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  • Easily one of the most overrated of the classic Nicktoons, As Told By Ginger is so boring, it'll probably make you fall asleep watching it.


    I'll be frank, I watched ATBG when I was younger, and now I can barely remember anything about it. Which is just as well, because the show is so mind-numbingly boring that I wonder today how I even managed to watch its episodes all the way through.

    The show focuses on Ginger Foutley, a 7th grader who has to deal with the average problems of a middle schoolgirl while still trying to be cool in the process. If the plot alone didn't send alarm bells ringing (since I simply cannot stand slice of life shows), then I'll tell you it sounds like a future Nicktoons disaster - All Grown Up. Yes, it's another bad show about preteen life.

    Ginger is easily one of the most boring and unlikable characters in Nicktoons history. Her problems are uninteresting and unrelatable to the audience. However, sometimes she can be a right pain, but she's just usually boring. You don't feel like rooting for her throughout the show; she's just that bland.
    Ginger's friends have terrible character designs. Dodie's cheeks are stangely puffy, and Marci... dear lord, Marci... the less said about her, the better.

    The stories in each episode are boring. Every episode features Ginger with a problem, and you can't relate to them. Because of this, you won't care about Ginger's problems. However, there were some incredibly touching stories, such as the episode where Mrs. Gordon dies.

    The artwork is awful. I've already stated that Dodie and Marci look terrible, but every single character in the show has ugly character designs. Meanwhile, the animation is only sub-par, and there's some choppiness in places.

    The only truly good thing about the show were Carl and Hoodsey, since they brought comedy relief and decent plots to a dull show. Maybe if the show had focused more on them, it could have been better?

    If for some reason, you have to watch ATBG, just watch the parts with Carl and Hoodsey, and try somehow to not watch the rest of the show. As Told By Ginger is one of the most overatted Nicktoons of all time, and it didn't really deserve all the success it had gotten, in my opinion,

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