As Told By Ginger

Season 2 Episode 25

Far From Home (aka Foutley's On Ice)

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Aug 09, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Far From Home (aka Foutley's On Ice)
Ginger gets a scholarship to the Advanced Arts Academy, but Dodie isn't exactly peachie with it. As Ginger tries to explain to Dodie that she'll be back soon, Dodie thinks she's abandoning everything she has here. As soon as Dodie confides her feelings to Courtney, she tries to play the role as Ginger for a while, but it doesn't seem to work just right. Courtney, Macie and Dodie then find out a terrible secret that could ruin Ginger if they don't tell her quick enough. Meanwhile, Darren wants to tell Ginger so badly he may have fallen in love with her, and doesn't want to say goodbye.moreless

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  • The power of ATBG episodes is more the mood created rather than the well-thought storylines. And this long ep is a prove of that point. While Ginger's tale at Avalanche Art has its merits, both Carl's story and the ending suffer from some severe issues.moreless

    This DVD released episode in the As Told By Ginger series is one of three 70 min nickflicks in the series, the other being 'Summer Of Camp Caprice' and the finale 'The Wedding Frame'. I can't comment on Camp Caprice but the two I've watched prove that ATBG writers should stick to twenty minute episodes. With the 'The Wedding Frame' being saved by both Ginger&Darren and the brilliant ending, 'Far from Home' is definitely the lesser of the two.

    The main story on Ginger's stay at the up-market Avalanche Arts Academy is probably the best part. At times it really captures the little-girl-in-the-new-world feeling. Although it's an error to have the plot set up by Mipsy, it would've been much more logical if it had been Miranda's idea. Both Dodie and Courtney can shine as the self-centered girls they are.

    It goes down with the reading of 'Jennifer's Ghost', both because the book's relevance is too obvious and because Darren's appearance is very out-of-character. After this the story starts to crumble.

    On the other hand, Carl's adventures are crippled from the start by Noelle (telekinetic powers? Come on, this isn't 'Danny Phantom') and later by the very un-Ginger scene on the ice.

    The ending is weak and predictable. Ginger's and Carl's story have nothing to do with each other, so don't try to merge them at the end just so you can wrap up everyting easier.

    Final verdict: there are enough decent scenes to fill 1 or maybe 2 pretty good 20-min Ginger episodes. But the weak storyline at the end and Noelle's lead role spoil the party. Below average (and that's a pity)moreless
Emily Kapnek

Emily Kapnek

Noelle Sussman

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Mipsy Mipson

Mipsy Mipson

Sandy Fox

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Toran Caudell

Toran Caudell


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Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Space Cannibal

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    • Courtney: Oh! It's Ginger! It's Ginger!
      Dodie: Courtney, that's not Ginger that's Alen Binkle.

    • (Courtney gives Ginger the gift).
      Ginger: Thanks Courtney, but what is it?
      Courtney: It's Courtney!!!
      Ginger: But what am I supposed to do with it?
      Courtney: (quickly) I'll take her. We get along perfectly. (to herself) Oh Courtney! Your top is all mussed!

    • Dodie Macie and Courtney are deciding if they should open the letter that Miranda and Mipsy sent to have Ginger sent away.
      Dodie: Well let's open it.
      Courtney is holding the letter.
      Courtney: Here Dodie you open it. French tips.
      Dodie: Ok (opens it) OH MY GOSH!
      Courtney takes the letter.
      Courtney: (reading) Your best friends have moved on so why don't you. OH MY GOSH! This is totally Miranda and Mipsy propaganda, if I'm not using that word incorrectly.

    • The girls are trying to get to Ginger's new school but Winston is already helping Blake.
      Dodie: Oh well I suppose we can take the bus.
      Courtney: Of course not I'm Courtney Gripling!
      Later on, they arrive at Ginger's school and we hear Courtney yelling,"Visibility, shmisibility! Set down this aircraft! Set it down I say!

    • Noelle: Cannibal from space, cannibal from space, giant cannibal from space!

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