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  • ChalkZone and Invader Zim is better than this show.

    This show is not bad, but it wasn't good enough to be a good show. Some of the episodes were terrible, but some of the episodes were good.

    Rating: Meh Show
  • As Told By Ginger is one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

    I have to be honest, as a kid I didn't really like As Told By Ginger that much. I thought it was boring because nothing crazy ever went on, and I thought even the well-sung theme song was boring.

    But nowadays, if you were to rewatch the show, you would really respect it for the masterpiece it is. You can notice all of the little things that make it great, and it gets about as deep as anime can be. How deep this show is, seeing characters develop and learn, and certain little things that make you get the feels is what makes this show great, and I would call this a masterpiece above any other cartoon from old to new.

    Also, Klasky-Csupo designs never really bothered me. I guess technically with ATBG their lips were on their chins and they always look like they have makeup on (the women especially, which made me confused when I saw Kiss And Make-Up) but to tell you the truth, I wasn't really paying attention to the designs, as the coloring sticks out way more and seems better to me.

    Anyway, if any of you ignorant people rewatched As Told By ginger today, and really looked deeper into it, your hearts would be captured. This show is pretty much the only cartoon I would give a solid 10, while I would sit here and give Invader ZIM, old Sponegbob, My Life As A Teenage Robot, and even Danny Phantom a .
  • Superb

    Epic show
  • Awesome

    Atbg is the best show! It inspired me to move on to the better things in life. I love AtBG it taught a lot of amazing life lessons!
  • Not Bad

    Its Intresting But Its Not Like Hey Arnold/Invader Zim/Pre-Movie Spongebob/etc.
  • one of the best series in the world.

    a lot of people seem to give bad reviews to tgis show so i suppose they enjoy fictional massive box office things with huge production, but this show isn't a cliche teenage series, the first few episodes were cliche. she and her friends trying to fit in, but as they grow bigger things get more complicated to them and their lives and there are bigger problems from love to heartbreak to depression to being betrayed by friends and yes still trying to fit in. and the great things about it is that ginger isn't a saint which makes it more real and that she has a jealous back stabbing friend who loves her but jealous of her and so selfish ad turns out to get worse every time she grows up, and she stays till the end her friend even though she's terrible. it means she loves her and can't move on from her like those cliche series, always do the good thing, she didn't she doesn't always do the good thing.

    and how Carl used to be a bad weird kid who always plot to do complicated pranks and have strange new ideas and thoughts to do something very odd but then he grow up and become less childish as he reaches middle school.

    they show us that the most popular and rich girl in school and the snobbiest one also have a good heart and isn't mean or anything just loves herself and attention. really great show and covered all of the thoughts that a teenager would have and all of the issues (well not all of them it's a kids show for god sake) they might face.

    just amazing and realistic. when you start to watch it you won't ever get enough of it
  • Eh, I didn't really care for this show.

    I remember this show and I guarantee you, it was one of the worst "old" shows they ever had. It was awfully boring. Everything about this show was wicked boring, it was very unexciting, the characters were kind of lame, the music was depressing and this show was overall just blah. :P
  • Best show ever!

    It was so great,

    So real.

    I loved Ginger's boyfriend Darren, and her friends, it really captured that 90s outlook for a teens point of view!

    The ending was a mas and masterrpiece!


    Ginger got her books published and her and Darren have a little one
  • Hated This Show

    This show reminds me a lot of the Rugrats. Not that it's for younger kids, but the animation and characters are just as stiff and terribly executed, all with boring teenage drama that speaks down to its audience. For better shows from Klasky Csupo, watch The Wild Thornberries and Rocket Power.
  • Not one of Nick's masterpieces, but it had the charm.

    I'll write a much more detailed review on this show later, since it's late right now; but anyways, As Told by Ginger is one of the very, very few cartoons that is more realistic than the others. The thing is, realistic cartoons are very hard to execute properly mainly because well, it's a cartoon. Who wants to see an animated character doing every day middle school things like the average middle school kid, especially when it sometimes involves such dramatic problems between friends & family? While I will admit that this show was a bit boring on some parts, it managed to do it right & teach things to the kids that watched it.

    Sure the premise sounds boring, & an animated junior high version of Degrassi isn't something that strikes the attention of most people, but when given the chance, As Told By Ginger is a very well done cartoon, regardless of the realism involved.
  • Easily one of the most overrated of the classic Nicktoons, As Told By Ginger is so boring, it'll probably make you fall asleep watching it.


    I'll be frank, I watched ATBG when I was younger, and now I can barely remember anything about it. Which is just as well, because the show is so mind-numbingly boring that I wonder today how I even managed to watch its episodes all the way through.

    The show focuses on Ginger Foutley, a 7th grader who has to deal with the average problems of a middle schoolgirl while still trying to be cool in the process. If the plot alone didn't send alarm bells ringing (since I simply cannot stand slice of life shows), then I'll tell you it sounds like a future Nicktoons disaster - All Grown Up. Yes, it's another bad show about preteen life.

    Ginger is easily one of the most boring and unlikable characters in Nicktoons history. Her problems are uninteresting and unrelatable to the audience. However, sometimes she can be a right pain, but she's just usually boring. You don't feel like rooting for her throughout the show; she's just that bland.
    Ginger's friends have terrible character designs. Dodie's cheeks are stangely puffy, and Marci... dear lord, Marci... the less said about her, the better.

    The stories in each episode are boring. Every episode features Ginger with a problem, and you can't relate to them. Because of this, you won't care about Ginger's problems. However, there were some incredibly touching stories, such as the episode where Mrs. Gordon dies.

    The artwork is awful. I've already stated that Dodie and Marci look terrible, but every single character in the show has ugly character designs. Meanwhile, the animation is only sub-par, and there's some choppiness in places.

    The only truly good thing about the show were Carl and Hoodsey, since they brought comedy relief and decent plots to a dull show. Maybe if the show had focused more on them, it could have been better?

    If for some reason, you have to watch ATBG, just watch the parts with Carl and Hoodsey, and try somehow to not watch the rest of the show. As Told By Ginger is one of the most overatted Nicktoons of all time, and it didn't really deserve all the success it had gotten, in my opinion,

  • I Felt Like I Knew All Of The Characters!

    I must say that this was one of my personal favorite Nicktoons growing up! As other people have said, this show taught morals and life lessons in a real way. The show documented the life of Ginger Foutley, a student at Lucky Junior High. She writes about all of her life experiences in her journal. She describes the emotions she experienced and the lessons she learned afterward. This is one of the reasons this show doesn't please everybody. Compared to the many things we see on Nickelodeon today, the development of the characters made me empathize with everyone on the show, even Dodie and Miranda! I realize she was a bad friend to Ginger in many of the episodes throughout the series. However, I understand how it feels to be pressured into the social norm of high school life. For many kids, it seems that you will only matter to the rest of the crowd if you are an athlete or a cheerleader. Therefore, you give into the social rules of high school and join a sports team or the cheer leading squad and assume people will automatically appreciate you more. It helped me understand the reasons behind the actions of the characters, and I'm not saying that excuses their behavior. Dodie and Miranda seem to inherit those traits from their parents, who are a key influence on their kids (Especially Dodie in the episode "About Face".) I think the morals this show teaches is the reason why it was so popular.
  • great show.

    Clearly, the people who have been writing bad reviews about As Told By Ginger only watched the first couple episodes.

    This show has multi-dimensional characters, a well rounded story line, done in a good amount of time.

    It's funny, shows middle school tweens that good friendships are more important than popularity, and was produced by the same people that did RUGRATS.

    I have since rewatched this show.
  • Love this Show

    I love everything about this show. It's great. I love all of the plots and I love the main theme song. I feel like I can relate to Ginger. It's not anything like the dumb shows that we have today.
  • I hate this show

    this show is sooo stupid, it's about a girl named ginger foutley and her stupid dumbass friends dodie and macie. the characters all look ugly and this show is unoriginal. there are a LOT of tv shows like this one. Ginger just wants to be cool with her friends and everybody in it is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. i hate this show, i'm glad it ended. ginger is so annoying with her stupid problems. and everyone in the show have weird names, too. so don't watch this piece of crap, u waste ur time watchin it.
  • This show is just pointless and is very boring

    As Told By Ginger will be in my mind, probably one of the first of many of Nickelodeon's bad shows. The show is about a 7th grader named Ginger Foutley who has to deal with typical teen problems and tries to be cool. Let's get to the chase, this show is just boring, and the premise alone proves it. Ginger is easily the worse and most boring character I have ever seen. All of her problems are so uninteresting and have absolutely no appeal at all. Ginger is also rather a pain sometimes, but she is mostly boring and uninteresting. Ginger's friends Dodie and Marci look horrible. Dodie's cheeks are always ed and puffy, and Marci the less said about her, the better. The artwork is just terrible, I already stated how bad Marci and Dodie looked, but almost everyone on this show has bad character designs. The animation was sub par and was tolerable, but it was a little choppy here and there. The stories, as I said, are just terrible, the teen problems are not interesting in the least bit and you will most likely not care for Ginger's problems. Even when I was a teen and I had my problems, I could not relate at all to this show. The only good thing in this show was the side plots with Carl and Hoodsey, they provided good plots that were funny and entertaining. Unlike the plots with Ginger and her friends who are all so boring and uninteresting it just kills this show. If I could go back in time and stop this show from ever airing, I would and I would have saved Nickelodeon and it would have stayed a good network. If you are forced to watch this show though, just watch the Carl and Hoodsey plots, those were entertaining, the rest of this show isn't. I never want to see this show again as long as I live and I never want to talk about it ever again.
  • Great!

    I used to love this show so much, some of the characters or episodes may have creeped me out, but overall it was a decent show. Ginger isn't the most interesting character, but there were many good storylines and I liked most of them. The only thing saving it from a higher score is I remember not liking some episodes, and as I said, some episodes/characters creeped me out a bit. But overall this is a great show I think the whole family could enjoy. It's funny, has heart, stuff like that. Overall grade for this show as a whole is a B
  • As Told by Courtney, maybe?

    I don't know what to say about Ginger. The first few seasons were pretty good, but focus on Courtney and Carl, Hoodsey and Blake would have been better. Some episodes were emotionally touching in the first, second and third seasons, special mention goes to the one where Mrs. Gordon dies and the one with the poem. Ginger does get annoying sometimes, and her mother is twice as irritating, but I liked the show anyway, for Courtney, Hoodsey, Blake, and Carl. If the show was called As Told By Courtney, then I would have watched it much more when I was smaller., Ginger's a good writer.
  • Probably one of the most overrated nicktoons that was a hit

    I've got to say I have seen almost every episode of this show thanks to my sister back all those years ago when this show was relevant. It existed during IMO the nicktoon golden years and I gotta say that in my opinion its the most overrated.

    The show is about Ginger who is "unpopular" and tries her hardest to be something she's not with her two friends.

    I give this show a 3 mainly because I found the Carl and Hoodsey plot lines entertaining sometimes, but not once did I ever care for Ginger and her problems because she was so annoying to me.
  • WTF

    ok first off, how can people LIKE THIS SHOW?! its so crappy the characters look weird espically that buck tooth kid and that fat friend of his

    the episodes are not interesting its soo boring i rather watch Spongebob then this show

    the theme song sucks that girl "Ginger" cant even sing she sounds terrible

    have i mention the characters look terrible? well they do. they look terrible. Ginger's brother (i think) is the worst. he looks like a beaver. he talks weird. not the right voice actor to play him. also Ginger's voice actor realy stinks.

    and that friend of ginger one of the main characters looks GROSS. im like wtf? she cant even talk. WATCH DRAGON BALL Z THE SHOW ROCKS. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better show then this!!!
  • A show about teenagers? Why?

    Not another lame teen show? Nick at their worst, like always. I'm glad this got the ax, it was junk. Why do cartoons today need teach kids things? They sould be a child's friend and not show them a thing. I think I remember hearing Nick once said: nicktoons you'll will not learn a thing, we promise. Well they took back that promise.
  • I\\\\\\\'m glad this show got the can.

    This show appeals to absolutely no one except teenage girls who want bigger boobs. In fact, that\\\\\\\'s what this show is about.
    How can anyone like this dribble. It\\\\\\\'s one of the worst shows ever made to be shown on national television. Anyone who likes it is a moron. I don\\\\\\\'t mean to criticize any one elses opinions (well, maybe), but it\\\\\\\'s true. All of the stupid as told by ginger fans are omplete morons that don\\\\\\\'t know what real television is. The bottom line is, no one should like this show, and I am more than glad that it is never being shown on TV again.
  • A great show about a bohemian kind of girl dealing with her family and friends in a very real way.

    This show was really amazing, I think it dealt with the problems kids face in a very interesting and real way. Even though I was in my early twenties when I watched it I was entertained and moved by it. I specially loved the way they allowed the characters to change and grow the way real people do. Ginger was relatable, smart and fun but far from being perfect, as were all the other characters, it made it posible to simpatize with everyone, even with the "bad guy" in every situation. I loved the way the show didn't allow stereotypical portrayals and boxes. I think every girl between 8 and 25 could enjoy this show and learn a lot.
  • best of the worst?

    the reason i choose those words is because... i want people to read my statement. my statement might not meen much, but in this review most people can agree. the statement "it's an insult to call ATBG a cartoon, the only acceptable term is 'animated series'" from 'runissknight'. the only reason some people dont like this show is because they never really watched the episode and understand it. most people that dont like this show are the ones that only watch shows with a lot of fighting blood and gore. for those people that were lucky enough to be in jr. high or highschool when this show aired had a better chance of liking the show as they can relate. ATBG was maybe the only show not on 'teenick' that actually delt with school problems and life problems. also some of the negative comments say 'bad drawers' or w\e. i personally dont care if they can draw good or not, as long as the storyline is good an enojoyable. with people giving negative comments about drawing i say this, lets see u draw a whole series better than that and give a good storyline for people to enjoy. all i can really say is that why must nickelodeon not at least finish running the series showing all high school episodes and the movie 'the wedding frame'.
  • Another great teenage aimed show.

    I liked this show some of these ppl on here don't understand the realness of this show I don't kno what's up w/ some of these reviews, i watched it when it came out eventhough i was a lttle kid i still thought it was a cute show. I wish this show was still on air all these new cartoons on Nick are just ridulous and unrealistic what happend to Hey Arnold and All grown up? those were good shows I watched on a saturday morning now i donno what's up with these cartoons showin' on Nick and Cartoonnetwork there are just plain ridulous and stupid the only cartoon that makes me laugh is South park and they are all little children and it's very intertaining.
  • * sigh * Whatever happened to the real g's.

    I say that because shows like this one were unjustly ****ed with by Nickelodeon and was had to cancel.

    This was well the first time I saw a Nicktoon dealing with real-life. Real-life personality, real-life problems, real-life clothes changing, all about these junior high schoolers.

    Now at first when I watched it, I couldn't quite get it cause.. I was young. But mom really loved the show. I mean she was more updated with the show then I was. But after a while the show kinda grew on me. I liked how they concluded the show... * sighs *... but in the mist of giggling sponges and constant bsing even now with a great show (Avatar), there probably won't be a cartoon that'll be as deep As ATBG.
  • Great show to watch for teenagers, it's really realistic.

    I used to watch this show when I was young (and I still watch this when it's on 2 am in the morning) I love as told by ginger. it makes you think about what High school is like? (Well I was wondering about that) and it's really realistic about a teenager's life everyday! handling peer pressure, boys, family, school, friends etc. Many teenagers can really relate (such as myself) it brings me happiness sometimes some episodes even kinda resembles my own life. as usual there is a moral at the end of the episode, which helped me a lot. so I say as told by ginger is a great show for kids and teenagers.
  • The older seasons are okay but the newer ones aren't.

    Oh, how I hate the newer seasons! They are so poor IMO. Ginger x Darren might have been a good idea...if Darren didn't cheat on her for a stupid cheerleader. The earlier seasons were okay, I used to watch them and they aren't bad. Some characters were good, others not. I like Ginger, Macie, Carl, Hoodsey, Courtney and Miranda, but I hate Mipsy, Dodie and Darren after he cheated on Ginger. The ideas of this show was okay, but some were quite weird and not so good, but at least they reflected teenaged life in a sort of realistic way. I don't like this show anymore but the earlier seasons were okay to watch. The newers one have way too much love dramas which I thought were rubbish and boring.
  • Nickelodeon cartoon featuring the struggles of a year 7 high school student.Ginger is a misfit along with her two best friends, who are bigger misfits then she. The show has a great comic releif in the form of a wierd brother and a tell-it-like-it-is mum.

    This is an outstanding story line and it is so easy for any girl and even some guys to relate to. Anyone who has ever been in the situations that ginger has been in, will find themselves drawn into the characters lives. It is the best show for when you can't sleep and you switch in the TV at about 2am and there it is, back to back episodes on Nick. I cannot wait for the show to be released on DVD here in Australia, i can asure you that i will be at the shops at 9:00 ready to start my Ginger marathon!
  • Another Klasky Csupo Show I review, and It's almost as bad as All Grown up. This show is Pointless!

    My 54th review after: Another Klasky Csupo Show: "The Wild Thornberries"

    This cartoon I hated so much and I'm glad they ended it. This is Along with Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, 6teen, Bob the Builder, My gym Partner's A monkey, and a whole lot more. My Twin sister was so obsessed with this cartoon ever since it first premiered. I hate this cartoon So much!!! This cartoon gets an E. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: E 3.0/10.0 Too Sissy.

    Animation: F 2.9/10.0 Too Ugly.

    Graphics: F-- 1.4/10.0 Too Ugly and has Hideous Bright Colors on it!

    Sound: D-- 4.0/10.0 The theme song is bad but the Ending music wasn't that bad though.

    Dialouge: F- 2.5/10.0 Pointless, Grumpy and Out of Control.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 1.0/10.0 The Cartoon That puts you to sleep Literally!

    Overall: E 3.7/10.0 All right! I don't want to talk about this cartoon anymore! Screw this cartoon! Good Night Everyone, and a Good day to you!!!
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