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*spoilers* Question about the character videos near the end of the finale?

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    I'm an aussie, so when the characters are shown the videos of their deaths near the end of the finale, the British historical stuff doesn't mean a lot to me.

    I believe they said Gene died at the time of the Queen's coronation.

    But looking at Shaz's uniform when she died, it looked far more modern than the 80s one she usually wears. I'd even hazard a guess that it's the current uniform (I wish now I'd pay more attention to uniforms when watching Law & Order UK).

    I didn't get a good look at Chris' uniform either, but it also looked more modern than the 80s. And Ray of course wasn't in uniform, but I do believe he had things in his room which pointed to when in time he died.

    Can anyone helped me out here with when they think Shaz, Ray and Chris died from the stuff seen in their death videos?

    I'd love to know why people went back to the time period theywent to since it seemed kind of random (or if Shaz was in modern uniform, maybe she only died slightly before Alex and it was chronological?)

    Still wish I knew why Alex could remember her death and no one else could. Especially since Shaz didn't seem to have been around long.

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    According to the series creator Matthew Graham, Shaz died in 1995, Chris in 1976 and Ray on the 6th of May 1972.

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