Assume the Position With Mr. Wuhl

Saturday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Apr 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Who says all comedy has to be slapstick and fart jokes?

    Truly an amazing show, if Mr. Wuhl were my teacher, I would probably be acing my history class right now. Not only does he teach, but he keeps your attention with witty comments and (if not occasionaly unusual) graphics and catchphrases. Truly something worth seeing, though probably not for the younger audiences. There never seems to be a slow moment as he keeps everything moving with one witty crack after another, all the while still keeping everyone at the same pace as him. Who knows, if you've already seen either episode, you may just learn something new after watching one again, I sure did (He even helped prove my theory that idiocy in the white house is genetic). All and all, definately worth watching, a wonderous change from the usual fart gags, slapstick, and general obscenity of most American comedy.
  • A new way to learn history!

    I like this show. There are only two episodes, but I like them. Robert Wuhl manages to describe historic events and things, you thought you knew in a new way. It makes learning about history funnier than classes in school. He dissects things you thought you understood the reasons in a way that you remember them. He explains that happenings, which you thought special, were in fact common: Like, when you think George Bush is the worst President in history, you learn there were in fact far worse, like Franklin Pierce (who Bush is a descendant of by the way) or Calvin Coolidge, who went fishing for 3 months during a national crisis. Definitely a good new show. I wonder, why noone ever thought of doing it this way before...
  • History in a new light. Laughing and Learning!

    I love this show! I want more, DVD\'s, weekly show times, maybe a fan club! :D I\'ve only had the pleasure of watching one episode, I was glued! It is incredibly tough to figure out when it\'s going to air! But this is an interesting take on History. If all history classes were taught in this style I would have soaked up every detail. ADHD APPROVED! : ) Entertaining every moment you never know what Mr. Wuhl is going to pull out of his lecture. Whatever it might be, at the end of the show I want to throw a dinner party to inform all my family and friends. I just can\'t get enough! Tell me more! I am ready to laugh and learn some more!
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