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In 1963, John F. Kennedy authorizes the launch of a colony spaceship, Ascension, to ensure that humanity survives in case of a nuclear war. Now, 51 years later, Ascension is reaching the point of no-return in its 102-year journey to Proxima Centaurus. The first murder aboard the ship sets off a chain reaction that causes some to question whether they should continue... and others to question if the reality that they've accepted all their lives is the truth.


    Ascension "Night Two" Review: Think of the Children!

    Harris did his best to prevent the crew from discovering the truth, but an outside investigator and Christa's new abilities made doing so quite challenging.


    Ascension "Night One" Review: Bending Time and Space

    Five decades into a lengthy mission, the inhabitants of the Ascension began coming undone in the wake of a young woman's murder.

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    • Some Answers...

      Proxima Centaur is a trinary star system about 4.5 light years from Earth; at the speed of light it would take about 4.5 years to get there. Assuming the trip is 100 year long, they are supposed to be traveling at about 4.5% the speed of light, maybe believable.. At year 50, they would therefore be some 2 light years from Earth; a round-trip radio message would take 4+ years; hence they need not be totally out of contact with Earth, just a real slow connection.

      Using the best 1960s tech, nobody knew for sure that there were planets around other stars or more importantly, habitable. A trinary system seem like a poor candidate for such, due to complex gravitational factors of three suns on the planet(s). Apparently nobody on board would know this?


      The comment that the real, real purpose is to survive a meteor impact is interesting, but there'd be better ways to do that surely, especially if Earth had 100 years to prepare.

      The psychic girl is the worst idea the writers had. Couldn't they have bred such (assuming it is possible) such a person on Earth far easier than in a tin can sealed up for a century? There IS the possibility of a story here w/o her, albeit difficult to explain many details especially about the first crew members.moreless
    • More please!!

      Great show, a bit of a teaser tough with only three mini eps but I love the concept. Big fan of the Krueger character, tough as nails and takes no BS but pity on the outcome... always liked the work of Tricia Helfer as the manipulating "Number Six" on Battlerstar Galactica series as her role as steward on this short series as well.

      Hopefully the network will produce more episodes.moreless
    • Really? Victoria's Secret underwear evolved on board but not women's liberation

      This must appeal to Mad Man fans and young men who like T & A, definitely not for me
    • A good miniseries that deserve to grow in a full tv-show

      I really enjoy this 3 episodes and I think this tv-show have so much potential.

      It felt short, a first season of 13-20 episodes would have been better in my opinion ( to much stuff in just 3 episodes).

      I hope to see a full series continuing this story because it can be really good new show: I want to see more of it
    • The ending was a surprise.

      I hated the all relationships and romance things going on inside "the ship". They did not propel the story ahead at all. It was the scenes on the outside which offered more insight and better acting (and better action). Inside it was a repetitive dose of sex, violence (lots of violence) and nudity. Have these people being causally throwing punches at each other for the last 50 years, at this rate? But those are the minuses.

      The twists in the plot and the slow revealing (to the viewer) of new information was well done.


      The big question I had was where exactly is Proxima and what is it?

      I think a big clue was given when it was mentioned that the "ship" had been built to withstand an asteroid impact. The ship was not intended to actually fly into space, so I think that the people inside where put in there so as to survive an impending asteroid impact on the earth. If this was the case, then proxima would be a sort of code word for the devastated world after the asteroid had struck. I think we see that world at the end of the final episode: It looks like a nuclear bomb has destroyed the landscape. At least one character has reached this "proxima", though not in the way initially intended, but through Christa's telekinetic powers.moreless

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