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    • A Heart For Haiti (Susie Krabacher Part 2)
      In part 2 of Susie Krabacher's story, the former centerfold had left the parties, alcohol, sex and drugs of the Playboy mansion behind and married an Aspen attorney. But when a documentary reminded her of a promise she had once made to God, she boarded a plane for Haiti and soared to greater heights and a grander vision for her life than she'd ever dreamed.moreless
    • Sexually and physically abused as a child, Susie Krabacher felt unattractive and unloved. In young adulthood, an encounter with a photographer led Susie to become a Playboy centerfold. She thought she had it all, but would soon find out that life at the mansion wasn't all fun and games.
    • Fairytale Failure
      Episode 803
      Nancy Sebastian Meyer had always dreamed of marrying her very own prince charming. But her fairytale dream ended when her husband became verbally abusive and turned his back on God. Determined to make her marriage work anyway, Nancy has learned how to live happily in a marriage that has fallen way short of her expectations.moreless
    • A Mother's Legacy
      Episode 802
      When Kate Larimore was born, her parents received a devastating medical diagnosis. Kate had no right brain and half of a left brain, she would never walk or talk. But when her mother refused to give up, it changed the course of Kate's life. Astonishing the medical community and her parents, she succeeds far beyond anyone's wildest hopes.moreless
    • Funny lady Chonda Pierce joins the hosting team of Aspiring Women for its 10th season on the air! Chonda performs and shares her own story of finding laughter again after some very dark times.