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  • Truly Worth Investing a Half-Hour Every Week.

    I have always enjoyed the different comedy that comes in the form of a British sit-com. Most of the time I can watch an episode from any number of shows on my local PBS station and it is a self-contained half-hour of comedy that requires no explanation or looking for the next episode. Over the years I did this numerous times with As Time Goes By but I always felt like I was missing out on much of the humor.

    Then recently I realized that my local PBS was starting a fresh run of the series and I started from the beginning. Now I look forward to every episode as I have a complete history and all of the little comments which I didn't understand before now make perfect sense as I have a better understanding of Lionel, Jean and the other well written characters on the show.

    I would reccomend the series to anyone who appreciates British comedies, even if they can catch only the occasional episode, but if you have the opportunity to start from the beginning it is definetly worth investing a half-hour every week.

  • great world wide love story

    theres no other show like it, these days they want to just show fast meet them, and have sex with them and on to someone else shows, this show drags it out in an entaining way that draws you in to there world, if that show had started in americar it would had never even made it past season a timeless story of waiting for true love, and its hope they can get everyone on board for one special reunion, and I hate those type of specials, but I think if they can get the same writer and keep the same cast, it would be a cross.
  • Intelligent, positive comedy-soap opera of sorts, with a message of love and family proving stronger than time and age. Not an "adult" show, but a grown-up one.

    This BBC production is a throwback, of sorts, to the days of cheerful sitcoms past, in that everyone in the main cast(The Hardcastle household, plus Alistair) are witty with sparkling upper class manners or they are eccentric characters with madcap quirks, none of it grounded in any possible reality. That everyone is exceedingly well off alone is unusual, but in this case it serves only to steer the stories from meaner topics like scrounging to make a quid towards more genteel pursuits like book writing and worrying about getting a computer. I think this is mainly aimed at older people who can relate to Jean and Lionel, who are very likable and upbeat. His aged parents and housekeeper are painted with a broad brush. Their absurd obsession with American country and western music is a bit too cute and taken to extremes (Their car has Texas longhorn steer horns on the bonnet), and their servant pointlessly babbles bits of weather forecasts for sailing the Irish sea.(her vehicle of choice is a great-war era motorcycle and side car, that calls for a vintage costume when driving it.)
    The overwrought whimsy aside, the series is very easy to be caught up in, and as in the best of soap operas, one gets to have hopes and dreads for the characters from week to week. The writers paced the story of their getting to know one another and rekindling of their love after so many years, and their eventual married life perfectly, and then went on to their adventures at the same time bringing us into the love life problems of the young girls Judy and Sandy. Another thought on the "throwback" theme. This series ended in 2002, with a 2005 reunion special. There won't be many more programmes like it, where the men are manly and the women fancy that most of the time, and everyone is gentle, polite, and respects the others. That these values are sadly dying out in Britain can be seen in pretty much all other shows that make it over to America, such as ab-fab, My Family, etc. So enjoy ATGB as among the final flickers of class and taste. Cheerio.
  • The best situation comedy ever broadcast in the English language in the universe...

    ...and, although the ensemble cast had a great deal to do with "As Time Goes By" being, in my opinion, the acme of television comedy, and the well-told stories also helped, there is one reason why I, as well as my mother (very hard to please, she was), really loved this program - Dame Judi Dench...

    ...and Episode 16, "Living Together, But Where?" is all the proof I need to say that Dame Judi is one of the best actresses of all time. (If you want to avoid a spoiler, just watch the episode, and wait for the end.)

    After all the confusion about whom is going to move in with whom, Lionel (Geoffrey Palmer - the second reason why the program is so wonderful) suggests to Jean (Dench) that they reevaluate their relationship. After he leaves, she looks at an armchair that she had bought for him, one that didn't exactly match her decor. Jean then lowered her head almost imperceptibly. But when Judi did that, she conveyed heartbreak more vividly than anyone else I've ever seen.

    You very seldom see that in major motion pictures, much less series television - but I saw it there. And that was more than enough for "As Time Goes By" to top my personal favorites list.
  • I have watched this series over and over again and I never get tired of it. Very heartwarming, the characters are developed so that the viewer cares what happens to them.

    This is a A- Quality show. There are very few series on television that appeals to the older generation, of which I am a member. Of course, any program with Judy Dench is guaranteed to be spectacular. I only wish they would film another reunion show, it's been awhile. I commend the Public Broadcasting System for showing this fine series. Also, it's easy for Americans to relate to the characters' situations. There hasn't been a British comedy series, other than my other favorite, Keeping Up Appearances, that I can completely relate to. I hope that there are more of these series in the future.
  • A pairs of lovers is reunited after many years apart

    This brilliant and very British comedy focuses on the lives of Jean and Lionel.
    A long, long time ago, they were young lovers but fate intervened and a letter sent by Jean never reached Lionel and they totally lost contact.
    After many years, Lionel is writing his autobiography "My life in Kenya" and he needs a secretary. Three guesses who's running a secretarial agency, exactly, Jean.
    After going on a date with Jean's daughter Judy, Lionel finds out who is running the agency and do meet up again.
    As it turns out, they still have feelings for each other, even though both were previously married to other people. Lionel is divorced and Jean is a widow.
    They rekindle their love and ultimately they marry, much to the delight of Judy.
    The excellent cast make this a real jem. There is real chemistry and affection between the actors.
    The series ran for 10 seasons and produced wonderful comedic moments with occasionally a tear or two
  • This is truly a great British comedy show. Would love to see this show come back.

    This is truly a great British comedy show. I enjoy watching it over and over and over again. I can watch the same episode 2 or 3 times in a row just so I can catch things that I might have missed. I think I have all of the episodes recorded and I watch them whenever there is nothing good on TV. It is always entertaining to me. I will also have my friends and family watch the episodes with me and try and get them hooked. So far everyone has because it is that good of a show. Look for it on the air or come over to my house and watch my DVD's.
  • Wonderful ...

    This is such a lovely show. I have been a fan of Dame Judi Dench's for years, and As Time Goes By is just one of the reasons.

    It's simplistic, when you really analyze this series you will see that the characters don't do much and there are only about 3 or 4 regular settings. BUT, this is still one of the best comedies the BBC has made.
    The acting is superb, with brilliant chemistry between all the main actors and excellent writing.

    I highly suggest this series to anyone who wants to be amused minus the toilet humour and constant sexcapades of other modern romance comedies. It's sophisticated, and all around entertaining.
  • The lives and times of two lovers separated in their youth, only to find each other in their sunset years. Jean and Lionel and the family they build as they rediscover their love is touching, funny and perfect in every way.

    There are shows you come across while surfing that snag you, even though you've seen them dozens of times. This show does that for me. Even the most cartoonish of characters presented in this show seem more real than 99% of those given to us through television and movies.

    This is ultimately a comedy that grows out of the people who's stories are told. At the center are Jean and Lionel, the former lovers who find each other again. Alastair, the cocky young businessman, trying to live fast, glibly going about what is ultimately a life without true love. Sandy and Judy, the girls, looking for love and finally finding it.
    Alastair finds it too, lucky him.

    There has never been a show that has struck so many right chords with me as this one. Grounded, real, and yet funny in the most natural of ways. Even in the middle of some outlandish plan, it progresses in a completely believable fashion.

    This is not a sit down and laugh yourself silly kind of show. It has true heart, touching portrayals and above all humor. You smile, you laugh, you wish each and every one of these people a happy life.

    It is the closest thing to perfect I've seen on film.
  • Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, thirty-eight years pass. Boy becomes man, girl becomes woman, man meets woman... man does not lose woman, but true love does not always run smooth.

    Lionel Hardcastle and Jean Pargeter had a three-month affair in 1953. Lionel is posted abroad and the two lose touch, despite Lionel writing a letter to Jean (it was never delivered). They meet again 38 years later, and after many false starts, the old affair is reawakened and leads to love. Spot-on comedy and brilliant acting from both leads and support cast made this regular viewing virtually throughout its nine season run.
  • A nurse falls in love with an Army man. He goes off to Korea they write letters back and forth but then lose touch. They meet up again 38 years later when he needs help writing a book and needs someone from her secretarial agency. What follows is wonderfu

    According to PBS, the new series of just 2 episodes will air during December pledge breaks. I watch this show twice a day. It has become one of my favorite shows of all time. I'm also not in the age group for this show, but I absolutely adore watching it. I just can't seem to get enought of Jean and Lionel and the rest of the gang.
  • You must remember this....

    I don't how I fell in love with this show. But I did!

    I love the idea that two lovers cross paths again decades latter. It wonderful to watch these two characters fall back in love with each other, and remember the times they had, through Lionel's writing of his book.

    I also love Alistair. ("Hey Li, what's up?") He's Lionel's agent who is trying to be hip and stay with the times. At first he was tough to get used to, but after awhile you completely understand where he is coming from.

    This is one show that I was glad ran for a long time. A true British Rerun Classic!
  • I really miss this show, I loved it when it was showing.

    I have always loved As Time Goes By, it's such a funny show. I can't name my favourite characters, and I don't have any I Hate You Characters.

    Jean and Lionel's situation is so funny and so very sweet, in this day and age we need more comedy-romance shows like this one to conteract the patheticness of Big Brother and some other stupid Reality shows. I'm not saying I hate all reality shows, just that some of them are a serious waste of the film reels used to make them. It's because of this that we need shows which are funny and sweet to counteract the effects of the purile and rediculous.

    The show is just funny, what else can I say.

  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists a Series 10 being done in 2005. Does anyone know anything about this? It it on the BBC this year. I wonder how long it will take to get to the United States?

    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists a Series 10 being done in 2005. Looks like all cast same except for the character of Harry.
    Does anyone know anything about this? It it on the BBC this year. I wonder how long it will take to get to the United States?
  • Weird but nice show

    This show is not like the usual bbc shows. It is basically about two lovers who were in love, parted ways, and then finding eachother after a couple of years. It is probably not for the younger generation (between 12 and 15)but it is a cute comedy that i think most adults will enjoy.
  • This is a wonderful story about a couple that falls in love again. They now have to cope with older parents, an adult child and friends who mean well and become a part of their lives. Dench and Palmer remind you of couples that you love.

    As Time Goes By brings you to everyday life and all of the little problems that crop up. Jean and Lionel show how everyday life can be funny and sweet. The episode has flashbacks of their lives since they met again and their plans for the future. It is indeed lovely.
  • Can't say it better than another reviewer Boy meets girl; boy loses girl only to find her 38 years later....

    I like this show.

    The actors are fine. Dame Judi Dench is wondeful as Jean Pargeter. (I always laugh when I see her now as the new M in the Bond flicks.)

    Geoffrey Palmer is perfect as Lionel...retired coffee farmer from Kenya...who comes to London to write a book on his life in Kenya..called...My Life in Kenya.

    He hires a secretarial service to assist...when he meets the mother (and owner of the service) of the young lady that is hired he finds it to be his long lost love from 38 years earlier.

    A letter that went missing when he was posted to Korea in 1953, kept them apart then. The series is how they find each other again and then deal with life together.

    Well, worth the time to watch.

    An excellent supporting cast and Jean's late husband's sister and her husband are a hoot.

    And don't miss Lionel's father and stepmother...
    Rock on.....
  • Boy finds girl Boy loses girl Boy find girl 38 years later

    This was a great show. Interesting that they could get Dame Judi to do all 9 years of this show. I really like the shows with Rocky and Madge. \"Rock on!\" I am not in the target age group for this show either, but it\'s still good. Lionel\'s reactions were classic.