As Told By Ginger

Season 3 Episode 13

Battle Of The Bands

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The football team at Lucky High, which also features Darren, gets new stain-resistant uniforms. To pay for these others have to cut back on expenses, which results in Macie being cut from the marching band.

Ginger starts a petition action to save the band but finds out soon that everyone has its own reasons to join the action or not. When it's clear they are no match for football players, cheerleaders and smoothies, Ginger has to admit herself that she also had other motivations.

At Jr High, Carl has trouble to keep his promise of being good at school. To relieve the tension he grants himself one final prank. To avoid breaking his promise he goes to Lucky High. By accident, his actions end up humiliating Courtney and saving Ginger.
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