Assignment Vienna

ABC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Soldier of Fortune
      When professional soldier Frank Cort arrives in Vienna with a beautiful blonde, Jake suspects that he has unfinished business with Vasamubo, deposed premier of Upper Namba and with General Gundarson. The General with his United Nations Forces is the only man to defeat Cort, who commanded an Army of mercenaries for Vasamubo.moreless
    • A Deadly Shade of Green
      Jake uses a painting to find a royal emerald stolen by a convict, the painter of the portrait, in 1886. The painting leads him to a tunnel under the Hofburg Palace filled with plaster models of monuments. Jake must contend with several other crooks who are also after the emerald.
    • So Long, Charlie
      So Long, Charlie
      Episode 6
      Jake Webster is startled to meet in Vienna Charley Stokes, whom he saw killed on a beach in Albania after the pair had blown up a power installation. Charley explains that, though seriously wounded, he was saved by Elga Compani, number two official in the Albanian Secret Police and is now married to Charley. Jake begins to suspect that Charley and Elga are still loyal communists.moreless
    • There Was An Old Woman
      Major Caldwell believes Jake Webster was the real target when an elderly flower lady is killed outside of Jake's Bar. However, Jake suspects another motive. He decides to investigate one of the three mourners at the old woman's funeral.
    • Annalisa
      Episode 4
      Annalisa, a former girlfriend, reenters Jake Webster's life by asking him to prove the innocence of her husband, jailed by the Vienna police for the murder of his associate in valuable oil leases. Jake's curiosity is aroused when Karafatma, a wealthy Turk, warns him not to investigate.
    • Queen's Gambit
      Queen's Gambit
      Episode 3
      Jake is hired by Aline Masterson of a New York museum to recover the Royal Crown of Bosnia, stolen from her outside the Hofburg Museum. Through underworld contacts Jake delivers the pay-off money to a hijacker. When Jake is knocked unconscious at the rendezvous site, both he and Aline are suspected of being confederates.moreless
    • Hot potato
      Hot potato
      Episode 2
      Before Jake can turn over to Major Caldwell microfilm identifying 12 gangland leaders at a summit conference, they're attacked by a group of thugs. After Caldwell is wounded in the scrimmage, Jake must leave him behind at the hospital and takes Susan with him to get the microfilm delivered.
    • The Last Target
      The Last Target
      Episode 1
      When Floyd Macklin, an American black marketeer, escapes from a Black Maria, he vows to kill prosecutor Hans Eckert and Major Caldwell, the men responsible for his 20-year sentence. Jake sets up a meeting with Macklin at the Prater Amusement Park, but Caldwell and Lt. Hoffman arrive with the Viennese police before Jake can capture his man. Macklin rushes away and Jake is jailed as a suspect in engineering Macklin's original escape.moreless
  • Specials