As Told By Ginger

Season 1 Episode 14

Blizzard Conditions

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Apr 22, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Blizzard Conditions was an alright episode due to the fact that it could have done better than it did.

    Blizzard Conditions was a good but not great! The plot was good and so was Carl's plot of the story.

    The episode lacked some humour and some realism. Courtney's character was potrayed fairly in this episode and I was disappointed to see that. However, since shes supposedly a rich girl, I will forgive her.

    Anyway, I think Hoodsey's parents character were not cliche and that's what I was happy about the episode. I also liked the way Carl and Hoodsey were so stupid and I did feel sorry for Blake when Carl betrayed his trust.

    Overall, a good but not great episode.