As Told By Ginger

Saturday 2:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 25, 2000 In Season


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  • This show is just pointless and is very boring

    As Told By Ginger will be in my mind, probably one of the first of many of Nickelodeon's bad shows. The show is about a 7th grader named Ginger Foutley who has to deal with typical teen problems and tries to be cool. Let's get to the chase, this show is just boring, and the premise alone proves it. Ginger is easily the worse and most boring character I have ever seen. All of her problems are so uninteresting and have absolutely no appeal at all. Ginger is also rather a pain sometimes, but she is mostly boring and uninteresting. Ginger's friends Dodie and Marci look horrible. Dodie's cheeks are always ed and puffy, and Marci the less said about her, the better. The artwork is just terrible, I already stated how bad Marci and Dodie looked, but almost everyone on this show has bad character designs. The animation was sub par and was tolerable, but it was a little choppy here and there. The stories, as I said, are just terrible, the teen problems are not interesting in the least bit and you will most likely not care for Ginger's problems. Even when I was a teen and I had my problems, I could not relate at all to this show. The only good thing in this show was the side plots with Carl and Hoodsey, they provided good plots that were funny and entertaining. Unlike the plots with Ginger and her friends who are all so boring and uninteresting it just kills this show. If I could go back in time and stop this show from ever airing, I would and I would have saved Nickelodeon and it would have stayed a good network. If you are forced to watch this show though, just watch the Carl and Hoodsey plots, those were entertaining, the rest of this show isn't. I never want to see this show again as long as I live and I never want to talk about it ever again.