Ashes to Ashes

BBC (ended 2010)





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  • As a standalone, separate from LoM, it holds it's own very well, gradually getting better, cumulating in a truly excellent third series, however, put the two shows together...

    When this show started it's first series, it had a great deal to live up to, following in the footsteps of, what I think was, the greatest show of the past decade. Unfortunately, this was incredibly noticeable throughout the first few episodes of the show. It felt like a shallow retread that couldn't really escape it's predecessors huge shadow. However I am pleased to say that it improved as it went on and the first series finale was genuinely exciting and,though still not matching anything that LoM produced, definitely left me wanting more. And wow. How glad I am that I stuck with it. After a much better second series, we are now one episode away from the end of it all and I feel genuinely privileged to have grown up with these two shows. Perhaps the greatest compliment that can be given to the writers is that A2A no longer feels like a spin off, and instead of us currently being in series 3 of a show, we are actually in series 5 of an epic experience spanning 5 years and 2 shows. Going in to the final episode it feels completely right, as though this was the plan right from the very first episode of LoM and we have been following one intricate plot line all the way through.
    These two shows separately are excellent, but put them together, seeing the whole story unfold as one, I feel quite certain in saying that A2A, along with LoM has possibly been the greatest 40 hours (5, 8 episode series) of television I have ever seen. Do not miss it.