As Told By Ginger

Saturday 2:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 25, 2000 In Season


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  • Not one of Nick's masterpieces, but it had the charm.

    I'll write a much more detailed review on this show later, since it's late right now; but anyways, As Told by Ginger is one of the very, very few cartoons that is more realistic than the others. The thing is, realistic cartoons are very hard to execute properly mainly because well, it's a cartoon. Who wants to see an animated character doing every day middle school things like the average middle school kid, especially when it sometimes involves such dramatic problems between friends & family? While I will admit that this show was a bit boring on some parts, it managed to do it right & teach things to the kids that watched it.

    Sure the premise sounds boring, & an animated junior high version of Degrassi isn't something that strikes the attention of most people, but when given the chance, As Told By Ginger is a very well done cartoon, regardless of the realism involved.