As Told By Ginger

Season 3 Episode 11

Kiss Today Good-Bye

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon

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  • This was a really sad episode

    Gosh, I haven't seen this episode in a very long time! I wish I could see it anyways

    I think this is one of the Darkest episodes in As told by ginger, as you can see we see doutie's point of view on what is happening to Ginger and Darren's relationship. We see Darren cheat on Ginger for Simone, I think this is really shocking since in the past episodes we see how darren truly cares about ginger. I was mad at darren! so we see doutie trying to get in the squad and at the end she tells Darren to tell Ginger the truth.

    I think this is a goo episode that shows a lot about relationships