As Told By Ginger

Season 3 Episode 11

Kiss Today Good-Bye

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • Remarkably dark episode where the focus is on loyalty, a common theme in ATBG. One of the few eps told from Dodie's point of view, it makes for a nice change of perspective. Pity of Carl's storyline, which is only a distraction.

    Short recap: Dodie writes a letter recalling the events of the past week. How her vying for a place in the cheerleader squad puts a strain on her self-respect. And how it conflicts with her loyalty to Ginger after her inside position gives her information on Darren's feelings. In the meantime Macie tries to ditch her boyfriend and Carl goes househunting with his mother.

    Strong points:
    - The main storyline fits, even in the details. The characters all stay in their roles and the events all unfold in a believable way. The details, like Chet Zipper deliviring the letter in the end are also correct.
    - Simone is a nice addition to the cast. Instead of going for a Miranda-like type,
    which would taking sides easy, she's depicted as a friendly and helpful girl.
    - Both Dodie's point of view and the flashback structure make for a more coherent storytelling than many previous episodes. Unusually it also leaves an open question mark at the end.
    - Like several later ATBG eps, there's an effort for a more poetic and stronger scene-setting: eg the empty football field. Although it's not as strong as in 'And She Was Gone' and 'A Lesson In Tightropes'.

    Weak points:
    - Carl's storyline doesn't really go anywhere. It probably would have been stonger if he and Lois had gone on a real house-hunt. The introduction of Buddy is the only important part here.
    - You could argue that Dodie's efforts for a spot on the team are over-the-top. But don't forget her all-consuming need for popularity. The turtle-jokes are a bit thin however.

    Given this is a Nick cartoon, this is a pretty dark episode. With a very unclear separation between good and bad. But it's definitely one of the better ones. Severly underrated thus, probably because many viewers aren't comfortable with the exposing of the weak sides of Dodie, Ginger and Macy and the open ending. All this also doesn't really make it a feel-good episode either.

    Final mark: 8.5/10

    Final note: this episode belongs between 'Detention' and 'A Lesson In Tightropes'.
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