As Told By Ginger

Season 1 Episode 2

Carl and Maude

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Nov 01, 2000 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

After Ginger, Dodie and Macie were caught stealing the enter sign in "Ginger the Juvey", they are forced to go to the senior home to do community service at Golden Gates Convalescent Center. Carl comes along with Ginger since she is baby sitting him. When Ginger is assigned to comfort the seniors, the clerk warns them not to go in room 202 because of a troublemaker called Maude. Carl is pleased by this and goes inside the room. The bond between them grow strong fast, and they start to do pranks together.

Later, when Carl introduces Maude to Hoodsey, he gets jealous. So, and he immediately becomes suspicious of Maude.

Meanwhile, Courtney left a message for Ginger on her answering machine.When Ginger calls her, she learns that Courtney wants to come over on Friday Night for dinner. Ginger then asks her mom is this is possible and Lois says it is. As Ginger prepares for Friday, shes shocked to learn that Lois also allowed Carl to invite a girl over for dinner that same night.

On Friday night, Courtney comes and before dinner she decides to takes photos of the Foutley household. Apparently, we learn that Courtney does not know what a vacuum cleaner is. Later, when Maude comes, Courtney falls under the impression that Maude is Grandma Foutley and Ginger becomes embarrassed when she starts hacking her brains out in front of Courtney.

While at dinner, Hoodsey comes, knocks on the window and asks Carl to come out. Carl then announces that he is going to ask Maude hand in marriage tonight! Hoodsey is shocked about the news and tells him that Maude is after Carl's lung. Carl ignores this.

The seen then changes to back into the dining room where Ginger, Lois, Courtney and Maude are eating. Maude then begins to nag Courtney to chew her lamb before see eats it. Ginger embarrassed by this, tells Maude to stop and Maude says "Oh fou!" and dies.

The next scene we are outside of Lucky Jr. High and Ginger, Dodie and Macie are talking about Maude's death. We also see Courtney and Miranda talking about Courtney's visit to the Foutley household. The episode then comes to an end.

And Courtney goes home to show Miranda the photographs she took which included the ponies that Ginger hid away in the cupboard.

Then the next day, Ginger tells Dodie and Macie he delivered a tremendous speech.
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