Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust

TLC (ended 2008)



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Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust

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Famed bikini designer Ashley Paige can produce poolside magazine cover-worthy fashions, but she can't pay her rent. This TLC show seeks to instill Ms. Paige with some good business sense to go with her keen eye for fashion.
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  • "Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust" focuses on a trendsetting crowd in a cut-throat industry but is a good old fashioned tug at the heart strings. . .

    "Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust" focuses on a financially challenged Hollywood bikini designer/ animal activist and her band of ever-supporting workers and assistants. The show started out for me as a frustrating tidbit of pseudo-reality but now shows up on my Tivo list every week. How did it make such a dramatic transformation? Well, I think its secret lies in Ashley Paige herself. Although she is a little quirky, somewhat crazy, and definitely not the model of business sense, her great heart, talented eye for fashion, devotion to her dream, and almost child-like antics have hooked me. Watching her blindly struggle through the difficulties of a growing business at first left me shouting advice at the TV, but in the end I myself even wanted to send money her way. Paige's assistants, especially Antoinette, work hard to hold the team together, creating a warm atmosphere around the cold reality of a tightly held dream, and Paige's knitter Juan has an honest and innocent smile and wit that is refreshing despite all of the studio's turmoil and stress. His devotion to the cause and his work ethic is rarely seen these days and I think I will create a few "I love Juan" shirts if anyone is interested. Paige's mom also seems to be a generally nice yet misguided person who supports her daughter endlessly, but is about as good as she is at fixing problems, usually using freshly baked goodies to console those around her.

    In the end, Ashley Paige, as well as the show itself, serves as a heart-warming underdog story that even the most judgmental reality show fans like myself can't help but root for.moreless

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