As Told By Ginger

Season 2 Episode 21

And She Was Gone

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Nov 24, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode is the best!

    This is my favorite episode!!! I love it! I love Ginger's poem! I'ts so sad but very good at the same time! That's now my favorite poem!!! She chose to walk alone
    Though others wondered why
    Refused to look before her,
    Kept eyes cast upwards,
    Towards the sky.

    She didn't have companions
    No need for earthly things.
    Only wanted freedom,
    From what she felt were
    Puppet strings.

    She longed to be a bird. That she might fly away.
    She pitied every blade of grass
    For planted they would stay.

    She longed to be a flame,
    That brightly danced alone.
    Felt jealous of the steam
    That made the air its only home.

    Some say she wished too hard.
    Some say she wished too long.
    But we awoke one autumn day
    To find that she was gone.

    The trees, they say stood witness.
    The sky refused to tell.
    But someone who had seen it said
    The story played out well.

    She spread her arms out wide.
    Breathed in the break of dawn.
    She just let go of all she held...

    And she was gone.

    I love that poem sooooooooooo much! Yay!
  • well this episode happens to be my all time favorite i remeber watching it years ago and i was just like omg this one is so my favorite

    I love as told by ginger i think its my favorite cartoon, it really is a good show and the plots are so good i think my favorite charecter is ginger all the way and i like courtney and im not sure why i just really like her, im still not sure why they stopped airing it i think they should deffinatly start airing it again, i mean i would watch it if they started playing it again. and im sure my friends would too. it just happens to be a very good tv show and i really like it
  • When Ginger writes a poem for a contest for young writers, everyone but her think that the poem is depressing and is about her. Mean while Carl and Hoodsey try to banish a classmate, who they soon discover is just like them.

    This has to be one of the best episode of the entire series. The poem that Ginger writes has to be one of the best poems that I have ever heard. And while Ginger is dealing with everyone thinking that she is depressed, Carl is dealing with the reperucsses of making a classmate "dissapear". But when he finds out what an oddball she is, he can't keep her off his mind. Both stories deal with someone dissapearing even though one person is fictional and the other person might as well be invisable, but when both seem to dissapear is when the world seems to turn upside down. It's a must see episode.
  • Ginger writes a poem for a contest but, when everyone reads it thinks she wants to \\\"disappear.\\\"

    This is one of the best episodes I\\\'ve seen. The best part is at the end when someone was reading the poem outloud and showing how they made the book. Also, seeing Courtney wearing black because she depressed because Ginger is getting attention was priceless. But, when Ginger was typing her poem or reading her poem, it showed that girl climbing on all the letters gave me goosebumps. I love the black and white scenes. This is a great episode and having some dramatic parts is great for a show. All in all, this was a great episode and great background coloring.
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