As Time Goes By

BBC (ended 2002)


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  • The best situation comedy ever broadcast in the English language in the universe...

    ...and, although the ensemble cast had a great deal to do with "As Time Goes By" being, in my opinion, the acme of television comedy, and the well-told stories also helped, there is one reason why I, as well as my mother (very hard to please, she was), really loved this program - Dame Judi Dench...

    ...and Episode 16, "Living Together, But Where?" is all the proof I need to say that Dame Judi is one of the best actresses of all time. (If you want to avoid a spoiler, just watch the episode, and wait for the end.)

    After all the confusion about whom is going to move in with whom, Lionel (Geoffrey Palmer - the second reason why the program is so wonderful) suggests to Jean (Dench) that they reevaluate their relationship. After he leaves, she looks at an armchair that she had bought for him, one that didn't exactly match her decor. Jean then lowered her head almost imperceptibly. But when Judi did that, she conveyed heartbreak more vividly than anyone else I've ever seen.

    You very seldom see that in major motion pictures, much less series television - but I saw it there. And that was more than enough for "As Time Goes By" to top my personal favorites list.
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