As Told By Ginger - Season 2

Saturday 2:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 25, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Far From Home (aka Foutley's On Ice)
    Ginger gets a scholarship to the Advanced Arts Academy, but Dodie isn't exactly peachie with it. As Ginger tries to explain to Dodie that she'll be back soon, Dodie thinks she's abandoning everything she has here. As soon as Dodie confides her feelings to Courtney, she tries to play the role as Ginger for a while, but it doesn't seem to work just right. Courtney, Macie and Dodie then find out a terrible secret that could ruin Ginger if they don't tell her quick enough. Meanwhile, Darren wants to tell Ginger so badly he may have fallen in love with her, and doesn't want to say goodbye.moreless
  • The Summer of Camp Caprice
    Ginger Foutley is in the throes of tweendom. She's shy, boys don't notice her (the right ones, anyways), she wants to be pals with the most popular girl at school, and if she is, will her brother Carl embarrass her?
  • Driven To Extremes
    Episode 24
    Ginger tries to stop her friends from getting revenge on a tough substitute teacher. Carl and Hoodsey try to teach Mr. Licorice how to ride a motorcycle so they can enter him in a pet show.
  • 6/1/03
    Ginger, Dodie and Macie try to help Hope (The New Girl), become more popular. But instead, Hope try's to take over Courtney's position as most popular. Meanwhile, Mrs. Gordon retires, and Carl tries to get her back. But one day at school, Ginger's principal announces to Carl class that Mrs. Gordon has died.moreless
  • Next Question
    Episode 22
    Ginger forms the Lucky Jr High quiz team with Macie and Chet. But when she develops a crush on the quiz team coach, Mr Gardner, her quiz career is in jeopardy. Carl and Hoodsey set the town groundhog ('Pawtucket Pete') free so they can sell souvenir scarves. The only drawback is that they have to spend the night at Brandon's house.moreless
  • And She Was Gone
    And She Was Gone
    Episode 21
    Ginger writes a story for a writing competition about a girl who wishes she could disappear and does, but Ms. Zorski is afraid it's a little more autobiographical than Ginger lets on; Carl uses "vanishing powder" on a classmate, only to realize she was "the female Carl Foutley" - and the stuff (apparently) works.moreless
  • Mommie Nearest
    Episode 20

    Courtney stays over at the Foutley house and began to bond with Lois. Ginger becomes jealous and starts being possessive of her mom. Meanwhile, Carl wants to enhance his chin with plastic surgery.

  • Ginger's Solo
    Ginger's Solo
    Episode 19
    Ginger joins the marching band hoping to run into her summer crush. Carl and Hoodsey try to make money being psychics.
  • New Girl in Town
    Episode 18
    Ginger tries to make a new girl popular, which is no easy thing when she's an undertaker's daughter. Carl and Hoodsey get invited to Brandon's birthday party and learn why no one likes Brandon.
  • Family Therapy
    Episode 17
    Macie's parents may both be Ph.Ds, but the degrees apparently aren't in "remembering your daughter's birthday"! Carl and Hoodsey try to get over their fear of a naked mole rat who crashes on Macie's birthday party.
  • 4/14/02
    It's Ginger vs. Dodie again - this time for the attentions of a new student. The war is going on between them because Ginger got the lead in a play, and Dodie wanted it. Who will win the battle? Carl and Hoodsey get involved as well... by making love potions!
  • Ms. Foutley's Boys
    Episode 15
    Lois's dealings with Carl may prove to be good experience when she has to deal with her date's three kids. Ginger doesn't like them at all!
  • April's Fools
    Episode 14

    Dodie and Ginger battle it out to be the ultimate prankster on "April Fools" day. But, the question is... who wins? Carl and Hoodsey promise to give back Blake his tonsils, but the next thing you know, they're gone!

  • Lunatic Lake
    Episode 13
    Ginger, Carl, and Macie go on vacation with Dodie and her family...but, just what were Dave and JoAnn thinking? Carl and Hoodsey are trying to make a movie about an escaped lunatic.
  • TGIF
    Episode 12
    Ginger's house is discovered to have some sort of mold growing inside of it, so it has to be tented, and they have to stay somewhere else. Lois and Carl reveal disgusting secrets about themselves to the reporters, which upsets Ginger. So instead of staying at the Bishops with the rest of her family, she decides to stay at Courtney's. But soon she gets homesick.moreless
  • Losing Nana Bishop
    Episode 11
    JoAnn asks Hoodsey to give the eulogy at his grandmother's funeral (maybe he can borrow some ideas from Carl, who gave Maude's eulogy in "Carl And Maude"?). Ginger wants to learn more about her grandma.
  • Sibling Revile-ry
    Episode 10
    Ginger's new program for troubled youths has its first member - Carl! He gets teamed up with a boy that was in a military academy, and he is miserable! After awhile, Principal Milty gets sick of the program because of he won't torment anyone anymore, so Ginger ends the program.
  • Trouble in Gal Pal Land
    When Courtney and Miranda have a fight, Miranda replaces Courtney as her best friend...with Ginger! In order to get enough money for a lie detector, Carl and Hoodsey nominate Courtney's mom as the president of a local country club committee.
  • 2/14/02
    Darren wins Miranda's heart but is in danger of losing Ginger as a friend. Brandon asks Carl to recapture his pet monkey.
  • Fast Reputation
    Episode 7
    Ginger's relationship with a high school boy gives her a reputation - and not a very good one at that! Carl and Hoodsey decide that the food industry is a great place for them to be, so they open up a food stall just outside the school to compete with the school canteen... But what happens when the school's head chef decides he wants his revenge?moreless
  • The Nurses Strike
    The Nurses Strike
    Episode 6

    Ginger is embarrassed when her mom,Lois, starts a house-cleaning business. Carl earns money by training Principal Milty's dog.

  • 2/11/02
    Macie can't stand watching a health-education film. Hoodsey reacts with disdain towards the new gym-class rules about having to shower.
  • 12/10/01
    While trying to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah Ginger loses her holiday cheer. Hoodsey tries to prove to Carl that there is a Santa Claus.
  • Piece of My Heart
    Piece of My Heart
    Episode 3
    The Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up and Ginger has trouble finding a date. Carl goes to great lengths to save a cow in need of a heart transplant.
  • Deja Who?
    Deja Who?
    Episode 2
    When the senator's son is wanting to come and be a student at Lucky Junior High, Courtney sprints up her hand for the chance to show him around and be his guide. Once Courtney is given the nod to be allowed, she comes down with an awful cold called lobsterface, because she ate lobster, and the only person that can replace her is Ginger. Ginger wears all Courtney's clothes and act's like Courtney, until, she realizes how much of a snob she's been. Ginger rights a wrong and decides to be herself. Hoodsey comes down with a case of amnesia, and Carl tries to help him remember things that they used to do together.moreless
  • I Spy a Witch
    Episode 1
    Ginger, Dodie and Macie try out for a play, and all make it. Miranda was jealous that Ginger got the part she wanted (which was the part of Goody Webster), and blames Ginger for something that she did to get Ginger kicked out of the play, but later admits she did it during the play (Ginger had a picture of her doing it, courtesy of Carl). Carl brings back to life an old friend, Maude, for joke tips.moreless