Ashes to Ashes

Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2008 on BBC



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    • Alex: I want Ray.
      Gene: Well, I could grow a moustache, but I draw a line at a perm.

    • Lord Scarman: I've talked to several young homosexual men and heard their despair. Dreadful tales of police harassment-
      Gene: Put it all in your report, your Lordship, yeah?
      Lord Scarman: The police harassment of sexual and racial minorities is an endemic, ineradicable disease threatening the very survival of our society.
      Gene: Catchy title there. "Best-seller" written all over it.

    • Gene: It's all about timing, this life. You've still got things to learn, adventures to have. [ raising glass ] Unbreakable, Bolly. Unbreakable.

    • Gene: What's meant to be in here?
      Ray: Trophy cabinet, guv.
      Gene: It's empty!
      Ray: We haven't won any trophies.
      Gene: Oi, Poirot! Get yourself down to the pawn shop on Christmas Street, buy some sports trophies. If he haggles about the price tell him his wife gets the video.

    • Gene [ to Young Alex ]: Bye, little lady. Any problems, you just call the Gene Genie.
      Alex: How come you were there? Taking the little girl's hand? That couldn't have happened, you weren't there. You're not real…
      Gene: I'm everywhere Bolly. I was needed and I was there…

    • Lord Scarman: I'll be keeping a beady eye on you, D.C.I. Hunt.
      Gene: Is that right? Well you can take this home in your Harrod's pipe and smoke it. In twenty years time, when the streets are awash with filth, and you're too frightened to leave your big, posh, Belsize Park house after dark, don't come running to me, mate! Because I'll be in Alicante. Oiled up, skin sizzling in the midday sun like a burnt sausage!
      Lord Scarman: If you're quite finished…
      Gene: No, not quite… You can despise us, you can disown us, you can even try and close us down, but you will never break us… Because we are police officers… We are brothers… We are un-bloody-breakable!

  • Notes

    • Music featured in the episode:

      2-4-6-8 Motorway - Tom Robinson Band
      Ashes To Ashes - David Bowie
      Take The Long Way Home - Supertramp

      The Gay Pride demonstrators locked in the cells also sing a number of popular songs considered to be gay anthems:

      Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay - Tom Robinson Band
      YMCA - Village People
      In The Navy - Village People

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