As Told By Ginger

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As Told By Ginger
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AIRED ON 10/25/2000

Season 6 : Episode 8

Show Summary

As Told By Ginger is a popular Nicktoon based on 7th-grade Ginger Foutley as she deals with being an unpopular-misfit teenager in middle-school. Along with her 3 friends Dodie, Macie and Darren, Courtney Gripling (the popular 'princess' girl) has taken a shine to Ginger lately. Miranda Courtney's sidekick/best friend, isn't okay with it and hates Ginger. In the first season, Ginger is in the 7th Grade, Season 2, Ginger is in the 8th-grade, and Season 3, Ginger is off to high-school!

First Telecast: October 25, 2000

Last Telecast: Not Aavailable

Episodes: 60 Color episodes {3 TV Movies}

Production: Nickelodeon. Animation

NICK Broadcast Schedule: Nov 00 - Wednesdays - 8:00pm Jan 01 - Sundays - 7:30pm Nov 02 - Sundays - 7:00pm ??? 03 - Sundays - 6:30pm Jan 04 - Sundays - 6:00pm Nickelodeon-US Saturday- 1:30pm e/p Sunday- 6:00pm e/p New Episodes Air Sunday's at 6:00pm e/p

Episode 1 - 10 Melissa Disney (Voice of Ginger Foutley) Rest of Season 1 : Cree Summer (Voice of Miranda) Season 2 : Macy Gray (General Singer) NOTE : Nickelodeon USA have replaced every theme intro of As Told By Ginger with Cree Summer's voice. International versions shown on Nickelodeon UK & Nickelodeon AUS have it as it was originally (as seen above in the dots)

Intro's Words Someone once told me the grass is much greener On the other side... Well I payed a visit, but it's possible I missed it. It seemed different, yet exactly the same. Yeah (yeah yeah yeah) 'Till further notice('till further notice) I'm in-between (I'm in-between) From where I'm standing (From where I'm standing) My grass is green. Someone once told me the grass is much greener... On the oth-er side...


What Grade is Ginger in? In Season 1 she is in the 7th Grade, in Season 2 she begins 8th grade, and now in Season 3 Ginger will start 9th Grade in High School.

Why is Ginger only airing like one time a week? Yes, Ginger used to air a lot of times a week, maybe Nick thought it wasn't being well received and decided to move the time further away so fans would start wondering. When will Ginger be in more places? I'm not sure yet, hopefully soon to find out.

I read on Don's ATBG site that each season has 20 episodes worth, why is there missing some episodes in the 3 ATBG Seasons? Nick has decided to air the 3 part episodes as actual 'TV Movies' or 'Specials'. Example: 'Far From Home'-the TV Movie (as listed)- would actually count as 3-part episodes to add to Season 2 or 3. and Same with 'Camp Caprice' and 'The Wedding Frame'.

I'm sick of waiting, when will new episodes air like they used to!? This is Nick's choice, obviously Nick decides after 1-2 seasons to air episodes far apart in order to save some. 'Then why are the Season 1-2 episodes aired close together?' - Probably because Nick wanted to be able to air at least 20-30 episodes without worrying if kids get sick of watching the same episodes over and over. But this is Nick's choice and I'm not going to speak for them.

What city does As Told By Ginger Take place in? The series takes place in the city of Sheltered Shrubs (this is a fictional city)


Ginger Ginger is a nervous, yet nice, 12 year old pre-teen. She is sister to Carl who she lives with, and also lives with her Mom. Her Dad wasn't that reliable and obviously left Ginger and her family. Ginger wants popularity and would mostly do ANYTHING for it!

Dodie Dodie is best friend to Ginger. Dodie is a gossip girl and drama queen. Dodie trys to be popular as well, but, it seems Ginger is getting more success then her, tough luck Dodie!

Macie Macie is friends with Dodie and Ginger. Macie may not be the most popular girl in the school, (well actually, she's quite a geek!) but, she is quite a laugh and a good friend to Ginger & Dodie.

Courtney Courtney is the most popular girl at her school. Courtney is obviously rich and thinks up in herself. Though, lately she's took a shine to Ginger. Ginger is Courtney's latest popular experiment.

Miranda Miranda is a nasty pre-teen who just wants popularity and best friendship to carry on with Courtney. Miranda hates Ginger because of Ginger and Courtneys latest friendship. But, who will be the winner?

Carl Carl is brother to Ginger and drives her up the wall, including there Mom! Carl just loves anything thats disgusting and dirty, he is best friend to Hoodsey.

Hoodsey Hoodsey is best friend to Carl and brother to Dodie. You wouldn't think they were brother and sister unless you saw they had the same parents and surname. Anyway... Hoodsey likes being naughty just as much as Carl, but, sometimes his Mom gets in the way.

Lois Lois is a caring Mom to Ginger and Carl. She always has a good joke and is like any other normal Mom.

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Blake Gripling

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Hoodsey Bishop

Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman

Mrs. Gordon (voice) (2000-2003)

Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Miranda Killghallen

Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

Lois Foutley

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