Ashes to Ashes

BBC (ended 2010)





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  • This is the follow on to Life on Mars which also was an amazing show. Ashes to Ashes has been a fantastic tv series with Phillip Glenister being the shining star as Gen Hunt. Alex Drake is shot in the present and ends up back in the 80's in Gene's world.

    Ashes to Ashes has proven that it is an original and well written tv series. All of the characters in the show are fantastic and you instantly fall in love with them. Gene Hunt is a god as far as I am concerned! Although he may be slightly chauvanistic, his charcter develops before your very eyes. The relationship between him and Alex has been very intense from day 1, his team are all so different and diverse yet normal if that makes sense?! The final series has been a real eye opener. You find out the truth about Gene's world, who he really is and why Alex was there. I wont give the ending away incase some people havent seen it yet but I thought it was incredable. No-one I know could guess the ending. Ashes to ashes is a classic and will be for many years to come!