As Told By Ginger - Season 3

Saturday 2:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Oct 25, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • A Lesson in Tightropes
  • The Wedding Frame
    The Wedding Frame
    Episode 14
    Dr. Dave's mother objects to his marrying Lois and tries her best to put a hitch in their getting hitched. Meanwhile, Carl searches high and low for his missing pooch, and Ginger thinks about how her life is going to turn out.
  • Battle Of The Bands
    Battle Of The Bands
    Episode 13
    The new stain-resistant uniforms of the football team lead to spending cutbacks that hurt Macie and the marching band. When Ginger sets up a "Save the Band" campaign, she finds herself soon with a lot less support than expected. Meanwhile, Carl struggles to hold his "being good"-promise and must be bad one last time, just not at his school.moreless
  • A Lesson in Tightropes
    There had been a bit of tension between Darren and Ginger, and when Darren tells Ginger it's over, she doesn't take it too well. On top of losing her boyfriend, she suffers an appendix rupture, which causes worry in the family. When Jonas shows up to support Ginger, Carl fears Lois will dump Dr. Dave and go back to his father.moreless
  • Kiss Today Good-Bye
    Kiss Today Good-Bye
    Episode 11
    Dodie writes a letter, recalling the events of past week. While she's trying to get a spot on the cheer-leading team she see how Darren and Simone get close. Should she tell Ginger and loses Simone's support? In the meantime Carl and Lois go house-hunting.
  • Dodie's Big Break
    Dodie's Big Break
    Episode 10
    Dodie becomes a cheerleader- or at least tries to, however, after discouragement from the Cheerleader Coach, she decides that there might be an easier way to go about becoming a cheerleader... Meanwhile Carl goes with the real estate business with Bob.
  • Detention
    Episode 9
    Ginger gets Saturday detention as she sleeps in Ms.Zorski's class (as seen in Stuff'll kill ya) but she has to go to Darren's game. So, she disguises Dodie as her, knowing that Darren sees through the disguise. Will Ginger run to apologize to him before it's too late??! And what'll happen when one of the cheerleaders starts to chat with Darren? Meanwhile Carl and Hoodsey go in the coffee business with Blake Gripling.moreless
  • Stuff'll Kill Ya
    Stuff'll Kill Ya
    Episode 8
    Ginger becomes a caffeine junkie and Carl thinks he's inhaled something deadly.
  • Ten Chairs
    Ten Chairs
    Episode 7
    There are ten chairs at Ginger's Thanksgiving table, and she's thinking of adding an extra one for her dad.
  • Heat Lightning
    Episode 6
    Ginger returns to Camp Caprice, this time as a cabin leader, but she thinks that the reason that she feels that she and Darren seem to be separating might have something to do with Sasha...who asks her to meet him while they're at camp; Dr. Dave moves in Lois while his condominium is being fumigated, which is not a good thing when he realizes he had made plans for his mother to come over for a few days.moreless
  • Fair To Cloudy
    Episode 5
    When Ginger decides to take Darren to her, Dodie, and Macie's traditional trip to the county fair, Dodie decides to invite Courtney to join them; Carl frees what he and Hoodsey think is a two-headed miniature pony.
  • About Face
    Episode 4
    When Mrs. Bishop takes a job at Lucky Jr. High, she transforms herself into a popular teenager, going by the name "Josie" Dodie is unsure about her feelings when her mother ditches her to hang out with the popular girls in her grade. Dr.Dave wants to propose to Mrs. Foutley, but the ring gets stuck on Carl's finger creating a bit of a misunderstanding between him and Noel with some help from Blake's need for revenge on Carl.moreless
  • The Easter Ham
    Episode 3
    Mrs Foulty and Mrs Bishop fight over the last ham and Mrs Bishop ends up having a medical injury, she decides to cut out the main factor of stress in her life - the foutleys. This making him friendless and reducing sales so he decides to recruit his man. Dodie gets mad at everyone as she is not going to Darrens party which Ginger is sorting out. Just as Dr.Dave tells Mrs Bishop she doesn't need to worry about stress anymore ginger and friends break Dodie out.moreless
  • Wicked Game
    Episode 2
    Ginger returns home from the Advanced arts Academy. And after being ignored by Ginger on several occasions Dodie, Macie, Miranda and Mipsy plan something for her by trying to break her and her new boyfriend Darren up.
  • No Turning Back (aka Butterflies Are Free)
    Ginger fears that she and her friends will become strangers when they have none of the same classes in high school. She has been asked to speak at her graduation. She has a talk with her father, who gives her a new insite on change. Meanwhile, her mother get's ready for her wedding, and Carl and Hoodsie get ready for their entrance to Lucky Jr. High. They have to get rid of something from their past to put in a time capsil. Carl gives up his petrified eyeball. When he starts to have nightmares about growing up too fast, he digs up the eyeball.moreless