work at a magazine, Janet is against the idea. Parker tells Liberty to do what she feels and won't stand in her way. Brad asks Henry what's really going on with him, Henry says that he's fine and continue with the interview. Carly and Craig think they're close to getting what they want.moreless
  • Ep. #13491
    Ep. #13491
    Episode 4
    Luke notices a problem when he can't access any of the accounts from the foundation. Lucy learns that Paul has Eliza, and realizing what he did to get his daughter. Holden tells Dusty that Meg doesn't want to see him, Dusty says that Meg can speak for himself. Luke calls Lily and says he can't access the money and thinks Damian could be responsible, she goes to check on him and finds him missing from the hospital and tells Luke. Lily finds Damian and sees that he's bleeding and offers to go up and tend to it. Luke fears that Lily is under Damian's spell when he walks in on them in his room at the Lakeview. Meg tells Dusty that she doesn't need his help in getting Eliza back. Noah questions Zac's behavior after spontaneously kissing him. Paul tells Meg that she's not wanted when she comes to Fairwinds, Meg says she wants to come back and they can be the family that he wants so badly, but Paul thinks that she's lying and asks her to prove it by becoming his wife again. Luke tells Noah that he found Damian and his mom in his room with his shirt off. Zac and Zoe confront Damian at the Lakeview and call him a monster.moreless
  • Ep. #13490
    Ep. #13490
    Episode 3
    Paul tells Lucy to do her best as she says that Dusty is at her door. Janet describes the style for the house for her and Jack. Paul calls Meg and tells him that Lucy and Dusty are in fact together at this moment. Carly asks Sage if she looks decent enough for her date tonight. Dusty tells Lucy that he'll make sure that Craig never finds out what his daughter has been up to, and calls Paul and says he's coming to talk to him at Fairwinds. Meg realizes something is going on between Lucy and Dusty, Meg wants answers from Lucy and what is going on, Lucy says that she can't. Paul gives Eliza's sitter some money to leave and hears as Dusty arrives, Dusty then orders Paul to stay away from Craig and Lucy, Paul refuses and Dusty starts to punch him. Janet and Jack sees as Craig and Carly come into Yo's. Paul sets his plan to get Eliza, by starting a little fire and blaming Dusty. Lucy sees Dusty's hand is bruised and says that Paul won't be bothering them anymore. Craig covers for Carly when Jack becomes suspicious, but he doesn't believe and tells Janet that Carly could barely stand up. The social worker finds Paul on the ground, and then he smells something burning, and she says that she can't look the other way at this case of child neglect, Meg arrives and Paul says that he saved their daughter from a fire tonight. Janet asks Jack if he thinks that Carly is an alcoholic. Meg tells Dusty to stay away from her and she'll deal with her child and for him to take care of his.moreless
  • Ep. #13489
    Ep. #13489
    Episode 2
    Katie tells Vienna that she made another appointment cause she never got to see the first sonogram. Liberty goes to see Brad, but she says that she's not moving back in but living at Carly's with Parker and he's her husband and that won't change. Janet commends Craig on him refusing to give Parker any of his money and are to young to be on their own. Parker insists on staying when Liberty comes home and tells Jack he doesn't take orders from him anymore, Carly says he should be grateful that Parker is home again. Henry fakes a "fainting spell" to keep Katie from going in there, they go in and Vienna is ready and Henry takes the sonogram before Katie can see it, and "accidentally" drops it on the wet floor and gets ruined. Vienna lets it slip of getting another one done, the doctor says that he has time but Henry unplugs the machine so it wouldn't work. Janet tells Craig if she can't get rid of him then she's going to use him. Carly offers to help Parker get the room all neat when Liberty arrives. Brad goes to the station to talk with Jack and says the only solution is to break Liberty and Parker up, Jack says they tried that once before and it didn't work. Liberty meets with Craig, and he agrees to let Parker have access to some money as long as he knows where Parker which college she wants to go. Henry takes a sonogram from a file that was left by a nurse and Vienna congratulates, they then show the picture to Katie, Katie tells Brad that they should bring up the idea of them moving in. Parker what Craig is up to and immediately calls him on it and tells him to butt out, he then gets into a fight with Liberty and tries to kiss her, Liberty says that kissing can't fix this, so she goes to the farm asking if she can stay the night. Craig asks Carly out on a date.moreless
  • Ep. #13740
    Ep. #13740
    Episode 1
    Bob and Kim celebrate their 25th anniversary as chaos begins to erupt.
  • Ep. #13488
    Ep. #13488
    Episode 1
    Margo tells Holden that they weren't able to get a clean tread mark from the scene and Lily let Damian in their house, Margo suggests that Holden some police protection for Luke. Noah tells Luke that Damian was here at Java yesterday asking to get Luke to give him another chance. Damian comes to see Lily and says that he's innocent and that it's possible that Luke's hit and run and the break in are connected. Noah and Luke meet Zac and Zoe as they want to volunteer for the foundation, Luke then says yes. Casey and Alison almost have a close moment, but is interrupted, he tells Alison that it was Dean Burns and he's expelled and can't enroll in the extension courses, Alison says they can go somewhere else. Alison plants a passionate kiss on Casey and start to make love and he wants to know why they're doing this cause he wants their first time to be special, Alison doesn't think that he's ready and she should leave. Luke meets Officer Cohen, Luke says that he doesn't need police protection. Damian comes in Java and collapses and calls Luke and says that Damian was stabbed. Margo questions Damian at the hospital and asks why they went after him. Holden thinks it's convenient and thinks Damian set the whole stabbing scenario up and says it's not going to work. Casey goes to Dean Burns and wants to once again take control of his life. Damian tells Lily when he wakes up that she came back and if she believes him, Lily says that she knew him once and doesn't anymore. Casey tells Alison that the Dean has allowed him to return to classes at Oakdale U.moreless