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Ask Harriet

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"My name is Jack Cody. Unargumented, the most talented, unemployed sports writer in New York City. That's me, I'm wearing a black dress. Well, she works, I don't. It's a long story. Gotta be a way out of this mess 'cuz I can't stand run around in a dress they gave me the sack like a second ray pack But Sylvia is here and there's no turning back. How do I get back to Jack? Ask Harriet!" Jack Cody, one of the most sexist sports writers in New York City, got fired from his job as sports columnist at the Dispatch by former girlfriend Melissa Peters. Unemployed, Jack has to put up with seeing his former assistant take over his column using his material and find a new job to support his daughter Blair and his expensive lifestyle. The solution? Simple. Apply under the alias "Sylvia Coco" to be the new columnist for the "Ask Harriet" relationship advice column on the same newspaper he got fired from. The perfect solution, since he's the perfect man to tell women how jerks men are and he'll never have to show up in the office, so no one will ever find out he's a man! But what Jack didn't count on was that Melissa wanted to make the next Harriet (there had been a bunch of them) the most high profile of them all. That's when Sylvia Coco is born. Jack is forced to put on a dress, a bra and high heels and pose as Sylvia Coco in order to keep the job. Voilà! This Fox midseason comedy had a good premise, but awful writers. The story was simple and the characters great - a cross-dressing Clark Kent, if you will. But lack of good jokes and tough competition on Fox's weakest night-to-date (Thursdays), gave "Ask Harriet" a very short life. Not even Ed Asner (who was on another sitcom not two weeks after Ask Harriet was pulled) could help save the show. Fox Broadcast History: January 4 1998 - Pilot -- Sunday 8:30 PM January 1998 - Episodes 2-5 -- Thursdays 8:30 PMmoreless