As Told By Ginger - Season 1

Saturday 2:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 25, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Deja Who?
    Deja Who?
    Episode 15

    Ginger pretends to be Courtney after she gets sick to convince the Senator's son to enroll in their school. Meanwhile, Hoodsey loses his memory.

  • Blizzard Conditions
    Episode 14
    A severe snowstorm causes Courtney, Blake, and Winston to get trapped in their limousine, to be rescued by Ginger, Dodie, and Macie and brought to Ginger's house to get warm - only for the unfrozen food and the firewood to run out and the power be off so they can't cook anything. Carl and Hoodsey take care of their dentist's dog in exchange for a cuspidor (a fancy word for "something you spit into").moreless
  • The Summer of Camp Caprice
    Ginger, Dodie, and Macie spend yet another summer at Camp Caprice, where they have some unexpected company - Courtney, who decides that Miranda's comment about how she wouldn't last very long without "high maintenance" needs to be proven otherwise - and Ginger meets a boy she has some serious feelings about (and who feels the same about her). Across the lake, Darren and Miranda attend Spengler Military Academy, where they're under the command of Miranda's father - who treats Miranda like any other "private". Carl and Hoodsey go into the house cleaning business as a front for searching for the dognapper who Carl thinks may have stolen his dog Monster years ago.moreless
  • Come Back Little Seal Girl
    When Ginger and Dodie feel that a talent show act based on "The Little Seal Girl" is a little juvenile, Macie decides to do a solo. Carl comes face-to-palm with a mummified hand of Mrs. Gordon's that supposedly has a curse.
  • The 'A' Ticket
    The 'A' Ticket
    Episode 11
    Ginger and Ian are made lab partners in chemistry class, but when Ian seems interested in Ginger, is he interested in her as a person or her as a way to keep a "B" average and his spot on the soccer team? Carl, Hoodsey, and Brandon audition for a glockenspiel solo in front of the town eccentric.moreless
  • Kiss and Make Up
    Episode 10
    When Lois forbids Ginger from wearing makeup to school picture day, the girls decide to create "fake-up". Carl's ride with the trash collector results in an unexpected prize - Blake's baby blanket.
  • The Right Stuff
    Episode 9
    When Courtney and Macie are enrolled in a high school French class, Macie somehow ends up hosting a pool party, where a couple of older girls that are named Chantel and Andrea are jealous about how Courtney looks at Will Patterson plan to reveal (literally) that Courtney stuffs her bikini top. Carl and Hoodsey try to obtain some of Albert Einstein's DNA for a fourth-grade science fair.moreless
  • Cry Wolf
    Episode 8
    When Miranda convinces Dodie that Courtney is Ginger's new best friend, Dodie reveals Ginger's secret that her mom won't let her shave her legs, and Miranda uses it to blackmail Ginger. Carl, with a little help from a teacher's toupee, transforms into a "wolf boy".
  • Hello Stranger
    Episode 7
    Ginger wants her father, whom she hasn't seen in a while, to see her read a poem at a school show. When Carl is bitten by Brandon's brother's monkey, he starts acting like one. Lois drinks a pitcher of "dehydrated sea snake mix" (yuck).
  • Dare I, Darren
    Episode 6
    When Miranda sees Darren passing a note to Ginger in class and tells her that "you and your boyfriend make a cute couple" (mainly to keep Ginger away from Ian Richton, so she can have him for herself), Ginger takes a trip to the movies with Darren a little too seriously - especially when she ends up sitting between Darren and Ian (who's sitting next to Miranda). Carl tries to borrow Blake's new telescope so he can win a bet with Brandon.moreless
  • Of Lice & Friends
    Episode 5
    Dodie gets the job of making the school announcements and uses it as a forum to reveal gossip about Lucky Junior High. When a lice scare hits the school and Dodie finds out Courtney has been infected, will she make the announcement or will Ginger be able to convince her to keep her mouth shut. Carl and Blake are trying to become famous. Carl is holding a lice circus, while Blake is trying to make flies with multi-color wings.moreless
  • Sleep on It
    Episode 4
    When Courtney hears Ginger talk to her friends about their weekly slumber party, She decides that she wants to host one. Blake invites Carl over, but he can't go because he got grounded, so he sends Hoodsey instead - in order to get his petrified eyeball back.
  • Stealing First
    Episode 3
    Why is Ginger so nervous about going on the ski trip with her school? Perhaps it's because she can't ski, or maybe it's because Carl and Hoodsey snuck along to cause mischief of their own, or maybe it's because Courtney is trying to get her to kiss that French foreign exchange student on the ski lift... Hmmm, doesn't seem like there's anything to worry about at all!moreless
  • Carl and Maude
    Episode 2
    Ginger, Macie and Dodie are serving time by doing community service in the retirement home. Ginger brings Carl along and meets an old lady named Maude he falls in love with. This causes tension between Carl and Hoodsey especially after Hoodsey finds out that Carl changed the secret location of the doghouse and only told Maude. Meanwhile, Ginger learns that Courtney Gripling wants to come over for dinner, but Carl invites Maude to dinner on the same night.moreless
  • Ginger the Juvey
    Episode 1
    Ginger foolishly follows the lead of archrival Miranda when she steals the supposed perfect birthday gift for the most popular girl at school.