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Syfy (ended 2014)



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In 1963, John F. Kennedy authorizes the launch of a colony spaceship, Ascension, to ensure that humanity survives in case of a nuclear war. Now, 51 years later, Ascension is reaching the point of no-return in its 102-year journey to Proxima Centaurus. The first murder aboard the ship sets off a chain reaction that causes some to question whether they should continue... and others to question if the reality that they've accepted all their lives is the truth.

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  • Loved it

    What a great Sci-Fi show. Well done!
  • My observations

    Too many things going wrong from the start. The technology that was around in the 60's could not have sustained this sort of mission. The core? Really? Where did they get the new technology, as in the small chips they used to watch movies? How did they get I-Pads if they left 48 years before they were invented? Oh, and don't tell me that the scientists in board were able to make them because this would be like the Professor making a sat phone out of a coconut and getting everyone off Gilligan's Island. If you don't have the ability to manufacturer the microchips or the raw materials to make the poly, then it is impossible.

    Yes, the ship was large, but not large enough to carry all sorts of things that have not been invented yet, as well as enough materials that were available at the time they left Earth, in order to maintain the ship as well as food/water to sustain life.

    The concept for the show was great, but unbelievable since it supposedly started out in the 60's.

    The end of she show was a great hook if there is supposed to be a series.moreless
  • Lets Hope her Butt doesn't go into descension

    I loved it, syfy/murder the ending sucked monkeys balls.

    Cliff Hanger endings can be good, but that one wasn't.

    Bring on Season 2(hopefully) and more of Helfers Butt

  • Some great stuff going on here, a few problems, but overall worth it.

    If you have never been a fan of sci-fi than this is definitely not the show for you, if you have liked shows like Star Trek TNG, Battlestar Gallactica, and Firefly, than there is a lot of good here and a lot of potential. Creating good sci-fi to me is all about the depth of the world you create. I love sci-fi that just drops me into an already fully formed world and story, this is a show that totally did that for me. In terms of creating a show with a unique idea and a smart approach, while incorporating some twists and turns, and relevant ethical debates than it was very successful.

    Where Sy-Fy often lacks and indeed within Ascension, is in having high quality production value and acting. Unfortunately Sy-Fy is not quite HBO or AMC and there are some cheesy or poorly produced moments. I watch sci-fi and fantasy obsessively so it is easy for me to overlook these moments to enjoy all the good moments and ideas that I believe the show is full of.

    You absolutely have to watch through the first episode, especially if your one of the people who complain about the logic of it, theres a lot more sense to it if you can finish that whole first episode.

    However, this show, like any science fiction will require you to suspend some of your knowledge of technology and rationale because of course not everything can make perfect sense or be entirely plausible. To me that is just the fiction part of sci-fi and I think anyone who spends their time arguing about how possible and realistic the details of any science fiction plot are, is wasting their time.

    This is a fun show, that tackles all the things I love in good sci-fi; ethics, morality, and mystery. Regardless of the science, this show is about the idea of what happens when you put people in a bubble and tell them they are doing it to save humanity. This show addresses topics like birth control and population crisis, cultural development over time, the use of sex and love as political tools, and perhaps the most heavily addressed in the show and one of the most relevant issues today is the questionable ethics of sacrificing some for the good of the many.

    There could definitely be some improvement in the character development, acting, and maybe some increased subtlety and depth in the direction but overall this show accomplishes a lot and has some great potential.


    I understand the complaints about the ending. It seems so far off from the rest of the show and so far from any logic or idea that the show presented us that, i can see how it would be interpreted as coming from nowhere for no reason. What I can appreciate about it, is that it is incredibly difficult to properly end anything like this. Either everything is wrapped up nicely but thats never believable and is always too cheesy or corny, or everything could end terribly with some sort of dramatic the world is horrible and everyone is doomed but thats never satisfying, or you can end on a total out of the blue cliffhanger. Having three nights to tell this story and give it a perfect ending that gives us the answers we want but also keeps excited up until the end, is an extremely hard task. Particularly when you are playing with science fiction which is pretty open-ended.

    A part of me hopes Sy-Fy will pick it up and we will get some more answers. Obviously this project was never about the ship, it was about the geneticists and whatever scientists that invented the MRI machine and the goal was to genetically experiment in an environment that was so manufactured it would allow you to control all the variables, the ultimate goal in furthering the evolution of the human genome so it could have a greater ability to manipulate the world around us. This one appears to be creating a human that is so magnetically and energetically tied into the world around here that she can release enough energy to create a portal to a specific location which creates a lot of different questions and seems very unlikely.

    But isn't great to have something that ends just leaving you with questions and surprise!? This whole idea inspires so many great conversations. What could you get out of humanity if you stuck a bunch of scientists in one world and got to control who people had children with? If you could control the genetics and all the physical external factors of someone could you change our abilities and senses? would it be right to send hundreds of people into space for a journey knowing that they wouldnt make it but their children would be the ones who had to deal with that choice and end that journey? How much could we learn about society and human growth from just telling people we were doing that while they were actually in a bunker somewhere and we were secretly observing them? and how immoral would that be?

    who cares that some of the acting isn't oscar worthy, and some of the characters are a little underdeveloped? This show presents a lot of great questions and problems that are completely relevant to our issues and discussions today. Thats what good sci-fi is to me. Using a fictional representation of the world that involves some of the impossible or things never before imagined, as metaphors, and tools to start conversations about things in a different way.

    Mission accomplished I say! Watch it with an open mind and a grain of salt and talk about with people around you. theres no way to not get some value or enjoyment from this.moreless
  • Lost me in the first part. Premise ruined in the first 15 minutes

    :: Even if you were a totally dumb at school you will find this show an absurd in terms of basic rules of physics. And they are talking about technology existing in the 50's.

    :: Among many cool things to do in a spaceship of that size, "Beauty Contest" ???!? I prefer to rewatch Spaceballs.

    :: Characters totally uninteresting.

    :: As the first chapter, among the various storylines you could present the viewer with this fantastic and promising theme, a "murder" ??!? Seriously?!?!moreless

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