As Time Goes By

BBC (ended 2002)


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  • Season 9
    • As Time Goes By: Reunion
      Lionel doesn’t match Jean’s anticipation for grandchildren. Lionel then finds himself the unlikely middleman when Judy fears Alistair may have a medical condition that would leave them childless.
    • You Must Remember This
      On their own at last, with Alistair and Judith married off and Sally and Harry gone to Canada, Jean and Lionel take a look back on their life together in a one-hour retrospective featuring clips from past episodes.
    • A Tender Woman...or Just a Crackpot?
      A young transient named Davina begins squatting on Lionel and Jean's front stoop, and Jean invites her in for a hot bath and a meal. Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer.
    • What Now?
      What Now?
      Episode 4
      Alistair and Judith are now married, but will Harry pluck up the courage and ask Sandy to join him in Canada? Meanwhile, in the Hardcastle household, Jean has taken pity on a homeless girl named Dave - but Lionel is not entirely sure about her new friend.
    • The World Will Always Welcome Lovers . . .
      Alistair's best man breaks his leg, and Rocky is asked to stand in for him. Philip Bretherton, Moira Brooker, Frank Middlemass.
    • The World Will Always Welcome Lovers . . a.k.a The Wedding
      Rocky comes to the rescue when there is a problem with the best man at Alistair and Judith's wedding. Lol's wedding outfit does not go quite according to plan. The family is introduced to an unusual wedding custom. And Jean is still trying to play matchmaker for Harry and Sandy.
    • Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself . . .
      Alistair is having panic attacks about his impending nuptials, and plans are made to hold the wedding at Rocky's country house. Philip Bretherton, Moira Brooker, Frank Middlemass.
    • Another Proposal
      Another Proposal
      Episode 2
      The truth about Alistair's wedding nerves are revealed after he and Lionel fail to keep it a secret from Jean and his bride to be, and Rocky relishes the chance to air some of his stories.
    • You Can't Manufacture Happy Endings for Everybody . . .
      Alistair has something he wants to discuss with Judith, and Harry has news for Sandy. Moira Brooker, Philip Bretherton, Jenny Funnell.
    • 7/7/02
      Alistair has finally proposed to Judith, needless to say there are complications as Judith plans for a country wedding and realization strikes confirmed bachelor Alistair.
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