As Told By Ginger

Season 3 Episode 12

A Lesson in Tightropes

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • perfect

    ginger and darren break up and ginger does not take it well. even worse, she develops appendicitis, and needs an emergency operation. jonas shows up and dr. dave and carl think he and lois might get back together. meanwhile, ginger is feeling better after her operation but is hurt darren has not come to visit.

    such a sad episode. the montage of baby ginger was such a heartwrenching scene. the song to set the mood was also well done. overall this was a very sad episode with a great plot, and so i will give this episode an A+ for a grade
  • Nothing worth having ever comes easy-Ginger Foutley So true relating to this episode. Darren is a great friend to her, the one person she can talk to about anything. In losing Darren, she lost a part of herself. Worth having,but hard to get over.

    Beautifully crafted, and not what a cartoon usually is. Ginger is not worthy of being called a cartoon, it's something better than that. What better way to show vulnerability than by almost killing off the main character? The breakup was bound to happen and was skillfully created by writer Emily Kapnek. For one thing, the episode started off with foreshadowing and darkness, unlike the lighthearted air that usually starts off the show. The best part has to be the playing of Ginger's song "Splinter in my Heart". The song, played during her operation shows how detached Ginger is then. AMAZING