As Told By Ginger

Nickelodeon (ended 2009)


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  • I Felt Like I Knew All Of The Characters!

    I must say that this was one of my personal favorite Nicktoons growing up! As other people have said, this show taught morals and life lessons in a real way. The show documented the life of Ginger Foutley, a student at Lucky Junior High. She writes about all of her life experiences in her journal. She describes the emotions she experienced and the lessons she learned afterward. This is one of the reasons this show doesn't please everybody. Compared to the many things we see on Nickelodeon today, the development of the characters made me empathize with everyone on the show, even Dodie and Miranda! I realize she was a bad friend to Ginger in many of the episodes throughout the series. However, I understand how it feels to be pressured into the social norm of high school life. For many kids, it seems that you will only matter to the rest of the crowd if you are an athlete or a cheerleader. Therefore, you give into the social rules of high school and join a sports team or the cheer leading squad and assume people will automatically appreciate you more. It helped me understand the reasons behind the actions of the characters, and I'm not saying that excuses their behavior. Dodie and Miranda seem to inherit those traits from their parents, who are a key influence on their kids (Especially Dodie in the episode "About Face".) I think the morals this show teaches is the reason why it was so popular.
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