Ashes to Ashes

BBC (ended 2010)





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  • Entertaining but Im not as keen on it as I was with life on mars...

    I see the solid reviews of 10/10 but I must admit that would be an overstatement. I understand that Life on Mars was a great series and can understand why they wanted to continue it but in someone else's point of view, and obviously in a different decade. Alex is linked to Sam Tyler, he sent her all the information on what had happened during his coma e.g. the people he met (most importantly Gene Hunt) and the different things that happened. This changed the story line slightly as she seems to have a sort of idea what is happening, but the same mission to get back home in the 21st century. Each unfortunately has to battle the different crimes and problems that were around in that area at the time, as well as finding time to figure out how to get home. First of all I was upset at how they explained the death of DI Sam Tyler, it did not seem that they had thought of a good enough way to kill him off. Secondly I noticed that Alex's parents were killed (or just her mother) in a car explosion, whereas Sam's father left. Both characters meet up with their parents and try not to let on who they were no matter how much they wanted to. I must admit though the one thing I applaud them on is the clown. The first time I saw him I was a bit freaked out and on the edge of my seat. The concentration on the clowns face as he runs to her is sheer terrifying!